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Mystic sunlight through treesThe Message of Encouragement (MoE) for each current week is posted here, along with the Diary of a Christ Communicant (DCC) entry accompanying it. When the next MoE is available it will replace its predecessor here, which will be archived in date sequence on the MoE page for the current year. The DCC entry will be posted on the Diary of a Christ communicant,  post-2000 page.


March 21, 2018 

Let there be a flame kindled in your heart, burning brightly and giving out Light and warmth, peace and joy, food and drink, Love and happiness to attract and welcome all who will, all who are ready for an Awakening of their within to this greater reality of the Kingdom of God.

~ Jesus, September 10, 1989 

 Dear Friends, 

In the Message of Encouragement of February 14, reference was made to energy force field as an alternative term to soul, or spirit. The Source of that force – the Life Force – is the Creator Spirit: Papa. Another term for force is power, and that power is the Power of Creation. Unified Mind provides the intent, or purpose, of that creative Power. The ‘tiny, mad idea’ for separation from God meant the choice for dissociating ourself from the Source of our Power of creation, aka the Life Force. What could this be, other than experiencing lifelessness and the overthrow of reason? This, of course is impossible in reality, but this is our experience in fantasy: a dream of death and insanity. 

The insanity manifests itself externally in myriad ways, all of which are divisive. The division starts in our own, split mind, where we wage war upon ourself, in the form of, on the one hand, hating our little, fearful, disempowered, mortal self, appearing as a body – because that symbolises separation, and gets us focused away from mindfulness – and on the other hand, trying to glorify, beautify, immortalise, gain pleasure, recognition, adulation, worldly fame and fortune through our body. However much we try to disguise our secret – or not-so-secret – self-loathing, it is always there, either suppressed into our unconscious mind, or spilling over into our conscious awareness. 

All the while we are – inspite of outward attempts at concealing this – unable to accept ourself, we are denying ourself the chance to accept our true, whole, complete, innocent, perfect, all-empowered-by-Love Christ-Self. This means we are denying ourself the chance to be restored to Self-awareness and Self-reliance. This hellish state of affairs continues from one circuit of the carousel to the next, where some may seem more tolerable than others, but as joined-up experiences (which the ego will hide from us by denial of reincarnation, the Love of God, eternity …) will always be in spiritual darkness because that was our choice – not Papa’s; we are electing for hell ourself.  

What we have done to ourself by the choice for separation is cut ourself off from the Source of our Power. This is like switching off the light … the inevitable result when the power supply has been breached is that the light goes out. The Power supply is Life, Light, Love and Truth: God. These words are capitalised to indicate they are eternal, not temporal; the same words, when used in the illusion, without initial capitals, can have varying meanings, according to the intent in the application, but never equate with the eternal. Yet the good news is that we are always free, every single moment, to switch the Light back on and it will reconnect us with the Source of Love, Life and Truth. 

This is not just an esoteric statement but a totally practical one, and can be applied by any and all of us, at any and every moment. Most of us are switching the Light on and off multiple times a day. We switch it on when we have a Loving, forgiving, blessing, caring, understanding, kind thought toward a brother or the world. It needn’t be expressed in word or deed – particularly if the opportunity so to do doesn’t present itself. But nothing can prevent the thought, regardless of outward circumstances, from reaching the object of our thought, because the Holy Spirit, Who Lives in our mind, delivers it, unfailingly, on our behalf. Only we can prevent it by choosing against such thoughts. 

That negative choice means we have switched off the Light and disempowered ourself. We switch it back on – i.e., are reconnected to the Source of our Power, the Light that we unfailingly, eternally are – by the process of those Loving intentions. It’s as simple as that. However, the ego has plenty of tricks up its sleeve to distract us, veil our sight and prevent us from being consciously aware of our radiant, glorious reality – as perfectly demonstrated by our brother Jesus, in whom our true Identity is reflected. Among those tricks is our choice for blindness to single vision, and dependence on double, bodily sight, confusing us into believing that our minds are separate from our brothers’. 

And when our double, misperceiving, dark (i.e., disconnected from the Light) vision shows us a brother/situation/event which we unnecessarily react to, mistakenly believing it is ‘causing’ us judgement, grievance, anger, doubt, anxiety, emotional outbursts, scarcity, abandonment, fear, rage, envy, jealousy … off goes that inner switch, ensuring we remain in that disconnected, disempowered, ego-enthralled, mindless state of misery that is the separation consciousness: the dream of death and hell. All this can be summed up by stating that we are giving away our God-given Power, that is sovereign to us because It is His free gift, our inheritance from Him as His Son. 

Power is available to us only by our direct connection to our Source because He is the Source of that Power. Denying Him shuts us off from the Light, Love, Life and Truth of our eternal, perfect, innocent Being. This, of course, is impossible in reality, but we are at free choice to pretend it is possible, in a dream, a fantasy. That doesn’t mean we are actually cut off from It, even though it seems so in our dream, our nightmare. The connection remains unbroken because the Power of Creation is, as indicated above, intact in our Soul – an extension of that Power. According to the mind’s intent, the creative power of our Soul is directed. The insane intent of a split mind is disempowerment.  

Our soul never loses its power – rather like a charged battery that is not put to its correct application by Christ-directed Mindfulness and intent – because it is permanently connected to its Source. But the split mind gives away its awareness of It, so is completely unable to provide the soul with any Creative intent, instead weaving dreams of conflict and destruction and believing them to be its reality. Just as the ego wants it. But when our commitment is to the rejoining of the fragmented Sonship back to wholeness, Oneness, we are reciprocally, commensurately Helped by Jesus/Holy Spirit and all in the Realms of Light, because we have chosen for restoration to One-Mindedness. 

Jesus tells us that all he did, we can do also because we are like him. Therefore, we can say of ourself all that he said of himself, and more. We can do this using positive affirmations, which are powerful dispellers of negative, disempowering, ego-driven affirmations, such as I am unworthy, I am lost, lonely, poor, sick …  Positive affirmations reconnect us with our Power Source – switching on the Light in our mind and thus, our connectedness to the mind of the rest of the Sonship. Not being consciously aware of that reconnection is irrelevant and meaningless, because it is our choice that effects the connection; awareness of it follows, if/when we are steadfast in commitment. 

Positive affirmations also, in like manner, restore our mind’s connectedness to our soul, and with positive intent helps progress our Awakening to our limitless creative Power. Now is the time, the season, the moment of Awakening from the disempowered walk in the valley of the shadow of death, and our resurrecting to Life. So, just like Jesus, we can say to and of ourself, by way of positive affirmation: I Am … the resurrection and the Life; I am … the Light, and therefore, the saviour, of the world; I am … not a body, I am free; I am … worthy – and countless more positive affirmations, helping restore us to Self-belief, Self-awareness and Self-reliance. 

Right, positive use/application of our God-given Power, including forgiving the world, blessing the world, Loving our perceived ‘enemies’ into innocent, Loving brothers further increases our Power by disencumbering us from the wrong-mindedness of judgement, grievance, unforgiveness … Holding onto illusions of time and place as our reality means holding onto disempowerment as our reality. Let us, then, reaffirm our commitment to being faithful to the Truth of our Being as Papa’s One (rejoined) beloved, all-empowered-by-Love, innocent, eternal Son.   

Brian Longhurst


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. July 24, 2009 

As you progress on this journey Home and the vista expands before you, your Guide gradually becomes One with you until he is no more discernible as with you, but is, rather, within you; indivisibly One with and as Who you are. 

B to Self ...   

Come in B. 

Beloved Self; my heart surges with joy and anticipation as I attune with You, setting aside a sacred time for communing in Oneness. 

That is the key: setting aside time. By setting aside time, you help Me to set aside [i.e., collapse] time, for you and for all the fragments of the Sonship. That is our job together; B, with his part and Me with Mine, until there is no more ‘you and Me’ but just the Oneness that is the true reality.  

This takes time, so let us, together, use it for its one true purpose, which is to undo it until it has been dispelled, and there is no more past or future; just the Eternal Moment of NOW, in Peace, Joy, Love. B, your awareness of this is, at present, limited, though you have experienced glimpses, so that you Know, of a certainty beyond all doubt, of its reality. This helps to focus your mind – with all your heart – upon its objective, its intent, which is to return to that state of Being, the true and only state of Being for all, permanently, uninterruptedly. 

You know that Oneness with You, Self, is the only objective, and so it is my objective. B desires, wills, that it be so, and that the most direct, rapid route to that is what I am seeking to follow, by and with Your leading. 

You, B, have been following that lead, apart from in multiple other acts, for most of this one as B. It matters not what is the form that presents itself to you, in response to your own request, to lead you, step by step toward the Light. Most recently that form has been Jesus, Yeshua, the embodiment of Light, Love and Truth. You have known for many acts that this was the wisest choice you could have made. He appeared to you more than forty years ago, so it seems; but that, too, is illusory, for time does not exist, and the Spirit of Truth is within you and has always been there, just as He has with all the fragments.   

Nevertheless, along with the other fragments, B had forgotten, and was seeking without. The Spirit Knew this about all the self-separated ones, so lovingly obliged by manifesting one [Jesus] into that illusory state of being, without, to help you [along with all the fragments, of course] redirect your thoughts, your mind, your understanding, your experience, your remembrance to the within, wherein is all Truth, Life and Being, unchangeable, eternally. This event, which as you have correctly observed, is, or appears to be, a thousands-of-years-long process, which has been meaningfully dubbed the Great Rescue Programme – for that is what it is – and, of course, encompasses not just one fleeting moment two thousand years ago, but three measures of meal, or phases, over six thousand years.  

Yet even that, helpful as it is [though it seems impossibly long] to the languishing fragments, is nothing out of Eternity, as you will realise, along with all the Sonship, when you have fully Awakened to the Reality. So, perceived from the perspective of time and place, your beloved brother came to you, as you so earnestly desired and sincerely requested, to lead, guide, protect and fellowship with you on your journey Home, in and from, time and place. And it has been his joy as well as yours to journey with him awhile.   

Rejoice and share with, extend the experience to, your brethren, as has been your desire far longer than a mere forty years. This has been your inward commitment for many embodiments, and now the facilities for extending that sharing have been placed at your disposal, just as you have so long desired. 

As you progress on this journey and the vista expands before you, your Guide gradually becomes One with you until he is no more discernible as with you, but is, rather, within you; indivisibly One with and as Who you are. 

Thank you, Self, for painting the broader picture, and helping me to assimilate the awareness and understanding, so that further sharing with all who will is enabled.


Grateful thanks to all who have responded with such positive feedback on my ‘Sharing Your Passion’ interview with Glenn Moore on YouTube.  For any who may not have seen it and would like to, here are the links for Part 1 and for Part 2.  Please feel free to share them with any you believe might find it worthwhile.



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