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Any comments received that may be helpful to others for growing in familiarity with, understanding of, confidence in metaphysical, spiritual, mystical and esoteric realities, will be used, as the Great Desire of Jesus and all who follow him and espouse their lives to him, for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth — the ‘Real World’ — begins to manifest itself in the Earth-life awareness of Humanity.  The sender will be identified by first name only, unless the sender specifically requests complete anonymity or the use of a nickname, pseudonym or other coded form of identification.  


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The result is that we get bogged-down in, and distracted by, ever-increasing amounts of detail, and this clouds our vision of the Way-Markers for Life, what Jesus calls the Principles of Life of the Father (PLFs).  The Kingdom of Heaven is not about religion or piety but about Life and the living of it in at-onement with eternal truth.  If a person is confused about the direction to travel to find inner peace — the Kingdom — and this Forum can help them to find the Way again, by pointing out the PLFs that can help them in given circumstances or details, then this is well within its objectives.


May you be helped and blessed by them, and, where motivated, contribute for the help of others, from your own questions, revelatory experiences or inspirational messages.


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Brian Longhurst


Post Script: There has been somewhat of a gap in Forum entries between 2014 and 2020, largely due to the writing and bringing to publication readiness of books 3 to 7 of the Kingdom series of books occupying much of the focus of my time and attention. That endeavour reached its completion in 2021, so I am recommencing with newer postings henceforward.


The following exchange was posted on February 8, 2022


This exchange contains discussion on the subject of depression, and includes guidance from Jesus on how we can move beyond it to joyfulness.

Hi Brian Hi Adrian,

I hope you don’t mind me reaching out to you – Quite the contrary; I am delighted to connect with you, regardless of the nature of the outreaching … that is what brotherhood in Christ is all about. I don’t want to burden my family, who don’t really understand me anyway. It is wise to choose/discern with whom things can – or cannot (yet) – be shared.

I’m really depressed Brian, It takes great courage to open one’s heart like this, because most people have so many issues of their own that they don’t want to hear others’ concerns. But Jesus wants us to share them with him, because he Loves us totally and is always able to Help. And I want to be like him, so this is a good opportunity to practise! with the state of the world and what we’ve done to it. I saw a programme today about a community in Botswana and the river they lived on has dried up with 3 years without rain. The animals were dying. A particularly upsetting scene was a hippopotamus with its baby struggling through the mud that was the river.

I commend to you the idea of no longer watching programmes on such matters (even though they are produced with the best of intentions – bringing such matters to the attention of a spiritually slumbering world) that will distress caring, compassionate souls who are trying to steer themselves away from the darkness of this belief in the separation consciousness toward the Light of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This Kingdom is already present, in the midst with us, but images generated by the effects of the separation consciousness distract us from the Light.

Instead, we can go within and generate energy-thoughts of Love, Light and blessing, extending that Light-energy out into the darkness, adding inestimably to shining it away. Those of us so despairing will serve themselves – and the myriad languishing fragments of the Sonship – very powerfully in this manner.

I know it’s going to get worse, everything is. There are those – me among them – who, instead, recognise, and rejoicefully accept, that things are not actually getting worse; they are, instead, getting uncovered. This destructive way of thinking, living, acting has always been occurring throughout human history, but now, in this time of the Great Awakening, more and more of us are choosing anew, and though it seems too slow to anxious, fearful minds, it is all encompassed within the Great Rescue Programme. This choosing anew is for espousing the Light and eschewing darkness. In practical terms this means the old, unkingdomly order, fades from our awareness, and, one step at a time, ceases to exist – first, in our mind, and from there, out into the world of form around us. We are in this transitional, transformational time right now, and are seeing positive changes occurring everywhere. That rate of change is accelerating at an unprecedented rate in human history.

The system is about profit, war, fear, greed and some people are more concerned with getting on a plane to go on holiday than they are about the environment.

The world population continues to rise. I think the planet would be better off without us and if I didn’t have a family I think I’d end my life to lighten the load and get away from the mess and the pain.

Sorry to lay this on you Brian.

What you have said here immediately brought to mind chapter 44 from book 3 in the Kingdom series, Entering the Kingdom Within. Therefore I have copied it for you, below. May it be helpful to you. I have highlighted the parts that I would urge you to take time over, reflecting on their inestimable value to any who are seeking to escape the consciousness of fear, doubt and anxiety, and return to the Light of the Kingdom within us all.

I wondered how you stayed positive in light of all the disasters that surround us? The answer is in the absolute necessity to stay steadfastly committed to focusing on the Love and Light of the divine reality that is the Truth of Papa’s creation. His Creation includes, of course, all humanity. We are, along with Jesus, His beloved Son, His joy and His completion. Our erroneous choice for the idea of separation has, inevitably, taken us into outer darkness, where, until we choose anew, we do not, cannot see the Truth, which is accepting, embracing Papa as our Father and all others as our brothers within His Sonship.

Meanwhile we are searching for the truth, but in the wrong place – the without – so we will never find It until we go within. Jesus has come to show us the way, but he can only do that when we ASK him, in total sincerity and spiritual humility.

God bless you Thank you, Adrian; God bless you, too,

Adrian 🙏 Brian


 44: Returning to Right-Minded Thinking


 A true heart, full of desire for the Kingdom of God, is a beacon of Light shining into the dark recesses of Earth-mind consciousness. A sincere heart cannot be hid.

~ C.S. Lewis (1898 -1963)

Only once in thousands of one-on-one encounters with Jesus have I experienced him as other than joyful. It was in late October 1970, a few days before Theresa and I left Vancouver to return to living in England. We were visiting Olga Park, my spiritual mentor since 1965, who had said to me, “My job is to get you hooked up with Jesus.” It worked, for which I am eternally grateful to her. The three of us were engaged in precious Christ fellowship when suddenly Jesus himself entered Olga’s aura and began speaking to us using her voice facility. She was not in trance, but fully conscious.

He was so personal, Loving, gracious, gentle, caring, solicitous; light-heartedly, seamlessly blending the mundane aspects of our lives with the spiritual. It was a priceless, treasured, heart-gladdening moment that will live forever in my memory. At one point, after about twenty minutes of cherished fellowship, I said to him, “I wonder what people would think if they could be witness to this wonderful experience of you speaking with us like this.” His mood changed to one of momentary frustration and impatience, which came through in his tone of voice as he emphatically said, “People don’t think!” 

Clearly this was of key importance for him, and to which he has devoted his Being, for healing, leavening, raising up, resurrecting, Awakening the upside-down, misperceiving, somnolent minds of his beloved brothers in the Sonship – all of us, without exception. There are no exceptions, for Heaven is all-inclusive. Indeed, It could not be Heaven if It was not all-inclusive. In all other encounters, including when some serious (to my perception, anyway!) issue was at hand, the vibration of joy was always in his aura. One example was in 1988, when our seventeen-year-old daughter announced her intention to marry a neo-Nazi skinhead. The negative thoughts that flashed into my mind in an instant would have taken a month to write down!

At that exact moment I saw Jesus, a few paces across the lawn from me. He was effulgent as the sun, radiant, bursting with joy and happiness. He spoke not a word, but I Knew that he was showing himself to me in this way with a specific intention: to remind me that nothing in this world, however adverse it may outwardly appear, is sufficient to disturb our inner peace or quell the joy that are unchangeable, unassailable aspects of our true nature as Papa’s beloved Son. It had the desired effect and I immediately resolved that if he was happy in this, it would be absurd for me to be unhappy in it.

Theresa and I decided then and there that we would not contest this, and the wedding went ahead. It lasted a few months, and the world didn’t end! This was a big lesson for us, and much easier on our equanimity, serving us well and smoothing what would otherwise have been a much more rocky, convoluted road on our journey back to the Kingdom within. I realised from this event that most of us spend almost all of our embodied life looking at almost everything from the wrong perspective. That may seem a bold statement, but in Truth, if we are not looking from the Christ perspective, we are, indeed, misperceiving.

2014 was a year for many commemorations of the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War (WWI). There was much focus upon the horrors – all of which were so totally unnecessary – Papa’s beloved Son inflicted upon himself while playing the insane, senseless, murderous game of separation. While those commemorations were, no doubt, well-intentioned – so that we ‘never forget’ those who laid down their lives (though, since we are all immortal, and I say this only with Love, honouring and respecting them all, it could only be their body, not their Life) for the freedom of those for whom they did it – I felt the great undertone of sadness threaded through these commemorative events.

Casting my mind back to seeing the effulgent Jesus on the lawn in 1988, and what he said in October 1970, and knowing he will be well aware of these illusory events and the sadness – even despair – they, and/or their remembrance/commemoration, evoke, I asked him for the clarity of his perspective, being very sure it would not be sadness, because sadness can only be induced by believing it is real, and that would thus be a ‘real’ cause for despair. I realised that, but still felt sure he could readily cast a much brighter, more meaningful, purposeful, serviceable Light on it all. He immediately spoke: 

“I am not sad, and this is possible only because I Know it didn’t happen in reality, and I am focused only on reality. How else can I help my brothers to focus, focus, focus on reality, until they, also, Awaken to remembrance of it? Do not mistake the absence of sadness at illusion for lack of caring and compassion; but my caring and compassion are at the forgetfulness of Truth, and thus, my commitment to helping restore that remembrance. So, let your remembrance be for reality, not of dreams of death and destruction – neither of which is possible for Papa’s Son.

“Would not such dreams be much more sad if they were real? For that would mean we – all the fragments – could not be our Father’s Son; and therefore, He could not be our Father. A Son without a Father, it hardly need be said, is impossible, as is a Father without a Son. And because we ARE, and He IS, thus am I never sad, but always joyful … even when a moment of frustration is called for to serve the purpose of conveying a message to a brother. ”  


There appears to be the within and the without, yet we cannot experience awareness of both at once, because they are completely incompatible. We must focus on but one for us to have awareness of it. That focus purposefully excludes awareness of the other. Clearly, this is how Jesus functions; his focus on reality precludes his awareness of unreality. If we desire to be like him it will serve us very well to start thinking, focusing like him. 1 John. 3:2,3 says:  

Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself [i.e., cleanses himself of imagined guilt – by denying, repudiating its existence – and thus, is restored to remembrance of his innocence], even as he [Jesus] is pure.  

Many in this world are fearful of ‘purification’ because ego-contrived, fear-based religions have taught this means sacrifice, loss or punishment (or all three!) Either way, it amounts to the same thing: misperception. As the Spirit of Truth said to me on January 5, 2011:

Purification is to be gladly welcomed, for it is a gentle, Loving process, as are all things of Papa; a clearing out of upside-down, bewildered, confused minds, cluttered with false, unserviceable, imprisoning beliefs. How can such remain when there is one seed of desire for the ability to receive right-minded, Christ-Minded thoughts, awareness, understanding? For misperceptions, illusions, block the filter of a mind that desires Truth, rendering the choice of Truth impossible while retaining illusions. Either one holds sway or the other; both together cannot be.

As well you Know, Papa is perfect Love, and He created His Son in His likeness, so His Son is perfect Love, too. This was demonstrated perfectly by Jesus. From a time and place perspective, perfect Love extends the qualities of acceptance, caring, compassion, forgiveness, infinite patience, tolerance, surrender, healing, perseverance, restoration, defencelessness, redemption, salvation …

But in eternity, Heaven, there is nothing to forgive, no-one to redeem, to save, to tolerate, to heal, to defend against … because all is complete, perfect, and has always been. Yet qualities such as these are the stepping stones, the very stairway to completion, and without them the ascent to completion – Heaven, the true and only Home of Papa’s Son – is not possible.

Who, then, remembering this, would desire to serve both God and ego; Light and darkness?


Diary of a Christ Communicant

 A.M. December 9, 2011

All IS well; truly. How could it be otherwise in Papa’s Creation? And I assure you, there is nothing else but His Creation. Further, you are indivisible from, indispensable within that Creation. You are His Creation.

Holy Spirit-Self: I feel as if ‘I’ – my Earth-mind conscious persona Brian (pB) masquerade self – am moving nearer to Oneness in You. Yet I sense the ego is still beside the Path as I journey along It, always waiting to divert me, distract me, trip me.

Of course this is ‘so’ – or appears so from the perspective of pB. But pB also Knows, of a certainty beyond all doubt, that the ego is not real – other than as much as pB accords it reality in his mind. However, you need have no fear about this, for only fear makes the ego seem real. Rather, allow yourself space – cut yourself some slack – for I assure you, all is according to your desire, not your concern.

 Well, it is a massive relief to know that! This is a vital ‘new’ remembrance for me, which I immediately adopt as a mantra.

Then allow it to bring you peace, easement, relaxation. How else can joy be yours also? All is well. Allow it to be your reality, not just words; platitudes. They have not been spoken as such, but as solidly-founded, palpable reassurance of reality.

Thank You, Holy Spirit-Self; I rejoice in the Truth of our Oneness.

All IS well; truly. How could it be otherwise in Papa’s Creation? And I assure you, there is nothing else but His Creation. Further, you are [all] indivisible from, indispensable within that Creation. You are His Creation. ALL Life – every living thing – is His creation, but be sure to not confuse form with Life. Life is within; form is without. Without everything, and therefore, without Life Itself, for form is temporal, passes away, and is, therefore, nothing.


The following exchange was posted on December 17 2021


Hello Brian, Hello Rod, Always a joy to hear from you.


I would like to start a small group of people who are interested in meditating (on Zoom) for one hour a month on world peace. I was thinking of starting the first Monday of the month at noontime. I have a few other friends that I thought might be interested in joining. I honour and salute you for this, Rod. However, Theresa and I have never been able to resonate with this idea of formalised gatherings for group meditating. Rather than ‘meditating’, we spontaneously, unpremeditatedly, individually commune, one-on-One with Papa and with Jesus, multiple times every day and night. These communing events could be a few seconds, or minutes, but seldom longer. This is, in our discernment, in accord with Jesus’ counsel:


Matthew 6:6 (KJV)
6  But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet (our own within, irrespective of what our bodily activity is engaged in at the time, though often we choose stillness of such during those moments, by inward impulsion, rather than any external world sense of duty), and when thou hast shut thy door (against the external world of chaos and disarray), pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.


Further, in April 1990 Jesus said to me:


I counsel you, focus your mind on the Peace of God. As you focus, let your heart, mind and soul speak the word ‘Peace’, reverently within yourself. This act of speaking is, in itself, an act of creation and will align your energies of heart, mind and soul with our Father Creator.

~ Jesus, April 22, 1990


This quote (above) is shared at the head of chapter 44 of Book 7 in the Kingdom series of books, BEING the Kingdom Within.

Below is the complete Diary of a Christ Communicant entry from that date, showing the entire counsel from him on that occasion:


Holy Communion April 22, 1990


I counsel you, my son, focus your thoughts on the Peace of God; for this is the perfect, harmonious, creative Life energy by which all things are made new, made perfect, made manifest. 


At the words “Come unto me all who labour and are heavy laden” many souls came forward.

Beloved Jesus, I feel, sense, the awakening in me of the reality of this Communion practice. It becomes more meaningful, more alive as its livingness grows in me.


My son, all is well, all is going forward, and even as you see newness emerging all around in nature, so is everything becoming new in the Spiritual uplifting and transforming of awareness; the awareness of you, your beloved and all who partake of the bread and wine of this new dispensation, whether of the incarnate or the etheric realms of the Father's house.


I counsel you, my son, focus your thoughts on the Peace of God; for this is the perfect, harmonious, creative life energy by which all things are made new, made perfect, made manifest. As you focus, let your heart, your mind, your soul “speak” the word ‘Peace’, reverently within yourself. This act of “speaking” is, in itself, an act of creativity and will align your energies of body, mind, soul and spirit, so that you shall feel new energy, new at-One-ment with the Source of All, the Father Creator.


By this act of attunement (At-One-ment) you shut out the discordant vibrations of the Earth plane horizontal conditions which are bombarding you from all directions, and instead create a new, harmonised energy flow which will go out from you and calm the turmoil of the tempestuous seas of Earth-life psychic conditions.


All shall continue to be well as you all go forward by the Way of my guiding. Peace, be still.


During spontaneous moments of inward communion, I almost always speak the words (silently, in my communing mind), “Peace to the world”, knowing, as Jesus has told me, that this is an act of creation, and therefore can only contribute powerfully to its intended objective.


The word communion means common (i.e., shared) union. In a broader, practical application sense it means ‘dialogue’, or exchanges, not necessarily just of words but also of feelings, understandings, awarenesses, etc., back-and-to between our heart-mind and the Heart-Mind of Jesus and/or Papa (also, any other souls in the Realms of Light with whom we are in resonance. These could be Mighty Beings who have graced and blessed the world over the ages, or our personally known Loved ones from their embodied time on Earth).


Boundless Love and blessings for inner peace and joy,



Thank you, Brian, for your reply! I love the answer. God is very personal to me, and I think of him several times a day. I enjoy sitting in the afternoon and seeing world peace unfold. From what you have shared, it is evident that trying to coordinate something would be needless work. 


With love, 





The following exchange was posted on July 18 2020


Hi, Brian. Hi Michael. I would appreciate your insight on something. I will do my best. I received the following message from a person who has experienced Reality/Heaven. I was asking about there being One Self in Reality/Heaven:  

You are correct the Self is not separate from God ... but there is God the Father and God the Son...... both are the same kind. In other words we as "Christ" are both a Creation and a Creator whereas God is Creator.............Prime Source......
This is why we worship God.

This statement is correct. The difficulty arises when finite, separation-consciousness-mind (ego mind) attempts to comprehend the unity of the infinite. We need to connect ‘head mind’ with ‘heart mind’, for head mind (intellect) on its own can only discern what its bodily senses tell it, and its intellectualising, analysing posture is incapable of comprehending what is beyond – namely eternal – the limits of the 3-dimensional belief, experience, or perception.  

The heart-mind (with its qualities of divine Love, compassion, tenderness, acceptance, etc.) has spiritual humility, choosing to remain open to possibilities that it does not (yet) understand, allowing for enLightenment to be brought to it from Universal, Unified Mind, to Which it has an open portal called willingness to believe what it does not yet understand, so adopts faith and trust, which are states, or conditions of receptiveness, without judgement, denial or prejudice (prejudging) to the eternal, the limitless, the infinite.

In contrast, the intellectualising head-mind tends to adopt a posture of denial about – unwillingness to accept – what lies beyond its limited perception, positing that what is beyond its analysing reach does not exist, therefore cannot be true, real. This, being the reversal of humility, manifests as arrogance, which is only bluff and bluster to cover its limitedness.

When head mind becomes willing to join with heart mind, and function in perfect, complementary union, limitation ceases to have control over our unified head-and-heart mind. 

This is confusing to me, because if there is only ONE ultimately, ‘ultimately’ is the answer here, because, until the union of head-mind and heart-mind is desired and steadfastly chosen, with spiritual humility, separation (including Son from Father, created from Creator) is perceived as reality. But with that unswerving desire at least, there is initially arrived at a sense of recognition, acceptance by the (temporarily) ‘lower’ of ‘the Higher’, the All in All. Then, the spontaneous response (meaning without analytical thought processes by the head-mind – because it is now functioning in equality of co-operative union with the accepting nature of the heart-mind) is one of recognition of the Limitlessness, the perfect, unconditional Love, of the Higher, the All in All.

That recognition manifests itself as ‘worship’, or reverence, respect, honouring, glorifying, devotion, gratitude, praise, rejoiceful veneration (not grovelling, subservience, idolising, adulation, professions of unworthiness, pleading for mercy …) how can the ONE worship itself? The Higher draws the ‘lower’ (when the lower is ready, no longer resisting, doubting, denying, professing unworthiness, sinfulness etc.) upward into Itself and they are re-united, joined as One in holy relationship.

That holy (an alternative term for Whole) relationship is, then, the completion, the complementary nature, of the Holy (undivided) One, in eternity. That unified relationship is the relationship in which Creation (which is Love expressing, extending itself forever) occurs. The analogy that can, at least in part, help this understanding is the male and the female, who, when uniting as one, bring forth an extension of the one. That analogy is not comprehensive or perfect because that only occurs within the illusion of separation, the temporal, the mortal, which brings forth division, continuity of separation, instead of the eternal extending of the holy union (as distinct from division), or Oneness.

The reuniting of the ‘lower’ with the Higher in eternal, indivisible Oneness is achievable by the devotional act, or process, of Holy Communion (‘communion’ means ‘common [i.e., shared] union’).

 This seems to imply that there is a separate part of the One that worships itself. From your experiences/knowledge on the subject, can you clarify for me what he is talking about? Please involve your heart-mind, in complementary union with your head-mind, in considering the foregoing. Any attempts at understanding this apparent paradox by intellectual analysing cannot work, because, as stated above, the finite cannot understand, encompass the infinite.

I hope this helps, Michael.

Love and blessings for inner peace and joy, and fulfilment of all your highest desires,


The following exchange was posted on August 13 2019

Hi Brian. Hi Chris, I saw your interview on BATGAP and I was just curious what you think about reincarnation. ACIM says it doesn’t exist. Within the context of eternity, of course it does not, cannot, have any reality. However, within the context of the dream of separation it certainly does appear to exist. That is the only way the ego can keep us trapped in the illusion of the carousel of birth and ‘death’. but I was wondering about all the stuff about past life regression and the evolution of souls in books by Michael Newton. What are souls if this dualistic world doesn’t exist? Accepting the idea of reincarnation can actually be helpful in understanding the ‘present’ embodiment circumstances, conditions and experiences. It has been profoundly helpful to Theresa and me, and our extended family, because we have been open to Help from Holy Spirit in showing us why certain relationships are as they seem ‘now’, as a result of events/karma involving those relationships during ‘previous’ embodiments.  So it can be helpful if we are willing to accept, for the purposes of assisting our progress in Awakening from the dream, that linear time can aid in gradually, one step at a time, expanding our understanding of, restoration to remembrance of the eternal ‘NOW’. To deny it outright because of our self-limiting understanding/interpretation of what Jesus states in A Course in Miracles could cause us to be closed off to progress in our Awakening, simply by not acknowledging that relationships have a ‘past’ that can help us to understand why we react to others in the ‘present’ the way we find ourself doing (grievances, judgements, unforgiveness etc.) – and vice-versa. This is not having a go at you (or anyone else); it is simply observing that the split, unhealed, ego-enthralled mind can readily interpret a given statement (by Jesus in the Course or anyone else, anywhere else) in a way that it was not intended to be interpreted.

I have pasted what Jesus says about it in the Course Manual below, and highlighted some statements, and made some comments as and where prompted. I hope you will find this helpful.


‘Souls’ are, or appear to be, parts, or extensions of the One Spirit – Papa God – while we seem to be separate, until we are restored to remembrance that we are all One within the Universal, Unified Mind-and-Spirit. Souls do not evolve. They are not separate, nor sleeping/dreaming. ‘They’ are fully Awake and in ineffable bliss, in Papa. It is only the mind that seems split/separate and in need of ‘evolving’/healing/Awakening. Then, mind and soul will be fully rejoined and functioning/creating in unison – again.


I have written about all these matters in the 7-volume ‘Kingdom’ series of books. All that writing accords with A Course in Miracles.

Love and blessings for inner peace and joy, 



M-24.1.                In the ultimate sense, reincarnation is impossible. ‘Ultimate’, being changeless, all-Knowing, perfect eternity. 2 There is no past or future, and the idea of birth into a body has no meaning either once or many times. Here, Jesus is saying the whole idea of separation, bodies, time and place, ‘death’, etc., is meaningless; yet while we still believe in the idea it will seem to have meaning for us – until we, one step at a time, Awaken from dreaming the idea.3 Reincarnation cannot, then, be true in any real sense.  But we are dreaming of unreality, so within the dream, in which everything is upside-down and back-to-front, it can help our understanding of WHY things – broken relationships etc. – appear as they seem to do.   4 Our only question should be, "Is the concept helpful?" 5 And that depends, of course, on what it is used for. 6 If it is used to strengthen the recognition of the eternal nature of life, it is helpful indeed. 7 Is any other question about it really useful in lighting up the way? 8 Like many other beliefs, it can be bitterly misused. 9 At least, such misuse offers preoccupation and perhaps pride in the past. 10 At worst, it induces inertia in the present. 11 In between, many kinds of folly are possible.

M-24.2.                Reincarnation would not, under any circumstances, be the problem to be dealt with [now]. 2 If it were responsible for some of the difficulties the individual faces now, his task would still be only to escape from them now. And that should always remain the central point of focus within the issue of (broken) relationships and how to heal them through true forgiveness. 3 If he is laying the groundwork for a future life, he can still work out his salvation only now. 4 To some, there may be comfort in the concept, and if it heartens them its value is self-evident. 5 It is certain, however, that the way to salvation can be found by those who believe in reincarnation and by those who do not. 6 The idea cannot, therefore, be regarded as essential to the curriculum. But to dismiss it out of hand is – or could be, depending on circumstances – a self-limiting attitude. 7 There is always some risk in seeing the present in terms of the past. 8 There is always some good in any thought which strengthens the idea that life and the body are not the same. This statement should not be construed as meaning reincarnation – within the context of the dream of separation – does not seem to exist/have any serviceable role to play.

M-24.3.                For our purposes, it would not be helpful to take any definite stand on reincarnation. 2 A teacher of God should be as helpful to those who believe in it as to those who do not. 3 If a definite stand were required of him, it would merely limit his usefulness, as well as his own decision making. 4 Our course is not concerned with any concept that is not acceptable to anyone, regardless of his formal beliefs. 5 His ego will be enough for him to cope with, and it is not the part of wisdom to add sectarian controversies to his burdens. 6 Nor would there be an advantage in his premature acceptance of the course merely because it advocates a long-held belief of his own.

M-24.4.                It cannot be too strongly emphasized that this course aims at a complete reversal of thought. 2 When this is finally accomplished, issues such as the validity of reincarnation become meaningless. Until then, if reincarnation can be perceived as explaining things – and thereby helping us to understand why relations can be unLoving/dysfunctional – keeping an open mind about it can potentially be helpful. Then, ultimately, we will see it is no longer relevant/pertinent to reality – into which we are Awakening. 3 Until then, they are likely to be merely controversial. 4 The teacher of God is, therefore, wise to step away from all such questions, for he has much to teach and learn apart from them. 5 He should both learn and teach that theoretical issues but waste time, draining it away from its appointed purpose. 6 If there are aspects to any concept or belief that will be helpful, he will be told about it.  This is a hugely important statement. Theresa and I have been told about why certain relationships have been/are broken because we asked, in order to be able to better deal with them, and respond with true forgiveness, which has massively benefited and effected healing. 7 He will also be told how to use it. This has also been the case, so we use the understanding to assist in true forgiveness.  8 What more need he know?

M-24.5.                Does this mean that the teacher of God should not believe in reincarnation himself, or discuss it with others who do? 2 The answer is, certainly not! 3 If he does believe in reincarnation, it would be a mistake for him to renounce the belief unless his internal Teacher so advised. 4 And this is most unlikely. 5 He might be advised that he is misusing the belief in some way that is detrimental to his pupil's advance or his own. 6 Reinterpretation would then be recommended, because it is necessary. 7 All that must be recognized, however, is that birth was not the beginning, and death is not the end. I emphasise this over and over in my books and other writing/speaking.  8 Yet even this much is not required of the beginner. 9 He need merely accept the idea that what he knows is not necessarily all there is to learn. 10 His journey has begun.

M-24.6.                The emphasis of this course always remains the same;–it is at this moment that complete salvation is offered you, and it is at this moment that you can accept it. 2 This is still your one responsibility. 3 Atonement might be equated with total escape from the past and total lack of interest in the future. 4 Heaven is here. 5 There is nowhere else. 6 Heaven is now. 7 There is no other time. 8 No teaching that does not lead to this is of concern to God's teachers. Ultimately, having a fixed idea for or against reincarnation is a block to our Awakening, simply because it is only a dream, and has no reality in eternity. 9 All beliefs will point to this if properly interpreted. 10 In this sense, it can be said that their truth [or benefit] lies in their usefulness. 11 All beliefs that lead to progress should be honored. 12 This is the sole criterion this course requires. 13 No more than this is necessary.


The following exchange was posted on July 11th 2019


This exchange is further to the previous one, dated June 28th, immediately below this



Hi. Ive been having feelings of love for everyone. Rich, poor, evil, good, it doesnt matter. Including love for every form of life. I dont even like to kill bugs anymore. 

Is this a normal part of spiritual awakening, have you personally experienced this?



This is exceptionally GOOD news, Rob. It most definitely is an integral aspect of spiritual Awakening. It is for every fragment of the Sonship. It is our reality, our True Being as the Oneness of every living thing. Yes, it is my experience and it is forever once we make it our choice above all else. Fantastic news. I rejoice in and for you as does Jesus (and all our Loved ones in the Realms of Light).

Thanks for sharing this, Rob.

Peace and joy be with you,


The following exchange was posted on June 28th 2019


This exchange is further to the previous one, dated June 26th, immediately below this



Thank you for your response, I appreciate it. :) You are welcome, always.

In reality there is only ONE awareness/spirit/being, correct? Correct

So how is that reconciled with the apparent contradiction and dualism of “creator and created”?

I can’t help but imagine TWO different beings, ONE being creating ANOTHER being ...

“Created” also seems to imply that the created isn’t truly eternal and had a beginning...




I completely understand your puzzlement, Rob. The finite cannot comprehend the infinite. Understanding/remembering the eternal is a mystical process, not an intellectual one. Eternity, the infinite, is completely abstract: Universal, Unified Mind-and-Spirit. Completely incomprehensible to a mind that believes it is a finite, limited, concrete (the opposite of abstract), mortal body. The finite consciousness is the ‘head-mind’, or intellect, which questions, doubts everything, understands nothing of eternal reality, so dismisses it as fiction. This is the ego. On the other hand, the ‘heart-mind’, which, temporarily (in the dream of death) also does not understand much, but keeps an open mind, neither dismissing nor wholly accepting, what it does not – yet – understand, on the basis that it is open to inspiration to bring understanding when the moment is right.


This is an attitude of receptiveness, which allows Holy Spirit (our Higher, all-Knowing, all-Loving, all-caring Self) to bring the answer. But we must ASK, and He will Answer in response to our asking. This is Faith, Trust, Obedience (to the Voice for Love within) and Commitment. Head-mind/intellect is not receptive to what it cannot see, feel, experience, understand using only bodily senses and past experience, so is not able to receive what Holy Spirit would gladly give.


I am sharing, below, two Diary of a Christ Communicant entries, which I trust will help you to comprehend the difference between head-mind and heart-mind, and the mystical, eternal Oneness of Creator and created.


Diary of a Christ Communicant


P.M. April 27, 2010


Practise affirmations for your focusing, centring, uplifting.  Say: ‘I Am ... Just as Papa created me; I Am ... Loved, unconditionally and eternally, every moment; I Am ... forgiving of myself and my brothers; I Am ... Loving; I Am ... compassionate; I Am ... caring; I Am ... free’ ...


Dear Holy Spirit, Sometimes I wonder, do I really know how to let go and start giving myself to You...? (At this point He interrupted me ‘loudly’ and emphatically) …


DON’T START QUESTIONING! Questioning is an ego pastime. Remember that, and simply start surrendering instead.


But what’s the difference between questioning and asking? Jesus tells us we should ask and it will be given us.


Questioning is doubting. Doubting is unbelieving; an affirmation of commitment to littleness. Asking is desiring to Know; a request for help in remembering what is already Known, but temporarily forgotten. Asking is seeking, enquiring, opening, allowing, trusting, believing. Questioning is doubting, dismantling, destructive, obstructive, negative.


I had never realised that they were two distinct things, and are really opposites.


There is much you have not yet realised, or remembered, but this does not matter. Surrender does matter. It is imperative to spiritual Awakening, and without it, ego will retain its leasehold in your life, and keep you separate from your true Being – Self. That will keep you from Home, Papa, your brethren in the Sonship, Truth, Perfect Love, Inner Peace and Joy.


Wow! That is a comprehensive list.


It is everything. It is your Source, your eternal reality, your very Being.


Affirming is building, reassuring, strengthening. Practise affirmations for your focusing, centring, uplifting. Say: ‘I Am ... Just as Papa created me; I Am ... Loved, unconditionally and eternally, every moment; I Am ... forgiving of myself and my brothers; I Am ... Loving; I Am ... compassionate; I Am ... caring; I Am ... free; I Am … Trusting; I Am … Trustworthy’ ... You can add to the list as inspiration moves you; but always keep it positive and it will always be truthful and uplifting. Remember: doubt is ego’s dismantling device. 


All IS well. I AM with you always.




Diary of a Christ Communicant


P.M. March 21, 2009


Papa is as an ocean; the Ocean. We are part of the Ocean. There is no separation, no line of demarcation. All is Love and Light. An Ocean of Love and Light. All-knowing, all-aware. All I Am. The I Am is in all; the Whole is in the part. Every molecule of the water that comprises the Ocean is All that the Ocean Is; whole, complete, the Light, the Love, the Life.


An allegory:


Papa is as an ocean; the Ocean. We are part of the Ocean. There is no separation, no line of demarcation. All is Love and Light. An Ocean of Love and Light. All-knowing, all-aware. All I Am. The I Am is All in all; the Whole is in the part. Every molecule of the water that comprises the Ocean is All that the Ocean Is; whole, complete, the Light, the Love, the Life. Every drop of water Knows, is part of, One with the Ocean and every part of the Ocean. There is no separateness; only Oneness. The Oneness is all that the Ocean is; even drops of water as dew on a blade of grass, rain in a cloud, moisture in the soil, a snowflake crystal ... all are within the Oneness.


We are like snowflake crystals. We see ourselves as separate from the Ocean, separate from each other, each unique, different, regardless of whether we are all together in a snowdrift, or blowing in the wind, distant from each other. We say every one is unlike every other, each an individual, distinct design. That is who and what we believe we are. Even if we believe we are, ultimately, part of the Ocean, right now, we believe we are not; that we are separate.


But the Oneness is nothing to do with outward appearances, or seeming geographic distance from the Ocean, because the Oneness is in the within of us and the Ocean. It is a mystical, metaphysical – not a physical – Oneness. It is a Oneness of Being that is unchangeable, regardless of external, illusory appearance. Water can occur as vapour, liquid or solid but it is all water; the same Oneness regardless of temporary form, or appearance of difference.


It is the Spirit of Oneness within that is its fundamental nature. One could say, for the purposes of the allegory, that the Oneness is its ‘H2O-ness’. Whether in the Ocean or appearing as a snowflake, it is all One in its H2O-ness. We are deceiving ourselves by outward appearances of our differences, our separateness by perceiving ourselves as snowflakes. The essential, unchangeable nature of our eternal Being is ‘H2O-ness’.


The New Dawn is now breaking, and the Light of the Eternal Day is casting, shining its Loving, Awakening, quickening warmth upon us. This begins the melting, thawing process. The snowflake crystal dissolves, loses its temporary (and thus, unreal, because only Eternity is real), individual identity. To most of us this engenders fear because it seems to be a death, a loss of self. But rather than being a death or a loss, it is an Awakening, a remembering, a reunifying with the Source, the Ocean, with Self, the true nature of Being.


The melted snowflake remains, at all times and through all events, its essential Self: H2O. H2O is, within this allegory, a symbol of the eternal, unchanging, unchangeable spirit that is the Creator Spirit, and of Which we are each an indivisible part – an extension of the Whole. As the part of the Oneness, the Ocean that appeared, momentarily, as a snowflake thaws and melts, so does the journey back to the Ocean begin. It becomes a drop of water and this joins with other drops of water, entering into a river, heading back to the Source, the Ocean.


When we begin to remember Who we are, our crystalline, temporary snowflake-identity loses its significance for us as we realise it was only ever going to be temporary; an illusion. We find ourselves synchronistically coming into contact with like-minded others, and that the spiritual fellowship – joining with them – brings us a level of joy, inner peace and fulfilment that the snowflake was never able to experience. Things that seemed to be valuable, important, lose their value, their importance to us and something of immeasurably greater value – our Oneness – comes into focus.


It makes no difference if the water droplets become sullied with other materials on the journey, for it retains its unchangeable, essential H2O-ness, regardless of whatever contamination may appear to tarnish its true nature. 


Most of us think our reunifying with our Source, our Creator, happens after we have laid aside our ‘snowflake’, our vehicle of expression in this three-dimensional dream-realm; that such reunifying cannot happen while we are stuck in a body. This was never the case with Jesus (I and my Father are one. John 10:30) and it does not have to be the case with us. Indeed, all the while we remain espoused to this false belief, this misperception, we will find a reunifying with the Source, the Ocean, after we have laid aside our body is not possible and we will have to return, take another body – another snowflake – into our presence, another opportunity to remember who we really are: ‘H2O’.


Any contamination we – H2O – may appear to collect during our sojourn as a snowflake, and in the return journey to the Ocean, will be purified. It only seems fearful if we focus on the wrong thing; the contamination, instead of our essential nature. When the Light shines Its warmth upon us we are raised up from the contaminant. Our true nature is uplifted, evaporates away from the dross, leaving it behind.



These are included in the ‘Kingdom’ series of what will be 7, sequential books. I have no idea if you have read any of these, but details are to be found on this website:


Thanks for keeping an enquiring, seeking, open mind, Rob.


Peace, be still,




The following exchange was posted on June 26th 2019


This exchange is further to the previous one, dated June 25th, immediately below this


Thank you for your response. When you experienced oneness with God, were you aware of being created, or is there only the eternal with no such distinctions between creator and created?


Your insightfulness is exceptional, Rob. My experience in that occurrence was one of being restored (from the dream of time and place) to my rightful Home in the unchangeable reality of eternity in the Heart-Mind of Papa, the Creator Spirit. A shared Mind - i.e., the Whole, complete, ONE Mind - is aware of Creator and created, so there can be endless increase of creation by Love.


This endless exchange brings attributes of joy, gratitude, ecstasy, devotion, glory, gentleness, tenderness, grace, happiness, harmony, peace, plenitude, rejoicing, serenity, shimmering-tremulous-Stillness ... This is the destiny of every living thing. Only an insane mind, a mind that remains intransigently committed to the belief that time and place - separation from the Oneness of eternity - is reality could not want this. But such a mind is only dreaming, and it is inevitable that all such minds will Awaken to the Truth of eternity.


When I say, ‘my rightful Home’ this means all of us the rightful Home of the One, re-joined, re-unified, Son. That implies that this is the natural, true state of all the fragments of the Sonship, with exceptions being completely impossible. But, as Jesus says in the Course, “Miracles are everyone's right, but purification is necessary first.” (T-1.I:7) As I have stated in book 5 in the Kingdom series of books, Sharing the Kingdom Within ~ Ascending the Hill of the Lord:


Purification, distilled to its essence, is, simply, true forgiveness, because true forgiveness automatically clears away all the illusory dross of guilt, fear and all belief in the dream of death, of time and place, of enmity, thus freeing – purifying – us to enable acceptance of the eternal, innocent, miracle-ready Truth of our Being as Papa’s One, beloved, all-empowered-by-Love Son ... Without purification we are blocking our right.


And in book 3, Entering the Kingdom Within ~ The Return to Reality:


Purification is not to be feared but to be joyously welcomed because it leads us to peace by removing from our mind the obstacles to our awareness of peace, which is already with us and has always been, awaiting our acceptance as the integral part of our Being that it forever IS.


I hope this helps, Rob.


Abundant peace and joy, endlessly,




The following exchange was posted on June 25th 2019


Hello. I am having trouble understanding how there can be a "Creator/Father" and a "Created/Son" in the oneness of Heaven... 

If all is the eternal, infinite, one awareness, how can there also be a "Created/Son"? Or in other words, if all is only God how can there be a distinct "other" within that called the Son? 

Thank you for any response you may provide. :) 

This is an entirely valid and worthy question, Rob; thank you for asking.

The ‘Created/Son’ is not a ‘separate’ entity but an extension of Its Source, also described by Jesus in A Course in Miracles as an ‘Idea’ in the Mind of the Father-Creator. Jesus further explains in the Course that ideas do not leave their source – in the mind of the originator of the thought/idea. For example, you might come up with an idea – in your mind (where else!?). You think it is a good idea so you share it with – or extend it to – friends, neighbours, family … But the idea has not left your mind (its original source); it has merely been extended from it. That idea can then be further extended, ad infinitum, but it still remains – forever – in your mind. This is what Jesus described to me as a Principle of Life of the Father: the term he used to signify the cosmic, esoteric, immutable Laws of eternal reality by which God’s Creation operates. God is in the Principles, but ‘The devil (ego) is in the detail’, always seeking to distract – separate – us from the Way, or from our Source, or the Son from the Father, the Created from the Creator.  

We are not a body but eternal, Universal, Unified Mind-and-Spirit, exactly like our Father, ‘Papa’, and the only thoughts we can have that are real (i.e., Loving, and therefore, eternal) are shared with Him, as are His, equally, with His Son. So, in the Truth of eternal reality, “My mind holds only what I think with God”. (W.rIV in the Course).


Have you experienced Heaven yourself, or had what ACIM calls Revelation? 

I can best answer this by sharing, below, an extract from my second book, Finding the Kingdom Within ~ Awakening to Eternity


Author’s Note: explanation of the cover illustration

The publisher of this work has asked me to provide an explanation of the story behind the cover illustration, and this I am very pleased to do. Here it is:

My friend Michael Roads is renowned for his ‘Five-Day Intensives’, during which he leads attendees on ‘inner exercises’. These are intended to help free the mind from self-imposed limitations and allow an unrestricted view of Self, Life, relationships, opening up a greater sense of spiritual purpose and direction. Theresa and I have attended these events when Michael, accompanied by his darling wife, Carolyn, comes to England, and I have undergone a number of mystical experiences during them.

On one inner exercise Michael invited the group to imagine a ride on a butterfly, to see where it would take each of us. A butterfly soon appeared to me and I immediately realised this was Jesus. He invited me to climb on his back, which I was, needless to say, overjoyed to do. He soared into the air and we quickly reached a considerable elevation. Although our direction was forward, he weaved from side to side, tilting, or banking, thus enabling my view first of one side and then the other as we progressed, giving me a broad vista of the journey. It was altogether a very gentle motion and I felt no concern at all for my safety, high above the ground. To my slight surprise no noteworthy panoramas appeared to particularly attract my attention.

This in no way detracted from the event; I was having the time – the ride – of my life as butterfly-Jesus’ passenger. Linear time has very little to do with mystical experiences such as this, but it seemed as if this journey took the equivalent of several minutes. In due course he alighted and I descended from his back, with a sense of elation filling and overflowing my heart and soul. He resumed his Jesus-bodily form and we sat side by side on an outcrop of rock on a high hill, overlooking the world below. He looked at me as if to say, “Well, did you enjoy the journey?” The smile on my face, the joy upwelling and spilling over from within me told him all he needed by way of a reply.

We sat there for a few more moments, simply absorbing the togetherness, exulting in the shared companionship, then he looked at me again with such Love, joy, gentleness, and yet with a sense of purpose in his countenance, and said, “NOW, we can go anywhere together!” He placed what seemed to me an inordinate emphasis on the word ‘now’, the purpose and meaning of which escaped me. Immediately he finished saying this we shot vertically up at breath-taking speed – ‘warp speed’, one might say – right into the Heart of Papa, in the very heights of Heaven.

One might be prompted to enquire what His Heart ‘looks’ like. I have no specific answer to that – especially one that could begin to be comprehended by a finite, limited mind, for how can the finite comprehend the infinite? But how our exalted Destination was represented to me visually was somewhat like photographs I have seen of the Orion Nebula taken through the Hubble Space Telescope, though much brighter, and alive. I experienced moving right into the midst of this… what words can describe this, other than an ineffable state of Infinite Being; of Life Itself; of Holy Stillness; Quietness and yet absolute Communion; Transcendence; Divine Presence, celestial peace; joy far beyond finite capacity to experience – and yet, all-embracing comfortableness, gentleness, acceptance

I was aware of becoming part of It, One with It, and It was – IS – Eternal, perfect Love. Limitedness, littleness – all the apparent traits of embodied, mortal humanness – cannot exist in this Presence, this state of Ultimate Being. To ascend to It permanently, eternally can be possible only by surrendering all the attributes, quirks, idiosyncrasies of the human persona; a total abandonment, renouncing, of the ego. However incomprehensible that may seem to our Earth-mind consciousness, we have the perfect model for that in Jesus. He may have appeared in human form two thousand years ago, but his mind was – and is – in entire Oneness with this state of Being. And this state of Being is the final, eternal Destiny of us all, to which Jesus came to restore us.

This awareness was, in linear time terms, fleeting, yet completely, totally vivid, etched into my mind, my memory forever. Then I was back in my bodily awareness, feeling the indescribable vastness of the contrast between the two states of awareness.

I have pondered this majestic, magnificent event innumerable times since, and one aspect has puzzled me on every occasion; that I had no awareness of any landscape details as I soared high above the ground on butterfly-Jesus’ back. Then, while sharing this experience with our kindred-spirit friend, Deborah, in the autumn of 2015, the answer was suddenly, instantaneously with me. The soaring along, banking from side to side was Jesus showing me, symbolically – how else could it be portrayed? – that this represented the fifty years of my one-on-one journey with him since the 1960s, in which he has so lovingly, patiently, light-heartedly, caringly, perfectly led me from spiritual infancy to active, purposeful progress toward the Light of our eternal Home in our Father Creator. This explained his heavy emphasis on the word now – after five decades of his preparing me, leading me forward, one step at a time, toward Awakening.

This event, this experience, symbolises the journey and destination of us all, each in our own way. We may each begin from a different, separate starting point – consciously, anyway – but our common destination is One because Oneness is the eternal Truth of our Being.

Many thanks for writing, Rob; I hope and trust the foregoing will answer your enquiries.  

Boundless Love and blessings for inner peace and joy – and fulfilment of your highest desires, 



The following exchange was posted on June 22nd 2014

Hello Brian, Hi Tim,

I feel that this is an important part of my journey at present and that I have been flying by the seat of my pants for far too long now. I now want to reflect a lot, learn from these past experiences, learn to let go and let somebody else take the wheel. I’ve smashed this ride up enough as it is.

I don’t know if others you may talk with ever mention they have a feeling of running out of time or that they have wasted what time they have had here so far but I for one at this moment feel that way. Few ever mention it but that is not because it doesn’t cross their mind, which it does with great frequency; but they suppress it. It is because of guilt and fear that they are unable to face these thoughts and ask Holy Spirit (HS) to help them deal with it. Truly, the vast mass of the fragmented Sonship is paralysed, clasped in the thrall of the ego. The ego, however, is nothing – i.e. no thing – and when we ask HS to help us face our fears we begin to see them through His eyes, and see clearly the truth, and that will set us free. Really. But, to look on the bright side of things I have always been a bit of a last second come from behind kind of person.

It is never too late to change direction if the path takes me there. Yes, it is never too late, but remember, the path you take is the path you choose. Do not overlook this. You may believe you don’t know the path, so are looking to/waiting for Jesus to direct you, but he cannot do that unless/until you ASK him. You still will not know the way, but that that no longer matters, because he does, and you will be totally safe if/when you place your life in his care, guidance and protection, because your asking brings you into a state of oneness with him, in which he shares with you his all-empowered-by-Love Self.

This is not just nice, platitudinous words. This is unshakeable truth. I know this because I have experienced it, and there is no authority like experience. I just need someone to point it out. There; now I have pointed out to you how to get on the right pathso there is nothing to hold you back or delay you another minute! I’m hoping Jesus will help with that. You no longer need hope; now you can adopt this as a certainty of knowing beyond all doubt. I’ll do the work I just need a bit of advice and direction. Jesus knew this before you wrote those words, because he sees your heart and mind. Your expressing them here provides me with the opportunity, on his behalf, to gently steer you, encourage you, in his direction. Now, GO FOR IT!

As far as Susan goes, I prayed a bit last night, asked Jesus for help and direction and let it go much like the SAA you describe. I then emailed her and left a note saying That I love her and that If she should ever change her mind about me I will be here and she knows how to find me. Perfect.

So for now I’m just going to try and absorb all this for a bit. Attaboy!

Thanks a lot again for everything and I will get back to you if you are OK with that Brian, I certainly am.

Peace and Love, And to you, too, Tim,

Tim.                          Brian

The following exchange was posted on May 25th 2014

Hi Brian      Hi Steve, 

My name is Steven. We had a Facebook interaction some while back. Thank you so much for spending the time so far to respond to my messages and I hope you are okay with this mail Absolutely, though I will not need to comment/respond on every aspect, but please note that I have read and taken on-board all that you say. My book (SYFK) was written particularly for people whose journey has been along the lines of yours, although for a much wider prospective audience than that also, as perhaps you can imagine. This is because the ego has duped the fragmented Sonship into believing the Jesus of the institutionalised church is the real Jesus. The objective of SYFK is to help dispel that misperception and introduce the real brother, friend and saviour that he is. as I do have quite a few thoughts/questions based on my spiritual journey!

From my very earliest days I’ve been part of Christianity in some form or another. When I was a baby my parents became ‘saved’ and started going to a ‘house church’, where was being manifested speaking in tongues, prophesy, words of knowledge, and other ‘gifts of the spirit’. This church grew through several different phases and styles, my parents eventually becoming part of the leadership team and then full-time pastors.

I was filled with fearful thoughts from then, including; what happens if Jesus returns in the clouds, snatching my parents up while my dad is driving us along on the motorway at 70mph? I will certainly be left behind, in a speeding car with no driver and no parents, and on my way to hell. All of these thoughts were my only motivation to saying the ‘sinners prayer’ at the age of thirteen. Becoming a Christian was simply a get out of hell card. 

As I grew I also found I had many areas of unhappiness and dissonance with Christianity as I was taught. Contradictions between scripture and science, between scripture and scripture, and between what Christianity was offering vs the fact that many people I worked and interacted with in the secular world actually led normal, free, fearless lives; these concerns were never addressed by anyone and any forms of actual thinking and raising of such questions were frowned upon within my circles.

All this is a characteristic journey for many, Steve, with which I am familiar. Religion, as I have stated in my book, is an ego-construct, and the use of the name of Jesus is a counterfeit authentication to entrap countless millions over many centuries (including me in former acts, and earlier during this act). You chose this path so you could help others who also chose that path and are now ready (or nearly ready) to receive the help that your journey toward spiritual wakefulness is preparing you to facilitate. 

Then a couple of years ago I saw a video from a stream of Christianity that was beginning to awaken from religious biblical views. The questions of hell and end-time eschatology and the way the bible itself should be understood etc. began to be raised. For me, this was an explosion of ‘permission’. I felt: this is it... there’s no need for fear anymore; I can begin to explore and trust my inner voice. So I began to move away from traditional Christianity, left my church, and started to explore ACIM, Buddhism, meditation etc. I now see endless fear-free horizons. Your time for the awakening journey had recommenced! 

Well thats my potted history. I now have some questions for you!


In your book you are relaying experiences of interacting with individuals outside of the bounds of life/death and form - i.e. beyond ‘death’. Yet if we are all ONE – no separation; non-dual – surely death is simply the removal of the world of form, with the BIG ME that exists outside of time and space continuing in consciousness. I thought non-duality means there is only ONE BIG ME. Therefore how can after death there be all these separate people hanging around?

There IS only One ‘Big Me’, but the fragmented Sonship is not yet (in the context of linear time) fully restored to awareness of that Oneness, including in the various ‘mansions’ of our Father’s House (see Jn. 14:2). It is in the process of happening. That is what the Great Rescue Programme, the leavening of the three measures of meal (see SYFK, chapter 10) is all about. Steve, this is a large issue, which takes many people (me included) many, many years – many lifetimes even – to assimilate. The prodigal Son – all of us, the illusorily fragmented Sonship – is now ‘coming to himself’ and setting out on the journey back Home to Papa.

It is actually covered extensively in SYFK; not just in one chapter, but different aspects/facets in different sections. I would like to suggest that you read it again, looking out for explanations to this crucial matter, and highlighting them for further prayerful deliberation, asking Holy Spirit to bring Light into your mind for greater understanding; and for further, detailed/specific discussion with me, if you feel led by the Spirit for this; and for which I am more than willing.  

It is fundamental to a greater discernment of this area of consideration that one seeks to see beyond the nonsense, the myth, the illusion of ‘death’. As Jesus emphasises over and over in ACIM, we are NOT a body and we CANNOT die. We made up the illusory event dubbed ‘death’. The body cannot die because it was never alive. It is but a little pile of clay that we chose to animate for a span. We are eternal, indestructible, immortal Spirit, created in the likeness of our creator, Papa. Neither can our soul die, for it was never born.  

Our inescapable destiny is to become like Jesus, because we are, in truth, already one with him in the Sonship of God. If we want to be like Jesus he will help us; if we want to be different, he will wait until we change our mind. If we want to be like him, we will serve ourself extremely well to start (and continue) thinking like him. To do this we must abandon the ego’s lexicon (pain, suffering, scarcity, fear, guilt, illness, death etc., all of which are unreal; we made them up) and begin using the lexicon of the Spirit of Truth (Life, Love, truth, peace, joy, invulnerability, sharing, giving, accepting, honouring, blessing, happiness, abundance, eternity etc.)  

Whether embodied or disembodied makes no difference; we are One, in the PROCESS of REMEMBERING that truth. We do not somehow, magically awaken to spiritual, eternal reality when we lay aside our body, though access to much more of what it is is available in the etheric counterpart of Earth than in the dense ‘physical’ which is not physical at all, but a mirage we made up in the game of pretend that we are what we are not. I recommend that you also read ‘Life in the World Unseen’ by Anthony Borgia.  

What do you think of the thought (yes it‘s a thought from the ego mind) that on death we simply join the one big consciousness? Answered, above, and also at various places/ways in SYFK. But then, that would mean death would be something desirable. Death is neither desirable nor undesirable; it is nothing. We have to retrain our mind from that ego mindset and begin thinking with Jesus/Holy Spirit, and be vigilant about it.

Therefore if consciousness must continue its journey in physical form (i.e. death is not the solution), what/who decides which body (or bodies) consciousness will continue in? We do (who else? ) albeit, for the vast mass of somnolent fragments it is in a fairly haphazard manner. Then, as we move nearer to the Light we become more organised in planning our next incarnation.  Or is the death of my ego mind the death of everything as far as ‘I’ (ego-I) am concerned? Ego mind continues, whether embodied or disembodied, until we awaken from the dream of separation, guilt, fear, punishment, mortality. All those things are in our mind, and nothing to do with ‘where’ – embodied or disembodied – we perceive ourself as being.

On the other hand, maybe we all share the same single core consciousness – i.e. Papa God, the Creator Spirit – ; therefore reincarnation is only ‘experienced’ by the one consciousness in many different bodies but an ego can only experience one body at once. Therefore an ‘ego I’ might experience reincarnation, but not in any sense of connection to a previous version of that same ‘ego I’. I see what you are saying here, but Papa knows nothing of separation, bodies. Only the split-off-from-Truth mind of the somnolent Son has any perception of such, and it is all simply a dream, a fantasy. I suggest you ask Jesus/Holy Spirit for clarification of these matters, but be totally willing to leave it with Them, in absolute faith and trust that greater discernment will come to your awareness when you are ready. 

On a separate note; one of the key points in your book was the closeness of your relationship with your wife along with you in your journey. You stress this as being important. Important because it is helpful (though not essential, and depends on the individual’s circumstances that brought them to the ‘present’) to have a Companion of the Way with whom to share the journey. I asked Jesus and he brought Theresa, but that was because we have been together as man and wife for many incarnations over thousands of years, and this time round – as previously – was also planned/agreed before we incarnated. This reconnecting is always for a purpose – or two: to heal unresolved issues from previous acts and/or to be support/a team for sharing the Light with our brothers who are seeking the Light.   

I am worried that this is not the case with my wife (my second wife). Do you believe worry will serve the ego’s or the Holy Spirit’s purposes? We were married four years ago and I love her extremely. However I have surged ahead of her in these matters over the last couple of years and some of these questions and thoughts as I’ve tried to share them with her and bring her along with me, have made her feel extremely uncomfortable. It is my intuition that you are ahead of her in some aspects of the journey and she is ahead of you in others. This is very often the case, including with Theresa and me. You are together to help/balance each other. This is potentially fertile ground for the ego – if there is insufficient vigilance against it – or, similarly, for the Holy Spirit. Place yourselves in the right hands for fulfilment of this purpose in being together.   

She herself has broken away from Christianity like me; but.... I sometime feel there’s now a ‘no-go’ area between us and that worries me. So, do a little back-pedalling and place it firmly in the hands of He Who can deal with this for the highest good of you both. She is not so much a ‘thinker’ as me and she is more intuitive, less eloquent, than I am, so I am aware those things are strengths and some of the over-thinking I do can be my downfall. So I can learn from her. That is why she has been called to you, just as we ALL are – to help each other. I guess I need to be careful that my spiritual journey isn’t yet another sneaky manifestation of the ego-mind, which might create distance and breakdown in my new marriage.

The ego’s job is division, separation, breaking commun(icat)ion. The Holy Spirit’s is to join, heal, perfect, complete commun(icat)ion. It is OUR job to choose whose voice we desire to listen to.  I desperately do not want that to happen of course. I hope that makes sense and I wondered if you have any thoughts on this. Yes. You are half way there because you are aware of the potential for it to go either way. Your job is to make the choice and stick with it, being vigilant for listening ONLY to Jesus/Holy Spirit, and repudiating all the ego’s clamour for being ‘right’ at the expense of happiness. Again, we can discuss this further if you wish. 

Also, it might help to bring you and your wife to a closer understanding and fellowship if she were to read SYFK. What do you think? It would give common ground for understanding. 

Thank you, and blessings Love and blessings to you also, Steve, 

Steve                                                   Brian

The following exchange was posted on April 5th 2014

Hi Brian, 

You recently posted on Facebook a quote from Jesus in which he states:Ask and ask again and again and keep asking”. 

Yet you have stated that we only need to ask God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit once, because, as you say, they are not deaf or senile! 

This seems to me a direct conflict between what you say and what Jesus says. Can you help here?




Hi Josh, 

On the surface, and out of context, there does appear to be a contradiction. However, this is easily explained and clarified when we look at both statements in their respective contexts. 

The Facebook posting you refer to quotes from the Diary of a Christ Communicant (DCC) entry dated April 25th 1999. Here I quote a bit more of Jesus’ message to me from that entry: 

Help – my help, Papa’s help and that of the Holy Breath – shall always be freely given in response to your asking.  Have no concern for the asking.  Does your grandson hold back from asking?  I think not!  Is his request too much for you?  I say to you most assuredly that none of the needs and desires of your heart in the Earth-life or beyond are beyond His ability to provide. 

Ask and ask again and again and keep asking.  It is Our good pleasure to fulfil your heart’s desire.  And having asked, expect to receive. 

I have, on numerous occasions, verbally and in writing, counselled that we only need to ask Their Help but once, because, as you say, They are not deaf or forgetful. I have gone on to say that, as Jesus has told me over the decades, it is Papa’s good pleasure to always respond to our prayers freely, lovingly and immediately (‘FLI’). This is stated by him comprehensively in his message to me dated May 4th 1997 (also posted on Facebook), and pasted here for ease of reference: 

My son, it is to the act of Asking, Seeking, Knocking that your Heavenly Father, Papa, responds freely, lovingly, immediately, with His giving.  It is not according to your faith but your desire that He responds.  It is according to your faith that you are able to receive His giving.  Your faith is something that Papa will grow in you as you ask.  The more you ask, believing – having faith – the more you will receive, and you will grow in your expectation of receiving that which He is always giving.  You expect the sun to rise every day because it always does.  That is faith.  Easy.  As you ask more and more of Papa, believing He is giving it, so will your faith in receiving grow until it is as your faith that the sun will rise.

It is by/with this faith that I came into the Earth life, believing that Papa would give all that I asked.  These things which I did shall you do – and receive – also, and greater things than these.  Believe and you shall receive.  Ask, believing.  It is Papa’s good pleasure to give to His little ones – all of them, including you.  He will give you wholeness of body, mind and soul.  Only believe.  You know He is giving you the Kingdom.  Can you celebrate with dancing and with singing if you are a crock?  All is well.  Be thou whole.

If you do not receive immediately it is more to do with your growth in faith than Papa’s giving.  Be at peace and let your certainty be that He is giving so that your faith in receiving may grow. All is well my son.  Rejoice, for the Kingdom is at hand.  

As for the apparent contradiction between asking only once and his April 25th 1999 statement... Ask and ask again and again and keep asking  ...this means keep asking on any/every different matter that arises on which you seek Their Help/Guidance. And this is where the counsel to ask only once – on each different matter – applies. Ask but once, and the response is always given FLI. That means we have the answer the moment it is asked. So, to ask again is asking for what has already been given. That is our affirmation that we don’t have it, effectively counteracting, denying our awareness of Their act of giving! Totally unserviceable to ourself and to our Awakening.  

Rather, having asked but once, we then give thanks for Their gift, which is an affirmation – an acknowledgement – to ourself that we have received Their answer. And we give thanks as often as we feel moved so to do, because gratitude is a highly positive and serviceable attitude, bringing us from the consciousness of scarcity to the awareness of abundance. Thus are we shifting our focus from (negative) lack to the (positive) palpable reality of Their Providential Grace.  “So will your faith in receiving grow until it is as your faith that the sun will rise.” 

I hope this is helpful, Josh. 

Love and blessings for inner peace and joy abounding, 


The following exchange was posted on March 21st 2014

Pearl emailed me this quote from The Messages from God 2014-03-20 | Circle of Light

Jesus came and made the bridge. I told you that he was one who is the purest beam of living Love. The center of the center of My heart. And so he came and “lived a life on Earth.” Yet even then, he always knew My Love as who he is in each and every moment, until, upon the cross he experienced separation. He felt the pain and horror of what it is to live without Me as the source of identity. He experienced the totality of all the accumulation of human judgment. I have told you how this explains those words he said upon the cross. For he felt, for the first (and only) time, what it meant to believe I “threw you out” or push away My own heart. The agony, dear ones, can never be described - the agony of a living “cell” of Love within My heart, experiencing the sum of all the human loneliness, the angry isolation, the judgment and the blame.

And then he remembered. He remembered Me and the truth of My Love and in his heart, he made a bridge between the two. And he gave humankind the means to turn around again. Oh, beloved one, please go beyond the words here into the truth of the great gift, the miracle of his giving of his Love. He “turned the tide.” He made the In-breath possible. He was the jolt that restarted the calcifying heart that was humanity. He alone is the curve in the loop of your traversal, from leaving Home to coming Home again. He, dear one, created the road by which the prodigal son can return. And he prepared the way for you.

I felt prompted to respond:

My Dear Pearl,

Thank you for sharing this message with me. It has a substantial degree of resonance with Theresa and me. However, there are a few areas that do not quite ring true for us. First, it states:
…he felt, for the first (and only) time, what it meant to believe I “threw you out” or push away My own heart.  This bit that I have underlined implies that he whom we know and Love as Jesus had not experienced reincarnation previously (in linear-time terms). I am copying below a message from Jesus to Olga Park many years ago, that I quoted in chapter 7 of my book; I have underlined the words I draw to your attention:

“Do not fear to tread the path I have marked out for you. Do you think it was only to men of old that I have shown myself? Have I not said that if any man open to me I will come in and sup with him, and he with me?

“For I seek such and knock upon the doors of their hearts that they may open and receive me and know of a surety that I live. Blessed is he that hears my knocking; thrice blessed is he that opens to me.

“I am the guide of many. Let no man confuse you saying, ‘He is high and lifted up and cannot manifest to the children of men.’ For though I speak through the mouth of an angel, and though I write through the hand of a messenger, it is I; for I also am of your brethren of Earth, and it is the will of the Father that all shall know me, from the least unto the greatest.

“Come unto me, all you Little Ones, and you that labour, and I will refresh you with the joy of Heaven which I had with the Father before the time in which I dwelt with men.

“Do not be discouraged that the revelation is imperfect in the beginning. Great things shall you do if your faith in me holds fast. These things have I spoken that you may know of a surety that I am the Messenger of the Holy One.

“Peace be with you!”

This implies that Jesus is, as he states repeatedly in A Course in Miracles (ACIM), our brother, and that he is not ‘different’ from the rest of us. That means he, like the rest of us, has had myriad incarnations over vast aeons of linear time, and will, therefore, have experienced the loneliness, fear, guilt... (etc.) of perceived separation. Also, in section 5 of the Clarification of terms in ACIM he states, of himself:

…The name of Jesus is the name of one who was a man but saw the face of Christ in all his brothers and remembered God. So he became identified with Christ, a man no longer, but at one with God. The man was an illusion, for he seemed to be a separate being, walking by himself, within a body that appeared to hold his self from Self, as all illusions do.  Yet who can save unless he sees illusions and then identifies them as what they are?  Jesus remains a Savior because he saw the false without accepting it as true.  And Christ needed his form that He might appear to men and save them from their own illusions.

In his complete identification with the Christ – the perfect Son of God, His one creation and His happiness, forever like Himself and One with Him – Jesus became what all of you must be.  He led the way for you to follow him.  He leads you back to God because he saw the road before him, and he followed it.  He made a clear distinction, still obscure to you, between the false and true.  He offered you a final demonstration that it is impossible to kill God's Son; nor can his life in any way be changed by sin and evil, malice, fear or death…

In the bits I have underlined, the inference is readily drawn that there was a ‘time’ when he was, like the rest of us, in a state of mind that had forgotten the truth of his Being, and eventually (over multiple embodiments) ‘…he saw the road before him, and he followed it.  He made a clear distinction, still obscure to you, between the false and true. Just as we all are at free will to do, and will find immeasurably easier to do if we follow, and ask for the Help of, the real, living Jesus now.

Then, in a communing with him in November 2008:

Jesus, my beloved brother in Christ…

Well spotted, Brian; for that is what we are, you and I.

Well, I wanted to tell you how much I love and honour you for all that you are.  I have longed to commune with you – in some formal, yet informal, manner, ever since we stopped having our service each week.

Well, that’s good, because I have longed to commune with you.  You now realise that this is possible without any of the outward symbols or trappings…

Yes, but they were/are very important, helpful as symbols, and to help focus and discipline, which I am not very good at.

Your strength is your commitment, and you have shown this, demonstrated it over the years of our walk together.

We have been doing that for over 40 years now…

Actually, much longer than that.  We have been together, you and I, for many of your acts (incarnations) and mine.

You’re suggesting…

Yes, we have been together, as dear friends, since before I was Jesus; before Abraham.  But that is of no import, other than its serviceability in preparing you for all that matters, which is NOW… 

The underlined bits – which took me considerably by surprise at the time! – are yet further affirmation that, whether he experienced separation on the cross or not I do not know, but it could not have been the first (and only) time and so this raises, for me anyway, just a sliver of doubt about the source/authenticity of this message from Circle of Light.

The next point is that In Gary Renard’s book The Disappearance of the Universe (DU), Arten and Pursah explain that it is only guilt that causes the experience of pain; that Jesus did not suffer on the cross because he Knew he was not guilty. He had awoken from the dream of guilt and fear to the remembrance of his perfect innocence as Papa’s beloved Son. If he was Awake, and thus, Knew who he really was/is – of which there can be no doubt – then not only would he not have experienced physical pain, but how could he have entered back into the state of mind in which he experienced the totality of all the accumulation of human judgment when he Knew this was only a dream, an illusion that he also Knew – because it isn’t real – had never happened. 

“He felt the pain and horror of what it is to live without Me as the source of identity. He experienced the totality of all the accumulation of human judgment.” 

He Knew all that before he incarnated as Jesus; indeed this is why he came: to awaken us from it.

Once we have Awakened from the dream, we are not likely to go back into it because being Awake means we then Know it isn’t real. 

Of course this could simply be saying he experienced that awareness within the fragmented Sonship on the cross without ‘owning it’ himself. The quote, it seems to me, is open to more than one interpretation, and in ACIM Jesus goes to great lengths to avoid openness to misinterpretation. 

Lastly, at the end of the first paragraph it says: 

The agony, dear ones, can never be described - the agony of a living “cell” of Love within My heart, experiencing the sum of all the human loneliness, the angry isolation, the judgment and the blame. 

This clearly indicates that Papa was/is aware of the state of consciousness of the fragmented, seemingly separated Son, and that He experienced ‘the agony…’ within His heart. This is contra to what Jesus teaches us in ACIM and what Arten and Pursah tell Gary in DU; they say Papa knows nothing of unreality, and the dream/illusion of separation is, unequivocally, unreality; that if He acknowledged the illusion it would be Him giving it reality, and if He gave it reality, it would be real. The whole intent of ACIM and DU is to make it absolutely clear that there was, is and never will or could be any separation of Papa’s Son from his Father. 

This is not an attempt by me to denounce The Messages from God or Circle of Light, but is simply an opportunity to set out – for myself as much as anything/anyone else – my own thoughts and feelings on this matter. I hope you might find it helpful. I Love, and resonate strongly with almost all the rest of the message

Many thanks for sharing, and will Love and blessings, as always, for inner peace and joy, 


The following exchange was posted on January 24th 2014

Dear Brian, 

I resonate very much with what you have said in this week’s MoE: 

…But choosing to remember the truth of our Self does require us to SAA. Here is the definition of ‘SAA’ as shown in the Glossary of Terms on the HTG website:  

Surrender (our ego-leasehold on our life into the care of Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit), Accept (that, having Surrendered, whatever happens is within Their control) and Allow (whatever happens to happen without our resisting it, trusting that all is according to Their empowered, benign control over our life).  

But my question is, Why do we not experience full enlightenment when we SAA, or choose – even steadfastly, as you so frequently emphasize – to accept eternal truth etc? It’s hard to know whether we are doing the right thing or thinking the right thoughts when we see so little – if any – improvement, or progress. 

Thanks Brian, 



Dear Nick, 

This is a very good and important question, which I have no doubt many in this world are asking, and do deserve an answer. 

The answer is actually very straightforward, and I will lead in to it by first saying that the answer is not being withheld from us by Papa, Jesus or the Spirit of Truth. It is WE, ourselves who are withholding it from our conscious awareness.  This is a result of our compliance with the ego thought system, which has been ongoing through indeterminate incarnations. 

Each embodiment accrues karma; brokenness, in relationships with our brothers, ourself and with our Father Creator. This can be summed up in two words: separation consciousness. This incorporates guilt and fear, so the ego’s package is a dark, grim, grisly, frightful, ever-accruing (until we SAA, forgive ourself and our brothers) set of memories. These are so terrible that we cannot face them – especially ‘alone’, as we perceive ourself to be in our upside-down, split-off-from-truth mind – so, as an (ego) self-preservation mechanism these karmic accruals are consigned to our unconscious mind. 

We tend to operate on the misperception ‘out of sight, out of mind’. But the karmic entanglements and brokenness, guilt and fear are not out of mind – which the ego does not want us to realise because that is what keeps us yoked to the illusion of separation – they are still very much in our mind; in our unconscious mind, where they mostly remain. I say mostly because from time to time, particularly when something occurs in the without to trigger it, one or more will be brought to our conscious awareness, even though we may have no idea where such undesirableness came from. 

Every event, every encounter is really an opportunity to heal our mind from its brokenness, though most of us don’t recognise this at the time, seeing what turns up that is not immediately discernibly pleasant as adversity. But adversity is only the wrapper of opportunity for healing our mind. If we are steadfast in our commitment to seeing past the wrapper to its contents we can move through the process more and more rapidly, with less and less distress. It is worth remembering that distress is always a choice. In other words, we can choose to not let adversity distress us by seeing past it to the opportunity for healing it brings us.  

This is where SAA’ing comes to the rescue, because by placing ourself in the completely benign care, guidance and protection of Jesus and the Spirit of Truth, They are now in absolute control of the healing of our mind – because we have given them that control. They will be in charge of the bringing out of the ‘basement’ (our unconscious mind) whatever accrued karma They Know we are ready, at any given moment, to forgive and release into innocence (the true estate of ALL the Sonship). They will gently bring up each accrual – most likely one at a time, to minimise our distress – to our conscious awareness so we can choose, freely, to forgive and release.  

It has to be our free choice because we have inviolable free will. Accruals might be in the form of an encounter with a brother with whom there has been some karmic entanglement/brokenness in a former incarnation. This might still be a traumatic experience, but it will, assuredly, be less so than would be the case without Their Help. It does not matter whether the details emerge into our conscious awareness. All that matters is our willingness to forgive unconditionally, and PCB, without knowing, or even needing to know the details. Of one thing we can be certain: nothing happens by chance, so whatever turns up is always the perfect thing. No exceptions. Choosing to see things that way will always serve us all extremely well. 

So, the reason we do not experience full enlightenment when we choose SAA’ing is that we have a basement stuffed with dark accruals, all of which must be brought to the surface – one bit at a time to obviate trauma overload – examined, forgiven and released.  We have to look at whatever it is so that we can consciously choose to forgive it and let it go. Otherwise we might be tempted to hang onto a grievance, or whatever the form of the issue is. We can then say to ourself I have no more need of this, and let it go.

When the basement has been completely emptied (under the Loving, gentle, tender, all-empowered supervision of Jesus/Holy Spirit), THEN we are completely enlightened, Awake, whole, because our mind has then been completely healed, meaning there is no more darkness, (hidden desire for) separation.  

This will inevitably take time because we could not handle it all at once. Patience is required because, as Jesus reminds us in ACIM, only infinite patience brings immediate effects. That statement is completely meaningless to an ego-yoked mind. But if we consider the only alternative, it is easy to see how finite (limited) patience – the ego’s approach – could never produce effects of infinite, endless, kingdomly desirability. 

As we commit steadfastly(!) to being infinitely patient in the Jesus/Holy Spirit-led healing process, one step at a time, and the basement becomes gradually cleared of karmic baggage, so does the time lapse between willingness to forgive what is brought up by Them for healing-by-true-forgiveness and experiencing the result (release into innocence, inner peace and joy) get shorter and shorter, until it is ultimately immediate. Just as Jesus tells us.

I hope you will find this helpful Nick. Thanks for raising this important point. 

Love and blessings for inner peace and joy, 

Brian Longhurst

The following exchange was posted on January 10th 2014

Hi Brian,  I have two fellows that require a prayer for their health. 1.Daniel, a young man, (40's) is running on his siblings kidney, (Daniel is my agent). 2.The other fellow is James,(64), who just completed Chemotherapy on his liver. James is my Angel Investor. Both men have shown a great attitude towards humanitiarn projects, that is at the soul level, I find them great! They are my current team on the Humaritarian Artistic Fund. They are both struggling with their health, as last week Daniel's kidney started acting up, and he is losing weight, and James has pnemonia. Cheers! Peter

Hi Peter; Of course I have PCB’d Daniel and James. Bless them both.  

Prayers for healing should be for the healing of the MIND only, because it is only the mind that is sick – filled with false beliefs and misperceptions about who we really are. The sick mind thinks we are a body and that the body is feeble, limited, subject to dis-ease (projected onto it from the sick, unhealed mind).  

So we can say, for ourself and/or for a brother, JUST ONCE: “Please heal the mind of …, Holy Spirit”. We only need to ask once because Jesus and the Holy Spirit are neither deaf nor forgetful, and as soon as we ask, They FREELY, LOVINGLY, IMMEDIATELY respond, ALWAYS, without fail (why would they, as unconditional LOVE, not?). That we do not always see the result of Their response immediately manifested in a miraculous bodily healing does not alter this truth one iota. They cannot go against the will of the sick person; that is a breach of the Law of free will.  

That person has elected, in his upside-down mind, to be ill, probably years, decades, even lifetimes ago – albeit as a result of false beliefs and misperceptions about Who he really is, instead believing himself to be little, limited, fragile, lost, lonely, unworthy, a ‘sinner’, mortal… It is only by asking Them to heal his (or our) mind that we intercede, lovingly, caringly, compassionately on his behalf. The outworking of the healing of his mind (its restoration to remembrance of Self) may not occur outwardly during the present embodiment, but will be effected, by the Help of Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit at the right, perfect moment; perhaps during the disembodied state after the ‘present’ body has been laid aside, and continuing on into the next embodiment(s) for its complete healing.

In truth the mind of virtually all embodied souls is sick one way or another, or we wouldn’t believe we are here in time and place. Because linear time is not real – something we made up – and only eternity is real, the elapse of time is actually irrelevant. Further, to pray for healing of bodily malfunction might be praying against the will of the sick person, who may well have elected, before he even incarnated, to make this ‘present’ illness his exit strategy from the body. Praying against his will (i.e. his exit strategy, by praying for the healing of bodily illness, in this instance) could set up untold conflicted energies within his aura (and ours), making matters worse rather than ‘better’.  

Having asked just once for healing of his mind, we can then give thanks for it as many times as we feel so moved. Such thanksgiving could be in a simple format, such as, “Thank you, Jesus/Holy Spirit, for healing my mind” (or naming the brother for whom we have asked healing. That is a powerful affirmation within us for the healing process to be effected, according to the wisdom and empowerment of Jesus and Holy Spirit, to which our gratitude thoughts will be contributing exponentially. 

Here is what Jesus told me in May 1997. I do urge any who read this to give it deep consideration, as it is full of profound wisdom:  

My son, it is to the act of Asking, Seeking, Knocking that your Heavenly Father, Papa, responds freely, lovingly, immediately, with His giving.  It is not according to your faith but your desire that He responds.  It is according to your faith that you are able to receive His giving.  Your faith is something that Papa will grow in you as you ask.  The more you ask, believing – having faith – the more you will receive and you will grow in your expectation of receiving that which He is always giving.  You expect the sun to rise every day because it always does.  That is faith.  Easy.  As you ask more and more of Papa, believing He is giving it, so will your faith in receiving grow until it is as your faith that the sun will rise.

It is by/with this faith that I came into the Earth life, believing that Papa would give all that I asked.  These things which I did shall you do – and receive – also, and greater things than these.  Believe and you shall receive.  Ask, believing.  It is Papa’s good pleasure to give to His little ones – all of them, including you.  He will give you wholeness of body, mind and soul.  Only believe.  You know He is giving you the Kingdom.  Can you celebrate with dancing and with singing if you are a crock?  All is well.  Be thou whole.

If you do not receive immediately it is more to do with your growth in faith (i.e. our limiting of it as a result of misperceptions of Self) than Papa’s giving.  Be at peace and let your certainty be that He is giving so that your faith in receiving may grow. All is well my son.  Rejoice, for the Kingdom is at hand.  

This is entirely in accord with what he said to people he healed in the long ago: “Your faith has made you whole”. Their faith, not his. His faith was not in question; it was absolute. We can all benefit from taking a faith check, not in the idols of our own making, such as allopathic medicine but in our only Source of wholeness and wellbeing: Papa. In September 1998 Papa said to me:  

My son, draw closer to Me. Open yourself to receive My love more.” 

Most of us are fearful of Him because of false doctrines about Him being wrathful, vengeful, judgemental; out to zap us for our wickedness. Codswallop! . We will all serve ourself – and the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth – very well indeed by kicking such falsehoods into touch at the earliest opportunity: i.e.,NOW. 

Love and blessings to you, Peter and to your friends Daniel and James, for release from fear, and restoration to inner peace, joy and wholeness, 


The following exchange was posted on December 7th 2013


This exchange follows from the Message of Encouragement (MoE) dated December 4th 2013. 

Hi Brian, Hi TF,  

You did a good job with today’s MoE. Thank you. 

It was kind of scary for me to read though knowing so many people will read it. Yes, I can imagine. This is why I am absolutely scrupulous in ensuring confidentiality whenever requested, or I feel it is important. I know however that it will help many people. I am in no doubt about that. I’d like to read people’s reactions to it and I imagine I go to your website to do that? Child abuse/paedophilia, along with suicide, is still a deeply taboo subject in this hurting world. It usually only hits the news when a particularly terrible abuse case that ends in murder comes to the attention of the media. Then, the media’s interest is as much about projecting blame onto the social services and other authorities responsible for child welfare, for their failures, as it is the poignant details of the case. It’s a case of playing the blame game so widely practised in this upside-down world.  

People, living in the consciousness of fear (time and place), are fearful of even thinking about such dreadful matters, let alone engaging in discussion on, or acknowledging experiences of, such. And the fear is so profound, so deep with so many who have experienced it (giving or receiving) that they suppress the memory deep into their unconscious mind, denying to themselves and to others that such events ever occurred. Theresa’s dad, Ted, denied having ever laid a finger on his children and it was only after his passing and rescue (as described in Vignette 19 in my book) that he was able to acknowledge it. Then, when I told him I was thinking of writing about it in SYFK, he heartily encouraged me to share the information, for the world to know, and those who were in need, or ready for an enlarged understanding, to benefit from it. He had moved from wanting it kept secret to the realisation of the help the story could give to others, and thereby, himself. 

So, I will be surprised if there is any overt response. However, this does not matter, because Holy Spirit works from the within into the without – as you have now experienced. This means that He – Knowing who is ready for an MoE such as this to touch their innermost within (heart-mind memory), sent out with my Love and blessing that it may help all who are ready for help (even though they may not be consciously aware of that readiness) – will be empowered by the Love/blessing and the subconscious impact upon them of the message, to work for their benefit, release, healing.  

For healing and release, the unconscious guilt, fear, shame, pain… has to first be allowed to be raised from the deep unconscious to the conscious mind, for acknowledgement and a willingness to allow it – and them – to be released into innocence through true forgiveness. This may take ‘time’ to become effected at the outer, ‘horizontal’ level of awareness, but that makes no difference to the outcome, which is assured, guaranteed, from the moment the acknowledgement and forgiveness is entered into. This applies to both the perpetrator and the recipient(s) of such events.  

It takes but one of the parties involved in a karmic entanglement to effect the healing of both, but we need to leave that four-letter word – time – out of the considerations because time is an illusion and the real healing is in the reality that we refer to as eternity, or Heaven. Only one party – ‘party A’ – is needed to effect a healing because the karmic entanglement that arises from (or is perpetuated by) the events you so powerfully described is like a tug o’ war; it takes but one party to let go the rope and the tug o’ war is over, however much the other party – ‘party B’ – may desire to keep on tugging. And so, party B will have no option but to accept that it is over, however long his acceptance might appear to take.    

Party B’s healing from the judgements and grievances held against party A, and his subsequent, inevitable release into innocence will be advanced exponentially by the PCB’ing outpoured upon them by party A. And, because giving and receiving are one and the same in the reality of eternity, party A will also be released into innocence by the true forgiveness he has directed to party B. Truly, it is a ‘win-win’ process.  

Wanted to share that on Monday night while I was trying to go to sleep I started to feel a panic, realizing I had given you permission. I lay there fretting for a while and then a mind-to-mind message came saying ‘it’s alright’, and with it a wonderful calm that came from outside of myself. My panic disappeared and I knew, absolutely knew, it was the right decision and went right to sleep.  

This is the Grace, the mercy, of Papa and His perfect Love, His perfect Will, His perfect creation in operation. When we align our will, our desire with His, we experience the joy, the peace, the freedom that It waits, with infinite patience, to bestow, again, upon us. Then do we truly realise, become aware of the absurdity, the fruitlessness of functioning outside, or in conflict with, His Will; how it disempowers us, reducing us to littleness, limitation, mortality… 

Today while I was reading your MoE (I read it a few times to get better clarity) my father came in a spirit visit – I only smelled his breath on my right side. I told him, ‘Yes, I told, and I want to forgive you’.  A small moment of panic because he had always made dire threats if I did not keep silent about his behaviour. I remembered he can no longer threaten or harm anyone. All this in the span of one second.  

Glory be to Papa – and to YOU! J. Thanks for sharing this, too. As stated above, your desire has already effected the healing and release into innocence. Quicker than you might have anticipated, no doubt. That shows the power of Heaven; so far beyond ego-mind comprehension yet so real and so obvious to the mind and sight of one who is ready to see the truth of eternity, functioning right here in time and place, by our alignment with it through desire for it. 

Feel rather raw at the moment though and I guess that is understandable to have mixed emotions.  Totally understandable. But that will dissipate quite rapidly as you become gradually adjusted to this new state of release from the burden you had been carrying so seemingly long. I appreciated the words you wrote in your email. I like to think how this help could be far reaching for many people. As stated above, yes, it will, but that is for the Holy Spirit to attend to, and we must be willing to leave it with Him and not go looking for, living in expectation of results discernible outwardly. You have done your work and can leave all the rest to Him. He works best without our interference! J. 

Take care and hi to the lovely Theresa,  

TF xoxo                                                             

Thank you; you, too, Dear One, and for your courage in sharing,  


The following exchange was posted on October 13th 2013


This message was received in response to the MoE dated October 9th 2013 

Dear Brian,


Today you addressed one of my long-standing doubts. You state: It may seem absurd to think we must forgive what in truth we have never done Yet, I already knew the same response: ...but it is necessary because, deep in our unconscious mind we believe we have done it. It is that mistaken belief that must be corrected, and this can only happen with that wondrous Help.


But this is the part that finally makes sense because this is what I personally have experienced: the part that says that by having it all come to the surface:  From there it must ALL be brought to the surface, faced, consciously forgiven and thereby are we released – from the mistaken belief in guilt – back to innocence.


To me this means to face the issue head on as it really is. Experience it as it really is (the resistance and the desire. This part is important because we easily know and feel the resistance but often obscure our desire for the conflict/attack)... Forgive it (recognize that this is not “I”); it is not part of  “I” (Real Self; Holy Self).  It is simply a “creation” (or part of what we have made-up) which after experiencing fully, consciously understanding it fully, can be let go; let it be “discreated” (It is as simple to discreate as it is to create.)  


I met a woman once who  told me that after some inner exercises, she went into the street and EVERY person she saw, she felt a huge and incredible love surge for each of them. She truly loved. To me it translated as “seeing the Face of Christ” in everyone.


If you recall, long ago I told you I wanted to know Jesus as you know him.


So, of course, I am grateful to you, Brian, (your commitment to FTOC), because I have been on this path with you for some years now. Your journey has been my journey, too. It has been very helpful to have had you as my companion. 


In Christ’s Holy name,





My Dear Rosa,


It is ALWAYS a great joy to hear from you, especially with messages so uplifting and rewarding to the inner being as this one! I Knew, as the inspiration came in while I was writing this MoE, that it would touch some readers as it touched me.  I just didn’t know who those readers would be! I am delighted beyond measure to hear that you are one of them. Thank you so much for writing to tell me in such explicit detail.


The way the Holy Spirit brought the inspiration to me of those last 3 paragraphs was palpable; I felt myself go into what I can only describe as a ‘consciousness shift’ where absolute clarity was brought to me, and I suddenly 'Knew' what had previously been not totally clear; I suddenly ‘saw’ how it all ‘worked’.  I have had untold inspired moments when writing the MoEs, but never experienced the shift to remembrance as I did this time. I was in a ‘daze of joy’ and simply Knowing what I had not previously seen with such clarity.  Thanks for allowing me to share this with you.


I am honoured and deeply touched that you have accepted me as your companion for your journey.  What a truly loving thing to say. J. This is yet another example, demonstration, of how the broken, fragmented Sonship is being healed, reconnected, restored to oneness.


Much Love and endless blessings for inner peace and joy,




The following exchange was posted on October 6th 2013

Hi Bri J

I have been reading your Diary of a Christ Communicant records on your website. WOW!! Blown away, I am (as Yoda would say!)  There is humbling wisdom there; something for every situation, circumstance, condition. 

However, I have just come across a statement from Jesus in your April 25th 1999 Diary entry that seems to me to be a contradiction of what you have stated on several occasions.  What you have stated in your MoEs – and probably elsewhere – is that we only need to ask Jesus or the Holy Spirit once for advice, guidance, illumination or whatever, because they are neither deaf nor senile; but having asked once, we can give thanks as often as we feel mindful to do so. 

Yet, in this April 25th entry Jesus says:


…help; my help, Papa’s help and that of the (Holy Spirit), shall always be freely given in response to your asking.  Have no concern for the asking... I say to you most assuredly that none of the needs and desires of your heart in the Earth-life or beyond are beyond His ability to provide. 

Ask and ask again and again and keep asking.  It is Our good pleasure to fulfil your heart’s desire.  And having asked, expect to receive... 

I have underlined the bit that seems to be a contradiction. I need some help here. On the one hand I find what you say makes eminent sense, yet what he is saying, above, also makes sense.  So what is going on?  They cannot, surely, both be correct, since they seem to be opposing statements? 

An explanation, I need! 

Blessings, Bri, 



Cher Ter J, 

Good question.  There does indeed, seem to be a contradiction, but the explanation, I am happy to say, is very simple and eliminates the apparently conflicting positions, no doubt you will be pleased to hear.  

When he says Ask and ask again and again and keep asking he is not referring to just one matter but as many matters as may present themselves on our journey.  So, both statements are in fact correct.  Ask but once on any single issue for which illumination is sought, and assuredly the answer WILL be given, always, without fail.  Then ask again – just once each time – when the next, and the next issue arises. 

However, do not limit Jesus or the Spirit of Truth either to providing answers by the mechanism you expect, or within the time frame you require (unless it is meaningfully urgent). Simply ask the question and then leave it with Them. The answer will come, perhaps, when – and in the manner – you least expect it. This provides opportunity for us to grow in FTOC. And as we grow, so will the apparent gap between our asking and our ability to receive the answers – and illumination generally – become narrower, until there is eventually no gap at all.  As Jesus says in ACIM, “Only infinite patience brings immediate effects”. Assuredly, finite patience will bring only the effect of frustration.

Thanks for writing, Ter. 

Love and Light, always, 



The following exchange was posted on August 16th 2013



This exchange began as a result of Dal’s reading the August 14th 2013 MoE, and follows on from the exchange posted on August 4th



I hear, ask, desire, in faith, but all is feeble, as are results. I am tire. Just want to start over. I am not afraid of death, but do not want to bring it, though it is invited. Right now, there is no real joy, or hope, but only distraction, or occasional excess.


I read attentively, with my whole being, as much as I can. Nothing changes.



My Dear Dal,


My heart pours out to you in Love and compassion.  I do not have words to ‘magically’ transform your perception of reality – because only you can do that by your own desire – so I will not try.  But do please know you ARE Loved and cared for, unconditionally, totally, perfectly.  It seems to me that rather than inviting ‘death’, you might, instead, focus on inviting LIFE, for it is Life that Jesus brings back to our awareness; the Life eternal, peaceful and joyous that is from Papa.


It is easy to become fixed on a misperception that leads us nowhere, but happily, it is also easy, when we are lovingly reminded of an alternative, to change our mind (and thus, our thoughts), that will allow us to be gently led toward the Light, rather than deeper into the illusion of ‘outer darkness’.  Outer darkness is the abode of ‘death’, but that provides no answers, and is not even an end to perceived misery.


But steadfastly choosing Life – which is one and the same as Love and Light – each day, morning, noon and night, can and will change the synapses to enable a real transformation of perspective.  For, it is not what appears to be happening that is the key, but our perception and our perspective that affects the reality.  Effectively, our perception is what defines our reality.  A positive perception produces a positive experience, just as conversely, a negative perception produces a negative experience.


Thank you so much for writing and sharing your perception.  May these words speak meaningfully, positively and decisively to you, to act as a catalyst in helping you to choose anew.


Love and Light shine in your life, for true enlightenment,




The following exchange was posted on August 4th 2013



This exchange began as a result of Dal’s reading the July 31st 2013 MoE


So, Brian, when someone purposely chooses total unreality, including immersion in avarice, predatory behavior, or any otherwise false self-inflating habits, would it be right to assert that there is no accountability to divinity, since such behavior is chosen as a part of unreality?  

Very incisive question, Dal.  The only accountability for each of us is to ourself. How can it be other, since there is but one of us?  Papa knows nothing of unreality.  How could He?  He is the only reality and His Son – us – is an indivisible part of that reality, even though we are dreaming of separation.  With nothing to be forgiven, when we die as humans, First, we do not, cannot ‘die’, because our body was never alive; it is a little pile of clay that we have chosen to animate for a span, and our soul and spirit were never born.  I urge all who are ready to hear to abandon ego’s lexicon of ‘death’ in favour of Holy Spirit’s lexicon of Life J are we destined for unity as someone who pursues the true spirit form of Sonship as best he can?  Indeed, we are destined to remember the truth, that we are, already, eternally united as Papa’s One Son, in Him. 

That is, we are unified with each other and with Papa, for there is, and can be, only Oneness.  All else is made up; an illusion.  But because we are endowed with free will, we are at liberty to dream of separation for as long as we choose to drag the dream out, dreaming of ‘sin’ and ‘death’.  That does not alter our reality, only our remembrance of it, which we chose to forget.  ‘As best we can’ will always be inadequate to Awaken us to the Truth while we choose to try on our own.  But as soon as we choose to ask Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit (J/HS) to guide us, lead us, real progress commences, even though we may be unaware of it, especially in the early stages.  That is where FTOC come into its own .  Ego will resist this but we should resist nothing, instead placing ourself within J/HS’ all-empowered care.  We are like a newborn baby, completely helpless.  It does not try to do everything for itself, and, spiritually, neither can we, but J/HS can and will, with our asking and our willingness to co-operate with Them. 

Also, does someone purposely hurting or defiling others become obliged to return to their planet of origin till learning a lesson to allow him to remain integral as a personality united with some sort of created oversoul?  Our origin is not any planet, though within the context of the dream of separation it may appear that way.  Jesus does not want us to be distracted from the Path Home by such details (remember, ‘the devil is in the detail’).  Does a newborn baby concern itself with which planet it is on, or its oversoul?  Its oversoul (the Holy Spirit) is caring for it perfectly, and looks after all the details, so long as we allow Him to. 

Is there no relevance at all to whether or not purposeful sociopathy is one's life habit?   Within the context, or perspective, of eternity – the only reality – the answer can only be ‘No’.  Sociopaths (along with most of the rest of us) have forgotten Who they really Are, and are calling for Love, for Help.  The only meaningful response to a call for Love is with Love.  A sociopath may need to be kept from interaction with the public, for his own and the public’s protection, but that does not mean he should be denied a Love-engendered response.   

That Love-engendered response may seem to have no discernible effect upon him, perhaps for years, or even the rest of his incarnation, but it is inevitable that its beneficial effect will be recognised eventually, and this will turn his life around, perhaps in his ‘next’ embodiment.  That will help him to help himself and others.  So the whole Sonship benefits.  Our awareness of the Love that we are is blocked by unforgiveness, which engenders judgement, which veils our Sight, our Vision.  So, loving, accepting, forgiving releases us from ego’s yoke, and our brother with us.  This is inevitable because we are One. 

Thanks for writing and for your perspicacity and receptiveness.  Your faith is making you whole. 

Love and blessings, 



Thanks so much Brian for the loving, personal reply, integrated with former revelation. You are entirely welcome.  We are all here to be truly helpful, and you are being truly helpful to me; helping me to remember Who I Am, just as I am here to help you remember Who you Are. It was worth pondering several times. Still learning from it. Good  

So, choosing the separation dream, we must embrace as a race, all forms of behavior devisable by separation. I would not use the term ‘embrace’ because that implies that we should adopt it as our own.  Jesus teaches us in ACIM that we must always join the dreamer but never their dream.  You may wish to ponder that.  Rather, we serve ourself and our brother well by accepting, honouring (as distinct from embracing) our brother for who he perceives himself as being; for it is the Spirit of Truth’s job to correct, not ours. The most satisfaction is part of the dream, if it is banal, characteristic of a loveless demonstration. Distinguishing Yes, but judging, no between the good we do, as God's sons, & the good we think we do, teaches us to know unity in love, without the dream absolutely.  

Before becoming human, we were integral to one, Papa, with no distinct individuality, but with a distinct Identity: His One, perfect, eternal Son. Papa extends himself by creating separateness; individuality, forgetfulness, That was nothing to do with Papa.  That was the Son’s momentary, mad idea that led to the dream of separation, but which has never happened in reality (i.e. eternity, or Heaven) with the longing to recall unity. We do, in our right mind, long to return to unity, and Papa is Calling us Home, so our return to sanity, our Christ Mind, is inevitable and unstoppable. This is done that the experience of recognizing who we really are diversifies & expand our experience because of our physical, electro-chemical limitation. I don’t understand this sentence, but it doesn’t matter.  It is worth keeping in mind that the Holy Spirit’s mantra for us all is ‘Simplify, simplify’, whereas the ego’s mantra for us is ‘Complicate, complicate’. 

I am guessing that after having that experience, dying, recalling the human experience, we enable God to implement an expansion not otherwise available, i.e., Papa becomes less, in certain manifestation, that he may become more universally.  This sounds unnecessarily complicated.  Papa cannot become less; He is ALL, unchangeably.  The fragmented, upside-down, forgetful Sonship, appearing in form as myriad mortal bodies, is nothing to do with Papa and His original creation: His One, eternal, indivisible Son.  Think of it this way:  Papa’s Son fell asleep and dreams of separation (which includes guilt, fear, loneliness, dis-ease, death…).  Papa knows nothing of His Son’s dream because He knows only of Reality, and dreams are not real, but He implemented the At-onement principle, which is the Holy Spirit, to accompany His Son during his (imaginary) journey into a far country (time and place), to Call him Home, guide him, care for him on the journey.   

How am I doing so far? Fair.  What matters is, you are willing to learn, to begin remembering the truth, and you are ASKING. All the while you are asking, sincerely, from the heart (not the intellect; an ego device to keep us guessing, doubting, questioning), you will be given answers that will assist you on your journey Home. Here is the difference between questioning and asking, from the Diary of a Christ Communicant records: 



P.M. April 27th 2010


Practise affirmations for your focusing, centring, uplifting.  Say: ‘I am... Just as Papa created me; I am... loved, unconditionally and eternally, every moment; I am... forgiving of myself and my brothers; I am... loving; I am... compassionate; I am... caring; I am... free’ ...


Dear Holy Spirit, Sometimes I wonder, do I really know how to let go and start giving myself to You...? (At this point He interrupted me loudly and emphatically)


DON’T START QUESTIONING! Questioning is an ego pastime.  Remember that, and simply start surrendering instead.


But what’s the difference between questioning and asking?  Jesus tells us we should ask and it will be given us.


Questioning is doubting.  Doubting is unbelieving; an affirmation of commitment to littleness.  Asking is desiring to know; a request for help in remembering what is already known, but temporarily forgotten.  Asking is seeking, enquiring, opening, allowing, trusting, believing.   Questioning is doubting, dismantling, destructive, negative.


I had never realised that they were two distinct things, and are really opposites.


There is much you have not yet realised, or remembered, but this does not matter. J.  Surrender does matter.  It is imperative to spiritual awakening, and without it, ego will retain its leasehold in your life, and keep you separate from your true Being – Self.  That will keep you from Home, Papa, your brethren in the Sonship, Truth, Perfect Love, Inner Peace and Joy.


Wow! That is a comprehensive list.


It is everything.  It is your Source, your eternal reality, your very Being.


Affirming is building, reassuring, strengthening.  Practise affirmations for your focusing, centring, uplifting.  Say: ‘I am... Just as Papa created me; I am... loved, unconditionally and eternally, every moment; I am... forgiving of myself and my brothers; I am... loving; I am... compassionate; I am... caring; I am... free’ ... You can add to the list as inspiration moves you; but always keep it positive and it will always be truthful and uplifting.  Remember: doubt is ego’s dismantling device. 


All IS well. I am with you always. J 

I hope this provides you with some serviceable answers. 

Thank you so much for your enquiring mind, and taking the time and effort to write. 

Love, always, 



The following exchange was posted on July 6th 2013


Hi There Brian. I had been in the hospital for almost three weeks, but I am home now. I fell down my garage steps on my birthday and broke my left knee. I had to have a complete new knee put in. Also after a week of complaining about my ankle hurting they put on a cast as it is a small crack. I have been asking Jesus to help with the pain, so I can exersise better. Is there a special way to ask for help?  Thank you. Ruby.


Hi Ruby,


Ouch!  Bless you!  One could say this was a rather ‘extreme’ birthday gift to yourself.


Most people think incidents such as you describe are ‘accidents’; God punishing us for our ‘sins’...  As I am sure you are aware, there are no accidents; only opportunities that we actually call into our own presence, at some level of mind beyond the day-to-day conscious mind.  ‘Re-minders’, so to speak  So, if we do not readily see for what an event like this is an ‘opportunity’, but can accept this as truth in principle, we can ask the Spirit of Truth (our higher Self) What is the purpose of this?


I am getting the impression that your life is a rush; there is always something to occupy your attention at the doing level.  We are not (human) doings; we are (human) beings, though most of humanity is too engaged with doing and has little time for simply being.  Usually, an ‘accident’, such as yours, is our inner Self bringing to us an opportunity to simply take our foot off the accelerator and slow down; pause for reflection. 


If we ignore such ‘warnings’ and try to carry on as before, we call something ‘worse’ – i.e. a bigger gift, or opportunity – into our presence.  This is very likely to be much less desirable even than the previous ‘gift’.  But the ego is entirely disinclined to listen, so we must reclaim our own within (mind) and really pause.


I feel prompted to suggest that you set aside time for sitting quietly and reflecting (some would say ‘meditating’, though I prefer to speak of ‘communing’, or ‘attuning’ with Self/Jesus/Papa... whatever/Whoever you are comfortable with).  I usually suggest Jesus because he is our friend in every most loving, happy, helpful, joyful sense any best friend can ever be.  Papa and our higher Self are, too, of course, but most of us are so inured in fear of the ‘unknown’, and for some, at least, Jesus is able to be perceived as a man, and thus, something with which we can resonate.  


He can help us to restore to our remembrance the value and need to be friends with ourself, which most of us are unable to be, we are so busy judging, condemning, loathing, punishing, trying to kill ourself (with smoking, eating ‘food’ that is poisoning us, living a ‘life’-style that is anathema to our true Self, etc.). 


I also suggest that one simply speaks with him, as one would with one’s most trustworthy, loving friend.  For ‘beginners’ this can most easily be done by taking notebook and pen and writing your thoughts to him.  Be honest with yourself and with him.  Tell him you are a novice; have little idea how to address him, even though it is your heart’s desire so to do.  If you haven’t read my book, I commend it to you because it has some very helpful tips for this.  Write the ‘words of your heart’ not of your head.  Then simply pause and allow him the opportunity to respond.


This may be thoughts that enter your mind, or feelings that well up in your heart, from ‘out of the blue’.  Write down whatever comes into your mind, or whatever you feel. It doesn’t matter what it is.  You have to give yourself the chance for the filters, the blocks to awareness of his presence in your heart and mind that your ‘Earth mind’ (i.e. ego mind) has placed in the way, to get cleared out of the way.  This requires commitment, steadfastness.  Waking up, getting Home to Papa is not a whim, not a five-minute job for most of us (though it can be, if we have sufficient focus and commitment) . 


But he wants to help you; he wants you to accept, re-cognise him as your friend.  He is there, waiting with infinite patience for you, Ruby, to open your heart-mind to his loving presence, just as he is waiting similarly for each and every one of us to do the same.  He is not judging you, criticising you, condemning you for ‘hiding away’ from him, keeping your door closed to him.  All that negative stuff is ego’s attempt at persuading you you are unworthy; that Jesus will not want to hear from little old, useless, unworthy you; that what he has to say is too lofty for you, down in the basement, hiding away from him.  All that is baloney.  Keep re-minding yourself of that.


The only thing ‘special’ about how to ask him for help is: sincerely, from the heart.  It isn’t the words that count; it’s the sincerity, the depth of meaning, of intent behind them that matters.  He already knows your heart.  What he is seeking is for you to know your heart; to get in there with him; meet him there.  That is the only place he can meet with any of us, because that is the only real part of us.  Our mind is not in our head, our brain; it is in our heart. 


The ‘head-mind’ is the intellect; an ego-construct to keep us questioning, guessing, doubting, fearing, judging, comparing... anything to distract us from remembrance of the Truth about our Self, which is all-Knowing, all-Loving (ourself and every living thing), peaceful and joyful.


Love and never-ending blessings, Ruby,




P.S.: Please let me know how you get on. J


The following exchange was posted on June 27th 2013

Hi Brian 

In your MoE dated June 12th you said: Often, unenlightened souls incarnate through spiritual parents and enlightened souls through spiritually somnolent parents.  None of these events is an ‘accident’, a ‘mistake’.  All are opportunities for growth.  Chromosomes and genetic inheritance are affective only of bodily, not soul, characteristics.  

Yet, offspring frequently display many of the mind/soul qualities of their parents, not just bodily characteristics.  Is that not ‘inherited’, even though, as you say, Chromosomes and genetic inheritance are affective only of bodily, not soul, characteristics.?  I am sure what you say is right, because it makes absolute sense, but still I could use some further explanation. 

Thanks in anticipation.  Peace, brother, and please keep your writing coming; it is amazing!  



Hi Bernie, 

Actually, no, soul/mind qualities are not inherited in the frame of reference geneticists mean the term.  Let me explain. 

Before we start the process of reincarnation (all within the illusory, made-up idea of time and place only, so none of this actually happens within the context of eternity), if we have any sense of purpose for reincarnating we select the couple who will become our parents.  A wise soul chooses its parents with qualities, characteristics, circumstances that will help the outworking of its birth vision.   

The birth vision of any soul who is incarnating with a meaningful, benign intent will be developed before the path of reincarnation is embarked upon, in close consultation with friends, extended family members, wise counsellors – including Jesus where so desired. He has told me a number of times that he and I planned and agreed the close contact with him with which I have been so blessed during this embodiment.  But that is not just for social chit-chat; there is a long-term purpose in this, for the furtherance of the GRP.   

For the GRP is comprised of untold numbers of Mini-Rescue Programmes (MRPs), and Theresa and I are here on just such an exercise (as are we all, even if we are unaware of it or not, yet, committed to it).  This called for input from a very wise counsellor, friend and brother.  Here is what I wrote about this in the July 2nd 2008 MoE:


The GRP is comprised of myriad MRPs – Mini Rescue Programmes – billions of individual rescue opportunities.  Each of us with broken or damaged relationships can use Mind to Mind True Forgiveness Communing (MTMTFC) to heal them, rescue our brethren from the wilderness of aloneness, judgement, grievance, fear, guilt… restore them – and in so doing, restore ourself – to wholeness and oneness. 


The GRP cannot, therefore, be fulfilled, completed and the Sonship restored to Its true estate of oneness until all the MRPs have been completed.  When a broken relationship between two people has been healed and restored to wholeness through the true forgiveness process, those two become as one, spiritually.  When that has happened with all the fragments of the Sonship, then all the MRPs will have become seamlessly re-unified within the GRP, making it complete; mission accomplished.  Alleluia! J 

Even the selected parents themselves will be included in the considerations, for their involvement, it hardly need be said, is enormous, and nothing happens to any of us without our agreement.  Further, there is every likelihood that the parents and the incarnating soul will all be part of the same, extended family.  Maybe the parents were offspring of the about-to-incarnate soul in some ‘previous’ familial embodied relationship.   

The closeness of such relationships within the extended family can be very beneficial to the spiritual awakening of all parties during such embodiments. The discussions, or planning, may take place even before the parents incarnate, if a major endeavour for the furthering of the GRP or KOHOE is within the plan.  Otherwise, the parents involvement can be during their night-time, while their bodies are asleep and they join the discussions in the spirit realms whilst out of the body.   

It does not matter that all this planning is not brought through into the daytime, waking consciousness of those involved.  Their loved ones in spirit are working ceaselessly with them, under Christ authority and empowerment, to guide, care for and protect them.  This is much less the case with those who have incarnated from self-gratification, lustful, fearful, negative motivation.  Not because care, guidance and protection are unavailable to them, but because their low level of Self-awareness simply means they have no belief in such, and so have no cognisance thereof. 

I hope this helps provide a clearer picture of what is involved. 

Thanks for writing.   

Love and Light, 



The following exchange was posted on June 14th 2013


This message from Dorothy is in response to the MoE dated June 12th 2013 


Well said Brian.  Thank you, Dorothy. In these words you have laid before us the straight path to awakening and in that truth revealed all the side tracks and ploys of sleeping minds, aka egos, to divert us from that path and thus keep us asleep. This is done by tempting and distracting us away from that path of truth with more side tracks and alleyways of ego interest which can then be woven into the dream and thus keep it going.


I have observed for more than 45 years how easily people are distracted from the within by just about anything and everything in the without.  As stated in Neale Walsch’s writing, ‘If you cannot go within, you will go without’.  This is a fine wordplay and I like wordplays, but in that instance its cleverness can distract from the crucial meaning of the statement if we are not watchful. 


Just about every time we open our eyes (which provide about 85% of our sensory awareness) we are distracted from the within.  It is within that the Kingdom of Heaven lies, and, with infinite patience, awaits our presence; our return to remembrance of our true, unlimited, all-empowered Being and eternal, uninterruptible inner peace, joy and Love. Oneness in Papa. 


If you never write anything else this will stand as a beacon of light in the darkness for those who are struggling to awaken. 


It is interesting you use the word ‘struggling’.  It is the distractions of our illusory bodily senses, which seem so real, and engender thousands of jumbled, judgemental, valueless thoughts each day, that cause the fragments of Papa’s Son to struggle.  When we choose to go within – just as Jesus counsels us (Mt. 6:6, Lk. 17:21), then does the struggle cease and we find ourself already within the Kingdom, where, in truth, in reality, we have always been.


It is inevitable that each and every one of us will arrive at the place – however many years, decades, lifetimes we may choose to delay it – where we realise this is the only place we really desire to be, and the without can never provide fulfilment of that desire.  When that moment arrives, then, and only then, will we each find ourself at the place where commitment to fulfilling that desire becomes absolute and nothing can divert our intent from it.  Then will we find that all we thought was so important in time and place is without meaning or value; that we have been valuing the valueless since the dawn of time.


Untold millions discover this each day, when they arrive at the end of a sojourn in time, and lay aside their body.  How many, at that moment (or very soon thereafter), realise how easily they were distracted by what is then discerned as irrelevancies within the context of where they now find themselves?  They then, sooner or later, learn that they have to take another masquerade costume, to provide yet another opportunity to Awaken from the dream.  For we can only wake from the dream of separation, littleness, disempowerment, sickness and mortality from within the dream, where we have placed ourself.


How much more serviceable is it to commit to waking before the opportunity we called to ourself expires (at our demise)?  This can save time and indeterminate further incarnations into doubt, guilt and fear, restoring us to inner peace, joy and perfect Love immeasurably sooner, bringing with us untold numbers of our brothers in the Sonship in the process.


By the way, don’t know if you have heard about it, but there is a synchronised global meditation at 5pm UK time on the 23rd June, which is 12 noon 23rd June New York time, 2am 24th June Tasmanian time etc, etc. All to do with raising the consciousness of the world. I learned about it on Facebook ‘Earth We Are One’. 


I had not heard about this particular event, so thank you for telling me.  There are, for me, two perspectives on this.  First, it is, obviously, highly serviceable to the Great Awakening for there to be occasional events like this; it helps to rejoin and co-ordinate minds into cohesive co-operation and focus on eternal reality, and thus, diminish focus on the illusion of time and place. 


The second perspective is that since linear time is an illusion, and only the eternal moment of NOW is real, it doesn’t actually matter when any of us undertakes such a consciousness-raising meditation, because each and every such endeavour contributes its own power to the process irrespective of the linear time moment it takes place. 


If we imagine all the individual meditations as fragments of bread during the feeding of the five thousand by Jesus (Jn. Ch. 6), of which he says to the disciples afterwards, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost. And the record states there were 12 basketsful gathered.  The baskets could be envisioned as representing the one eternal moment of Now, into which all the individual meditation offerings were gathered as One.


It is really a case of surrendering all into the perfect care of One Who is able to infallibly and unstoppably co-ordinate and bring to fruition and fulfilment the desire of the hearts and minds of all who truly seek after God and earnestly desire the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  The ‘linear timing’ is, in that context, not the important consideration, but rather, the sincerity and strength of desire and commitment of each person involved. 


The heart-mind of each of those of absolute, resolute, steadfast commitment to the Kingdom is a constant, unceasing prayer-attunement for it, even when not consciously focused on it. It is simply ‘there’, unvaryingly, irrespective of what one appears to be involved with outwardly.


It raises the question that if enough people are able to empty their minds of all the thoughts and dream/nightmare stuff and concentrate on the Light, could that be the awakening point or is that another sidetrack?


I do not believe that is the way it works, because the Kingdom is already extant, within each of us.  The ‘Great Awakening’ is, therefore, a within thing, that takes place within each as he becomes ready, individually.  As Jesus says: The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the Kingdom of God is within you. (Lk. 17:20,21).  I do believe we are in the time of ‘signs and wonders’, but also that we should not allow ourselves to be distracted by them.  Jesus said to me on September 15th 1996:


My son, it does not need to concern you what you are experiencing (in the without), for this (our attunement with Christ Mind) is not a sideshow.  Let your heart and mind concern themselves more with the giving selflessly of the Love and blessings, which Papa has freely bestowed upon you, to the little ones who have no Light of discernment, who walk naked or in rags in the wilderness of fear and waywardness.


Nevertheless, have no concern for temporal conditions, for the rejoicing of your hearts and souls is because of your gladness at being together in praise and thanksgiving and I, too, rejoice with you. 


In times of going forward there are, of necessity, many changes taking place and it is needful that heed be given to quietness and contemplation, so that the transforming energies may be permitted to complete their work.  There is a time for exuberant praise, rejoicing and thanksgiving and also a time for quiet reverie.  I counsel you: let your powers of discernment observe the difference between the two.  This can best be perceived from the Source of All by being still and awaiting the vibrations which will reveal to you conditions prevailing according to the ebb and flow of the Father’s purposes.


All is well, my son.  Concern yourselves not with the timing or outworking of events, for all is by the Grace and Love of God.  A green fruit has no anxiety over its ripening, for it is the gift of the Creator to bring all to fulfilment.  Meanwhile, be still and know that all is well.


Not long to find out.


Love from Dorothy


Thanks again, Dorothy, for your incisive discernments.  Love and blessings to you, as always,




The following exchange was posted on May 8th 2013


Hi Brian,


I’m so excited I just had to share this with you!!!!!


Last night, there’s been this issue with my boyfriend that I’ve been trying to understand – I’ve been asking Yeshua (Jesus) “Why does he do that?”  A couple answers have come but nothing that has allowed me to let go of it. 


BUT LAST NIGHT, I lay in bed connecting my heart to Yeshua and asking him about this same issue; this morning, making my daughters’ breakfast – there it was!!!  Deep in my heart – I UNDERSTOOD.  I could FEEL that I understood and I KNOW I understand and I can FEEL the satisfaction of it, and my whole being understands, BUT I don’t understand how I understand.  The issue is gone; it doesn’t matter anymore. No fear, no jealousy, no anxiousness, no stress over the issue any more; that understanding that is now with me won’t let any of that stuff in.


Whoa! Totally amazing; this has never happened to me before and IT IS SO COOL!!!!







Hi Sharon,  


This is wonderful indeed.  And the great thing is, we don't need to ‘understand’ how this happens.  That is ego sticking its oar in.  You got everything right: Letting go; not being attached to an outcome.  This is KNOWING and is of and from eternity.  This is a definitive indicator of your beginning to break out of ego’s shell, in which most of the fragmented Sonship is encased.  The understanding will come when the moment is right, just as this inner Knowing came to you, because you ASKed.   


You said:  I don’t understand how I understand.  This does not matter.  It is intellect trying to understand an aspect of true Being.  This is not possible because intellect is a device of ego, made up to keep us questioning, doubting, wondering, hypothesising... ‘The elaborate theories of men’, as Jesus described it to me.  Our true, Higher, whole/holy Self Mind already Knows, so has no need of questioning; accepting, allowing, surrendering ourself to that Whole Mind, which is already within us, is the key to growing; restoration to AWARENESS of that inner Knowing. 


I am prompted to copy for you this communing record from April 2010:


Dear Holy Spirit, Sometimes I wonder, do I really know how to let go and start giving myself to You...? (At this point He interrupted me loudly and emphatically)


DON’T START QUESTIONING! Questioning is an ego pastime.  Remember that, and simply start surrendering instead.


But what’s the difference between questioning and asking?  Jesus tells us we should ask and it will be given us.


Questioning is doubting.  Doubting is unbelieving; an affirmation of commitment to littleness.  Asking is desiring to know; a request for help in remembering what is already known, but temporarily forgotten.  Asking is seeking, enquiring, opening, allowing, trusting, believing.   Questioning is doubting, dismantling, destructive, negative.


I had never realised that they were two distinct things, and are really opposites.


There is much you have not yet realised, or remembered, but this does not matter. :-)  Surrender does matter.  It is imperative to spiritual awakening, and without it, ego will retain its leasehold in your life, and keep you separate from your true Being – Self.  That will keep you from Home, Papa, your brethren in the Sonship, Truth, Perfect Love, Inner Peace and Joy.


Wow! That is a comprehensive list.


It is everything.  It is your Source, your eternal reality, your very Being.


Affirming is building, reassuring, strengthening.  Practise affirmations for your focusing, centring, uplifting.  Say: ‘I am... Just as Papa created me; I am... loved, unconditionally and eternally, every moment; I am... forgiving of myself and my brothers; I am... loving; I am... compassionate; I am... caring; I am... free’ ... You can add to the list as inspiration moves you; but always keep it positive and it will always be truthful and uplifting.  Remember: doubt is ego’s dismantling device.  All IS well. I am with you always.


I rejoice in and for you, Sharon, and look forward to hearing from you of further progress.  




Love, always,




The following exchange was posted on March 31st 2013

Dear Brian, 

Please help my understanding.  In your book, and often in your MoEs, you speak of seeing Jesus and others from the Realms of Light.  In fact, in a couple of places in your book you even describe Papa as if He were in human form, a ‘fatherly figure’. It is clear from your descriptions that your discernment of them is as bodies, even though Jesus tells us in ACIM that we are not a body.  This must be particularly true at all levels of perception of those who have laid aside their earth body.  So, are not your encounters somehow mistaken?  Don’t get me wrong; I love hearing of your experiences and find them inspiring, wishing I could have awareness of my loved ones in spirit, but this ambiguity seems to be holding me back, with part of me wanting to believe but another part finding it contradictory, and blocking my acceptance. 

Bless you, Brian and thank you for your help, 


Dear Anita, 

This is, perhaps, a question many may ponder, so thank you for providing the opportunity to explain. 

Indeed, Jesus is right (it will come as no surprise to hear! J), we are not a body, and when we are fully Awake to the reality of our eternal Being, bodies will – if we are willing to take his word for it – definitely cease to be part of the awareness of Papa’s Son.  So, perceiving ourself, Jesus and any or all our brothers in the illusorily fragmented Sonship as bodies is, assuredly, a misperception.  However, this is an interim perception as we journey toward wakefulness, and will not last.  It will, inevitably, change – is changing – as our remembrance of the truth grows with the leavening of the third measure of meal.  

Papa’s Son has believed a lie for so long that to an upside-down, split-off mind it seems like the truth.  So, perceiving bodies is the only way we can have awareness of a brother – including Jesus – at this stage in the leavening process.  The separation into myriad fragments, perceived as bodies, symbolises our self-deception.  As the deception fades from our belief, so does – or will – the misperception become replaced with true vision.  True vision is of the soul and is nothing to do with our ocular faculty, which is capable of perception only between limited frequencies of vibration.  

Our brethren who have laid aside their body vibrate at a higher-than-physical frequency, so the limited, ocular faculty of embodied souls is unable to see them.  What, then, is one seeing when one experiences awareness of disembodied souls, and with what faculty does one have such awareness?  When we lay aside our earth-life body, and for an indeterminate period thereafter, depending on our degree of wakefulness, we retain that sense of persona-self, not yet having fully remembered who we really are.   

This appears as a less dense, etheric-substance equivalent of our physical body, and is discernible to our soul awareness.  Although we all have the potential for this soul-sight, it lies dormant in most embodied souls due to fear causing unbelief, and the unbelief veils our sight.  It is not just in appearance that a persona is discernible.  Each of us radiates a signature auric colour and an aroma, or personal perfume, though sight is the most common factor in recognising a disembodied soul. 

The difference between Jesus and most other disembodied but not yet spiritually Awake souls is that he is in control of how he presents himself to us, and that will always accord with the degree of readiness of him to whom he is presenting himself, and the circumstances of the appearing.  Most others, not yet having moved fully beyond perceiving themselves as a persona/body, retain an etheric counterpart of their earth-life body, and it is with our soul-sense that we have awareness of such.  This obviates any uncertainty regarding identity.   

Jesus knows this, so he simply takes advantage of that and shows himself in like manner, though he is equally able to show himself in a much more exalted state than that – as described in chapter two of my book – because he is beyond limitation.  He shows himself to us in bodily representation because we, as yet, are not. 

Desiring the Oneness of the Sonship will lead to the dispelling of the illusion of bodies by restoring the fragmented Son (us) from perception of the without – time and place, which passes away – as ‘temporal reality’, to remembrance and awareness of eternal reality within.  This is a state of mind, which has no physicality but is purely abstract, in which nothing ‘out there’ means anything because in the Oneness the without is Known not to exist. 

This may seem impossible, meaningless to a broken, fragmented mind that sees everything upside down, distorted.  But when we think and see as Jesus thinks and sees, and thus become like him, then will the brokenness be healed and restored to Oneness.  There will be, can only be, one true perspective, and that is the re-cognition of eternal reality, in which the Son is like His Father: One.  The fragmented mind perceives only ever-changing, ever-decaying differences; the healed, re-unified mind sees only the unchangeable, everlasting perfection of sameness. 

Differences are made up; destined to disappear in the Light of Truth because they are not true.  The Light that we are, which is Love (like Father, like Son) shines away the fleeting, shadowy perceptions – which are merely projections of what we are not – and unveils the eternal reality of Oneness, in which it will be seen, again, that there are not, and never were, bodies.  This can happen only within a mind willing to be healed, restored to wholeness – and thus, holiness – from its fragmented state.  This cannot happen without first desire and then a willingness to believe. 

That willingness enables it to be easily accomplished for us by our Holy Self because willingness sets aside the resistance that masquerades as our own mind, causing us to fear the truth.  It also, vitally, authorises Him to act on our behalf.  This will happen when we, individually are ready, for this is not an exercise of the intellect (an ego device to keep us confused), nor is it a physical, chemical or biological process; it is a mystical one.  The realm of the mystical can only be entered through the portal of faith and trust; a willingness to believe that only eternity can be real, and thus the temporal must be unreal. 

It is our unbelief that denies us entry into this realm, which belongs to eternity – our true and only home – not to time and place.  It is a free gift, available to us always, every moment, every instant; but attainable only when we can accept that instant as holy, unable to be misused by expediency motive.  Spiritual humility is the key to this portal; accessible to us by our willingness to surrender our earth-mind leasehold on life back to its rightful freeholder, which is Christ, our true Self, and accept His leading us in absolute trust.  This is entirely safe because He is entirely trustworthy

Jesus said he would remain with us until the end of the world (Mt. 28:20).  In our as yet unhealed state of mind we could not have awareness of him unless he represented himself in a way, a form that we can recognise as him.  He is not limited by our limitations of perception – thanks be to Papa – but we limit ourself, for the moment, by being able only to perceive him, all our other brothers (embodied or disembodied, it makes no difference) and ourself as individual personas.   

That does not mean that is what we are, and when our Awakening is complete we will Know the entire Sonship as One, whole, complete, perfect Being; Papa’s beloved Son, exactly like his Father. 


Many thanks for this discerning question, Anita.  Love and blessings for your continuing growth in the Light of spiritual discernment, 

Brian Longhurst 

The following exchange was posted on March 2nd 2013


Hi Brian, 


I read today’s entry (MoE dated February 27th 2013) but don’t understand the last sentence you posted in the paragraph pasted below.  Can you help me with what you mean by giving and receiving are one and the same?  Thanks. 


As we all now Know, there is no such thing as darkness; it is merely the imagined absence of reality: Light.  Darkness is nothing.  We have been focusing on nothing since time began.  To focus on the Light, which is one and the same as Love, Life, Truth – all of which are accompanied by Peace, Joy, abundance… everything, in fact – our true Being, we simply follow Papa’s counsel: to receive My Love more you must give Love more; to receive blessing more you must give blessing more.  To receive My good gifts more freely you must give them more freely.  We do this remembering that giving and receiving are one and the same.  


Love and Light to you,




Hi John,   

Giving and receiving being one and the same is a law of eternity, not of time and place, though it can be practised and experienced in time & place, and will always serve us and all the fragments of the Sonship beyond description.   

An example of this could be, when we give of our heartfelt Love, manifesting in the form of giving a helping hand to a brother, simply because we are able and (freely) willing, and that brother is seen to benefit from that help, and is truly grateful for it, then we receive a great, inner feeling of satisfaction, reward, comfort, content, enjoyment, gratification, happiness, blessedness.   

That is the soul-experienced awareness that is discernible right away, but there is immeasurably more to it than that, in the form of other blessings received that may appear not to be connected to that helping, giving event.  It is all to do with the law that for every ‘action’ (which could be simply ‘being there’ for a brother rather than just a ‘doing’ event), there is an equal and opposite (one could substitute ‘opposite’ with ‘reciprocal’) reaction.  

One who is floundering in the consciousness of fear, doubt, scarcity, and thus feeling driven to grasping, taking, will have difficulty comprehending this, but those of us who are aware of the spiritual dimension of life will resonate with this discernment, and most likely have experienced this reciprocal awareness many times.  Most weeks I receive responses expressing thanks for the weekly articles, saying how helpful they are; how the timing was perfect; that this was exactly what they needed to hear…  That is the most gratifying reward to my soul imaginable, and worth more than any treasure of Earth.  So, my giving results in my receiving, at least in equal measure.  I have no doubt you experience this in your intuitive decision-making teaching. 

Jesus speaks of giving and receiving being the same a great deal in ACIM.  I am pasting a few examples below.  I have underlined a few key statements.


Do not leave anyone without giving salvation to him and (thus) receiving it yourself. (T-8.III.4:7)


What God has given you is truly given, and will be truly received.  For God’s gifts have no reality apart from your receiving them.  Your receiving completes His giving.  You will receive because it is His Will to give. He gave the holy instant to be given you, and it is impossible that you receive it not because He gave it. (T-16.VII.8)


Give faith to your brother, for faith and hope and mercy are yours to give.  Into the hands that give, the gift is given.  Look on your brother, and see in him the gift of God you would receive.  It is almost Easter, the time of resurrection.  Let us give redemption to each other and share in it, that we may rise as one in resurrection, not separate in death.  Behold the gift of freedom that I gave the Holy Spirit for you.  And be you and your brother free together, as you offer to the Holy Spirit this same gift.  And giving it, receive it of Him in return for what you gave. (T-19.IV.D.17:1-8)


The miracle that you receive, you give.  Each one becomes an illustration of the law on which salvation rests; that justice must be done to all, if anyone is to be healed.  No one can lose, and everyone must benefit.  Each miracle is an example of what justice can accomplish when it is offered to everyone alike.  It is received and given equally.  It is awareness that giving and receiving are the same. (T-25.IX.10:1-6)


Today the holy Word of God is kept through your receiving it to give away, so you can teach the world what giving means by listening and learning it of Him. (W-106.10)


This is the light that shows no opposites, and vision, being healed, has power to heal.  This is the light that brings your peace of mind to other minds, to share it and be glad that they are one with you and with themselves.  This is the light that heals because it brings single perception, based upon one frame of reference, from which one meaning comes.

Here are both giving and receiving seen as different aspects of one Thought whose truth does not depend on which is seen as first, nor which appears to be in second place.  Here it is understood that both occur together, that the Thought remain complete.  And in this understanding is the base on which all opposites are reconciled, because they are perceived from the same frame of reference which unifies this Though.

One thought, completely unified, will serve to unify all thought.  This is the same as saying one correction will suffice for all correction, or that to forgive one brother wholly is enough to bring salvation to all minds.  For these are but some special cases of one law which holds for every kind of learning, if it be directed by the One Who knows the truth.

To learn that giving and receiving are the same has special usefulness, because it can be tried so easily and seen as true   (W-108.3-7)


When pupil and teacher come together, a teaching-learning situation begins.  For the teacher is not really the one who does the teaching.  God’s Teacher speaks to any two who join together for learning purposes.  The relationship is holy because of that purpose, and God has promised to send His Spirit into any holy relationship.  In the teaching-learning situation, each one learns that giving and receiving are the same.  The demarcations they have drawn between their roles, their minds, their bodies, their needs, their interests, and all the differences they thought separated them from one another, fade and grow dim and disappear.  (M-2.5:1-6)


And lastly, Workbook Lesson 159. These are some of the most beautiful, inspiring, uplifting, encouraging, enlightening words, statements, illuminations I have ever read.  I hope you will find them so, too, providing further depth of understanding and discernment of how, in reality, giving and receiving are one.


I give the miracles I have received. 

No one can give what he has not received.  To give a thing requires first you have it in your own possession.  Here the laws of Heaven and the world agree.  But here they also separate.  The world believes that to possess a thing, it must be kept.  Salvation teaches otherwise.  To give is how to recognize you have received.  It is the proof that what you have is yours.

You understand that you are healed when you give healing.  You accept forgiveness as accomplished in yourself when you forgive.  You recognize your brother as yourself, and thus do you perceive that you are whole.  There is no miracle you cannot give, for all are given you.  Receive them now by opening the storehouse of your mind where they are laid, and giving them away.

Christ’s vision is a miracle.  It comes from far beyond itself, for it reflects eternal love and the rebirth of love which never dies, but has been kept obscure.  Christ’s vision pictures Heaven, for it sees a world (the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth) so like to Heaven that what God created perfect can be mirrored there.  The darkened glass the world presents can show but twisted images in broken parts.  The real world (the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth) pictures Heaven’s innocence.

Christ’s vision is the miracle in which all miracles are born.  It is their source, remaining with each miracle you give, and yet remaining yours.  It is the bond by which the giver and receiver are united in extension here on earth, as they are one in Heaven.  Christ beholds no sin in anyone.  And in His sight the sinless are as one.  Their holiness was given by His Father and Himself.

Christ’s vision is the bridge between the worlds.  And in its power can you safely trust to carry you from this world into one made holy by forgiveness.  Things which seem quite solid here are merely shadows there; transparent, faintly seen, at times forgot, and never able to obscure the light that shines beyond them.  Holiness has been restored to vision, and the blind can see.

This is the Holy Spirit’s single gift; the treasure house to which you can appeal with perfect certainty for all the things that can contribute to your happiness.  All are laid here already.  All can be received but for the asking.  Here the door is never locked, and no one is denied his least request or his most urgent need.  There is no sickness not already healed, no lack unsatisfied, no need unmet within this golden treasury of Christ.

Here does the world remember what was lost when it was made.  For here it is repaired, made new again, but in a different light.  What was to be the home of sin becomes the center of redemption and the hearth of mercy, where the suffering are healed and welcome.  No one will be turned away from this new home, where his salvation waits.  No one is stranger to him.  No one asks for anything of him except the gift of his acceptance of his welcoming.

Christ’s vision is the holy ground in which the lilies of forgiveness set their roots.  This is their home.  They can be brought from here back to the world, but they can never grow in its unnourishing and shallow soil.  They need the light and warmth and kindly care Christ’s charity provides.  They need the love with which He looks on them.  And they become His messengers, who give as they received.

Take from His storehouse, that its treasures may increase.  His lilies do not leave their home when they are carried back into the world.  Their roots remain.  They do not leave their source, but carry its beneficence with them, and turn the world into a garden like the one they came from, and to which they go again with added fragrance.  Now are they twice blessed.  The messages they brought from Christ have been delivered, and returned to them.  And they return them gladly unto Him.

Behold the store of miracles set out for you to give.  Are you not worth the gift, when God appointed it be given you?  Judge not God’s Son, but follow in the way He has established.  Christ has dreamed the dream of a forgiven world.  It is His gift, whereby a sweet transition can be made from death to life; from hopelessness to hope.  Let us an instant dream with Him.  His dream awakens us to truth.  His vision gives the means for a return to our unlost and everlasting sanctity in God.

Thanks for asking, John; this is a gift to me, in the form of an opportunity to remember who I really am, and as I remember this, so do I remember that this is true of all, and that outward appearances are deceptive, veiling the truth of Being within. 

Love and endless blessings for the journey without distance, 




The following exchange was posted on February 18th 2013

Dear Brian,  Dear Ian, 

Have just read this week’s message, (MoE dated February 13th 2013) and felt I had to let you know that I think it is absolutely brilliant.  I can but take that as a compliment J . Thank you for your kind words, in which I feel the Love from which they emanate.  That is blessing indeed.    

A spark of GOD is within us all, and indeed in every living thing. HE is not separate from or separated from us as the conventional religions would have us believe.  Religion is about control through fear, in contrast to spirituality, which is is about freedom through Love.  This discernment exposes religion as opposing spirituality, and is, therefore, according to Jesus in ACIM (T-29.VIII.3 ff), antiChrist, promulgating the myth, the ‘lie of Satan’ that the path to Salvation is through sacrifice; that we - Papa’s beloved, innocent Son - are guilty, sinners, unworthy… when all that has seemed to occur is but an error, a foolish dream of being what we are not.  

It seemed to me that you were telling me something that I was unaware of on a conscious level, but knew it within my being.  Your words struck a chord within me, and because of this resonance which is felt within one’s heart at such a time, I know of a certainty that I have encountered TRUTH!  This is the ubiquitous, ever-present Spirit of Truth, our Holy Spirit-Self - Which is the God-given connection between us (and all living things) - shining the Light of eternal truth into our minds, and showing that we are all indivisibly connected, as one, the Holy Son of God; the Christ.  Now, by such sharing are we all being restored to remembrance of this glorious reality, even when we have, as yet, no conscious awareness of It.  Is that good news or what? J 

Thank you for the words you share and the life you give so freely to the only cause that truly matters.

Thanks, Ian, so much, for taking the time to express Love from your heart. It is the joy and fulfilment of my purpose in being here (as with us all) to share (but not proselytise!) my (our) experience of Truth, until all experience it and become, just like Jesus, the Truth once more.  In this are we restored to oneness.  Then truly, we have the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  What more is there to say, other than a resounding ALLELUIA!  

With love and blessings  Received with deep gratitude, BLASERed and returned,  

Ian       Brian


The following exchange was posted on January 14th 2013


Hi Brian, 

I am doing some catching up on your writings.  In your MoE dated December 5th (2012) you stated: 

...  The second measure, the leavening of which is now complete, has given place to, been superseded by the third, fulfilment measure of meal; the Aquarian, or Kingdom Age, in which the whole GRP is leavened.  This means the restoration of Papa’s Son to the reality of Perfect Love, characterised by Peace and Joy; the dispelling of conflict and misery. Now that we are actually in the fulfilment measure, it is much easier for us to avail ourself of its restoring energy, for the healing of our mind.  

I understand most of what you have been saying about the leavening of the three measures of meal, and can see that the third measure is now leavening at a mind-blowing pace, but I cannot see how the second measure, ‘the Jesus Measure’ as you call it, can have leavened.  The history of the last 2k years has been full of conflict of indescribable proportions, and has, in many ways, actually got worse in the last 100 years or so.  So much of the conflict has been caused by religion – supposedly in the name of God and Jesus. Please help me to understand how claiming the second measure has completely leavened can be justified. 

Blessings, Brian, I love your writing; it makes sense of this whole mess, and helps me understand ACIM more, 


Hi Jerry, 

This is a very significant question, and I am glad you have asked.  The answer is actually astonishingly simple, though by its nature, hidden from the sensory awareness of the self-limited, fragmented Sonship.  Jesus told me back in the 1970s why this has been so, and the reason for keeping the timing of the onset of the third measure hidden from the cognition of Earth-mind discernment.  He said that this was to keep it hidden from ‘the enemy’ – ego – so that it would not know what it was up against!  Sounds like a very good ploy to me. J.  

The leavening of all three measures is only able to take place within, because everything about the without – the material world of bodies and time and place; separation – is by its very (illusory) nature entropic, which means decaying, disintegrating, dying.  In other words, destructive, conflicted, separationist; nothing to do with the Creator, and therefore, cannot Awaken or heal itself.  Conversely, the within is the Kingdom of God, and its foundation is Love, which is creative, eternal, holy, whole, inseparable, indivisible.  Its essence is Life; inspiring, uplifting, embracing, inclusive. 

The leavening of the second measure has not been discernible to the without because it is an operation of hiddenness to blind eyes and closed, unbelieving hearts.  It has been taking place mostly in the non-material world, and certainly in the within, of the hearts and minds of those, during the last two thousand years, who had/have a heart-mind for Jesus.  This is why Jesus said:  I go to prepare a place for you.  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. (Jn. 14:2,3.)   

He had to seem to go away from the world of dreams of bodies to prepare that place because there would have been too much resistance in the without.  He didn’t actually leave us because he lives within us, as we live within him, but to those who are unaware of this mystical reality, he appeared to have gone away.  Later in that same chapter he says: I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye (who believe) see me: because I live, ye shall live also. At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you. (Jn. 14:18-20.)   

Most do not yet consciously know he is in us and we in him, but it has been so throughout the Jesus measure, leavening in secret, away from the world’s awareness.  Having a heart-mind for Jesus, and being willing to follow him is important – essential, actually – because he knows the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  In fact he IS the Truth, as well as the Way and the Life.  He is also entirely trustworthy.  I am aware of no other who ticks all those boxes. J.   

Even those with a heart-mind for Jesus were duped – as most of us have been, by the ego-connived false doctrines about him promulgated by institutionalised religion – through their successive experiences of being embodied, during that two-thousand year measure.  However, when they have laid aside their bodies between incarnations, they have had much greater access to the truth about him.  To this they were drawn because of the desire of their hearts. This is possible immeasurably more readily in the etheric realms, or Inner Plane, than in the dense conditions of the Earth physical, where misperceptions abound.    

The etheric counterpart of Earth is comprised of many levels of awareness, from complete spiritual darkness, which most of us would associate with hell, through numerous degrees of enlightenment, or spiritual awareness, to what one might describe as the heights of Heaven.  I tend to use the term ‘the Realms of Light’ to describe these most exalted levels.  There is a book entitled ‘Life in the World Unseen’ by Anthony Borgia, which tells of these levels, described by Jesus with the words, In my Father’s house are many mansions (Jn. 14:2). 

When we lay aside our body, we go to whichever of these ‘mansions’ most closely reflects our state of mind at the time of our transition.  If we have paid scant heed to the eternal nature of our reality, and become deeply distracted by the temporal concerns of embodiment, then we will find ourself in one of the lesser-enlightened realms.  If we believe the mythologies about being sinners, unworthy of the Love of Papa, deserving of condemnation by Him to the fires of hell, and have not ‘repented of our sins’ in accordance with the false doctrines of salvation by sacrifice, our misbeliefs will take us to such a place. 

This is because we are the Son of God; all empowered of mind to call into our presence what we choose to believe is the truth, and make it our reality, however mistaken those beliefs might be.  Even if they are not reality in the Mind of God; the only reality because It is eternal and unchangeable.  Further, It is entirely benign, Loving and non-judgemental.  So, whatever we believe that is not of God cannot be real, but we have free will to believe it is real, and make it so in our mind.  Believing unreality is real can have only one effect: it keeps us separate from God in our own perception and experience. 

So, those with a heart-mind for Jesus – in other words, the truth – go forward into the truth, the Light, one step at a time, as they are ready to receive it and accept it unto themselves.  This progress is much easier in the etheric realms, as stated above.  It means much more is able to be assimilated there about the truth of eternity and our place within it, and a lot more of the truth about Jesus and his GRP with each ‘successive’ between-incarnations phase.  This is the leavening, the raising up, healing, restoring of the mind of Papa’s Son to Oneness.  

Reincarnation requires our re-entry into forgetfulness at the conscious level of awareness.  However, nothing is lost, and all we have remembered during our between-embodiments sojourns in the etheric realms is retained in our unconscious mind, as what I call a ‘seed memory'.  Our innate Love for Papa draws us back to conscious awareness of Jesus and the Spirit of Truth being our Helpers in the process of remembrance, if our commitment is steadfast enough.  Otherwise, we are just spinning our wheels during each aimless, purposeless incarnation; needlessly delaying our return to peace and joy.  

The truth is within us regardless of outward appearances.  Within is the only place it will be found; just as Jesus told us two thousand years ago.  His coming to tell us the truth was the beginning of the leavening of the second (Jesus) measure, and his emphasis on it being within was vital because that is where the leavening takes place – in our heart-mind.  This is a mystical process and has nothing to do with the without, the device of an upside-down mind to distract us from remembering the truth.  As our friend Evelyn White-Bey says: 

Every increased possession loads us with a new weariness (Ruskin). 

Life is not about our physical or material possessions, it is about the Agenda of our Soul. When material possessions serve that agenda, they can be wonderful and are to be celebrated. But if they come between us and the soul, then we may very well be delayed on our holy journey. Our journey is the path back to peace, to harmony, to deep inner joy, to love, and to God.  

So, all through the Jesus measure of meal its leavening has been taking place, in secret, within, and the ego didn’t know or believe it.  And untold millions espoused their lives to Jesus and the GRP, all the while coming and going between embodiment and disembodiment and growing (leavening) in commitment, understanding, empowerment and rejoining, reconnecting with brothers of like mind and desire for the Kingdom; in preparation for the fulfilment of Jesus’ words, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven in the third, Kingdom measure.  

During the second – and on into the early years of the third – measure ego’s agenda for death and destruction has been continuing unabated in the without, completely unaware of the infallible, unstoppable, wondrous, glorious events inexorably growing, leavening in secret.  Happily, that which is in secret has now entered its fulfilment phase – the third, or Kingdom measure.  As Jesus says: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. What I tell you in darkness (secret), that speak ye in light (the open): and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops. (Mt. 10:26,27.) 

And now that the leavening of the second measure has been completed, that which has been proving (using the terminology of bread-making) in secret is coming out into the open; from the within into the without.  This is happening by the incarnating of millions of fragments who have espoused truth – become leavened – and are manifesting it, helped by Jesus and the Holy Spirit, in the third, completion measure.  Only that which has its foundation in the within can endure in the without, and only need endure there until its raising up has been completed.  That completion is the Great Awakening to the reality of eternity. 

The reality of eternity is Love, Peace, Joy unbounded: the return to Oneness of Papa’s beloved Son in his heavenly Father.  Then, the many mansions of the Father’s house will be re-united to one, and the illusion of time no longer occupies our mind. This is because Papa has created but one house: Heaven.  All the many mansions have been fabricated by the upside-down mind of His Son, who has dreamt of separation.  The Father and His Son need but one house in which to dwell.  That house is Perfect Oneness, where All are equal, with no differences, no separate levels of Being. 

Alleluia! J 

I hope this is helpful, Jerry.  Many thanks for writing and thus presenting an opportunity for learning and sharing for us all,

Brian Longhurst 


The following exchange was posted on December 6th 2012


Dearest Brian: Dearest John,


There’s something that I’d like to share with you and perhaps bounce off you. Thank you for trusting me.


Lately, I’ve experienced situations in my life where I’ve been asked for my thoughts on different subjects with several different people.  From the point of appearance, I’ve tried to be helpful and provide advice as Jesus would have me be helpful.  Yes, I remember these.  I’ve found that the advice I was prompted to offer has gone unheeded and I’ve had the feeling of spinning my tires, or having my words fall on deaf ears, so to speak.  


This is no surprise really, for you are speaking in the Kingdom tongue, but the words are falling on ego ears, so your language is foreign to such ears, which are inured in conflict, judgement, grievance and fear.  These friends/brothers were expecting to hear from you the answers they had already decided upon: judgement answers.  One yoked to ego knows only ego’s script. I realize that there’s no way of me telling whether or not my words have had any effect as Jesus states in ACIM, it is not for us to decide.  As you know, our job is to deliver the message; not to concern ourself with how/when it is received.  That is Jesus’/Holy Spirit’s job. The illusion still remains the illusion. Precisement, mon ami. J


Now, Jesus has made me aware of this.  I know he has, for we have discussed this.  He’s showing me that in fact this is all a dream projected from my own ego mind.  It’s kind of like he’s got a smile on his face Oh, YES! and is looking down on me and joyous with my progress Home.  You are perfect in your discernment there, Brother. Yet, when I see that we each, individually, set the problems before ourselves to learn the lessons of past experiences as stated in “Choose Once Again” (ACIM T-31.VIII).  


This is true, but it doesn’t mean all the fragments are going to learn the ‘first’ (or second, third...) time they call the opportunity into their presence.  That is why they have called YOU into their presence: to help them learn a little – or a lot – sooner than would be the case without you.  That doesn’t mean they will appear to learn as soon   within the context of illusory, linear time – as they ask for your help/guidance. 


But nothing is lost, ever.  Holy Spirit has received into his care, on behalf of those help-seeking brothers, the Help you have proffered, and is keeping it safe for them, to be placed in their awareness when they are ready to receive it and accept it unto themselves.  This may or may not be in ‘this’ act, or even the next.  But that is not the concern of the help-giver (you, in this instance).  You have delivered what you were called upon to deliver.  The rest is Jesus’/Holy Spirit’s job.  Looking at it from the linear time perspective is an error with which you are ready to dispense. 


When your help-seeking brothers lay aside their bodies and enter the period of reflection, what you have delivered to them will be recalled to mind, and help them plan their next act better, more serviceably.  Meanwhile, you can, whenever called to mind, PCB and/or BLASER them.  This further empowers the Help they can be given, and, of course, also blesses you, because blessing is giving, and giving and receiving are one and the same. 


His amusement is okay by me and I’ve expressed my gratitude to him, as well. Wonderful. Yet I realize that, like the Prodigal Son, as fragments of the Sonship we are progressing along the Path home and like the PS, our places on the Path may differ; we’ve just left Home with our inheritance; we’re in the process of self gratification and enjoying spending our inheritance; eating swine food and deciding it’s time to go home, for our father would treat us better than our present condition; or, we’re at Home, the fattened calf has been prepared and the finery placed on our bodies.  Yes, we each seem to be at different stages of growth.  Perfect discernment, nicely expressed. 


I know that you’ve experienced the same thing.  I think you mentioned that your job (in writing the book) was to get the word out and leave the rest to Jesus. Just as he told me, many years ago. Similarly, I’ve done the same, but I can’t help but feel the anguish internally, for my brother, who is in pain and can’t see his way out of it.  When I am tempted to feel that same anguish, I think about whether Jesus is tempted to feel it:


O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! (Mt. 23:37)


But he does not get caught up in the anguish and let it cloud his peace, joy, certainty of Knowing that the GRP is already complete; that the separation never actually happened, so to get caught up in it would be an error.  He is steadfast, one-pointed, unwavering in his focus on reality, and thus he is in constant, non-flickering Joy.  That Joy is because he Knows the truth about himself, and also because he Knows it is the truth about all of us.  You, and I, and most of the rest of us, are still learning, practising steadfastness  – whereas he has perfected it – and some are further on in that than others, just like the prodigal son you have described above.  Let us not flagellate ourself for an as-yet incomplete learning or remembering but give thanks for the progress made, and for further opportunities for more progress.


My heart goes out to each and every one of these contacts that Jesus has led me to. So be it; it demonstrates your heart is in the Kingdom, full of compassion.  And I’m sure that I have the answer to my dilemma, I just need to bounce it off someone and I couldn’t think of anyone better than you. I am sure also, John, but sometimes we need affirmation from a brother.  I hope I have given you that affirmation.


I feel Kenneth’s anguish, my step-son’s pain, my friend Pete’s mis-guidedness and Dutch’s conflicts. I PCB until it hurts, then let it go to the illusion that it is. There you have it. You have done everything you could do, and done it perfectly; and what you have done is the best and only thing there is for any of us to do. I am apprehensive of what comes next, Give that to Jesus and leave it with him; apprehensive is disempowering, and shrouds the Light.  It is very good practise, and practise makes perfect. yet I am not, GOOD! ONLY because I know my SOURCE and that Knowing will guide you back Home to Him.  I know that these are exciting times that we are in, and Heaven on Earth is in the non too distant future.  GRP here we come!!! ALLELUIA!!!!!  God bless you, John.


Thanking you in advance, peace along the path, Thank you for this opportunity for me to remember who I am and see the truth reflected in you. 


Endless blessings and Love unbounded, 


John                 Brian


The following exchange was posted on November 15th 2012

Hello Brian, Hello Dorothy, Thank you very much for your MoE this week (October 24th).  It has been very helpful.  I am delighted that you found it helpful/interesting. As I read the first paragraphs of your MoE, the synchronicity of your Jesus quotes with a personal dilemma about a decision I had to make, was mind blowing. WONDERFUL!  Good old synchronicity I had asked for guidance as I went to sleep as it is hard sometimes to separate out what are just ego promptings, or even to recognise them. This is so true, which is what the world at large experiences, and why it is so much more worth asking Holy Spirit/Jesus for Their guidance than words can ever describe.  

I awoke with a memory of a very symbolic dream containing all the elements of the dilemma. The dream opened with chalked letters like a title written at the beginning of a film but my brain has only retained the word QUIT at the end of the title, which word was written in large capitals. That indicates the intent of getting it to stay in your focus after waking. The dream ended with realising that I had some keys which I had not been aware of at the beginning. The dream was not to do with keys but when I found them and they suddenly appeared where I always kept them, In your heart-mind it ended with me looking at all the symbolism surrounding me saying to myself in wonder, “I don't need all the this stuff that is going on, I am not part it anyway. ...” Indeed not.  And this is a message not just for you but for all the fragmented Sonship.  “...I have found the keys. Brilliant! 

I am reminded of this:  

And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true (Jesus, of course), he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth (Rv. 3:7, but worth reading on to vs. 12.) 

The only thing that bothered me when I awoke was the word ‘QUIT’ which stayed large in my memory. I was not sure how to take that but now I think from your MoE that all the agonising was the thing to quit from, That makes perfect sense; I believe your interpretation is right to go into the Silence within and let the world get on with its ego-noises, clamours and agonising. The best thing we can do with nothing (ego) is ignore it.  How can we meaningfully do anything else with nothing?, for it is only by engaging with it that we give it ‘reality’.  As soon as we stop engaging with it, it ceases to be part of our experience, and thus, of our reality. Although the little ego still marvels at all this synchronicity the Self penetrates the darkness with proof again that we are all one.  Alleluia!!!  

Love from Dorothy 

Thanks so much for sharing this, Dorothy.  With heartfelt Love and blessings, always, 


The following exchange was posted on November 1st 2012

Dear Brian.  Hi Peter,  

Quite some time back a fellow artist (woman), decided to tell me that Christ is nobody, and out she went in her life, (treating others badly, cause she felt in her mind , that she was bad done by). I heard a few weeks ago that she, (this woman), is ill in hospital with no friends, basically dying.   

What you describe here is a very widespread pattern in this nightmare world of make-believe.  This was her desire – albeit totally misplaced, emerging from the seed memories of ‘previous’ incarnations deep in her unconscious.  And she got her desire, as do we all, good or bad.  Happily, we are at free choice to decide for good.  But unless the good we desire is for ALL, not just selfish interests – which is how ego would have us think and function – good cannot become our experience, because good IS, and can only be, for us all, because we are ONE. 

We have to keep reincarnating – that is, remain within the dream – so that we can call the opportunity back into our presence, over and over, until we remember correctly and make the right choice: for moving toward the Light, which is unconditional Love, and our own Awakening.

I find that trying to convince people who are bound on destruction, a waste of time. People are where they are, and can only hear what they are ready, willing and thus, able, to hear.  Outward appearances of beneficence may deceive those who lack the Light of spiritual discernment, but they do not deceive Jesus, the Spirit of Truth or Papa, because They see the hearts and minds of us all.  Ultimately, if we are endeavouring to deceive our fellows, the only one we end up deceiving is ourself, thus remaining in a state of separation and therefore, loneliness.   

I understand that this person had to bottom out before she would ever see GOD!  I understand that we are not to argue them into believing, but to bless them on their way exactly so, knowing somewhere in time they will find GOD!  Of course Papa is, Himself, not in time, but I know what you mean; we who dream of time – separation from eternity – have to remain in time, because that is where we have elected to be, and we have inviolable freewill. It has to be our free choice to Awaken from the dream of time to the remembrance of our true Being, and of our Creator, Papa. 

LOVE! Peter  

Thanks Peter; received, lasered and reflected right back to you,   


The following exchange was posted on October 20th 2012

Dear Brian.   

This was a lovely message. (This refers to the MoE dated September 26th 2012)  Thank you so much.  I remember a while back when I was feeling separated, and filled with fear I asked Jesus to help me.  The response was... “You cannot touch that part of the mind that is and has always been connected to God with the part of the mind that believes it has abandoned God.”  Wonderful.  How characteristic of him to say it as it is; it cuts right across our befuddled thinking and straightens it out in a flash. This would not be popular with today’s Laodicean religion of compromise and ‘nicety’. 

How silly of me to believe that “I” as an ego can accomplish anything.  It was never up to me to do anything but rather, all I needed to do was relinquish that idea completely.  Later, I asked “what am I to do?”  Jesus’ response was... “You are asking the wrong question.  Ask instead, What is God going to do?”  A dramatic shift took place in my mind: “I need do nothing.”  LOL.  Just accept that Truth that my Father and I are one. I am so grateful you have shared this poignant, instructive event with me, Lana.  I would like to share it on the HTG Forum page because it is a salutary lesson for so many, and I feel will be most beneficial for many, wandering alone and lost in the wilderness of time and place.

Blessings and Love, Lana  : ) 

Received gratefully, lasered and reflected right back to you, Lana


The following exchange was posted on September 22nd 2012

Hi Brian,  Hi Peter... 

I have a question for you about families. First when I studied with Olga Park, she illustrated how Christ communicated to us in twos and threes, and that HIS operation was not of group, Jesus, as stated in my book, is a one-on-one person.  Religionists do not understand that, believing they must congregate for spiritual fellowship.  But that draws the psyche onto a horizontal plane of awareness, whereas spiritual communion is a vertical attunement process. As individuals start to wake up to that reality, they will start to go within, and there, one-on-one, they will meet and sup (fellowship) with him.  He waits, with infinite patience, for each of us to undergo that re-cognition... that the spiritual was math based and it would be higher in twos or threes

I have pasted below an extract from chapter 7 of SYFK that I believe can help understanding of this point, not horizontal as the group (feeling level)  This really hits the nail on the head.  Group gatherings, as you describe this, are functional – actually, DYSfunctional – at the psychic level, and like water (a symbol of the psyche that is not under spiritual direction) is always seeking to find a lower level, but a vertical i.e. spiritual modus operandi ... 

Well we had a family get together, and its was pleasant psychically (horizontally, not spiritually (vertically) attuned, but it was similar to the Church mind set precisely... I enjoyed myself, but I did notice that the operation wasn't overly ‘up’! psychic awareness is not seeking ‘up’ – the Kingdom of Heaven – but only the expediency of ‘pleasantness’ in the moment instead of the ineffable joy of eternity ...I know we aren’t to judge... but if we confuse ‘observation’ with ‘judgement’, we are not serving our Awakening.  We can observe and Love, which never condemns, but if we make that observation a judgement, we are condemning, and therefore, not Loving,

...but I question the motive behind why women (and men) Boy, you just sneaked your way out of trouble there! J want to socialize so much in this pattern It is a delaying manoeuvre, serving ego’s agenda, not Jesus’ and Holy Spirit’s.  We are here to forgive each other and ourself, for what, in reality, has never happened – because time and place, and separation, is a dream – thus enabling the healing/rejoining of the illusorily broken Sonship and Awaken to the eternal truth of our Oneness, along with Jesus, in Papa, in the only reality; Heaven.  

I know you can drag a few off at a time and have a few moments of higher contact, but the group grazing always puzzles me? Now you know. J


P.S. I know being social helps us but only at the horizontal level; it will never lift us up vertically because that is a one-on-one, vertical process, which is of the Within; socialising is of the horizontal, the without.  Only when there is absolute, one-pointed commitment to the Kingdom, and the coming together of a group is to bring awareness of the Holy Spirit (and Jesus) into the midst of such a group gathering, will such gatherings be lifted up (vertically),

but the exchange of wisdom seems so slow in this pattern!  We have to remember first that our reality is within, as One; pure, perfect, unconditional Love; that we are eternal, limitless spirit.  When people gather together with this as their awareness and unwavering commitment, leaving aside judgement and grievance, the process will speed up exponentially, until time ceases to be part of the awareness and we are all re-united in eternity. 

Thanks for writing and asking, Peter; it demonstrates your expanding discernment.  Love and blessings, as always,  Brian 


...It is therefore highly serviceable for the ritual of spiritual attunement with Jesus and his great desire for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth to be solitary or near solitary, with preferably two people who are closely attuned to each other, such as man and wife in a strong, spiritually-founded and compatible relationship. The fact that Theresa and I were able to establish such a powerhouse of psycho-spiritual energy for accomplishing so much rescue activity in close harmony with Steve showed exceptional singularity of commitment to the Communion objectives by all three participants. Without that, accomplishments would have been proportionally, or commensurately, fewer.

It can be tempting to think that if two or three can generate much more spirit-power than one, why not get four or five, or twenty, or five hundred together? Jesus knew the importance of this when he said, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Mt. 18:20.) Two or three are about as many as, at this stage in the spiritual awakening of mankind, can truly enter into the closet (the within) together in spiritual harmony at the soul-awareness level and perform a ritual of spiritual attunement that is truly of one mind and one desire. Only when operating in this manner as a harmonised unit can spiritual creative power be generated for accomplishing miraculous, magnificent outcomes to the furtherance of Jesus’ Great Rescue Programme for mankind. It takes much commitment and practise for a solitary communicant to achieve this unity, or attunement, or at-one-ment, of mind with the Christ — or Holy Spirit — Mind, and a very high degree of commitment for two or three to achieve it together. It is not in accord with the agenda of the institutionalised church to perceive the words of Jesus as implying a maximum number of people, but that is clearly his intent according to the realities of spiritual, cosmic law.

The nature of our desire determines the use to which this desire-generated power is put. If our heart’s desire is ‘to minister to the sick and fainting spirits of men’, (it makes no difference whether such be incarnate or discarnate) then the power we generate will be used for that purpose. It is an automatic process, created by God and put into operation by the Holy Spirit. It works in exactly the way as described in Isaiah 55:11: “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”

So, imagine the power for good when not only three like-minded souls in the Earth life join in this activity, but do it in unison with Jesus of Nazareth and all the vast multitude of souls in the Heaven realms who have joined/espoused their lives to his (the ‘bride of Christ’, see Rev. chs. 18, 21 & 22) and are all operating in a state of at-one-ment with him. Then, one is really cooking on gas! And this is what actually happens and is the purpose for which the Teacher — whom Olga learned, toward the end of her incarnation, was/is one and the same man as John, the seer of Patmos, ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved’, the author of the Fourth Gospel, the author of the book of Revelation, the disciple who outran Peter to Jesus’ tomb — put together the tapestry of fragments that is the Service of Mystical Communion with Christ as an instrument of attunement with the living Jesus on the Christ-desire wavelength.

The following exchange was posted on August 12th 2012

Dear Brian, 

In your MoE dated August 1st you say we can commune, or fellowship, with our loved ones who have laid aside their body, because it is minds that commune, not bodies.  Clearly this is true, and I understand and resonate with it fully, but you don’t explain HOW to do it!  It may not be bodies that commune, but while we appear to be in time and place we are all accustomed to the rather useful bodily faculties (eyes and ears) acting as mechanisms for conveying communications from one mind to another!  

I have loved ones in spirit with whom I long to commun(icat)e (see, I read your stuff, and am picking up on some of your terminology, but that’s because I find it makes sense), and am quite sure they long to commune with me.  In fact, I am sure they are communing with me, but I have no idea how to go about hearing them.  I send them my loving thoughts and blessings, and accept what you say about them being able to receive what I direct toward them from my mind, and have no doubt that they are also sending me their loving thoughts and blessings.  The problem is, I can’t hear them. 

It seems entirely evident that you hear your loved ones – including Jesus and even God (Papa) – and the fellowship you share with them (and then with your readers) is exquisite.  I want this more than anything, but just feel as if nothing is happening.  I can neither see them nor hear them.  Please HELP. 

Heartfelt thanks in anticipation, 



Dear Richard, 

The MoEs are a limited mechanism for explaining what I am being moved to share.  I try to restrict them to 2k words because people are busy and haven’t time to read long messages.  In fact, 2k words are far too many for most people.  I tried to cut them well down from that 3 or 4 years ago, but it seemed the Holy Spirit had other ideas, because it did not work.  So I said to Him, ‘Okay, if this is how You intend it, so be it; I will not go against Your lead.’   

The first thing to say here is that there is no difference of principle between communing with Jesus, or even with Papa, and any of our loved ones who have laid aside their body.  This is because there is no difference between any of us; we are all One, in Papa, Who created His Son in His likeness. That means Papa does not recognise any difference between Himself and His Son. As Jesus reminds us, ‘I and my Father are one.’  

We have put Jesus on a pedestal, made him above, separate from the rest of us.  But neither Jesus nor Papa believe in pedestals and certainly not in separation.  Approaching communion with Them, or anyone else, from a position of fawning sycophancy or fear will block success.  Rather, a relaxed attitude of Love, respect, honouring, humility and gratitude will serve the process well.  This is asking neither the impossible, nor even the difficult, because there is but one Mind, of which we are all an integral, essential part.  We can now stop playing the game of separation and unworthiness and start Being Who we are

There are several positive guidelines to consider as essential to successful communing, the first of which is that desire is the key.  Without it, nothing happens.  The tone of your message indicates the sincerity of your desire. Next comes commitment, without which the trail soon goes cold.  This ego world is bereft of commitment to spiritual truth and reality, and hence the dearth of awareness, acceptance and understanding of, and living from, eternity.  Again, it is evident you have commitment. 

Third is trust.  We have to trust that we being protected from dark, malevolent forces in the lower astral realms when we open ourself to communing with our unseen loved ones, because we cannot discern with our bodily senses what is happening beyond the Earth-physical plane.  There is one who is empowered to protect us so we can trust with certainty, and that one, of course, is Jesus.  So, we make a definitive commitment of our care and protection into his entirely capable hands, asking that he place his strong angel on guard at the entrance to our inner being.  

This ensures that only those from spirit who are, themselves, living and functioning under Christ commitment and authority are permitted into our aura of contact and communion. 

Having sincerely, genuinely and trustingly asked Jesus for his protection we can know beyond all doubt that it is given, and it is all-powerful and unbreachable.  We only need to ask him once, because he is not deaf or forgetful, but we can remind ourself that we have it as often as we feel a need for that comfort, by thanking him.  Thanksgiving is a very good reminder to ourself that we have his protection. He does not need our gratitude because there is no ego in him, but we need a grateful attitude because it helps us keep humility in focus, and this is a defence against ego surreptitiously taking control of our mind. 

Many who are not seeking communion with loved ones – including Jesus – in spirit, may say to themselves, ‘I am not putting myself in potential danger, so I don’t need to concern myself with asking Jesus for his care, guidance and protection.’  Time and place is, illusorily speaking, the most dangerous place any of us can seem to be.  By engaging with any of ego’s constructs, we are placing ourself in danger, and we wouldn’t seem to be in time and place if we did not thusly engage, even if only occasionally. J  Ego’s constructs include judgement, holding grievances, unforgiveness, not seeing our brother as our saviour and we as his...   

None can be immune from the consequences of such misperceptions – since, as we judge so are we judged (not by God but by the cause-and-effect consequence of our misperceptions) – save by asking Jesus (and/or the Spirit of Truth, our whole, holy Self) to be our guide to eternity, and protecting us from our illusory ego-self.  Still, ego-conditioned minds will ask, ‘How can we be so sure Jesus will protect us just because we ask him?  And how can we know he will succeed, just by believing he will?  What kind of safeguard is that?’

The answers to these questions are, he will protect us because he Loves us, totally, perfectly and unconditionally; he is able because he tells us All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth (Mt. 28:18); that is a complete safeguard to which I attest.  These, of course, are answers that ego is incapable of comprehending.  But we can, if we so desire, and have a little trust, because we are not ego.  And in return it can be asked, who else can protect us?  Ourself?  How will we do that?  And ego is incapable of answering.   

Next comes focus.  Ego is constantly distracting us from our focus on eternity – our true and only Home, the Source of Love, Peace and Joy unbounded – with issues that have no meaning or value in eternity.  There are many aspects to life with a body in time and place that seem interesting, worthwhile and important.  But when viewed from the only true and real perspective – eternity – it can be seen that nothing here has any real, lasting or meaningful value.  Most of us become acutely aware of this within a very short time of laying aside our body. 

Yet most of us ‘have’ to engage with time and place much of the time – with spouse, children, mortgage, job, shopping, home and garden maintenance, friends, neighbours, extended family...  But if we allow them to absorb all our attention, we are ignoring Jesus’ counsel to seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you (Mt. 6:33).  That doesn’t mean ‘first’ in amount of time allocated for inner communing, but in amount, or degree, of commitment.  How truly do we seek, how earnestly do we desire the healing and reunification of the broken, separated, fragmented Sonship?   

You do truly seek and earnestly desire, positive indicators that you are well on the way there, Richard.  

Jesus is focused, or ‘single-minded’. This means right-minded, which is Christ-Minded, because Christ is single-minded (otherwise he would be duality minded!)  His focus is on the GRP.  So he does not spend effort on irrelevancies.  Thank God. J  

His focus is on helping us to remember Who we really are, so we can focus on co-operating with him and Holy Spirit-Self in unshackling ourselves from attachment to ego’s irrelevancies. That does not mean giving up all the above mentioned aspects of time and place, having no fun, and becoming a hermit.  Jesus has a sense of fun second to none.  Indeed, what meaning could Joy, Peace and Happiness have if fun were not a key aspect of them?     

He wants us to remember that fun can be and is part of the interaction between the fragmented Sonship within the single-minded context of reunifying the fragments to Oneness; the ending of the separation. This is where meaningful communion comes in.  No assistance from the Realms of Light will be given for meaningless, trivial communing, for They do not value the valueless.  

If we ask Jesus to be our guide to eternity, and protect us from being diverted from that Path, he will do so.  But whenever we choose to wander off that Path, he will not stop us, because we have free will.  That does not mean he has abandoned us.  He waits with infinite patience until we choose to place ourself back in his guidance and protection. 

Now, getting to the meat of your question, I can best answer this by sharing what worked – and still works – for me.  If the above points are taken on board as integral to success, this method can work for all.  It is a good training/focusing approach, can be practised very informally and is very easy:  

Set aside a place that is apart from outer disturbance, sit comfortably, have pen and notebook to hand.  Quieten your thoughts and give thanks that you are under Christ guidance and protection, then direct them toward whom you would commune with.  Write down in the notebook the things you desire to say to them.  This is very helpful in focusing the mind and filtering distractions out. 

When you have written what you wish to say to them – it need be only a sentence or two, rather than pages; remember, we are taking this one step at a time – quieten your mind again and envision them being there with you.  Don’t try to ‘see’ them in the ocular sense.  They are not discernible to our ocular faculty because they are not ‘physical’.  This is more a case of being ‘aware’ of their presence.  What do you believe they would say to you in response to what you have said/written to them, were they to be here?  Write down the thoughts that come into your mind of what you feel their response would be. 

Having written loving words to them, do you believe they would respond with loving, caring, uplifting, joyful, inspiring words to you?  Write them down.  They are there with you because you have called them, just as surely as if telephoning someone embodied.  This is possible, this is real, because the true estate of the Being of us all is Oneness of mind.  Take this one step at a time.  It is new to you.  There is no rush.  Date each communing event as you write in your notebook; you will be glad you did as you read back through them months and years down the line. Also write down anything you experience with your inner awareness – lights, colours, scents, sounds...     

Time after time ego will try very hard to persuade you that commun(icat)ion did not really happen. If you allow it to dissuade you, and you give up, where will this leave you in years to come?  Form no rapid judgements about its realness; allow yourself time.  You will look back over your entries and gradually see how the channel of commun(icat)ion between you and your loved one(s) has been clearing and becoming clearer, stronger, more real, meaningful, blessed, beneficial as you continue steadfastly with this practise.  

If you desire/decide to make Jesus the one with whom you first begin this communing, no-one will be more pleased than he.  He longs for us to ‘sup’ or fellowship with him, because he Loves us and wants us to accept him as our friend and brother, just as he gladly, joyfully, lovingly accepts us as his brethren. 

Love and blessings in Christ fellowship, always, 

Brian Longhurst 

The following exchange was posted on June 21st 2012

This message from Ian was in response to the Message of Encouragement dated June 20th. 

Hi Brian,  Hi Ian,

Have read today’s Diary..........WOW!!!!!   Indeed, WOW!   

Amazing things are happening!!!!!!!!!!!  Yet, I am noting with interest that I am not experiencing great excitement; instead, the pervading feeling is of great calm, like the Pacific Ocean.  Stillness.  I am aware that this is because what I experienced with Jesus, rising up into Papa’s Heart, is the reality, the true state of Being of His beloved Son.  That beloved Son is us.  All of us.  No exceptions whatsoever.  So, what I experienced is for us all — because we are One — and it is NOW; always, eternally; the eternal moment, the holy instant.   

We (Christ, Papa’s Son) are entirely familiar with this state of Being because it is, and has always been, our true and only state.  The emotion of excitement that the fragmented, forgetful, illusory, dreaming, split-off part of the Son’s mind experiences is engendered by new — mostly, or preferably, ‘pleasant’ — experiences.  But when the ‘pleasant’ — actually, ineffable — experience is timeless, endless and our true, permanent estate, then we are so familiar with it that excitement does not arise.   

Instead, stillness, tranquillity, inner peace are the experience, because we Know, of a certainty beyond all doubt, that we are where we belong: in the unchanging, unchangeable, safe, perfect bliss, ecstasy of Oneness with/in Love (for which, read Papa).  I conclude, from experiencing both excitement and peace on different occasions, that inner peace is, in every way, better..  Inner Peace engenders Joy, rather than excitement. 

Many thanks, and blessings,  Love, always,

Ian   Brian

The following exchange was posted on May 18th 2012


Dear Brian,  Dear Jane,

I wish to share a dream I experienced recently, I hope that is ok  Of course it is ok J

I have recently ended a relationship with my boyfriend. I had made the decision to move with him to the most beautiful place where we could live self sustainably.

I had experienced doubts about this on several levels but felt that I should go, even though there were parts of me that were unsure. 


Doubt and uncertainty goes with the territory in egoland.  This is why we must go within and ask for guidance from Jesus and/or the Spirit of Truth, Who will never let us down.  If we do not receive/hear (i.e. are not aware of) Their guidance, then we must trust our inner feelings and go with them, knowing they ARE the inner guidance we seek. 


Understanding them is not crucial.  Only ego demands understanding before it is willing to go along with any idea or suggestion.  Ego will never understand because it is always doubting and questioning.  Holy Spirit/Jesus ask only a little willingness to trust, and when first we trust, we will then receive the answers.  It has to be in that order because it is our lack of FTOC Faith, Trust, Obedience (to our Inner Guidance) and Commitment that is keeping our vision blocked, or veiled, from the Truth.  FTOC clears the block and in flows the Truth that Papa has never kept from us.

Needless to say after being there with him for a short time, I knew that I had to return back to my home. We were both deeply upset and confused by this incredibly difficult and distressing decision. 


It is the doubt and uncertainty that causes the distress.  By adopting the stance that your inner feelings are your guidance from the Spirit of Truth, Whose dwelling place is within you, and remaining steadfast in that (ego will call it bull-headedness, stubbornness, unreasonableness...  it would, wouldn’t it J) then inner peace and certainty can grow within us because we are allowing it instead of defending against it.

Two nights after my return I dreamt I was standing quite close to a polar bear. The polar bear was busy and didn’t appear to notice me although I sensed that it was aware of me but was choosing not to come near.. I had a real sense of intense fear  and chest pain as I suddenly realised that the bear was going to attack me and no doubt kill was just taking it’s time before it attacked. 


This is the Guidance, coming AFTER you have shown ‘just a little willingness’ to trust, because you have allowed it, opened to it.  I feel certain you know what this dream is actually telling you, and do not need my interpretation, though I will give it if you really are unsure.  Again, go with your inner feelings and do not try the ego trick of rationalising it away.  Listen to your heart-mind, not your head-mind.


I knew that I couldn’t get away and this attack and certain death was inevitable. I recall thinking that this death was surely going to be an incredibly slow and painful death...


Slow and painful’ is the clue here.  The world is not short of ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing, and their disguise comes off after the commitment is made, when it is ‘too late’  


...but I felt a sense of calmness and acceptance thinking ‘I have died many times before, in all those numerous lifetimes...and I survived. I survived because I am here experiencing this lifetime and so I don’t have to be afraid...death and pain are momentary, I am safe and I will move effortlessly onto the next.’ 


Sound reasoning, but Jesus/HS do not want us to go through the slow, painful ‘death’ any more.  The only one expecting this of us is ourself.  They are there for us, to lead us into green pastures, by still waters NOW; we don't need to delay following Their lead.

It wasn’t until later that day that I realised that my boyfriend is affectionately known as a polar bear. A gentle affectionate polar bear.

For an instant,  I am embarrassed to admit, I thought he is so angry that I have left him that he will hurt me in some way ...which I absolutely know not to be the case...but rapidly realised this was a gift that reminds me that the pain we experience in our life, the emotional pain that we think will destroy us, isn't real; that it will pass and that we are safe. Whether he is aware on some level of this gift he gave me, I don't know but I bless him for it. 


You might serve yourself well to ask Who gave you this gift.  We are all carrying some dark baggage, deep in our unconscious mind.  All except Jesus and HS.  Most of us don’t even know we have that baggage, let alone what it is.  Jesus and HS do know, so we serve ourself well to trust Them before any other brother.  If They are guiding us away from a brother who outwardly seems to be ‘all sweetness and light’, but we choose to stay with that brother, who may be hiding his true colours behind that mask we all hold up to the world, what is hiding behind that mask will eventually come out.  Meanwhile, whether we leave or stay, we will serve ourself and our brother well by PCB'ing them.


I hope this helps bring inner peace and greater certainty for following the guidance within, dear Jane.


Endless blessings, as always,




The following exchanges were posted on May 9th 2012

No matter what I’ve read from you, I’ve not had any experience remotely related. I am entirely clueless as to what God is doing with me, what he wants or expects, Perhaps He is waiting for you to tell/ask Him for what you want? apart from a general Christian belief.  I am wondering if you are aware/a student of A Course in Miracles? It most often appears that all I could have, & should have done, has not been, was not, & will not be. I am feeling prompted to include an excerpt from my book that perhaps might help you to understand our relationship to Jesus (and, ultimately, Papa): 

One night in the autumn of 1966, at her sanctuary prayer table before home-time, Olga said to me, “The Master (Jesus) is here and he is speaking to me a message for you. I will repeat it to you and you can speak with him direct. Any reply he gives, I will relay to you. He is saying to you, ‘What is your desire?’ “

I was considerably intimidated at this experience of him, whom I had always understood to be the Lord of Life, the King of Love, the Prince of Peace, the Son of God, speaking to me and indeed asking a question that I thought might land me in difficulty if I could not come up with the ‘right’ answer. Not that he appeared to be speaking in a threatening way, but this was, after all, it seemed to me, the ‘boss’, and one needed to have the right answers for the boss or there might be trouble. So my naiveté and the doctrines of the church had led me to believe.

I said, very hesitatingly, “To serve you, according to your will”, or words to that effect. It was a vague and non-specific statement because I had no specific answer to the question, but I believed the whole objective of ‘service’ was to do the Will or bidding of the Supreme Being and/or His Anointed Messenger, whatever that Will might be.

His reply was surprising to my young, inexperienced ears (can ears be inexperienced? You know what I mean):

    “That is not the purpose of your life and being on Earth. You have come into this world bringing with you potential for accomplishing certain things. My purpose is to assist you and guide you in discovering what your potential is so that it might be developed and fulfilled in your earthly life. Consider this carefully, my son, so that you may become aware of this and grow in your understanding of it, that in the fullness of time you may bear much fruit according to that inward desire and  potential.”

    That, at any rate was the gist of his response and that gist has remained with me over the years. Here was Jesus, the Exalted One, saying that his job was to assist me. I had never heard anyone in the church say anything like this. It was startling in its contrast to all my previous understandings of the relationship of us ‘mortal’ folk to Jesus, the Christ of God. And yet, somehow, this explanation made so much sense that I could find no argument with it. When you think about it, he is much better equipped to help us than we, him...

My future appears very inscrutable, with no prospect of illumination. Prayer yields nothing apparent. Knowing very little about you it is hard for me to comment, or offer any specific suggestions.  Perhaps it might help if you were willing to share a bit more about your background (particularly your religious/spiritual journey).  All I dimly perceive I was supposed to do was not done.  I am getting a sense of some guilt lurking in the background.  

It seems like maybe I’m supposed to return as the same soul in someone else’s body, I do not follow this; re-incarnation is usually not in someone else’s body, but a ‘new body’ of our own making (people believe mothers build bodies but this is not actually the case.  The incarnating soul builds/makes its own body, using the mother — and father’s DNA — for materials.) but that perhaps does not jive with what the Bible says. As you may be aware, the Bible has been tampered with over the centuries by those with agendas other than the Christ agenda, so there is some truth in it, but jumbled up with misperceptions.  Here is what Jesus said to me in December 1995 about this: 

“…Be not surprised that many souls are lost,* for the light of my spirit was deliberately snuffed out from the Church of Earth by those who sought riches of Earth before riches of eternity. But it is not possible for the Father’s purposes to fail, and the light shall be shone in the dark places until all the shadows of death and fear shall have fled away. Rejoice greatly at this, my beloveds, and sing the New Song, that my little ones may hear, and dance the dance of freedom. That which I have purposed in you shall prosper according to the wisdom of the Father. Be not anxious for any detail; all is well.”

*It should be noted here that this is not indicating that such souls are ‘lost’ for all eternity, but simply that they have lost their way on the Path back Home to Eternity, or Heaven. 

I get tired of trying to figure it out, & am about done. I feel like I’m killing time till I die, but that death may be quite a ways off.  I feel quite certain there is immeasurably more in store for you, that you have come here to accomplish, than this.  I would love to be of help, if you are willing to trust me. 

Meanwhile, endless blessings, in Christ Love, for peace, joy and fulfilment in your life, 


Love,  Dallas

The following exchanges were posted on April 15th 2012

Hello,  Hi Sandy, 

After reading these messages I feel so convinced, so sure beyond any doubts that every day, step by step, I’m reconnecting to my Lord. Can there be any better news than this? The information is like a much-needed drink of fresh water!!! Yes, I know what you mean.  In John 4:14 Jesus says:  whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.   In fact, when properly attuning my heart and mind I can hear the bells of Eden ring nearby (extra-dimensionally...) Alleluia! 

So, this is proof that the GRP is moving along; it’s underway ~~~ Well underway.  And it is infallible and unstoppable. we are creating the destiny that God and His host have intended for us. Heaven’s goals are being met.  In reality they are already met; we are now just becoming aware of this truth, so to us it appears as if it is happening now.  But there is only the eternal NOW, the Holy Instant, in which all is fulfilled.  Time and place is merely a misperception. 

Thank you so much! I love you, Jesus and Brian. And we love you, Sandy (I know I can speak for Jesus ) 





The following exchange resulted from the explanatory note I wrote about the Diary entry dated May 17th 2009:

This Diary entry was preceded by an event of which I wrote at the time: 

I have just experienced a metaphysical event in which I was speaking, as Self, to a gathering of a few score listeners, who were aware that the Voice for God, the Spirit of Truth was simply utilising persona Brian as the mechanism of communicating.  This was not trance mediumship; ‘Brian’ was fully consciously participating in the process, but his speaking was empowered by inspiration from the One-mindedness of the Holy Spirit, or Self, within.   

In accord with the PLF that by steadfastly remaining focussed on the truth of oneness with Self in Papa and the rightful empowerment this brings to all the fragments of the Sonship who so attune/commune, persona Brian spontaneously levitated about 20 feet (6 metres) above the gathering, saying that this was to demonstrate that the body is not, nor does it have to be — just as Jesus tells us repeatedly in ACIM, and as it was not for him in his walking on water — a burdensome limitation.  Jesus tells us that the works that he did we also would do, and greater works than these, if only we could believe.  Now is the time for these works — ‘miracles’; signs and wonders — to begin in earnest.  We can know this is correct because he has now, in perfect co-ordination of timing, given us the handbook for them, right at the beginning of the leavening of the third measure. 

The reference to vultures is prompted by what I wrote in the April 11th 2012 MoE: 

We shine, but are unaware, because we have chosen to believe in littleness and limitation.  Jesus counsels us: Ye are the light of the world... Let your light so shine before men... (Mt. 5:14,16).  He tells us that accepting, choosing the Holy Instant holds our whole release from littleness, and thus, from Joylessness.  The Holy Instant is the shimmering doorway to awareness, remembrance of truth; the truth of Self, of God, of eternity and our oneness with All That Is.  We shimmer, but are blind to it.  The closest we, in our self-deception of littleness, can manage is shimmy. J.  Shimmy is to shimmer as vulture is to Bird of Paradise.


Hi Brian, Hi Pearl, 

What does it feel like to levitate?

I have been dream-experiencing flying/floating/levitating all my life.  It feels wonderfully normal, and I Know this is entirely normal when we remember who we are.  It is only because we believe the illusion of imprisonment in a body limited by gravity and the rest of the so-called laws of time and place – none of which are true – that we perceive that soaring/flying/levitating are not possible. 

We are Papa’s beloved Son, limitless, all-knowing, all-empowered.  As Jesus would say, ‘Believest thou this?’  As we believe, so is it for us. And what do you mean that Vulture is to Bird of Paradise?  A poor imitation; a thing of ugliness compared with a thing of beauty. Shimmy is Vibration. Shimmy is a forced activity that cannot be continued indefinitely.  It uses muscles to oscillate the body at most a few times a second.  Shimmer is tiny vibrations at a speed so fast that we are unaware of it with our bodily (ego) senses.  It is a soul/spirit quality over which our Earth-mind consciousness has no control or awareness.

Everything Vibrates at a different Rate. Even decaying matter is Vibrating. I think that nothing can be unless it Vibrates. And everything Vibrates to its own Tune. Have you ever heard of that saying, The Atoms Dance the the Music of the Spheres?  The vibrations of which you speak are of time and place, ‘physical’ matter, and are nothing to with the soul/spirit shimmering that is of the Life Force that is of God and eternity.  We can only be aware of the shimmering of which Jesus speaks with our soul awareness, and we can have no soul awareness (true vision) until we ask for and accept Holy Spirit’s help in healing our mind from wrong-perception to true perception and beyond - back to Christ-Mindedness; oneness with/in eternal reality.

And why are some people afraid of Love? 

Love, with a capital L, is perfect, unconditional Love; the Love that is of Papa, which He gave to/shared with His beloved Son at his creation.  At the illusory separation, the fragmented, confused, bewildered Son believed/dreamed/pretended he had left Home.  Home is Love, Light, Truth, Peace, Joy, security.  To ‘leave Home’ all the qualities that are Home (Papa) cease to be in our awareness otherwise we would not be able to believe we were separated from Him.  That means we are, in our Earth life (dream) consciousness unaware of Love. 

So we have fabricated a pale, poor, substitute that, for want of a better term, I call ’romantic love’, which is always conditional, never perfect and seeks to obtain something from the relationship, rather than give unconditionally.  Perfect Love is Light (not the light of the sun, another substitute) and without perfect Love we are in (spiritual) darkness, and Light/Love seems fearful because it is overwhelmingly powerful to a mind that believes itself little, limited, unworthy, a sinner...  The seal on all that is the false belief that Jesus/God are going to judge us and cast us into hell for our sins.  

Further, the unknown is fearful to a confused mind that has forgotten the truth of Self, and Love is unknown because we are playing a game of pretend that we are not what we are.  When we remember this is only a game, a dream, and Awaken from it, we remember we ARE Love and all the fear and pretence are gone and forgotten.  Thus are we restored to Love, which is all we are.   

Best regards. Pearl.   

Thanks so much for asking, Pearl; much appreciated.  I hope this helps. Much Love and endless blessings, always,   


The following exchange was posted on March 23rd 2012


Dear Brian,  Dear Brenda,  

I am presently reading your book Seek Ye First the Kingdom ... and have a question for you since you are also a student of ACIM.  

Thanks so much for your message.  I am delighted you are reading my book.  I hope it will be helpful to your increasing understanding. 

I have been studying ACIM since the mid-eighties and understand that this world is illusion but I cannot reconcile this with “there is nothing but God”.  That God is in everything.  Can you help me to understand this.  I would greatly appreciate your help.  

I believe it will help if you view this world as a dream.  Dreams are not real, and when we awaken from them they fade away as we realise they were not real, and we have returned — through the  transition to wakefulness — to ‘reality’.  In a moment, the dreams are forgotten.  We are not Awake (spiritually) while we perceive ourself as a body, or even being with a body, because bodies are not real; they are a symbol of the dream of separation.  That does not mean the Awakening from dream (of time and place, separation) to reality (of oneness in Papa, in eternity) does not take place while we are still appearing to be with a body.  Indeed, we have to Awaken from the dream of separation from within the dream, recognising it for what it is and choosing, steadfastly, unwaveringly to see past the dream to eternal reality.   

Jesus says ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is spread out all around you in the world, but you do not see it’.  This is what I refer to as the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (KOHOE), and he refers to in ACIM as ‘the real world’.  God is Spirit, or ‘content’, not ‘form’.  We cannot see God, or the KOHOE with our bodily senses because they are devised for perception only of form, which is not real — only a dream; something we have made up, to distract us from reality.  We can have awareness of reality — God (Papa) and the Kingdom — on Earth (time and place) and/or in Heaven (eternity) with our soul discernment.  I call this our ‘heart/mind’, which is an inner awareness, including feeling, and is the opposite of intellect, which is an ego-device to distract us into living by the ‘spirit of reckoning’ rather than by faith, trust, obedience (to Self, the Spirit of Truth) and commitment (FTOC).  I have written about the spirit of reckoning in some detail in vignette 10, in Part Two of my book, and believe you may find this helpful. 

God is everything, but this world is nothing because we have made it up, and only what He creates is real.  What He creates is like Him: Pure, eternal, all-Loving, all-Knowing, perfect Spirit.  God is in us, the Life Force, and is the Life Force of everything that has life, but He is not the form that gives all that is of time and place the illusory appearance of being, but which passes away and therefore is not, cannot be, real. 

I hope the foregoing will help.  You do not say how far you have got in reading the book.  Perhaps when you have finished it you may find it has answered some further questions, but do get back to me then (or any time) if you would like to discuss, or seek clarity, on any matter. 

Thanking you in advance,   Endless blessings for increasing receptivity to the Light of Spiritual Discernment on your journey back to Oneness,   

Brenda                                Brian 

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.
The Serenity Prayer

The following exchange was posted on March 17th 2012


Dear Brian,  Dear Jo,

I often check for new free applications for my iPad and found one that offered online newspapers from all over the world. As I opened the “Telegraph”, I was drawn to the story of the 22 children who died in a crash in a tunnel in Switzerland.  I felt so sad for the parents and rescue workers who had to see these poor mangled children. I believe there were many tears of love and compassion around the world for the children — those who were projected from their bodies by the force of the crash and those who were so badly injured but still remain with their injured bodies — and also for the parents of both categories. Then there are the six(?) adults who also died.


I have written a few times recently about PCB'ing, and this is something we all can do, at any and every moment, wherever we are or whatever we are doing.  But unless it is sincere, from the heart, it is 'as sounding brass and tinkling cymbal' — of little value.  If/when it is sincere it is of immeasurably more value, benefit, help than anything else we can do because it engenders power at the Earth-life/etheric level that can be used by Light-workers in spirit — including Jesus, of course — to administer help in all the ways they Know are most beneficial according to the individual needs.  Also, there is no reason for not including the rescue workers, medics, helicopter and ambulance crews. 


I know they are with Jesus and have no fear for them but I wonder if some of those 12 year olds would already be nonbelievers and not join their classmates. I guess why I am asking is because I was taught that all children are innocent and go to Heaven.....   Oh my.  I heard what I was saying as I typed that. It’s not just children that are innocent... We ALL are innocent because there is no sin so there is no cut-off age like my grandma taught me.  Because that is what someone taught her.  Now is the time for the Light to shine the Truth into the mind of the fragmented Sonship.  Alleluia!!!!


But there is belief in sin and that is what determines our state of mind in our embodied, and after we become disembodied, state.  For many — children and adults — there will be shock and disorientation.  PCB'ing will ensure that help from spirit is at hand, because our PCB'ing establishes a link between helpers and those in need of help, through the connection we make by the act of PCB'ing.  Visualisation can be of considerable benefit in this process.  It is for this reason I wrote the MoE recently about the Light-body visit to the Darfur refugee camp (February 22nd 2012), and why I wrote the Vignette about the rescue of the 500k African children... And the MoE about the three attitudes to eternity (March 7th 2012)... So readers could be helped to visualise how these processes work and are so real; the reality created in the sincerity of our heart in the PCB'ing activity.  More real than most of what slumbering humanity thinks is real. I sigh with contentment and amusement and shall email this to you anyway. I am so glad you did. 

I have no question that those children were immediately swept into His arms. Because we are One with Jesus, joining in heart and mind with him and those he is sweeping-up through our PCB visualisation activity helps massively in creating that reality more ‘solidly’ (spiritually speaking, not illusorily). I just hope there can be some kind of hope, some kind of beauty that people will remember from this....that the parents can find comfort and peace. It does not help when, through lack of understanding, people get maudlin and swept up in negative emotion about it.  We can easily understand this by asking ourself, ‘Is this how Jesus would behave?’  Of course he would not; but ego would, because it is counterproductive, adding to the psychic/emotional despair of those experiencing the trauma, as well as our own doubt and uncertainty as to whether we are helping.  Happily, we can choose to KNOW we are helping — and be GLAD J. 


I pray for those children, dead  I am choosing to avoid using this word, because it isnt real.  We can use alternatives, such as passed on, laid aside their bodies... whatever works best for us.  This way we are focusing on their continued livingness, not the ‘little pile of clay’ they expressed through for a span and have now left behind.  and injured and their family and friends. I commit them to Jesus and bless them with all my heart. PCB'ing!!!! J  Alleluia.  I am overjoyed for you and for them.  Truly, the Kingdom of Heaven is amongst us, in the midst, and manifesting more each moment.  


Those involved in the Belgian coach crash in Switzerland all agreed to this before they incarnated, just as we all agree to our exit strategy ‘aforetime’.  That we forget this does not negate this truth, for it is cosmic Law, the Law of God, that nothing happens to us.  It seems to, so ego can cause us to believe we are ‘victims’, but all is by our agreement, whether children or adults.  That is but an outer garb.


Thank you Brian for helping those beautiful children in well as these Belgium children.  


I want to help too.  Darling Jo, to read these words is causing my heart to leap, so think what it is doing to Jesus’ heart J  You ARE helping, so much more than you are consciously aware.  Please keep on keeping on, for you are a Light Bringer now, having moved along from Light Seeker.  You may say, ‘But there is so much I do not know, have yet to learn; how could I possibly be a Light Bringer?’  We are both when our desire to help, to serve the Great Rescue Programme rises to the fore in our heart/mind.  We teach as we learn and we help as we are helped. 


Endless Love and blessings for your continuing journey Home,

Jo          Brian


Dear Brian:


I feel less sad now and I thank you for that. I pray also for the rest involved of course. It was just the children I felt affected by most.  Reading your words telling me I am a light bringer stunned and comforted me.


In love and Light,




The following exchange was posted on March 9th 2012


Hi You two :).   I am sure you have heard of the child prodigy Akiane who has been painting visions of Heaven.   I was reminded of her again by book written about Colton Burpo, the little boy who saw Heaven.   His dad had pointed out pictures of Jesus to his son, who had until seeing Akiane's painting, said that none of our popular images of  Jesus was correct.

I was wondering how close this image is to the Master in your eyes?

much love...


Hi Jo,

I have seen Akiane’s paintings and they are amazing; she is a prodigy, as you say.  However, this image is not like Jesus as I experience him.  The main and only important difference is the eyes.  There are numerous other differences of detail but they are all of little consequence by comparison.

This is what I wrote in my book describing him when he first manifested to me in his glory, in January 1967:

...His eyes were radiating the all-knowing wisdom of the ages, and love; personal love as well as universal, unconditional Love. I knew he loved me personally, in a way and with a Love that is utterly beyond any love I had ever known, heard about or experienced in this world... 

...I remember reading at some later date, in the book of Revelation, chapter 1 vs. 16, ...and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength, and saying to myself, ‘That is an exact and perfect description of his appearance.’

There are no words to describe this any more than this, but they are totally inadequate.  The depth of that love and wisdom in his eyes was like looking into eternity, and the eternity into which I was looking was LOVE. But ‘looking into eternity’ isn’t adequate either, because those eyes included me, enfolded me within eternity, Heaven, the heart, the very Life and Being that is Papa, so that just ‘looking into’ those eyes made me one with the Perfect Love that is eternity

This was not a thought process, there was no analysing what I was seeing; it was simply a Knowing, an experiencing the eternal Reality of oneness, of allness, of wholeness.  That Love is gentle, tender, all-embracing, all-enfolding, has no beginning and no ending.  This is not coming anywhere near the experience but is the best that words can allow. 

This is not present in the eyes of Akianes painting.  This is not a judgement or criticism of Akiane or the picture.  It is a startlingly good picture and the eyes are very well painted, but don’t come anywhere near what I ‘saw’.  One of the difficulties of trying to make a comparison is that we see Akiane’s picture with our ocular, bodily eyes, and our mind then interprets that impression on our eyes. 

What I saw was not an ocular experience; it was a soul-sight vision/experience.  It is immeasurably more all-encompassing than anything our bodily sight/senses can encompass.  A soul-sight experience is a direct connection with feeling, and feeling is of the heart.  One could therefore say I ‘saw Jesus with my heart — because in truth, that is where he is, in us all.  But it was much more than that; it was a becoming merged with, almost subsumed into, a becoming one with him.  Yet it was not a reducing event; it was an enlarging event. Enlarging to always, forever, never to be erased, never to fade, never to diminish. 

I could go on but nothing I could add could make it any more comprehensively complete or accurate a description. 

Thanks for asking Jo.  Much Love to you, 


PS:  I would add that the image representing Jesus on the front cover of my book is also nothing like him as I experience him.  After viewing untold numbers of artistic attempts at representing him visually, I can only conclude that the intent is that such attempts should not perhaps ever succeed.  If this is the case, it is in line with his teaching in ACIM that he along with all of us is not a body, but pure spirit, just like Papa.  Any visual images of himself he may present to us, individually, must, therefore, be personal to the individual, and never intended to be other than that.  This will, assuredly, scupper any endeavours by ego to jump on the bandwagon and turn it into a clamorous, commercial circus.


Dear Brian: 

A most beautiful answer, my friend.   I understand what you are saying, to the best of my earthly limitations.   Thank you for sharing. Your tender words about Him make me want to dive in deeper than ever.....what a joyous JOY-filled journey we are on, with His beautiful eyes ever loving and watching each and every one of us..  You are right, these earthly eyes can not describe what is not of earth... It is a soaring experience, though to see artists strive to reach what they saw and share with the rest of us, isn’t it? 

Have a MOST Blessed day... I am :) 



The following exchange was posted on January 29th 2012

Very interesting account of reincarnation, Brian. (As set out in the MoE dated January 25th 2012.)  

My husband is Buddhist and believes in reincarnation.  Since ACIM I haven’t been interested in it at all...since I understand that it’s an illusion just like the illusion that I call my life now.  I choose to work on forgiveness now...because there has been plenty for me to work with in this life.   I know now that forgiveness leads to that holy instant.  

Brian, now I have a better understanding of why you have such a strong aversion to organized and institutional religions.  I have often wanted to point out to you how that aversion comes out in your writing...because it’s certainly not how I feel.   I understand that there is much to be desired...and that so many who claim to be Christian, act in ways that are not of Christ.  That doesn’t take away from my desire to participate in an organized church...the Catholic Church.  

With the exception of the major error that “we are all sinners”, everything else in our worship, music and prayer celebrates and praises the Love, Glory that is our Heavenly Father, Brother Jesus and the Voice for God, the Holy Spirit.   My ACIM prayers are mingled with the prayers offered by the church.  This has been a wonderful vehicle for me to move forward toward the Holy Instant and to “forgive what has never been”.

Please send my love to Theresa. 



My Dear Rosemary,

Thank you so much for your insightful message.  Truly, forgiveness is the key to the gates of Heaven, and will inevitably bring us to the eternal, Holy Instant.  According to Jesus in ACIM, it certainly needs to be top of our agenda, so your choice could hardly be mistaken.  

During the last 45 years it has been, and remains, my commitment and endeavour to follow the lead of Jesus and the Spirit of Truth in Their guiding of my life.  That guiding has led me to the place of understanding — particularly affirmed in ACIM — that knowing what we are dealing with (ego and its constructs, devised to divert us from Truth) is also of crucial importance in helping to dispel illusion from our mind, enabling its healing.

It is my desire and intent to honour all my brothers in the Sonship of God, and any variance between us of personal beliefs and perceptions, just as I hope others will honour me and mine.  I cannot but include you in this, because I love you so much and honour and salute you for the wonderful, devoted ‘labour of love’ you perform within the Catholic Church and for the children in the church school. 

Mingling ACIM prayers with those of the church takes much focused, one-pointed, steadfast commitment. It is very important that you have a ‘desire to participate in an organized church...the Catholic Church’, otherwise it would not be possible for you to follow, and put heart and soul into what is clearly your inspired calling — at least for the time being.  May you be deeply blessed, guided, strengthened and upheld in this most worthy of causes and callings.

Regrettably, it is not just the ‘we are all sinners’ dogma that is so unserviceable within institutionalised religions — including the Catholic Church.  At least as significant as that is the false teaching that sacrifice is the path to salvation — particularly, of course the doctrine that Jesus died on the cross as a God-required, once and for all blood sacrifice for our sins.  As you will be completely aware, from your devotional studies of ACIM, this is far from the truth, and has kept untold millions away from the truth, and understanding of the real, living Jesus, for many, many centuries. 

Many of us come into this life with our own purpose, or birth vision, and that purpose can only be agreed, decided upon before we incarnate.  We are then guided from the Realms of Light in the unfolding of that purpose during our sojourn in time.  The more we are willing to co-operate with that guiding, the more possible does it become for our birth vision to be fulfilled.  It is inevitable that those ‘aforetime’, or pre-incarnation choices will be affected by events, experiences and understandings arrived at as a result of yet earlier (in linear time terms!) events.  

The tongue-crushing did indeed have a pivotal role in Paul’s decision, but I would like to add that although he went through an array of feelings and emotions after it, including anger and a sense of being betrayed by unChristlike goings-on in the Church, it did set him on a path of intent to bring to the attention of any who were interested, at least some of the fundamentally erroneous teachings of the Church. 

The false doctrine of the blood sacrifice of Jesus (and the prerequisite of our accepting it as truth) as essential to our salvation — about as fundamentally erroneous as it could be — on which I have written exhaustively in my book, is the cause of so much guilt and fear that keeps us bound to riding the carousel of birth and death. 

As indicated above, which Jesus teaches us in ACIM, we need to understand what we are up against with ego, so that we can see through/past it to the eternal truth of our Being.  About 20 years ago Jesus said to me, ‘People need a jolt!’  He did not say this to scare me, or anyone else, but to point out that most of us ‘slumberers’ are unaware of how far from the truth of eternity our ego-mind thinking is, and in many instances it takes a jolt to bring to our awareness what will shake us from our lethargy and start to see things from our higher-Self perspective, and then start to actually do something about it.

That is what happened with Paul and the tongue crushing.  It was a jolt, a gift, an opportunity — albeit heavily disguised as adversity, as is so often the case in this world of duality — to help him decide he could not let this rest.  He had agreed to this ‘aforetime’, just as we all agree aforetime to the major life-changing events — which act as stepping stones — on our path back to Papa. 

As I understand your calling, you placed yourself where you are, to help the children wherever Holy Spirit provided the opportunity to know the truth, and thus avoid being completely indoctrinated in the Church’s misperceptions about God and Jesus, and our relationship to Them.

I would like to reassure you that I hold no ill will toward anyone in the church, past or present; all are my brothers.  It is the institution — founded on false premises, and thus an ego construct, that has enthralled countless souls for so many centuries — that is flawed, and it is important that this is understood by any who seek to know the truth of eternity in order to be willing to be led Home with the fewest diversions and in the minimum of delay. 

Delay means reincarnations that would be rendered unnecessary by the knowing of the truth.  All this is coming to light now, as the GRP is moving into its third, final, fulfilment phase, in which all that is not eternal crumbles and fades away as the unchangeable truth of eternity is revealed to the fragmented Sonship.  

As you know, there are no accidents, and the tongue crushing was a significant catalyst that honed my decision to follow this path.  In Paul’s consultations with Jesus, after he laid aside his body in the 1600s, Jesus made it clear that we all need a catalyst — or jolt! — a significant event or awareness, to help refine our chosen path for the next leg, or incarnation, of the journey Home; that he will then counsel us in how we can best proceed to enact that birth vision for the common good of all affected by its enactment; that he will also guide us during its unfoldment, if we are willing to listen; that he will empower the circumstances by which our awareness of this process comes about.  All this, so that we can progress immeasurably further by following his counsel to forgive and:

Forget your dreams of sin and guilt, and come with me instead to share the resurrection of God's Son.  And bring with you all those whom He has sent to you to care for as I care for you.

(ACIM, Clarification of Terms, 5.6:11,12.  My emboldening, for emphasis)

I am wondering if you have read my book, “Seek ye First the Kingdom...”?  It sets out the journey on which Jesus has led me to this place.  It is freely available on the Honest2Goodness website, has been substantially updated since 2005, and is shortly to be released as an e-book, and not long after that as a print book for those who like to hold a book in their hands and read a bit here and a bit there, wherever they happen to be — on a train, bus, plane, in bed... 

Of course I would be delighted if you wish to read it all, but may I offer this link to Part Two, in which you can select vignette 12? This sets out the scriptural references that unequivocally, incontrovertibly show sacrifice was never on God’s agenda, and which the Church has ignored, holding to the doctrine that Jesus died as a blood sacrifice to propitiate for our ‘sins’

I was surprised by how many people have written to me to the effect that they felt burdened by church teachings that forbade them to follow their hearts (our connection to our higher Self) in such things as communing with loved ones in spirit; that they were afraid to commune with Jesus because they had been taught they were sinners, and Jesus is coming again ‘to judge the quick and the dead’ (in direct contradiction of Jesus' own words from John 12:47); that what I had written had freed them from the limitation caused by those, and other church-promulgated misperceptions, and they felt liberated to enter into joyful communion with him and their loved ones in spirit. 

To help my brothers find release from labouring under such misperceptions is my heart’s desire These positive, grateful responses were to me an affirmation that I was on the right path, of following Jesus and Holy Spirits lead. 

I am well aware that my perspective on institutionalised religion comes across loud and clear.  I constantly ask Holy Spirit to be the editor, as well as the inspiration of the writing that emanates from my keyboard, because I realise that too much drum-banging turns people away.  It is my profound hope and intent to shine a light for Truth rather than simply bang a drum for pointing out error.  But ACIM points out that recognising error is prerequisite to correcting it. 

In love and endless blessing, and in earnest hope that we are still journeying together back toward Oneness, 


The following exchange was posted on January 21st 2012

Hi Brian, 

In your MoE this week (and on previous occasions) you speak of true vision.  I know this is referred to a lot in ACIM but since you mention it a fair amount also, I thought you might be able to help me understand just what it means.  What does true vision ‘look like’; how do we know when we are experiencing it? 

In grateful thanks, 


PS:  Compared with the enlightening content of your website, you seem to have remarkably little correspondence on your Forum page.


Hi Mitch, 

I am very glad you have asked this question.  One of the difficulties of trying to explain – and in trying to understand – the things that are of Eternity is that we only have available to us in language, spoken or written, words almost exclusively devised to explain, make real, the unreality that is time and place.  This hampers the process somewhat.  Nevertheless, it is important that we try.  So here goes: 

First, we must allow a broadening of our understanding of the traditional meaning applied to some words that can substitute for each other.  A few examples are see, perceive, vision, discern.  In my own personal understanding I mostly use the word see to mean what our bodily eyes detect, and pair it with perceive.  This is because what our bodily eyes see is limited to our position, from which we view a thing, idea or event; i.e. our perspective.  Perception is, according to Jesus in ACIM, also limited; not the complete picture, or story, or reality.  Of course, none of what we see or perceive is reality in the sense of eternal truth, so is only used in the preceding sentence within the context of time and place. 

I tend to use the words vision, discern, understand and awareness when referring to spiritual, eternal reality.  Vision and discernment is nothing to do with what appears to be going on around us, but with awakening, unfolding awareness of eternal reality, or Heaven – all within us.  I also find it greatly helpful to use the word Knowing in conjunction, or association, with understanding derived, or resulting, from spiritual sight, or vision. 

Jesus uses Knowing and Knowledge a lot in ACIM, meaning that we can Know the truth but anything that is not eternal truth cannot be known, though we are at free will to believe it. One could say that (spiritual) seeing and knowing are interchangeable terms because they are awarenesses that are in our mind, bringing us understanding of (eternal, spiritual) Reality.  This is what happens in one of those sublime moments when we suddenly realise, understand something that has never been clear to us until that instant, and we find ourself involuntarily saying ‘I see!’ 

Eternal reality is described in ACIM as an abstract state of Being, whereas ego is an illusorily concrete state of mind of a seemingly split-off-from-truth, upside-down mind.  This is explained very clearly (no surprises there, then coming from Jesus) in ACIM T-4.VII.  I have included some extracts from it here, though reading/studying the whole section is highly serviceable to enhanced understanding:  

Ego illusions are quite specific, although the (true, whole, Christ Mind) mind is naturally abstract. Part of the mind becomes concrete, however, when it splits. The concrete part believes in the ego, because the ego depends on the concrete. The ego is the part of the mind that believes your existence is defined by separation.

Everything the ego perceives is a separate whole, without the relationships that imply being. The ego is thus against communication, except insofar as it is utilized to establish (or maintain) separateness rather than to abolish it. The communication system of the ego is based on its own thought system, as is everything else it dictates. Its communication is controlled by its need to protect itself, and it will disrupt communication when it experiences threat...  

In contrast, spirit reacts in the same way to everything it knows is true, and does not respond at all to anything else. Nor does it make any attempt to establish what is true. It knows that what is true is everything that God created...  Creation and communication are synonymous. God created every mind by communicating His Mind to it, thus establishing it forever as a channel for the reception of His Mind and Will. Since only beings of a like order can truly communicate, His creations naturally communicate with Him and like Him. This communication is perfectly abstract, since its quality is universal in application and not subject to any judgment, any exception or any alteration...     

...Divine Abstraction takes joy in sharing. That is what creation means. “How,” “what” and “to whom” are irrelevant, because real creation gives everything, since it can create only like itself...

 (My emboldening and italic, for emphasis.)

Our true, eternal state of Being because it Knows, understands, is and has everything has need of nothing, including thinking, pondering, debating, philosophising.  Everything that appears to be concrete has a perceived purpose or meaning, but only within time and place – because it is only within the illusion of time and place that any needs are perceived, or anything concrete appears to exist.  In our true state of Being, with need of nothing concrete, nothing concrete exists, because we made up time and place to serve our purpose of separating ourself from Papa. 

‘True vision’ is not a ‘seeing’ but a knowing, an understanding, an awareness.  For example, one can have an awareness of Love, but it is not visible, other than through its effects.  So, a person who is an embodiment of Love – such as Jesus, but in truth, any and all of us as we remember who we really are – will radiate that Love and it will uplift, inspire, all around him (or her) who are receptive to that Love.  Such beneficiaries might then tell their friends that as a result of that benign encounter, ‘Today, I knew love.’ 

All such Knowing, awareness, vision is a within, abstract thing, not a without, concrete thing. 

I hope this helps, Mitch. 

Regarding your PS, the vast majority of incoming correspondence is of such a private nature that I do not post most of them (and my responses) on the Forum, for confidentiality reasons.  It is vital that people feel able to rely on this as trustworthy, or they would be fearful of writing, which would defeat the objectives of the HTG website. 

Love and endless blessings, 


The following exchange was posted on January 1st 2012

Dear Brian, 

In your MoEs and quite a few places in your book you refer to the Realms of Light and souls from there communicating with you.  As I understand it from my reading of ACIM and other books on eternal reality, there is the reality that we know as Heaven, or eternity, and there is illusion, which is everything we perceive, or believe, that is not eternal, and therefore cannot be real. 

Further, according to ACIM (or at least, my understanding of it!) when we awaken to reality it is to awareness that we are One, and personality identity ceases to exist.  Yet, you speak of your children in spirit, of the friend you describe as the Rector, and the Teacher, and various others.  They all seem to be separate individuals, not one Being, or one Identity in Christ.   

Don’t get me wrong, I am not disputing the things you write.  In fact, I love it, and have been helped greatly to make sense of what the world calls the Mysteries.  Therefore, I am trusting you can cast further light on this area, to increase my understanding, to help clarify the picture, put more pieces of the jigsaw in place, so to speak. 

Thanks in anticipation and blessings for peace in 2012,



Hi Neil, 

Great to hear from you, and thanks so much for the opportunity to explain this use of the term ‘the Realms of Light’. 

This is a term I coined (I dare say there are others who used it before I did) to give a broad description to discarnate souls who are of a ‘place’ or state of spiritual attainment that is either some way ahead of where are most of us in the earthly life, or are indeed, ‘all the way Home’ in terms of full enlightenment, and in need of no further incarnations. 

It is evident that Jesus is fully awake and restored to Oneness in Papa.  In fact, if we are to believe the Gospel accounts of his life, he has been in that state of ‘I AMness’ since before Abraham, for John 8:58 records him as saying: Before Abraham was, I amIndeed, it must be so if he was to be able to plan, implement and oversee, or be in charge of, the Great Rescue Programme (GRP) the final phase of what he calls the Atonement (pronounced at-one-ment) in ACIM.  The GRP, to which Jesus referred in his parable of the three measures of meal, and which is extensively discussed in chapter 10 of my book, began to become manifest in the world of time and place with the life of Abraham, 4,000 years ago.  Its planning therefore, must, in linear time terms, have been ‘before’ that, although it does not serve us well to be hung up in linear perceptions. 

Accepting that Jesus is fully at-one with Papa definitely ‘places’ him in the ‘ultimate’ Realm of Light.  I have no doubt there are others who have reached that place of full enlightenment.  In that place, or state of Being, individual identities are left behind, serving no further purpose for such Beings, since separate, individual identities are made up, an ego contrivance to ‘prove’ separation.  However, such Beings of Light may choose to retain the use of their Earth-life identity for the purpose of helping those of us who have not yet awakened to that state of Self-remembrance.   

Untold millions of fragments have come to know and love him whom we identify as Jesus, so if he continues to present himself to them as ‘Jesus’ they will feel safe and able to trust him as their Guide to Eternity.  I attest to this in and from my own experience.  All the while any of us have a perceived need to look to Jesus for our help, strength and guidance, he will be there for us, presenting himself in that identity, for their peace of mind and comfort.  When we are all fully restored to remembrance of our oneness, he will no longer be perceived by any of us as Jesus, just as we will no longer identify ourself as Neil, or Brian... 

This communing with Papa in November 2008 explains it perfectly: 

...Enter in, enter in; attune with Me with rejoicing, waking to the fullness of your glory and your oneness in Me.  You are in Me and I am within you; there is mutuality in our love, which We extend to each other continually.  In that extending is the ecstasy of My creation, which is you.  Only in you is My ecstasy, My joy, My fulfilment, My completion.  When you deny yourself, you deny Me.  This is your only blasphemy.

Wow! Papa.  This is some revelation.  It changes my perception, brings me up short.

I know your desire to return wholly to Me above all things.  To do this you must return wholly unto your Self; ‘Big Me’, as you have rightly observed.  Jesus was wholly in Me because he was wholly Self – I AM.  You are ‘I AM’ also.  All the fragments of My Son also are, indivisibly ‘I AM’.  They say to themselves ‘I am Brian’, or ‘I am Theresa’, or ‘I am John’, or ‘I am Mary’.  Each time they make such pronouncement, there is one word too many.  For ‘I AM’ is Who they are.  The rest is made up, illusion.  Do you wish to be made up?

No, I don’t, Papa; I wish to be real.

Keep on, then, reminding yourself, ‘Big Me’ is good because it focuses on your ‘otherness’, your ‘realness’, your ‘I AM-ness’.  There is no other you than ‘Big Me’. You have no other name, no other being, no other identity.  It is a distraction, a diversion away from the truth of Who you ARE.

But while I seem to be in, or with, a body, my brothers will see me as Brian…

Let that serve its purpose then, that you may use that illusion to bring your brothers to the truth of Who you are, that they may be re-minded of Who they all are.  This illusory self can be restored to oneness, and thus disappear back into Me, forever.  It has a purpose only in time, never in Eternity.

Welcome Home, My beloved.  The banquet awaits.

Thank you, beloved Papa.  You know how much I enjoy a feast!

 Now, we all have loved ones in the etheric realms, or, broadly speaking, in spirit, or discarnate.  Some of our loved ones are further ahead than others on their journey Home to eternity.  It could be said that those further ahead are ‘more enlightened’, or ‘in the Light’ than those some steps behind.  But that does not necessarily mean they are fully Awake, and in no further need of reincarnating in order to break the cycle of birth and death.   

That does not mean they are unable to be in communication with Jesus.  Indeed, all those about whom I have written the Teacher (formerly King David of Old Testament renown and John, author of the 4th Gospel and Revelation), the Rector (who, I came to understand in 2007 was my older sibling brother in a 16th century incarnation), Olga Park, our children in spirit, Theresa’s brother, John, CS (‘Charles’) Lewis, Bobby Kennedy, and many, many others who have laid aside their body and are now in what we in the earthly life think of as the etheric realms, are in commun(icat)ion with Jesus.

It must also be stated here that there is not an embodied soul walking the Earth at this moment of time who does not also have one-on-one contact/communion with Jesus available to them at any and every moment, so what is stated above should not be considered 'extraordinary'. This is explained by Jesus in this extract from chapter 3 of my book:

I turned to him and said, “How can it be that you are here, visiting me when there are so many others needing your help, and whom you also would wish to visit?”

The question was really a double one. Partly it was saying ‘Can I be worthy to be privileged by a visit from you, the Lord of all mankind, when there are many others more worthy and in greater need?’ and partly it was saying, ‘How on Earth do you do that?’

His reply answered both aspects. “I am attuned to all mankind all the time; there is never a moment when I am not with you all. All that is needed to complete the contact is for you to attune with me and we are together, at any time.” This seemed to be a principle, along the lines of two-way radio links. If party ‘A’ is at one end, listening to a transmission from party ‘B’ on a given frequency, he can hear party B without any trouble. If he wishes to respond and be heard by party B, all he needs to do is open his microphone with transmitter attuned to the same frequency, and speak, and party B will be able to receive from, as well as transmit to, party A.

There are immeasurably more such souls, with whom I am not personally acquainted, and millions of them are reincarnating in these times of the leavening of the third measure of meal, each on a unique mission in time and place.  That mission is their bringing of more Light into this world, for the help of their brothers here and of themselves, in the common objective of Awakening to Oneness.  Such are the ‘Bride of Christ’, as described in Revelation chapter 21. 

Those in the etheric counterpart of Earth who are not yet fully Self-Realised but are totally, unequivocally espoused to Jesus and his GRP, and thus empowered with Christ authority in all their endeavours for the Kingdom, are thus, to a large extent, even if not yet completely, functioning in and from an enlightened, or, at least, a Kingdom-committed state of mind.  Thus can it be stated, even if only in a rather generalised way, that they are in and from a state of Being that, at least for the purposes of my writing of them, is operating from the Realms of Light.  This is why I have used the plural — Realms because even if some are a ‘storey, or more than one storey’ from the Penthouse in Papa’s House, their focus for the GRP, and commitment for helping us to become, and remain, focused, is unswerving. 

Such souls will still need one or more further illusory incarnations to complete their Awakening through release of unconscious guilt by true forgiveness.  Meanwhile, just as we who perceive ourselves as embodied can serve the GRP wholeheartedly, so can they.

I hope this helps, Neil, but do let me know if you have any further observations on this or any matter to do with the Atonement.  Excuse the lengthiness of this reply, but for any visitors to the Forum whose understanding of esoteric/metaphysical matters is ready to progress, a detailed answer can be more helpful than one that assumes the reader already knows aspects that might otherwise have been skipped over. 

Endless Love and blessings for Joy, Peace and fulfilment in all your endeavours for enlightenment in 2012 and beyond, 



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