Front cover of Finding the Kingdom Within

Finding the Kingdom Within

 Awakening to Eternity




Extract from Finding the Kingdom Within, explaining the front cover design:

My friend Michael Roads is renowned for his ‘Five-Day Intensives’, during which he leads attendees on ‘inner exercises’. These are intended to help free the mind from self-imposed limitations and allow an unrestricted view of Self, Life, relationships, opening up a greater sense of spiritual purpose and direction. Theresa and I have attended these events when Michael, accompanied by his darling wife, Carolyn, comes to England, and I have undergone a number of mystical experiences during them.

On one inner exercise Michael invited the group to imagine a ride on a butterfly, to see where it would take each of us. A butterfly soon appeared to me and I immediately realised this was Jesus. He invited me to climb on his back, which I was, needless to say, overjoyed to do. He soared into the air and we quickly reached a considerable elevation. Although our direction was forward, he weaved from side to side, tilting, or banking, thus enabling my view first of one side and then the other as we progressed, giving me a broad vista of the journey. It was altogether a very gentle motion and I felt no concern at all for my safety, high above the ground. To my slight surprise no noteworthy panoramas appeared to particularly attract my attention.

This in no way detracted from the event; I was having the time – the ride – of my life as butterfly-Jesus’ passenger. Linear time has very little to do with mystical experiences such as this, but it seemed as if this journey took the equivalent of several minutes. In due course he alighted and I descended from his back, with a sense of elation filling and overflowing my heart and soul. He resumed his Jesus-bodily form and we sat side by side on an outcrop of rock on a high hill, overlooking the world below. He looked at me as if to say, “Well, did you enjoy the journey?” The smile on my face, the joy upwelling and spilling over from within me told him all he needed by way of a reply.

We sat there for a few more moments, simply absorbing the togetherness, exulting in the shared companionship, then he looked at me again with such Love, joy, gentleness, and yet with a sense of purpose in his countenance, and said, “NOW, we can go anywhere together!” He placed what seemed to me an inordinate emphasis on the word ‘now’, the purpose and meaning of which escaped me. Immediately he finished saying this we shot vertically up at breath-taking speed – ‘warp speed’, one might say – right into the Heart of Papa, in the very heights of Heaven.

One might be prompted to enquire what His Heart ‘looks’ like. I have no specific answer to that – especially one that could begin to be comprehended by a finite, limited mind, for how can the finite comprehend the infinite? But how our exalted Destination was represented to me visually was somewhat like photographs I have seen of the Orion Nebula taken through the Hubble Space Telescope, though much brighter, and alive. I experienced moving right into the midst of this… what words can describe this, other than an ineffable state of Infinite Being; of Life Itself; of Holy Stillness; Quietness and yet absolute Communion; Transcendence; Divine Presence, celestial peace; joy far beyond finite capacity to experience – and yet, all-embracing comfortableness, gentleness, acceptance

I was aware of becoming part of It, One with It, and It was – IS – Eternal, perfect Love. Limitedness, littleness – all the apparent traits of embodied, mortal humanness – cannot exist in this Presence, this state of Ultimate Being. To ascend to It permanently, eternally can be possible only by surrendering all the attributes, quirks, idiosyncrasies of the human persona; a total abandonment, renouncing of the ego. However incomprehensible that may seem to our Earth-mind consciousness, we have the perfect model for that in Jesus. He may have appeared in human form two thousand years ago, but his mind was – and is – in entire Oneness with this state of Being. And this state of Being is the final, eternal Destiny of us all, to which Jesus came to restore us.

This awareness was, in linear time terms, fleeting, yet completely, totally vivid, etched into my mind, my memory forever. Then I was back in my bodily awareness, feeling the indescribable vastness of the contrast between the two states of awareness.

I have pondered this majestic, magnificent event innumerable times since, and one aspect has puzzled me on every occasion; that I had no awareness of any landscape details as I soared high above the ground on butterfly-Jesus’ back. Then, while sharing this experience with our kindred-spirit friend, Deborah, in the autumn of 2015, the answer was suddenly, instantaneously with me. The soaring along, banking from side to side was Jesus showing me, symbolically – how else could it be portrayed? – that this represented the fifty years of my one-on-one journey with him since the 1960s, in which he has so lovingly, patiently, light-heartedly, caringly, perfectly led me from spiritual infancy to active, purposeful progress toward the Light of our eternal Home in our Father Creator. This explained his heavy emphasis on the word now – after five decades of his preparing me, leading me forward, one step at a time, toward Awakening.

This event, this experience, symbolises the journey and destination of us all, each in our own way. We may each begin from a different, separate starting point – consciously, anyway – but our common destination is One because Oneness is the eternal Truth of our Being.



Readers’ Feedback:


I love Brian’s writing style. It is very clear and poetically in-touch and in-tune with the Divine. The Inner Voice messages Brian shares here are extremely lucid, as though one is seeing from a higher dimension; indeed, from the perspective and authority of Eternity. He speaks endearingly of the Healed Mind of Papa’s beloved Son. That would be you and me – Jesus, Brian and all of us together as One Holy, Healed Mind.  


Jon Mundy, Ph.D., author of Eternal Life and A Course in Miracles. 




Don’t miss this one! 


Brian Longhurst is able to convey concepts of the sacred in a way that is easy to assimilate into your daily life. What a joy to read his work. I have read both Finding the Kingdom Within and its precursor, “Seek ye First the Kingdom…” and find them extremely helpful in my spiritual walk. Do yourself a favor and immerse yourself in his wisdom.  


Barbara Sharpe, Dallas TX. 




Brian Longhurst has enabled me to get past the trappings of so much highly misused and confused terms in esoteric literature, to get to a Truth whose simplicity trumps most of today’s unnecessary complexities. It’s not about terminology, but about an underlying reality that is already within us, waiting to be remembered. Brian embodies this reality and his books are his means of sharing his inspired – and inspiring – guidance.  

His writing has prompted me to go so far toward a Truth that is deep within and at the very core of inner peace and happiness. Finding the Kingdom Within further extends his valuable guidance, effortlessly taking us closer to our ultimate, eternal reality. 


Philip Chowney, Geneva, Switzerland. 




Brian’s new book, Finding the Kingdom Within, is an inspiration for the emerging New Reality. This latest masterpiece brings an abundance of helpful, healing words from The Prince of Peace himself to assist you in waking to your true spiritual potential.  


Owen K Waters, Spiritual Dynamics Academy. 




Stepping into the pages of Finding the Kingdom Within is like stepping into a deep and cavernous and brilliant state of love. For love – unconditional, perfect love – is the message that is being delivered energetically with the book.   

This is an inestimably important book for those that “have ears to hear”. I have deep gratitude to Brian Longhurst for following his life’s purpose in sharing his connection with the eternity, and for gifting us with a second primer on finding the Inner Kingdom.  

I'm guided inward on every reading and that takes time. Who wants to hurry when attuning with bliss?  

Let us all go our way rejoicing in the endless Love of God. 


Sonja Spahn




This is an amazing, powerhouse of a book. 


Susan Oliver 




I truly am impressed by Brian’s ability to explain deep esoteric and mystical reality in a way that is so easy to understand. As I read Finding the Kingdom Within, I was drawn deeply into the various precise explanations that he offers to his readers.  

When I say that this is an outstanding book, I mean it. I doubt that there is anyone else who could write quite like Brian Longhurst, with such passion and expression in his explanations. He really does have an extraordinary relationship with the living Jesus. 

Brilliant, Brian, you have done it again! This is an outstanding book that will feed the hungry with the Truth that just as Christ is within us, so we are within Christ. No one could possibly make this more clear than Brian Longhurst. 


Michael J. Roads, author of From Illusions to Enlightenment 




I search for words to describe the experience of reading Finding the Kingdom Within, for it is really an interior one of essence rather than one of form and words…..yet I desire to communicate it here to encourage others to partake of this wonderful Feast. 

What streams from this book is a tactile, living, holy, Light-filled vibration of such purity, gentleness, certainty and joy that every part of my Being rises up and comes forth to join with it. And yet, with all the embracing softness of this Love there is no compromise in the depths of the Truth it reveals to me and exemplifies. 

A great part of this experience is a conscious intimacy with and remembrance of the One True Self. This is experienced through the specific and very tangible presence of Jesus, with whom Brian has lived in deepest communion, dedication, love and service for so many years. There is much here to delight and encourage any willing, desiring heart to open to their own experience of Self through communion and union with our beloved and wholly available Elder brother, Jesus. 

Truly the Love, Clarity and Light that pulsates within and through these pages is undeniable, and the profound practicality of the messages for our awakening mind is thrilling. So much gratitude for your contribution to the Great Awakening, Brian; and thank you Jesus, Holy Spirit and all the Lights of Heaven that shine upon us through this book. 


Deborah Lorenson, Florida.




An excellent, illuminating and thoroughly enjoyable body of work.  At times the synchronicity was almost overwhelming. Well done!!! 


John Barkovich, London, Canada. 




Reading this book was a pleasure. I felt a thrill of recognition as I read the messages Brian received from Jesus. This voice is very familiar to me and one I trust implicitly. I also found that Brian's explanations brought even more clarity to the messages, and his conversations with Jesus touched me and often made me smile.

There is something about hearing this kind of clarity that brings me to tears. Finding the Kingdom Within is a rare find, and I am happy for the world that Brian chose to recount more of his life-long relationship with Brother Jesus, and to share what he has learned from that relationship so that we could all benefit from it. 


Rev Myron Jones, author of “Hey, Holy Spirit, It’s Me Again” and “Healing Family Relationships”






Finding the Kingdom Within continues in the vein of the author’s first book, “Seek Ye First the Kingdom…”. It offers inspired, practical guidance about our spiritual essence, navigating this world and the purpose of our sojourn here in this embodiment. It is a great follow up to the first book, yet it can stand on its own, diving ever deeper into the mystical experience.

Brian is blessed with contacts from Jesus and others in the Spirit Realm. I gratefully felt the proximity of Spirit as Brian shared his experiences along with excerpts from his “Diary of a Christ Communicant”. 

He is well versed in A Course in Miracles and biblical passages. He often cites them, and other sources, integrating it all into a consistent, cohesive message.

This book reminds us throughout that God is accessible and help is always nearby to guide us to our whole (Holy) Self. 


Amazon Customer




If you're seeking spiritual information this book helps. 


Excellent book for spiritual seekers. Profound teachings. A good read. Great writing. :) 


Kindle Customer




Reading Brian’s book has touched something deep within my being. Finding the Kingdom Within:  Awakening to Eternity remains one the most inspirational of teachings ~ ever. An impression that left its indelible mark upon my soul is how the scope (of words) goes beyond simply caring. Equally, there is much silent contemplation, and trust governed by love, involved. 

     At some moments, like a tsunami, the restoration process to spiritual Awakening hearkens me to the Biblical saying from Jesus: “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, will be put into your lap …” (Luke 6:38)

    Truth will indeed pour into your lap from reading this book. There will be inner growth accompanied by perceptual change(s).     

     Our blessed relationship with Papa is surely a living testament of the truth which lives eternally within the heart-mind. The message of this book, and these teachings will undoubtedly continue to open up the hearts and minds of readers everywhere! Thank you, Brian, for going to where ‘others’ might not have dared to go, either out of timidity or just sheer stubbornness (ego.)  Emoji


Sandra Barnett

Artist, Language Instructor

Saitama, Japan.




I was given this book as a gift, AND WHAT A GIFT!!! 


I have for some time been aware of A Course in Miracles and the message that is contained therein. I have, undoubtedly like others, had difficulty in simply accepting that everything (including my smaller self) was a dream, a non-reality. Jesus will of course know the difficulty that we mere ‘mortals’ face in this matter and this is where Brian Longhurst is (willingly) utilised. 

His writing has for me shone a light on this subject and enabled a greater understanding and acceptance of the Course. It is almost as if he, through this inspirational and guided work, presents in turn different facets of the whole, and in so doing deepens my understanding and acceptance of the message of Hope that Jesus is lovingly giving.  

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. 

If you are seeking Truth and Salvation you would be wise to invest a little of your ‘time’ reading this book and others in this enlightening series. 


Ian Condie

Gloucestershire, England


I hope and trust these comments will be helpful to any considering obtaining a copy. Please click Here to take you to sources of supply. Joyful, inspiring and uplifting reading.  




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