Messages of Encouragement 2017


On a regular basis entries from Diary of a Christ Communicant are sent by e-mail to friends on the HTG mailing list,  accompanied by a Message of Encouragement, or ‘MoE’.  Each successive MoE is then posted on this page. MoEs from previous years are archived on their respective pages.


The intent of these MoEs is to examine and illuminate various aspects of the portentous events unfolding in the spiritual transformation that is taking place in us – each and all the living souls who appear as individual humans – the seemingly fragmented Sonship of God.   


This transformation is the Awakening from a dream, an illusion, of separation from God – Papa – back to the truth of our Oneness as His beloved, innocent (guiltless) Son, the Christ, and our restoration to fullness of remembrance of our endless, perfect Love, peace and joy in our true and eternal Home in the Heart-Mind of God. 


All these events are integral aspects of the Great Rescue Programme, or GRP, that is taking place right now, with all humanity though most are, as yet, not consciously aware of these transforming events – under the leadership of he who incarnated and we all know as Jesus of Nazareth. He is empowered and authorised by our Heavenly Father, the  Creator Spirit, for leading this great spiritual awakening back to full enlightenment, or Self-realisation, because he is the first amongst the fragments to remember the true nature of Being.


As Jesus reminds us in A Course in Miracles (ACIM), his handbook to assist, guide, lead us in this great metamorphosis, raising-up, or resurrection, of our seemingly separate minds, back to their re-unified state, or Christ Mind:


Enlightenment is but a recognition, not a change at all. . .

The Peace Of God Is Shining IN you/AS you Now

(ACIM, W.188)


Because these MoEs are written on an impromptu basis, as moved by inspiration from Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit, no particular order of subject matter is given, and instead, they are shown according to the date on which originally posted, starting at the top and  proceeding in chronological order thereafter.


You may notice that certain aspects are repeated at various places in one week or another and in one way or another. Because of the enormity of the subject involved, repetition can be most serviceable in the assimilation of such important matters back into our comprehension, or reCognition. Thus are removed the self-imposed blocks to our awareness of the Oneness in God that is, in Truth, already fully and rightfully our eternal state of Being.


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May you be uplifted, inspired and encouraged by what you find here,

Brian Longhurst


January 4th 2017 

Dear Friends,

The Oxford Dictionary defines mystical as: Having a spiritual symbolic or allegorical significance that transcends human understanding. We can construe ‘human’ as the Earth-, or externally-focused, mind of the fragmented Sonship of God, believing – and thus experiencing – himself as a body. Myriad, ever-fragmenting into more, separated, mortal bodies, actually. That being his focus it is hardly surprising that the mystical transcends his understanding. So, in characteristic, ego-led manner, he dismisses what transcends his understanding as unreal, mythical, and therefore, to be disregarded as meaningless, made up, untrue. 

This, of course, is the reversal of true thinking, and therefore is entirely unserviceable to our Awakening to the reality of eternity, which is a mystical state of Being that definitely does – seem to – transcend human understanding. But that shortfall in human understanding is only an adopted state of mind, into which we have misguidedly trained ourselves. We can, very easily indeed, retrain our mind, by reversing our choice, particularly since such a reversal is back to our true, natural – and therefore, comfortable, peaceful, joyful – state of Being. But this will only be possible in response first to desire for it. Here is an example to illustrate the point from a practical perspective: 

A Course in Miracles is – perhaps arguably (and the upside-down, ego-enthralled, contrary mind of human consciousness is not lacking in argumentativeness) – the most mystical document available to humans. Yet it uses words that are readily understandable to most of us (and the dictionary is always accessible if we care to use it, when necessary, to help our comprehension). But the words, when assembled in the Course, to present Truth – which, it is worth remembering, is identical to Love, Life, Light, God, Eternity – stretch the comprehension of most self-limiting, separated minds beyond their willingness to be stretched. It is fear of the Truth that restricts any such willingness to stretch. 

So, misguidedly (by the ego, masquerading as self), we give up, on the pretext that the Course – and other deeply mystical, eternally-Truth-full writing – is too ‘intellectual’. And because it is perceived as intellectual it must, therefore, not be Love-centred in its message. This is a repudiation of reason. Just what the ego wants: our steering clear of Truth. Truth, being eternal, of the within, esoteric, is so above exoterically-focused human comprehension that terminology available as language – words – is not ideally suited to Its understanding by self-limited, outwardly-focused perception. But this is, of course, recognised by Jesus and Holy Spirit, Who are with us to Help us to Come up Higher

Their choice of words to express, describe reality as well as possible for split-mind human apprehension is the best available. And if we stay with it, our ability to get into spiritual resonance with the enlivening energy within the words will increase commensurately – a positive sign of our innate desire for, and nascent Awakening to Spiritual Truth. 

In reality – the home of Truth – words, language do not exist because they are not needed. Universal, Unified Mind – of Which we are all indivisibly part – is One Mind, in which communication is completeness. In contrast, words are symbols of symbols – far removed from the Holy Instant that is forever present, forever whole, forever complete, forever One, forever unchangeably NOW. There, in the Holy Instant, communication is entirely founded in Love. But, having chosen separation from Love (love is no substitute for Love), Its completeness is alien to our upside-down, distorted minds. Upside-down minds perceive fragments, which all seem to be separate from each other, and we are conditioned to trying to make sense of parts by attempting to join them. 

This is impossible, hence the mess we are making of this conflicted, broken world, which makes no sense because split, disparate minds, don’t know how to connect, rejoin as One, that which is perceived as broken, separated, fragmented. Into this travesty comes the Light, which is Love (not love); whole, complete, One. The Light has to communicate with us – lost in a dream of spiritual darkness – in a way we at least have a chance to understand: using words, which are intrinsically limiting. We have shut ourself off from the faculty for mind-to-mind communing, which, in its more advanced state of application, conveys whole ideas, complete in themselves, wordlessly

In the intermediate stages of recollection of mind-to-mind communing some words may be called into use, but will spontaneously dove-tail into whole understanding through the transfer from one mind to another. This becomes more so as those two (or more) minds commit to a holy relationship, thereby drawing them into an increasingly closer, more refined, exalted state of Loving resonance. Thus, fewer words become needful as previously (perceived as) separated minds draw ever-more into the resonance of One-mindedness. But when we perceive without desire for and commitment to whole-mindedness, it is inevitable that we will perceive mistakenly, so it is easy to see how we get things the wrong way round. 

For example, there are many souls who have taken up A Course in Miracles with great enthusiasm, only to grind to a halt in disappointment because they found its mystical language hard to understand, misperceiving much of it as intellectual, and (correctly) associating intellectual with paucity of Love. Yet such perception is, itself, a judgement by the ego-devised intellect, which veils awareness of the multitudinous parts of the Course that are radiantly, heart-meltingly brimming over with the Love of Heaven Itself. So, a mind that is even partly-interested in Truth surely cannot fail to resonate with at least some of what Jesus shares with us there … Not to mention the profoundly logical and reasoned, deep esoteric Truth suffused through its pages. 

But for those not yet ready, the ego-induced fear causes rejection of the whole, sticking to the claim that it is too intellectual – or, with a little more self-honesty, that it is simply beyond comprehension. This is upside-down thinking. Reasoned thinking would rejoice in the parts that have been understood, resonated with, accepted; that have inspired – spoken deeply to – the heart-centred mind of the reader, and might thus say to Holy Spirit-Self: 

“Okay, there are many parts here that I am not – yet – at the place of understanding, accepting. But in sincere humility I recognise that, at this stage of my journey to spiritual Awakening, it would be an error to dismiss those parts as untrue, since my understanding, my remembrance of Truth is not yet complete.  

“So, I am committing those parts into Your care, so that You can reveal a bit more understanding to my seeking mind at the next reading, and at each subsequent reading, until my mind is sufficiently illuminated, healed; that the clarity You are committed to bringing me flows in, and ego-hindrance to clarity ebbs away to nothing. Meanwhile, I am beyond grateful for the clarity – and the Love – that speaks to my heart-mind from the parts of this mystical writing that are enlivening me with Love, inner peace and joy. Thank You, Holy Self, for healing my mind.” 

We can meaningfully rejoice in what we do understand, and make no judgements against what we don’t, coming back to them later. Having asked Holy Spirit to shine the Light of Spiritual Discernment into our mind, for greater understanding to subsequently come to our awareness, our remembrance, we are opening our mind to ongoing, progressively unfolding illumination by adopting a stance of acceptance, willingness first to believe. Unbelief cannot precede understanding because it is unbelief that prevents the understanding, by closing our mind to it. The rewards of peace and joy to heart and soul from opening our mind will rapidly bear witness to having made the right choice. 

This extract from Entering the Kingdom Within ~ The Return to Reality – due for release this Spring – bears further witness to the making of right-minded choices: 

We must be willing, first, to not understand, but only believe – have faith – in order to experience the Holy Instant. The Holy Instant is a real experience; more real than all the dream of separation can encompass. Then, by that willingness, have we authorised the Spirit of Truth to remove the blocks we have placed in our mind to our awareness of the Light, thus allowing to shine into our mind the Light that is Truth, wholeness, Knowingness, LOVE, peace, joy …

And THEN we will realise, that without striving – only believing – understanding, and thence, Knowing, has been effortlessly restored to us. Faith shall be replaced by sight, or understanding; unbelief will never fail to obscure our understanding, for that is the purpose of unbelief. 

Let us choose to allow the Light that we are to shine into the darkness we are pretending to be, to dispel it from our mind. 

Love and blessings for ever-increasing faith, trust, belief – and thus, completion of our understanding of eternal reality, of which we are all, inseparably, part – in the year ahead, 

Brian Longhurst


Only by your faith, trust, obedience and commitment to the Voice Within is it possible for the Holy Breath to breathe in you, to live in you, to speak in you, to work the works of our Father in you, as He did in me.  

Jesus, November 16th 1997 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M November 20, 2008 

Papa is, right now, within you, within your beloved, within those who judge you and those you may be tempted to judge. Relinquish judgement and what is left? Only Christ, the thought, the idea, of Papa. 

Papa and Jesus, I commune ‘in conference’ with You both because we are all One in each other. 

My son, this is joyous indeed, for there is no reason to exclude ‘Either of Us’, since Heaven is inclusive and only time and place presumes to exclude

Jesus, I well remember your saying, ‘ … he that hath seen me hath seen the Father’. (Jn.14:9) 

Yes, beloved; this is Truth, and it is true also of you and all the fragments, all the brethren, literally, when one chooses to look upon all things with Christ vision and judge them not. It only appears otherwise when perceiving the outward exclusion, or apparent separation. Papa is, right now, within you, within your beloved, within those who judge you and those you may be tempted to judge. Relinquish judgement and what is left? Only Christ, the thought, the idea, of Papa; and as I have already explained in the Course, an idea never leaves its Home, including, of course, when that idea is extended from its Source. This is the explanation of how, why, the Son is in the Father and the Father is in the Son. 

And when I hear Jesus extending the Truth of Eternity to me, I am also hearing You, Papa, because the Father and the Son are One. 

My son, I rejoice in your awakening progress. We, together, as One, are well pleased. All Heaven rejoices in you, with you and for you, as the Homecoming proceeds. 

Thank you, Papa; thank you, Jesus. 

Thanks be to you for being Our completion.

January 11th 2017 

Dear Friends,  

The Holy Spirit is also known as the Breath of God, or the Holy Breath, or the Breath of Life. This is not to be taken as literal in the sense of It/Him being our bodily inhaling and exhaling of oxygen, nitrogen and a few other gases, that we call air. He is not a gas being but a real, eternal, mystical, Spiritual Presence in our mind, so it will be easier to apprehend the significance of these alternative terms if we think of Him in that way. Yet this is only applicable, meaningful and utterly invaluable to us while we appear to be experiencing a dream of death, or separation from the very Source of Life itself – Papa – because when we Awaken from the dream we are restored to remembrance that we, as One, are Life Itself. 

A dream of death can only be one in which we seem to experience separation from Life. Papa is the Source of all Life – every living thing – but because He created His One creation, His beloved Son, in His exact likeness, inextricably One within Himself, the dream also is of separation from His Son, Who is, in reality, our true, whole, holy, complete, perfect, immortal Self. That Self – which is the whole Sonship, as ONE when not believing itself to be fragmented, separated into self-limited individual bodies, with individual minds and individual identities – is referred to by Jesus (and who could Know better than he?) in A Course in Miracles as Christ.  

We all are Christ in reality as One, undivided, in eternity, in Truth, but the choice for separation from Source and from Self means the choice for forgetfulness, for pretending not to be One – Christ – means we have veiled our awareness of our true, One Identity. Hence, that choice is experienced as our ‘reality’. Because Papa Loves His Son – unconditionally – He honours all His Son’s choices, as a point of Principle. He also Loves His Son’s choices when they are at-One with Him and the Kingdom. He does not Love the choice for separation because it is an error, an impossibility other than in fantasy – unreality.  

And Papa knows neither of fantasies – unreality – nor of errors, so cannot Love them. How could He Love what does not exist? Knowing nothing of errors – including, of course, the choice for separation, He continues to Love His Son as the perfect creation that he Is and can only ever Be, Knowing he is still, uninterruptibly One in Him, in the perfect bliss of Unity in Heaven, eternity. Meanwhile, down in the shadowland, the battleground of time and place, the external world of bodies, of separation from Life, our experience is ‘death’; the absence of Life. But absence of Life is impossible; rather, our experience is absence of awareness of Life, Life being another term for the Source of All – Papa – Who is eternal and unchangeable. 

But the Holy Breath is with us in the dreamt battleground. Unawareness – even denial – of His Presence in no way negates that Truth, that reality. Nevertheless, our choice for separation, for the dream of death, means death appears to be our inescapable reality. But ‘death’, being apparent separation from Life, does not occur just with our last intake of air. The dream of death lasts as long as we choose to seem to be separate from – unaware of – the Source of Life. This is because death is not real, but merely a fantasy that occupies our entire dream of time and place. And time and place is a state of mind that we choose both during and post embodiment. 

We believe we need to breathe air all the while we believe we are a body. We do not need to breathe air when we are Awake because we are then Awake to Life Itself, being Identified with Life Itself. Breathing air, which appears essential – when we seem to be bodies in time and place – to maintain ‘life’ is a poor, temporal, counterfeit substitute for Being Life Itself. It’s like being underwater with breathing apparatus but choosing not to use it. This does not serve us well; it won’t be long before we will expire. And that is what we are dreaming – of expiration! Meanwhile the Holy Breath of Life, the Breath of God, the Holy Spirit is with us every moment, breathing on us, irrespective of our awareness of it. 

It makes no difference in the dream of death which direction we choose to take with our God-given free will – heading toward the Light of Home, or out into outer darkness – because The Breath of God is Breathing the Holy Breath of Life on us unceasingly. Life is Spirit and Spirit is Life. It is not dependent on bodies for Its Being, and because we are integral to Spirit and Life, neither are we. The Breath of Life continues to breathe on us all the while we appear to be embodied and after we lay aside our body before we undergo our Awakening to full remembrance of our true, perfect, limitless, unassailable, eternal Identity as One – along with Jesus.  

Laying aside our body before we Awaken means we find ourself in an etheric counterpart of our ‘physical’ body in an etheric counterpart of the ‘physical’ Earth. Neither exists anywhere save in our mind, so our experience of how and where we seem to be is a direct projection from, and reflection back into, our mind. If we find ourself in a dark and dismal, desolate, lonely, fearful place post disembodiment – as has been the case with countless millions of fragments for countless millennia – it reflects our state of mind up to that moment. If we find ourself in a place of peace, joy, Love and Light, that similarly reflects our state of mind.  

If we believe we are guilty – which the vast mass of embodied souls does believe, consciously or unconsciously, it makes no difference because either is still in our mind – the former state (or worse) is where we are likely to find ourself. It does not have to be this way, and indeed, all this is changing as the Great Awakening progresses. Its progress is directly affected – and indeed, effected – by the Holy Breath breathing the Breath of Life onto us. We will transform our experience of this world – ‘physical’ and ‘etheric’ – from a battleground to the Real World, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, by transforming our state of mind.  

We have free will, at every moment, to change our mind from purposeless, directionless, negative (or ‘neutral’, even, since neutral has no purpose or direction), guilty, judgemental, fearful, to desiring to be – consciously choosing to be – mindful, positive, Loving, forgiving, caring, compassionate, peaceful, enLightened … Once we make that change-of-mind choice – simply desiring it is all that is asked of us – the Holy Spirit accomplishes all the rest for us. We can co-operate with Him more effectively by envisioning Him not just breathing the Holy Breath of LIFE onto us, which requires no choice by us at all, to inviting Him to breathe the Holy Breath of LIFE into us.  

This change of mind, this conscious choice, speeds-up our progress toward the Light of Life – to our release from our own self-made hell, from indeterminate further circuits of the carousel of birth and death – by a quantum factor. Let us not allow ourself to fall behind – due to apathy, unbelief, unforgiveness, doubt, guilt, fear, judgements, grievances – as the Great Awakening progresses with gathering momentum. For all are included; none shall be – can be – excluded.  

Our only choice is to go with the flow or try to hold back the tide. Going with the flow is effortless, comfortable and rewarding beyond all Earth-mind imagining, and will deliver us to our Glorious Destination exponentially sooner when we exclude ego-delaying manoeuvres. 

Love and endless blessings for inner peace and joy, 

Brian Longhurst 


Only with trust can Papa restore to His beloved little ones the wholeness that is freedom. Freedom to dance, to sing, to rejoice, to enter into Oneness. So is this now available to all who will receive of it, my son. But you must leave all the details to me.

Jesus, November 23rd 1997 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

P.M November 20, 2008 

I counsel you; as chaos spreads like wildfire in the dream – as the moment of Waking draws near – breathe in the peace and stillness of Heaven, your haven. 

My Beloved, large problems for littleness are small concerns indeed for ‘Bigness’ – or, better, ‘Limitlessness’. I counsel you; as chaos spreads like wildfire in the dream – as the moment of waking draws near – breathe in the peace and stillness of Heaven, your haven. All is known, all is understood, all is forgiven, all is within the Great Rescue Programme. Love and compassion for all the fragments of the Sonship is complete and absolute. Be still; place all within the all-sufficient care of Self, within Whom we are truly One. Meet with me there, for therein is joy abounding and unbounded. 

Thank you, beloved Jesus. I notice you have been addressing me as ‘Beloved’, not using my persona name, ‘Brian’. Knowing you, this will have a meaningful purpose … 

You observe well, as usual. You and I, and all the brethren, as One, have but one true name: Christ. Papa reminded you a day or so ago that we all are ‘I Am’, and we have no other identity; that all else is made up. You told Him you did not wish to be made up, but real. I am honouring your wish. ‘Brian’ is of time and place. Let those who perceive Brian say ‘Brian’. Let those who see truly and eternally speak truly and eternally, Beloved. J 

Your answer is as I expected, my beloved Brother. 

Let us remember to think, speak and function from within the Kingdom of Heaven perspective.

January 18th 2017 

Dear Friends,  

In last week’s MoE reference was made to the Holy Spirit, aka the Holy Breath, breathing the Breath of Life onto us all the while we dream of death. How else might we, Papa’s One, immortal Son, be kept eternally connected to Life when he has chosen the impossible – death – as his experience? Then, a further step was taken, by considering the implications of the Holy Breath breathing the Breath of Life into us, which He could only do with our willingness, our choice, for Him so to do, because we have inviolable free will. This is an inestimably important, beneficial step to facilitate our Awakening that it calls, now, for more in-depth consideration. 

In the first chapter of A Course in Miracles Jesus says: Miracles are everyone’s right, but purification is necessary first. (T-1.I:7). Many in this world associate purification with fire consuming the dross of our ‘sins’, exacerbated by fear-based religions telling us for many centuries ‘the lie of Satan’: that Jesus is coming again to judge the ‘quick and the dead’, after which, if found guilty of our ‘sins’ we will be found guilty and condemned to burn in the unquenchable fires of hell; forever!   

But Jesus is not coming ‘to judge the quick and the dead’ and he is recorded as stating as much in the scriptures revered by those who instituted that misperception: …if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world. (Jn. 12:44-47.) 

Purification is not to be feared but to be joyously welcomed because it leads us to peace by removing from our mind the obstacles to our awareness of peace, which is already with us and has always been, awaiting our acceptance as the integral part of our Being that it forever is. Purification – from those obstacles, which are not part of us, but heavy burdens of misperception we have mistakenly placed upon ourself – is, therefore, prerequisite to peace; inner peace. After his resurrection Jesus appeared to his friends in a locked room and said to them, Peace be unto you. Then he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Spirit (Jn. 20:19,22.)  

Forty days later, as he was about to ascend from their sight, he said to them: ... John truly baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days hence. (Acts 1:5.) About ten days after that (fifty days after his resurrection) came the ‘mass baptism’ and empowering of about 120 followers of Jesus by the Holy Spirit at the event known as Pentecost, following which many miracles were performed by or through them (Acts 2:1ff). Such empowerment is of the mind and is available to us all – right now – just as it was with Jesus, and made possible by faith, trust, obedience (to the Voice for God, our higher, Holy Spirit Self, within us) and steadfast commitment to Awakening to the Truth of our immortal, eternal Being as Papa’s beloved Son.  

We have associated baptism with water but Jesus’ statement clearly raises the word to a quantum level of higher meaning. In June 2010 I asked the Holy Spirit whether He, as the Holy Breath of God, breathes on us, as the wonderful, inspired hymn, Breathe on me Breath of God* requests, or breathes in us, as somehow seems more efficient, more beneficial, effective, helpful. The next morning, just at the point of waking I heard Him say, multiple times, over and over (He was clearly intent on getting the point across): 

B-r-e-a-t-h-e  and  allow,  b-r-e-a-t-h-e  and  allow, b-r-e-a-t-h-e  and  allow ... 

I got my notebook and pen, and the following communing occurred:  

“Holy Spirit Self; I invite You into my life, my heart, my mind; to have control over my thinking, so that it is from and according to Higher, True, Christ-Mind will, and not the frenetic, fearful, judgemental, conflicted thoughts of ego, split-off, upside-down mental activity that seems to run amok in my head.”  

He replied: 

This can only be possible by allowing it to be so, not by resisting. This requires surrender, acceptance, stepping back, away from the helm. Envision yourself doing this bodily [stepping away from the helm of our life]; for bodies are symbols of ego, of division, of separation from Papa, from Life Eternal, from certainty of the One Identity that you really are. 

This means not trying to stop the random thoughts that come in, but allow them, step back from them, observe them, as I do; impassively. This is possible because I Know they are not real. How can one engage and wrestle with what is not real; what does not exist? You, also, Know they are not real, because they are from an unreal source; ego. You made it up. It is not a creation of Papa, so has no reality, is not who you are, or even a part of who you are. It obtains seeming reality in your mind only by your acknowledgement of it, and thus, your giving it ‘life and meaning’.   

But you are safe, secure, innocent, at Home; certain, immortal, indestructible, peaceful, joyful. Remind yourself of this as often as you feel a shred of doubt or uncertainty. If that is multiple times a day, or an hour, or even a minute, so be it. You Know the meaning of and the need for steadfast one-pointedness. You Know where your treasure is, and this is where your heart is also. Steadfast one-pointedness of commitment to reminding yourself will retrain your mind to be there with your heart. 

Then you will be functioning as One. An unassailable, all-empowered Force for Good; for the Kingdom; for dispelling darkness with Light; replacing despair, not just with hope but with Certainty; confusion with Truth; fear with Love; forgetfulness with Remembrance; blindness with Sight; illusion with Reality; ignorance with Knowledge. 

“I know that, I feel it, I intuit it as an intrinsic aspect of my mind. Thank You for reminding me and giving such wonderful, empowering affirmation. You are a real battery recharger. I Love You and I Love our communing, our joining in Oneness. As You know, Theresa and I have been discussing whether You, as the Breath of God, breathe on us, as the wonderful hymn entreats, or breathe in us, as somehow seems more efficient. 

I breathe on you always, unceasingly. It is your choice to breathe Me in, inhale Me. This is acceptance. As with all Papa’s gifts, they are yours, freely. It is also your choice, as always, whether you accept them unto, or, in this instance, into yourself. As you know, ‘hale’ means whole, well, strong and healthy. So, to in-hale the Breath of Life is to take in, to receive unto yourself, wholeness, strength, health, well-being. [Of course, within the context of the dream, most of us would apply the words ‘strength, health, well-being’ to our bodily condition, but from the perspective of the Great Awakening we would serviceably apply them to our state of mind.] 

Breathe Me in until you are completely filled and have become fully Identified with Me, just as Jesus/Yeshua did. Then we are One. Envision breathing-in the Light. You are bathed in the Light; you ARE the Light. You have denied your Self. It is now time to accept, allow your Self again. By excluding the Light from your awareness you seem to be in (spiritual) darkness. This is not actually so. By breathing in the Holy Breath you breathe in the true and only Life – Eternal Life – and Life and Light are One. Life and Light are also Perfect Love. 

This you imagine you have also denied yourself, so in the Earth-life consciousness you are bereft of Perfect Love, Which always has inner Peace and Joy, stillness, all-Knowing as integral aspects of Its unbounded Being. Hence the benefit of b-r-e-a-t-h-i-n-g and allowing; for once again you restore to yourself your Self, Who Is all of This. 

In a sense, breathing out is not of any great concern because breathing in the Light of Life automatically dispels the darkness you have believed you were in. But nevertheless you will serve yourself well not to dismiss it as unimportant or irrelevant. The act of breathing out is, and can be acknowledged as, the departure, the relinquishing, the expelling of belief in the old order, time and place order; confused thinking, and allowing its replacement – as you breathe in – with remembrance of True, Whole, One Self. 

Once you have completely breathed out all belief in the old order, and re-filled, recharged your Being by breathing in the Light, the Truth, the Remembrance of the Oneness, you will do as Jesus did: breathe upon your brethren the Holy Breath of Life, that they may be revivified by remembrance of their Life eternal. 

Engaging with the illusion of fear is engaging with the illusion of death and this keeps you self-trapped in the consciousness of fear because engaging with it makes it real for you. Observe and allow. Let it flow over you without responding. Remain centred in allowing.  

*Here are the words of the hymn: 

Breathe on me, Breath of God,

Fill me with life anew,

That I may love what thou dost love,

And do what thou wouldst do. 


Breathe on me, Breath of God,

Until my heart is pure;

Until my will is one with thine

To do and to endure. 


Breathe on me, Breath of God,

Till I am wholly thine;

Until this earthly part of me

Glows with thy fire divine.


Breathe on me, Breath of God,

So shall I never die,

But live with thee the perfect life

Of thine eternity.


Rev. Edwin Hatch, 1878. 

Later, Holy Spirit added: 

When you have breathed-in the Holy Breath of God until you are completely filled with Life anew; until you completely Love what Papa Loves once more; until your heart-mind is completely purified; until the earthly part of you glows with fire divine ... then your breathing-out will no longer have any more of the old, ego-order to dispel. Then will you have only the Holy Breath of Life to breathe out upon the world, in perfect peace, harmony, balance, resonance with Papa. Just like Jesus. Then, also like Jesus, you will never die, but live in Papa the perfect Life, unto all eternity. This, Beloved, is the inescapable destiny of all the fragments of the Sonship.  

Meanwhile, and to assist you in this, do remember that ...  

... Engaging with fear keeps you trapped in the consciousness of fear because engaging with it makes it real for you. Observe and allow. Let it flow over you without responding. Remain centred in allowing.  

Fire, or flame, is a symbol of Light; the Light that is Papa and also His beloved Son. Although fire – Light; the Light of spiritual Truth, or eternal reality – is fearful to the ego because that is what will be purged from our mind (thus purifying it) it is not fearful to US because we ARE the Light of the world, just as Jesus told us two thousand years ago. Time to start believing him and allowing ourself to be purged of ‘the lie of Satan’ – that we are guilty; sinners. As he reminds us in A Course in Miracles, we are sinners in time, but not in eternity; and time does not exist. Only eternity is real. 

Love and blessings for the healing of our minds, until we are all of One, Awakened Mind, 

Brian Longhurst 


Let all that you do be first, last and always to the Glory of God. Have no concern for any matter that you do not understand; all shall be revealed as you have need. I am with you always, closer than hands and feet. My heart beats with yours; I breathe with you; I think with you; I Live with you – always.

Jesus, November 30 1997 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. November 21st 2008

‘I Am’ is you and Me, as One. Whatever else appears to be so, this is forever, unchangeably true. By focusing on that, nothing else can affect your Being.

Good Morning, Papa. I Love You; I rejoice in You and in the Truth, the Reality of our Oneness. I come to You to receive Your Peace; release from the grip of fear that is the hallmark of time and place, knowing that You are the Source of all Life, and that Life is peace, eternally.

Good Morning, My beloved Son. Be still and Know, in the stillness, that I Am God. ‘I Am’ is you and Me, as One. Whatever else appears to be so, this is forever, unchangeably true. Jesus knew this, and was able to remain centred in this, enabling the cross to be to him the nothing that, in Eternal Truth, it is.

All events are within the Great Rescue Programme , and are, therefore, perfect. Remember, all events are opportunity to transform what appears as adversity into fulfilment, caterpillars into butterflies. Fear not; I Am with you always.

January 25th 2017 

Dear Friends,  

Jesus clearly Knew something that was not – and still widely is not – understood when he told his friends: ... John truly baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days hence. (Acts 1:5.) This is of such esoteric significance that it surely warrants further exploration. 

Baptism with the Holy Spirit – the Holy Breath of God, or, as discussed last week, the Holy Breath of Life Itself – is nothing to do with bodies or anything else temporal, all of which may appear to be ‘alive’, but not in any spiritual, mystical or supernatural sense. The lexicon of time and place is inadequate to define that which is intrinsically eternal. Words like spiritual, supernatural and mystical are vague, loose terms to a mind that believes it is a temporal body – or even housed in a body. A mind self-restricted to the illusion of time and place has blocked itself off from comprehending, and thus, being able to experience, live and Be eternal. So it needs Help with remembering. 

Jesus was not restricted by any such beliefs and thus, perceptions. He was functioning in time and place (how else could he reach, communicate Truth to those, his beloved brothers in the Sonship of God who believed they were mortal bodies, separated from their Creator?) but from eternity. There is such a chasm between time and eternity to one perceiving time as real that it seems completely unbridgeable, yet his Great God Mission for restoring us to remembrance of reality is infallible and unstoppable. How could ‘all power in Heaven and Earth’, which he tells us is given to him (Mt. 28:18), be fallible or stoppable? 

‘Baptism with the Holy Spirit’ may have no meaning to an ego-yoked mind, but those with a desire to be free of such a yoke can, and will, be Helped to gain a greater level of understanding and experience than the illusion of imprisonment in time can allow. And yet, such an experience will completely transform the way we function through a body, just as was exemplified by Jesus. Since that is our destiny – Awakening to remembrance of Infinity and our indivisible place There – it is worth as much deeper, humble, sincere attention as we are willing to give it. That which is not temporal is, of course, eternal, but what does that, and ‘being baptised with the Holy Spirit’, mean, exactly?

The Holy Spirit, aka the Holy Breath of God – it hardly needs saying – is not of this world, and if we desire to experience His Presence in our awareness, and His Help to escape the carousel of birth and death by Awakening to our true state of Oneness in Eternity, we must first desire and have a willingness to meet with Him in our mind – His dwelling place. This means making the choice for letting go of the illusion of the external world, including bodies, and committing to accepting that we, like our Creator, are mind and spirit, unified as One with all Life in the Source of all Life. Eternally. 

In order for the Holy Breath to be discernible to the slumbering Sonship in their dream of separation as bodies, He has to let His Presence be experienced, even if not understood. Understanding follows willingness to trust without first needing to understand – a favourite ego-reversal of the Principles of Life of the Father. The first recorded event of this is in Acts, chapter 2, fifty days (‘Pentecost’) after Jesus’ resurrection, and in fulfilment of his telling his friends that this would occur ‘not many days’ (ten, actually) after his ascension and departure from their bodily discernment:  

And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.  

It is noteworthy that the record states there came from Heaven the sound of a mighty, rushing wind. It does not say there came a mighty wind – which, if it was ‘physically mighty’, would have caused some physical disturbances, such as blowing the dust of the ground into the air, perhaps causing some damage to buildings, etc. The sound, or awareness was within the minds of those present – about 120 souls – thus causing no physical disturbance. The Holy Spirit has no need to make physical disturbances. I Know this to be so because I first experienced awareness of His Presence in October 1997, as this Diary of a Christ Communicant record states:  

Late October 1997

Susie (our rescued Lhasa Apso dog) was suffering badly from back trouble, and as I asked Papa’s guidance on whether to take her to the vet I became aware of what seemed to be ‘Spirit Wind’. I had a sense of it swirling round like a spiralling cloud, with a human-type countenance, radiating peace, joy and Love [How else might I have become aware of His presence and my ability to experience this, His first communicating with me?]. It was reminiscent of an illustration in a child’s story book of a benign, westerly breeze, blowing in a cloud. There was no sign of physical disturbance – I felt only an absolute stillness and inward tranquillity, serenity, peace; a considerable contrast to the way in which the metaphysical wind appeared to be swirling.  

I asked what this was and the Voice spoke, as if from the face in the cloud; it was somehow not Papa or the Master Jesus, yet had Their same authority: “I AM the Spirit of Truth,” and after a slight pause, “the Holy Breath”. The rest of the communication was telepathic (or, Mind-to-mind communing), explaining that the visitation was to bring a message of positive assurance from Papa, in response to my asking, to leave Susie in His Loving hands; not to expect an instant fix but to leave it with Him and be constant in faith; not to be concerned if she didn’t eat for a few days. 

Within 3 or 4 days Suzie was completely healed and never again experienced back trouble. 

So, where is all this taking us? As previously stated, while our belief, and thus experience, is of being a body, we will need to breathe air to keep the body operational. That is an illusory level of need and experience. It is not reality. Reality is at a level far, far beyond Earth-mind consciousness yet can be experienced while we appear to be embodied. But only by faith, trust and willingness to ASK Holy Spirit to bring us to that place of awareness in our mind. Remember, mind is limitless, eternal – not imprisoned within the confines of a ‘mortal’ body, unless we choose to believe it so. Such belief is a reversal of reality, so does not serve the restoration of the fragmented Sonship to Oneness. 

While we seem to experience embodiment we must still apply the idea of breathing air, for our body’s requirements, but we are free to choose to simultaneously attune our mind to receiving the Holy Breath – of Life (not life, as this world perceives it, because that isn’t Life; it’s a dream of ‘death’). This raising of the focus, the desire, of our mind requires no action, no doing; only openness, receptiveness of mind to the higher state of awareness of our true, eternal, limitless Being as Papa’s beloved Son: perfect Spirit, Life, Light, Love – exactly like his Father Creator. The Holy Spirit will accomplish this elevating, expanding, Awakening of our mind for us. 

Our conscious awareness of this will, likely, be limited, if not nil, initially. This is where trust is essential. We made up time and are so inured to it as part of our consciousness that it will, for most of us, require time to unmake it – though forewarning such as provided here, could very well reduce that considerably, especially as the collapse of time is now gathering momentum. All such details are taken care of for us by the Holy Breath when we are willing for Him to do so for us. How can we do it without His Help? But with that faith and trust, unwavering willingness to continue believing, gradually our awareness of increasing discernment takes place.  

All this may seem utterly incredible to an ego-yoked mind, but the ego is all about unreality that we have mistakenly accepted as reality. Reality is inestimably kinder, gentler, more comforting, inner peace-engendering than this dream world of conflict, misery and death. We can never be restored to remembrance of the real world, Love, Truth, Knowledge, limitlessness while unbelief – unwillingness to believe – holds sway in our mind. 

In summary, then, bodies breathing air for their survival and continuity as bodies is an autonomic process, requiring no conscious mind activity – at least, most of the time. But raising our mind – which will not occur without our first desiring it, because we have free will to not do so – to attunement with Holy Spirit Self has to be a conscious choice. When we make that choice we are authorising and empowering Him – the Holy Breath of Life itself – to accomplish our Awakening to remembrance that we are One with Life Itself: God. The Holy Spirit is not the Source of Life; Papa Is.  

But because we chose to separate from our Source and from our true nature also as Life Itself – just like our Creator – Papa created the connector to Life (while we dream of death), Who ‘breathes’ on us the holy Breath of Life. Of course there is no such thing as ‘breathing’, or ‘breath’ in Heaven, but the Spirit of Truth has to communicate the Truth to us in our state of forgetfulness, of living in an upside-down, meaningless world, using terms that will have some meaning for us.  

Since breathing seems to be essential to ‘life’ as we perceive it, conveying Truth to us using symbols that will have some meaning to us is a means, a stepping stone, that will bring us to a greater understanding, a greater level of remembrance of Who we really are. So does our Awakening progress, one step at a time, as we are ready to take each step. As Jesus told me in 1977: “I am here with you, as a staff, to assist you in the steep places; but I cannot be your feet. This is your journey and you must take the steps.” 

Love and blessings for accelerating progress to breathlessness, 

Brian Longhurst 


You desire to give this Bread of Life to all who will receive it. First, you must receive it wholly unto yourself. This is of My doing, not yours, and you are able to receive it of Me only in accordance with your desire to give it freely to all My little ones.

Papa, December 14, 1997


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

P.M. November 21, 2008 

You will always do well to focus on the principles, and not on the details. Details distract, divert, destroy concentration, focus, on principles, thus engendering doubt and fear ... Focusing on the Principles of Life of the Father [PLFs] will see you through every dark moment. 

Beloved Jesus, I feel as if I am growing, remembering, awakening from the dream; making real, palpable progress across a broad front. Yet I seem to have this Achilles heel, of paralyzing fear about money; about financial security. My time as Brian seems to have been beset by it, with opportunities lost or deprived; and now this shadow looms again, and I feel so un-anchored from the rock of faith. It makes me feel like a phoney. 

I know of a certainty all that has been my experience of you and Papa has been real beyond all doubt, and none of that has been shaken. But this makes me feel cut-off. When that the fear and doubt is so in my face, I can’t get in touch with the peace of Heaven. I feel, suspect, this must be a legacy, karma, an unresolved issue from a previous act. 

My Beloved, the details are not critical in a situation like you are experiencing; only the principles. You will always do well to focus on the principles, and not on the details. Details distract, divert, destroy concentration, focus, on principles, thus engendering doubt and fear. 

You know that I know this is true. And your words are strengthening, uplifting, restoring the inner peace, dissolving the doubt and fear. 

This is the way it is with Papa’s creation. My moment of doubt and fear was dispelled by re-focusing on Papa’s Love, peace, Truth. The certainty that the world is a dream restored my peace, and I became aware once more that this world is nothing and nowhere. 

I choose for Big Me (Self) to be in charge, the centre, the focus of life, to be the decision-maker; not to allow the blind panic to take over. Then the peace, the calm settles on me again. 

Focusing on the Principles of Life of the Father [PLFs] will see you through every dark moment. We don’t need to rehearse them here. This is for ‘Big Me thinking’, for you to engage Big Me in moving through the process. Bless you, Beloved. 

Bless you, too, beloved Jesus, and all my beloved brothers in the Sonship.

February 1st 2017 

Dear Friends, 

In John’s Gospel Jesus is recorded as saying:  

In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. (Jn.16:33).  

Then, in A Course in Miracles he states:  

In this world you need not have tribulation because I have overcome the world. That is why you should [and actually can, if only we can believe] be of good cheer. (From T-4.I.13) 

If he has overcome the world – meaning overcome ‘death’ and all the illusions of time and place that we have believed are real – which assuredly he has, he has done it not just for himself but for all his brethren in the Sonship because we are One. But we still seem to be beset by tribulation, or adversity. Yet that is only perception, not reality. Being nailed to a cross would be considered by most of us as tribulation, or adversity. Yet it was not to him. To him it was nothing because he Knew tribulation, or adversity, is a misperceiving state of mind; a belief in what, in Truth, in reality, in eternity, does not exist. We only perceive we are experiencing adversity because we believe we are. 

The ego wants us to see it the other way round: that we believe in adversity because we experience it. We believe adversity is real and want to fight it, resist it or run away and hide from it. Just what the ego wants. Why would we want to fight, resist or run away from what does not exist, if only we Knew it doesn’t exist? In 1968 Jesus counselled me not to fight illness, not to resist it, but allow it to flow through me, over me, and it would be like water off a duck’s back, and thus, gone more swiftly because it meets no resistance. It can only vamoose more quickly if it is not real. If sickness was real it would be permanent, immovable. That would mean Papa could not be a Loving, caring Father.

Yet, under ego domination of our mind we are becoming overwhelmed by ‘pill culture’; whatever ails us, big pharma and the medics in their thrall give us a pill that will, ‘magically’ provide instant relief/release from the symptoms. Where is that taking us if not toward oblivion, outer darkness, instead of toward the Light? The Light is in a whole, healed mind. Jesus’ mind is healed, whole, full of Light. He will share the Light of his Mind – Christ Mind – with us, and if we accept It our mind will be joined as One with his and will, like his, be full of Light; whole. But he cannot do that unless we ask him, because we have free will. Then we will need no pills, nor any other form of ‘magic’.   

Pill-popping does not, cannot heal; it merely disperses symptoms, which will temporarily recede, only to manifest in another form, requiring yet another drug … and another… Only healing the cause can dispel the symptoms, and the cause is a misperceiving, unenlightened mind. How can a pill cure a misperceiving mind that isn’t aware it is misperceiving? Symptoms are an opportunity, but in our upside-down state of mind we are hoodwinked into perceiving opportunity as adversity, so believe we must fight (with a ‘pill’), resist or run from it. Thus do we remain incarcerated in the self-constructed prison of bodies, anchored in time and place, over and over again. 

In this fantasy world of unreality most of us seem to lurch from one adversity to the next, often cursing, dreading, trying to run away, escape, ignore, deny, resist them and the ill fortune they seem to portend as something the world – or ‘universe’, or God – is doing to us. Many will see such as punishment by the Deity for our ‘sins’. This, of course, is not the case at all. That is old-order, upside-down misperceiving on a grand scale. In the summer of 1999 Papa counselled me:  

Do not fear adversity, for it is the very stuff of which opportunity is made, and without adversity there can be no opportunity. Rather, welcome it and give thanks for it. Each such encounter is an opportunity to transform adversity into fulfilment. 

His statement does not apply in eternity, where there is, and can be, no adversity. But the realm of darkness – time and place – that we have made up in a vain endeavour to be independent of our Creator, has its very foundation in adversity, which is intended by the ego to cause us fear. We chose to separate from Love, so it is inevitable that fear – the ‘reversal of Love’ – will be our experience. Is this what Papa wants for His little ones? Nevertheless, how can He counsel us to welcome adversity? Surely that could not be possible? The key word here is opportunity. Opportunity to transform adversity into fulfilment (OTAF). How, then, can we begin to know how to do that? 

We cannot, in our distorted, misperceiving, split mind, know how to do that; neither do we NEED to know. This is because there is a higher way of looking at adversity that will definitely enable its transformation into fulfilment and bring us release from fear, anxiety, doubt, dysfunctionality. This is predicated on the basis that everything we believe, and therefore perceive with our bodily senses and interpret with our head-mind (an ego device aka intellect, devised to judge, reckon, rationalise*) is the reverse of reality. This means that our upside-down perception sees everything as what it is not. What we see as adversity is not actually adversity at all; it really is opportunity. 

Most of us will have experienced, at one time or another, how what we first saw as adversity turned out to be opportunity, and that in due season it outworked as fulfilment; the perfect outcome that we never anticipated being possible. We can facilitate that as applying in every situation – every so-called ‘adversity’ that turns up. We can choose in advance, as a point of principle, to stop seeing what turns up as adversity and instead, retrain our mind to seeing past the outward appearance, reminding ourself that everything that comes to us, without exception, is actually opportunity, which we have called into our own presence to serve our Awakening. 

Why, again, do we see it – and experience it – as adversity? Because everything we are perceiving with our bodily senses is upside down, back to front, and our intellect interprets, judges, rationalises it as adversity. Did Jesus do this? Of course not. Why not? Because he had overcome the world, meaning seen through, past the upside-down illusions to the Truth that lay behind them: that ALL is perfect Love, peace, joy; the very, eternal, unchangeable nature of creation, of reality. What kind of Creator would Papa Be if His creation – which encompasses everything – was otherwise? And inspite of what our intellect (ego mind) tells us, there can be no exceptions with Papa. 

If we are seeing upside-down, or in reverse, what in reality is opportunity, it is inevitable that it will not appear to us as opportunity, but as adversity, the reversal of what it is. We will never be able to correct this misperception while we allow our bodily senses to convince us that what they tell us is reality. But with just a little willingness to change our mind, and ask for Help – because it seems impossible to our self-limiting perception – all things become possible, and adversity can be transformed into fulfilment of our heart’s true desire: Awakening from the dream of death, and restoration to the endless bliss of perfect Love and Oneness in the Heart-Mind of the Source of All. 

Out of adversity is born opportunity … to choose Love instead of fear; forgiveness in place of grievance; to remember Who we really are; to overcome the world. Can we accomplish this alone? Let us, then, allow One Who is able to Help us. We can Know he is able because he has already accomplished it. Therefore, he is able and he is trustworthy. We have two choices: trust him (and/or Holy Spirit) or remain perceivers of adversity. His fee? The whole world, which we will gladly relinquish when we allow him to show us the ineffable alternative. 

Everything that appears disguised as adversity is always – ALWAYS – an opportunity for us to overcome the world. Will we continue to perceive it as adversity and fight, resist or run from it, thus ensuring the continuity of the dream of death? Or will we ASK Jesus/Holy Spirit-Self for Their Help in seeing past adversity to the priceless opportunity to overcome the world one more step at a time? We don’t need to know what the opportunity is; They Know. All we need is to entrust the apparent adversity into Their care and the opportunity effortlessly becomes fulfilment. 

Boundless blessings for our joining as One in Love, peace and joy, 

Brian Longhurst 

* To rationalise is to reinterpret information to align it with preconceived misperceptions, as distinct from reasoning, which looks impartially at information and decides what it tells us, with no preconceptions.


It is, as you know, My good pleasure to give you – all My little ones – the Kingdom; to bless and give of the bounty of My storehouse to all who will receive ... I counsel you therefore, be always ready, open and receptive.

Papa, December 28, 1997 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. November 22, 2008 

There is no rush to Awaken. Eagerness, yes; but rushing is of ego, and engenders impatience, frustration, anxiety, turmoil. Remember, allow it to happen; do not attempt to oppose it. Rushing, opposing, is ego – darkness – attempting to re-establish control, to extinguish the Light. 

My Beloved Papa, I write the thoughts I direct to You because it helps me to focus them more effectively. I Love You, Papa. 

Beloved, I Love you. What is happening with you is a transforming process. It is said that one is of two minds about something when unsure about which way to go; which direction to take. 

My Son, in the dream moment, took multiple, separate directions, appearing as separation from his Self as well as from Me. This established a pattern of upside-down thinking; thinking that seems the reverse of Heaven, opposed to Oneness. 

As Waking from the dream progresses, heavenly, kingdomly, right-minded thinking becomes increasingly engaged. A phase is entered where the mind is oscillating between the two, and this can cause confusion, Self-doubt, uncertainty. 

Your decision to commune each morning and evening is a wise choice because it is discipline for the mind, focusing on Me, Jesus, Self, the Kingdom. You do well to focus thusly, and become gradually more accustomed to singularity of thinking; more peaceful, comfortable, at ease. It opens you to awareness, remembrance of the Christ Mind within you. 

There is no rush to Awaken. Eagerness, yes; but rushing is of ego, and engenders impatience, frustration, anxiety, turmoil. This seems to be part of your experience now. Remember, allow it to happen; do not attempt to oppose it. Holy Spirit-Self Knows all and is in charge of the process for Me. This is for your comfort and peace of mind. Rushing, opposing, is ego – darkness – attempting to re-establish control, to extinguish the Light.

February 8th 2017 

Dear Friends, 

We can only Awaken from the dream of death from within the dream. It has to be our choice to Awaken, for no-one can choose for us. Those outside our dream cannot wake us because They are, by the nature of the dream, excluded from it. But They – Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and any who are empowered by Christ-Mind authority and commitment – can Help us in our Awakening, and will do so the moment we make the choice for Waking, and ask for Their Help. Asking is our affirmation to Them of our readiness and willingness to accept Their Help, trusting. But being ready and willing does not mean we can do it on our own because, in our self-limitedness we have disempowered ourself. 

We cannot actually disempower ourself because all power was given to Papa’s Son – us – at his creation, by his Creator. What He gives is forever given and cannot be rescinded. But all power includes the power to pretend to forget our empowerment! And forgetfulness is crucial to the game of pretending. That seems to suggest a state of mind from which there could be no return. But the Voice sent by Papa to enLighten our self-darkened mind Knows Who Papa’s Son is, and can remind him – if, when he is willing to be reminded. But how can he be willing to be reminded of what, due to forgetfulness, he is consciously unaware that he really is!? His Helper thus seems to be helpless. And in direct terms He is. 

Free will prevents Him from direct intervention. But He can place pointers, clues, alternative possibilities in the path of the lost one. This is not at all difficult because he has elected for seemingly limitless choices from which to select. All his choices will lead him deeper into the wilderness of forgetfulness because he is in darkness, and merely stumbles from one cul-de-sac to another, not even aware they are all, literally, dead-ends. So, the All-Seeing-One can place in his path another opportunity, which will, at first, seem to him like all the others. Yet he must still stumble on, driven to seeking a way out of his self-made wilderness, so eventually he will take a step on this New path. 

This may seem to still be a random choice to the blind one, but He Who Sees Knows it isn’t because He has placed it right in front of him, so his seeming to stumble upon it ‘by pure chance’ was no accident. On this way he will find it leads him – still blind and unknowing – into territory that seems, somehow, different from the rest. But fear rules his decision-making, and the unknown (actually, forgotten) is fearful to the self-blinded. Reason – and his ability to discern pain from pleasure, right from wrong, serviceable from unserviceable, Light from darkness – he has long since left behind (the Six O’Clock News will readily confirm this!). He is so inured to pain and confusion that he is fearful of change.   

He may take a step or two down this path that ‘somehow’ seems different from the others he has previously, blindly started down, until the monsters, boulders and thorns caused him to turn back and face yet another direction-to-nowhere. But the One Who Knows, sees all, understands all and is fully aware that His ward has lost his way, and He is fully able, fully empowered to lead him safely, gently, lovingly to safety and remembrance of his true Self. And He Knows this new path He has placed before him – as unknown to him as all the rest; and, still undiscerning in his blind witlessness, doubts and hesitates, expecting, fearing, as with all other paths he has tried, the worst – will give no cause for fear and doubt. 

Still turning away, driven by – this time, baseless – fear, the blind one will continue trying another and yet another blind alley. But inspite of his self-disempowerment, a tiny spark of reason remains deep within the self-limited mind. The lack of thorns, boulders and disasters down that one path – from which past experience caused him to reflexively withdraw – has stirred that spark into a recollection that it was, inexplicably, different, less fearful, less fraught with hopelessness. But where is that narrow, yet straight, path? In complete darkness how can he find his way back to it, to delve another, wary, cautious step or two further along it? 

Yet any sense of despair at the prospect of being able to find it again, all alone, lonely, without apparent help, is causeless, for, unbeknown to him, his tiny spark of desire for it has caused it to be brought to him. He is still unaware that even the tiniest, silent call for help – from Him Who, before he speaks – has already brought forth the Answer. Indeed, the Answer was always there, with infinite patience, awaiting the slightest desire, the minutest call for It. Barely able to believe his ‘luck’, his good fortune, he tentatively steps onto the path. It feels, seems very narrow compared with all the others he has tried, but which, inspite of their initial, inviting breadth, led him nowhere.  

No immediate calamity looms, so another step is taken. Still no disaster. Further steps gradually cause a long-forgotten seed of confidence to emerge from deep in his own within. Little does he as yet know that he is not alone. His Guide is with him, closer than hands and feet, heart beating with his, breath joining his, invigorating, energising, restoring, enlivening him. His heels somehow, incredibly, feel springier. His well-rehearsed doubt is now being mixed with hope – from where, he knows not, yet that, somehow, astonishingly, seems not to matter. He had thought wide avenues would provide a pathway out of the wilderness, only to be frustrated, disappointed, again and again. 

Each time he had failed to observe that this had never worked. Little did he realise that it never would, but still he had continued in the same, fruitless manner. But now, incredibly, the more steps he took along this narrow path, the more ‘right’ he felt it was becoming, and the more inwardly comfortable he found himself. Bizarrely, it began to dawn on him, the narrowness of the path actually contributed to the comfortableness, the rightness of it. It was actually helping to ensure that each next step would be kept from losing direction. This was more reassuring with every step.  

His pace was able to quicken as his confidence grew, and somehow, miraculously, the darkness was becoming less intense, less oppressive. He found himself feeling able to trust that he was on the right path, that was, hopefully (no tax on hope!) leading him out of the wilderness of darkness and despair toward the Light, where he could find the inner peace so long missing from his awareness. Could he allow himself some positive thoughts? What a relief they would be after an ‘eternity’ of anguish and disheartenment. As his mind opened to the possibility, thoughts began to enter that he had not dared entertain ‘forever’, so it seemed. 

The more he opened his mind the more thoughts appeared in his mind that were light-hearted, well-reasoned, straightforward, logical, uncomplicated, encouraging. Surely these could not be his own? Now, suddenly, was that not a pinpoint of light that he thought he saw, far off ahead of him? An inward smile arose that – even if he had wanted to – he could not suppress, even though he had been so accustomed to suppressing all the gloom, wretchedness, failure and tribulation that had dogged his existence. So, from where had that smile – it felt like a ‘heart-smile’ – arisen? Instantly there was an answer in his mind that he felt sure was not one he could have dreamt.  

Now he could no longer deny that he was not alone. As that realisation dawned in him, the Light before him suddenly seemed to grow larger and brighter. Had he, somehow, made a rapid, quantum step toward It without even being aware he had done so? As more questions arose, so Answers now were flooding in, until questions and Answers became simultaneous, as One. What is happening? Who, or What, is this that is revealing all this to me? “It is your true Self”, came the instant Answer. “The Self you had denied for so long. Now you are coming to your Self, and He will guide you, now that you are ready to return, back to your Father’s House.  

“He awaits you; He has prepared a banquet in readiness for you, that there might be a Great, joyous Celebration at your restoration to Oneness in Him.” But I must first return to the wilderness, to tell my brothers who still languish there, that they might also rejoice and join with me; for I cannot celebrate while they faint, hunger and thirst, and cry for relief from their distress. We must all join, so that we return as One for the Great Reunion. “I will come with you. So shall there be not one that remains lost. For without you they will not be aware of Me, and will remain longer in their affliction. But together, working as One, we can restore them to their Father’s House without undue delay.” 

Love and Light accompany us all on our Homeward journey,  

Brian Longhurst 


This is a time of unsettlement in Earth events, but commit all to me and all is then within my control. Be strong and absolute, unswerving in your one-pointed commitment to me and trust in my power to outwork and transform all matters for perfect and joyous fulfilment.

Jesus, January 4th, 1998 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

P.M. November 23, 2008 

It is with some cause, Beloved, that you feel joy and upliftment, for you move ever closer to the Light, to remembrance of Who you really Are, which also, with me, is Christ. This is freedom from judgement, fear, littleness, and return to joy, peace and Love without end. 

Beloved Jesus, I feel an inner joy and ‘peaceful excitement’ in communing with you. The wondrousness of Knowing you, being your friend and brother in the Sonship is a joyous, uplifting, reassuring  experience. I am inspired by your saying you were once a man but are now fully identified with Christ (A Course in Miracles, C-5.2:2). 

It is not without cause, Beloved, that you feel joy and upliftment, for you move ever closer to the Light, to remembrance of Who you really Are, which also, with me, is Christ, along with all your brothers, as they choose remembrance of their One Identity. This is freedom from judgement, fear, littleness, and return to joy, peace and Love without end. 

While I seem not yet to be fully enlightened, remembering you, thinking of you as Jesus is something I can get a handle on. I am still becoming au fait with abstract reality. I am sure you can help me with that. 

This is a highly pertinent point you raise. Whatever serves each one, including you, let it serve. If you relate, for the moment, to being Brian and me being Jesus, this is absolutely fine. You have raised the point, which means it has risen to the surface of your mind. In due course, greater understanding, inspiration, will come to you on this, and this will be a further step forward. 

Allow it, and all new understanding to come in response to your seeking, without anxiety. And if you are uncomfortable not being called Brian, I will happily continue to address you as Brian. Nevertheless, because your ultimate reality – and therefore, your true and only reality – is that Brian is not who you are, that I have refrained recently from using that name for you. Remember, I have told you I was preparing my new name for you: Beloved, for that is what you are, and will always be, asleep or awake. 

Thank you, beloved Jesus; for Beloved is what you are to me, too. 

You see how alike we all are!? J

February 15th 2017 

Dear Friends, 

There are multiple terms that can be used to refer to God. One such is (The) All That Is. Who can imagine anything that has being that can be outside, beyond, or not encompassed within, All That Is? How could the Supreme Being, or Limitless Being, not include everything within Itself? How, then, can we, believing we are, and thus perceiving ourself as, individual bipeds be separate from, outside, beyond All That Is? Our apparent separation from All That Is – Papa – can only be possible by covering ourself with a shroud, a pall, that seems to be a blind between ourself and All That Is. This is, of course, an absurdity that is impossible, senseless, serves no meaningful purpose. 

Clearly the idea of separation is an exercise in futility that has – illusorily speaking – not just split mind but reversed everything, turned it upside down and reduced limitlessness to nano-littleness. This is a state that can only be described as bonkers. In Truth none of this is possible because Truth is eternal – infinite – and time and space, were they possible, can only be finite, temporal, entropic, or terminal. Trying to restore to sanity an insane mind that believes it is divided, separated can only be a slow, steady, one step at a time process. This is evinced by the ‘fact’ that the vast mass of humanity is deeply, spiritually slumbering, and thus completely unaware of itself as eternally One.  

The choice for separation dispelled everything – even the very foundation of Truth, of reality – from our awareness, our conscious memory. But nothing is actually ever lost, because the Holy Spirit has retained everything for us and will restore it to us when we become willing for that restoration. Because we have no awareness of reality we cannot restore ourself to it. How can one restore oneself to a state one doesn’t know – or even believe – exists? Clearly, without Help restoration cannot occur. And because we have no foundation to work with, or build upon, the process is, or seems – from the perspective of linear time – to be very slow.  

Imagine a kindergarten child learning the very basics of mathematics on its own … It doesn’t know what numbers are. The only way it can learn is by patient, gentle, loving repetition from a teacher. Over and over and over. And if the teacher becomes impatient the student becomes fearful, doubtful, untrusting; closed down in terms of its will to learn. Lack of will translates into apparent lack of capacity. This is why proselytising fear-based religion, with its compulsory acceptance of false doctrines of sacrifice and judgement, does not work. It may be outwardly presented ‘lovingly’ yet can but contain a thinly disguised, dire threat. We can be glad that it does not, cannot work. Instead, it turns people away; some sooner, some later. 

Restoration to Love from the apparent absence of Love – by self-obfuscation from our awareness of It – can only take place one step at a time, with copious repetition. We can read a novel once and feel we have obtained all that it has to impart to us. That is because its content will be largely, or completely exoteric (of the without), and we are well versed in the exoteric – almost always to the exclusion of the esoteric (the within). So the esoteric remains a deeply ‘foreign’, alien language to us. We have to keep on practising a foreign language in order to grasp its meaning and our application of it in our daily life. 

An adept Teacher may be casually observed as simply saying the same old thing, over and over again. This would be considered as taking the student nowhere, inducing boredom and abandonment of the studies. But a closer look will reveal that with each repetition a little has been added to the lesson, and each time, a little more … steadily establishing a firm, robust, solid foundation upon which can be built a strong superstructure that will serve the student in his committed objective of understanding the subject – eternity – well enough that he can, in due season, emerge as a fellow-teacher, or sharer, of reality with those brought to him by the Spirit of Truth for the purpose of sharing. 

Thus is a step-by-step process of Awakening reliably established, layer upon layer – all overlapping so that there can be no gaps between them, no opportunity for the ego to undermine, distort, derail the progress – developed and extended from one graduate fragment of the Sonship to his brother, and beyond. In this manner the gradual, step-by-step teaching/learning relationship between Jesus and me has grown, over more than fifty years. Never once has he shown any sign of impatience with me, even though, during the early years I was super-impatient to advance far more rapidly. I urged him to speed things up, but he lovingly said: 

“It doesn’t work like that. This is a growing process and you have to be able to incorporate the realities of Eternity (back) into every level of your being. To simply have them on a plate for your mind, which has not yet been made ready to receive and assimilate them, would not be serviceable to that growing process and would cause confusion because the growth has to be balanced across the full spectrum of every aspect of your being.” 

We cannot skip a stage, a step in the learning because everything is connected, and missing a step means we become disconnected from the continuity of reality. This, the ego will strive to bring about. Over the decades I have seen many souls who became impatient with their rate of progress under wise tutelage, and went off on their own, at half-cock [for those unfamiliar with this Britishism, it means: to fail as a result of inadequate preparation or premature starting; to act or function prematurely]. This means that others, drawn to that under-qualified, self-professed teacher, will not be helped completely to gain comprehensive understanding and application of the subject: eternal reality.  

This will result in a significant setback because the under-qualified teacher and his student will, mistakenly, believe they have the understanding and ability to apply that learning meaningfully, beneficially, in all circumstances, being unaware of its deficiencies. Such oversights will leave them open to much diversion from the Path by the ego. Further circuits of the carousel will then be required to complete the course. But all is encompassed within the Great Rescue Programme, and none shall be left out from the Great Banquet Feast to celebrate the marriage/(re)union of time and place with eternity. 

There are no shortcuts from slumbering to Awakening. What may seem like shortcuts will end-up being delays, and what may seem a slow progress, with so much fastidious attention to detail and repetition, will ensure graduation with ‘first-class honours’. And if we are tempted to perceive this as too excruciatingly slow, when all we want is to get Home without unnecessary delay, it is worth keeping in mind that time appears to be our enemy when we leave it in the care of the ego, but is our friend when we entrust it to the Holy Spirit, who will, assuredly, demonstrate to us its tractability. 

How can we be confident we have placed ourself under the right teacher? Ask Jesus and/or Holy Spirit to be our Teacher(s). Asking guarantees Their acceptance of our request, but we must be sincere, steadfast, resolute, patient in our commitment to listening only to Them and eschewing any utterances not in accord with Theirs. And if we don’t, yet, feel confident in our ability to hear Them and Their teaching, guiding, leading, ask Them to bring an embodied teacher, functioning under Their authority. Such will arrive, because, ‘When the student is ready, the Teacher comes’ is an esoterically true maxim, or Principle of Life of the Father

Love and blessings for infinite patience, with ourself and our brothers who stumble, 

Brian Longhurst  


Have no concern for being tongue tied; rather, allow the sincerity of your heart to radiate outward through – beyond – the words. Thus shall seekers, who are attracted by the soul conditions created by your desire, continue to be drawn to you by the Holy Breath.

Jesus, January 11th, 1998 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. November 24,2008 

There is no evil, so there is nothing to fight. There is only Love, and so acceptance is all that is required. To receive is to become, once more, who you are, My Son. 

Like Father, like Son; you can now see that this is a Principle of Life of the Father. This is the Truth of My creation. And you are My creation, and are unchangeably like Me. You have made the observation that I Am creative, intelligent energy, motivated by Love. There is nothing else but Love, and Love engenders peace and joy. What else could We need? This is everything. A dream of other is a dream of separation from Home, from Heaven, from Me, and even from your Self. 

But the dream is over, and I Am calling you Home, to wakefulness, to Truth, to Love, peace, joy, safety, eternally. And now, My beloved ‘firstborn’ [Jesus] has given you the failsafe mechanism [A Course in Miracles] for the waking process, which is the reminder that you are at Home, have never left, have never separated. Thus, you are not in a body, are not little, have done nothing; so what you believe you have done, and has been done to you, can never have been. 

Therefore, forgiveness is easy; it is an affirmation to yourself that nothing has happened. And I have placed within you My forgiveness*, which sufficeth for all, forever. Freely have you received, so you may also freely give, for the restoration of all to At-One-ment. 

There is no evil, so there is nothing to fight. There is only Love, and so acceptance is all that is required. To receive is to become, once more, who you are, My Son. 

I Love You, Papa, I rejoice in Your Love, and my only desire is to continue extending Your Love to all who will receive it and join with me, and with Jesus, my beloved brother, in the oneness of the Sonship.  

This is the plan of the Great Rescue Programme. It is all that is needed. 

* For details, please see Vignette 5 in “Seek ye First the Kingdom…”

February 22nd 2017 

Dear Friends, 

As rehearsed over and over, now is the time, the moment of our restoration to remembrance of the Oneness of all Life, every living thing, of which we, every one of us, without exception, are intrinsically, integrally connected. We are not a part of God; He is not made up of parts; He is whole, complete, One, and we are an extension of the complete Whole. Wholeness is our true nature because we are Papa’s One Son, and therefore created in His exact likeness. Such a statement is meaningless all the while we choose to believe, and therefore perceive ourself as a body. It can only be meaningful at the level of mind. That is a key step in our journey, our progress, toward Awakening. 

The Mind of the Creator and of His creation are not separate, although, being all-empowered (by Love), the Mind of His creation – His Son – can choose to play a game of pretend, in which it believes, and thus perceives itself as myriad separate minds. This is how the ego appears to maintain the illusion of separation, but it can only do this by deluding us into believing the brain – enclosed in a skull, separated from other brains, in separate skulls, as part of separate bodies – is the mind. But such a game is not empowered by Love since the idea of separation, of fragmentation, is not a Loving idea, because Love is whole, complete, undivided. How can perfect Love be divided, separate?    

Since perfect Love is the Source of all empowerment, that which is not born (created) of Love cannot be empowered. The power of Love is creative power, and that which is created can only be eternal, since creation itself is eternal and all that is created can only be like its Source. Anything that seems to exist – e.g., bodies, planets, galaxies – does not, in Truth, exist if not eternal, perfect and unchangeable. All endeavours at creation in time and place cannot therefore, be acts of creation, although the term is incorrectly applied daily in the dream of death. Our only function, as Papa’s Son, is creating, so having disempowered ourself by pretending to be separate from Him, we are unable to fulfil our one and only, true function. 

The simple solution to this apparent quandary is to abandon the idea, the thought, the belief, the perception that we are separate. Without Help that is impossible because we have disempowered ourself, and as Jesus stated two millennia ago, ‘Of myself I can do nothing’. This was not an overstatement and it isn’t, of course, for any who appear in an embodied, and therefore, separated, state. The fact that every new-born is totally powerless demonstrates this, and the occupant of that body can only do what he is taught to do as he grows up. But since everything he is taught about life and the living of it in time and place is not of eternity, everything he is taught is mistaken. 

This isn’t to say his parents, guardians, the culture he has incarnated into are evil, hell-bent on instilling his mind with darkness. They are simply mistaken, as were their parents, and their parents before them. Misperceptions are mostly taught with only the best intentions, but when those intentions are mistaken, it is inevitable that those errors are passed down from one generation to the next. That was until Jesus came on the scene. Religious teachings before him were focused on sin, guilt, fear, sacrifice, condemnation, judgement, punishment. These are still peddled in his name but they are not, and never were, his teachings. 

He turned all that on its head, reminding us that our Father Creator is LOVE, and Love means there is nothing else at all that is not Loving or a reflection of Love; that there is, and can be, in Truth, no judgement. So, how is Jesus correcting this nightmare, and how can we join with him in this endeavour, and become one with it and with him? Talk with him. It is an ego-generated calumny of the first magnitude that he is coming again to judge us. He Loves us totally, perfectly, unconditionally. This means there is no judgement in him (or Papa) whatsoever. There is nothing – nothing – in or about him to fear. He is our dearest friend, trustworthy brother, guide and helper in all things.  

Or he would be if only we would allow him near us, invite him into our life, to help us straighten out the mess it is in. Many would like – even profoundly love – the idea of speaking with him, but deeply-inculcated guilt and self-depreciation mistakenly cause them to think he is to be feared; that they are unworthy of his Loving attention and care; that he is too busy and their little concerns are far too insignificant to warrant his one-on-one time, attention, help and support. I give my solemn (yet happy!) word that none of that is true; it is the complete reversal of Truth.  

He is wise beyond human imagining, fun, joyful, comfortable to be with; will quickly put at ease any who are uneasy about him and how to ‘be’ in his presence; always gives his full, caring attention to our doubts, concerns, hopes, aspirations; offers sound, encouraging counsel, and rejoices when we share our joys with him. Yet I repeatedly hear people say they talk to him but he doesn’t reply. He always replies. It is not that he doesn’t reply; it is that most of us don’t know how to hear him, how to attune with him. We cannot hear a particular radio station if we are tuned-in to another. His waveband is Love and Light. If we choose the waveband of fear and darkness we will not be able to hear him. 

Many do not choose fear and darkness, but that is where they find themselves, from years – lifetimes – of attunement to the wrong tutor: the ego. When our desire, our choice, is to tune-out fear and darkness and tune-in to Love and Light, then we are very close to hearing his speaking, and feeling, experiencing his presence. One of the great tools of the ego is our readiness to give up on patience, commitment, faith, trust: I haven’t had any ‘luck’ in hearing the still, small voice within so far, so why is that going to change? Desire, motivation, steadfastness, focus, absolute, unwavering commitment, infinite patience (there is no such thing as finite patience!) is what will effect change. 

When ‘you’ – any of us – have sufficient desire, motivation, commitment, remove yourself from the comings and goings of others around you, take notebook and pen, sit comfortably, close your eyes, turn your thoughts to Jesus, reminding yourself that there is nothing to fear; that he Loves you totally, gently, tenderly, and write down your thoughts as if writing him a letter – which is what you are doing. Tell him of your doubts, fears, concerns; tell him you Love him; tell him you want to place your life in his care, guidance and protection … Not that he doesn’t already Know, but you need to affirm these things for yourself instead of trying to hide from them, gloss-over them. 

It is of great importance to remind yourself not to try to hide anything from him. Why waste effort on the impossible? We can hide nothing from him; we merely deceive ourself. If you ask him a specific question, do not let doubt that you may not be able to hear his answer close you down mentally in your endeavour at communing with him. His answer will come to you. It may be other than the spoken word, and it may come on another occasion, and perhaps via another source, another messenger; a friend’s throw-away line that you inwardly intuit is Jesus’ answer to you.  

Any delay is not in his giving the answer, but your clogged-up-with-self-doubt-and-fear receptors. This causes him to have to take a more circuitous route to get the answer to you. Those receptors will clear with time and practice at listening. It does not matter if you are nervous, can’t think of anything to say (write down) to him. He is infinitely patient with you – with us all – and is in no rush to get to his ‘next appointment’. Remind yourself that he functions from outside the illusion of linear time, in the Holy Instant of the eternal, forever NOW, and that he is totally at your disposal for as long as you want, need, like, and you have his limitless, undivided, Loving, caring, compassionate, non-judgemental attention … open-endedly and always.   

He Knows all ‘your darkest shame and guilt’ – all the ‘wicked’ things you believe you have done. He also Knows none of them is real or ever actually happened, so he is totally without judgement. He sees only the perfection, the Light, the Love, the radiance that is who you really are. He wants to help you see that in yourself, but he cannot if you try to hide stuff from him. He will always be truthful, honest with you; return the compliment to him. It is of no concern to him how long it takes you to stutter and stumble your way through telling him what’s really on your mind – even if you give up on that attempt. He will be with you on the next, waiting lovingly, patiently, caringly for you. 

Give up on that attempt if genuinely stuck; do not feel you have to complete anything in one attempt or within a given time, but do not give up permanently. Keep the desire of your heart for communion with him open. And when you have – however long it takes to get going, however pathetic you may feel your attempt at opening yourself to him – written what you wanted, or felt able, to say to him, close your eyes again, thank him for his Love and for his being with you, right in that moment. It will help your focus on him, and thus stem mind-wandering. Then enter into the stillness, the silence and listen calmly, patiently and positively awaiting his reply.  

Do not feel there is any sense of expectation on you – from him or anyone else – to receive and write down some great, mystical, celestial message from him. If that happens, celebrate! If it doesn’t, remember, you are nascent in this; a beginner, learning – actually, remembering – a new skill. He will lead you forward from the place he Knows you perceive yourself. Whatever thoughts, words, ideas images come into your mind, write them down. You may feel what comes into your mind – thoughts, words, images – is not from him, so you feel you shouldn’t write it.  

This is the ego’s resistance, not yours. The desire in your heart for communion with him is yours; focus on that. Not writing what comes in is keeping the door of your mind closed to him, because you are not, yet, qualified to discern what is from him and what is from you; the line of demarcation is very subtle. Writing it down keeps the channels open and gets you used to writing down what comes in. And even if it does seem ‘just’ your thoughts, so what!? He will slip his own into the mix  and catch you unawares! He is the Lord of surprises.J Besides, you needn’t show what you have written to anyone – unless you want to. It is, if you wish it to be so, private, between you and him. 

The eternal reality is our Oneness with him. By opening our mind to that it becomes our experience again. Then are we restored to endless joy, peace and Love. 

Brian Longhurst 


I am the vine; all who join with me become my branches, and will bear much fruit for the Kingdom because they are mine and because it is their desire. Peace and grace and joy eternal be with you, my beloveds. All is well. Have no fear.

Jesus, January 18th, 1998 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. November 25, 2008 

‘Big Me’ – Self – is the Voice for God. He will remind you of all you need to know and to remember, just as well as Papa and I can do.  ‘Big Me’, Self, is Who you really are. 

My Beloved Brother, Jesus;  I would like – LOVE – to commune with you and Papa like this every morning and night, because I feel it is a worthwhile discipline for my mind. Writing is, for me, more conducive to focusing, ordering my thoughts for communing than just trying to order them in my mind.  I know ‘Big Me’ – Holy Spirit-Self – is close to me, inspiring new awareness each week. 

Beloved, of course disciplining, or training, the mind, the thought processes, is very important; but ask yourself why you feel the need to have these morning and night sessions with Papa and me. Is this for your benefit, or are you trying to prove something for your brothers? ‘Big Me’ – Self – is the Voice for God. He will remind you of all you need to Know and to remember, just as well as Papa and I can do.  ‘Big Me’, Self, is Who you really are. 

You can write to Self – it is a type of ‘Dear Diary’ process – but with no pressure on you to prove anything. The inspiration can, and will, kick-in at any and every opportune moment, seamlessly. 

I know what you say is true, and this is a big relief, a big help for me. I will proceed as you suggest. I Love you and Papa, and you will always be included in my musings at any moment. It is like you, my big brother, holding my hand as I become re-acquainted with, restored to, Self. Thank you, as always.

March 1st 2017 

Dear Friends, 

In April 2010, while out on one of my communing hill walks, I was musing on matters of our escape from time and place and returning to eternity, where we all really belong. I then said to the Holy Spirit: 

Sometimes I wonder, do I really know how to let go and start giving myself to You ...? 

At this point He interrupted me loudly, abruptly and emphatically:  

DON’T START QUESTIONING! Questioning is an ego pastime. Remember that, and simply start surrendering instead. 

The dialogue continued from there, as follows: 

But what’s the difference between questioning and asking? Jesus tells us we should ask and it will be given us. 

Questioning is doubting. Doubting is unbelieving; an affirmation of commitment to littleness. Asking is desiring to Know; a request for Help in remembering what is already Known, but temporarily forgotten. Asking is seeking, enquiring, opening, allowing, trusting, believing. Questioning is doubting, dismantling, destructive, negative. 

I had never realised that they were two distinct things, and are really opposites. 

There is much you have not yet realised, or remembered, but this does not matter. J. Surrender does matter. It is imperative to spiritual Awakening; without it, ego will retain its leasehold in your life and keep you separate from your true Being – Self. That will keep you from Home, Papa, your brethren in the Sonship, Truth, Perfect Love, Inner Peace and Joy. 

Wow! That is a comprehensive list. 

It is everything. It is your Source, your eternal reality, your very Being.

Positive affirming is good; it is building, reassuring, strengthening. Practise affirmations for your focusing, centring, uplifting. Say: ‘I am … Just as Papa created me; I am ... Loved, unconditionally and eternally, every moment; I am ... forgiving of myself and my brothers; I am ... Loving; I am ... compassionate; I am ... caring; I am … choosing to be truly helpful; I am ... free’ ... You can add to the list as inspiration moves you; but always keep it positive and it will always be truthful and uplifting. Remember: doubt is ego’s faith-dismantling device.

All IS well. I Am with you always. J 

This was a salutary lesson for me. Assuredly, most people are unaware of the difference between asking and questioning. Clearly, asking is positive, and will bring answers that will help us forward on our Homeward journey, whereas questioning – doubting – will hold us back, distract us, slow our progress. Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles that the ego’s purpose is to disrupt communication, whereas the Holy Spirit’s is to complete communication. Outwardly, it looks as if the ego is winning that contest – though, of course, Holy Spirit does not contest anything; He simply keeps on telling us the Truth. He Knows that in due season all will hear Him and respond positively – not doubting! 

So, let us consider some of the ways the ego disrupts communication. One way that has been starkly evident to me for many years is how we use words that are not expressing what we actually mean, and which are negative, even when we didn’t consciously intend them as negative For example, we often say something like, “I am afraid that this will go wrong/won’t work … will not end well, etc.” Are we really afraid? Fear is ego territory, and this is one tiny example of how we fall into its pits without even being consciously aware we are doing so. Ego is subtle, surreptitious, wily. 

Not being consciously aware of this entrapment is just how the ego wants it, because repetitive use of words from its lexicon are still negative, whether used consciously or unconsciously, and inevitably add to the negative energy in our aura. Words express energy, whether we are aware of that energy or not. Negative words engender negative energy. Positive words generate positive energy. Neutral words express neutral energy. So if we cannot find a way of saying what we want to say using positive words, perhaps we can at least choose to retrain our mind in the use of neutral, rather than negative, terms. 

Instead of “I am afraid that this will go wrong …”, we could say “I am (a little) concerned that this may not go quite as I am hoping/anticipating …”. Here we are expressing the same idea in a less negatively-energetic way. Then we could add, “But I am choosing to stay positive anyway, without forming any attachment to outcome, whichever way it turns out.” This way we are keeping the door open to accepting whatever happens. This gives Holy Spirit control over the outcome, ensuring it will be as He wants, which will always be in the best interests of all parties involved. And we will Know, and be comforted, reassured, that having given it into His empowered care, the outcome is according to His perfect will.  

Even if alternative phrasing – ‘(a little) concerned’ – is not as emphatic as our original feeling was intended to express, crucially, it is avoiding the injection of strongly negative energy, as in ‘I am afraid …’. This change in our thinking will gradually, one step at a time, retrain our mind away from generating negative energy, moving us in the right direction – toward the positive. We have all noticed that some amongst us are more negative than others. We have probably also noticed that things are far more likely to go wrong for them than for others of a more positive outlook. This is because they have generated a negative energy field, which will attract negative outcomes. 

There are scores – hundreds even – of negative-energy terms in common use, when they don’t even actually apply. One is ‘scary’, which has sneaked its way into everyday usage, about things that aren’t really ‘scary’ at all, and will readily be seen as so if we choose to be more mindful – more vigilant against the ego’s wiles – in our use of language. Words are expressions of thoughts, so if we are using negative words they have arisen in our mind, and are thus aspects of our intent – even when we are not consciously aware of it being so. This is why vigilance against ego’s misleading is imperative to our Awakening. Vigilance for Truth is unnecessary because Truth is unassailable. 

By choosing to be mindfully observant about our choice of terminology – and that of our brothers around us – we can train our mind to be more positive in the way we express ourself, bearing in mind that use of negative, ego-lexicon terms is still generating negative energy even when we are not consciously aware of it. It all builds up over time, contributing negatively to the direction of our journey, and thus, to outcomes. Conscious or unconscious use of the ego’s terminology as a common practice consolidates in our mind the (mis)perception of the illusion of separation as real. 

We cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven – or even the real world (the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth) – while we believe and thus perceive illusions as real. How could we when our choice remains illusions instead of Truth? We do not repudiate illusions by confronting them, fighting them, but by forgiving them – and ourself for dreaming them – for by truly forgiving them we affirm that they are not real, don’t exist in Truth, which we now consciously choose and assert as our intent; open-endedly. Mind retraining can then be applied more widely.  

For example, when we have placed our life, purpose, outcome, fulfilment in the care, guidance and protection of Jesus/Holy Spirit-Self there are an array of things we no longer need concern ourself with – or worry about, be afraid of, find ‘scary’! In this world, believing we are alone and without help, we feel the need to know ‘How?’ and ‘When?’. But They Know ALL the Hows and Whens, so we no longer need concern ourself with the answers to those questions. When we have – TRULY – placed ALL in Their all-sufficient care, They will accomplish all that is pertinent to our Awakening for us, so we don’t need to know ‘How?’. All unfolds, effortlessly, perfectly, one step at a time. 

The understanding of ‘How?’ follows, as our Awakening progresses, unimpeded by the mistaken, prior need to know ‘How?’. As for ‘When?’, how can when matter, since it involves time, and time is an illusion? Wanting, needing to know ‘When?’ means we are making illusion real – thus blocking our remembrance, our awareness of the real world around and within us. There is, always, only one answer to ‘When?’ when we have placed all in Their care: ‘When the moment is right.’ When we doggedly hold onto the reins the answer is much more likely to be when the moment is not right. 

There are some questions we will serve ourself well to ask, and keep our heart-mind open to receiving the answers. Here are a couple of examples: ‘Why?’ is always a good thing to ask, and we will always receive a meaningful answer. This may be by the Silent Voice, speaking in our mind, and it may be immediate (depending on our state of attunement; making sure we are open, receptive to Love/Light, not fear/darkness) or we may see it in unfolding events, if we are watchful. We can be sure of the source and its verity if we feel peaceful, and not anxious, about it. ‘Why?’ could be ‘Why am I here?’, or ‘Why is this happening?’, but let it always be framed in trust, humility and sincerity. 

The second example is ‘How?’, such as in, ‘How can I be truly helpful?’ We don’t need to know the answer to ‘Why am I here?’ straight away, but having sincerely, humbly, trustingly placed our life in Their care, the answer will come, one step at a time, in the unfolding, outworking and fulfilment of our purpose, or birth vision. It will come because we have placed our life in Their care, enabling Them to meaningfully take charge of its progress. Of course, the overview answer to ‘Why am I here?’ is, to be the Light of the world, and by Being the Light, saving the world. As to the details, ‘Why?’ and ‘How?’ are closely intertwined. Trust enables the perfect dovetailing of the two, and their positive outworking – if only we can believe.

Love and blessings for focus on, commitment to and completion of our Awakening, 

Brian Longhurst 


Do not try to take more than one step at a time, or to see the path stretched out before you, for it is not there. It unfolds at your feet in response to your desire. I am the Way, the path by which you come to Papa, and by this you shall neither stumble nor fall.

Jesus, January 25th, 1998 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. November 26, 2008

Striving is okay if you have time and place objectives, because time is finite, and is always running out. But if you have Kingdomly objectives, then there is no deadline; for all is already accomplished, and all that is required is simply to attune with that reality.

Big Me, my real, higher, remembering Self: I choose, always, to attune with ‘You’. For You speak, inspire, for Papa, as does Jesus. Each day, every moment, I desire, truly and earnestly, to be One with You; to journey further, closer, toward Home in Papa; to forgive truly, to relinquish judgement, to bless my brethren, to be inwardly peaceful; to be more aware of Heaven and less focused on, concerned about, the illusions of time and place.

So, be less anxious for these desires. Striving drives away your goals and objectives. Your eagerness is very well known, your one-pointedness is well-established. But that is about ‘Being’. Doing is ego stuff. Being is Christ stuff. All that is for you to ‘do’ will be brought to you; simply allow the Process. You have heard this before, have you not?  So let it be, let it happen.

Striving is okay if you have time and place objectives, because time is finite and is always running out. If you have Kingdomly objectives, then there is no deadline; for all is already accomplished, and all that is required is simply to attune with that reality.

March 8th 2017 

Dear Friends, 

As stated on previous occasions, our goal is to be like Jesus. Not just ‘like’ in the world’s interpretation of the word, but as like to him as he is to Papa; the One, reunified Son of God. He tells us in A Course in Miracles that when the Bible quotes him as saying, ‘I and my Father are one’, it should have stated, ‘I and my Father are of One kind’. This equates with the word identical, and this is key, because Papa’s One Son has but One Identity. His Son is playing an impossible game of pretending to be what he is not, and can never be: many, and different, when he is forever, unchangeably One, with but One Identity, which is identical to his Father Creator. 

Until we become like him we cannot (re)enter the Kingdom. This, when we actually think about it, humbly, sincerely, prayerfully, becomes crystal clear, logical and obvious. Here’s why: He has ‘overcome the world’, and most of us still appear to be some distance from that objective.J Overcoming the world is, of course, nothing to do with the planet Earth (or any other planet!). It is easier understood if we add the word ego, so it would be ‘overcome the ego world’; a world of conflict, tribulation, judgement, guilt, fear, ‘death’ …. This is how he said it two millennia ago: 

In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. (Jn. 16:33) 

Even so, what, exactly, does this mean; how can we overcome the world, and thus, actually become like/identical to him? This, it hardly needs saying, is nothing to do with bodily likeness, but of One MindChrist Mind. His incarnation was no accident. How else could he demonstrate – teach by word and by example – what we have forgotten? Without his example we would be ill-prepared to accept that it is possible to be in this world but not of it. In Truth, we are neither in this world nor of it. But we are not experiencing Truth, we are experiencing an illusion; the complete reversal of Truth. The ego would have us believe that overcoming the world is a pipe dream, a complete impossibility. 

The ego will not attempt to stop us from trying to solve all the world’s apparent problems. In fact it wants us to keep trying, because for every problem we appear to solve, another, and another, and yet, another will arise in its place. Why? Because this shadow world is founded on – arose from - division, separation, fragmentation, conflict and brokenness. It cannot be any other way because it is the reverse of reality: Truth, wholeness, Oneness. If reality is Oneness – wholeness – in which there can be no conflict (only Love, peace and joy) and is within, then by definition, the reverse can only be the unreality of conflict, brokenness, enmity, misery; an illusory, separated, external world. 

Minds focused in the without will remain in the perception that all the world’s problems can be solved, insisting that we must remain dedicated to that aim. Their sincerity is indubitable, but their focus on the external world limits (or nullifies) their commitment to, and understanding of, eternal Truth. The Principles of Life of the Father (PLFs) is how Jesus described to me in the 1970s the cosmic, esoteric, immutable laws by which God’s Creation operates. Some terms that can help our understanding of the PLFs include unconditional Love; the Light of Spiritual discernment – and absolute commitment to opening our mind to that Light; unconditional forgiveness; blessing … 

There are many more such terms, but these are sufficient to indicate that ideological solutions to the world’s problems will never bring about the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is because the Kingdom – and its attendant peace; the peace of God, which passeth human understanding – is within us, and has nothing to do with what appears to be going on externally. We cannot transform our awareness from illusions to reality by focusing on illusions and trying to rearrange them into some self-sustaining, workable order of functionality. The illusion of separation centres on our being bodies. How can focusing on the unreality of bodies help our Awakening to the eternal reality of Self?

It is a change of the level of our focus from the without to the within that will set us on the right track; the Way Home. The moment we undertake such a commitment we begin to see the world of time and place functions on competition (a euphemism for conflict, and the reverse of co-operation); on our survival by the ‘death’ of other life forms, instead of recognising, remembering, that in Truth we are One with every living thing. How can we be restored to our true state of Oneness with every living thing when our survival as what we are not – a body – depends on our perceived need to kill and eat other bodies? 

We have all heard the argument that Jesus ate the flesh of animals, justifying our continuance of such. That is a specious case for defending killing as in accord with our Awakening to the remembrance that we are not a body but eternal, Unified Mind and Spirit. To connect with minds that think they are bodies he had to appear to them as a body, so that he could use it to communicate eternal Truth to those who could only hear about It from another embodied soul. Bodies need fuel to function, and to make his body an exception would not have served his agenda of appearing to other bodies as their brother, to teach them by word and by example of how to be in this world but not of it.  

And yet, this quote from John’s Gospel gives us a sound clue about why he was here and his dependence – or lack thereof – on ‘meat’ (a generic term for sustenance of any nature, as his words clearly indicate):   

… his disciples prayed him, saying, “Master, eat.” But he said unto them, “I have meat to eat that ye know not of.” Therefore said the disciples one to another, “Hath any man brought him ought to eat?” Jesus saith unto them, “My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.” (Jn.4:31-34) 

What he said in the rest of that statement is sustenance indeed – for the deeply, sincerely enquiring mind. We can only become of One likeness – One Mind – with him (and thus also with Papa) one step at a time, starting from the place where we perceive ourself as being. For the time being we believe we are a body, devised to run on food. It is not whether or not we eat – and what we eat – that will determine the progress of our journey Home. Rather, it is about our attitude of mind toward what we eat that will contribute to the hastening – or slowing – of our direction and rate of travel. Unhealthy diet causes unhealthy bodies, but the cause of unhealthy diets is unhealthy minds. 

Our spiritual Awakening is the only subject worthy of the prolonged focus of our attention. This has never been more so than at the present time because we are now in the Kingdom Age, so opportunities are arising to more powerfully assist in this process than in former times. This will be argued as meaningless – or impossible – by slumbering minds because who knows what ‘spiritual Awakening’ even means? There is One who Knows, and he took a body to share that Knowledge, that remembrance with us. His body is gone – just as is the destiny of all illusions – but he, in mind and spirit, remains with us, closer than hands and feet. His heart – the heart of Love – beats with ours.  

He was, and remains, our exemplar. Truly, he is the Way out of the valley of the shadow of death to the Truth and the Life. What better way to escape that illusory valley than by following his example, by choosing, while we appear to be in the world, to be not of the world. To an ego-yoked mind such a statement may seem meaningless. But when we make that choice, the Light of Spiritual Discernment instantly shines in our mind, to illuminate our remembrance of its meaning, and how being in the world but not of it, just like Jesus, becomes a choice we will never want to reverse. 

Love and blessings for our ascent from the valley, 

Brian Longhurst 


Beloved, it is necessary that you respond to the drawing power of Papa's creative, fulfilling forces – Light, Love, Peace, Joy – without anxiously striving. In you, as with all who Love me and Love Papa, His drawing manifests in your heart as desire.

Jesus, February 1, 1998 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

P.M. November 26, 2008 

Attack appeared to happen, but that is one of ego’s devices, tricks, pitfalls, illusions, to distract us from the Truth of Eternity: that we are all innocent; eternally, lovingly, joyfully One in the Sonship of Papa. 

Hello, Holy Spirit Self, reporting in for attunement, opening up for inspiration, new awareness and enlightenment. Just kidding; I said it all this morning. J 

I feel acutely aware of the focal point of our lives being forgiveness, and that is centred in CS*. I am now at the place of full realisation that she has given us this gift of inestimable value, without which true forgiveness would only be theoretical for Theresa and me. 

So here, I have this gift, yet at the same time it is giving me the opportunity to see past the apparent gift (attack) to see the real gift, which is recognition – thanks to Jesus, my beloved brother, as he explains in A Course in Miracles – that none of this actually happened. Attack appeared to happen, but that is one of ego’s devices, tricks, pitfalls, illusions, to distract us from the Truth of Eternity: that we are all innocent and free; eternally, lovingly, joyfully One in the Sonship of Papa. 

The real gift is an opportunity to see past the distraction. This has now happened. We have moved through the forgiveness process and now see CS as having given us this selfless gift, that we may all be released back into innocence, and be each other’s saviour. True forgiveness has freed Theresa and me to thank her from our hearts, and give, extend our blessings and Love for her, and for our restoration to Oneness. 

This covers it, though fewer words could have done it! Just kidding. J 

Well, You have used fewer words than usual, but at least it was enough to let me know I wasn’t speaking to myself, that You were listening; and that is encouraging. So, my gratitude is as great as ever, no kidding. J 

* Name excluded for confidentiality.

March 15th 2017 

Dear Friends, 

During our weekly devotional Service of Mystical Communion with Christ through the summer of 1997 we experienced many wondrous events, visions, messages of enlightenment, rescues of souls lost in the wilderness of trauma and despair … In August I said to Jesus: 

Beloved, the Glory of all this is yours, according to the prophecies about you of long ago. 

He replied: 

My beloved Son, the Glory is Papa’s, and we all are illuminated and radiate His Light according to our desire for His good and perfect will and our attunement with Him by Faith, Trust, Obedience (to the Voice for Love within) and Commitment.  

In this upside-down world there is a propensity for either false humility or egoic pride and boastfulness – about what, in eternal reality, is of no consequence – to veil our true Identity as Papa’s One, beloved Son. The loss of sight of the Path back to our true Self causes us to try endless alternative paths, none of which can bring us inner peace and joy. Some may ask, ’How come we have to keep giving all the Glory to God? Don’t we deserve a little, too? Or are we supposed to just grovel in the mire while He sits on His throne of Glory?’ But, if the above part of Jesus’ response is not sufficient to provide a balanced perspective, he went on to say: 

He gives us, freely, lovingly, the gift of His Glory and so, in that sense, it is mine, as it is yours also, according to His eternal Principles.  

While we seem to be separate from our Source – in Which is our completion – there appears to always be something to do, and most of us, applying ourself to the task at hand, will be giving it our best shot. Sometimes it goes perfectly, sometimes it goes haywire. While we believe in separation we might be tempted to feel pride at our success or humiliation at our failure. Neither actually serves our restoration to Self. Yet, when we desire, first and foremost, like Jesus, Papa’s good and perfect will, and our choice is attunement (at-One-ment) with Him, He gives us the gift of His Glory. In Truth, He gives it ceaselessly because His Son is His Glory – and we are His beloved Son – but without our at-One-ment with Self we cannot receive It. 

The ego would say, ‘Yes, but that is just a charity handout because He’s playing Mr Nice Guy, so it isn’t really our Glory; He’s keeping all that to Himself, and just dishing a bit here and a bit there, to mollify us.’ A closer inspection will, however, reveal that when we choose the wholistic view – that all is One, and the Source of that Oneness is the Creator – we are reminded that we are not just a remote part of the Creator but are an extension of the Whole. This means that the Glory is just as much ours as His – but can only be recognised as such when we accept the Truth of our Being as One in Him. Glory is a state of mind – actually, One-Mindedness – from which we have separated ourself. 

We cannot experience Glory believing we are separate from the Source of All – including, of course, Glory. Such belief can only make substitutions for reality; such substitutions are worthless imitations of reality. This can only seem hypothetical when we are looking at it from a horizontal axis, meaning from the time and place perspective. But we can Know, of a certainty beyond all doubt, that this is invalid, a counterfeit view, because we have the example of Jesus, who embodied the limitless, vertical axis – our direct, always accessible, connection to our Source – right ‘here’ in the illusory, horizontal plane. So we can be assured of the reality of limitlessness being accessible to us, ‘here’, also. 

This is the pivotal nature of his whole message to us: that all that he was/is and did/does is equally available to us. Time and bodies have nothing to do with reality – they are a woeful attempt at distracting ourself from reality that seemed to work for a moment. But that moment is now over, and we are returning to eternal reality, which is, always, freely available to us right ‘here’, right ‘now’. How much do we want it? Jesus is qualified to restore us to reality because the Holy Spirit showed him the road Home ahead and he followed it, enabling him to see the false without accepting it as true. Thus can he now help us do the same. It is our free choice. 

We don’t need to know how many embodiments he made to bring him to the point where he followed the lead – the Light – shone for him by the Holy Spirit. That he ultimately made that choice is all that matters for the rest of us, when we decide we, also, want to follow the road out of the valley of the shadow of death. We simply follow him who Knows the Way because he is the Way. For most of the fragmented Sonship the focus is at the horizontal axis only. Some of us occasionally shift our focus to the vertical axis, only to have it distracted back to the horizontal because our belief, and therefore our experience, is mostly that we appear to be a body. 

During indeterminate embodiments before he incarnated as Jesus he would have experienced the same distractions – sometimes focused in reality, sometimes sidetracked from it by sensory perceptions and bodily-involvement in events. How many of us are in that situation, and how can we move things along? Bodily-involvements are virtually inescapable in a world where the body is ‘the hero of the dream’. Different times would not have altered that when Jesus was still on his journey to Wakefulness thousands of years before he reincarnated two millennia ago, in his fully-Ascended saviour state. 

Allocating part of our time to focus on, attune to, the vertical and part to the horizontal axis is not an option that will take us Home with the fewest possible circuits of the carousel. Only complete focus on the vertical will bring us to our goal of being like Jesus. This may sound impossible, but it is actually entirely simple, once we have accepted that we are not a body but unified Mind and Spirit – and thus, recognition that everything to do with bodily events is merely part of the illusion, and we can choose to see it as such. Here is an example:  

Most people go to work to earn money to buy things to support their body, and others whose bodies are dependent on that body’s earning ability. The workplace will require full attention of body and mind to the job at hand. Yet there can be – will be, with sufficient motivation – moments during the working hours when the mind can be distracted from the horizontal by the vertical; a reversal of the norm, as the world sees it. Such distractions to the vertical may be momentary to the conscious mind, but as our progress toward Awakening continues, in accordance with our desire and commitment, we arrive at the place of realising that our vertical focus is actually setting our intent

It is our intent – formed by our desire – that determines our direction, and if our intent is more to the vertical inclination than the horizontal, it will, one step at a time, lead us onward to our goal of complete Self-awareness. Just like Jesus. Then we can choose to see our colleagues, who were previously perceived as of disparate natures – some amenable, some unamenable, some ‘impossible’ – as our brothers in the Sonship; all, to one degree or another, lost, lonely, hurting, vulnerable. We can choose to feel compassion for them instead of resentment, judgemental, holding grievances. We can re-mind ourself that they truly are our brothers, just like Jesus, regardless of outward appearances. 

None of that mind-processing activity detracts from our working performance. On the contrary, the peace of mind our changed attitude brings enhances our horizontal ability, and transforms the working environment from drudgery to a neutral or even positive experience; an opportunity to Be who we are. To repeat, it is our intent that sets the way in which we experience everything. Intent for the real world – the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth – becomes independent of our conscious thinking irrespective of whatever horizontal events are calling for our attention.  

Without unequivocal commitment our intent will remain fluctuating between the vertical and the horizontal. But with that commitment our direction is set and our goal – inner peace, joy and Love – will be reached sooner; right here in time and place. To quote Jesus from A Course in Miracles:  

There is a way of living in the world that is not here, although it seems to be. You do not change appearance, though you smile more frequently. Your forehead is serene; your eyes are quiet. And those who walk the world as you do recognize their own. Yet those who have not yet perceived the way will recognize you also, and believe that you are like them, as you were before. (W-155.1:1-5) 

That quote is from a Lesson headed I will step back and let Him lead the way. Because the Truth of our Being is that we are Papa’s beloved Son, we are empowered – every illusory one of us – to apply that heading to ourself every moment, regardless of what the world is calling for us to do. That is because ‘doing’ can have no effect on our Being when we choose for it to be so. This is how it was for Jesus, so we can be certain it is possible for us, also, because he is our brother and we are like him. 

Love and blessings for focused Being, 

Brian Longhurst 


Let the Love of the Holy One for His little ones, however close yet however far they might feel from Him, be in your heart. There, but for His Grace, His power, His redeeming of your life, go you.

Jesus, February 22, 1998 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

P.M. November 27th 2008 

Self knows instant answers do not always serve, and verbal answers are not always the best way to provide enlightenment, wisdom, understanding, certainty of Knowing. Our Holy Self Knows that commitment, patience, faith, trust are qualities that open doors to the Kingdom of Heaven that our persona identity has closed. 

How can I think more actively, extensively, comprehensively in terms of Self being ‘me’, rather than ‘You’ – ‘I Am’ rather than ‘You Are’ – and thus moving more purposefully from duality to singularity thinking, seeing, awareness? 

Over to ‘Big Me’ thinking; I give thanks for Self, I AM that I AM. I seek illumination, inspiration, enlightenment from and in Self, within. 

I think of, or observe pB (persona Brian), ‘little’, earth-mind self, focusing on the perceptions and limitations therein, and then I invite into that ‘mind-room’ – which is my ‘mind-space’ – Self.  It is as if I am opening a door into another part of that space – which I have, wittingly or unwittingly, been keeping shut – in which I am aware that Big Me, Self, dwells, has His Being. 

Self is the ‘perfect gentleman’ part of my mind, Who would never barge in, uninvited or unwanted, into little self’s thinking processes; is always peaceful, calm, Loving, gentle, fun; a totally welcome, considerate, caring, beneficent guest. This is rather foolish on my part, to be ignoring the part of my mind that Knows all things, with Which/to Whom I have access at all times, yet have been so frequently ignoring. 

So now, I consciously, deliberately, invite Big Me, Self (not third-person Him; first-person, only-person Big Me, Holy Self Me) in. I remind myself that Big Me has none of pB’s limitations, so when pB asks a question, or seeks an answer, Self is not thusly restricted. Self Knows instant answers do not always serve, and verbal answers are not always the best way to provide enlightenment, wisdom, understanding, certainty of Knowing. Our Holy Self Knows that commitment, patience, faith, trust are qualities that open doors to the Kingdom of Heaven that our persona identity has closed. 

Self knows that if pB is seeking enlightenment, illumination on any matter that will assist his awakening to eternal reality, and then, in faith, pB leaves that enquiry with Self, this can equally provide excellent opportunity for illumination, understanding, Knowing to be brought to his awareness, his remembrance, from the Source within. And that willingness to leave the enquiry with Self removes all anxiety as to how, when and where pB is able to receive the answer, because it will be delivered spontaneously, most likely when, and in a way, he least expects it.

March 22nd 2017 

Dear Friends, 

When we shut ourself off from our Source – the Source of all power of creation – how can we expect to experience other than limitation, frailty, mortality? These terms – and many more – describe our appearing as a body. As Papa’s beloved creation we have all power of creation also, because His Son is created in His exact likeness. Nothing is missing from our empowerment because He withheld nothing from us. Why would He, since giving is all He Knows? It is all He Knows because giving is the very nature of Love, and He IS Love. Nothing else. But Love encompasses everything. Everything true. Everything cannot encompass what is not true, since what is not true cannot be real.  

There can only be One all-encompassing reality, One all-encompassing Truth, and that must be eternal and unchangeable. If it was not eternal and unchangeable it could not be real or true. Anything and everything that appears to our sensory perception appears as temporal and changeable so cannot be true, cannot be real. Yet our sensory perception tells us what appears to it is ‘there’, so must be real. This paradox has a simple explanation: our senses are bearing witness not to Truth, reality – which by definition are eternal and unchangeable – but to illusion. How can our bodily senses, which are themselves temporal, bear witness to unchangeable reality, to eternal Truth? 

Bodies appear as different from each other because they are symbols of division, of belief in separation. They cannot be alike in appearance because the belief in separation causes everything to be absolutely separate, or different, in every way. This includes appearance and viewpoint, or opinion. Different viewpoints are inevitable because each body perceives the external, separated, divided world from a different – separate (divided) – place and time. This can only give rise to uncertainty, doubt as to what is true, what is right, what is real, because what seems true from one viewpoint is perceived as different from another viewpoint.  

This is hardly surprising since none of it is true/real. And since all outward appearances are constantly changing, concord, while seeming to be achievable in theory, cannot last within the illusion of separation. Concord characterises eternal Oneness because Oneness means singularity of vision, in which all is Known as One, and so discord can have no meaning. Discord characterises temporal division. Discord, aka conflict, inevitably arises from our belief in separation, i.e., form; bodies, each perceiving an unreal world from its own, little, limited, confused, fear-induced and thus, distorted, conflicted, doubt-infused viewpoint.   

However, when we choose to stop believing we and our brothers are bodies, and thus perceiving separation, differences, discord, we can enter into a totally transformed, concordant, harmonised, universal point of view. That cannot happen without a little willingness to abandon the belief in bodies (form), time and place. That seems impossible because our bodily senses tell us we are bodies, there are differences, there is division, conflict, separation. Within the dream that is indisputable. And when we are asleep and dreaming, the dream seems to occupy all our attention, and for the duration of the dream it is all very real. Here is where a leap of faith can come to our rescue.  

We have a powerful affirmation from Jesus of the accessibility of reality, and an encouragement to any seeking to Awaken from the dream of mortal bodies, when he tells us: Salvation [Awakening to Life from the dream of death] does not ask that you behold the spirit and perceive the body not. It merely asks that this should be your choice. (A Course in Miracles T-31.VI.3:1,2). This takes all the stress out of our impatience to see past the body, the horizontal axis of change, decay, conflict, to awareness of the vertical axis of timelessness, formlessness; escape from fear to Love, doubt to the bliss of certainty that we are unassailably, indivisibly, eternally, perfectly One. 

But all the while we are content with our dream of death there will be no reason to take a leap of faith. Yet who can argue that we each hold a mask before our face, in a vain attempt to show the world we are a ‘normal’ well-balanced human being. We are fearful of anyone – including ourself – seeing the countenance behind that mask because, as Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles, W-93: 

You think you are the home of evil, darkness and sin. You think if anyone could see the truth about you he would be repelled, recoiling from you as if from a poisonous snake. You think if what is true about you were revealed to you [or anyone else], you would be struck with horror so intense that you would rush to death by your own hand …  

Yet, this is not our perception at all; it is a false perception – a lie – inculcated into our belief by an impostor we have allowed into our mind masquerading as ourself and fabricating guilt and fear in place of innocence and Love. Love and Life are the same, with fear and death Their illusory opposites. Life begins where fear ends. This is inevitable because fear occludes our awareness of Love, and therefore, of Life. This dream world is the consciousness of fear, and so to experience Life we must repudiate and escape from the dream of death, back to Life abundant, peaceful, joyful; not just occasionally, fleetingly but uninterruptedly, forever. 

And when we summon the courage, the faith, the trust to remove the mask we hold up to the world, we will find that we never were the home of evil, darkness and sin but instead we will see beneath the mask only the face of Christ – in ourself and as a reflection of our brother, also. 

Helen Schucman, the scribe for Jesus of A Course in Miracles, was a soul deeply conflicted between Love and fear, whose self-perception was rather characterised by the extract from W-93, above. Yet this is what Jesus said to her, as quoted in Ken Wapnick’s book Absence from Felicity:  

You are wholly lovely. A perfect shaft of pure light. Before your loveliness the stars stand transfixed and bow to the power of your will … You were created above the angels because your role involves creation as well as protection. You who are in the image of the Father need bow only to Him, before Whom I kneel with you. 

These tender words for Helen are also for you and me. We can Know this is so because they are true, and the Truth is for us all and about us all. There are no exceptions. Jesus goes on to say, in that same Workbook Lesson, in which he continues to speak to us all:  

… These thoughts [of evil, darkness and sin] are not according to God’s Will. These weird beliefs He does not share with you. This is enough to prove that they are wrong … 

… Your image of yourself cannot withstand the Will of God … 

… The self you made is not the Son of God. Therefore, this self does not exist at all. And anything it seems to do and think means nothing. It is neither bad nor good. It is unreal, and nothing more than that … What power can this self you made possess, when it would contradict the Will of God? 

Your sinlessness is guaranteed by God. Over and over this must be repeated, until it is accepted. It is true. Your sinlessness is guaranteed by God. Nothing can touch it, or change what God created as eternal … 

… Salvation [Awakening to Life from the dream of death] requires the acceptance of but one thought: you are as God created you, not what you made of yourself. Whatever evil you may think you did, you are as God created you. Whatever mistakes you made, the truth about you is unchanged … 

Our Awakening to Life – abundant, peaceful, Loving, joyful, forever – from the dream of death, is occurring right Now. Who, in his right mind, would choose to remain asleep when wakefulness is ours merely for the asking?  

Brian Longhurst 


I came to shine the Light, so that all who desire to emerge from darkness may soar with me to the heights of Heaven and be, rejoicing, where they belong eternally – in glorious, joyful Oneness in Papa. This is my desire for all His little ones, Beloved. Let it be yours also, to His Glory and your crown of fulfilment.

Jesus, March 1, 1998 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

P.M. November 28, 2008 

Littleness (ego) can be thrown into a state of confusion, panic, bewilderment by Self coming to ‘centre stage’ in your mind. This is because it feels threatened by loss of control; loss of identity. Simply allow this to happen. Do not struggle, resist, fight or engage with this, for such will get you sucked back into the illusion. 

I open the door to the ‘upper layer’ of my mind, releasing Holy Spirit-Self into my ‘living space’, my ‘Being space’, my discernment, my thought processes, my conscious awareness. By doing this it focuses my mind away from the unreality of time and place and back to the Truth of the eternal, Holy Instant that is always and forever NOW; the fact that I AM Love, gentleness, peace, radiant, all-encompassing forgiveness and acceptance; that all that appears to be around me is illusion.   

I choose today to look upon all things, people, events with my true, Christ vision and judge them not, but give each one a miracle of Love instead. And I invite Holy Spirit-Self to be actively involved with, in control of, all decision-making activity today, because He Knows everything, and judges nothing. Then I simply wait for Him, Who dwells always in my mind, to take the helm, by giving thanks to Papa for the all-encompassing Help and Comfort that Self is always providing.  

Littleness (ego) can be thrown into a state of confusion, panic, bewilderment by Self coming to ‘centre stage’ in your mind. This is because it feels threatened by loss of control; loss of identity. Simply allow this to happen. Do not struggle, resist, fight or engage with this, for such will get you sucked back into the illusion. 

Simply observe, objectively, as a bystander, that this is happening; for in Truth you are a bystander to illusion. There will be occasions when it may be helpful for you to call out to Self, in your mind, with words like, “Thank You, Self, for being with me, for hearing my call, and always coming to my rescue. The very knowledge that You are constantly there for me is calming and comforting. I place myself in Your Loving, understanding, non-judgemental, forgiving, all-Knowing care.”  

This could be seen as reverting to a form of duality, but within this application that is okay, because you are not yet free from duality, but are moving toward non-duality, singularity, one step at a time, where self – littleness, limitation, guilt and fear – is subsumed, and disappears into your true Self, wherein it is gone and forgotten, forever, replaced by limitless Love, peace, joy and power of creation.

March 29th 2017 

Dear Friends, 

Outwardly, we seem to be separate, isolated, individual; bodies walking around, independent of other bodies, each doing its own thing. Even when we are doing it in cahoots with other bodies, we still think of ourself as separate; that there is space, a gap between ourself and others – even during the most intimate of human activities between two bodies. Yet this is merely an interpretation we have put on an ‘external world’, and that interpretation is, of course, in our mind – conscious or unconscious, it makes no difference. Such an interpretation is a choice that we have made. It was a free choice. All our choices are free because we have freedom of will. This means we are free to make another interpretation. But to do that we must first choose to stop seeing ourself as a body. 

This will be inconceivable all the while we rely on our bodily senses to provide us with the information upon which we make our interpretation. Our mind is, in Truth, limitless, yet we are self-limiting it to time and place when we allow those senses to dictate to us who and what we believe – and thus, experience – ourself as being. And that self-limiting is not just to the so-called three-dimensional appearance of time and place. Each seemingly fragmented, separated, individuated being – by perceiving itself as a body – limits itself to a single place in a finite span of time. How limiting is that!?  

Yet all this can be nullified by the simple choice to stop believing, and hence, perceiving ourself as a body. How on Earth can we do that? A good start is to stop believing that our brain is our mind. The brain is merely an organ – albeit, quite an important one, even though some of us may seem to use it for little more than regulating the autonomic bodily processes! J – encased within the illusion of the skull, and is therefore, temporal, finite, limited; along with every other part of the body. The mind, in contrast, along with its Partner in Love-induced creative Being – the soul – is eternal, infinite, limitless, all-empowered by Love in Heaven and on Earth; just like Jesus. 

Needless to say, the ego will resist this, saying, “How can we, realistically, function within a body and at the same time perceive ourself as infinite, limitless? This is a meaningless pipe-dream, and since we are manifestly ‘here’ in a body, we have no choice but to go with that, get on with it and make the most of it.” It would be extremely difficult to gainsay that if it were not for our elder brother, Jesus, who demonstrated it perfectly, flawlessly. And, to a much lesser extent, we also – at least, many, if not most of us – manage it daily, when we may, bodily, be walking in the hills, driving a car, shopping, yet our mind can be engaged in activity far beyond the bodily functioning. 

That may seem quite a liberated mind, yet the vast mass of humanity still restricts its thinking to the illusory, horizontal axis of the external world of time and place, bodies, planets, galaxies, with barely a thought for the vertical axis of at-One-ment with the Creator Spirit and our own limitless power of creation through unconditional Love. Love is Spirit and Spirit is Love; One, indivisibly. In Its Oneness is Life Itself. Separation from that Oneness, that Unified state – unachievable in Truth – is absence from Its nature; the opposite, or reversal of which is an impossibility we have labelled ‘death’. The return to Life – or awareness of It and Its boundlessness – is a choice we must make. 

That must be a conscious, committed choice. Such a choice is not a choice at all unless it is unequivocal, absolute, total. This will seem fearful to many, who may feel unready, unable to accomplish this, for commitment means no going back to the ‘comfort’ of guilt, fear, self-limitation, determination to ‘die’. This matters not at all because we neither can nor need accomplish it of ourself. How can one who has shackled his feet, cuffed his hands, blindfolded his eyes and plugged his ears accomplish his own liberation to limitless freedom and empowered-by-Love creation? The commitment asked of us for our liberation to Life abundant is only that it be our choice, our desire. 

This would all seem too hazy, too nebulous to be meaningful were it not for our exemplar, who came to show us that liberation from our self-made hell back to our true and only Home in the boundless eternity of Heaven is possible for us all because he, our brother (meaning we are like him) – with the Help that is forever freely available to us all – accomplished it. Not only is it possible, it is already accomplished, and we are free to call on that same Help to restore to our remembrance, awareness, experience, Being … the reality of Life, Joy, freedom and power-to-create-through-Love; forever. Just like Jesus.

Unified Mind and Spirit is without limit, even when assuming a bodily form in time and place in order to communicate Truth to brother-spirits who believe they are a body. Jesus did not restrict himself – his mind or spirit – all the while he appeared to be functioning bodily on the horizontal axis of time and place. He saw no restrictions because he had remembered who he was/is. He Knew he wasn’t a body but had taken a bodily persona/identity merely to communicate to us the Truth of our Being as identical to, One with, him. Knowing and living the Truth meant his functioning through a body limited him not at all because the cause of limitation is wrong-mindedness, effecting limitation. 

We are preventing our access to Self-awareness while we hold grievances or make judgements against ourself and/or any brother, because our true Self Knows nothing of judgements or grievances, seeing past them to the Truth of our Self. How can we expect to return to Oneness in Papa when we are shutting ourself off from our Self? Our heart’s desire – the return to the Truth of our One Self – can therefore only be fulfilled by steadfast, unconditional forgiveness of ourself and all our brothers for what, in reality, none of has ever done. Making that our choice enables Jesus/Holy Spirit to accomplish our liberation for us, freely, effortlessly, without cost, pain, suffering or sacrifice. 

Here is some of what Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles about our true Self – Papa’s Son – and our one and only true, meaningful function in this make-believe world: 

Forgiveness is my function as the Light of the world. 

It is your forgiveness that will bring the world of darkness to the Light. It is your forgiveness that lets you recognize the Light in which you see. Forgiveness is the demonstration that you are the Light of the world. Through your forgiveness does the Truth about yourself return to your memory. Therefore, in your forgiveness lies your salvation. (W-62.1)


The Light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness. 

How holy are you who have the power to bring peace to every mind! How blessed are you who can learn to recognize the means for letting this be done through you! What purpose could you have that would bring you greater happiness?

You are indeed the Light of the world with such a function. The Son of God looks to you for his redemption. It is yours to give him, for it belongs to you. Accept no trivial purpose or meaningless desire in its place, or you will forget your function and leave the Son of God in hell. This is no idle request that is being asked of you. You are being asked to accept salvation that it may be yours to give. (W-63.1,2) 

Fiat Lux!  

Brian Longhurst 


When the enemy prowls close by and batters at your door, take refuge in the Most Holy Place with Papa and me. Keep your focus on Us. Do not let the focus drop onto the perceived inadequacies of your outer circumstances, for through such gaps the enemy can slither.

Jesus, March 8, 1998 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. November 29, 2008 

The fragments have been functioning from within the consciousness of fear. Now is the phase of release from fear and darkness into Love and Light. The Light is so new to them that many will still respond with doubt, uncertainty, fear. But as things progress, they will see there is nothing to fear; only LOVE, acceptance, grace. Then will they begin to flower, and bear much fruit. 

I had been having doubts about whether the messages of encouragement were of any benefit and uplift to those to whom they are sent. 

Persona Brian’s (pB) job is to deliver the message with which he is entrusted, not to concern himself with the response. PB is fulfilling his commitment, his desire, faithfully, diligently. He has chosen to be open to inspiration, enlightenment, illumination, and to share what he is freely given. His link-up with Self is progressing according to plan (Alleluia!). Having delivered the message with Love, peace, joy and blessing, Self, Who is connected to, One with, all the fragments, can then work with the recipients from their own within, loosening the fetters, weakening the chains, opening a chink in the shutters. 

None of this is a five-minute job, as witnessed by pB’s own rate of progress, having been receptive to the Help he has been given, over decades. This is all Known, understood and planned for. The Great Rescue Programme is a six millennia event, and there are still two millennia to go for its completion. The fragments have been corralled, kept in check during this first four-millennia period. This was part of the plan, and was necessary, inevitable, because they are functioning from within the consciousness of fear. Having kept them in check, now is the final phase of the programme ready to proceed, and indeed, is proceeding. This is release from fear and darkness into Love and Light.   

The natural response upon release is, at first, reticence. Then, stretching the boundaries, looking for limits (you know there are none), responding to the Light. The Light is so new to them that many will still respond with doubt, uncertainty, fear. But as things progress, they will see there is nothing to fear; only LOVE, acceptance, grace, tenderness. Then will they begin to flower, and bear much fruit. Rejoice, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

April 5th 2017 

Dear Friends, 

In A Course in Miracles Jesus tells us: 

God does not understand words, for they were made by separated minds to keep them in the illusion of separation. Words can be helpful, particularly for the beginner, in helping concentration and facilitating the exclusion, or at least the control, of extraneous thoughts. Let us not forget, however, that words are but symbols of symbols. They are thus twice removed from reality. (From M-21.1). 

Elsewhere in the Course he tells us the ego’s purpose is to disrupt communication but the Holy Spirit’s purpose is to complete communication. Before the momentary idea of separation there was only wordless Holy Communion within the Universal, Unified Mind. That is to say, between the shared – Unified – Mind of Father Creator and created-creator Son. And after the restoration back to Oneness this will be, again, the sole mode of commun(icat)ion. There, no words are needed because communion is a state of One-Mindedness that is focused in Love, gratitude, sharing and extending that can best be described as a vibration of complete harmony, accord and resultant creating. 

Complete accord and harmony can only be on a vibration of Love, to the absolute exclusion of all else – meaning, of course, all discord, conflict, illusion … Accord, by definition, means peace; the peace of God, which passeth human understanding, because humans – bodies – have arisen out of the desire, the choice, for separation. Separation is not partial; it applies – illusorily – in every aspect of its anti-Life state, otherwise it could not be perceived as separation. Separation is dysfunctional in every sense. Any semblance of accord is soon shattered by the arising of further discord. Yet we can rise above the discord; we can rise above the battleground into the real world.  

The real world is a state of being where all conflict, judgement, grievance is forgiven and released/dispelled into innocence (guiltlessness). This is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, in which there is peace, harmony, heart-(NOT intellect)-centred goodwill for every living thing. Here, “Inasmuch as ye have done it [anything Loving, not unloving] unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” (Matt. 25:40) will be universally understood because all will remember and be consciously aware that there is but ONE Life and we all – regardless of form – ARE that One Life, so not only will we have “done it unto one of the least of these my brethren”, we will have done it unto ourself.  

That peace has the same vibration as Love – because it is of the same Source – and so induces Joy as an indivisible aspect of the Unified Mind/Spirit. Divine Love, peace and joy are inseparable, creating a state of bliss – entirely accessible to us all, here and now, through true forgiveness – “which is a never-ending orgasm of the soul; a thousand times a thousand [that’s quite a lot!] more intense, more consummate, than any such feeble, bodily substitute.” We may seem to be some distance from that state, but this can be changed more easily than changing our socks; it is attainable simply by changing our mind.  

On a number of previous occasions it has been noted that if we want to be like Jesus – restored to our true, fully spiritually-Awakened, One-Minded Being – we must start to think like him. The fragmented Sonship has wandered so far into ‘outer darkness’ that we have all-but lost the true and only real mechanism for communicating: communion, or ‘common – i.e., shared – union’. Another way of embellishing the meaning of this for us while we languish in a dream of death, and forgetfulness of Truth and all-Knowingness, believing, instead, the impossible – that we are separate from Papa and our One Self in Him – is what I have been prompted to dub mind-to-mind communing

Thinking like Jesus occasionally, intermittently will not get us Home. Unequivocal, sincere, humble commitment to the desire and mindful, purposeful intent to think like him will get us Home, one step at a time. The only alternative is indeterminate further rides on the carousel of birth, pain, misery, suffering, lack of meaningful function – aimlessness – and ‘death’; all self-inflicted. It is always our free choice. We are, even without being consciously aware of it most of the time, under the downward-path-to-oblivion control of the ego, whose lexicon has slithered its way into our daily use without us noticing what has taken place, condemning ourself to open-ended spiritual darkness. 

Most of us have a forlornly undisciplined mind, allowing negative language and emotions – triggered by meaningless, illusory external stimuli – to keep dragging us downward and backward from the Light that is the Truth of our Being as Papa’s beloved, perfect Son; our true, One Self. That is our state of Being right NOW, so there is nothing to pathetically strive for. Instead, we can simply choose to remember and LIVE the Truth of Self, Knowing of a certainty that all-empowered Help is freely and immediately available to us every moment – simply for the asking. Failure to ask is our choice for not being Helped. Failure to ask is asking to fail.  

We can approach the idea of ‘thinking like Jesus’ – which is actually thinking like our true Self because our true Self is the Identity we share, equally (because there is only equality in Truth) with him – as a slog, a chore, a thankless, unachievable task. This is just as the ego wants us to approach it, so we will give up at the first hurdle, or step. Alternatively, we can decide (because we are always at God-given free choice) to see it as a delightful, inspiring, enlightening transformation; a joyous, uplifting opportunity to free ourself from the limitations of littleness. I personally affirm that this is entirely, totally possible, desirable, rewarding beyond all earthly ambition or aspiration. 

Instead of making vocabulary a limitation we can play with it in a light-hearted way. Some words have a sound that evokes a smile, and can be a highly serviceable mnemonic. Here is an example:

Mumpsimus, which the dictionary defines as a noun, meaning “adherence to or persistence in an erroneous use of language, memorization, practice, belief, etc., out of habit or obstinacy”. How many of us can apply such a term to our own perverse, ego-enthralled-and-driven choice for lack of Self awareness or absence of Light-directed purpose?   

And rather than beating ourself up over it (just as the ego wants) we can, instead, laughingly cock a snook (thumb our nose) at the error, letting it serve as a reminder, an opportunity, to choose anew. There is no limit – as with all things that are of our Creator – to the number of times we can choose anew. Our Awakening is a joyous, liberating process. There is no retribution, sacrifice, loss or suffering entailed because our awakening is to LOVE. So we can have some fun, right along with our ever-Loving, always joyful elder brother, Jesus, who reminds us in A Course in Miracles that:  

Into eternity, where all is One, there crept a tiny, mad idea [i.e., separation], at which the Son of God remembered not to laugh. (T-27.VIII.6:2).  

He goes on to say:  

In his forgetting [to laugh] did the thought become a serious idea, and [seemingly] possible of both accomplishment and real effects. Together, we can laugh them both [accomplishment and ‘real’ effects] away, and understand that time cannot intrude upon eternity. It is a joke to think that time can come to circumvent eternity, which means there is no time.  

This is his invitation for us to join with him in joyous laughter, and bring an end to all limits – of time, place, pain, suffering, misery and ‘death’. Who, desiring the return to sanity, would decline his invitation? 

Brian Longhurst 


I am the Anointed One; I am the head of the body. But you are my parts, through whom these purposes and these desires shall be accomplished. The head has no power without the rest of the body through which to function.

Jesus, March 15, 1998 


Diary of a Christ Communicant

P.M. November 29, 2008 

Be receptive to inspiration.  This comes to you, freely, effortlessly; you do not have to mine it, dig it out of any illusory recesses. I have all that is necessary for our co-operative endeavours ... except for your co-operation J. 

The primary point of A Course in Miracles is that true forgiveness will disabuse us from the illusion of time and place, so we can be Awakened to the reality of our eternal Oneness in the Sonship of Papa.

Wholeness is ours to receive. Forgiveness is ours to receive, so it is then ours to give. Everything is all ours to receive because all is ours already, and has been since our creation, before time was. We simply threw it all away, turned our back on it, abandoned Heaven, innocence, perfection, all-Knowledge, Truth, reality.

I choose to surrender all thinking, remembrance, well-being, concerns, doubts, fears, uncertainties ... to Self, Holy Spirit, for outworking to fulfilment, completion according to His perfect Knowledge, Love, wisdom and empowerment. 

This is what all the decades of preparation have been about; to lead you, one step at a time, to the place of readiness to surrender, in faith and trust. 

Yet, in my ‘little self’ moments – which, thankfully, are becoming ever fewer and further between – I still feel as if it isn’t enough; that each precious, blessed attunement moment with Jesus and the Realms of Light could still slip away from me, still prove capable of not being total reality for me. Even after all these years – decades ... lifetimes even – there are still these ego moments clutching at my Achilles heel. 

Remember trust? Remember faith? ... in Jesus, in Papa, in Me? You know, of a certainty beyond all doubt that you have commitment. Have faith also in that commitment, which regardless of those ‘wobble’ moments is steadfast, rock-solid, true. Hold fast to that, for you know it is unshakeable, and all else in which you feel you are less than rock-solid will be is being outworked for you by Me, as I draw you, at the pace that I Know is right for you, into Oneness with Me; back into wholeness, when you remember Who you really Are, and all doubt is left behind, as the nothing it really is.

Be receptive to inspiration. This comes to you, freely, effortlessly; you do not have to mine it, dig it out of any illusory recesses. I have all that is necessary for our co-operative endeavours ... except for your co-operation J. Give me that and the circle is complete. Doubt, uncertainty, anxiety cloud your vision, place static on the airwaves. 

You know I know all this – by rote, now. So, I open my arms, my heart, for the missing ingredient: my surrender into co-operative mode, knowing, of a certainty that You are my strength; that You are able to accomplish all by my willingness to allow You to perform it for me. Even Jesus said, ‘Of myself I can do nothing’. 

Does this not suggest to you that you are partly believing you are still persona Brian (pB), who must perform his own salvation? But none of this matters a jot, for the salvation of the entire Sonship including pB J is assured; is already accomplished.

April 12th 2017 

Dear Friends, 

Having abandoned the only true, perfect, complete process of communication – God-Mind-to-Christ-Mind communing, back and to, in an eternal shining and sharing, exchanging, extending Love, blessing, gratitude and joy – we are mostly dependent on so reduced, inadequate, often-misleading (increasingly deliberate in a world of mistrust, lying, cheating, cover-ups, ‘fake news’ … ) a mechanism  of communication that renders our grasp of Truth greatly impeded. That mechanism is words. Spoken or written, language only becomes aLive, or enLivened, bearing any true meaning, value, purpose or function when expressed to convey Love, caring, kindness, compassion, helpfulness, Truth …   

Jesus, the very embodiment of perfect Love, caring, kindness, helpfulness, Truth …  came to extend all these qualities, to share them and teach us, by example; to re-mind us that we are like him, and can be restored to our true state of Being simply by so choosing. That true state is that we are, all, re-unified, One Self, united with our Creator. Is there one amongst us who believes Jesus saw his mission as a casual, part-time, temporal agenda? And is there one amongst us who believes he attained to his God-empowered status by anything less than total Love, devotion and commitment to us, his beloved brothers in the Sonship of the Father Creator, to Awaken us to Oneness with him? 

Of course not. And now he is calling us to Awaken and join with him in his world-saving mission. Let us not be duped by the lies of the ego that we are sinners, guilty, unworthy of joining – in complete equality with him – in this mission. Every one of us is worthy and able to join with him – if only we can believe, and are willing. And if/when we desire that Awakening, all that is required of us is to ASK for his (and/or Holy Spirit’s) unequivocal Help. The asking is our authorising Them to Help. This will activate the Awakening process within our mind and save us from repeating painful mistakes over untold re-embodiments, labouring unnecessarily under the onerous yoke of birth and death. 

Jesus had to use words to communicate with us two millennia ago, and again today, in A Course in Miracles, because we have veiled ourself from God-Mind-to-Christ-Mind communing, back and to. The difference between his words and what we so often encounter on the horizontal axis of this world (with its focus on guilt, fear, blame, judgement, retribution) is that his are enLivening, uplifting, inspiring, exhorting, liberating. He is described as the Word of Life, and also the Word of God. Since God is Life, the two terms mean the same. He is also known as the anointed messenger of the Holy One, because he came to us from the Holy One to bring us the message of our Oneness in Him. 

Words that express Truth are enLivening because they are aLive, and Life is Light. The Light of those Living Words shines in our mind – when we earnestly desire awareness of the Light – enLightening it. A slumbering mind, believing the illusion of time and place is real, will be unable to discern that Light because it believes only in what its body’s eyes show it – which is what that dreaming mind has projected ‘out there’ so it can be reflected back into those eyes as ‘proof’ that the dream world is actually there. We cannot see the Light that empowers the Living Word with our body’s eyes, but we can experience its effects in our conscious awareness; its power for healing – enLightening – our mind. 

This demonstrates that to trust our little, self-limited, split, ego-lies-inculcated mind is an error that will keep us asleep, dreaming of guilt, fear, pain, judgement, grievances, suffering and ‘death’, over and over, from one dream embodiment through the next. The objective of this ego-devised ploy is, as Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles, to keep us …  

Shut off from your Self, which remains aware of Its likeness to Its Creator, your Self seems to sleep, while the part of your mind that weaves illusions in its sleep appears to be awake. Can all this arise from holding grievances? Oh, yes! For he who holds grievances denies he was created by Love, and his Creator has become fearful to him in his dream of hate. Who can dream of hatred and not fear God? (W-68.2) 

If we cannot trust our self – because it will keep us lost in the wilderness of forgetfulness and separation – we can rejoice that our Self is trustworthy. Jesus embodied the true Self of us all – Papa’s ONE Son – so we can trust him totally, and he will lead us back to our One, true, God-Self. Many of us are entirely willing to trust him, but few are willing to trust him (and/or the Holy Spirit) totally. He counsels us in the Course, each day to make no decisions by our (little, spiritually blind, self-disempowered, confused, guilt-, fear- and doubt-filled) self (T-30.I.2:2).  

In personal guidance notes for Helen Schucman given by Jesus to Helen during her scribing of A Course in Miracles – as quoted in Ken Wapnick’s book, ‘Absence from Felicity ~ The Story of HELEN SCHUCMAN and Her Scribing of A Course in Miracles’ – Jesus counsels her to entrust all matters, including (and perhaps, one might infer, particularly) the trivial, mundane aspects of daily activities in time and place, into his care. He – who is given all power in Heaven and in Earth (Matt. 28:18) – tells her he is entirely willing to and capable of completely, lovingly, gladly helping her (and by inference, each and every one of us) in any and every trivial matter and aspect of her life. 

This, he says, will enable her to (now quoting from Ken’s book, pages 228, 229 and 230):  

… remember that no effort is wasted. Unless you [Helen, and every one of us] remember this, you cannot avail yourself of my efforts [on Helen’s and all our behalf], which are limitless.

Have a good day. Since only eternity is real, why not [allow me to help you to] use the illusion of time constructively? … I’ll help you as much as you will let me. 

… You are a miracle. God creates only “that which, or one who, is of surpassing excellence or merit.” Man is capable of this kind of creation, too, being in the image and likeness of his own Creator. Anything else is only his own nightmare, and does not exist. Only the creations of Light are real …  

The reason I [can and will, if you will let me] direct everything that is unimportant [in reality] is because it is no way to waste your free will. If you insist on doing the trivial your way you waste too much of your time and will on it. Will cannot be free if it is tied up in trivia. It never gets out. 

I will tell you exactly what to do in connection with everything that does not matter [in reality]. That is not an area where choice should be invested. There is better use of time.

You have to remember to ask me to take charge of all minutiae, and they will be taken care of so well and so quickly that you cannot bog down in it.

(My emboldening, for emphasis) 

A very dear friend of ours, Suzi, recently was prompted to buy a piano. I believe this was a very inspired idea, as she is eager to learn to play, and this will help her to grow in Self-belief and confidence. I suggested that she ask Jesus to be with her in her endeavours. Very soon afterwards she ‘just happened’ to bump into a ‘stranger’ while out walking her dog. They fell into conversation and it transpired that this stranger is a musician and piano teacher, who was about to move house and would then be buying a new piano. Would Suzi like to join her in her quest for the right one – and maybe a discount could be agreed if two pianos were to be purchased at the same time? 

Further, the-by-now-new-friend said she would be delighted to teach Suzi to play. Soon afterwards they set out, and in less than two hours Suzi had purchased just the piano for her, with a sizeable discount, a free piano stool and free delivery.  

Truly, it is worth our while to entrust into his care all matters in our life, and to do this we need to retrain our mind away from the lie that ‘he is too busy with much more important things than the trivia of our little life’. But You have to remember to ask me to take charge of all minutiae,” and then, “they will be taken care of so well and so quickly that you cannot bog down in it.” 

Jesus and Holy Spirit are with us all, every moment. If we do not admit, invite them into our every moment, every event, we are excluding Them from our life, our mind; preventing them from Helping to make every moment, every event in our walk in the valley of the shadow of death Lighter, easier, joyful, rewarding, fulfilling; in ways we cannot otherwise imagine; bringing synchronicity flooding into every aspect of our being.

Holy Spirit is our connectedness to Papa, to the Source of Life Itself. Every moment we exclude Him from our journey we exclude ourself from Papa. This is shutting ourself off from our Source of Life and from miracles. Just what the ego wants. Is this what we want? By excluding Jesus/Holy Spirit – our connectedness to the Light – we are, by default, including the prince of darkness, the ego, into our decision making, because shutting out the Light can only mean darkness is what we are left with. Including Jesus/Holy Spirit in every instant of our lives transforms every instant into a holy instant

Love and blessings for surrender of all things into Their trustworthy care. 

Brian Longhurst 


I counsel you; do not let your watchfulness become complacent, for many events are in progress for the unifying of Earth with Heaven. Do you wish to miss one of them? Now is the time for much rejoicing and celebration.

Jesus, March 29, 1998 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

P.M. December 10, 2008

Self is the metaphysical matrix by which all that appears separate is indivisibly connected, so what bodies’ senses perceive as synchronicity is merely connectedness, connecting - by your allowing it to connect.

I feel that persona Brian (pB) is moving closer to ‘Big Me’, Self, the Spirit of Truth, albeit much slower than pB would prefer! Nevertheless, the regular studying of A Course in Miracles that Theresa and I practise is creating a solid foundation for this progress. I feel a great sense of anticipation. 

Dear Big Me/Self, I am filled with joy and gratitude for the wondrous inner Awakening; the path travelled; the synchronicity of it all. 

Synchronicity is a word devised by Earth-conscious man, who has no awareness or recognition of reality, and seeks to explain away that which he sees as inexplicable, by elaborate theories and terminology. You are now realising that the process termed synchronicity is simply the progressive outworking in time of a plan, or programme, established out of time. 

It appears synchronistic because those who experience or witness it see themselves as recipients, since, in their Earth-mind consciousness they have forgotten the Truth. This demonstrates that what you have been dubbing ‘Big Self’ mind is true Mind, Holy Spirit Mind, or Christ Mind – it makes no difference because They are of One Mind – and is in control of the outworking of the Great Rescue Programme.  What else could it be, since ‘little self’ understands nothing of Its working? This is Who and What Self is: all-Knowing, all-wise, all-powerful, all-Loving, all-giving, all-patient. Self is the metaphysical matrix by which all that appears separate is indivisibly connected, so what bodies’ senses perceive as synchronicity is merely connectedness, connecting - by your allowing it to connect. 

Forgiveness does not come into Big Me’s equation because Self Knows there is nothing to forgive. All the while littleness believes in guilt, so must (true) forgiveness remain as the escape mechanism from misperception, until he, also, realises there is nothing to forgive. Then will little self become aware that he never was little, and will have been transformed, metamorphosed into Self realisation. 

All is so simple, so uncomplicated when one Knows one is but One. 

Thanks be to Big Me, Self, I Am, for the Great Awakening. I join myself, espouse myself, to Self, in all things of Heaven and Earth.



Grateful thanks to all who have responded with such positive feedback on my ‘Sharing Your Passion’ interview with Glenn Moore on YouTube.  For any who may not have seen it and would like to, here are the links for Part 1 and for Part 2.  Please feel free to share them with any you believe might find it worthwhile.   



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