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January 2, 2019 

Even as you break bread with me, so do you break bread with Papa also; indeed, it is He who freely gives you of the bread, which is Life eternal, raising you up from the time and place awareness to the everlasting reality.

~ Jesus, August 3, 1997

Dear Friends, 

As mentioned before, the eternity of Heaven is a state of shimmering Stillness. It has no direction as understood by finite, self-limited mind, because It is complete, everywhere; there is nothing further to be effected and nowhere It is not already Present. Its one activity is Creating, and this is accomplished by sharing, extending what It already IS, has always Been, will always Be and can never not Be. What It Is, is perfect Love, peace and joy – qualities so far beyond ‘human’, finite understanding that words cannot convey the meaning or experience of this state of Being. Only can It be experienced by first desiring It and then choosing to join, become – again – at One, unified with It.  

In contrast, the idea of separation, which cannot exist other than as an insane fantasy, was past and gone in the same instant it arose, so in reality does not, never did, exist. We will never be able to understand this while we continue in the choice of perceiving ourself as temporal, mortal, separate bodies. We are not separate bodies but Universal, Unified Mind-and-Spirit. The separation consciousness of one-dimensional time and three-dimensional space knows not of Stillness, for if it did it would disappear in the same instant. Imagine planet Earth (or any other) not spinning. All within the illusion of time and space is in constant, circular – or cyclical – motion, but going nowhere. 

In the fantasy of separation from Oneness in Papa all illusions are circular, or cyclical. They have no direction because in unreality there is nowhere to go, so ending the choice for spinning, or cycles of birth and death (not just of bodies but of all form), can only result in Stillness: the cessation of the fantasy of separation. We are now at the end of – or, more accurately, Awakening from – the dream, the nightmare of separation: of cycles, division, conflict, guilt, fear, judgement, grievances, retribution … a nightmare of abandonment by an Eternal Love, Which could not leave the Son who It created out of Love. (A Course in Miracles, W-190.2:5). 

Cycles characterise separation, and separation – opposing the eternal, changeless sameness of perfect Oneness – is marked by beginnings and endings. The ego wants cycles to end in ‘death’, only to begin again in new cycles of partition – such as gametes joining in order to commence a new cycle of division, the ending of which can only be ‘death’. On a larger scale, this outworks with the emergence of ‘civilisations’ that then self-immolate. The moment of self-immolation is at hand with the current ‘civilisation’, but this does not account for Jesus’ intercession – he who has been given all power in Heaven and Earth (Matt 28:18) and has implemented his Great Rescue Programme.  

All power in Heaven and Earth is – can only be – Love: the counter of the ego’s purpose of guilt and fear. Guilt and fear divide; Love unites. Love brings an end to cycles, but only when the choice of purpose for cycles is changed from division to joining. Then, each cycle leads into its successor, contributing to its leavening, growth, unity, joining, expanding. This is the purpose of Jesus’ Great Rescue Programme and how it is working, unfolding, moving toward its completion – bringing an inevitable end to ALL cycles. Forever. This is WHY it is both infallible and unstoppable: it is empowered by Love, which is eternal and unchangeable. And Love can but heal brokenness by reuniting division. 

When Jesus manifested to me (in response to the earnestness of my desire) in his celestial glory on January 24, 1967* I espoused my life and entire being to him and his Great Rescue Programme. From that moment a new cycle – for me – began. He taught me about esoteric reality (that is present in the midst of us all) because I was willing to learn – and trusting – of him. He will do the same for all who are willing and trusting, and that will begin a new cycle for all such. These are all cycles that will increase, extend the Light, not the darkness, until there is only Light, and no more darkness. I have shared what he shared with me, through the weekly Messages of Encouragement.  

That weekly writing and sharing was a twelve-year cycle, in which around 600 Messages, approximating a million or more words, were threaded by inspiration. Initially they were somewhat stumbling, but Spirit was using this as practise for me, to gradually remove the blocks to my understanding of mystical, esoteric reality, so that greater clarity about how the world (actually, the divided, conflicted, self-limited Sonship) is being saved from itself could be brought through. This saving is a voluntary, collaborative process between each of us individually, and Jesus/Holy Spirit. We join – voluntarily – with Them, and They then reconnect us as One, ending the dream of brokenness. 

The joining is of minds. Bodies are unjoinable because they are made up and have no part in the eternal reality of Oneness … and souls, or spirit, were never separate from the Source of All Being or from Self, since Universal, Unified Mind-and-Spirit IS Self. Minds can only join by communicating. True communication is solely Loving. All the rest of what is mistakenly perceived as communication, via bodies, but is loveless, is the ego’s endeavour at breaking communication. The loftiest nature of communication is communion, and when its sole, focused purpose is Loving, healing, joining, it is Holy Communion. 

There is a Service of Mystical Communion with Christ which was brought into this world of time and place from the Realms of Light, under Christ authority, through Olga Park (1891–1985), my spiritual mentor from 1965. Not long after January 24, 1967 I began practising this mystical Service of Holy Communion. Over decades of this practise of priceless, precious communion with Jesus, during and beyond which my ‘hook-up’ with him grew, I recorded hundreds of thousands of words of his tutoring in what the world perceives as ‘the Mysteries’, but none of which is actually mysterious at all; we have simply chosen to veil our awareness of them, and mistakenly believe they are mysteries. 

Thirty eight years later I came to A Course in Miracles and instantly recognised that the same, real, living Jesus, of Love and Light, peace and joy, wisdom, gentleness, fun, caring, guidance and protection with whom I had been in blessed, conscious fellowship and communion since 1967 was the author of the Course. The Service of Mystical Communion with Christ accords, harmonises entirely with A Course in Miracles. This is hardly surprising since both come under the same authorship: Jesus of Nazareth, the Anointed Messenger of the Holy One. 

During 2018 I was being inwardly prompted to share with, make available to, all who sincerely desire and are willing to participate in this Communion Service. Theresa and I have been working to update the instructions for, and form of practise of, the Mystical Service of Holy Communion with Christ Mind, as manifested in the living Jesus. As this labour of Love progressed it began to dawn in my awareness that this was signalling the wind-down of the 12-year cycle of sharing through weekly Messages of Encouragement in readiness for making available the mechanism for all who have the inner desire, and are willing, to establish their own home sanctuary of Holy Communion with Christ. 

In the coming weeks this will be incorporated into (and uploaded onto) the Honest2Goodness website, that all who so will are freely able to access and benefit from it for their Help in spiritual Awakening to remembrance of the Oneness of all, with – and as guided, led, inspired, tutored by – Jesus, as Papa’s one, beloved, reunified Son. Henceforward there will no longer be weekly Messages of Encouragement. This will allow me time to focus more intensely on completing this next cycle, of sharing with, extending to, all who desire, above all, to become like Jesus (1 John 3:2) … until the separation consciousness, of guilt, fear, sickness, pain-and-suffering and ‘death’ is no more.  

Meanwhile, the priceless inspiration that blesses and advances my – our – journey to Wakefulness continues, and are being recorded, perhaps for ‘future’ sharing, if that is part of the unfolding Plan. Whatever I am Guided to share, it is my desire to continue sharing, in whatever form may be presented for practical application. Please watch this space for news of progress with the make-ready of the Service of Mystical Communion with Christ. The Diary of a Christ Communicant entry from 29 years ago (below) gives an indication of the value Jesus attaches to the practise of mystical communion with him. Four sentences of his message are shown in green type, for emphasis. 

Boundless Love and blessings for inner peace and joy along the Path during the dream we dub 2019,  

Brian Longhurst 

* For details of this wondrous event please see chapter 2 of “Seek ye First the Kingdom...”. 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

Holy Communion, December 31, 1989 

This act of Communion is a living, dynamic process. Communing with full commitment of heart, mind and soul attunes you with the eternal reality of the Spirit and the Mind of God. In that estate you become aware of, One with, Him, and your remembrance of Him is raised up accordingly. 

I have become aware within me of a great sadness that the Earth-life is so full of wrong teaching, living, believing, understanding, so that souls must take a long and tempestuous journey upon a stormy psychic sea to the other side of the water, where the shore is a safe haven of new awareness and Awakening to spiritual reality – the Kingdom of Heaven. Happily, Jesus is with us upon that troubled, turbulent water (Mark 4:35 ff), and if we call upon him to calm the storm he will establish peace in the boat of our lives, and we will find ourselves immediately (as in John 6:21) in that place of harmony – at-One-ment – with God and His Creation. 

What a wonderful revelation, that the historical event on the Sea of Galilee was/is a living parable in action! 

As I offered the bread I felt the Master Jesus giving out his Love to all from/through the transmutated bread, that they may eat and be filled. I felt this also with the wine, and realised what Jesus meant at the Last Supper when he said, Drink ye all of this; this is my life [for which the Greek word is blood] of the new testament [or covenant] which is shed, [or shared] for many [all who will to receive it] for the remission of [upliftment from, release to, a new life of freedom beyond] sins. (Matt. 26:28). And the outpouring from him is the Life/Love for all who will to be refreshed and uplifted to a new awareness of Life abundant, and a new, kingdomly way of living and Being. 

Beloved Master Jesus, thank you for filling me with these new realisations.  

My beloved son, because this act of mystical Communion is a living, cosmic, dynamic process, partaking in it with full commitment of heart, mind and soul attunes you with the eternal reality of the Spirit and the Mind of God. In that estate you become aware of, One with, Him, and your remembrance of Him is raised up accordingly. The outward act, or symbol, of this Communion, in its form and words, is a base, a foundation upon which a living, unfolding structure is created, and all can attune with its livingness. Indeed, you are all part of the livingness, and becoming aware of that demonstrates the Truth of it to you. 

Each and every part of this devotional Communion Service has a greater livingness, which is the true, eternal reality behind the earthly, outer symbol. The foundation anchors it in the Earth and enables those who will to attune from there with that greater livingness. 

All is well, my son. New awareness shall ever continue to come to you by your faithful attunement.


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