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May you be uplifted, inspired and encouraged by what you find here,

Brian Longhurst



January 7th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Light shines. This is not a doing thing; it is a Being thing. Shining is the nature of Light. To use an analogy, sugar is sweet; that is what it is, not what it does. That is an aspect of its nature, its state of being. We are the Light. Our Light shines whether we are aware of it or not. When we are unaware of it, we seem to be in self-implemented darkness, and the energy of darkness is negative and debilitating. The Thesaurus shows the following alternatives to debilitate: devitalise, enervate, deplete, enfeeble, exhaust, incapacitate, weaken… It’s quite a list. This, we are doing to ourselves. 

This is the state of the fragmented Sonship – us – and eating whole food, doing body-building exercises… will make no difference because all those debilitating terms describe our deluded state of mind, not our body. If we are fortunate enough to number amongst the relatively modest percentage of embodied fragments who can claim, ‘I have a good job, live in a nice house in a quiet area, have some good friends, keep fit…’ we are fooling ourself if this is how we see fulfilment. Jesus had nothing material, yet he was happy, fulfilled, complete, wanting for nothing, radiant – shining.   

Being is cause, and cause always produces an effect. The effect of Light is illumination. But when we have chosen not to acknowledge that we ARE the Light that we inescapably have always been and will be, we are denying ourself that illuminated state of mind. An illuminated mind is certain beyond all doubt of its Knowing, living and Being the truth. That Truth, which is eternal, is Love, peace and joy – a state of Being that is completely beyond the understanding of a self-limiting mind. A mind that denies its illuminated state of being feels fearful, doubtful, confused, threatened, guilty… 

This is just the way the ego wants us to feel, and it will strenuously resist our endeavours to acknowledge that we ARE the Light, thereby regaining awareness of our true estate. Let us, therefore, never forget that the ego is not real; it is an illusion; it has no power of its own at all, deriving all its seeming power from what we ascribe to it. Thinking we have to strive, wrestle, fight, the ego to overcome it merely gives it power over us. We overcome the ego, just like Jesus did, by denying it, repudiating its supposed power over us. Then, like Jesus it no longer has any part in us. 

Being the Light, just like Papa, just like Jesus, means we don’t have to do anything to shine; we merely acknowledge that we are the Light and we just, simply, shine. We have been pretending we are not the Light; hence our seeming not to shine. That does not mean we are not shining; it means we have chosen to obscure it from our conscious awareness. But our erroneous choice was in the past and the past is gone, because in truth there is no past. Now we are emerging into remembrance of the only moment there ever was, is and will be: the eternal present, or gift, of NOW. 

Light does not destroy darkness to shine it away. Light simply shows us that there is, in truth, no such thing as darkness. Darkness is nothing because we made it up in our attempt to be what we are not. How, then, could Light destroy nothing? How could that which is real destroy that which is unreal? Why would it want to? Instead, it merely looks beyond the fleeting, momentary phantasm of illusion and sees what was, is and always will be, unchangingly, unchangeably real. What is created is real and therefore, eternal; what is made up is temporal, passes away, and therefore, is unreal. 

Thus can we say the fleeting, momentary phantasm of a limited, little, fearful, mortal self is not – cannot BE – who we ARE. It is the fabrication of a dream, and every figure fabricated by the mind that is dreaming is demonstrated, upon awakening, never to have actually existed. And if/when, in that somnolent state of mind, we decide on a move, or course of action without having placed it and its outcome in the care and under the empowerment of our true Self – the Spirit of Truth – then it will, by unconscious default, be under the control of the ego. 

The ego never has our best interests or highest good as its objective – nor of others affected by the intended course of action. Such decisions never leave us with awareness of inner peace; more likely, a sense of doubt, uncertainty, anxiety. And the ultimate outcome of such decision-making will equally leave us – and/or others affected – bereft of peace, even if that outcome leads to some seeming, temporal advantage and sense of satisfaction. 

The ego, masquerading as ourself, would have us hold onto control of all decision-making because it does not trust anyone and knows nothing of our true Self. Most of the fragments, still unknowingly in the thrall of the ego, remain fearful of crossing the threshold into the Light and peace of accepting eternal reality as their reality, because they believe – even if ‘only’ subconsciously – that they must lose, surrender, abandon all they hold dear in time and place. This could not be further from the truth. 

Our relationships, e.g. with family, friends, loved ones – and ultimately, all the seeming fragments of the Sonship – are integral aspects of eternal reality, inseparable parts of it. Such relationships, which appear in time, are of and from eternity, and as such we can rejoice in them and gladly submit them into the trustworthy care of Holy Spirit Self. He, then, will remove any traces of unholiness remnant within them, transforming them into the holy relationships they really are – until all traces of separateness are subsumed into the Oneness of our true Being in the Heart-Mind of Papa. 

Now is the moment for us to join in Love as one Light, shining away the darkness of separation, guilt, fear, sickness and death, restoring to our vision the peace and joy of eternal, ecstatic, spiritually orgasmic Oneness, 

Brian Longhurst 


It is necessary for all my little ones that they seek the eternal realities of the Father Creator in their own Holy of Holies – within.

Jesus, August 13th, 1995

January 14th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

The ego would have us believe that Papa, Jesus and the Holy Spirit – if They exist – never answer our prayers, or respond in any way to our requests for Their help, guidance or protection. Therefore, it is futile even bothering to ask. And thus, most of the fragments of the Sonship, deeply asleep and dreaming of separation, don’t bother. And when a prayer might be ‘sent up’, sure enough, there is no response. So, the attitude is ‘I knew nothing would happen and I was right. They don’t listen, don’t care and most likely, don’t even exist. So we’re on our own; bereft, lonely, lost, abandoned.’ 

This is how the prophecy is self-fulfilled – through unbelief. The ego’s attitude is, ‘If God exists, let Him prove it. Let Him show me a sign, a miracle, to convince me of His existence.’ But such an attitude merely covers the secret fear that He might exist; for if He does exist He will be after me, to punish me for my ‘sins’. What such an attitude is really saying is, ‘I don’t want God to exist, because that means there is no afterlife and no punishment awaiting me’. And so we get deeper and deeper into the hole we have dug for ourself by renouncing our belief in the existence of the Creator Spirit. 

But to not want God to exist – because we misperceive Him as judgemental, condemnatory, angry, vengeful, punitive – is actually saying we do not want Love to exist, because, it hardly need be said, Papa IS Love. And since Papa’s Son is created in His exact likeness, he effectively said he did not want to exist either. So, it is in response to that misperception that the consciousness of fear – that which is in opposition to Love – arose, in which we see ourself outside eternity, stuck in linear time, fragmented, divided into separate bodies, limited, mortal, unLoved, unLovable, unworthy, sinners… 

Unbelief is like darkness. We have made it up to support our game of make-believe. Without it there is no game because belief shows us that we are One, eternally; that Love simply is and we both have and are Love because we are like our Creator. Unbelief is a shutter, a blind we place between our imagined, limited, mortal self – a momentary image, a thought of being separate – and our true, eternal, limitless God-Self. All the while we hide behind the shutter of unbelief we remain blind to the truth of Self. Cease unbelief and the Light that we are restores us to vision. This is a PLF

PLFs are immutable and all-encompassing. The only reason they may seem otherwise is because we are distracted from them by details. The old saying the devil is in the detail is very true. Everything that is of time and place, including our bodies, are details, devised to distract us from the truth of eternity, which functions according to PLFs. All the while we are focused on details we are unable to focus on the PLFs, and Papa, as the term implies, is in the Principles. It may seem impossible to focus on the PLFs while we appear to be ‘imprisoned in a detail’ (a body) and surrounded by details. 

But that is only true to the extent we allow it to be so for us. We can be in a state of constant, conscious at-onement with Papa while engaged in any outward detail because at-onement is of the mind, the within, and details are all in the without. When we consciously choose first and foremost to focus on PLFs the details take care of themselves; they fall easily, uncomplicatedly, comfortably, effortlessly into place. It is just as Jesus says: …seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things (needed during embodied existence) shall be added unto you. (Mt.6:33). 

Unbelief – lack of faith and trust in reality, eternity and our indivisible part in it; truth, PLFs, Papa, whole, holy Self – maintains our blindness, deafness, unawareness of our Oneness. It is as simple as that. If, when, we decide we have had enough of separation, misery, division, dis-ease, fear, death… we simply choose Love and we are restored, immediately to Love, wholeness, oneness, limitlessness – not to speak of peace, joy, eternal, uninterruptible, sublime, ineffable, orgasmic ecstasy that is a thousand times a thousand that of any such feeble bodily substitute. 

‘But, just a cotton-picking minute,’ interjects the ego; ‘immediately restored!? Show me anyone who has experienced any – let alone all – of that immediately. I don’t think so. That sounds like a false promise. How can you expect me to believe that one without any evidence?’ And to the distorted, split-off-from-truth part of our mind such a perception does appear to be reasonable. But it is worth noting that the riposte is one of unbelief; one of demanding proof before allowing a little willingness to believe. That is precisely what keeps us from awareness of immediate restoration to Oneness.  

Because we don’t believe in our innocence; because we still believe – even if at an upside-down, unconscious level of mind – we and our illusory brothers are guilty of untold malign doings, we don’t believe we deserve restoration to Oneness. So we need to forgive what in truth has never actually happened. This is a mind-retraining exercise. It helps us remove from our mind shadows of dreamt-up, illusory events we have believed real for myriad incarnations. That takes some dislodging from our mind when we perceive so much detail to support the myth.  

So, remember, the devil is in the detail, but Papa is in the PLFs. One (illusory) detail – linear time, a ruse we made up to convince ourself eternity doesn’t exist – shows a dupable mind that Awakening to reality is a long, arduous process. So it will pay handsome dividends to start by repudiating linear time in favour of eternity – the eternal moment that is forever NOW. This requires of us commitment and patience. One of my favourite sayings by Jesus in ACIM is from chapter 5 section VI of the Text, which reads in part: 

 Your patience with your brother is your patience with yourself.  Is not a child of God worth patience? I have shown you infinite patience because my will is that of our Father, from Whom I learned of infinite patience. His Voice was in me as It is in you, speaking for patience towards the Sonship in the Name of its Creator. 

Now you must learn that only infinite patience produces immediate effects. This is the way in which time is exchanged for eternity. Infinite patience calls upon infinite love, and by producing results now it renders time unnecessary. We have repeatedly said that time is a learning device to be abolished when it is no longer useful. (My underlining, for emphasis.) 

If we cannot imagine infinite patience producing immediate effects, it is worth considering the alternative: who can imagine finite patience getting us Home? We have been engaged in finite patience for a very long and unproductive time – with Papa, our brothers in the Sonship and with ourself. All it has got us is untold rides on the carousel of birth and death. If we are ready now for the journey Home, true forgiveness will bring us infinite patience and we will find ourself immediately at our Destination, within. And we will find the without will no longer be able to distract us. 

Love and blessings for infinite patience to be like Jesus, 

Brian Longhurst 


My son, have I not counselled you to continue faithfully in that which you do, that greater revelation be yours?  Have I not been leading, guiding and instructing you in the ‘mysteries’?  Have I not promised that if you continue faithfully the desire of your heart shall be fulfilled?

Jesus, August 20th, 1995 

January 21st 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Each incarnation is an opportunity to remember who we really are and awaken from the dream of separation. The ego’s trump card in preventing this from happening is that each embodiment causes us to re-enter a state of total forgetfulness, so we find ourself back to square one each time. That is compounded by everything we encounter during our embodied state in a dualistic dream world being devised to distract us, sidetrack us from the remembering process.  In truth, none of this actually matters because none of it is real and in no way interferes with our eternal, unchangeable reality. 

The soul, or Higher Self, seems to be quiescent for the vast majority of fragments, and this is because Papa’s Son has inviolable free will, including freedom to pretend and believe he is separate from his Father Creator, from the Light and Love that is his natural state, and thus, in darkness, fear, ignorance, lack, dis-ease… Our Higher Self also does not intervene because He Knows there is no need since illusion is nothing, so there is nothing to intervene in. However, our Higher Self, the Spirit of Truth, is with us every moment and is actually, endlessly, Helping us in subtle ways. 

This Help is mostly in the form of opportunities to remember our true Being. Because of our profound forgetfulness – not to speak of ego-stubbornness and resistance to the truth – many of the opportunities that keep on turning up appear disguised as adversity. This seems, to our Earth-mind, separation-focused, upside-down perception as bad news, engendering fear, dread, doubt… But because outward appearances are always illusory we can, when sufficiently motivated, retrain our mind to see past the apparent adversity to the opportunity provided for progress in our Awakening. 

It is highly serviceable to our Awakening to be steadfast in our commitment to remembering that, because of our free will, Self never intervenes uninvited, but always shines the Light into our mind to show us the right way forward on the journey Home when we remember to ask. In fact, He always shines the Light into our mind, period. But our unbelief, our unwillingness to receive and accept the illumination blocks our awareness of it. When we accept the Light we then are Self-enabled to see past the apparent adversity, recognising it for the nothing that it actually always was. 

What a relief that is; an imaginary burden that seemed very real, very distressing, is instantly lifted from us. Then the opportunity that we have called into our presence can be clearly seen as the gift that it is – not only for ourself, but that we can share and extend to our brothers, thus growing it even more to our benefit and that of our brothers by the very process of sharing. And the greatest gift we can ever be given is the opportunity for true forgiveness, for when we have truly forgiven but one brother for what in reality never happened, we have forgiven ourself and the entire Sonship

This will seem impossible to the ego-enthralled, split-off-from-truth part of our mind, which knows nothing of our universal connectedness and believes that if anything is to be done, we must be consciously, actively involved in its doing. Yet it is the universal connectedness – our Holy Spirit Self – that accomplishes all for us, without any need for our conscious involvement at the time. Awareness of the healing that takes place through true forgiveness arises in us subsequently. This literally lifts from us the sense of imprisonment in littleness, limitation, judgement, guilt, making us free. 

The very appearance of such an opportunity will seem to be adversity, simply because it is a forgiveness opportunity. With our ego-invested mind such will be perceived as adversity; that a brother has done something harmful to us, completely unjustified, of course, and therefore deserving of our judgement and retaliation! Such retaliation need not be an act; merely a negative, judgemental, condemning thought. But thoughts and ideas – including those of a negative, destructive nature – never leave their source, so projecting them outward does not relieve us of them. 

All thought is powerful. Nothing arises, comes into being – effect – without having first been thought – cause. This is because mind is the activating agent of spirit, supplying its creative energy (ACIM, C-1:1).  Positive, Loving thoughts are powerfully creative; negative, judgemental thoughts are powerfully destructive, and since they never leave their source – ourself – it is ourself that is damaged by them. This is doubly so because the thought both remains with its source, even when projected outward, and is then reflected back to its source from the object of its projection.  

This should be sufficient reason for us not to judge or hold grievances against a brother, because we are simply judging, holding a grievance against, ourself. It is only our upside-down, back-to-front ego-engendered misperceptions of what is real that cause us to see illusion as truth, keeping us trapped in the lie of separation until we are willing to change our mind. This, we are free to do at any and every moment. This is because Papa does not judge us, find us guilty, condemn and punish us; only we do that to ourself – even, and particularly, when we seem to be doing it to a brother. 

Most of us want inner peace; indeed, only an insane mind would have it otherwise. It is our distraction with details – grievances, judgements, scarcity, fear, guilt, dis-ease – all totally made up, imaginary, that keep us from peace. Without peace joy is elusive and transitory, and Love cannot be perfect, unconditional, so cannot be Love, but only a temporal, conditional substitute. We may feel such is true love, but the fact that we perceive ourselves as being separate evinces its inauthenticity. 

True forgiveness releases us from all inauthenticity, all illusions, all misperceptions of self, our brothers and our Father Creator, restoring us to the reality of eternal, ineffably joyful Oneness. And we need only truly forgive one brother – and ourself, because in truth we are irreversibly, irrevocably one – for what has never really happened and we are healed, whole, holy, wholly one. The eternal state of that Oneness is Love.  

Restoration of the whole Sonship to Oneness by the true forgiveness of one fragment by another may not be outwardly apparent immediately within the context of linear time. But linear time is an illusion, and in no way reflects – or affects – the reality that is eternity. As we relinquish belief in illusions – including linear time – so reality becomes apparent to us.

Endless blessings of Love for our release from the false belief in separation, 

Brian Longhurst 


When distractions cross your path do not resist.  Be still within, and draw close to me.  I am with you; all is well.  Then, when all has ebbed away, return to the Holy of Holies, the Most Holy Place, within.  There, my Father and I await you, that We may joyfully give you what is rightfully yours.

Jesus, September 10th, 1995 

January 28th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

In the Preface to my book I wrote: 

We are all, every living soul in this earthly life, Citizens of Eternity, sojourning in time. Most of us have become so engaged in the ‘sojourning in time’ part of this Truth that we have forgotten the Citizens of Eternity part of it. Happy is the soul who chooses to commence, here in the earthly life, a journey back into remembrance of who he (or she) really is. This is a journey that can begin at any age and at any moment. All that is required in order for it to begin is to choose it, and that choice will be determined by the desire. 

Choice is the key here, but most of the slumbering Sonship believes the choices available to them are limited; that most of the events proximate to them and in the wider world are beyond their control; that they are hapless ‘victims’ of circumstance, like a vessel buffeted by stormy seas. And this is how it will continue to seem until there arises from deep within us the desire for a better way to experience life. Then are we ready to choose anew. In that instant it is like releasing the genie from the bottle, only the genie is our true, whole, all-empowered-by-Love, Holy Spirit-Self

But most of us are held fast in the grip of fear, doubt, anxiety (FDA) much of the time, and that can be pervasive, even when no consciously-discernible threats are apparent. This is because we have so much fear, guilt, shame, sense of loneliness and abandonment – accrued over successive incarnations – lurking in our unconscious mind, bubbling away below or near the surface of our awareness. It can erupt, in any of myriad forms, into our conscious mind at any moment, and there seems little we can do to counteract or dispel it, often because it can be as much feeling as thought.  

Yet we have at our permanent disposal a foolproof affirming mechanism for dispelling such debilitating thoughts and/or feelings in a moment. We can think of ourself or, specifically, our mind, as a house. The ground floor is our waking, Earth-mind consciousness, the upper storey is our Higher Self and the basement is our unconscious mind. In the basement we have stored away all the karmic issues, the judgements, guilt and fear. They may be in the basement but we cannot eradicate them by locking the door to shut them away from our conscious mind, however hard we may try. 

The basement is the substratum on which our ground floor is founded, and one way or another they seep up, manifesting in our experience as adversity. Though it seems otherwise, this is actually a beneficial thing, orchestrated from the upper storey, providing opportunities to face them, see them for the made-up unrealities that they really are, and choose to see them differently. But they seem so real, so fearful, and we have no idea how to resolve them, so most of us decline, overlook, miss the chance to see them as opportunities time and again, incarnation after incarnation.  

Overlooking or ignoring them does not rid us of them. The only way we can be rid of them, permanently, forever, is through true forgiveness. But there is still, for most of us, so much stuff down in the basement that we cannot deal with it all at one time. The only way we can deal with it is ‘one step at a time’, committing all into the care and control of Holy Spirit-Self. He will ensure that only as much as He knows we can handle is brought forward in each event for forgiving and releasing – including ourself, of course – into innocence. But He cannot force us to forgive.  

If we miss the opportunity it stays in the basement, awaiting another occasion when we might be more ready to see past the ‘adversity’ to the opportunity it actually is. The ego will work hard to convince us that this is not opportunity at all, but straightforward, rock-solid adversity, thus compounding the fear. Although Holy Spirit-Self is always there to Help us and direct matters for our highest good, the decision to face and accept the forgiveness opportunity, enabling its release, is always ours because we are the cause of, thus responsible for, the made-up, karmic situation.  

This is so even from ‘former’ embodiments; hence their accruing in our unconscious mind from one illusory embodiment to the next. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that the basement is bursting with ‘dark matter’. The ego will also strive to deceive us into believing the karmic entanglement was ‘the other party’s fault’, so why should ‘I’ do the forgiving? But those who are ready to truly forgive see past that ploy to the greater recognition that there IS no other party because there is only one of us, since Papa has but one Son; fragmentation, separation is only a state of wrong-mindedness.  

They also are aware that a forgiveness-ready mind has no concern over ‘whose fault’ it is because they have remembered, accepted as truth, that there IS no fault; we made it all up. So, they truly forgive, Knowing, of a certainty beyond all doubt, that it takes only one party to let go the rope and the tug-of-war is over – regardless of whether or not the other party wants to continue. They then, joyfully, discover that to truly forgive just one brother means they have, in reality, forgiven the entire Sonship, even though illusions of hatred, murder, mayhem still seem to continue ‘out there’. 

That is irrelevant because they only ‘continue’ in time, and time is also made up; that it is collapsing, and every act of forgiveness hastens its demise and our Awakening to full awareness of eternal, changeless, perfectly-Loving reality. But meanwhile, back ‘here’ in this ‘far country’, there still appears to be dark matter rising up from the basement – because it still has to be undone in our split mind, so that split mind can be healed and restored to wholeness; Christ-Mindedness. At such moments – which can be frequent in a fear-driven mind – we can call upon emergency Help for respite. 

This can be very effective when we are feeling overwhelmed by negative, ego-attack thoughts running amok in our mind. We simply say – to ourself and to our Self, simultaneously – “I am choosing peace, right now!” This cuts right across the dark matter clatter and superimposes a stillness within. We can repeat the words for extra emphasis as may seem required. This will bring only a temporary relief, all the while the basement contains any dark matter. But it will accomplish several things, not least, relief from succumbing to the ego bombardment of that moment.  

From a larger perspective, it will show us that Help, relief, is very real; that it is our choice – and ours alone – whether we take advantage of, and gain access to, that Help, which is always, every moment without exception, freely available to us. Further, it will grow our confidence in its availability, so we will feel more and more ready and willing to call upon it. Conversely, and of equally great importance, it will show us that the ego’s hold over our mind and our life is not what we had thought it was. All these compound to help move us toward freedom at an exponential rate of increase. 

The quicker, more ready, we are/become to forgive, the quicker Holy Spirit-Self can bring those other dark matters up for disposal, until the basement is completely empty – meaning there is nothing left in our unconscious mind to be released into innocence. Then, the whole house becomes re-unified with, subsumed into, the upper storey. This means the Awakening process is complete, and time and place – the consciousness of fear – no longer has any part in the only place it ever had any illusory existence: our mind. 

Love and blessings for strength to call upon our Comforter for His perfect Help, 

Brian Longhurst 


It is according to your level of desire and one-pointedness that the Spirit of Truth can perform in you your heart’s desire.

Jesus, September 24th, 1995 

February 4th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Lesson 27 in the Workbook of ACIM states “Above all else I want to see”. In order to see we need light. This is true for our bodily, ocular faculty and it is true also for our soul. But there, the similarity ends, in every respect. The light our body needs is ‘out there’. That light is devised, made to show us unreality; endeavouring – and succeeding with most of us most of the time – to distract us from awareness of the other light, the real Light, which is within us. In fact it is not just within us, it IS us, because Love and Light are indivisibly one and the same. And, like our Creator, we are Love.  

Seeing with our body’s eyes is a demonstration, an affirmation, that we believe we are a body, and thus, little, limited, mortal. It is from this misperception that Jesus is saving us. Our real seeing is not with eyes at all, but with our mind, and the eyes play no role in this, for this is inner discernment of eternal, unchangeable reality. The term Jesus uses to distinguish it from seeing is vision. The lexicon available for defining unreality is just about all we have for describing reality, so it is not fully serviceable in assisting us to make the switch-over from (bodily) seeing to (soul) vision.  

This is inevitable, because words, language are not real either. They are symbols we use to describe, or substitute for, what is beyond the symbol. When we see truly – i.e. open our mind to vision – we realise that we have opened to a realm – reality – where words, language are redundant. But, since most of us are not yet at that place, Jesus, meanwhile, has to communicate with us using symbols – words – that he Knows will, when we are ready, help us to take another step closer to switching from seeing (perceiving) the unreality without, to truly seeing reality (vision) within. 

The ego will tell us all this is hogwash, unachievable, requires all manner of sacrifices of the few worldly joys, benefits, gifts available to us – even if they come at great financial or health cost. As Jesus unequivocally (as is his wont) states, “Everything looked upon with vision is healed and holy (i.e., whole, perfect, complete). Nothing perceived without it means anything. And where there is no meaning, there is chaos.” (ACIM, That’s pretty unequivocal. J   

He also says our happiness and our function are one (ACIM, W-66). This is indivisibly so simply because we can only achieve real, true, (ever)lasting happiness (commencing now, not at some indeterminate time in the ‘future’, after we ‘die’) by accepting our function. Our God-given function is saving the world, and that is the only function we can accept that will bring us the awareness, experience of fulfilment whilst in progress, not just upon completion. And without fulfilment – at least in prospect – happiness is an elusive commodity.  

Fulfilment of any lesser, worldly, time and place functions, goals, endeavours we might choose to accept can only, at best, bring us temporary happiness. This is because, in the same way that only that which is lasting – i.e., eternal – can bring us lasting, eternal happiness, so, that which is temporal can only bring passing, fleeting, and thus, the semblance of, happiness. It is, can only be, a semblance because any reward – money, ‘worldly success’ – in a dualistic world is impermanent. Yet, to an undisciplined mind it can still be very seductively distracting. 

That is not to say we should avoid ‘success’ in this world. But allowing it to become our god, usurping Papa’s place in our heart-mind, lands us on the slippery slope to ‘outer darkness’. The way to avoid the slippery slope worldly success so often delivers is to place it all – truly, all – in the care of the Spirit of Truth. He always Knows what it has come to us for, and how to deploy it for the highest good of all affected by it. As Jesus said, “Of myself I can do nothing.” But, in union of purpose with truth, with Self, all things are possible and cannot fail to contribute valuably to lasting happiness. 

The truth is within us; it IS us, because we are exactly like our Creator. But because we have chosen to forget it by entering into the separation consciousness, Papa created and placed in our mind the Spirit of Truth, to unceasingly re-mind us of the truth. When we choose to listen to Him it is inevitable that we will be restored to full remembrance of the truth. We will start, as Jesus counsels us, to live it and living it will set us free. Until we make that choice he and the Holy Spirit will wait with eagerness, yet with infinite patience, until we change our mind.  

If we claim to ‘know’ the truth but are not living it, it cannot set us free because it is then understood only as an intellectual concept, not as a living, motivating aspect of our Being. The intellect is an ego fabrication to keep us pondering, guessing, questioning, philosophising, searching, doubting, changing, and thus, never actually Knowing. When we truly Know, it is because the Holy Spirit has revealed the truth to us within; not from any outside source. Then we truly Know, and pondering, guessing, questioning, philosophising… are seen for the diversionary ploys they are devised to be. 

Once we change our mind and choose with Him, even before full remembrance is restored – once we have experienced just a glimpse of it – then the very idea of not desiring to live it goes out the window. That doesn’t mean there will not be moments of distraction from the truth. Believing we are a body, in time and place, is enough of a distraction in itself. This indicates that we are not yet fully Awake, fully free of the ego’s diversionary tactics. But just a glimpse of truth, of eternal reality, is easily enough to always draw us back to it because it is our true nature, in which we are at peace.  

Our journey back to the Light, the truth of our Being, must take us to the place of complete Self-awareness. From there will automatically arise within us the remembrance of our Self-reliance. This means that we re-cognise that we – each and every seeming fragment of the Sonship – are, in reality, as reliable, trustworthy and empowered-by-Love as Jesus. This thought can feel daunting, fearful; how far from us our destiny seems to be. But that is from the viewpoint of the ego, of time and place. Our true Self Knows we are already at our destination because in truth we never left.  

Meanwhile, to bring us comfort on our journey without distance, “If it helps you, think of me holding your hand and leading you. And I assure you this will be no idle fantasy.” (Jesus, ACIM, W-70.9:3,4). We will serve ourself well to remember that Self-reliance and self-reliance are diametrically opposite. When Jesus said of himself he could do nothing, he was telling his friends that individually, separately, we can do nothing real – only illusory – but in our true, unified-with-God-Self within, all things are possible. 

Shall we not join, with Jesus, in remembrance of our joyous, unified Identity, as the one Son Papa created to be eternally one in Him? 

Brian Longhurst   


My beloved son, it is necessary for you, and for each of my little ones – all who would enter in at the Open Door – to learn of me, that you may come into the presence of our Heavenly Father and become one with Him.

Jesus, October 1st, 1995 

February 11th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

We can only really fulfil our one, true purpose – of saving the world – by living the truth, and thus exemplifying it. This is the only way ego-enthralled, upside-down, slumbering, separation-conscious minds can begin to discern the truth, assimilate it and desire to follow the example, awaken to the truth and thus, start to live it, BE it, again. There are many who claim to be ‘teachers of God’ who are simply talking the talk but not walking the walk. Walking the walk is living whatever we teach or share because that is then teaching by example. This is how Jesus taught, or shared, the truth.   

We are now in the moment of awakening to the eternal truth of the oneness of our Being. One important way that awakening is manifesting is in the reconnecting of souls who clearly, immediately share a powerful resonance; a soul recognition. Such a synchronistic reconnecting occurred for Theresa and me about seven years ago with Michael Roads and his effulgent wife, Carolyn. Michael is a harbinger, a sharer of the truth of our whole, all-empowered-by-Love Self. 

We had read half a dozen or so of Michael’s books about twenty years ago, loved them, resonated with what he wrote, put them back on the shelf and there they remained. But some eight or more years ago I started receiving powerful promptings from within to reread them. I had long been aware that to ignore inner promptings does not serve us well, for this is our higher Self nudging us in the right direction. So we read them again and inwardly knew we had to connect with Michael. But they live in Australia and we live in England.  

I emailed him saying what had happened, and if ever he was in England, we would love to meet. Good old synchronicity (our inward Self organising ‘outward’ events); he responded saying they would be in England only days hence! We met for lunch and hours of fellowship, sharing, catching up; connecting, or, perhaps more accurately, reconnecting. Michael is not simply a teacher of spiritual, mystical, metaphysical reality; he lives, shares, radiates, extends the power of unconditional Love. He has written many further books and travels the world, one could say ‘walking the talk’. 

I was recently looking at his website and came across a précis of his teaching, which I can attest he exemplifies. It so powerfully reflects, radiates reality that I asked him if I could share it. Here it is:  

I live without anxiety, without worry, without illness, without fear, without mental and emotional stress. So can you! 

My teachings are metaphysical – all life is metaphysical (i.e., above, beyond the physical) – combining two directions that are One! The first direction is about Absolute Love and emotional completeness. Absolute, unconditional, divine Love is not an emotion; this Love is the power of creation. The difference between conditional, human love and unconditional, divine Love is immense, so I teach how we may reach the higher level of Love, allowing us to live and express from our true, divine nature, rather than from illusion. I also teach the truth about our emotions – which are metaphysical – how they work, and the way to reach emotional balance. 

The second direction of my teaching is about the metaphysics of Nature and humanity, and how it all works as an integrated whole known as Oneness, or the unified field of energy. The physical Nature that surrounds us is a reflection of the greater metaphysical reality that very few people experience. I teach how to live life in a way that holistically uplifts, refines and fulfils . . . a way that works! Teaching wholeness is my passion and my purpose. 

The following are a few of the key points of my teachings: 

·         Who am I? This is the most important question you will ever ask, but when this question comes from the intellect (head), you will never experience an answer. However, when this “Who am I?” question emerges from the heart (soul), the timing will be perfect, and truth revealed. Everything happens in perfect timing; this is universal law. From the hatching of an egg to the unfolding of a flower, it is this all-important timing that people overlook, or dismiss. The fact that you are reading this suggests that your timing has arrived! 

·         What is my purpose? How can I be happy? Why do terrible things happen? Why do I have this disease? Why do I suffer? You do have a purpose, you can be happy, you need not suffer, and you can learn to understand, to know, and experience the true meaning of life . . . and how it all works. 

As life flows through the aperture of your Being, it picks up the blueprint of your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, manifesting their expression in the happenings of your daily life. Attempting to change your outer reality is useless. It is already made manifest. Change needs to occur at the point of creation, and you are the point of creation. Nothing changes until you do. In every moment of your life you are creating the content and direction of every moment of your life. It never ends. This is the power of your creation, whether you are aware of it or not. Your relationship with yourself is your relationship with all people and all life, and with everything happening in it. 

·         You are an immortal soul, not a mortal body. You are metaphysical continuity, not physical beginnings and endings. You are a soul with a body/personality, not a body/personality with a soul. Simply by living this truth, your life will go through dramatic change. What is risk to an immortal soul? What is there to fear? You are a magnificent, metaphysical, multidimensional Being of Love/Light. You only have to live the truth of your Being and Love/Truth will set you free. To experience absolute Love is your birthright. 

·         You are only able to express absolute Love consciously. You can express your very human, emotional love while subconscious, which is the subnormal state of most people. However, you are designed to live and be fully conscious. You can only be fully conscious in the moment. God, Love, true (inner) peace, real joy, freedom, and conscious intelligence all exist only in the moment. You can think your way out of the moment, but you cannot think your way into it. The moment is a place where very few humans consciously live. The moment is the place of miracles. 

·         I teach about the origin of pain and suffering, and how to be free of it. Once you realize how pain and suffering is self-created – and it is – then you can release the subconscious conditioning that creates it. Many people suffer needlessly, never realising that they are both the cause and the effect. 

·         Where we focus, energy flows. And this energy is yours, representing and creating your life. Your focus in life is a key factor to what you attract and energize. Through their thoughts and conversation, the focus of most people is on lack, fears, and suffering. Not a good idea! Let the focus be Love. 

·         There is a huge difference between using your intellect subconsciously and consciously using your intelligence. You cannot use intelligence subconsciously. Intelligence is to the soul/heart as the intellect is to personality/brain. Imagine the vast store of wisdom we each contain from our many incarnations that is only available through conscious intelligence. 

·         Metaphysical reality always precedes physical reality. Only your material body is physical. You have many other bodies that are all metaphysical; the etheric body, astral body, emotional body, mental body, and a few others that are more subtle. You receive all information first mentally, then emotionally. Finally the mental and emotional energy that has arisen from the information manifests itself in the physical body. Let it be Love! 

·         All information is energy, all energy is information. Whether aware of it or not, you are both receiving and transmitting information in a continual, never-ending stream. Only when you are fully conscious (i.e., spiritually awake) will you be aware of, and able to use, this connection (in accord) with the unified field of energy (i.e., Oneness). 

There is, of course, far more to our brother Michael and the insights to reality he is so lovingly committed to sharing with all who are ready and willing. Here is a link to the events and venues at which he will lead participants some further, precious steps into spiritual wakefulness. Theresa and I have participated in a number of his ‘5-Day Intensives’ and experienced many ineffable encounters and enhancements of awareness and understanding: 

Blessings of Love and Light for inner peace and joy, 

Brian Longhurst 


Have no concern that your understanding is slow to progress; it is of eternity in matters concerning eternity. There is no rush, therefore. The understanding must grow one step at a time.

Jesus, October 22nd, 1995 

February 18th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

In an upside-down world we use upside-down terminology to express ourselves, and because of this we frequently say what we do not mean. This keeps us in the dark. To put it another way, we are not expressing reality, but instead, perpetuating the perception of illusions. Happily, there is one amongst us who awakened to reality – which is Love, Light and truth – and because he Loves his brothers, came to remind us of the truth of our eternal oneness. But when we believe what is upside-down is right-side up, we tend to perceive what is right-side up as upside-down. J 

For example, he is recorded as saying, ‘Let the dead bury their dead’ (Mt. 8:22). To an upside-down mind that sounds upside-down! How can the dead bury their dead? So, let us look at his statement from the right side up; allow some Light to shine into the darkness, to illuminate and correct some misperceptions. We are not alive in time and place because life is eternal and time and place is temporal. Either eternity is real or time and place is real; being opposites, only one can be true and the other false – made up. Whichever we believe, that becomes our experience and thus, our reality. 

Believing the illusion of time and place is real can only be experienced by that which also is unreal; for how could reality experience unreality? Only the unreal could appear to experience unreality. So, the belief in unreality gave rise to the unreal – bodies – in order to experience, and thus demonstrate, ‘prove’, that unreality is real. We are not alive while we believe we are a body because bodies are not alive. To believe we are a body means we believe in littleness, limitation, sickness and death, so that becomes our experience.   

Such ideas of littleness and mortality can only be given credence by a confused, upside-down, misperceiving mind. This then continues to express it until it is perceived as truth, reality, our nature and inescapable fate that we ‘die’. Thus, our immortal soul reality is seen as ‘unproven’, forgotten and unbelieved. Yet unbelief is the cause of our continuing forgetfulness. Belief in separation can only be accepted as reality by entering into forgetfulness of Self, and this is promulgated by made-up doctrines that we are guilty, sinners, unworthy of the Love that created us in Its likeness. 

But we can change our mind about what we believe we are, while still seeming to be… not a body, but with a body. We simply, freely, choose to stop following the ego’s script of separate, individual identity, guilt, fear, loneliness, uncertainty, dis-ease, misery and death. Instead, we freely, easily, elect to follow our own script, because the Holy Spirit is our Whole Self. Our Whole Self does not just believe in Love, Light, truth, inner peace and joy; It IS/we ARE those qualities of Being. Having made that choice we begin to remember, and live our whole, innocent, limitless, eternal Being.   

Choosing our Whole Self script means we actually want to live, be enlivened, gladdened, alive, because that script speaks of and IS Life, Light, Love and truth; a unified – not separated, divided, self-disempowered – state of Being. Because it is our true state of Being, we can realise, experience, grow, share, extend that state of right-mindedness by consciously aligning our vocabulary with that of our Whole Self; e.g.: caring, sharing, giving, blessing, forgiving, kindness, Loving, compassion... Such terms become, define our nature as we emerge from the darkness into the Light of Life.  

This calls for steadfast mind-retraining because we are so inured in the language, the thought patterns, the mind-set of the ego, which engender unconscious negative effects; e.g.: judgement, grievance, unforgiveness, sickness, loneliness, abandonment, scarcity, death/dying. None of those terms exists in our Whole Self and the reason is that none of them exists, period. We made them up in our game, our dream, of make-believe that we are separate, from our Source and from our Self. How can we awaken to Self-awareness if we continue using the language of dreams, of unreality?   

The ego will make little of this, saying, ‘It’s only words, what’s the harm in that? Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.’ But words, and their usage, are a reflection of our hidden, unconscious belief, fortifying it; affirming our deep-seated sense of guilt without our even being aware of it. As Whole Self – the Spirit of Truth – re-minded me on December 18th 2011: 

He who believes he is guilty – consciously or unconsciously – believes he deserves to die. But it is not possible to die, so there arises in his confused mind the image of what he believes can die – a body. And all the while such belief remains, so will it continue to be played-out, body after body after body. And a ‘new’ body must be made each time, because, as was believed, the ‘former’ body died.  

But those who choose to stop believing they are a body begin to become aware of their true, immortal Being. Of them, Jesus is recorded as saying, I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. (Jn. 10:10). This abundance of Life is already with us, within us, but by continuing to follow the ego’s script – which we mostly do unconsciously, just the way the ego wants it – going ‘out there’ looking, searching, striving for abundance, we are making the statement that we don’t have it, so that is how it appears to us.  

If, when, we truly desire to grow in Self-awareness and Self-reliance we can say, ‘Thank you, Holy Spirit/Whole Self, for healing my mind, and restoring me to all remembrance, all-Knowing, all truth, all understanding, all-empowerment-by-Love, in ways – and when the moment is right – according to Your wisdom.’ The most potent, effective way we can co-operate with this process is by true forgiveness of self and all our brothers for what in truth we have never really done. If we are seeking affirmation that this is an all-powerful, all-healing process, here are some helpful words from Jesus:  

No one in whom true forgiveness rests can suffer. He holds not the proof of sin before his brother’s eyes. And thus he must have overlooked (i.e. seen past, beyond) it and removed it from his own. Forgiveness cannot be for one and not the other. Who forgives is healed. And in his healing lies the proof that he has truly pardoned, and retains no trace of condemnation that he still would hold against himself or any living thing. (From ACIM, T-27.II.3)  

This statement by Jesus is profoundly worthy of careful consideration, for if it is true it is the catalyst, the key, to our release from imprisonment in the consciousness of guilt, fear and ‘death’. Is there one amongst us who is not seeking that key? It is there, within us, right now, as it has always been. Is he not worthy of our gratitude for showing us, giving us, Being that Key? 

Love and Light, 

Brian Longhurst 


Our Father wills that all should partake of His great banquet and inherit His Kingdom.  It is my desire that no opportunity should be lost in pursuance of this command.

Jesus, October 29th, 1995 

February 25th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

The GRP is not a haphazard event, or process, even though from an Earth-mind perspective it may seem a hopeless task – if it exists at all! This is because that perspective considers only what it perceives from a little, self-limiting, narrow, finite, individual, separate, doubt-encumbered, unbelieving viewpoint. Who amongst us believes only what he perceives is all there is? Jesus’ viewpoint is identical to the Holy Spirit’s viewpoint because it is true, whole, complete and unchanging, even though it encompasses – and reinterprets – the changing, illusory nature of time and place. 

Their viewpoint includes the apparent progress and outworking of each ‘individual’ fragment’s journey – not just in one, ‘present’, embodiment and its subsequent period of reflection in the etheric counterpart of Earth, but their entire story, from beginning to end, one embodiment after another. Of course they are not actually ‘one after another’ because time only appears linear, when all that seems to have occurred/be occurring in time all took place in a single instant – and solely in the momentarily slumbering mind of Papa’s Son – which ended the same instant it began. 

And because, in Truth, we are like Jesus, and because the Holy Spirit is our Whole Self, that is also our true, whole, complete perspective. And if only we can believe, we will remember and be restored to full awareness of the whole, unchangeable Truth. Since there cannot be more than one version of Truth, if we are not seeing, experiencing It in our conscious mind, we can only be misperceiving. The ego would posit that time and place has just as much ‘chance’ of being the truth as the ‘postulated eternity’. But how can that which no-one can deny is changing every moment be true?  

If what appears so ‘now’ is not the same as it appeared a moment ago, or last year, or millennium, and will clearly not be the same in the next moment, year or millennium, which, pray, is the ‘true’ bit? But that which, by definition – eternity – is the same ‘yesterday, today and forever’ can be said to be true simply because it never changes, and can withstand scrutiny at any and every moment. Research scientists base their conclusions on an experiment, or observation, being proven, true, or correct – however one might choose to word it – if it is duplicable, i.e., doesn’t vary with repetition. 

And if what we have believed to be true – time and place – is now seen as not true, would we not serve ourself well by adopting a willingness to change our view? I say view rather than mind because I am speaking spiritually, esoterically, not intellectually, and there are still many who perceive the mind as being the intellect. It is actually an ego-device to keep us unwilling to accept what our heart, intuition, inspiration, instinct – Self – are quietly telling us. The intellect, faithful to its master, keeps questioning, debating, philosophising, doubting, substituting Knowledge with information.

Information is a poor substitute for Knowledge. Knowledge is certain, absolute, unchanging and unchangeable because its source is the Creator, and therefore, eternal. It can be believed or not but it cannot be changed. It is imparted to us as revelation from Its Source. There is never an instant when It is not given, but we can only receive It when we arrive at the place of readiness, or willingness, to receive It. Papa Knows when that moment arises within us because it re-establishes our connectedness to Him – even if only for that moment. That is a moment of right-mindedness. 

It will inevitably lead to more and more moments of right-mindedness – and therefore more and more revelations of Knowledge – until we are finally, fully spiritually awake. Within is the only place we can receive Knowledge because that is the only locus Papa has His dwelling place. It will be opposed by information because that is only in, and of, the without. We can believe what a brother with Knowledge – such as Jesus – imparts to, or shares with, us and we can accept what is shared, without doubt or questioning if it resonates within us. That will then become revealed (as in revelation) to us as Truth because our inner Being re-cognises, and accepts, it as being from the Source. 

That may seem a contradiction, but when from one – e.g., Jesus – who is connected to, one with/in the Source, it means that the message he shares is from the Source, complete and undistorted, uncontaminated by the ‘ego dis-information service’ because there is no ego in him. We cannot control, manipulate or distort revelation because, as stated in the Diary of a Christ Communicant entry dated January 15th 2012: No thought processes are involved because revelation, like sight, is instantaneous. It is instantaneous because it has its Being in the Holy Instant; the ever-present moment of NOW. 

The Holy Instant is the eternal state of our oneness in Papa, who has shared with, given to, His perfect, innocent Son all Knowledge, which is indivisible from perfect Love, Light, peace and joy. When we are restored to Knowledge we are certain; there is no doubt, no questioning, debating, philosophising or anxiety. We are enLightened, and that state of Mind is joyful, peaceful and Loving. How could it be other? Jesus exhorts us to: Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: (Mt. 7:7). 

But in our belief that we are separate from our Source we are asking, seeking and knocking in the wrong place: the without; the domain of the ego. Everything there is false, made up, devised to deceive; opposing Truth, and Truth is the only thing we can Know. In our illusorily-separated state of mind we are hungering and thirsting after Truth, but we will never be satisfied with information because it is F.E.A.R: False Evidence Appearing Real. It is false because we are perceiving what we have believed to be real with faculties devised to tell us we are separate from our Source. 

The ego-controlled part of our split mind that we call the intellect perceives the false evidence called information as knowledge, but it is inauthentic because it is gathered from and in the without by thought processes and observations of bodily faculties. Truly Jesus spoke when he said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation (i.e., searching in the without): for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. (Lk. 17:20,21) 

None of this is to suggest that, all the while we appear to be with a body, we should eschew investigating matters of time and place. But by holding uppermost in our mind that only eternity – and the Laws of God, not the ego – is real, we are keeping our mind open to ever-greater understanding of how to reinterpret the false in the Light of Truth. In other words, bringing our illusions to the Truth. Then, our sojourn in time is immeasurably happier and less arduous, and our return to remembrance of our true Home so much less – and unnecessarily – delayed.  

Love and Light irradiate us all, to shine away false evidence appearing real, 

Brian Longhurst 


Your Love for me and your desire for truth, righteousness and justice are all known to me, my son.  They shall not be wasted.  Your faithfulness permits their fulfilment.  Continue this way, for herein is nourishment, strength, fructifying soil for the good seed to grow and bear much fruit.

Jesus, November 19th, 1995   


March 4th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Unlearning what we have believed to be true, act after act – when it begins to dawn on us that none of it is true – takes time, commitment and Help; for we cannot dispel false belief in separation, when it seems so real, on our own. And we need multiple reminders because forgetfulness is like a pall shrouding our memory. A little bit of our memory is restored with each reminder, but we do not serve ourself well if we believe that little bit is all there is or all we need, because it will soon be resubmerged in the morass of forgetfulness through which that little bit came to Light.  

But our whole Self, the Holy Spirit, Knows if we are committed to our Awakening, and will continue to drip-feed us with additional little bits of remembrance, often delightfully catching us by surprise on such an occasion, so that it builds, grows, increases, leavens. The more we respond to, welcome, cultivate, nurture, and indeed treasure these morsels – because our inner Being hungers and thirsts for them – the easier unlearning false evidence appearing real gradually becomes, until the ego’s endeavours to stifle our yearning for and responding to the Light become less and less effective. 

What previously seemed impossible, unbelievable, apostasy… begins to appear less so, until the idea – the Truth of our eternal Being – starts to be more and more acceptable. At first, the idea that we are like Jesus is a big stretch; too big for orthodox religions, even though this is supported by their own scriptures (e.g., Jn. 14:12, 1 Jn. 3:2). In ACIM he tells us he, in his embodied form, was a manifestation of the Holy Spirit (C-6.1:1). This means that we – if we believe we are like him – are also manifestations of the Holy Spirit. To outward appearances that does not ring true.  

But we are not what outward appearances tell us because outward appearances – all telling us that separateness is real – are made up; only the within is true because in the within all is indivisibly One. In the September 10th 2014 MoE I shared what Jesus had said to me a few days prior: 

“I have not moved away. I have moved just a little to the side, to allow, to help you to make a slight shift of focus. I am still with you, for you – always – and welcome, rejoice in, contact, fellowship of Love and Joy with you and with all my brothers. Always and forever

“Nevertheless, bear in mind that the purpose of this shift is to help you grow in Self-awareness, for your inner strengthening in Self-reliance.”  

But how do we grow in Self-awareness and Self-reliance? Not by ourself, assuredly, for that closes the door on our complete, awake Being; our whole/holy Self. It is actually easy to become Self-aware. We engage with Self whenever we have a kind, caring, compassionate, blessing, forgiving, Loving thought, idea, word or action – toward ourself and/or any living thing, whether in form or no longer so. Simply accepting that a connection with Self is what is happening means we are becoming Self-aware. The challenge – or, preferably, the opportunity – is maintaining that awareness. 

The ego is ever-hovering with thoughts, ideas, words, actions of deprecation, judgement, fear… of self or another, it makes no difference because, like it or not, we are all One. The restoration of our illusorily-separate, individual minds to the One, Whole, Christ Mind seems, in linear-time terms, a long process. But the good news – and that, purely and solely from a linear-time viewpoint – is that we are already more than two-thirds through the process. The first third – the Arian Age, or first measure of meal (Mt. 13:33), or Abraham Age – could be considered as preparing the groundwork

The middle third – the Piscean Age, or second measure of meal, or Jesus Age – could be considered as laying the foundation. The final third – the Aquarian Age, or third measure of meal, or Kingdom Age – could be considered as building the superstructure. The superstructure is the completion of the GRP. The superstructure of a building – a banquet hall, for example – is the part into which all the invited guests enter, gather, join together with a single purpose: to celebrate a marriage; a union between two streams of consciousness, uniting them as One.  

But no superstructure can be completed without first preparing the groundwork and laying the foundation. All has to accord with the PLFs. So it is very good news for us who seem to be embodied at a phase in the GRP when the essential groundwork and foundation have been finished, so that the superstructure, the Kingdom Age, can proceed apace toward completion. Many, seeing as yet only with an ego-distorted perception, might feel justified in the observation that there are still the better part of two millennia before the superstructure is completed, so how can we enter in and celebrate? 

As my very good friend Michael Roads is renowned for saying, Metaphysical reality always precedes physical reality. So, from the metaphysical, or spiritual, perspective, the banquet hall for the celebration – the consummation, in fact – of the union, the leavening, or raising up, of separation-conscious (or  time-and-place-focused), slumbering minds into Oneness with whole, Fully Awake, or Christ Mind is already complete and in fully operational mode. This is a union with which, if we desire (and only if we desire) to be a part, is entirely possible in the only moment that exists: right NOW.  

This is a participation that can only be enabled by our willingness to surrender our separation-mindedness into the care of our whole (holy) Self – a union between two streams of consciousness, uniting them as One. This surrender can, and indeed must, apply to any and every aspect of our split-off mind. This is why Jesus is now exhorting us (because the consummation of the union is taking place right now) to focus on growing in Self-awareness and in Self-reliance. So, we could say to ourself:   

“I choose to see only with the true vision of Self, which is freely available to me by the process of true forgiveness. I give thanks to Self for being with me in this*, so that I can see and experience everything as Self – because He shares His vision with me when I sincerely ask – that all my prior beliefs in/perceptions of conflict, sickness, scarcity, judgement, death… have no meaning or reality. And now, by my joining with Self, within, I am released into the perfect wholeness and freedom of Oneness.” 

Blessings of Love for courage and strength to surrender self to Self, 

Brian Longhurst 

*i.e. any and every thought, doubt, fear, experience that blocks my awareness of Love, inner peace and unbounded joy. 


I rejoice that you now recognise that of yourself you can do nothing, but are willing to allow me to do it for you.  Can a father tie his child’s laces if the child is struggling to do it himself?  I tell you of a truth, the father wants to tie the laces, securely and safely, so the child stumbles not.

Jesus, December 3rd, 1995 

March 11th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Recently, my friend Steve’s dad, Gordon, laid aside his body. He was 93. Steve is very psychic, aware of the spirit realms and devoted to Jesus and the GRP, but Gordon was completely closed off to the continuity of the mind and soul beyond the ‘physical’. Needless to say, this left him completely unprepared for the event. Steve had been having strong awarenesses of Gordon’s brother, Albert, who left his body many years ago, so he knew his dad was not long for this world. He then saw Albert embracing Gordon – after his passing – who was completely unaware of his brother’s presence. 

Steve, who loves his dad dearly, PCB’d him, and asked Theresa and me to do the same, which we gladly did. A short while later I decided to commune, mind-to-mind, with Gordon, to offer whatever assistance might be of further help. I said to him, “Bless you, Gordon; I am shining the Light that we all are for your illumination and to help you to discern the situation and awaken from your confusion.” Within a moment or two I became aware of him, standing, but in a dazed, bewildered state, like someone emerging from a deep, deep sleep and not knowing who or where he was. 

He obviously recognised my voice (even though my words were silently spoken – that’s what mind-to-mind communing is about), and after another moment or two, in which he was struggling to grasp that he had been contacted by a friendly soul – which he must have found bewildering, committed to the belief that once you’re ‘dead’, you’re dead – he managed to blurt out the words, “What’s ... happening?” I said, “What is happening is, you have laid aside your body, but as you are now becoming aware, you are not actually ‘dead’. This is because you, like all of us, are immortal. 

“We are all immortal because we are created in the likeness of our Creator – eternally living.” Faced with what he could no longer deny, but still incredulous that what he had so long embraced as the ‘inevitable truth’ was clearly not true, he eventually managed to sputter out the words, “I… need some… help here,” – i.e. to understand how this could be happening – if it really was! “You need to explain what’s going on.” I began to share with him some more of the true nature of our Being, but was acutely aware that there is only so much a soul in his state of mind could accept at one go. 

There is a lot, for one totally unprepared, to assimilate, so I definitely needed Help to select words and explanations that would be meaningful – at least to some degree. Then I was prompted to say, “If you are ready to accept help, you can ask Jesus and he will be there for you, because he is there for all of us, all the time. Whether we accept him or not makes no difference to him; he Loves us unconditionally. But our unwillingness to accept his presence makes us unaware of him. If that’s a step too far for you just yet, I can assure you also, that your brother, Albert, is with you, right now.  

“If you are not aware of him at present, that does not mean it is not so. If you want to be aware of him, just accept what I am saying for the moment and speak to him; that will then bring him into your field of awareness because speaking to him facilitates the opening of your mind to that awareness.” I could tell he was uncertain about this but not totally dismissive of it. It was obvious he needed an indeterminate amount more help, and that this could take many hours. But trying to elucidate the whole picture at one occasion is not needful or serviceable. 

So, with a sudden, further prompting, I then said, “I have written about all this expansively in a book, which I have no doubt is accessible in the etheric realms. If you were to read that it would answer most of your questions, and then, if you like, we could connect again.” Having spent about twenty minutes with Gordon I felt that was as far as the present encounter could usefully go, so I blessed him again and moved on, leaving him to consider his situation and the things I had shared with him, and hopefully, to speak with, and become aware of, Albert. 

I Skyped Steve shortly after this, to tell him of the connection to his dad. About an hour later I received this email from him:  

Hi Brian! 

I send this just coming up to 7:30pm. 

I’m giving you the time because I can’t believe the transformation Dad has gone through since we spoke just a short while ago. Dad is now fully aware of Albert and the two are hugging each other and jumping up and down like a couple of school kids, like they’ve only just discovered each other after a long period of separation – obviously in Earth-terms – but more so, I get the strong impression, in spiritual terms. Dad looks LESS than half his age (93) (he has a very healthy head of thick black hair) – he’s lost years – and is radiating happiness. The aura of joy radiating from them is almost overwhelming me!  

God bless you both for your prayers and blessings – I guess he read your book after all! 

Should be an interesting Memorial Service! 

Love and blessings, 


The next morning I awoke to the beautiful hymn, an inspired reworking of the 23rd Psalm by Sir Henry Baker in 1868, going through my mind, heart and soul: 

The King of love my Shepherd is,
Whose goodness faileth never,
I nothing lack if I am His
And He is mine forever…

Later, as I stood at the bathroom mirror brushing my teeth, suddenly, Gordon was beside me, singing – obviously intent on catching my attention. He then said, with a twinkle in his eye, “I’m practising singing, for my memorial service!” Gordon had – has! – a melodious, tuneful voice; he sang a solo at Steve’s wedding twenty years ago, at which I was best man. Steve has now flown to Vancouver for that service. Time will reveal whether that hymn is sung there, but assuredly, whatever is sung, Gordon will be there, joining in with heart and soul. 

The ego’s agenda is separation, and its trump card in the deck is ‘death’; the ultimate illusion. We do not escape the illusion of time and place by ‘dying’, but by awakening from the dream of death, and repudiating it before we ‘die’ – lay aside our body – so that we don’t have to keep reincarnating back into forgetfulness over and over again, in an insane attempt to hide from Papa and from Self.  

Life is, and can only be, eternal. Our soul and our Holy Self Mind, forever functioning in unison, is alive eternally, but if we choose to not be aware of that Livingness and to become at-one with It, we are ‘dead’ in this illusorily-embodied state of mind, and laying aside the body does not resurrect us. Reconnecting with Holy Self by forgiving ourself for dreaming of separation, ‘sin’ and ‘death’ – and for projecting the guilt we unconsciously heap upon ourself in a vain, mistaken attempt at escaping the punishment we erroneously believe we deserve – is the only Way Home to Papa; forever. 

Love and Light be with us all, to shine away – and awaken us from – the darkness, restoring us to the Light and eternal innocence that we are,

Brian Longhurst


I have transformed you by My renewing Love; be also a transformer for all by sharing My Love, that all may know Me. All who are one with Me shall show Me to My little ones, that they, too, might know Me.

Papa, December 10th, 1995 

March 18th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Last week I shared how my friend Steve’s dad, Gordon, had laid aside his 93 year-old body in a state of mind that was completely closed off to the continuity of mind and soul beyond the embodied state, but by sending Loving blessings he was helped into awareness of his new surroundings in the etheric counterpart of the so-called ‘physical’ world. The following day I received an email from another Steve, raising a highly pertinent point: 

Hi Brian 

Thanks for this mail ...I do have a question that arises stated... 

…We do not escape the illusion of time and place by ‘dying’, but by awakening from the dream of death, and repudiating it before we ‘die’ – lay aside our body – so that we don’t have to keep reincarnating back into forgetfulness over and over again… , in an insane attempt to hide from Papa and from Self.  

Life is, and can only be, eternal. Our soul and our Holy Self Mind, forever functioning in unison, is alive eternally, but if we choose to not be aware of that Livingness and to become at-one with It, we are ‘dead’ in this illusorily-embodied state of mind, and laying aside the body does not resurrect us…” 

But in the case of Gordon, you are describing a now-happy place where his awareness is now opened to his brother, and to you, and to Jesus, and to the continuation of consciousness after the ‘death’ of the body. Therefore in his case the laying aside of his body WAS indeed a catalyst – a help – to that awakening. Surely now in the case of Gordon, he laid aside his body in complete unpreparedness (indeed, as unprepared and as unbelieving as you could get), and yet even here, because of ‘your intervention’ (and others no doubt) he is surely also in a state where he no longer needs to reincarnate into forgetfulness. It seems the story of Gordon here is at odds with the paragraphs I quoted above. Could you speak about this please?  

Blessings to you 


Gladly. First, though, may I say: In our forgetfulness of all Knowledge, we get muddled in our thinking, which often manifests in mistaken choice of words to express ourself. This goes unnoticed much of the time, which is just how the ego wants it; all part of its ploy to keep us confused and in darkness when in Truth we are the Light. Steve said, ‘your intervention, but that means ‘interfering, intruding in another’s affairs’. That is contra to God-given, inviolable free will. I actually interceded; i.e., offered help to a brother in difficulty, by sending Love and blessing; shining Light into darkness. 

I point this out not to criticise or judge Steve (bless you, brother Steve J), or anyone else, but merely to give an example of how often we send out into the cosmos a signal – energy – in the form of words that serve the ego’s purpose but are other than serviceable to the peace, harmony and balance of creation. Words are symbols; they represent either right-minded thinking or wrong-minded thinking. A right-minded thinker says what he means and means what he says. We are all ‘guilty’ of such errors pretty much every day. This calls for vigilance and mindfulness, to correct. 

Moving on, then, to address Steve’s points, here goes… 

It was not the laying aside of his body that was ‘a catalyst’ in rousing Gordon from his stupor, but the prayers and blessings, followed by the mind-to-mind communing that helped; shone some Light into his torpid state of mind, in his ‘new’ environment – the etheric counterpart of the Earth. That rousing is not the full Awakening to permanent remembrance of the Oneness of the Sonship in Papa, and the all-empowerment, limitlessness and ecstasy that entails.

The etheric counterpart of the so-called ‘physical’ world is not the eternity that is Heaven, the state of Being that is eternal Oneness in our Father Creator; it is merely the other side of the same, illusory coin that we perceive as mortality. Belief in mortality arises from belief – mostly unconscious, in the ‘basement’ of our mind – that we are guilty of attacking Papa by tearing ourself away from Him, rendering Him incomplete and thus, imperfect. God is Love and Love is Light and Life. If we believe we are separate from Him we experience that mistaken belief as (spiritual) darkness and death. 

We cannot actually die, but in the game of pretend we can seem to die. This is an ego trick to keep us in the dark, endlessly riding the carousel of birth and death. We do not escape the illusion of time and place by ‘dying’, but by awakening from the dream of death. That awakening is to the remembrance that we are not guilty. In Truth we are innocent. That means we are innocent in Papa’s sight, and that is all that matters. We may appear guilty in illusion, the game of make-believe; but illusion is not real, so is meaningless; nothing – no-thing. 

‘Dying’ means we still believe in illusions. Never mind that in our conscious mind we might deny this; it is in our unconscious mind that the illusion remains. If it did not, it wouldn’t be unconscious, for we cannot be unconscious in Heaven. The illusion of guilt remains in our unconscious mind after we lay aside the body, stuck in the belief that we ‘die’. But merely changing our conscious mind is insufficient to heal our split mind and restore it to wholeness, because most of the belief in guilt – unfathomable amounts, accrued over countless embodiments – lies in our unconscious mind.  

We are unable to access our unconscious mind without Help, due to self-induced forgetfulness. So, we reincarnate from the etheric counterpart of Earth – over and over – to keep providing opportunities to dispel the belief in guilt that lies hidden from our conscious awareness. Most of us miss those opportunities, act after act. The etheric is not the eternity of Heaven, but merely, it is worth repeating, the other side of the same coin. Jesus tells us in ACIM that escape from the cycle of birth and death is possible only by forgiving our brothers and ourself for what in Truth has never happened.   

Here is where that Help comes in, but can only be given in response to our asking, because of inviolable free will. The Spirit of Truth, our Holy Self, does see what is in our unconscious mind – all the events we have experienced in all our embodiments for which we unconsciously believe we are guilty. When we place ourself in His care, guidance and protection He – Self – brings into our presence opportunities for practising true forgiveness. When we have truly forgiven – and thus, dispelled, expunged – all the unforgiveness in our unconscious/split mind, it will be healed, whole. 

Then will we be fully Awake in the awareness, the reality, of the Oneness of the entire Sonship, in Papa – just like Jesus – thus needing no further embodiments to provide forgiveness opportunities. This is not possible in/from the etheric counterpart of Earth because we have to completely awaken from the dream of separation-by-embodiment from within the dream of embodiment. How can one awaken from a dream other than within the dream? It is worth sharing here part of a communing from December 5th 2010, in which Holy Spirit Self said:   

…By a little willingness to co-operate with Self and commit to forgiving all apparent blocks to Love’s awareness, will Self effortlessly remove them, and wakefulness to Love will be restored. Then will be KNOWN again the true experience of Perfect Love, which is a never-ending orgasm of the soul; a thousand times a thousand more consummate than any such feeble, bodily substitute.   

Then will all thoughts of guilt, fear, judgement, unforgiveness, grievance, shame, scarcity, separation, death be gone from your mind, awareness, experience. Forever. 

That state of Being is not experienceable in the etheric counterpart of Earth because it is only… the other side of the same coin J; i.e. temporal. This ineffable ecstasy He describes is the eternity that is Heaven. 

As Easter is only a couple of weeks away it is apposite, pertinent, to further, helpfully share, this time from Jesus, his answer to the question, ‘Was there a physical resurrection?’ 

My body disappeared because I had no illusion about it. The last one had gone. It was laid in the tomb, but there was nothing left to bury. It did not disintegrate because the unreal cannot die. It merely became what it always was. And that is what “rolling the stone away” (Mt. 28:2) means. The body disappears, and no longer hides what lies beyond. It merely ceases to interfere with vision. To roll the stone away is to see beyond the tomb, beyond death, and to understand the body’s nothingness. What is understood as nothing must disappear. 

I did assume a human form with human attributes afterwards, to speak to those who were to prove the body’s worthlessness to the world. This has been much misunderstood. I came to tell them that death is illusion, and the mind that made the body can make another since form itself is an illusion. They did not understand. But now I talk to you and give you the same message. The death of an illusion means nothing. It disappears when you awaken and decide to dream no more. And you still do have the power to make this decision as I did. 

God holds out His hand to His Son to help him rise and return to Him. I can help because the world is illusion, and I have overcome the world. Look past the tomb, the body, the illusion. Have faith in nothing but the spirit and the guidance God gives you. He could not have created the body because it is a limit. He must have created the spirit because it is immortal. Can those who are created like Him be limited? The body is the symbol of the world. Leave it behind. It cannot enter Heaven. But I can take you there anytime you choose. Together we can watch the world disappear and its symbol vanish as it does so. And then, and then… I cannot speak of that. (Is not this because the ineffable glory of what awaits us all when we Awaken to our oneness in Papa beyond words, and thus, unspeakable?) 

A body cannot stay without illusions, and the last one to be overcome is death. This is the message of the crucifixion; there is no order of difficulty in miracles. This is the message of the resurrection: Illusions are illusions. Truth is true. Illusions vanish. Only truth remains. 

These lessons needed to be taught but once, for when the stone of death is rolled away, what can be seen except an empty tomb? And that is what you see who follow me into the sunlight and away from death, past all illusions, on to Heaven’s gate, where God will come Himself to take you home. 

(My emboldening and italic, for emphasis.) 

The guilt, fear, misery, pain, mortality (I could go on!) we chose – in place of eternal, uninterruptible joy, peace and Love – can be gone without unwarranted delay, if only we can believe. Only our unbelief – ‘the stone of death’ – stands in the way. NOTHING else. Because unbelief engenders judgement, and judgement – of ourself and our brothers – condemns us to ‘death’. 

Love and blessings for universal forgiveness and Awakening, from the dream of death, to Life in the eternal, ecstatic, orgasmic glory of Oneness in Papa, 

Brian Longhurst


It is not possible for the Father’s purposes to fail, and the Light shall be shone in the dark places until all the shadows of death and fear shall have fled away.  Rejoice greatly at this, my beloveds, and sing the New Song, that my little ones may hear and dance the dance of freedom.

Jesus, December 10th, 1995

March 25th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Two millennia ago Jesus is recorded as saying:  

Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also… (Mt. 5:38-39)




Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: (Mt. 5:43-45) 

Two millennia later, the ego-riven shadow world, under ego-driven leadership, still operates on the ‘eye for an eye’ and ‘hate your enemies’ mantras. But all that is only an exterior, fleeting, ephemeral appearance, completely unaffecting reality. It is not what is actually happening, unfolding, in the leavening of the third measure of meal, in which the whole is leavened and the Kingdom of Heaven – which is already spread out over the Earth, but unseen, undetected with bodily senses, or ‘double vision’ – is coming into focus, into view. As he told me in September 1991:

…let not your vision be double, for that which you see with the earthly eye is confusion created by the disintegration of that which passes away; rather, focus with thy single eye upon that which is new, upon that which already is – my reality; that which shall not pass away; that which is here in the midst, more real, more tangible, more lasting, more fulfilling than all that the double-vision can encompass…   

Needless to say, ‘double vision’ is bodily perception; the ‘single eye’ is vision of the whole, holy Self, which shows us truly, is reliable, unchanging, perfectly Loving. It shows us there is nothing to fear, and therefore, nothing to attack, nor against which to defend ourself. As Jesus succinctly summarises in the Introduction to A Course in Miracles:  

Nothing real (i.e. eternal) can be threatened.

Nothing unreal (i.e. temporal) exists. 

Herein lies the peace of God. 

The ego-devised double vision keeps changing; showing us one danger, threat, calamity after another – all in our mind, but projected, and thus appearing to be ‘out there’ – intent on keeping us in the consciousness of fear. The ‘current’ illusion, engendering its intended horror, terror, attack/defend-against reaction is the self-styled ‘Islamic State’ or ISIS, or ISIL. But none of these illusions is affecting the GRP, which is infallible and unstoppable, because none of them is real.  

And when we choose to ‘let not your vision be double’ but ‘rather, focus with thy single eye upon that which is new, upon that which already is – my reality, that reality becomes our reality, just as it is for our brother Jesus, and the illusion is seen for what it is – nothing – and thus ceases to be in our awareness, for we can be aware of either Truth or illusion; never both, because one veils our awareness of the other. Magnificently, powerfully, empoweringly demonstrating this is an awareness shared here from my friend Deborah:  

When I was in my prayer closet...a hooded figure dressed in black came into my awareness. I understood this to be the ISIL man that was beheading numerous people.  

Jesus said to me: 

“If you will go to him, I will go with you, and together we will draw him out of darkness.” (Draw the ever-present Christ Light and Nature forth). 

As this figure stood before me….it was very clear to me that the Mind and Heart that God created as Light, as pure, unadulterated Light and Love...simply can not and does not include hatred, malice, revenge, or harmfulness as a real presence or reality. My inner Sight showed me that God’s the very Presence and Light of God ItSelf...was present...and that right where this appearance of deepest darkness seemed to be, the Light of Self, this changeless Holiness stood... and it was This that Jesus was referring to when he said… “we will draw him…(IT) out of darkness.” We will draw this Light forth. (The story of Lazarus flashed into my awareness at that moment). 

When I have a Vision such as this there is an expanded, intuitive Understanding and Insight that explains the bigger picture to me...without the use of words or is just Awareness without a process. I saw that “If you will go to him” meant ...for me to consciously and specifically and deliberately...go to him as and through and with the Instrument of Awareness...and to join with him...mind to mind. Allow words of Truth and Love and Remembrance to be spoken within the mind if such words come. Otherwise, just stand with him….consciously joined with Jesus….as the presence and Power of God’s Light and Love...recognizing and calling forth the same Light of God’s Love within that mind. 

There is NO personal efforting or understanding involved with this….in fact the personal use of the [ego/intellectual] mind must be wholly released. To function as this transparency, with Jesus (and other Christed, Illumined Ones)...there must reside in the mind and heart….NO interest in or thoughts or beliefs or judgments or opinions...about…. any particular person, situation, background information, place, political meaning, etc. To fulfil such a function ...the mind must be uncluttered and clear...having one sole interest and be the pure, unconditioned Channel of and for... this Living Light to call forth, draw forth.. the Christ Nature and Reality that is present….as Everyone, Everywhere, Everything….without exception. 

One last thing….during this experience...I felt an immense sense of freedom in terms of the power and ability of Awareness to consciously and specifically join with any mind anywhere anytime...without limit or delay. Of course we don’t really ‘go’ anywhere as it is all taking place within the One Mind, so really, whether we ‘go’ somewhere or just sit as Consciousness….as Light ItSelf….consciously including whoever or whatever has been brought into our field of is all the same. ...but either way it is a beautiful experience as it is such a conscious act of Love and joining with Jesus and all minds within and as the One. 

(My emboldening and underlining, for emphasis.) 

The ego wants us to read deep, esoteric, empowering stuff – such as this – only once (though preferably, not at all), because it is not possible for an upside-down mind to absorb the deep meaningfulness at a single reading. I have read this multiple times and more depth of understanding is assimilated on each occasion. Reading it through, I focused on the hooded man, and suddenly was impelled from within to silently, mind-to-mind, say to him, “Hello, my brother. Blessings of Love and Light, peace and joy be with you.” I saw, felt it jolt him, as if he was shaken by an earthquake.  

But this was a shaking, a jolting from his own within; a jolting of his mind. I saw him give an involuntary, quick-as-lightning, startled part turn, as if he sensed someone behind, very close, saying – extending to him – something he could hardly believe could be real, so alien was it to him, yet unmistakeable, cutting across his consciousness. This was a very palpable demonstration to me that mind-to-mind communing, BLASERing is real, effective and affective for powerfully helping to transform, to reinterpret, metamorphose, leaven, resurrect… unreality into reality, darkness into Light. 

We are all, without exception, the Light of the world and the saviour of the world. That is our only true purpose for being here. Nothing else means anything, other than the meaning we choose to give it. We can choose to continue hiding our Light under a bushel (Mt. 5:15) or we can choose to fulfil our purpose by allowing the Light that we are to shine, that they which come in may see the light. (Lk.11:33). Jesus tells us it only takes one Awakened Son to save the world.  

But when we choose to go, with Jesus, to our brother lost in darkness, together we will draw him out of darkness. If, when, we truly desire release from guilt, fear, ‘death’… we can freely choose to remember that we are innocent; we are the Light. And when we allow our Light to shine, we can see clearly that the darkness we thought was real, was in Truth, never so. Then we see that he whom we perceived as our enemy – to be feared, hated, destroyed – is, in Truth, our beloved brother. So we can take his hand and walk together, as one, with Jesus, into the Heart of Papa. 

Of course, the hooded man was a symbol, representing all in that state of separation-mindedness.  

If this sharing speaks to your heart-mind, please feel free to join the Light that you are in the shining, and also share this message freely, so that all who will might join together with us, as One, and contribute Sonshine to the illusory darkness, to shine it away, 

Brian Longhurst 


Have I not said, take care of the small details and the large details will attend to themselves?  In truth, these ‘small’ details are large details – or they become so – because you are being faithful in a few things (the small details), thus enabling your receiving authority over many (the large details).

 Jesus, December 24th, 1995

April 1st 2015 

Dear Friends, 

The single most important thing in which we can retrain our mind is to believe – which, with steadfast commitment, will restore us to remembrance, so that we then will Know, of a certainty beyond all doubt – that we are innocent. This means we are not guilty. This means we have nothing to fear. Fear blocks our awareness, our experience, of inner peace. Fear, like darkness, is not real. It is nothing; merely the mistaken belief in, and thus, the perception of, the absence of something. As darkness is belief in the absence of Light, so fear is belief in the absence of inner peace. 

Belief in guilt means fear is inevitable, because our mind has been trained to believe that guilt calls for punishment. Believing we are separate from our Limitless Source causes us to believe we are limited, vulnerable, susceptible to pain, mortal – all the things that in Truth we are not. We are conditioned into believing retribution is inescapable, and because it is, assuredly, coming from an angry, vengeful god, it will be painful in the extreme. Hence, the fear. Pretending – and believing – we are separate from Papa is the consciousness of fear, providing endless opportunities for us to experience fear. 

Even if we are leading an exemplary life, with nothing we are consciously aware of to cause us to feel guilty, still fear is there; a background, nagging, subliminal feeling gripping us in the solar plexus. Even if we feel ‘safe’ from ‘external’ threat it can only be temporary because in illusion change is continual, so the fear is always at hand. This is because it is in our unconscious mind, which is outside our ability to heal, or retrain, being inaccessible to us. Its inaccessibility is one of the ego’s most ingenious tricks. It seems, from an Earth-mind perspective, to be escape-proof, foolproof.  

But it is not God-proof, because fear is not real. Only Love is real, and Love is perfect, safe, gentle, kind, True, unsullied by illusions. Awareness of Love engenders peace and joy, dispelling – if only temporarily – illusions of guilt or fear. All illusions initiate fear because they are temporal, imperfect, change constantly, causing doubt, uncertainty; the illusion of the past because it was not all it might have been; it was incomplete, thus, imperfect. The future, because we cannot see it, control it; it is full of questions, with only one ‘certainty’ – that we will ‘die’, entering into the ‘great unknown’.  

Past and future – beguiling as they may seem – being illusions, exist only in our split-off, ego mind, devised to distract us from the holy instant of the eternal present. So we can choose to release them, along with all other illusions – idols; false gods – into the Loving care of our Holy Self, Who reinterprets all our illusions into Truth. This does not mean the past – or the future – will immediately, automatically be dispelled from our mind, or that we must attempt to do this or be punished for not dispelling them. We simply forgive ourself for all illusions and release them to Holy Spirit Self. 

He, then, distils out every Loving moment or experience we have ever had from all the rest and incorporates them seamlessly within the one, continuous, never-ending holy present. All the rest – the pain and suffering we have inflicted upon ourself or another, or another upon us – simply returns from whence it came: nothingness; gone and forgotten, forever. This may seem hard, impossible, absurd; too good to be true. But because it is good, it IS true, and it is easy because when we allow our illusions to be brought to the Truth, illusions cease to be believed, and thus no longer seen.  

The absence of Knowing causes us fear. But we can only Know the Truth. All else is misperception: False Evidence Appearing Real. Jesus tells us, “The message [i.e. Truth] is for he who receives it.” We can only receive into our heart-mind a message that is of the Truth, because the heart is the seat of the soul, and the soul has its very Being in Truth, which is of Papa. There is nothing to fear in the Truth because Truth is solely Loving, and the heart-mind – centred, founded, in Love – instinctively Knows it can receive messages that are of the Truth in absolute faith and trust.   

We can instinctively Know any message that is of the Truth because it feels True, and that feeling is spontaneous, peaceful, comfortable within, and requires no thinking or questioning. Contrariwise, we cannot receive messages of Truth with our head-mind, or intellect, because that is of the ego, which knows, understands, believes, trusts nothing of Truth. The intellect cannot take anything on faith or trust, disdainfully dismissing such as a mug’s game. This is the spirit of reckoning – adopted by our own confused consent – usurping, standing in, the place of faith.  

So, how/when can we Know that we really are innocent – free, finally, of all our unconscious guilt? After all, we have not consciously excised it. Simply by willingness to allow Holy Self to accomplish this for us – and trusting Him, with infinite patience – when the moment arrives, we will become aware that we no longer have any feelings of fear; in its place is peace. Inner peace. The peace of God, which passeth human understanding. We do not have to earn it; we cannot buy it, nor wrest it from His hand. Peace is a free Gift from Papa, as it has always been, and always, eternally will be. 

In our ego-indoctrinated mind it seems all very well to say ‘simply let go all our awareness of bodies, linear-time and place and allow Holy Self to accomplish it – our rescue, or salvation from the illusions of birth and death – for us.’ So, here are some highly reassuring, comforting – and empowering – words from Jesus in ACIM to sustain us on our journey from darkness back to the Light: 

Salvation does not ask that you behold the spirit and perceive the body not. It merely asks that this should be your choice. For you can see the body without help, but do not understand how to behold a world apart from it. It is your world salvation will undo, and let you see another world your eyes could never find. 

He goes on to say: 

Be not concerned how this could ever be. You do not understand how what you see arose to meet your sight. For if you did, it would be gone. The veil of ignorance is drawn across the evil and the good, and must be passed that both may disappear, so that perception finds no hiding place. How is this done? It is not done at all. What could there be within the universe that God created that must still be done?

(T-31.VI.3, my italic, for emphasis.) 

Boundless Love and blessings for inner peace and joy, 

Brian Longhurst


The lessons of eternal reality seem many, Beloved, but they are according to the Principles of Life of the Father, so that they may be simple to comprehend by those who make the commitment to learn of me.

Jesus, December 31st, 1995 

April 8th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Chapter 3 of Ecclesiastes tells us, Unto all things there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven. Now is the season, the time, the purpose of the resurrection of the mind of Papa’s one Son, from the dream of death to the wakefulness, the remembrance of his eternal, ineffably sublime Life in his eternal Father Creator. The dream of death is a loop of birth – self imprisonment-for-guilt in a mortal body, amnesia, littleness, limitation, scarcity, judgement… – and death, only to repeat the cycle, over and over, to continue hiding from Papa because we believe we are guilty.  

In ACIM Jesus tells us (who would know better than he?) Papa’s one Son is the Christ, and that in Truth – eternity, Heaven – this is who we all really are, but the voluntary amnesia into which we seem to have entered has caused us to forget this. If we are the Christ, any suggestion to the contrary – such as telling us we are ‘sinners’ unworthy of the Love of our Father, and the only path to salvation from damnation by Papa is the sacrifice, the destruction, of perfect Love (Jesus) – must be anti-Christ. It is only by continuing to believe we are guilty that we continue this incarceration. 

But, again according to Jesus, we are not guilty, we have not ‘sinned’; we have merely made a mistake, which can be corrected, not by sacrifice (blood or otherwise), but by willingness to hear the Voice for God telling us, gently waking us from our dream, re-minding us of, resurrecting our mind to, the Truth of our all-empowered-by-God eternal, limitless Being. But being innocent, whole, perfect, limitless in Papa’s sight is meaningless to us if we don’t believe it. If we choose to continue believing we are guilty… then to ourself, guilty we are. Until we have had enough and choose anew. 

This is where mind retraining comes in. We have worked very, very hard, since time began, to train our mind that we are guilty and deserve punishment, so we continue to punish ourself with myriad forms of brokenness, including the ultimate – ‘dying’. But now we can, effortlessly, with just a little willingness, forgive ourself for all we thought we had done. And because such thoughts are merely a dream, a game of pretend, we can choose to accept – with a little Help from our Friend, our Holy Self – the forgiveness we have offered ourself, accepting, rejoicing that our ‘guilt’ was only made up.  

Our Whole Mind, which is completely clear, seeing only the Truth of our Being, is aware of the figment of our imagination, but Knows none of it is true, and that therefore, we are, and can only be, innocent. And as we are innocent, so in Truth must all our brothers within the dream be innocent also – even though we perceive all manner of indications to the contrary. And all the while we believe that to be true, so will it continue to be our perception. We see it only in time because we have chosen time as our reality; we are free to choose anew, with Jesus, right NOW. There is only Now. 

The resurrection of our mind is not something that will happen in the ‘future’ or even is happening at present. It has already happened, at the same moment as Jesus’ resurrection, because Papa has but one Son, indivisible in Truth, though appearing as many in fantasy. Jesus, the first to Awaken from the dream, overcame the ego dream of death on behalf of us all because we are One. It only appears otherwise because we choose to continue reviewing the illusion of separation in linear time. But eternity is always freely accessible to us, even while we seem to be imprisoned in a mortal body.  

Eternity, Truth, is about blissfully Living and Being; time is about strivingly doing and dying. We can only escape that illusion by choosing Truth now because eternity is Now, the only moment there is. Delay is meaningless and unnecessary, simply prolonging the fear, the agony, the misery of the dream of death. In Truth we are identical to Jesus. In fantasy we believe we are different, guilty; but he Knows he isn’t, and he Knows we aren’t either. So All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth (Mt. 28:18) for Being the Light of the world and the saviour of the world.    

With our resurrection, now, all power in Heaven and Earth is restored to us also – because we are indivisibly One – for Being the Light of the world and the saviour of the world. So we can Let your light so shine before men, that they may see … and glorify your Father which is in heaven. (Mt. 5:16). This was possible for Jesus because he had seen through/past the illusion and forgiven it, Knowing it to be the nothing that in Truth it is, so it could have no effect on him at all – including his choice for crucifixion, to demonstrate not just his invulnerability but ours also, if only we can believe.  

When we choose to believe the Truth, we can see through the illusion and escape it by forgiving ourself for having believed it to be real. Just like Jesus. It only requires our choosing to believe; then – subsequently, after we have made the choice to believe – we will see, because it is our unbelief that self-blinds us to true vision. The ego will try to persuade us, when we do not immediately see, that it is because ‘seeing is believing’ – the ego’s mantra – and ‘believing is seeing’ is for the birds. 

How can we acknowledge that we mistakenly believe we are guilty if we cannot see, feel, experience awareness of the supposed guilt? How can we forgive it, and thus be released from it, if we do not believe we have it? Like Love, it cannot be ‘seen’ but we can Know, of a certainty beyond all doubt, that Love is real because we can discern, feel, experience its effects: joy, peace, lightness of heart, gentleness, tenderness, acceptance, inclusion, inward glowing, radiance, forgiveness, bliss, comfortableness… It’s a long, glorious list. 

In like manner we can Know of a certainty beyond all doubt that if we are still harbouring some guilt, some accrued karma, in our unconscious mind, we will see, feel, experience its effects: doubt, anxiety, fear, bodily ailments, envy, covetousness, our judgement/grievance/attack buttons being pushed by a brother’s mannerisms, words, deeds… It’s a long, miserable list. As soon as any such effects appear in our mind we can say to our Holy Self:  

“Thank You for bringing to my awareness the effects of this hidden guilt that still lurks in my unconscious mind, so that I may choose forgiveness of myself and my brother. I gladly give it into Your care for dispelling, so that I can experience Love, blessing and inner peace in its stead, and thus, Know that I am released, with my brother, into innocence and freedom.”  

We don’t have to wait until all effects of hidden guilt are released to perform our one and only true function of saving the world by allowing the Light that we are to shine. This is because Jesus, our fully awake, all-empowered-by-Love brother, is with us, every moment. By joining, attuning our heart-mind with his we can say: 

“Beloved, thank you for Being with me now as I choose to allow the Light that I Am to shine, for the illuminating and saving of the world. For when I am not aware of your constant, Loving, unfailing presence, doubt and forgetfulness of Who I Am crowd in upon me, distracting me from my one true purpose. But when I attune with you and am aware of you sharing your strength with me, then I am restored to remembrance that we are joined, as the One we truly are, and all things are possible.” 


Brian Longhurst 


Because you have committed all unto me I shall provide all that is required for your well-being. It is necessary that you entrust into my care the unfolding of the path before you. Have no concern for the direction of the journey, for it is toward the Light.

Jesus, January 7th, 1996 

April 15th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

When two people are agreed on a given matter, they are said to be ‘of one mind’. When everyone is agreed on every matter, we will all be of one mind, and that mind will be Christ Mind. Of course, there is only one thing everyone could ever agree on, and that is the Truth. The whole objective of the illusion of time and place is to divide opinion, thus perpetuating conflict. This is inevitable since illusion is about perception, and the belief in separation means everything within the illusion is perceived differently because it is perceived from the perspective of each divided, separated persona.  

Truth, on the other hand, is undivided; it is One, so can only be seen from the single perspective of its oneness. To ‘see’ Truth otherwise can only be to see it not at all. Yet myriad, schismatic, religions and philosophies claim to have command – even exclusively – of and access to the ‘one truth’ they claim as theirs, available only by accepting their rules, doctrines and dogmas. Yet their own rules and doctrines, made up by their founders and/or followers, often centuries – even millennia – ago, like everything else in the illusion of linear time, change over time. How, then, can they be True?  

Truth can only be True by being unchangeable. The only thing that can be True, thus unchangeable, is Love. Anything conditional is not Love because Love is perfect, so neither needs nor has any conditions. It simply IS. We can choose to believe It as It unchangeably IS, or not. Not believing It makes It undiscernible because unbelief veils our vision, making It invisible to us. Thus, by choosing to not believe It – which is what seemed to happen at the made-up moment of separation – we are truly bereft of Love and of Life itself, since Love, Life, Truth and Papa are indivisibly One. 

We believe we are alive in a body, in a certain place and time, so that is how we perceive ourself. But that is not – cannot be – the Truth because our seeming experience of that belief is changing, decaying, dying every moment. But that which is alive is alive forever; immortal. Love and Life, being the very, eternal, True, unchangeable, nature of the Creator Spirit means that which does not experience, share, express, extend those qualities cannot be True, so it must be made up. Nothing of time and place can therefore be True, so cannot be real or alive, because Life is eternal. 

Love/Life – Papa – being True, has no awareness of that which is untrue because the untrue does not exist within the context of Truth, which is the only context there Is. If there was other in reality it would compromise Truth, bringing it into question, subject to doubt. But Truth is all-Knowingness, in which there is no doubt, and it cannot but engender the qualities of peace, joy, vitality, ecstasy, silence, humility, wisdom… As Jesus said to me many years ago, “Where there is wisdom there is silence and humility.” We can be sure unreality is our ‘reality’ if these are not our experience.

If we believe, and thus perceive, we are a body, we are not seeing Truly because bodies are neither eternal nor changeless, so cannot be alive, since Life is eternal and changeless. Therefore, we are experiencing lifelessness, or a dream of death. The ego distracts us from this by the trick of linear time, causing us to perceive it as ‘not yet; years away; in the distant future, so we can eat, drink and be merry now, for it is not until tomorrow that we die’. Yet every time we experience illness, even lack of vitality – which is seldom far from most of us – we are rehearsing for ‘the main event’. 

Jesus, assuredly, was never ill, was always full of joy, peace, vitality, Love, good humour… This was because he Knew he was not a body, but the eternal, changeless Son of his (and our) eternal, changeless Father. In other words, he Knew he was alive, awake from the dream of death. He Knew he was not subject to the ego’s laws of death – and ultimately, demonstrated that incontrovertibly; he had literally overcome the world of death. In the interim, he also demonstrated it by healing the sick and raising the ‘dead’. None of that could be possible for one who believes in bodies, aka death. 

Death is the religion of the ego, its foundation stone, its very nature – or more accurately, un-nature. Jesus referred to the ego as ‘the prince of this world’, and at the end of the Last Supper he said to his friends …the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me. (Jn. 14:30). That is a clear statement that he Knew he was beyond the so-called laws of time and place, and he deliberately submitted himself to them so that he could demonstrate that he had transcended them, not just as the Truth of his Being, but the Truth of the Being of us all, as evinced by his words:  

He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do (Jn. 14:12) 

Herein lies the enduring source of our perceived ‘problems’ – unbelief; lack of faith and trust. That is why we still appear to be here in a loop of reviewing, again and again, the dream of guilt, fear, sickness and death that in Truth is already over, because in reality it never happened, other than as fantasy in the part of our mind that seemed to split off from Truth. Many in this dream of death find it impossible to believe in Jesus’ resurrection. This is because they believe in, and worship, pay homage to the ego’s idol of death – bodies. This means they do not believe in Life

But Jesus used his bodily resurrection as a symbol, a parable-in-action to represent his awakening from, his overcoming the illusion of, the world of time and place, separation and ‘death’. How else could he demonstrate, in a manner that his slumbering brethren could grasp, the message he Knew he had to live-out in order to get our attention? But the real resurrection was the raising-up, not of the little pile of clay he animated for a span in the form of a body, but of his mind. This happened not in Judaea two millennia ago but many thousands of years (linearly speaking) previously. 

There are those who say his Awakening took place at his baptism by John the Baptist, which the record shows thusly: 

And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him: And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. (Mt. 3:6,7).  

Yet this was not his Awakening but the authorising, or announcing, of the mission, or purpose, for which he had incarnated; a statement from the Author of All, for all, that the moment had arrived – that he was ready – for its commencement, or activation. The record goes on to say that he then went into the wilderness and fasted 40 days and nights, after which he was faced with three temptations:  

1) To turn stones into bread, to satisfy his hunger, to which he responded:  Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.  

2) To show off his protection by God from the laws of this world (gravity, in this instance), to which he replied: Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God, and  

3): To accede to, and thus honour, or fall in line with the ego’s rulership of this world, to which he answered: Get thee hence, Satan (ego): for it is written Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. (From Mt. ch. 4).  

This event, commonly described as the temptation of Christ, Jesus himself described to me as ‘…the moment of Self-assessment (for Papa tests no man) for the chosen task ahead, each according to the path thus far travelled.  As with all, my path was of my own choosing, for in Heaven there is no compulsion... His complete explanation of this is recorded in the January 2nd 2008 MoE and is well worth reviewing because it shows how our true nature mirrors his, and Self-assessment moments, or opportunities, come to us all at each stage of our remembering that we, also, are the Light. 

Peace and joy be with us all as we repudiate the illusions of guilt, fear and ‘death’,

Brian Longhurst 


Let your heart, your mind, your soul, your life be filled with giving, with blessing, with compassion, with spiritual comfort and outpouring for all in need, including those who are perceived with the earthly eyes to be unworthy. 

Jesus, January 14th, 1996

April 22nd 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Over the years I have been asked by many how I see/hear Jesus and others from the Realms of Light, saying they, also, are eager for this and have tried communing without success – even though most clearly indicate strong desire and commitment for such awareness. There are several points that come to mind regarding this. The first, it seems to me, is motivation. If that is for reasons of wishing to impress others – however hidden such a motive may be from their conscious awareness – that will be as clear as day to Jesus, and he has no agenda for fuelling such motives. 

Next is that much depends on how far they have already progressed along the Path back to the Light. This includes ‘former’ incarnations as well as the ‘present’ embodiment. If the level of sincere commitment to Jesus and the GRP is absolute – and Jesus Knows the hearts and minds of us all completely, however much we may try, through fear, to conceal our inmost desires from our self – then there is no real obstacle to success in mind-to-Mind communing with him. But there is one key factor most of the fragmented Sonship overlooks in this endeavour. 

This is, perhaps, the most significant factor, so easily missed because although it is obvious from an intellectual viewpoint, it is very subtle in practise. We are so conditioned to believing, and thus, perceiving so-called ‘physical reality’ with our body’s eyes that retraining our mind to look past that illusion to the reality within our mind (which needs not eyes to see Truly) that our split mind tends to default to ocular sight without us even noticing. So, since Jesus and all in the Realms of Light have their Being completely beyond ocular discernment, we will never ‘see’ him with our body’s eyes. 

The same principle applies regarding hearing. As our auditory faculty cannot detect vibrations beyond its range, so the self-limiting mind cannot hear – or see – i.e. receive, what is beyond its range of readiness or willingness to understand and accept as true, as real. The words/images will impact the eardrum/retina but the mind places a block to their acceptance, so they are not retained in the memory. Hence Jesus’ words, “Having eyes, see ye not; having ears, hear ye not?” We only understand from our own level of perception. It only seems we see and hear with eyes and ears. 

Astonishingly, many – including scientists – believe the brain is the mind. But the brain is merely a bodily organ, confined within the skull, and like all things of time and place, change, wither and ‘die’. In contrast, the mind, being abstract, is not subject to the ‘laws’ of time and place. It is limitless, eternal and all-encompassing. The mind is not inside the body, but the reverse; the body, the world and the entire physical universe, ‘the without’, is within the split-off-from-Truth part of the mind – that imagined, made-up the without. In our confusion we then chose to believe the opposite. 

We need no physical sensory receptors to commune with – ‘see’ or ‘hear’ – Jesus, or any other Beings in the Realms of Light, because such communing is a mind-to-Mind process. The same is, of course, so in our communing with Papa. Ultimately, there are no others; there is no self; there is only Oneness, of Which we are all eternal, integral, indivisible, whole, complete parts. The All is within the part. It is there – within – that we must venture in order to experience, have awareness of, commune with, the All, including that integral aspect of the All we refer to as Jesus. 

We have to think of our, and All, Beingness not as form but as content. That content is Life, and that Life is the One Life that is the Creator Spirit; Papa, with Whom our God-Self is indivisibly one. When we choose – unconsciously – to look with our body’s eyes and see a beetle, or a deer, or a tree, we are choosing perception rather than true vision. Perception is our experience when we are functioning from the separation consciousness. True vision is an all-encompassing awareness, far, far beyond any combination of ocular, audial, tactile, taste and olfactory senses. 

True vision is an attunement, an at-one-ment with the Life-Force, the very Being within that is God, Jesus, that beetle, deer or tree... That is not possible by sensory faculties, which are devised for affirming, validating, ‘proving the reality’ of separation. How can we attune, become One with the reality of Oneness we Are by focusing on the illusion of separateness? We can commune with any and all of those living Beings – including Papa and Jesus – by choosing to see past the illusion of the form that shows us separateness to the connectedness of the One Life we all, indivisibly Are.  

This is all very nice to keep in our heart and ponder, but meanwhile, back at the ranch, we still seem to be separate bodies, desiring awareness of, communion with, Jesus, who we can’t help thinking of as a ‘separate entity’. Is there one amongst us who thinks Jesus isn’t aware of our limitation? Hence his promise to never leave us or forsake us; to be, remain, with us alway, even unto the end of the world. (Mt. 28:20). It is because of our self-imposed limitation that he made this promise, Knowing we need something concrete, not abstract, to hold onto at this stage in proceedings. 

But we need to move on from our belief in the solidness of time and place; to meet him part way to our Destination, so he can hold our hand and join with us on our journey, transforming it from a nightmare to a Happy Dream: the Real World, or the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. So, it is at the level of mind, not body, that we can meet, commune, with him. He tells us in ACIM: The term mind is used to represent the activating agent of spirit, supplying its creative energy. When the term is capitalized it refers to God or Christ (i.e., the Mind of God or the Mind of Christ) (C-1.1,2) 

Mind it was that made-up the body, the world and even the absurdity we have dubbed ‘death’, so it is not hard for us to imagine – create in our mind – instead, awareness of Jesus as our elder brother, all-empowered to Help us. It is in the mind that we meet, join with him and he with us. If we can go to bed at night and dream so realistically of bodies and events, with our eyes closed, and oblivious to sounds around us, assuredly it is not beyond our wit to call into our awareness his presence, especially when he is so eager to join with us there. He has the desire; our desire is the enabler.   

Guilt, fear and sense of unworthiness are massive impediments to our inner, soul awareness – of Self, Jesus and Papa. But none of these inventions, these distortions of the mind, is real; we made them up. Papa, Jesus and Self Know this. If they Know this, then so can we. If only we can believe. Belief is everything; without it, nothing is possible. We believed we separated ourself from Papa and from Self. That took some doing, since it is impossible in Truth. How much easier is it to believe we are rejoined with our exemplar, our Guide to Eternity? As he said to me on July 30th 1989:  

I counsel you – put your hand in mine, your trust in me; I will, as ever, lead you safely onward.

Love and Light, for faith and trust, 

Brian Longhurst 


I will accomplish your desire for you.  Leave all in my hands.  Your Love and your commitment are known to me.  Be of good cheer and faint not; I will sustain you when you are doubtful and weary. 

Jesus, January 21st, 1996 

April 29th 2015 

Dear Friends,  

When we look at the night sky and see the vast distances, the enormity of the universe, most of us are prompted to reflect on how microscopically small we are in comparison; with such vastness ‘out there’ and our littleness ‘down here’, how can God even be aware of our existence? That is just how the ego wants us to see ourself. And so it is for us, when our thinking, believing, seeing is from the perspective of being a body – an ego-construct; a fleeting, momentary shadow, come and gone in the wink of an eye. But all begins to become clear when we choose to see as our whole, Holy Self. 

Two thousand years ago Jesus’ friend, Philip, said to him, Lord, shew us the Father, and it sufficeth us. (Jn. 14:8). He replied, lovingly, gently, tenderly, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? He that hath seen me hath seen the Father (Jn.14:9). For fifty years I have been following Jesus, who told me “I have come to lead you back to God”. He has, in fact, come to lead us ALL back to God, but he cannot force us to follow him; it has to be our free choice. We have to be willing to follow his lead. I was willing, so he has led, and I have followed him, one step at a time. 

During this journey with him I have come to Know, of a certainty beyond all doubt, that he stands in stark contrast to religious doctrines about him. He does not see us, nor will he ever judge us, as ‘sinners’, unworthy; he sees us as he Knows us to be: like him, the Light and the saviours of the world, empowered equally with him by our Father Creator, the only difference being that he has remembered the Truth and we are pretending to have forgotten. He sees through all pretence to the Truth of our eternal Being. He sees nothing else because he does not believe in illusions.  

There have been plenty of stumbles and blind alleys down which I inadvertently got sidetracked. But he never once faltered, lost his patience, abandoned me. Ever. And there have been innumerable encounters with him – and others from the Realms of Light – bringing words and experiences of which I had no previous conscious awareness, yet which resonated so deeply with my heart, mind and soul that I Knew, within, of a certainty beyond all doubt (which the ego-enthralled mind could never accept, but which a Spirit-led mind can, without question) that I was being led Truly.  

When such encounters, such messages, such experiences are from the Realms of Light, they engender inner peace, joy, comfortableness, uplift. Encounters from the lower astral realms, with an agenda other than unconditional Love, engender doubt, fear, anxiety. Placing ourself within the care, guidance and protection of Jesus prevents the latter, thus obviating fear. So, inspite of my own, little-self-perceived inadequacies, I had not a shred of doubt that he was my all-sufficiency. He won my trust, my loyalty, my undying Love. Totally. Forever.  

Even when I didn’t understand what he said, or what he said did not seem, to my then perception, to be true, because I Knew it was he who had spoken, I trusted him absolutely. And on such occasions, his trustworthiness proved rock-solid when, in due season, what he had said was subsequently recognised by me to have been reliable, True. My trust had been – has always been, without fail – well-founded. Is there one amongst us who can say such of any other embodied acquaintance? His credentials as the all-sufficiency for us all are flawless.  

He told us in the long-ago that he had come to share with us the Truth (of eternity), and that by a willingness to believe him and live according to his teaching – which he did, and is thus our exemplar for living and Being – we are made free of the illusions of time and place. Free to be like him: One, in Papa; our True, eternal, God-Self. This may be interpreted as blasphemy by orthodox religion, but the scriptures support this discernment, along with many communications with which I have been blessed, as indicated below, and which also is the core theme of Jesus’ message in ACIM

Let us walk, a step at a time, in a logical sequence, through some records, some examples, that will clearly demonstrate how such a conclusion can readily be arrived at. 

First, then, from the scriptures: 

In Exodus Moses encounters God who tells him: I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you. (Ex.3:14)  

In John’s Gospel Jesus tells his friends: I and my Father are one. (Jn.10:30). And in a prayer toward the end of the Last Supper he says to Papa, in their presence: …the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one in us, even as we [i.e., Jesus and Papa] are [already] one (Jn.17:22). 

Next, extracts from this entry in the DCC records:  

…Enter in, enter in; attune with Me with rejoicing, waking to the fullness of your glory and your oneness in Me. You are in Me and I Am within you; there is mutuality in our Love, which We extend to each other continually. In that extending is the ecstasy of My creation, which is you. Only in you is My ecstasy, My joy, My fulfilment, My completion. When you deny yourself, you deny Me. This is your only blasphemy [i.e., against the God-Self that we all, collectively, as One, are]

…I know your desire to return wholly to Me above all things. To do this you must return wholly unto your Self; ‘Big Me’, as you have observed. Jesus was wholly in Me because he was wholly Self – I AM. You are ‘I AM’ also. All the fragments of My Son also are, indivisibly, ‘I AM’. They say to themselves ‘I am Brian’, or ‘I am Theresa’, or ‘I am John’, or ‘I am Mary’. Each time they make such pronouncement, there is one word too many. For ‘I AM’ is Who they are. The rest is made up, illusion. Do you wish to be made up? 

No, I don’t, Papa; I desire to be real. 

Keep on, then, reminding yourself, ‘Big Me’ is good because it focuses on your ‘otherness’, your ‘realness’, your ‘I AM-ness’. There is no other you than ‘Big Me’. You have no other name, no other being, no other identity. It is a distraction, a diversion away from the truth of Who you ARE. 

But while I seem to be in, or with, a body, my brothers will see me as Brian… 

Let that serve its purpose then, that you may use that illusion to bring your brothers to the truth of Who you are, that they may be re-minded of Who they all are. This illusory self can be restored to oneness, and thus disappear back into Me, forever. It has a purpose only in time, never in Eternity. 

And lastly, as compelling a statement – amongst hundreds from Jesus in ACIM – as any yearning-for-eternal-Truth soul might desire: 

It is as sure that those who hold grievances will redefine God in their own image, as it is certain that God created them like Himself, and defined them as part of Him. (From W-68) 

‘I AM’ is the most powerful statement of the Living Word we can make about ourself. It is saying who and what we really are. If we add anything to those two words it affirms our self-perception, so it will serve us well to choose mindfully. We could say: ‘I AM... Just as Papa created me; I AM... Loved, unconditionally and eternally, every moment; I AM... forgiving of myself and my brothers; I AM... Loving; I AM... caring; I AM... free;  I AM... One in Papa.’ With these, and any others that inspire us, we can align ourself with Whole/Holy Mind, thus are empowering, enlivening ourself. 

Too often we inadvertently align ourself with ego-minded littleness with disempowering affirmations such as: I am… tired; I am… ill; I am… poor; I am… lonely; I am… a sinner; I am… unworthy. There is never a moment when we are not at free choice to decide our affirmations for Oneness of Life in Papa or, the only alternative enslaving ourself to the dream of ‘death’. 

Love and Light for our Awakening from that dream, 

Brian Longhurst


I am your friend; you are my beloved friend. It is my desire to share your journey, to take from you the burdens that you still carry, and to break bread and imbibe the New Wine of the Kingdom with you in joyous fellowship.

Jesus, January 28th, 1996 

May 6th 2015 

Dear Friends,  

One of the ego’s secrets, that it does not want us to realise, is that we can be restored to Reality – while seeming to be embodied, in the illusion of time and place – by thinking and functioning in accordance with the PLFs. Of course the ego will try to persuade us this is impossible and will swamp us with distracting details – illness, scarcity, conflict, doubt, grievance, the cost of living, job insecurity… it is an endless, convoluted, dispiriting list. But the list of PLFs is short, straightforward, simple, easy to remember, and brings us uplift, peace of mind, a sense of sublime well-being…  

The ego will try endlessly to persuade us – so we need to be resolute in our commitment to hear only the Voice for God, our Holy Self within – that following the Light is fraught with danger, judgement, punishment, sacrifice… after all, look what God demanded of Jesus: to get himself nailed to a cross for our sins; so what kind of high-jump are we in for if/when we come before God!? And the ‘rules’ for getting saved from all that by Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf are so complicated, contradictory, so hard to understand, believe and follow, that, assuredly, we haven’t a prayer.  

We must hide from God – and Jesus, because he’s going to judge us, and we are bound to be found wanting, since he has set the bar way too high for us – as long as possible. Happily, none of that is true – we made it all up and then chose to believe this was the PLFs. The PLFs are but two: Love God with all our Being and our neighbour as ourself. Once we have those, all the rest fall spontaneously, effortlessly into place and we see past the ego lies about Papa, ourself and our neighbour. God is Love, and our neighbour is our brother. Love never judges and is always forgiving… 

Forgiveness is impossible if we are adhering to the ego’s rules. But Papa knows nothing of ego’s rules, or of the death masques behind which we keep trying to hide ourself. Yet trying to hide from Him is like trying to stay dry in a swimming pool, or hungry at a banquet. He is the swimming pool – and the banquet. He both surrounds us and fills us up – with Love. Love is complete, all-satisfying, all-encompassing, all-inclusive; everlasting joy, peace and ecstasy totally beyond the understanding of a split mind constantly allowing itself to be sidetracked by details of time and place. 

Forgiving by ego’s rules is false forgiveness because it requires that we acknowledge the ‘sins’, thus making them ‘real’. To be real they must be eternal since only eternity is real. If they were real in that sense they would be forever with us, so trying to expunge them by forgiveness would be impossible. Since Heaven can only be Heaven by being perfect – spotless, without blemish – it would be impossible to be saved, restored to our rightful Home. In fact, not just our Home but our True Being; so says Jesus in ACIM. And who could Know better than he? 

It is inestimably worthwhile choosing to join our heart-mind with that of Jesus – which is actually effortless, since he is already one with us, his abode already being within our heart-mind. It simply requires of us the desire for peace, joy and Love (and who, pray, does not desire that?) above all else. If we are unable to affirm, with total self-honesty, that we are willing to let go of any illusions that stand between us and peace, joy, Love, then we are not yet ready to join our heart-mind with his. Note that we only need the willingness, not the accomplishment. He accomplishes it for us

It took me decades to get that fully clear in my mind, even though he told me this untold times and in multiple ways since the 1960s. If there was one thing I would like to help any of my brothers in the Sonship to deeply understand, to save them incalculable time – incarnations even – it is that we don’t have to save/heal/restore ourself to the Light of the world that we actually are. We only have to be willing. This sounds far too good to be true to a mind enthralled in the so-called ‘laws’ of time and place, so it seems utterly impossible. Just as the ego wants us to continue believing. 

But the Laws of God, of Heaven – the PLFs – completely reverse the ‘laws’ of time and place because time and place IS the reverse of Truth, reality, eternity, Heaven. The ‘laws’ of time and place tell us that change, aging, sickness, loss, scarcity, death are inevitable. None of that is true. Believing them to be true doesn’t make them true. Only Truth is true. Not believing Truth doesn’t make It untrue. Truth is unchangeably true. The Truth is, we are already one in the Heart-Mind of Papa. Yet following the ego’s script places us, instead, inside a box, with no Light and seemingly, no exit. 

But Jesus, the first to awaken from the dream of death, has overcome the dream world, not just for himself but for the entire Sonship – meaning us; all of us. This has already happened, so it is not something we have to hope for; it is something we have to decide for, since it is already complete. He tells us: Behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it. (Rev. 3:8). At-one-ment in Papa is our inheritance; we don’t have to ‘be good’ to earn it. In Truth we are not ‘good’, we are perfect Love and Light, and all appearances to the contrary are made up, dreamt up. 

We must consciously choose against made-up illusion; seeming separation in the consciousness of fear; all that appears so real to our bodily senses, brought to our attention by the ego-controlled split mind. It may all seem to be ‘out there’, and thus, everyone else’s doing, never ours, but it only seems to be out there because we have projected it outward from our split-off-from-Truth mind, in a vain attempt to rid ourself of unconscious guilt that has no reality in the Truth of our Being. We are – have always been – empowered by God to stop such guilt- and fear-motivated projecting. 

We cannot receive and accept unto ourself the healing, the wholeness, and thus holiness, of Mind that is already restored, and freely available, to us right now – through Jesus’ overcoming of the dream world of separation – by continuing to believe in that world as our reality. By refusing to believe in the world-of-darkness-and-death-in-our-mind, unconscious guilt and fear are dispelled from it and instead, inner peace, joy and Love – our true nature, just as it was with the embodied Jesus, our mentor and exemplar during our perceived embodiment – are effortlessly restored to us. 

Jesus says it all, thusly, in ACIM, T-8.IV.3 (my underlining, for emphasis):  

You were in darkness until God’s Will was done completely by any part [i.e. Jesus] of the Sonship. When this was done, it was perfectly accomplished by all. How else could it be perfectly accomplished? My mission was simply to unite the will of the Sonship with the Will of the Father by being aware of the Father’s Will myself. This is the awareness I came to give you, and your problem in accepting it is the problem of this world.

Dispelling it is salvation, and in this sense I am the salvation of the world. The world must therefore despise and reject me, because the world is the belief that [perfect] Love is impossible. If you will accept the fact that I am with you, you are denying the world and accepting God. ...As God sent me to you so will I send you to others. And I will go to them with you, so we can teach them peace and union. 

By accepting the PLFs we cannot help but gladly forgive ourself, our brothers and the world, thus clearing our mind for true perception of the real world of Love, peace and joy in perfect union, 

Brian Longhurst 


To say one is unworthy is to say Papa is unworthy. It is ‘the lie of Satan’. Eschew the lies and espouse Truth. Herein is the way to fulfilment. Herein is Joy. Herein is Peace. Herein is accomplishment. Herein is the Holy of Holies. Herein is perfection. Herein is God.

Jesus, February 11th, 1996 

May 13th 2015 

Dear Friends,  

A recent MoE stated: 

‘Astonishingly, many – including scientists – believe the brain is the mind. But the brain is merely a bodily organ, confined within the skull, and like all things of time and place, change, wither and ‘die’. In contrast, the mind, being abstract, is not subject to the ‘laws’ of time and place. It is limitless, eternal and all-encompassing…’  

It is paramount to the ego’s illusory continuance that the fragmented, slumbering-in-forgetfulness Sonship does not ‘get’ this fundamental point. The ego’s agenda is death. Death for Papa and for His Son. Of course that is preposterous, laughable, and both Papa and His Son Know that. There is no ‘death’ because Papa and His Son are eternally Life, Love, Light and Truth; nothing else is real and thus, does not exist in Reality. The ego wants us to continue to believe that we are a body, and that our mind is – or is inextricably in - our brain, and thus, will surely ‘die’ with our ‘mortal’ body. 

Trying to understand eternity from the perspective of perceiving ourself as a mortal, temporal, limited, fragile body is impossible. How can we have awareness of reality from the viewpoint of unreality? We can only understand and be restored to awareness of eternity by considering it from the perspective of decision-making mind, by which we can decide for the Truth of our Being as creative Cause, not reactive effect. Though our body – and thus, our brain – is unreal, our mind is real because it is eternal. It is also all-empowered for creating, as Jesus explains in ACIM, C-1:  

The term mind is used to represent the activating agent of spirit, supplying its creative energy. When the term is capitalized it refers to God or Christ (i.e., the Mind of God or the Mind of Christ). Spirit is the Thought of God which He created like Himself. The unified spirit is God’s one Son, or Christ. 

The immensity of this statement is far, far beyond the graspability of a self-limiting mind that chooses to remain restricted to only what the bodily senses and the intellect (an ego-device to keep us guessing instead of Knowing) can ever comprehend. But we are not bound by such a choice for self-limitation. We are free at every moment to change our mind, and open it to receive, accept and understand esoteric, mystical, eternal Truth. Then we can – just like our exemplar, Jesus – Live and Be that Truth again, free from the false, made-up beliefs in littleness, guilt, fear, conflict and ‘death’.  

We simply choose again – for freedom. Then the continual changes, conflicts, dis-ease, fear, fruitless striving for what is already ours – peace, joy, Love, abundance – will cease. This is because change, fluctuation, inconsistency, doubt, turmoil, conflict, scarcity… is in our split mind, the very cause of all we see arising in the world around us, and in our own turbulent lives. The without is merely, unavoidably, an outward reflection of the inward state of a separated mind. Choosing anew enables the unchanging Truth, which is our right-thinking mind, to be restored to us. 

This is the temporary (and therefore, not real) difference between Jesus, during his embodied appearance, and most of the rest of us. These words of his from chapter 8 of John’s Gospel are a priceless pearl: if you live as I counsel you to, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. He didn’t just counsel us how to live; he lived, demonstrated, embodied Truth, and therefore, he was free. The turmoil going on around him – including his crucifixion – had no effect on his inner equilibrium. He appeared to be in this world but was not of it. 

This is as true of us as it was for him, because we are like him in every respect. The only reason we do not see it, live it, experience it, embody it is that we still believe that separation into the consciousness of guilt, fear, scarcity, littleness, sickness and death is real. It is NOT real; it was a momentary thought in the mind of Papa’s Son that was over the same instant it seemed to occur. We are simply re-viewing it, over and over, causing our bewildered mind to believe it is real and is happening now. It is not. It is in the past, which was never real, and only eternity is Now.   

This is a self-deluding trick of the mind we are allowing the ego to play on us. We believe it is real so we perceive it as real – happening ‘out there’, where it is projected from our upside-down mind – and reflected back to our bodily senses to convince us it is real. But by way of another reminder – we all need re-minding, because we have forgotten, what’s real and what’s not – only eternity is real. We can experience eternity while still seeming to be embodied because our eternal whole, unified mind, not our body (or brain), has awareness of reality, and needs no bodily senses to experience it. 

The ego will tell us that we need the brain – even if not the 5 senses – to have awareness of reality, regardless of our accepted definition of reality. This is not, and can not be true. Reality – eternity – is Heaven; it is Love, joy, peace, Truth, oneness… forever. There is no linear time in forever. It is simply NOW; the Holy Instant; the unchanging, unchangeable, perfect, ineffable always. Only linear time – and events appearing in it – changes, because it is not real, and therefore, obviously, cannot be perfect. Heaven, eternity, reality, Truth does not change because it is perfect. 

The brain only detects – or reacts to – change through sensory receptors devised to perceive unreality in the without. It does not detect the abstract stillness of eternal, unchanging perfection. The mind – the unified, eternal mind, not the temporal brain – attuned to and functioning creatively with the oneness of Spirit, has awareness of Reality, of Truth, of perfect Love within. The dissociated, split-off-from-Truth mind needs brain, body, world, duality to react to. The unified, Whole Mind, of which we, like Jesus, are an indispensable, inseparable part, does not react; it creates. 

Creation is not change; it is extension, increase, expansion of what already, perfectly, IS. The unreality of brokenness, division, conflict within our split mind can be changed, transformed – healed – by bringing it to reality within our unified, Holy Mind, which already exists, and always has, within us. We can do this in an instant by forgiving ourself, our brothers and the world for what has never happened in Reality. This – with all our unconscious guilt and fear, judgements and grievances – can then immediately be released into innocence and we restored to inner peace, joy and Love. 

This transformation does, in Reality, take place immediately, but few of us experience the immediacy of it because we are still so deeply inured in the belief in unreality. This is where faith and trust come in. We can accomplish none of this transformation by ourself. How could we? All this miraculous transformation is effected by our Whole, Holy Mind. All that is required of us is our willingness and co-operation. Oh… and patience. There is but one kind of patience: infinite patience. Finite patience can only be an oxymoron. Only infinite patience produces immediate effects. 

To faith, trust and patience, 

Brian Longhurst  


Nothing shall be held back from you, my son, or from any who unreservedly give themselves to Him who is the Commencement, the Route and the Destiny of all.  Meanwhile, take one step, one day, one moment at a time.

Jesus, February 25th, 1996 

May 20th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Jesus taught his friends – and that includes us, if/when we choose to consider ourself as his friend – to pray to the Father: …Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven…  Assuredly we can infer from this that he was in no doubt that the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth was a realistic possibility. He also is quoted several times in the Gospel records as saying, The Kingdom of Heaven [KOH] is at hand. Thomas’ Gospel quotes him as saying, The Kingdom of the Father is spread out over the Earth and men do not see it. All those words were recorded of him two millennia ago. Not last week! J.   

The second and third quotes, above, state unequivocally that the KOH was already here then. Why did we not see it then, and why do we not see it now? Because by choosing for separation from Papa and from Self – the whole, unified Sonship of the Father – we chose for spiritual blindness. This is nothing to do with some ocular malfunction, but is a state of mind. Everything is a state of mind. The KOH is a state of mind. That state of mind – which has awareness of the KOH – is one in which our mind is in at-onement with the Universal Mind; the Mind of the Father Creator. 

When we choose at-onement with Papa we will, assuredly, be aware of, at-one with, the KOH, right here on Earth, while still seeming to be embodied. We can be certain of this because we have the example of our brother, Jesus, whose Pedigree we share, so it is inevitable that we are, in Truth, like him in every respect. Illusorily, we perceive we are not like him because that is our choice. When we choose again – for the Truth of our Being – we begin to experience the exactitude of that likeness. He saw the KOH because he was the KOH. Not in body, remember, but in Mind and Spirit.  

Our Spirit also is one with the KOH but our mind is split, in a state of belief in separation from Self; hence we do not see, experience or have awareness of the KOH that we are, have always been and can, in Truth, never not be. But our split mind, which has captured the focus of our attention is not in a state of at-onement with the KOH so we have no awareness of its presence here with us, in the midst. The simple choice for willingness to be restored to unity of mind with Self – Papa’s one Son, the Christ – and in Papa will immediately effect our restoration to that state of Being.  

This is because Papa, Jesus and our Holy Spirit-Self always hear our sincere, heart-centred prayers, desires, asking, seeking, knocking, and always respond with Their Help freely, lovingly and immediately. Not being consciously aware of Their response does not mean it has not been given, though the ego will use our unawareness as another means for self-depreciation – ‘I am a sinner, not worthy of Their Help…’. It means that, because of our unbelief, our receptors are not open to receive or accept what has been given, because they are attuned to the separation, the scarcity consciousness. 

But this does not matter to Them, so it need not matter to us. What matters is our desire for restoration to remembrance, awareness of our wholeness, holiness, Oneness. If we have the desire, the willingness, They will work with that to grow our faith, our belief. Jesus explained this to me in a May 4th 1997 communing, of which extracts are shared here:  

My son, it is to the act of Asking, Seeking, Knocking [‘ASKing’] that your Heavenly Father, Papa, [and/or Holy Spirit-Self] responds freely, lovingly, immediately, with His giving. It is not according to your faith but your desire that He responds. It is according to your faith that you are able to receive His giving. Your faith is something that Papa will grow in you as you ask. The more you ask, believing – having faith – the more you will receive, and you will grow in your expectation of receiving that which He is always giving... As you ask more and more of Papa, believing He is giving it, so will your faith in receiving grow until it is as your faith that the sun will rise. 

… Believe and you shall receive.  Ask, believing…  You know He is giving you the Kingdom… If you do not receive immediately it is more to do with [the paucity of] your growth in faith than Papa’s giving. Be at peace and let your certainty be that He is giving so that your faith in receiving may grow…

(I have added italic and underlining here, for emphasis.) 

The KOH has always been right here, in the midst, but we have not seen it because we have not been attuned to it because we have not believed/had faith in It as reality. What, then, with faith restored, might we expect the KOH to be like? And more importantly, how do we attune with It, become aware of It? The ego does not want us to ask these questions. So it keeps distracting us. And thus our desire for the Kingdom must be stronger than our attraction to distraction, in order to get – and stay – focused on our already Being the Kingdom, not ‘just’ in or at-one with It. Just like Jesus. 

In ACIM he refers to the KOH on Earth (KOHOE) as the ‘Real World’. The Real World and the ego, illusory world of conflict, fear, scarcity and ‘death’, are not ‘out there’ but in our mind, simultaneously. The Real World is in our right, unified mind; the ego world is in the split, conflicted, wrong thinking part of our mind. We have placed a veil between the two and are focused on the latter, so the former is not in our conscious awareness. But we are God-empowered to change our mind, and by accepting Help the switch-over will be immediately accomplished for us, with our co-operation.  

There will, most likely, be an illusory, linear-time lapse between the Cause (our choice/willingness for accepting Help) and the effect (experiencing awareness of the Real World as our reality), as the switch-over from wrong (ego) mindedness to right (Holy Spirit-Self) mindedness takes place, one step at a time. Throughout this, desire is the crucial factor. Without it, nothing happens. With it, the Good Husbandman (Papa) grows our faith, trust, belief with little glimpses, synchronicities until it is as your faith that the sun will rise. Just as it was with Jesus during his embodiment. 

What was Jesus’ experience and awareness when he walked the Earth? For this is precisely how it shall become for us, if only we can believe; if only we have the desire. Here are some examples of the things we can choose, to help us get focused on the Real World and shift our focus away from ego-distractions of the nightmare world – having once forgiven ourself and the world for what, in Truth, never happened, so we cannot be guilty, and have no need of fear of Papa and His Kingdom: 

We perceive ourself as Spirit, and that our body is merely to enable us to be truly helpful whenever opportunity arises. We need never contrive opportunities; Papa will provide them; we merely respond to them. We actively, consciously choose to see everyone (male or female; gender is irrelevant) as our brother in the Sonship, not, ever, as our enemy. When a brother irritates/attacks us, we choose only to bless, Love, forgive ourself and them, for our misperceiving. We do not deny that war, hatred, conflict appear to be happening within the nightmare world but we choose never to judge, take sides, hold grievances because that keeps us stuck in wrong-mindedness, denying ourself vision of the Real World. 

Choosing – allowing ourself – to see illusions as real merely sucks us into that state of mind and we thus give it our energy. As my friend Michael Roads so aptly says, ‘Where the mind focuses, energy flows.’ Instead, we see all negativity of mind or behaviour as the illusion – and therefore, the nothing – it is, reminding ourself repeatedly that there is nothing out there, it is ALL in our mind, and we can change our mind; that change is precisely to what we steadfastly commit our mind. We keep on, every day, re-minding ourself that we are not alone in this endeavour.  

Empowered Help far, far beyond the grasp of the split, ego mind, is with us every moment, eagerly waiting to perform heavy lifting, incalculably greater than we can imagine, whenever we are willing to step aside and SAA. All this, and infinitely more, is ours, freely, with but a simple change of mind. Then the Real World becomes our reality and the miracle floodgates are opened – at our behest, because what we perceive as miracles are completely normal in the Real World, just as they were with Jesus. And what is a miracle? A change of mind. Do we want peace, joy, abundant Life? It is already ours, in the Real World, which is here, in the midst, awaiting our re-joining, our acceptance.  

Here, we are awake to Self-awareness, Self-assurance and Self-Reliance. Here, there is Love and compassion for every living thing. Here, there is no death, no guilt, no fear, no scarcity. Jesus tells us: I am come that they [all of us] might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. (Jn. 10:10). Who can resist a loud Alleluia! at such a proclamation? Here is no injustice, no hardship, no inequality. Here, as Jesus recently told my friend Deborah, ‘The new currency is miracles’. Here, we do not have to toil or strive for miracles; our at-onement with Holy Spirit Self – the mechanism of miracles – places them at our command, without limit. Just like Jesus.  

Do we have the desire? Papa will grow in us the faith in response to our desire. We are now in the Aquarian epoch, in which the third measure of meal (Mt. 13:33) is leavening. It is the Kingdom measure. The Kingdom is here, now, in the midst. As Jesus says: Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. (Lk. 12:32) 

See you there, on the hallowed lawns J 

Brian Longhurst    

PS: Theresa and I have visitors and will also be away during the next couple of weeks, so there will be no MoE during that period.


Your faithfulness has established you as a precious stone, radiating the Light of eternity for many to be drawn and join the circle of delight. This is the crown of your glory. All shall be revealed by your faithfulness.

Papa, March 10th, 1996 

June 10th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

In 1969 I was told by a Christ Server in Spirit, “Prayer is an attunement, not a pleading.” Who can imagine Jesus pleading with Papa? Attunement and at-one-ment mean the same thing, and we get into a state of at-onement with Papa by communing with Him. Communion means common union, and common means shared, equal, mutual, reciprocal; joining as one by common consent. We commune with Papa by singing the Song of Prayer, which is, in its essence, the Song of Love, of mutual gratitude, adoration, joy…  

To engage in this contributes powerfully, palpably to moments of awareness of inner peace, bliss, oneness in Him. The more we engage the more adept we become, the more frequent the ineffable experiences it brings, taking us further and further from fear, loneliness, dis-ease… – all the symptoms of the dream of separation. It also contributes to the collapse of time, restoring us to eternal oneness immeasurably quicker, by bringing illumination into our heart-mind, reducing the frequency and duration of our forays into the dark corridors of ego-land. 

At-one-ment with Papa is wholeness, completeness, and that means unending ecstasy beyond all Earth-mind imagining. But not beyond our reach, because it is our true, natural, eternal, unbreachable state. To get back to that state requires the one and only miracle: a change of mind. Our mind is so habituated in the separation consciousness that it takes absolute commitment to train it back to its correct state of Christ-Mindedness, which is that unending ecstasy. There are innumerable Helps we can employ to assist in this process. Singing the Song of Prayer is one of the greatest Helps. 

So, what, exactly, is the Song of Prayer, and how can we sing it if we know neither the lyrics nor the melody? Well, we are part way there already if we take on board that prayer is an attunement, a harmonising, an aligning, a resonance, with the Mind of Papa. That may sound too far out to have any meaningfulness to our self-limited, split mind, but we can be certain it is attainable because our brother Jesus was in that state of awareness during his embodiment, so seeming to be embodied is not an insuperable obstacle, unless we choose to allow it to be so. By choosing otherwise, it is not. 

There are some further points we can consider that can be helpful. Lyrics are, of course, words, and words, as we all know, are merely symbols; they help us to understand the reality behind the symbol. For example, the word ‘apple’ is not actually an apple, but it can readily bring to our mind an understanding of what the word symbolises. Hearing or thinking the word apple can summon an awareness in our mind of an array of sensory discernments that depict apple, such as appearance, taste, texture, smell, feel.  

Abstract words also summon a sense of their meaning to our awareness. That meaning can be wide-ranging, according to our state of mind in the moment. The words of the Song of Prayer, when ‘sung’ from the heart, are the Living Word – the Word of Life – and beget Life ever more abundantly for all. They revolve around the theme, ‘I Love You; I bless You; I rejoice in You with exceedingly great joy. All that I Am I freely give to You.’ Each word creates its own melody, or resonance, which arises from our own within in the moment. 

The Song of Prayer is a song of the heart – the seat of our soul – back and to between Papa and His beloved Son. Hence it cannot but be a Song of Love. We are His Son even though we are in a state of amnesia about it. To help us remember we can sing this song of the heart to Papa and listen for, open ourself to, His response. The ‘words’, or ‘lyrics’ we can use are merely symbols that represent the feelings of our heart for Him. The words evoke the feelings. Some of the words may be of Heaven Itself and others may represent steps that will assist us in our journey There. 

Papa is singing the Song of Love to each and every one of us (there are, and can be, no exceptions, ever, regardless of how we, or others, perceive us), His beloved Son, every moment, unceasingly. We are unable to hear Him unless we sing our Song of Love to Him, from our heart, in response. This is because singing the Song of Love to Him opens the receptor channels in our heart, enabling His singing to reach us. We can practise this Song by silently singing it to ourself and to our brothers. Without effort such practise automatically extends it to Papa, Who hears and replies. 

Each spontaneous rendition of our Song of Love to Papa can be complete in a single word if that word fully reflects, expresses the feelings in our heart for Him in that moment. That word may also give rise to other words that might take us wider, deeper into His Heart, rousing us to greater awareness that His Heart is within ours because He shares His Heart with us, just as He shares with us everything. And as our song goes from our heart to Him, so does His Song go out from His Heart to us.  

It may be the same word, or our song may engender from Him another word. Either way, it is like an echo bringing us greater comfort, joy and sense of completeness. The echo, or ‘round’, of the Song of Prayer/Love can but be wholeness, at-one-ment. The old, ego-song – dirge – is guilt, fear and dis-ease. The New Song is Love and happiness. When this is one’s committed, steadfast, unwavering focus, the old song simply ceases to have any meaning or reality. In this way does the thinking, believing, speaking, Being become like that of Jesus, devoid of all the ego’s malign intent.  

In the illusory world of time and place, or separation from Papa, it can often be very, very difficult to summon any word or words of the Song of Love, so over a period of some while I have been compiling a list of words that have helped me to raise my awareness into a state of at-one-ment with Papa. Some of these I share below, in alphabetical order. May they be serviceable in your endeavours to ascend unto the Hill of the Lord, and rise up to His Holy Place, Whose Truth is from everlasting, and His Grace manifest unto every generation.  

The format I use goes like this:

Beloved Papa, I sing (or, am singing) to you song of acceptance. I allow the selected word (‘song’) to resonate between the heart-mind of Papa and me, reflecting upon its meaning for me in the moment. The duration of the reflection depends on how it serves the purpose of engendering an inspiring, uplifting sense/awareness of connection, or common union with Him. 

Beloved Papa, I sing to you song of at-one-ment

Beloved Papa, I sing to you song of abundance …blessing …celebration …commitment …delight …defencelessness …devotion …ecstasy …empowerment …eternity …exultation …faith …forgiveness …freedom …gentleness …glory …grandeur …gratitude …happiness …harmony …holiness …humility …immortality …inclusion …indivisibility …intimacy …invulnerability …joy …jubilation …the Kingdom …Love …laughter …Light …Life …limitlessness …magnificence …majesty …magnitude …nurturing …oneness …peace …purification …rejoicing …resurrection …remembrance …restoration … renewal …salvation …safety …surrender …stillness …silence …steadfastness …thanksgiving …Truth …union …wholeness.

The whole objective of ‘singing’ the Song of Love is for us to open our heart-mind to Papa so we can not just extend to Him our Love for and joy in Him, but also that this may be reciprocal; that we may receive, accept and experience His inexhaustible Love for, delight in and giving to His beloved Son (us) everything, without end.  

Please feel free to use any of these suggestions, as the Spirit moves you, and also to use whatever format you feel comfortable with. 

Love and blessings for inner peace and joy without end, 

Brian Longhurst  


As you go forward and your awareness grows I am able to walk nearer and remain in closer proximity to you, even as your growing awareness enables you to walk nearer to me.

Jesus, March 24th, 1996

June 17th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

I recently quoted from Thomas’ Gospel the response of Jesus to his friends asking when the Kingdom of Heaven would come to Earth: The Kingdom of the Father is [already] spread out over the Earth and men do not see it. What we see when attuned to, focused on, the without is another kingdom, a very different kingdom, or more specifically, a principality [the domain of a prince] if we accept his description of the ego in John’s Gospel: the prince of this world (Jn 12:31, 14:30 and 16:11). We can therefore posit that there are two realms apparently functioning simultaneously in time and place. 

The ego’s domain, or principality, has arisen in our misperceiving mind – the only place it can seem to exist, because such horrors could have no existence in Truth – from the assumption of guilt at believing we have separated ourself from Papa. This manifests in myriad ways and forms as fear, pain and suffering – all of which we unconsciously believe we deserve. And to compound that we concoct mythologies that our Father Creator will judge us for our wickedness and inflict terrible punishment upon us for all eternity. The only way out from that is the killing of perfect Love as our scapegoat. 

Then we must worship the scapegoat as our saviour, his blood washing away the ‘sins’ we are called upon to repeatedly affirm as real. Yet what is real cannot be washed away, dispelled, undone, because reality is eternal and unchangeable; it is created by the Creator of all Truth, reality, Being. Truth is everlasting, so if sins are real we are stuck with them forever, and even God cannot undo them because He never changes His Mind; what is forever is forever and ever. Happily, only Love is real and whatever is contra to Love cannot exist at all in Truth. 

Because illusion cannot exist in Truth – and Truth is all there is – the illusion of separation was over the same instant it arose in the Mind of Papa’s Son, the Christ. The only way it could seem to continue was by the splitting-off from Truth of part of the Son’s mind into a somnolent state. There, the illusion could continue to play itself out in a loop as a dream, a fantasy, which at no time or in any way interferes with the Awake Mind of the Christ, which continues in the perfect, uninterrupted bliss of Oneness in the Heart-Mind of his Father. 

Father and Son have no Knowledge, no awareness, of the dream of separation, darkness, hell aka time and place, because Knowledge is, and can only be, of Reality, aka Heaven or eternity. And what is not Known to Them does not exist. How could anything unreal be Known to God – or His Son, created in His exact likeness as part of Him – Who Knows only of Truth, Life, Love, all of which are one eternal unchanging, glorious, effulgent, ineffable reality?  

But Papa, in His all-Knowing, all-empowered-by-Love wisdom, Knew that His Son, to whom He had given everything – including free will – could creatively-imagine anything, including illusion, even though illusion could not exist in the reality that is eternity. So He established the At-onement Principle, which would kick-in only at such moment as need might arise, as a failsafe, to prevent His beloved Son from seeming to get ‘lost’, or ‘stuck’ in an illusory wilderness of miscreation. The Atone-ment Principle was put into practice the same instant as the mad idea for separation arose. 

The Holy Spirit is the At-onement Principle, and was activated/created by God in practice at that moment. The Holy Spirit, or Spirit of Truth, or the Voice for God, or the Holy Breath – like all that is of eternity – is, of course genderless (gender is made up, part of the illusion of separation). Using poetic licence Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit using the masculine pronoun. This is in no way implying the feminine gender or pronoun is inferior. That can only be an ego-engendered perception. J.  

‘He’ is the Living connecting mechanism between the Father Creator and His one Son while he is engaged in, sidetracked by, the game of pretending to be, appearing as, many. He Lives in the mind of every fragment of the Sonship. As the Voice for God He is Calling us Home, back to remembrance of our Oneness, our indivisibility in the Heart-Mind of Papa. He sees our temporal misperceptions but is not deceived by them because He is a Creation of God and is, therefore, of Eternity, like His Creator.  

His function is to reinterpret, or correct, our misperceptions by showing us how to see with true perception. He can only perform this function for us when we are willing to allow it, because He honours our God-given free will, which is absolute and inviolable. He is the mind-to-mind connectedness between each and all of the fragments of the Sonship, enabling mind-to-mind communing between the fragments who are ready to accept as reality this attribute. Such communing only functions truly if the objective is of Truth or intended to allow Truth, healing, Love to arise, or be restored in us. 

This is possible because such communing is of heart-mind to heart-mind and is therefore reliable because the heart is the seat of the soul. The soul is an eternal, unchangeable creation of Truth – Papa – so can only respond whole-heartedly to and with Truth, Love, peace and joy. Attempts at communing from one ‘head-mind’ to another ‘head-mind’ are unreliable because this is the intellect, a device of the ego to ensure communication is/remains broken. It should be noted that intelligence and intellect are not the same, and intellect frequently displays remarkable lack of intelligence.  

Forgiveness, a device for restoring brokenness to wholeness, can, therefore be conveyed perfectly by heart-mind to heart-mind communing. This is infallible because the conveyancing mechanism is the Holy Spirit. It works perfectly even when one party in a broken relationship is not consciously participating in this endeavour. The perfect outcome of the process is assured because it is effected between the connectedness of the Holy Spirit in the mind of one party and the same Holy Spirit living in the mind of the other party. One party is offering/practising true forgiveness in conscious, willing, co-operative awareness that it is via the agency of Holy Spirit-Self, so can Know of a certainty beyond all doubt that the process will be completed perfectly.

But attachment to outcomes within the context of linear time will block the process because the process, being a Kingdomly intent, is real, and time is unreal. Being unreal it is of no consequence - unless we give it consequentiality. The healing outcome of true forgiveness is assured within the reality of timelessness – eternity – and that is all that matters because eternity is our only reality. 

The Holy Spirit, then, is the connectedness between the seemingly separated minds of the fragmented Sonship. He is also the connectedness between the Sonship and the Father, enabling us – all of us, without exception, if only we can believe, because it is only unbelief that prevents it – to commune with Papa. Just like Jesus. And when all the fragments are restored to right-mindedness – one might say ‘Truth/peace/Love-mindedness’ – He will have completed His function by enabling the restoration of the illusory brokenness of mind to wholeness, i.e., Oneness of Mind. 

That Whole Mind is already extant, and has always, uninterruptedly, indissolubly been conjoined with Spirit. It is our True Identity: Papa’s one, beloved Son, the Christ. The Holy Spirit is our connectedness to our True Identity, our true Being, so it is incalculably beneficial, during our apparent, embodied separation from reality, to attune, or commune with the Spirit of Truth because this connects us with our right mind, wherein is His dwelling. This can be facilitated by thinking in terms of this exalted state of mind being our Holy Spirit Self, or our Holy Self, or just Self.  

By communing with Self we connect with His Vision because He shares It with us. He sees a very different world from that shown us by our ego-devised bodily senses. He does not see war, genocide, scarcity, judgement, ‘death’… a made-up world that arose from our choice for separation. He sees the Real World, The Kingdom of the Father, [already] spread out over the Earth… By connecting, attuning, communing steadfastly with Self, that Kingdom, the Kingdom of the Father, the Real World arises in our vision. We cannot see both worlds. We must choose which world we desire, above all, to see and that becomes our reality. 

Let us open our heart-mind and gladly, with profound, joyous gratitude, accept what Papa has already, freely given us. 

Brian Longhurst 


Open your arms that I may embrace you; open your heart that I may give you My Love; open your mind that I may reveal My mysteries and secrets to you; open your life that I may fulfil in you all that you desire in My Name.

Papa, March 31st, 1996

June 24th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

The term Karma can have different slants of meaning for different people. Some see it as meaning As you sow, so shall you reap, or, What goes around comes around. To me it means Opportunity, because everything that happens always presents itself as an opportunity – a choice to take the high road to enlightenment or the low road to more of the same, which in this ego world means self-determination. And since self – little, limited, forgetful, identity-confused self – does not see the complete picture, its choices can only be based on limited information, so errors are inevitable. 

Often, what ‘turns up’ in our life may seem, to the perception of little self – which is untrusting, lacking in faith, causing doubt, uncertainty, fear… – as chance, or if guilt is steering the ship (which it usually is), as adversity, sent by some ‘higher power’ to punish us for our sins. That is how the ego wants us to see life, but it is not how our True Identity, our Whole – i.e. Holy – Self, the Spirit of Truth sees it at all. And since He has access to all the information pertinent to every event (and little, persona-identity does not), then His discernment can only be the right discernment.  

So, when we, as little self, see what turns up looking for all the world like adversity, how can we change our perception and choose to see it as opportunity (to transform adversity into fulfilment)? First, we must choose to accept as certainty, regardless of outwardly-appearing circumstances, that the adversity that our upside-down perception shows us is nothing more than the window-dressing, or wrapping-paper, and the true gift, the opportunity lies within it. Thus we must choose, steadfastly, to see past the wrapper, to the contents within. How can we do that? 

We cannot, of ourself, but we must make it our choice. That is all that is asked of us. This can seem very hard, almost impossible when adversity is right in our face, threatening to batter our feeble defences. But we can say to Holy Spirit Self, ‘Although this appears to my limited, distorted perception as frightening adversity, standing between me and the inner peace I Know is really, freely mine, I acknowledge that You see this Truly, as opportunity to release me from whatever karma has brought this to me. So I gladly release it into your care, to transform it into opportunity.’ 

Then we surrender what is impossible for little self into the care of Big Self. He is completely in charge of our life, our journey, of getting us safely, surely to our Destination; but only when we authorise Him for this task by handing all over into His care. Karma accrues over and over, from one embodiment to the next and we have no conscious awareness of what has accrued, so surrendering our life into the care of One Who does Know, and has the highest good of us all at heart is a good idea – to say the least. We don’t need to know the details, because He does. All we need is Trust. 

Many of us, under ego-prompting, perceive nearly all our troubles are caused by others. Holy Self Knows there are no ‘others’; that this misperception is an ego-ploy to keep us trapped in guilt, fear, grievance and ‘death’. To circumvent this ploy we can adopt, embrace, commit to an attitude of unconditional forgiveness of self and others, the past, the world and all other illusory events or circumstances. Training our mind to this, and away from grievances and the blame consciousnessl saves us much grief and indeterminate further embodiments into the spiritual darkness of time and place. 

Spiritual darkness is not real; we have invented it, and made bodies to convince us that temptation with ‘the sins of this world’ lead us into spiritual darkness. Only Light (which is Life, Love, Truth, God) is real. As Jesus tells us:  

True light, that makes true vision possible, is not the light the body’s eyes behold. It is a state of mind that has become so unified that darkness cannot be perceived at all. And thus what is the same [Truth] is seen as one, while what is not the same [illusion] remains unnoticed, for it is not there. (ACIM W-108.2) 

We are the Light, exactly like the Creator in Whose likeness we are created, and Jesus is the proof that this is true of us ALL. All that is required is for us to choose that this be not just the Truth, but our Truth as well, instead of the fable we have fabricated and accepted as our ‘truth’. Making this conscious change of choice, and deciding that today, I will make no decisions by myself (ACIM, T-30.I.2:2) literally turns our life around from heading further out into outer darkness back toward the Light, enabling our conscious awareness of, and oneness with, our own True Identity as Holy Self. 

If we consider karma as opportunity, we can discern that there is ‘good’ karma, even though many might consider all karma to be ‘bad’. But as we have seen, ‘bad’ karma is merely misperception, easily transformed by surrender to Big Self. Good karma can also accrue from one embodiment to the ‘next’ (using the context of linear time), and on, without limit. We can build on this, taking us ever toward the Light, just as bad karma accrues, taking us further into (illusory) darkness. 

Here is an illustration of how this can work, and does not limit its working to simultaneous embodiments of the parties involved: 

Once upon a time – in the 16th century – there were three siblings: Philip, Robert and Mary. They had been in previous, close, Loving relationships through a number of former embodiments, including during the time of Jesus. Sometimes one or other would be in spirit, to help the others who were embodied. On other occasions the reverse would be the case, but they were always close, connected by the affiliation of Love. It should be noted that such a connection is freedom, not bondage.  These three souls were deeply united, particularly by their devotion to Jesus.  

Through various incarnations they engaged together in numerous endeavours for the furtherance of his GRP, the most ‘recent’ beginning late in the 19th century, on through the 20th and into the 21st centuries. The plan was that Philip and Mary would each take a body around the same time; the late 1800s. They would team up to strengthen their bond of Love for and devotion to Jesus, while Robert remained in spirit, to assist them in this. Then, Philip would lay aside his body in 1940, to rejoin Robert in spirit and to be a close helper of Mary – still embodied for a further 45 years. 

The plan continued to outwork by the re-embodiment of Robert in 1944, who, by synchronicity empowered by the close, Loving ties between them, was reconnected with Mary 20 years on, a continent away – engineered by the still-disembodied Philip. Philip remained in spirit to help and encourage Mary and Robert in furtherance of their joint devotion to Jesus and the GRP. Mary, 54 years Robert’s elder, had many encounters with Jesus and others from the Realms of Light over decades, bringing great understanding of Christian Mysticism, which she was able to share with Robert. 

She had told him that her job was to get him hooked up with Jesus, who spoke to her as soon as Robert had left at the end of their first meeting, in 1965, saying: “Speak of me freely and unreservedly to the young man; and so that he return again and again, I will fill his heart with joy beyond the pleasures of Earth.” This, she did, remaining a committed, diligent, Loving spiritual mentor to Robert, resulting in the re-awakening of his Love and devotion to Jesus and his GRP. Two years later Jesus manifested in his glory to Robert, beginning decades of close tutelage in Christ-focused mysticism.


Twenty years after Robert’s first encounter with Mary she returned to spirit to be with Philip. The Christ-devoted working together of these three continues, without hindrance from the illusion of the man-made myth of boundaries between embodiment and disembodiment. Philip’s palpably Loving presence was, from the beginning, and continues to this day, to be felt, appreciated and valued beyond measure by Robert.


If karma can be considered as opportunity, and stretches indefinitely between devoted souls sharing a profound commitment to the Truth of eternity that Jesus came to restore to his brethren – lost in the wilderness of forgetfulness of their true Identity – here is an example, shared for the encouragement of all. It is our free choice whether our dreams of embodiment be for a Kingdomly purpose or for sideshow distraction at the fairground, with its glittering, valueless baubles, carousel rides, hall of mirrors and ghost-train of horrors. Happily we are free to choose anew at every moment.


Love and blessings for inner peace and joy,




…you have been my friend for a long time. I have had my eye on you, and you have been under my watchful care from the beginning of your sojourn.

Jesus, Easter Sunday, 1996 

July 1st 2015 

Dear Friends,


In our self-imposed consciousness of littleness and limitation, we are dependent upon our bodily senses and our intellect to tell us who, or what, is trustworthy. This makes it very difficult, since our bodily senses and our intellect are devices made by the ego, which is hell-bent on our destruction (check the six o’clock news for evidence). There are those who would win our confidence with blandishment and inveiglement into trusting them so they can enrich themselves at our expense. Such are referred to as confidence tricksters, or con-men.


Assuredly, there can be few who want to win our confidence in them by using an illusionary ploy for our benefit. And if the employment of illusion were to be discovered, few would be willing to maintain their trust in such a person. So, such a beneficent soul would need to keep quiet about his endeavour being an illusion if his intent is to succeed – at least until the purpose is known and understood by the beneficiary(ies). Such a soul could also be termed a confidence trickster, but with only benign intent – to enrich rather than impoverish the target of his actions.


Using the benign definition of the term confidence trick, it could be stated the greatest, most benevolent such act in history was that of Jesus, submitting himself to crucifixion. His primary objective was to demonstrate that the Son of God is immortal, indestructible; cannot be killed, or even hurt, however ferocious any attack on the body might appear to be. But any such demonstration would be of little effect in terms of its real value if it was soon forgotten, disappearing into the mists of time, so that future generations would know nothing of such an event.


His intention was that this philanthropic act would be remembered, honoured, revered not just by those contemporaneous with him, or even for a few subsequent generations, but for a full two thousand years, worldwide. So it had to be a two-phase act; one in which he first allowed himself to be publicly executed in as brutal and humiliating a manner as any twisted mind could devise, and then be shown, proved, to have actually ‘died’, in the sense that his spirit had departed his body (see Jn.19:34 ff). The second phase was his miraculous resurrection, which was, of course, the clincher.


Thousands – tens of thousands – had been crucified by the Romans. None had resurrected, until now. The whole Christian faith is founded on belief in his resurrection, and untold millions have venerated Jesus since that time, as the Christ, the saviour of the world. So, where is the ‘benign confidence trick’? He Knew he was not a body; that bodies have but one real purpose: to act as a communication mechanism, to share the Truth of eternity with his brothers and their indispensable place in it, so they could – eventually – also Know the Truth, and by living it, would be made free.


Free from the belief in separation from Papa and from Self, imprisonment in a mortal body in repeated cycles of accruing karma on a journey driven by guilt, fear, doubt, loneliness, misery… Truly, an error of judgement of epic proportions. But Jesus Knew he was innocent and therefore that crucifixion – and the scourging that preceded it – would cause him no pain or suffering, because unconscious belief in guilt is the cause of pain and suffering. So that is our experience. But not his.


He also Knew that his brothers – embodied at the time and subsequently, throughout the Jesus measure of meal, or Piscean Age – virtually all of whom were well familiar with mental, emotional, psychological and bodily pain, would believe that he suffered the agonies they believed all embodied souls would suffer. Further, the ego-concocted idea emerged that he went through this as a God-required blood sacrifice, for the sins of humankind from Adam onwards. This false belief served the ego’s purpose of compounding the guilt of millions of believers in this calumny for many centuries.


Jesus also Knew that would happen because that is the distorted, upside-down nature of the dream world of separation consciousness. But even this was able to serve his purpose in the leavening of the three measures of meal (as described in Mt. 13:33, and expounded in depth in SYFK, chapter 10), the six-thousand years Great Rescue Programme, into the final phase of which we are now emerging. It did so by spawning a religion that has kept his name alive, as the most famous, revered – even if almost totally misunderstood – soul ever to walk the Earth.


And although the false doctrine of his crucifixion being a blood sacrifice required by God, supposedly to appease His vengeful intent to destroy His creation – us – for our sins, countless millions have espoused their lives to his. This is in great part due to the belief that he ‘suffered and died’ for our sins. Some might say, ‘That was unfair of Jesus, to not tell his disciples, and through them, us, that this – the biggest event in human history – was, in fact, for him, no big deal. That is tantamount to a confidence trick.’ But Jesus Knew sharing the Truth with those unready for it is counterproductive.


He told his friends at the Last Supper, I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. (Jn. 16:12) However, he went on to say:  Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth… and he will shew you things to come. (Jn. 16:13). This demonstrates unequivocally that he had no intention of covering anything up, or ‘tricking us’ with some ulterior, devious subterfuge. On the contrary, this tells us he had every intent, from the outset, of revealing everything to his beloved brothers in the Sonship; all of us, as each of us becomes ready for the Truth.


And now is the time of readiness, even though the six o’clock news might indicate otherwise. But that presents only outward appearances, knowing nothing at all about inward reality. And as my friend, Michael Roads, so succinctly states, The metaphysical always precedes the physical. We can be certain, beyond all doubt, that now is the time for the resurrection – of which Jesus’ bodily resurrection was a prophetic symbol – of the mind of Papa’s beloved Son to remembrance of the Truth, the Oneness, the immortality, the all-empowerment-by-Love that is our eternal reality.


Being the time of readiness – the Aquarian, or Kingdom, Age, now rising – he reveals what we were not ready to hear before, indicating that although he came to play a confidence trick on us, its intent was to win our confidence, our trust, our Love and devotion; was always totally benign, totally Loving, and to our eternal benefit, healing, happiness and glory. In the March 18th 2015 MoE I shared what he told Helen Schucman in response to the question, ‘Was there a physical resurrection?’ His full response is given there, but extracts are shown below, for convenience.


My body disappeared because I had no illusion about it… It was laid in the tomb, but there was nothing left to bury. It did not disintegrate because the unreal cannot die… The body disappears, and no longer hides what lies beyond. It merely ceases to interfere with vision… What is understood as nothing must disappear.


I did assume a human form with human attributes afterwards, to speak to those who were to prove the body’s worthlessness to the world. This has been much misunderstood. I came to tell them that death is illusion, and the mind that made the body can make another since form itself is an illusion. They did not understand. But now I talk to you and give you the same message. The death of an illusion means nothing. It disappears when you awaken and decide to dream no more. And you still do have the power to make this decision as I did.


God holds out His hand to His Son to help him rise and return to Him. I can help because the world is illusion, and I have overcome the world… He could not have created the body because it is a limit. He must have created the spirit because it is immortal. Can those who are created like Him be limited? The body is the symbol of the world. Leave it behind. It cannot enter Heaven. But I can take you there anytime you choose…


(My emboldening and italic, for emphasis.)


In such a one as Jesus, assuredly, we can have confidence that he will never deceive us, and will never leave us.


Boundless Love,


Brian Longhurst



It is the desire and commitment of men’s hearts which shines brightly before Me, not the outward performing of this act or that function.

Papa, April 21st, 1996

July 8th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

“The Jesus, or Piscean, Age, or second measure of meal is over. Its purpose has been fulfilled; the cycle has completed its objective. Or, more meaningfully, the objective given it by Jesus/Holy Spirit, regardless of any objective the ego may have intended for it. The Jesus objective is real; the ego objective was, and could only ever have been, illusory – a dream, appearing, as so many dreams do, real.” 

The above, written on May 12th 2012 during communing with Holy Spirit, are from the DCC entry accompanying last week’s MoE. This does not imply that we no longer need the Loving presence and help of Jesus. Nothing could be further from the Truth. The fact that I was prompted from Spirit to dub the Piscean Age, or second measure of meal, the Jesus measure strongly suggests the vital, supreme importance of his input to that measure, and without which its leavening could not have happened. And, crucially, the leavening of the third measure could not have been initiated. 

The third measure of meal, or Aquarian Age, is the fulfilment measure, by the end of which Jesus’ Great Rescue Programme will have been accomplished and the At-onement – or healing and restoration of the fragmented Sonship to Oneness in the Heart-Mind of the Creator – completed. Papa’s Son, in his restored, unified, whole, holy, Christ Mind IS the Kingdom of Heaven, hence the third measure being aptly dubbed the Kingdom measure. This is the entire purpose of Jesus. There may be those who would want Jesus’ name to be glorified as the fulfilment, but that is not his intent. 

His intent is that we – all his brothers in the Sonship – be raised up to equality and unity of Mind and Being with him, as the One Son of God that in truth we, with him, are. He states in ACIM that individual persona identities are illusory, and it is inevitable that they, and their apparent differences displayed in time and place, are worthless, an ego ploy to demonstrate – and thus, ‘prove’ – separation, and attempt to glorify it. But it is the Oneness of Papa’s Son – which can only be possible when all apparent differences have been transcended – that is the only true glory of Papa’s creation.

Differences cannot but imply imperfection, inequality, separation. How can there be imperfection, inequality, separation in the eternity that is Heaven? And Heaven is not somewhere else, higher, in the future, when we are ‘dead’. There is nowhere else, there is no future, there is no death. There is only here, there is only Now and there is only Life. Here is everywhere Papa is, Now is the unchanging, forever-perfect always, and Life is eternal, with no birth or death, no beginnings or endings, no limits. How can bodies or personalities be involved – or in any way necessary – in all that?   

We made them up and now is the moment – the ascendancy, the leavening of the third measure of meal – in which all illusions are seen as what they always were: no thing. This happens, for each of us, inevitably, when we choose to stop believing in the dream of differences, bodies, personalities and vainly, absurdly endeavouring to glorify them. Then, when we have abandoned belief in illusions, we will be ready to believe the Truth. Then – because of our belief – will we see the Oneness that we all are, and immediately that will have become our shared reality. 

He whom we know as Jesus, many thousands of years before his incarnation in that persona, abandoned any belief, interest in or concern over personal ‘fame’, recognition, idolisation, adoration, worship… – all of which are about bodies, and have no place in the Kingdom, where all is equality – and is entirely happy that the so-called Jesus measure of meal is over. This is because that means its objective has been fulfilled and the GRP continues to move along into and through the third measure to its fulfilment, or leavening. The Aquarian Age is the Kingdom Age because: 

It is the shift of the fragmented Sonship from the dream of belief in, and thus perception of, the ego world of separation, guilt, fear, judgement, grievance, hate, injustice, dis-ease, death… into a transitional dream. That transition is taking place right now. It is still a dream of bodies and time and place, but is an entirely happy dream, in which the fragments learn co-operation instead of competition; amity instead of enmity; harmony with nature, honouring all life forms, because the life of every living thing is the Life of God; abandonment of all interest in personal aggrandisement...  

This world is what Jesus calls the Real World, or the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. As he is recorded as saying in Thomas’ Gospel, The Kingdom of the Father is [already] spread out over the Earth and men do not see it. They do not (yet) see it because they do not (yet) believe it. But the happy dream is changing all that and we are blessed to be part of that change. The old order of control of the masses through fear – by religious and/or by secular dominion – is rapidly succumbing as remembrance is growing that sectarian or secular structures only have as much power over us as we accord them. 

Many will see this transformation as the gateway to anarchy, and left to ego devices this would assuredly be the case. But this is the time of the Great Awakening to the reality of our Being as Papa’s One Son, and it is to empowerment by unconditional Love – the only real power there is – that the Son is Awakening. None of this is being left to ‘chance’ by the CEO of the GRP, who is given all power – let me say that again: ALL POWER – in Heaven and on Earth (Mt. 28:18) to guide – not force – us back to wakefulness, and thus, remembrance of who we really are. 

Ego-driven despots and megalomaniacs have tried throughout history to force us into being what we are not. It doesn’t work. How could it? How could we become what we are not? We have tried it since the dawn of time, and failed, miserably. Now comes one who has remembered who he IS – and we all ARE – and by unconditional, perfect Love, is showing us that that is what we are. It is a state of Being far beyond intellectual comprehension because the intellect has no role to play, being of the ego. Jesus has overcome the ego-world and is now ushering us into the Real World.  

From there we will – all, unified as of one, healed, right mind, with no divisions because there will be no ego – be so close to Heaven, to Papa, that He will reach down and lift us up, back into Oneness with our true Self, His Son, the Christ, and in Him. The Kingdom of Heaven, forever and ever. Amen. 

Brian Longhurst 


My son, the Keys to the Kingdom lie not in answers but in faith, trust, commitment, obedience to My word. 

Papa, May 5th, 1996 

July 15th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

A recent MoE discussed confidence tricksters, whose aim is to enrich themselves by impoverishing others through trickery. Yet we have actually impoverished ourselves by tricking ourself into believing that we separated ourselves from our Source in eternity. The great ruse with which we have deceived ourselves in this game of make-believe is devising the illusion of linear time, and then forgetting it is our own device, so we would believe the passage of time is happening to us; that we are simply being helplessly carried along in its inexorable flow, like a leaf floating on a river. 

Linear time is nothing more than an artifice, though we don’t perceive it as such, as it shuffles us bodily from youth through old age to ‘death’, only to start all over again, in another, and then another… masquerade costume. But as the Great Awakening progresses we arrive at the place where we can choose to see past the self-deception of time to the reality of eternity, and our indispensable place in it. Eventually – sooner or later – we must choose, because there can only be either time or eternity; there cannot be both, since they are mutually exclusive, the one denying the other. 

Jesus tells us in ACIM that the ‘tiny, mad idea’ of separation was gone in the self-same instant as it arose in the mind of Papa’s Son. In other words, no (linear) time actually elapsed for separation to become reality. How could unreality become real, or have any part whatsoever in reality? Since God is eternal and His creation is like Him, His Son could only be eternal. Eternity is only NOW. Forever. There can be no past or future in the eternal Holy Instant of NOW. This seems like an impossible conundrum if we try to look at it from the perspective of being a body. 

But we are not, and have never been, a body. Bodies are part of the prestidigitation we have performed on ourselves. We, like our Father Creator, are eternal, all-Knowing, all-empowered-by-Love Mind, functioning as the activating agent of Spirit, supplying its creative energy. Spirit is Life, which is Light, which is God, which is One; and we are, in truth, all One in that Oneness. If it could be otherwise it would not be Oneness and we could not be part of the Oneness that is All there Is. To see reality and assimilate ourself back into it we must stop thinking as a body and start thinking as decision-making mind

This is because bodies are finite, limited, mortal – all of which deny the Truth of our Being – whereas Mind (and Spirit, of course) is infinite, immortal, limitless. The ego will say it is too much of a stretch for ‘ordinary mortals’ (therein is the inbuilt lie, because we are neither ordinary nor mortal) to stop thinking as a body and start thinking as decision-making Mind. Holy Spirit would remind us that it is easier to think and to Be what we ARE than what we never were, other than in fantasy. We are so embroiled in fantasy that it takes commitment to return to reality. Now is the time to commit. 

It can help if we are able to accept all the events that seem to have happened in the linear past – and future – as happening in the same instant. That can help us to discern that ‘past’ incarnations are all contributing to our ‘present’ dream experience, even though, in our state of self-induced amnesia, we may have no conscious awareness of it being so. Even without such awareness we can adopt an attitude of, a commitment to, ubiquitous, unconditional Love, blessing and forgiveness of self that encompasses past dream-persona experiences. 

That way, ‘past’ personas we have feigned can be helped forward by our ‘present’, awakening persona, so they will be further along the Path by the end of their embodiment than would otherwise have been possible. Our attitude of all-encompassing, unconditional Love, blessing and forgiveness will have saved ‘them’ indeterminate ‘dark’ experiences by allowing the Light that we are to shine, under Holy Spirit direction, into their lives. That means we will be further along the Path from the beginning of our embodiment. Thus, our ‘future’ embodiments will commence further forward also. 

This can readily be seen as a win-win situation. And we don’t have to limit our attitude of all-encompassing, unconditional Love, blessing and forgiveness to our ‘own’ persona embodiments. This can beneficially be extended to all with whom we have interaction – ‘past’ and ‘future’. Most interactions in ego-land accrue karmic conditions that lock us into ongoing adversarial associations, which must re-present themselves for forgiveness, healing and release into innocence. So, Loving, blessing and forgiving others in ‘past’, karmic associations helps us and them in our present associations. 

Full marks if you can follow this! Our lexicon is inadequate for elucidating such scenarios. Perhaps I can give an example which might be helpful. As described in January 25th and April 25th 2012 MoEs, in a 1600s incarnation I was ‘Paul’. I had an older sister, ‘Clara’. A karmic situation arose, based in major differences of religious conviction. This led to Clara (and others) conspiring to silence Paul by crushing his tongue in an animal castrator. She subsequently realised the unserviceableness of her actions, and was racked with terrible guilt. She was in that state of mind when she passed away. 

In 1944 Paul reincarnated as Brian, and later Clara also reincarnated, as ‘SB’, coming into close association with Brian. The past differences re-presented themselves, causing a deep division between them again, in different persona bodies and circumstances, but the same fundamental issue. This seemed like adversity but Theresa and I asked the Spirit of Truth’s Help to transform this opportunity into healing through true forgiveness. This brought a profound healing of Theresa and me, in which we found we had miraculously, spontaneously – completely effortlessly – forgiven SB. 

I had been sending Paul blessing, Love, encouragement, extending solidarity with him, and I was palpably aware that this was helping him, so that he was further ahead on the Path when he laid aside his body than would otherwise have been the case. This was also, of course, palpably beneficial to him for a subsequent embodiment – as persona Brian! But although the forgiveness helped Theresa and me – to the point where the forgiveness we experienced was not just toward SB but the entire Sonship, it has, to date, had no outwardly manifested effect on SB’s state of mind.  

Nevertheless, ALL grievances toward those we have known, and all the rest of the Sonship, had completely evaporated from Theresa’s and my heart and mind. What a glorious unburdening this is, and it is freely available to all because it is a PLF. To forgive one is to forgive all, because we are all… you got it: One. But years elapsed and there was no outward reciprocity from SB. We are aware of the isolation, guilt, fear, loneliness she is experiencing, manifesting as projecting of blame, judgement and grievance onto us. Then, last week, as I mused on this, Clara came to my mind. 

Suddenly, in a blinding flash of Light I realised that we had not included her in our true forgiveness exercises, focusing on SB. I was, unconsciously, confined within the misperception that Clara was ‘dead and gone’, because she was ‘now’ SB. In that same instant I Knew that – because linear time is a trick, and everything of the separation consciousness occurred in the one, infinitesimal instant – persona Clara is as much in the illusory here and now as SB, and Paul and Brian. Further, I Knew, of a certainty beyond all doubt, that the healing of Clara would mean the simultaneous healing of SB. 

Focusing on Clara – which I had never done before, mistakenly believing her consciousness was now exclusively embodied in SB – I became aware of her, in a state of suspended animation; frozen, isolated by, imprisoned in, guilt, shame and fear; ‘a box of darkness’. My heart filled with Love – far more than I could have anticipated – tenderness and compassion. Asking Holy Spirit Self’s Help and guidance, I have been mind-to-mind communing with her, assuring her there is no guilt, no sin; that in Papa and Jesus – and Paul/Brian – there is no judgement, no condemnation; that she is Loved, forgiven unconditionally for what, in Truth, she has never done.

There is much more in this ongoing communion, but suffice it to say a great log-jam is being released, and Light – and thawing warmth – is pouring in to her frozen box of darkness, and I am in no doubt that her release into innocence is inevitable, and with it, SB’s, because they are one. It was simply Clara’s self-imprisonment in guilt that was preventing it from happening with SB. 

Understanding the seeming cause of broken relationships can be a great facilitator of the forgiveness process, yet it is not essential because our True Self Knows everything on our behalf. So, it is of inestimable value to ask Him to reveal whatever will help in any such situation, because that brings our awareness of Him into our mind. Even if nothing comes to our conscious mind in response to our asking, that does not matter. What matters is that we have asked and that we have placed our trust in Him totally.  

Committing to an attitude of unconditional forgiveness, regardless of our understanding the causes, will get us on the fast track to forgiveness of ALL brokenness for the entire Sonship, including ourself. The understanding will, inevitably, follow, because of our willingness first to trust.  

A toast to trust! 

Brian Longhurst 


My son, you have loved Me without seeing Me, you have followed faithfully when you have not known Me. Blessed is he who, seeing, follows; thrice blessed is he who, not knowing, also follows.

Papa, May 12th, 1996 

July 22nd 2015

Dear Friends, 

Although we are the Light, which is Life – and Light and Life are eternal – not believing it causes us to perceive ourself as what we are not: darkness. Darkness is the absence of Light and Life. Although we appear as an animated body, the body itself isn’t Light or Life. Light and the Life are within us because we are inextricably One in the Source of Light and Life, but not believing it means we do not see truly – i.e. within. We perceive the illusion of life, a fleeting shadow of darkness, projected from an upside-down mind that believes the unbelievable: that it is separated from its Source.   

The upside-down mind projects shadows of darkness onto the screen called time and place, thus veiling the Light of eternity from our awareness. These shadows can only be fleeting because they are not real. So myriad replacement shadows – or masquerade costumes we call persona identities, which have no True Identity because we have made them up – are projected haphazardly onto the screen, like fireflies at twilight, and are gone again in an instant. Mostly the projections, or persona, ‘firefly’ identities also are without true purpose, so we give each a made-up purpose or intent. 

Such made-up purposes have no meaning within the context of eternity, or the One, True Identity that, as unified aspects of the eternal Oneness we all Are. So the made-up purpose, however important it may seem within the context of time and place, persona-identity, if it has no resonance with our One, True Identity and purpose for appearing in time and place – to be the Light and saviour of the world – this means we are simply marking time, going nowhere but round on the carousel, accruing more karma with each circuit. Here is what Jesus has to say about this:  

Nothing is ever lost but time, which in the end is meaningless. For it is but a little hindrance to eternity, quite meaningless to the real Teacher of the world. Yet since you do believe in it, why should you waste it going nowhere, when it can be used to reach a goal as high as learning can achieve? (ACIM, T-26.V.2:1-3) 

So, how can we move from wheel-spinning, going nowhere by busying ourself with one project after another to distract us from our one true purpose for sojourning in time? It might be helpful to consider that, regardless of appearances of form, Light and Life – which are founded in Love – and are the True Nature of all Being, including our own, are energy (didn’t Einstein have something to say about this? J). Energy vibrates. Thought is energy. If thought is on the wavelength of Love, Light, Life it has a high vibration, or frequency, or resonance, and is Creative, meaning eternal.  

Only Love/Light/Life can be – that should read Be – creative, and, like Itself, that which is created is eternal. Although the term creative is widely used in time and place to describe all manner of things man-made, if the energy, or vibration, of such does not resonate with the Source of All Creation, then it is out of harmony, or discordant, or dissonant with the Source. Therefore it cannot be legitimately defined as created, within the context of eternal reality. Such temporal constructs – concrete or abstract – are made, because they are made-up, not created.  

That which is made is temporal, and that which is temporal is made, by a mind that is not functioning on the frequency of the eternal Source of All. Of course, while we appear to be embodied, there are many matters of time and place that call for our attention, but they do not have to distract us from creative thinking. Our creative – or eternity-focused – thoughts keep us attuned to, or in state of at-onement with, our true, eternal Being. And it is entirely possible to engage with Being while we are engaged in doing. Who can imagine Jesus not being eternity-focused whatever he was doing? 

The body that most of us perceive ourself as being is entirely neutral, doing nothing that it is not directed to do by the mind that activates it. The combination of mind and body is what we perceive as our persona identity. That persona identity can be functioning under the prompting of the made-up consciousness dubbed the ego, which at best will keep our wheels spinning but at worst will be plotting and executing dark activities based on self-serving regardless of its negative impact on others. There is a lot of that going on at this juncture, as the six o’clock news will attest. 

Alternatively, that persona can function in at-onement with the Spirit of Truth within our mind, Who is our True Self and our connectedness to our Source – Papa – while we seem to be embodied. Most of the fragmented Sonship is guided, or more accurately, misguided, by the ego. Jesus, in contrast, was guided by the Spirit of Truth. We are free to choose which of these two guides we prefer to follow; there are no others and one of those isn’t real. Most may prefer to follow the Holy Spirit but find, in their confused, weakened state of mind, they are more under the impulsion of the ego. 

That may be so much of the time but for most of us, not all the time. From this we can take heart. For, if we express a quality that is an attribute of God, then we must be at one with Him – at least in respect of that quality. For example if we perform an act – or simply have an attitude – of kindness toward a brother, we are at one with God within that moment because God is Love, and kindness is an aspect, or attribute, of Love. As Jesus famously said: Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me (Mt. 25:40) and also to ourself

His statement applies whether we perform an act of kindness or unkindness, thoughtfulness or thoughtlessness. Most of us fluctuate, oscillate between the ego and the Spirit of Truth. If we try to embrace ‘good and evil’, we, in our self-limiting understanding, cannot but become confused between the two, mistaking one for the other and vice-versa. That is about where things stand on the world stage right now. Sooner or later we each must decide for one or the other, for we cannot serve mutually exclusive thought systems and be sane. Thus, sooner is immeasurably preferable. 

Since one is entirely malign and the other entirely benign, it should not be hard to choose. The latter choice will invoke all the Help and all the resources of Heaven, and of Papa Himself. What we resonate with transforms – metamorphoses – us to that resonance. If we choose a given resonance – e.g., eternity – for a period, then switch to another vibration, the eternity resonance fades and we transform to the other, because that has been our choice. Sticking steadfastly, unequivocally to one resonance – especially that of Oneness, like Jesus did – means that that vibration is what we, commensurately, become.  

Hence, Jesus was able to say, ‘I and my Father are One.’ It is also what we all – are. These words from The Door to Everything by Ruby Nelson, beautifully state what we inevitably become when we choose exclusively for our resonance with Heaven: 

...I am your well of Living Waters, your reservoir of Life Force, and if you will learn to draw from my resources eagerly and deliberately, these resources will increase and multiply until your entire being is transformed into a vessel unceasingly running over with holy radiance  

All this is available ‘without money and without price’. In contrast, choosing for this world of separation comes at the highest cost of all: our life. So we could say: 

“I am with You, Papa – in You, even as You are in me – because I am innocent. I Know I can only have awareness of my innocence and my Oneness in You by choosing to believe I am innocent. This is my unwavering choice, now and always.” 

Love, unbounded and eternal, 

Brian Longhurst 


My son, fear is for the ungodly; in My garden of delight is joy and peace and fulfilment. Open your heart  to receive My bounty and in this act shall fall away that which is not of the eternal.

Papa, May 15th, 1996 

July 29th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

We are not human beings, though that is what most of us think we are. We are not mammals, nor are we animals of any form or description. This clearly shows how much, how subtly, we are under the ego’s indoctrination. Humans, and all other mammals and every living thing we perceive as having form, exhibit all the properties littleness, limitation and mortality that belie the true nature of Being; our Being and ALL Being. The error of our perception is total, and applies at every level of discernment, not just the so-called ‘physical’. The ‘physical’ is not physical at all. 

In the dream of death we have chosen to believe what we have been told, so that is what we perceive. Quantum physicists – such as Einstein have been aware for generations, and mystics, including Jesus, of course, have Known for aeons, that there is no physical, only Spirit. Yet we continue with the illusion as if it were real, demonstrating we prefer a lie to the Truth, even though the lie has everything going against us and the Truth has everything going for us. Even the maxim that would describe this – ‘we are living a lie’ is erroneous, for within the lie we are not living, but dead. 

Yet none of this would be possible at the bodily, or ‘physical’ level, if it were not for the mind, which is where the cause of the error lies. So, then the ego would say, ‘Okay, it’s all a lie, an error of perception; so, switch it off then – if you can, if you are so clever – and then where will you be? Nowhere.’ The ego is fearful at this idea, and it is its fear that we experience as being our fear, so comprehensively has ego taken over our thinking, feeling, emotions… leaving most of us confused, doubtful distressed, indecisive, depressed, fearful, guilty… at just about anything and everything. 

We need not ‘switch off’ anything that seems real in time and place, because there is nothing ‘out there’ to switch off. It is all in our mind. We need not switch off our mind, either, but simply retune it to the Truth of our Being. We have believed we are limited, have so little mind (though most still think/believe it is ‘brain’) capability that we cannot organise our own ‘little world’, let alone what seems to lie beyond our sphere of personal, temporal influence. Yet none of that is true either, because within the game of separation we are all, simply, role-playing.  

It is a giant game of chess, where we perceive ourself as threatened by our ‘opponent’; I must get him before he gets me. So, we feel, consciously or otherwise, that we must outmanoeuvre, manipulate our opponent, to gain power over him – or at the very least, stop him from gaining power over us. But not one of our brothers is our opponent; he is not our enemy; he is our brother. Role playing is like medication. It suppresses, disguises the symptoms of our condition. Our condition – sickness, dis-ease – is all in our mind, but we project it onto our body as one malady or another.  

So, in completely self-applied unawareness, we take a medicine to ‘cure’ the dis-ease. But this does not cure the cause, so it will keep manifesting, expressing, projecting onto the veil – in this instance the body, with which we hide from the Truth – as another symptom, for which we then take another medicine… Until we stop believing we must manipulate, outmanoeuvre our brother to prevent him gaining the upper hand over us, he will seem to us to be trying to do just that. But that is not actually the case at all; it only appears to be so because we are perceiving with distorted, double vision. 

This distorted vision is the body’s senses, devised to confirm our wrong beliefs. We misinterpret the situation as being ‘his fault; he started it; he is untrustworthy. If he will be honest with me I will be honest with him.’ What we are missing is that he is a mirror image of ourself, because we project onto him how we see ourself. Of course the ego will deny this strenuously, ridiculing the idea as absurd… ‘he is not the same age, size, shape, gender…’ And if we allow outward appearances to deceive us, we will fall for that line, repeatedly. Outward appearances are of the without; an illusion. 

We must also remember that the vast proportion of our mind is unconscious, and only what we have chosen to believe – a lie – is in our conscious awareness. If we see our brother as cantankerous, manipulative, trying to deceive us to gain power over us, that, unconsciously, is our self perception, projected onto him because we do not like, are unwilling to accept, that this is how we see ourself. This is a big stretch for an ego-dominated, split mind to accept. Yet the uncomfortable truth is that self-loathing – unconsciously – is universal in a game of pretending we are not what we are. 

The game continues until we decide – for neither God nor Jesus decide for us, though They will Help us to decide, when we ask – to end it. Then miracles begin. The most famous example of this within the ACIM global community is that of Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford, colleagues at a US university. They quarrelled endlessly, causing an intolerable working environment. Then, out of desperation, Helen said to Bill, “There has got to be a better way.” That allowed a miraculous transformation, facilitating their working in harmony on the scribing and typing of Jesus’ dictation of the Course

When we are ready to look at the lie – with Jesus, who shares his vision with us when we ask – instead of blindly defending it, we begin to see the Truth and become ready, one step at a time, to let go the lie. It only becomes possible then because we have chosen the lie and have free will to continue believing it… until we have had enough and decide it is our moment to choose anew. The cause of all sickness, all dis-ease, all brokenness – of mind and/or body – is in the mind. Wholeness, as with brokenness, is a state of mind.  

When the mind is whole, at peace with itself, sickness, brokenness has no cause, so there can be no effect to manifest as symptoms. Conversely, a mind not at ease with itself is cause for the effect of symptoms of dis-ease to manifest. This might be afflictions of the body the split, ego mind made, or ‘accidents’, ‘misfortunes’, ‘ill-fated happenings’… or any combination thereof. How, then, can medication cure the symptoms when it is the cause that needs healing? Medication can but suppress the symptoms, driving the unhealed mind – cause – to manifest its dis-ease as other symptoms. 

And how can we hope to find healing for a mind that is functioning almost completely unconsciously, or in spiritual darkness? Darkness cannot see into the Light because it is too bright. It seems too bright because darkness believes the Light is fearful, promulgated by the lies that God will judge us for our ‘sins’; that Jesus is coming again to judge the quick and the ‘dead’; that the Light will be the destruction of our ‘unworthy’ self. Papa’s Son chose darkness in a mad moment, and until he chooses to relinquish it, it remains his (our) choice. 

When he (we) repudiate that choice we become aware again that he is (we are) the Light, and his (our) perceived darkness will cease to be in his (our) awareness. That is a PLF, so must be true. But we cannot see the PLFs because we are swamped in details, so we need the Help of One who has seen through the lies and Awakened to the Truth of his (and our) Being. ASK and ye shall receive. So says Jesus. If we are too afraid, or unwilling (because of fear), to ask, we will never Know if he is right. I am here to attest that I have asked and therefore Know, beyond all doubt, that he is right. 

The ego will argue endlessly to defend its lies, but always confines its arguments to details. ‘The devil is in the details’, devised to lead us down blind alleys and round in ever-decreasing circles. However, when we remain steadfastly focused on the PLFs – with the unfailing Help of Jesus – our vision remains single and all the details fall spontaneously, effortlessly into place. How could we expect creation, perfectly created by Papa, to be otherwise? J  

Endless Love and blessings for FTOC

Brian Longhurst 


Let your focus be upon Me only, that I may build up My House within you as a fortress of Light. Only within the stillness am I to be found. Enter into My refuge away from the rushing and turmoil. Have no fear, only desire.

Papa, May 26th, 1996  

August 5th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

In what is usually referred to as the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus counsels us not to be concerned for any of the things about which most of us occupy a huge proportion of our energy and thinking. How easy it is for us to accept and honour a great teacher and then be selective about which advice will form our code for living.J He cautions us not to be overly exercised about having enough food or clothing, which were, in those times – and also for billions today – grave worries for many who find themselves in straitened circumstances. He further advises not being anxious about the future.  

Rather, he reminds us that God, Papa, Knows all our needs (needs, not wants!). He then comes to the crunch point in what he is leading into: But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness. This is inestimably important because it gets us into attunement (at-onement) with Him, so that then: all these things [our perceived needs] shall be added unto you. He might have said – and who knows?, perhaps he did – that by attuning our life, our mind, to Papa gets us into resonance with Him, and thus into a receptive state of Being to accept what He is ceaselessly, freely giving.  

If we are not attuned to our Source how can we be aware of what He is providing? Further, if we have decided that He is not offering anything – except judgement, condemnation and punishment – as untold millions have been taught to believe, then we believe we have little choice other than to go out and get, by hook or by crook, what we believe we need; and, perhaps, what we have decided we want, too. Jesus also counsels us, seek, and ye shall find (Mt. 7:7), so it is inevitable that if we take his advice and seek the Kingdom first, we will – sooner rather than later – find the Kingdom, within. 

We do not need to have found the Kingdom before its incalculable benefits begin to accrue to us, in abundance. It is simply the decision to commit to seeking It that opens us to receiving what previously we had blinded ourself to by our own unwillingness to believe. These benefits manifest in our daily life and experience in the form of miracles, astonishing synchronicities, blessings, joy, inner peace, Love, serendipitous events… And – of incalculable, precious value – connectedness with kindred spirits, out of the blue, so that our journey Home becomes filled with like-minded company. 

All this, and endlessly more, begins to take place in, as part of, our life. Initially it seems too good to be true, so utterly different is it from our previous experience. And even though we eventually become somewhat accustomed to this transformational process, the sheer joy, exhilaration and wonderfulness of it never dims. How could it when, as our journey back to the Light, the Love, the Oneness unfolds, the joy just spills over into unspeakable ecstasy? The desire to share with our brothers, so they might also choose to seek the Kingdom within, becomes almost overwhelming at times. 

In fact, we need say nothing. No words are needed, unless and until a brother – feeling a resonance with the vibration, the Light, the energy we extend, radiate out into the world around us, and, nudged from within by the Spirit of Truth – enquires of us. Then the words, inspired, flow effortlessly from us. We begin to find that Jesus’ words to the woman of Samaria at the well begin to apply with us: “…whosoever drinketh of the [Living] water that I shall give him shall never thirst [spiritually]; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of [Living] water springing up into everlasting life.” (Jn. 4:14).  

This is because the words, when inspired from the Holy Spirit, become alive in that brother, and he becomes enlivened by them. Truly they have been transformed from mere symbols to the Word of Life, the Living Word. We  find we smile a lot, laugh a lot, give thanks a lot, rejoice a lot, sing a lot, Love a lot, have a springier step… And this is just a taste of what lies ahead. What lies ahead is, in Truth, already with us, and has always been; we just have had no conscious discernment of it because we have blocked our awareness of Love’s presence – within us – by choosing unbelief. 

Unbelief is like darkness. We have made it up to support our game of make-believe. Unbelief, as with darkness, means we cannot see. Without it there is no game because belief shows us that we are One, eternally; that Love simply is and we both have and are Love because we are like our Creator. Unbelief is a shutter, a blind we place between our imagined, limited, mortal self – a momentary image, a thought of being separate – and our true, eternal, limitless God-Self. All the while we hide behind the shutter of unbelief we remain self-blinded to the radiant, effulgent Truth of Self.  

Make that simple choice for a little willingness to cease unbelief and the Light that we are comes flooding back into our mind, beginning the restoration of our true vision. To a slumbering mind that may sound fearful, but that fear is not ours; it is the ego’s fear, masquerading as ours. How can we truly be fearful of What we really are – the Light? The ego’s fear is of its own dispelling from our split mind. We may have some uncertainty about what we are supposed to ‘do’ about this, once we have made that choice for belief. But doing is the ego’s domain. Being is our domain, just like Papa. 

We need do nothing outwardly. Inwardly we must focus our mind on Trust. The Spirit of Truth – our own, totally trustworthy, true Self – Knows, and will provide, all that is required for our safe, sure treading of the Path to our complete awakening. That journey is an inward progress, and has no dependency upon the outward circumstances of our embodied experience. Any outward changes that our inward journey to enLightenment may cause us to desire will be effected for us by Self, in response to our conscious or unconscious desire for harmonising our outer with our inner Being. 

Although most of us will be eager for our progress to be as rapid as possible, once the journey begins and we start to experience the glorious benefits, a word of caution is called for. Eagerness is good, it is of the Kingdom; but rushing and impatience are of the ego. There can seem, to our dimmed powers of discernment, to be a fine line between eagerness and impatience, easily overstepped. I know, for I have crossed that line many, many times in the last fifty years. Shared here is part of a communing with Jesus on Easter Day 2011:  

Simply choosing anew, changing our mind suddenly [for the Light] , doesn’t seem to change what we are experiencing suddenly.  

Only outwardly, to conscious perception. But it does, immediately, set in motion a complete reorganisation of the unconscious thought processes, and this is cause for celebration.J The unconscious turnaround – from following the ego’s script of darkness and despair to following the Light script that leads to endless joy, peace and Love – has thus been set in motion, irreversibly, even though lapses to old-order perceptions will still occur. Accepting the ‘inevitability’ of this and choosing to ignore it will enable such recurrences to diminish into obscurity over time.   

One step at a time the transformation begins to take place. Remember, only infinite patience brings immediate effects. Most of the slumbering Sonship has only finite patience, so the Holy Spirit-led progress can but be at a pace that maintains a degree of comfort in an uncomfortable, upside-down world. But in eternity there is no rush, so it matters not at all. Rushing is the ego’s way of trying to re-establish control.  

Lastly, let all remember that no-one is ever alone. Help, empowered Help, is always at hand. 

Jesus counsels us in ACIM to say to ourself each day, ‘Today I will make no decisions by myself.’ (T-30.I.2:2).

Love and blessings for courage to turn within and ask for the Help that is always freely available,

Brian Longhurst 


…being with you at all times is what I have promised; I am with you, in the midst. My life, my peace, my essence, my giving is with you. Let your heart, your mind, your life be still, be at peace, be comfortable in my presence. 

Jesus, June 2nd, 1996 

August 12th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Because we are Papa’s One Son (appearing for an instant, as many, in a dream of ‘death’), He has given us all power to choose whatever we will, and it is ours. Papa never has, never would, withdraw any of His gifts to His beloved Son. Why would He? He never changes His Mind. If He did, would not that signify uncertainty on His part? How could His Son Know where he stands if his Father is seen as equivocal? So, even choosing the impossible is ours – but only illusorily. Papa is the Light, Love, Truth, peace, joy, unchangeably, forever; and so, therefore, is His Son. Us.  

If we could choose darkness in reality it would mean neither Papa nor His Son could be what They Are. That would, indeed, be impossible – insanity. Choosing darkness – the reversal of the Truth of our Being – would, therefore, be both impossible and insanity. But the impossible is ‘only’ impossible in reality; anything can be made to appear possible in fantasy, but happily, fantasy is not real. If it were otherwise, that would mean Papa is insane. Only a mind that could make up false doctrines about Him is insane, because it believes what is not true is true, and wants all to believe it. 

Such as, unrepentant sinners will burn in hell forever, because God hates sin. How could the eternal, changeless God of perfect Love, Light, Truth, peace, joy – Who created His Son in His exact likeness, forever – hate? And how could He, Whose creation is forever, perfectly, unchangeably like Him, make the reverse of reality real? That would mean reality was as unreal as unreality, and the difference between the two indistinguishable. Only an insane, upside-down, fantasising mind could countenance such absurdity and consider it actuality. Yet this is what we have chosen. 

Is this what we really want? As stated by Holy Spirit in NTI*: ‘If this is the experience you have asked to receive, why do you suffer from it? Because you have asked to suffer by asking not to experience Heaven.’ Of course no-one in his conscious mind would admit that he has seriously asked not to experience Heaven. But the vast proportion of our mind is unconscious, encompassing all time. What we, in our seeming embodiment in time and place, are experiencing is definitely not Heaven. Here is His description of Heaven and how we can awaken to remembrance of it, from a 2010 communing:  

…By a little willingness to co-operate with Self and commit to forgiving all apparent blocks to Love’s awareness, will Self effortlessly remove them, and wakefulness to Love [Heaven; for what could Heaven be if not Love?] will be restored. Then will be KNOWN again the true experience of Perfect Love, which is a never-ending orgasm of the soul; a thousand times a thousand more consummate than any such feeble, bodily substitute.   

Then will all thoughts of guilt, fear, judgement, unforgiveness, grievance, shame, scarcity, separation, death be gone from your mind, awareness, experience. Forever. 

We call lots of things ‘heaven’; an ice-cream sundae, a rave, throwing ourself off a high bridge with a bungee tied to our ankles… How could any of these, and endlessly more, momentary, temporal events compare with the reality of Heaven, as so graphically – and accurately – described by Holy Spirit, above? I attest to the accuracy of His words because I experienced exactly as He states when Jesus manifested to me in his heavenly, celestial glory in 1967, as described in SYFK. ALL the so-called pleasures of this world are nothing but a distraction from this, our eternal heritage. 

Is there one amongst us who can honestly say, and believe, he prefers endless circuits of the carousel of birth and death – even when interspersed (for some, but not for billions, whose existence is nothing but hopelessness and despair) with intermittent pleasure to numb the doubt and uncertainty of time and place – to the exquisite joy of the eternal reality that merely awaits, with infinite patience, our acceptance? So, how can this swap be realistically, meaningfully brought about? First, it must be a sincere, all-consuming desire for this transformation. Then we could say, for example: 

“Dear, Whole, Holy Self, I am ready to be restored to awareness of the unending ecstasy of Heaven. I know I cannot achieve this alone. I am ready to believe, trust and accept that You can, and will, not just Help me to this restoration, but will accomplish it for me, and all that You ask is my willingness not to resist Your lead by clinging to illusions. I accept that relinquishing illusions – even the so-called ‘good’ ones – is actually no sacrifice at all, because it is they that are beguiling me to being stuck, when immeasurably greater joy than they can offer is mine to freely claim.  

“My desire to escape the uncertainty of separation and return to the reality of eternal bliss in Papa is now such that I am ready to surrender the ego-leasehold on my life, to co-operate with You, knowing You are trustworthy and will lead me one step at a time, at a pace that will be comfortable for me, away from fear and toward inner peace.” 

By way of further encouragement I share here some extracts from a July 1988 communion: 

 Beloved Lord Jesus, I have glimpsed awareness of the Living, Loving Spirit of the Father Creator, right here in my own being, and realised that He is with us, within us, constant in the power and joy and uplifting energy of His Loving, transforming ability. Speak to me more of this. 

My son, the Father it is Who is your life. Accepting this will transform and uplift mankind. It is by the realisation that self cannot accomplish the Kingdom-of-all-harmony-with-Love and that by allowing the Father within to expand His dwelling place by inviting Him to take control of your life and giving up your own leasehold on your life, that He can begin to grow and fulfil your inner being. Then shall be seen in you – and all his little ones – the manifestation of His Glory.  

…Trust is all. His Love for all His little ones is total giving. Only by absolute surrender… can He accomplish the Glorifying of Himself in you, even as He did in me. Have no thought for the morrow, sufficient unto the day let your commitment be and then likewise on the morrow and each and every morrow. Put your trust in Him and do that which is given you to do each day. Thus shall the Spirit of Truth, for the Father Creator, accomplish His purpose in you. 

Only by this at-one-ment can we fully receive His Spirit within us; only by this at-one-ment shall the Kingdom of God-awareness manifest in the lives of His children. 

Have no fear, my son, your desire shall enable Him to accomplish it for you. Be not anxious always to ‘please’ Him; He will please you with His good gifts. 

While we think we are having a life, our life, we are missing having Life – the One Life that is real, forever. The One Life is inescapably ours but by not choosing it now we are simply delaying the inevitable bliss that eagerly awaits our acceptance. We cannot have both, simultaneously. We must make the choice for One or the other, and our choice is sacrosanct. The ego, assuredly, will continue a while to win small battles for supremacy in our mind, but this is of no consequence; the ‘war’ is already won, without a single engagement; the sooner for us by our quiet, willing co-operation. 

Jesus tells us in ACIM that if we choose to join our mind with his he will share his Mind with us. Earlier this week I thanked him for sharing his Mind with me and he instantly replied, “It’s our Mind. I’m offering access to what is equally yours, until you have remembered fully.” This statement, his offering, is freely available to each and every one of us; no exceptions whatsoever. 

Peace and joy, Love and Light is already ours; what better cause for celebration? 

Brian Longhurst 

*NTI is The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament, copyright Regina Dawn Akers 2008. The above quote is from page 313: ‘2 Corinthians, chapter 5’. 


…if your life is in harmony with Eternal Truth, in all the aspects of your being, then the Spirit of Truth shall find sanctuary in you and flow into and through you unto all with whom your life makes contact.

John of Patmos, June 24th, 1996 

August 19th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

At the Last Supper Jesus blessed the bread and wine and gave them to his friends to eat and drink, saying, This do in remembrance of me (Lk. 22:19). In today’s world of confused perception and forgetfulness, we assume the term memories applies only to historical, or past, events. This is an ego trick to keep us trapped in never-never land, by preserving ‘alive’ that which, in reality, never was. Only the eternal present of NOW is real, because it is eternal. Linear time – including, of course, past and future – is made up and thus, unreal, shown by the fact that it constantly changes and passes away. 

Accepting remembrance, or memories, as applicable only to the illusory past goes a long way to preventing us – or at least, distracting us – from remembering the Truth, which is, and can only be, of eternity. The Truth, of course, is that we, like our Creator, are solely eternal, having no Being, no presence in past or future, because linear time and eternity are mutually exclusive. All the while our focus is engaged with the illusion of linear time – which precludes the eternal NOW, the only reality – we are unaware of our Self and our true and only Home. 

The ramifications of that are of far greater import than the ego would want us to be aware, because then its secret would be out and the game of make-believe, of false identities, of pretending to be what and where we are not would be well and truly over. We have been playing that game so long we have forgotten – have no remembrance of – Who we really Are. Now is the season of remembrance. Remembrance not of the past but of the ever-present; the holy instant, the eternal NOW, in which we are restored to our true Identity as Papa’s one, perfect, innocent, limitless, immortal Son. 

So, when Jesus said, in the long ago, This do in remembrance of me, he was saying, keep me alive in your mind as a living, present reality, not just of someone who would, to outward appearances, soon be ‘dead and gone’, and to be recalled to mind only as a memory of past events. Did he not also say, after the resurrection, just before his ascension, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. (Mt. 28:20)? This is vital because all the outwardly-appearing events that seem to occur in time and place were never real. Only ‘alway’ is real. Everything else is unreal, and passes away.  

Thus his words, Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away (Mt. 24:35), indicate that everything of linear time – and thus, ‘dead’, or unreal – shall disappear, but his words are eternal because they are the Living Word, or the Word of Life, and Life is eternal. But what of ‘Heaven’ passing away? Surely this cannot be correct? For some Light on this, let us consider Rev. 21:1, in which John states: And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. This statement is esoteric, not exoteric, in its intent. 

We need to understand that Heaven is a state of Mind, not a geographical (or celestial!) location. Until ONE of the fragments of the Sonship of God was restored to full, complete remembrance of Who and Where he really Is – at Home, eternally; One in in the Heart of Papa – none of the Sonship was There. So, for the entire, fragmented, slumbering Sonship, dreaming a dream of death, there was – to their awareness, their memory – no Heaven, or the orgasmic bliss of the eternal NOW; only the ‘other side’ of the dream-coin of birth and death, all in the consciousness of fear. 

But the Awakening to remembrance of eternal reality, or Heaven, by him who we know and Love as Jesus, meant that the One Son of God was restored to Oneness in Him; forever. That doesn’t, yet, appear to be the case for us, is not, yet, our experience, because we remain in forgetfulness, have no remembrance of the Truth of our Being, passing back and to from embodiment to disembodiment, on the ‘other side’ of the coin – the etheric counterpart of the ‘physical’ world. But the restoration of just one fragment means all are restored in Truth, because we are One in Truth.  

We are not experiencing that because our split-off-from-Truth, separated minds are engaged with, distracted by, the ego-devised illusion of the non-existent past and future; a dream of linear time, to keep us disconnected from the eternal, joyous oneness of NOW; the only moment there is or ever could be. Meanwhile, for untold millennia, embodied souls, although connected to Papa by the Spirit of Truth, dreamed of what they imagined heaven to be, when they laid aside their body. But these were only confused, bizarre imaginings, not reality because they still dreamt of death, not Life. 

When they laid aside their bodies they merely found themselves in an etheric counterpart of their embodied imaginings. This was not Heaven, even though they may have thought it so. But because it was not the perfect, unchanging, eternal, unconditional Love that is Oneness in Papa, Heaven it was definitely not. But with the Awakening of the one we know as Jesus, the plan for at-onement of all the fragments could begin. This, Jesus described to me as the Great Rescue Programme, which began with the incarnation of Abraham, though it was planned by Jesus many millennia before then. 

So, John’s vision, described in Rev. 21:1, saw the old ‘heaven’ of confused imaginings by minds self-separated from Self and Source, along with the old Earth, pass away, disappear, and the New Heaven and the new Earth – the KOHOE, or ‘real world’ as described by Jesus in ACIM – emerge in his awareness. This was possible because his mind was connected with the Mind of Jesus, or Christ Mind. At the Last Supper Jesus told his friends: I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. (Jn. 14:3). 

This place is the New Heaven that John saw, that Jesus went to prepare for us all. Only one who had Awakened to remembrance that all power in Heaven and Earth was restored to his awareness (Mt. 28:18) could accomplish this task. It is into this ‘place’ that he is receiving us right now – if only we are willing and if only we can believe. The new Earth John saw was the KOHOE, or real world, that is the precursor to our being lifted up by Papa Himself into the eternity of Heaven. John’s statement and there was no more sea means no more psychic confusion by spiritually unilluminated minds. 

So, the remembrance of Jesus, and his being the Way, the Truth and the Life (Jn. 14:6) that will lead us back to the Truth of our Being, our oneness with him in Papa, is not intended to be of past, ‘historical’ events but of his livingness, right NOW in our mind. Of course we have memories of ‘the past’, some good, some bad. It is only the loving memories of the ‘past’ that are real because only Love is real, and thus, eternal. They never ‘die’, and even if they seem to fade in our memory, they actually remain alive in our mind forever, because Love is forever. All the rest are gone forever.  

How, then, do we disengage from the endless round of fear-based thoughts about past and future, and engage with, connect to, Love-based thoughts in the eternal NOW? By connecting, communing with One who is in the eternal NOW. Ultimately, of course, this is Papa, but most are still too fearful to contemplate communing with Him, even though He is totally Loving and there is no judgement, condemnation or retribution in Him at all. Meanwhile, Jesus, who is One in Papa but also One in us, is entirely adequate for such mnemonic communing. As he told me in 1968: 

“I am attuned to all mankind all the time; there is never a moment when I am not with you all. All that is needed to complete the contact is for you to attune with me and we are together, at any time.”  

This is not an empty, meaningless platitude. It is true, real, NOW and always, and by such mind-to-Mind communing is our remembrance, our memory retrieved from the unreality of the fear-based past to the Love-founded NOW; forever. Such perfect-Love communing demonstrates to us that forgiveness of illusion releases us from the chains of guilt and fear into innocence, peace and joy. 

Love and Light, 

Brian Longhurst 


My son, it is, as you know, the spiritual destiny of all God’s children to inherit His Kingdom. This can be possible only by their becoming aware of its existence, and of their Sonship. The deceiver has kept these realities hidden from their vision and their understanding. 

Jesus, July 21st, 1996  

September 2nd 2015 

Dear Friends, 

In A Course in Miracles Jesus says:  

…think how many opportunities you have had to gladden yourself, and how many you have refused. This is the same as telling you that you have refused to heal yourself. (From T-5.i.1) 

There can be few of us to whom those words do not apply. Actually, they apply to all, all the while we believe we are a body and that time and place is reality. And all the while that misperception remains in our mind, gladdening moments can only be few, short-lived, shallow and hollow. How can it be other when we are believing a lie about who and where we are? Unwillingness to acknowledge and accept the Truth of our eternal, limitless Being is, indeed, refusing to heal ourself. We are surely broken if we believe we are separated, limited and mortal. Not to mention, guilty, fearful, unworthy! 

And believing immortality somehow sets in after we ‘die’ is further evidence of our confusion. Gladness and confusion are strangers to each other. On the other hand, remembrance of – or even choosing to remember – the Truth of our Self, our Being, is truly gladdening. We cannot escape from the dream of death by ‘dying’ because there is no such thing as death. We made it up as part of the dream; it is the central theme of the dream, because the dream is the reversal of Truth, and Truth is Life. Only by Awakening from the dream of death do we escape it back to LIFE. And we can only Awaken from the dream from within the dream. Then will we be truly glad. 

To believe we can accept time and place and eternity as both being real is a characteristic deception the ego applies to our confused, slumbering mind. That is believing Truth and illusion – i.e. reality and unreality – are both real. The ego would have us believe, ‘Time and place is real for us now, because we are in it now; it is our experience so it must be real.’ Dreams do seem real when we experience them, but when we wake in the morning we realise they are not, and never were. The ego would continue, ‘Eternity might also be real but we can only find out when we lay aside our body.’ 

That line of thinking can only make any sense if we believe we are a body. And if that is our belief, it must append the codicil that all existence can only cease after the body’s demise. All such muddled thinking can but lead us down a blind alley. To one who believes he is a body, how can he experience eternity when he has laid aside his body? Further, what, pray, is it that lays aside the body if he is the body that he lays aside? During this act I have encountered many who have laid aside their body. Some are deeply confused, shocked, by what seems impossible – they ‘survived death’.  

Their entire embodiment has failed to prepare them for the event they believe is inevitable. And that is because they have chosen to believe there is no way to prepare for ‘what cannot be known ahead of time’. All such is completely separated, fractured, disconnected, scrambled thinking – or rather, lack of thinking. This is because it is the ‘head-mind’, or intellect – which connects only with unreality because it is an ego device to convince us the unreal is real – with which we try to rationalise an answer. To rationalise is to attempt to explain away the ‘unexplainable’, justify, make excuses for… 

Our connection to Holy Spirit-Self, Jesus, Papa, eternity, is not, and can thus never be, via the intellect. It is our heart that is the seat of the soul, and our heart-mind can, if we are willing to give it a free rein, feel, experience, and thus, inwardly Know and understand – with no need to ‘explain away’ what the intellect can never know or understand – the Truth of our integral part in the immortal, eternal Being of all Life as One. The heart-mind is not about emotion but accepting what our soul is communicating to us. The soul communicates reason, logic, soundness because it is True.

In this sense, reason and rationale are not the same, because the soul, the heart-mind, has no need to justify anything. Truth needs no defence or justifying; either we are willing to accept and believe because it seems reason-able, or we are not. Yet. Rationale attempts to explain away what it cannot – or will not – understand. In 1978 Jesus described to me this kind of unbelieving posture as ‘the elaborate theories of men’. Such elaborate theories are far more unbelievable than the Truth the ego-yoked mind refuses to accept.  

It is only fear – head-mind engendered – that stops us listening to our heart-mind. But when we are willing to accept the all-Knowing, all-empowered-by-Love Help that is freely proffered, the fear fades and right-perceiving, joined-up, reasoned, heart-mind thinking can begin to be restored to us. Then we can see that, if one, namely Jesus, can remember the Truth, and thus, become the Truth, all can remember, and become, Awaken to the fact that we also are, the Truth – because we are One. All it takes is, once again, that little willingness to believe.  

Unbelief says, ‘Show me, prove to me what you would have me believe, then, maybe, I might be willing to believe, because I am afraid to believe what I cannot see or understand.’ This is a characteristic reversal of reality which serves the ego-agenda very well. But it serves us not at all because we are not the ego; we are Papa’s beloved Son. It is that refusal to believe our heart-mind – because it is not ‘rational’ – that prevents us from seeing truly. Be not afraid, only believe. So says Jesus, (Mk. 5:6). He also says, Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. (Jn. 20:30). 

So, in a world of perceived sorrows, how can we respond more to opportunities to gladden ourself, when such opportunities seem so sparse on the ground? By accepting the Truth of our Being, that we are the Light of the world, and allowing it to shine, regardless of what seems to be going on ‘out there’. Thus do we join with Jesus in being the saviours of the world, by allowing our Light to illuminate the Way for our brothers to follow, and thus, be saved, escape, from endless circuits of the carousel of birth and death. By this are we also saved, for we are One. 

Let us not be mistaken into believing it is we our brothers must follow. That would be an ego pitfall indeed. It is the Way they (and we) must follow to make good our escape. Jesus followed the Way, as shown to him by the Spirit of Truth within, and thus he arrived at the Truth and Awakened from the dream so he could become the Way-shower he is. It is our listening to, believing in, the still, small Voice within – not the raucous voice without – and living the Truth thus revealed, that illuminates the Way for our brothers to see and follow the example that our living sets. 

This is the greatest opportunity to truly gladden ourself – not just frequently, but uninterruptedly – there is. And it is freely available to each and every one of us, right now, starting from wherever on the Way we perceive ourself as being. And if we perceive ourself as being little, limited, unworthy, incapable, Jesus will gladly, freely, share with us his all-empowered ability. He is here with us, every moment, eagerly awaiting our willingness to take his hand, accept him as our friend and brother. He sees us for Who we really Are. Our illusions of self are, to him, the nothing he Knows them to be. 

Love and Light are with us NOW because that is the Truth of our Being. So Be it. 

Brian Longhurst  


My son, each day of your life it is My desire that you may receive My blessing in the form of Love and new understanding of the Principles of Life.

Papa, August 18th, 1996 

September 9th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Everything of time and place is the reverse of reality. We say ‘Vive la difference’, but it is in the sameness that our Truth and glory actually lie. The ego emphasises differences and this is how the illusion of separation is maintained. The ego presents myriad witness to ‘prove’ the differences are real: separate bodies, each unique, with different shapes, sizes, colours, fingerprints, DNA, proclivities… The differences, the witnesses to separation, are all of no eternal – and therefore, no real – consequence at all. But they serve, contribute to, the ego’s script of maintaining a gap between us. 

In chapter 28 of ACIM Jesus tells us:  

The gap is little. Yet it holds the seeds of pestilence and every form of ill, because it is a wish to keep apart and not to join. (My emboldening and most of the italic, for emphasis). 

In Truth, in reality, there is no gap, no separation in, or between, us and the Creator, or any aspect of creation, of which we are, of course, part. How can there be a gap, or separation where there is but One? Oneness is undivided, complete, perfect, flawless. Anything believed or perceived as other than Oneness - impossible except in fantasy – can therefore contain none of those properties. Not only so, but must hold, in the illusory gap, the seeds of pestilence and every form of ill. Bodies symbolise separation; indeed, there is no dream without bodies, though the dream is in the mind. 

The belief we are a body, and thus separate – not One – provides entry into our divided mind the idea, the seeds, of pestilence and every form of ill. This is inevitable because where there is not seen undividedness there must be seen division; where there is not seen completion there must be seen incompletion; where there is not seen perfection there must be seen imperfection; where there is not seen flawlessness there must be seen flaws. And the confused, fragmented Sonship seeks to treat, to cure, or actually, suppress the symptoms, the effects, rather than heal the cause.  

The cause is in the mind which believes in separation, the effect of which is the gap. Where there is belief in separation there must be a gap. But we are distracted from awareness of the gap and its present, but unnoticed, contents by the presence of what appears beyond the gap: other illusory bodies, things, places. And so the gap is overlooked. But the gap is only in the without; there is no gap within because, inspite of perceptions, there is no separation, no without; only within, where there is solely the reality that is Oneness.  

So the cure for every pestilence and form of ill can only be to cease believing in separation. There is no actual separation, and therefore, no gap at all; only our belief in it. We believe it so it appears as our experience. Thus, changing our mind from belief in the cause of the illusory gap to belief in union between ourself and our brothers means the end of anywhere for pestilence and every form of ill to arise. This may all seem very hypothetical, arcane, unconnected to the ‘reality of the world out there’. Throughout history there have arisen pestilences – plague, aids, ebola… – does anyone really know from where they arose? 

And because focus stays fixed on curing every outward condition that arises ‘from nowhere’ without addressing the cause – the split mind that believes in separation, and thus makes ‘real’ the gap – new conflicts and pestilences will continue to arise from that same ‘nowhere’: the overlooked gap. And it is not ‘simply’ bodily ills that arise, for all ills have their origins in the split mind, which refuses to acknowledge the connection between metaphysical mind and physical body. Thus can it be seen that it is the mind that holds the seeds of pestilence and every form of ill. Mental and physical. 

How can it be other when it is the mind that makes the body and directs its every function? That it directs the body to war and every form of conflict between the brotherhood of man is surely sufficient to demonstrate the split mind is the source of the gap, the source of every ill. And those of us who believe we are not directly, outwardly involved in murder and mayhem, every act of war, killing, malfeasance… let us remember that all arises in the gap – the mind that makes any kind of judgement against a brother, seeing him as separate, different, instead of One, and the same.  

So, the focus on illusory differences, judgements, grievances, unforgiveness, perpetuates the gap, when, according to Jesus – and who Knows better than he? – there are, and can, in Truth, be none because Papa has but One, perfect Son. To change our focus away from the anathema of illusory, outward differences and toward the reality of inward, unchangeable sameness of us all, and our likeness to Jesus, our exemplar for living and our template for Being, we need to engage our mind with the PLFs and away from details, because Papa is in the Principles but ‘the devil is in the detail’. 

Until then, the focus of the confused fragments remains on details: curing (suppressing) the effects rather than healing the cause. And so, the cause – separation; the gap – remains in our misperceiving mind, and will continue to give rise to effects: pestilences and every form of ill. Belief in separation causes the perception that there is a ‘physical’ realm – the world, solar system, universe… – and a metaphysical, or unseen, realm, although belief in separation causes most of the confused Sonship to be completely uncertain, bewildered, fearful about any suggestion of the metaphysical. 

Yet Mind – Unified Mind and/or split, separated mind – is metaphysical. And all that appears to exist in the so-called physical has its origins in the metaphysical mind. The gap of separation, in which arises all darkness, affliction, war, pestilence and every form of ill remains unnoticed by minds that believe separation, and all its appurtenances, is real, and is happening to us, when we are – albeit unwittingly in our conscious mind – the cause of all such. The gap is not of bodies or geography. It is a gap caused by our belief in separation of minds and souls, which we misperceive as bodies. 

We cannot join, close the gap between us and our brothers without true forgiveness because forgiveness heals brokenness, or separation, reconnecting us and dispelling the gap. When we choose to listen to the Voice of Reason, the Voice for God, instead of the insane voice of affliction, Papa comes immediately into the little, invisible gap between us, filling it with His Love; joining all the fragments back into One, complete, perfect whole. Then will we become aware of the real world, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth that is spread out on the Earth but unseen because of the gap, which ‘exists’ only in our mind. And we are free to change our mind. 

As Jesus says in ACIM, T-28.III: 

Where are the grounds for sickness when the minds have joined to close the little gap between them, where the seeds of sickness seemed to grow?

God builds the bridge, but only in the space left clean and vacant by the miracle. 

The miracle is effected by true forgiveness. To truly forgive one brother is to forgive the entire Sonship, including ourself, because we then see that there never was anything at all to forgive. Thus are we, and all our brothers, released, in our mind, into innocence. Then are we free to experience and live in a state of inner peace, joy and Love of which the separated world knows nothing. What more worthy goal can there be?  

Brian Longhurst  

By giving all your desires to me I am able to bring fulfilment in more perfect ways than would otherwise be possible for you.

Jesus, August 25th, 1996 

September 16th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Jesus tells us in ACIM – reminds us, actually, because we already Know all that he shares with us there; we have just momentarily forgotten it, hence his reminding us – that we have no thoughts apart from God. He explains that this is so – must be so, can only be so – because we have no mind apart from His. He further clarifies this by explaining that, as part of His Mind, our thoughts are His and His thoughts are ours, shared. If we are willing to take his word (W-59) on this, it is not hard to deduce that whatever crosses our mind that clearly has nothing to do with God cannot be ‘thoughts’. 

It can be easier to grasp how this could be so if we infer that ‘thoughts’ – i.e. credible, tenable thoughts – entail reason, and whatever enters our mind that is unreasonable, unfair, unkind, unLoving … the origin of such cannot be ourself. Few would disagree that any thoughts of God are bound to be reasonable, fair, kind, caring. How else could He be the God of Love? It is not too big a stretch to see that angry, judgemental, punitive thoughts cannot be from the Mind of the God of unconditional Love, perfect peace and boundless joy, all of which qualities can only be all-inclusive. 

Therefore, whatever enters our mind that does not conform to these qualities cannot be ours either, since we have no mind or thoughts apart from God’s Mind. Can a thought or idea that is subject to change be a reasoned thought, if ‘reasoned’ means to take into account all pertinent considerations? Can we Know, feel, experience, share, extend peace if eternity, Heaven is not reasonable? Yet crossing the mind of most of us every hour, every day, are myriad considerations (I am avoiding using the word ‘thoughts’ here!) that are not reasoned; are not peace, joy, Love engendered. 

Such contra considerations, if not ours (and therefore, not God’s either), can only be those of an interloper, masquerading as ourself. How long would we be willing to put up with such a situation if we recognised this for what it seems to be? And if we had the power, the choice, the will to defenestrate such an interloper, how long would it take us to effect such a choice? Let us now consider a few thoughts that could reasonably be considered those of our Self and of our Creator (since all such can only be in unison), the Source of all Life, Light, Truth, Love, eternal, unchangeable Being.  

As we perceive ourself as not being at-one with Him, we will serve ourself well to also include those thoughts/ideas that would contribute to us heading back toward the Light, Truth, perfect Love… instead of out into outer darkness: forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, caring, sharing, giving, kindness, blessing, nurturing… and of course, Loving, unconditionally, which is the only Love that exists or ever could exist. No doubt there are more such Thoughts – let us honour them with a capital T! – that we can all summon to mind, especially reminding ourself that we share our mind with Papa. 

And, to be clear as to what kind of – we could call them ‘anti-Thoughts’ – we have allowed entry to our mind, let us consider some of those also, to quickly identify them and refuse them lodging: judgement (to judge without command of all the facts is to keep us consigned to the slippery slope), grievances, self-serving, lying, cheating, deceiving, unforgiveness, uncaring (because it means we do not care for ourself, since in Truth we are One), dishonouring, oppressing… It is, assuredly, a long list. We are so inured to these anti-Thoughts that we engage them without… well, a thought. J 

If we don’t want that interloper to continue masquerading as ourself any longer, we do have the power, the choice, the will to cast it out, dispel it from our mind. But it has us very well trained to its script and defends its position vigorously and with great subterfuge. It has a vocabulary that we have unThinkingly adopted as if it were our very own, and we cling to it and allow it to control our life, our emotions, our beliefs, attitudes and actions. Yet none of that is how it needs to be, and cannot continue because it is entirely alien to our true nature, our true Being as the Son of Love. 

The central anti-Thought of the dream of separation, guilt and fear is, of course, ‘death’. It is close by, to our perception, every moment, from birth to when we lay aside our body. We believe we can only have ‘life’ by consuming the outer form of other living things, whose life we think we have taken to preserve our own; we grieve at the ‘death’ of our friends, family members, loved ones, because they have left us and we are bereft of comfort over our ‘loss’. Can we imagine Jesus grieving over the passing of a loved one? He Knew there is no death and was fully aware of the Spirit realms. 

The interloper would say, ‘Jesus wept when he came to the grave of his friend, Lazarus. There’s your evidence that Jesus grieved at the death of a loved one.’  But Jesus Knew Lazarus was not ‘dead’, so that couldn’t have been the cause for his weeping. Why would he weep for grieving over his friend, who he was about to call forth from the grave, alive and well after four days in the tomb? Was it not the deep distress, despair, sense of hopelessness, powerlessness of those present that filled him with compassion for their blindness that overflowed as tears, so great was his Love for them all? 

He speaks in ACIM at great length, unequivocally – because he Knows we are now in the measure of our waking, leavening, to eternal Truth, so we need to hear the Truth, that the whole be leavened – that we are not a body, which of themselves are worthless; ‘a little pile of clay’ that we animate and pretend is what we are, to hide from God’s vengeance. Can continuing this myth serve our Awakening? Can continuing in ‘fear of death’ help our rising back to Life? Once we abandon the myth of death we can have no further use of grieving, continuing instead in endless, joyous communion.  

Since the idea of ‘death’ appears to affect us all, shared below is a Holy Communion record from 2010 to help further clarification, and dispelling, of some misperceptions of this self-deceiving phantasm: 

A.M. September 20th 2010 

‘Dying’ is of bodies, which are not real because they are not eternal; thus can they neither live nor die, because they are nothing. So the dream continues beyond ‘death’, because the very act of ‘dying’ demonstrates dreaming, rather than waking to reality. 

Some believe that when we ‘die’ we go to Heaven (or hell!). But we can only ‘go’ to Heaven by waking up to the fact that we are already there. So, let us consider what happens when we ‘die’.

Effectively, nothing, since ‘dying’ is part of the dream of unreality. ‘Dying’ is of bodies, which are not real because they are not eternal; thus can they neither live nor ‘die’, because they are nothing. So the dream continues beyond ‘death’, because the very act of ‘dying’ demonstrates dreaming, rather than waking to reality. But waking to reality is the realisation, the remembrance that there is no hereafter; there is only NOW, forever.

Grieving when a loved one ‘dies’ is prolonging the dream because it is holding a grievance against the dream. And because the dream, and all its aspects, including ‘dying’, is unreal – and therefore, nothing – so does it make nothing real, thus perpetuating unreality; the dream of separation.

So, the waking process can be greatly helped by recognising the unreality of ‘dying’ by continuing in loving mind-to-mind communion with the ‘deceased’ person. This, it hardly need be said, is because relationships are mind-to-mind, since mind is real and eternal; bodies are not. Oneness is a mind thing, not a body thing.

Just as each soul creates his own ‘reality’ while with a body, so does this continue after laying aside his body at the event mistakenly called ‘dying’. The ‘reality’ for the ‘afterlife’ is constructed here, now, daily, week after week, year after year. That construction is worthy, is it not, of care and consideration? 

But it is not just the ‘afterlife’ that is affected by our choices, our Thoughts, during our embodiment, for what becomes our experience when we lay aside this little pile of clay. We have free will, and incalculable Help from Jesus, the Spirit of Truth and untold brothers in the Realms of Light, to not simply progress after we lay aside our body, but to repudiate all our illusions – of which our body is the symbol, because without the body there are no dreams – while still seeming to be embodied. Choosing to look beyond the body while seeming to be still with it is essential to our waking not just within the dream but from the dream. 

Love and blessings for strength and courage to renounce all the interloper’s delaying manoeuvres and choose remembrance of the Truth of our Oneness with all Being, forever, Now.  

Brian Longhurst 


…by your prayers, by your heart’s bright desire, many souls are already released from bondage, and every day that your Light and your desire shine into the darkness, many more shall come to me, freed from the chains of fear. 

Jesus, September 1st, 1996

September 23rd 2015 

Dear Friends, 

As mentioned on previous occasions, Thomas’ Gospel quotes Jesus as saying The Kingdom of the Father is spread out over the Earth and men do not see it. In ACIM Jesus refers to this Kingdom as ‘the real world’. Who, with any desire for universal peace, Love, happiness, wellbeing, freedom from disease and fear, would not welcome the real world, if only they could see it? A key PLF is first to believe, then we will see, which, to our severe detriment, we have reversed in egoland. While we seem to be embodied in time and place, we unconsciously allow illusions to distract our sight from reality.

This is not something that is happening to us, beyond our control. This is our choice. We allow it to continue because we are oblivious to the fact that it is our choice. Jesus got around our self-imposed blindness, as far as is possible in dreamland, by teaching in parables – symbols, analogous examples with which we are familiar – to represent a greater reality that is beyond discernment by our bodily senses and our three-dimensionally-focused intellect. Such can help us see past the blocks, the distractions that keep us blinded to the Truth of eternity, to gain a concept, an idea of reality. 

We made up the illusion of linear time to block our remembrance that only Now is real; the eternal moment that is always with us, and we in it, keeping us safe, limitless, ineffably transcendent. We can only have Life, be alive, be our true Self – Papa’s beloved Son – in the moment, the Holy Instant that is forever, unchangeably Now. The ego mind cannot exist in the moment. It is always anticipating, calculating, reckoning, analysing. Faith – let alone peace – has no place in that frenetic state of mind. The Holy Spirit-attuned mind lives, is alive, has its Being, only in the moment. 

How could it be other when Now is the only moment, and all there is means everything is always ours when we are thusly-attuned? To be attuned is to be at-one – with everything, and the Source of everything is Papa, Who gives everything that is of Him eternal, glorious reality. If we cannot be consciously aware, awake to the Source That connects us to, establishes us as part of, one with everything, we cannot experience wholeness because wholeness, Oneness is Now – not in the past or future. We are whole Now, but anticipating, calculating, reckoning keeps us distracted from Now. 

Whole-mindedness, right-mindedness, miracle-mindedness, Christ-Mindedness is Now. Nowhere else at all. If our mind, our focus is not Now ‘here’, it is, literally, nowhere. How, then, do we become ‘Now-minded’? We cannot achieve this without choosing to renounce the ego. This, we ASK Holy Spirit-Self to accomplish for us. He cannot accomplish this without our asking Him, because separation, split-mindedness remains our free-will choice and He always honours our free will. With His Help this is immeasurably easier than we think while we hide from Him in our self-blinded state. 

We cannot actually blind ourself but we can – and do – believe we are blind to eternal reality. Yet, according to Jesus in ACIM, there is never a single moment when we are present in time and place. We believe we are ‘here’ so that is our experience. But we, and our brothers, and all that appears to be here, are all in the past. NOW, we are at Home, safe in the Heart-Mind of Papa. Papa is I AM. Am is present, forever, not past – that would be ‘I was’; not future – that would be ‘I will be’, implying not yet, and thus, not Now. God and His One Son could not Be, ever, if we were not One Now

Forgiveness – being willing to forgive, see past, let go of all judgements, grievances, unforgiveness – releases us from our attachment to our hiding place from Papa: the past; an ego-fabricated perception involving the consciousness of fear, the world of guilt, conflict, scarcity, dis-ease and ‘death’. It is that all-important willingness that gives the Spirit of Truth our authority to accomplish our release into innocence which is the Holy Instant; the present (not past) moment of the forever, always NOW, that is perfect, timeless, changeless, limitless. In that one, holy instant the miracle occurs. 

The miracle is misperception corrected, enabling the change of mind from belief (and thus, perception) in time to a glimpse, awareness, experience of eternal reality. Then, as mentioned, we begin to re-cognise that there is never a moment when we are present in time and place. Here is where an analogy can help us to grasp the Truth of this. We can use as the analogy the illusion of moving images in a film or video that is attained by a series of ‘stills’, projected one after another onto a screen. For this exercise, let us assume this is achieved at 30 images, or frames, per second (fps).  

By the time those 30 fps are perceived they are from the past. Even if the past is but a nanosecond ago, it is still the past, never the present, and the effect conveyed to our ocular faculty is of a moving, ‘live’ image because our vision is not quick enough to see each frame individually. It is those frame images, perceived as live, present, moving that distract us from seeing the reality of Now: the present moment, the holy instant, which the ego fears and does not want us to know about, discern, believe, experience because that is where reality lies – and it does not.  

Our awareness, experience, remembrance, acceptance of Now, reality, Truth – not the past, however ‘recent’ – means the ego’s number is up. The ego will argue that this is nit-picking; what does it matter if the frame(s) we see is (are) only a nanosecond ago? This is how the ego continues to confuse us, distract us with details, when PLFs are the ‘rules’, the Laws by which eternal reality functions. Now is Now, always and forever; past is past – and therefore unreal because only Now is real – however ‘recent’ the past may appear to be.  

There is no past – and there are no compromises with Papa; the PLFs are absolute and the ego cannot bend them to suit its agenda of separation – so to allow the past to be part of our ‘reality’ is to remain in illusory separation from Him. So, how can we stop the 30 fps from hijacking control of our life? Let us first consider some of the things they are showing us, blocking our awareness of the reality of Now: judgement, grievance, envy, despair, greed, selfishness, scarcity, loneliness, sickness, conflict, ‘death’… Forgiveness releases us from all that back into innocence, and thus, Life. 

There is a space between each frame, which we don’t see because what they are showing us distracts us. But in our mind – leaving our ocular faculty aside – we can choose, with Holy Spirit’s Help, to see what lies within the space Now: the face of Christ; Love, peace, joy, innocence, freedom, limitlessness, Truth, compassion, Self-fulness. This is the real world. Let us not allow the distracting so-called ‘laws’ of physics, film, frames, projectors…to interrupt our venture into creative imagination; we are on a mystical exercise here, in which right mindedness is fully at home and able to function.  

That space is not of the physical but the mystical, spiritual, abstract realm, the true state of our mind. The ego will tell us that is all too fanciful and no-one can grasp the abstract as having any concrete, graspable meaning. Love is abstract but can we not all grasp that and its meaning, to one degree or another? It is innate within us. Peace, joy, Truth, compassion, freedom, mind itself – all these and immeasurably more are abstract because we cannot see them with our bodily senses, nor measure them, but we can all apprehend their meaning, value, benefit to us by their effects.  

When 30 fps are distracting us away from the Light, with our inward eye we can choose to see the space, the place, between. That place is the Holy Place, the Holy Instant of Now; the dwelling place of Papa: our own within, wherein is only the Oneness we are, in Him. This is accessible to us all, at any and every moment, regardless of whatever the 30 fps appear to be trying to distract us with. Even as Jesus’ body was being nailed to the cross those 30 fps did not distract him. He was in the Holy Place between, within, in Papa. That place is within all of us, too. Right Now. 

With our steadfast commitment to Reality, the Love and Light, peace and joy we choose to see in the place between the 30 fps begins to diffuse into the frames until they become one with the Holy Place within us, transformed, metamorphosed into the real world. The unreal world of misery and ‘death’ increasingly diminishes in our mind, our awareness, until it ceases to have any existence and is dispelled to the nothingness from which it arose. 

To remembrance, awareness and living the Love and Light that is the Truth of our Being, 

Brian Longhurst 


Let your heart and mind concern themselves with giving selflessly of the Love and blessings, which Papa has freely bestowed upon you, to the little ones who have no Light of discernment, who walk naked or in rags in the wilderness of fear and waywardness.

Jesus, September 15th, 1996 

September 30th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Jesus reminds us in ACIM that the ego’s objective is to break communication. He only needs to re-mind us, because we already Know everything, just as he does; we are simply pretending to have forgotten. When he re-minds us and we are willing to receive his reminders and accept them unto ourself, then do we remember. In our upside-down, forgetful state of mind we believe all manner of things that are totally wrong. For example, we believe communication can be at any level, so much of what we communicate has a low energy level, or vibration. Such is not at-one with our Source. 

Communication on the level or vibration that is at-one with our Source is the vibration of Love. Such a vibration is far, far above and beyond anything we can apprehend when in upside-down-mind mode. This could be considered as commun(icat)ion. The (icat) really becomes redundant when we are in our right, or Christ, mind because such is communion, which is common, or shared, union. Union is possible only when common, or shared, because if the resonance, or vibration, is not in harmony, or on the same wavelength, there is no point at which connectedness can occur. 

When our resonance is at-one with Papa we are without limit because He is without limit. The ego would have us believe this is not possible – or at best, perhaps, maybe, just for the odd moment here and there, when we are deep in prayer. But Jesus, even during his embodied appearance, was at-one with Papa uninterruptedly, irrespective of what he was outwardly engaged with at any moment, such as walking, speaking, teaching his friends, strangers, the multitudes; and even when on trial before the Sanhedrin and Pilate. Prayer is not a thing apart from the rest of our activities. 

As stated on other occasions, prayer is an attunement, not a pleading. Attunement and at-onement are the same. At-onement is a committed state of mind, of Being, which is steadfast, unchanging; is heart-centred. This is nothing to do with what seems to be happening in the without. Who can envision Jesus being distracted by outward goings-on? That only happens with an ego-pliant mind, and there was no ego in Jesus because he had long ago renounced the ego. When we renounce the ego, all that is left within us is Self. That Self is the Christ and the Christ is at-One in Papa. Unalterably. 

Meanwhile, being created exactly like his Creator, Papa’s Son has free will. Free will means we can be whatever we choose to be, but if what we choose to be is not in common union, or unison, with the vibration, or power of the Creator – Love – it has no purpose, function or duration in reality. The vibration of the Creator is, it will come as no surprise, creative, and creating can, in Truth, only occur with the power of creation, which is Love. Love is infinite, perfect, unconditional, eternal. Any attempts at creating not in harmony with these four criteria cannot, therefore, be truly creative. 

Any endeavours at creativity that are not in resonance with that power – God/eternity/Love – can only, at best, be a distraction from reality, or at worst, be uncreative. What does uncreative mean? The opposite, or reversal, of creative. Creativity is positive, expanding, joy-, peace- and Love-engendering. Many so-called creations in this world are hailed as joy-, peace- and Love-engendering but in the game of pretend, the intellect endows such with qualities that are not inherently there. Creativity is nothing to do with the intellect; it is of the soul and is experienced mystically.  

Mystical is not mysterious; it is of the soul, which is what we are. If we are so distracted by the body, things of the body and of this world that we are not in touch with our soul, within, we are not in touch with our Self. Truly, then, are we lost. Some are distracted by an ego-need to glamorise the body to make it more alluring, others by concerns over the wellbeing – or the absence thereof – of the body. Either way this is making real the unreal. This can be corrected by changing our focus and re-attuning with the Source of All Being, allowing ourself to be restored to Oneness within It. 

Attuning means getting on the same wavelength, or vibration. No cost, or loss, or sacrifice is involved. Since the Source is Love, attunement with It means Love cannot but be our experience. And if we remain at-one with Love we become restored, wholly, to Love; all else not of that vibration ceases to have any part in us. Just like Jesus. And also like him, we emit, radiate, broadcast, extend, express, share Love because that is the nature of Love. Love is/we are, then, gentle, caring, kind, tolerant, understanding, forgiving. That is at-one-ment, acknowledging our eternal innocence.

The ego has us so bamboozled that we use the same word, give it two exactly opposite meanings, change the pronunciation and believe the one is the other. So, conversely, a-tone-ment demands acknowledgement of our guilt, requires judgement and payment by sacrifice. How can opposites, even when disguised as the same word, be the same? It is said that when a lie is told often enough it is perceived as truth. But when there are 40,000 different sects with different versions of the same lie, and each sect claims to represent God and Jesus on Earth, whose version can one believe?

The ego wants uncreative, yet, to confuse us, speaks of uncreative as creative. And in our separate, split-off state of mind, we are confused. We speak of a long time as ‘forever’, in a vain attempt at persuading ourself that an eye’s blink is forever. This, to keep us from looking at the illusion of ‘death’, which we believe is real, and fearful because of the ‘unknown’ that lies beyond it. Yet if we are willing to look at this made-up, false idea, together with Holy Spirit Self, and/or Jesus, we can see through it, beyond it, to the true, eternal, enduring nature of our Being. Then is fear gone. 

There is, and can be, no duration to illusion because unreality cannot exist in reality. And reality is all there is. So what we believe is reality – time and place – has to keep being projected and re-projected in a vain attempt to give it the reality that it cannot have. Each projected attempt, always in the past, is gone the instant it is projected because it is not real. Just like each frame in a movie. We try to give it reality by the illusion of linear time, in which we seem to arise in a masquerade costume, which appears to last ‘a lifetime’. Yet each is gone in an instant because we made it up.

But all that is in the absence of awareness of our being the Light, so it is inevitable that we would be lost, muddled in our believing and seeing; stumbling and falling. Such is the profundity of confusion in the dream of darkness and death. Now is the Light being shone into our mind, and time – and all it entails – is being re-cognised, seen, understood as over. Now is the moment of our Awakening, rejoicing as we rejoin as One. Eternity is here, Now; time is done. All that is required of us is to believe it and eternity becomes our experience. 

Brian Longhurst 

So, as Jesus counsels us:


First, let thanksgiving flow naturally, spontaneously, from your heart and soul to Him Who Is the Source of all Life’s joy and abundance. Let your next focus be on blessing, so that, having given thanks for receiving you may now share the endless bounty with all who are able and willing to receive it.

Jesus, September 22nd, 1996 

October 7th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Since the 1960s Jesus has been saying to me, “I am able… I am your all sufficiency… I will accomplish your heart’s desire for you, if you are willing to let me…” and many other statements amounting to the same thing. I loved him, trusted him, believed him implicitly – all as I still do and unceasingly will. Yet, somehow, although I knew, of a certainty beyond all doubt, it was he – not some ‘satanic’ impostor – saying these wonderful things to me, I wasn’t registering how he, in Spirit, could actually provide all my needs and fulfil my heart’s desire with me ‘down here’ in an embodied state. 

His words were always uplifting, inspiring, reassuring, comforting, but it was seldom long before this world of fear got right back ‘in my face’. I was trying to run a business on kingdomly principles, following the Golden Rule of treating others as I wished to be treated. Yet it seemed others with like attitude were few and far between. Turpitudes abounded; suppliers racked up our costs and customers pressed for ever-lower prices, squeezing our margins for keeping body and soul together. Without Jesus’ constant presence and comfort it would have been a bleak and fearful world indeed.

Here, steadfastness of faith and trust pay dividends; without them life in this ‘seek-but-do-not-find’ dream of death leaves us so often with dashed hopes. The ego unremittingly eggs us on with promises of worldly reward just around the corner, but that if we are to achieve it, it must be by dint of our own effort, because in the dog-eat-dog rat-race for survival, who else will do it for us? And for those who do succeed materially, there is always a heavy price to pay of one sort or another, sooner or later. Inner peace is not to be found by focus on worldly fame, power, ‘success’, riches. 

We are inured to the belief that we must fulfil our heart’s desire alone, and if we do not succeed, it is our ‘fault’, so we must be a ‘failure’; what better reason to further burden ourself with guilt? It turned out that Jesus’ words of encouragement and reassurance were, all along, true, though in ways that far transcended all worldly ambitions and perceptions. It eventually dawned on me that we can only achieve our heart’s desire by placing it in his care. All we need is to desire it. He – or the Holy Spirit – will accomplish it for, with and through us, in Loving response to that desire. 

So, we can say to him, “I am choosing Love, peace, joy, forgiveness, fulfilment of my heart’s desire. Thank you for accomplishing this for me – and for healing my mind, so that I may see the larger picture, live it and allow the Light that I Am to shine.” But this, being a PLF, can only function when our heart’s desire – our will – is identical to Papa’s. Of course the ego will jump right in there and say, ‘Oh, yeah. And what would that be? God only knows His will, and He’s keeping shtoom about it.’ He is not keeping shtoom at all. His Will is perfect Love, peace, joy, happiness – for all His creation. 

If our will is not aligned with that, it is destined for disappointment because we are His creation – all of us, every living thing – forever One Life in Him. To espouse and nurture a will that is not in harmony with His – i.e. an ego-will – is to espouse a self-harming will that will be fulfilled (but only in illusion) because we get what we ask for. And it buys us another circuit – or more – on the carousel of birth and death. Of course it is almost inevitable that we will find ourself in difficult, fearful circumstances from time to time, however much we may aspire to union of our will with Papa’s.

This is because our understanding of His will, and how to apply it in time and place, is not – yet – restored to our remembrance. Choosing first steadfast faith and trust, and staying attuned to Jesus, is the only way our understanding will follow, when our upside-down mind has been retrained, made ready, to receive it. Theresa and I found ourself in financially straitened times in 1992, and this was a great test of our faith and trust that he was our ‘all-sufficiency’. I told him of our situation (as if he wasn’t fully aware of it!) and how distracting it was for us. He responded:

My beloved son, this does not detract one iota from your commitment, or your dedication, and it strengthens your desire for the Kingdom of Heaven upon the Earth, wherein all shall be Love, goodwill, giving, caring, compassion, understanding.

These present conditions are, of course, well known to me, and to all in the Realms of Light… I assure you, my son, that you are in good hands, and however dark the hour may seem in the outward circumstances, your holding fast in faith and one-pointedness shall assure your guiding through the steep and rocky places. You have been well equipped over the years for working through the many and varied opportunities, and you are also within the care and guiding of those who serve I AM, our Loving heavenly Father. 

Measure not the success of your progress in worldly goods or terms, but rather in the treasure you are storing up in eternal value. For it is here that you are called to serve. Your needs for the Earth-life path shall be provided as you have requirement. This shall be serviceable to the greater purpose of your calling.

I assure you, the organisational structure is adequate for the task. J  It is, as you yourself observed, only with the double vision that confusion and distress abound. With the single eye, even now you are aware that all is ordered and established to accommodate the going forward of the Great Rescue Plan unto its fulfilment in perfection. Therefore I say unto you, all is well, even in each and every hour of darkness. I am your guide and your friend. Stay close to me; I will not let you down. I am with you at every moment. Peace and joy fill your heart. 

There is not one living soul for whom every word of this message cannot be personally applied. To any who are feeling alone, lost, fearful – and who amongst us can claim none of those things? – whatever part or parts of his message speak to you, they are for you, personally. Accept them as such, hold fast to them, for your own comfort, uplift, support, encouragement, reassurance, restoration to inner peace and equilibrium. He is the Loving, caring, able friend, guide and helper of us all. It is impossible for there to be a single exception to this Truth. 

When we consciously choose to join our life with his – or conversely, allow him to join his life with ours – we then begin to see him as he is, and become like him (1 Jn. 3:2), and instead of being dragged down by outer, and therefore, illusory, circumstances into the ego’s pit of despair, we can irradiate the world with Love and Light. This, as a matter of free choice, is easy because Love and Light are what we are, and it is immeasurably easier to Be what we are than it is to carry on pretending to be what we are not. By irradiating our brothers we irradiate ourself because we are One. 

Love and Light, 

Brian Longhurst 

Do you not yet know that my desire is your desire; my joy your joy; that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom; my good pleasure to have at heart your best interests; that you need not concern yourself with understanding, but with faith, hope and Love?

Jesus, September 29th, 1996

October 21st 2015 

Dear Friends, 

We are One. We are the Light of the world. We are the saviours of the world. All equally One with Jesus because in Truth, in reality, in God’s creation there is only equality. There is nothing arrogant – or blasphemous – about acknowledging the Truth of our Being. Jesus did it by living the truth of his Being and there was nothing arrogant about him; he was (still is) humble about it. We, also, are free to live the Truth of our Being. Only unbelief stops us. Arrogance and blasphemy lie in denying the Truth of our Being when he who is the anointed messenger of the Holy One tells us our Truth. 

This he has done in the scriptures Christians revere as holy, and again, much more comprehensively, in the latter-day scriptures many adherents to fear-based beliefs decry as satanic: A Course in Miracles. He counsels us not to hide the Light that we are under a bushel, but rather to let our Light so shine in the world (humbly, like him! J) that others may see our good works and glorify Papa (Mt. 5:16). The ‘works’ he speaks of accord with his assurance that the works he did we shall do also; and greater works than these shall we do… if only we can believe. (Jn. 14:12). 

Proselytising false doctrines about sacrifice being the path to salvation is not the same as allowing our Light to shine, and working the works (miracles) he worked. The ego will not want to hear this, will not like it, will not believe it. Not believing and not liking are merely self-limiting perceptions. The ego knows nothing of the Truth, our Oneness, with Jesus, in Papa – His One, perfect, innocent Son, forever. How can self-applied littleness, limitedness, claim to ‘know’ otherwise when without command of all the facts that would enable a valid judgement to be made on such matters?  

Papa Loves ALL of us, unconditionally, including all our brothers against whom we might hold a grievance. We can only hold a grievance against a brother if we believe he is a body. If we believe he is a body we must believe we are a body also. But we now are moving into the place of recognition, remembrance – inspite of all outward appearances, none of which is true because they are outward, and reality is within – that only the eternal is real, and bodies are undeniably temporal. That leaves us with mind and soul, or spirit, as what and who we all, indivisibly, are

The ego cannot accept who and what we are as abstract, not concrete, because the ego’s domain is the without. Abstract is within, unchangeable, eternal and True; concrete is without, changes constantly, withers and ‘dies’ and therefore cannot be True or real. Who amongst us wants to believe he is not true or real? And, “If we cannot ‘see’ ourself, how can we be aware of self? Or is it Self? And what’s the difference?” The confusion caused by the belief in separation is total, for all separation can show us is … separateness, none of which can be real because it constantly changes and ‘dies’. 

So, we can only be abstract – like Papa – to be real and True. Forever. Assuredly it is more desirable to be real and true, forever, than unreal, untrue and never. Yet most of us cling doggedly, from fear, to the latter! When we arrive at the place of willingness to see past our own self-limiting beliefs of sin, guilt and mortality, and realise they can only apply to what we are not – a body – then we will begin to see that in Truth there is nothing about our brother that is not to like; that we have merely been pretending we and he are bodies; that we are already One in perfect Love, peace and joy. 

Jesus was able to perform ‘works’ of healing because he Knew we are all One, with him, in Truth. Because he first believed it, he thus saw it and then, Knew it. There was no doubt at all in his mind. He Knew his mind was whole – One in Papa and with his brethren in the Sonship. It made no difference to him that they did not see the Truth of their Being: Oneness. Healing is inevitable with the recognition of wholeness. Wholeness and Oneness are the same. If we do not believe, and therefore do not see the Oneness, we can only believe, and thus, perceive, separation, division, brokenness. 

Jesus knew wholeness, Oneness, is nothing to do with bodies – because bodies are illusion, are nothing, not real, so couldn’t be One in Truth – but is of mind and of spirit. Spirit is already whole, One, indivisible, complete, perfect, and cannot be otherwise, but the mind is capable of believing, and thus perceiving, it is separate, broken, even though in Truth it is not so, and is impossible, as with spirit. His mind was, during his embodiment, fully Awake, fully conscious and fully motivated, activated, empowered by Love. He believed, so he saw and so he lived the Truth of all Being. 

That Truth is that there is but One Mind – Universal Mind, Whose Source is Papa, of Which we, His Son, are indivisibly part. So, Jesus joined his (whole) mind with those he was healing, sharing that wholeness with them, thus effecting healing of what they perceived as malady. The malady was in their mind, which they (as with us all, with bodily infirmity) projected outwards onto their body. It made no difference that with their conscious mind they did not understand what was happening – that the healing, the restoration to wholeness he was freely sharing with them was mind-to-mind. 

They perceived it, with their conscious mind only, as a bodily healing, having no awareness of the unconscious mind and what was taking place there. That was their choice, just as it is the free will choice of all who are closed to reality. There was no unconscious mind with Jesus because he was fully conscious. He joined his fully conscious mind with their unconscious mind, sharing with them the wholeness that was his, Knowing that that was also the Truth of their Being, even though they were unconscious of the Truth, having chosen illusion over Truth, forgetfulness over remembrance.  

Such joining, as demonstrated by Jesus, is possible only with a mind that is fully One with the Source of All – perfect, unconditional Love – and has thus seen past all illusions… brokenness, grievance, conflict, guilt and fear, and has thus forgiven all such, universally, unconditionally as the no-thing they all are. Few there are, still today, who are willing to recognise and believe we can, and will, work the works he worked. Yet it is, and will always remain, True… if only we can believe. We trained our mind not to believe; we can more easily retrain our mind to believe – if we are willing. 

In a world arisen in and from unbelief, believing the Truth of eternity – the Truth of our Being, as well as that of Jesus – is hard indeed to accept as real, when our bodily senses are bombarded every moment of every day with unreality that seems to be so real. So, here to help us is an incalculably powerful, empowering, inspiring, uplifting statement from Jesus in ACIM: 

Salvation (i.e., Awakening) does not ask that you behold the spirit and perceive the body not. It merely asks that this should be your choice. (T-31.VI.3:1,2) 

Such a choice is our authority to him and/or the Spirit of Truth to accomplish our salvation, our awakening for us. Without our authority They are powerless to Help us because we have inviolable free will. Not authorising Them to Help us means we have elected NOT to be helped, and thus, remain trapped indefinitely in the consciousness of guilt, fear and ‘death’. And, for further encouragement, here is an equally powerful, empowering, inspiring, uplifting statement from him: 

If you want to be like me I will help you, knowing that we are alike. If you want to be different, I will wait until you change your mind. I can teach you, but only you can choose to listen to my teaching. How else can it be, if God’s Kingdom is freedom? (T- 8.IV.6:3-6. My italic, for emphasis.)  

With Their Help our salvation, healing, restoration to wholeness of mind – i.e., Oneness with Jesus in Universal, all-Loving, all-Knowing, joyful, peace-filled, limitless Mind – is inevitable. Neither They nor Papa are preventing this from being our reality right now. We are. But we are free to choose again, right now. We may not consciously experience that transformation immediately, but our choice is instantly activated in our unconscious mind, and the Awakening process begins, one step at a time, at a pace with which They Know we can handle and are comfortable.  

Then, like Jesus, there will be no ‘sin’, guilt or fear hiding in our unconscious mind; only remembrance of our innocence. And we will be fully conscious, Awake, alive. Forever. Let us give thanks for the Love and Light we are at free choice to allow to be shone in the dark recesses of our split mind, that we may in turn share All with our brothers, until we are all One again in Love and Light, 

Brian Longhurst. 


My son, mind and understanding, when not under control of the Life Force – Spirit; the Life of God – become nothing more than an intellectual exercise in which self-control, self-will, self-fulfilment become the objectives. These are the yoke of the prince of time and place.

Jesus, October 6th, 1996 

October 28th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Oneness is wholly One, completely One. That means no-one is excluded, left without. We are not – cannot Know – Oneness if we believe, and thus see ourself as individual because that is belief in and therefore, perception, experience of separateness. This is why it is essential to our Awakening to stop believing we are a body. Bodies clearly cannot be joined, unified, in Oneness. Bodies – all form – arose to bear false witness that Oneness is impossible; that separateness is reality. But Oneness is of the mind, and that is discernible even to those who have no understanding of esoteric reality. 

There is even an old adage that states when two (or more) people are agreed on a given matter they are said to be ‘of one mind’. In that sense, one mindedness is experienced in dreamland myriad times around the world every day, even if only in a momentary, limited sense. Imagine what it will be like when all the fragments are agreed on everything, all the while, permanently. How can that be possible in this divided world? Yet it is prerequisite to the healing, the restoration of the Sonship to Oneness. That seems beyond the realms of possibility when we observe with bodily senses. 

This is the ploy of the ego to keep the belief that Wholeness, Oneness is impossible because there are too many differences, conflicted beliefs, and thus, perceptions in this world to even consider it as a realistic prospect. And those differences keep on multiplying, causing ever more division. That may sound like a mathematical impossibility, yet that is what is happening in the illusory world of the without, which endeavours, fruitlessly, to make the unreal real. What the ego does not understand is that the PLFs are universal, unbreachable, and numbers are not pertinent to Oneness. 

How can numbers – or plurality – have any role in Oneness? Oneness is One, however a confused mind may choose to cut it. To break, or dispel, the illusion of separateness simply requires joining. This is a PLF, so it applies universally, irrespective of illusory numbers of meaningless bodies, because the joining is nothing to do with dream bodies, but is of minds only. This is because split-mindedness gives rise to bodies, so the joining, the union, of minds renders the fantasy of separate bodies irrelevant. In Truth that which is made-up returns to the nothingness from which it arose. 

Many have the idea – however vague and uncertain they may be about it – that people comprise body, mind and soul, or spirit. But the concept of ‘people’ arises from the idea of bodies. In this confused perception we have mislabelled ourselves as ‘human’ beings. Without dreamt-up bodies ‘human’ doesn’t apply. Can Mind – Universal, eternal, limitless Mind, of which we are inextricably, intrinsically part – be labelled human? Can the Life Force – Pure Spirit; the Creator Spirit, Papa – be labelled human when It is the Life essence in, of and beyond every living thing, regardless of form? 

Such labels are an ego device to convince us of separateness; to place us at the top of the totem pole, the food chain, the pecking order. How can anyone or anything be ‘top’ when equality is the only true order – or more aptly, state – of Being in Papa’s creation? Without bodies, or any form at all, how can we be ‘top’; how can there be a totem; how can there be a food chain or a pecking order? At the level of Mind all such are immediately recognised as meaningless. Jesus saw through all this guff and functioned, in an embodied state, accordingly. Thus, so can we. If only we can believe

Jesus didn’t say, “I’ll function that way when everyone else functions that way.” How uncharacteristic, how unserviceable would that have been? How could he have even started, let alone completed, fulfilled his mission if that had been his state of mind? Yet is this not how the split, ego-enthralled mind works for most of ‘humanity’? “I’ll be nice, reasonable, forgiving, kind, generous… if/when you will be.” And how can we expect to fulfil our only true function as the Light of the world, and complete our only true purpose as the saviour of the world unless, until we choose to be like him? 

It does not take rocket science to realise that the only way to correct separation is by joining. J The ego’s riposte would be, “How can I join with the whole of humanity? The idea is unworkable, ridiculous.” Who mentioned humanity? We are not human because as indicated above, human refers only to bodies, the very symbol of separation, of dividedness and conflict. We are Universal Mind, the activating agent of Universal Spirit, supplying its creative energy, functioning in unison, or, as One. That One is I AM; Self. It is that Self, universal One Self, with which we must, inevitably, re-join. 

The only alternative is to remain separate, divided, conflicted, mortal; self-sentenced to riding the carousel of birth and death, indefinitely. Papa, Jesus and Holy Spirit cannot force us off that carousel because riding it is our free will choice, and free will is Papa’s inviolable gift to His Son. But They will gladly, lovingly, gently lift us from it when we change our mind and choose union. Happily, this is how, when and where PLFs come to the rescue, because PLFs are universal and holistic. We need only to join with one brother and holistically we are then joined to all because all are One. 

It was only our choosing separation that brought us the only alternative to Oneness: separation and its hellish array of accoutrements. As Oneness is for all, separation is from all. This may seem impossible to the rational mind, but is entirely True and meaningful to the reasoning mind. This is because the rational mind, or intellect, perceives from the perspective of being a body, sees from the viewpoint of the concrete, the physical, time and place; here and there, up and down, positive and negative, good and bad, right and wrong, past and future, feast or famine…  

By contrast, the reasoning mind sees, from the perspective of decision-making mind, the abstract reality of Creation, eternity, wholeness, Oneness; PLFs. The reasoning mind is single in its vision, so sees only Truth; the rational mind is double in its perception, and therefore confused, interpreting information as knowledge. Information is of the ever-changing temporal, so is always subject to re-evaluation as perception changes with it, thus obviating certainty, whereas Knowledge is, and can only be, of the unchanging, the eternal and thus, the real, leading to certainty

This may seem all very interesting, hypothetical from the bodily perspective, but, bearing in mind that joining is only needful and possible at the level of mind, how can we go about it? First, we can dismiss the rational perception of joining myriad individual, split-mind ‘selves’, because we are not joining with self; we are joining with Self. Self is Who we all, in our true state of Being, ARE: One Self. This is too hard a concept for the rational mind to grasp, and might, perhaps, be difficult also for souls nascent in the Awakening process. This is where Jesus comes in. 

It is easier for us to apprehend the concept of joining our mind with his because we can readily accept that he is an historical figure, even if no longer embodied. At least we can envision him in a bodily form as an individual persona, albeit one in whom there was, crucially, no ego, because he had repudiated the ego and thus, overcome the world. But even more crucial to our endeavour at joining in Oneness, Jesus is now, solely, One with the true Identity of us all: Self, retaining no qualities of an individual, separated self. Here is how he describes this in ACIM, C5:  

The name of Jesus is the name of one who was a man but saw the face of Christ in all his brothers and [thus] remembered God. So he became Identified with Christ, a man no longer, but at one with God…   

By way of further encouragement, or re-Minding, here are some further extracts from that same section: 

In his complete identification with the Christ…  Jesus became what all of you must be. He led the way for you to follow him...

He will remain with you to lead you from the hell you made to God... Walking with him is just as natural as walking with a brother whom you knew since you were born, for such indeed he is… He will set your mind at rest at last and carry it with you unto God…

There is no death because the Son of God is like his Father. Nothing you can do can change Eternal Love. Forget your dreams of sin and guilt, and come with me instead to share the resurrection of God’s Son. And bring with you all those whom He has sent to you to care for as I care for you. 

Union is our true, eternal, inescapable state as the One Self, the Son-of-God-Self, though we have dreamt of separation from Self and from our Source. Now, the dream is over and therefore time to let go of its last vestiges. Not even the ego could deny the logic that separation ends by re-joining. Let us not look back for a moment on a nightmare, illusory past, lest we restore it to our mind and give it reality there again. Instead, let us say, with Jesus, ‘Thank You, Holy Spirit, for healing my mind.’ 

Brian Longhurst 


My son, focus on me and observe that I am radiating peace, harmony, balance, tranquillity, joy, Love. This is possible because I am one with Papa, our beloved eternal Father Creator.  Let awareness of this image of me be for you the example for attunement (i.e. at-One-ment).

Jesus, August 4th, 1996 

November 4th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

For most young couples the prospect of bringing children into this world arouses great excitement, anticipation and probably some trepidation. The excitement when it is discovered that a baby is on the way is not thought engendered, but arises from somewhere deep within our inner Being. Here is the transformation from a couple to ‘a family’ given substance. Most likely this will have two levels of foundation: one, the more superficial, practical, social aspects, the other an unconscious soul awareness of the connection already extant between parents and the incoming offspring. 

Of this, the world at large has little or no understanding, yet is what sparked the excitement and anticipation, though that is diverted away, overlooked, perceived as having its cause at the more surface level of awareness. There is, of course, nothing wrong with that, but it does keep us occupied, focused solely in the outer, time and place, consciousness. The questions nevertheless remain: who is the soul that has chosen this couple as its parents, and why? The answers are not to be found ‘out there’, but can serviceably be pondered from an esoteric point of consideration. 

There are three possibilities, depending to some degree on the place on the path of spiritual Awakening of the parents – individually as well as collectively. The connection may be simply random, rather like sticking a pin in the phone book and selecting whatever name the pin alights upon. This is hardly an enlightened mechanism for selecting parents, so is most likely to be the case with a soul having no plan for his next embodiment, but driven to it by fear – any bolt-hole to continue hiding from reality. This could have some significant challenges for the parents in the raising of the child. 

Since like has a tendency to attract like, one or both of the parents may have also incarnated on the same basis. This will mean one or both also have no plan for their life’s purpose or for raising children. Hopelessness, despair, anger, broken relationships, substance dependency and suicide may be some of the items on their agendas. In this chaos time between the switchover from the second to the third measures of meal suicide is rocketing, now being the leading cause of ‘death’ in the 20 - 34 age group. All this is caused by refusal to accept our one true reason for embodiment: Awakening. 

From a wider, more positive perspective, the greater likelihood is that the offspring already knows the parents, from ‘prior’ incarnations. The association will either be loving, healthy, strong, or it will be one of brokenness, to some degree or another. Either way, the reconnection is to provide opportunities for parents and/or the new addition. If Loving, the opportunities will be to further enhance the relationship spiritually, for the mutual growing of all, and allowing the Light to shine brighter, more powerfully, for their progress in Awakening and that of their brothers in the wider world. 

If the association, the connection, is not Loving, it can only be for the healing of karmic issues, brokenness from one or more former acts. Ultimately, it makes no difference, because healing, rejoining and Awakening are the inevitable destiny of us all. As we progress along the Path we come to realise that even brokenness – however bad it may appear – is made up, and in reality, when all illusions have been dispelled, Love is the true, unchangeable nature, the very Identity, of us all. And brokenness can very easily be reinterpreted by the Holy Spirit, so we can then see ourself as Whole. 

Our only true purpose for incarnating is to save the world by Being the Light of the world. This is, of course, nothing to do with bodies, or form – human, animal or planetary – but the split mind that gave rise to all form to ‘prove’ we are separate, from Papa and from Self. That has placed us in spiritual darkness, providing challenges, adversity, confusion, self-doubt… it’s a long list, inevitably so since we chose darkness. But the Spirit of Truth, our Holy, infallible, all-Knowing Self, sees none of these illusions because none of them is real. Instead He sees opportunities, and so can we. 

We cannot do this alone because the ego-world is too distracting, deceitful and conflicted, and we have not yet – within the context of illusory, linear time – overcome the world. But by joining with Holy Self (and/or Jesus, who has overcome the world) all our perceived adversities, can – and will – be reinterpreted and overcome, dispelled, leading to fulfilment of our one, true purpose in embodiment: Awakening to eternal Love, peace and joy. It is not just in ourself that our change of mind leads to Awakening, but all those sent to us that we might help them and they, in turn, help us. 

We cannot enter into eternal Love, peace and joy – the Kingdom – alone. Aloneness means we are still in the separation consciousness, and the Kingdom is all-inclusive. That is why Jesus, who has overcome the world, will remain with us to comfort and help us until all the fragments are Awake and rejoined as the One that is the Truth of our Being. To a confused, misperceiving mind that seems a l-o-o-o-ng way off and that we are powerless to affect that benignly. This is where families come in. We act as channels for others – brothers – to come into the world, providing opportunities. 

There are only two possibilities: to take advantage of those gifts, those opportunities, or to miss them. This is nothing to do with making money and surrounding ourself with stuff. It is only about Awakening. Nothing else at all. We Awaken ourself and those sent to us to help Awaken by being truly helpful, by Loving, blessing, forgiving. Families bring that up close and personal – where it really matters. Family members do not happen to us but for us. If they behave hurtfully it is because they are hurting. If they behave unlovingly it is because they feel unloved and unlovable.  

There is only one true response to any behaviour: with Love. Forgiveness helps us see past the unloving façade that assaults our bodily perception, enabling us to see the call for Love behind it, and thus respond accordingly. This is all nice in theory, but when teenage rebellion and contrary behaviour – or any other discordant family interactions – are keeping our inner peace, joy and Love somewhat elusive, it is easier said than done. Reminding ourself that whatever turns up is always an opportunity helps. That may not occur to us in the heat of the moment but that does not matter. 

Time is an illusion, and when the moment has passed, then we can remind ourself, and choose to be more mindful next time. Meanwhile, we can quietly forgive ourself and our brother for what was never real anyway, allowing for the return of our choice for Love to regain pole position in our heart-mind; Love for self and our brother. Love means kindness, tolerance, acceptance that we are on a journey and have not yet reached our destination. Missing the purpose of the opportunities is always our choice, and is ultimately our choice to delay our return to peace and thus, remain in hell longer. 

Families provide the best circumstances for healing brokenness or strengthening already-loving ties. If we cannot heal brokenness and strengthen Loving connectedness within our families, how can we fulfil our sacred mission of saving the world? It makes no difference when the healing occurs, or whether we see any outward signs of it. All that matters is that this be our choice. Then we can be assured that, having committed that choice to the care and control of Holy Spirit-Self, in reality – the eternity of Heaven, our true and only Home – it is already accomplished. 

Thank you, Holy Spirit-Self, for healing my mind, that I may join with Jesus and all who will, to heal this broken, illusory world and return to the Oneness of perfect Love that we all are. 

Brian Longhurst 


By your desire I will draw you, raise you up into My presence. You need do nothing, for it is already accomplished according to your desire.

Papa, August 11th, 1996 

November 11th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Believing we are separate from Papa causes us to believe we are devoid of His Help, thus leaving ourself open to assault by an open-ended array of maladies and pestilences. So we believe we must help ourself, defend ourself by relying on what Jesus refers to in ACIM as ‘magic’. By this he means made-up remedies devised within the confines of the so-called laws of time and place. But time and place is the reverse of reality, so its ‘laws’, also, are the reverse of reality. ‘Healing’ within these confines cannot be healing because it is only the mind that is ill at ease, or dis-eased.  

Remedies aimed at healing the effects of a sick mind – i.e. bodily ailments – cannot cure the cause of the ailment, and indeed, make no attempt at so doing. What, then, are such medications doing, since many of them seem to have an effect on bodily dysfunctions? Yet, without truly correcting causal factors – misperceptions in the mind about our true Being – effects cannot but remain. This is an immutable PLF. Medications, ‘magic’, merely suppress the bodily symptoms, driving them deeper into the whole malfunctioning system – mind and body – lulling us into continuing self-deception. 

The symptoms – sooner or later – simply manifest in some other form, referred-to in medical circles as ‘side-effects’, for which further magic is called upon. The real cause of this circle of ‘seek but do not find’ remains as ever: our refusal to accept our unbreachable connectedness to – our Oneness in – Papa. “All very well”, says the ego-enthralled, rationalising head-mind, “but I am no miracle-worker, so how am I supposed to effect a miraculous change of mind? God seems at best to be ignoring my pleas for help – or punishing me for my sins – so I have no alternative but magic.” 

Thus continues, remains, the confusion, the all-encompassing misperceptions that keep us in fear, bewilderment, spiritual darkness. A little child does not seek to correct its misperceptions, its ailments, its predicaments. At least, usually, eventually – having perhaps tried on its own and got into a deeper pickle – it goes to one whom it trusts implicitly for help, for Care, Guidance and Protection. Those three words are so important that I have made a mnemonic, an acronym of them – CGP – to help me remember them. It serves me well, so I do not hesitate to commend it unreservedly. 

The child, having – eventually – placed itself in helping hands, may still attempt to direct proceedings, even though it has no understanding of the nature of the help needed/being provided. Yet that is more likely to be a hindrance than a help, as any who have ever attempted to help a little one will readily attest. The helper will say to the little one, “All I ask of you is your co-operation and your willingness to allow me to help you. Nothing more; nothing less. So, simply place yourself, trusting, in my hands; then you will see how I can help you; then you will know, in turn, how to help others.”   

That is precisely what Jesus and the Spirit of Truth – our true, holy Self – unbeguiled by make-believe, guilt, fear, judgements, grievances, are saying to us. All that we need do is place ourself in Their CGP and our misperceived dependence on ‘magic’ changes – diminishes, fades away, ultimately to the no-thing from which it arose – because we then undergo a fundamental change of direction: toward the Light instead of away from It. It is an ego-induced error to believe we need to understand the hows, whys, whens, wheres… of the transformational processes. We do not. 

We do not need to control how our toenails grow, our food gets digested, our cells get oxygenated in order for these things to take place. We do need to trust, to believe, to have faith. These are scarce commodities in a faithless and perverse generation (Mt. 17:17). As Jesus tells us in ACIM: The Holy Spirit’s Voice is as loud as your willingness to listen. It cannot be louder without violating your freedom of choice, which the Holy Spirit seeks to restore, never to undermine. (T-8.VIII.8:7,8). But this doesn’t just take willingness; it takes commitment. Commitment is absolute or not at all; no compromises.  

Compromise is an ego invention. It is not in Jesus’ repository. He does not compromise in his devotion, his commitment, to us, his beloved brethren in the Sonship of God. If he did, how could we rely on him, his steadfastness, his all-empowerment, his perfectly Loving commitment to providing CGP for our Awakening from the dream of death when we ask him? He told me in 1978, “Give me the pieces of your life and I will give you back the wholeness.” I saw his hands, in close-up, as he took the pieces of a shattered, broken vessel and lovingly, caringly joined them back to wholeness.  

He performed this delicate act with the consummate ease and skill of a master craftsman; a labour of complete, perfect Love and ministration. There was no sign at all of the joins, or of the vessel ever having even been broken. Then he took a paintbrush and with deft strokes embellished it with a simple foliar design. He then placed the vessel in a kiln and I saw him steadfastly watching it cure through the glass viewing panel, to ensure its full restoration to serviceableness of its purpose as a vessel to contain – and freely dispense – the Waters of Life to all in need. You and I Are that vessel. 

Placing ourself, then, in his (and/or Holy Spirt Self’s) complete CGP will, absolutely, unfailingly restore us to the wholeness of Being that is our true, eternal, One Self, ending, forever, our self-perception of littleness, unworthiness, guilt, loneliness, vulnerability… This transformation will not be discernible with bodily senses, least of all immediately. Does that mean we give up and resign ourself to what the ego wants for us: fear, ignorance, sickness, blindness, frailty, scarcity, ‘magic-dependency’, mortality? We know it doesn’t work, and Now is the moment to try something New. 

This does not mean we ‘must’ immediately abandon magic. That would be too fearful for us and Jesus wants to comfort us, not deepen our fear. Rather than give up magic we can continue, but henceforth do so consciously inviting Jesus/Holy Spirit involvement, until They have gently brought us to the place where we no longer need magic. It matters not how long that takes because time is an illusion. 

The instant we place ourself in Their CGP, in reality the transformation is effected. Why would They wait? They Love us unconditionally, perfectly, have at heart only the best interests of us all. They are waiting for us, not we for Them. Until we ASK Them to Help us Awaken and remember Who we really Are, They are powerless to Help us because not asking means separation, pain, suffering and ‘death’ is our choice, and therefore, sacrosanct. Asking means we have changed our mind, a God-given right, and want Their all-empowered, Loving, tender, gentle, one-step-at-a-time Help. 

One step at a time is our rate of progress, not Theirs. They are already at the Destination, and lead us to It at a pace They Know we can handle with minimal fear and trauma. So, we see, experience, become aware of the changes at that pace. No-one was more impatient to progress faster – at warp-speed, in fact – than I. It has taken me decades to learn that more haste means less speed, but now, thanks be to Papa, my impatience has metamorphosed to eagerness. Eagerness is kingdomly. Jesus is eager for the Kingdom to be restored to the awareness of his brothers. 

Papa said to me in November 2008, “There is no rush to Awaken. Eagerness, yes; but rushing is of ego, and engenders frustration, anxiety, turmoil… Remember, allow it to happen; do not attempt to rush it. Self knows all and is in charge of the process for Me; this is for your comfort and peace of mind. Rushing is ego attempting to re-establish control.” We cannot rush the process but we can facilitate its hastening by SAA-ing. Jesus/Holy Spirit-Self will hasten it for us, as expeditiously as we are willing to allow Them, by simply co-operating, and not blocking ourself from Them with fear, doubt, unbelief. 

As Jesus reminds us, ‘Only infinite patience brings immediate effects.’ We are Love and Light. Let us all choose, without unnecessary delay, to allow ourself to Be what we already Are,  

Brian Longhurst 


My son, each day of your life it is My desire that you may receive My blessing in the form of Love and new understanding of the Principles of Life.

Papa, August 18th, 1996  


November 18th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

It hardly need be said that the apparent destiny of every embodied soul is to become disembodied. This process is incorrectly referred to as ‘death’. Few there are who do not have some fear and trepidation about this, ranging from outright terror at the thought to a mild anxiety. Most of us seldom think about it and even less, speak about it. Jesus spoke about it in the long ago, effectively telling us that if we live and believe in him we can never die, because, so he said, he is the resurrection and the Life. He has said a great deal more about ‘death’ and its unreality in A Course in Miracles. 

The ‘evidence’ for death is absolute to our bodily senses and our head-mind rationalising and intellectualising. So, either Jesus was/is right in what he tells us about it or the seemingly compelling evidence that besets our head-mind and our bodily senses is right. The latter cannot but make Jesus wrong. Is that our preference? Astonishingly, for countless millions – billions even, perhaps – that is their preference; an emphatic, unequivocal denial of the Truth of eternity and our immutable, indispensable part in It. Yet, if they knew, were open to reality, they would quickly change their mind. 

Indeed, they will, and do change their mind when they find they have survived what they were adamant was ‘the end of life’ when their mind and soul part from their body. I have seen this many times. PCB-ing such souls can be of inestimable help to their going forward. And ours. But why so fearful in the first place? Animals are not fearful of dying because they never think about it. They live only in the moment, and their minds have not been inculcated for millennia with false doctrines of sacrifice, judgement and punishment. For them, laying aside their body is simply a moving on. 

Why do we believe a fearful lie when the Truth is totally joyful? Because the Truth Jesus brought us has been subverted by the ego, using fear-based religion, teaching that we are sinners, unworthy of the Love of God, Who will judge us and consign us to the fires of hell. Happily, Jesus has corrected all that insanity and set the record straight for us in ACIM, which fear-based religion can’t sabotage because ACIM is outside their control. So they say it is satanic, psychobabble. None of this matters at all to Jesus, the Messenger of Truth, because Truth needs no defence. It will out. It is outing Now. 

The outpouring of the Spirit of Truth is intensifying, increasing in magnitude because all the input – the leaven – of Love and Light by Jesus during the second measure of meal is, to mix a metaphor, now bearing ever more fruit. This is nothing to do with fear-based religion, which continues to focus on sacrifice as the path to salvation. As Jesus quoted to the Pharisees the message from God (Hosea 6:6): For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God suggesting to them that they go away and learn what it means! But I digress. Now is the time of the Great Awakening. 

This Awakening has been leavening during the last two millennia, meaning more and more souls have been choosing the Light, and thus, becoming enlightened. This does not necessarily mean fully enlightened, though that undoubtedly has been the case for some. And for vast numbers of others their progress in that direction gathers momentum. Many are now embodied at this time of writing, and the Light is shining through one or another facet of the jewels they all are, bringing increasing awareness of that Light, and Its Source, to their still spiritually somnolent brethren here. 

Many more Light souls are incarnating now, or in the planning stages of so doing, to share the Light, to help shine away the darkness of this dream world. Paul states: The last enemy (i.e. lie, illusion) that shall be destroyed is death. (1 Cor. 15:26). The ego does not give up easily, and the vast mass of humanity still adheres to belief in this lie; thus does it remain their experience, continuing to shackle their mind to fear. Perhaps the word translated as ‘destroyed’ might better have been ‘dispelled’ since it is not the effect ‘death’ that will be destroyed but its cause: the belief in it. 

Everything we experience results from our belief in it. If we believe in darkness – and by so doing, choose it – that will, inevitably, be our experience. Such is the power of the mind of Papa’s Son, even when mistakenly using that power in miscreating, and then pretending that he is a victim of this world, rather than its fabricator. So, in like manner – because it is a PLF – does our belief in Light cause Light to be in our awareness, and thus, our experience. Who, in his right mind, could imagine Jesus – Knowing he was the Light – believed in darkness? It is equally our choice as his.  

Yet, that is precisely what we do when we allow our bodily senses and rationalising intellect to dictate what we will accept as true even when it runs counter to the reason our inner Knowing brings us. Reason tells us that when our thoughts cause us to feel peaceful, joyful, Loving it is because they are founded in Reality, in Truth. So, when we think about our loved ones who have laid aside their body as not being ‘dead’, but still with us – in many ways more so than when confined, limited to a ‘physical’ body – and this causes us to feel joyful, peaceful, happy, stay with it; it’s reality. 

The much-loved son, Marc, of a dear friend, Jolena Pourner, was murdered a few days ago. Theresa and I have shared with her much joyous fellowship concerning the reality of the living Jesus in our lives (the lives of all the fragments of Papa’s Son), and of Loved ones who have laid aside their bodies (such as parents, soul-mates, dear friends…). Jolena has awareness, for example, of her mother in spirit, and has become readily able to accept this as reality. How much comfort that has brought her. Most of us would be so traumatised by the murder of a son that grief would be overwhelming. 

Instead, Jolena has been able to focus on the immortal nature of our being – all Being – and, after the initial shock, has steadfastly chosen to focus on Marc in spirit, sending him Love, blessings, positive thoughts, thanksgiving to Jesus for his perfect transforming of water into wine*, tears into joy, ‘death’ into Life. This has brought Marc into direct mind-to-mind communion with her. He is full of joy, Light, fun – even light-heartedly inspiring/directing her plans for his memorial service, a service of joyful thanksgiving for his life and the gifts he brought to all who knew him. 

This has prompted me to share, below, as this week’s Diary of a Christ Communicant entry, a message from September 2010. Blessings of Love and Light to hasten our Awakening to remembrance, experience and living the Truth of our eternal Oneness of Being, 

Brian Longhurst  

*Water symbolises the life force, but when we surrender our life into Jesus’ CGP he transforms it into the New Wine of Christ Love. 

PS: I just received this message from Jolena:  

Just wanted to share this. While driving to Walmart, I turned on the radio after 20 minute of just listening to the rain come down , the first song to play was “Forgiveness” by Matthew West. As I sit in the parking lot of Walmart reading the lyrics, I know this song was played for me. It’s beautiful. 

Here is the link to it, with the original writer and performer. Please listen, really listen, to this. It IS beautiful: 


My son, I rejoice with you; by giving all your desires to me I am able to bring fulfilment in more perfect ways than would otherwise be possible for you.

Jesus, August 25th, 1996

November 25th 2015  

Dear Friends,  

In September 1998 Papa said to me as He held me in the stillness: “My son, draw closer to Me. Open yourself to receive My Love more. Who, in his right mind, would not gladly desire to draw closer to Him, to receive His Love more? The problem is, if we believe we are a body, or even a soul in a body, eking out a temporal existence, every next moment filled with uncertainty, unknown potential for hazard, exposing our vulnerability to injury, loss, scarcity… and with every tick of the clock bringing us ever closer to the great unknown – ‘death’ – we are not in our right mind. We are insane. 

He is giving us His Love unceasingly. If we do not believe this our perception of God would benefit from a review. Inestimable numbers of us are not even sure if there is a God, and equally, there are great numbers who are convinced there is not a God. What is this telling us? That unbelief is the block to Love’s awareness. It works, does it not? Even in its upside-down, split-off-from-Truth state, the power of mind and the will of Papa’s Son is absolute; sacrosanct. Such is Gods Love for, and trust in, His beloved Son, that He allows this, because He endowed His Son with inviolable free will. 

We have shut the door of our life, our conscious awareness, against Him. Since He is the Source of everything, we have shut ourself off not just from Him but from everything. We may think, believe, we can attain – and obtain – all manner of things in the illusion of time and place. What, here, can we attain or obtain that will bring us lasting peace, joy and Love? The world of dreams can offer us fleeting fame and fortune. How can that relate to eternal peace, joy and Love? In time, even what we perceived as desirable is seen as tawdry as it rusts and disintegrates, along with our self. 

So, having made the initial error of choosing separation, why do we continue in this insanity? And, even more important, how do we escape from it and return Home? A good start might be to ask ourself if we are willing to believe there is a Home to go to. If we are unwilling even to consider that as an option, we are not ready. So will we continue riding the carousel of birth and death, with its appurtenances of forgetfulness, guilt, fear, scarcity, pain, suffering, loneliness, sickness… it’s a long and unattractive list. And even most of us who are willing, want to believe, are still beset by doubt. 

Doubt is the great dismantler of faith. It is corrosive, eating away at our peace, sabotaging our joy and exsanguinating our Love. Truly, a seemingly inescapable pit have we dug for ourself. This is why Jesus tells us in ACIM that all he asks of us is a little willingness to believe. That is all that is needed, because it opens the door just a tiny crack. In a flash the Spirit of Truth will be there, bringing hope in the form of new ways of seeing things, opportunities, synchronicities. Then we will begin to doubt – not so much the Truth this time, but the falsities we previously believed were true. 

The big question the ego-yoked, unbelieving mind cynically asks is, ‘Okay, so how, exactly, do we draw closer to God, so we can receive His Love more? Since I have no awareness of receiving His Love at all, that’s a tall order!’ To such a slumbering mind the question seems to have no possible, meaningful, achievable answer, just as the ego would have it be. But what, to the unbelieving mind, seems foolproof, simply because of its lack of willingness to believe, is not God-proof. Years later, as I recalled to mind what He had said to me in September 1998, I said to Him: 

“Papa, I am drawing closer to You, opening myself to You, that I may receive Your Love more.” That was certainly my desire, my committed intent, but in this world of forgetfulness, of distractions, of confusion, I was – at least temporarily – not absolutely clear on how to accomplish this, how to experience it more palpably, less intermittently. So, my statement to him was really a question in disguise. I was seeking His Help to unfuzz my mind, restore my remembrance of – my connectedness to – Truth, reality, His Loving, all-engrossing Presence. Immediately He replied:  

“Beloved, to receive My Love more you must give Love more; to receive blessing more you must give blessing more. To receive My good gifts more freely you must give them more freely. For as you now Know, giving and receiving are one, and to give is but to receive. You are now stronger, more grown, more restored in your remembrance of Truth. Therefore, you are better placed, better able to give more purposefully, more powerfully of that which has been freely given to you. Bless, even as you are blessed; Love, even as you are Loved; forgive, even as you are forgiven.

“All is well; all can only be well, Beloved.” 

Indeed, I did Know all this, yet the certainty, the clarity, the remembrance of it can so easily become elusive if we are not vigilant in holding fast to our commitment to constantly re-minding ourself, until we have fully remembered. Most of us find vigilance in holding fast to what we cannot see, hard to maintain 24/7, when all our senses are bombarded by temporal distraction. But as Jesus reminded us, God Knows all our needs and is entirely capable of providing them, so he says, ‘…seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.’ (Mt. 6:33). 

By the PLF that giving and receiving are the same, it becomes inevitable that giving Love more we will receive Love more. That draws us closer to Him because giving Love more makes us more like Him, which means our experience of our true Being, our all-empowerment-by-Love, our Oneness in Him becomes more complete, whole, consummate, immutable. Now is the time for us to reclaim our God-given empowerment. To help enable – to open ourself to allowing – this to be restored to us we could say:  

“Beloved Papa; I repudiate the ego’s control over my life, my mind, and the separation from You that it seems to cause. Instead, I reclaim what is rightfully mine because You gave it to me when You created me: all power in Heaven and Earth – the power of perfect, unconditional Love. I claim it by gladly sharing it, as demonstration that I have it, and I do this by truly forgiving myself and my brothers in the Sonship for what in reality has never happened because it was over the same instant it began, but I keep re-viewing it in a vain attempt to make the unreal real.” 

By way of priceless reassurance that Help is always with us on our journey Home, some powerfully authoritative, potent, compelling words from Jesus: 

Your Friend [Holy Spirit] goes with you. You are not alone. No one who calls on Him can call in vain. Whatever troubles you, be certain that He has the answer, and will gladly give it to you, if you simply turn to Him and ask it of Him. He will not withhold all answers that you need for anything that seems to trouble you. He knows the way to solve all problems, and resolve all doubts. His certainty is yours. You need but ask it of Him, and it will be given you.  

(A Course in Miracles, W-ep.1:2-9. My italic, underlining and emboldening, for emphasis.) 

These words of Jesus are, literally, true. Yet they are merely meaningless, powerless words on a page until we believe them wholeheartedly. We cannot be wholehearted in our belief until we have been grown to that level of belief. But if we desire to believe thusly this is Known to Jesus because he Knows our heart-mind. All he asks of us is a little willingness to believe and Papa – the Good Husbandman – will grow our faith and trust until it is wholehearted. So, when he says No one who calls on Him can call in vain he is saying we will not call on Him unless and until we so desire. 

That kernel of desire is a seed, and like a grain of mustard seed, of which Jesus tells us: If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed… nothing shall be impossible unto you (Mt. 17:20), it will grow if we allow Papa to tend it, cultivate it, nurture it. This, He will lovingly do because He Loves us. And as we are like Him, we serve ourself well in returning to that likeness by following Jesus’ counsel: “…love one another, as I have loved you.” (Jn. 15:12). 

Love and blessings,  

Brian Longhurst

By your prayers, by your heart’s bright desire, many souls are already released from bondage, and every day that your Light and your desire shine into the darkness, many more shall come to me, freed from the chains of fear. 

Jesus, September 1st, 1996


December 2nd 2015 

Dear Friends, 

The body is a symbol of the ego. So, all the while we choose to believe – and thus, perceive – that we are a body we are tacitly, unconsciously, unwittingly affirming that we are in the separation consciousness; the consciousness of fear. Fear of Papa, fear of Jesus, fear of the Spirit of Truth, of ourself, our Self and of our brothers in the Sonship of God. Fear means lack of trust. We don’t trust Papa or Jesus because we believe they will judge us and find us guilty of our ‘sins’, so we try to hide from them in a body. Bodies are without, where Papa cannot go, because without is nowhere.  

Papa is everywhere, and bodies – including everything we perceive with our bodily senses – are nowhere, because they are without; without meaning or reality. We try to give meaning to form but how can that which is constantly changing, fading, disappearing be real? The meaning we apply, in a vain effort to make form real is gone before we can even apply meaning to it. Everywhere is eternally, unchangeably Here and it is Now because there really IS nowhere else. The esoteric meaning of Here and Now only become clear to us by our choice to see only the eternal, unchanging present.  

Bodies do not meet this criterion, so cannot be real, cannot be who we really are. But mind and soul do meet it because they are constantly, eternally present, here and now. The ego will posit that minds are constantly changing, thus providing a spurious counter-argument. But the ego knows only of the illusorily split-off-from-Truth, amnesiac, confused, Know-nothing mind. Our true, whole, all-Knowing Christ Mind never changes because Truth never changes, being eternal. This is impossible to comprehend from the perspective of believing we are a body, because bodies symbolise unreality. 

The spiritually-slumbering mind, under ego control, may say esoteric, mystical Truth is a ‘nice’ hypothesis – though secretly, fearful, because it dispels all ego’s beliefs, rendering ego null and void – but cannot be ‘proved’, so must be set aside as unreal. Yet in Truth – which is eternal, and the only approach we can take that will give/restore meaning to our confused minds – we don’t need to understand with our rationalising head-mind. We ignore our head mind and enter into our heart-mind, to listen to the still, small Voice that speaks to us there, which our heart-mind can and does believe. 

The head-mind, or intellect, having no faith or trust, believes only what it chooses to believe, and, unknowingly, because it chose to believe, thus does it perceive. Such is the power of the mind of Papa’s Son, even in its split, confused, bereft-of-its-Truth-of-Self state. And though it does not consciously believe that it has such power, or in the Source of that power, and therefore has disabled its Creative power, limiting itself instead to making, or miscreating, still does it produce – even if only within a dream of death – what it chooses. But dreams are not real, so its ‘makings’ cannot exist.  

Choosing to believe, and therefore be open to receiving and accepting the Truth – without setting the ego-prerequisite of first understanding, thus retaining unbelief as our default position, which keeps our mind closed to the Truth – aligns our mind with It. Without our conscious choice for Truth, the Spirit of Truth, our Higher Mind, our whole, holy Self, honours (though does not Love) our erroneous choice because we, Papa’s Son (One, appearing as many) made it, and we have inviolable free will. So He does not attempt to correct it until we are willing to allow correction to take place.  

This choosing to believe enables, authorises Him to immediately commence commun(icat)ing with our now-open-to-Truth mind. We will only consciously hear Him if we enter, as much as we are able, into a state of stillness, being openly receptive, sincerely willing to become aware of His communicating with us. Those nascent to this change of mind and heart, will not, perhaps, immediately ‘hear’ His speaking in their mind way, being familiar with hearing embodied brothers.  This does not matter to Him at all, and does not mean He is not commun(icat)ing with us, which He is doing, constantly. 

His communicating is with our heart-mind and we are so inured to listening/communicating with our head-mind that some adjustments are necessary. This takes time. Anxiety will not help! He makes the adjustments for us, if our heart is sincere in intent and commitment. He can commun(icat)e with us in many ways other than vocally. One of the most palpable is with a change of mood, or feeling, about ourself, Him, a brother (loved or hated, it makes no difference to Him!) or any other aspect of our conscious mind. And yes, feelings are of the mind, even if felt/experienced in the body. 

Our ego-dominated mind always wants instant gratification, including in the way of answers to our questions. But most of our questions have previously been coming from our head-mind, and therefore, from an ego-perspective. We are now entering a realm of Being, of Mind, so alien to the ego, and yet, so natural to our true Self. Here, we are touching on the fringes of eternity, in which time is of no concern.  Here, FTOC, not answers, provide the keys to the Kingdom. FTOC, being the keys, unlock, open the door to where the Answer to all our questions is found. 

Here, we are approaching the threshold of the restoration to remembrance of our Whole, unified Mind, our true, Creative, all-Knowing, all-empowered, Soul-connected, God-connected Mind. Here, we come nearer to the place of Being where we realise that there are no questions. How can there be questions when all is already Known? Everything is Known to Papa, and He gave, shared everything with His Son. Pretending to have forgotten does not mean it is lost to us, because what Papa gives is forever given. We already Know because we are His Son – along with Jesus. 

We are not alone here; we are closely watched over, guided, cared for, protected – having placed ourself back within his CGP – Loved unconditionally. Our miscreating mind can begin to be restored to true Creativeness, just like our Creator, and just like Jesus, who has remembered the Truth of Being, returned to his/our Home in the Heart of God and comes to us from There to lead us back There. All he – and our Holy Spirit-Self – asks of us is a little willingness to believe. Only unwillingness to believe – our head-mind overriding our heart-mind – is keeping us from everything. 

This is the spirit of reckoning standing in the place of – usurping – faith. Now is the time, the moment of destiny, when the leavening, the raising-up, the resurrection, the rejoining of our separated, fragmented minds is happening. Can there be a more rejoiceful moment than when the prodigal son comes to himself in the far country and says, “I will return to my Father’s House.”? Meanwhile, we can take comfort by Jesus’ words from T4 in ACIM:  

I can be entrusted with your body and your ego simply because this enables you not to be concerned with them, and lets me teach you their unimportance.  

Love from my heart to all hearts, 

Brian Longhurst 


Let your heart and mind concern themselves with giving selflessly of the Love and blessings, which Papa has freely bestowed upon you, to the little ones who have no Light of discernment, who walk naked or in rags in the wilderness of fear and waywardness.

 Jesus, September 15th, 1996

December 9th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

The belief in separation does not just mean we seem to be separated from our Source. We are also experiencing separation from our Self. That may sound impossible, and in Truth, of course, it actually is. Yet since separation is not Truth, but an illusion, a dream, within that parameter the impossible can seem to be possible simply by believing it to be so. In order for this to occur we must allow ourself to be distracted from the Truth of our eternal, limitless, all-empowered-by-Love Being. This distraction is the without: all that we perceive with our bodily senses, including our body. 

All such perception is with our conscious mind, which is a misnomer because it is unconscious, or sleeping, being mesmerised by a dream of unreality. In ACIM, W-68, Jesus says it this way: 

Shut off from your Self, which remains aware of Its likeness to Its Creator, your Self seems to sleep, while the part of your mind that weaves illusions in its sleep appears to be awake. 

In Truth – which is, of course, eternity, Heaven, God – it is only possible to be aware, of the Truth, which has no part in time and place because the Truth is eternal. That means Truth cannot have any presence in time and place because they are mutually exclusive, irreconcilable since the former is real and the latter unreal. This is an indicator of our upside-down thinking and perceiving, where we seem to be experiencing time as our reality and eternity as inconceivable.  

Truth, Love, Life, Light, Peace, Joy and God can be considered interchangeable, or having the same meaning because none is complete without the others and all are aspects of the Oneness of Being that is forever real, true and of which we are inseparable, integral parts. That means we can only experience these qualities when we are willing to acknowledge ourself as not only part of the Oneness but that the Oneness is whole, complete within all the parts – US. This is incomprehensible to a mind that thinks it is a body because bodies are symbols of separateness, the reverse of Oneness. 

We may think, believe we can experience some of these qualities in time – though most might avoid claiming to be God! But since all these qualities are of eternity – the only reality because all these qualities are eternal – they cannot exist in time since time precludes eternity. Let us examine each. Truth may be what people hope to hear in a court of law, or about some ‘proven’ hypothesis. But courts of law and hypotheses are in the without; temporal. Truth is within and thus, eternal. Truth cannot be true unless it is forever true. Only God is forever and He Knows only forever is true.  

So, how about Love? Many of us may feel we experience love when we ‘fall in love’. But there is a big difference between love and Love. As widely experienced in time, ‘love’ (‘I love you all the while you fulfil my needs…’) is conditional because time is the consciousness of fear and fear is conditional – the reversal of Love, which is unconditional – and thus, by definition, preclusive of Love. Fear is conditional on believing a lie: that Papa’s Son is assailable. Only by Being what we irrevocably are can we experience Love because perfect Love is what we are. Exactly like our Creator. Unassailably. 

Now, Life. Life, like all its synonyms, is eternal. Its Source is God, Who is eternal, and He created us like Himself. Time is the negation of eternity, so all the while we believe – and thus perceive – we are in time, in a mortal body, we are not experiencing Life, but instead, a dream of death. We may prefer to perceive ‘death’ as being only at the end of the dream, but the dream entails death every moment of linear time. ‘We’ – our body cells – are ‘dying’ continuously; other living things die to nourish us, or rather, to feed the lie, the unreality, the illusion we are fruitlessly trying to make real. 

And all the while we remain in this belief, ‘dying’ does not bring an end to the dream because the belief is an imprisoning loop, and another body, and then another… is made to take its place, each persona identity devised to block awareness of our One, eternal, true Identity. Death is darkness because it is the absence of Life, and Life is radiant, otherwise known as Light. Jesus tells us that we are the Light of the world. If we are unwilling to believe this, we are opting to remain in darkness – a dream of death – indeed.  

Within this dream of death, of spiritual darkness and its accomplices, misery, sickness, doubt, confusion, scarcity, conflict… how can it be possible to know Peace? The only real – not counterfeit – peace is the peace of God, which is a quality, or aspect of His Being. And it is thus also a quality of His Son’s Being, to be found only within us; inner peace. By definition, then, it cannot be without, because its Source is not without. Without its Source it cannot Be at all.  

We can experience moments of what we interpret as peace in this world, and similarly what we perceive as Joy. Peace and joy are inextricably conjoined. But unless or until we Know, of a certainty beyond all doubt, the Source of that peace and joy can only arise from within us – because we are Papa’s beloved, perfect, innocent, eternal Son, created in His exact likeness, and One in Him – any specious substitute can only be of the without. Therefore, it cannot be real, so cannot last.  

All these qualities are of eternity and so cannot be aspects of time and place. Yet they can be experienced in time. Jesus demonstrated this perfectly, continuously, uninterruptedly. His friends will have felt them arising from his within, radiating out into the world – and people – around him. This was possible for him because he was Awake; he had remembered his Identity as One in Papa. Yet, because they are real, eternal – not of time, temporal – they will transform our perception, our experience of time into awareness, remembrance of eternity, Heaven, Papa as where we really are. 

This is the only true reason we seem to be here: to remember and be restored to awareness that we are One in God, like Him in every respect, with all His attributes. To have awareness of these qualities, of our true Identity, our God-Self, like Jesus, we first must believe that we both have and are them all. How can we have awareness of what we don’t believe we have and are? Most of us are so inured to the lie that we are little, limited, unworthy, a mortal persona that we have placed unbelief, like a mountain, blocking our awareness, our vision of our true, limitless, immortal Self.   

But this does not matter because we can, instead, place our belief and trust in Jesus, who is here with us and for us, so that we can join our mind with his, to receive his help in removing that mountain of unbelief from it. He, like Papa, is Love. This Love is nothing to do with any temporal, changing, changeable love as we experience it in this world. He will lead us, one step at a time, at a pace with which we are entirely comfortable, to the place in our mind where we can accept and believe and trust in our true Self. I cannot express it better than how he said it to me in May 1993: 

Whosoever shall drink of the wine of my Love, it shall be in him as a well of Living Water, springing up unto Life eternal. 

A wine buff, upon having the merest taste of this vintage wine, would be prompted to attest that it Truly has a Light body with powerful, Lively overtones of Peace and Joy, cultivated solely in the celestial vineyard by the Good Husbandman; our heavenly Father: God; an experience to treasure and to Love. 

Blessings of Love and Light, peace and joy, forever, 

Brian Longhurst 


First then, let thanksgiving flow naturally, spontaneously, from your heart and soul to Him who is the Source of all Life’s joy and abundance…  Let your next focus be on blessing, so that, having given thanks for receiving you may now share the endless bounty of it with all who are able and willing to receive it.

Jesus, September 22nd, 1996

December 16th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

When Moses was enlisted by God to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt back to their original land, Israel, the journey took 40 nomadic years, during which Moses was given an explicit design by God for a tabernacle, or place of dwelling, or meeting with Him. Because the Israelites were on the move the tabernacle was able to be erected for use and then dismantled for transportation when they journeyed on. One might be tempted to describe it as a flat-pack temple! The central feature of the design was two abutting, sacred chambers, divided by a thick, woven veil.  

The first chamber was known as the Holy Place and was only for a selected religious leader to enter. There, according to instructions given to Moses by God, the priest prepared himself for entry into the second, inmost chamber, or Most Holy Place, which symbolised the Presence of God. Any who entered the Most Holy Place without first undergoing the rituals of purification in the Holy Place would, purportedly, die. These events took place about thirty four centuries ago. About 450 years later the Israelites were settled in Israel and David was their King.  

He was then given, by God, using the mechanism of automatic writing, the design for a temple, or permanent place of meeting, or dwelling, with God, to be erected on Mount Moriah in the middle of Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. The design was intrinsically identical to its portable predecessor, with the two abutting chambers, divided, again, by a thick woven veil. That temple was largely destroyed by the Babylonians a further 450 years later (586 BCE). But it was restored by Herod the Great about 550 years later again, still using the design given by God to David about a thousand years earlier. 

This temple was there when Jesus arrived on the scene a few decades later, and when his spirit departed from his crucified body outside Jerusalem the veil between the Holy Place (symbolising the Son of God in his illusory state of separation from his Creator) and the Most Holy Place (symbolising the Presence of the Holy One) was torn completely in two, from top to bottom. This was a considerable feat, since it was, reportedly, 60’ (18 metres) top to bottom and 4” (10 cms) thick. Truly an event beyond embodied man’s ability. How would a tearer reach the top, to begin tearing it? 

The temple authorities would never have permitted/tolerated such an act of desecration. Only a force from beyond the physical – i.e., metaphysical – could have effected such an event. The last thing Jesus said, immediately before his spirit left his body on the cross was “It is finished”. So, what is the purpose of sharing this potted piece of history? The Tabernacle and its successor, the Jerusalem Temple, symbolise the GRP and its unfolding purpose. The Holy Place and the Most Holy Place, and their division by the veil, are crucial design features of the story. 

They demonstrate, in symbol (the only way Truth can be represented to self-limiting minds), that there was, and is, a Plan, established in Heaven – eternity, by Unified Mind – for implementing and outworking in linear time. The Plan took full cognisance of the perceived separation by man (Papa’s One Son), from his Self (appearing as separate bodies) and, symbolised by the veil, from his Father Creator. The objective of the Plan is to remove the veil from the misperceiving sight of man and restore True Vision, thus returning Papa’s Son to Oneness of Self – Christ – in his Father. 

Jesus, as demonstrated by the rending of the temple veil, is the linchpin of the Plan. He it was who tore – removed – the veil; hence his words, “It is finished”, at the crucial moment. Later, in his ascended glory, he said of himself to John of Patmos, for those who espouse their lives to him and his Great Rescue Plan: These things saith he that is holy, he that is true … he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth; I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name. (Rev. 3:7,8.) 

Clearly, the open door that no man can (ever again) shut is to Heaven, Truth, eternity, Oneness. And it could be reasonably posited that the door he shuts that no man will ever open again is to the hell of imagined separation from Christ-Self and from Papa. Of course many will argue that we are still in hell, and to all outward appearances it certainly seems that way. But inward reality, for those self-limited to bodily senses, takes illusory time to outwork and manifest outwardly. In Truth, in reality it is finished, but unbelief merely causes an outworking in time, which will catch up. 

Unbelief arises in a split mind by failure to understand first, which is what the ego demands, knowing nothing of FTOC. But a split mind is only ego-dominated in one part, and it is that part it has, in time, chosen to listen to. The other part of the unbeliever’s mind is still, irreversibly, connected to its Source outside time, in eternity, via the Spirit of Truth, Which dwells (‘tabernacles’) there. All that is required is to choose to listen to that part and faith will kick in, enabling true vision – of eternal reality – to be restored. FTOC is the only way this can happen because it is unbelief that occludes it. 

Jesus has completed his part in time, at the inception of the second measure of meal – the Jesus measure. He was the inception, the inauguration of the second measure. The leavening of the three measures of meal is only in and of time, not eternity, which has no need of leavening, being eternally complete, perfect, unassailable, unchangeable. But he promised to be with us always, until the end of the world – i.e. the end of time – which is at, or by, the end of the third, Kingdom, measure, approximately two millennia hence. He is with us, in our mind, where he, also, tabernacles. 

We can choose not to believe, and thus, not perceive his presence there, but that does not make a liar out of him. Simply choosing to believe we can have awareness of his presence will effect that awareness, if we are willing to commit to FTOC. From there he is overjoyed to join with us on our ‘journey’ back to Wakefulness – if we will to join with him. He will no longer lead us because his leading was completed during the second measure of meal. I can explain this by sharing a communing with him last year, when I felt he was stepping to one side from ‘centre stage’ of my life. 

I asked him about this and he said, Because I Love you (all), I am stepping to one side so you can become more focused on, and at-one with, Who you really Are. Yet am I with you alway, even unto the end of the world. (Mt. 28:20) J.” During a subsequent moment of feeling considerably less than ‘at-one with Who I really Am’ I was in sore need of his supporting, uplifting strength. So, with a tinge of anxiety – so characteristic of the split-off-from-truth, ego part of our mind – that he might have moved beyond my reach, I called out to him for reassurance. Immediately he spoke: 

“I have not moved away. I have moved just a little to the side, to allow, to help you to make a slight shift of focus. I am still with you, for you – always – and welcome, rejoice in, contact, fellowship of Love and Joy with you and with all my brothers. Always and forever. 

“Nevertheless, bear in mind that the purpose of this shift is to help you grow in Self-awareness, for your inner strengthening in Self-reliance.” 

The GRP is real, infallible, unstoppable, has been since day one and will remain so, even unto the end of the world. All perceptions to the contrary are misperceptions. We are at free choice to abandon, repudiate those misperceptions and start believing in reality. As he is recorded as saying in Thomas’ Gospel, The Kingdom of the Father is spread out over the Earth and men do not see it. That is their choice, but all are free to choose anew. We will remain in (spiritual) darkness, doubt, guilt, fear, sickness, scarcity, misery and ‘death’ – hell, in a word – all the while we delay choosing anew. 

But do not give up upon not seeing immediate changes. We are inured to looking for results without. The real results are within, and it is to there we must retrain our mind to look – in FTOC. Results without will, assuredly, follow – at a pace governed solely by our own willingness to believe. Unbelief requires a lot of unlearning. There is no time like the present to start the process, since that is the only real time there is. 

As with the priests purifying themselves before entering the Presence of the Holy One – the Most Holy Place – or they would ‘die’, so does it remain for us all. The whole intent of the GRP is purification, restoration to wholeness (holiness) and Atonement (At-One-Ment) with Papa. That purification process is, today, referred to by Jesus in ACIM as True Forgiveness. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Let us all join, as the One we really are, in reminding ourself of the Truth of Being of every living thing: Papa’s beloved, innocent Son, 

Brian Longhurst


Do you not yet know that my desire is your desire; my joy your joy; that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom; my good pleasure to have at heart your best interests; that you need not concern yourself with understanding, but with faith, hope and Love?

Jesus, September 29th, 1996

December 23rd 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Jesus assures us that in Heaven all is equality. No hierarchies exist There. Hierarchies are a state of misperceiving mind. If we are hierarchical in our mind we are denying ourself the equality that is our true, eternal nature; we are denying ourself Heaven, our true and only Home. Hierarchies may seem necessary in time and place, but if we are not seeing and treating our brothers with equality of respect and honour as we would wish to be seen and treated – even within a man-made hierarchical system – we are buying ourself further, unnecessary rides on the carousel of birth and death. 

He also assures us that we – all of us, without exception and regardless of outer appearances to the contrary – are precisely the same as he. That is equality – a key attribute of Heaven right here in time and place. Time is the only apparent difference between all of us fragments of the Sonship. This is also entirely so between us and Jesus. There are no differences at all in eternity. How can there be differences between One? Especially since the One Son – us, as seen with the clarity of true vision – is complete, perfect, eternal and unchangeable; exactly like his Father Creator. 

Time – linear time – is a device that can only exist in a state of mind that has separated itself from reality and is pretending to be what and where it is not. Separateness is brokenness, the opposite of wholeness. How can we meaningfully expect wholeness, or soundness – of mind or body – to be our experience when we have, with God-given free will, chosen brokenness? That will remain our illusory state until we consciously choose wholeness – Oneness – again. God, Jesus and the Spirit of Truth cannot choose for us. To do so would negate the sanctity of our God-given, inviolable free will. 

The ego has duped us into believing what we have done to ourself is being done to us, so there is nothing we can do about it; it’s our fate, our destiny. That is a consequence – one of many – of electing forgetfulness at re-embodiment. And then our teachers – parents, schools, the world at large – teach us their broken beliefs, to keep the seemingly endless cycle of birth and death repeating itself. But then came a Light into the darkness, though for the most part the darkness comprehended it not; and still, linearly speaking, the darkness largely comprehends it not.  

That Light, it hardly need be said, was in the form of Jesus. 

The ego may think it has done a sufficient demolition job on that Light, after two millennia, that even the annual celebration of Its coming has been largely misappropriated, obliterated. But obliteration of the indestructible, the very Light that is, in Truth, the Life of us all, can only ever seem possible in a dream, a fantasy of separation, of death. That Light continues to shine as brightly, uninterruptedly, so that all who are willing, may choose to see It and allow It to remind them that they, equally, are the Light. Jesus Knew the equality – the Oneness – of his brothers with his Christ-Identified Self.

This is how he performed miracles of healing in the long-ago. They were not healings of bodies, but of minds. He did not see broken, dis-eased, mortal bodies. Why? Because he saw, Knew, lived only the Truth: that we are all One, the perfect, innocent, holy Son of the Holy One. He saw the Truth of our Being because he came as the embodiment of the Truth of all Being. He had to assume a bodily form so that we would be able to see and hear him, and thus, come to believe that he was – is – the Way to the Truth and the Life, and that we, with him, are the Truth and the Life. Just like Papa. 

When people came to him for healing of their assorted maladies, Jesus did not see their maladies; he saw the Truth of their Being: whole, equal, One, with him. He would have observed the maladies with his bodily sight, but he Knew they were not real, so he overlooked them; did not see them as real because he Knew that in Oneness there is only wholeness. In his whole, all-empowerment-by-Love remembrance of his Self – Christ Self, the true estate of us all – he joined, shared, shone the Light that was his whole/holy Mind into the illusorily-split mind of his ‘sick’ brother – the ‘healee’. 

The Light of Life that was (is) Jesus’ Mind was (is) so bright that it shone right through the veil of the healee’s split mind onto which he had projected the dis-ease of his self-misperception – the mistaken, little substitute for his true, whole Self. This Light of Christ-Mind shone away the shadows of darkness in the healee’s mind, dispelling the illusion of dis-ease he had been projecting onto the veil of his body, effecting immediate restoration of soundness of body because the shadowy projections of self-inflicted illness – the cause – had been shone away by the Light, thus eliminating the effect

This is the true nature of Love, unencumbered by illusions, with no blocks to the awareness of Its presence within us, shining away all illusions from our game of pretending we are not what, in Truth, we all are. This is because Love can only Be Love by sharing Itself, extending Itself, giving of Itself. Giving and receiving are the same because Love recognises only equality of Being in every living thing. When Jesus shared the healing Light of the Love that was/is his healed, whole Mind he Knew that the healee was equal in stature to him, in Papa’s Sight and thus, his own also. 

He could not heal any who were unwilling because he could not shine away the veil of unbelief in their split mind that they were not ready and willing to have removed. The Law of free will to remain in outer darkness remains inviolable today. But all who willingly chose to come to Jesus for healing were, by their willingness, receptive to the Light shining away the shadows of sickness from their mind, even though they were not consciously aware of what was actually happening. 

So, the gift of wholeness he gave freely, lovingly, without money and without price, he also Knew he was receiving back in equal measure from the healee. This is inevitable and applies to all of us because the release from the hell of illusory separation moves the process of restoration of the Sonship to Oneness forward toward its completion. As an integral part of the wholeness, the Oneness that is the Sonship, Jesus would have experienced the increase in the expressing, the extending of the Love that IS the Sonship, contributing further to Its Glory, and thus, the Glory of the Creator. 

This accords entirely with what Jesus said to me in 2014. His words are for every one of us: 

I share because in truth we are all One. All that I am is all that you are, and all that you are is all that I am. We are undivided; I dwell in you because there is nowhere else. Where else could I make my abode? Oneness is not partial; Oneness is completeness. None is excluded, other than by choice, and such a choice is mistaken. It is mistaken because it is not true. And such mistakes can be corrected in an instant. And when you have come to yourself and remembered the Way Home I will step slightly to one side, and instead of leading I will walk beside you in joyous, Loving companionship and communion. 

Jesus can – and gladly will, when we allow him – shine away the veil we have placed in our mind to blind us from the Light of eternal Truth. And when the cause of our ailments of mind and/or body – is gone, the effects will be gone, because without cause there can be no effects. As we focus on celebrating the coming of the Light with an exchange of gifts, let us give our gift to the Light by remembering – and celebrating with him – the equality with him of our Being: the Light. There is no greater gift we can offer him and none he would more gladly receive from us. 

As Jesus performed miracles of healing in the long ago, so – now he has shown us, re-minded us how – can we, equally, perform miracles of healing upon our brothers. But first we must ask and allow him to help us remove the illusory veil of darkness we have placed in our mind, onto which we are projecting shadows of guilt, fear, conflict, grievance, sickness and death. Then will we be able to let the Light of our perfect Love shine equally into the split, broken mind of our brothers, for the restoration to remembrance of the Oneness of all, one step at a time.  

Peace, joy, Love and Light, now – i.e., always and forever – to all mankind, 

Brian Longhurst 


My son, mind and understanding, when not under control of the Life Force – Spirit;  the Life of God – become nothing more than an intellectual exercise in which self-control, self-will, self-fulfilment become the objectives. These are the yoke of the prince of time and place.

Jesus, October 6th, 1996

December 30th 2015 

Dear Friends, 

In ACIM Jesus invites us to join our mind with his, so he can share his all-Knowing, all-Loving, all-caring, whole, illuminated mind – Christ Mind – with us. We then can have what he is sharing because he shares it, freely, lovingly, immediately. It is like having a flat car battery. Along comes a friendly soul with jump leads and connects his fully charged battery to ours, energising it and enabling us to get going again. And because we have become disorientated and lost the Way, he will go before us, leading us in the right direction – toward the Light. 

Love is Light and Light is Love. Therefore, since the opposite of Light is darkness and of Love is fear, fear is darkness. Love and Light are One and the same, but because we believe we are separate from the Source of Love and Light we experience ourself as in darkness and fear. Having a solar body to project photons at us neither enlightens us nor releases us from fear. This is because photons are not the Source of Love and Light, nor yet of peace and joy, because Love and Light, peace and joy are within us, and photons, right along with darkness and fear, are of the illusory without.  

Jesus’ mind was enLightened, so he saw truly, illuminated by the Light within, connecting him with the Source of Light, Love and Life Itself. With this true vision he did not see sickness, disease, brokenness, darkness, separation, and the reason he did not see them is that, in Truth, none of those illusions is real. He saw the Light of Truth, chose to follow it and It restored him to Oneness. This was many millennia before he took the form we know as Jesus. Sharing the Light and Love with his slumbering brothers, who dream(ed) of darkness, fear and death, was, and remains, his purpose. 

This demonstrates that reality is nothing to do with bodies but with Universal Mind and Spirit, of Which we are all inseparably, equally with Jesus, part. This is what he saw because it was, and remains, forever, the Truth. He did not heal sickness because there is no such thing. Sickness cannot be healed by acknowledging it because that is to give it reality, and for him it had no reality. Instead, he restored Sight to darkened, split minds – so they could see the Truth of their Being – by shining the Light of his whole Mind into the self-darkened, split minds of those who came to him. 

This did not happen to their conscious awareness, which had no understanding of what was taking place. That was not because he would not gladly have shown them, explained to them what was actually occurring, but because they were not, then, ready to receive and accept the Truth. It was their willingness to be healed and their faith and trust in him that enabled them to receive the Light into their minds, darkened by mistaken beliefs in sin, guilt, fear, conflict and mortality, engendering sickness of mind, which then projects the shadows of dis-ease onto the body. 

The Light shines away the confusing, fearful, shadowy projections, replacing them with the clarity of wholeness, which will then be reflected in form. Jesus knew that such healing could only be temporary if the healee did not align his split mind with his restored-to-Light unconscious mind and adjust his thinking, believing, living accordingly. This could have been achieved to some degree for those healees who elected to become followers of Jesus, because they would have been able to maintain greater focus by being in closer proximity to his day-by-day example.  

Even his disciples did not understand him enough to get, and stay, completely in the Light, so assuredly those he healed who did not choose to follow him will have subsequently projected some other shadowy dis-ease onto their body. Yet Jesus warned those he healed, saying, ‘Go thy way and sin no more, lest a worse thing befall you.’ ‘Sin’ equates to being lured back into the shadows of misperception, and though that is not a crime against, or attack upon, God, it nevertheless keeps us from the clarity of mind that espousing Light and eschewing darkness brings us. 

How can we know, be sure if, when, we are espousing Light and eschewing darkness? In the world of outer darkness we cannot rely on our bodily senses or intellect to show us, because they are devised to cause doubt, confusion and keep us in darkness. This is because bodies are shadows of darkness in which there is no Light, and the intellect leads us deeper into the wilderness of the dream of death. The way out is to actively, consciously, unconditionally choose Love, Light, peace, joy, forgiveness, blessing when we feel their absence and desire their presence in our mind, our life. 

How, in practical terms, can we be sure we are actively making such choice? By extending, sharing, expressing Love, Light, peace, joy, forgiveness, blessing to the world, our brothers, every living thing. This can be done silently, effectively only in and from the stillness and sincerity of our own within. The object of our intent is the soul, the life of all; form is not the target, though kindness of thought, word and deed to all form certainly will bring a beneficent effect to our causative intent. This will, of course, also be of inestimable benefit to ourself, because we are, in Truth, all One.

All life can only function creatively in accordance with the PLFs. If it is not functioning thusly it can only be functioning destructively. That is the state of things in the separation consciousness, and that sums up this world. But this world is only in our mind and we are at free choice to change our mind back into accord with our Source – the Mind of God – right here and right now. That will inevitably transform the outer world of conflict and death into accord with our changed mind, effecting the real world: the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. 

If, when, we are willing to go to Jesus for restoring our mind to wholeness – the only aspect of our Being that needs restoring – he will shine the Light of Truth from his fully Awake, God-aware, God-filled Mind and dispel the darkness of guilt, fear, conflict, confusion, forgetfulness… and return us to acceptance, remembrance, awareness, experience that we are like him. This may not appear to happen instantly. Is this because of his lack of Love, power, will for this or because of our lack of faith or trust to receive it?  

We can be sure that only by our willingness and asking can our Awakening begin, because our not desiring/asking is our default position, already elected by us, and he honours that position because he honours us and our God-given free will. If we allow the illusion of linear time to persuade us it will not happen instantly – so how can we be sure it will happen at all, so why even bother to ask? – we are acceding to the defence system of the ego, thus prolonging its illusory presence in our mind. As Jesus tells us in ACIM, Now you must learn that only infinite patience brings immediate effects.  

Thank you, Papa, for sending Jesus to restore our minds to the Oneness of Love and Light, peace and joy, that we may extend All to All, 

Brian Longhurst 


My son, focus on me and observe that I am radiating peace, harmony, balance, tranquillity, joy, Love. This is possible because I am One with Papa, our beloved eternal Father Creator. Let awareness of this image of me be for you the example for attunement.

Jesus, August 4th, 1996  


Grateful thanks to all who have responded with such positive feedback on my ‘Sharing Your Passion’ interview with Glenn Moore on YouTube.  For any who may not have seen it and would like to, here are the links for Part 1 and for Part 2.  Please feel free to share them with any you believe might find it worthwhile.   



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