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Brian Longhurst


The following exchanges were posted on November 10th 2011


Hi Keith, Bro,

You said: 

I know that Jesus healed their minds which altered the effects of their minds, their bodies. That is the ONLY possibility in this dimension.

The thing I want to know is... HOW DID HE DO IT?

‘He’, the man Jesus, didn’t ‘do’ it.   He said, ‘Of myself I can do nothing.’  Love, which is Truth, Light, Wholeness, Oneness, Holy Spirit, Papa, our own True Being IS it.  It is not doing that accomplishes our restoration to remembrance of (our) wholeness, but simply choosing to ask/allow the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Breath, our Higher, Holy/Whole God-Self, Christ, to shine the Light into our confused, fragmented, split-off mind, which dispels the shadows of misperception that we have (amongst many other misperceptions/illusions) to do things. 

All that is asked of us is to ALLOW things to be accomplished for us, or rather, allow the remembrance of the Truth — which is that there is nothing to do because all was accomplished at our creation — to be shone back into our upside-down mind, which turns it right-side up and reunifies it with our Whole, Christ Mind.

The ‘miracles’ happened through Jesus because he was in a state of complete oneness with Wholeness, having remembered who he is.  That is (or should be) our goal, and the works he did, we shall (then) do also. The miracles happened because of that at-onement, which comes back to our awareness when we allow it.  Principle of Miracles 38 states:  The Holy Spirit is the mechanism of miracles...   but I highly commend to you a further reading/prayerful study of all 50.  I believe you are at a place in your remembrance whereby much greater understanding of them will shine into your mind. 

On page 215 of The Disappearance of the Universe (DU) Arten says: 

...the ego wants what you do to be important.  As a way of intruding on your spirituality and delaying the truth, it tries to make what you do... important and special.  Yet, to the Holy Spirit, what you do for Him, or for Jesus or for God are not important.  How can anything that occurs in an illusion be important if you actually understand it’s not real?  Only forgiveness and your healing matter. 

So, the healings/miracles performed by/through Jesus the man/body were as a result of his remembrance of who he really was/is, which was/is whole/holy.  It is the whole/holy God-Self, or Christ Being that performs it.  It is not an act of will, or understanding the ‘mechanics’ of the process, at an intellectual level, but of Being (not doing) in a state of oneness with Truth, Eternal Reality, Who we Are.  No striving is involved any more than a toddler, allowing Dad to ties his shoe lace, strives.  He just allows it, and co-operates with Dad as he is doing it for him. 

Believe me, this took decades for me to grasp (the process is still proceeding!), even though Jesus was telling me all this back in the 60s and 70s...  The Truth is so alien to us, who have been standing on our heads for æons, that it takes some focus, commitment, steadfastness, one-pointedness to let it become, once more, who we are. 

Love and endless blessings, dear Bro, 


I see what you are saying Bri. So the miracles happened simply because Jesus was the only one to reach full enlightenment while still within a body, right?

He whom we know and love as Jesus became fully enlightened while still appearing to be with a body (because the only place to become enlightened, or wake up FROM the dream, is from WITHIN the dream) long before he incarnated as Jesus.  I have a strong intuition it happened at the time of Atlantis (or some such), though no evidence to support that. 

So, he planned the Great Rescue Programme (GRP) from spirit, long before Abraham incarnated.  That must be so because he needed to enlist the input from him who incarnated as Abraham, and that enlistment will need to have happened some considerable time before Abe incarnated, so Abe could be made ready — possibly by several ‘preceding’ incarnations — in order to be able to fulfil his (amazing) role in the GRP. 

Not like the rest of us who (I have read) progress to lighter dimensions of higher vibrational existence on the way to enlightenment. Is that the difference?

No. This happened with he whom we now know as Jesus, over an indeterminate number of incarnations, just as is happening with the rest of us.  In Reality we are no different from Jesus and he is no different from us.  The only apparent difference is temporal, which is that now he is Awake, he is able (and totally willing) to help us, and speed up the process of our Awakening. 

This has been happening and continues to happen, with the rate accelerating as we progress within, or through, the 3rd measure of meal.  Imagine, all the fragments fully enlightened and restored to oneness by the end of the 4th millennium (in linear terms)!! 

Stand back and take a look at the acceleration curve on the graph, starting, say, 4k years ago (Abe’s incarnation, the start of the 1st measure of meal).  This is an explosion of acceleration, growth, Awakening.  We are not doing it; we simply ALLOW it to be accomplished FOR us, by desiring it above all else and being willing to co-operate with the process; i.e., forgive the illusion and LOVE, unconditionally.

Is it because Jesus became a pure fountain of God while still here?

Yes, but that happened before he reincarnated as Jesus.  He was already fully Awake and had set in motion the GRP at least 2k years — perhaps 3, 4 or more k years — before he incarnated as Jesus.  All that was necessary from his birth as Jesus was a recapitulation process, which didn’t take long.  I don’t buy into the suggestion that he was a hooligan before the baptism by John the Baptist (JB). My view is that the baptism was the ‘seal’, the initiation moment for his mission to begin.  He already knew who he was and why he had come here years before that moment. which nobody else has ever done.  Not at the level and purpose that Jesus set in motion and came to implement the 2nd measure, and see it through until the whole is leavened.

Do excuse my delusions of grandeur Bri.  Keith, dear Brother, these are NOT delusions, but glimpses of your true grandeur as Papa’s beloved Son; a sure sign of your returning remembrance. 

I think it’s just the perfectionist in me.  Perfection is where we are from, so it is our true and natural state. I don’t do mediocre!  Neither should you.  Would we expect, or be happy with mediocre from Jesus?  Of course not; and he knows it is not who we are either.  Keith, you have no idea the things I would love to share with my beloved brethren, but who is ready for them? 

And that is just me.  How much more does Jesus have to share, but knows he must progress in that sharing at the pace at which the sharee is ready to receive.  And so must you, and so must I.  Meanwhile, our — everyone’s — first duty and responsibility is our own Awakening.  When we realise and function according to that, Holy Spirit will bring to us brethren with whom to share, knowing those He brings are ready, and inspiring us with what/how much to share. 

I demand progression based on knowledge and understanding of principles of existence, but I guess this can lead me to attempt pathways which I am simply not yet ready to walk along.  

Not so much just that you are not yet ready to walk along, but also those you are so eager to drag with you, irrespective of their readiness to join you/receive your sharing, share your journey.  I know this because you are just like me JThat's why I love you and rejoice so much in our fellowship.  Alleluia!

Thank you.  Thank you.

Much love my brother  Fully and totally reciprocated, 

Keith              Brian


 Wow! Thanks Brian. I understand. My only real remaining question then is Why did He heal someone deliberately brought to Him and not everyone within the vicinity? I wonder how he targeted certain individuals?

Big lovin’ to you both!

He DID give his gift of healing/wholeness to everyone; most, however, were not open to receiving it (due to all the usual suspects: doubt, fear, scepticism...), and the gift is not ‘given’ until it is received.  It is there, freely given, always, uninterruptedly, uninterruptibly, for us all, and as we become willing to receive it, so is the giving complete and oneness restored in us and between us.  He didn’t target anyone, he targeted everyone and those who were ready to receive, received and accepted it unto themselves.   

Of course he gave the focus of his attention to those who were brought to him, or asked for healing, but it was there for all.  Only those ready and willing to receive — i.e. believe — actually received it.  This is borne out by the healing of the woman with ‘an issue of blood twelve years’ (Mt. 9:20 ff). 

Love, always, 


The following exchange was posted on October 29th 2011


Dear Brian  Dear Michael,

My book, Afterlife Teaching from Stephen the Martyr has just been published by White Crow Books, Guildford, Surrey, and if you go to Amazon, you will be able to get an impression of its contents. I have looked at the site and read the reviews and the ‘About the author’ input.  I already had a good idea of its nature from our earlier communications.   

As Afterlife Teaching (AT) addresses some issues that ACIM addresses, I would like to be clear about where AT and ACIM agree, and where they disagree. And I am wondering whether you would favour me with responses to comments which I have inserted into your text (the MoE dated October 26th 2011), and numbered, so we can be clear which matters you are answering,… that is if you care to answer I certainly am very pleased so to do And I will certainly accept it, if you don’t wish to do so. 

(1) Axiomatic for AT is the Point of View. Love cannot exist except between points of view; consciousness, experience, learning, development, creativity all require the Point of View. To abolish the Point of View, whether in this world, or the realm of eternity would be to abolish consciousness, and mind. I cannot profess to fully understand this, Michael.  What I do understand is that there is only one correct point of view and that is Eternal Truth/Reality, as established and extended by God, the Father Creator, ‘Papa’, through His Son, the Christ.  It is clear from ACIM that time and place do not exist because they (or it) are not eternal and God and His Son, Christ, only creates/created that which is eternal and cannot pass away. 

Time and place is a momentary ‘dream’ of separation from God by his one Son, the Christ, which caused a split, or seeming separation of a tiny part of the Christ Mind into what Jesus terms ‘ego mind’, which is the antithesis of all that God and His Son actually are.  This is described as duality, whereas Eternity/Heaven is singularity, or Oneness. 

Quantum physicists now know that the physical universe (i.e. time and place, the ‘without’ or outer, perceived realm) is degrading, a process physicists term entropy, and will eventually cease to appear to exist.  But Heaven, our true and only Home is eternal and unchangeably perfect, just like Its Creator.  The only true Reality is Spirit, not physical, not bodies, not anything that is not eternal, not perfect, not unchangeable. 

All points of view that are not at-one with God will, inevitably, cease to be when the fragmented Sonship of God, ‘one, appearing (illusorily) as many’ is restored to oneness, with Jesus, in God.  I could go on, but hope this gives an adequate overview of my understanding and experience, from my journey with Jesus (including, of course, my studies of ACIM, which I have not one shred of doubt is authored by Jesus himself.  Having journeyed with him in blessed, loving fellowship and tutoring by him for decades, and then – in 2005 – come to ACIM, I immediately knew, of a certainty beyond all doubt, that this was the ‘same Jesus’ as had been leading me since the 1960s.)  

As an aside, I am puzzled that Stephen finds reincarnation so hard to understand.  It is perfectly explained in ACIM.  See ACIM, Teachers Manual, page 60. 


October 26th 2011


Dear Friends,

Trying to understand the outer world/universe (macro and/or micro) in order to understand the inner Reality is a hapless, fruitless task because the outer is the illusory product of a deranged, upside-down mind, and therefore can have no rationale.

(2) This would be true if we are relying on scientists who are Materialists to explore Spirit. As I understand it, scientists who are Materialists would not explore Spirit, because they are blind to its Reality, and therefore would not investigate what they believe does not exist.  But you are not arguing, are you, that we should dismiss disciplined investigation of phenomena, using the tools of science?  If you were indeed doing so, we would have no basis to talk to each other.  According to Jesus in ACIM, and to me, and in the Gospels, the Truth needs no defence (or proof); Truth, like its Creator, simply IS.  Belief or unbelief in It does not affect it in any way.  This is why he did not defend himself during his mockery of a trial, but kept his own counsel.  It is also why he said ‘turn the other cheek’. 

However, those who seek to prove the survival, or eternalness of the Soul (or, more accurately, the Spirit) have God-given free will to pursue this endeavour if that is their motivation.  But it is fruitless trying to prove survival to those who are not ready to accept the Truth, because they will not acknowledge even the incontrovertible – until they are ready – however many reincarnations that takes them. 

But the GRP is collapsing time and all the seeming fragments of the Sonship will have Awakened to the Truth of Oneness in God by the end of the third measure of meal.  Such is the ‘all power is given to me in Heaven and Earth’ of Jesus.  Ultimately, the Kingdom of Heaven is within, not the desert or secret chambers, or indeed, anywhere ‘out there’.  Seeking in the wrong place will never result in finding.

It is devised to lead such seekers on a wild goose chase, to divert us and our seeking from our own within.  We have become so diverted that most of the fragments have never even heard the idea of themselves having a within.  And most of those who have heard the term still have no idea how to enter in, or experience little, intermittent success when they try.

(3) The scientists who are Materialists have done enormous damage to our ability to relate to life in Spirit.   I could readily, justifiably, include the institutionalised Church in that statement . All this is, now, in the third, fulfilment, measure of meal — the Kingdom Measure — changing as even hardcore Materialist scientists are faced with the incontrovertible ‘proof’ (actually, simply, evidence) of quantum mechanics, which is turning the very idea of ‘materialistic perception’ on its ear.  I would bet a nickel that within a generation or so that will be passé. 

And it would not surprise me if the Materialists scientists arrive at the truth before the Church, which has had access to the truth about communion with our loved ones in spirit for generations, and has vigorously, even ruthlessly, denied it, suppressed it, equivocated about it, because their entrenched, false doctrines and dogmas have held sway in the establishment that is the institutionalised Church. But there are also deeply spiritual scientists. We are all one in Truth — which is Eternity, not the dream of separation — and the slumbering fragments of the Son are Awakening to remembrance of their true oneness.  How exciting is that!!!?

…. As I read on I can agree with much that you write.  From previous things you have written I have impression that we disagree on some other issues. As a PLF (Principle of Life of the Father) all disagreement is simply misperception.  Misperception is corrected by Truth, brought back to our remembrance by the Holy Spirit (our Tue, Higher, Holy/Whole Self).  He does this by shining the Light of Eternal Truth (when we are ready to ASK Him) into our split-off-from-Truth, ego-mind, thus dispelling our misperceptions caused by lack of en-Light-enment, and literally, shining away the darkness that has caused our misperceptions. Would you like to confirm whether or not I have the right impressions? I will see how I am inspired/led by Holy Spirit and respond accordingly; so we shall see what unfolds and where it takes us.

(4) What is you attitude to the Arts: Music, painting, literature, medicine, sciences and so on? They are appear in this material world. I see nothing ‘wrong’ with any of them.  Some music I find uplifting to my heart and soul, other I do not.  Similarly with paintings and literature.  I have reached the place in my journey Home to Papa where it is my choice to not allow anything of time and place to distract, or sidetrack me on that journey.  If something distracts me from going within, I eschew it.  If it helps me to go within, I espouse it.  Some music, painting, literature help me attune with Papa, Jesus, the Realms of Light, so for that I give thanks.

(5) I have the impression that you would not accept the idea of Incarnation, If, by the capital ‘I’ you are meaning the incarnation of Jesus as a manifestation of the Truth, of the Voice for God, as the Anointed Messenger of God, I affirm that I do accept this as an historical event.  Jesus emphasises in ACIM that bodies have no other purpose than as a communication mechanism, to deliver the Truth to those who perceive themselves as being a body.

That, clearly, was his attitude toward his own body, which he knew was not who he was/is (because he was/is, like his Father, eternal, incorruptible, unlimited-by-a-body spirit, but he took a body for the purpose of communicating the message he had come to deliver. that God can be expressed in the physical Jesus, Since Jesus said, If you have seen me, you have seen the Father, clearly, the Truth of God can be expressed through a body, and Jesus is the prime example, template for us all in this, as in all matters.

One might say the Truth is able to be expressed as ‘the Living Word’, though it is not the body that is the Living Word, but the message the body (a little pile of clay, Jesus calls it in ACIM) is used by the messenger to deliver.  It is self-evident that Jesus was/is just such vehicle for expression of the Truth of God/Eternity.  and in the Arts? I am not sure why you ask this part of the question, so am unable to answer it meaningfully.

(6) That God is in all, through all, and above all. I feel prompted to answer this by asking that you read Vignette 1 from part two of my book.

(7) That God uses the physical realm to produce more developed souls. Papa created His beloved Son in His own likeness: perfect.  How could He do otherwise?  To do so would mean He is not perfect.  As explained in comprehensive detail in ACIM, and also in Gary Renard’s book The Disappearance of the Universe (which I highly commend to you), His Son had a momentary idea of separation from his Father (and thus, from his own perfect Being in Eternity, with Papa).  It is, in Reality, impossible to be separate from Papa, other than in something unreal.  Since time and place are the apparent opposite of Eternity, and therefore, unreal, it (the physical realm) is a fantasy, or dream.  As Jesus says in Tom and Linda Carpenter’s wonderful book Dialogue on Awakening:

‘As time does not exist in Reality, the moment you thought you went to sleep and the moment that you must choose to Awaken will be the same moment.’

Time seems linear because we keep replaying the film (hence, history keeping repeating itself), but real as it seems, within the dream, when we Awaken (or, more accurately, when we remember that we are already Awake, in Heaven/Eternity, with Papa, and in Truth, never left, never ‘fell’) we will realise it was nothing, that it is already over. The ‘physical realm’ is a momentary mistake in the mind of Papa’s Son, the Christ, of which Papa knows nothing because it is not Real, and Papa knows only Reality, Truth, Eternity. 

Therefore, it can meaningfully be said that God does not use the physical realm to produce more developed souls, but Holy Spirit, the Voice for God uses the illusory, physical realm (time and place, the ‘opposite’ of Eternity/Heaven) to teach the fragmented Sonship (us) the Truth of Who, What and Where we REALLY are (Home, in Heaven, where the Son has always been and can never not be in Truth).  If we choose to make an untruth — a lie, a misperception, a fantasy, a dream, a phantasm — true, for us, then that is how it will appear for us; until we Awaken to the remembrance of the Truth of Eternity, of which we are an indivisible, indispensible part.

(8) It sounds as if that the world exists at all, is all our fault Since it is not real, but an illusion, there IS no fault; nothing, in the Sight of God, to blame and therefore, there can be no judgement.  Would we punish our son for having a dream?, and that salvation depends on denying its reality, The nub of ACIM is what Jesus calls True Forgiveness.  As Jesus states in A Course in Miracles, page 401 of the Workbook for Students:

(True) Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred. It does not pardon sins and (thus) make them real (‘false’ forgiveness). It sees there was no sin. And in that view are all your sins forgiven. What is sin, except a false idea about God’s Son? Forgiveness merely sees its falsity, and therefore lets it go. What then is free to take its place is now the Will of God.

but affirming our eternal nature.  Indeed; affirming our eternal nature.  Perfect.  This is thinking like Jesus, like whom we are destined to become (1 Jn. 3:2), utterly distinct from and opposite to thinking like the (ego) world.

(9) Does ACIM have opinions about making this a better world, Jesus speaks extensively about there being a world ego has made, which we can summarise as all that is ‘unGodlike’, such as judgement, hatred, fear, guilt, shame, selfishness, murder… the list is endless, and ‘the real world’, which equates with the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, in which there is true forgiveness, compassion, caring, loving, gentleness, peace, joy… the list is endless, and is all the opposite of the former list. 

He states that by allowing Holy Spirit (Holy, or Whole, Self) to correct our upside-down perceptions (the ‘unGodlike list, above, if you will), they will cease to be part of our awareness (and thus, of our self-made ‘reality’) and all that will be left to our awareness (and thus, our reality) is the latter list — the real world, or Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. 

That will have happened by the end, or leavening, of the third measure of meal, and we will then be so close to God that, to paraphrase ACIM, He will scoop us up and we — re-unified to oneness, with Jesus — will disappear into His Heart/Mind, from Where we have, in Reality, never left, forever.  better education, better community mutual caring? The Golden Rule — do unto others as you would be done by — applies in all these things. Better education?  Yes, but what will we teach? Better community?  Yes, if it means unconditional loving, caring, giving, selflessly, mutual caring.  

Or does it wash its hands of this world? Jesus did not, has not, washed his hands of this world, and will fulfil his promise to be with us until the end of the world (Mt. 28:20).  Since he is the Anointed Messenger of the Holy One, he has come to bring the message of salvation by true forgiveness, not the false doctrine of salvation through blood sacrifice (see Vignette 12).  By looking from the perspective of the 6,000-year Great Rescue Programme (of which I have written extensively; let me know if you have not seen any of this) ACIM demonstrates this totally, and is the beginning of the fulfilment, the leavening, the raising up, the healing of the split-off mind of Papa’s beloved Son, restoring it to Wholeness, Oneness.

I have the impression that when you positively affirm something I usually agree with you.  When you deny something, Would you care to give an example or two? I am sometimes disagreeing.

I am writing to clarify.  I certainly don’t want to quarrel, nor I with you, because we are brothers in the Sonship of God, both seeking restoration to oneness in Him. and would value your clarifying of what is the case. I earnestly hope this has helped.  I am deeply grateful for your sincere asking and seeking clarification.

With best wishes, Endless blessings for Joy, Peace, Love and fulfilment in all your endeavours for the Kingdom, 

Michael          Brian

The following exchange was posted on October 26th 2011


Hello Brian,

I often print off to read again those of your MoEs which have seemed to me to be special, but the current one dated 19th October 2011 is truly inspired, superb. 

My Dear Dorothy; Thanks so much for your kind, affirmative words.  You are, to me (and undoubtedly to many others) a treasured stalwart, not least because, unlike the vast majority of the fragments, you engage brain (well, mind, of course, actually!), so we can commune, fellowship at the Place far above what Jesus calls the battlefield — psychoplanet Earth.  Or, more accurately, above Earth-mind consciousness.  I suspect this is not the first act of this little, illusory drama in which we have encountered each other.  All the signs are there, including, and especially, the comfort level in which we communicate, resonate and understand each other

It lifts up the corner of that curtain of dreams which drapes our sleeping minds, and gives a glimpse of the glorious Light of Mind - beyond that illusory window of the world and from where Jesus our Friend beckons us. 

Alleluia!  I love the poetic imagery with which you express your discernments.  On this occasion I felt the spark of Joy your words brought to our Friend, as he shares with me in this communing with you, and his happy enjoyment of it all. 

Not to the worship of Creation which is in time and comes into being and disintegrates, Arten and Pursah call it ‘miscreation’; how can we argue with that!? but to Oneness with Him in the Glorious Reality and worship of God — Eternal Creating — our Goal and our Home. Amen to this, Dorothy. 

Many thanks Brian,

Love from Dorothy

I am SO glad you value the MoEs, for which I am overjoyed and deeply grateful to be a contributory part, in co-operative alliance with Whole (Holy) SelfWhen I read back through some of these weekly missives (which I hardly ever do, other than for reference purposes) I am astonished at what has emerged, and this confirms the certainty that persona Brian (pB) is not the source of such profoundness, which is not of this world.  But it is a highly significant part of the fulfilment of my heart’s desire.  In July 1993 Jesus said to me: 

My son, you now begin to glimpse why I have said ‘Bless and curse not’ and why the emphasis of my teaching is on Love, compassion, forgiveness and all the good qualities of the little ones of the Father.  For those are the qualities which it is His pleasure to give, which draw the life awareness to Him, where all that is desirable in His sight is accomplished.  For the living Word is all-powerful, is constructive, is generative, is programmed/constructed to accomplish its own fulfilment by its own organic nature.

Attune with the living Word and become one with its purpose my son; then in you shall be fulfilled your heart's desire — for peace, harmony, justice, caring, the brotherhood of love, renewal of all that is good in the children of Earth, unto their Sonship with the Father.

And so shall the Word, which has gone out, not return void unto the Source.  By right thinking and speaking, by right desiring, shall wonders come from within.  Nothing shall be impossible.  For all is the reality of the Father, universal, infinitely dimensional.  This is Love.  Have no concern for the newness to you of these things my son; ponder them as you receive the revelation and understanding shall come one step at a time.

Any who think pB could make up this kind of writing is sorely mistaken.  These kinds of messages which do not, of course, apply just to me, but, as Jesus says, The message is to all who will receive it of which there are untold numbers, faithfully recorded over decades, are only now starting to come to fulfilment of their prophetic nature, just as he assured me countless times that they would. 

This brings to me the combined feelings of the utmost rejoicing, gladness, thanksgiving, and humility, and promulgates, feeds, empowers an unquenchable hungering and thirsting to share with ‘all who will’ of its restorative sustenance.  My goal is the subsumation of pB into Whole Self, as one, with ALL who perceive themselves as separate.  What a priceless treasure it is to be ‘here’, ‘now’, participant in this momentous stage/process of the Awakening!!!;-)

Love, as always, and many thanks for writing, 



The following exchange was posted on October 14th 2011


This exchange followed from the Message of Encouragement (MoE) dated October 12th 2011, in which reference was made to Principles of Life of the Father (PLFs)


Brian:  PLFs.

 Where do I find them on your website???

 Peace along the path,



Hi John,

There is no ‘hard and fast list’ of PLFs to be found on the website.  They are, more truly, to be found ‘within’.  By this I mean, focusing on the Voice for God within (our true, Whole Self), and committing steadfastly, one-pointedly, to following the guidance of that Voice, eschewing the voice of ego.   

We ARE Love we are the Son of God; God is Love, therefore, we are the Son of Love, created in the likeness of Love.  Our very Being is Love and our true functionality is founded in Love and can thus only operate in complete accord with this Reality.  Everything that appears to not be in accordance with that truth is an illusion and therefore, unreal; nothing. 

With that as the foundation, I will endeavour to help answer this question which is, basically, ‘What are the PLFs?’ with a few examples.  For each of us, the PLFs are intuitive.  Intuition is a connection with our Inner Voice, i.e., inspiration.  They (PLFs) are only discernible by us when we are functioning from right-minded, or Eternity (God, Holy Spirit, Christ) Minded thinking/awareness/desire, meaning we are open to Divine Inspiration, understanding and empowerment.  In this, Jesus is our template, our example to emulate. 

It is a PLF that giving is who we are, because Love (who/what we are) is giving, knowing, without having to think about it, that giving and receiving are one and the same thing.  We intuitively know this is true when we are at-one with, or ‘in’ our Right mind, or Christ Mind, or open to inspiration from the Voice for God.

It is a PLF that if/when we forgive our brother for what our ego perceptions tell us he has done to us, but in Reality he has not done, we receive forgiveness for what our ego-mind tells us we are guilty of, but in Reality we are not.

Similarly, it is a PLF that if we judge a brother for what our Earth-mind (ego) tells us he has done, we are judged in like manner not by God, but by our own judgement reflecting back to us. 

It is a PLF to treat our brothers as we would be treated by them. 

It is a PLF that unless or until we are able to love ourself we cannot truly love a brother, or receive their love for us.

It is a PLF that if we place ourself within the guidance, care and protection of one empowered with Christ Authority (such as Jesus!) we are guided, cared for and protected by them. This is because we have given/authorised them and surrendered our self will (as distinct from Self Will) into their greater, God-given power and authority to help their brothers who place themselves within their care.  It is also a PLF that if we remove ourself from their care, they cannot protect us because we have inviolable free will. 

These are but a tiny few examples to give the idea of what Jesus means by the term.  It is not rocket science.  In fact, for anyone familiar/resonant with ACIM, or Jesus in any more general sense, it is obvious, logical, straightforward stuff.  For those yoked to ego’s upside-down perceptions, many, or even most PLFs will seem either illogical, or, even if they would agree they are a good idea, will still say they are not practical or practicable in a world such as they perceive it.

You may have noticed that all these PLF examples are based on the Reality that there is only Oneness, so whatever we say, think, do to, or perceive about, to the detriment of a brother, we are projecting what is arising from our own misperceptions.  In like or perhaps I should say, converse manner, every loving thought, selfless act of goodwill, kind word toward a brother extends blessing to that brother(s) and is also reflected back to us, full measure, pressed down. 

I trust this has given you helpful insight and/or confirmed what you already intuited was the meaning of the term.  Perhaps this will have ‘opened a floodgate’ of awareness/remembrance of how PLFs operate for our benefit.  By that I mean, the benefit of all, equally.  PLFs cannot favour one at the expense of another, because that is not Papa’s Will, or Law, or Principle of Life. 

Love and endless blessings, John, 


PS:  Here is an extract from chapter 7 of my book, "Seek ye First the Kingdom...":

Creation works according to laws governing every aspect of its being —the Principles of Life of the Father, or PLFs. Creation is omni-dimensional and can be so because of the cosmic laws that enable it to function as the precision instrument that it is in all its omni-dimensionality, most of which is at a frequency that we, functioning and conscious only through our limited, three-dimensional bodily senses, have no awareness. A precision instrument can only function as such by operating according to precise laws, or regulating procedures or principles.




Thank you so much for your all makes so much sense when looked at from within.  The reason I asked for the PLF's was based on my studies of Edgar Cayce.  In the mid to late 80's in my search for God, I was led to the Cayce readings (at about the same time I heard of Olga).  One day I was at my local new age store and had two books in my hand...There is a River (the Cayce story) and A Course in Miracles; I purchased both, but my intuition and an esoteric previous experience, moved me to study the Cayce readings.  It proved to be a wonderful foundation to what came later...ACIM.  Cayce had what he termed "Universal Laws", which made me think that you had tapped into that same Resource and termed it PLF's.

I really enjoy your work and read everything you put out.

Thank you again, peace along the path,



Hi John, 

Thanks for your kind words of affirmation; much appreciated. 

I understand totally what you say about reading the Edgar Cayce's writings ahead of ACIM and how much that helped you understand ACIM.  ACIM is so advanced in its teaching being that it turns the understanding of the world, which is upside-down, back on its feet, so to speak that it can be a big shock to the system of those who don't have an inkling about esoteric, metaphysical Reality.  So, some preliminary introduction, to ease the mind of ego-yoked perceptions into some grasp that Eternity is the only true Reality can be very beneficial.  I know quite a few who have started out reading ACIM full of gung-ho enthusiasm and commitment, but fall by the wayside after about 75 pages. 

Theresa and I had the blessed benefit of journeying with Jesus as our teacher and, as he put it, 'guide to Eternity' for decades before we came to ACIM, so we were able to immediately recognise that it is the real Jesus who dictated it to Helen, not the counterfeit, Church-fabricated Jesus who they say is going to come again and 'judge the quick and the dead'. 

Nevertheless, Gary Renard's book, The Disappearance of the Universe (DU) was a superb lead-in to ACIM and I commend it to anyone who is interested in studying ACIM.  I have read DU many times, and am rereading it again now.  It is very affirmative as well as excellent entertainment, with the humorous banter between them. 

Universal Laws, Principles of Life of the Father; different words, same meaning.  Jesus/Holy Spirit vary the symbols to get across the same message: Truth.  That will set us free.  Alleluia! 

Peace along the Path to you also, brother, 



The following exchange was posted on October 8th 2011


The following exchange was posted on a Yahoo discussion group entitled Miracle E-Pals UK which focuses on A Course in Miracles.  It is shared here because the topic has widespread implications. 

Dearly Beloved ACIM Love Crew...
I have a question.
I know we are not meant to interfere with the journey of another. They have to find their way as we did. But if everything has already happened and I do interfere then it was going to happen anyway, right?
When we were in Dorset at the weekend my wife and I met a lovely couple at the breakfast table. They started talking to us, "Where are you from", munch, burp, "What do you do", blah blah, slurp, the usual small talk. Then the lady started telling us all about all the tablets she takes for different conditions, adding "...of course it was inevitable that I was going to get it... my mum and my nan had it..." (she's a nurse by the way)

That was like a red rag to a bull to me! I said "Do you think the fact that your family had it has been any influence on the fact that you have got it? Did it instil a degree of expectation?" It stopped her in her tracks for a few seconds. Her husband just stared at me. She then slid gently back into ego land insisting it was hereditary, but it obviously made her think.
A few minutes later, still on the subject of health, her husband stated that (like me) he never takes any tablets or medication. This interested me greatly! I said "But why don't you?" At first he misunderstood the question, but his wife corrected him. He said "Well I don't know really, I just don't" I explained that I don't either, & a little about psychosomatic self healing, with just a tiny sprinkling of spirituality on the top. It was all good thought provoking stuff.
Yesterday my wife brought it up.

"You shouldn't try to influence anyone into your way of thinking". She said 
I said, "I didn't, They were presented to me as an opportunity, which I recognised. I just gently tried to steer them to question themselves."

"But I thought you weren't meant to interfere with the path of another", she said.

"I see life as a series of opportunities. If I want to I can ignore them, or if I feel inclined to, I can act on them. It's free will in action. Anyway, I'm not telling them anything they don't already know."

"Well you didn't get an answer", she said.

"I didn't want one", I said.  "I only wanted to plant the question, which will then snowball, or not. either way it's fine. They brought up a subject dear to my heart which I understand fully. I feel a certain sense of responsibility to gently steer people towards the truth of their own existence, especially when they are celebrating their suffering right in front of me!"
So, should I, or should I not, have interfered. & how many of you, knowing what we now know, could have sat quietly at that table and joined the celebration of the might of the ego instead of trying to introduce a touch of truth?
I only just thought of this while writing.... didn't Jesus gather people by the hundreds to teach them the truth of their existence? If he did change someone's path, then in reality he didn't, because that was part of their
So when exactly is it OK to get involved and spread the word?
In paradoxical love!



There were numerous responses, amongst them this from me:


Hi Keith,

You, of course, already know the answer to this matter; you may have momentarily forgotten it, so here is a loving, friendly reminder:

There is no other 'out there' to interfere with.  There is but one of us, appearing as many.  We refer to such as 'brothers' because, within the Sonship of God, all are (or, perhaps I should say 'is') filial.  Those illusory brothers were the perfect event at the perfect time; a gift you called into your presence, so that you could help yourself to remember your True Being, by sowing a seed, a kernel of truth in their illusorily separated minds. 

Jesus did this 'all the time', with parables, and also by asking questions, and indeed, answering questions with a question.  This gets people to actually engage brain, (an activity rather lacking on planet Earth ).  If Jesus, or you, or I, or any brother tells another something, the 'tellee' has two choices; he can believe it or not believe it, and if ego has any say in the matter, chances are he will resist believing it.  But if, instead of telling another your truth, you ask them a question about their truth which is what you were doing  they have no choice but to start thinking about it.  It is a profoundly 'Principle of Life of the Father' (PLF) mechanism, and Jesus knew this only too well.

The couple you speak of may or may not have been willing for you to see that you had that effect upon them (ego looming large, again), but I bet a nickel that after they went on their way, their minds were buzzing with re-examination of their 'truth', and they simply could not help so doing.  They may have tried to cover that up, dismiss it with loud ego-cries of 'That chap was a fruit cake', but since ego questions everything, because it knows nothing, all manner of turmoil will have been activated, and out of it comes change.  You, Keith, have enacted, by that intercourse, an act of salvation within them and by so doing, similarly within yourself.  We are all each other's saviours, and in so doing, we save ourself, because... you got it: there is but one of us.  Alleluia .

People don't want to hear our truth, but when theirs has been seriously rattled by a few lovingly-intended questions about their own, and they eventually realise theirs was falsely or at least, shakily, founded they will realise maybe the foundation-shaker actually knows something they don't, and will begin to seek of that shaker (you, in this instance).

Keep on shaking, baby; you rock and roll.




The following exchanges were posted on October 1st 2011


Hi Keith, 

I was saving your message for an opportunity to read slowly and carefully (your ‘Eureka’ messages are so cutting edge, stretching our envelope of remembrance, that I need time to allow them to be absorbed and assimilated).  I have now read it, 3 times, and cannot find words to adequately describe my happiness at knowing you and being recipient of your wonder-words of illumination. 

Keep ‘em coming... but, please not TOO frequently, or my mind will go into tilt mode!  

I have been prompted to make some comments, in blue type, below. 

Thanks for Being in my life, brother Keith.  Love, always, 



Greetings Enlightenees! 

I was talking to someone with a health problem yesterday. I was trying to explain how we are a never ending flow of energy flowing like a fountain out of the consciousness of ourselves into externalised form. This picture kind of shows it:

 Graphic representation of electromagnetic radiations from the heart

I was explaining that in order to change some physical aspect of yourself you need to start at the inside, with thought. As ACIM states ‘All thought creates form at some level’. What I have also learned is the importance of feeling, with heartfelt sincerity, the state of intended being. A combination of the thought combined with focussed feeling in your heart area then create an electromagnetic interaction at a particle level which creates the intended form. So any healing of either your physical being or your external experience of life while within the illusion has to start on the inside of your being, prior to form. 

I then remembered, no I didn’t, I had thrust forward into my mind, the image from a documentary I saw years ago where scientists had found brain stem cells in the heart, functioning as a microscopic version of the big thing in our heads. It was intelligent, and 2-way communication was taking place between the heart and the brain via electromagnetic impulses. It was another fascinating glimpse into science recognising what spirituality has always recognised.  

I did some digging and found a website with scientific studies into the subject which stated... 

The heart communicates with the brain and body in four ways:

•      Neurological communication (nervous system)

•      Biophysical communication (pulse wave)

•      Biochemical communication (hormones)

•      Energetic communication (electromagnetic fields) (Electromagnetism is the process through which we create form from consciousness remember) 

....Taken together, the results of these studies demonstrate that intentionally altering one’s emotional state through heart focus modifies afferent neurological input from the heart to the brain. The data suggest that as people experience sincere positive feeling states, in which the heart’s rhythms become more coherent, the changed information flow from the heart to the brain may act to modify cortical function and influence performance. These findings may also help explain the significant shifts in perception, increased mental clarity and heightened intuitive awareness many individuals have reported...... 

I have a slight problem with this, even though it is really great. What the scientists are missing is one vital bit. They are continually looking at effects...past tense... and missing the point that cardiomental intention generates the very effects they are studying! Somebody get me a whiskey! The same goes for treatment of any physical condition or life condition. If you believe and feel that you are justified in suffering, whether through disease, poverty, misery, whatever, then your being will respond to that intent impartially by externalising that cardiomental state of belief. It is impartial, Neutral, the 3rd state of electromagnetism in form, the finalised image we see in our physical existence.  

Therefore any medication is only treating effects already established in form. It’s like having dirty water flowing out of your taps. You wouldn't try to put detergent into the water pouring out, you would go to the source of the problem and treat the cause, eliminating the negative effect. Likewise, in order to regain control of our existence we need to intentionally steal back our power from the ego using conscious, loving intent to shape our reality in every aspect of our being, physical and non physical. Jesus had somehow worked out perfectly remembered, actually.  Papa has already ‘worked out’ and applied perfection to His creation (us).  All that is required of us to achieve oneness with perfection is to seek FIRST the Kingdom of God, and ALL things are added to us, automatically, as a ‘side effect’, or ‘fringe benefit’, for want of better terms.   

This means that ALL that is required of us for our restoration to Wholeness is to seek FIRST (I could add, last and always, for emphasis, but if we are seeking first, everything else follows, or falls in line with that). This is the very last thing ego wants us to do, so constantly distracts us with ‘stuff’, events, circumstances that we have projected outside ourself in a vain attempt at providing happiness in our perceived separation from Papa.. how this happens, and had remembered the art of instant manifestation and healing  this gift (miracles) was/is a side effect/fringe benefit that comes as a natural aspect of our Being Whole (by seeking FIRST the Kingdom), which means we have chosen to seek to be who/what we already ARE:  Perfect Love. 

Perfect Love is giving, and when we have remembered that we ARE Perfect Love, there is but one thing we can give and that is EVERYTHING that we are because we are everything and we cannot give part of our Being, because we are WHOLE — so must, can only, give wholeness.  Just like Jesus, which I think must be down to his level of KNOWING rather than our rather feeble in comparison level of BELIEF.  

The heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body, producing the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body’s organs. The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain. This field, measured in the form of an electrocardiogram (ECG), can be detected anywhere on the surface of the body. Furthermore, the magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 5,000 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain, and can be detected a number of feet away from the body, in all directions, using SQUID-based magnetometers  

This research elucidates the intriguing finding that the electromagnetic signals generated by the heart have the capacity to affect others around us.  

This last line states beautifully, from a scientific point of view, what I have learned. It explains how ACIM has changed my world, from my relationships to my health, because I am healing from the cause, not treating the effect, but doing it with real heartfelt desire and controlled dedicated loving thought.

 In loving intentional creation...



The following exchanges were posted on September 9th 2011

Hi Brian.

Thank you for your MoEs, they are really Interesting. But I cannot get out of my mind ‘Son and DAUGHTER’. Us women have been put down for years by the Male ego consciousness .

Even Women put women DOWN because of this. They think if they are using the male Ego that they will accept themselves. I have been there with some women!!! who where supposedly my friend.  I have read some of the books of Walter Russell. And in one of the books God said I put out my two lights. {Male Female.}    I feel that I am tired of my husband putting me down to his level. 

Thank You.



My Dear Pearl,

Thank you for this self-honesty, which takes great courage. I know this has been a troublesome issue with you for many years.  I hope and believe you are sufficiently familiar with A Course in Miracles to understand that our self-perception is what we project out into the cosmos, and this is reflected back to ourself in the form of others, who behave toward us as we perceive ourself. 

If our self-perception is one of lacking in worth/love this is how we believe others perceive us.  Lack of self-worth can be caused by events in our formative years and by events in ‘former’ incarnations, which we bring with us as what I call a seed memory into the ‘present’ incarnation.

As I have said before, in Reality (Heaven/Eternity) there is no gender, no separation into male/female.  We misperceive ourself as persona Brian, persona Pearl, persona whoever... male or female.  All that is ego's game of pretend; pretend we are limited, pretend we are fearful, anxious, confused, old, young, sick, mortal...  Here is what Papa said to me about this in November 2008: 

...When you deny yourself, you deny Me.  This is your only blasphemy.

Wow! Papa.  This is some revelation.  It changes my perception, brings me up short.

I know your desire to return wholly to Me above all things.  To do this you must return wholly unto your Self; ‘Big Me’, as you have rightly observed.  Jesus was wholly in Me because he was wholly Self – I AM.  You are ‘I AM’ also.  All the fragments of My Son also are, indivisibly ‘I AM’.  They say to themselves ‘I am Brian’, or ‘I am Theresa’, or ‘I am John’, or ‘I am Mary’.  Each time they make such pronouncement, there is one word too many.  For ‘I AM’ is Who they are.  The rest is made up, illusion.  Do you wish to be made up?

No, I don’t, Papa; I wish to be real.

Keep on, then, reminding yourself; ‘Big Me’ is good because it focuses on your ‘otherness’, your ‘realness’, your ‘I AM-ness’.  There is no other you than ‘Big Me’. You have no other name, no other being, no other identity.  It is a distraction, a diversion away from the truth of Who you ARE.

But while I seem to be in, or with, a body, my brothers will see me as Brian…

Let that serve its purpose then, that you may use that illusion to bring your brothers to the truth of Who you are, that they may be re-minded of Who they all are.  This illusory self can be restored to oneness, and thus disappear back into Me, forever.  It has a purpose only in time, never in Eternity. 

 I don’t know Walter Russell or his writing, but I do not believe God created the universe of time and place, which decays and disappears.  According to Jesus in ACIM God can only create in His own likeness, which is eternal, perfect, complete, unchangeable... 

Male/female is about bodies and we are immortal, invulnerable, limitless spirit, created in the likeness of our Creator.  Being, or perceiving/experiencing ourself as male or female is a distraction from the truth of Self.

 May I suggest that you go within and share these fears, anxieties — whatever — about male/female with Holy Spirit (your true, higher Being that is the connection between us all and with Papa, and tell ‘Him’ (‘Her’, ‘It’ whatever; gender specific terms are merely that: terms, and mean nothing in themselves) how you are feeling and ask His help in dealing with it. 

Lay these feelings on Papa’s altar as a sign that you would have no other gods (such as guilt, sense of unworthiness, etc.) before Him.  Then, leave it with Him.  He may inspire you with a larger understanding immediately, or in some event; whatever, but if you are not aware of an ‘answer’ right away, don’t give up. 

Do not be discouraged that the revelation is

imperfect in the beginning. Great things shall you

do if your faith in me holds fast.

Jesus, to Olga Park.

Endless blessings for Love INNER PEACE and Joy,



Hi Brian. Hi Pearl, 

Thank you for your reply to my email of last night. Sorry I was going on about the male female thing. Thats perfectly all right.  No need to apologise, I completely understand; after all, I have undoubtedly been female on plenty of occasions;-)   One hears that in prehistoric times the female ruled the roost.  It's all a distraction, a diversion, devised to keep us in the illusion. 

I was indulging in a little self pity, and a couple of glasses of wine. Well, at least the wine helped ease the distress!  It’s not always me being insecure. I think that the average man is afraid of the feminine side of life. This is undoubtedly so.  Women are an enigma to men, and what one doesn't understand, one fears if the ego is in charge.  Gentleness, etc. Be a man is in their minds. This is what boys have had inculcated into them from day one. So being insecure they try to drag their wives etc. down to their level. Right again, when ego has the reins, which for the vast majority of the fragmented Sonship, it does. 

Other women have said that this is a man thing. Trying to make us feel stupid. The pendulum is swinging; there are vast numbers of TV commercials in which the male is portrayed as useless, incompetent, the butt end of the joke.  And I have seen no commercials where the female is thusly portrayed.  The ad agencies know they would never get away with it.

But I feel that if I Love me then it should not bother me any more. Precisely. If people are trying to put me down that is their problem not mine. Bull’s eye. So if my husband does say any more crazy things that is his problem.  You will find this completely transforms your outlook, and eventually you will start to feel sorry for him in his misperceptions; then compassion; then actually loving him, because you will see past the illusion, the game of pretend he is so deeply engaged with, to the real, God-Self that he  along with all the rest of us  really is.  

I guess it’s about time I put my mind to where my thoughts are, as its not only me being insecure; so is the other person.  We are mirror images of each other.  If we see ego in a ‘brother’ (or spouse), we are projecting ego, which is reflected straight back to us.  Many may find this hard to believe because it does not always appear to be so in every encounter. 

But this is a realm of pretend, and we all play pretend some, most or all the time in encounters with our fellows, and frequently think we have ‘got away with it’.  But psychically, the true intent has been projected, and those who are sensitive to the vibes are not fooled by outer pretences. And, if we are committed to extending the Christ in us, Who we truly Are, then we will see past the illusions to the Christ in our ‘brother’ (or spouse). 

I  keep saying have Compassion for them. Perfect. Keep on saying it and it becomes part of you But if I do not have Compassion for myself how can I do that for other people. Then you will have compassion for yourself, and that will become Love. 

I will go inside me and ask God/Goddess, these things. I am deeply proud of you, Pearl;-) I have done it before with my Higher Self. And thus, you can do it again; and again, until it becomes the whole You. I have some emotion trying to get out We all do, lurking deep in our unconscious, and under Holy Spirit control we can allow it to all come to the surface and be dispelled. 

Ego will not like this and it can feel very painful (emotionally) at the time, so most keep it suppressed, for fear of upset, but if we face the situation, with Holy Spirit’s help, the situation will be healed and we feel immeasurably better because it has been correctly dealt with and we are released from the bogus situation, or karmic entanglement. and I will feel better if I do this.  This is entirely true, for you and for us all.

Thank You,


Thank you, Pearl; Namaste to you also, 



The following exchange was posted on August 25th 2011


Hello Brian, Hello Dorothy,  


Have just read your latest, excellent MoE (August 17th 2011) again, and got to thinking about all the negative ego stuff you wrote about which rises up to challenge the aspirant’s progress. Thanks for your encouraging, positive feedback; always so gratefully received and much appreciated.  Ego does not give up on us lightly.  As we progress in the awakening process, out of ‘nowhere’ (actually, our unconscious mind, where ego/darkness seem to have their existence) come these ‘attacks’ on our inner peace.  In November 1994 the Teacher (John, the beloved disciple, author of the 4th gospel and Revelation) said to me:


I know I do not need to caution you to be constantly on guard against the wiles of the enemy (ego), or to maintain your armour of defence against the darts of destruction.  You know that the cloak of the Lord's protection — living in Him and always keeping your heart and life open to His presence — is the whole armour and that no further contortions of mind or body are needful for such protection.  The greatest threat of breach to such armour is complacency. 


He makes an oblique reference to Paul’s writing to the Ephesians (chapter 6) about the whole armour of God, and although he implies we don’t need to contort our mind (or body) with all that Paul says about this, some of what Paul writes, I do find to be helpful.  You might, perhaps, find, as I have, some bits to be useful and easy to relate to, but others stretching (contorting) it a bit.  But the bit that has been most valuable for me over the years since he gave this message (the whole thing can be seen in Diary of a Christ Communicant, November 20th 1994) was what he said about complacency.


He then goes on to say how our service of Mystical Christ Communion can serve us well for ‘reminding, renewing and restoring you in Christ humility, love, desire to serve’, and then says:


And thus shall the desire of your heart be fulfilled in joyous fellowship of Heaven.  And thus shall there continue to be much rejoicing in Heaven, echoing and reverberating in the ‘caverns’ of Earth, as such become illuminated with the light of the Kingdom, banishing away the darkness forever.


The ‘caverns of Earth’ refers to the experience described in the Vignette entitled ‘From Breaking Rocks to Breaking Bread’:


I see that these perceptions represent opportunities which translate into honing stones, gifts of great price, if we practise observing how they can be used, instead of letting them use us, and then the journey to awakening from this dream of life starts. To quote from your August 17th MoE, “through steadfast, unwavering commitment to this goal (being the Light of the world and also the saviours of the world) we activate, awaken, establish a centre or nucleus of the Kingdom of Heaven within us, from which we radiate it out into the world around us — that will become our experience” 


This is — in my experience — a long, hard road to tread, with many what I call ‘self-assessment opportunities’ along the way, ‘conveniently’ called to our experience by that ego, unconscious bit of our mind that lurks out of sight to our Earth-mind awareness most of time, but which has to be raised to the surface and dealt with in order for our full restoration to remembrance of Self to be completed.  And only by surrendering it to Self/Holy Spirit can it be truly, once and for all dealt with, transformed, dispelled, by His shining the Light of eternal truth into our mind and showing it was never real, but literally, only dreamt.


The observer becomes this creative centre when “all things shall be added to you”.  You have a wonderful gift for slotting pieces of the jigsaw together.


Then I was led to Olga Park truly you were led, for those illuminations by the Teacher to Olga were, and remain, invaluable guides/tools for us to use for our uplift and encouragement, helping us to truly KNOW we are heading in the right direction and the ‘Instruction in the Temple of God Consciousness’ where she is quoted as saying in March 1941, “An initiation is a testing situation of Earth circumstances that demonstrates whether or not the Server is ready for advanced experience and responsibility”. (Follow this link and scroll down to page 23 for full details)


Then in June 1945 she says (this is a direct quote from the Teacher to Olga), “The lessons that have been set for you are the same that all aspirants must master. These are not of the mind nor of the understanding, but of the life forces. Having gained a little control, you must wrestle in a larger field where the forces are greater, that resist your spiritual desire: so that for a time you may seem to be losing rather than gaining...”


I am having some of these occasionally at present, as I believe you also have been, and other friends/fellow travellers are also.  This is a case of opportunity showing up disguised as adversity.  They are the unconscious, ego stuff being brought to the surface for dealing with, placing on Papas altar in our heart for disposal and replacing with Love, Peace and Joy.  As Jesus says, ‘When all around is chaos and disarray, THEN rejoice, for the Kingdom is at hand, even at the doors.’  It is a true and blessed indicator of our progress in awakening, and only by our willingness to face what seems fearful can we move through the fear and back to perfect Love, Peace and Joy. 


“...Be of good cheer. I will direct your path so that you shall not greatly fall...” Alleluia.  I KNOW this guiding/directing is real and works, if we are willing to TRUST, which is the last thing ego wants. “...Take heed of my counsel...” I have underlined this because of the importance of our willingness/commitment to trust and follow the counsel we receive from the Spirit of Truth within us (or one operating under Christ/Spirit authority).  “...Acknowledge in all your thoughts and decisions, our Gracious Lord, and remember always His words of reassurance. Let not your heart be troubled neither be afraid.” 


I am deeply amazed and gratified that not only have you gone to the Olga Park website and found/read these precious writings that she is sharing (posthumously J ) with the world, but how you link the pieces together.  This is a sure sign of you being under close guidance from the Realms of Light.


It seems whole of life on Earth is a testing situation... I prefer to use the term ‘self-assessment opportunity’, a term Jesus used to me, saying ‘...for Papa tests no man’  ...that operates in everyone’s lives but from which we must and will awaken. Isn’t it marvellous to be able to say this with the certainty of KNOWING it is unalterably true!?  I rather think when Olga speaks of the life forces, she is referring to the emotions,... I am not entirely clear on this matter, yet. My interpretation on the term has been that the Teacher is referring more specifically to the Creator Spirit; Papa.  Here is what I have said about this in the Introduction to my book:


Once that desire rises to the surface of the consciousness, the step that will begin that journey is the active making of a conscious, committed choice for it to begin; for nothing from the Source of All will coerce any of us into embarking upon a journey for which we are not yet ready. No other outward action needs to be taken, for that act of choosing, motivated by the heart’s desire, will set in motion the cosmic process which will automatically begin our unique, individual, personal journey.


This has nothing to do with our Earth-mind understanding, but is of the Life Force, which is pure Spirit — the very Life Essence of the Creator — and cannot be controlled or manipulated by physical, mental or emotional acts of ego self-will. From then, our Higher Self, which is one with the Spirit of Truth, or Holy Spirit, and has mostly lain quiescent during our Earth-consciousness waking hours, will begin to become active in the events of the Earth physical and mental awareness.


 Michael Roads states that (unconditional) Love is not an emotion but a state of Pure Being far beyond emotions.  I suspect that emotions are — at least many of them — a tool of ego to keep us trapped in the illusion.  ...which are not of the mind or the understanding and which drive the wheels of this earthly vehicle resulting in many crashes... You seem to be agreeing with this here. 


I believe Truth is far above the rather primitive emotions experienced by the vast mass of humanity, but on how Love fits into this I am awaiting further enlightenment, as, when Jesus or other loved ones from the Realms of Light come close I am usually welled-up to overflowing with the ecstasy of their Love, and this feels like an emotional state.  It may not be emotion, but it has the upwelling experience — very pure and clear, unlike many emotions — that feels like an emotion ... until we send for mission control and trust Him to do the steering on that inward journey out of darkness to the Kingdom of Light. 


The pivotal factor is trust, because ego trusts no-one and nothing, doubting and fearing everything — especially the Light.  Absolute trust is crucial.  Getting that point across to people who haver and equivocate is not possible simply by the usual mechanisms of verbal persuasion, though that can help bring the person near to the place of readiness to receiving/experiencing a transforming miracle, if it gets the person thinking, questioning his established perceptions.


All for now, Love from Dorothy 


Many thanks for writing, Dorothy, 




The following exchange was posted on July 27th 2011


Dearest Brian,

Your MoE today, July 27th, is awesome!   It reminds me that my mortal eye “sees” what is NOT there and what is NOT true.....that I have a Christ vision that brings clarity, truth and light.   More important for me in today’s message is the reminder to trust in the Holy Spirit...the Voice for God.........It worked for Jesus. 

Thank you God, for the gift of Brian.   His inspired messages help us to understand the true nature of light - love, joy, and peace.  More importantly, we are reminded that THIS is our inheritance.    

In Christ’s name, Amen.



My Dearest Rosa,

How lovely, as always, to hear from you; and with such a heartwarming and affirming response to this week’s MoE.  What can I say?  It is so rewarding to receive messages of gratitude such as yours, which are also messages of encouragement to me.  Jesus speaks truly (no surprises there, then!) when he says ‘As you give, so shall you receive.’  You have demonstrated this to me today.  Thank you so much.

Endless blessings for Inner Peace, Joy and Love,




The following exchanges were posted on May 15th 2011


Hello Brian, I want to say thank you for the latest MoE (May 11th 2011) which I have just read. The MoE's are very helpful but strange in that from the worldly mind's point of view and lately, they have seemed like a personal message delivered at just the right time.. However on another level there is the feeling that what is happening is that the oneness is beginning to shine through into the world and what seems like a personal message is in fact just that, but personal for all who read and are beginning to awaken. Many blessings Brian.

 Love from Dorothy.


Good morning Dorothy,

This is not only one of the most interesting and discerning responses I have ever had to an MoE, but which brings me a sense of accomplishment and resonance with the Source of my inspiration.  In recent months I have been moving, one step at a time, more and more into harmony with that Source — the Spirit of Truth, the Mind and Spirit that in truth we all are, and that is the connection that is our true oneness — and feel that process taking place.  It is one of growing, developing, emerging trust that the Source has Its agenda, and that persona Brian's (pB) agenda is not only capable or becoming one with It, but that that is now actually occurring.  That agenda is the reunifying of fragmented minds and souls to the oneness that is the truth, the reality of our Being, and of all Life. 

It is expressed perfectly in the words you have written; that it seems like a personal message, yet personal to all who read it and are ready for it.  There have been very, very few who have wished to be unsubscribed from the mailing list over the years, and none in the last two or three years, but two or three in the last few weeks — including one this week. 

I interpret that as being a sort of natural selection, in which, as the vibration of the MoEs is raised, those who were comfortable with them at a lower frequency start to be less resonant with the higher frequency — or, perhaps more meaningfully, at what appears as more personal to each reader as well as the writer — so opt out, because they are not yet ready to move forward that additional step toward the Light that is the Source of their inspiration (as the input of pB diminishes, or is raised up closer to, or more harmonious with, that Source).

I am glowing — or, more correctly, there is a sense of glowing within my awareness — at what you have said; it is as if it is an affirmation that the direction of these MoEs is moving more into line with the Holy Spirit's intended objectives for them.  PB is, effectively, more trusting and willing to step aside to allow the flow of inspiration to take the helm.

Words are not the perfect tool for describing mystical matters, but they are best we have — so far — so I hope this goes some way to describing what is going on.

Love, always, and thanks for writing your illuminating messages,


This exchange followed a visit from Keith, who, with his wife Cas, has a severely disabled son, Ashley

Dear Brian,

First of all i'd like to say thank you for having me over today.
Our pleasure; thanks so much for coming, and for truly Kingdomly fellowship.  Can there be greater joy than that!? It was really good to meet you both (again). Likewise As you said, i'm sure it will be the first of many. This is how we both feel. Cas and I had a bit of a chat about the visit tonight. She asked how it went. I told her a few bits. Then she said I should ask you about Ashley.

I was thinking alot about what Gary Renard said, plus what I have learned from ACIM and the current book i'm reading, about how our world is shaped by our thoughts, feelings, fears, and emotions, and about how the World and Universe are merely reflections of those things.
Does Cas accept this? She didn't comment, but actually listened carefully without argument. I consider that huge progress! As we discussed today, Quantum Physics proves this.

I fully accept that the Universe gives you whatever you offer it. If I think and feel poverty and lack, then I will experience those things in the seemingly physical. If I think and feel love and abundance, then equally those will become my reality. I also know that due to exponential compounding, any (same) fear, desire, or expectation being experienced by more than one person is greatly multiplied to levels many times greater than the number of participants.  All this is immutable truth — PLFs 

Therefore, if my wife and I offer the possibilty, fear, and expectation of having a disabled son because of a genetic defect, then surely that can be the only thing the world can give us ... right???  This sounds like some guilt coming out. I did feel a twinge of it, but then instantly reasoned myself out of it. It is certainly true that like attracts like, but this is cause for thanksgiving, because you called unto yourselves a gift to help you all to grow and progress on the path of awakening. I fully agree. These words from Jn. 9 are applicable: 

1: And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth.
2: And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?
3: Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.

Ashley is a gift to you and Cas, and you and Cas are a gift to him.  This is at least as much his choice as yours and Cas'.  As Jesus says in ACIM, it isn't the world that needs changing; it is our mind about the world that needs changing.  From the little I know of this family situation, and the way you are handling it, you are well focused on the opportunity this is providing to transform this 'adversity' (or, gift) into fulfilment (OTAF).  Only ego wants us to see such situations as cause for guilt and self-punishment.  This is not Jesus' or Papa's way.

I salute you and Cas, and Ashley, for your handling of it.  That that handling may not appear to a judgemental perception to be 'perfect' is not something for which Jesus or Papa will judge and condemn any of you, so I know you will realise that any self-judgement or condemnation is a path to nowhere.  Whether or not a bodily healing takes place for Ashley (as it did for the blind man Jesus healed) should not be a cause for comparison and self-condemnation, for the situations are different and for different purposes.  Giving thanks and PCB'ing are, as I know you are fully aware, the only way Home (along with forgiveness). I understand, thank you.

I explained the above in detail, going on to explain that right now existing in multiple dimensions are alternates of all of us, living parallel lives, experiencing every possible outcome for the individual. By changing our minds, thoughts, feelings, or emotions regarding anything, we shift from this reality to one where we will have reflected to us whatever it is we expect to experience. That reality is already in existence, we merely select that reflection, good or bad. Your perspicacity is truly astonishing.  I salute you again.☺

Apparently that may have been how Jesus performed his miracle healings. His ability to join consciously to another mind enabled him to create the necessary shift in reflection from one of disease or death, to one of health or life! This (that I have underlined) is the 'secret'. This can only be done through/via the Holy Spirit because He is the common denominator that joins us all.  He knew because he was at-one with the Spirit of Truth that the son(s) of God are already perfect, even if they may at that moment be seeing themselves as otherwise. There was no need to really perform a miracle because the miracle is the already perfect existence of the person. Jesus was re-minding the healee of this truth. Jesus had the incredible ability to display the version God intended each individual to witness of himself.  But ego still holds sway of most of the fragmented Sonship.  But not for long!!! Amen!!

My questions are:

1. How can I connect to another mind and reverse even some of the damage I have done?
First, neither you, nor any of us, have done any damage because none of this is real. Excuse me while I bash my head on this wall for a while! I know that science proves all of the above, plus Jesus is our living example of it in action, so I need to learn how to do it! 

Of yourself you, along with the rest of us, can do nothing.  The Spirit of Truth, our connection to our True Being, Christ, within the dream is the mechanism of miracles (Miracle Principle 38, ACIM).  All that is required of us is to be willing to allow it, believing, knowing of a certainty that having given all to Him, the outworking for the good of all is accomplished.  The knack is leaving it with him and to not keep taking it back and guilt-tripping (ego's trick).  Only by letting go can He work it all out. 

Our input is DESIRE and INTENT, which we offer up with our willingness and faith/trust.  Desire and intent are more powerful than anything else, and without these there is only stasis, and Self is powerless on our behalf because we are not indicating a desire/intent/willingness for anything.  He cannot go against our will. You are an excellent reminder!

2. Do you think the affected person has to have the ability to understand and be accepting of the switch to an alternate reality of themselves in order for it to work?
 No.  Not at the outward level of perception.  None Jesus healed had that understanding, but they did have the one essential ingredient: FAITH. Without it nothing is possible.  I have not a shred of doubt you have it also, but we must all be vigilant for the Kingdom and against ego thought systems slithering their way (back) in, crowding our vision and dulling our faith, which must be one-pointed, steadfast, unequivocal for forward progress and outworking of the purification process.

I understand as all ACIM students do that we Not ego/persona-we, but by surrendering the helm of our life to our true Self and allowing Him to accomplish all transformation from darkness to Light for persona-us.  Outward change (more money, more stuff) is meaningless if we do do not put seeking the Kingdom first. Yeah... thats the truth. can change our own reality, but changing somebody else's is on a totally different, even biblical, level!  There is no order of difficulty in miracles, and there is only one of us.  What we do, or desire, for our brother, we do or desire for our self, and vice-versa.  Desire/intent/faith is everything.  Doubt is the great dismantler of faith.

Or am I becoming even more delusional than my already illusory existence seems?  Until we are 'clear', purified of the prince of this world (ego), we oscillate between Holy Spirit script/thinking and ego script/thinking.  You have made extraordinary progress in an extraordinarily short time.  I salute you (again!) for this.  Be glad.  Do not be hard on yourself that you are not where you desire to be.  We are all on a journey.  Reaching our destination is assured, but we can get there best by taking one step at a time. Thanks Brian... you can be the one holding my lead to keep me from running ahead of myself, ha ha. Patience...I've got to make more time for patience!

Much love my friends! 
And to you, and please pass our love and blessings along to Cas also, and of course, Ashley and the girls, 

Keith              Brian

The following exchanges were posted on April 23rd 2011


Hi Brian,  Hi Aisha,

I can't wait to really get into this yea!  (this refers to  a message I had sent about the impending print-publication of my book, newly re-titled “Seek ye First the Kingdom...” ) tonight after work I hope you have found it interesting

I have a q for you I am on lesson 4 (these thoughts do not mean anything),  I wonder if you could provide some insight into this as all the "new thought" materials I've studied say you are what you think?  

Jesus states in ACIM that the Workbook needs to be done within the context of the Text, otherwise it won't be meaningful.  I know of a number of people who don't understand the Text, so they try the Workbook, on the basis that it is 'easier'.  Some benefit will, of course accrue from that, but not as much as following the Course as its author guides.  Most who do not eventually end up falling by the wayside.  But nothing is lost, and they will call further opportunities into their presence, in subsequent, illusory incarnations, until the whole is leavened.  It is inevitable.  

What the Text tells us is that there are only two thought systems available to us: the Holy Spirit's (the Voice for God) and the ego's; that the two are incompatible, and only one of them is real.  We, the fragmented Son of God, who is One, appearing, illusorily, as many, are appearing that way because we have chosen to listen to the wrong voice.  That voice, or thought system ego  fills our head with meaningless stuff.  Meaningless because none of it is true, or real. 

Only that which is eternal is true and real (and that is ALL within us, so anything not within us, and of unconditional Love, cannot be real), because only that which is of, or from, God, is eternal.  That which passes away, i.e. is of time and place, is unreal; an illusion, which we, in our confused, upside-down state of mind, have made up, and then believe, mistakenly, that it is true, real.   

So, if 'our' thoughts are of the past, or the future, or to do with finding fulfilment of our heart's desire in the things of time and place, or bodies, or 'out there', they are made up and meaningless, because there is only the eternal moment of NOW.  Therefore, such thoughts are not really ours — because we are Christ, the eternal Son of the eternal Father, Who has no such trifling thoughts — but those of ego, masquerading as us.

Everything we look at, think about or do that is not a thought from the the Spirit of Truth, the Voice for God, our link to our true, Christ Self (which we have forgotten about as we play the game of make-believe, listening to the false thought system of ego, designed to keep us in time and place and on the carousel of birth and death), is unreal if it is not of Eternity, which is the Kingdom of Heaven, our one, only true Home.   

Time and place is about doing.  Heaven is about Being.  When we have had enough of doing, we come to realise that all that will bring us eternal fulfilment is, simply, Being.  Just like our Father Creator, Papa, in Whose likeness we are created. 

So, when Jesus says 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of God...' (or Heaven), he is really meaning 'Seek ye ONLY the Kingdom', for everything else is an illusion.  Who, therefore, in his right mind, would seek illusions, which bring us only doubt, uncertainty, questions, questions, questions, with no answers (only the Spirit of Truth brings us true, real answers, so if we are not listening to Him, we will never get answers) misery, and that pass away, when the ineffable bliss, rapture, ecstasy of eternal reality is freely, lovingly available to us, right now and for ever?

      hmmm.... Hmmmmm indeed;-)

I am doing the lesson anyway as the course suggests but I'm wondering if you could deepen this for me.

Well, very, very good for you for having 'stick-at-it-iveness'. I hope some of this may deepen it for you. The very best advice any could offer is, if it is the promise of truth, and that truth will set us free, stick at it.  I promise you Jesus is the truth, the real deal, and following him will set you, and all of us, free.  Jesus, like Papa, has his dwelling within us, not a building, or a set of doctrines, dogmas, rules, regulations, dos and don'ts ( If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.  Jn. 14:23)

I am almost finished with an amazing book called The Spirit of Intimacy by Sobonfu Some, her husband has come from Africa to teach healing here in the West. 

I am not familiar with this writing, but glad you are enjoying it.  If it accords with ACIM, and the Spirit of Truth that dwells within you, it will be beneficial for your return journey Home.  If not, the only other thing it can be is a distraction from that journey;-)  May the Light of Discernment tarry with you, now and always, dear Aisha 

This book has put an amazing light on what relationship is really about, spirit's agenda!  not mine!   I'm not sure you'd have an interest but I've so moved by it! I wanted to share!  I feel like copying the book and sending it to everyone I know!

With love!  Received, appreciated, LASERED and returned full measure  Brian

The following exchanges were posted on April 1st 2011


Hi Brian,

Hi Dorothy,

have just read your latest MoE (dated March 30th).   Brilliant.....  The best ever.

Wow!  What a lovely plaudit.  Thank you.

As I read, the words seemed as wings of light, lifting the mind to penetrate the illusory clouds of the ego, and into the clear blue sky of truth and reality. 

I love your incisive, yet also poetic way of describing.  

May all who read, share this journey towards the light, and realise the true meaning of salvation —  the salvation which Jesus offered.

Oh, my dear Dorothy, these words echo the yearning, prayer and commitment of my heart and soul ever since Jesus manifested to me in that basement room in Vancouver, in January 1967.

Jesus tried to awaken us,

He knew we were not ready 2k years ago, but like the Good Husbandman, he knew he had to plant the seeds in fructifying soil, knowing they would remain dormant for a span, but that in due season they would germinate and grow (with his loving tending and nurturing), and when the season was right, bear much fruit for the Kingdom.  That season has arrived, and we are blessed to be here to see, bear witness and contribute to, and be part of the harvest  

but when we are deeply dreaming and the body doesn't want to awake, so sometimes voices or needs from our waking world get woven by our inherent creativeness

...inherent because we are Papa's Son, with all the creative power of our Father; in spite of listening to ego, it comes through when we are willing to allow it. 

into the dream tapestry to enable sleep to continue. 

Happily, the New Dawn is breaking and the time of sleeping is at an end, even though, in linear time, Earth-mind perception, it seems still remote.  That seeming remoteness is an illusion.

 Likewise, because the salvation of which Jesus spoke would disturb and destroy the ego's dream of reality, so the imagination of personalities in the ego's thrall engineered it into something that could be incorporated into the dream and didn't disturb the sleep.  

Perfectly stated. But the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will out, and the fake Jesus fabricated by the ego construct we call the (Laodicean) church will be/is being allowed to crumble, and resurrecting from it like the phoenix is now arising, from our own within, is our true Being, Christ, where He has his dwelling-place.  Alleluia!!!

This concept of salvation and the misunderstanding of what Jesus meant by 'sin' gave the sleepers a bit more dream stuff to play around with and so distract from the real business He came into our reality for, that of waking us up. 

Truly, you have clarity of vision.  Thank you for sharing. 

" I come in little things" saith the Lord

This is from a poem by Evelyn Underhill, which I am pasting below, for those who are unfamiliar with it.

 and perhaps real service for Jesus is in the MoE's.

This is my absolute desire, and I feel the empowerment of the Holy Spirit as the thoughts/ideas come into my mind as I write.  Their source is definitely not persona Brian!  Jesus' words from Mk. 13:11 describe it:  ...take no thought beforehand what ye shall speak, neither do ye premeditate: but whatsoever shall be given you in that hour, that speak ye (or write J): for it is not ye that speak, but the Holy Ghost. 

Keep up the good work, Brian. 

By the Grace of God, so be it J   

Love from Dorothy 

Thanks again; much love and blessings to you, 



I come in the little things,

Saith the Lord:

Not borne on morning wings

Of majesty, but I have set My Feet

Amidst the delicate and bladed wheat

That springs triumphant in the furrowed sod.

There do I dwell, in weakness and in power;

Not broken or divided, saith our God!

In your strait garden plot I come to flower:

about your porch My Vine,

Meek, fruitful, doth entwine;

Waits, at the threshold, Love's appointed hour.


I come in the little things,

Saith the Lord:

Yea! on the glancing wings

Of eager birds, the softly pattering feet

Of furred and gentle beasts, I come to meet

Your hard and wayward heart. In brown bright eyes

That peep from out the brake, I stand confest.

On every nest

Where feathery Patience is content to brood

And leaves her pleasure for the high emprise

Of motherhood –

There doth My Godhead rest.


I come in the little things,

Saith the Lord:

My starry wings

I do forsake,

Love's highway of humility to take:

Meekly I fit my stature to your need.

In beggar's part

About your gates I shall not cease to plead –

As man, to speak with man –

Till by such art

I shall achieve My Immemorial Plan,

Pass the low lintel of the human heart.



Hi Brian,

Just a quickie to let you know that our phone chat (having re-read the MoE dated March 30th) really changed my perspective. I thought about it, and for the first time I saw, or rather EXPERIENCED, that I only have one life. I used to see my existence as life after life after life... with an overall spiritual higher self behind them, running the whole show, so to speak.

But now I see what rubbish that is! It is all truly one life. It is only the unconscious dreaming which has separated it out into time-bound fragments. When you can begin to grasp the mechanics of the non existence of Time, it all becomes obvious! I know that that is what Jesus teaches in the course, but I hadn't actually realised and felt the enormous reality of it until our chat, about the resurrection and the second coming being one and the same event. 

I can't thank you enough my friend...
God bless you always


PS I hope you know what I meant with all of that!


Keith, my Brother!

Yes, I know just what you meant


I am so glad we had that chat.  2k years ago Jesus told the disciples there was much he had still to tell them but they were not able/ready to ‘bear’, so he was sending them the Spirit of Truth, Who would reveal all they needed, as and when.  2k years later, we — you and I, and other students of ACIM/followers of Jesus — are still sooooooooo slow to grasp what, once we DO grasp it, is as plain as a pike-staff, and so obvious, we wonder, how did we miss it!?  

The realisation that the resurrection/second coming are one and the same was absolutely staggering to me when it first hit me — as I was writing the MoE — I felt light-headed at its import for about half an hour.  But now, it's so obvious, and feels like I have always known it (which, in truth, of course, we all have).  Nevertheless, I do realise what a wonderful revelation it was, and how serviceable it is to our grasp, and the timelessness, of eternal reality.  As our beloved friend The Teacher is wont to say, ‘We go forward.’  Alleluia!!

Love and blessings for continuing awakening,


The following exchange was posted on March 19th 2011


Dear Brian,

I have a question that I hope you will be able to answer :-)

I work as a complementary therapist and it seems that I easily attract 'negative energy' from
the people who come to see me..I will feel drained of energy and tired..I have always known
that I am not doing the 'healing' just being a conduit for love.
At night I am very occasionally woken by uncomfortable energies around my bed, which I always
command to go to where they should be

Since beginning The Course in Miracles I always ask Jesus and the angels to be with us during the time spent
with my Brother and I ask for Divine light to hold me and to fill the room.
I understand that this is an illusion and in reality I cannot be harmed but I still seem to attract it

Can you offer advice?

Thank you


Dear Jane, 

To one degree or another, we are all psychic even those who vigorously deny it;-)  That means we are, to whatever degree, and it varies from one person to another, open to the vibes emanating from others; particularly those with whom we are in close contact (bodily proximity is only a partial factor in this, as it is to do with wavelengths, for which distance is of little consequence). 

In your situation the contact is professional, but that is also of no consequence.  The key factor here is that people come to you because they feel a need for your input, and most are probably feeling emotionally or physically impacted, so will be, albeit unwittingly, pouring out their perceived condition upon you psychically.

 I am guessing you are a person who has a strong empathy for others, so you also perhaps also unwittingly are open to the other person, so that actually draws more of their outpourings than usual, straight into you, who are absorbing it like a sponge.  It is no wonder you feel drained!  These people are sucking the life force out of you and you are an open tap, letting it happen.

 The first thing is to be consciously aware of this, and to keep your psychic door closed, so that neither your life force is draining out to the patient/client nor are you absorbing their psychic outpourings.  That will not affect the outpouring of your love and blessing to them, for which you will be recharged and feel more energised, not less. You do not need to understand all the 'mechanics' of this in order to be able to achieve it; you just need to be aware of what has been happening and consciously choose for it to stop. 

 That will do it, especially, of course, if you ask Jesus/Holy Spirit to be in charge of the process.  There is an additional, key factor that I was strongly prompted to say to you when I asked Holy Spirit to guide me in answering your question:  Ask Jesus to stand between you and the patient/client.  Of course this does not mean geographically, but in terms of the exchange of thoughts and life energies passing between you and them.  This buffers you from any negative vibes coming from them, and spiritualises your energies to them.

 As for your bedroom and the negative energies intruding there, walnut oil is very good for keeping lower astral intruders at bay.  Try placing something like an egg-cup with walnut oil in it by your bed.  It doesn't need to be full up.  Also, of course, ask Jesus to cleanse the room of all negative vibes/unwanted visitors. 

Better yet, in his name, power and authority, command all such to be gone and not to return.  This empowers you, rather than just getting Jesus to do it all.  There is nothing wrong with asking him, except that it is not moving you forward toward re-empowerment by Christ authority.

 I hope this helps.  Love and endless blessings for wholeness,



Dear Brian

Thank you so much for your prompt reply, it is much appreciated

Yes I do tend to soak up other peoples woes and concerns, especially when I was fact I am so sure that is why I developed M.E. and had to 'retire early'

I will gratefully ask Jesus to 'stand between myself and my clients' and intend that my
psychic door is closed...yes they come because they are emotionally impacted which as we know often
results in the development of physical symptons.

I feel so grateful for your advice and will employ it in my interactions with anyone who I feel may be potentially draining my energy, whilst always using it with my clients.

 Hopefully I will feel alive and vibrant again :-)

I will buy some walnut oil tomorrow!! 

Love and Many blessings for your time and advice


Dear Jane,


 I am so happy to hear your receptive response to the proffered suggestions.  Please let me know how things progress.

 Much love and endless blessings for continuing progress Kingdomwards;-)



Dearest Brian

I will do...and I look forward to seeing you in the Kingdom! :-)

Smiley blessings always


The following exchange was posted on March 17th 2011


Dear Brian,  Dear Keith,

Another very interesting entry in the diary. (Message of Encouragement dated March 16th 2011)

Glad you enjoyed it, and that we are in resonance.

Thank you.

You are totally welcome.  

I agree with what you are saying. I have exactly the same opinion as you.

This is a sure sign of the healing of the split mind of the Sonship back to wholeness, or oneness.

I have a couple of questions though...  You mention we are protected from spirits of the lower realms:

This is entirely true, IF/WHEN we place ourself in the protection and guidance of Jesus and/or Holy Spirit.  They are, I hardly need mention, empowered for our protection, but we must ask for it, otherwise They cannot give it because we are at free will.  If we choose/ask for Their protection, it is ours.  Not choosing/asking for it means that is our choice also i.e. not to have Their protection.  This is all so perfectly obvious, but ego does not want us to see/understand the obvious, so the vast majority of the fragments remain utterly blind/ignorant of these basic, fundamental realities, or PLFs (Principles of Life of the Father).  Jesus is changing all that, with his Great Rescue Programme.  Several Alleluia Choruses, please Mr. Handel.

I have a potential theory, which may be totally wrong. Please correct me if it is. I wondered if, as we know this existence is illusory, aren't all of them?

This has to be so because only that created by Papa and His Son are eternal; anything not eternal has not been thusly created, so is not, cannot be, real.  However, the split-off part of the Son’s mind is capable of making illusions, and is free to believe they are real.  Indeed, they do seem very real to their maker, though all such are temporal, which is the proof they are not actually real.

I mean, if people reach the end of this life with no spiritual progress being made, do they, in their confusion at still being in existence, simply create a new existence for their still fragmented part to exist in? 

Yes.  For many, they don’t even know they have laid aside their body, so their etheric surroundings are just as they expect them to be, which is to them a replica of their Earth-physical environment.  It remains that way until they realise what has happened.  Then it changes in accord with their progress in, or degree of, understanding.

That environment may be comfortable enough for many, but for others, such as those who have been tortured and brutally murdered, untold numbers of such terrified souls remain stuck in that moment of terror for an indeterminate period.  I don’t know if you have read my book, Seek ye First the Kingdom (SYFK), but a few good examples of this are to be found therein.  

There are a number of further examples cited, but these 4 should give you an insight into this.  The worst horrors the upside-down, ego-driven Son of God can devise all need healing, and the karmic entanglements they cause need releasing.  Just because, in linear time (which is but an illusion), such events are in the ‘past’ does not mean they are ‘over’ for those still stuck in the terror of the experience, which can continue to be their experience as long as they believe it is real and thus remain stuck in it. 

This is why we serve the Kingdom Programme very well by praying for the release/awakening of souls or brothers, one and all stuck in such moments of awfulness.  I have no idea how many there are in stuck in such terrifying conditions in the etheric realms, but my feeling is that there are untold millions.  The world at large has no idea about all this, and this is just how ego wants it. 

It is not how Jesus wants it.  All this must come to the surface and be healed before it can be released.  Vignette 2 will go some distance to explaining this. We all can help, simply by becoming aware and desiring to help.  Jesus/Holy Spirit will take over from there on in.  All we have to do thenceforward is co-operate with Their lead.  All this is explained in depth in Seek ye First the Kingdom (SYFK).  Reading the whole story will be more beneficial, of course, than just a few snippets. 

Or do they gravitate to other levels according to the vibratory rate of their soul at the point of death?  levels which are already in existence due to others of the same vibrational rate already being there.

 Birds of a feather flock together is the answer to this.  One ‘individual’ fabricates his own ‘reality’ but where a number of discarnate souls are of a like (mis)understanding, they will experience a consensus ‘reality’.  Just as we are doing here in the so-called ‘physical’.  Of course, there is no such thing as physical, and we, who believe we are here with a body are no more here than those who perceived themselves to be here in former (linear) times, and are unaware they have laid aside their ‘physical’ bodies, carrying on as they are accustomed.  This is described in Part 2 of Seek ye First the Kingdom (SYFK), Vignette 14.

I would assume that ALL of them are illusory until we process ourselves through spiritual development and become one, transcending the body, becoming one in Heaven with God with no need for ANY illusory existences?

This is it, in a nutshell, and shows just how much we have to awaken from.  Jesus makes it plain in ACIM that we need to know what we are ‘up against’ in order to awaken from it.  There is much more to ‘it’ than what appears to be happening in this ‘present’ moment.  We have ALL brought karmic entanglements with us into ‘this’ act (incarnation), from ‘previous’ acts, and carry the seed memory of it deep in our subconscious mind.  Anyone who thinks he can ‘go it alone’ in escaping the maze he has established around himself is whistling Dixie. 

And does that mean that my mum may think she's in Heaven because it's beautiful and she never skipped Sunday school?

This is exactly so (illusorily speaking!)  We must keep in mind the definition of ‘Heaven’ as eternal reality; full and uninterrupted wakefulness to the ineffable truth of our Self and our Father.  Anything less is not eternal, so is not Heaven.  It is the etheric counterpart of Earth, which has varying degrees of illumination, from absolute darkness and unspeakable fear (the basement flats, so to speak, of Papa’s House) ‘up’ through gradual increase in Light.  See Vignette 27 in Seek ye First the Kingdom (SYFK) for more on this.  

If it does, How long would she stay there?

Such a place as you describe your mum possibly being in (along with incalculable numbers of others) is referred to as ‘the Summerland’ in Anthony Borgia’s book Life in the World Unseen. We have to keep firmly in mind that time is an illusion.  So, it may seem like a ‘short time’ weeks, months, a few years, a few decades, or a ‘long time’ many decades, or centuries, or millennia, from an Earth-mind perspective.  But in truth which we must keep on reminding ourself is the eternity of Heaven it is ‘no time’ because there is no time; only the Holy Instant of the eternal NOW.  All else is a momentary flash, a phantasm, a mad moment.  Nothing.  Thanks be to God, and to our beloved brother, Jesus, for bringing us to the truth, so we can dispel all illusions.

And would anyone tell her that she hasn't quite, er, made it?  

Yes, but only when she is ready to hear it.  Remember, just as Jesus, and untold others from the penthouse suite of Papa’s House (i.e. Heaven) who are fully awake, visit us who perceive ourself in a ‘physical’ body, and They are gradually, gently, lovingly waking us across a broad front by a myriad Kingdomly mechanisms, so are They visiting the Summerland and helping all its inhabitants who are ready to move ‘onwards and upwards’. 

Or does she just wait there until one day she's sucked back into the great delusion; here?   

‘The cycle of birth and death’ is a good term to explain this.  Let us take an example, such as your mum (actual or otherwise) and let us call her ‘Mary’.  When Mary leaves her worn-out carcase behind, she finds herself in a sunny, pleasant place; ‘the afterlife’, as many might call it.  Here, she relaxes, gets her bearings, meets up with many old friends and loved ones, and ‘chills out’ for a while (remember, this ‘while’ is actually no time, however long it may seem).  She may meet with Jesus if she truly desires so to do or others from the penthouse, and come to many new, greater understandings about who she really is, where she really is, how to go forward to the eternity of Heaven (the penthouse, in our little analogy). 

But it will not be possible for her to move direct from Summerland to the penthouse without reincarnating.  Why?  Because she is, like most of the rest of us, not yet fully awake.  She has some unresolved ‘issues’, deep in her unconscious, accrued from myriad ‘former’ acts, all needing to be outworked, healed, forgiven.  The only place one can awaken from a dream is from within the dream.

This is where my own mother, Betty, is at on the path of progress.  She told me she is planning her next act, and we even know who she has chosen as her next mother.  That is likely to be in the coming 10 or 15 years of illusory, linear time, but in truth, is no time. 

That dream is time and place, and is comprised of the cycle of birth and death, though it might help the understanding if and rebirth is added, because we keep going round and round, from one persona to the next.  Each persona is an opportunity to go forward on the path to wakefulness, though as yet, the vast majority of fragments are completely unaware of this, so miss most of the opportunities for progress they call into their presence.  That is why it is called the cycle...  I call it the carousel, or the not-so-merry-go-round. 

It is here, within the dream of bodies, that we must learn, remember, that we are NOT a body, and forgive ourself and our brothers for perceiving ourself and them as bodies, when in truth, we are Christ, Papa’s one, perfect, innocent, eternal Son, created in the likeness of his Father: Spirit.  Then we will have awakened from the dream, get out of gaol, pass Go, collect £200, and arrive Home; courtesy of Jesus.  Three cheers for Jesus!!!...

My brain's overheating! I feel I have learned so much, yet I still have so many questions...

Don’t I know just how you feel.  This is what Papa said to me about this in May 1996: 

Beloved Papa, Heavenly Father, Creator Spirit: there is so much I don't understand about You, the nature of Life, Consciousness, Peace and on and on.  (As I began to form these words in my mind I saw Papa, standing, as a ‘Fatherly figure.’ He put His hands on His hips, threw back His head and roared with laughter!)

My son, the Keys to the Kingdom lie not in answers but in faith, trust, commitment, obedience to My word.  Because you are My children I love you and you are responding, making yourself available by faith and obedience, to be drawn by My love.

I make the rules — you don't; indeed you cannot because by your own acknowledgement you don't understand.  All I require of you is commitment to Me and I will fulfil your heart's desire for righteousness, justice, goodwill; let not your desire, which I know is an unquenchable flame within you, ensnare you into the belief that you must accomplish it.  I will accomplish it for you because of your desire and your commitment.  And answers shall be the result, not the cause, of your fulfilment, of your desire...

Keith, what you have asked here is of immeasurably greater importance than most of humanity has the foggiest idea.  Thank you from my heart for providing this opportunity to share some of this, the journey on which Jesus has been leading me, and provided this priceless legacy, the only value of which is in the sharing.  My prayer is that these seeds may find some fructifying soil in which to grow and bear much fruit for the Kingdom purpose.

With love sir...  Gratefully received, and sent right back to you, lasered.




Dear Brian,
Wow! I can't thank you enough for that clarification. I didn't know about your book, but now I do I will download it, with gratitude.

It's always puzzled me about what happens for sure. The reason is because there is a spirit which roams around our area of 6000 homes. Many had seen him. I woke up on the sofa at 3 o'clock one morning to find him standing in the living room looking at me! I didn't know about him until I mentioned it to a neighbour, who told me that he was from the farm on which our estate was built.

That really puzzled me, because I thought 'If HE can pop in to say Hi, why didn't my mum?' I mean it's 37 years, and nothing! How rude! (just kidding mum). But now, thanks to your wonderful reply, I understand much more.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Brian. God bless you sir!

See you in the penthouse.... Winking smile  It's a date!

With love 


The following exchange was posted on March 4th 2011


Dear Brian,  Dear Jane,

You ask at the end of the diary if we have any experiences we would like to share,
I would like to share a dream that I had recently...I say dream it felt like a nightmare until
I saw the message I was being given  Thanks so much for sharing this.

I dreamt I was the mother of a small, quiet boy probably aged approx 7 years. Symbol of Papa's Son.

In the dream I treated him SO badly, each time i walked past him I slapped his head..and it appeared I was constantly berating him and making his life miserable...and throughout it all, he remained quiet and 'accepting' of this horrendous behaviour

I recall seeing myself from the place of the dreamer and being mortified by this behaviour willing 'myself ' in the dream to stop

I was so distressed that I woke sobbing with pains in my heart at this cruelty.  This clearly shows you are waking to the remembrance of Who you really Are.  Alleluia!

I called out to God at that moment to help me to understand to let me go back into the dream to hold this little boy and make amends, to say I was sorry  The desire for forgiveness; the gateway to freedom from the prison of separation.

I imagined holding him saying that I loved him and asking his forgiveness over and over again  Right mind gaining supremacy in the 'struggle' with ego-mind.

Suddenly I was 'shown'  the scene again and it was the back of a theatre...I could see the walls of the room
were scenery in a play and the little boy smiled at me showing me it was an wasn't real at all. that he was an actor   Wonderful!!!  The whole separation idea is Papa's Son playing the game of make-believe.  I feel if we, the apparently separated fragments of the Sonship can choose to view it in that light, rather than a terrible, terrifying ordeal of fear, guilt, shame, etc., it places us much closer to transforming the nightmare into a happy dream, taking us a huge step toward readiness for wakening.

I wept then, tears of relief holding that little child so close  I feel the relief.  Such tears are a great healing release, washing away a terrible burden of grief, self-blame, anguish, being trapped in spiritual darkness, helplessness.

This dream has stayed with me and I wondered at first if I was being shown a past life...but I believe I was being shown that this life and the pain we experience isn't real and we only have to ask God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus and we will be shown this is is so, I hope my interpretation is correct  My dear Jane, viewed from this perspective, which, of course, is absolutely spot-on, this can be seen truly as a great gift; not just for you, but for all who are ready to see it in the same Light.

I hope you don't mind my sharing it with you,  Jane, Sweetheart, I am overjoyed that you have done so.  I hope you don't mind me sharing it with all who visit the HTG Forum page, for the benefit of all 'who labour and are heavy laden'.  Thank you again, for writing.

With blessings to you  Many, many blessings back to you also, dear one,

Jane                            Brian

The following exchanges were posted on February 27th 2011

Dear Brian,  Dear Keith,

 Thank you for your latest instalment (the MoE dated February 23rd 2011). Beautifully written. What a wonderful appreciation and affirmation!  Thank you, so much.

 I may have mentioned that my awakening came through science; the study of Quantum Physics. I was not aware of that.  I was very interested by the following paragraph:

Because the Son of God dreamed he has left Home and journeyed to a far country, `upside-downland' in which everything is the opposite of his true Being, he perceives himself as fractured, dividing into ever-increasing numbers of fragments, each perceiving itself as different and separate from the rest and from its Source.

You may already know this, but:

In 1980 Benoit Mandelbrot discovered an algebra formula written at the point of the big bang. The formula is Z is = to the power of Z (squared) x C. Mandelbrot called it 'The Thumbprint of God'.
To elaborate slightly Z would be the length of something, anything. When it is equalled to the power of itself squared, x C, you end up with a self-replicating entity whose final form is only subject to the length of the line at Z. From that point it has the power to be born, then reborn, again and again, constantly evolving out of itself, going on forever, but each time being slightly different to the last due to each prior form being different, creating complexity.

Keith, in spite of my not being a maths genius or a quantum physicist, and the detail therefore going right over my head, I find the whole concept which I am able to grasp truly amazing (i.e. that mathematicians could actually come up with a formula, or equation, to demonstrate, or represent, this), and actually, very satisfying.  I am curious to know if ‘C’ = the speed of light (as in the famous Einstein equation)?  Whether it is, or not, that would still not enlighten me in terms of the mathematics

I love the fact that the simplicity of the sum is mirrored by its staggering accuracy. It is brilliance in motion.  Here, I can but nod, unknowingly! The accuracy level needed to create the illusion is 1:80 Zero's.  That sounds like a lot, even – or perhaps I should say, especially - to me!!  The closest humans can come to an accuracy level like that is 1:16 Zero's. I must bow to your immeasurably greater mathematical knowledge – or even, from where I am sitting – genius. That sum is the scientific discovery of what the course teaches, and what you said, about how we create ourselves and everything else:

...dividing into ever-increasing numbers of fragments, each perceiving itself as different and separate from the rest and from its Source.’

I heard, back in the 1960s, someone say that Jesus is the Cosmic Master of mathematics.  I have never doubted that.  I believe this does not mean it is something one needs to go to some august institution of higher learning to acquire such mastery.  Far better, from where I am sitting, is the belief that that mastery comes from allowing the Light of Life to be shone into our minds, Which then shines away the darkness that has been obscuring what was always with us: the Truth of Eternity. 

I am in no doubt that eternal, unchangeable Truth, were It to have a mathematical formula to represent it, would be possible for even me to understand.  If I had to bet a shilling as to what that formula might be, this would be my guess: 1  

Do cosmologists, quantum physicists and maths genii have a formula, or equation for oneness? If they have, surely it must be: 1?

I am profoundly fascinated and impressed by what you have so kindly shared.  Thanks again, Keith; you made my day.  
Love ya Bri !  
Terrific!  How could I possibly not love such a one as you right back   Brian     




Hi Brian, Hi Dorothy,  Thank you for the last MoE (dated February 23rd 2011). There is always something in them that I need to be aware of  I am profoundly grateful that they always offer something of value; Alleluia and what I initially needed to be aware of before I read it was "Prayer is an attunement, not a pleading" at the top of your email. This is such a major truth, and how the world will benefit from its realisation.  It means a transfer from the consciousness of fear, doubt, unbelief, decay and its inevitable conclusion  the death of unreality to right-minded thinking; a major stepping-stone toward Christ-Minded thinking. 

As you know Bill's health issues intrude into our lives more in the winter because of his lung damage. He has to take some antibiotics continuously because of having no Spleen, and another type every day during the winter to try to prevent chest infections . . . The antibiotics help and my friend Ann and I give him distant healing together (whilst we are on the phone) which results in his symptoms easing off just after we do it.   

This is your and Ann's faith at work, producing palpable results.  If we most of the fragments of Papa's Sonship could see the Light, the power for restoration to wholeness created by such faith-filled prayer we would be Home in a flash, because it would demonstrate our true Being, and the old-hat illusion of littleness, limitation, vulnerability, mortality behind which we have hidden our true vision would be instantly removed.

Nevertheless, although it seems, from the linear time perspective, to be a long, hard, slow, winding, rocky road, it IS nothing but a phantasm.  And phantasms are not real; they are clever conjuring tricks.  We have played a clever conjuring trick upon ourself.  Happily, Jesus is the great debunker of illusions.    

But they usually resurrect again next day so I continue to TRY to ascend the little earthly ego and align with the healing mode of mind whenever I think of it during the day.  Jesus tells us in the Song of Prayer, part 3, 'Healing' :

Healing the body is impossible, and this is shown by the brief nature of the “cure.” The body yet must die, and so its healing but delays its turning back to dust, where it was born and will return.

However, he goes on to say:

The body can be healed as an effect of true forgiveness. Only that (true forgiveness) can give remembrance of immortality, which is the gift of holiness and love. Forgiveness must be given by a mind which understands that it must overlook all shadows on the holy face of Christ, among which sickness should be seen as one (of the shadows) . Nothing but that; the sign of judgment made by brother upon brother, and the Son of God upon himself. For he has damned his body as his prison, and forgot that it is he who gave this role to it. 

What he has done now must God’s Son undo. But not alone. For he has thrown away the prison’s key; his holy sinlessness and the remembrance of his Father’s Love. Yet help is given to him in the Voice his Father placed in him. The power to heal is now his Father's gift, for through His Voice He still can reach His Son, reminding him the body may become his chosen home, but it will never be his home in truth. 

Distinctions therefore must be made between true healing and its faulty counterpart. The world of opposites is healing’s place, for what in Heaven could there be to heal? As prayer within the world can ask amiss and seeming charity forgive to kill, so healing can be false as well as true; a witness to the power of the world or to the everlasting Love of God.

There is much, much more he has to say in this little booklet, which is a pearl of great price.  It is worthy of detailed, prayerful (attunement!) study and consideration.  Here is the link to it online, if you are interested  We could discuss it further, should you be interested.  Your views are always so incisively thought through, I would be happy to hear from you on it.    

I find it useful to have Ann help to kick start this at the beginning because she seems to have an alignment with, and an ongoing dialogue with Jesus in her every day life and as with you I know this helps me too..   However I have been thinking lately about whether we should keep on and on asking, or whether asking once is enough, and leaving it to Holy Spirit.  We need ask but once; thereafter, giving thanks for what has been freely, lovingly, immediately (FLI) given - actually, restored - to us because we have asked, is the attunement that prayer is (not a pleading).   

In the MoE dated Feb. 2nd 2011 I quoted from part 1 of this same booklet, the section entitled Prayer: 

The secret of true prayer is to forget the things you think you need.  To ask for the specific is much the same as to look on sin and then forgive it (i.e. affirming/making ‘real’ our lack).  Also in the same way, in prayer you overlook your specific needs as you see them, and let them go into God’s Hands.  There they become your gifts to Him (thereby we are releasing them from our ill-conceived grasp), for they tell Him that you would have no gods before Him; no Love but His. (For in upside-down land we make gods, or idols, of fear, sickness, scarcity, error, judgement, grievance, envy...  Of course, ego says this is not so; yet do we not spend so much of our life focusing upon, in servitude to, such, instead of upon love, peace, joy, goodwill, blessing, forgiveness...?)  What could His answer be but your remembrance of Him? (And thus, our release from forgetfulness of our true reality in Him)...  God answers only for eternity.  But still all little answers (i.e. answers to our concerns of time and place matters) are contained in this.

Prayer is a stepping aside; a letting go, a quiet time of listening and lovingIt should not be confused with supplication of any kind, because it is a way of remembering your holiness (wholeness).  Why should holiness (i.e. Papa’s perfect Son: us) entreat, being fully entitled to everything Love has to offer?  And it is to Love (i.e. Papa) you go in prayer.  Prayer is an offering; a giving up of yourself to be at one with Love.  There is nothing to ask because there is nothing left to want.  That nothingness becomes the altar of God (on which we lay our specific needs as we see them, and let them go into God’s hands, along with our idols of doubt, fear, judgement...)It disappears in Him.

 This logical understanding did not blend with my experience however. Then your MOE arrived on Wednesday and there at the top were those words "Prayer is an attunement, not a pleading" and the penny dropped. In the Bible it says "pray without ceasing" and that is the same as the foregoing quote.  There goes that incisive mind of yours again;-)  Ultimately, our very Being is a continual, endless - ceaseless -  Song of Prayer; a prayer of Gratitude, Love and Joy because Papa has already given us Himself, Which is Everything; wholeness (holiness).  'Holiness' has become equated with an outward trapping of piety, but this is an ego-driven misperception.  Holiness is JOY unbounded, because it is a re-cognition that we both are everything and have everything, and are therefore, whole (holy).  It is irrevocably ours, forever, because Papa has given it to us and it is, therefore, Who we are; allness, wholeness, completion, perfection.  

So what matters then is our alignment with the Christ Mind whilst we say whatever words we are saying , AND -- giving thanks for that which we desire which is already accomplished in reality Alleluia!!!..But, as it will be a case of,  to quote an old adage, " be careful what you ask for because you might get it", so we have also to remember the alignment described, means responsibility...  Nevertheless, if we remember we are Papas Son, that he has already given us everything, there is nothing to ask for.  So we can simply say to the Holy Spirit, Thank You for healing my mind.  That is not a request, a pleading, supplicating, entreating but an affirmation, an alignment, an attunement.  The attunement restores us to remembrance of the Truth of our whole Being.   We are sons and daughters of God..... and all that that implies.....

Thank you for the quote Brian. Thank you for recognising value in it for you.  There is no greater gift to the giver (or sharer) than the gift (or sharing) being valued. Love from Dorothy  Thank you, Dorothy.  Love received, appreciated, LASERED and returned in like manner.  Brian

The following exchange was posted on February 4th 2011


Hi Nicole,

 Just prior to reading your post (Message of Encouragement dated February 2nd 2011), I was reflecting on the power of prayer. Cyclone Yasi's approach and crossing of the far North Queensland coast of Australia was serenaded by most of Australia praying, including many who had previously called themselves atheists or agnostics. The outcome has been called miraculous and most of those who prayed are now thanking God. Instead of a loss of lives, three babes were born. Miracles now abound in Queensland, Australia as the Son of God in his guise of many rejoices in his deliverance from a nightmare of impending doom.

This is wondrous news indeed.  My heart soared in thanksgiving at reading it.  Jesus said to me back in the 70s that people need a jolt.  Yasi was some kind of jolt, and can be seen as a blessing/opportunity; a step toward release of Papas Son from egos grip. 

Simultaneously have the prayers of countless farmers for rain in drought stricken inland Australia been answered. Maybe God doesn't hear our prayers but that depends how you see it.

 What I hoped to share was that, if we attune/focus our prayers in a way that is more in harmony with Eternity/Heaven/God/Truth/Light, rather than out of fear, we are not only heard more - because we have communicated more meaningfully with Papa - but are then better attuned to be aware of His answers.  The extracts from Song of Prayer that I felt prompted to include indicate that his objective in the message is to help all who will to understand more perfectly what true prayer (his words) really is. Because time and place is the consciousness of fear - essentially, the fear of Papa - the vast majority of the fragmented Sonship approaches Him from the position of fear, and it is this that Jesus is committed to dispel.  I believe these extracts convey that well. As I said in the message:

It is impossible to say that some parts of this exquisite sharing by Jesus are more important than others, because it needs to be taken in its entirety for the fullness of its profound, life-changing meaning to be effective

The Holy Spirit hears as do all the countless angels which surround us, and since there is nothing that is not God, is this really the case.

 But it should be borne in mind that Papas Son chose to go to ‘a far country’, a place of unreality, of fantasy, of make-believe, where all we perceive is from a perspective of separation from Him, and therefore, within that misperception is not seen as God.  It isnt true, isnt real, but is perceived as being true, being real.  

In my experience He most certainly does hear our prayers.

No doubt because it is the sincerity of your heart that conveys them to Him (as stated in my message).  That is faith, and faith moves mountains.  Doubt is the great dismantler of faith, and because the vast majority of the fragments are in doubt, jolts, such as Yasi, are a huge blessing/opportunity, even though mostly seen (misperceived) as adversity. 

 ACIM came to me as an answer to my prayers as has every miraculous correction. My prayers may not always come in the form of words but I ask and I receive. When I knock doors are opened.  

That is because you are ready to Ask, Seek, Knock (ASK), and see the truth when it is brought to you in response to that ASKing, and it is setting you free.  The vast majority of humanity is not yet at that place.

Prayers are the form in which my willingness takes the form of a big YES in preparation to receive. The miracle follows soon after. 

And will come sooner and sooner as your FTOC continues to grow, until as with Jesus, and is destined for us all, it becomes immediate/simultaneous (as in Jn. 6:21).

 I got out my journal prior to posting this response and I got this answer to my question, What is the purpose of prayer as prayer is commonly understood?

The purpose of prayer as interpreted (here, the key word is interpreted, which Holy Spirit is able to do because He sees our hearts  and ignores our head, or intellect, minds and knows the truth, which we, in our upside-down minds, do not.) by the Holy Spirit is to improve our conscious contact with our Father. It helps to remind us of our inheritance (Alleluia!) and takes us from an unhappy dream to a happy one, as our faith is restored that we are not a victim of the world we see. As one learns to let go and let God, peace is restored for the one who prays in heartfelt trust that their prayers will be heard and answered. In trust can that one now rest assured that all their cares will be cared for.

The Holy Spirit always hears the prayers of our heart and even when one prays for safety or for desired outcomes to situations which concern them, the Peace of God is what they truly seek. Prayer can move mountains and cyclones for the one who has faith. Prayer can bring many a desired outcome once one places their cares and concerns under Gods jurisdiction. To be like a baby on the breast or like the lilies of the field, one may take various paths. Prayer often paves the way on our return to this desired state. Prayer is a step to a shared goal in which Gods Son is restored to his heavenly inheritance. Seek ye the Kingdom of Heaven and all will be added unto you. The means in which you seek is not so important as that it is sought. If prayer restores your soul, pray. That is all. 

Nicole, this is a beautiful message/answer in response to your question.  Thank you so much for sharing it with me.  

Psalm 23 comes to mind 

I was prompted to slightly amend this twenty years ago, because it is directing our focus toward Papa, rather than about Him.  This inspiration/prompting was given me by King David, its original author, who, it was revealed to me by him is one and the same as John, the author of the 4th Gospel and Revelation.  Here is the extract from SFGS that describes the event:

 One Sunday morning, in January 1991, during a contemplative time before beginning our Communion service, I was studying the order of the service and noticed particularly that a significant part of it was extracts from the books of Psalms, John’s Gospel and Revelation.  At the very moment that this awareness lodged in my consciousness, the Teacher (whom Olga had come to understand in the latter years of her Earthly life, from clues given her by him, was John, the seer of Patmos, who wrote John’s Gospel and Revelation) burst, or more realistically, exploded, into my understanding the certain, absolute knowing that he was also one and the same as King David, of Old Testament renown.  This was not spoken as a statement, but given, placed in, revealed to my soul ‘knowingness’, which is not in any way an intellectual process.  It is illumination, revelation, like a curtain being opened and instantly the reality is there, complete, and no step-by-step logical thought processes are used — or necessary — to bring one to that place of knowing.     

The experience was so staggering — albeit, not in any negative sense but simply because it had been so sudden, unexpected and explosive — that I felt as if I was in shock and needed to grab hold of something to steady myself from falling off my seat.  Although he had given me this information ‘unsought’ in one sense, it was in response to my seeking, questing into the origins and reasons for things being as they were in the order of the Communion Service.

During the Silence in the Communion service later that morning the Teacher explained that he had used this opportunity to bring this revelation because it would be serviceable in the future for me to have this awareness; it would help to tie together what would otherwise be seen as some loose ends. 

Here is the amended version of the psalm:

Lord You are my shepherd,
I shall not want; 
You make me lie down in green pastures.
You lead me beside the still waters;
You restore my soul.
You lead me in paths of righteousness
for Your name
s sake.

Even though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil;
for You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

Surely goodness and mercy are with me
all the days of my life;
and I dwell in You forever.

Peace, Nicole  Many blessings, Nicole,


The following exchange was posted on January 22nd 2011

This exchange with ‘M’ was in response to the Message of Encouragement dated January 12th 2011, which was about how disparities of spiritual awareness in intimate relationships (such as her marriage), whilst outwardly appearing as almost insurmountable challenges, can be transformed into opportunities for both parties to grow spiritually, when even one party engages the Help of the Holy Spirit.  


Dear Brian

 Just wanted to update you....the email H sent me an article headed:  

Forgive and forget?  Not if you know what's good for your marriage

Holding a grudge can actually help keep bad behavior in check, study suggests

was just a minor blip in the scheme of things.  I was annoyed but I wasn't over-reactive & told him how it made me feel, & that if thats all I can expect from him regarding forgiveness, then so be it. After that day, it has not been mentioned again.  Will it come back up?  Maybe.  Maybe not, but its starting to sink in that I don't need his forgiveness.  It would be nice to put all this behind us...and I will continue to believe that is possible...and certainly use the examples that you so patiently reminded me of. 


Dearest M, 

Every single word you have written here is causing my heart to surge with joy, because I knew it would be so, just as you have stated.  I am SOOOOOOOOOO proud of you, and if I am this proud, imagine how Jesus feels about you.  I have been trying to resist saying what I feel, which is that I really feel you are ‘out of the woods’ now; past the darkness, and emerging into the Light of Truth that is setting you (and all who will) free, but I cannot resist any longer.

Sending you & Theresa LOTS of love Gratefully received.  Returned, from us both, with interest,



Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Your guidance and friendship is priceless to me. Aaawwww; what a lovely thing to say.  I love our Christ-focused journeying together.  What a wonderful, inspiring Companion of the Way you are.


wow. Laugh out loud!



The following exchange was posted on January 21st 2011


This exchange was in response to the Message of Encouragement dated January 12th 2011 


Hi Brian. Hi Pearl,

I just read your article on M. Is she insisting on her husband reading what she reads?  Actually, no; not at all.  I have made that clear in several places in the article, such as:

H is not ready for Reality yet, and to try and force a sleeper into wakefulness before he is ready, finished with believing in dreams as reality, serves neither them nor those who try to wake them.  This message was given to Olga Park in 1948:

‘…Guard thy tongue: especially to strangers to this way of life and the knowledge and wisdom of the spirit.  Give place to the views of others, even though you know them to be in error.  Send forth a prayer for such, that they may come to the fuller knowledge and the clearer sight.’

Their move toward waking will be helped by those around them who are more nearly awake, or waking, simply recognising what is happening and lovingly allowing it, knowing it is an illusion, and therefore does not matter.  Meanwhile, they can remember that the Holy Spirit, Who abides in the mind of us all, and is the 'Matrix of Oneness' between all the apparent fragments, is the true communication link...


So, that means you can communicate with the real, right-thinking part of H’s mind through, or via, the Holy Spirit.  This is silent, and does not require the bodily presence of H.  In fact, it is better for him not to be bodily present, because it is likely to be a distraction, while you are communing with the real H, which is one and the same as your true, eternal Self. 

She cannot change him; only herself.  Yes, M is very much aware of that.  Her husband is not the type to allow his spouse to re-assess his opinions for him.   My husband does not give me enough credit for things that I do or admit that his sister is not being very nice to me.  My dear Pearl, I do empathise with this situation.  I hope (and feel confident) that you are aware that this is his issue, and you are blessed with the forgiveness opportunity, which will benefit you immeasurably, and him also, equally — eventually. 

As stated, time is irrelevant and should not be considered.  What should be considered/focused steadfastly upon is the belief, the certainty of knowing that Holy Spirit accomplishes our hearts desires for us, and because He is not functioning within time, but Eternity, the outcome is not to be perceived from the perspective of time, because that distracts us away from reality and back into the illusion.  

I have been there so I can finally understand where he is coming from. He just cannot admit it openly.  That is a true ego characteristic.  As you may recall me saying on various occasions, Jesus counselled me to ‘PCB’ (Pray, Commit, Bless) those shackled to ego mind and then to leave them with him (or Holy Spirit).  Our job is to PCB, Their job is to outwork our prayer-committed desire. 

I had the same problem with my twin sister. Years ago something she did devastated me. Now after reading the books and your emails I can admit that she thinks only of herself. So long as this is an observation, not a judgement, you will be free of an ego/karmic entanglement with her.  And, even if you are thusly entangled, true forgiveness will enable Jesus to untangle it and free you from it.  Here is an extract from the Diary entry dated July 6th 1997 that you might find interesting:

 ...Let no one say to you there is no joy in such commitment of life, for I am the Lord of the Purple Ray – the perfect blend of Earth-life and fulfilment with eternal truth and reality.  The joy of Heaven is thus yours in the Earth-life and by no other means is this possible.  So is it with all who come to me.

Lord, it seems so impossible that it could be as you have described, not just for us who love you and have been brought into alignment with your power and activity but for the billions of souls whose lives and karma is in such a horrendous tangle, like a mass of tangled cables or spaghetti.

 This is not a problem because I am operating from the within of all my little ones; like fibre-optic cable, it can transmit the light even round corners and entanglements.

M’s husband’s ego is afraid to let go and let God.  Time and place is the consciousness of fear, and those who believe it is reality can but be in that state, which can only be coped with by also living in denial.  My opinion of my husband, his sister and all the people who are running on ego is that they have to live like that until they wake up.  An accurate assessment.  Our PCB’ing and forgiveness (not to their face — unless they are ready to hear/accept it — as discussed with M) will help their waking immeasurably.  

What I mean is when people abandon a pet because the cute kitty/puppy grew up, I say it’s a shame they do not know what they are missing. And I am beginning to realize this.  Pearl is an apposite name for you, for you speak pearls of wisdom;-) We live too much through other people instead of ourselves.  Amen!  Best Regards. Pearl.  Many thanks for writing; always good to hear from you. 

Peace, joy, love,



The following exchanges were posted on January 20th 2011


The following message arrived from Sandy in response to the MoE dated January 12th 2011, about the challenges and opportunities that are presented within relationships between people at variance in their understanding/acceptance of spiritual reality. 

Shortly afterwards, she wrote again (below), this time in response to the MoE dated January 19th, about the illusion of  'death' as a symbol of the separation.


Wow, thank you...this was helpful. I liked your information about 'karmic entanglement.'  Brilliant; glad it helped.  Just recently (maybe you've heard it before) a Christian publication entitled "Tomorrow's World" also printed in their magazine the words "...the writing is on the wall." (Will you read them?) Yes, I will! For I'm reading their most recent publication now.  I haven't heard of this journal, but will check it out.  Maybe they would like to publish some of my writing;-) God bless you, Brian and your family. God bless you too, Sandy, and all your nearest and dearest.  Love and blessings,  Brian


Wow ~ thank you so much. This gave me chills. Love, Sandy

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for writing (twice).  I hope the 'chills' were comfortable, happy, uplifting, reassuring;-)

That was, and is always, my motivation and intent; to help fellow-travellers on the journey Home to be aware of the misperceptions of our ego-dominated mind, so we can, together, correct those misperceptions and awaken to the remembrance of Who, What and Where we really, eternally, irrevocably are. 

And this MoE (January 19th) was simply to remind all who are ready to receive such lovingly-sent reminders that, as Jesus told us 2k years ago, there is no such thing as 'death'; that it is a symbol of the belief in separation from God ('Papa').  So, once we stop believing in separation from God, the symbol ('death') will cease to be part of our awareness, because we have stopped believing in the illusion, and remembered the Truth (of our eternal, indestructible reality), which sets us free. 

Love and blessings,



The following exchange was posted on October 22nd 2010


Dear Friends,


The following email came yesterday from our sister, Susan, requesting prayer for healing. 


I am posting it, along with my reply to Susan, that all who feel moved to raise her up to the Light and Love of Heaven for restoration to Wholeness may be granted such an opportunity to participate in transforming adversity into fulfilment. 


This truly is a wonderful opportunity, rather than (as ego misperceives it) a chore, because all who feel moved, motivated, to offer their gift of Wholeness to another also, in like manner, freely receive.  This is, according to Jesus in ACIM, because in the only reality — Eternity — giving and receiving are one and the same thing, and we are all Citizens of Eternity.  


Love and blessings, as always,





Hi Brian,                                                Prayer request for healing


While travelling in Turkey in June of this year, I noticed that the balls of my feet and toes were constantly numb and tingling.  On our return home, I saw our doctor who referred me to a neurologist.  Our medical system here is deteriorating, so it took me until mid-Sept. to get in to see him.  He wouldn’t say much on examining me, but ordered some nerve conduction tests which won’t happen until mid-November.  Then I have to wait again for who knows how long to get the results. 


Meanwhile, the numbness and tingling has intensified and moved up to my knees.  I also get muscle cramping, twitching, nerve pain, and other symptoms indicative of some kind of neuropathy. Other things like pinched nerves, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid, diabetes, toxins etc. have been ruled out through blood tests.  My contemplation practice has kept me mostly in a state of trust and I am continuing all my regular activities.  Fortunately, there are no signs of loss of coordination, balance or muscle strength.  Yet the situation is still unsettling because my father contracted ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s) at my age and I have many relatives who have had neurological diseases—MS etc. 


So for my request for healing prayer, please put down that Susan is struggling with an undiagnosed form of neuropathy and the symptoms are numbness, tingling, and nerve pain beginning in the feet and moving up the legs.  She desires with all her being freedom from fear as well as complete healing.


Thanks so much, Brian.  I’ll take all the prayers I can get.


Blessings of the Christ light,





Hi Susan,


I am so glad you have written.  You have been so much in our minds since we heard about the situation with you.  I have been intending to write, and although I have been very busy the last couple of weeks, in truth, that is but an excuse, because I have not known quite how to approach the matter with you. Now you have been so completely open about what you are experiencing, I feel a door has been opened for me through which to respond wholeheartedly — which is really the only way Love can respond. 


And, please be assured that Theresa and I are responding wholeheartedly with love, as well as with blessings for inner peace and restoration to wholeness.  I have been prompted several times recently to write about us — the seemingly fragmented Sonship — having two minds; one our ‘head-mind’, the other, our Heart-mind.  You may have read some of those writings, but in any event, this week’s MoE seems entirely apposite to quote a couple of bits from it here, so here goes*.  I also feel prompted to say that this week’s message was even more not as I had anticipated than usual, so in a sense this is And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. (Isa. 65:24).   


*In a sense, we have two ‘minds’; one is in our head and the other is in our heart.  Thoughts originating in our head are ego, and distract us because they are fear-based, ‘what-if?’, doubting, questioning, dividing, judging, reckoning thoughts, grievance thoughts, obscuring, obliterating, blocking our awareness of love’s presence, of compassion, unity, Truth, inner peace. 


Holy Spirit, Self, dwells within our ‘heart mind’, which is awareness, remembrance, knowing, understanding, caring, loving, accepting, allowing, forgiving.  When the clamour of the outer world — ‘head’ thoughts, or ego thoughts — threatens to overwhelm us and obliterate our awareness of love’s presence, then, entering into our ‘closet’ — our heart-mind, where all is love, stillness, acceptance, letting-go, surrender, peace — enables us to be aware of, and thus, receive and accept the Help that is always, unceasingly, freely, lovingly, immediately available to us here.


Of course you know all this, but often an affirmation can help bring it to another level of meaningfulness in the heart, where it becomes more of a reality for us than if it is just the head. Then the previous week’s MoE had the Diary entry from Nov. 21st, 2008, in which I had spoken of my fear (about financial insecurity), and to which Jesus replied, as shown below.  I have emboldened and underlined the parts that perhaps might be helpful for you: 


My Beloved, the details are not critical in a situation like you are experiencing; only the principlesYou will always do well to focus on the principles, and not on the details.  Details distract, divert, destroy concentration, (‘as well as' or, perhaps, 'that is to say') focus on principles  thus engendering doubt and fear. 

... My moment of doubt and fear (Gethsemane) was dispelled by re-focusing on Papa’s love, peace, truth.  The certainty that the world is a dream restored my peace, and I became aware once more that this world is nothing and nowhere. 

I choose for Big Me (Holy Spirit, Self) to be in charge, the centre, the focus of life, to be the decision-maker; not to allow the blind panic to take over.  Then the peace, the calm settles on me again. 

Focusing on the Principles of Life of the Father (PLFs) will see you through every dark moment.  We don’t need to rehearse them here.  This is for ‘Big Me (Holy Spirit, Self) thinking’, for you to engage Big Me (Holy Spirit, Self) in moving through the process


As I communed with the Holy Spirit first thing this morning, regarding you, asking for His inspiration for words that might uplift and restore inner peace, immediately into my mind came the idea ‘One day at a time’.  Head, or ego thinking takes events from our past (such as your Dad), a fear-based thought, and projects them into our future, so we spend our time fearing for the future, instead of remaining focused on the eternal moment of Now. 


We have two choices: Holy Spirit, Heart-Mind attunement (at-one-ment), which brings us inner peace and love, or allowing ego-controlled head-mind to take control of our thoughts.  Ego is 'the prince of this world, which hath nothing in Jesus' (Jn. 14:30) and this world, time and place, is the consciousness of fear.  And in your ‘apparent’ situation it does not take much for fear to run out of control, unless we are steadfastly, one-pointedly focused, committed to our true Being. 


So, if we allow our head (ego) mind to gain the ‘centre-stage’ of our life, all the fear of ‘what might be in the future’ based on the ‘past’ comes crowding in, filling us with fear, and we make it our reality by giving it reality.  This is not who we really are, and Jesus came to demonstrate, be an example of, a template for, our true reality, so we can choose remembrance of the Truth of Self.


The Truth of Self is that we are Whole (Holy), and all perceptions to the contrary are not the Truth of Self (Who we really Are).  If we are willing to give Holy Spirit just a little faith (so says Jesus in ACIM) He will give us back what we have thrown away: the Wholeness that is our inheritance, our free gift, from Papa, our Heavenly Father, Who created His beloved Son (us) in His Own likeness.  The healing, which restores us to Wholeness, is of the Mind, and is healing from (apparent) separation, fragmentation, the consciousness of fear, back to inner peace, perfect love, joy, stillness.  That releases us from fear, just as it did Jesus in Gethsemane, when he ‘came to his Self’ and re-focused on the PLFs, repudiating the details that momentarily distracted him — just as they so easily distract most of us — from the Truth of the eternal reality of Papa’s beloved Son. 


All the stuff about Lou Gehrig’s on the internet is ‘information’; it is not Truth, because Truth is Wholeness, and is eternal.  Information is of time and place, an illusion, an unreality (which Jesus knew 2k years ago).  When we remember the Truth about our Self, then we do not have information; we have Knowledge.  Information is subject to doubt, uncertainty, fear, and Jesus demonstrated that he was able to overcome all that (These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. Jn. 16:33).  Jesus was able to heal because he knew the Truth, which renders ‘information’ of none effect.  Now is the time, the moment, in which we are becoming like him (Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. 1 Jn. 3:2)


In Truth, we are already like him.  All that is asked of us is that we open our eyes (our True Vision, not, of course, our bodily eyes, which are a device to keep us focused upon, believing in, illusion) and we will see that this is our Truth, right now (the only moment there is in reality).


Wholeness is ours, right now, and has always been.  All that is asked of us, with a little faith, is that we ask — believing; that is what faith is all about; a willingness to believe — that it be restored to us, and that we are willing to receive it and accept it (wholeness) unto ourself.  This — Wholeness/Holiness — is all in the Mind.   The Heart-Mind.


I have accepted unto myself Wholeness, so I have that Wholeness; therefore it is mine.  I do not, yet, with my time and place consciousness, have full awareness of that reality (though it is growing in me every day), but that is irrelevant, because in my heart mind I accept, and know of a certainty beyond all doubt, that it is the Truth, and because I have accepted it unto myself, I know it is my Truth also. 


Jesus reminds us in ACIM that we can only give what we have, and know that we have.  It is because we doubt that we have wholeness that we do not believe Wholeness/Holiness is ours.  But since Papa gave it to us, and He never takes away what He has freely given, it must be ours, eternally.  Only our misperception causes us to doubt it is ours, so it appears to us, in our fragmented state of belief, in which we have thrown away knowledge, that we do not have it.


So, because I have the free gift of Wholeness, it is mine to freely give to you, Susan, my dear, beloved sibling in the Sonship.  So, with all my heart and all my love, I, along with Jesus, Theresa and all who are so moved, give you the wonderful, free gift of Wholeness, which is freedom, release from the consciousness of fear, and awareness of Perfect Love, peace and joy. 


Theresa, along with me, sends love, peace, joy, to bless you for the awareness of Wholeness.  As a parting note, actively focus upon, envision, giving the fear to Jesus, from your head mind, and receiving from him, in exchange, right into your heart mind, his free gifts of love, peace, joy, wholeness.  Heart mind is love, head mind is fear.  For wholeness of Being, espouse heart, eschew head.




PS: If you feel any parts, or all, of this resonate powerfully, helpfully, beneficially for you, you may wish to print it out and read it again, as often as you feel prompted from within so to do, to help keep you heart-mind focused.  Love.


The following message was posted on October 9th 2010

Dear Brian

I resonate with M from your recent MoE page (See Message of Encouragement dated Sept. 29th 2010). To her I would say that in the early days of Unfolding Awareness, I too had doubts about contact from the Life Beyond. Some experiences were so real as to be beyond any shadow of a doubt and some others almost fleeting. I was counselled at the time by someone far wiser than I not to doubt any awareness however fleeting or “imaginary”. Doubting, repeatedly, ends up gradually closing the door, lessening the degree or strength of contact. Acknowledge the truth of the contact, and if you wish, put it on the ‘back burner’ for a later time, when in your gradual going forward you can look back on it and know the Truth. Just don't say “No!” Your Loved Ones in the Spirit World surround you with more Love than you know! 

Anyway, Brian, I hope these few words will be useful, and encouraging to M and to any others who may read them.  

Much Love and Blessings from, 


The following exchange was posted on September 24th 2010


This refers to an email regarding the intent of a Florida pastor to burn copies of the Koran, and copied from part of a Forum posting date September 10th 2010.


Hi Brian, Thank you for this email. This extract from the Forum was very welcome and helpful  Thank you for being so characteristically responsive and positive,.. I always have a look on the Forum anyway, to see if there are any new postings, but I hadn't yet looked when this message came in and a very urgent and important message it is at this time. I must say, I always find the M.o.Es very helpful and they are an important part of my week in getting the mind re-focussed when things of this illusory life seem to gain the upper hand  Who is sending whom Messages of Encouragement!!? ;-)  Thank you so much for your sincere affirmations.  

If I have only been able to read through them quickly when they arrive, I then read them again on the website when I have more time to think and inwardly digest. This is as good news as I could hope for.  I know a great many either do not read them at all (or hardly ever), or only skim through them, because that is the way of an ego-dominated world.  The explanation offered is, they are so long, and we are so busy.   

I told the Holy Spirit this — as if He didn't know!! — and said they ought to be cut to about half the length.  I even tried to do that, but it simply didn’t happen.  He told me that those who are drawn to read them will read them, and that is all that matters; that nothing is lost, even for those who are not yet ready to surrender to Him. The old brain isn’t what it was, so I need to home in deeply with what I am reading, this being difficult now if there are other things going on around me.  The real point here is, getting Home is not something we can do half-heartedly, with only minimal, or partial, commitment.  If we are serious about getting Home, it takes serious, total commitment. 

Jesus and Holy Spirit know we have distractions/commitments at the Earth-life level.  They are not upset about that.  We can commune with Them while we are peeling the spuds.  Those who are not yet ready for total commitment will become ready in due course, however many more acts it takes; time is irrelevant, as are all illusions.  Those who choose distraction are free to so choose; that’s what free will is all about.  We will only give up ‘fool's gold’ when we realise it is not real treasure.  



Love right back to you, 



The following exchanges were posted on September 23rd 2010

Last week the following request for Prayers for Healing was received.  We immediately lifted Joe up to the Light and Love of Heaven, for re-connection with wholeness, and asked the Holy Spirit for guidance in how to respond to Kelly in a way that would be most comforting, reassuring and helpful for her in coping with the situation.  The prayer request and my reply were emailed to all on the HTG mailing list.  I received many responses expressing resonance and compassion.  Posted below is one, from Dorothy, along with my response to her, and one from Evelyn.  It is clear that prayer for healing is a subject close to the heart of many of the fragments of the Sonship. 

Please pray for my husband, Joe that God will completely heal him and restore him physically mentally and spiritually from the H1N1 virus that has kept him on life support for one month.



 Dear Kelly,

Thank you for your request for healing prayer for Joe.  We have lifted him up into the presence of the Holy Spirit, for his re-connection with the Wholeness that is already, freely, lovingly and immediately, his.  I say this because God, our beloved Papa, withholds nothing from us; ever.  Any apparent lack of wholeness is only in our perception.

I ask that you visualize Joe re-connected to the Light that he is, that we all are, within us, wherein we have our connection to, our Being in, God.  It may also be helpful for you to envision Jesus being with you and Joe, just as he hastened to heal those in the long ago who sincerely sought his restorative gift of wholeness.  He said to those he healed, ‘Your faith has made you whole’.  I know you also have that faith, on behalf of Joe.  The Truth is, Jesus IS with him, so focus on that reality, and, in your mind's eye, bring to the fore the inner awareness of that reality. 

Focus all your attention, on wholeness; do not let fear drag you down into focussing on the sickness.  This gives it reality.  It is wholeness to which you earnestly desire to give reality.  Be steadfast in this, reminding yourself that you are NOT alone.  Papa, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, angels and loved ones in Spirit ARE with you in all your desire for restoration to wholeness for Joe, and for all Papa's children.

However hard it may be to accept, in the immediacy of this situation, there is ALWAYS blessing to be found in all circumstances.  Therefore, in holding that truth, give thanks for the blessing.  All things work for Good when we surrender them into the Loving care of the Trinity.  

Remember, you need ask for healing only once.  God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are not deaf or forgetful;-)  They always hear and immediately respond to ALL heartfelt requests for help.  However, express your gratitude, your thanks, as often as you feel so moved, and similarly with blessings for Joe.  Blessings are very powerful, and provide healing power for those to whom they are directed.

Remember also, NOW is the time of miracles. 

Peace envelop and comfort you, dear Kelly, 



Dear Dorothy, 

Thanks so much for your lovely, encouraging and affirming message.  I know you and Bill have been involved in healing for decades. This would not be the case if you were not motivated, heart and soul for this labour of love.  I believe we are on the same page in this.

To me, healing and what I have referred to in SFGS as ‘rescue work’  are two sides of the same coin, in that, whether people are experiencing some bodily or mental ailment, or are lost or stuck in some dark and fearful place, it amounts to the same thing: dis-ease.  Ease (peace) and dis-ease are of the mind, and restoration to remembrance of Who we really Are is the purpose of Jesus and the Great Rescue Programme.   

It is to him and his purpose that I have espoused my life.  It is evident from the way you have responded to the request for healing prayers for Joe, that, even if you may not have thought of it in such terms, you and Bill have similarly espoused your lives.  This, assuredly, affirms that we are indeed kindred spirits.  What a fine piece of synchronicity it was that brought us into contact.  No surprises there, then;-) 

Dear Brian, This was a stroke of genius.  I will take this as a compliment;-)  A marvellous way to contact those seekers on the path whose hearts will respond to a request for healing.  It is certain that, as the GRP unfolds during the coming years and generations, more and more will open their hearts to such requests.  And in this manner, the healers also will become healed, until all the fragments of the Sonship are fully restored to Oneness.  Is this thought/realisation/remembrance not worthy of a loud Alleluia!!?

Bill and I have been involved with healing for many years now, and it is part of our lives. Some we do at home, and some we go down to the White Eagle Temple to sit in a group, so it is not a new area in our lives and I have no outward reason to be excited. Clearly, something deep within you was touched, and resonated powerfully with the idea. But there was such a feeling evoked when I read what this email was about and I knew without doubt, that this simple thing - a request for healing sent personally to those who would be likely to respond - forms a very important step on the stairway back to Oneness.  Another Alleluia;-) This is because it was also given that this will take us into something much deeper and wider and more glorious.  And another; I find resonance between two (or more) travellers on the Path Home, such as happens between you and me at a moment like this, is deeply moving, inspiring, uplifting, encouraging, rejoiceful.   

Don't know why but I just know this is the way.  You and I are of one mind in this, Dorothy.  That, in itself, is a true cause for celebration, for it means we are a nucleus, a cluster, an example, for other fragments to be drawn back together, mind to mind, in oneness of purpose, intent, commitment.  Powerful and empowering.  Thank you Brian and the Holy Spirit. A loving sentiment, with which I concur totally; so, in response, Thank you Dorothy and the Holy Spirit also. Love from Dorothy Gratefully received and returned, Lasered,  Brian



I absolutely loved your response to Kelly.  I could not have said it better.  You only have to speak it once and it's done.  We tend to focus on the illness and not on health (or healing) (my emboldening, for emphasis) God bless you!


The following exchanges were posted on September 12th 2010


This message was a general request for joining in open-forum discussion on a social-networking website


Hi Everyone,

I would very much like to be personal friends with all of you :)

Please add me to your friends list, if you wish. It would be really nice to hear from you all.

Peace be with you




I felt prompted to respond directly to A by email, as follows:


Hi A, 

Please don't take this the wrong way, or personally, but I am strongly prompted not to get embroiled in these discussion groups/open-forum pages.  I have learned over 4 decades, from counsel by Jesus, and experience, that the Kingdom is within, and that we can most beneficially, rapidly and least painfully find it there if we are one-pointed in our focus on the Within.   

About 5 years ago I activated a discussion group in the BeliefNet website, and it, along with many of the other discussion groups there, soon degenerated into what bore less and less resemblance to the original intent, in spite of my efforts to keep it focussed.  Others got much worse, with name-calling, slanging, irrelevances etc.  I posted a message on one which said to the effect that when I entered this discussion group it felt like I was entering Bedlam.  To my surprise, that killed the group stone dead; there was not a single further posting there, ever again! 

I was very strongly aware of this when setting up the Forum page on the HTG website, and it is for this reason that it is stated in the introduction to the HTG Forum page:

In order to keep this website focussed on its objectives, editorial control of content of the forum will be exercised, so that it does not become inadvertently sidetracked (a favourite pastime of ego).

The fact is, the vast majority of humanity, even purported 'seekers', have little or no understanding of the Laws of Eternity, and are so easily distracted from the path, the objectives, it can be dissipating of the focus-energies of sincerely committed souls to become engaged in downward-spiralling debate with those of an easily-distracted disposition. 

Jesus told me in 1968 not to 'go out' looking for people with whom to fellowship meaningfully, productively, constructively, on my desire for the Kingdom of Heaven because I did not know who, or where, they were; that, rather, I must place myself in his care and guiding, and he would bring those whose hearts he knew (and I didn't) to me, so there could be mutual resonance, spiritual growth and loving fellowship. 

That was amongst the most helpful bits of practical counsel he has ever given me, and although I have not always abided by it (so great is my zeal for 'spreading the good news of the Kingdom'), I have never forgotten it.  The fact is, most of us even those of us who are dedicated, committed followers of the path Home to Papa, claim we are willing to follow the Voice for God, etc, etc do not consult Him on every decision.  And, as it says in T-30. I.14: 

You will not make decisions by yourself whatever you decide.  For they are made with idols or with God.  And you ask help of anti-Christ or Christ, and which you choose will join with you and tell you what to do.

Unless we are consciously, actively aware of and mind-retrained to this  something that requires absolute commitment, determination and time to achieve there are plenty of moments in every day when the other adviser (ego, or anti-Christ, as he calls it in this quote) will slither its way back into our thought/behaviour activities.  None of us is immune to this until we are fully awake, and there is no more ego left in us, so the need for vigilance for the Voice for God cannot be overemphasised.

 Meanwhile, I look forward to further, one-pointed, focussed, one-on-one Kingdomly fellowship with you on ooVoo, as Holy Spirit moves us so to do.

 With love and blessings, always,



The following exchanges were posted on September 10th 2010


This exchange is with ‘M’ (not of James Bond fame), who was involved in a terrible car accident some years ago, resulting in very badly broken legs and many other serious injuries.  She ‘died’ on the operating table, and was revived.  She has been on prescribed pain killers ever since.    Here is an extract from an exchange with her in July this year:


In the past few months, I haven’t liked the way the pills made me feel when I was late taking them.   Is this a message for you to come off them?  With Jesus' help we don't need pain killers because he will love away our pain, if we ask him and let him.


Seems like a pretty clear message to me :)   While it covers my pain most of the time, with "withdraw" effects, are quite miserable. I'd feel like wanting to crawl right out of my skin, or feel restless throughout my whole body, unable to settle down to sleep unless I took some vicadin.    


I love how you phrase that..."love away our pain".     So simple.  I did this afternoon, right after reading that...and the pain IS less when I awoke from my nap to come into work all night tonight.  Thank you for your encouragement and belief in me that I can give this pain up to Him.


As the high dose has been leaving my system, I have sudden new aches popping up everywhere in my joints. I guess this is arthritis? 


If you don't want it, give it to him and leave it with him, telling him you are holding fast in faith and trust in him.  He is able and willing to enable our restoration to wholeness, and miracles can be very much a part of this.  From the place of illusion that we all appear/believe ourselves to be in, faith is essential, and I know you are a person of very great faith.  However, not all of us realise we can extend our faith into 'new' areas of our being, including the faith to receive healing. 


I believed healing can happen by faith but did not know *I* had this ability.  No, I did know --- just forgot. 



Then today, this exchange, following a recent surgical procedure to install a ‘lap-band’

to help with weight reduction:



Dear Brian,


I’m doing splendidly.  You are, in recent weeks, a totally transformed Being; truly, a miracle, with all the fear about outer circumstances evaporated, enabling the real ‘You-Self’ to emerge, radiantly.


I'm managing on less pain medication as I continue to "Just say No" (LOL) to the pain in my knees and hip. Healed nicely from the surgery and clothes are fitting looser already, boosting my sense of happiness even higher.  It is evident to me that you are now almost completely in resonance with Self, the Spirit of Truth within you.  I can think of nothing that could give me greater cause for rejoicing than to see this transformation from darkness to Light, in anyone, including, of course, YOU .


I'm writing to ask you about something else...if you are familiar with the Florida pastor who wants to burn the Koran. This man has made international notoriety.  We can see this as bad news (adversity) – the ego-view - or as opportunity, the Holy Spirit-view.  It, along with other such controversial/adversarial postures, is being seen as a wake-up call by many, who will think about this and decide for themselves (with some prompting from Self within) that this man, and those in that ‘outer darkness’ state of mind is definitely not on the Christ-path to peace and brotherhood.


That will enable those with that insight to be strengthened and affirmed in adopting a more positive and active, Christ-like attitude.  In this view, the Florida pastor is serving a truly Kingdomly purpose, even though the Light of that Truth may be obscured from his vision.  His misguided, anger/hatred-inflaming, short-term objectives will be – are being – used by the Spirit of Truth for fulfilling His objectives, as is always the case, regardless of the intent of ego-dominated, separated, split-off-from-Truth minds. 


Here are a few extracts from Mt. ch. 5 to help us keep focussed on the Path:


I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.


Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.


Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven


except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.


if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee; leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother


I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.


And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.


I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; that ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven:


Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.



Loving our ‘enemies’, forgiving those who ‘trespass’ against us, ‘turning the other cheek’, going the extra mile - all are fundamental to the so-called Christian faith.  But if these are only ‘book-learning’, and not from within our heart, they who profess them only as such will soon be distracted from the Path, back into outer darkness.  Nevertheless, in our commitment to PCB (Pray, Commit, Bless) them for their release from misperception, and forgive them, for in Truth, there is no ‘sin’, and at the same time forgive ourself for misperceiving them, we help collapse time and hasten the restoration of ‘them’ and ourself to Oneness in the Sonship.


(He's also written a book, don’t you know)  I would really like to know your thoughts, if any, about it.  My husband (‘H’) says the pastor has a right to free speech. This is true.  It is our choice – all the rest of us apparent fragments – whether we follow such as he, or Jesus.  It is not hard to see who will get us where we really all desire to be.  Perhaps this man is karmically linked in some way to Old Testament fire and brimstone misperceptions of the God of Love. Our heartfelt, loving blessings and forgiveness will help release him - and ourself - from karmic imprisonment.


While I agree, I still hope he doesn’t go through with it. H says the Afghanis can't hate us any worse and they burn US flags EVERY week. To me burning a flag is different from burning a holy book. It is not different within; only in form, in outer perception.  If the intent is to inflame anger and hatred, either will work with those who are slumbering deeply.  Neither distracts Holy Spirit from His work of restoring Papa’s Son to wakefulness.


Just wondering.  The state our economy and political climate is very tumultuous. I feel like if I learn more about what is going on, instead of following like sheep like so many in this country, I might actually have some effect.   Just attuning with Perfect Love – only to be found within – and radiating, extending, sharing that Love and Light through heartfelt blessing, and forgiving the world, has immeasurably more real effect than those attuned only to the outer have any awareness. Only that is real; not the apparently solid outer illusion.  We can all, each one of us, make a real difference by adopting this understanding and awareness and making it our reality, in place of illusions


....and create what I DO want. As well as for the generations to come who will bear the burden of all this now.  You and I, and all who will, can and are contributing to alleviating, and ultimately, removing, that burden, simply by remembering Who we really Are and Being It, right now.


The Right wing/Christian wing here breaks the 9th commandment EVERY day in Washington D.C..but that’s the mentality - to win at any cost - to be the permanent ruling party no matter how many verifiably untrue claims they spread.  I am very interested to see this, M.  This has been my perception since Watergate, but you are the first American I have heard express this view.  Yet I do not doubt there are many who do feel this to be the case.  Nevertheless, to be distracted from the straight and narrow Path by this can serve only ego.  We can observe such things, but the best thing we can then do with them is give such observations to Holy Spirit/Self, and then PCB (Pray, Commit, Bless).


Hmm. Guess I had quite a few thoughts on this.  Thanks for listening, and for any insight you can help me with, from your perspective across the pond. :)


Much, much love and Blessings,




P.S.  This week's MoE (MoE dated September 8th 2010) really spoke directly to my heart. I'm "getting it" more and more. I am so grateful to receive such clarifying messages and feel my resistance slipping more and more away as I embody these truths and act from KNOWING instead of THINKING/worrying/wondering.  


I am grateful for you and your wonderful connection to Jesus.  I feel your joy and love for Him shine through your messages and my heart bursts with joy to be able to know Him better through you..


M, dear One, your words, straight from the heart – I know because I feel them right in my heart, where they touch me deeply – are greater reward to me than anything this world can offer.  This is especially more the case because I have seen the transformation in you during these last few months from despair to SOARING.  If ever there was a case for a 24 carat gold ALLELUIA, this is it .  Truly, I rejoice in and for you.


Love, always, and thanks for all your sharing,




The following exchanges were posted on July 1st 2010


Hi Brian.  Thank you for your recent email, (MoE dated June 16th 2010) it is very interesting. I am wondering if you have the prayer for getting insects etc. out of the house. I have some ants coming into my house. I did print it out what you said, but I have misplaced it.   Thank You. Pearl. 



Hi Pearl,


Spiders will leave if you ask them nicely.  I have experienced this.  One needs to get in tune with the creatures in question, tell them this is not their home and would they please go away.


I am not clear whether this works with insects that operate within the group, or colony consciousness.  You might try communing with the queen of the colony.


Let me know how you get on, please.


Love, as always,





Hi Brian. I have been doing the meditation for the ants and I have only seen 4 since. So I hope that it is working. Would the same thing work for animals? We have some foxes running around and fighting in the woods behind us where we live. They prey on cats, and we have some cats and so do our neighbours. We have a fence, but one of my cats gets out and he was nearly caught by a fox. One of my neighbours and her son saw the fox and chased it away. The crazy cat still goes over the fence!!!  And also is there anything that we can do to help the oil spill in the  Gulf? Answer when you can as I know that you are busy. Regards. Pearl.



Hi Pearl,


I am very pleased to hear about the improvement in the ant situation.  Faith has a lot to do with such matters. Also, some of us have more propensity in certain areas than others; so you may be empowered beyond your conscious awareness for such thought-processes.


We can all do something good for every situation, including foxes, Gulf oil spills and the apparent condition of the world in general: PCB.  Pray, commit, bless.  Give all judgements and grievances to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to dispel them and replace them with our loving, forgiving and blessing on the foxes, those who are perceived as responsible for the accident in the Gulf, and not forgetting ourself; and every other illusion of time and place that seem so real. 


We are all one; brothers in the Sonship.  If we judge a brother we judge ourself.  If we love, forgive, bless a brother instead of judging him, we love, forgive and bless ourself. This is the road to the Kingdom.  This is a PLF and is therefore inescapable.  Not seeing or even believing it does not render it untrue.  But taking and acting on it in faith will show us how true it is.


Loving, blessing, forgiving are the most powerful prayer(s) there are, and enable miracles to happen.  Judgement, accusations, hatred, blame, grievances are very powerfully destructive, and because there is only one of us, they always come back on the projector of such destructive energy.  I am saddened by the hatred emanating from those affected by this event in the Gulf.  I fully understand how they feel, but this is a commitment to further circuits of the carousel of birth and death.  Let us PCB them, equally our brothers, also.


Thanks for writing.  Much love and blessings, as always,




Hi Brian I have only seen two ants lately. I am trying to do the same thing for the foxes. Some cats have gone missing, especially in the country. Sometimes I talk to Jesus. I know he must have loved animals even though there was nothing he said about them.  Namaste to you and Theresa. Pearl.


Hi Pearl,


Glad to hear the ant situation is improving.  This is immeasurably better than poisoning whatever we perceive as being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It is worth our while remembering that we call all events into our own presence.  Who else would do it?  God?  Jesus?  The Holy Spirit?  That would be a breach of the cosmic, immutable law of free will.  Therefore, They can be eliminated from the usual suspects!  That leaves only ourself, even if we are not aware of it being so, because that great prestidigitator ego is pulling the wool over our eyes with interminable distractions.


There is no reason why any of us could/should not speak/commune with Jesus every day☺.  Multiple times every day even, if we are so moved.  After all, there is no better friend any of us could ever have or hope for; totally trustworthy; perfectly loving; without judgement, ever.


He longs for such fellowship with each of us, one on one.  Why would he not, since he loves us totally, unconditionally, perfectly?  This is the Way forward, in loving, joyful fellowship with him, our fully qualified and empowered guide to Eternity (Heaven), our only true and rightful Home.  I can tell you from 43 years of personal experience that there is no greater joy on Earth than being in loving fellowship/communion with him.  I thoroughly, unreservedly commend such to all who seek something beyond the tawdry distractions of time and place.


Love and blessings, always,




The following exchange was posted on June 4th 2010


The following was from Denise, responding to the MoE and the Diary entry, both posted on June 2nd


Wonderful! beautiful! And much more beauty!...Just the thing Brian!!! And SO lovely to hear these messages on listening and attuning to spirit. The info about breathing I find particularly interesting as it has been a focal point for me, just recently, in helping to undo, through acceptance of looking at our fears head on without any hindrance that love cannot embrace... A wonderful way in which to allow our minds to become most present and each moment's breath can help us achieve this!! SO thank you Brian for your wonderfully inspiring, as well as beautifully written messages of love and encouragement.


Chat soon and much love and many blessings to you and Theresa;) x x



Darling Denise,


Since receiving this counsel from Holy Spirit I have been practising focusing on breathing, and it makes a palpable difference to stilling the mind and the inflow of peace.  It is becoming increasingly clear that thinking is an ego activity at least in our time and place consciousness and since, in the eternal reality, we already KNOW the Truth of everything, thinking about it is not necessary. 


Believing in illusions is the root cause of our fears, doubts, guilt, uncertainties, and so, as you say, places a hindrance between us and Love's embrace.  Thinking about the myriad forms of illusion that make up our Earthly lives, our time and place beliefs and experiences, is clearly, then, an affirmation that we don't know (i.e. have forgotten) the Truth.  So stilling the mind is an essential prerequisite of inner peace, since peace is of the mind. 


Giving, relinquishing, surrendering, all our thoughts, freely, to Holy Spirit, therefore truly frees, releases, us from ego's burdensome yoke, enabling our restoration to KNOWING.  Since knowing is certainty, all doubt, fear, guilt, uncertainty (illusions) then cease to have any reality or presence for or in us, and eternal reality becomes our unhindered reality.


I could hire you as my Public Relations Officer! How wonderful of you to write such words of affirmation and encouragement... I thought I was the one doing the MoEs


So happy to know you are finding them interesting, helpful and inspiring - and well written; the full package!!  Stay close please!


Love and endless blessings to you and all your precious family,




The following exchange was posted on May 21st 2010


Hi Brother Brian,


This week’s MoE (May 19th) is speaking to me with staggering personal meaning and helpfulness.  How do you do that?  Week after week it is the same, though this week was so powerful I just had to write and tell you how much I appreciate your ‘Kingdomly endeavours’, as you might say, for your brothers in the Sonship.


I love the way you select extracts from ACIM as part of what you write, and particularly the comments you intersperse in the extracts.  They help me to get them more clearly and to a greater depth of understanding.


Then there are your communings with the Holy Spirit.  Wow!!  They blow me away, especially this week’s.  Where He says:


Questioning is doubting.  Doubting is unbelieving; an affirmation of commitment to littleness.  Asking is desiring to know; a request for help in remembering what is already known, but temporarily forgotten.  Asking is seeking, enquiring, opening, allowing, trusting, believing.   Questioning is doubting, dismantling, destructive, negative.


that was incredibly enlightening.  Like you, I had no idea they were two distinct and opposite things.  I find myself questioning just about everything.  I now see, thanks to this help from your communing, that this is my ego, trying to justify its perceptions.  Or should I say, misperceptions!  From now on, I am going to really focus on surrendering every time I find myself questioning.  Questioning is, I now see, a denial of Truth; a denial of Who I am and of who all my brothers are, and trying to establish illusions in place of reality.  Questioning is defiance; asking is humility.


Another thing I have noticed is how the Diary entries are always so in harmony with the MoEs.  How do you do that?  It’s almost as if you write the Diary entries to suit the MoE, yet they were recorded years ago.  Amazing!


Thank you, from the depths of my heart.  Your brother in Christ,




Hi Jed,


Wow!   What can I say, other than a big THANKS!


A while ago I said to Holy Spirit, ‘How am I supposed to know what to say in the MoEs?  Everyone is coming from a different place, and I don’t know what to say that will resonate for all, or even any.’  He immediately replied,


‘It does not matter where any are coming from; that is of the past, of judgement and is unreality.  It is where all are going to that unites.  Write what resonates for you, for that is where inspiration touches you; it is where persona Brian meets with Self, and is your link with the Source of all, including all your brethren.  I take what you are inspired to write and with it touch the hearts and minds of those who are ready to receive it as the gift you extend, that they may receive it, along with you; for all are one, and as the gift is received, so is it truly given.  Rejoice and be exceeding glad at this opportunity for rejoining within the Sonship.’


As for the Diary entries harmonising with the MoEs; I am as amazed as you .  I never try to co-ordinate them.  It just works that way.  This is synchronicity, and demonstrates to me, week after week, that it is Holy Spirit Who is ‘running this show’.


BTW, I love what you say about questioning being defiance; asking, humility.  That, assuredly, was inspired.


I appreciate your feedback, Jed.  It is a great affirmation that this endeavour really is a 'Kingdomly endeavour'.


Love, peace and joy, brother Jed,




The following exchanges were posted on May 12th 2010


Good morning dear Brian and Theresa, Thank you SO very much for your wonderful MoE (dated May 12th 2010) and Diary entry (dated November 30th 1997), and how very much I love the statement: Judgements deny us peace.’  It is in the relinquishment of judgment that restores our mind back to Love's remembrance of who and what we are.


I would like to share with you these inspired words of Love that came in this morning:


Love is the key to your freedom, it opens the door to your heart. It endures all things, it never lingers in doubt, nor shies away from love's call. It is gentle, kind & helpful. It shelters & draws you in. It bids you a warm welcome from the cold; it nourishes & strengthens, as its Healing Rays shine through. It blesses each & every one & loves to smile through its joy.

Do not stand outside the light of love that beckons to you. Embrace its warm welcome, feel its heavenly glow. You are the Love that holds all things lovingly together as One.


Love, as always,




Denise, Dear One,


Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the goose-bump-inducing words of Love.  Beautiful.


Theresa and I look forward to joining with you and Andrew again soon.  Love and blessings to you all, from us both,




The following exchanges were posted on April 29th 2010



Thank you SO much for your beautiful words of upliftment  (MoE dated April 28th 2010)...I particularly needed to hear the message (pasted below) on restoring our function in transforming an unhealed relationship into a healed, loving relationship. And it IS THIS that I shall adhere to! Let my faith surpass all judgment and lead me on to green pastures:)


Thank you Brian for your loving prayers of healing.  I asked our brother Jesus to speak to me on forgiveness and this is what he asked me to write down. I would like to share this with you my lovely, so here goes:-


“Forgiveness is the function that only needs completion within this world of dreams; It is a means to an end; A solution that helps through the call for healing. Enter into this realm of light, where peace extends to all; It is in the entering of Peace that restores the mind back to its completion. Be not alone in this thought process, remembering that your saviour walks with you; here is forgiveness felt as you extend a hand towards your brother's cry for help.


Do unto others as you would have others do unto you is an important and necessary step to healing. Forgiveness undoes the notion that the condition of pain and suffering is not real; it is a made concept which creates fear through guilt that caused it. Be not afraid of these illusions for they are meaningless, and in the light of overlooking, through forgiveness will the mind heal in peace.


Bide in me, in this light; it shines within; it needs no helping hand; it is without restraint. Be not coloured in this world with all its vast trappings, it is not for you. Deal only in the light, away from the illusory imaginings that conjures up a belief system that is totally obscure and meaningless. Come to this light; it is who you are; Behold the light and let it shine above all things. Do not be distracted, nor upheld in the belief that you are less than the holy light of which you are.”


Would love to chat with you soon.


Much love Brian,




Thank You, Papa for Perfect Love, and for transforming unholy relationships into holy relationships, that we may be healed of brokenness, and restored to oneness in You.


Dear Denise,


Wonderful!  Thanks so much for sharing this communing with Jesus.  It is beyond question that you have a precious, blessed link with him. 


Love, always,





Good morning Brian and Theresa,


I wanted to share this with you this morning that Jesus shared with me and asked to share with all others. I hope you like it.


I enquired about love.  Here is his reply:-


~ LOVE ~ 

Love is who you are; you are love itself.
You have merely lost the way, but the way is You.
There is no other way, nor thing, apart from it.
It flows magnificently in every part, touching
and embracing all creation.

You are Love itself. There is not one thing
apart from it.

Go into your Love, enter into it in Joy.
Hold it into your heart with each breath;
breathe it into all living things, animate
and inanimate.

Let not one thing set it apart from any other
thing.  Leave no-one, nor thing behind.
Love purifies and heals; Love extends,
is Joyful, gentle and kind.

Love is all things that exist within it.
It is your only purpose; your only goal,
it is your destiny.

Be not afraid to Love; it cannot harm
you nor separate its cause.

Be happy and certain that it will protect
and guide you upon your way.

Be loving, gentle and kind.
Be the love that you are, and in that
love is the Joy and the Peace that
is your inheritance. 

Much love,



Dear Denise,


To say words like 'this is beautiful' seems rather hollow, and entirely inadequate to describe the beauty of this sharing from Jesus.  We are simply allowing the aura of tranquillity, peace, knowing, FEELING, EXPERIENCING the certainty of Perfect Love that they engender to enfold and encompass us, leaving us absolutely still within.  Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.  Your communing with him and the priceless treasures it brings forth are wondrous blessings for inspiration and upliftment, for sharing with all; it is joy to me to be able to extend them via the HTG Forum page.


Thank you, from our hearts, and with blessings for inner peace remaining with you always,




The following exchange was posted on April 12th 2010


Dear Brian,

I just wanted you to know that reading this Diary entry (December 29th 1996 posted April 7th 2010) was like being caressed and held by Jesus Himself. 

Thank you - Jo

Dear Jo,


That is wonderful.  Of course you are being caressed and held hugged by Jesus, so if the Diary entry helped your awareness of reality, then we can all give thanks and rejoice, for the Kingdom is at hand, even at the doors!  Alleluia


Love, always,




The following exchanges were posted on April 8th 2010


Subject: Prayers for healing


Derek is a lovely man, always ready to communicate with others and to cheer everyone up with his lovely stories of life. He has now been diagnosed with motor neurone disease and is having difficulty speaking. Would it be possible for you to send healing.  With deepest gratitude and thanks. Pat.


Dear Pat,


Bless you for writing about Derek.  As soon as I received your message I gave thanks for the wholeness that is rightfully ours, the free gift of Papa to us all; and, acknowledging it is mine to give and share, I extended that wholeness to Derek.  The Holy Spirit has taken that wholeness that I freely received and have freely given for Derek, and has placed it within Derek.  Now, it is for Derek to believe that wholeness is his, also freely given to him, and to receive it and accept it unto himself.


As you know, Jesus told people he healed 'Your faith has made you whole'.  Their faith, not his.  His faith was absolute, beyond question.  The rest of us can receive the wholeness that is rightfully and freely ours only by faith.  Not faith in an institution but faith in ourself, that we are who Jesus tells us we are: the Light of the world; Papa's beloved, eternal, radiant Son.


Of course, it is important to remember also that wholeness is of the mind, and that bodies are not who we are.  I do not know how much of this understanding Derek is ready/able to receive.  I hope you are ready/able and can give it to the Holy Spirit in safekeeping for Derek, and allow Him to handle its placing in Derek's mind.  That does not require Derek to be consciously aware of it.  Having given all into the able care of the Holy Spirit, it is essential that we leave it there and stop worrying, fretting, doubting, being anxious.  Those energies are dismantling energies and will not help Derek, who is now within the Holy Spirit's care, because we have placed him there.


If Derek does not receive a bodily healing, that does not mean the Holy Spirit has not heard our prayer for Derek, or has decided not to respond.  He always responds, according to His knowledge of all the factors involved, including the possibility that Derek may have decided 'afore time' (before he incarnated) that now was the time for his laying aside his body, having accomplished what he came to do.  To interfere with such a possible decision - which is the freewill choice of us all - by desperately, fearfully trying to go counter to it, is not in harmony with the Principles of Life of the Father, and serves no useful purpose.


I hope you will find this helpful and will set your mind at ease about Papa's beloved Son, appearing in the form of Derek.


Love and blessings for wholeness for us all,






Dear Brian,  Dear Pat,


Thank you very much for your very in-depth email, what a lovely man you appear to beI can but take this as a compliment J.  I have spoken to Derek about "faith".  I can only hope that my strong faith and belief will inspire him but I think faith is something so deep and personal Most of us find it hard to speak of such an intimate matter even with our Self, let alone ‘another’, indicating how ‘stitched-up’ by ego we allow ourselves to become that he has to now find that in himself at a much deeper level, Coming face to face with our perceived ‘mortality’ does have this effect upon us. Yet we are free to move beyond that to the realisation that it is not something to face with fear and trepidation, but with joy and peace (the awareness of which obviates fear), because Papa, Heaven and our true Being are so tender, loving, enfolding in Perfect Love. 


I know that I have to trust too that he is in the Holy Spirit's care now. This is Derek’s gift to you: the opportunity to grow your trust; a real blessing.  Derek recently went abroad and saw a Holy Man who brought in the Holy Spirit to him.  His symptoms did improve for a while and it has been my worry that things / progress will not be maintained now that he is back home. Do you believe Jesus and the Holy Spirit want us to ‘worry’?  Ego does.  Whose script will we follow?  


Thank you for your re-assurance that Derek is now in the Holy Spirit's care and that all is well. That’s better J!  Please be reassured, comforted and at peace.  Most of us want reassurance, comfort and peace, yet continue to worry instead (we cannot do both), thus preventing the reassurance, comfort and peace being our reality. Such is not Christ Mind thinking; but that is Who we are, and we will serve ourself well to keep on re-minding ourself that this is our Truth. I quite agree with you that if it's Derek's pre-birth contract to go at this time so be it. I am happy to hear this. 


Most of us want to cling to a person whose time is drawing to a close, out of fear of loss, death, guilt etc; all ego-engendered.  We will serve ourself well to ask the Holy Spirit to help us look past the time and place perspective, which is a false perspective, to the eternal perspective, which is real, and will bring us acceptance and inner peace.


I have a strong belief that we are all going Home. It is a certainty, and therefore, beyond belief, to actuality.  The only question is, how long do we choose to delay that return to Home, by clinging unnecessarily to the carousel of birth and death? From a Spiritual point of view I know this There, you have said it!! but from the ego perspective How easily we are persuaded to continue in duality thinking  I need to let go of my attachment because I would like him to be around for much longer. Of course; but by focussing on the eternal, choosing to see past the temporal illusion, we can be reminded of eternal oneness with all our loved ones, and in bliss beyond description.  


Confusing times when life throw up tragedy but I also believe strongly in post traumatic "growth".  What a serviceable belief.  It is what I have described as OTAF – Opportunity to Transform Adversity into Fulfilment.  After being devastated by the diagnosis initially, Derek, despite his physical deterioration, is starting to find a deeper connection, Alleluia! that which we are all seeking.  He, and you, have been instrumental in bringing me back to spiritual matters, so I give gratitude and blessings for the gifts both you and Derek have given me.


Thank you so much.  Every situation provides opportunity for blessedness to rise from it.  Derek is an inspiration to everyone who touches his path, heartfelt thanks once again to you for touching our lives through the Holy Spirit and for your care and understanding.


Blessings and warmest wishes on your path too. Received with loving thanks and returned with interest,  Brian





Many thanks Brian, your email has brought up floods of tears in me but a realisation of the work I need to do on myself.  Tears indicate a release of what we have been hiding from ourself.  What a wonderful opportunity for going forward.  


When I said "I know that I have to trust too that he is in the Holy Spirit's care now" and you replied "This is Derek's gift to you, the opportunity to grow your trust, a real Blessing", I became overwhelmed with emotion. I feel joy at this, for you; a connection between you and me as siblings in the Sonship. I have had many, many trials and traumatic experiences which precipitated a real "dark night of the Soul" experience in the past. 


Aeons of karma spiral ever downward into darkness, away from Truth, until we commit to relinquishing judgement in favour of true forgiveness.  Then, miraculously, all the horrendous tangle created by ego’s script is removed, enabling the restoration of Papa’s fragmented Son to oneness.  How far beyond wonderful is that!?  I am through a lot of the rage now Alleluia!  There is so much rage in this world.  I get increasing numbers of emails from people in despair about the rage they are feeling, and don’t know what to do about it, even though many are students of ACIM. and those awful feelings of aloneness and being deserted by God. 


Arten and Pursah, in Disappearance of the Universe, speak of this extensively, and of course, it is explained comprehensively by Jesus in ACIM, as being caused by our one mistake: believing we have separated ourself from Papa.  I know I have grown through the experience and feel that I am coming back home to God  The main thing is you are now on the return journey slowly speed is not the essence, for the Holy Spirit leads us at the pace He knows is right for us but your words hit on a very sore nerve and the awful realisation that I have lost trust in God. 


‘Realisation’ is the key word here; a catharsis, and is a key part of the awakening, restoration process  Derek in all his suffering and in turn making contact with you has indeed been a blessing twofold, shining a torch of light for the future (God works in mysterious ways !!! As we wake we begin to see that His ways are not actually mysterious, but clear, plain, logical, uncomplicated; that it was only ego that caused us to believe His ways are mysterious J). Thank you so much for highlighting my next steps As Jesus tells us in ACIM, the gift is not given until it is received.  I thank you for your receptiveness to my suggestions; it is an indicator of our connection within the Sonship, and that is what we are all here for, and nothing else, so this is cause for joyous celebration  and the work I still have to do to bring me home to God. 


Dear Pat, all that is asked of you is your ‘little willingness’ to allow the Holy Spirit to accomplish this for you.  How hard it seems to be to relinquish the ego-inculcated myth that ‘little, persona we’ have to do this ourself.  Constant self-reminding of the reality that we cannot do it because we don’t know how, but He does, and will do, if we are willing to let Him, because that is what Perfect Love does, helps retrain our mind to right thinking.  My loving, compassionate heart reaches out to Derek and to you in gratitudeI can tell from your writing, and the vibes emanating from it, that you are a deeply compassionate Being. Alleluia!


As my original email was all about Derek's healing, I feel bad for talking about me, No need at all for ‘feeling bad’ about turning round and moving toward the light J but I have nobody I can share this with and needed to put it into words. I am grateful that you have shared all this with me, for together, ‘hand in hand’ we return to Papa, and only together is this possible. Thank you for the time you have taken to reply to my last email and for the insights gained therein.  Sharing is the name of the awakening game.


Blessings, Pat   And to you also,  Brian


The following exchange was posted on March 28th 2010


This exchange follows on from the posting dated March 26th, immediately below this one, and refers to remarkable still and video film of sharks, lions, hyenas and other 'dangerous' animals interacting lovingly with humans, and indeed, other creatures that would normally be their prey.


Hello Brian, thank you for your email. Yes I have already received this one and the one about the Shark. There is also one about Elephant whisperers going the Cyber round. It is wonderful what is happening but life forms still kill each other to survive. If nothing kills anything else how will life survive? There will definitely have to be a new Earth with a different basic set up. Love from Dorothy


Hi Dorothy,


You are right on target about there having to be a New Earth, with a different basic set-up.  I have no doubt this will be the case, and that it is all comfortably within the GRP.  The present arrangement, with all life-forms being dependent on the death of other life forms for sustaining their bodies, can only be an ego devised arrangement, since it is entirely contra to Perfect Love and eternal Life. 


I have no 'handle' on the mechanics of how such a radical transformation will eventuate and not knowing does not matter, or affect that unfolding of events, because Jesus knows but I have been assured many times over the decades that the GRP has 'all the resources of Heaven at its disposal', and that, of course, it is 'infallible and unstoppable'. 


To me, that is unbeatable odds!! so I am in no doubt that the reversal of the present arrangement will take place within the third measure of meal, which is, of course, the fulfilment phase of the GRP, in which 'the whole is leavened.'  Since we are 'only' at the beginning of that phase, I personally am astonished not to speak of overjoyed at the broad spread of fulfilment events/aspects/properties that are already manifesting at the 'Earth-physical' level. 


I have a very keen awareness of Jesus' excitement (in a calm sort of way, resulting from his certainty at the outcome) at the events unfolding.  I believe the Aquarian Age, or 3rd measure of meal, began in 1965, because that was the year Helen Schucman began scribing ACIM (and also the year I met Olga Park and began getting 'hooked up' with Jesus). 


My second son, Christopher (in spirit) told me about 15 years ago that Jesus 'cannot permit a single opportunity to be missed'.  This means he is eager, and is out of the starting blocks the instant the starting order is given.  For me, ACIM is the definitive event/document, or 'handbook' for the awakening, and as such, is very much 'of the 3rd measure awareness'. 


3rd measure awareness could not begin until the 3rd measure began, so 1965 would have been the earliest moment for 3rd measure events to begin unfolding, and ACIM is the 'flag ship', or, one might say, the opening salvo of the event, straight into the headquarters of ego's camp. 


Of course, there is no confirmation of a 'date' for the beginning of the fulfilment measure, but that is of no consequence at all, and the fact that so many 3rd measure things are unfolding before us (including the revelations about the Pope and the Catholic Church  And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. Rv. 18:4 'Nothing is hidden that shall not be revealed' that are coming to light at the present time) is as much of an indicator as any might need.  How exciting it all is!






The following exchange was posted on March 26th 2010


Hi Brian,  Hi Dorothy, I wondered if I wrote you this letter how would you reply. 'Cos I wondered if I have I been missing out on something that others picked up on, and subsequently been travelling on a wrong track and also many people finding your site for the first time will know what you are all about by your reply... I feel prompted to reply to this that what appears in this ‘dream’, or fantasy, of separation as ‘we’, the apparently divided fragments of the one Son of God, have seemingly been asleep in the illusion of time and place (t&p) for a very long ‘time’.  Since the Big Bang that astronomers believe was the beginning of the ‘physical universe’, multi-billions of years ago in linear time, in ‘fact’. 


I must say I am inclined to believe that this was the beginning of the illusion called time, and was the moment of the apparent separation (especially as Arten and Pursah say it this way).  At the instant (or very shortly after) the Son had the ‘mad, momentary thought’ of going off on his own, away from Papa, a hidey-hole, or bolt-hole was needed for the now-apparently-separated Son to get away from the Father he mistakenly thought (in his dream state) he had angered and would therefore be ‘gunning for him’ to punish him for his ‘grievous sin’ (see the parable of the Prodigal Son, Lk. 15:11 ff). 


Since Papa is of Eternity, t&p – Its opposite - does not exist for Him, so, illusorily speaking (because t&p does not exist in the only true context of eternal reality), ‘escaping’ to the entirely ‘made-up’ t&p had a certain logic about it, albeit the perceived need for such an escape was entirely mistaken, because Papa was never angry with His beloved Son (Papa doesn’t ‘do’ anger; only perfect, unconditional love).


So.....If we were already living in Paradise why did we choose to come here to live a life of searching to try to find our way back again. This area of consideration is very well - exhaustively - covered in Gary Renard’s book ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’ (‘DU’).  I earnestly commend it to any and all seekers after eternal truth.  I also earnestly recommend that it be not just ‘read’ like one reads a novel, but carefully studied.  Reading it multiple times (I have read it 6 times) is exponentially more beneficial than reading it just once because a) we, the fragmented Sonship, are so deep in forgetfulness of who we really are (eternal, invulnerable, immortal, all-knowing, all loving; the Christ, along with, and one with, our brother Jesus, who came to remind us of this truth of unchangeable Being) and because we are so deep in forgetfulness, b) there is so much to remember about first, how we got into this mess called t&p, and second, how to get out of it, Home to Eternity in Papa.


All I can, will and have time for here is a very brief précis in answer to your question:  We didn’t actually, knowingly choose to come here.  This is very carefully explained in DU, but suffice it here to say, it was a mistake, and by the ‘time’ ‘we’ (the momentarily dreaming Son) realised it was a mistake, it was ‘too late’.  The choice to go off on our own, away from Papa meant we had entered – in the by-now split off part of our mind - into a state of forgetfulness of who we are, even though the true, all-knowing Mind of our real Self, Christ, was unaffected by this in Eternity. 


All-knowingness is an aspect our true, whole Being, and wholeness is only possible in our wakeful state of mind, awareness of our oneness in the heart of Papa.  And we had inadvertently ‘pressed the down button on the lift’, without realising that we could not reverse the process until we reached where the down button was destined to take us, all, illusorily speaking, because we cannot be separate from Papa in reality; only in fantasy.  But the Great Rescue Programme, or the Atonement (pronounced at-one-ment, to differentiate it from what the church describes as atonement – pronounced á-tonement - are two totally different things) as Jesus calls it in ACIM, was immediately implemented, and the Holy Spirit was created to dwell with us and be our reminder of who we are during this dream of littleness, death, separation in t&p. 


His job is to speak the truth of our Being to us; His Voice is described by Jesus in ACIM as ‘the Voice for God’.  The Holy Spirit, or Spirit of Truth, or Holy Breath, dwells in our right mind, and is our real Self.  Because Papa created His Son in His own likeness, free will is irreversibly ours, so we can choose to listen to Him, Who speaks to us the truth of Eternity and tells us Who we really are all the time, but we are also at free will to listen to the other voice – ‘ego’ – that is the imaginary, illusory thought system that functions (or more accurately, dysfunctions) in the separated, upside-down, split-off part of our mind that believes it is ever fragmenting into greater numbers of separated, individual bodies (when I was born there were 2 billion humans on Earth; now there are nearly 7 billion and rising rapidly).   


In all the reading I have done I never remember seeing this question addressed properly, or if it was it didn't take hold in my consciousness.  I think I shall peruse the New Testament again to see if Jesus gave any clues about this. If you are asking my advice, here is my recommendation: First, read DU, which will get you very much into place of readiness to enable a better understanding of ACIM; then read – study – ACIM.  This is the real Jesus, unencumbered by the distortions of his message by ego-driven parties 2k years ago, and is the handbook for the awakening of the Sonship back into one-mindedness and back to our true Home in Heaven.  It debunks the falsities of religious doctrine and dogma and sets the truth back on the throne of our being.  Or, as Jesus says in ACIM, ‘brings illusion to the truth’. 


He told us the parable of the prodigal son coming back home, but what was the reason he left in the first place?  I believe this is covered above, but let me know if you would like further clarification. The Church teaches about sin, Adam and Eve and fallen angels, but somehow that just seems to be like a simple understanding (however intellectual the scribes) of something much more profound and at the same time too simple - a paradox - for the intellectual mind drowned in its absolute belief in the world, to grasp. In many ways, these Old Testament mythologies/allegories are actually very close to the illusory/dream events, but religion (an ego-construct) has given a slanted interpretation on them, making ‘sin’ real, and therefore requiring ‘sacrifices as á-tonement’, and presenting God as angry, wrathful, vengeful etc. DU and ACIM set the record of all these allegories straight, explaining that the so-called ‘fall’ is only a dream.  Here is what Jesus says about this in chapter 2 of ACIM: 


The Garden of Eden, or the pre-separation condition, was a state of mind in which nothing was needed. When Adam listened to the “lies of the serpent,” all he heard was untruth.  You do not have to continue to believe what is not true unless you choose to do so. All that can literally disappear in the twinkling of an eye because it is merely a misperception.  What is seen in dreams seems to be very real.  Yet the Bible says that a deep sleep fell upon Adam, and nowhere is there reference to his waking up. The world has not yet experienced any comprehensive reawakening or rebirth (but the GRP is seeing to all that).  Such a rebirth is impossible as long as you continue to project or miscreate.  It still remains within you, however, to extend as God extended His Spirit to you. In reality this is your only choice, because your free will was given you for your joy in creating the perfect.  

(My italics and emboldening, for emphasis.)


I have been pondering this myself but the only answer I can come up with, which I think I  have understood is your teaching too, is that it is all a dream from which we will eventually awaken, and when the greater consciousness we live in starts to stir again we begin to know that we are dreaming. Spot on, Dorothy! 


Is it right to believe, that while in this dual consciousness, (of the dream and the waking reality) we will be able to manipulate our dream world and do the seeming miracles that Jesus did. I would say it this way: The split-off, dreaming/fantasising, upside-down, misperceiving part of our mind has no awareness of our higher Mind, which is our true Self, and is of one Mind with Jesus in the complete, undivided Sonship.  But as/when we are willing to accept Holy Spirit (our higher, fully awake Mind) into our thinking and decision-making processes, He will begin the gentle awakening activity.  In due course, as this proceeds, our remembrance of Who we really are begins to return as He undoes, or dispels, our ego-controlled, separation-consciousness thinking.  Jesus really did perform miracles, as described in the Gospel accounts, and was able because he was fully awake and knew he was unlimited, with all the empowerment of the Father that is the creation-right of the Son. 


As we awaken, so will we each be restored to miracle-mindedness and miracle-readiness.  This is an aspect of the GRP that we will begin to see more and more of, right in these ‘present times’.  They are happening right now, but the ego-controlled institutions of church, state and the medical world are working hard to keep them covered up, isolated, out of the public awareness.  Soon, as miracles increase in numbers and frequency, that will no longer be possible and they will have to start acknowledging their reality.  There are, even now, some signs in the medical world of that old-order thinking beginning to change.  After all He did tell us that where He was, we should also be, and that we would be able to do greater things than He did. Precisely; and that is to what we are waking up. 


When we have fully awakened and remembered that we are all one – that is to say, of one Mind, because bodies are only of time and place and have no place in the Kingdom of Heaven/Eternity – the ego-mind contrivance of an illusorily-physical world/universe will disappear.  This will happen because it was only ever in our mind – the split-off, upside-down part – and we will have simply ‘changed our mind’ about reality. 


Some of the saints who had transcended the consciousness of this world were reputedly able to perform miracles of healing etc. And why not?  Many miracles happened after Pentecost (see Acts 2: 1-4 and 3: 1-10).  As Jesus says at the beginning of ACIM “Miracles are everyone’s right, but purification is necessary first”.  This does not mean purification by some terrifying God-inflicted punishment, but simply allowing the Holy Spirit to dispel from our mind the misperceptions of ego’s script. It is a highly desirable, joyful, awakening process to which we would all flock instantly for release if we only knew the magnitude of its blessing. 


There are also plenty of merchants out there in the business of selling us the idea that we if we buy their knowledge we will actually be able to manipulate the physical world to produce rich gains on a personal level. (Brings to mind the prince of this world trying to tempt our Lord in the wilderness with the temporary and empty pleasures and treasures of this world)  Quite so.  But there was no prospect of that happening with Jesus because he was fully awake.  


So, to re- present the preceding, have we just fallen asleep in part of a yet greater reality  the eternal, infinite reality of Heaven which we are starting to become aware of again, and are we struggling to rejoin this reality to get free from the dreams and nightmares we have created and believe are real? That’s about the size of it, but we only struggle because we still think we have to do it by and for ourself, without help (because we don’t believe there is any help for us – a big misperception).  If we are willing to turn it all over to Self, there is no struggle because He knows what He is doing (whereas, our persona-self hasn’t the foggiest, which one look at the mess this t&p realm is in will immediately affirm) and He will do it for us. 


Of course that is the last thing ego wants because it spells the end of t&p, and thus, of ego with it.  So, under ego influence we will resist this surrender to Self very strongly. But it will be to no avail because the GRP is infallible and unstoppable, and in linear time terms will be over by the end of the Aquarian Age, or third measure of meal. 


That feels like the answer for me, but is it right, and does anyone else truly resonate with that?  Well, Jesus and the Holy Spirit resonate with it, as affirmed in DU and ACIM; I resonate with it, and a vast and very rapidly expanding global community of followers of ACIM, which is now millions-strong and growing at a logarithmic pace, resonate with it.  So, be reassured that you are not alone, dear friend.


How can this world ever be the paradise some people think it can become. This will be the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (KOHOE), or ‘real world’ as Jesus describes it in ACIM.  Here is what he says about this in chapter 17, section II of ACIM.  I have underlined some key bits, but to get the comprehensive picture of it, it is well worth reading/studying the whole 8 paragraphs:


II. The Forgiven World

Can you imagine how beautiful those you forgive will look to you?  In no fantasy have you ever seen anything so lovely.  Nothing you see here, sleeping or waking, comes near to such loveliness.  And nothing will you value like unto this, nor hold so dear.  Nothing that you remember that made your heart sing with joy has ever brought you even a little part of the happiness this sight will bring you.  For you will see the Son of God.  You will behold the beauty the Holy Spirit loves to look upon, and which He thanks the Father for.  He was created to see this for you, until you learned to see it for yourself.  And all His teaching leads to seeing it and giving thanks with Him.

This loveliness is not a fantasyIt is the real world, bright and clean and new, with everything sparkling under the open sun. Nothing is hidden here, for everything has been forgiven and there are no fantasies to hide the truth.  The bridge between that world and this is so little and so easy to cross, that you could not believe it is the meeting place of worlds so different.  Yet this little bridge is the strongest thing that touches on this world at all.  This little step, so small it has (thus far) escaped your notice, is a stride through time into eternity, beyond all ugliness into beauty that will enchant you, and will never cease to cause you wonderment at its perfection.

This step, the smallest ever taken, is still the greatest accomplishment of all in God’s plan of Atonement.  All else is learned, but this is given, complete and wholly perfect.  No one but Him Who planned salvation could complete it thus.  The real world, in its loveliness, you learn to reach.  Fantasies are all undone, and no one and nothing remain still bound by them, and by your own forgiveness you are free to see.  Yet what you see is only what you made, with the blessing of your forgiveness on itAnd with this final blessing of God’s Son upon himself, the real perception, born of the new perspective he has learned, has served its purpose.

The stars will disappear in light, and the sun that opened up the world to beauty will vanish.  Perception will be meaningless when it has been perfected, for everything that has been used for learning will have no function.  Nothing will ever change; no shifts nor shadings, no differences, no variations that made perception possible will still occur.  The perception of the real world will be so short that you will barely have time to thank God for it.  For God will take the last step swiftly, when you have reached the real world and have been made ready for Him.

The real world (KOHOE) is attained simply by the complete forgiveness of the old, the world you see without forgiveness.  The great Transformer of perception will undertake with you the careful searching of the mind that made this world, and uncover to you the seeming reasons for your making it.  In the light of the real reason that He brings, as you follow Him, He will show you that there is no reason here at all.  Each spot His reason touches grows alive with beauty, and what seemed ugly in the darkness of your lack of reason is suddenly released to loveliness.  Not even what the Son of God made in insanity could be without a hidden spark of beauty that gentleness could release.

All this beauty will rise to bless your sight as you look upon the world with forgiving eyes.  For forgiveness literally transforms vision, and lets you see the real world reaching quietly and gently across chaos, removing all illusions that had twisted your perception and fixed it on the past.  The smallest leaf becomes a thing of wonder, and a blade of grass a sign of God’s perfection.

From the forgiven world the Son of God is lifted easily into his home.  And there he knows that he has always rested there in peace.  Even salvation will become a dream, and vanish from his mind.  For salvation is the end of dreams, and with the closing of the dream will have no meaning.  Who, awake in Heaven, could dream that there could ever be need of salvation? (Who indeed?)

How much do you want salvation?  It will give you the real world, trembling with readiness to be given you.  The eagerness of the Holy Spirit to give you this is so intense He would not wait, although He waits in patience.  Meet His patience with your impatience at delay in meeting HimGo out in gladness to meet with your Redeemer, and walk with Him in trust out of this world, and into the real world of beauty and forgiveness.


It is all worthy of emphasising really, but the point is, we have to bring truth to illusion, or in other words, bring the Kingdom of Heaven to the illusory realm of t&p, in order to receive the purification, as stated above, or awakened to reality.  Once that has happened and we have thus been made ready for Heaven/Eternity there will be no reason to hang around in t&p when all Eternity awaits our return to it, so Papa will swiftly lift us up to It because He cannot wait for the reunion  (see the prodigal son parable for how eager He is for our return).


Even if we all changed into altruistic angels, believing we were not harming anything, these bodies we think are us, would die, because everything has to kill to live.  Even plants contain life.  Immune systems and medical drugs kill countless numbers of microscopic lives to keep us alive. 


The world of placid Nature looks beautiful to us.  But its outward appearance changes imperceptibly every second as all life everywhere, even beautiful nature, keeps going on the rolling wheels of birth, growth, decay, death, with each life form’s demise causing suffering and grief, while something else is nourished and sustained by it.  And what about the violent side of nature bringing terror, suffering and grief to all defenceless life-forms in its vicinity? As the 3rd measure of meal leavens, all this will change, one step at a time, and the lion will lie down with the lamb.  There are already multitudinous examples of the transformation of the relationship between man and ‘wild, dangerous animals’.  I will forward a couple of examples that you might enjoy, and find inspiring and uplifting.


Some tell us stories that animals don't feel pain and fear as we do when they are killed because they live with Nature and are not aware of good and evil as we are.  That used to salve people's consciences in the cruel old days and make those who were beginning to wake up feel better and keep them in the world's illusions. But  research has been finding this not to be true I have no doubt that this is correct and we know through the filming of wild life programmes that even elephants mourn their dead family members and who doesn't know that pets bring their love with them. 


However if the world seems to have no lasting reality in a personal form, why are we here and who made it?  I hope this is answered above!  In the concept of time-reality, somebody’s son becomes somebody’s dad,  somebody’s granddad, somebody’s great granddad ad infinitum. They are each a ray of a sort of reality but there is another ray branching out from that - the reality of the parent, their sons son, the grandson of him, the great grandson etc. What we call reality in this world seems to be all separate personal memories. Anything and everything to do with bodies has no part in the reality of Eternity, and is an ego-myth to keep us trapped on the illusory carousel of birth and death/time and place.  This is where a change of perception is required to help us see past the linear time perspective to the eternal perspective.  We cannot do this without the help of the Great Transformer.


Most of us think that the world of nature is beautiful (ignoring the violence) and it is said that only humans make it otherwise, and one day, we are told, the lion will lay down with the lamb.  Is the very beauty of nature, coupled with a belief that the world can be made perfect, designed to keep us from noticing the real suffering for every living thing that is built into the very fabric of our existence?  Suffering and death seem so totally real all the while we are focussed in the illusion of t&p, but as Jesus says, above, all this will be transformed by our change of focus and our awakening to the only true reality of Perfect Love, Heaven, and that we are inextricably, eternally part of that reality.  We can do this by loving, blessing and forgiving ourselves, our brothers in the Sonship and all the illusions that are in one place only and nowhere else: our upside-down, split-off, misperceiving mind.


The Bible tells us the Kingdom of Heaven is within and this tells us that this world is a place of separateness where we have to journey within, through the lonely, seeking to expand /merge into the ALONE. (All One)  Love from Dorothy


I hope this helps, Dorothy.  Many, many thanks for writing, and giving such incisive thought to these all-important matters; also for providing the opportunity for further understanding to be added.  Many blessings of love, as always, 




The following exchange was posted on February 25th 2010


Hello Brian and Theresa,

You may be surprised to hear from me, but after returning home last year, I put your book, Synchronicity, for Goodness
Sake, to one side to read, and it somehow got misplaced. After searching for a while I gave up. I figured that if a book is lost in a house, it is bound to turn up sooner or later. Well, it turned up about a week ago . . . so I read it.

You have had, and still lead, a remarkable life. Your relationship with Jesus is definitely remarkable. I have to confess, your familiarity with the scriptures is a bit disconcerting for me, and our paths, although with similarities, are also very different. Not that it matters, at all. We both fundamentally see life in the same way . . . 


I say both . . . but I mean that you and Theresa and Carolyn and I all see life in a way that is based in the continuity of the soul, and in unconditional Love. In many ways both Brian and I would be considered modern mystics in a less cynical world, but that is okay.  So, more than anything this is just a line to say we did not forget you after meeting you, but that I felt just a bit guilty for mislaying your book.

In Love and Light,


Michael and Carolyn



Dear Michael and Carolyn,

Well!  What a wonderful and joyous surprise to hear from you, and especially that not only have you found my book (and taken the time to read it), but have been so pleasantly resonant with much of it.


I find your comment that my familiarity with the scriptures is a bit disconcerting for you, quite interesting, so let me explain.  First, many people have been put off the scriptures, and especially Jesus, by the church, with its literal-minded interpretations, hypocrisy, un-Christ-like behaviours over most of the time since Jesus walked the Earth.


You will have read of my experience with the church in my book (SFGS), so I need not rehearse it here.  Suffice it to say that I was sincere in my seeking after eternal truth and did not find it — or anything resembling an approach to it — in the church, so quit, little knowing at the time that this was all part of the pre-arranged and agreed plan.  But I was deeply blessed by synchronistically being brought into contact with Olga Park at the same time, and she clearly was in real contact with the real Jesus (not the churchs version of him).  Meeting her was, of course, also part of the plan.  I now have been made aware, in the last few years, that I was the younger brother of the man referred to in SFGS as the Rector in an incarnation in the 1500s, and Olga was his wife then; so she and I were siblings-in-law!  So does the loving affiliation continue...


Jesus also has made me aware in recent time that he and I have been together in many incarnations, and this tells me he is speaking of pre-Abraham times. I feel intuitively that this was Atlantian times, because Jesus has not needed to incarnate again during at least the last 2 millennia because he is directing his Great Rescue Programme from spirit.


This is all background leading up to the point:


In an incarnation in the 1600s, as a farmer in England (I was Paul and Theresa was my wife, Esther), I was a devout Christian, but I saw through the sham of the Puritan church and started to speak out against it.  This was a very dangerous thing to do in Puritan-church England and eventually led to me having my tongue crushed, to shut me up, by my seventeen-years senior, puritan-Christian sister with some of Pauls erstwhile friends from the church that Paul had by now abandoned.  Of course that did not achieve its objective because I then began writing journals of my awakening realisations/experiences about God, Jesus and Eternity.


The tongue-crushing, by church-indoctrinated friends was the final straw and Paul determined that when he finally came to the end of his sojourn in time, he was going to have a long discussion with Jesus about how he (Paul) could do whatever he possibly could to set the record straight — about Jesus and his mission to bring the truth of Eternity to Earth-life humanity.  But definitely not through the sham of institutionalised religion, which would not recognise the truth if it hit them between the eyes, and has been steadfast in its determination not to recognise it for at least 18 centuries, just as the religious authorities refused to recognise it when Jesus presented it at that time.  In fact they were determined to do away with the messenger; hence the crucifixion.


Jesus has told me numerous times during the last 40 years that all the experiences I have had (some, as described in SFGS, though there is much, much more that is not included therein) are simply preparation for what he and I planned/agreed aforetime (i.e., before I incarnated as persona Brian) in order to fulfil my burning desire to set the record straight.  All that has occurred has been by design, not accident (as you know only too well, Michael), including my brief spell with the church, so that I could see, at first hand, its unserviceableness to Jesus mission, other than simply keeping his name in the public mind for 2k years, even if by so comprehensively misrepresenting him! 


That was, of course, inevitable because the church institution is an ego-construct, and Jesus knew before the time of Abraham that this would be the case.  Nevertheless, he also knew it would still be able to serve his overall objectives within the GRP.  Now, at the changeover between the Piscean and Aquarian ages, the church’s job is done and it is fading away.  It is best described by Jesus as the church of Laodicea in Revelation 3: 14-17.


My first desire and commitment is to help those, who have been bamboozled/blinded by the church, to wake up to the real Jesus.  So I had to be able to demonstrate to them that I did have a modicum of working knowledge and understanding of the scriptures (and with which I have received immeasurable inspired help) they revere, though by which they are confused, because the church has tampered with those scriptures and misinterpreted them to meet their own agendas — which are far from Jesus agenda.  By presenting snippets of those scriptures here and there in my writing, to offer a meaningful interpretation for them in appropriate places, it could help them see past all the false doctrines and dogmas of the church, fabricated as a result of misinterpretation of the scriptures.


This was part of the pre-agreed plan with Jesus for the persona Brian incarnation.  It is working, in however limited a way, because I have had many messages from people around the world who have attested to how my writing (including postings on the Honest2goodness website) has helped them see through the confusion of the church, break free from the hold it (Catholic, Mormon, Jehovah's Witness and others) has had on them, and see the truth about Jesus, unconditional Love and Eternity.


Of course, there are many who have already seen through the church and abandoned it, and many who never even got involved with the church (at least, not in this incarnation!) and it is my committed desire to help them to understand who Jesus really is and how he can help them awaken to spiritual reality if they listen to him speaking to them direct, without the church flimflam.


At least in these times burning at the stake (and tongue crushing!) are no longer countenanced, but there are many enemies to be made of the likes of you and me and our messages to the world, from the ranks of those labouring under the burdensome and uncomfortable yoke of institutionalised religion.


Well, Michael and Carolyn, it is wonderful to hear from you, and I thank you for writing. 


Love and light to you both also,


Brian and Theresa


PS:  We really enjoyed our get-together in Cambridge last Easter.


The following exchange was posted on February 24th 2010


Dear Brian:


I receive a daily quote from the Abraham-Hicks newsgroup.  This quote really spoke to me yesterday as it made me realize how much control I really do have over my own life.    


"Because others cannot vibrate in your experience, they cannot affect the outcome of your experience. They can hold their opinions, but unless their opinion affects your opinion, their opinion matters not at all. A million people could be pushing against you, and it would not negatively affect you unless you push back. They are affecting what happens in their experience. They are affecting their point of attraction -- but it does not affect you unless you push against them. "


I have been pushing back so hard.  For the past 4 or 5 days though, I have surrendered and it really has been peaceful.  I have reached this point from time to time over the past 6 months but it hasn’t been sustained for I was so easily knocked down when pushed & I push back.   I have decided to quit pushing back and just let God express through me, without fretting/defending/explaining....and just BE.  I also realized that I’ve spent all this time trying to explain/excuse an action where there simply just isn’t a “good enough”  reason.  


Just wanted to share this update with you.  I thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers.  So far, so good. :)  5 days of peace is a record!


Much love



My Dear Jo,


This news is lifting me to the Heavens for joy and thanksgiving for you.  Thanks be to Papa that it is the Light within us that determines who we really are.  And you are, truly, a great light.  It is a wonderful blessing for me to know you — the real you —- and that you feel able to share with me these precious experiences you are having.  You already know that I am pushing for you, not against you J


May that be a great comfort and reassurance for you, strengthening your commitment to continue as you are.  Regardless of who or what appears to be pushing against you, what you have experienced in the last 5 days makes it nothing when we stop pushing back. Alleluia!


I take this opportunity to attach this week's MoE.


Love and endless blessings,




Dear Brian,


Thank you so much. Its very uplifting to hear someone say I am a light. Eventually I will believe it deeper than I do now.  Yes, you will; we all will.  It is inevitable because it is the truth, and nothing (true) that is hidden shall not be revealed.  How reassuring and belief-strengthening is that!?


Thanks for attaching the MoE.  It was very timely for me.  I loved the part about Susie. (See Diary 1997, posted February 17th 2010 for details.)  What a blessing she must be. She has been the most wonderful gift, bringing joy into our lives for 12 years, but she came to the end of her sojourn with us in time and place in July 2007, aged nearly 20.  Blessedly, we have awareness of her, and all our other beloved 4-footed friends, on frequent occasions. 


The wonderful news is, none of our loved ones, human or otherwise, is ever lost to us, and we are all restored to oneness, forever.  That, truly, warrants another ALLELUIA!!!   I could also picture the face of the Spirit of Truth. 


That leads me to ask if you still hear the voice of Papa or Jesus from time to time? This is a very interesting and important question; how perspicacious of you!  In John 14:23, Jesus says: If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we (Papa and Jesus) will come unto him, and make our abode with him. This is true for us all, so of course is true for me.  And Mind-to-Mind communing with Them — Papa, Jesus, the Holy Breath, all our loved ones in spirit — is our 'creation-right', until we are all restored fully to the Oneness with Jesus and all the fragments of the Sonship, in the Heart of Papa. 


Then, of course, the communing will be (actually, always was, is and will be) total, absolute; beyond our ability to comprehend at present, but assuredly, will be also magnificent beyond description.  Jesus tells us in ACIM (and in Mt. 28:20: I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world; and, of course, he is always good to his word. 


However, his objective in the fulfilment of the GRP is to restore us to fullness of remembrance of Who we really are, with the inestimable Help of the Spirit of Truth — Self — just as he remembered, by the same Agent of Help — Whom Jesus calls 'the Voice for God' in ACIM — and became fully Self-realised; whole.  Now, he is with us as our loving big brother, and will remain with us to reassure, encourage, help, protect, love us until we are all fully restored to wholeness/oneness with him in the Sonship. 


But it is essential that we move along from the second-measure of meal perception that Jesus is 'up there', exalted beyond our reach; and we are 'down here', lowly, unworthy 'sinners'.  He is raising us up (leavening, resurrecting us) to where he is — right where we belong — so we have to see ourself as we really are, like him.  So, in the third measure of meal, he is drawing our attention, our focus, to our real, higher Self, within us; indivisible.  It is a weaning process. 


That does not mean he is unwilling to commune with us; you, me, all of us, and will gladly do so without exception, with all who are at that place of need for the fellowship with him.  As he says in Rev. 3:20: Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.  ‘Sup’ means fellowship, as in breaking bread together; loving, blessed communion. 


He has made it clear to me that although he is always there for me, closer than hands and feet, he is gently, lovingly, pointing me (and all of us fragments) toward the next phase of the awakening process: to become, like him, awake to Self.  Self is the 'One-Self' of Jesus and of us all.  None of us is 'persona Jo', 'persona Brian', 'persona Theresa'.  We are all 'One-Self'.  This is not intended to lessen the value and importance of our one-on-one relationship, fellowship, communing with, and guidance and protection from, Jesus, but our destiny is restoration to the same all-empowered grandeur as he demonstrated, and that is within us all.   


So, we have to grow in, awaken to, Self-awareness; and Jesus is lovingly, gently, tenderly, one-step-at-a-time leading us toward that Self-enlightenment, Self-Realisation.  Of course, we are all at a different place on that path, but that is the ultimate goal for us all.  So, to answer your question, Yes, I do still commune with Jesus, every day, and with Papa. 


The difference now from a year and more ago is that now I am completely relaxed about communing, joining, fellowshipping with him, knowing of a certainty beyond all doubt that he is there with me always.  The same applies, of course, in respect of communing with Papa.  Jesus told me (recorded in communing in the last year or two, to be posted on the Diary pages in due course) that I am now ready to move on to the next phase of progress, the objectives of the third measure of meal, in which we will ALL know who we are, from our own Self-enlightening/Holy Spirit Being within.


It is my heart's desire to help all who will to understand, be aware that communing with Papa, and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, is a joyful, not a fearful experience.


We have to remember Who we are, and commune with Papa from our true Being as Self, not as persona B, or J, or T.  The only way that is possible is to metamorphose from persona, little self, into soaring, perfect, innocent wholeness (holiness): Self.  In, or from, that place of Being, our Oneness in Papa is complete, absolute, eternal, and time and place will cease to have any reality for us because we will have remembered that Eternity, Heaven, is our only Home. A thousand Alleluias!


I feel so grateful and blessed to be able to correspond with you.  This relationship is, I assure you, mutually beneficial: as we teach, so do we learn; as we learn, so do we teach. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that all your experiences are real and true. Glory be to Papa! This is sharing in its truest, purest form. Thank you, Jo. In the knowing they are true, that makes it real for me, This is just as the GRP intends it, and so must it become for us all even if I don't hear His voice with my ears.  Ears are less important than hearts for hearing and knowing the truth that is setting us all free.  In that, dear Jo, you are well attuned, I do assure you.


Until next time, love and blessings, truly,




Much love and thanks




The following exchange was posted on February 15th 2010

Hello Brian, Hi Dorothy,

 Sorry it has taken so long to reply!

 Thank you for your latest Message of Encouragement. It is so soul-satisfying just to be blessed with the Holy Spirit inspiration to write these messages; but when others, such as you, write to thank me for them, that is reward beyond measure.  So, thank you for appreciating them. We struggle on, sometimes feeling we have made progress and taken a step forward when everything goes smoothly, then seemingly taking two steps back when the world overwhelms us yet again. So then a gentle reminder appears, like a signpost, in the form of the MoEs, and the path comes into view once more.  It means a very great deal to know that this sharing is valued by and beneficial to others.  

As I think there must be many people who feel like this, and could you perhaps write something more about the oscillation in consciousness that swings us between a growing awareness of a limitless higher aspect of our being and a consciousness level which traps us into living as a prisoner in our own custom-made prison of the little self in which we appear to be the victim of ‘the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’.   

I have pondered this request long and hard.  I have not felt any particular inspiration on this, other than that I rather thought, in broad terms, the MoEs have been doing this.  Of course, as Jesus says, in ACIM, this oscillation in our thoughts, moods, feelings, is because part of our mind is 'split-off' from our real, higher, Christ Mind, which sees and knows eternal truth/reality.  The split-off part is entirely illusory; a dream that actually ended instantaneously, but which resulted in an imagined state we refer to as time and place, and which is confusing, bewildering and fearful to us because it is the opposite of reality, which is all we actually know (i.e. know, as distinct from perceive with our bodily senses). 

I suppose it could be likened to the experience of starting to wake, then slipping back into dreamland, or using your analogy of the caterpillar, when it is not yet out of its chrysalis and still in caterpillar mode, but is becoming aware of having wings to try out in the vastness of space. 

A fair analogy.  The great, magnificent thing is that we can be certain beyond question that however many doubting thoughts or setbacks of any kind, the soaring, limitless outcome is infallible and unstoppable because a) our time and place perception is not real; merely a momentary, upside-down, mad dream of littleness, guilt, fear and death, b) Jesus, the leader of the Great Rescue Programme, or Atonement (pronounced at-one-ment) process, as it is called in ACIM, is given all power in Heaven and Earth, and c) it is, in the only true reality —- Eternity — already over and the certain, inescapable outcome already known in Heaven, our true and only Home.  How reassuring is that!!!? All for now Brian, Love from Dorothy  I hope you are well and in good spirits. Love and blessings,  Brian 


Dear Brian, thank you for your reply. Your MOE of 20th January with the same date as my email to you, answered the request in my email perfectly, a case of “before you ask I will answer”, so that is probably why you felt no inspiration   I am sure this is right.  The Holy Breath does not waste His breath!  One might say the answer was in the silence. because it was already answered, so thank you for that. I hope everything is well with you and yours and 2010 brings great strides on the Path Christ has mapped out for us. Amen to that.  Love from Dorothy  Received with thanks, and returned with interest,  Brian

The following exchange was posted on January 1st 2010


Dear Brian,


First, I have noticed that there are far fewer postings on the Forum in the last year or so, than prior to that.  Why is that?


Your message dated 30/12/09 is tremendously inspiring, and I love it, but however much I respond positively to it and earnestly wish my reality – the reality of us all – to be as your message states (or should I say, ‘exhorts’?) the world about us is still the duality world of ‘good and evil’, with evil still holding more than enough of its sway.  How do you put together such messages and make them so inspiring, and engender such a desire in my heart and mind for it to be as you say; and how can I make it real for me, so I can give it to everyone else?  I must also say that what you write seems to me to be at the cutting edge of the understanding of most of humanity, and will therefore, sadly, go over the heads of most of us.


Love and blessings for 2010,




Dear Terry,


All my life, since I began, in childhood, to see the injustice and awfulness of this ‘fallen’ world, I have had an aching desire for spiritual truth, righteousness and justice (which, of course, truth will bring).  This has been not only an all-consuming ache and passion, but one which I knew could become reality, and in fact, at a level beyond my comprehension until recently, is the only reality.


When I met Olga Park in 1965 and got hooked up with Jesus, I came to know that my passion the true, loving brotherhood of man; the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as I had been inwardly certain, from childhood, was real.  I now had the unshakeable foundation of knowing beyond all doubt that this was is the true reality, and that Jesus was the agent by which it would become reality for all mankind.


That was over 40 years ago. The duality world has not ‘gone away’ for Theresa and me during that time, but I have remained steadfast in the certainty of knowing the Kingdom is the only true reality and the other is unreal because it is temporal, and therefore, passes away.  The difference now is  that we have emerged from the second measure of meal into the third, final, fulfilment measure (for full details see SFGS ch. 10) and that which has always been reality in Eternity is being brought into manifestation in time and place. 


This is happening from the within of each of us, as we awaken to the truth of our Being, into the without, under the guidance and leadership of he who was first amongst us to awaken, in unison with our higher, true Being or Self: the Holy Spirit.  This will take the rest of the Aquarian age to be completed, but the pace of progress is logarithmic, not arithmetic, so we will be seeing an exponential increase in numbers of miracles and of enlightened souls in the Earth life, ‘until the whole is leavened’. 


The reason I am able to write such inspiring and uplifting messages is two fold: 


1) what I am writing ‘expressing’ is what I have always known at some deep level inside was true and which Jesus and others from the Realms of Light under Christ Authority have been telling me for the last 40 years, and


2) because of the earnestness of my desire for and commitment to this reality the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (KOHOE) the Holy Spirit (our true Self) is able to inspire me with what to say.  I assure you, Terry, that the things I write are so far beyond the capability of persona Brian that I know of a total certainty beyond all doubt that this is from the Holy Spirit, Who Jesus told us 2000 years ago would give us the things to say at the moment they are needed.  That is what happens with my writing each week.


There is a lot of repetition but each week some new awarenesses emerge to gradually, one step at a time, add greater depth of meaning and understanding to the whole.  I have tried to reduce the length of the MoEs, which are almost always around 2000 words, because I know people have busy lives and it takes time to read and try to assimilate what is being said.  But the Holy Spirit is clearly committed to keeping them at that length, so who am I to fight against that?  I have no doubt it is because He knows that those who are earnest in their commitment to waking from the dream and resonate with the MoEs will take the time and make the effort to read them and derive benefit from them. 


In fact, many people write to express their gratitude for the help the MoEs provide.  It is inevitable, though, that at this early stage in the awakening/leavening/resurrection process, the majority are, as you suggest, not yet ready for the ‘hardcore metaphysics’ of these writings as they are not yet ready for ACIM but that is no concern to Jesus and Self, because a) They are infinitely patient and b) the dream is only a dream and has not altered eternal reality one iota.


For a while I was concerned that not all would read or benefit from the weekly endeavours, but we learn from ACIM that in order to learn, we must teach; that learning and teaching are one and the same, just as giving and receiving are.  That leads to the inevitable conclusion that there is but one for whom the MoEs are intended.  That one is persona Brian, who is learning from them, and it is his joy also to share them with others also, as many as are willing to receive them.  So it is combining teaching/learning and giving/receiving in one exercise.  Truly a win/win situation.


Meanwhile, do not despair that this dream world seems so much the real world for you much of the time, at present.  Your desire is strong and will, assuredly, keep you taking those one-step-at-a-time forward movements into the light of the New Day.  It actually does not matter one jot that time and place still seems real, for at a deep level you have already accepted that it is not the true reality, and that awareness will, gradually supplant the illusory realm as the one grows in you and the other fades into obscurity.


As for fewer Forum exchanges in the last year or so, the web stats show that far more people visit the Forum page for 2006-2007 than visit the 2008-2009 page each month.  At first I found that puzzling, but I now realise that there is a wealth of information that remains just as valid and, hopefully, helpful as the day they were posted for both pages.  The earlier postings were perhaps more helpful for those nascent to the path of awakening, so if many are still finding the earlier postings interesting/helpful, that is certainly good cause for rejoicing.


Meanwhile, be assured that you are not alone.  Help beyond imagining is with you; within you, in fact.  Call upon that Help; be open and receptive to It; give thanks daily for It.  It will not let you down, nor will It ever forsake you or leave you; even when you experience phases of leaving It, to walkabout in the wilderness for a spell.  It will be waiting for you when you come back into Its tender care.


Love and blessings for peace and joy in 2010,





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