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Mystic sunlight through treesThe Message of Encouragement (MoE) for each current week is posted here, along with the Diary of a Christ Communicant (DCC) entry accompanying it. When the next MoE is available it will replace its predecessor here, which will be archived in date sequence on the MoE page for the current year. The DCC entry will be posted on the Diary of a Christ communicant,  post-2000 page.


April 19th 2017 

Dear Friends, 

As observed on previous occasions, time and place – the idea/belief/experience of separation from Love, Light, Truth, reality, eternity, Heaven, our true Self and our Source: Papa – is the consciousness of fear. How could it be other, since it is, or appears, to our bewildered, forget-full, self-endarkened – and thus, almost completely shut off from reality – awareness? All this is nowhere save in the split-off-from-Truth part of our mind, where the illusion of separation, and its controller – the ego – has its insane-but-unreal dwelling. J 

This unhinged state of our conscious mind will remain our experience all the while we choose to allow it. We may believe we are not choosing to allow it, that this is not our will at all, since it seems to be happening to us; that it is a situation over which we have little or no control. But how could we know, since we begin every embodiment in total forgetfulness? This is the only way the illusion of separation could be able to continue, for as soon as we remember – realise – that time and place, the hidey-hole from reality, is the reversal of reality, it will be gone in an instant from our split mind and our mind restored, healed to its true state of wholeness, i.e., Oneness. 

The ego has got away with this – keeping us in spiritual darkness, guilt and fear – by the artifice of us allowing our whole, Christ Mind to be veiled from our awareness. We have placed ‘a high wall’ between our split, microscopically-little, limited, closed-off-from-reality, time-and-place-conscious mind and our whole, undivided, complete, all-Knowing, all-empowered-by-Love Mind. And as the inevitable result of forgetfulness, we have forgotten that it was our choice and that we did it to ourself. Having forgotten this was self-inflicted, and it is not a happy, safe, abundant, fulfilling state of mind or being, we have opted to project the blame for this miserable situation away from ourself. 

But there was no-one else onto whom to project the blame, and having chosen to blank our Creator from our awareness, projecting the blame onto Him was futile, since no response was forthcoming from Him because He Knows only of unconditional Love … Here, though, in a perverse way, separation appeared to come to the rescue! Separation means division, and so ‘others’ seemed to arise from this fragmentation. Perfect for projecting blame onto for our predicament. But this endeavour at ridding ourself of our woes provided no satisfaction because the illusory others (all having their apparent existence solely in our mind, from where they are projected ‘outward’) merely reflected all our projections back onto ourself!  

This we have perceived as attack, when we have, of course, actually, inevitably, attacked ourself. Since in reality there is but One, who else is there to attack us, or for us to attack? And, when we stop projecting blame, or attacking images of ‘others’, the blame/attack will stop being reflected back onto ourself. If only we can believe – and have just a little willingness to try stopping our judgements, grievances, attacks, projections, all of which are nothing at all but misbeliefs and thus, misperceptions! In reality there are no ‘others’; only Love is real, so anything other than expressions of Love cannot be real. 

But one who had remembered that he was an expression of Love, in consultation with Papa and His Voice – the Holy Spirit – came into the darkness with a plan: to let the Light and Love that he is shine for as many as were ready to receive It and follow It. He needed to win the attention, Love and commitment to him and his perfect plan, not just of those proximate two millennia ago, but a vast following of the fragmented Sonship for the two millennia subsequent to his embodiment. 

How to accomplish that in the ego-controlled illusion of linear time, which is in constant flux, conflict, changing perceptions, confusion, unbelief – the opposite of his message of Love and constancy? He, Knowing the way the Principles of Life of the Father1 function in time and place – in cycles – and having all power in Heaven and in Earth (Matt. 28:18), Knew he had to work with those Principles. A key way to harness them so that they work for Truth in the illusion of lies is to Surrender, Accept and Allow2. It is a case of going with the flow, but in complete, Whole-Minded Knowledge of the details of the Great Rescue Programme3 and its outworking to fulfilment in time and place.  

He Knew that trying to implement the perfect, unchangeable Laws of eternity – the Kingdom of Heaven – to disrupt the so-called laws of separation without first setting in motion the mechanism for transforming ‘upside-down-land’ to ‘right-side-up-Land’ would not work because it would be interfering with events and their unfolding, rather than proceeding with them, and transforming them. It’s a case of re-interpreting the ego’s script for death and destruction to the Holy Spirit’s script for Life and Creation. He Knew that darkness fears the Light and will attempt to snuff it out – which it could do if the Light had not established, or kindled, a sufficient blaze. As he said in the long ago:  

“I have come to bring fire on earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!” (Luke 12:49, International Standard Version). 

Such was his eagerness – but not impatience – for the Great Awakening to be completed. So, to avoid interfering, he allowed the ego’s interpretation of his embodied mission to prevail, Knowing it would run its course and fade from the minds of those who were not yet ready for the Truth, the Light, the Love of eternity. The ego’s interpretation of his mission is one of sacrifice; that our salvation is from the wrath of God at our sinfulness, and that God demands the sacrificial killing – by crucifixion – of His perfect, innocent Son. And although that interpretation is entirely wrong, it has served Jesus’ purpose of keeping his name alive for billions of fragments for two millennia. 

And now that we are in the final epoch of Jesus’ Great Rescue Programme the old, ego, interpretation has run its course and is in its descendancy, and the Truth is in its ascendancy. The Truth, of course, is that Papa’s Son is immortal, unassailable; that time and place, and all its temporal, illusory appurtenances, including bodies, are nothing to do with our eternal, unchangeable reality as His One, forever-unified, guiltless Son; that separation never happened, nor could it, other than as a momentary idea that was gone in the same instant it arose in the Mind of His Son, and that we are merely re-viewing an insane thought, trying, absurdly, to keep what never was, ‘real’. 

Here is a classic demonstration of how to keep the symbol of Love, Light, Truth in the hearts and minds of the fragmented Sonship within a dream of darkness, guilt, fear and ‘death’: allow it to be given an ego-slant. Jesus Knew this would happen; this is what happens in illusions; they distort the Truth. And he allowed it – he did not fight it – because he Knew the falsity would run its course, allowing the flame/Light he had kindled two thousand years ago to grow until its effulgence would shine away the darkness in due season. We are now in that season. 

We, now, can follow his example, and entrust all matters of time and place – in our own circumstances and in the world at large – into Jesus’/Holy Spirit’s care. Having done that we can, in faith and trust, safely choose to be only Loving, forgiving, blessing and truly helpful. By not resisting, judging or attacking iniquity, we can be certain, as a Principle of Life of the Father, that all shadows of darkness will run their course and we will be released from their thrall, back into the Light that we already are, exponentially sooner. 

Love and Light, for our Awakening to the Truth of our One Self, 

Brian Longhurst  

1 Principle(s) of Life of the Father: The term used by Jesus to describe to me the cosmic, esoteric, immutable laws by which God’s Creation operates. God is in the Principles, but ‘the devil (ego) is in the detail’, always seeking to distract us from the Way. 

2 Surrender (his life into the care of the Holy Spirit), Accept (that, having Surrendered, whatever happens comes within His control) and Allow (whatever happens to happen without resisting it, trusting that all is according to His empowered, benign control over outcomes).

3 The six-thousand-year long plan of Jesus for restoring us to our true home in the Eternity of Heaven. This is described by Jesus (Matt. 13:33) as the parable of the three measures of meal (see “Seek ye First the Kingdom…” ch. 10, for a full explanation of the parable), and is also the final, or completion phase of the Atonement, as described in A Course in Miracles.


Blessing-prayer is all-powerful, able to cause the weak and the lowly of spirit, the disenfranchised and the outcast to endure, to prevail, to be raised up, even when the opposing forces seem to be invincible.

Jesus, Easter Day, April 12, 1998 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. December 11, 2008 

The memory of Home is always there, deep within, and each fragment has and is the Whole within itself. Some fragments choose, at a higher level, to tap into the memory, and a birth vision is established that will bring various steps, or stages, of remembrance, or Waking, to the time and place consciousness. This will eventually happen to every fragment, until all are One again. 

So, as we already understand, everything is according to perspective. Littleness sees things from the time and place perspective because it has forgotten it is ‘Big Me’, or Self. Big Me’s vision is from the only true perspective, which is Eternity, where there is only NOW. Thus, Self Knows everything; has awareness of All That Is – God. Now, that is Knowledge! 

Time and place is an illusion, so littleness is confused about reality. Littleness has occasional glimpses of reality, as time and place revolves, but the distractions of what it perceives as being outside itself draw its focus away from Eternity – within – back to time and place, without, just as ego intends. Littleness/darkness – is actually fearful of Eternity/Light, so welcomes the distractions, which reinforce the forgetfulness, because it seems like respite from fear of perfect Love, Peace, Truth (all of which are of Eternity, because they are of God).  How upside-down is that!? 

Totally. But the memory of Home is always there, deep within, and each fragment has and is the Whole within itself. Some fragments choose, at a higher level, to tap into the memory, and a birth vision is established that will bring various steps, or stages, of remembrance, or Waking, to the time and place consciousness. This will eventually happen to every fragment, until all are One again. 

This is often a shocking, or jolting, event, such as Paul’s experience on the road to Damascus, that triggers the commitment to Waking, and the fragment says to itself, ‘I have had enough of this dream; it is time to wake up.’ The shocking thing/event is sufficient stimulus to help keep the focus on, or commitment to, Truth, Home, reality. This is where Jesus, or Self comes and joins in, becomes active in Helping, in response to the call for Help triggered by the shock. This is what Jesus meant when he told you decades ago, ‘People need a jolt’.


Grateful thanks to all who have responded with such positive feedback on my ‘Sharing Your Passion’ interview with Glenn Moore on YouTube.  For any who may not have seen it and would like to, here are the links for Part 1 and for Part 2.  Please feel free to share them with any you believe might find it worthwhile.



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