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On a regular basis entries from Diary of a Christ Communicant are sent by e-mail to friends on the HTG mailing list,  accompanied by a Message of Encouragement, or ‘MoE’.  Each successive MoE is then posted on this page, along with the Diary entry. MoEs from previous years are archived on their respective pages.


The intent of these MoEs is to examine and illuminate various aspects of the portentous events unfolding in the spiritual transformation that is taking place in us – each and all the living souls who appear as individual humans – the seemingly fragmented, conflicted Sonship of God.   


This transformation is the Awakening from a dream, an illusion, of separation from God – Papa – back to the truth of our Oneness as His beloved, innocent (guiltless) Son, the Christ, and our restoration to fullness of remembrance of our endless, perfect Love, peace and joy in our true and eternal Home in the Heart-Mind of God. 


All these events are integral aspects of the Great Rescue Programme, or GRP, that is taking place right now, with all humanity though most are, as yet, not consciously aware of these transforming events – under the leadership of he who incarnated and we all know as Jesus of Nazareth. He is empowered and authorised by our Heavenly Father, the  Creator Spirit, for leading this great spiritual awakening back to full enlightenment, or Self-realisation, because he is the first amongst the fragments to remember the true nature of his – and all – Being.


As Jesus reminds us in A Course in Miracles (ACIM), his handbook to assist, guide, lead us in this great metamorphosis, raising-up, or resurrection, of our seemingly separate minds, back to their re-unified state, or Christ Mind:


Enlightenment is but a recognition, not a change at all. . .

The Peace Of God Is Shining IN you/AS you Now

(A Course in Miracles, Workbook for Students, Lesson188)


Because these MoEs are written on an impromptu basis, as moved by inspiration from Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit, no particular order of subject matter is given, and instead, they are shown according to the date on which originally posted, starting at the top and  proceeding in chronological order thereafter.


You may notice that certain aspects are repeated at various places in one week or another and in one way or another. Because of the enormity of the subject involved, repetition can be most serviceable in the assimilation of such important matters back into our comprehension, or reCognition. Thus are removed the self-imposed blocks to our awareness of the Oneness in God that is, in Truth, already fully and rightfully our eternal state of Being.


If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail me


May you be uplifted, inspired and encouraged by what you find here,

Brian Longhurst



January 3, 2018  

Dear Friends,  

Would a sane mind, we might ask ourself, want to shut itself off from awareness of its Self? Assuredly it would not if it understood that self and Self are not one and the same. Far from it; the two are mutually exclusive, irreconcilable, and choosing awareness of one obscures our awareness of the other. This obfuscation is not done to us: it is self-applied. So, what is the difference between the ‘two’? One is real, eternal, limitless, all-Knowing, never doubting, and above all is all-Loving. The other has none of those qualities, and is in opposition to them all. It could be said, to simplify, or qualify the differences, that One is Light and the other is the absence of Light, i.e., darkness. 

And ‘we’, who believe we are, and thus perceive ourselves as ‘human beings’, hover, oscillate between turning to the Light and being oh-so-readily drawn, tempted back toward the dream, the illusion, the unreality of outer darkness. This is duality consciousness. The only way to escape from the Jekyll and Hyde of duality is to choose non-duality. That means eschewing darkness in favour of the Light. ‘Easier said than done’, prompts the ego – the symbol of the darkness that splits our mind, causing us to experience self instead of Self. But we could only experience self by first believing that we are self, because what we chose to believe is what became our experience.  

Our confused mind sees that the other way around, so that what we experience is what we believe is actually happening. That is how it seems because that is how we present it to ourself. That can only seem possible to a fantasising mind by projecting outward what arises within it, from where it is reflected back to senses we have devised to demonstrate that events beyond our control, or even our seeming will, desire, intent … are occurring externally. The ego will protest at the absurdity of such a suggestion, yet that is our exact experience when, during the night, in a darkened room, we dream of events and encounters with others, none of which is there when we wake in the morning. 

None was ever there in reality, though it seemed so in the dream. From where have these events and encounters arisen, that appeared so real – and so external, so objective to ourself – if not from within our mind? Within the dream that certainly does not appear to be the case. And some events and encounters will seem pleasant, some unpleasant. Assuredly, it is reasonable to fantasise about pleasant experiences, but who wants to fantasise nightmares? From where else but in our mind can such arise, since we are sleeping in bed with eyes shut, so they cannot be external? The only possible source is our own mind. This indicates the insanity of choosing duality in place of Oneness.  

‘How’, will argue the ego, in an attempt at glossing over the question it does not want us to ask, ‘can night-time dreams – even nightmares – have any relevance to our daytime, waking, bodily experiences, encounters, awarenesses? The one is, obviously, only a dream, but the other is real life experience.’ And yet – for example – when 20 people witness a single event, 20 differing accounts of the event will be given. Clearly, the event has not occurred externally, but within the split, separated, conflicted minds of the observers, and projected from there, appearing in form as external, reflected back to their bodily senses, and ‘witnessed’ as group-consciousness consensus reality.  

This appears as real, conscious and external to each of the witnesses, but is actually occurring in, arising from the group, ego-driven, confused, misperceiving, unconscious mind. Just as every occurrence that seems to have happened, be happening and ‘yet to happen’ throughout the illusion of linear time and its concomitant counterpart: place. It then seems to be witnessed as myriad – ‘billions’, though the numbers are meaningless because there is but One of us in reality – individual bodies, each having their own, separate, divided, and all too frequently conflicted, experiences.  

This mass phantasm is of the non-dual, One Mind of the created offspring of the Creator Spirit momentarily choosing to experience the idea of duality, division, separation from Its Source in the Mind of the Creator. But One is the nature of creation and the Creator. If the Creator is everything and everywhere – which assuredly He Is – it cannot be possible to separate from Him in reality because in reality there is nowhere and no thing He is not. And His Creation, His Son, being an extension of Himself, and thus being real – i.e., eternal, complete, perfect, unassailable – also is in indivisible, unchangeable Oneness, within the Mind of the Creator. 

Yet the idea of separation, though impossible in Truth, seems – to the now-divided, confused mind of the Son – to exist, though only in the unreality of a dream, a fantasy. This can only be perceived by re-viewing the infinitesimal fantasy-instant over and over, thereby giving it a spurious reality, just as re-viewing a movie can – if we are willing to allow it to – seem to still be happening, even though the making of the film was in the past, played out by actors pretending to be who they portrayed. This re-viewing – of the horror-fantasy movie called A Walk in the Valley of the Shadow of Death – will continue as long as we are willing to allow it.  

So long has this been appearing to happen that we have forgotten it has no reality, so have no idea that we can leave the valley of the shadow of death and return Home – rejoicing and free – to our true state as Papa’s One Son. But we must be willing to let go of the fantasy in order to be aware of eternal reality. Most of the fragments of the Sonship still seem to be deeply slumbering, but the Clarion Call to Wakefulness from the dream of mortality and restoration to eternal, abundant, peaceful, blissful Life continues uninterruptedly, and so it is inevitable that the Call will be heard and responded to. Now is that process proceeding to its joyous, inevitable conclusion.  

Jesus, our older brother, is leading us in this, and is ever-willing and eager to Help us. Here is what he tells us about how he can Help us – if only we are willing to ASK for and accept his Help – in A Course in Miracles

When you unite with me you are uniting without the ego, because I have renounced the ego in myself and therefore cannot unite with yours. Our union is therefore the way to renounce the ego in you. The truth in both of us is beyond the ego. Our success in transcending the ego is guaranteed by God, and I share this confidence for both of us and all of us. I bring God’s peace back to all His children because I received it of Him for us all. Nothing can prevail against our united wills because nothing can prevail against God’s. (T-8.V.4, my italic and emboldening, for emphasis.) 

We can accelerate our liberation, our Awakening, by co-operating with him in our daily life by steadfastly committing to follow him, the Messenger of Truth from Its Source. One crucial way to co-operate is to abandon our adherence to false mythologies, dogmas and doctrines about guilt, sin, sacrifice, fear, judgement, retribution … all of which are keeping us stuck in the dream of time – the consciousness of fear. Here is what Jesus said to Helen Schucman during the scribing of A Course in Miracles (as reported by Ken Wapnick in his book Absence from Felicity, page 215): 

It is just because you are not [yet] ready to do what you should that time exists at all. 

Is this not applicable to us all – or at least, the vast majority of ‘humanity’? Let us join – actually, rejoin – and become as of One Mind, with Jesus, and accept our function as the Light of the world. Then our sole purpose for appearing in time – to be the saviour of the world – can be effortlessly fulfilled. 

Brian Longhurst



I serve the command I have received of my Father, to lead my ‘flock’ forward unto the Kingdom of His Eternalness. This service is possible because I am authorised by the Father. Those I authorise are able to serve also because the authorisation gives power to accomplish.

~ Jesus, October 9, 1988 


Diary of a Christ Communicant

A.M. February 20, 2009 

Release to Me all fear, the great dismantler of peace, and give thanks that, having placed all the affairs of your life in My care, you can Know of a certainty that everything that appears before you is, and can only be, the perfect thing. 

Beloved Papa, I give thanks for our brother, Jesus, sent by You to remind us of and restore us to eternal Truth, so that we can, again, have true vision of Your Kingdom of Love, Peace and Joy. To this, the Great Rescue Programme, I have committed myself one-pointedly, for the glorification of Your Name in us, Your beloved Son. 

This is the end of dis-ease, fear, dissonance, the dispelling of time and all other illusions, and your return to Oneness in Me eternally, My Son. Release to Me all fear, the great dismantler of peace, and give thanks that, having placed all the affairs of your life in My care. Then will your eyes be opened, to see and Know of a certainty that everything that appears before you is, and can only be, the perfect thing. Therefore, by accepting it as such – a gift – it is an opportunity to transform adversity into fulfilment; temporal illusion into eternal reality.

January 10, 2018 

Dear Friends,  

I have written about this on previous occasions and in different ways, but the content remains unchanged: there is no such thing as death. I have been aware of this as incontrovertible Truth from childhood, and have been blessed throughout this embodiment with communion with the minds, the lives of innumerable souls who have laid aside their bodies and so ‘reside’ in what many refer to as the spirit world. In reality, there is only the spirit world, though to refer to it as a ‘world’ is a misnomer; rather, it is a state of Being that is eternal and without limits of any kind, other than what we, in error, self-apply. And these totally unnecessary limits are legion. 

The ‘physical world’ as we perceive and experience it does not exist, bodies do not exist, time and place do not exist: we have dreamt them all up as an insane self-limiting and fear-instilling fantasy of separation, division, conflict, sickness, scarcity and – impossibly – ‘death’. Anyone who has ever experienced communion with a no-longer-embodied soul or souls cannot meaningfully accept the concept of ‘death’. Acceptance of the continuity of being beyond departure from the little pile of clay we refer to as the body is greatly facilitated by abandoning the myth that we are a body. But there is an inestimably greater reason for accepting this than the ego wants us to know and understand. 

The domain of the ego is founded in separation, or division, widely termed duality. The Domain, or State of Being of God and His One Son is Oneness, or Singularity. Duality and singularity are, it hardly needs saying, incompatible, irreconcilable. We are playing a game of pretend at duality, or division; we are dreaming of being many individual, different entities. The only way that can seem possible is to believe we are a body, different from all other bodies. By so believing do we then appear, because what we believe becomes what we perceive. But separation means division, and division means conflict. This is inevitable. The only escape from this is by joining again, as One. 

This has a modicum of plausibility, of workability, except that the upside-down concept of separation has put in place seemingly endless obstacles to joining – actually, rejoining. For example: fear, forgetfulness, guilt, unforgiveness, religions, politics, cultures, languages, proclivities … These may seem more than enough to block our (re)joining in what we see as the physical world, let alone the great question mark of what lies beyond – the ultimate obstacle, the clincher in the game of separation – death: ‘the great divide’. And to counter the idea of communion with the departed we insert clauses into religion about eschewing the unseen realm of ‘the departed’.  

These prohibitions threaten us with dire consequences for any such endeavours. And with fear being among the prime effects of the idea of separation and its continuance, dispelling fear has to be a prime objective in expanding or extending our vision beyond the limits of the external world of form to the limitless Domain of the within. But we cannot dispel fear by vigilance against it, for that gives ‘reality’ to what has no reality in Truth. Rather, we need to be vigilant in our choice for focusing steadfastly on the Truth of our Being – Love, Light, peace, joy unassailable and unending – as the One Son of the Father Creator. That focus precludes the darkness of unreality from our awareness. 

Consulting with ‘familiar spirits’ (departed family members, or forebears) or ‘necromancers’ (spiritualist mediums, clairvoyants etc.) (Deut. 18:11) instead, or ahead of communing with/ASKING God, or the Spirit of Truth, or Jesus – and therefore precluding Them (the Source, the Light and the Way of all Being) as foremost in terms of our Care, Guidance and Protection – will not get us Home. Rather, it will continue to keep us riding the carousel of birth and death. Although numerous Old Testament characters were in communion with God and angels, there is no mention of the Holy Spirit before Jesus spoke – in the New Testament – of the Comforter, and called Him down into the world.  

This demonstrates Jesus having been given – or, restored to, by his commitment to God, Truth and his devotion to saving his brothers in the Sonship from their (our) dream of death – ‘all power in Heaven and in Earth’ (Matt. 28:18). His incarnation and his calling down the Spirit of Truth into the Earth (see John 20:19-22 and Acts, chs 1 and 2) has made inestimably more accessible to us the celestial Care, Guidance and Protection and (two-way) communion with reality. As already stated, fear of Life, Light, Love, Truth, eternity – which causes us to invoke the insane defence of doubt/unbelief – is all that keeps us from the reality that is ours, again, just for the asking. 

The guidelines set out in Deuteronomy were recorded about 33 centuries ago, a few centuries into the first measure of meal. We are now in the third measure of meal, in which the Great Rescue Programme is moving us along toward its completion in our Awakening to full Knowledge, in complete equality with Jesus. Here is what he tells us now, about communion, or shared spiritual union, as communicated to Paul Tuttle and disseminated by the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles:  

One of the most significant aspects of Awakening is letting down your defences enough to find out that you are not alone, that you are accompanied by those who are Awake. But of course as long as it is important to be a self-made man, or a self-responsible emancipated woman, you will block yourself from the deep experience of unity with your brother and sister, both seen and unseen [i.e., embodied and disembodied]. It is especially important for you to be able to have the experience of communion with those who are not seen [disembodied], because it helps confirm for you the actuality of God. 

It cannot be overemphasised how important it is to place ourself within the Care, Guidance and Protection of Jesus/Holy Spirit when engaging – or attempting to engage – in Communion with the ‘unseen’. This is because in duality consciousness – embodied and disembodied – there are souls in spiritual darkness whose misplaced motives are far from benign and Selfless. If we do not place ourself in Their Protection – simply by ASKing Them for it – that is the same as saying we don’t want Their Protection, so They cannot give It. That leaves us open to incursion – which can readily lead to undesirable possession – by unfriendly visitors from the lower astral realms.  

But when we sincerely ask for Their Protection (as well as Their Care and Guidance, of course), it is always freely given, thus keeping us safe from unwanted intruders. Then, safe, unassailable within Their Care, Guidance and Protection we can Pray (for), Commit (into Their care), and Bless any and all such misguided souls. Why would we want to do that? Because they are all, without exception, our co-equal brethren in the Sonship of God, momentarily lost in the wilderness of forgetfulness of the Truth of the Oneness of Being – just as are we all, if to a slightly lesser degree. This is a quantum step toward the healing and rejoining of the fragmented, conflicted Sonship. 

Steps forward toward healing and rejoining the fragmented, conflicted Sonship are steps to confirming for us the actuality of God, our true and only Home. Just as Jesus reminds us, above. 

Brian Longhurst 


If you would serve, and desire to bring Light, be still, experience the Love and Peace and tranquillity and Joy within and all shall be fulfilled in you, my son. It shall not be of yourself, by your own power, but by your willingness to let the Power of the Father accomplish it in you and through you.

~ Jesus, October 30, 1988 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. February 23, 2009 

All the while the fragmented Sonship chooses not to Waken to the awareness of opportunity instead of adversity, and use it to transform motivation from fear to Love, then, unavoidably, further opportunities, self-jolts, will continue to present themselves. 

I realise that we are at a cross-road where we can choose to enlarge/accelerate our progress toward Self-Realisation, or continue to move along at our present, stop-start rate. This is regulated by whether, or how, we choose to engage with events that appear to be happening around/to us, or simply to be observers, passersby, knowing it is not our reality, and ‘bless and allow’.  

I have been aware for some years that the collapse of the old, ego-divisive order of money control over our lives – which is latterly taking such rapid and traumatic lurches forward – is a key ingredient of the Great Rescue Programme (GRP). The GRP is designed to bring about an awakening from an ego-contrived unreality, devised to control, confuse, imprison us in the time and place, scarcity consciousness. 

The collapse of what Jesus called ‘the mammon of unrighteousness’ has always been inevitable, for in a three-dimensional realm – from which the separated-from-eternal-Truth, fragmented Sonship seeks to exclude the Light – cause and effect still must prevail. Fear is the controlling energy of time and place – ‘egoland’. Fear begets selfishness, greed, conflict – about as far as we can remove ourself from the beneficence of Truth.  

Thirty or so years ago Jesus told me the world needs a jolt; that when people are ready, but unwilling, to Awaken, a jolt will do the job. His words slightly scared me at the time because fear still had such a hold on me, and I was concerned that some terrible physical cataclysm was going to happen – like a meteor causing a mass-extinction event. I did not realise at the time he said that to me that we are all the author of our own experience; that nothing outside ourself causes whatever effects we experience. Now I Know this is how the Principles of Life of the Father (PLFs) work. 

We have called into our presence a great, mighty gift; a great and mighty opportunity. The collapse of the ‘old order’ (fear) mammon (money) system is a global Opportunity to Transform Adversity into Fulfilment (OTAF). I have had an inner Knowing for many years that a redirection of humanity, from its self-formed ‘consensus reality’, was inescapable, unavoidable, though I had no idea how or when it would be, or the form it would take.  

The sense of vulnerability is merely illusion about what is reality; a fantasised misperception of self. By giving it to Me illusions are surrendered and freedom restored to remembrance of the reality of Self. 

All the while the fragmented Sonship chooses not to Waken to the awareness of opportunity instead of adversity, and use it to transform motivation from fear to Love, then, unavoidably, further opportunities, self-jolts, will continue to present themselves. For transformation – Awakening – is inevitable and unstoppable. Have no fear; all is accommodated within the Great Rescue Programme.



Grateful thanks to all who have responded with such positive feedback on my ‘Sharing Your Passion’ interview with Glenn Moore on YouTube.  For any who may not have seen it and would like to, here are the links for Part 1 and for Part 2.  Please feel free to share them with any you believe might find it worthwhile.   



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