“Seek ye First the Kingdom…”

One man’s journey

with the living Jesus


Readers’ Feedback:

Below is feedback from readers of “Seek ye First the Kingdom…”  

One man’s journey with the living Jesus.

I hope and trust these comments will be helpful to any considering obtaining a copy. Please click Here to take you to sources of supply. Joyful, inspiring and uplifting reading.  


The Bard of Gloucester!

Brian Longhurst is a bard. Like that other English bard, Brian is a master at weaving a tale. What a delight to discover, on what all too often can be a heavy and serious journey into spirituality, this absolutely light-hearted and funny adventurer.  

Brian could well be my neighbor, or the guy in the seat next to me in one his famous English pubs. Employing stories as his loom and words as his yarn, he spins his colorful tales compellingly. Glistening and colorful, “Seek Ye First the Kingdom...” is the delightful story of Brian and Theresa Longhurst’s life lived with Light. Far from the cathedrals and sermons of traditional religion, the Longhursts’ commune with the Living Jesus.  

With Brian at the keyboard, the Jesus of old steps right out of the dead pages of history books and dust-covered bibles to join you in the easy chair of your own living room. Sharing Brian’s vision of the Master at the banquet table is a radically new way of seeing, hearing and learning from Jesus.

“Seek Ye First the Kingdom...” is not just a book, it is an invitation. If you’ve got “eyes to see and ears to hear”...accept your engraved invitation and begin your own adventure! 

Sonja K Spahn


Christianity and “Churchianity” are often at odds with one another. Ideally, they should be one and the same. Alas, the human frailties of institutionalized leaders often shroud the light which should be streaming from their churches. 

If you seek to experience true Christianity and the supreme joy of direct personal experience with Jesus, start by reading this beautiful account of a lifetime of inspiring communication with the Prince of Peace Himself. 

Owen Waters


A Treasure Trove of Truth

This book contains TRUTH. I recognised many metaphysical experiences which I personally have had. For some of them, it was the first time I had ever seen or heard of anyone else experiencing them, so I KNEW Brian was for real.

“Seek ye First the Kingdom…” is a deeply enthralling insight into this dedicated couples’ journey with Christ, and their attunement with  eternal reality.

Amazon customer


There is Joy here.

This book chronicles a Journey to awaken the Truth through an emerging and evolving awareness of the Christ within. Whether you have had awareness of the living Jesus, or if you are simply in need of Spiritual Nourishment, this book will satisfy beyond your expectations. A deeply joyous and uplifting read!  

Stephen Force


A Spiritual Tour de Force

This book is a jaw-dropping account of Mr Longhurst’s relationship with Jesus, which in and of itself is remarkable. Several descriptions are given to how Jesus actually “shows up” and talks with him – these are wondrous to read. The generosity, humour and sensitivity of Jesus is evident not only during these conversations but in other ways throughout.  

The book goes in-depth to describe many mystical visions and experiences that go beyond “normal” human abilities, thus giving insight into the illusory nature of space and time. He encounters people in the ethereal realms – some who have been brought for help and others who have come to provide help.  

Mr Longhurst is incredibly open about his own personal journey and describes his own emotional ups-and-downs so vividly, you feel like the author has given a lot of himself. 

It is a spiritual tour de force. I called it a “spiritual work-out” to a friend because just by reading it you are expanding your mind. It is an up-lifting book and chock-full of detail and mesmerizing stories. Mr Longhurst also does not mince words about his views about organised religion which have often twisted the teachings of Jesus. 

One read-through does not do this book justice so I am planning to read it again soon.  

Susan Oliver


“Seek ye first the Kingdom…” is aptly titled, as I feel it is heaven sent. I highly recommend this beautiful book. I experienced a true sense of ‘remembering’ whilst reading. It is accessible and perfect for those seeking to remember more easily on their spiritual path. Thank you Brian, brightest blessings. 



As the title says, one man’s experiential account of his living relationship with Jesus. Unconventional, vibrant, candid and well written. Brings the character of Jesus to life in a way that many literary works do not. Would highly recommend.



If you like your spiritual books packed full of rich insight from Ascended Masters then this is going to be a good one for you.

Brian is an ordinary extraordinary man, who had a SINGLE DETERMINATION to meet and commune with Jesus, having been tired of only reading second and third hand accounts of the Man. Jesus not only appears to him over a number of occasions but also delivers great insight, sometimes in very humorous ways.

I have met Brian personally and can testify to the fact that he is still very moved (sometimes to tears) when he recounts J's numerous visitations (sometimes in good old English Pubs), still vastly humbled that J would have chosen him to speak with.

Dan Sainsbury


My mind had dismissed Brian as a “nutter”, or worse, when he claimed to have met and had conversations with Jesus. And yet, there was something about his book that drew me like a magnet. And, as I began reading, my mind and heart began to open ...

The book is largely autobiographical. Brian shares his life journey with an honesty and simplicity that warms the heart. Here you will find a bounty of uplifting personal experiences and anecdotes; powerful synchronicities and some great humour. He opens doors to new realities and perspectives where I didn’t think there were doors!

I have read extensively in and around the subject of mysticism and spirituality for many years and have been very fortunate to meet many amazing people in the field, but there have been few revelations that have bowled me over in the way Brian has done here. I won’t name it but one particular revelation left me breathless with the sheer vastness of its implications. It challenges our whole belief-system around life and death. And turns conventional thinking completely on its head ...

The book is delightfully refreshing in its approach to both visible and invisible reality. Above all, it’s about expanding our awareness, going beyond the sameness and staleness of everyday life. 

Glenn Moore


Brian offers an honest account of his remarkable relationship with the Christ. Another amazing example of one who readily accepts the Christ and stands forth as a witness for Him. A truly amazing story that will captivate your heart and open your mind to the Christ within you. A remarkable man, a remarkable teacher. Thank you, Brian, for sharing your gift with the world.



Brian Longhurst’s book, for those who are ready, gives us a look through a window set in what we have heretofore believed to be the solid wall of reality that surrounds our daily life. This window, framed in the story of Brian’s own life journey with the living Jesus as his guide, friend and companion of the way, presents his awakening and the rending of the veil of materiality. 

However, he doesn't claim to be special. He says the wider world he lives in is available to all who seek it and is our eventual destiny however much we struggle and fight to stay under the heavy covers of material living and continue this deep sleep we call life. The Kingdom awaits – Paths of Light fly before us on Wings of Creation. 

Dorothy Rumble


Brian has an open hearted connection with the true Jesus which shines through in this book.

I found this to be truly inspirational material with a strong, persistent message throughout.



This book is truly inspired. The author chronicles his spiritual journey in a narrative that is both enlightening and entertaining. The centerpiece is his life changing experience of contact with Jesus. The teachings of Jesus are presented in context of their true mystical nature, in contrast to the dogmatic mythology of traditional, so called, Christian churches. 

In A Course in Miracles, a passage from the Clarification of Terms says this about Jesus: “Walking with him is just as natural as walking with a brother whom you knew since you were born, for such indeed he is. Some bitter idols have been made of him who would be only brother to the world. Forgive him your illusions, and behold how dear a brother he would be to you.” This is how Jesus is lovingly presented in “Seek ye First the Kingdom...” 

The spiritual message is woven throughout anecdotes of the author’s life and experiences, which makes for interesting and easy reading. Still, I read most of it slowly, taking time to breathe in the feeling of the message. I was happy to discover this book and add it to my spiritual library. I look forward to reading more from this author. 

Amazon Customer


This book is one man’s honest account of his life and relationship with the Living Jesus. What and who is the ‘Living Jesus’? For Brian, Jesus is a best friend, a teacher, a companion, the Voice for God, and a mirror for Brian of his True Self.  

Personally, I inwardly know this book to be genuine and deeply heart felt. To have this ongoing commitment and communication with Jesus is something all of us have the capacity to experience. Brian’s destiny in this life seems to give us all an example of the power and reality of the Inner Life as the priority we are meant to have. Thank you for taking the time to write this account, Brian, and of your commitment to the Love of God. 

‘A Friend’ (Amazon customer)


Simply Awesome!

Beginning from a young age, Brian Longhurst experienced the living Jesus in person. Those experiences have been the energy behind all of his life experiences. He never swayed from his calling; his faith had become embedded deeply in him. Brian is a teacher to all of us. 

I found his writing humorous, exciting, witty and thought-provoking. These words resonated with me: “Nothing from the Source of All will coerce any of us into embarking upon a journey for which we are not yet ready.” How true that is. Everything has its time; we cannot force anything to occur. A prime example is the butterfly which goes through metamorphosis. If the cocoon is opened too soon, the butterfly dies. 

We must have an open mind and heart to be receptive to the energy of the Source. Brian’s many direct contacts with Spirit are due to his “at-One-ment” with his Higher Self; the same can be applied to all of us if we believe and listen to our inner guide. I enjoyed reading about his traveling experiences and his connection to their children of the spiritual realm (especially “Jessica”). It is not about waiting for God to decide for us; we have to choose, and through our choosing all else falls into place. Theoretically, there are no wrong choices.

How beautifully he explains the infinite link we have with God, as there is no separation. That which is infinite has no end, thus how can we be separate? Our misperception shows us such separation exists. It is an illusion and we, as humans, have identified with the physical. It is the corrupt thinking of the ego. 

“Time is part of the illusion of separation from Eternity, and only appears to progress in a linear fashion … in the perception of a confused, fragmented, upside-down, split-off-from-reality part of the mind of Papa’s Son. Linear time does not exist for God. For Him there is only the eternal moment of NOW, which is perfect Love, joy, peace and the sublime ecstasy of oneness in the Heart of God.” (p. 162)

Thank you, Brian Longhurst, for not losing focus on your journey and to continually placing God first in your life. What a joyful read! 

Evelyn White-Bey


Answered Prayer.

I have always wanted to read something from someone who had a REAL relationship with Jesus.

Brian does.

Excellent read.



This is a very interesting book. It is a story of one man’s search for his spiritual roots. Disillusioned by traditional churchianity, he takes a different path to seek his truth. He loves Jesus and values the teachings of the Bible; he just doesn't believe churches are effective in bringing souls to Christ. I found it a fascinating read and could not put it down once I had started it.

D. Roberts


I love that he refers to Him as the "Living Jesus" ...

“Finding the Kingdom Within...” and the author’s first book, “Seek Ye First the Kingdom...” are important guides for all spiritual voyagers. In these books, Mr. Longhurst so effortlessly clarifies many things, from passages in the Bible, to quotes in “A Course in Miracles,” and many typical spiritual seeker questions inbetween. He writes about conversations and interactions with the “Living Jesus” that have reawakened something in me; something I had been searching for almost my entire life ... a way to know Jesus, without the contradictory dogma and regulations inserted by various religions. I love that he refers to Him as the “Living Jesus” because He is exactly that ... a life energy that not only still exists, but exists and is living with us every second of every day. Thanks to these books, I have been able to feel that in a way I never could before. And I have seen a significant change in my life!

Jen Damp.


Wherever you may be on your spiritual journey, this will encourage, enlighten and open your mind to so many personal possibilities. 

Brian Longhurst has managed to acquire a profoundly personal relationship with Jesus and Papa which, unlikely as it may seem to those of us who have not yet remembered who we truly are, involves two-way communication of both extraordinary and almost matter-of-fact conversation. 

I believe this book has the power to change lives, especially for those of us who are either unsure or completely unaware of the journey that we are all undertaking. 

Brian makes no claim to be extraordinary, in fact quite the opposite. Everything he has experienced is available to each and every one of us. That, for me, is the most wonderful prospect that his writing offers. 

Ian Condie


Brian Longhurst has dedicated himself to Truth and the living Jesus more than most men ever do – and the results are astonishing. I know that you will enjoy Brian’s autobiographical account of his devoted quest as well as the many humorous and always touching anecdotes that he shares from his life of commitment to our ‘elder brother’. Thank you, Brian, for your willingness to seek first the Kingdom. 

Julie Gillespie


An inspirational read

I met Brian Longhurst on a Michael Roads retreat and instantly felt a connection to him. He and his wife, Theresa, have a warm, loving presence and Brian clearly has a powerful, vibrant and holy relationship with the living Jesus. This book is an introduction to his journey with Jesus throughout his life and contains many powerful insights and wisdoms that he has learnt from him.  

As someone who only has experience of Jesus from the catholic faith, it was refreshing to learn the true message of Jesus without the false storyline of guilt. I found this book immeasurable to helping me strengthen my connection with Jesus and deepen my understanding of A Course in Miracles. Brian’s personal journey helped to make it clear that we don’t need to build the connection with Jesus as he is always there loving us and supporting us, even if we are unaware.  

This book helped me become aware of Jesus' presence and the knowledge of his complete joy and acceptance of me and my humanness has transformed my relationship to myself and the world. Do not be put off if you are not comfortable with the idea of a relationship with Jesus as it is not as you perhaps perceive it to be. This book is definitely worth a read if you are looking to deepen your spiritual journey.

Helen Bailey



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