Service of Mystical Communion with Christ



Part I: Introductory Comments by Brian Longhurst



All that is sincere from the heart, which is the seat of Love, and which is a selfless act of giving, is acceptable. Communion is more than an act of devotion; it is an act of At-One-ment with the Love, perfection and uplifting power of God, our Heavenly Father, so that you may both receive of its blessing and give out of that blessing and Light, focused and magnified in you, to all who desire and are in need of its blessedness.

~ Jesus, January 24, 1988



The eternity that is Heaven is our true and only Home, in the endless joy, peace, Love and bliss of holy (i.e., Whole, complete) communion with our Father Creator. Jesus of Nazareth was constantly in that state of awareness and communion during his earthly mission two millennia ago. Meanwhile, our experience of seeming separation from our Source in God, and the resultant pain, suffering, loneliness, conflict, sickness and ‘death’ appears to veil, or block, our awareness of the Truth of our undivided, unified Being in Him. This Service of Mystical Communion with Christ is a – literally Heaven-sent, as you will see as you read on – devotional device for restoring us to remembrance, awareness and experience of the eternal reality of our Oneness in God, by establishing mind-to-mind communication (or communion) with the living Jesus, who will gladly, gently, unthreateningly, lovingly, patiently lead us back to God … if, when, we are willing to follow his leading.


I am blessed beyond measure to be able to bear personal testimony to the efficacy of this method for establishing an enduring, one-on-one contact with – connection to – the living Jesus, who said to me in 1968: 


“I am attuned to all mankind all the time; there is never a moment when I am not with you all. All that is needed to complete the contact is for you to attune with me and we are together, at any time.”


The word communion means common (i.e., shared) union. This devotional, mystical Service procedure is for establishing and sharing union, or joining, of heart and mind with the heart and mind of Jesus, the  Spirit of Truth, and all in the Realms of Light whose heart’s desire is for the spiritual Awakening of all who are lost in the dream, the illusion of separation. True communion with the living Jesus is a mystical, esoteric experience (not an intellectual one), and as such depends on our shutting-out the external world of time and place from our mind and going deep within, to the ‘place’, or state of mind that is Stillness, openness, receptiveness. This requires us to change our focus away from the intellect, or ‘head-mind’, to the inner, spiritual awareness, accessible only through the ‘heart-mind’.


The mind of Jesus is Whole, in complete, uninterruptible communion with our heavenly Father – the Creator Spirit – functioning in complete At-One-ment with His perfect, Loving Will. It is the destiny of us all, also, to be restored to Whole-Mindedness, all as One with him in God because that is our true, unchangeable (regardless of external appearances to the contrary) nature. By, or through, our communion with Jesus we are connecting with the Mind of God – Universal, Unified Heart-Mind – of Which we are all not just a part but an extension of the Whole. And by our communion with him he can, and gladly will, Help us to remember, be aware of, experience, live, share, extend, BE that Wholeness.


Even if (some of) this devotional communion Service does not at first seem to satisfy our inner yearning for At-One-ment with Jesus (and thereby, with our higher, Whole, Christ-Self, and Papa), this does not matter. For the Service is merely a mechanism, a tool, a discipline, to help our focus on eternal, spiritual Truth and reality, so that we can commune inwardly, heart-mind to Heart-Mind with the One, Universal, Unified Heart-Mind until we are restored to awareness, experience of and full functioning from Wholehearted Oneness, with our true Self and the Creator Spirit – just like Jesus. J


The aeons-long-held belief that we are separate from our Creator has caused the perception that communication with Him is broken – and therefore, impossible. Diligent practise of this devotional ritual Service of Mystical Communion with Christ will help to change – abandon, repudiate – that belief and its resultant misperception, thereby healing the seeming breach and restoring all who will to holy (Whole, or complete) communion with Jesus. And in due season – when we have grown in experience and confidence of following and communing with Jesus – with God Himself, the Creator Spirit, our ever-Loving heavenly Father: ‘Papa’. 


There follows here a brief explanation of how this mystical communion Service came about, and how effortless, spontaneous, joyful, peaceful and fulfilling heart-mind to Heart-Mind communion with Jesus actually is. His desire is our happiness, which he will fulfil for us by liberating us from false beliefs and doctrines about ourself, about God and about our relationship with Him, so that we will cease being fearful of Him, and rejoice in precious, Loving, uninterruptible, everlasting communion with Him.


Olga Park (1891 – 1985) was a pioneer of the practice of commun(icat)ing one-on-one with the living Jesus, and others in the Realms of Light who are committed to joining his Great Rescue Programme for spiritual Awakening and healing of the broken, conflicted Sonship of God, commonly referred to as humankind. The Awakening and healing is to remembrance, awareness, experience and Knowledge of eternal Truth, perfect, inner peace, joy and unconditional Love.


This will eventuate in the rejoining of the fragmented, divided Sonship of God, to a state of One-Mindedness – Christ-Mindedness – with Jesus, in the eternity of the ever-present NOW that we call Heaven. This devotional communion ritual can, and will, when practised with deep sincerity, spiritual humility and commitment, from our heart-centres, contribute inestimably to the healing and joining – i.e., union – of the seemingly-divided Sonship: not of bodies but of mind and spirit, while we still appear in bodily form in time and place. Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles:


Heaven is neither a place nor a condition. It is merely an awareness of perfect Oneness, and the knowledge that there is nothing else; nothing outside this Oneness, and nothing else within. (T-18.VI.1:5)


He also says in the Course:


Love … would set a feast before you, on a table covered with a spotless cloth, set in a quiet garden where no sound but singing and a softly joyous whispering is ever heard. This is a feast that honors your holy relationship, and at which everyone is welcomed as an honored guest. And in a holy instant grace is said by everyone together, as they join in gentleness before the table of communion. And I will join you there, as long ago I promised and promise still. For in your new relationship am I made welcome. And where I am made welcome, there I am. (T-19.IV.A.16)


Olga began receiving contact from the Realms of Light in the early years of the twentieth century. This was an era when interest in contact – communication – with the spirit world was gathering momentum. The ability and willingness of Light Beings – including Jesus, it hardly need be said – to give wise, Loving counsel has always been without limit, but the ability (and willingness) to receive it by embodied souls has been limited by misperceptions, causing fear, which blocks awareness of Love. Thanks to the pioneering work in conscious communication with the Realms of Light by Olga – and, no doubt, untold others – conscious, co-operative, two-way communion between embodied souls and the Beings of Light, including, and particularly of course, our elder brother, Jesus, is now growing at an ever-increasing rate as we move deeper into the third millennium, or the leavening of the third measure of meal*, as indicated in Jesus’ parable of the yeast being hidden in three measures of meal, until the whole (all three measures) was leavened (Matt. 13:33). There can be no greater cause for rejoicing than the increase, in our own within, of this holy (Whole) communion..


* A detailed explanation of Jesus’ parable of the three measures of meal can be found in chapter 10 of “Seek ye First the Kingdom …” ~ One man’s journey with the living Jesus.


Olga was given many proofs of the Christ-committed authenticity, Love-and-Truth-engendered power and trustworthiness of her visitors and the mystical experiences they brought to her. The first visitor had introduced himself to her as her Teacher. In due season he became known to her as John, the beloved disciple; the author of the 4th Gospel and the book of Revelation. In January 1991 he revealed to me that he had also been King David, of Old Testament renown. One night, early in the 20th century, he took her out of the body to a place in spirit that resembled a temple, or cathedral.


There, before a gathering of a good many witnesses from the Realms of Light, including the Lord Jesus himself, he instructed, initiated, her in a devotional, mystical Service of Holy Communion with Christ. He spoke the words, showed her gestures of the arms and hands, when to stand, when to kneel, when to face toward the altar of Lights and of Bread and Wine of partaking (signifying the addressing of the words the Teacher had given her to speak to the Source of All – God) and when to face away from it (signifying the addressing of the words to – and the inclusion of – others present, whether in the Earth life or beyond).


He showed her how to take the bread and consecrate it by blessing and breaking it, just as Jesus did at the Last Supper, and the words to speak in accompaniment to the actions. He did the same for the consecrating of the ‘fruit of the vine’. He gave her words and actions for the partaking of the sanctified bread and wine, and for the partaking of the same on behalf of and as an offering to others, whether incarnate or discarnate, who seek after the Light of the Sanctuary of Christ Communion, and to all who have desired help through prayerful intercession.


There was much, much more. He explained to her that this was to be, for her, at least for the time being, a solitary communion at the Earth-life-conscious level; that it was, and would become for her, a ritual, devotional Service of Mystical Communion with Christ. He said the spirit Light-and-Love power generated by the sincerity of her heart, through the uplifting energies created during the Service, would attract many from the realms beyond Earth who were lost in dark and dismal places – the ‘Wilderness’ – who would find spiritual solace, comfort and uplift in this celebration event. This is a prodigious contribution to the healing and re-joining of the fragmented Sonship; of transforming enmity into amity; of brokenness into Wholeness. In 1977 Jesus said to me, “Give me the pieces of your life and I will give you back the Wholeness”. This he will gladly accomplish for all who are willing to surrender their lives into his Care, Guidance and Protection. This devotional Service will greatly – inestimably – assist all who so desire this restoration to Wholeness.


Also, of course, will be present many from the Realms of Light who are in At-One-ment with its objective, and the desire for – and Help in manifesting – the Kingdom on Earth, engendered by its words, the consecration, partaking and offering of bread (representing Eternal Life) and wine (representing Christ Love), and the symbolic gestures, each having powerful esoteric, mystical significance for effecting the raising of our spiritual awareness, or consciousness.


The central purpose and objective, then, of the ritual in which the Teacher instructed her was that it was to be an exercise in unifying the focus of the heart and mind of the communicant in an act of attunement – i.e., communion – with the Christ Mind and Spirit, as manifested in the living Jesus. The words of the ritual were assembled, were assembled, under inspiration, by Olga into a cohesive, structured, progressive format given by the Teacher during this out-of-body initiation. There were also inspirational hymns included, to add to the conduciveness of ascending consciously to a spiritually harmonised, attuned, focused, Christ-Mind wavelength, or vibration.


The devotional ritual was designed to enable the communicant to gradually ascend to a place of refined, uplifted, purified resonance and union of heart and mind in preparation for readiness to enter into a period of silent, two-way communion, or At-One-ment, with the heart and mind of Jesus, who will be present, in the midst, with the communicant. This is to develop the faculty – dormant in those who have become so engaged in the ‘sojourning in time’ part of their lives that their physical and spiritual worlds are not in balance, or accord, with each other – of entering into the inwardly-focused part of their mind (i.e., heart-mind), where they will have awareness of, and fellowship with, Jesus, the Anointed Messenger of the Holy One. This will then bring to the communicant conscious awareness and experience of the eternal realities, of which Jesus is Master, for the uplifting of all who truly seek after God and earnestly desire the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth: the real world, the forgiven, healed world of universal peace, joy and unconditional Love far, far beyond the awareness or comprehension of the externally-focused, conflicted mind.


The communicant can speak with Jesus silently within their mind – from their heart. It is highly serviceable – paramount to have pen and paper for writing their own own thoughts, doubts, questions and desires, as one would write a letter, and then attentively await his response, which comes into their mind as objectively spoken words; a form of communication described by Olga as the silent voice, and which I have come to term mind-to-Mind communing.


Jesus knocks at the door of our inner Being – our heart-mind – and all who sincerely respond to his knocking gladly open to him. So will he enter into our lives and engage with us in Loving, joyful, uplifting, enlightening spiritual fellowship, or ‘supping’ with us of the Bread, symbol of Eternal Life – the bread of Life, or the Living Word – and the Wine, symbol of perfect, unconditional, Christ Love. Jesus said to me in September 1987, “Remember, the bread of my Word is nothing without the wine of my Love. Give freely, even as I give to you, my son.”


Olga explained to me that this was an earthly manifestation of a heavenly Society of the Mystical Communion of Christ, or SMCC, and it was to have no earthly, institutionalised, organisational structure or rules or regulations, Earth-mind fabricated dogmas or doctrines. It cannot have any of those encumbrances because it is of the within – a mystical process, not of the external world, and the external world and its authorities have no knowledge, awareness or understanding of the mystical. It is devised as a focus to assist ‘all who will’ to enter into a state of At-One-ment with the living Jesus and with his great desire-thought – namely, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth; the healing and reunifying of the hearts and minds of the fragmented, divided, conflicted Sonship of God. This is intended to be a solitary, or near-solitary, devotional observance, in accordance with Jesus’ own teachings:


…when you pray, enter into your inner awareness, and when you have shut your door against the clamour of the world, pray to the Father in secret; and the Father, which sees in secret, shall reward you openly [with unconditional, perfect Love, inner peace and joy far beyond the awareness of the external, exoteric world of time and place]. For your Father knows what things you have need of, before you ask Him. (From Matt. 6:6,8).


Jesus also assures us that when we – alone or in an optimal gathering of two or three – commune with him and pray in his name that he would be there ‘in the midst’ with us (Matt. 18:20). There would never be any outwardly organised, institutionalised manifestations of this mystical Communion Service that could be usurped, manipulated, distorted or perverted for the self-serving ways of those who did not have a heart first and foremost for the Truth of Eternity and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.


There are instructions and explanations on this website, which Olga set out in the 1960s, elucidating the meaning, value and importance of a home sanctuary, and of the symbols and rituals associated with the  practising of mystical Christ-communion. For optimum understanding of – and thereby, benefit from this devotional mystical communion Service, these should be read, studied, inwardly, carefully sincerely contemplated, with an attitude of spiritual sincerity and humility, before attempting to establish a home sanctuary and commencing the practice of the Service procedure.


The diligent practise of this devotional communion ritual can facilitate the ability to discriminate between the inauthentic voices of this ephemeral world of time and place and the authentic ‘Silent Voice’ within that brings remembrance, awareness and experience of the Truth of eternity, and unity and inner peace, ‘the peace that surpasses human understanding.’ 


The following words were given to Olga by Jesus, and are shared here for the encouragement of all who, of sincere heart and seeking mind, earnestly desire to Know, or remember, Spiritual Truth, and how to live according to It:


Do not fear to tread the path I have marked out for you. Do you think it was only to men of old that I have shown myself? Have I not said that if any man open to me I will come in and sup with him, and he with me? [Rev. 3:20].

For I seek such and knock upon the doors of their hearts, that they may open and receive me, and know of a surety that I live. Blessed is he that hears my knocking; thrice blessed is he that opens to me.

I am the guide of many. Let no man confuse you saying, ‘He is high and lifted up and cannot manifest to the children of men’. For though I speak through the mouth of an angel, and though I write through the hand of a messenger, it is I; for I also am of your brethren of Earth, and it is the will of the Father that all shall know me, from the least unto the greatest.

Come unto me, all you Little Ones, and you that labour and are heavy laden, and I will refresh you with the joy of Heaven which I had with the Father before the time in which I dwelt with men.

Do not be discouraged that the revelation is imperfect in the beginning. Great things shall you do if your faith in me holds fast. These things have I spoken that you may know of a surety that I am the Messenger of the Holy One.

Peace be with you!


This message is applicable to us all, and all who are ready to respond to his calling and exhortation will feel an inner drawing impulsion in their heart and mind to respond, in Love, sincerity and spiritual humility.


By way of further encouragement, for any who feel such a draw, a desire to place their lives in the Care, Guidance and Protection of Jesus, is the record of a Service of devotional, Mystical Communion from 1989. Four of the sentences spoken by Jesus on that occasion are shown in purple type (below) as having particular significance here:


Holy Communion, December 31, 1989


This act of Communion is a living, dynamic process. Communing with full commitment of heart, mind and soul attunes you with the eternal reality of the Spirit and the Mind of God. In that estate you become aware of, One with, Him, and your remembrance of Him is raised up accordingly.


I have become aware within me of a great sadness that the Earth-life is so full of wrong teaching, living, believing, understanding, so that souls must take a long and tempestuous journey upon a stormy psychic sea to the other side of the water, where the shore is a safe haven of new awareness and Awakening to spiritual reality – the Kingdom of Heaven. Happily, Jesus is with us upon that troubled, turbulent water (Mark 4:35 ff), and if we call upon him to calm the storm he will establish peace in the vessel of our earthly lives, and we will find ourselves immediately (as in John 6:21) in that place of harmony – At-One-ment – with God and His Creation.


What a wonderful revelation, that the historical event on the Sea of Galilee was/is a living parable in action!


As I offered the bread I felt Jesus radiating-out his Light and Life to all from/through the transmutated bread, that they may eat and be filled. I felt this also of his Love and joy with the wine, and realised what he meant at the Last Supper when he said, “Drink ye all of this; this is my life [for which the Greek word is blood] of the new testament [or covenant] which is shed, [or shared] for many [all who will to receive it] for the remission of [upliftment from, release to, a new life of freedom beyond] sins [or lovelessness].” (Matt. 26:28). And the radiating, outpouring from him is the Life/Love for all who will to be refreshed, restored and uplifted to a new awareness of Life abundant, and a new, kingdomly way of living and Being.


Beloved Master Jesus, thank you for filling, inspiring me with these new realisations.


My beloved son, because this act of mystical Communion is a living, cosmic, dynamic process, partaking in it with full commitment of heart, mind and soul attunes you with the eternal reality of the Spirit and the Mind of God. In that estate you become aware of, One with, Him, and your remembrance of Him is raised up accordingly. The outward act, or symbol, of this Communion Service, in its form and words, is a base, a foundation upon which a living, unfolding structure is created, and all can attune with its livingness. Indeed, you are all part of the livingness, and becoming aware of that demonstrates the Truth of it to you.


Each and every part of this devotional Communion Service has a greater livingness, which is the true, eternal reality behind the earthly, outer symbol. The foundation anchors it in the Earth and enables those who will to attune from there with that greater livingness.


All is well, my son. New awareness shall ever continue to come to you by your faithful attunement.


The vital importance of the last two sentences that are shown in green type cannot be overemphasised for their absolute reality. Not being consciously aware of the ‘greater livingness’ behind the ‘earthly, outer symbol’ along with the certainty that we are accompanied by Jesus and indeterminate others from the Realms of Light as we perform our devotional ritual Service  in no way belies the reality. Willingness to accept this and keep it – treasure it – in heart-mind will greatly help facilitate our one-step-at-a-time growing in awareness of the spiritual reality of which he speaks, and in which we can participate in faith and trust, via the instrument of this mystical Communion ritual.


Then, in the following extract from a September 1990 Communion, Jesus said:


By alignment of the desire of your heart and mind with the great God-purpose in man, it can manifest through you. This ritual provides the opportunity, the mechanism, for that alignment to take place.


And in this extract from an August 1997 Communion Service he said:


Even as you break bread with me, so do you break bread with Papa also; indeed, it is He Who freely gives you of the bread, which is Life eternal, raising you up from the time and place awareness to the everlasting reality.


And in A Course in Miracles Jesus further tells us (From T-1.II.4):


“No man cometh unto the Father but by me” [John 14:6] does not mean that I am in any way separate or different from you except in time, and time does not really exist. The statement is more meaningful in terms of a vertical rather than a horizontal axis. You stand below me and I stand below God. In the process of ‘rising up’, I am higher because without me the distance between God and man would be too great for you to encompass. I bridge the distance as an elder brother to you on the one hand, and as a Son of God on the other. My devotion to my brothers has placed me in charge of the Sonship, which I render complete because I share it.


This Service of Mystical Communion is a mechanism which enables his above statement to come into functional application. It is by the sincerity of our desire for and our willingness to receive of his sharing that the doors of our hearts and minds open to him, enabling us to personally experience his Love for and devotion to us. The opening of heart and mind effects their uniting as One in a condition of Wholeheartedness – a state of consciousness, of Being in which the ego has no presence. Then will our Love for and devotion and commitment to Jesus and his Great Rescue Programme be spontaneously, gladly, joyously, evoked, expressed and extended. This reciprocity of devotion (and commitment) establishes, facilitates a two-way, interactive, heart-mind to heart-mind commun(icat)ion between Jesus and the communicant.


As our receptiveness grows – in jubilant response to his one-on-one, personal, intimate, gentle, tender Love for us, and by our openness to him – so does our faculty for awareness of all that he desires to share with us increase, one step at a time. What he desires to share with us is the thought system, the living reality of Truth that is available to us here and now, in response to our truly seeking and earnestly, Wholeheartedly desiring it. For this thought system is a thought system of unity of Wholehearted relationship. By this we are liberated from belief in, and its attendant perception of, division (another term for conflict), guilt, fear, grievance, judgement, scarcity, sickness and mortality. As he is recorded as saying, ...if you live as I tell you to ... you will Know the truth, and the truth will set you free”. (John 8:31, 32, The Living Bible).




I began practising this devotional ritual Service in 1967 and have thousands of written records of Jesus’ wisdom and enlightening, liberating counsel. Thirty-eight years later I came to A Course in Miracles and instantly recognised that the same, real, forever-living Jesus, of Love and Light, peace and joy, wisdom, gentleness, fun, caring, guidance and protection with whom I had been in blessed, precious – priceless – conscious fellowship and communion since 1967 was the author of the Course. The Service of Mystical Communion with Christ accords, harmonises, entirely with A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.


In the early twentieth century, when Olga Park received her out-of-body initiation into these Christ-Communion devotions and the procedure for practising them, the second measure of meal was still in its (late) stages of proving (using the terminology of breadmaking), and the third – Kingdom – measure had not yet been activated in the leavening process.*


* A detailed explanation of Jesus’ parable of the three measures of meal can be found in chapter 10 of “Seek ye First the Kingdom …” ~ One man’s journey with the living Jesus.


Jesus had not yet started dictating A Course in Miracles to Helen Schucman. It is, therefore, of the greatest credit to Christ-focused-and-dedicated spiritual pioneer Olga, with her astute discernment of, and receptiveness to, esoteric, mystical reality, that she was able to receive, assemble into reasoned, ordered, progressive sequence, and – for many years before I was brought (back) into contact with her in 1965 – solitarily practise this devotional, mystical, ritual Service as an exercise, a discipline, intended for unifying the focus of the heart and mind of the communicant in an act of attunement, or At-One-ment, with the Christ Heart, Mind and Spirit, as manifested in the living Jesus.   


These devotions were, for her, rightly, a sacred trust, and she was acutely aware that, without adequate understanding of their deep spiritual, esoteric meaning, purpose and benefit – not just to the communicant but to the unfolding and fulfilment of the spiritual Awakening of all – they would become an empty, hollow, spiritually-meaningless routine. She was therefore earnest in her stipulation that all who have an inner desire to use this ritual for the purpose of attuning – communing – with the Heart-Mind of Christ, for enlightenment, upliftment and Spiritual Awakening, should be meaningfully, sincerely helped, guided, instructed and trained in its heart-centred understanding and practise. As she stated in 1968:


“This is necessary in order that the Procedure may continue to have spiritual significance and power, being conducted with reverence and understanding.”


The outworking of Jesus’ Great Rescue Programme has progressed exponentially since then, and the Light of Spiritual Discernment, along with the desire for the Truth of eternity by the Awakening Sonship, has increased – and its momentum continues to accelerate – commensurately with it. Ultimately, those who genuinely desire Christ Help in their spiritual Awakening to eternal Truth will feel an inward, peaceful sense of resonance with this Procedure, and those who are not yet ready will – at least for the time being – fall away from it of their own accord. Jesus and our Higher, Christ-Self Know. Either way, no judgement or condemnation from Them will ever take place; it is merely a matter of timing as to ‘when’ individual readiness for making a commitment to Spiritual Awakening occurs, and time is an illusion, having no place in the reality that is eternity.


As explained below, Olga Park encouraged me from spirit to expand the availability of this Service universally, and computers and the internet can help facilitate this expansion effortlessly.


However we, appearing bodily in the earthly life, may perceive our God-given free will, our conscious awareness of who and where we really are is limited and distorted – according to Jesus in A Course in Miracles – by the mistaken belief that we are separated from our Source in God and also from our One, True, undivided Self: His Son, the Christ. But Jesus’ God-empowered mission is for the Spiritual Awakening of all to unified Oneness of relationship and purpose, and he and our Higher Self see all that lies deep in our heart and in our subconscious mind.


This means They are aware of who is ready (and who is not), in terms of deep, inner desire for that Awakening – even when we are not yet, perhaps, consciously aware of that desire within ourself. This devotional ritual can, and will, be – for all who have the inner desire – an exercise in joining the focus of the heart and mind of the communicant with the Christ Mind and Spirit, as realised in the living Jesus. His presence in the midst with them during their devotional Communion hour will become felt and experienced, bringing inner peace, joy and divine Love such as this shadow world has no awareness or understanding. 


For some, his presence will be experienced – to one degree or another – from their first practising the ritual. For others, it may take longer to become aware of him. This does not mean he is not there with them! Assuredly he is with us all, every moment.  As stated above, he said to me in 1968:


“I am attuned to all mankind all the time; there is never a moment when I am not with you all. All that is needed to complete the contact is for you to attune with me and we are together, at any time.”


It takes desire, commitment, faith, trust, focus and unwavering willingness to let go of all the ego-prompted fears, doubts, anxieties, unbelief that block  our awareness of his tender, gentle, non-judgemental, Love-engendered acceptance of us just as we are, and his absolute desire to help us forward spiritually.


We are now, in the third millennium, at the place of progress in the Great Awakening to eternal Truth and reality – and our intrinsic place in it, along with Jesus – where we can trust ourself to become consciously, spiritually responsive to that inner desire. And in this, we are never alone; Loving Help, support and encouragement is always freely, unfailingly available to us all.




The original words given by the Teacher to Olga during the early twentieth century were received by her at the level, and to the degree, she was then capable of receiving. As her understanding and acceptance of mystical reality grew, Olga was inwardly prompted to adjust them, a bit here, a bit there. It was somewhat like an artist who completes a painting but subsequently feels a touch here and a dab there might just enhance its aesthetic value.


Understanding of eternal reality continues to unfold in the conscious awareness of each of us as our spiritual journey back toward the Light within us progresses. This has been the case with Theresa and me, so I asked Jesus, the Teacher and Olga for their response to the idea that was strongly prompting me from within. This was that after many decades, the expanding Light of Spiritual Discernment that continues emerging in our heart-minds over time – in response to unceasing, steadfast desire and commitment – the Mystical Communion devotions form of practice, and the instructions for its performance so faithfully and diligently set forth by Olga in the 1960s, could, should, undergo some beneficial adjustments. I felt an inward desire to undertake this, but was only willing to do so with agreement, help, inspiration and support from them. As Olga herself said of this devotional Service in at that time:


It is a revelation, not an invention, and as such it cannot be changed but only accepted or rejected. This is not to say that improvements of detail cannot be made under advisement of those Christ Servers; but the original Inner Plane directives cannot be altered any more than the frame [or foundation] of a building can be changed after the superstructure is established upon it.


Olga is now, of course, since 1985, one of those Christ Servers in the Inner Plane, or Realms of Light.


A few days later, during a communing hill walk, Olga was suddenly, palpably with me, and, with great enthusiasm, urged me to make whatever adjustments to the Service, and her explanatory notes on it, that I am inwardly inspired – by her, Jesus, the Teacher, the Christ-Self within and any others in the Realms of Light with a heart for the furtherance of mystical Communion with Christ by any during their earthly embodiment – to make. This is done here Wholeheartedly in the spirit of honouring Olga Park – not to mention Jesus and the Teacher! – for her unflagging commitment to helping all who are willing to undertake the journey Home to the Heaven of eternity, under Christ leadership, to commit their lives into the Care, Guidance and Protection of Jesus and/or our Christ-Self. These adjustments are included within her explanatory notes, or commentary.


Olga had what she described as ‘a fact-searching mind’, and she devoted much of her embodied life to studying and researching the Bible scriptures – Old and New Testaments – and other literature concerning those scriptures. In her commentary on the origins and meaning of the wording and symbolic gestures that form the Service she has included some comprehensive background material and explanations. Any who decide to proceed with establishing themselves in the practise of this devotional ritual may find some – or all – of her commentary interesting, positive, helpful, affirmative and supportive. Others may find some – or all – of it to be of less interest.


Either way it will not alter the feeling of inner desire and commitment for heart-mind-to-Heart-Mind communion with the living Jesus. Even if some, much or even most of her commentary is of no compelling interest, it is strongly recommended that it all be read at least once. For assuredly, some, much or even most of it will be spiritually uplifting and edifying to those who are seeking greater understanding of esoteric reality, and also, greater awareness of his tender embrace of comfort, inner peace and joy; of his speaking the Living Word of eternal Truth to us, one-on-one, and sharing ineffable Christ Love with us, for our rapturous Awakening to our eternal Oneness with him in Papa.


There may be some – much, even – within the instructions and explanations for the form and words of the Service that are beyond the present understanding of the nascent aspirant. This does not matter. What matters is the deep, heart-centred desire, yearning for communion, fellowship, ‘supping’ with Jesus. He knows the hearts and minds of us all, and sees the sincerity therein. He comes to us in response to that sincerity of desire, and when we place our life within his Care, Guidance and Protection, he will take us within his tutelage – one-on-one – and lead us at a pace in harmony with our comfortableness on our journey with him back to the Love, Light, peace and joy of Oneness in God and the eternal reality of Heaven – our true and only Home. This journey does not require or entail the laying aside of our body. Heaven is a state of Whole-mindedness, i.e., heart and mind united in holy (Whole) relationship and purpose, joined indivisibly as One. Appearing to be embodied or disembodied makes no difference.  


Commensurate with that journey, so does our deep, devoted, committed, focused heart-mind (not intellectual ‘head-mind’) understanding of and resonance with the mystical, arcane ‘mysteries’ of eternal, spiritual reality grow within us, until they are no longer mysteries but realities in our conscious mind and experience – just as they were with Jesus during his earthly mission. We can commune with Jesus without first having assimilated all these instructions and explanations into our conscious awareness and understanding because it is the desire of our heart for and steadfast commitment to such communion that enables understanding to become our experience. All the rest falls effortlessly into place, one bit at a time, without our even being consciously aware of it happening. The conscious awareness arises within us subsequently. This then becomes part of our inner Knowing.  It is not an intellectual process and requires no conscious striving.


In parts of the Service, Tudor English (e.g., thee, thou, ye, etc.) is used, in accord with the King James Bible. Where retained here it is because it has poetic metre, or prosody, which is conducive to inwardly resonant, balanced rhythm and feeling of the intent of these sacred devotions. This language usage is by no means ‘compulsory’, and can be changed to current era language by any communicant if preferred. As ever, it is the content, rather than the form of presentation, that matters. Also, wherever the masculine pronoun is used, the feminine pronoun is, of course, always similarly and equally implied for inclusion. No discrimination or bias is intended against the female gender. In former times equality between the genders was not considered important, though Jesus himself treated everyone equally because he Knew all are equal in the Sight of God. In the reality of eternity, or Heaven, the division of God’s One ‘Son’ into genders, ‘male’ and ‘female’ is meaningless. It is toward greater awareness and understanding of eternal unified reality that these Communion Devotions are focused and directed.


In today’s world the word soul is often used to refer to people as in an embodied state; for example, the distress signal ‘SOS’ stands for Save Our Souls. Yet what is intended, of course, is Save our bodies! So, the word soul, as used in these Communion devotions often refers to Earth-life embodied people, rather than their limitless, immortal soul per se. Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles that the soul, or spirit, is never actually embodied, but instead is in the permanent, uninterrupted ecstasy of communion with the Creator Spirit, regardless of what the embodied state may be experiencing at any and every given moment.


It is the split-off-from-Truth part of our mind (as distinct from the soul) that perceives itself as embodied, and it is toward the restoration of the mind back to perfect, healed, re-joined, joyful, conscious union and harmonised relationship with the heart and soul that our two-way communing – or dialogue – with the eternally-living Jesus, representing the true Christ-Self of us all, can, and will, one step at a time, lead us. This state of mind can be considered ‘right’ mind, or Whole Mind, or Christ Mind. Right mind is forever in union with soul, centred in the heart, which is the seat of the soul. Hence the term ‘heart-mind’.


The union of (Right) mind (not right-brain) with soul is the true Self of all Being, and is thereby forever in uninterruptible union with the Source of all Being; this state of Being is the Light. Light and Love are One. We are the Light and therefore have our true, eternal Being in, and as an extension of, the Light. Our mind is able to reconnect, rejoin, reunite with our soul – and thereby with the Creator Spirit, ‘Papa’ – via the heart, connection with which engenders a spontaneous feeling of inner peace and joy, or Wholeheartedness. This is not possible via the rationalising, analysing intellect, which, being focused solely on external matters of time and place, has no connection with the Universal, Unified Heart-Mind and Spirit that is Papa God and His all-Loving, eternal, perfect Creation. 


Jesus is reverentially referred to as ‘Master’ through the Service because this honours and respects his perfect, unconditional Love, wisdom, power-for-good, pre-eminence, transcendence and authority in spiritual reality.


As a contemporary Christian mystic, Olga’s significance was in her certainty that all have the potential to build (by attunement/At-One-ment with), and enter, the Kingdom of Heaven upon Earth – even though, initially, ‘just’ in the inner microcosm of their own mundane lives – through mystical Christ communion. But this is merely the first steps, for each of us, by which one-on-one direct communion with Christ Mind, as manifested in – and freely, lovingly, joyously, Wholeheartedly shared by – Jesus, becomes established and grows in us; he who says to us, “All power in Heaven and Earth is given unto me.” (Matt. 28:18).

He is also recorded as saying: If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed … nothing shall be impossible unto you.” (Matt. 17:20). Entering into At-One-ment with him, spiritually, mystically, heart-mind to Heart-Mind, as he says (above) means that, inevitably, “Great things shall you do if your faith in me holds fast.”


  Olga reminds us that Heaven is “an open door”, through which all are freely invited to enter. This devotional Service of Mystical Communion with Christ is a tool, a mechanism that can take us to that door, and in due process, through it, as our faith and trust in, commitment to, focus upon and awareness of the ever-Loving, ever-living Jesus grows by the diligent, Love- and commitment-motivated practise of one-on-one communing with him.


As stated above, even if (some of) this Service does not at first seem to satisfy our inner yearning for At-One-ment with Jesus (and via him, with our true, eternal Christ Self), this does not matter. For the Service is merely a system, technique, a tool, a discipline, to help improve, to grow, one step at a time, our focus on eternal, spiritual Truth and reality; for us to commune inwardly, heart-mind to Heart-Mind with the One, Universal, Unified Heart-Mind, as manifested in our elder brother Jesus, until we are restored to Oneness, Whole-Mindedness – just like him. As stated in 1 John 3:2:


Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.


He has appeared, is appearing, is with us all, in the very midst of us all, and will remain with us now and henceforward, forever; and those who desire, whose will it is to see – experience, have inner awareness of his living, Loving presence and his gentle Care, Guidance and Protection will be helped by the sincere, committed, ongoing practise of these Communion devotions, so that “... we shall see him as he is. As he says to us:


I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. (Matt. 28:20)


The outer practise is a portal to, facilitator of, the inward experience, and while the outer, or bodily performance, or practise, of this devotional procedure may appear, to our sensory perception, to have  the limitations of our earthly circumstances and our as yet imperfect awareness ... the desire, sincerity and commitment of our heart will, as we become more familiar, at ease with and attuned to the esoteric, inner reality of the mystical nature of the devotions, bring us increasing experiences of Love, wisdom,  understanding of eternal reality, inner peace and joy far, far beyond this worlds awareness. As Jesus said to me in August 1995:


My son, have I not been saying to you over these many years, ‘Keep on in this way and greater revelation shall come to you’? Has not my message also been, ‘Be thou faithful’ and ‘Draw close to me’I have led you by the Light of this Sanctuary of Mystical Communion, that you might learn, Awaken to, the Truth, the wisdom that comes from within. For it is necessary for all my little ones that they seek the eternal realities of the Father Creator in their own Holy of Holies within.


As indicated, he has said this, in one way or another all amounting to the same thing numerous times over the decades since the 1960s. This clearly emphasises the importance he attaches to this mystical Service of Christ Communion for our Awakening to awareness of his living presence with us, for our restoration to Oneness, with him, in Papa.



May all who truly seek after God and earnestly desire to experience Awakening to the conscious awareness of the real world, the healed world, the forgiven world, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth – here, now, in our very midst – be helped, by the practising of this devotional ritual, to step through the open door from this divided, external, dream world of spiritual darkness, fear, doubt and conflict, to the inner reality of limitless joy, peace and Love.



Any who have questions about any aspect of the Service are warmly invited to email me.


In Christ Love, blessing and fellowship,


Brian Longhurst




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