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Brian Longhurst



The following exchange was posted on December 31st 2007


Thank you, Brian, for sharing this (The link to Akiane Kramarik).  It is truly a joy to reflect on each of her paintings and read her poetry.  Her website will become a "favorite" on my computer. 
Out of curiosity, Brian, here is my question to you.  How close in appearance is Akiane's portrait of Jesus to what you've seen?  How does it compare?
With much love,

Hi Rosa,


Good to hear from you again, as always.  I am glad you found Akiane inspiring.  I have not a moment's doubt that there are untold numbers of Crystal children, as she is, in the process of emerging, to jolt the slumbering world to a greater state of wakefulness of the reality of Heaven and our rightful place there as Papa's beloved Son.  Thank goodness for the internet, so that they can be brought to the attention of the world at large so graphically and rapidly.  Truly, now is the time. 


In response to your question about the appearance of the Master Jesus and how closely my awarenesses of him resemble the image of him represented by Akiane, I can best answer by pasting an extract from the Forum, posted November 1st 2007: 


Jesus and Papa speak to you. Has Jesus appeared or manifested to you in daytime, vision and dreams? He first manifested, as described in SYFK chapter 2,  in my full ‘waking consciousness.’  There have been numerous dreamtime encounters and other awarenesses.  He has because He became the "door" through which you went to meet with Papa. Are you permitted to describe Jesus' appearance as He chooses to manifest to you?  This is an important question.  It should be understood that we are not a body but pure spirit with Mind awareness and creativity identical to that of our Father Creator.  Our body is an ego-mind construct, an illusion, does not exist in reality and neither do our eyes, which are also part of that ego construct, which trick us into believing that everything is ‘outside us’ – ‘over there’ – when in reality, the Kingdom of Heaven and its Creator, Papa, are within us. 


When a Master chooses to manifest to us here in our Earth-mind consciousness, he (or she) is able to create the appearance of a body using Christ-Mind creativity, (as distinct from ego-mind fabrication), and sometimes such manifestations will happen by using the psychic emanations or ectoplasm of the person having the experience.  Whatever the mechanism selected, it is to serve a Kingdomly purpose.


We appear to ‘see’ things ‘out there’ with our bodily eyes but in reality it is our split, little self mind that sees what appears to be out there and it is our right, Big Self Mind that has awareness of the things of Heaven, of God, of Eternity, within us.  That awareness is not the same as just our bodily seeing; it is a full and comprehensive ‘experience’ of our Mind.  This is immeasurably more all-encompassing than our bodily sight.  One has awareness of intent as well as event.  So, at our ‘tea party’ (SYFK Chapter 5, ) I did not just ‘see’ the way his mouth moved as he smiled; I experienced the intent as well as the event.  This enables the fullness of the experience to lodge in our awareness.  It is not so much just ‘seeing’ him, as if studying a photograph, but ‘experiencing awareness of his being.’  One knows him, who he is, unquestioningly, at the Big Self, Christ Mind awareness level.  This is our real Self, wherein there is no doubt, no uncertainty; only knowing.  Questioning does not come into it; it is certainty.


However, on one occasion, he was with me and a group of others at a big house in rural Wiltshire, playing badminton on the lawn, and drinking lemonade; and later, walking along the narrow country lanes, with hedges either side. I was surprised to observe, very clearly, that he had a modern day, ‘short back and sides’ haircut.  Still, it was unmistakably him, although his name - neither ‘Jesus’ nor ‘Yeshua’ - was not mentioned once.  We all knew precisely and unquestioningly who he was, so we had no need to ask.  He was very ‘normal,’ very light-hearted, caring, empathetic.  He knew not just who we were, but everything about us at the soul level of our being, but it was no big deal, either for him or for the rest of us.  At one point, one of the younger, teenage, members of the party, who was carrying a sickle (we were obviously on our way to do something requiring a sickle) and was getting carried away, waving it about, coming close to causing an injury to himself or someone else.  The Master, who looked so young – barely 30 – showed heartfelt concern that anyone should be injured, and said, ‘Do, please, be careful; we do not want anyone to be hurt.’


As he says in ACIM, we should not hold him in awe because we are the same as he: one in the Sonship.  The only apparent difference, which is temporary, is that he has remembered who he is and the rest of us are in the process of remembering; yet that seeming difference is illusory because it is of time only.


Akiane's painting is an outward expression of how her awareness of him in her one-on-one encounter(s) registered in her mind.  Everyone who encounters him will have an impression of his 'appearance' that is personal to that person, and if they create an image of him such as a painting, it will be to serve a purpose.  That purpose could be to help those who are at the place where they need an image to help them understand the reality behind the image but the image itself is nothing more than a symbol of the spirit reality behind the image.  There is no doubt that Akiane's purpose is to to help people who are at that place, and the image is easily powerful enough to accomplish that.


As Arten and Pursah remind us over and over in Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality, we must keep focussed on the fact that bodies should not be allowed to distract us (which is just what ego wants to do) from our main/ultimate objective: getting Home by undoing the illusion of ego-mind through the mechanism of true forgiveness.

I hope this will be helpful, Rosa.


Many blessings for your going forward during 2008,




The following exchange was posted on December 28th 2007

Hi brian. i don't remember if I have sent you this link but I thought that I would send it, this girl is so talented.  Happy New year. Pearl.

Bless you Pearl and many, many thanks.  You are right; Akiane is truly a Crystal child, another in the Master's portfolio of reminders for the awakening of his brethren from the dream.  Every time I think, 'Surely there cannot be more wonders for our blessing and awakening,' along comes another angel straight from Heaven.  How truly and deeply are we loved and how beautifully are we being nudged to wakefulness and remembrance of who we all really are.  Words are entirely inadequate to express what this lovely and loving soul is bringing by way of gifts from the Heart of Papa. 

With love and blessings for 2008,

PS:  The link below is to Akiane's website, for more about her.


The following exchange was posted on December 21st 2007


Hi Brian,   Thank you for your response to my email about last year and what I called my computer spook . (See posting below dated December 20th 2007)You were spot on with all the things you said, especially with that 'surge' you experienced. You said a lot of things that I had tried not to acknowledge myself and of which you had no outward knowledge.


There was, as you suggested, someone whom I thought it might be - a friend who had recently made her exit from the physical body - and there were issues which I should have dealt with while she was in that physical body .  Yes Brian, I see this friend was calling out for love and I did love her as a friend, but she wanted exclusive cover in all relationships while she only gave conditional love which didn't last, hence her own dysfunctional and mostly nonexistent family relationships. What you reveal here about your friend shouts out loud how desperate she was for love and understanding, and was in denial about that, hence her what Olga used to call braggadocio character quirks.  Such can so easily be annoying and bring on a bout of ego-mindedness in response, especially when it is so what in modern parlance would be described as ‘in your face.’  Truly, Keith is right to describe such as ‘JAFOs’ (Just Another Forgiveness Opportunity). 


Here is an example of where using Jesus as our example to emulate will be immeasurably serviceable to our progress on the Way Home.  By this I mean that he chose to see past all this illusory, fear- and guilt-motivated behaviour and our misperceptions of our self as ‘little,’ to the real us, whom he knew were just as he was: humble, pure, innocent, unconditionally loving (how conditional is the ‘love’ of most of us, including – and some might say especially – professing religionists?), compassionate and giving from the heart.  Most of us are so far from the example of Jesus and so in the thrall of ego that any of us who wish – truly wish – to change our behaviour will do well to follow the counsel in ACIM about mind retraining.  This takes total commitment, dedication and a long time because we are so ego-mind conditioned over countless acts, but if it will get us free of the cycle of birth and death and Home to the Eternity of Heaven permanently, then the sooner we start, the sooner we will finish.    


But we all need to have some people who love us. She also loved herself as this wonderful never-wrong, God-praising person she appeared to believe she was. My immediate reaction to this is that in truth she despised herself and that her sense of self-worth was at rock bottom; that the outward show of bluff and bluster was to cover all that up.  As I type this I am suddenly overshadowed by her affirmation and thanks for our understanding on this point.  She has come to a new place of self-awareness as a result of these exchanges between us and the desire-thoughts, prayers and blessings engendered for her by them. Alleluia! I didn't go into competition with her so we got on OK.  I believe you will be getting on more ‘okay’ after today, and will receive a communication of some sort from her to verify this, and in thanks.


 Because in life she didn't seem to have an understanding of the unspoken, normal boundaries that exist between people’s lives and also because of this tendency to infiltrate other people’s space, whether their relationships or their cupboards, (wow!) I feared to acknowledge that this might be her trying to communicate via the computer, although I wanted to.  I had a warning feeling that if I acknowledged her, because of her infiltration skills, she might get into my mind and live a surrogate life. This was a good warning feeling and no doubt provided you with some apposite protection. I am very pleased you heeded it and also that you have had the courage to share all this, as it will be so helpful to so many. It certainly felt as if something was acting like a teacher and marking my work. I am absolutely confident now that you can place all such concerns behind you after today.  


Does a good opinion of oneself translate into the next imaginary dream world when the physical body drops away?  Leaving our Earthly body behind changes nothing about our mind-set and behavioural characteristics unless and until we come to a new awareness about ourself and about reality.  Many people are so bewildered when they make their ‘transition’ that they stay as they were before and without help from someone here who knows how is willing to pray/commit/bless them for their release and going forward, can remain so for an indeterminate period. This appears to have been the case with your friend, who remained of the same perception about who she was, and her interference with your computer was her way of calling for help, which she has now received and has now gone forward to the start of a whole new state of awareness.  This is why I am confident that you will have contact from her, to let you know that she has benefited by your help in this with/by these exchanges on this matter.  Here is a very real example of how blessing really does help and that all can and will benefit by it.  The addition of true forgiveness will enable much more progress because the burdens of guilt are dispelled also.  The importance of this cannot be overemphasised.


 Because I hadn't started studying ACIM last year with its basis of forgiveness, part of me doesn't think I handled the phenomena very well and also I wondered if, because of the way she was in her life, she might still be stuck near this Earth plane.   In spite of never having studied ACIM I tried to come to terms with these negative thoughts by endeavouring to realise that on the other side of the coin she could have incarnated as an opportunity to give me a lesson in forgiveness, assuredly this is her gift to you and for this you can be entirely justified in giving thanks to her, even as she will now be giving thanks to you and I was also helped by your advice to bless.  Great; very happy to help.  She was very into things spiritual and spiritualistic, and at times sounded like an advanced hot gospel aspirant, so she like everyone, had two sides.  She is prompting me at this to say to you that she has undergone a transformation in her understanding as a result of this sharing and you will now see she has toned down greatly, no longer needing, nay, being desperate, to impress as a result of her former lack of self-esteem.  She is indicating that she now realises she has much, much, much self-reassessment to work on.  As I write, she is emanating a vibration of deep sincerity and humility about this.


Another problem I have is with a brother who I believe, because of an unhappy life family-wise, has degenerated from enjoying a drink to help him cope with life, to a full-blown alcoholic. He is divorced and lives on his own with the help of a very compassionate carer/friend who is trying to get him to cut down, and spends most of the day and evening with him, for which I am thankful, even if it is mostly at the pub. It is sad to see the state that alcohol has reduced him to. He doesn't want to know anything about what he calls religion and drink is his god. He drinks all day, is rarely sober and eats practically nothing. He has many medical checkups because he doesn't feel well but amazingly there appears to be nothing wrong with him yet.  Do you know of anything that will help him when he doesn't want to be helped? 


There may be nothing you can do outwardly, except the usual love and kindnesses whenever an opportunity arises.  However, it is a mistake a) to be overt in one’s endeavours to help such as your brother because they are so full of self-loathing and seek any opportunity to project it; they will often project scorn and contempt (a cry for help) on those who love them and try to help them the most.  However, as indicated above, loving, blessing and forgiving them from the heart (and giving those energies into the care of the Holy Spirit – and being sure to leave them there - for safekeeping and placing in the forgivee/blessee/lovee according to His wisdom and timing) is the best and only real help one can be, and b) do not interfere in their life.


This is so often what people, with all the best intentions, do and think it is their duty so to do.  It is actually none of their business, other than to show – actually, feel - love, concern, understanding, blessing, forgiveness, and send out, radiate, express those feelings (not the words, the feelings; the words are as likely to bring rejection and more scorn).  It is the person who has decided to be an alcoholic’s issue, and none of us here is in command of all the reasons for this, which could go back more than one previous act.  In that sense, there is no difference in principle between your friend and your brother. There must be many people with this problem.  Untold numbers, manifesting essentially the same problem in many different ways; namely, guilt and fear over the ‘separation.’ 


All this is so well explained in ACIM that I can only commend it to the reading/studying of us all, whenever the moment to begin feels right.  Sadly, that so often happens only when a crisis has brought people to their knees, literally and/or metaphorically.  Olga used to say the Lord works through a crisis but that is not the only way he can work.  He can and will work with anyone who is willing to allow him to work with them, before ever a crisis occurs.  Ego, and its construct known as the institutionalised church, with its hordes of unKingdomly (unKingdomly because they are conditional) doctrines, dogmas, rules and regulations, dos and don’ts, has turned such multitudes of us away from our Way-shower that it is only when they are at breaking – or broken – point that they are all out of resistance to his help and may send out a mayday call for his help.  Then he is in there like a shot because they have given him their permission to help.


Thank you for everything Brian. Love Dorothy


Dorothy, it is your input to this Forum, raising ‘real-life’ issues - that so many also experience and do not know how to deal with them, so they retreat deeper into the shell of isolation, guilt and fear as a result - that enables some meaningful help to be offered.  Without you and others like you who have the courage to raise such issues/question/observations/doubts/fears, no such offerings could be made.  This is a true Christ service for the Kingdom and for the release of us all from the wilderness back into the Kingdom.  So, a big thank you also to you and to all who contribute.






The following exchange was posted on December 20th 2007


Hi Brian,  Hi Dorothy,


My friend F and I exchange frequent emails.  We write about everyday things like family happenings, or where we have been, or who has come to lunch, but most importantly we seem to share a similar spiritual journey.  That gives purpose to the relationship, enriching it to a higher level. Then suddenly last year, whenever I wrote something a bit profound, the computer started underlining it, all on its own. I hadn't touched the mouse, so at first thought I was accidentally touching the action keys whilst I was typing. But that was easily discounted as I do not touch-type and I look at the keyboard while I am typing anyway. The underlining only appeared on spiritual writings, never on mundane meanderings about everyday happenings and only initially appeared in my emails to F. 


At first it was annoying, and I explained it to F as a computer malfunction.  I found I could only take it off by going into 'Font' and doing it from there, so I started leaving it. I called it our computer spook and as the preciseness of the underlining continued, a part of my mind became full of wonder at the real possibility of an other-world phenomenon manifesting before my eyes. I used to joke to F that I wondered if it was pointing out that the concepts were approved, or if it was saying 'could do better.'  So far, I can see little ‘wrong’ – or at least, harmful except that no being from the Realms of Light would do this other than initially, to point something out to your benefit and then, only by knowing things that were not yet known to you.  No such enlightened being would impinge upon your intentions against your wishes.  That indicates it was definitely not an enlightened soul from the Realms of Light. 


My guess is that this is either what some call a Poltergeist, or mischievous being from the etheric realms who is ‘harvesting’ your psychic energy (like ectoplasm, though not necessarily visible to human sight, but still just as real) and using it to try to show off by indicating they know a bit about enlightened matters by only underlining the ‘spiritual writings,’ and when you demonstrated you were not happy about it, the endeavour became to annoy you.  Or it may be someone from a former relationship with you, perhaps from a former act, or earlier in your Dorothy act.  More on that below.  The problem with what can start off seeming harmless enough is that if the source is not the Realms of Light, it can become insidious, eventually leading to invasive and even harmful activities. How to avoid/prevent that is discussed below.


It didn't appear on all spiritual ponderings only on specially deep ponderings Showing off enough knowledge to discern between enlightened words and less enlightened words.  It does not take great enlightenment to do that when the enlightened words have emanated from someone else (you).  Or, trying to attract your attention for help, resolution of unresolved issues from the past. If it underlined a paragraph, it started doing it at the beginning and finished at the last full stop. It never spilled over onto the next paragraph.  If it emphasised a sentence the same pattern applied. There were sometimes a few seemingly random words that were underlined but they always appeared to be connected with the spiritual ponderings. 


I got really spooked though, when at the end of an email to another friend A, I decided to tell her about what was happening and to share one of the sentences that had been underlined in the email I had just written to F. As I started to write the words "Things which create a negative response within are really gifts to work with", so the underlining started. I did not want this, and as I could not stop it and type these words without the underlining, I stopped in mid-sentence, explained to A why, and finished the email.  I felt as though someone was standing at my shoulder interfering with what I wanted to write and trying to take over, then with a blast of irritation, I mentally told whatever it was to clear off and to stop underlining bits of my writing.


In ACIM we are reminded that everyone is either expressing love or calling for it.  It seems evident that this entity is calling for love.  This is truly, as you say, an opportunity for you to express love; toward this Earth-bound entity.  The fact that it was emphasising enlightened stuff suggests to me that it is genuinely seeking help/love but like most of us, does not always know the best way to ask for it.


Nevertheless, it did make an attempt, and in a way it succeeded because, in your own words, "Things which create a negative response within are really gifts to work with."  So, by this, you are acknowledging that you are ready for a challenge/opportunity to grow spiritually, so this entity knew you would be ready to help it – and yourself at the same time, even if you did not realise that yourself, yet/at that time.  So, the point is that you are coming to the place where you would be ready, but more important, willing to help.  Rather than being irritated and telling the visitor to clear off, here is my suggestion:


First and foremost, we must all look out for ourself as the number one priority and ensure we are protected from unwelcome intruders (from the etheric, ‘invisible’ realms, in this context).  The only sure way is to place ourself in the care, guidance and protection of someone who is authorised and empowered to do that.  Olga Park was very clear to Theresa and me that Jesus of Nazareth is unquestionably thus empowered and that there are also those in spirit acting under Christ authority, working with him under his leadership; that we cannot do better than to ask him to guide and protect us in all matters – and mean it.  This will ensure that whoever comes/is brought to us or permitted contact with us from the etheric realms, it is for their help/benefit and that we also will benefit by the encounter(s). See Vignette 14 in SYFK for more on this.


Second,  you could say to this entity something like, ‘Peace be with you. You are welcome here only if you come in the name and by the authority of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  I am willing to help you to move more fully into the Light and the only way I am able to do that is to bless you, bless you, bless you, (BLASER blessing) and commit you into the loving care of Jesus; to forgive you for all that you have never really done, so that I may receive the forgiveness that is rightfully mine; and also to ask your forgiveness for all that I have never really done, so that you may receive the forgiveness that is rightfully yours.  I also forgive myself for any negative attitudes I may have held toward you, so that my blessing of you may flow unfettered from my heart.’


Dorothy, as I began to type the part above about asking the entity to forgive you for all you have never really done, so that it could receive the forgiveness that is rightfully its (his/hers), I felt a surge, as if affirming that this was a key area in this situation.  I have no outward knowledge on this but have a feeling that there may be some background relationship of unresolved issues between you, and that this true forgiveness exercise could release the karma/unconscious guilt and fear and enable the healing of the relationship.  This is my sudden, unexpected thought/feeling.  I have no idea as to the background and perhaps you don’t either, consciously.  ACIM tells us we have much unconscious guilt and fear and an indeterminate amount of this will inevitably stem from previous acts.  I leave this with you and look forward to hearing any comments you may wish to offer, in due course.


Well, in the next email to F, I couldn't believe it, italics took over from the underlining.   I left it for F to see and then did another mental 'seeing off' regarding the unwanted italics.  It worked, but whatever it was had the last word. The next email I wrote to F  was ok this end , but she said the last paragraph in which I wrote about spiritual thoughts was in enlarged type --- but only at her end. In my Sent Box all the type size on that email was the same. Perhaps it all really was a gift to work with. It doesn't happen now.  Are you saying the interference has ended – at least for the time being?  Perhaps you have already been practising some true forgiveness?


But what I wanted to point out to you was that the affair with the printer felt like a helping hand. It did the job and stood back.

The affair last year felt like interference (perhaps that was just my reaction and it was harmless) but there is without a doubt, a very fine line between helping and interfering. You are right.  Yet if we feel irritated it is a good sign that there are some forgiveness opportunities.  Keith calls these ‘JAFOs’ – ‘Just Another Forgiveness Opportunity.’


It occurs to me that when trying to access very deep spiritual concepts, the words to clothe them have to be applied as they surface. Very incisively put. So when a channel is forged, through which they come for us to clothe in words, do perhaps other things make use of the channel? Also very observant.  This can definitely happen, the more so with people whose psychic door is open.  This tends to be the case more with women than with men.  If you do not feel it seemly for such uninvited intrusions, the suggestions I have offered above will be of significant assistance.


I will gladly discuss this further with you if you wish.  Just say the word.


 All for now, Love Dorothy                   Love and blessings for a very joyous Christmas,  Brian


The following exchange was posted on December 12th 2007


Hi Brian and Theresa, a curious thing happened last week with the email that you sent with the 'deliberate' mistake. At least I thought it strange. A friend rang up as I was preparing to go out, and because she hasn't got a computer she asked if I would look up on the internet to see what ACIM study groups there were in her area, so I looked while we were on the phone. None suited.  Then I remembered your latest message of encouragement which I had only had time to glance at, and had been intending to print off to read in comfort. I thought that she would find it interesting, so I set up to print off two copies, one of which I said I would post to her when we went out.

Well the computer took the order but the printer was having none of it. I tried again and there were then three copies in the queue for printing according to the computer, but the printer just stayed silent and refused to participate. We checked the connections but everything was in order.  Then I decided to delete the requested copies,  take the plug out in the hope everything would reset itself, and try again when we got back. Well, I deleted two copies but the third one stayed put and nothing would persuade it to go, so I took the plug out anyway and went out.
 I plugged in again when we got back, the printer whirred into life and the copy that wouldn't delete was delivered. Then I saw the email you sent with the amendment, in my inbox .  I read it and wondered whether to block out the erroneous 'Yes' and write 'No' on the printed email, or block the 'un' in 'unavailable'. I decided on the latter, and went out to post it to my friend. It definitely wasn't meant to be sent with a mistake and it would have been if the printer had complied earlier. I was able to print my copy off and the printer has been behaving perfectly since, as it always has.  All for now Love Dorothy 


Hi Dorothy,
This is a classic example of how what Olga used to call 'the invisibles' are so close, loving and helpful in a practical way, while, no doubt having great fun at the same time.  It seems clear you have someone close to you who is a whizzkid at matters electronic, and I feel suddenly prompted to say, may be eager to establish a more active Mind to Mind communion with you.  You could actively co-operate with this by attuning with your helper(s), even if name(s) are not - at least yet - known to you. 
Names, they (the invisibles) always say, are not important for us to know, though we, here in the Earthly life, tend to like to know who we are communing with.  Attuning is actually very simple, straightforward, uncomplicated.  For example, one could choose a suitable moment/place, where all is quiet and no disturbances expected (it could be in the shower, walking in the hills, driving to the supermarket - wherever one feels at ease) and send out one's thoughts toward one's 'invisible helper(s)' (they will know exactly who you mean because they will already be close to you; not geographically, but on the same mental wavelength). 

Gratitude is the best starter in all such communing of Mind to Mind.  One could say, in a perfectly normal, conversational manner, something like, 'You know I do not know who you are but I realise that makes no difference; I simply want to thank you for your practical and loving, caring help with the computer printer (or whatever).  I also want to affirm that you are welcome at any time and in any situation, for whatever caring help that you and/or your friends and fellow Christ servers are able to provide, all under Christ authority.  If you wish to bring to my awareness a name, sign or other indicator of who you are, I welcome this but realise it is not important in the grand scheme of things; though in due course it will be made known to me, whenever the moment is right.'


I have no knowledge of how much of this you are already aware of Dorothy, but this is an excellent opportunity to share such information with others on the Forum.  


I must emphasise that for those who are not already certain that they are under Christ-authorised guidance and protection, it is vital to always (at any communing with an 'invisible' for the first time or times) say something like, 'You are welcome into contact with me only in the name and by the authority of Jesus Christ.'  This placing of oneself within Christ guidance and protection is setting the rules of engagement and by doing it in the name of he who is empowered to guide and protect us (if we have already asked him to be our guide and protector) we are thus protected from unwelcome visitations, which can be psychically very, very damaging to our spiritual - and eventually, bodily - well-being and peace of mind.

Theresa and I have a son, Peter, in spirit, as described in SYFK, who is an electronics wizard  with computers and anything else.  Years ago we had a car with an electric sliding sunroof.  The connection of the electrical circuitry became intermittent and we got into the habit of asking Peter to see to it.  Without fail, whenever it became non-functional (which was eventually quite frequently), as soon as we asked his help, it would immediately begin working.
On another occasion Theresa was out in the car with our daughters when the engine became overheated.  It turned out that the coolant had got very low.  A helpful passing motorist topped it up for her but when they came to close the bonnet (hood) it would not close.  They tried to unscrew the pneumatic arms that raise and lower it but the nuts securing it would not loosen.  Eventually the breakdown service was called out.  He took one look at things and said, 'There is a coolant hose ruptured.  You wouldn't get a mile up the road in that condition and the engine would seize up.'  He replaced the hose, re-filled the system and the bonnet then shut as smooth as clockwork, allowing a safe and uneventful journey home.  When they got home our daughter said to Theresa, 'That was Peter; I saw him holding the bonnet open and preventing it from shutting.'  He had averted what could have been a very tricky, dangerous situation.
Truly, we are being helped in ways of which most of us have no awareness.  To welcome it, give thanks for it and be more open to co-operating with it enables much greater levels of such help to available to us.
Thanks for sharing, Dorothy.
Love and blessings,


The following exchange was posted on December 7th 2007


Hi Brian:  Hi Sharon,


Your friend Dorothy has described, very profoundly, on your forum, what is happening/has happened in my life; awesome!  Here, then is a good example of how helpful the Forum can be for those who are ready to receive the benefit, affirmation, reassurance, encouragement, help, enlightenment – whatever – that may turn up there, perhaps in an unexpected way or form.  I hope – feel sure – it will be for you also, similar encouragement to be happy for anything your may wonder about writing, asking, sharing on any future occasion, to be posted, for the benefit of others.  This is because to Papa, we are all important, loved, honoured; it is only ego who wishes us to see ourself – and our fellows – as unimportant, unloved, dishonoured.  So, together, we can actively work for the dispelling of these ‘lies of satan.’  She seems to have  the key to what I've been trying to figure out - I wrote to you some time back, while studying ACIM, that my experience of God did not resonate with what was being said in ACIM.  I remember it well, back in about May; the exchanges were posted on the Forum on June 1st this year.  I feel sure it will have been helpful to others.  I'm still trying to untangle what happened to me 4 years ago - when God came into my life - the messages that came with the wave of JOY - the messages and the wave of joy seemed to conflict - the messages were very 'demanding' and devastation-orientated - in conflict with the joy.  The indication from you at that time was that my responses back in the spring helped, at least somewhat.  Nevertheless, an event such as you described then can remain in the ‘pondering department’ of one’s mind for a long time afterwards, and keep on bringing forth new nuances of understanding.  That can only be good.  Off and on over the past 4 years I re-visited the experience many times – ‘pondering mode', knowing for sure God was the wave that brought the joy and love and happiness into my life - but it SO conflicted with the messages - I just couldn't understand the voices, the words, so there's been this 'blockage' that I couldn't get through, I couldn't find the answer to - until Dorothy's message - I read her posting on the forum last week and was ready to respond but didn't because I needed to study and ponder it (!!) more to see if indeed it was what I was looking for and now, even though I still don't understand the words - could it have been the ego dying?  One way or another, now is the time for the end of ego and every ‘little victory’ – however small, or indeed, large – means less power over us and more empowerment to us.  So, in a way, you are correct.  Every time we say ‘No’ to ego and ‘Yes’ to Holy Spirit, we are one glorious step nearer Home.  It makes sense that this is what it could be.  Both Dorothy's posting and your reply resonate with me in that I know there is 'going forward' here for me with these postings. How brilliant is that!?  When you mention 'a great temptation to be one of the crowd.'  I totally resonate with this. Sharon, I believe the vast majority of us resonate with that.  But for those of us who hear the Call to Home from the Voice for Papa, and respond affirmatively, and extend the Call to our fellow travellers, the journey for us ALL is being immeasurably shortened, until time runs out altogether. It just keeps on getting better and better.  All my life I tried to 'fit in.'  How 'out of place' 'frustrating' 'demeaning' 'esteem-lowering' this can feel all the hallmarks of ego, again! to a child/girl/woman - as was the case with me growing up- when you just can't - no matter how hard you try - to 'fit in.'  NOW I see why I couldn't - I WASN'T SUPPOSED TO!  What a relief! Eeee-yaaaahhh! Now I don't want to and am so very grateful not to want to!  It feels good, doesn’t it?  No, it feels much better than that; it feels indescribably fantastic.  I resonate with the 'carousel.'  I tried to step back on the wheel when things got tough - after God coming into my life I questioned many times whether this is REALLY where I wanted to be or not - but the 'old life' doesn't 'fit' any more.  Indeed, it does not and when we try to fit back in we find it is anathema.  Here is the February 14th 1988 Diary entry, which covers this area of consideration.  The last two paragraphs of the Master's message will be especially meaningful for you, I believe: 

Beloved Lord, I see how the programme for mankind’s redemption has gone forward in the last few decades.  I see also how there is so much for us to know and understand that I wonder how we can ever grasp it all.


My son, the soul who is committed and dedicated one-pointedly to the path of Service of the Kingdom Purpose must first learn obedience – obedience to the single source of guidance and love, which will bring the Kingdom into the lives of mankind.  This means a willingness to give up all worldly power and authority and self.  When this has happened and complete faith in the voice and spirit of guidance is established, then shall the faith be replaced by sight – sight of the Kingdom reality and the love and power inherent in it.  This is how to restore, to uplift, to make whole, to transform, to make new.  It is a power that can only come when self-desire has been left behind and willingness for God’s love to replace it has been adopted in its place.

You have glimpsed the reality my son.  You know of a certainty that it is and that it will be for all the world.

I counsel you, do nothing; you cannot bring this state of being,* neither can you adopt the way of Mammon and its power complexes, for they would destroy your inner being.  Simply be at peace and contemplate within your heart these matters.  New realisations shall come to you from this and all shall be accomplished for you.


Master, I know that of myself I can do nothing.  I commit all to you and pray that my life may be serviceable to you and your Great Programme.  Guide me along the path a step at a time.

* He means by this that we cannot bring it because we do not have it; but he has it and can/will bring it to us and give it to us, freely, if/when we have FTOC enough to accept it, freely.

God’s love,   Sharon


Thank you Sharon; it is always good to hear from you.  You and Dorothy are very incisive observers of eternal reality.  Love and blessings to you also,




The following exchange was posted on November 22nd 2007


Dear Brian and Theresa, Thank you for the reply to my email, your response was very helpful. (See posting dated November 21st, below) It shone a light on one of the ACIM reviews for the that day "I am never upset for the reason I think". There it was - complete with the answer shining out. It had been hidden within the so-called problem. As the mind read the words in your email, the clouds cleared and the battle being fought by the ego (aka Satan) came into focus - the battle to keep the illusion going -  that the illusion which provides the ego with its reality and its home, .
Yes, I could see then that I wasn't upset, as I had thought, because of  feeling of being an outsider in the world. Not upset because of still wanting to jump back on the 'carousel of the crowd ' even though seeing clearly that it was going nowhere. I wasn't upset because I couldn't block that sight out, and so feel safe and at one with the carousel riders. It was the ego which was upset and whispering "You'll be on your own. It will be lonely. Go back and play the games, you only have to pretend and you can have the companionship. Forget that you think you know more."
I do realise that on an inner level I have been at that brink between the worlds for years, perhaps we are all there in different stages of realisation but prefer to stay with the crowd even though we can see the world as we know it is insane.
 But there has to be the courage to let go the ego and plunge into that Abyss of Nothingness which is the last thing the ego sees in its moment of death. To give up everything known and leap into the unknown - the ego doesn't want to do that and disappear, so it will whisper all manner of 'sensible' suggestions to keep its unreal existence from being discovered.
What it seems we have to do then, is to acknowledge the higher part of us, so we are not under the delusion that the ego is important to our sense of Self. We have then to use our dream of life to prepare and reach out to the other side of the perceived Abyss, perhaps we are building a bridge, so that when the moment comes, faith changes to knowledge and we, the prodigal son, can walk over to dwell again with our Father in Christ. 
I am using the guidelines in ACIM, however inexpertly, to endeavour to do that.
Love from Dorothy

Hi Dorothy,


Brilliant.  I am overjoyed at your going forward and that our exchanges are helping you, me and others as they encounter them on the Forum page.  Together, we are performing a true and blessed Christ service for the Kingdom. 


I love your insightfulness.  Few indeed are blessed with it as are you.  Fear is the great fetter to our progress toward freedom, and doubt - self-doubt - is the great dismantler of faith and trust.  The way forward may be perceived, through ego-distorted vision, as an abyss; but faith and trust truly build a bridge that is invisible to those myopic eyes and enable us, by taking that leap of faith, to see that the chasm is safely and securely bridged and that our way to freedom is unbarred. Ego may fall into the abyss, to its end, but we, our true Self, are on that bridge, onto which ego cannot venture because it is the bridge to Eternity.  The key is, if only we can believe all things are possible.


It is, truly, a great temptation to want to be part of the crowd.  Yet, to those of us who are ready to begin the awakening process, it is anathema to go back.  Once we have taken that leap of faith, there is no going back.  Yes, we may take 2 steps forward, feel the uncertainty, the wavering of our Self-belief and allow ourself to go back a step; but then we see that going back is so retrograde, so restricting to a soul ready to soar, that we soon realise that we must turn around and move forward on the path back to the Light again, knowing that there actually is no alternative.


You are doing so well, Dorothy, assuredly there is great rejoicing in Heaven over you (whose name means 'God's Gift').  Your contributions are a real and welcome gift.  Keep on keeping on; you are greatly loved, blessed and watched over.






The following exchange was posted on November 21st 2007


Dear Brian and Theresa,  Hi Dorothy,

because it was from you, I made a wish on that Mother Theresa email as you suggested - it was the same as the prayer - and returned it to you as requested. I do wonder however why these generic emails sometimes have requests for them to be returned to the sender.  I agree with you.  I am ambivalent about them myself and most, I just delete, some I act upon but have never experienced anything detectable from such action.  I have no doubt, increasingly, that it is an ego ploy to distract us.  It doesn’t have much distracting power for me. Such matters have only as much power over us as we ascribe to them.


We have all received similar ones, it goes with the cyberspace territory. Indeed it does needlessly and valuelessly, other than as an opportunity for true forgiveness. Some are very beautiful, but some are just sentimental trash trying to sail along on people's transitory emotions which quickly change when something else stirs the pot. Appositely expressed.  I did a few months ago return a couple of the said emails as requested, because I felt it would be discourteous not to acknowledge them from that particular source, but didn't, and wouldn't, have revealed other email addresses on the returned one if I had sent them on. I always put addressee details in the BCC box, so nobody else gets to see them.  Otherwise, it could be perceived as a breach of confidence.  I may have been wrong, but the silence from that end evoked a strong feeling that this wasn't quite what was wanted. As shown in today’s Message of Encouragement, the Master says in Section 15 of the Manual for Teachers in ACIM: 

 You who are sometimes sad and sometimes angry; who sometimes feel your just due is not given you, and your best efforts meet with lack of appreciation and even contempt; give up these foolish thoughts! They are too small and meaningless to occupy your holy mind an instant longer. 

I felt this because although I was now familiar with that aforementioned, but friendly and innocuous source, it had originally got my email address from somewhere and approached me in the first instance to promote and deposit its copious outpourings. .


Brian, your email did contain a prayer That is really why I sent it which must be good, and I realise there is some kind of personal block I have. I believe you would be fairer to yourself if you saw it not as a block but as sound common sense and logic, to keep you from getting suck(er)ed into every item that flits past on its way to the nothingness from which it came.  I would love to believe in it all but I just feel on the outside looking in. In this instance this is a very good thing because the outside is sanity, reason, right-mindedness and the inside is the asylum. I guess also that these ‘make a wish, send on, and see what happens emails’ are probably originally created with high intentions, but are they helpful to the real task in hand? I usually simply ignore the make a wish bit and send it on only if the main theme is something that appears to have some value – harmless, inoffensive humour, uplifting to the spirit, pause for thought or whatever. I can see that they might be comforting and give some sort of hope for those who are going through trying and traumatic times in their lives but is it helpful on the pathway into the Kingdom?  Perhaps some are (not counting the ‘make a wish’ bit, with a thinly disguised implication that if one doesn’t, bad luck will befall the errant party) and some not.  As the Master says of this illusory world of dreams, ‘Make it all meaningless.’  Do they feed the greed and fear of the lower mind - fear of having bad luck, or the inner greed which likes to believe it is getting something for nothing.  This is what it is all about all the while ego has any part in it.


The opportunity is then offered to cover over any realisation of this by virtuous posturing in the act of outwardly clicking 'Send'  by which act it is implied that the clickers deserve and are entitled to some sort of heavenly reward or protection. The ego works in very clever ways pretending to be what it isn't. Bull’s-eye!  Very perceptive of you.


Realising this, could this non-acceptance within me of what others seem so easily to take on board, also be the ego masquerading in a different cloak and with another mask, pretending as always, to be what it isn't?  It wouldn't be a problem except that it would be so nice and easy just to go along and 'belong', but something won't always let me follow the crowd.  This is your right mind (under Holy Spirit influence) guiding you.  It digs its heels in and says "don't go down that road. It is going the wrong way"  Should I listen to it? Definitely listen to it.  Do not let ego instil a sense of guilt, as if you are being supercilious.  An adult is not being supercilious because it does not wish to indulge in children’s activities.  The way to maintain one’s focus and balance in such matters, where niggles of guilt are knocking at the door, is to forgive (the person/situation/event) and then forgive yourself (for any feelings of anger, impatience, frustration, guilt or whatever) and always send a genuine, heartfelt blessing.  If you do not feel it could be heartfelt at the immediate moment, pause, attune with Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit, ask Their peace and equilibrium, remind yourself that you are perfect love, compassion and infinite patience (just as They are with us) and ask for the Peace of Papa to envelop you, well-up from your Heart-Centre, fill you, so that you can then genuinely extend it to the person/situation in question.   I think you will enjoy getting your teeth into this. Dorothy, I love the way you always see past the mundane, that most would barely give a thought to, (just as ego wants it) and see how ego is getting deep into our mind, sullying it with trash, trivia and distractions. It should make quite a meal.  This has been an hors d’oeuvre.  But I love hors d’oeuvres! I hope it doesn't give you indigestion though. Never. Love from Dorothy

Thanks, Dear One.  Love to you also, BLASERed,  Brian 


The following exchange was posted on November 20th 2007

Hi Brian,  Hi Susan,

Thanks for the insight on the purpose of the communion (see exchange below, dated Nov. 18th).  It is a deep and soul soaring joy to know  someone with whom such esoteric realities can be shared.  My thanks are, therefore, to you also, for being such a person.  Awakening to our deep oneness with the Christ mind and that we are the Christ consciousness is what we most need.  Set that to music and I'll sing descant with you!!  I was able to access your recent wisdom.  We are the hidden wholeness but we don’t know it and live it. It is my life's commitment to help as many as are able/ready to come to that place of awareness, deep within, as possible, by the help of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  However, the communion helps it become more than a fleeting transcendent state, but a more continuous way of being beyond all being and becoming. Finding the words to adequately express that truth is not easy but you have done it perfectly.  Thanks; I will share them on the Forum. The dualities no longer make sense from that perspective—them-us, self-other, you-me.  Again, I could not have expressed it more meaningfully myself.

All the best, Thanks; all the best to you and Mark also, 

 Susan                Brian


The following exchange was posted on November 18th 2007

   Hi Brian. Do you think that weakness invites contempt from weak people, because it is a reflection of


Regards. Pearl.

Hi Pearl,

This is entirely in accord with the ACIM position that, under ego-mind domination, we project our own unconscious fear, guilt, misperceptions about ourself onto others, who are not really outside ourself - 'over there' - any more than we, or the world, or the physical universe are here; that all that appears to be present are projections from our ego-dominated, unconscious
mind.  Gary Renard's books, 'Disappearance of the Universe' and 'Your Immortal Reality' are very, very helpful, in support of ACIM, in helping us to more clearly understand all this.  I commend them to you.

Ego wants us to believe we are weak, but it is not true because we are Papa's beloved Son, made in His image and likeness, with ALL His attributes. The 'fall' of man into 'the separation consciousness' is a religious myth (religion being an ego-construct to keep us here under false pretences) which appears to be the case but in our right, Christ Mind, has never happened, and according to Jesus in ACIM has never been more than a momentary, idle thought, that was over the moment it took place.  This appears not to be the case because we appear to have placed ourself outside Heaven, which is Eternity, into a false, apparently linear time and place illusion.

To perceive others as weak is not something Jesus ever did.  He saw past the illusion and is with us now to help us to do the same.  That way, we can see ourself and each other as he sees us: whole, perfect, innocent, guiltless and sinless; one, undivided, with him in the Sonship.  The way to do that is to forgive ourself and our fellows for what we (all) have never done, and thus not give reality to the misperceptions (because they have no reality).

This is possible, although it takes a very strong motivation and commitment, practise and reminding ourself multiple times every day, whenever we become caught up in the illusion, (and ask the Holy Spirit to help us with this) that what appears to our bodily eyes as separate, individual people, walking about in separate bodies, with apparently separate minds, is an illusion; that we are NOT a body, but perfect Spirit, with the Mind of God, able to think as One with Him and with our true Self, the Christ (Papa's Son); that God and His Kingdom, our true Home in Eternity, is within us and nowhere else; that nothing else exists, in spite of such apparently compelling evidence to the contrary.

The Mystical Communion with Christ is an attunement mechanism that can help us to attune our (apparently separated) mind with that of Jesus - and others working with him under Christ authority for the restoration to Oneness in the Realms of Light - but it is also preparatory to our communing, Mind to Mind, with each other here in the illusory Earthly life.

Some may see this as telepathy but it is at a higher level than 'ordinary' telepathy because it is not just mind to mind but (Christ) Mind to (Christ) Mind.  This is a prelude to the disappearance of the universe, in preparation of and for the Atonement (At-one-ment).  We cannot be 'magicked' into wakefulness, which is what orthodox Christians believe - i.e. that Jesus is doing it all for us and meanwhile we carry on here in blissful ignorance of what he is doing until the last trump begins the rapture and we all end up in Heaven.  It is an event (the Atonement) in which our full co-operation and understanding is required.

Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit will bring us to that place of awareness and understanding as and when we are ready to co-operate by 'ASKing' (Ask, Seek, Knock-ing).  This is taking, will take, each of us many incarnations (acts) to arrive at the place of understanding the Great Rescue Programme.  The good news is that those of us who are already ASKing have already
progressed, by/through many acts, to the place where our understanding/remembrance of the Truth of Eternity is growing.  This can only continue by our continued truly seeking and earnestly desiring to know the Truth of Eternity, until we become fully enlightened. Becoming
complacent will leave us only part way there.  The 'travelator' only carries us forward by the empowerment of our own desire.

True Forgiveness is the shortcut that will save us untold numbers of further acts.  Seeing our brethren as weak is an indication of our own unconscious misperceptions of weakness in ourself.  There is only one of us, so what we see in others is a reflection/projection of our own unconscious, misperceived weakness.

I hope this helps, Pearl.  Thank you so much for asking.

Many blessings for your strengthening and encouragement, unto the coming of the KOHOE,



The following exchange was posted on November 13th 2007


Hi Brian,  Hello Ted,


It has been a long while since I have communicated with you.  I am doing very well and I hope and trust that you are doing well also.  I am very pleased to hear that you are doing well and equally so to confirm that, yes, indeed, we are doing wonderfully well.  Life on the Path back Home to Papa may not always be comfortable but is never boring and becomes more joyful, peaceful, blessed, with every step, as we awaken to the remembrance of who we really are and the opportunities for service of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth become more fulfilling. 


The underlying theme of my path has been trial and error. My dear friend, regrettably, this is the case for most of the ‘children of Earth’ who set out on their own without a reliable, empowered, trustworthy Guide to lead them unerringly out of the wilderness.  I am overjoyed to tell you (it will come as no surprise if you have read SYFK!) that Jesus (the real Jesus!) is just such a Guide.  Sadly, the church has done such a demolition job on him that few today are willing to place themselves within the care of the real, living Jesus, because they have become so confused about him as a result of the false Jesus the church has fabricated.  People see the sham of the church and think, mistakenly, he whom they claim to be representing is also a sham. 


That is the purpose of my life, SYFK and the HTG website: to help my fellow travellers to see that the real, living Jesus is not a sham; that he is really our big brother, fully wise, knowing, empowered by love and humility, to lead us all Home.  And all without a shred of religion!!  Spirituality, yes, oodles of it, full measure, pressed down and never expiring, but no religion, which is the polar opposite of spirituality.  Good news, don’t you agree!? I spent many years “going within” and gained some degree of understanding through it, but I also reached an unavoidable dead end.  With the real Jesus, no such dead end exists. Fantastic, I agree. Since all of eternity is ahead of  me, a dead end is something I would like to avoid. Ted, this is a wise statement indeed, and such is, truly, avoidable.  


Obviously whatever you are practicing is working for you. Yes, it truly is, but as you are clearly aware, this is not a five-minute exercise. However, it has not worked for me. I would be most pleased if you can explain what this means.  Are you saying you have tried following the living Jesus and that did not work?  I have found a much more infinite and fulfilling existence in going beyond the senses rather than behind them. I regret I do not understand this.  Please explain what you mean, especially by ‘going behind the senses.’


Through trial and error, desire and thought are what I have found to be useful. I am confident that Jesus is applauding this.  Desire is the beginning of everything and thought follows closely behind.  I believe this is how Jesus found his way Home (the first of the separation so to do).  This is my understanding from ACIM.  He is the first to say that most of us simply don’t think.  This is just where ego wants us. The key has been to not let the lesser desires outweigh the greater ones.  For example, would one desire to indulge and be controlled by a craving, or completely overcome it? It is my understanding also that we overcome by simply realising that we are not a body and all the things that a body appears to crave are tawdry, keeping us ensnared in our own, illusory dream world; that our true riches and fulfilment of our heart’s desire is being back Home in Papa, where we actually are but have forgotten; yet all we have to do is desire to awaken from the dream and return to full wakefulness.


Another great question is: Is it better to desire an end result or to desire to perform an action that has a positive or beneficial outcome?  It seems clear to me that to desire (truly and earnestly) the KOHOE is the start of our awakening to eternal truth; our coming within the protective, guiding aura of those in the Realms of Light who are authorised and empowered to lead us Home, one step at a time.  That then, we will awaken, one step at a time, to the realisation that because of our desire for peace, love, truth - for ourself and for our brethren - we will find ourself presented with opportunities to undertake actions as we make our journey Home, that will bring a positive and beneficial outcome.  That is well documented in SYFK, particularly regarding the ‘rescue work.’  I deeply desired it, especially after reading Hugh Dowding’s book, Lychgate, and the opportunities for it were brought to me.  I had no idea how to do it but the Master did and he brought about the circumstances for many rescue events to take place.  Such rescue events are, even now, taking place and this is more rewarding to my soul than any riches of Earth.


Through trial and error, I have found that for me it is more fulfilling to desire to perform the action. I am interested to note that you have desire (first) for there to be actions for you to perform. Without desire, there can be no decision, no action, no outcome. After all, that's what life is, living, moving breathing.  If you are speaking of life here, on Earth, I see it as opportunity to fulfil our potential, to accomplish that for which we have returned to a body, so that we can heal all our broken relationships through true forgiveness and, thus become unencumbered, and go Home. 


Desire must be mastered and also be used in conjunction with thought.  I agree that this is a deeply profound truth, Ted.  Desire without thought leads to an unpleasant end; thought without desire leads to a miserable confusion of infinite complexities as well as a lack of energy and purpose.  The desire to do something is what makes it pleasant.  Therefore, when one has gained control over desire, they can aim it at whatever they wish.  When thought serves the highest consciously willed desires one may find themselves living a simple, happy, existence in eternity.  I agree with all this and observe that we are here, under the dominion (most of us) of ego-mind; antiChrist; hellbent on keeping us here in an upside-down thought-system that will prevent us from getting Home.  In my experience, Jesus, who is fully awake to the truth of eternity and who we really are, can help us undo ego-thinking and re-engage our right mind.  There are few indeed who can get there unaided.


With greater love than ever,  Ted, what a wonderful thing to say.  Bless you mightily; my heart responds to your salutation equally, with never-ending love,


Ted                 Brian


The following exchanges were posted on November 1st  2007

Hi Brian, 

My goodness. I wasn't expecting my e-mail to you to appear on your forum.  Life is full of surprises!  I hope you don’t mind.  The purpose of the Forum is to be focussed specifically on matters – questions and answers, comments, experiences, illumination etc – that will help readers to gain an increased understanding of what the KOH is, how/where to ‘find it,’ attune with it, get out of the rut humanity is in and get HOME!!!  Nevertheless, it needs to be presented in a way that will not be too dry and stuffy (not what the KOH is) and hopefully will draw readers in and keep them coming back. 

I'll have to think on what I say now. I was only speaking candidly to you, not to others. I would have used more discernment in the content and structuring my of my sentences.  The real point here, Margaret, is that what you say has something of interest for third party readers, either within itself or in the opportunity it provides for an answer that will help serious seekers to gain in understanding.  That is the purpose of the Forum.  This world is so staggeringly ignorant of esoteric, spiritual, mystical, metaphysical reality and the way Papa has Creation organised (PLFs) that without sensibly, caringly, meaningfully helping to provide some answers that people can understand, how can the lost sheep be restored to the fold?  The Master told me in the 1960s that I was his harbinger.  That frightened me fairly considerably because I could not possibly see how I could do a John the Baptist job! But he has led me so wonderfully over these last 40 years, and prepared me for the job.  Now I feel ready for it.  Not that I am the sole harbinger.  I am, I now see, one singer in a choir of singers of The New Song.  And each has his/her important counterpoint to contribute to the rendition. 

Especially when I had a dream after my initial posts to you showing me I was showing a tendency to argue for argument's sake rather than share ideas.  Well, that was a good thing; a going forward for you.  We never stop. 

However I will respond to you a little later but with a lot less focus on personalities in "history." 

In fact I was going to rein in my thoughts a bit. Now I'm exposed. Be careful Margaret. Let this be a lesson. There is never a shortage of lessons opportunities! 

I received "Your Immortal Reality," last week from Abe Books so that sits in line until I read my current selection of two books. 

I am looking forward to Gary's third book which is about Love in the new year, so I see all these threads coming together from many writers now.  I am delighted to hear he has another one in the pipeline.  I intuitively knew he would have and that it would be soon, so thanks for the confirmation. 

You won't know how interesting and important your work has been to me Brian. And so generously given.  Have you any idea how gratifying these words are to me?  Sharing, extending the love, wisdom, joy, blessing and all else that is the KOH, is all that matters to me.  This has been so ever since I met Olga and especially since January 24th 1967, when the Master manifested to me in Vancouver.  Compared with the KOH, everything else is utterly meaningless.  Of course sensible, healthy eating, caring for ourself whilst appearing to be here, treating others with respect and goodwill, loving our neighbour as ourself etc are all contributory to the KOH and form part of it; that goes without saying. 


Margaret H.


Hi Brian (again),

May I ask you some questions about your work?  Of course!

You have posted your diary excerpts only recently. Were you instructed to do so at this latter period by Jesus but not recommended to earlier by Jesus? Because it was before the public's time? Or did you have no real impulse to put it to public view earlier and decided to more recently because you felt it would be useful?  What I am now doing is the fulfilment (or at least, the beginning of the fulfilment) of what began in the 1960s with my meeting Olga Park and then the direct ‘hook-up’ with Jesus.  He told me over the years that all that was happening was a preparation for what lay ahead; that what I was doing (the Mystical Communion with Christ, the practise of which leads to and enables our hearing his speaking, one-on-one, and all the revelations, enlightenment, remembrances, awarenesses that practise brought) was ‘an operation of hiddenness;’ that when the time was right, it would become ‘an operation of openness,’ for example, see Diary entry April 25th 1993 in which he said:

The time is not yet for your work to become an operation of openness.  Await my word.  You will know of a surety when the time is right.  It will be circumstances not of your making which shall bring it about.  Meanwhile keep on as ever, for your awareness of the Light and the Word continue to grow apace and this must be your strength and your shield from the wickedness of the world.  Fear not, for I am with you, your guide in hostile territory.

It was to be another 12 years before the openness began.  It had been the burning, unquenchable desire of my heart to share his living reality with all the world right from the moment he manifested to me in 1967.   But he had other plans for me.  This is how I have described it in the Home Page of the HTG website:

I have been greatly blessed by half a lifetime of wondrous contact with and leading, guiding, inspiring, enlightenment from the living Jesus, who first manifested to me in a basement room in Vancouver, Canada, in 1967. It was such a magnificent, soul-soaring experience that I immediately wanted to rush out into the world and shout from the roof-tops that he is ALIVE, REAL. But he had other plans for me. In fact he told me many times over the years that we – he and I – had agreed and arranged ‘afore time’ (which was his way of saying, before I incarnated) the path along which he would lead me. He also said many times, as we journeyed along that path, ‘I lead, do thou follow.’

He knew where we were going but this was, according to pre-arranged plan, withheld from my conscious awareness, until the last few years. It has now been revealed to me that the objective of not knowing but following in faith, trust, obedience and commitment, was so that I could have this decades-long experience of the real, living Jesus and his great plan for the spiritual upliftment of ‘all who will’ to the ‘Kingdom Awareness’ and then share the practical and soul-feeding benefits of these experiences with my fellow travellers on the Path back to Eternity. I hope many of these events, recorded in the attached story, will resonate for you and bring joy, enlightenment and inner peace to your heart and soul.

The event that switched the operation of hiddenness into an operation of openness was when I was given, in the middle of the night, the allegory of the Caterpillars and the Butterfly.  As it says in the Introduction to SYFKThis allegory was given to me inspirationally in a manner with which I was previously familiar: I was awakened in the small hours of the night and heard the words being spoken. They were so imaginatively impressed into my consciousness that I was easily able to write them, verbatim, after waking several hours later, well after dawn had broken.

I e-mailed this allegory to Owen Waters, and several other people.  I didn’t even say who had written it. I had no thought of this becoming the catalyst of the transformation from hiddenness to openness.  Owen administers the Infinite Being website and within a few hours he e-mailed back saying this was fantastic and could he use it as one of his weekly articles?  Of course I said yes.  The instant Owen asked – which came as a bolt from the blue - I knew deep in my soul, of a surety, that this was the ‘circumstances not of my making’ that would throw the switch from hiddenness to openness. Owen introduced the article and said that I had also written a book and was willing to e-mail it to any who were interested. Well I was swamped with responses, both thanking me for the insightful allegory, which helped many of them to get Jesus, our relationship to him and the church into a far clearer perspective, and later, thanking me for the book, which also had helped them with their understanding of the mystical realities of Eternity.  I sent the manuscript to all who had enquired for it, saying I was preparing a website for uploading it and also that I was intending to upload, a few at a time, entries from what I had earlier decided to call ‘Diary of a Christ Communicant.’  The rest, as they say, is history.

Jesus and Papa speak to you. Has Jesus appeared or manifested to you in daytime, vision and dreams? He first manifested, as described in SYFK chapter 2, in my full ‘waking consciousness.’  There have been numerous dreamtime encounters and other awarenesses.  He has because He became the "door" through which you went to meet with Papa. Are you permitted to describe Jesus' appearance as He chooses to manifest to you?  This is an important question.  It should be understood that we are not a body but pure spirit with Mind awareness and creativity identical to that of our Father Creator.  Our body is an ego-mind construct, an illusion, does not exist in reality and neither do our eyes, which are also part of that ego construct, which trick us into believing that everything is ‘outside us’ – ‘over there’ – when in reality, the Kingdom of Heaven and its Creator, Papa, are within us. 

When a Master chooses to manifest to us here in our Earth-mind consciousness, he (or she) is able to create the appearance of a body using Christ-Mind creativity, (as distinct from ego-mind fabrication), and sometimes such manifestations will happen by using the psychic emanations or ectoplasm of the person having the experience.  Whatever the mechanism selected, it is to serve a Kingdomly purpose

We appear to ‘see’ things ‘out there’ with our bodily eyes but in reality it is our split, little self mind that sees what appears to be out there and it is our right, Big Self Mind that has awareness of the things of Heaven, of God, of Eternity, within us.  That awareness is not the same as just our bodily seeing; it is a full and comprehensive ‘experience’ of our Mind.  This is immeasurably more all-encompassing than our bodily sight.  One has awareness of intent as well as event.  So, at our ‘tea party’ (SYFK Chapter 5) I did not just ‘see’ the way his mouth moved as he smiled; I experienced the intent as well as the event.  This enables the fullness of the experience to lodge in our awareness.  It is not so much just ‘seeing’ him, as if studying a photograph, but ‘experiencing awareness of his being.’  One knows him, who he is, unquestioningly, at the Big Self, Christ Mind awareness level.  This is our real Self, wherein there is no doubt, no uncertainty; only knowing.  Questioning does not come into it; it is certainty.

However, on one occasion, he was with me and a group of others at a big house in rural Wiltshire, playing badminton on the lawn, and drinking lemonade; and later, walking along the narrow country lanes, with hedges either side. I was surprised to observe, very clearly, that he had a modern day, ‘short back and sides’ haircut.  Still, it was unmistakably him, although his name - neither ‘Jesus’ nor ‘Yeshua’ - was mentioned once.  We all knew precisely and unquestioningly who he was, so we had no need to ask.  He was very ‘normal,’ very light-hearted, caring, empathetic.  He knew not just who we were, but everything about us at the soul level of our being, but it was no big deal, either for him or for the rest of us.  At one point, one of the younger, teenage, members of the party, who was carrying a sickle (we were obviously on our way to do something requiring a sickle) and was getting carried away, waving it about, coming close to causing an injury to himself or someone else.  The Master, who looked so young – barely 30 – showed heartfelt concern that anyone should be injured, and said, ‘Do, please, be careful; we do not want anyone to be hurt.’

As he says in ACIM, we should not hold him in awe because we are the same as he: one in the Sonship.  The only apparent difference, which is temporary, is that he has remembered who he is and the rest of us are in the process of remembering; yet that seeming difference is illusory because it is of time only.

May I ask how and at what time in (the year/s) you learned of your "past" experiences or is it still in the larger portion yet to be posted by you on your website? This has come in the form of what Theresa and I call ‘Flash awarenesses.’  These are given us by the Holy Spirit, in which we ‘find ourselves’ in a situation of another time and place, both observing and experiencing the events that we see, and in which we have the ‘knowing’ that it is coming from the Akashic records, under the authority of Eternity, who we are and what is happening and how it relates to this act.  We don’t necessarily receive the full understanding at the time, but the details fill in subsequently, inspirationally, over time, as we ponder, reflect and ask for further illumination.  All this has been unfolding since the operation of hiddenness became an operation of openness, about 28 months ago.  The timing was perfect.   From travelling back in visions and dreams or instructed by Jesus? Or the teacher?  I think we can ascribe this to the Holy Spirit, although He and Jesus are as One, which we all actually are also, but are not yet awake to the experience of that, although this awakening is happening even as these words are being typed, one step at a time

The "teacher." He appeared to Olga Park as a man of short stature. So he did appear as he lived as John of Patmos.  That is certainly the inference I have drawn, but again, these are details with which we will do well to not allow ourselves to become bogged down.  It’s like the Immaculate Conception, or was Jesus married.  Do any such issues detract one iota from the Kingdom of Heaven and Jesus’ empowerment to lead us Home?  They are of interest, but the knack is not to allow them to become of too much interest, distracting us from the main event, which is getting Home, as soon as possible.  After all, who wants to stay apparently out of Heaven a moment longer than we can help?

Has he appeared to you Brian? Yes, I have had ‘awareness’ of him on many occasions but it is not the ‘physical’ appearance that impresses itself uppermost upon one’s awareness; it is the essence of his nature, character, the intent of the appearance (e.g. is he coming to bring a moment of joyous uplift, or a serious message of deep importance and illumination).  It helps if we approach such considerations from the perspective that we are experiencing such encounters with our Christ Mind, in which bodies do not exist, nor are they important. This is from the June 23rd 1991 Diary entry:

At the hymn after the partaking I saw the Teacher lounging in a huge, antique padded armchair, legs crossed, smiling a satisfied smile that everything was as he wished it to be. 

And so it is, my friend.  Your realisation of the wholeness, the oneness of the Father's life and creation and of this ritual attunement, with the joy and upliftment of life, goes forward at a pace which maintains the equilibrium.  This is both satisfactory and essential, that balance and harmony be maintained; for as well you now know, without this balance all would collapse in disarray and your lives would be in tatters.  Indeed, it is this very lack of Heavenly balance and harmony in the lives and affairs of the children of Earth, in their individual personal affairs, their business doings and international dealings, which creates the energy of distress, disharmony, disease in the aura of the Earth.  And mankind, the children of Earth-life consciousness, reel to and fro in anguish, crying for relief.

Yet it is not the will of the Father for his little ones to be so distressed.  As you now perceive, His Creation is ordered, balanced, harmonised.

Have no concern, dear friend, even as you see that I and all who serve the Kingdom purpose of the Lord of mankind, here in the Spirit Realms, have no concern.  We have love, compassion, caring for the children of Earth and desire for their anguish to end.  But you know, not even the Lord can persuade them to give up their ways -- he tried 2000 years ago and well you know the result.  They must come to the place of their own within whereby they realise the foolishness of being on the wrong path and voluntarily choose the path of righteousness, peace and goodwill.  Then shall the joy of Heaven reverberate throughout all the affairs and realms of his little ones.

Meanwhile, I counsel you, attune your lives, your minds, your hearts, with the realms where all is joy, and be at peace.  In such attunement is strength and wholeness and balance so that others can recognise this in you and grow to desire that which you have and they lack.  Thus shall your heart's desire be fulfilled; that you may bring the awareness of the living Jesus into the lives of the children of Earth.  So be it.  Praise be to Almighty God. 

 And this extract from November 20th 1994:

At the hymn Creator Spirit by whose word… I saw the Teacher sitting in his “chair of office” behind the Sanctuary table.  He was presenting himself as if all was “normal” and outwardly dignified and as befits such a being of exalted status.  But this could not, nor was it other than a scarcely veiled attempt at hiding what was all too easy to see -- an excitement bursting forth from within that he could barely contain and which he really had no desire to contain any longer than this humorous pretence at  being seen as reserved and dignified.  It was altogether an overwhelming, uplifting, exciting and enlightening experience.

Beloved Teacher, I'm so excited and overjoyed at this, our work for the Kingdom, really getting underway. 

My dear friend Brian, you rightly observe the great excitement that I cannot, nor do I wish to, hide.  I do assure you that we go forward apace, with much rescue work.  Now is the time of readiness for this progress.  I see you perceive that the years of preparation have been necessary in order that your awareness of the reality of the eternal realms of spirit could grow in your Earth-life consciousness.  There has been much for you to learn, to assimilate, in order that you could be brought to this place.  It has been my joy to oversee your progress.  Now do we all rejoice that the "serious" work begins.

I know I do not need to caution you to be constantly on guard against the wiles of the enemy, or to maintain your armour of defence against the darts of destruction.  You know that the cloak of the Lord's protection -- living in Him and always keeping your heart and life open to His presence -- is the whole armour and that no further contortions of mind or body are needful for such protection.  The greatest threat of breach to such armour is complacency.  Thus shall the practice of this ritual serve you well in reminding, renewing and restoring you in Christ humility, love, desire to serve.  And thus shall the desire of your heart be fulfilled in joyous fellowship of Heaven.  And thus shall there continue to be much rejoicing in Heaven, echoing and reverberating in the caverns of Earth, as such become illuminated with the light of the Kingdom, banishing away the darkness forever.

Peace, joy and love be with you all, always.

I paste these snippets here to help create an image of the character of the Teacher, who he is, rather than simply a physical description, when in reality, no such body exists, but the character does.

Can you describe him. I hope the foregoing will leave you with some useful indicators by way of a description of the man.  If you think it important, mind.  It is important… up to a point I'm simply curious.  I totally resonate with such curiosity.  What I aspire toward is transcending that curiosity, so that the events and intents may be experienced at a higher level of awareness, and not bog me down simply at the level of curiosity.  This is an important part of what the Master describes as retraining the (ego) mind back to (Christ) Mind.

I have received "Your Immortal Reality," but have yet to read it. I have not read the work A Course in Miracles though I have the book and access to it on the Internet.

I am ill and feel unable to work through a course even very slowly. I am willing to discuss the condition you are experiencing with you if you are willing to share with me, but I prefer to do so on another occasion than this.  I do not feel an intention, liking and impulse to read it through just yet either. I do however recognise its unique and superior and highest method of forgiving and I do apply this to everything I perceive and witness.  I wonder if the cause of your health condition is connected to your feelings of disinclination at the moment to study ACIM?  We are all here with unresolved issues, many from former acts and these are mostly hidden within our unconscious mind.

However my dreams and guidance show that this is fine (not reading it). They (dreams) also advise the reading of other works. Jesus is my Guide. He presented Himself to me in early 1999 at night during sleep.  I dare say you might feel as I have stated above about describing him.

I belong to the Disappearance of the Universe forum and I read a little of the opinions but it is 5,000 membered and too fast to keep up. And I feel it can be more confusing to debate these things rather than simply quietly read them myself. Forums such as you describe can have a very heavy aura of argument, clamour, ego trying to jockey for position.  I usually find that a few minutes at them is enough before having to abandon them and get back to being centred again.   This is why I decided to maintain editorial control over the HTG Forum page.  Clamour has no part in the KOH. And I tire of the conversion of life lived into ACIM terms. I venture to suggest that when the time arrives for you to engage with ACIM your perceptions will undergo an evolution. Twists and turns and dizziness.  I commend to you that you actively, positively, seek counsel from the Holy Spirit on this whole area of consideration and leave it with Him.  Keep asking but keep leaving it with Him.  Don’t ‘dig up the seedlings.’

Your comments on Helen Schucman. All I can say is it's a very good thing that she has made it back, or her illusory self/ves have been nullified in effect. This is good for the Sonship and better for those of us still here as she can in turn reflect her success through to us in guidance should she so choose.  I feel confident Helen would say, ‘Why are you asking me?  Ask Jesus.’

Same with John if he has also succeeded. All good news.

I agree with you that A Course in Miracles is as Jesus relayed it. I also agree it should not be pulled apart and reinterpreted but applied as suggested.  I am greatly pleased to hear this Margaret.  There are too many who want to make another religion out of it.  This is definitely not the intent and it has been compiled in a way that should make such an endeavour difficult.  ACIM shares that in common with the SMCC communion service.  This is the work of the Teacher and his intent was that it remain a private, solitary or near-solitary endeavour, with no Earthly structure for hidden-agenda merchants to distort.

I agree it is a mind course not a psychological or psyche course.

Brian said:

The point is that the full awakening and return to Oneness in the Sonship in Papa will not take place this century or even this millennium, but will be completed at or by the end of the Aquarian age, in 2000 years’ time. In that perspective, it does not matter that the vast majority of humanity is not - yet – ready, at the Earth-mind level, for the message of ACIM. In terms of who we all really are, it is the definitive message/scripture for getting us all Home.

This is the very reason I said that ACIM is not enough. Just because the earth is an ongoing experiential dream plane Not making it real is essential to our escape from it means all good works are relevant to improve the opportunities for those who have yet to reclaim their original status which they do reside in in reality but are not awake to yet varyingly. One example. Good education. Gary Renard enjoys the illusion while he works to transcend it. I do the same.  So did Jesus, enjoy the fellowship with his friends, etc, and so do I.  The secret is maintaining balance between remembering who we really are and that all around us is an illusion, and not allowing it to distract us from the central theme of getting Home.

We don't seek to change the world. We seek to do what the Holy Spirit advises. This advice however may include changing something.  The main, indeed, only thing ultimately to change is our mind. It never means seeking to change another human being of course. That is a breach of free will which God gives us. Absolutely. This is judgement. Really what it means is we do what our highest Ideals motivate us to do. What our hearts tell us to do.  Of course this includes doing what we feel motivated to do to reduce our carbon footprint, help our fellows who are in distress, love our neighbour.  And whether or not there is something we are able to do, bless, bless, bless and forgive, forgive, forgive.

I have no guru. Certainly I would never guruize And there was I thinking you were a Kiwi, not a Yank any human that has or is presently walking the earth. Certainly I don't hold Edgar Cayce as a guru. I have to be very careful I do not judge.  This comes with the territory.  We are conditioned to judge, unconsciously, multiple times each day.  Mind retraining is a major exercise, and takes absolute commitment, for a very long time.  Forgiveness, love and blessing all contribute to the retraining. I've had a plain life. Others like Cayce had a very colourful life. That engenders envy bordering on jealousy in me which is an ego trait I ask to be slowly relieved of as I identify it. Alleluia.  Bless you for strength and commitment to succeed in weeding out that unserviceable condition.  The fact that you have identified it and are able to confess to it means you are half way there, at least.  That takes courage. Cayce is fallible and verifiably fallible. Jesus also verifies these errors of Edgar Cayce's when he spoke with Helen Schucman who was studying the work.  You know much more about Helen than I do.

Jesus has told me His mission for me is to be involved in a work centred around the Cayce readings after Jesus has caused the work to be edited in the future. Please keep me posted. In short, holistic health, hand in hand with good modern medical practice. This life purpose given to me for me  "straight from the Horse's mouth."  Maybe this is why you are experiencing health issues, to get you focussed on this mission?

The body is unimportant in the ultimate reality. But it is our vehicle. It's a mistake to label all body-related concerns with the word "ego." Unless you are directly instructing and applying ACIM to receptive others.   I agree 100%. Jesus resided in a body and His friends often females gave of their substance (work and money food and companionship) to enable Him to do His work effectively. Jesus looked after his body. Even though He could have turned away all concerns such as food, He chose to live as we do, eat, become tired, rest, laugh, mourn, worship with various groups and visit the odd tavern to share in the conviviality.  Amen! He has been with Steve and me in the pub many, many times. I feel it's enough to live in the illusion to one's highest ability but with fully knowing it's illusory and not reality. Precisement, mon ami!

 I agree Jesus is completely trustworthy. I am gratified Jesus approached me Himself and offered to be my Guide. However for all of my life Jesus' "mother" Mary was my Guide and this knowledge is equally inspiring. In fact I feel they work in tandem. I feel sure this would be correct.  It is a sad situation the way the Catholic church has distorted the image and perception of Mary. Certainly Mary guides many young mothers. Wonderful.

That's all for now. God bless. United we stand. Divided we fall.  This has been a long one, but great to share with you, Margaret.  Thanks so much.  Until next time, many blessings for peace, joy and fulfilment,

Margaret H.      Brian

The following exchanges were posted on October 28th 2007

Dear Brian, Dear Margaret,


I just wanted to thank you for making your writings available online.  It is my joy and pleasure; I am glad you have found them worth reading and hope you have enjoyed them and even benefited by them.  I have added your name to the mailing list!


I have looked at some of Olga Park's work you provide a link to also.


Only one thing I scratch my head a little over.


Olga Park seemed to think her "teacher" was John of Patmos.


Edgar Cayce said in his voluminous readings that John was to return (reincarnate) again some time after 1939 I am pasting here from John 21:


21: Peter seeing him saith to Jesus, Lord, and what shall this man do?

22: Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me.


The bit in bold tells me that John was enlightened and had no need for further incarnating but since we are now in the time of the emerging Christ Mind in the rest of humanity (‘the Second Coming,’ after the First emergence of Christ Mind, in Jesus, 2k years ago) it does, in theory mean John could have reincarnated in the 20th century. 


eventually to be a sort of a messenger. But a messenger on behalf of all the good works already provided but not adopted or accepted by a goodly portion of the global community. I assume to get the message across Jesus Himself would need to back this up somehow. Jesus is more than adequately doing that in ACIM. We have many good helpful works but an unbelieving world on the whole proportionately. And, just which parts to believe?  For this we have to go within and ask Jesus/the Holy Spirit for help and guidance.  I have written about this many times in the weekly ‘Messages of Encouragement,’ including this week.  As I have now taken the liberty of adding your name to the mailing list, you should receive this, with the ‘Diary of a Christ Communicant’ entries tomorrow (October 10th).


So as far as I'm concerned "John" currently walks on earth. This is assuming EC was correct.  Do you believe EC was infallible?  How often was he correct in his predictions?  100%? 90%? 75%?  Who knows?  Are we in danger of making an idol out of him? The Kingdom is within us and if it is there that we will find it, how likely are we to find the truth of eternity in someone else who is not (fully) enlightened?  If he was Olga's teacher then he must have been her teacher in his future when he was the disciple John. Bearing in mind time and place are illusions, and are only linear to our ego-mind perception, but can be manipulated by those who understand it (which John assuredly does) he could be both incarnate AND discarnate at the same time, in a different persona in his incarnate state.  To get more understanding of such matters, try reading ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’ by Gary Renard.  Otherwise all our lives lived continue on, my past personalities continuing to live - where? Within us, as 'seed memory.' that would be perplexing. Until I had gotten right Home. I see ACIM as an ideal state. A way off state to achieve. It will be just that for you if that is how you choose to perceive it.  I have written about this in this week’s Message of Encouragement, which you will receive tomorrow.  When we are given a "name," I think this means simple graduating out of returning to an earth life in relative amnesia. My opinions change daily though.


This "all times" being One while we are caught in the realms below the Light ones, simultaneous, interconnecting and ultimately finished when viewed from out-of-time is quite taxing to think on.  Would you care to try that one again?  I could not follow your sentence structure; sorry.


But put that aside. Now, you were told by the "teacher" or rather he made you aware of the fact as you felt it, that he had been King David.


Now Edgar Cayce again. It's suggested in one reading by Edgar Cayce that the disciple John had been Jacob in an "earlier" experience. Jacob was the father of among others Joseph the dreamer (an incarnation of Jesus' - Edgar Cayce If EC was right.  I am open on that but Jesus could have been many biblical characters, even some at the same time.  Don’t forget, time is an illusion.  I am inclined to the idea that Jesus was Noah and Osiris, but ultimately, what does it matter; it is more important that we don't get hung up on such issues because they can sidetrack us from why we are really here).


It's a stretch for me to accept that John was David was Jacob.  Stretching is a good thing. I'm wondering if Olga was not mistaken or maybe even you as to who the "teacher" was.  Debating these matters is of no great value; going within and finding one’s own truth there, with the help of those who know the truth (Jesus and the Holy Spirit, for example), is of immeasurably greater value.


But that is just the mental meanderings I have. Some very good works seem to make mistakes when compared to Edgar Cayce's Is this making an assumption that EC was not (ever) mistaken? . Yogananda Paramhansa suggests Jesus was Elisha because of "miracles" wrought and as the One who wore Elijah's mantle reflected in Elijah being John the Baptist & preparing the way for Jesus.  Interesting theory but whatever, the only thing that matters is, does the real Jesus, as we can understand him from his speaking one on one with us and in ACIM, know the truth of eternity and can we be enlightened to it if we follow him?  From my own 40 years of journeying with him as my guide, I have not one shred of doubt about this.  My objective in writing SYFK, and the HTG website, is to present the evidence to all who choose to peruse it, so that any who feel resonant with what I have written/am writing can decide for themselves whether or not to ask him to lead them, which he will do if they ask him.  I have found him to be 100% reliable and trustworthy.  I know of no-one else to whom I can ascribe such a quality (with matters of Eternity), other than those who have espoused their lives to him and his Great God Mission for all mankind.


Yet Edgar Cayce says in a self-tranced reading that Jesus was not Elisha. Elisha had been Noah and much more recently he'd been Joseph Campbell.


Cayce states Jesus was Amilius, Adam (Atlantis) Enoch (Hermes) Melchizadek, Joseph the dreamer; son of Rachel & Jacob,  Joshua the son of Nun, Jeshua the scribe of Nehemiah and finally Jesus. Only one third of Jesus' lives are revealed. Less than one third.  I suggest more likely one 1000th.  But the real point is, none of that matters one iota.  What matters is, will studying ACIM and its central theme of true forgiveness get us Home to Papa?  I can state from my own experiences that I have no doubt whatsoever that it is absolutely so.  Are you able to tell me of anything else that matters other than awakening from the dream of time and place?


A bit longer than I had planned. Again, thank you for your writings made available to those of us who are interested in such things. Thank you for writing, Margaret.  Peace, joy and love be with you, always,  Brian



Margaret (H)




Dear Brian,  Dear Margaret,


Sorry to be so long responding; it has been busy here and I have been behind with e-mails after being away for a fortnight.


I'm just concluding and answering your post in reply to mine.


I have read Disappearance of the Universe. I can't find Your Immortal Reality in a library so I have ordered a second-hand copy which is on its way.  In the same way as orthodox Christians study the Bible (they don’t just read any part of it once), so am I on my 4th reading of D.U (and have read Immortal Reality 3 times) and Theresa and I have read ACIM once but will continue to study it, because more can be obtained from any spiritual writing upon each reading.  I have certainly found this to be massively true with D.U. and I.R. and it will assuredly be so with ACIM.


I do believe Jesus would never mislead us individually but he will reveal only what is necessary to our path. We each know a certain amount. This does not change how much work still needs to be done by us. I'm stating the difference between mental mind and heart mind.  I agree entirely with all this paragraph.


I'm the only one who has lived my in full life and Jesus will (does) relate to me on that basis. And the same with you. The same with Helen Schucman.   According to Pursah, Helen was prepared for this channelling work during former acts.  This comes as no surprise really, because it is the most important piece of channelling ever undertaken and Helen will have required enormous preparation for it – more than one act could accomplish, especially as she had no prior awareness of it in her Helen act before it began.  That shows how Jesus was entirely in charge, whereas other channellers/mediums have usually been under control/guidance from other, less illuminated souls from the spirit realms and that can cause distortion.  In her Helen act, she was coming to this work with a clean slate and that will have meant that there would be less distortion. 


I can also state that, like you, during this act I have been one-pointedly committed to following Jesus, with no entanglements with other occult groups or teachings.  That doesn’t mean I have zero distortion; it is as you say, he reveals to us, individually, what we need for our particular place on the path.  That validates the purity of Helen’s channelling of his speaking.  I am not saying it is necessarily perfect but that does not mean it should be rejected in its entirety.  It also doesn’t mean we should fall into ego’s pit of saying, ‘If it isn’t perfect, I can interpret any part of it the way I like, to suit my own purposes.’  That is just what ego wants us to do: doubt.


I don't agree that ACIM is enough. It is the purest and highest (based on eastern ideas) but certainly not the way for all. I would add the words ‘yet’ and ‘all at once’ to that statement.  We will benefit by bearing in mind that the Great Rescue Programme (GRP) is a 6,000-year programme (the 3 measures of meal; see chapter 10 of SYFK.  


The point is that the full awakening and return to Oneness in the Sonship in Papa of all of us will not take place this century or even this millennium, but will be completed at or by the end of the Aquarian age, in 2000 years’ time.  In that perspective, it does not matter that the vast majority of humanity is not - yet – ready, at the Earth-mind level, for the message of ACIM.  In terms of who we all really are, it is the definitive message/scripture for getting us all Home. And it appeals to many who are better able to grasp abstract ideas. Such are not nascent, in this present act, to spiritual awakening but will have already made substantial progress in ‘former’ acts.


All through time individuals have become enlightened without ACIM as stated to Helen Schucman. Now that we are at the beginning of the last phase (3rd measure), we are more ready for the greater truths of ACIM than the vanguard of humanity was ready for earlier in the 3-phase GRP.  That is why Jesus has given this - the most advanced, nay complete, comprehensive, instrument for our awakening to full remembrance of who we really are - at this crucial stage in the GRP.  The timing is perfect (how could it be otherwise!?)  Ego, of course, does not see it this way at all and will do all it can to divert us from that truth, particularly by employing resistance to accepting it as such and getting us to look for ways to downgrade, alter and besmirch it or those involved with its dissemination and promulgation. 


There is no real indication except from what Ken Wapnick says in his biography of Helen, just how Helen was when she developed in terms of completing the work (her life's lessons) to the degree necessary to not be pulled earthwards again.  Ego would love us to be distracted by focussing on the channel and trying to sow the seeds of doubt about the message by picking at any prospect of finding fault - or contriving to find fault - with the vehicle by which the message has been delivered.  The Master has warned me many times over the decades about being on the lookout for such pitfalls of ‘the enemy.’


My piece of letter that you couldn't understand was really about this time matrix we are in which also takes in astral realms and those still short of "arriving home to God," though arranged differently. An ego trick to confuse us and keep us trapped in illusion.  I was tired and I am also sick and the newer ideas are quite taxing to a mind not grasping it all.


It was a bit presumptuous of me to say John can't be David and Jacob. I'll ask Jesus in the nest few days and weeks. John may well have been both.  Does it really make any difference, in the greater scheme of things?  Detail can be serviceable as a tool for increasing our understanding but it has a habit of bogging us down (if we let it) and keeping our attention diverted from the Principles of Life of the Father (PLFs)


Edgar Cayce is fallible but even Jesus told Helen that he (Jesus) has far more faith in his work than Cayce himself does. Would this not be characteristic of Jesus about most of us? Jesus told Helen that he will back Cayce's work in the appointed time which is not yet. Cayce's work is large but the larger proportion is about Holistic Health. The world cannot progress much without it. ACIM emphasises the unimportance of the body, that getting attuned to the Kingdom (Eternity) is the key to awakening, and this is through true forgiveness.  Our bodily health/wellbeing is entirely controlled by mind.  If it (our mind) is ego-dominated (guilt- and fear-ridden), it will manifest health issues; if it is under Christ Mind illumination (our goal, since that is who we really are) it will first recognise that our bodily state is irrelevant (genuinely, not a forced, and therefore illusory, attempt to so perceive) and then our bodily state will be, like our Mind, at peace and balanced in its functioning.  All this is possible while we still appear to be here to accomplish our purpose of dispelling any further need for a body - just as Jesus has done and is now helping us if we are willing to accept his help, so that we can waken to the truth of Eternity and get back there quicker.  Is that not an offer worthy of serious consideration, especially as it is free?  Jesus also said he guided Cayce's work. I know he did because I see it in the work itself. Jesus accompanies Cayce at times in walking him back to his body.


I won't comment on Olga. She seems an extraordinary woman and these characters that work almost silently I feel are in many ways the most enlightened.   ‘Fame’ and the limelight (ego diversionary tactics) are irrelevant to such souls. Her work was unique to her and to us but so is the work of Cayce, Steiner, Walsch and others. Even Walsch says he has a way to go but that didn't stop God within from producing through him - the CwG series.  There is a fundamental flaw in these communications, even though so much in them is good.  The flaw is that it (CwG) states the Creator Spirit, Papa, created the physical universe, polarity, duality; the exact opposite of what ACIM states.  Either CwG is mistaken and ACIM is not in error, or vice-versa.  Having followed Jesus since the 1960s and found him to be utterly trustworthy, and then coming to ACIM in the last 2 years, I immediately recognised that the author of ACIM is he who has been leading me on my life’s path this past 40+ years.  During that time he has shown himself to be unequivocally trustworthy.  Careful, prayerful reading – especially by anyone with a modicum of esoteric awareness - of SYFK and ACIM will leave readers in no doubt as to the identity of that Guide.


But the individuals I mentioned are still only presenting a portion of what humankind needs. ACIM a psychological approach I believe it is more accurate to state it as a ‘Mind’ approach.  This means, according to ACIM, a retraining of our minds back to Holy Spirit thinking and away from ego thinking.  Ego is the ‘prince of time and place;’ Jesus/Holy Spirit is the Prince of Eternity, which is a state of mind that is whole (holistic), not split, Cayce a most interesting and colourful work and absolutely necessary for whom?  We have the choice of Jesus or EC.  If we have access to the Mind of Christ, why do we need EC?  , Steiner - education, agriculture etc. Walsch an armature and structure for humankind to build upon, Gary Renard melding ACIM with Bruce Cathie and many similar time-matrix ideas. Then there is Findhorn and its demonstrating of cooperation with nature.  With Jesus/Holy Spirit/ACIM we can break the cycle of birth and death and get Home, permanently; with all the others you have mentioned this is not the case.


Jesus tells us the ‘physical’ realm is an illusion, a dream, a prestidigitation of ego mind; that our real Home is Eternity, Heaven, where we have always been, have never left; that time and place is an illusion.  Either this is true or it is not.  If it is true, then to be distracted by appearances from the dream are delaying our return home.  D.U. speaks of duality and pure non-duality.  Only pure non-duality (of mind) will awaken us from the dream.  All else will delay our awakening and keep us in the dream.


Yes this is an illusion and transitory but while we are bringing (re-revealing) heaven on earth, we still have to live, generate electricity, relieve the suffering of many not yet served by modern medicine, better plan our cities, villages. ACIM tell us how we can go within. These characters have gone within and produced other works for us.  To co-operate with the balance of the material realm is a Kingdomly approach, since, clearly, to ignore/abuse it is an ego, unKingdomly way of thinking (behaviour stems first from thinking).


ACIM is to save us unnecessary lives but just as long as those of us/them have to keep returning here then all the bits of the puzzle are to be used.  This is true, as long as we keep uppermost in our mind that the important aspect of this is to make them (all things to do with time and place) meaningless, as Jesus said to Gary Renard.  To put this into a graspable context, let us take the example of food.  Food helps to keep a body functional so we can express through it and use the opportunity it provides to heal our broken relationships and get us Home, but many of us make food a central aspect of our time here, rather than simply a means to an end.  This time and place illusion and all its facets – such as food, and UFOs - is just that: an illusion.  It only becomes ‘real’ if we give it reality – in our mind.  Jesus reminds us in ACIM that that is what idolatry really is. 


On the other hand, if we keep reminding ourself that none of this is real and remain steadfastly focussed on the only reality – God and our oneness in Him in Eternity – then the apparent reality of time and place (including our own body, and those around us, nature, the stars and planets) gradually becomes less and less of a reality.  It is a subtle, gradual change of focus/emphasis but that change can only come about if we are one-pointedly committed to getting Home and leaving the illusion behind us.  Can we leave it behind us if we are focussing on it?  Lot’s wife turning into a pillar of salt is an allegory about what happens to us if we keep looking back, hankering for what we are ‘leaving behind.’  Ego has us believing what we are asked to 'leave behind' has some value but its value is nothing compared with the reality to which we are returning.  Let us hasten and not tarry!


For example, I walk in the Cotswold hills each day, from where there are magnificent views down the Severn Valley and across to the Black Mountains in Wales.  However, since studying ACIM and receiving the reminders there about the unreality of all this, I have been less inclined to admire the views and more inclined, as I walk, to enter into the within, into communion with Papa, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  The uplift obtained by/from that switch of focus is immeasurably more beneficial in terms of inner peace, enlightenment, joy, upliftment of heart and mind.  It is not a case of switching-off the world around us; rather a case of recognising it for what it really is and placing it where it belongs within that context.


I don't believe anyone is infallible. All of us who are here because we still have some unconscious guilt and fear, some broken relationships to heal through true forgiveness, all of us who are still open to deception by ego mind, are fallible.  However, none of that is who we really are, and those who have awakened to full remembrance of who we really are (of whom Jesus was the ‘firstfruits’) are infallible because they have completely identified with Christ and replaced consciousness and perception with knowledge.  That is not partial knowledge but complete and absolute, non-duality knowledge.  Of course there are, at present, very few who are at that place but as a result of ACIM, the numbers awakening-to-full-remembrance is now going to take a sharp rise during the coming generations.  That is because the leavening/raising up to fullness of Kingdom awareness is now starting to take place and accelerate.  I take what Walsch's (God within) said, "Whatever you do, don't believe these words." That does not mean we should not believe ACIM – though those who are not yet ready for it will not believe it – yet.  At some ‘future’ time, another act or two, or however many, it is inevitable that they will come to a state of readiness to believe it because that is, ultimately, who we really are, once all the illusions have been dispelled. It was to show it is help and advice on the way which just may change (will change) as we become more responsible.


Thank you for putting me on your mailing list. I belong to several yahoo groups but I prefer to study alone. I agree with you.  Theresa and I study ‘alone’ (i.e., together, just the two of us, because it works for us, but we have been together on the path of spiritual waking for a number of acts, so we are now ready for this, but we also study ACIM not in each other’s company)  And of course I have Jesus. Alleluia!  How good is that?  If only the ego-world knew. He has a unique way of contacting me but he says its limitation is all part of his plan with me. The SMCC mechanism of attunement could, I feel sure, assist this for you. So, in patience we regain awareness of our souls.

If portions of my letter are not clear it doesn't matter. Its quite a mission for me to arrange my ideas in a half-articulate way due to being way below par physically.  Bless you, bless you, bless you.



Margaret (H).




Hi Brian,


I hadn't expressed these points.


21: Peter seeing him saith to Jesus, Lord, and what shall this man do?

22: Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me.

I believe the two verses you quoted simply mean that John would not be martyred. Indeed he is the only one of the eleven disciples who wasn't killed. Poor Peter being crucified as an old man.  I stick with my earlier interpretation of this, especially as he whom I have known since the 1960s as the Teacher is (‘still’) John the Seer of Patmos; this indicates John has not reincarnated, or ‘tasted death’ (although he may also have taken other personas while remaining John of Patmos).

John did tarry until Jesus returned to him giving him the Revelation of God. John died an old man after returning from exile. He was the only one not to die a violent death apart from torture.  ‘Death’ of the physical body is not the ‘death’ Jesus was speaking of when he said, ‘And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?’ (Jn 11:26).  This supports his theme in ACIM that we are not a body.  ‘Death,’ in his context means loss of awareness of who we really are, such as happens when we reincarnate and forget who we are, starting around again on the carousel.


I do not believe John or any of the disciples were fully enlightened as you put it. The Apocrypha shows John wanted three time to marry yet Jesus would not permit such, wanting John to help spread what he understood of Jesus' teachings around certain areas. Such details do not affect the GRP.  We can allow ourselves to become bogged down in detail or choose to remain focussed on the PLFs.  ACIM points us in the direction of the PLFs by reminding us who we are and who we are not, and how to get Home from this illusory realm of dreams. Now we find that most of the disciples did not understand Jesus in great part but the seeds were sown.  This begs the question, ‘Are we fructifying soil in which those seeds can germinate, grow and bear much fruit for the Kingdom, or are we stony ground - or perhaps choked by thorns (Mk. 4:7)?


Several of the disciples returned to earth during Edgar Cayce's lifetime. Peter, Andrew, Mary Magdalene, Lucius (Luke) not a disciple but returned and had been responsible for the eventual book of Luke and The Acts. A couple of others whose name escape me also returned.  Is this according to EC? 


We know that Gary Renard was Thomas and an unnamed friend Thaddeus? Gary Renard still has another experience to undergo as we know.

When you say John may well be here (I believe he is) wouldn't it be very interesting if he was female? Now that would be a challenge for him/her - that soul.  I am in no doubt that we have all been male and female many times but, again, gender is only of the time and place consciousness and has no place in Heaven/Eternity.


The point about John wanting to marry and not being permitted to (his love for Jesus was great - he would do anything for him even sacrifice companionship it seems) I think this unresolved need or wish to experience would have John at the very least living another life/s after John's. John wasn't squeaky clean, he and brother James wanted to have prize position on either side of Jesus in "Heaven," and I feel there was more to both that needed working on. Sons of thunder no less still bubbling under I would think despite a long life (John). 


I am not convinced that John of Patmos was John the brother of James (these are Anglicised names and there is plenty of scope for identity confusion).  Olga believed John of Patmos (‘the disciple Jesus loved,’ who outran Peter to the tomb) was the rich young ruler spoken of in Mt. 19:16 ff.  The record says he went away sorrowing after what Jesus said to him because he was very rich.  What it does not say is that he then thought about what Jesus had said and decided to become a follower of Jesus.  He is the disciple referred to in Jn. 18:15, 16: And Simon Peter followed Jesus, and so did another disciple: that disciple was known unto the high priest, and went in with Jesus into the palace of the high priest.  But Peter stood at the door without. Then went out that other disciple, which was known unto the high priest, and spake unto her that kept the door, and brought in Peter. 

James and his brother John were Galilean but this rich young ruler (who knew Caiaphas and was in the Sanhedrin) was a Judean.  This makes sense if he was formerly David and had ‘unfinished business’ in Judea (the location of Jerusalem).


But not to worry, these things will come out eventually. I'm working on (and have been invited to in the future) looking back at just where I have even been. Jesus promises this by the Holy Spirit. I'm holding him to it.  Please keep me posted on progress.

And again thanks for being another voice who helps us to put the pieces together Brian.


Sincerely,  Love and blessings, always,


Margaret (H).   Brian


The following exchange was posted on October 25th 2007

 This exchange resulted from the Message of Encouragement dated October 24th 2007

Hi Brian. Hi Pearl,


This is the sort of thing that I have done sometimes. Written letters to people, then cremated them  I trust it was the letters, and not the people, that you cremated! in my wood furnace. This is a mechanism recommended by a number of philosophies and organisations, including some Christian healing centres.  What we learn from ACIM and from Arten and Pursah in Gary Renard’s books is that everything is really in the mind.  What this is saying is that what we ‘do,’ outwardly, is not critical, or even important but that it is the motive (desire) and sincerity of our intent that is critical to the outcome of everything.  So, if we write a letter to a person with whom we have issues – a broken relationship – truly seeking and earnestly desiring to heal that relationship, and are sending that person those thoughts as we write the letter and committing the healing into the care of the Holy Spirit as we burn the letter, then benefit will, assuredly, come from that process. 


However, it is helpful to remember that such an act (burning the letter) is only symbolic.  The real process is in the mind.  It is the sincere desire for restoration of a loving communion between the person writing the letter and the person to whom it is written that is the all important thing, bearing in mind that that person is, in the only reality, which is Eternity, one with us in the Sonship of the Father Creator (regardless of any outward appearances to the contrary, all of which are projections of unconscious guilt and fear, designed to keep us in the illusory wilderness of time and place). 


The inference that can be drawn from this (i.e. that it is the sincerity of the intent, in the mind that matters) is that the outward, physical act of burning the letter is not crucial to the outcome, although if the act is felt to be helpful, then there is nothing wrong with it. You say to write the forgiveness letter every day, for how many days? I actually said ‘we speak these words’ rather than writing them.  What that means is, one could write the words only once and keep the piece of paper with that message on it to hand (feel free to use the example I gave if you resonate with it).  Speak the words (daily or more than once daily) for as many days, weeks or months as you feel motivated so to do. 


Here is an example of where ongoing application of the forgiveness procedure until the desired result (healing, restoration of the relationship) is achieved, might come about and unfold: 


Person A and person B have been in a close, caring, loving relationship for multiple acts but something went wrong in a previous act and the relationship was damaged, broken, beyond repair during that act.  The real, Kingdomly purpose of reincarnation (as defined by the Voice for God, Holy Spirit) is to call into our presence opportunities to restore and heal broken relationships, so that we can all awaken from the dream and go Home to Papa, permanently, as soon as possible.  The purpose of reincarnation as far as ego is concerned is to perpetuate the broken condition, to keep us reincarnating again and again, getting us entangled in ever greater karmic conditions.  Our job is to choose our preference from these two options.


So, A and B reincarnate, into conditions that create another opportunity for either continuation of the breach (ego) or healing (Holy Spirit).  The circumstances will, of course, be different, but the principle will be the same.  A and B will have forgotten about the breach in the previous act as they take on new personas in the new act.  So, it appears as if they are starting with a clean slate but in reality, the seed memory of events in the previous act are dormant in the unconscious mind of both A and B.  The relationship will start out positive, loving, cordial but then something will happen that will cause a breach (again).   


This manifests as adversity but in reality is opportunity for a healing to take place.  Ego will be trying to persuade A and B that the other is wrong, guilty, evil, a scoundrel, and each will project that energy in the form of attack onto the other.  If both do respond in like manner and fail to recognise the opportunity for what it really is, there goes another turn round on the carousel.  However, if, for example, B chooses not to allow ego to be in charge, but, calling upon the help of the Holy Spirit, chooses to steadfastly see past the apparent attack, guilt, fear brought on by the event that caused the breakdown, and engage the PLF of true forgiveness, perhaps using the example I gave, then the path to restoration and healing will commence, even if A is unrelenting.


The objective is a healing, of course.  The greater the desire B has to heal the relationship, the greater the commitment of B to achieving it will be regardless of the magnitude of the breach,.  Now A may be so immersed in unconscious guilt and fear (perhaps because A perpetrated a great violence against B in the previous act) that he is projecting the guilt and fear, in the form of further attack – which doesn’t have to be physical but simply verbal (though, effectively, in the ego-dominated mind) – onto B and will not have any contact with B, or be reasonable with B at the physical level of contact. 


This is where giving the gift of forgiveness via the Holy Spirit comes in very handy because the Holy Spirit is inextricably linked at the Higher Mind level to both A and B.  Now in his Higher Mind, or ‘Big Self,’ A is ready for a healing (because both A and B reincarnated to create the healing opportunity, even though it was necessary to recreate the breach, albeit in different circumstances, in order to provide an opportunity to heal it).  But in his ego-dominated, fear and guilt ridden, little self consciousness, A has blocked-out remembrance of who he really is and sees B as a threat, so must attack B before B attacks A.  Yes, this is insanity, just as Jesus describes it in ACIM.  This blocking out of remembrance of Big Self with little self is the shell in the analogy of the chick (Big Self) trying to break through to freedom.


So, if B chooses with Holy Spirit and truly seeks and earnestly desires a healing of the relationship with A, even though A has no such ‘little self’ conscious desire, so outwardly is not willing to participate in this process, remaining intransigent instead, this is no problem for Holy Spirit (and those of us who choose with Him).  As indicated in the example I mentioned, B repeatedly used the true forgiveness example I gave and for some time there was no outward indication of any progress from A.  But B was undaunted by apparent lack of result and continued every day with the forgiveness procedure.  A was, of course, receiving the forgiveness at the Big Self level of awareness but it has to come into effect at the little self (shell) level also, to break the cycle of birth and death. 


 Now that shell is very, very hard indeed but B’s heartfelt, sincere, daily forgiveness exercise generates spiritualised psychic power at the Earth-life level for the Holy Spirit to use in gradually strengthening the chick (A) and gradually, according to His wisdom, weakening/dispelling/disintegrating the shell (little self A), so that a breakthrough could be effected from above (Big Self) down (little self), to the point where, after weeks of true forgiveness practise, with B focussing the communing (speaking the words of the forgiveness exercise) directly to the Mind (Big Self) of A (not little self/shell), until suddenly, A is able to exclaim ‘I am ready!’ to receive the gift of forgiveness. 


That does not mean that immediately, outwardly, there will be a healing, and it is vital to be aware of that, in order not to be discouraged by not having an instant fix.


However, it  is a breakthrough and should encourage B to continue with renewed enthusiasm and commitment to commune the forgiveness exercise to the Big Self mind of A, who, after a few more days of this communing/forgiveness activity from B says, ‘Please continue sending the blessings; it is really helping me to break through this shell.’  This signifies further progress – and provides for even further encouragement to B to continue, for as long as it takes (time is an illusion; getting us all back Home to Papa is all that matters) - in what has been a very major opportunity (outwardly, breach in the relationship) to actually restore and heal the relationship to its true level of siblings in the Sonship, so that we all can from there be re-united as One, in Papa.


In due course (Holy Spirit timing, with FTOC from B) there will follow a full breakthrough of the shell (we all know this eventually happens as the chick hatches out) that will result in a reconciliation/healing and A and B will be restored to Kingdomly sibling kinship, bringing to an end what may have been a multiple-act breach and will have saved even further acts, if we forget to choose with Holy Spirit and choose instead (again!) with ego.


You ask For how many days?’  The answer is, it depends on one’s desire, commitment, faith; the degree of breach and how close the relationship was that got breached; how important is the relationship and its healing to the forgiver; how great is the degree of intransigence of either of the parties (how thickly has fear and guilt constructed the shell?)  If the breach is minor, between parties who are or were not close, perhaps one practising of the exercise, sincerely conducted and committed to the care of the Holy Spirit, will suffice.  If the relationship is important and the breach severe, then it can only be good to practise as often as the desire for its healing motivates us, for as long as it takes, bearing in mind that this, according to Jesus in ACIM, is our only way out of this wilderness and back Home where we belong.


And can one also do this for more than one person?  There is no limit to the number of people for whom one can practise true forgiveness (including for oneself; after all, how many of us love to beat ourselves up over the smallest matter!?)  However, sincerity of desire should be the governing factor.  I would also say, if there is one in particular that is head and shoulders above the rest of broken relationships, concentrate on that and get accustomed to, adept at, the procedure until results happen.  This will make subsequent forgiveness endeavours easier because we will have already seen results and been greatly encouraged by them.  Above all, believe it will happen.  It cannot if we doubt because doubt is egos jackhammer for dismantling our faith.  Believing, unswervingly, disempowers that jackhammer  Thank you. regards. Pearl.


I hope this will help.  Pearl, your questions provide wonderful opportunity to share inspiration from the Holy Spirit, Who is our Helper and Guide on our journey, with as many as are able to receive His answers.  Bless you for asking.  Please never feel shy about asking; Jesus and the Holy Spirit are infinitely patient, loving and caring toward us all.


Love and blessings, as always,




The following exchange was posted on October 18th 2007


Hi Brian and Theresa,  Hi Dorothy,

I thought I had better drop you a line in case you thought I had fallen off the planet.  I didn’t think that very likely but we are always delighted to hear from you! I am very engrossed at the moment, because prompted by your references to it, and although like a lot of people, I believe I get very little time for reading, (honesty says the real reason is that I let other things take priority) I decided that although I haven't finished ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’ yet, I would start working my way through ACIM, and it is working out well.


This is because it came into my mind that instead of the Text-Volume1 - being a foundation for the Workbook-Volume2, if the two are read in tandem the Text could be a framework for the Lessons.  The inner prompting came when wondering if I could do it. “Get started” it said!!!!.  Great; go for it! And then I saw that there are 365 daily Lessons in the Workbook -Volume 2 and 622 pages in the Text -Volume 1, so spread out over a year even the busiest ‘got no time to read’ person could attempt it.  Well, this is as good a prompt as I can imagine for all those persons to take a leaf out of your book and begin reading ACIM.  If this approach works for you, stick with it.  I suspect that continuing to read Gary’s book will also help.  I am on my fourth reading of that and am getting something more from it on just about every page, as the awakening process continues.


Theresa and I read right through the Text first, then right through the Workbook and are now on the Teacher’s Manual.  It works well for us.  It is a great help having two of us (well, at least the Master/Holy Breath are also there with us, plus whoever else from the Realms of Light, to inspire us) and it is really a study/contemplative occasion, with some joy, peace, love and thanksgiving contributing to the wonderment and enlightenment of the process.


Then when I looked at the introduction to the Workbook for Students in Volume 2 and read the first paragraph, I was astounded and it seemed a confirmation of my line of thought. It is so comforting when that happens.


“A theoretical foundation such as the text provides is necessary as a framework to make the exercises in this book meaningful. We certainly found this to be true but we also found that 40 years with the Master has helped massively and I guess there is somewhere around 5% of the text that we struggled with.  However, what then helps with that is to ask the Holy Breath to bring enlightenment and then leave it with Him; then we come back on the next study occasion to the passage that we struggled with and read it again, and are amazed that we struggled with it in the first place, because it now seems perfectly clear! Yet it is the doing of these exercises that will make the goal of the course possible. An untrained mind can accomplish nothing.  This is such a massively important statement, which I believe most of ego-dominated-mind humanity does not recognise, and is, I am sure, the reason so many fall by the wayside with ACIM. It is the purpose of this Workbook to train your mind to think along the lines the text sets forth.”  Far be it from me to be confirming how right the Master is, but on this occasion, I must attest to the vital, essential, paramount importance of this last sentence.  The reason for this is that our ego-mind is trained into the exact opposite of the correct vision of our true Being as Papa’s Son and is so smothering to our awareness of and attunement with our true Being that a radical ‘ego-mind-ectomy’ is what is really needed.  It is that one-pointed commitment to re-training that will make the difference.  Of course, the vast majority of humanity is not yet ready for such a commitment.  But they will become so during this third measure of meal epoch, during which the whole will be leavened (raised up).


 Does 'text' mean ‘Text' and is it to be used as a framework representing a theoretical foundation for the lessons? Do we read the Text first or does the mind have to be trained first by the lessons to be able think along the lines of the text. So what comes first, the chicken or the egg? That is when I decided to stop mulling it over and start reading the two in tandem.  Clearly this was a sound decision and you will assuredly be receiving inspiration and enlightenment as you proceed (don’t forget to ASK the Holy Breath for help!)


When I next wrote to my email penfriend in Tasmania and included this bit of information, there came a very excited response about the synchronicity. My friend said she had also had a feeling for some time that she should read ACIM, although she did not know much about it. She had just told someone that she had ordered a copy and then this person joyfully lent her one that had been given to her some time ago but which she hadn’t read herself, and then my email arrived when my friend got back home. And adding further to the synchronicity, she told me that when the email arrived at her end, the font size of the paragraph in which I told her about my interest in ACIM was enlarged. But when I checked it again in my ‘Sent Items’ folder it was the same size as the rest of the email, just as when it was sent.  There is nothing the world can bring us to match the kind of thrill a synchronistic moment like this brings us.


What I have noticed about the Lessons is that there is no pressure, and the encouragement is not to do more, but to do less if what is recommended does not feel comfortable. Because of this freedom, there is a feeling of choosing and joy in the personal effort. That is so characteristic of Jesus, who I readily attest has infinite patience.  It is genuine, too, based on his absolute knowledge of the reality that time (and therefore the sense that it is ‘running out’ so we must rush at everything) is an illusion, and that in Eternity all is peaceful, relaxed, unhurried. Am also endeavouring to finish ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’ before it is due back at the library. All for now, back to the books. Love Dorothy  Thanks so much for writing.  Enjoy your studies (they are really a recapitulation of what we already know in our Big Mind).






The following exchange was posted on October 17th 2007


Hi Brian.  Hi Pearl,   Hope you are keeping well etc. Wonderfully well, thank you; I hope you are also.  I have been reading the ACIM book, and on page 28 it says" Forgiveness is an empty gesture unless it entails correction, without this it is essentially judgmental, rather than healing. Jesus is speaking about the two different types of forgiveness.  In the Message of Encouragement dated April 11th I have written:


In the Message of Encouragement dated February 7th 2007 it was stated that forgiveness is the central theme of ACIM, but forgiveness appears to our ego-distorted minds as one of the most convoluted issues of life.  In truth, it is actually, like all matters of God’s Creation, very simple once the light of spiritual discernment has been applied to it.  For that light, ACIM comes once more to our help (if this is the real Jesus speaking, who could expect anything less!?)  For here we are reminded that there are two types of forgiveness:


1.                  False forgiveness, in which the ‘sin’ is acknowledged and then forgiven.  However, the flaw in this misperception is that by acknowledging the sin, we give it reality.  This a ploy of ego mind, which wants us to be bogged-down in a false world of sin, and


2.                  True forgiveness.  Here, the words of Jesus from ACIM are the most serviceable to our forming a clear and uncluttered understanding:


Forgiveness recognises that what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred.  It does not pardon sins and (therefore) make them real.  It sees (instead, that) there was no sin.  And in that view are all your sins forgiven. (Mt. 6:15) (My parentheses and italics). (ACIM Workbook, page 401).


False forgiveness is an empty gesture because it a) makes the ‘sin’ real (in our perception) and 2) does not engage the correction process.  The word correction is not implying some form of punishment but simply the re-training of our mind from ego ‘upside-downness’ to ‘rightside-upness’ as in Christ Mind, our true, Big Self Mind.  False forgiveness is, as the Master says, essentially judgemental, rather than healing.


Also { I forget what page} It says not to analyze. I always analyze situations as I feel that it helps me to cope with the situation better. Analysing is an ego-mind function, as in ‘the spirit of reckoning, standing in the place of faith.’  Here is what I wrote about this last week (October 10th Message of Encouragement):


But ego doesn’t give up without a struggle. Ego wants us to be lost in his territory, so keeps working his prestidigitations upon us, to keep us looking to the without for the answers to life, the universe and everything (including who we are).  He has many helpers:  our parents, our teachers, our peers, our scientists, our friends, our researchers, CNN.  They all feed us with images, stories, beliefs, mythologies as if they were the realities.  And our own, split-off mind, which has accepted the ‘lie of satan’ from the beginning of the separation about who we are, adopts this through our intellectual selective, comparison (analysing) processes.  This, Jesus called ‘the spirit of reckoning, standing in the place of faith’ in his message to Olga Park of March 31st 1948 entitled ‘The Thirsting Christ’   (see vignette 10 in SYFK).


In our Right-Mind we do not need to ‘reckon’ because we know, of a certainty, who we really are and where we really are: Papa’s beloved Son; safe with Him; indestructible; fully and totally provided for and loved beyond any imagining of our Earth-mind, little-self reckoning.


The bit highlighted in yellow really explains this.  I hope you will find it helpful.  Please get back to me if you need some further assistance with this.  I am finding it very interesting, although I do not understand some of it. You are not alone there, Kiddo!!  It is not a five minute exercise but a lifetime – actually, more likely more than one act (depending on where we are on the Path) – exercise, correcting our upside-down, ego-dominated mind and re-training it up for our restoration to our true Home with Papa in Eternity: Heaven.  But that will it serve us well if we allow it to daunt us and cause us to abandon the task.  That would be falling right into ego’s first pit!  Christians don’t study the Bible just once, not if they are committed, sincere Christians.  Those of us who are earnest in our desire to awaken from the dream will be equally committed and one-pointed in our desire to learn how to break the cycle of birth and death from the One who knows (and whose words have not been adulterated by ‘hidden agenda merchants’), so that we can rejoin with him without unnecessary delay.  Assuredly, if we give up, we are simply delaying the moment for, perhaps another act, or more. I am on to page 217 of the Text. This is probably going to take me two or three years to read, and then maybe start it again, I think!!!. Alleluia!!  That's the spirit.  Good old Yorkshire stick-at-it-iveness!  I implore exhort and encourage you to keep on keeping on.  I am wondering if you could explain to me what the forgiveness line means. Namaste. Pearl. Thank you.  Thank you, Pearl; please keep writing with any questions.


Love and blessings




The following exchange was posted on October 14th 2007

  This is a continuation of an exchange with Ed that was posted on October 3rd (see below).

Thank you for your time and effort in your reply. Ed, it seems apparent to me that your attention to interpreting Bible scriptures in a particular way is so focused that you are missing a much wider and more meaningful and important message from Jesus to us, his brethren in the Sonship.  That message is to be found in ACIM, about which I have been writing, under inspiration from the Holy Spirit, for some months, in the weekly ‘Messages of Encouragement’ and about which Gary Renard’s books ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’ and ‘Your Immortal Reality’ speak in a way that can help everyone to understand ACIM more meaningfully. 


You also appear to have decided that in spite of acknowledging that the Bible has now been shown very widely to have been so tampered with by ‘hidden agenda merchants’ as to be very misleading to its readers (especially those without the light of spiritual - as distinct from religious doctrine and dogma interpretation – discernment), you are still committed to perceiving it as having some specific – though hidden - message from the Father Creator .  I believe it would be a sad missing of a much wider opportunity for you to grow spiritually toward the place of readiness to awaken to the reality of Eternity/Heaven if you were to blinker yourself to what is manifestly a much more meaningful message to us all (ACIM) for this time in our progress Homeward than the Bible is able to provide.  It is apparent to those with eyes to see that ACIM is the definitive Scripture for mankind in this 'end times' phase of the Great Rescue Programme (GRP).


Further, if you are (as it seems to me) one-pointedly focused on the improprieties of world leaders, power-structures, fiscal bodies, corporate entities etc (rather than blessing and forgiving them and leaving them to the Holy Spirit), and how they appear to you to be fulfilling some esoteric code hidden within the Bible, how, have you ever asked yourself, can you come to be ready to embrace the magnificence, joy, glory, peace, innocence, love, of Jesus, our big brother, and all that he has come to remind us is our true nature, destiny and heritage?   


I have found some gems that I can use to put some things in perspective. Ed, none of these 'gems' are to be found in the Kingdom; why then, I cannot help wondering, are they of such profound value to you?  If this is not filling your heart and soul with peace, love and joy, it is not of the Kingdom and will never lead you back Home to There, but rather, is a distraction to keep you locked into the cycle of birth and death.  If you truly desire to get on Jesus’ wavelength, then attuning to it, not to the mammon of unrighteousness, is the only way to do it.  


At the present time I am working on the commercial aspect of the Bible to step forward in harmony with fulfilling the law of Mathew 5;17. You keep using the word ‘commercial’ and unless you explain its use within the context of the Kingdom of Heaven (which is what Jesus – and even the Bible, to some extent – is all about, then I have no idea what you meanthere are very few that see what I see in the Bible as to your commercial redemption  Ed, I can assure you, I have no understanding of, nor interest in ‘commercial’ redemption and I feel very sure that other sincere seekers after spiritual truth will not have either.  The reason for this is that the Kingdom of Heaven/Eternity has not one jot of commerciality in It. which can not take place unless one has an appreciation for the Bible regardless of the manipulation and short falls of it  Spiritual redemption, on the other hand, is what Jesus is all about and ACIM explains it all in plain language.  My appreciation for the Bible, after 40+ years, is for the only tiny amount it contains of who and what the real Jesus was (and is) all about.  Much of the rest is what he was not about and a lot of contradictions as to Who and What God and His Kingdom is.  


Perhaps when I have gotten to where I need to be in my process, I will let you know and if you would like to see what I see, Ed, in all your written communications I am more confused than enlightened.  Until such time as what you are trying to say has something of Eternal meaningfulness to me and conveys some spiritual enlightenment, how can you expect me to wish to hear more of what I can only perceive as a bizarre quest you have set yourself? I would gladly go to England and show you first hand, but that would be your call and only on your approval. 


Sadly, it appears you simply ignore anything that does not harmonise with this quest, so engaging in a progressive discussion about Jesus and his GRP does not seem to be bearing much fruit.  Nevertheless, your inner peace and enlightenment remain concerns of my heart, since, within the true eternal context of our Oneness in the Sonship, we are brethren indeed and I give thanks for you and bless you for this.


Yours in Kingdomly Brotherhood,




The following exchange was posted on October 12th 2007


Again, your words are right on target! 
(Message of Encouragement, October 10th) These last few weeks, I've been vacillating between my "reckoning" and desire for truth.   Today's message about putting "all" in the hands of God, (upping the ante of "faith"), just reinforces that I need to have stick-to-it-ness. Rosa, dear one, I can tell where your heart lies, or you would not continue to write and exchange fellowship in this way.  Jesus loves you and is kind to you;  I urge you, 'stick at' being loving and kind to yourself, even as I know you truly desire to be.  


Too often I am struck by a pang of doubt, or fear that I will have to suffer first before I can ever experience the ecstasy of heaven on earth. This statement indicates the reality that the institutionalised church is an ego-construct that has taken the message of Jesus and dismantled it and re-made it in ego’s own image and likeness: duality, with the agenda of fear and control instead of love and freedom, thinly disguised as a message of love and forgiveness.  Sadly, many of those who have sought after the real, living Jesus but have been waylaid by the church and taken in by it end up being the most judgemental, elitist, separatist souls one is likely to encounter.  This statement is intended as observational rather than judgemental!!


(Oh, How I long for that state of bliss that you describe.)  That state is as close to us all as our own heartbeat; closer.  All we have to do is allow it.  You know 'your mind is part of God’s and that you are very holy.'  Keep on keeping on and never give up.  Ego wants you to give up.  It is very easy to give up but there is no reward in it, only a sinking, despairing feeling afterwards.  Every day, every moment you stick at it you have accomplished one more step toward the Kingdom, where there is great rejoicing over you - as over us all.


You said that there are many workers of the Realms of Light who are helping me.  This is the absolute truth. That gives me such comfort Long may it continue ...and I feel gratitude for God, Source and Infinite being who loves me so much that I'm provided Angels of light to care for me on my journey. Atta girl!  Here is Papa’s word for encouragement from May 15th 1996; I copy it here now for your peace of mind and upliftment:  My son, fear is for the ungodly; in My garden of delight is joy and peace and fulfilment.  Open your arms to receive My bounty and in this act shall fall away that which is not of the eternal.  


This thought seems to slightly fend off the fear that hounds me... of falling prey to calamity. ...that I can't have joy without first suffering - emotionally, financially and physically. This, ego’s legacy through the church for the children of Earth, is tenacious indeed.  Remember: ego, the church, fear, only have the power over us that we allow them.  Ask Papa, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, to strengthen you in repudiating that power, forgive the church and be released into innocence (you may wish to revisit the forgiveness exercise given in the Message of encouragement dated August 22nd this year  ...and so I'm anxiously worried about the impending financial doom that will surely come because that's the "ring of fire" I have to go through first. 


My dear Rosa, if it is any comfort to you, you are very far from alone in this.  I believe there are vast percentages of humanity, including - perhaps particularly - in the developed economies of the world, who are in this vise-like grip of fear.  Most are too fearful to acknowledge it to themselves, let alone anyone else, so you are being very, very courageous in speaking openly of it like this.  That can only be good.  As your stick-at-it-iveness continues and you become stronger in your faith, trust and conviction of the Love and Help you are receiving every moment, so will this debilitating fear gradually subside.  I know this from my own experience, because yes, I have been there and it has only been comparatively recently that this has diminished significantly.  Every time you win through in faith, not only is it one more to faith but it is one less to ego, so the gap widens much more rapidly than many might realise.

It  occurred to me that I have been operating under two beliefs that I acquired at an early age through my Catholic religious upbringing.  At Mass we intone, "through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault.." and "Lord, I am NOT worthy to receive you, only say the word, and I shall be healed".   ACIM  says neither is REAL, neither is True.  Yet, this Unreality which I have created (my ego life) keeps forcing itself on my consciousness, and manifesting as my dream life.  I realize that all these fears of suffering are just reflecting these two, distorted beliefs.   My fears are just a projection of the guilt I've built up through these beliefs. 


This Mass intonation is an ego constructed calumny of the greatest magnitude, that goes so deep into our unconscious that it remains there from one incarnation to the next.  I suspect that this is an issue that you have brought with you from a previous act and that is why it weighs so heavily upon you; you have called it back into your presence as another opportunity to outwork it and be released from it.  If you live in the USA, where the Unity Church is widespread (and is very different from the institutionalised denominational churches in its perspectives on the real Jesus, guilt and sin etc.) I believe (though I actually know little about them but have heard some very good things) they might be able to give you some practical help, counselling, release from this misperception (which though it seems so real to you, always hovering, sapping your life energies, is - as you really know - what it is).

I know this.  Yet, often the old fear rises up and I am scared.   It takes some time to make my way out of it...always starting with "my mind is part of God's.  I am very holy." 
This is and can only be a good, powerful mantra.   Even as I tell you this, I don't say it to confirm your comments about the Church not being truthful, or being deceitful.  I no longer harbor a grudge against the Church....amazingly I've recently taken a position within the Catholic church. I do not say this to deliberately unsettle you, but I wonder if you have asked yourself if this might be some of a previous act’s condition drawing you back there because you unconsciously feel this is where the issue has its origin and are drawn back to ‘the scene of the crime’?


I feel the Holy Spirit has guided me here so that I can use my experiences as the opportunity to find the True Freedom promised as "heaven on earth" an opportunity to develop the daily discipline to work my "forgiveness" program as a member of "J's team."   I hope this is correct.  Perhaps it might help if you ask Him to affirm this for you and then leave that request with Him.  If nothing shows up as the affirmation within a ‘reasonable’ time, it might be worth looking into the Unity Church (without quitting your job, unless subsequently guided so to do).

By the way, my prayer is now "Lord, I am so worthy to receive you, and I am thankful to be one with you."  
This, assuredly, is an antidote to the condition.  Thank you so much for sharing this Rosa. I pray, earnestly, that you find swift release into ‘the joy of Heaven to Earth come down,’ and that others may also benefit from hearing your candid and honest expressing of your feelings and experience.

In Christ's holy name,
Love and many, many blessings for your inner peace Rosa,


The following exchange was posted on October 3rd 2007

I recently forwarded a prayer kindly sent to me (copied below) to a number of people, and received an interesting reply from Ed.

Best Prayer I Have Heard In A Long Time...


Heavenly Father, Help us remember that the jerk who cut us off in traffic last night is a single mother who worked nine hours that day and is rushing home to cook dinner, help with homework, do the laundry and spend a few precious moments with her children.

Help us to remember that the pierced, tattooed, disinterested young man who can't count change correctly is a worried 19-year-old college student, balancing his apprehension over final exams with his fear of not getting his student loans for next semester.

Remind us, Lord, that the scary looking bum, begging for money in the same spot every day (who really ought to get a job!) is a slave to addictions that we can only imagine in our worst nightmares

Help us to remember that the old couple walking annoyingly slowly through the store aisles and blocking our shopping progress are savoring this moment, knowing that, based on the biopsy report she got back last week, this will be the last year that they go shopping together  

Heavenly Father, remind us each day that, of all the gifts you give us, the greatest gift is love. It is not enough to share that love with those we hold dear. Open our hearts not just to those who are close to us, but to all humanity. Let us be slow to judge and quick to forgive, show patience, empathy and love.

If you send this on to some other people, then you have a chance to touch some other people.  

Working for God on earth doesn't pay much......but His retirement plan is out of this world!


Dear Ed,


I am going to speak forthrightly, which does not mean insultingly, but merely straightforwardly, in response to what you have written.


Debbie Ford writes that we can either be ‘Affected’ by something (or someone) or ‘Informed’ by it, or them.  Affected means it pushes our buttons, in a negative way; gets our blood pressure up; upsets/distresses us.  ‘Informed’ means we are at peace in/with such an event or person; we accept it/them for what it is/they are, and are relaxed about it.


If we are affected, it is telling us that we have some deep, unresolved issues that are causing our distress, angst, negative reaction to the person or situation.  The reaction is a message to ourself that we have some resolving to undertake and that by ‘retracing, facing, embracing and replacing’ the cause of our negative response we can move forward, grow (spiritually), leave behind, deal with the issues we have come here to address; that railing against them is taking us nowhere but into ill health and another circuit on the carousel; that the issues never go away (ever – and will require further incarnations to deal with them if we are unwilling to deal with them when they arise) until we have retraced, faced, embraced and replaced them.  ACIM speaks of true forgiveness as the resolution mechanism for the healing of relationships – more on that below.


I usually don’t get into stuff like this because there is so much of this which really means nothing in the big picture. I really enjoy this one and will pass it on because as a student of the Bible, I know that we live in a truly pagan society that pays lip service to the Creator and does not honor him and this makes me VERY FRUSTRATED with people.


Do you think it might be helpful to ask yourself whether you believe Jesus, the Lord of unconditional love is affected or informed by such as you describe.  If he is at peace within himself (and radiating it out toward all of us, including the pagans, the child molesters, the despots), and we who love him desire to emulate him, is allowing ourself to become VERY FRUSTRATED honouring Jesus (and ourself)?  Do you believe Jesus would wish us to honour ourselves or dishonour ourselves, based on the PLF that to dishonour another, we dishonour ourself (because, in truth, there is only one of us)? 


The last part of this comment is really what it is all about and I know our time here is nothing compared to eternity which is what we have when you realize that you keep incarnating back into school until you learn what is stated at the end here.


Olga Park’s friend, to whom reference is made in SYFK as ‘the Rector,’ said to her many decades ago, ‘To understand all is to forgive all.’  I have pondered that statement many times over the decades since the 1960s and the more I ponder it the more I realise what a true statement it is.  By understanding what is causing another person to behave in a certain way (which may cause distress to others) it enables us to forgive that person instantly.  THAT, for me, is the message of this prayer.  The last sentence is actually speaking of the end result, the effect, of the forgiveness – which comes automatically once the cause of the behaviour is understood - that is cited several times through the prayer.


The thing I find frustrating is that when one looks at the Bible as a commercial book, Regrettably, I do not understand what this means, although we did exchange communications at length some while ago on this.  I do not see the Bible as a commercial book but sadly, it is a deeply flawed book because of all the additions, deletions and alterations that unKingdomly agendas have caused to be made to it over the centuries we have our commercial remedy given to us at the end of this age Are you speaking of the Piscean age (second measure of meal) now ending, or the Aquarian age (third measure of meal), just beginning?  Also, I do not understand what you mean about a commercial remedy being given to us; by whom?  so that those who know who and what they are can step forward as Sons of God  The Bible, and Jesus in ACIM, reminds us that we are all Sons of God (though most of us have forgotten this reality) and he is here to help us to awaken from the dream that is causing us to mistakenly believe that we are guilty, fearful sinners in harmony with the Bible and like Jesus at Mathew 5;17 says, I CAME TO FULFILL THE LAW, NOT DESTROY IT. Too many want to change thing when we Who are 'we'? have thing set up perfectly According to Jesus, speaking to us in ACIM, things on Earth are not and never have been set up perfectly; that only in Heaven/Eternity is this true; until we have escaped the time and place illusory realm, through true forgiveness of our selves and our fellows for all the things none of us has ever actually done (because this 3-dimensional realm is nothing but a dream and we are and always have been at Home in Heaven with Papa), so that we can receive the forgiveness that is rightfully ours; that true forgiveness is the only way we can dispel the unconscious guilt and fear caused by our upside-down, split, insane, ego-dominated-mind and be restored to our right-side-up, Christ Mind that is the true us.  but we also have the Synagogue of Satan Satan is a religion-mythologised character representing ego.  Ego does not want us to know that ego is within us (our split, upside-down mind), so projects all that it represents – separation, guilt, fear, attack, lies etc – into the without; something outside ourself.  The Synagogue of Satan is the Church of Laodicea, on which I have written extensively in SYFK (Vignette 10)  that has obscured the real message and has been blocking the Sons from accessing the provision set up by the Creator for his Sons. 


The Church of Laodicea (Synagogue of Satan) is only able to do this to those who voluntarily place themselves under its ‘power,’ which in reality is zero.  That same church has no power whatsoever over those who repudiate its authority.  Today’s harbingers of the Kingdom Age (third measure of meal) are telling people that they no longer have any reason to place themselves in subservience to the dogmas and doctrines of the institutionalised church (Laodicea).  In truth it was never required of any of us but ego had us fooled up until now, when all that is changing as people answer the Call to awaken.  Papa’s angel says: Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. (Rev. 18: 4). 


Thanks for this message It is my absolute pleasure because I needed it to keep me focused on the fact that I have to accept all regardless of whether they are Godless or not.  I do not believe Papa compels us to accept all, in any ‘Do it or else’ manner.  How the Great Rescue Programme (GRP) works is by awakening us with/to the Truth of Eternity, so that we then see the reality about everyone else (just as they will then see the reality about us) and then we simply will be unable to not love them. 


This does not come to us unbidden.  We have to truly seek it and earnestly desire it because it is given in commensurate measure to our desire for it.  If our seeking and desiring is intermittent, luke warm, insipid, so will be the measure of our receiving the unconditional love and spiritual enlightenment of Heaven.  Not because Papa withholds all that He has but because of our partial attitude toward receiving it.  He only (always) gives us what we ask for, so if we ask only a little, He will give us only a little.  He knows our hearts and if therein we are truly seeking and earnestly desiring spiritual truth, discernment of it, awakening from the dream, forgiveness of our fellows (and ourself), then He will assuredly give it all, full measure, pressed down.


Peace, joy and love fill your heart, Ed,




The following exchanges were posted on September 30th 2007


Dear Brian,       Dear Margaret,

I have been reading your diaries and the forum for most of the day and I am astounded at the synchronicity of  events that led me here.  Aah! That wonderful word/phenomenon again.  Whenever it happens, be sure you are being watched over very caringly and lovingly. I will try to keep this short and succinct; however, I am so thrilled I am not sure I am able to describe what is transpiring in my spirit.

Let me first say that I have known always that there had to be more than what I had been taught in church; a simple knowing in the depth of my being. It is that lack in the church that has really motivated my commitment to sharing my experiences of spiritual reality and the Great Rescue Plan (GRP) of the Master Jesus, who I love with all my being. What I have always known for sure is that I so deeply love Jesus and that that love is indescribable to this day. What can I say?  ‘Alleluia’ springs instantly to mind!

Many years ago I began a journey in my spiritual life that at once overwhelmed and inspired me and it was during the time my sweet daughter was dying of cancer. What a desperate time it must have been for you. It is events of this kind that can be so massively helped by opening to the reality of Heaven and eternity, so close around us, if only we can believe and open our eyes to receive Its truth, love, blessing and joy, even in bereavement.  Indeed, such awareness transforms bereavement into a different dimension of understanding and awareness.  I could write/speak for hours on this, I have such a longing to help my fellows who are walking blind, by their own choice, when Jesus and the Holy Spirit are there, right with us all, to bring comfort, succour, eye-balm, remembrance of who we all really are.  Thanks be for ACIM; assuredly, the Holy Scriptures for the third measure of meal awakening epoch that will bring an end of time and a return for us ALL Home to Papa, where all the tears are gone forever.  How indescribably magnificent is THAT!


Unfortunately, I was not as strong as I thought and all my awareness stopped and left with her.  I spent 10 years in bitterness and anger; needless to say this state is devastating to the spirit and nothing can be accomplished here.  How right you are.  It was not long after her passing that I wanted to know something, anything that would reconnect me to her (though she had sent me many messages, it wasn't enough).  I called a psychic and she told me my child was having difficulty passing. It seems clear to me that your holding on was much to do with that.  Don’t beat yourself up about that; it is entirely understandable because of the widespread ignorance of eternity, and is happening all over the world.  This is why the world is in such need of the Kingdom Age revelation that is coming into our midst at this, the most exciting time in world history. This I could not bear to think; naturally (or unnaturally) I shut down even more.

For the past couple of years, I have been in a higher state of awareness and forgiveness.   Gradually, I have been coming out of the darkness and recently I have been devouring websites for information about what I believe in my spirit to be truth without denying Jesus.  So finding your website is an affirmation to me and no coincidence at all; it is so reassuring and exciting!! We always say, ‘There are no coincidences; only Godincidences.’  How thankful I am for this, and that the HTG website was there for you.  That is my reward and fulfilment of my heart’s desire: to help my fellows to awaken to the reality of the real, living Jesus and his GRP.

 Anyway, several weeks ago a group of friends and I went off for the weekend to celebrate my daughter's birthday and fellowship with her somehow.  I must say it was the most amazing experience of my life, she was there and there was no doubt.  I don't know how you feel about pendulums but she spoke to us through that and others did as well. I have no problem with pendulums; all I would say is, many can become stuck with such mechanisms when they could be going forward more rapidly with more comprehensive forms of attunement with the Realms of Light. I noticed in one of your posts that you said those in the higher realms could see those in the lower but the ones in the lower could not see the ones in the higher. This is absolutely so. And this leads me to question so many things.  But for now I would like your input about my daughter's reaction when asked about my father.  Mind you, my daughter is extremely happy and at peace where she is; Thanks be for this she is with Jesus and is in communion with many others as well; however, when asked about my father she very clearly indicated she had not seen him and did not want to?  It was clear to all of us she did not want to comment or could not about my father.  I will tell you that my father was a highly RELIGIOUS man.  He went from an abusive alcoholic to an adamant follower of the Bible and the Baptist Church. It is clear that there are some unresolved issues between your father and your daughter.  This is between them, and on one hand you can help by loving, blessing and forgiving - true forgiveness, not false forgiveness, as explained in ACIM and on several occasions in this page of the HTG website:


And on the other hand would be contrary to cosmic law to interfere with by trying to intervene from your Earth-mind, limited understanding.  By giving this matter into the hands of Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit and allowing Them to deal with it, with your only input being love, blessing and non-interventional goodwill and caring.  This way you will be helping to untangle the karma and not make it worse.


I know nothing of this situation other than what you have said but it is not hard to guess that there could be all manner of issues, some from this ‘act’ (incarnation) and/or from previous acts.  Unless you receive inspiration from the Realms of Light on what it is all about and any particular action you can undertake that could be beneficial, it will be best for them and for you to do nothing that comes from (ego) self-will.  If you would like to say any more on this, please feel free so to do.  I will gladly offer any inspirational help that comes to me.

I would so appreciate your comments on this subject.  And thank you so much for sharing so much with the rest of us.  You are truly blessed.

Margaret (P)



Dear Brian,

Thank you for responding to my email; I understand that you must get inundated with emails on a daily basis and I am one of a large group seeking your council. 

I have finally finished reading your writing "Synchronicity" and I just had to write to you once again.  I am deeply moved by all of it and I could not help but write and thank you for sharing this knowledge.  I have never felt more reassured to know that it is possible to go beyond what one conceives as the limits placed here on earth into the realm of light. This quote always comes to mind on this issue: 

Mt 23:13  But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. 

Nothing has changed in the institutionalised church since Jesus spoke those words.  But it is changing now because the spiritual awakening of the children of Earth is taking place in spite of the church and if they don’t change they will find themselves on the outside looking in.

 I have seen glimpses only and have so desired more but never allowed it, I guess because I feared so much.  Fear and doubt are the great dismantlers of faith and blinkers to the light of spiritual truth and discernment.

I have seen the lengths that our Father will go to return his children to Him.  I felt the presence of angels, especially during that time.  It is so wondrous to know that there is so much more available to one who seeks and allows the doors to open.

I look forward to your response to my questions in the first email.  And again thank you for reaffirming what I have always felt in my heart. That clearly indicates that you were ready for this, otherwise it either would not have come to you or you would not have recognised it for having any importance or resonance for you.  I cannot express in words what it has meant to read you book; and the affirmation given to me.  You are truly one of the messengers to those of us seeking love and truth from Jesus and Our Father.  I have no doubt that he led me to this place.  My dear Margaret, this is one of the most rewarding and blessed communications I have ever received.  Knowing how much it has helped you (and, I hope, will continue) brings joy of Heaven to my heart and soul.

Many Blessings to You Always,            And to you, Dear One,
Margaret (P)                                            Brian



hi i am Seve  from sweden i have been seking the truth all mi life and i have always felt that christ is my guide hi has led mi on mi way in life he nows what i seek for only the truth

i whold be so hapy if i were in contact whith him so my quetion is what shall i do to get i contact

whit him



Hi Seve,


Thanks for writing; I feel your message is a cry from the heart, from a soul so eager to fellowship with Jesus.  I resonate very strongly with that.


I note that you seem to have a bit of a struggle with English.  Regrettably I have no ability with Swedish.  If you are able to read English fairly well, I strongly recommend that you read SYFK and that you then visit the Christ Communion website:


Then, please come back to me with any questions at any time; it will be my joy to help you all I can.


Please keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on in your quest for direct contact with the living Jesus.


With many blessings for Spiritual Awakening under the guiding of Jesus,




The following exchange was posted on September 28th 2007


Hi Brian ,  Hi Dorothy, Thank you so much for what you have written, especially the words of enlightenment in the last paragraph. (see posting dated September 22nd, below)  It’s a pleasure. You have obviously realised that I find it  hard sometimes to interpret whether gut feelings about something are due to prejudice and tarring everything with the same brush, or if they are a warning from a higher source. 


In a way, they are both because a) ego-conditioning has us prejudiced (judgemental) about just about everything, so a ‘jaundiced eye’ gets cast upon anything coming our way, as a conditioned reflex; most of the time we do it without even being aware we are doing it, it is so habituated, and b) the fact that you are, like many of us who are truly seeking and earnestly desiring the KOHOE, starting to become aware of and objectively observe these conditioned reflexes. 


That is, if not exactly a warning, at least a reminder, a wake-up nudge.  It is part of the forgiveness process because once we become aware of what we have been doing (pre-judging) we can then start to undo the ego-conditioning of our mind and replace it with Holy Spirit Mind, namely by/through true forgiveness. 


Until we can see the face of Christ in our fellows (as distinct from somebody ‘out there’ intent on taking unfair advantage of us), we will be stuck in time and place, unable to break the cycle of birth and death and return Home permanently to Papa, one again in the Sonship.  This is because whatever we see ‘out there’ is a reflection of who we appear to be.  If we can see the face of Christ in our fellows it is because that is who we have remembered we really are; if we see something less, we are perceiving ourself as something less.


One of these areas of scepticism, that I have had to deal with, born from this separation consciousness, believes that there are many people who are setting themselves up as spiritual teachers and advisors, but not all of them are awake.


It is not wrong to have the light of spiritual discernment and if we see another in the way you describe, then to deny what our faculty of discernment (as distinct from judgement) tells us would be to deny our own awakening spiritual discernment.  I have no doubt Jesus knew exactly how others saw themselves and believed themselves to be.  He did not deny himself those powers of observation/discernment.  What he did do was recognise that such a person was mistaken about himself, look past that mistaken self-perception (of the other person) and chose to see that person for who and what he really was but had forgotten: Christ.


Not in the way people think they are anyway. But you have given me a different perspective on this, to see it all as movement towards the shift in consciousness. Which is precisely what it is.  This switch-over is chaos time.  That is inevitable, so we do well to see it as such, allow it (not rail against it), give thanks for it.  Jesus has said many times, ‘When you see chaos and disarray all around, then rejoice and give thanks, for it is a certain sign that the Kingdom is at hand, even at the doors.’ That is a good reminder to keep in mind because it is very easy to become dismayed, despondent and disillusioned by such bewilderment and disintegration. That is an area you have brought into my view, and it is a much wider view. Alleluia; I am very happy about this. 


But my feeling is still  that some could be used by 'the enemy' and could perhaps lead people back deeper into the dream with more and more elaborate play games and sometimes with all the treacle sentiment thrown in to form part of the trap. That is inevitable and will happen; is happening, to many without the light of spiritual discernment.  The knack is to avoid that trap, having rightly observed it as such, just as you have done/are doing. Then the thought comes, what can I or we do about this in reality, perhaps just mind our own business?  We can give thanks for our preservation from such and bless the fellow who has succumbed, and at the same time forgive them for what in reality they have not done (because this is all a dream and none of it is real).  One could BLASER them with words such as ‘I bless you, bless you, bless you for restoration to fullness of remembrance of who you really are.’  Getting into the habit of such blessings helps us to remember who we really are, so that we move forward toward the place of experiencing ourself as Christ and can thus see the face of Christ in all our fellows – because what we see in them is a reflection of our Self.


The ego is clever. It knows how to stay alive --- in the dream..... Sometimes it adds a promise to its victims of ways to get more and more of this world's playthings (which we can so easily allow to become sidetracking distractions from why we are really here: to return Home) into the bargain, and could this dream catcher be sold as a 'waking up' signpost, -- as the preliminary ‘waking to the dream’?  It could, depending upon the degree of spiritual awareness/discernment (or otherwise) of each individual.


But Jesus did none of this did he, nor did he preach it? He said you have to give up this world's goods to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. In ACIM he counsels us to allow such to become meaningless to us.  To speak of ‘giving them up’ can so easily be construed as an instruction to sacrifice, albeit only for those who are not yet ready to give them up - which is almost everybody!.  Sacrifice has no place in the Kingdom.  To allow ‘baubles’ to distract us from our objective of getting Home is an indicator of where we are: not yet ready to awaken from the dream and leave this realm behind.  When we arrive at the place where those baubles have become meaningless to us it doesn’t mean we have to physically part company with them; rather, that whether we have them or not makes no difference to our proximity to the Kingdom. In other words we have to hold in our hearts the treasure of the Kingdom of Heaven as the real treasure, and recognise the treasures of this life as that which will vanish into nothingness in the Glorious Light of the Son. Perfectly put.


And as you so rightly say, adversity is opportunity in disguise.  Adversity stops us getting too comfortable and these will be the times when there is the possibility to rise up from our illusory dream-world and open our eyes. We don't even think of this if life gets too cushy, we just stay and enjoy it.  That is a very good reason why we can – and will do well to – give thanks for adversity.


Anyway, who am I to take my eyes off my own limited view and look askance at someone else's. Well, dear Dorothy, don’t beat yourself up about it; we are all there, or have been there.  The only question to ask is, ‘Am I choosing to allow the Holy Spirit to retrain my mind to think/observe as He does?’ After all each individual will wake up from this dream of life in their own time.  Precisely.  It is inevitable.  We can assist the process by co-operating with it or we can choose to allow ourself to fall behind by not co-operating.  One thing is certain: we cannot hinder the process.  We can hinder ourself, to our own detriment but not Papa’s Holy Purpose.


Should others try to awaken them, even those who seem not ready to awaken.  It is manifestly a waste of time trying to awaken someone who is not ready.  That is like digging up seeds to see if they have germinated.  It is counterproductive, and will cause damage.  Loving and blessing them, forgiving them - and ourself, doing them no harm and being who we really are will be the greatest help possible for all such. We are told that time is an illusion anyway so does 'when' matter. It matters not a jot, though that is hard to see until our perspective becomes more aligned with our eternal awareness. What is the 'right' attitude to this? I hope this has helped.  Also, in this context I would be inclined to think in terms of ‘most beneficial’ rather than ‘right.’ Thank you again for your email and the advice on perspective in the last paragraph. It is always a joy and a pleasure to be able to help.


Am going to try to get 'Disappearance of the Universe' from the library tomorrow. That title sounds right for the bit of the path that is currently on show. It sounds from what you say, that this is the moment for you.  Having already read ‘Your Immortal Reality’ you will be well prepared for it.  I have read both books at least 3 times and gain more each time from them.  They are very helpful for improving the understanding of ACIM.

Keep up all your good work.  I will continue, by the help of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, which makes it a joyful and fulfilling endeavour, for which I have been eagerly waiting since 1967!


Love Dorothy  Reciprocated, with Kingdomly interest,  Brian


The following exchange was posted on September 22nd 2007


Hi Brian and Theresa, welcome back. Hope you had a good holiday and are feeling rejuvenated and ready for all the work awaiting you.


Bought a copy of Gary Renard's 'Your immortal Reality' and read it while you were away. Also I found something that was quite interesting to me and I thought it might be for you.  By typing the words   'ACIM read book on line' ( the search engine, and when all the web sites came up, choosing the one with that title, then scrolling down the home page, a section appears called 'Original Guidelines Given By Jesus'. One of the tenets given by Jesus is the same as he gave you,  "Freely have you received, now freely give"


I expect you will guess, that at the moment, it seems from the view of my limited consciousness that there are two factions in this study to which I have to give the labels  'waking to the dream' and 'waking from the dream'. Maybe they are just two sides of one reality.  Waking from the dream, or perhaps partially awaking, would present the opportunity to explore lucid dreaming, or 'waking to the dream' when the dream reality could be manipulated. There are also loads of  'How to get everything you ever wanted' merchants out there, selling the idea of new dream formats to those who are not consciously aware that they are dreaming, but never-the-less respond to the inner recognition of this truth.


Well I had better not write any more, you will have enough to read when you switch your computer on. With all good wishes Dorothy



Hi Dorothy,


We are back from a wonderful interlude with our dear friends from our Vancouver days, John and Helen, whom I met in 1965 and we have been linked at the soul level ever since.  We met up with them in Belfast, hired a people carrier and spent a fortnight travelling right round the island of Ireland anticlockwise, with Theresa and me acting as driver and tour guide to John and Helen, whose first visit this was to Ireland.  It really demonstrated to T and me that time is an illusion, to be compressed or expanded according to our perspective on it.


What is so utterly resonant about Gary's writing is how it is so one-pointedly focussed on the Kingdom and how to get back there - permanently - to it.  Every time the dialogue strays, even for a moment, such as into a bit of humour, or in any other way off the point, (not that humour is off course) Arten or Pursah pull the conversation straight back on course.  This, I have learnt from my time with Olga and from the communing with Jesus and the Realms of Light subsequently, is absolutely vital to prevent ego - the enemy - from sidetracking us from our objective, goal, destination.


I have written about this somewhat recently, as you may have noticed!  The truth is, it is my desire to write about it and emphasise it a great deal more because one-pointed commitment is so absolutely crucial to our getting home to Papa in the most timely manner, without unnecessary delays, or reincarnations.


In ACIM the Master speaks about the importance of a trained, disciplined mind and that a mind under ego-domination is undisciplined; that ACIM is about getting the mind trained and disciplined.  That means being one-pointedly, focussed, centred on and committed to the desire of our heart: the KOHOE. We have to have the KOH on Earth first because we have to get onto the wavelength of the Kingdom before we can enter into oneness with it. 


When all of us on Earth have been restored to oneness with the Kingdom, then we will be One again in the Sonship and Papa will welcome us back Home into the Kingdom of Heaven in eternity.  Then the universe of time and place will disappear and we will have awareness only of the true Universe of God's Heaven.  It is a good - nay, perfect - Plan, the GRP and as the Christ servers from the Realms of Light have told me many times, it is infallible and unstoppable, because it has, in the only reality - which is eternity - already happened. That, it seems to me, is cause for celebration and Jesus is a great one for celebrating.  Truly he takes after his Father.


We are reminded in ACIM that giving and receiving are one and the same thing and that there is only one of us anyway, so the admonition that as we have freely received, so should we freely give, is compelling; who would wish to make a charge against himself for what he gives to himself!? 


Thanks for the lead to 'Original Guidelines Given By Jesus;' David Hoffmeister seems to me, from the little I have seen of him, to be a wonderful 'Teacher of God,' and there seems no doubt that he is a truly enlightened soul, fully resonant with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the objectives of ACIM.  Thanks be to Papa for David and his work for the Kingdom. (For more on David, go


It does seem inescapable to me that there are only two choices we can make: to choose for Jesus/the Holy Spirit and the Great Rescue Programme (this is equivalent to what is described in ACIM as the Atonement) or to continue allowing ego to dominate our mind.  I have been warned numerous times over the years to watch for pitfalls of the enemy (ego), who will never give up trying to deceive and mislead us until we are fully enlightened and his 'time is up.' 


My understanding from ACIM is that Jesus' objective is to help us to awaken from the dream and that before we can do that we need to awaken to the dream, or in other words, awaken to the fact that this world of time and place is only a dream.  The vast proportion of humanity has not yet done that.  However, this is not a problem for the Holy Spirit and the GRP because the process is not a linear one but a hologram, where the end is already accomplished and the awakening to that is not time-dependent.  So, it will happen/is happening at an exponential pace and the next few generations will see changes Kingdom-wards that will render this world unrecognisable from what we have known it to be in the recent past.


As for the peddlers of merchandise for the new order, this is part of the transformation process, the shift; it is a stepping-stone towards the goal and will phase out as the Spirit of Truth becomes more established in the minds of the children of Earth.  How exciting is all this!!!???


Many blessings and love eternal,




The following exchanges were posted on August 31st 2007

My Dearest Brother in Christ,  My Dear Scott,  Your greeting brings a tear of joy, love, blessing and thanksgiving to my eyes, and a lump to my throat, of resonance with your soul.  How thankful I am for the fellowship of brotherhood with people of such devoted commitment as are you to the real Jesus of Galilee, our beloved brother in the Sonship of Papa, and who is so lovingly, caringly, devotedly awakening and leading us back home to Heaven.

I just wanted to write and thank you on the wonderful newsletter you faithfully deliver each week. It is the fulfilment of my heart’s desire since he first came to me in 1967, to share the reality of the living Jesus with my fellow travellers in this dream world.  To have messages such as yours, thanking me for this, that takes this fulfilment into another, greater dimension of reality.  Words are not adequate to express my thanks for this; I hope you will feel the gratitude that the words are unable to convey.  I am a relatively new student of ACIM although I have been preparing for it all my life.  I know just what you mean by those words.  Theresa and I only came to ACIM about 21 months ago but our lives have also been a preparation for that moment.  I have recently read Gary's book, Disappearance of the Universe, and have Your Immortal Reality on order.  Gary’s writings make ACIM so much easier to understand; truly this is very much a key part of the GRP.  I have also been enjoying Ken Wapnicks teaching excerpts on the FACIM site.  Now if ever there was a devoted, one-pointedly committed soul for the Master and the KOHOE, Ken assuredly is it.  His unassuming humility and gentleness are characteristic of Kingdomly qualities.  I bless him for all that he is.

It is such a blessing to know our eternal destiny is assured and God's will cannot be thwarted. A very loud amen to that, Scott.  I am honored to join with you as God's most holy Son.  Thank you, thank you, thank you; the honour is entirely reciprocated.

Bless your day and all your continued efforts.  Thank you again, Scott.  I ‘BLASER’ this back to you.

My bio page:  A wonderful resource for the Kingdom.  I commend what you have placed here to anyone.

"Care about all things and care about nothing. Place all your expectations in God and you will never be disappointed."  Truer words have not been spoken.


No more messages please. My comment is that I find the messages rather repetitive over time. The same old thing time and time again.

 Best wishes, Abraham


Dear Abraham,


I have removed you from the list, as requested.  I appreciate your candour; thank you.


The difficulty with attempting to communicate meaningfully on deeply esoteric matters with people from all different places on the Path with a single communication is that for some it will seem 'old hat' and for others, very advanced.  For most of us, especially those who are a few steps behind, repetition is highly beneficial in order to get the message deeply and meaningfully installed into our comprehension, so that the point can become part of our mind re-training - back to our true, Christ Mind - and enable us to leave behind our guileful, upside-down, ego-dominated mind, by which we have become so encumbered.


The objective of the HTG website, including SYFK, Messages of Encouragement, the Forum and the Diary entries sharing, is not just metaphysics for metaphysics' sake.  Its focus is and has always been specifically and solely directed toward helping a) people who have been confused by religious mythology, doctrine and dogma and b) anyone in general who is awakening to a realisation of the spiritual significance of these 'end times' but may be in need of some light of discernment as to the opportunities and implications of them for us all.  This is of crucial importance as we move into the leavening of the third measure of meal, the fulfilment of Jesus’ Great Rescue Programme and the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, so that we may be part of it, one with it, with the least amount of delay.


If the restoration of humanity to our spiritual wakefulness in eternity, through the process of true forgiveness, under the leadership of Jesus of Galilee, is of further interest to you but you are finding the general communications too slow or repetitive for the pace at which you feel ready to progress, I would be very pleased to continue a one on one dialogue with you on this subject, outside the weekly sendings.  Should this be the case, please feel free to respond any time and we may perhaps find some mutual benefit in such exchanges.  They could, perhaps, especially be helpful to some of our fellow travellers on this journey if they are serviceable for sharing in the Forum. 


If I do not hear back from you, then I bid you God-speed in all your endeavours.


Warmest wishes and many blessings,




Hello again Abraham,
I was thinking about the things you said last year about the first 3 centuries of the Church and remembered the article, below, that was sent to me from a friend in USA.  It is quite long but seems to be something you are interested in, so here it is.
This is all activity at the intellectual level and the authors (and readers) of articles such as this who have no soul awareness of and commitment to the spiritual realities will be imbalanced in their perspective of eternity.  This is what I call engaging too heavily in the sojourning in time part of their being, and inadequate focus on the citizens of eternity part.  This is the whole problem with life on Earth, as I feel sure I do not need to remind you.
Best wishes,

NB  The article is many thousands of words long, so only the introduction to it is shown here and any who wish to read it all may be able to obtain it from Nexus


Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 14, Number 4 (June - July 2007)
PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia.
Telephone: +61 (0)7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 (0)7 5442 9381
From our web page at:

by Tony Bushby © March 2007
c/- NEXUS Magazine
PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia
Fax: +61 (0)7 5493 1900

What the Church doesn't want you to know
It has often been emphasised that Christianity is unlike any other religion, for it stands or falls by certain events which are alleged to have occurred during a short period of time some 20 centuries ago. Those stories are presented in the New Testament, and as new evidence is revealed it will become clear that they do not represent historical realities. The Church agrees, saying:
"Our documentary sources of knowledge about the origins of Christianity and its earliest development are chiefly the New Testament Scriptures, the authenticity of which we must, to a great extent, take for granted."
(Catholic Encyclopedia, Farley ed., vol. iii, p. 712)


Hello Brian,  Hi Abraham,  Thanks for your reply.

Thank you for your email and copy of Tony Bushby's article in Nexus Magazine. As I usually buy a copy of Nexus Magazine as they become available in our local bookshops, I was already familiar with Tony Bushby's article, which confirms with a great deal more detail my findings of how and why the Christian Church was created.  I guessed that might be the case.


I am at a loss to understand how you can conclude that those, like myself, who read or write articles, like that of Tony Bushby, have no soul awareness of and commitment to the spiritual realities and thus imbalanced in their perspective of eternity. What I actually said was: "those who have no soul awareness of and commitment to the spiritual realities will be imbalanced in their perspective of eternity."  It was not my intention to state definitively that all who write or read such articles have no soul awareness.  Some will have, others will not.


Information comes to us via three channels, or levels, of awareness:


1) Intellectual activity, such as reading, researching, studying, using our Earthly senses in what I call ‘Horizontal’ activity, meaning mental or physical activity at the Earth-conscious level only, in which there is no openness or receptivity to input from the Realms of Light - our true Home.


2) as with 1) but in which inspiration is received from the Realms of Light unwittingly, without any conscious awareness of it happening or the source of the information (inspiration).  This happens much more than most of us are aware, simply because we are eternal spirit, not a body, whether we know it or believe it or not and also because even in a state of unbelief, we are deeply and totally loved by and from those Realms, who desire above all to help us.


3) By conscious co-operation with and openness of mind and attitude to receiving such inspiration, guidance, enlightenment, wisdom, revelation. I call this ‘Vertical’ attunement.  This does not entail the intellect, which is an outgoing activity and is a device of ego to keep us focussed at the horizontal level.  Vertical focus, or attunement, employs much more a state of receptiveness of the mind.  Most of us are focussed at level 1) during our daytime activities, especially if we are researching historical or physical events, though level 2 will often come into play.


I acknowledge that Tony Bushby’s article was long and I did not read it slowly and comprehensively; it was more to get the general drift of it.  During that scan I gained the impression that his writing was simply a setting out of information and historical facts about events that took place at various times since the first century.  I also acknowledge that his motive was constructive, not destructive and is well balanced.  I detected no bias for or against the religious institutions.  I further acknowledge that he is a man of spiritual values and principles.  The comment I made was not intended to cast aspersions on the integrity of his character, motives, intentions or sincerity.  What I was endeavouring to say was that there did not appear to be any statements or comments about the mystical, spiritual nature and reality of the man we know as Jesus, of whom I have had many experiences and contacts since 1967 (written about extensively in SYFK and in Diary of a Christ Communicant). 


To me, the history of the church and its institutionalised form of religion, which is manifestly the antithesis of spirituality, has no place in the Kingdom of Heaven, either on Earth or in Heaven.  I quote from the Introduction in SYFK:


In December 1995 I was given this message:


Be not surprised that many souls are lost,* for the light of my spirit was deliberately snuffed out from the Church of Earth by those who sought riches of Earth before riches of eternity. But it is not possible for the Father's purposes to fail and the light shall be shone in the dark places until all the shadows of death and fear shall have fled away. Rejoice greatly at this my beloveds and sing the New Song, that my little ones may hear and dance the dance of freedom. That which I have purposed in you shall prosper according to the wisdom of the Father. Be not anxious for any detail; all is well.


*It should be noted here that this is not indicating that such souls are 'lost' for all eternity, but simply that they have lost their way on the Path back Home to Eternity, or Heaven.


After this, any doubts I may have entertained about whether to proceed with making public the message that this account of my experiences places before you, the reader, must be removed from serious consideration.  This writing is my rendition of The New Song.  May it produce a pleasing, informative, enlightening counterpoint with renditions of The New Song by other singers. 


At this momentous period in the outworking of the Great Rescue Programme, there are two opposite forces in operation.  One is the dissolution of the ‘old order’ of institutionalised religion (in fact everything that is not Kingdomly in its vibration), and its passing away.  The other is the bringing back into the mind of God’s Son the remembrance of his eternal, spiritual, unchangeable nature, which he has momentarily forgotten in his dream of time and place.  


This is what the GRP is really all about (the dissolution comes about of its own accord because all that will be dissolved is not of eternity, has had its ‘season’ and run its course). This happens by the shining of the Light of Spiritual Discernment into our minds, direct from the Source. This is awakening us from our dream of time and place – an illusion that has no reality in eternity, our true home.  (Sorry to be repetitive!)  Our true nature has never actually left us and is now in the process of being restored to us by this process of awakening from the dream, which seems like the reality but is no more real – from the true perspective of eternity – than any other dream.


It seems to me that at heart you are a very conservative fundamental Christian, SYFK makes it unequivocally clear that this is not the case.  By the time I was 22 the sham and un-Christlike nature and function of the institutionalised church had driven me away from it and I was led, by the interceding help of a man from the Realms of Light, (without me having any conscious awareness of his presence or activity) into contact with Olga Park, who had had many mystical encounters with he whom most of us know as Jesus of Nazareth.  There was never anything fundamentally Christian about Olga. 


I wish to differentiate between a) ‘fundamental,’ with its inference of accepting and adhering to doctrines and dogmas of an institutionalised church, and b) sincere, one-pointed commitment to following guidance, inspiration, spiritual illumination, leading direct from the author of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), who first manifested to me in a basement room in Vancouver in 1967 (as described comprehensively in chapter 2 of SYFK).  Olga was one-pointedly focussed, committed and devoted to this real, non-church-constructed Jesus, but this has nothing whatsoever to do with fundamentalism in the conventionally understood sense, and that applies equally for me.


The point here is that regardless of the intrigues of the church down the ages, the spiritual, mystical (not academic, intellectual) guidance and revelation of ACIM, and that recorded in Diary of a Christ Communicant (which share so many similarities as to indicate the source of both as identical) is all-sufficient and adequate to those who are willing to follow such guidance faithfully and one-pointedly (as distinct from ‘fundamentally’) from such a trustworthy, constant, unwavering, reliable source from the Realms of Light (which ACIM and the ‘Diary’ source has proved to be). 


This source of spiritual guidance is leading those who are willing to follow somewhere and that is from the place where they have believed themselves to be (in the wilderness of confusion about who we all really are) to the place of remembrance and restoration to full wakefulness in eternity – here, in the Earthly life, not just after we ‘die.’   and utterly convinced that only people, believing like you, know the real truth.  We can read in ACIM that there is spiritual knowing, which comes from mystical revelation, that is far beyond belief.  The author of ACIM (let us refer to him here, for convenience, as Jesus, however different the Jesus of the bible and the church might be from this real person) is at that place of knowing, and by following him we can and will also arrive at that place of knowing, beyond believing.


This is true, unchangeable knowledge of eternity, not according to the changing perspectives of Earth-mind humanity (this is also written about in SYFK; I wonder if you have read it?)  Here is a case in point:  I often – frequently, in fact – get asked questions, the answer to which is in SYFK.  The questioner may have read SYFK once, and has not absorbed, picked-up on the answer there, from that one reading.  That is because there is a vast amount of information in it that is not part of their present understanding.  That is where repetition comes into play and is so beneficial.  


Ego does not want us to believe such knowledge of eternity is possible, and wants us to keep going round in ever-decreasing circles, based on what Jesus described to me as ‘the elaborate theories of men.’  Those elaborate theories are often more far-fetched, and indeed, laughably ludicrous and absurd, than the actual truth of eternity, yet are clung to by those who doggedly stay in the wilderness, labouring under the heavy and uncomfortable yoke of the enemy (ego).


Looking back on my life's journey, my spirit guides have introduced me to knowledge, that taught me understanding of myself and others with an open mind, of which I am most grateful.  I am very pleased to hear that you are under such guidance and illumination from spirit.  If you are willing to share some of these treasures with your fellows, perhaps they also can benefit from it.  Do your guides speak to you of the Kingdom of Heaven and its joy and unconditional love and perfect Oneness in the Father Creator? 


You said my messages of encouragement are repetitive, saying the same old thing time and time again; the writing of these messages is under guidance from the Holy Spirit, so I am simply going with It/Him, allowing Him to lead, having surrendered the leasehold on my life back to Papa.  We are told in ACIM, ‘Disappearance of the Universe’ and elsewhere that repetition is very important when the information is so far from our prior beliefs.  Most of us cannot take in such revolutionary information at first hearing. 


For those who are always seeking some new source of information it may be more desirable for them always to be hearing something ‘new.’  To me, the trustworthiness and reliability of the source is paramount.  In my experience over 40 years, Jesus has led me at the pace that he knew was right for me, even though I was almost always eager to be racing ahead a mile a minute.  But he, from his vantage point, knew that would not serve me.  I can now state from the certainty of experience that he was right.  Here is another quote from SYFK (chapter 3) that sets this into a true perspective:


During this period, when I was in the very early stages of the Path back in the 1960s, I said to the Master, “Why don’t you just give me the answers to the ‘top 10’ questions (about the Creator, Creation and Eternal Truth) and then we can really get this show on the road.”  He said, “It doesn’t work like that.  This is a growing process and you have to be able to assimilate the realities of eternity (back) into every level of your being.  To simply have them on a plate for your mind, which has not yet been made ready to receive them, would not be serviceable to that growing process and would cause confusion because the growth has to be balanced across the full spectrum of every aspect of your being.”


Abraham, it is my intent that exchanges such as this be in the spirit of peace, goodwill and brotherly love between us.  I have no desire for confrontation or to make me right and you – or anyone – wrong.  That is not what the Kingdom of Heaven is all about, and that is my life’s passionate commitment and desire, for us all.   Best wishes,   Best wishes, always, to you also,  Brian



Dear Brian:  Dear Sharon,  I always know when I am going to hear from you.  You come into my mind; not just fleetingly, but with that sense of knowing that we are communing together, on the same wavelength.  Then, usually within 2 or 3 days, presto! your message is there.  Great to hear from you again.


 Thank you for being that place that is there when I need it; even though your words may not be needed at the time they are given, they sit there in my arsenal and when I need them they are there to get.  Fantastic; this sounds like the Holy Spirit working His works – again!    Big storm, high seas; I felt like I was going down with the ship, but I had the life-raft you gave me and it saved me.  How wondrous this is and how glad I am to have been helpful   The joy returned; I didn't know if it would.  The glorious thing about Papa is that He NEVER lets us down; all He asks of us is that we trust Him, have faith in the certainty of His loving help never failing us.  It is only by our faith that we can receive the help that He always gives us in response to our asking.


I wanted it back so badly, I was so remorseful that it wouldn't come back. That is such an empty, bereft feeling.  It can be very, very fearful, with a great a sense of being alone, without help. Once you know joy and you experience it gone then you know for sure where the path is, you know without a doubt.  Doubt was part of my life.  Doubt is the great dismantler of our peace, faith, trust and sense of wellbeing. It is utterly life- and hope-draining. It's leaving now. A big, Heaven-ringing Alleluia!  It was a 'biggy' holding me back from so many things. 


I had no idea that I would have to go through such a big storm to leave it behind.  The Master said to Olga Park many decades ago, ‘Because of the steep places, I have veiled thy sight.’  That is love and compassion and real help.  That same love, compassion and help is available to us all and you have experienced it in this situation.  If we knew ahead of time what steep places lie ahead, would we be able to face them?  Yet all such are decided upon by us, as our path, before we incarnate, so we are never the victims of such but the choosers, the beneficiaries, for the outworking of a higher purpose.  


Such storms as you describe are an opportunity (heavily disguised as adversity) to demonstrate for ourself that our FTOC is intact.  Then, when we have survived (perhaps only by the skin of our teeth! and always with help beyond our imagining) and come though, we find our FTOC has been immeasurably strengthened in the process; preparing us for receiving greater gifts from Papa than we previously were aware could be possible.  Truly, He is the Good Husbandman, always growing us into fulfilment of our true potential.


Brian I am so grateful that you're on this voyage with me My dear Sharon, I do absolutely assure you that that sentiment is entirely mutual.  When I was heading into the storm I asked God for 'safe passage' I don't know where those words came from but I repeated them over and over and over, ........ and he granted it.  The key here, when racked by doubt and uncertainty, is to keep on asking, refusing to listen to ego pressing down so hard on our apparently vulnerable mind.  You have demonstrated to yourself the essential importance and value of that.  Ego does not want us to do that because it knows that is the channel, or mechanism by which we are able to receive Papa’s answer to our prayer, so it does everything it can to lull us back to the apathy and sense of hopelessness of our dream.  Keep on asking and never give up; that is the undoing of ego’s stranglehold in a situation such as you describe   When the storm passes and the seas subside, and the sun comes out and you sail along, Joy flows again.  What a feeling that is; surely there cannot be another like it on Earth.  It is SO important that people know that it WILL RETURN, yes, yes, yes, it will just know for sure.  ASK, ASK, ASK; it is SO important to KEEP ASKING, even when you're sinking, the last breath you take, the last fleeting thought of life, that you KEEP ASKING.  That is exactly it; never, ever give up.  Thank you for being my life-raft  Thank you for seeing me thus and for saying so; it is deeply appreciated, I know for sure now that A COURSE IN MIRACLES is where I am to be.  This truly has made my day.  Another of ego’s life-lines severed; another giant step toward the Kingdom.  Thank you for being there to teach me.  It is my joy and pleasure.  We are all teachers for each other; we all learn from each other.  Your sharing is teaching me how I was right to continue with the courage of my convictions in setting out on this path. 


With a grateful heart, Sharon  Amen to that.  Thank you so much for this,  Brian


Hi Brian.

I felt fear but decided I will do this and keep on reading my ACIM book. I am trying to do a 30 day mental diet. I wrote to my Higher self as a friend suggested, and what I understood from the answers is that I rely too much on people, and I am too sensitive.

This was very courageous of you but I feel it is a very beneficial process and it certainly affirms my own feelings from what you have written about yourself on previous occasions, so it does appear to be accurate in helping you to gain an objective perspective on yourself.  I feel prompted to say: 'Don't forget to forgive yourself (true forgiveness) for this, so you can be released from this illusion about your self and see only the face of Christ in you.  This will be a big step in enabling you to see only the face of Christ in others, as you practise true forgiveness of them.'

Thank you for your emails to me. They have been a great help. Namaste Pearl. Thank you also for sharing and for blessed, Kingdomly fellowship Pearl.  Joy and Peace be with you,  Brian

The following exchange was posted on August 18th 2007


Hi Brian,  Hi Susan,


I have been pondering some of the things your messages say about how our life in time is illusory relative to the ultimate divine unity, and wonder, in light of this, how you deal with Jesus’ focus on the kingdom of heaven upon earth and the love of this planet, its long evolution, beauty, and the value of the temporal consciousness  I am deeply grateful you are asking this question.  I find it surprising that nobody has asked it before!  It is so contra to our Earth-mind perceptions and understanding, turning all our multi-generational understanding on its head. That is why ACIM (and Gary Renard’s writing, which focuses entirely upon it, with immensely helpful explanations) is so revolutionary. The answer is actually very simple once we have adjusted our focus from double vision to single vision, so we can start seeing past the immediate and begin to observe from the perspective of eternity, which is not just different from time and place but the opposite of it.


Olga was absolutely right in her perception that Jesus prayed and worked for the Kingdom of Heaven ON EARTH (KOHOE), and I am deeply and profoundly grateful to her for emphasizing that so much during our years with her.  The reason why it is so vital for us to pray and work for the KOHOE is because time and place, which is an illusion fabricated in an instant by the Son of God (us) and not by the Father (as explained over and over in ACIM and Gary’s books) is an opportunity for us to become ‘Kingdomly in our thinking;’ to re-train our minds back to the right way of thinking, while we are still here in ‘upside-down,’ ego-land, so that we are made ready, prepared, leavened, ahead of time, so to speak, to return to eternity. 


We cannot return – permanently – to eternity (Heaven) until we are restored to ‘Heaven-mindedness’ because it is so different (opposite) from Earth-mindedness that it would be too great a shock for us to deal with, especially all the unconscious guilt and fear accrued in time and place.  So, the real purpose of the Earth-life experience, of time and place, is to re-train our minds Heavenwards.  That, according to Jesus’ teaching in ACIM, was not its original purpose.  Its original purpose was to hide away from a vengeful God, (Adam and Eve, covering themselves with fig leaves and hiding amongst the ‘trees of the garden’).  However, Holy Spirit has taken that situation (Earth) and accorded His own purpose, namely the re-training ground for our upside-down, ego-split minds, to restore them to right/Heaven/Christ-Mindedness.  


Of course, most of humanity at present is so heavily engaged with sojourning in time that their citizenship of eternity is far from their thoughts.  Jesus, having been restored to Christ-Mindedness and thus, oneness (as the Son) in the Father, came to begin the re-training process for the rest of us, his brethren, and has now established a vanguard of souls – billions in the etheric counterpart of Earth and a now ever-growing nucleus in the Earth life – to continue the leavening process, until the whole is leavened.


Earth life is the training ground for restoration of Kingdom-thinking (which leads, automatically, to Kingdom be-haviour.  I have written that word hyphenated to emphasise that how we act is an outward expressing of our inward being).  Earth, and the KOHOE is, as I have written in SYFK and the Messages of Encouragement, a staging post.  Here is what I wrote on March 28th:


The HTG website focuses heavily on the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth; however this is a temporary situation, a ‘staging post’ from where we - at present still labouring under the yoke of the Earth-mind (ego) consciousness - are being metamorphosed back into the Christ- or Holy Spirit-Mind, or Eternal awareness (remembrance).  We are still in the early stages of this because we are only in the beginning part of the 3rd measure of meal.  However, this process does not progress arithmetically but logarithmically.  It has taken billions of years, in linear time – from the moment of separation – for our return to the Kingdom consciousness to reach this place, but by the end of the 3rd measure of meal, 2000 years hence, the process will be complete and the consciousness of all humanity will have been leavened to its true potential, just it was 2000 years ago with the ‘firstfruits’ – Jesus.


And this was in the August 8th Message of Encouragement, an extract from ACIM with my parenthesised comments:


The Holy Spirit reaches from the Christ in you to all your dreams, and bids them come to Him, to be translated into truth. (This is the activity that is taking place now, in this, the final measure of meal, being leavened)  He will exchange them for the final dream which God appointed as the end of dreams. (This is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth; the final staging post immediately prior to the consummation of the marriage of Heaven with Earth, in which Earth consciousness will have become transformed, metamorphosed, subsumed into Christ Mind – our true nature – in the Oneness of Eternity in Heaven and the physical universe will cease to be part of our awareness, cease to exist, just as the dreams we had last night and have already forgotten are no longer part of our awareness, no longer exist). For when forgiveness rests upon the world and peace has come to every Son of God, what could there be to keep things separate, for what remains to see except Christ’s face? (Indeed, there will be nothing to keep us separate and we will no longer be separate, either from our Self, our brethren in the Sonship or our Father, the Creator Spirit).

And how long will this holy face be seen, when it is but the symbol that the time for learning now is over, and the goal of the Atonement (At-one-ment) has been reached at last? So therefore let us seek to find Christ’s face and look on nothing else (He means right now, here, in the Earthly life; for any idea that we must wait is a ploy of ego which we are now, already, free to repudiate without delay, if we so desire). As we behold His glory, will we know we have no need of learning or perception or of time, or anything except the holy Self, the Christ Whom God created as His Son.


In the last vignette, number 27, at the back of SYFK, it says:


Holy Communion February 16, 1997

At the beginning I saw a ladder/stairway stretching from highest Heaven to darkest, deepest ‘hell.’  It disappeared out of vision into the light above and the darkness below.  Our Communion Sanctuary was like a ‘staging post’ about halfway up the ladder.  I felt as if the words concerning the Lord’s eternalness and His great God-mission for all mankind were being broadcast down to all levels and, as if we were an amplifying/relaying station, via what we do and our commitment, into the depths below. 


It then goes on to say that I saw Jesus fastening a ladder to the floor of bedrock hell and then added:


Our sanctuary of Mystical Communion with Christ was placed on a circular platform through which the ladder passed on its way up to Heaven. 


Susan, I believe the purpose of John of Patmos, the Teacher, King David, establishing the SMCC attunement mechanism in the Earth-life is to help ‘all who will’ to get attuned with Christ Mind, in the guise of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, ‘the Voice for God,’ to act as a major instrument in preparing the Children of Earth for ‘lift-off’ or ascension into the Heaven, eternity awareness.



Some people, like the secretary of the interior under Ronald Reagan, James Watt, answered environmentalists who were concerned about humans’ treatment of the planet by saying something like, “What does it [the physical environment] matter?  The Lord is coming soon anyway and this world will be burned up.  So who cares about a few trees.”   I know, of course, that this is not what your language implies; in fact, just the opposite.  Yet I have seen this kind of apocalyptic, other-worldly thinking used to denigrate earth and human experience in time. 


Apocalypse is an ego-mind perception of a metamorphic event.  There is not and cannot be anything apocalyptic (widespread, mass destruction) about anything to do with Papa, Jesus or the Holy Spirit.  This is literal-mindedness of ‘little-self’ humanity, dominated by fear, guilt and negativity putting their (not God’s) slant on the end times.  That does not mean that little-self may not effect apocalyptic activities (9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, Wounded Knee, Enniskillen, Hiroshima, Nanking, etc., etc.) but it is not part of the GRP and in fact the GRP includes every possible mechanism (other than intervention, which is contra to cosmic law) to avert as many such events as possible. 


Ego wants us to perceive the end times as an event so fearful that we will not wish it to happen and will do all it can to delay/avert it but its thought is so puny and impossible that it is simply one more delusion to add to the pot.  But that is not part of the Programme for the Marriage of Heaven with Earth.  The ‘end times’ are literally that: the end of time and the return to eternity for the Son of God.  To read other/more into it - of a negative, apocalyptic nature - is an entirely unserviceable misperception, born of ego to maintain the consciousness of fear.


It seems to me this physical sphere, though less comprehensive than higher levels) is crucial to the mission of the Master and, hence, his focus on it over the millennia. You are absolutely right; the Earth is crucial to the GRP because that is where Jesus’ brethren in the Sonship believe themselves to be, so that is where he is focusing his efforts (the ‘physician’ coming to the sick).  Nevertheless, let us not forget that, as indicated above, Earth is the staging post in the leavening process, so while it is essential to the process, when the process is complete – that is, we have been restored to Oneness with Jesus and all our brethren in the Sonship, in Heaven, and time and place are no longer necessary, because we will be in eternity for eternity, in a totally unrecognizable-to-Earth-comprehension state – the physical universe will simply cease to have existence for us. 


It is also helpful to keep in mind here that according to quantum physicists, there is no such thing as ‘solid’ matter.  It is no accident that this has come to light in recent years.  It is part of the preparation, the transformation, the re-training, the metamorphosis, the resurrection of the mind - not the body; we are perfect Spirit, as created by the Creator and our bodies are a temporary device for re-training our mind Heavenwards; when that is done, our bodies have no no further purpose to serve - of Earth-life humanity (the caterpillars) to our true, Christ-Mind awareness in eternity. 


ACIM reminds us that the Earth and all the physical universe was not created by God but by the Son in a moment of musing which was over as soon as it began and that the Son (us) never left Heaven.  That is why we can be sure that all we appear to see and experience is a dream, an illusion.  In fact, Jesus also tells us that all we are apparently seeing and experiencing actually ended as soon as it began and time is/was over as soon as it began; that the billions of apparent ‘years’ since the big bang are imaginary, in the dream-moment of the Son’s mind that ended as soon as it began. Thus, all that appears to be happening here and now is actually, already over within the perspective of eternal, Christ Mind, and it is an illusion that we mistakenly perceive it is still going on. That is an indicator of the creativity of the Christ Mind (albeit, a momentary misdirection of it with apparently lasting consequences), which is our birthright, inheritance and destiny.   


Every stage of consciousness is good, because the spirit permeates and sustains it all. It is true that spirit permeates all, but time and place is not our true, real, eternal and only Home, so while we may have fond feelings toward this world, it is like a beautiful lily of the field, more arrayed than Solomon in all his glory; ‘tomorrow’ it will be ‘cast into the oven’ (not to be taken literally as destroyed by fire by a vengeful god, or by apocalypse!) and gone.  The reason not to be dismayed at its disappearance is that it is nothing compared with the glory of our real Home.  A lily of the field is a beautiful thing but is come and gone in the blink of an eye, so getting it, along with time and place and all else that appears to be in it into a balanced perspective will be serviceable to our mind re-training activities.   


After all, Jesus’ central teaching was on the kingdom of heaven on earth, not just on some other realm, and the emphasis of his words was not merely on gaining a better place in the afterlife, but building the kingdom here and now through a radical shift in consciousness. This is essential, as indicated above, to our preparation for the ascension into Heaven: the resurrection of our minds.  This is why we have to prepare for the Kingdom here on Earth – by the resurrection of our minds to Christ-Mindedness - otherwise we will be unable, unprepared, to ascend.  This is all very carefully, comprehensively – and beautifully – explained in ACIM.  


The kingdom of heaven is within us and around us and we are that kingdom, but we don’t see it.  Exactly so.  That is our Earth-mind, with its double vision, causing our whole body to be filled with darkness (Mt. 6:23).  Hence the need for resurrection/leavening/raising-up/metamorphosing/transforming and that can only be done here, in preparation for the ascension back into eternity/Heaven.  


Mark and I have had some messages over the years on how changing how we perceive and act here has impact on all realms This is true, because there is only one mind – Universal, God Mind, of which we, the Son, are indivisibly part. It is only the split, upside-down, ego part of our mind that sees things as separated from that. That split mind has no effect on our real, true, Christ Mind, which is unaffected by the separation.  Holy Spirit’s job is to help us to recognize one from the other and choose, freely, between ego-mind and our real, Christ Mind and that our lives are not illusion or unreal, but very important and on a continuum with the ultimate reality. Our lives are not an illusion; our bodies and all of the time and place consciousness is the illusory bit.  


As ACIM reminds us many, many times, we are not a body but eternal radiant spirit and that anything that dies is an illusion, not of God, because God created us in His image and likeness: eternal, indestructible, like Himself. That is, it is important that we love this planet and our bodies and our temporal selves To behave toward ourselves, our fellows, our planet in an unKingdomly way would not be at all serviceable to preparing us for our true Home, which we must do here in order for us to move from the Earth staging post into our eternal Home. 


In Luke ch. 16 Jesus says: He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.   If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches?  And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another man's, who shall give you that which is your own? at the same time as we realize we are much more than the body and that we are cosmic beings as well.


The emphasis of Jesus’ teaching in ACIM (for me, the definitive Holy Scriptures, straight from the CEO of the GRP - unadulterated by those without the light of spiritual discernment - for the third measure of meal) would, I believe, place a full stop after the words ‘cosmic beings’ and omit the ‘as well,’ on the basis that this is focusing on two states of being, thus functioning from a place of duality, or trying to serve two masters.  This is why Olga emphasised over and over and over the essential importance of one-pointedness, and the Master emphasised repeatedly the importance of singleness of purpose and of vision.  In 1992 he said:


as you go forward from this place so shall your singleness of vision increase and draw the Earthly sight into oneness with it so that the two gradually become one.  I cannot improve on that!


Later, in the same message, he said:


I shall be with you at each step, that ye falter not, neither stumble and fall. This indicates his concern for our physical well-being.  Of course, while we appear to be here he wants us to be safe, so that we can accomplish what we have come back here to do.  Hold fast little one and this vessel I feel sure I do not need to say he is referring to our physical body shall come to no ill in the tempest and here to this world and its stormy conditions but shall safely arrive at its ever-intended destination and here to Home, Heaven, eternity. In 1998 he said:


The enemy (ego) wants fear to invade and take control in your heart, your mind, your life.  Hence the need for singleness of vision, so that his objectives are screened out.  This is what Jesus/the Holy Spirit are engaged in with the ‘Children of Earth’ right now, with ‘all who will.’  It is the leavening, resurrecting activity, getting us back to Christ-Mindedness, singleness of vision, so that our whole body can be filled with light.  Ego’s objectives are to sidetrack, distract, bog us down in worldly matters, to the extent that we lose our one-pointed focus on eternity.  That certainly calls for singleness of vision and purpose. 


It’s a delicate balance. It certainly is!!


Love and blessings,  And to you also.  Thank you for this opportunity to extend some awarenesses, for our mutual going forward.  Brian



The following exchange was posted on August 15th 2007


I have a friend of around 15 years who is a psychic. Recently I rebutted something she said- by the way she knows little about the New Testament and Jesus’ mission on earth. In response she said I was a negative person and negativity just oozes from my being. She said that the reason why we got broken into (our garage was robbed for the third time of bikes and tools) was because I have such negative thoughts. She follows the movie “The Secret” avidly and believes we are what we think. I replied to her, "Jesus was the perfect man, the son of the living God. He had enemies and confronted evil 24/7 while he walked the earth.


There is an inference that could be drawn from this statement that Jesus went about looking for evil with which to go ‘head to head’.  I feel sure that is not what you were implying, but this wording makes it easy to misconstrue. I have no doubt that Jesus was/is functioning from such a high, positive place of being that negativity and evil was not registering as a significant concern on his radar because he knew it was all an illusion and none of what ‘appears’ to be ‘confronting’ us is real, so it cannot impact upon any (including him) who have that awareness.


 His death at 33 was the result of man's belief that he spoke heresy declaring himself to be one with God.


 Again, I feel it is important to place that statement within the context of the fact that he chose that, ‘cup’ or event, before he incarnated (almost certainly, before Abraham incarnated, if one looks from a linear time perspective, though he was in the eternal awareness) and it did not happen ‘to him,’ as if it was, in some way beyond his control, a ‘victim’ of someone else’s plot.  This was his plot; he was the lead player and Caiaphas, the Sanhedrin, Judas, Pilate, the Roman soldiers etc., were all his supporting players in this grand drama.  


 Does that support your argument? Are you saying that Jesus created these circumstances because he had negative thoughts?" She said, "That's not what I meant," and went on. Brian could you kindly respond to this as I must admit it has caused a major rift in our relationship.


Regrettably, you did not say what she went on to say, so it is difficult to respond to this further.  Now just a note, this is a very conceited woman who does a fair amount of grand standing in promoting her gifts.


Can you see her as an angel whom you have called into your presence to bring the wonderful gift of a magnificent opportunity to transform adversity into fulfilment by remembering who you really are and awakening from misperceptions of your self into true vision of your Self? 


Realizing this, I take it with a grain of salt, but her words did cut deep to the open wound and admittedly, I was depressed after I spoke to her.


Debbie Ford writes that we all have unresolved issues lurking in our unconscious mind, from childhood traumas or from ‘previous’ acts and that there is a foolproof way of finding out if such issues have been ‘Retraced, faced, embraced and replaced.’  That is to observe whether, when faced up with something such as you describe, one is ‘affected’ by it or ‘informed’ by it. 


‘Affected’ means, does it get our blood-pressure/hackles up; does it hurt and make us feel vulnerable, threatened, attacked, defensive?  ‘Informed’ means we feel none of the above, but our pulse, demeanour, attitude toward the other party does not alter. That is because we are comfortable with who we know ourself to be, even if the other party is mistaken by outward appearances; it means we can genuinely have feelings of love, goodwill, equanimity toward the other party (lying to ourself is a waste of time in such an exercise).


If we find that our spontaneous reaction is ‘affected,’ it is a signal that we can turn to our advantage by beginning to retrace the causative factors of our affectedness.  For example, if your friend saying you are negative, etc., affected you, it is a signal that you unconsciously feel this is a ‘direct hit’ in terms of your own, deep-down self perception (even if you might strenuously deny it outwardly, or, in other words, be defensive about it). 


If, on the other hand, you truly are aware that you have a balanced perspective on yourself, and are not negative, then the motor-response of quickened pulse, feeling hurt, vulnerable, threatened, attacked, defensive would not occur and the heart-rate would remain unaltered by it.  If, as your message suggests, you have been affected, the first thing to do to help turn this around and use it to your benefit (as distinct from trying to respond to perceived ‘threat’ with ‘attack’) is to acknowledge to yourself that this is the case and be honest with yourself, ask help from Jesus/Holy Spirit in this matter.


This way it can be brought to the surface (rather than remaining buried, only to keep re-surfacing because it is there to be resolved, so you can go forward); faced/acknowledged; embraced/forgiven (using the ACIM true forgiveness of one’s self and whoever is, mistakenly, perceived as the ‘out there,’ projected cause of the problem of, in this instance, negativity; for example, it might, typically, be something from a parental relationship during formative years etc); and finally, replaced, such as by some ‘mantras’ from ACIM. 


Here are some examples you might wish to consider:


‘I am not the victim of the world I see’

‘I have invented the world I see’

‘There is another way of looking at the world’

‘I could see peace instead of this’

‘I can replace my feelings of (list, or name them, such as negativity, depression, anxiety; or my thoughts about this situation, person, event)’

‘My mind is part of God’s.  I am very holy.’

‘My holiness envelops everything I see.’

‘My holiness blesses the world’

‘There is nothing my holiness cannot do because the power of God lies in it’

‘My holiness is my salvation’ (as a countermanding of ‘my unloving thoughts about …. are keeping me in hell’)

‘God goes with me wherever I go’

‘God is the light in which I see’

‘God is the mind with which I think’

‘God is the love in which I forgive.

‘God is the strength in which I trust’

‘There is nothing to fear’


These are all from the ACIM Workbook and each has a detailed explanation of the meaning, value and benefit we can derive by going through the committed process of making them our truth.  These are worth careful, detailed investigation, as they will assuredly help to bring about a new, transformed perception of one’s self and the world.  This takes commitment, dedication and it will work, but is not an instant fix. 


Rather we have to undo the hard-wiring of our synapses and retrain our mind into a new, Kingdomly way of thinking, seeing, being.  It will take time but the alternative is to ask oneself, ‘If I do not make this commitment, and carry on as I am, where will I be in a few years/at the end of my sojourn here/when it is time to re-incarnate?’ 


I will not say ‘No gain without pain’ but I will amend that to ‘No gain without commitment.’  It will seem slow and almost imperceptible and ego wants us to believe it is not happening, and therefore, to give up.  Papa says to us, exhorts us: ‘Don’t give up!


     Can you help me on this one, dear brother?  Dearest Patti, I earnestly hope this will be helpful.  Try to look past the immediacy of any situation and see the perfection in it and ask why you have called it into your own presence.  It helps to switch to a different, true perspective.   Love to you and yours, Patricia. With love and many blessings, as always,  Brian


The following exchange was posted on August 10th 2007

Hi Brian. Thank you very much for your email, (see August 9th posting, below) it is a great help. I thought that you would like to read some of Vernon Howard’s sayings.  He seemed to know what people are all about. Regards. Pearl.

Dear Pearl,

Many thanks for these.  They are so utterly in harmony with HTG objectives of focussing on manifesting the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth that I am posting them on the Forum page.

Bless you for sending them,


Here they are:


When two people meet, the prize always goes to the one with the most self-insight.  He will be calmer, more confident, more at ease with the other.

Never permit the behavior of other people to tell you how to feel.  Any friendship requiring the submission of your original nature and dignity to another person is all wrong.

Mystically speaking, there is no difference between you and another person. This is why we cannot hurt another without hurting ourselves, nor help another without helping ourselves.

You understand others to the exact degree that you really understand yourself.  Work for more self-knowledge.

If you painfully lose a valuable friend, do not rush out at once for a replacement.  Such action prevents you from examining your heartache and breaking free of it.

Every unpleasant experience with another person is an opportunity to see people as they are, not as we mistakenly idealize them.  The more unpleasant the other person is, the more he can teach you.

Do not mistake desire for love.  Desire leaves home in a frantic search for one gratification after another.   Love is at home with itself.

Change yourself, rather than working to change others.

Attend to the reason why you felt hurt, not to those who hurt you.

We demand a social gain of a person because we think it will fulfil us inwardly.  It won’t.  It never will - as we have suspected all along.

So-called success provides ego-excitement, but never self-fulfillment.  It is just as impossible for an exterior result to provide inner happiness as it is for a new hat to give us a new mind.   Reflect on this!

Flatly refuse to let anyone put pressure on you.  In some cases this means a calm but firm statement that he or she must stop it.  When done correctly it is a favor to both of you.  A bully might resent being told to knock it off, but at the same time he will like you, for he is secretly glad to find someone who isn’t bluffed by his childish pressure.

No one can possibly behave above his own level of understanding.  Don’t expect people to do any better than they are compelled to do at their present level.  Your problem is in assuming that they should and could behave better.  That is like thinking that a monkey should be as dignified as a deer. Understand this and annoyance disappears.

Anything you get from another human being that requires a sacrifice of your integrity is not worth getting.

A certain sign of deepened understanding is when you no longer criticize unkind or troublesome people, but feel sorry for them.  You realize that no one can get away with badness, that unkind people are their own punishment. When a man catches his first glimpse of what it means to live above his usual mechanical and negative reactions to life, he feels a new pleasure.  And he senses an entirely new kind of opportunity!

These wonderful and reassuring gems of wisdom come from The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power and The Power of Your Supermind, by Vernon Howard.

We all encounter challenging people and situations on a daily basis. These wonderful and exceedingly blunt, but true insights to human behavior will help shake us up and finally enable us to begin seeing things on a higher and more realistic level.   This will help us to then finally extinguish the enormous pain and suffering we have in our interactions with others and to begin having much larger spans of happiness, harmony and peace of mind no matter what is going on in our lives!


And Pearl has also lovingly sent this, from

HEAVEN #2450 Can you not love yourself?, August 10, 2007

God said:

It is inevitable that what I say will sink into you. You will forget My words, and yet you will have taken great strides. You may think you are getting nowhere, but you are getting somewhere. You are rising to meet yourself, beloved. You are becoming a friend to yourself. As you uplift yourself, you uplift the world.

Your journey is not for yourself alone. You are to raise the consciousness of the world. How would you raise it if you stayed the same? You have perhaps been waiting for the world to change, when the first move is yours.

If you want peace in the world, make peace with yourself. You have fought yourself long enough. Lay down your arms. You have been stalking yourself, tripping yourself, laying imprecations upon yourself. Today look up and see Who you really are. Then you will love yourself. You must love yourself. You must know that you are worthy of love. Can you not love yourself? Can you not love what I love? Are you so much better than I am that you can say you are not as good as I say?

You have been mistaken. You definitely had the wrong idea about yourself. You descried your humanness. What makes you so high and mighty that you would disdain one particle of one Being I made and made with love? How dare you not value yourself more? Much more. How dare you put yourself down. You are here to raise yourself up. You are here to reach the stars. You are here to rescue yourself.

The world may try to glue your feet to the ground and keep you right where it wants you, but the world is not your leader. I am, and you are.

Become a beneficent Being. Be beneficent to yourself. This not at all the same as selfish. It is supreme selfishness to keep yourself nailed down. Make the decision to free yourself. Free yourself first from all the false ideas you have had about yourself. You took what you heard at face value. Now you know that what you heard was not true. You believed everything then. Believe Me now.

Remove the cellophane of the past. Remove the records of the past. Remove all past associations from your heart and mind. Whatever amount the past served you, you are done with it now. The past is an old newspaper. Burn it. Let it go up in smoke. Today is a new day, and you are to be the hero of it.

Let go of all your laggard thoughts. Begin to do yourself justice. Gain a new image of yourself. You are not a weakling. You are a strongling. You were birthed from Greatness. Think of it. I created you. From the palette of My heart, I painted you the colors of love.

You have somehow thought you were an accident of some kind or a manufacturing mistake. Not at all. I knew what I was doing when I created you. Only you have not known what you are doing, You have belied yourselves, beloved. You were the treasure, and you thought you were refuse. You thought you took up space. You thought you were a bump on a log. You had an incorrect impression of yourself. I made no mistake. You have been mistaken. You mistook yourself for less than you are. Heretofore, you have been good at that.

Today, begin to look up. Look into My eyes, and begin to see Who you are and why I made you exactly right. My hand did not slip. You did not fall from grace. You merely have not looked up enough. Look up now

The following exchange was posted on August 9th 2007


Hi Brian. Thank you for your answer to my question. This situation has been going on for some years now. My friend thinks that she is afraid of me for some reason. Situations like this are nothing to do with outward appearances but are of the psychic, or unconscious mind realms, to do with issues, karma, from previous acts.  If rational, reasoning discussions do not lead to the outworking of the issues, which clearly in this instance they are not, then it is because the other person – your sister-in-law - is not ready to confront and resolve the issues.  This is because she is living in the consciousness of fear and is thus in denial of who she really is.  That is how it appears.  Now let us see what Gary’s book, The Disappearance of the Universe (‘DU’), says about this within the context of true forgiveness, as explained in ACIM, as being the only way out.  If you turn to page 256 of DU, you will see it offers an example of a true forgiveness thought process:



A Thought Process Example


You’re not really there. If I think you are guilty, or the cause of the problem, and if I made you up, then the imagined guilt and fear must be in me.  Since the separation from God never occurred, I forgive “both” of us for what we haven’t really done.  Now there is only innocence, and I join with the Holy Spirit in peace.


I have underlined a really key part of this, for emphasis. It says in the paragraph preceding that, that we can apply ‘you’ and ‘you’re’ to any person, situation or event, so here, you could apply it to your sister-in-law and the entire situation.  On page 258 Gary goes on to say,


In my ego’s script he (in your scenario, your sister-in law) was the guilty one, not me – but now I could change my mind.  It didn’t really matter if I got in touch with the form (sister-in-law) of my own guilt that he was symbolizing for me.  All that mattered was that I forgive.  The Holy Spirit would take care of the details.

Without separation, this guy couldn’t exist apart from me – and if our separation from God was an illusion, neither one of us could possibly exist as individuals. What I was seeing wasn’t really there.  I could now perceive innocence, or true perception, by having the attitude that he was entirely without guilt.  I could forgive him for what wasn’t really happening.  In that view, my own sins, of which I covertly accused myself were also forgiven.  I released my brother (sister-in-law) to the Holy Spirit in peace, and thus I was released as well.


Of course, to ego mind this is all utterly absurd; a complete fantasy. Of course my brother (sister-in-law) is real; I can touch her, experience her presence… etc., etc.  Ego has had it all its own way on this one since the beginning of time.  Now it’s time to turn the tables on that illusion and see past it, to the truth of eternity.  That seems very, very, even a third very, hard.  It will appear impossible unless we have the desire for all this to be behind us, consigned to the ‘cosmic recycling bin.’  If we resonate with the idea, the concept of all that appears before us as an illusion, we will be half way there.  If we simply cannot see that, embrace the idea, however hard we may wish to believe it, then we are not yet ready.  Even if we are ready, we are not yet ‘there’ so there is still much work ahead for us in retraining or re-educating our mind, getting the hard-wiring of the ego-synapses undone and some serious re-wiring done. 


However, we do not, of course, have to do this on our own.  This is where FTOC in the help provided from/by Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit is a requisite.  All that is required of us is the desire for it and the FTOC to keep on keeping on.  All the rest is done for us in response to our desire and FTOC.  Don’t let ego convince you otherwise. We have the choice of keeping on or giving up.  By keeping on, we really begin to see how our thinking does undergo a revolution.  It isn’t a sudden firework display of new perceptions but a slow, almost imperceptible change, where it gets less hard to think in this new way, and less hard to stop thinking in the old way.  The one does not suddenly, instantly replace the other, but a gradual switch-over takes place, with the new phasing in and the old fading out.


I have an idea what it is but I could be wrong. I have talked to her, my husband, her brother has talked to her, but of no avail. I stayed away from the family gatherings for a year. I hoped that I would get enough strength not let her get to me. She has a strong Aura.  As the ‘Heavenletters’ quote you sent me so perfectly and timely states:


 ‘A tyrant could not exist when everyone is his own sovereign. How could there be a bully when everyone is strong in his own worthiness? There would neither be bully nor bullied.


Govern yourself. Do not be unruly. Attune to a greater rule.


You are not subjects in the world. You do not bow your knee to any one person, you bow to all. Bow to yourself.


This really says it for you, doesn’t it Pearl?  Another (person, church institution, mythology, whatever) only ever has as much power over us as we ascribe to it.  Once we look closely, carefully enough at it to see past the illusion, we can see the truth of eternity within it.  In this instance, that you are, have, your own sovereign power over your life.  Take a step back and look at the situation.  Then you will be able to see it more clearly and I believe you will be able to laugh at the unreality of it all.  But most of all, get focussed on true forgiveness by saying, ‘None of this is real because it will pass and only that is real which is eternal.’


I went with my husband last Saturday to his 65th. birthday party. She arranged it, but did not include me in this. I feel that I will have to stay away permanently, but I will still bless her. I have been married for 37 years. I am probably too sensitive.  You can choose anew on that, dear Pearl   My friend thinks that she is bringing up old wounds, as she is just like two of my sisters. Anyways, I feel that staying away is better for me, and I can bless her and the rest of her family. Space is a very serviceable tool in enabling peace to become established but only if the space does not make you feel excluded, put upon, victimised, because that would be ego ensnaring you in another of his devices.  Namaste. Pearl.




Hi Brian. I have read your email again, and am wondering why this person is seeking love? Most of us in the wilderness of this illusory realm are seeking love.  It stems from unconscious guilt that we have betrayed, attacked God and goes back through previous acts and the guilt, fear, attacks that have been our experience since the separation. I never had any children, and my family are all in Ontario, and one in Germany. She has two lovely daughters and her family. She controls them behind a brick wall. Brick walls are hard to penetrate.  Try observing all this from the perspective as outlined above; namely, she isn’t really here, neither are you, so she cannot be guilty, and neither can you.  That change of focus is the only way Home.  Don’t give up Pearl; I know you won’t because you are still persevering and have a tenacious FTOC.  I wish to encourage you with all the encouragement I can muster.  Thank you for being patient with me.  Patience is not an ego trait but a Holy Spirit trait.  It has not been an easy part of my journey, moving into patience.  But Jesus has been infinitely patient with me and without that I would not have been able to stay the course. I give thanks for that every time impatience wells up within me, and then I choose again, to be like Jesus.  It is working and I am much transformed in this regard in recent time.  As he says in ACIM:


Your patience with your brother is your patience with yourself. Is not a child of God worth patience? I have shown you infinite patience because my will is that of our Father, from Whom I learned of infinite patience. His Voice was in me as It is in you, speaking for patience towards the Sonship in the Name of Its Creator.

Now you must learn that only infinite patience produces immediate effects. This is the way in which time is exchanged for eternity. Infinite patience calls upon infinite love, and by producing results now it renders time unnecessary. (Text, chapter 5, section 6).



 I have been quite upset lately, I know it is me being upset, but after 37 years of being married to her brother I feel that she could appreciate me just a little. I will forgive as much as I am able to at this time.  That’s the spirit. I have gotten over it before, so I will get over it again, and hopefully be even stronger.  As the Master has said to me many times, ‘Hold fast.’  Here are some Diary extracts on this for your upliftment and encouragement:



Hold fast to that which you know to be true, right and of eternal values; such shall stand you in good stead and serve you well as strength and support.  Do that which you perceive necessary; let love, compassion, caring, kindness, goodwill and resolve guide your thoughts and actions at all times, especially of decision.

And let your heart and mind be aware of those in the realms of Light who care also for you.  You (all) who travel the Earth-life path are not alone.  We are ever close to you.



Heed my words to hold fast to that which you have, that your crown be not taken from you; nay, rather that it may be embellished with all the jewels for which it has been prepared.



Hold fast to that which I have given you and let this light shine for the children of Earth to see and know of this living reality.



It is my desire and purpose also to be the Way by which my little ones may be brought safely back from the wilderness to the Kingdom and be freely given their garments of purity, to take their rightful place with Abba and me.

Of course there will be resistance from the enemy and, in ignorance, by those my little ones who foolishly and blindly follow him.  This is as nothing my son, to all who hold fast to that which I have given them.  Their crown is theirs.  Ultimately, the choice must be made by each as to whether he desires his rightful inheritance or whether his adoptive hovel is his preferred dwelling place.  There shall be no compulsion.  Only love and freedom.



Now is the time of great outpouring of (God’s) Spirit upon all the world and many shall be the signs and wonders given to those who love Him and hold fast to that which has been given to them.



Those who gladly and gratefully receive and hold fast in the face of persecution and ridicule and torment shall desire to share those gifts with their fellows who have not yet so received, as a result of unreadiness.



Hold fast to the goal of your vision so that perspectives in-between do not lead you astray.



It is paramount that, come what may, you, and all who would follow me, must hold fast, be utterly one-pointed in your focus, steadfast in your desire to be my disciples.  Only by experiencing flat spots can you become aware that effort, commitment, faith, trust and obedience are absolute prerequisites of the path of discipleship.  The enemy seeks to trip you, to tip the crown that it is my good pleasure to give you, over your eyes and deceive you into many false ways…



The enemy wants fear to invade and take control in your heart, your mind, your life.  Hence the need for singleness of vision, so that his objectives are screened out.  I say to you, keep on one-pointedly; the great refining process continues and all who hold fast shall be saved, protected, all their requirements for fulfilment of their hearts’ desire provided. 



Have I not told you, Papa knows all your needs before you ask?  Assuredly you know that it is so.  Hold fast in faith.  All your needs are well within His ability to provide.  Have no anxiety about the timing, for this is a toehold for the enemy to insinuate his fearful ways.



Hold fast.  That which passes away is not your strength and your salvation.  I am.  Every detail of your life is within my care.



Each new step always appears to be a great obstacle with almost insurmountable height to be transcended.  Can you do this without guidance, instruction, help, faith, trust, obedience, commitment?  As each step becomes steeper, so these qualities become more necessary.  So I say to you my son, stand fast, hold fast, trust in Me.  I will never forsake you or leave you but will be for you your beacon of light, your tower of strength and protection, a very present help in all your needs.



I say to you and your beloved, as I say to all who have taken the downwards journey into the place of the evil one, hold fast, your faith shall make you whole.  Let your focus upon this be sharpened.  Ask and continue to ask of me.  It shall not be denied you.



I counsel you, hold fast; focus on the God of Grace, whose good pleasure it is to give you the Kingdom, to make new, to restore the fallen caterpillar to the fullness, beauty and glory of its rightful estate of butterflydom.



Because you have followed faithfully, one step at a time, so does your journey bring you to the Hill of the Lord.  There lies greater vision of Earth and of Heaven.  For atop this Hill come together Earth and Heaven.  Then, once the vision has become assimilated into the wakefulness and perceived as the reality, attainable by all who hold fast, believing, so shall such a faithful one be enabled to bring that reality down from the mountain top into the valley and establish it there for the entertaining and revivifying of parched and hungering souls for whom the rains have failed and the crops withered and the river of the waters of life has run dry.



  Namaste.  Pearl.  P.S. Sorry to bother you again.  Pearl, dear One, I do assure you that rather than a bother, you are providing wondrous opportunity for you, for me and for all who might read these words and benefit from them to be blessed, uplifted, encouraged, restored and renewed in commitment for continuing the Homeward journey.




Hi Brian. You said in your email to go to April 11th.07 for the Message of Encouragement, False forgiveness. I went to the Forum on your web site and it goes from April 5th. to april12th. The reference to false and true forgiveness is to be found on the ‘Messages of Encouragement’ page of the HTG website, rather than the Forum page. Also when I start reading the ACIM book, where is it best to start, at the text or lessons? ACIM and DU emphasise the importance of reading/studying the Text first because without it, the context of many of the Workbook lessons is incomplete.  First reading Gary Renard’s books is a massive help to the understanding of the Text but assuredly you will not understand all of it at the first reading anyway.  Do not let that put you off.  If we truly desire to get Home as soon as possible, perseverance will pay immeasurable dividends.  I strongly recommend that you persevere with the text before moving to the Workbook.  It will aid your comprehension and assimilation of the Workbook lessons very greatly. I have read The disappearance of the Universe and Your immortal reality. Have you read the book You Are God Get Over It? No, I have not heard of this but it sounds interesting.  There are so many wake-up calls to those persisting in second, or even first measure of meal consciousness mind-sets, one wonders how many more wake-up opportunities it will take for them to begin to awaken to where we are on the ‘cosmic calendar.’ It was written by a Story Waters. Answer when you can, I know you are busy. Best regards.


Love and many blessings for your strengthening and encouragement, unto the fullness of your remembrance of who you really are: the Light of the world,




The following exchange was posted on August 8th 2007


Brian,  Hi Rosa,

I have just finished re-reading Gary Renard's Disappearance of the Universe.   The first reading helped me understand ACIM, which was difficult and revolutionary in thought (for me at the time). I've almost finished reading the full ACIM Text now, and I am grateful to Gary Renard and the Holy Spirit in assisting with my understanding of it. His books are really immeasurably helpful.  I am reading DU for the 4th time now and still getting much from it, in concert with ACIM.  It is no mystery any more to me that your weekly messages are always attached to my weekly readings and musings.   They speak to me....because you are me....we are Christ, the Son of God. How wonderful it is to hear a fellow traveller speak these words, so resonant with my own realisations, and to know others on the Path are awakening to the light of Home that is growing so illuminatingly as we draw nearer to our Destination.
I remember an incident in his book that Gary cites of a person bleeding, dying in a mall.   He says/thinks to the person:  You are not who you think you are..."You are Christ."    When I am faced with a "forgiveness" opportunity, my ACIM mantra is:   My mind is part of God's.  I am very holy.  Fantastic.  That is a real armament in the dissolution of ego's lie that we are sinners, unworthy; well worth daily self-reminding.  And ACIM has almost endless further mantras that will inspire us out of our dream. 
I then think, if my mind is part of God's and your mind is part of mine/God's, then together we are very holy.  This is the great thing about ACIM; it leads us, one step at a time, through these sequences of thought until we arrive at the inevitable conclusion: we are all One in the Sonship, with Jesus and in God, and have always been.  It is then so much easier to let go of the judgement and see it for what it really illusory barrier to God.  Rosa, our job is now to be Beacons of Light for the restoration to eternal truth, by awaking from the dream, for our fellow travellers, so that we may be restored.  It sounds to me your work also has begun, or at the very least, you are ready for it to begin, and by these exchanges we are together shining a light for the New Dawn that is heralding the Kingdom Age.   I am so happy that you are discovering ACIM at the same time as I am....again, no accident.  Indeed, no accident but a happy synchronicity.
With much love, Thank you; received and returned, amplified,
Rosa   Brian




Brian,  Hi again, Rosa,


Thank you for your reply.  I always so much look forward to your weekly entries.  I know you are my true friend/brother as well as a beacon of light for me on our journey out of the dream. Bless you for such words of kindness, which I can feel are right from your heart.  In today’s fear-filled, untrusting world, to speak openly and unguardedly from the heart takes great courage but those of us who truly seek and earnestly desire to awaken from the dream will set an enlightening example for the help and encouragement of other, nascent seekers after truth and we will also be helping ourselves in our forward progress by so doing. 


I want to share just one more thing with you, as I don't know anyone else who would  appreciate/understand it.   While reading DU for the first time, something unusual happened.  I don't have my book available at this moment to pinpoint the spot, but it was somewhere in the beginning of the book.  The ascended masters were explaining the use of J versus the use of Jesus.  They said Jesus was building a team to do forgiveness work for the salvation of the Sonship.  They described the “J team.”  At this point in my reading, the pencil in my hand moved toward those words and a strong forced underlined those words many times...... ‘the J team.’   I realized the message was for me.  Wonderful; a true demonstration of the help for you so close (literally) to hand.  That same help is available to us all, if only we can believe (to borrow J's own words).  I am to join the J team.  I cannot think of one reason to indicate that you are not already a member ;-) 


The Avatar course, The Disappearance of the Universe, the ACIM and your SYFK/journal entries on-line, all have converged in my life over the last few years...bringing me to this point in my life.  I clearly understand that I am on J's team. Aah! Now you are talking. It is my life's forgive. 


If we are to believe Jesus (if we can’t believe him, we are in deep wilderness) then this is the most important thing in life and the only way out of the wilderness and back Home, permanently.  Can there possibly be anything more important than that?  Of course to believe anything else could be is ego-mind perception deluding us.  This seems to somehow be more clearly in focus now and I feel sure that is because that is the focussed thought of the Holy Mind in this Holy Instant, and the power it is building is beginning to break through into the Earth-mind consciousness of ever-increasing numbers of souls in this world right now.  The leaven is really working its works.


Your journals brought the reality of Jesus to my understanding...after so many years of rejecting and denying him. For so many, such a situation would be cause for endless guilt, fear and shame; just what ‘Dr’ Ego ordered.  For Dr Jesus, however, such is nothing because it has never happened and he knows it.  If it is nothing to him, we can, assuredly allow it to become nothing for us also. Well, thanks to him and his ACIM we now know it and can really start applying it, allowing it, until we remember, once more, that this is who we really are. That's why I am eternally grateful for your one-pointed commitment.  


Your success in this area is also an example for me to follow.   I know that I must be vigilant and true to this commitment as an early member of the J team.  This is enough; it is all that is required of you.  Your truly seeking and earnestly desiring are sufficient.  Papa, Jesus and the Holy Spirit will perform all the rest, in response to your desire.  It is really that simple. 


Ego does not want us to believe that, so keeps driving, goading us to ‘do’ more, flagellate more, feel inadequate more, feel worthless, guilty, useless more.  None of that will get us Home, so why bother?  Holy Spirit/J will get us Home to Papa because They know how and are so empowered.  We don’t know how, nor are we empowered, in our Earth-mind, ‘little self’ understanding.  I don’t use such terms to deprecate, degrade or belittle anyone; simply to observe that this is how we have been seeing ourselves since the separation took hold, and to point out how it is wrong-mindedness.   


I count on you as my true friend in Christ...  Thank you Rosa; that is the kindest, most blessed and blessing thing I could ever hope to hear from anyone as a result of the mission for the Kingdom upon which I am now embarked. The Holy Spirit's grace brought to me over the internet.  (Of course, his grace transcends the internet).  When I think of all that has transpired, I can hear “All is well.” loud and clear. Indeed, all is well; wonderfully well.  Alleluia. Gratitude is abundant.  Amen to that.

Thank you, dear Brian.  Thank you, also, dear Rosa, 

Rosa                 Brian


The following exchange was posted on August 4th 2007


Hello Brian: Hi Patricia,


Thanks so much for sharing this moving, poignant story with a blessed, Kingdomly outcome.

This is especially significant as I have always struggled with forgiveness particularly when I have been wronged by someone for no reason.


True forgiveness can really be one of the hardest aspects of our being here to truly accomplish, yet is assuredly, the key, most crucial thing for us to master because it means the cycle of birth and death is broken forever and we are, once more, Home with Papa.  Ego knows that and will work hard to prevent us from getting there; that’s why it seems so hard.  And it can take years – even life-times – to achieve it, even just with one particular karmic entanglement.  This is why we need so much help to win through, from Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit. 


With Their help it can collapse the amount of time from thousands of years, or more (multiple incarnations), or circuits of the carousel.  Yet, the sense of release upon succeeding is more than any other experience can give and that is because true forgiveness is the only route out of the wilderness, according to the central theme of ACIM.  This is why it seems so worth committing to.


Years ago, my uncle wrote me out of his will and for years I pondered why?

He was childless and his wife, my dad's sister, always embraced me as her daughter. My uncle met another woman and she deleted my name in favor of her three children. Well, needless to say, they got a very handsome inheritance but I was left in the cold. I felt hurt more than anything as I was very dedicated to him- taking him to appointments, bringing him meals and the like. Shortly after he passed away, he came to me in a vision and told me he did not know how this could have happened. I sent him away telling him I did not want him around me. For years he was bound as if one ties an old carpet.
It took years to get to the point where I could say, “I forgive” and mean it.


This was a very big opportunity Patti and I observe that the bigger the opportunity, the greater the amount of progress it affords us on our journey Home to Papa, so it is well worth the effort, regardless of how long it takes and how painful the experience may feel while working through it; worthy of a big ‘Thank You’ to Papa for all the blessings and release it brings  Right now I am free, I totally forgive him, albeit I still feel the pangs of hurt by the betrayal- not the money so much as the mention. To this day I have had difficulty grappling with the notion of forgiveness. You have provided such a clear explanation. Well, that is worth an ‘Alleluia’ and a ‘Thank You Papa’ also; thank you for letting me know. Thank you again, dear brother. God bless you and yours. Patricia.


P.S. Brian: may I ask you if you could tell me why it is important to fast? I notice in many biblical writings, there is mention of fasting as Jesus did while spending 40 days in the desert etc.


I am not convinced it is that ‘important.’  I believe that we could do well to look at this within the massively larger context of who we really are.  Jesus tells us we are the Light of the world, that we are Papa’s only, beloved Son, with all the creative empowerment bestowed upon us at our Creation; that this illusion called the physical universe was created by the Son (us) in a moment of idle thought that was over in no ‘time’ and does not even really exist.  The church (an ego-construct) has had an agenda for many, many centuries, of keeping us ensnared within the percept that we are ‘little self,’ ‘sinners,’ ‘unworthy,’ etc.  It loves to make up ever more rules and ‘don’ts,’ all to keep us off the true Path, by simply loving God and loving our neighbour as ourself (because he is our Self). 


I have not a shred of doubt that Jesus, who knew all this not only before he incarnated, but a very long ‘time’ before Abraham incarnated, also knew that fasting would not hasten our return Home; that the Gospel records have been tampered with by the hidden-agenda merchants many times since the first century AD and that fasting has been added to many of the accounts. 


If Jesus fasted for 40 days it was because he had meat to eat of which his brethren in the Earth life knew nothing, and it meant little to him one way or another.  He was so focussed upon what he went into the wilderness for that food simply was not on the agenda; it was not a case of him going to fast to enable the accomplishing of that agenda, although it no doubt did nothing to interfere with that accomplishing. Additionally, he was here on a mission so immeasurably greater than any of the rest of us that what he did or didn’t do is in a very different sphere from what we feel we should or shouldn’t do (especially if someone else tells us!)    


Why is it spiritually important to fast?   


This begs the question, ‘For how long?’ Olga used to remind us that a full stomach takes blood away from the brain and makes one sleepy, so we only take breakfast after communion.  That makes sense and is only a couple of hours!  Is that ‘fasting’?  If one ate before communion because one was distracted by a rumbling stomach, how much should one eat?  In matters to do with the esoteric, spiritual facets of life, getting things into a balanced, peaceful order of perspective is immeasurably more important than following somebody else’s rules, particularly if they do not resonate with our own inner feelings of what is serviceable to our spiritual awakening. 


Is fasting, according to someone else’s perception or rules, going to get us Home any quicker, or is it going to make us feel resentful and thus keep us stuck in the wilderness for another circuit?     


I am so grumpy when my stomach is not filled, me too! yet Mother Mary asks visionaries to fast weekly on bread and water and in some cases only water. Why? I know nothing of this.  Where does this asking take place?  Is this something she has done one on one with you?  Or is it what somebody else says she asks?  The KOH is within (us). If fasting (for one hour, one day, one week or whatever), brings us into greater at-one-ment with the Master and the Love, Joy and Peace of Heaven, how can it be wrong?  If it makes us grumpy and causes a blood-sugar crash and miserable feelings, how can it be right?


Thank you for your time and attention.  Thank you, dear Patricia, and much love, always,  Brian


The following exchange was posted on August 2nd 2007


Hi Brian. Thank you for your emails, they are very interesting. I have finally got my book a Course in Miracles, and will start reading it. I have a question. When one has forgiven someone for something they have done, why do they keep doing more things sometimes worse than before?   Namaste. Pearl.


Hi Pearl


Thanks for your message of encouragement and support. 


A Course in Miracles is 'strong meat' for most of us in this world.  I know a number of people who have started reading it with great enthusiasm but have ground to a halt after a few chapters because so much is esoteric, alien to our upside-down ego-dominated minds. If you find this happening, I would like to urge that you get Gary Renard's book 'The Disappearance of the Universe,' which is massively helpful in understanding ACIM.  Here is what Rosa says about it:

I have just finished re-reading Gary Renard's Disappearance of the Universe.   The first reading helped me understand ACIM, which was difficult and revolutionary in thought (for me at the time). I've almost finished reading the full ACIM Text now, and I am grateful to Gary Renard and the Holy Spirit in assisting with my understanding of it.  

Your question is very incisive.  Effectively, the answer is very comprehensively covered in ACIM and also in Gary Renard’s books.  It is because we, in the Earth life are, and have been since the apparent separation from Papa, been under domination from ego-mind, which is the antithesis of all that we actually, really, truly are and Papa is.  This has, in linear time, been the case from ‘day one,’ so we are truly within the thrall of, indoctrinated by this upside-down, insane, attacking consciousness, motivated by unconscious guilt that we have because we believe we have attacked God and he is gunning for us to heap vengeance upon us.  That is a deeply and profoundly fearful thing and we are a) living in denial of this, so we suppress it into our subconscious, unconscious mind and/or b) project it onto whoever or whatever is ‘out there,’ to try to avoid God’s punishment of us.  One might say it is us saying, ‘It wasn’t me, Sir, it was him, Sir,’ to God.


Now, just because you, (or any of us) say, ‘I forgive you’ (using the ‘True forgiveness’ method, which has been covered in several earlier ‘Messages of Encouragement’ – see April 11th 2007 and elsewhere), does not mean the Earth conscious, ego/fear dominated, guilt-projecting, attacking mind of the other person has yet received your forgiveness into their perceptions of life and relationships (which they clearly have not if they keep on with the same attacking attitude).  ACIM tells us that a) we don’t have to (and should not if the forgivee is not ready to hear it) speak the words out loud to them, but can say the words of forgiveness silently and give them to the Holy Spirit (HS) to keep for the forgivee until HS knows the time is right for the forgivee to receive them, b) the words and forgiveness act are NEVER lost and will be used by HS to correct the mind of the forgivee according to HS wisdom and timing.  This means we should never give up having our true forgiveness attitude toward our fellows, regardless of the apparent, outward lack of response or change for the better, because, as there is in reality, only one of us, by forgiving the apparent other person, we are in truth forgiving our self and releasing our self from hostage to ego and opening our self to become, once again, host to God. 


ACIM makes it unequivocally clear that true forgiveness is the only way out of the wilderness of forgetfulness of who we really are and back Home to Papa in the Sonship.  It will be serviceable to our grasp of this if we keep this all in mind within the perspective of the 6000-year long Great Rescue Programme (GRP), or 3-measures of meal parable.  We are now at the beginning of the last measure and the leavening is now beginning to really take effect.  As Olga Park and Owen Waters have observed, this, the changeover between 2 epochs – the Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age – means chaos time, which is inevitable before the GRP takes sufficient hold on correcting our minds and a critical mass of restored-to-right-mindedness souls is empowered to re-establish balance where chaos reigned. 


This is already happening – in fact has already happened in the etheric counterpart of Earth – but is still in the process of manifesting at the physical level of consciousness.  As we become more attuned to the Kingdom wavelength, so will we, at the individual level, become more aware of these changes and the chaos realm will become of inversely proportional significance to us, because our centredness in Peace, Harmony and Balance will be our focal point, leaving all else only at the periphery of our attention, fading into obscurity.  Imagine how that percept, applied to all of us – which will be the case as the GRP unfolds and takes hold – will cause the disappearance of the universe.  It is we who have thought the universe into existence and as soon as we remember where Home is, we will cease to think the universe into existence and it will disappear.


The way out of the wilderness, true forgiveness, is simple in its principle but hard in practise because it is not a quick fix.  We of Earth (ego) consciousness are so inured into the quick-fix mentality that anything that is not a quick fix is eschewed as not working.  It is hard because it takes commitment.  Commitment is not an ego quality and there is a paucity of commitment to awakening to spiritual truth in this world.  I have observed repeatedly that it all depends on the degree of our desire.  If we truly seek and earnestly desire, we will have the willingness to stay the course, however long it takes.  The reason we will do that is because the only other option is to delay, to give up and let the ego world take control over our life again.  That simply means that rather than dealing with the inevitable – getting back Home to Papa – now, or sooner rather than later, we put it off and it will add immeasurably to the ‘time’ it takes us to get there.  That means what we could do in ‘this act’ will only have to be addressed in another and yet, likely, another and another act. 


ACIM reminds us that we are all either expressing love or calling for love and that all attack is actually a call for help, or to be loved and understood.  (The sooner our society awakens to that truth the better and nearer it will be to the Kingdom).  So, when people ‘attack’ they are actually crying out for love, help, understanding, compassion, in their desperation to escape from the wilderness of this ego-dominated world.  If we allow the apparent behaviour of the forgivee to deceive us into believing that is who that person really is, we have allowed ego to deceive us with its prestidigitation once more.


We are empowered to break that vicious cycle and reclaim our true nature and heritage.  All our loved ones in the Realms of Light are saying to us when faced with situations such as you describe, ‘Don’t give up!!!  We are here to help you.  Call upon us for that help and it is yours, in the moment of greatest need.  Instead of allowing such attack to get you down and on the retaliatory track, BLESS that person, who has forgotten who he really is and is crying out for love.  Send it to them, unreservedly and so shall you be blessed unreservedly, and will have taken a giant step toward the Kingdom of Heaven, instead of another backward step into hell.’ 


I said to Patricia recently, who wrote that her two younger daughters were treating her like the enemy in the house:


Do not also let any apparent lack of outward response from, or change within, your daughters - to your inward change of perspective, forgiveness and blessing - to deceive you into thinking this is not working/will not work (ego's favourite ploy).  I assure you with all my powers of assurance that it IS working.  Instant fixes in the outer appearances are not always the Way because the situation is almost certainly deep seated over one or more previous acts.  Fix your focus on the reality that every call for help is answered and every blessing you send out is a real, palpable energy for good that will be received by them within their own inward being and this will, even if slowly, almost imperceptibly, impact beneficially upon their hearts and minds and will eventually manifest in changes of attitudes; a healing, a resolution of karmic issues.  This requires one-pointed commitment and what Olga used to call 'keep on keeping on,' or 'stick-at-it-iveness.'


Pearl, the reason things sometimes seem to get worse rather than better after one has begun the forgiveness process is because the guilt and fear held in the unconscious mind of the forgivee begins to come to the surface, stirred into the beginnings of wakefulness by the forgiving process.  This causes the person to feel, temporarily (it could be hours, days, weeks, months, depending on their path to that place, which will usually involve previous incarnations as well as any childhood traumas) threatened, so their ego-instinct is to attack.  This is a good thing, in spite of appearances to the contrary, because it shows your forgiveness/blessings are starting to work and loosen their entrenched position in the illusory prison in which they have been held captive so long.  Redouble your efforts when you see this and give thanks that you are able to serve the GRP in this wonderful way.  This gets you onto the Kingdom wavelength and uplifts, strengthens, protects and empowers you.  You will feel that and it will encourage you onwards and upwards.


With much love and many blessings, always,




The following exchange was posted on August 1st 2007

Hi Brian,

 I had a thought.  In your reference below, and it is very good by the way, is it possible to include Daughters of God as well as Sons of God?  It seems so masculine . . .

Much love and light to you . . . al ways

"All the while we think we are a body, with all its limitations, in which we restrict our self to one place for one blink of an eye (an incarnation) we will be simply that; a ‘little self.’  In our true estate as the Son of God, we are God-filled, with all the spiritual empowerment of our heritage in eternity.  Jesus, the ‘firstfruits’ of the awakening from the dream and restoration to the Sonship in God, demonstrated this for us 2,000 years ago. The three-stage Great Rescue Programme (GRP) leads us from our primeval, unconscious state - from which we start back on the path to Home – which might be described as ‘God-seeking’ (the state of consciousness in which we began the first measure of meal part of the restoration process) through a state of being ‘God-aware’ (the second measure of meal) into ‘God-filled,’ the completion of the leavening (raising up, or resurrection of our Mind - not our body - from its moment in the illusory realm of time and place) process of the three measures of meal.  Jesus was at the God-filled state of being before Abraham incarnated (Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am. Jn 8:58)."


Thanks for your message Evelyn, and your kind words, always received with deep gratitude and appreciation.  And thank you for raising this point, which I am sure many will be wondering about.


I have been asked about this before and agree that it does appear, to our time and place perspective, to be 'one-sided.'  There are really two points that help to put this into the context of eternity and who we (humanity, male and female) really are, from that perspective.  It is from the context of eternity, rather than time and place, that I have endeavoured to present the message.


In eternity there is no gender because there is no separation; separation is a 'time and place thing' and does not exist other than as a dream, an illusion (one of the better parts of the illusion, I think most of us in the Earthly life might agree!!) but in eternity there is no need for reproduction because we are all One and, well …eternal; indestructible.  The ‘separation’ brought about the division into the dyad that has male qualities (of character as well as biology) and female, and at the restoration to Oneness in the 'Father' (Jesus' terminology, not mine!) Creator Spirit, of which we are now blessed to be at the vanguard at this early stage of the 3rd and final measure of meal for leavening '...until the whole is leavened (raised up or resurrected),' the separation will be over.


From the beginning of A Course in Miracles Jesus makes it unequivocally clear that the Father has only one Son, and that we - all of us - are that Son; at the 'separation' - a momentary thought by the Son that brought on the dream, or illusion, that was only a timeless moment in eternity (where the Son indivisibly is and always has been, in the Father) but appears to have been ongoing in linear time since the 'big bang' billions of 'years' ago – the continuing division of everything, including the male and female dyad, into ever more separate illusions, such as the 7 billion humans on planet Earth, was set in motion, and will continue until the end of time. According to the 3 measures of meal parable, when the whole has become raised up (back to oneness in eternity), which is at the conclusion of the leavening of the 3rd measure (or 'watch': Lk 12:38 And if he shall come in the second watch, or come in the third watch, and find them so, blessed are those servants.') we will be restored to the Oneness. This is starting to take place, if we are open to seeing the signs of it, right now, and is gathering pace at an exponential rate of acceleration.


This is a state of Christ Mind awakening or remembrance within us.  It is all very mystical and to understand it we have to step back from our Earth-mind perceptions and allow a willingness for the truth of eternity to start re-training our minds toward that state of looking at things, including, of course, our self. This is the role of the Holy Spirit. The only part we have to play in that is desiring that process to take place and allowing the Holy Spirit to accomplish it for us (like the caterpillar allowing the Creator Spirit to metamorphose it into a butterfly, which it certainly cannot do of itself).  


Jesus describes the 'self' that we perceive our self as being, here in time and place, as a limited, 'little self' and that such a perception is a false image because our true Self is a 'Big Self,' with all the empowerment for unlimited creativity of our heritage as the One Son of the Father that the Father has vested in His beloved Son.  Jesus, the ‘firstfruits’ of this mind-retraining awakening process, demonstrated all this at the beginning of the 2nd measure of meal, so we have that reminder/example to focus upon for our own leavening.  It is looking at, desiring, choosing, to see our Self in that Light, that perspective, that our true, spiritual vision - (as distinct from Earthly, double sight - see Lk 11:34-36) that will, one step at a time, in response to the degree of our desire for eternal truth to replace the illusions that bombard our Earthly, illusory, senses - will come into focus and replace our upside-down, 'little self,' misperceptions of who we really are.


Jesus referred to the Creator Spirit, the Source of All, as ‘Father,’ (or ‘begetter) and that which is begotten as the ‘Son.’  The truth of eternity (the only reality) is that it is all of us, not just Jesus, who is the ‘Son.’  This is his terminology (use of masculine terms).  To that, it seems to me, there are two observations: 1) he knows something – a lot, actually! – that we don’t know and I am happy to go along with his greater knowledge, at least long enough to allow a greater vision on all of this to be revealed to me and 2) this terminology is simply that; words; symbols of a greater reality that we, in our Earth-mind consciousness, have difficulty assimilating into our understanding.  If we allow such symbols to become stumbling blocks to our greater vision of eternity, then that is what they will be.


Lastly, if there is one message of ACIM, it is that we are not a body.  This is emphasised over and over.  Here in this world, it is our perception that we are a body but it is a misperception; we are eternal, perfect spirit, in which gender has no role.  In time and place, where we have all reincarnated many, many times, we have all assumed male and female roles on different occasions.  We can choose to see our self as either, if we wish, or we can choose to observe from a larger perspective; the perspective of eternity.


I hope this will help to answer your point, not just for you but for all who see it on the Forum page.  Thank you again for presenting this opportunity, Evelyn.


With love and many blessings, as ever,




The following exchange was posted on July 17th 2007

Dear Brian,  Dear Rosa,  Thank you so much for your encouraging news of progress you are making.
    When reading your recent message, I stopped at the point where you invited your readers to "share" their progress along the way.   As I reflected on that, I realized that I have much good news to share....and am in awe of God's Love for me.   How do I begin?
     Twice when I've written earlier, I mentioned that I have been worried and in fear of financial ruin because of some investment decisions I had made. This can be so all-pervading, fearful, debilitating. Following ACIM counsel to trust the Holy Spirit, and to "make no decisions by myself", I decided to try letting my worry go and trusting in the Voice for God to lead the way. Truly, this is the only way to dispel ego’s pall; and Holy Spirit – our Big Self – really takes care of it for us.  It is eons-long conditioning by the voice for fear, ego, that causes us to believe it is not possible.  But now is the time to kick that voice into touch, once and for all.  Alleluia!  Truthfully, I haven't always been consistent,  You are definitely not alone there, Rosa but often when I felt like a "hostage of the ego", I would recognize it, and then ask the Holy Spirit to take over. That is the best news; and once we have asked and received the answer, how much better do we feelJ  The result has been that 1)  I'm not worrying about this anymore Thank you Holy Spirit! 2) Within the space of a couple of weeks, I interviewed for and was hired for a job in my original career; I retired two years ago.  This employment will provide me with additional cash to meet some of those financial obligations that I've been stressing over.  This, one can call a result.

The wonder of it all is that I only decided about one month ago to return to the workforce. When we give our lives to Their care, Jesus/Holy Spirit really get to work, as a labour of love, freely given.  To resist surrender into such wonderful and trustworthy care can only be described as ego-madness, just as Jesus describes it in ACIM.

   The result of giving one's decision-making to the Holy Spirit is peace of mind There is nothing in this world that comes close to that Peace of Heaven....and in my case, a new job! A bonus!

Thank you Brian, again...for your one pointed commitment. Rosa.  Thank you, dear Rosa, for sharing.  Brian 

The following exchange was posted on July 13th 2007


Yes indeed Brian. I received your diary entry this AM. It was a joy to behold as currently I am going through challenges with my two younger daughters. The oldest one is ok because she works fulltime but the other two are around more since they did not take summer session at school. They have decided that I am the enemy of the house and it is most unpleasant. I am simply not happy about their behaviour and their choices and they make their discontentment well known. What to do? I hate living under adversarial conditions.  Unfortunately I have the day to day battling which is very challenging.  Thank you again for including me in your correspondence. Blessings always, Patricia.


My Dear Patricia,


Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and support, which are always appreciated and gratefully received.


Your circumstances with your daughters is obviously distressing, for you and for them.  It can be of massive help if you choose to undergo a change of focus on this situation by reminding yourself that this is no accident and it is clear that there are some outstanding issues between them and you, from ‘past’ acts (otherwise the situation would not be as you describe it).  People choose the circumstances, including their parents, into which they reincarnate and whether they (and their parents) are consciously aware of this or not, it is because there is unfinished business to attend to.  We are all calling into our own presence, by the circumstances of our incarnating, the opportunity to address those issues.  This will keep on happening, incarnation after incarnation, unless and until we actually awaken to this reality and face the opportunity. 


Debbie Ford writes that we cannot escape this until we 'retrace; face; embrace and replace.'  This means, get to the source, the cause, of the unresolved issues; face them when we have retraced them, and do not give in to the temptation (good old ego deceiving us again) to run away from them or sweep them under the carpet; accept them for what they really are rather than trying to make them something else or project the blame for them onto someone else, because we cannot give anything away until we own it; and only when we have embraced, or acknowledged that it (the unresolved issue) is truly ours, can we then choose a new situation, namely the resolution of that issue.


 In ACIM the Master reminds us that the only way to resolve outstanding issues - and clear the Way for the return Home to Oneness in Papa, permanently, and thus break the cycle of birth and death, so that our sojourn in the illusory realm of time and place can come to a conclusion - is by/through ‘True Forgiveness.’ Here is what the Message of Encouragement said about this on April 11th: 

In the Message of Encouragement dated February 7th 2007 it was stated that forgiveness is the central theme of ACIM, but forgiveness appears to our ego-distorted minds as one of the most convoluted issues of life.  In truth, it is actually, like all matters of God’s Creation, very simple once the light of spiritual discernment has been applied to it.  For that light, ACIM comes once more to our help (if this is the real Jesus speaking, who could expect anything less!?)  For here we are reminded that there are two types of forgiveness:


1.                  False forgiveness, in which the ‘sin’ is acknowledged and then forgiven.  However, the flaw in this misperception is that by acknowledging the sin, we give it reality.  This is a ploy of ego mind, which wants us to be bogged-down in a false world of sin, and


2.                  True forgiveness.  Here, the words of Jesus from ACIM are the most serviceable to our forming a clear and uncluttered understanding:


Forgiveness recognises that what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred (whether in this act or any number of previous acts) .  It does not pardon sins and (therefore) make them real.  It sees (instead, that) there was no sin.  And in that view are all your sins forgiven. What is sin, except a false idea about God's Son?  Forgiveness merely sees its falsity and therefore lets it go.  What then is free to take its place is now the Will of God. (My parentheses and italics). (ACIM Workbook, page 401).


It is actually very simple but can appear to be very, very difficult to move into the place of being able to adopt such a perspective but a massive help to this is to step back from the minutiae of what appears to be our daily world and life and see that all this that we perceive with our Earthly senses is an illusion.  It is a dream of separation from Papa that has, in the perspective of the eternal reality (which is our one and only true perspective because the separation has never actually happened and is impossible, so we can only be imagining, dreaming this fallen world) never happened.


ACIM reminds us that we are all either expressing love or calling for love and that all attack is actually a call for help, or to be loved and understood.  (The sooner our society awakens to that truth the better and nearer it will be to the Kingdom).


Does it not sound as if your daughters are calling for love (as are we all!)?


Then on June 6th the Message of Encouragement said:


The only reason we are here is to respond to opportunities to remember who we are, resolve outstanding issues with our fellows through true forgiveness so that we are unencumbered by the ballast of karma that keeps us returning here from one revolution of the carousel to the next (one incarnation to another) surrender the ‘leasehold on our life’ to its true Source, Papa, and thus be free to the raising of our  'little' self back to our true, 'Big Self' estate of perfect Oneness in Him.


This cannot happen all at once but one step at a time. So, let us still our outward clamour an instant and welcome our Big Self - our real Self, the Christ that is already in each and every one of us, and always has been - to bring us peace, so that we may, for a few moments at a time, be transported in a trice Home with Him.  When we have (re)experienced this Peace of Heaven just once, however fleetingly, we will earnestly seek it again and again and become, one step at a time, more adept at entering in to that place of communing with the Christ within us until we find ourself at last permanently at Home with Him and will then see only the true face - the face of Christ - in all our fellows, just as they will see the face of Christ in us.  Then will we remember that there really is only One of us, truly Papa’s only Son and be, again, permanently, eternally One in the Sonship with the Father.


There is massively more about true forgiveness in ACIM than can be rehearsed here.  What I believe you will find immeasurably helpful is two books by Gary Renard, both of which are about ACIM and its true depth of meaning, value, help and importance for us all.  They are called “The Disappearance of the Universe” and “Your Immortal Reality.”  I commend them to you absolutely.


Patricia, this situation with your daughters is an OPPORTUNITY. It has turned up heavily disguised as adversity.  Do not let that disguise fool you.  It IS opportunity. Our son, Christopher, in spirit, said to me some 10 or 15 years ago that the Master is the great opportunist and cannot permit a single opportunity to go to waste.  If we aspire to be like him, it will serve us well to emulate this position. Of course you, like most of us, are not sufficiently spiritually awake to take full advantage of this opportunity without the help of the Master/the Holy Spirit; so, at every opportunity, ask Their help to enable you to take fullest advantage of this OTAF, which is Opportunity to Transform Adversity into Fulfilment.  All this will require a letting go of Earth-mind perceptions, which are designed by ego to deceive and to cause our sight to fall short of the true vision of eternity. 


Do not also let any apparent lack of outward response from, or change within, your daughters - to your inward change of perspective, forgiveness and blessing - to deceive you into thinking this is not working/will not work (ego's favourite ploy).  I assure you with all my powers of assurance that it IS working.  Instant fixes in the outer appearances are not always the Way because the situation is almost certainly deep seated over one or more previous acts.  Fix your focus on the reality that every call for help is answered and every blessing you send out is a real, palpable energy for good that will be received by them within their own inward being and this will, even if slowly, almost imperceptibly, impact beneficially upon their hearts and minds and will eventually manifest in changes of attitudes; a healing, a resolution of karmic issues.  This requires one-pointed commitment and what Olga used to call 'keep on keeping on,' or 'stick-at-it-iveness.'


I love you Patricia and my heart and soul go out to you in true and deep compassion for your circumstances.  I do not pity you, because this situation is a blessing for you, not a curse.  Tell yourself every day, especially when it is getting right in your face, that this is so, and call upon the help of the Master and/or the Holy Spirit. 


Peace and joy of Heaven be with you, always,




The following exchange was posted on July 9th 2007


Hi Brian and Theresa,  Hi Dorothy,

Have just received the weekly email from Owen Waters. Do you receive it? I am under the impression that you do, as it was through Owen that I found your web site.  If that is so, I would be interested to hear from you about your understanding of these attempts at world wide connecting up at a certain GMT time for prayer or meditation.  Yes, I did see Owen’s message about Fire the Grid.  I have seen this before, a year or more ago.  There was some more interesting synchronicity going on here about this, today.  I called Theresa out to the office to look at it, so that we could discuss it and when we got back in front of Fred (my computer) there was your message, raising just the very points I was going to discuss with her!  Needless to say, we have discussed this at some length today and I will attempt to set out our perspective on such matters.


Every so often, some-one somewhere sets up a project like this, decides on a time, and uses the web to make contact with like-minded people. I have joined in with these gatherings on occasions as it is a very laudable project but ... does it help with the waking-up process or would it possibly be an unconscious design to keep us asleep and dreaming? We share your same questions about this.  As you say, such are laudable and we strongly, sincerely, enthusiastically support them in principle.  However, we can all do well to take a step back and reflect carefully upon such matters within the context of our own position on the Path back Home from the dream, to help place them in a true and meaningful perspective.


In this realm of separation we all appear to be at different places on that path, so we all bring a different perspective to the world of illusions.  To make any of those perspectives of any of our fellows on the Path right or wrong would be to fall into an ego pitfall of judgement; but we should not, nevertheless despise our own powers of discernment just to comply with the ego-contrived device known as political correctness, which is censorship masquerading under another, falsely-desirable name. 


This means that, however laudable the project, if we allow ourself to be drawn into it when we do not resonate strongly with its objectives or methods, we are falling prey to ego convincing us to get involved with something for which we do not, actually, have a heart because our heart is engaged elsewhere.  Such un-committed action will not contribute spiritual energy to the cause but will make us feel negatively toward it and entrapped by it.  Just what ego wants!


There are several key points to consider before we can meaningfully decide what our own view is about these.


If we think of the Great Rescue Programme (GRP) (which is to rescue our minds - not our bodies or the illusory dwelling-place of our bodies, the physical universe, including Earth - according to ACIM) as a jewel, a jewel has many facets and each will reflect a different perspective depending on our angle of approach to that jewel.  Our angle of approach will have been affected by our cultural conditioning and the issues that have brought us back to the Earthly life at this time.  It is therefore important to take a big step back from the facet that we are facing to remind ourself that it is the entire jewel that is the reality, not just the facet we are perceiving.


If we have already taken that step backwards for a more overall perspective it can give us a more comprehensive picture of what is really going on; a broad brush picture.


The broad brush picture I have on the GRP is that it is under the overall command of Jesus, our Brother within the Sonship of God, the first to awaken from the dream, who devised it and has all power in Heaven and Earth to see it through to completion; a 6,000-year project, of which we are now just beginning the final 2,000 years.  The GRP is a very broad, all-encompassing plan, and every detail has been designed to dovetail into the overall programme.  It takes a very big step back to be able to take in the entire picture, to ensure we are harmonising with it and not allowing a facet of it to create a mistaken perception of what is the big, overall picture.


Jesus, as ‘Chief Executive Officer’ of the GRP, has many helpers at a very high level of spiritual attainment under his leadership, and who thereby are functioning within his power and authority.  Jesus is entirely happy to delegate various aspects of the programme because he knows that all are working, as of one mind, toward the common objective.


That objective is to awaken us – all – from the dream and guide us safely back to the reality that we are all One in the Sonship, safe at Home in Papa, where we belong and where we always have been because in reality, it is impossible to be away from Home.


Any indications that we are separate from Him are illusory, including the physical universe, planet Earth and even what appear to be the billions of individuated souls on Earth, who appear to be messing up the environment, thus threatening life on Earth with mass extinction.  This is just what ego wants us to believe, so that we can be kept in the consciousness of fear and doubt about our own safety, future and wellbeing.  


Clearly, Fire the Grid is a project to assist in releasing us from the consciousness of fear. Here it is very worthwhile to take that step back again and remind ourself that all this is an illusion, that we are God’s Only Son, sinless, guiltless, indestructible, eternally safe in the perfection of Heaven, and that we are so immeasurably more than a body on a planet, that we are already the perfect, all-loving, all-empowered Son of the Father.  Focusing on the time and place perceptions can distract us from this if we are not well-established in the reality that eternity is our true and only Home.  Of that, I am entirely comfortable in the certainty of its truth.


In ACIM and the writings of Gary Renard, this is emphasised over and over and the questions Arten and Pursah ask Gary every time he raises a point about this scheme or that, devised by man (such as the Peace Department of the US Gov’t) is, Will it get you Home?  They always say, We are not here to judge whatever anybody comes up with to improve things on Earth, but that is not the main, central, key objective of Jesus, which is to awaken us to the remembrance that there is no Earth, and passing laws and devising schemes or implementing programmes to improve life here are, bottom line, distractions from the GRP objective and will serve, ultimately, to prolong our stay here if we allow ourselves to get bogged-down in them.  This is in no way intended to deprecate Fire the Grid or any other Kingdomly project; it is an endeavour to help us (all) to get such endeavours into perspective as a valid and significant part of the whole GRP.


It does not mean that any such schemes or devices are wrong, bad, undesirable; it is just that they (Jesus and the Hosts of Heaven, including Arten and Pursah) do not want us to get misled by such schemes into believing they are an end goal in themselves.  That is a ploy of ego, so that large numbers of people will say, ‘Our scheme is better, more important, more desirable than your scheme, so you should join ours and forget yours.’  The schismatic churches have been saying that for centuries and where has it got them?


So, what about Fire the Grid?  I personally feel it is a Realms of Light-inspired project and therefore, in principle is to be applauded and supported.  Just because Earth is not our real home and we do not belong here because we are not a body but eternal spirit, does not mean we should dishonour it, or any of its life-forms (human, animal, plant or eco-systems) because by dishonouring another, we dishonour ourself, since there is only one of us.  Instead, we will serve ourself (and our Self) well by honouring our Self and all that appears to be around us.  When we awaken to that Truth we will realise that there is only one way to be in our attitude toward all that appears to be with us in the dream world of the physical universe: that is, Kingdomly in attitude; honouring, respecting, accepting, Loving, blessing, caring, giving. 


Why? Because we are actually thus being all those Kingdomly things toward our Self.  Then we will be able to see and remember that the Kingdom is our true Home and this will enable/hasten our awakening to that state/place of being.  We cannot have an attitude of despoiling planet Earth because it doesn’t really exist anyway, so why does is matter? and expect to awaken from the dream to find ourself in Heaven, because we are keeping ourself from attunement to/at-One-ment with the Heavenly wavelength by such a negative attitude.


So, we can support, in our heart and in our mind, wholeheartedly, such projects as ‘Fire the Grid’ because it is benign and Kingdomly and will be an important stepping stone for the Children of Earth back to Kingdomliness of heart and mind.  That is essential to the ultimate objective of awakening to our eternal reality and without it ego will keep on distracting us from that ultimate objective with one distraction or another; including plenty of ‘worthy causes.’  What is crucial, however, is that such projects-within-the-GRP do not allow us to be misled into perceiving them as the end-objective in themselves. 


A quick reminder here about the end objective: Getting Home to Heaven, as One in the Sonship, which is who and what we all really are, in Papa, permanently.  This does not mean simply coming to the end of the present act and leaving our Earth-vehicle behind; we can only get Home permanently - meaning bringing to an end the repetitive cycle of birth and 'death' - when we have outworked and resolved all the karmic issues that bind us in guilt and fear and keep bringing us back here to the illusion of time and place over and over again.  According to Jesus (who clearly knows about these things!) in ACIM this is only possible by the practise of true forgiveness (see June 1st 2007 posting, below).


Those of us who resonate strongly with other facets of the GRP jewel (or the whole jewel itself) will serve their own spiritual growth and awakening well to keep in mind that they are able to support such worthy, Kingdomly projects as Fire the Grid without becoming sidetracked from their own place on the Path by it.  This is possible because we don’t have to ‘do’ anything; rather we can support it by ‘being’ one-pointedly, lovingly, givingly, caringly, supportingly, resonatingly, of a heart for it, ceaselessly, rather than just for one co-ordinated hour (though that is not intended to imply that doing so for that co-ordinated hour is not a serviceable thing to do).  That will generate and send out spiritual power for the accomplishing of the Kingdomly objectives of Fire the Grid.  There is no doubt in my mind that Shelley Yates is totally sincere and committed to her Light-Beings-inspired project and that it will impact positively on millions of souls and the restoration of planet Earth to harmony with eternity.  The Kingdom of Heaven has to be established on Earth so that we can be raised up from that exalted state of being to our eternal home – the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven (eternity) – from ‘Earth staging post.’


It has been no accident that I was brought into contact with Olga Park, who had had a lifetime of experiences of the living Jesus and the Realms of Light by the time I met her in 1965; that this pushed my buttons so comprehensively and enabled my getting ‘hooked-up’ with him also, so he could lead me along this path (by my committed co-operation), demonstrating his all-power-and-authority (not ego-driven but Christ, the Son of God, humility driven) in Heaven and Earth.  The real Jesus seems to have few proponents on Earth who are in a position to represent the reality about him and his GRP, and help sincere and earnest light-seekers find the secret (straight and narrow) path back Home to Papa. 


All my mystical experiences over the decades have been Christ centred, focused, authorised and this meant I had no way of sharing these experiences without acknowledging Jesus as the spiritual Lord of life on Earth and its etheric counterpart, in charge of the rescue of mankind from our deluded perceptions of who we are.  From that perspective it seems sensible to follow the leader of the GRP, who will give us the big picture of what is happening, just as he has done in/through ACIM.  That then enables all other facets of the GRP to be kept within the perspective of the whole GRP, thus helping to avoid confusion over whether a facet (or several different facets) are the whole jewel or simply a facet of the jewel.  It is immeasurably more serviceable to humanity to have a clear picture of the whole process than just a part here and a part there because then we can co-operate/attune/be at-One with it much more meaningfully.  Ego wants us to remain confused, bogged-down in a morass of detail without a clear picture of how the parts fit together to form a complete picture.  Jesus and the Holy Spirit have the opposite objective, so we can get Home quicker. It is up to each of us to decide which is our choice.


Many times over the years Jesus has counselled me to remain focused, one-pointed in following him, and not to allow myself to get sidetracked from that.  He told me that by his leading I had entered the Inner Sanctuary and that I was to ‘go not out’ from there, but to remain at the entranceway, so I could give of the Living Word (‘Bread of Life’) and wine of Christ Love to all who also were invited and in response chose to enter in. In October 1994 the Master said this:


...Although the enemy [ego] is ever close, you are, by your commitment, within the aura of my protection.  The enemy has no part in me and you are protected absolutely by your Oneness with me.  Remember this as each opportunity to go forward arises, my son.  You have entered in to the Inner Sanctuary and from therein shall your service be renderedGo not out, for the invitation is to all to enter in and those who would do so shall receive of you the living word at the entranceway.  Let the holy chalice also be offered, for you have seen how the wanderers in the wilderness crave its restoring liquid.

I am your guide and lead you in every step.  Remain until I shine the lamp of eternal illumination at your feet to make sure and clear the Path before you.  Thus shall no distress be rendered unto you.  You have trodden the narrow and straight path of service my son; all is well for you and your beloved Companion of the Way.  Rejoice, the banquet feast awaits.


I have italicised part of this message for emphasis within the context of this discussion.


Sorry to have to ask you this, but I know you understand the deeper implications of what is being asked.  I know also that you are able to bring an answer through from Him who watches over us while we dream, and waits for us to wake so that he can take us Home.  Please never feel a need to apologise; such acutely observed questions and discernments provide invaluable opportunities to share some insights with our fellows, so that all may have a clearer picture of the Process of getting Home.  Thank you for providing such opportunities; without you they could not happen. 


In anticipation, Dorothy


Love and blessings,  Brian


The following exchanges were posted on July 6th 2007


Hi Brian and Theresa, 

Thank you for your thought provoking exploration into the nature of consciousness. After reading this, the idea, seemingly unconnected, came into my mind to ask you to write a bit about some of the parables of Jesus and your interpretation of them. The one that kept 'walking' through my mind since that idea surfaced was about the labourers in the vineyard.  I remembered reading it at school but didn't know where it was in the bible.  I got the bible down and found it almost at once in Matthew 20. It always seemed a bit unfair that the labourers who had worked only an hour at the end of the day got the same wages as those who had been taken on throughout the day and had worked many hours in the heat. This did not sit well with the little earthly bit of mind, obsessed as it is with ideas of fairness and right and wrong.  Fairness is a good thing to be committed to and is very much part of the KOH.  Nevertheless, what we see as fair here isn't always the eternal perspective on things (which Jesus certainly had), so things sometimes seem unfair to us here, yet, with a larger perspective the position can undergo a radical change of understanding. 
Then, today, before I got around to writing to you and asking you to explain it, synchronicity manifested, and I realised that you had answered me before I asked, fantastic! in the last paragraph of those writings addressing the nature of consciousness. (See posting dated June 28th, below) You said that  you had agreed before incarnation to do this work that you have taken on, and the householder representing God in the parable also said that all the labourers had AGREED to the conditions beforehand when they took on the work in the vineyard.  Your insightfulness is wondrous to behold.  Thank you for sharing.
Then in response to a further wondering about the connectedness of reincarnated life forms (I didn't realise I had any doubts about this), when I considered my own incomplete memories,  they seemed to give an indication that each life experience gives a separate , different, opportunity to wake up. I am sure this is true, especially when we see that everything that takes place is an opportunity, even when it turns up heavily disguised as adversity!  It simply means we will do well to look more closely and in FTOC.
Then I turned back the page where I had been reading about the labourers in the vineyard, and  - synchronicity manifested again. There was Jesus, in Mt. chapter 17, verses 12 and 13,  telling the disciples that John the Baptist was Elijah come again.  But He said people didn't recognise John and were still waiting for him to come.  So that seems to put that question into perspective, namely that although the outer form seems a different, separate vehicle, it is the same driver, and the journey is ongoing. Brilliantly expressed. Although that seems obvious now it is amazing how many personal mud patches show up and have to be driven through on this journey to the Centre of Being. This is why asking Jesus to be our driver (or at least, navigator) is such a sensible thing to do, because he knows the Way, and all the potholes to avoid along the way, having trodden the path himself.  I am copying here his words to Olga because they so beautifully and eloquently tell us of who he really is and how we can benefit by getting up close and personal with him:

Do not fear to tread the path I have marked out for you.  Do you think it was only to men of old that I have shown myself? Have I not said that if any man open to me I will come in and sup with him, and he with me? 

For I seek such and knock upon the doors of their hearts that they may open and receive me and know of a surety that I live.  Blessed is he that hears my knocking; thrice blessed is he that opens to me.

I am the guide of many.  Let no man confuse you saying, “He is high and lifted up and cannot manifest to the children of men.”  For though I speak through the mouth of an angel, and though I write through the hand of a messenger, it is I; for I also am of your brethren of Earth, and it is the will of the Father that all shall know me from the least unto the greatest.

Come unto me, all you Little Ones, and you that labour, and I will refresh you with the joy of Heaven which I had with the Father before the time in which I dwelt with men.

Do not be discouraged that the revelation is imperfect in the beginning.  Great things shall you do if your faith in me holds fast.  These things have I spoken that you may know of a surety that I am the Messenger of the Holy One of Israel.

Peace be with you!  

Well I thought I would share this with you and if any other questions surface will ask you, but "before you ask I will answer" it says somewhere in the bible!!!! (And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. Isa. 65: 24) And you might have pre-empted it.   All for now. With all good wishes, Dorothy.

And also to you,




Hi Brian,

 I realized last night I have a subtle form of manic depression, I won't go into how I know because there’s too much to discuss but it would appear that I am.


I don’t know what your thoughts are on this kind of thing…personally I’ve always been of the opinion its just another label people attach to themselves to find a sort of identity or explanation for there lack of self-awareness/understanding. I know now its not that, and that in fact this condition is genetic….I had no idea that the way I am is actually different from the vast majority of people. Again, I won’t go into details now, there’s too much to write but I’m 99% sure it is the case.


Anyway, what’s my point? I don’t know, I guess I’m just looking for some reassurance or words of wisdom!!!


I didn’t want to accept it because I didn’t want to label myself and felt by doing so I was limiting myself to a type of illness that I had no need to attach to. The truth is, I know now I am different from the norm, not a bad thing, just something that I have to deal with and work with.


Anyway, there you go I guess….not expecting miracles from you just felt like writing and saying hi!!


Speak soon.




 Hi Russ, 


Please be assured of one thing:  How much you know, remember, understand is not important.  What IS important is how much desire you have.  What I see in you is a soul of deeply committed desire for progress on the Path of spiritual awakening, who is confused about how to progress along that Path and this is causing doubt, uncertainty and confusion.  While that is obviously distressing, you are actually handling that in a very mature manner and it is not, from the larger perspective, as serious a problem as you may feel, because it is the depth and strength of your desire for spiritual truth that will always keep you coming back to a state of centredness.  What I really find ultimately reassuring about you is that you turn to Theresa and me and I know - because you have said so and you keep coming back to us - that you trust us and find that what we say resonates at a very deep level for you. That is no chance thing.


I agree with what you say about labels and would also point out that we are not genes but perfect, radiant, eternal spirit.  You chose your parents for reasons known to your Self and it is your Self that is the real you, not your body.  Humanity is stuck in ego-land because we have been too suggestible.  Now we can choose who we wish to be, during this Waking Hour of the New Dawn of the KOHOE.  You are facing a choice, a decision to be the radiant, perfect, glorious, eternal Son of Papa (which you, along with us and everyone, are) or to allow what scientists and medics (who know squat about Papa, eternity and who we all - including them - really are) tell us we are by looking at our genes.  Genes, along with all the life science studies in an illusory world of dreams, are simply part of the dream.  The only reality they have is what we give them and we are always at free choice about that, just as with the church and its mythology.


Being different does not mean you are 'bi-polar.'  We are all different in this life, it comes with the territory.  Don't let that hang you up.


The 'words of wisdom' I offer are to establish a routine or set aside time each day (perhaps in your bedroom where you can be sure to not be interrupted by family - tell them, if necessary, that you are establishing a routine for meditation, prayer, reflection, going within, whatever, at a given time each day and that you would appreciate not being disturbed during that time).  Decide what you wish to have as the focal point for that time. Here are my suggestions:  The Messages of Encouragement; the Diary entries; the Essential Diary; the Communion Service (try listening to the music/hymns, beautifully and inspiringly performed by Bentley Kalaway).


Really get focused on the depth of meaning that speaks to your heart and resonates deep within you. Speak to Jesus from the heart; place yourself unequivocally within his care, guidance, leading and protection. Tell him how you feel and ask his leadership and guidance in your life (only if that is what you truly want.  He knows what you want already; telling/asking him simply gets you on his wavelength).  He cannot take you under his guidance and protection until you definitively ask him; that's cosmic law and he cannot break it.  He can only respond to your asking. And the brilliant thing about him is that he says 'Behold, I make all things new,' and believe me, he means it and is able to do this, for each of us personally - if only we can believe - as well as in the greater scheme of things.


 This is all in SYFK and the Diary entries. I get the feeling you desperately want to do that but something - fear of commitment, maybe - is holding you back.  I can tell you that such a commitment - to Jesus, not the church - will not imprison you, it will set you free.  You must decide how much time to commit and when - morning or evening or any other time.  That is difficult when you are in your parents' house but hey! that's just an opportunity;-)


All this is me allowing the Holy Spirit to prompt me. I have applied no lengthy intellectual processes to this reply; just gone with the flow.  Russ, I know and you know that you have this within you.  Something is telling me it is decision time for you.  Here is the Master's message from July 1988 about surrendering our leasehold on life.  I feel it may speak to you.


Beloved Lord Jesus, I have glimpsed a living, loving Spirit of the Father Creator, right here in my own being and realised that He is with us, within us, constant in the power and joy and uplifting energy of His loving, transforming ability.  Speak to me more of this.


My son, the Father it is who is your life; truly is He within all His creatures, and His spirit of Creative, ever-becoming Being is within His Children.  This it is that will transform and uplift mankind.  Of myself I can do nothing.  It is by the realisation that self cannot accomplish the Kingdom-of-all-harmony-with-Love and that by allowing the Father within to expand His dwelling place by inviting Him to take control of your life and giving up your own leasehold on your life, that He can begin to grow and fulfill your inner being.  Then shall be seen in you -- and all his little ones -- the manifestation of His Glory.


First we must “surrender our leasehold” to Him?


My son, trust is all.  His love for all his little ones is total giving.  Only by absolute surrender, as you put it, can He accomplish the Glorifying of Himself in you, even as He did in me.  Have no thought for the morrow; sufficient unto the day let your commitment be and then likewise on the morrow and each and every morrow.  Put your trust in Him and do that which is given you to do each day.  Thus shall the Spirit of Truth, the Father Creator accomplish His purpose in you.

My command is to bring this good news to the children of the Father.  This command is won through surrender of self to His Will.  Only by this at-one-ment can we fully receive his Spirit within us; only by this at-one-ment shall the Kingdom of God-consciousness manifest in the lives of His children.

Have no fear my son, your desire shall enable Him to accomplish it for you. Therefore, be peaceful, let go, enjoy all the activities of your lives together, Earthly and Heavenly.  Let them be of a pure motivation and be not anxious always to "please" Him; He will please you with His good gifts.


All here is with heartfelt love and goodwill; I am sure you are aware of that.  I hope and believe you trust me; that I would never wish to cause you doubt, fear, guilt or any other distress. 


Love and blessings, as ever,




The following exchanges were posted on June 28th 2007

Thank you Brian and Theresa for your latest message of encouragement. I was enabled to enter into the spirit of the message and be at one with it.   "Everything is coming together", is the nearest I can get to expressing the effect of reading the words, and the feeling of being on the way home.  Your comments are so definitive.  Thank you so much, because it affirms that my heart’s desire is in resonance with the Master’s Great Rescue Programme and that it is being beneficial to readers.  

 I  have  'A Course in Miracles' which I bought in 1998 intending to study it, but was over-awed as the realisation dawned of how much time that would take, so have only dipped into it on occasions.  That clearly indicates that the time was not yet right, even though you were beginning to move in that direction.  Awakening to the reality of The Kingdom is a lifetime process and until we are ready for that process to begin, we will not stay with it.  It is all about desire and priorities. The inner being stirs and recognises Truth, but the apparent reality of this dream of life, weaves its insidious fantasies again, and sleep reaches out its tentacles to hypnotise and enclose.  Beautifully and poetically put.

 Sleepers who have stirred, and arrived at the doorway to the real, are led on by your awakening Light into the green pastures and still waters beyond.  Then the prodigal son has entered the Father's territory and is walking towards home.  I love this; it creates such a vibration of spiritual awareness.

 With best wishes for your continuing good work. Dorothy  Thank you so much Dorothy, your messages are always most warmly welcomed.  Blessings, Brian


Hi Brian and Theresa,

In the Holy communion entry of March 19, 1989 which was received tonight with your letter of encouragement, the Master Jesus referred to the ‘nature of consciousness’ as number10 in the ten top questions about Creator, Creation, and Eternal Truth.  He said that the question was “some way ahead for you” when He spoke to you at that time in 1989.  But He said that contemplating it in your heart would bring new understanding, and he promised “you will be a lighted beacon to my people.” So am wondering if it would be in order to write a bit about the nature of consciousness now. Dorothy, you know how to home in on the biggies, don’t you;-)

 All that follows is my present understanding of our essential nature and relationship to the Father-Creator.  Anything that emerges here from inspiration by the Holy Spirit will increase that understanding as it emerges.  This is outwardly a seamless process, though inwardly, new awareness registers as such, even if only after it has emerged from the keyboard. 

 Our return to remembrance of eternal reality is a process rather than an event, so until it has become complete, our remembrance (restoration of mind to all-knowingness) grows one step at a time, although this can make sudden surges forward by revelation events, in which one moment we have no understanding of a particular matter and the next we have all-knowing of it, without any intellectual thought processes being involved.  Then, we know of a total certainty, at the eternal, ‘Big Self’ reality level, even if we are unable to put this new knowingness into words that are meaningful to another who is functioning only at the Earth-mind level of consciousness.

 I have undergone some clarification of terminology since reading ACIM and Gary Renard’s writings about ACIM.  From that I have come to understand that ‘consciousness’ is of the divided, illusory world of duality, of time and place, and refers to partial awareness or perception, mostly of things that appear to be outside ourself, such as other people, things, places, ideas or thoughts about them.  So, we could observe a rock and have a partial understanding, or perception, about it and its essential nature and that perception would be termed ‘consciousness.’  It is, therefore, incomplete by definition. 

Only when we and the rock have merged into the Oneness of the Mind of the Father-and-the-Son will we have all knowingness of the rock; that is to say that we will be aware that the rock does not exist as a separate entity but we have simply projected it from our mind as an apparently separate existence. This is true of all entities we perceive with our bodily senses, including our bodily self and our fellow bodies. Therefore, to use terms which have come into popular usage in recent decades, such as ‘God-consciousness,’ are actually misnomers and are more accurately termed ‘God-awareness,’ or ‘Self-Realisation,’ meaning we have remembered who we really are: the eternal Son of the eternal Father, undivided from Him and from our Self.  The terms God-consciousness, cosmic-consciousness etc., have become deeply ingrained into common parlance and are likely to be around for a while, perhaps until ACIM and those in resonance with it become more main-stream. 

 In ACIM Jesus uses the word ‘knowledge’ to describe what we might term ‘all-knowledge,’ and ‘consciousness’ and ‘perception’ as incomplete, flawed, confused by the duality of this ego-constructed, upside-down world.  As alternatives to knowledge he also uses ‘awareness,’ indicating or implying ‘total awareness,’ and ‘understanding,’ also indicating total understanding or all knowledge.  This is spiritual knowledge, of eternal realities, and is of the Christ- or Holy Spirit-Mind. It is not intellectual information, which is of time and place.

To have (all) knowingness is to be spiritually awake, or enlightened, and restored to fullness of memory of who we really are; that there is only one of us and the separation into individual bodies and minds is an illusion.  When we come to the place where we remember that we are all the one and only Son of God and can see past the illusion of separate, individual bodies, personas, characters and see only the face of Christ in our Self and in our brethren, we will be restored to the Oneness. Jesus was at that place 2,000 years ago.  This is our birthright, inheritance and destiny and we are now in the final phase of that process, thanks to help, guidance and leadership from Jesus, who is entirely identifiable with the Holy Spirit, which is who we all really are in our Big Self reality.  Thus are we all One.  This is perfectly expressed in John 14:16-20: 

 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, (the Holy Spirit) that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also. At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.

The italics and underlining are mine.

What is referred to above as the nature of consciousness I would now term the nature of the One Mind.  At the Earth-life level of (illusory) experience, it functions at three levels: Super-Mind, meaning above the mundane perception and is our Big Self, our Real, True, eternal Self, of which most of us have no perception but to which we are awakening in this third measure of meal phase of the GRP.  We have no perception of it with our bodily senses because we believe we have separated from the Source of All and have become a body with a brain.  With our bodily senses we are simply ‘Conscious’ meaning we perceive things around us and interpret, or decide, what they mean to us.  At the sub-conscious level all the processes like digesting food, growing hair, bio-chemistry at the cellular level, etc, are controlled. 

Life, which is the essential nature of the Creator, is perfect Spirit and perfect, all-knowing Mind, functioning as Oneness.  Mind is the Creative aspect of the Oneness, and All is unconditional Love. Only in the separation consciousness does this appear not to be true.  Most of us in this life think we are alive, or have life, but if we are not truly seeking and earnestly desiring the return to Home in/with Papa in Eternity, but are deeply engaged with our illusory sojourn in time, then we are ‘dead.’  Jesus said of such, ‘Let the dead bury the dead.’ 

The letters of encouragement are already a lighted beacon travelling with us on this last stony ascent. Thank you. Thank you, for seeing them as such.  If the light increases, in the understanding of the answer to this question, it will dissolve what we thought was reality (our dream) and what we thought was 'us'. Are we ready for this?  Most of us believe we are not ready for it but what Papa and Jesus know is what really matters.  Therefore, appearing not to be ready is actually an illusion, from which we are all being lovingly, gently, tenderly awakened.  If it takes another 2,000 years for us all to awaken, that is a wink of an eye in eternity and means nothing in that perspective.

Thank you again for agreeing to take on this Momentous, Divine Task , but -- how could you refuse Him? The Master has told me many times that all this was agreed 'afore time,' meaning before I incarnated.  Theresa and I have been visiting the Akashic records during the last couple of years and the background to this present act has been motivated by an act in the 1600s in puritan England, in which events have catalysed the path of one-pointed commitment to the KOHOE and speaking out in this act about the unKingdomly nature of the institutionalised church.  Theresa is writing a book about this and in due course it will be published on the HTG website.

The Master only asks us to do what he knows we are well and truly 'up for.' In the Master’s plan, all is by agreement.  There are no press-gangs in Heaven!  I know, from visits to the Akashic records, that this has been activated by my desire and commitment, forged in the fire of Holy Spirit, engendered in and from other 'acts,' especially one in the 1600s of puritan England.  He told me in 1966 that his job was to help me develop and fulfil that which I had come here to do (see SYFK, chapter 2 for details).  It has been a long and winding road but I now see clearly why it was all necessary and your appreciation makes it all worthwhile.  Bless you mightily, Dorothy.  Brian

 With Love, Dorothy

The following exchange was posted on June 9th 2007


I have received this message from someone's Mum, and she is eager to maintain anonymity, so I am leaving names out in this posting... 

Dear Brian:


    I am married to a negative person.  Being positive myself, I don't know how to handle some situations.  I don't have the strength to say what I should be saying to help the situation.  Therefore, we have a lot of misunderstandings.  Which leaves us both not speaking to each other for a few days.  I would like some help on finding more strength and what to say to help him and myself.  It is very frustrating.  Please help. 


Thank you in God's name.


I remain, 'B'




Dear 'B,'


Intimate relationships such as marriages are a very big test of humans functioning at the Earth-mind consciousness level of awareness and because this is the chaos time, chaos is active in all levels of relationships from international to personal/intimate. However, we can choose to see such situations, as with all things here, as an opportunity rather than a test and in truth, it is actually accurate to see them that way because that is what everything that happens in this life is.  I don’t know if you have read SYFK but in there I wrote:


In the summer of 1999, as I walked with Susie, our little rescued Lhasa Apso dog, in the woodlands of the Cotswold hills, suddenly a dump truck upended a load of bricks right in front of me.  There must have been twenty tonnes of them.  This was, of course, not a physical event but in the psychic consciousness.  The bricks were black and shiny, as are the bricks used in the damp-proof course of older houses.  This load was obstructing the path in front of me.  My initial reaction was, ‘Oh, no, another obstacle to progress along the path of spiritual growth.’  I said to Papa, ‘Why these adversities when all I seek is to be serviceable to the Kingdom?’  Immediately He spoke. ‘Do not fear adversity for it is the very stuff of which opportunity is made and without adversity there can be no opportunity.  Rather, welcome it and give thanks for it.  Each such encounter is an opportunity to transform adversity into fulfilment and create some magnificent new structure to the glory of God and man reunited in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  In truth We are a Desire and Construct partnership, working together in creative unison.  You may perceive Me as the Great Architect and you as ‘merely’ the bricklayer but I say to you, how can the architect realise the grandeur of his greatest designs without the bricklayer to bring them into the fullness of their manifestation?’


The underlined words are the PLF (Principle of Life of the Father).


One reason humanity is in such a muddle is that they are almost always functioning from the place of effect rather than cause, or more explicitly, from detail instead of from Principle.  The more we focus on detail, the more detail rises to meet us and we become bogged down in details and lose sight of the Principles that govern each and every detail.


My parents’ marriage was a ‘chalk and cheese’ relationship.  I think my mother had a tendency to see the negative side of things and was all too often critical/judgemental of my Dad, ‘Pop,’ so she was missing the opportunities to heal/restore the relationship, which, like most intimate relationships, was karmic. This means they were together because they had unresolved issues from previous incarnations, or acts.  Their coming together again in this time (1937 they married) was to call into their presence once more the opportunity to resolve those outstanding issues (which is what karma is)


There were senseless rows about nothing much of the time, although Pop often did not respond, I guess because he simply did not know how to respond.  They eventually went home without resolving those issues and this means they will have to re-incarnate and call into their presence the opportunity again to outwork the outstanding karma. I am in daily awareness of and contact with Ma and Pop since they went home.  Ma was very much 'there' waiting for Pop when he followed her 3 years after her (1994 and 1997).  She said to me, very excitedly, a short while after he left behind his Earthly vehicle, "We've got him over, safe and sound!"  They have been close together ever since and are still in a close relationship. 


I am in no doubt that the differences are now at least set aside, though I feel sure they will both have to come back to work through what was causing their inability to resolve differences whilst they were here. They will of course have different personas and times and circumstances but the Principles will still be the same.  That is the difference between details and Principles.  If people look at the details and that is all they see, they are almost certain to become bogged-down in them and fail to see a route through to resolution which Principle will always provide.


Now, with our Earth-mind consciousness we are hardly ever able to see the way through, especially if we have already become bogged down but we have help always available to us.  This help is the Holy Spirit, which in reality is our Higher, eternal Spirit Self, Who is as close to us, always, as our next breath, heartbeat and blink of an eye.  Most of humanity has forgotten this but this does not make it untrue.  Now is the time in the history of humanity for the outworking and resolution of karma, or outstanding issues, at every level, from personal to international (for more on international/interracial, see  Part 2 of SYFK, Vignette 2, 'Hal/Sitting Bull') because there is a cosmic shift of consciousness, an awakening to the remembrance of who we really are, which is our Higher, eternal, Spirit Self.  We are always at free choice as to whether we wish to go forward into that place, where we really belong and where we have come from, or to shy away, usually out of fear, from grasping the opportunity.  I receive inspirational quotations each day from a friend called Evelyn.  Here are today’s two quotes:




"It's not what you are that holds you back. It's what you think you're not."  Those wise words probably explain why more people fail to achieve the life they seek .  What keeps most people from achieving is they spend too much time dwelling on their weaknesses and shortcomings instead of focusing on their gifts.  And that's significantly due to their self-esteem (or lack thereof).




There is but one cause of human failure.  And that is man's lack of faith in his true self.


From our perspective as our Higher Self, we have not and cannot fail but only appear to do so from our illusory, Earth-mind ‘dream’ state.  However, that does not help you in the immediacy of your ‘opportunity to transform adversity into fulfilment.’


I suggest that you go to a quiet place, alone, either in the house or out for a walk in the woods or the hills, or the park, and, taking your courage in both hands, speak (it doesn’t have to be out loud, but in your mind) with ‘Big Self B,’ or Holy Spirit.  You could say something like this:

‘Dear Holy Spirit, I am new to this idea of speaking with You and though I don’t really know how this works, I am placing my faith and trust in the reality of Your presence, that You hear me, that You understand me and know me in every detail and circumstance, including the events, from previous acts, that have brought about the present situation with (your husband’s name).  I am choosing to accept, in absolute faith, that You love me and (husband) unconditionally and are not there to take sides or make me right and him wrong (or vice-versa).  I am asking that You help me in seeing the situation from Your perspective rather than just mine, because that is the true perspective and will transform my understanding of it, leading to a resolution, so that (husband) and I can grow spiritually at the pace with which each of us is comfortable. 


I am not yet confident enough to be sure I can or will hear Your speaking with me on this matter but I do believe that You are entirely capable of bringing Your answer in any number of other ways and I will now be on the lookout for it.  Thank You for helping me to recognise it when it comes.  I will do my utmost to set aside a quiet time each day, if only two minutes (though I know 5 or 10 would be more beneficial) in order to practise getting on Your wavelength, so that whatever form Your answer takes, I will be more attuned to receiving it when it comes (B, do not say ‘if it comes’ because that is creating an opening for doubt, the great dismantler of faith, to slither its way in.  You are already well-versed in doubt; now is time for a change of heart and direction).


I bless (husband) and I forgive him for what it appears to me the things he has done but I now am trying to assimilate the greater truth of eternity that in terms of Your, higher perspective, which is the only real and true perspective, he has not actually done because I am now beginning to try to understand that this realm in which we believe we are all living is in truth an illusion, even though it all seems very real to me from where I am presently seeing it. 


If, therefore, in absolute, eternal truth, this is all an illusion, a dream and none of us is actually here, then (husband) has not and could not have done any of these apparent things, so it is, from that perspective, not hard to forgive him.  I do understand that Jesus reminded us that only by forgiving can I receive the forgiveness that is rightfully mine as Papa’s beloved daughter and I sincerely and earnestly desire for both (husband) and me to go forward into the Light of Eternal Truth, where there is real, palpable and lasting peace, joy and freedom. 


I do realise that I would not be in this relationship with (husband) if it was not chosen by us before we incarnated, because nothing happens ‘to’ any of us and I am choosing not to see myself as a victim because that is a ploy of the ‘enemy’ – ego – to which I choose not to succumb, but instead, be strong and positive, a quality I know is one of my gifts this act.  Maybe my positive strength was deliberately chosen by me this time for the very purpose of helping (husband) and so I will look for opportunities to use it for that purpose because I observe (not judgmentally or criticisingly) that he is not gifted with that quality this time.  Maybe last time he was strong, positive and I was the negative one!  In any event, I know that there, but for Papa’s Grace, go I.


I realise that because this is so new to me, my ability to attune to You is nascent and so my ability to receive Your wisdom and answers and blessings may mean my awareness of them might be slower than instantaneous but I also now understand that the sincerity of my desire is a big plus for me and helps You greatly in extending to me what You have for me.  So, I am going to be patient, give it all to You and now wait, whether it takes minutes, hours, weeks or months.  I am also going to remind myself that any delay is not in Your giving but in my ability to receive immediately because I am out of practise.


I now give grateful and heartfelt thanks for Your help, even though it seems to be in advance because Your help has not yet appeared to me but in the eternal reality it has already been given, so this is what I am choosing to focus upon, to create the positive vibes through which I will be more receptive to its arriving in my field of awareness.’

B, when you have placed your appeal with Holy Spirit (HS) (in your own sincere, from-the-heart words and feelings, only using what I have written above as a guideline; if all of the above resonates entirely with you, use them if you like but only if you resonate strongly with them) and left it there with Him, take a metaphorical step back from the relationship with (husband) and keep your own counsel for a while, avoiding the temptation to jump in with hasty responses. Then, when a potentially confrontational moment arises, send up an instant appeal to HS for help and listen for His inspiration.


Do not react to (husband) until you have managed to centre yourself in the certain knowledge that HS is with you, even if you have no conscious awareness of Him. But whatever happens, immediately, under your breath, bless (husband) and only do so when you are comfortable that it is sincere, however much he may be irritating you at the moment.  Try your utmost to smile, sincerely at him and irradiate him with loving, positive energy; this will envelop him and disarm him from his negativity.  He will find this a new and strange, yet pleasant experience and he will want more.  Give him more at every opportunity. 


Understand that these actions are not submissive in an obsequious manner because that would be a position of weakness, enabling his negative energy to gain the upper hand again.  Rather, this time, you are actually approaching the situation from a newly rediscovered position of inward strength (because you now have HS working with you, closer than hands and feet).  Remind yourself of this reality and be aware of it as the situation unfolds before you.


B, I realise this may be very new to you.  Never mind; it is an opportunity and that means you are ready otherwise you would not have called it into your presence and you would not have had the courage to write your letter asking for help.  Bless you for that courage.  It will work very well for you in outworking the opportunity to transform adversity into fulfilment and thus place yet another jewel in the Crown of your Glory.


Peace joy and love, always,




The following exchange was posted on June 7th 2007


Hey Bri!! (aka ‘the rock’!!) Hi Russ, As ever, more than great to hear from you.  I anticipated it because you have been so much in my mind since first thing this morning.  Truly we are attuned to each other's wavelength.  Your aka is deeply appreciated that you should think of me as such. Thank you.


Long time no speak!! How are you and Theresa? and of course Susie? I hope you’re all brimming in the light of truth/peace and happiness, because that’s your rightful home!!  We are ALL doing wonderfully well, Susie included.  You may have read that we had to send Oscar back Home to Papa a few weeks ago. He was in a lot of discomfort with his rear quarters and had become doubly incontinent, so it was time to release him.  Jason (the vet) was wonderful with euthanasing him. I held Ossie and stroked him; told him we were releasing him back to Papa and he would be safe and free of all his aches.  He was completely at peace.  I saw his etheric body emerge, slowly and at first gingerly from his earth body, as if 'testing the water.'  He said to me, 'Hey, I can get used to this!'  Within an hour I saw him, sleek, young, lithe, moving in true cat-like manner.  Theresa and I see him pretty well every day, full of love and joy in his relationship with us.  He is in the care of my mother, but is still visiting us numerous times each day.  I have told him we love him dearly and welcome his visits all the while he wishes to do so but that we are happy to let him go whenever he is ready, so that he can move on.


I'm finding my spiritual path fascinating at the moment.  I went through a religious stage where fear had definitely crept in (you recall when I didn’t speak to you for ages because I feared everything and everyone!!), then I went the other way and ‘The One’ and ‘god consciousness’ was the truth….and now I'm back in a place of Christ-consciousness/JC enables us to focus on just him and so self is taken out of the picture completely….strange but I'm really at peace with it all….ok, when problems arise with money and my security/living conditions are unknown I find it hard but apart from that I'm cool.  You are doing fantastically well.  I deeply honour you for the way you are dealing with whatever you have called into your presence.  Adversity seen very rapidly as opportunity to be transformed into fulfillment. Truly the Kingdom Programme is speeding up.  Glory!


So I've got a few things to ask you Bri, why is John Hagelin/Transcendental Meditation the ‘tempter’ again? ….you did explain when I was over but I need some more explanation on this area if you don’t mind. Glad to help; however, a friendly reminder that you have the answer in your own within and this is a good – nay, perfect – opportunity for you to practice going Within for alignment of your mind with the mind of Jesus/Holy Spirit.  Your ability to hook up with Their mind has been amazingly well demonstrated below and it would be the perfect opportunity for you to get re-attuned with the Within. 


There are some indications in your message that part of you is still seeking the Kingdom ‘out there.’  It takes massive commitment (which you and I know you have), focus, practice (entailing time… well that is how it has been for me; 40 years of it) to get so absolutely one-pointedly on the Kingdom-within wavelength that what is going on ‘out there’ in the without makes no difference to your own inner being and focus; nothing out there will be able to distract you. 


That is how it was for Jesus and that is our goal if we wish to break the cycle of birth and death and get back Home to Papa permanently (no more re-incarnating), while at the same time helping our fellows to move forward in that direction also.….and the other thing which fascinates me….I was over at Tim's the other night and we were talking about God and JC as per usual and I asked God to speak through Tim as I needed to know some answers particularly about TM…it was funny; I told Tim after he’d given me his answer and he looked stunned at me and I knew he knew the answer had flowed through him….his answer was simple (what I can remember of it!!): Why focus on an outer source when you have the Ultimate Source within you already?  Just as I said, you have the answer within you!….I understood, sort of, but I seem to have forgotten what I learnt, it seems that happens a lot at the moment, I learn something new (or at least I think I do) and then sure enough its gone the next day….only sometimes mind you, not every time!!!


I feel prompted to say that this is because you are rushing at it and seeking in the without.  The route to the Kingdom is ‘One step at a time, Laddie.’  Your head is trying to outrun your heart, where the peace is centred in us.  The two have to be in balance and the energies aligned, not tangled like a plate of spaghetti.  Peace is the key and peace is at-one-ment with Jesus; that at-one-ment is without effort.  If you are struggling to achieve it (like almost everyone on Earth, so don’t use that as an excuse to beat yourself up) it is because you are trying too hard; trying to force it.  Let it happen.  Jesus is relaxed, happy, peaceful; focus on that truth and visualize him as being such.  Create a mental image of him being laid back (as he is, always) and then absorb his vibes and let them become yours.  


Also it is important to remember that because you are still in the early, development days/stages of your spiritual awakening, you are like an iceberg: only a relatively small part of your mind is bathed in the light of spiritual discernment; the majority, like most of us on Earth, is still floundering around in the dark, not knowing truth from deception or misperception.  By FTOC the portion of your mind that is in the light will grow and the dark will diminish.  This can only happen by one-pointed commitment; otherwise we get endlessly sidetracked/distracted from the part of our mind that is in spiritual darkness and is unable to distinguish between truth and misperception, thus necessitating countless additional circuits of the carousel (re-incarnations) and all the distress to our soul that that inevitably entails (look at history and the news if in doubt about that!!)  Here is a Diary message about what is happening at present, in allegorical terms, from 1991:

Holy Communion October 6, 1991


Although the “power” or psychic awareness is low this morning I am aware of the IPS -- a vast horde of them -- gathered at this “gateway” between the Heaven and Earth realms of consciousness, eager to use this opportunity to serve the Kingdom purpose in some way.


My friend -- eager are we indeed, to be going about our/the Lord's business of search and rescue in the dark corners of the Earth consciousness.  Herein dwell countless souls lost in the "blackout" and yet in their hearts -- the very seat of their innermost soul -- crying out in the wilderness for succour. 

By this link of the attunement ritual and the desire and one-pointed commitment of your hearts in the Earth life we are able to use the energy created by your desire-thoughts to accomplish many acts of first aid, bring care packages, undertake 'stretcher rescues' and lead the way "home" to the walking wounded, the shell-shocked and the bewildered.  We are able to unfurl the banner of Christ light to give direction in the darkness, that the souls of those lost and afraid in the darkness may have lit for them a pathway through the treacherous terrain of anti-Christ territory.

These souls have been deceived into the service of the prince of time and place by promises of great reward but the bounty is not of the eternal, it is not self-renewing; rather, it is a mirage, fading before their sight and their grasp.

These mercenaries have now been left without a leader and without orders, without pay and without rations.  Many are realising the foolishness of their ways and are ready to repent of their folly and rejoice at the Light, the banquet, the safe path back to "base camp" wherein lies warmth and comfort and peace and restoration.

So do you see how the analogy of war-time conditions is able to create for you a picture of events.  This is entirely serviceable to the reality and you shall become increasingly aware of these rescue activities as the picture builds for you.  All is well, all is under full control; we go forward in Christ-Fellowship to the fulfilment.

The ‘battle plan,’ so long drawn-up, is working perfectly, as you would expect from the Master strategist.  It works because it uses the Principles of Life of the Father and therefore cannot fail.


Thank you dear friend of Christ authority.


I am one who serves with His battalions, as a lieutenant.  It is a campaign such as has never been seen before.  The enemy is in full rout and confusion.  Nevertheless, be not complacent for there are many pitfalls dug to deceive the unwary and the unprepared and over-confident.  There are many booby-traps also to maim and disfigure.  To all who would serve I say again, put on the whole armour of God, for this shall be defence and protection; draw near to the banner of the Lord and be faithful, one-pointed in your commitment.  Thus shall your fulfilment and protection be assured.  Peace and joy be with you and all who serve.  In Christ's beloved name we are as one.  Amen.

And here is another, in similar vein, from 1998:

Holy Communion July 26, 1998


Beloved Lord and Master, I rejoice in your charge over our lives, your guiding, leading and instructing.  I thank you Lord, that you have made us aware that our relationship with you and Papa and the Breath is a Partnership.


My son, if our relationship was not a Partnership, what would it be?  Do not you want your little ones to grow into a full and equal relationship with you?  As Papa's children, this is His desire for you also.

In order for the fallen world to be restored to its rightful position there must be cooperation between Heaven and Heaven's emissaries in enemy territory -- 'the Resistance.'  Without this the prayers and blessings from Heaven cannot be made manifest in the lives of the lost sheep, the imprisoned, the blind, the seekers after truth.

The energy of life and love and blessing needs transformers for converting to the required level of implementation.  The whole Kingdom Rescue Programme is one of voluntary commitment.  There are no press-gangs in Papa's House.  All is by equal partnership and all are dependent on the continuing, voluntary commitment of each other volunteer.  This is the Freedom of the Kingdom of God.  The enemy has no such arrangements.  All his servers are prisoners of fear, hatred and ignorance.  It is Papa's changeless desire to freely share all the bounty of his Kingdom with all who will freely enter into his joy.  Although the path is arduous and beset by pitfalls, these are of the enemy.  It is my desire to equip all the little ones with night-sights, so that they may see and negotiate all obstacles from and within the darkness, until they reach the glorious Light of Day.


The power of prayer is something I have unequivocally learnt and whenever I pray I pray to Jesus…which is awesome because it's automatic now, no strangeness about it, v. natural process This is fantastic progress; accept it, rejoice in it and give thanks for it.  Allow it to rest with you without getting anxious about the myriad other aspects of your being you are sniping at yourself about;-) and when I really outpour my heart, I know it’s a powerful focus on that person and/or situation  Wonderful.…something I've noticed though, it may not last for that long…e.g: I prayed for Tim to find peace and happiness with who he is, and sure enough he did about 3 days later start feeling great, which was awesome…but then sure enough it faded and he was back to the way he was. 


The Bible says Jesus said to people when he healed them, ’Go your way and sin no more, lest a worse thing befall you.’  Healing - true healing – comes from a change of inward being. Not even Jesus could heal someone permanently unless that initial healing began a change of attitude, a change of mind, because without a change of mind/understanding, the behavior patterns that brought on the illness in the first place will continue, keeping open the channels for dis-ease to re-establish itself. 


Tim is not undergoing a fundamental/lasting change of mind/understanding about who he really is, and the reason he is not is that he is still attached to the church, and misperceptions of who he really is: a guilty, fearful sinner, who believes Papa is an angry, wrathful, vengeful god who is out to get him if he isn’t extremely careful.  That is the legacy of the church and even if he is oscillating about leaving the church (which I believe you said he was), all the while he is giving them any authority over his life energy he will experience their energy controlling his, so his inner peace will be affected.   …..a touch disheartening but then that’s the way it has to be I guess, (“everything in its own time Laddie!!” ha-ha!!!)  So, don’t be disheartened, Russ, dear friend; just ask the only real question: WHY?  When we understand, then we will be at peace. 


But we have to be willing to allow Jesus to lead us to the answers (simply because we know and can trust that he really has the answers and is totally trustworthy), not some sect, cult, denomination that is screwed up in a 1000 different ways, promising the Earth, Moon and Stars and delivering messed-up heads!  Jesus/Holy Spirit will provide the answers, whether by the still, small voice within or a messenger, such as someone Jesus has been training up for a while (because Jesus delegates, extends the living Word to all who will walk the Path with him one-pointedly until he arrives at the Holy of Holies and is ready to be given/receive that delegation, and discharge the responsibilities that come with it with total commitment).


My synopsis of last 6-9 months or so: I was really flying at one point, then I think I got too big for my own boots, (I remember laughing saying how could people get caught in the religious web of fear…it just doesn’t make sense!!)…whoops….so I got that lesson…big time, then since then I've oscillated around and I'm only now starting to find my feet again, I really got knocked for 6, Bri…its bizarre, but of course all part of the process!!!  This sounds like a fair and objective summary;-) Well done you for being calm and accepting about it.  That is the important thing.  It does not matter what happens; what matters is how we respond to what happens that makes the difference.


P.S. My Mum and Dad seem to think I've suffered from depression for the past 6-9 months…I guess its their only known category to put me in….I try and explain but it doesn’t make sense to them. Anyway, its all good, it doesn’t matter that they don’t understand; they think I've had an awful time…. What they cant quite get is that I wouldn’t change my last 2 years for the World…everything has been amazing, evening the lowest of the low I don’t regret because I learnt so much….everything and anything that happens to me is part of my journey….the fact they haven’t experienced what it means to be consciously living a spiritual path is not their fault and I love them whatever they think!!!  All this para. is very, very insightful.  You and your parents are not on the same part of the Path, so some space between you will enable the familial relationship to continue cordially; otherwise there will eventually be some serious stress building up.  Blessing them every day will help massively.


All good, anyway, guess I've just data-dumped my thoughts on paper as per usual!!!  Great, we love it. Don’t stop on our account. 


Speak soon…thanks again Bri. 


Kind regards,




The following exchange was posted on June 1st 2007


Hi Brian   


I have the hard-covered ACIM and in Chapter 5 HEALING AND WHOLENESS, under the section The Invitation to the HS It is actually in the next section of ch. 5, section II, ‘The Voice for God,’ that this appears and I come across "The Voice of the HS does not command."  This throws me for a little bit of a loop; not distressing, just this:  when I was awakened (for not knowing what it really was that happened I'll call it my revelation (R)). During this R, I experienced what I call a 'wave of energy' and when the wave was coming in the distance toward me I remember trying to decipher the size of it - remember trying to see the 'edges' of it but it spread so wide I couldn't see the edges so I knew it must be huge because I could see a long distance to the right and left of me from my vantage point through the window.


As this wave 'washed over' me I got 2 distinct messages and it was very clear that the messages were coming from behind me to the front of me - I didn't get the significance of this until 3 1/2 years after it happened, which was all my 'stuff' was coming from the 'dark' - behind me, to the 'light' - in front of me.  The two messages were - on the left was a 'life review' - I didn't know what that was either until I was reading a book called "The Journey Home" where Philip Berman contrasts 'near death experiences' and 'mystical experiences' and the near death experiencers talk quite a bit about 'life review' - then I realized that's exactly what I saw - I only remember one significant thing in the life review and that was that my life with my husband was 'total devastation' - that message was loud and clear - as the review was happening the words TOTAL DEVASTATION were what I knew; I didn't hear it like an audible sound but it was a knowing of what was being said and the description was 'anguish' I remember seeing me respond to the 'anguish.' - anguish isn't pleasant:) 


On the right part of my head was the knowing of the words WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!  It was in a very demanding tone with a definite emphasis on the word 'hell.'  Believe it or not, the R left me with the most incredible feeling - and I know I never knew what joy was before - of joy that was unimaginable before; I was so peaceful that I don't think I could have been any more peaceful than if I was walking along with Jesus. Now that's peaceful! 'Stunned' was the order for the rest of the day.  So this is where I don't understand the words in ACIM saying "The Voice of the HS does not command" I was sure it was God who came and spoke to me, so if the voice of God doesn't command, whose voice was that?  Thank you for such a detailed account.  I agree that from behind to front is dark to light; or it could also be past to future, which could equate to the same thing.


Here is a quote about wisdom from Proverbs, ch. 3: Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.  Now these words also apply absolutely and totally to Jesus and the HS.  In 40 years I have never once known the Master to be anything other than the embodiment of those words.  So, I can state with certainty that what you heard was not from any of the Holy Trinity.  That raises the question, who were they from and why did they come within your R experience? Part of the answer is in your observation from dark to light, behind to front, past to future.  It is difficult for me to be more specific than this without more details about your husband but my feeling, from what you have said, is that this is from, or connected in some way to, him and your relationship with him.


Now almost all of us are here to outwork and resolve outstanding ‘issues’ in relationships.  ACIM tells us that the fast track to that - which will save countless incarnations of floundering without the light of spiritual discernment - is by true forgiveness, whereby we remember that because none of us is really here and all the relative realm is only a dream, we cannot have done any of the things we believe we and/or our fellows have done, therefore none of us can be guilty, therefore it is absurd and entirely counterproductive, playing right into ego’s hands, to hold grievances, because there is actually - in terms of the only real perspective, which is Heaven, the eternal reality, where we, the Son of the Father, are and always have been - nothing about which to be aggrieved.


Now these unresolved issues accrue over more than one act or incarnation - unless those involved are awake enough to resolve them in one act, which has not been very common throughout history, although it will become more common as humanity begins to awaken from the dream during this, the third and final measure of meal in the Great Rescue Programme (GRP).


Because there is only one reason we are here, and that is to remember who we really are, so that the dream can end and we can break the cycle of birth and death once and for all and return finally to Home, Heaven, we have an inbuilt mechanism that calls us back into the presence of those with whom we have outstanding issues from one act to another, so that we can re-call into our presence the opportunities for resolution of those issues.  This will keep on happening until we actually succeed, so that we can move on. This is why true forgiveness can save countless incarnations.


In this chaos time, where most of humanity is running around like beheaded chickens, people are getting into relationships blind, believing they are ‘in love’ (those jolly hormones on the rampage again!) whereas they may in reality be drawn to that other person because one murdered the other last time around (an extreme example but it does happen and is used here just to illustrate the point).  In due course the blindness caused by the hormones wears off and the relationship gets back to where it left off in the previous act: dysfunctional.  That is where the opportunity to transform adversity into fulfilment (OTAF) takes up the case, but because there is no light of spiritual discernment amongst the lost sheep otherwise known as the children of Earth, they blow it again by walking away from that opportunity (mistakenly thinking that by so doing, they are escaping it and leaving it behind forever) instead of choosing to retrace the cause of the issue(s), face them, embrace and replace them (retrace, face, embrace & replace). 


This means accepting that the relationship is not an accident – because there are no accidents - and is happening for a reason.  Therefore, it is beneficial to allow reason to come to the rescue.  Ego mind may not know about reason (that’s why so many relationships end in ‘disaster’) but our HS mind DOES.  This is why it is of inestimable benefit to ask for help, guidance, inspiration, enlightenment from Jesus/HS in all situations where enlightened clarity is not already present. 


Walking away from broken or unhealed relationships is not the Way to the Kingdom and they have to be revisited until, as ACIM reminds us, we can see the face of Christ (which is who and what every single one of us really is, with all else appearing to the contrary being ego-constructed dream illusions) in the other party(ies).  This may seem a one-sided process, and thus unfair and unworkable to our Earthly, ego-confused senses but that is not how it actually is to HS Mind, through which ALL relationships can be healed.  That does not mean a divorced couple have to re-marry, but it does mean that aggrieved parties have an opportunity to heal those relationships so they can both/all move on along the Path to the Kingdom.  Many will say, ‘Well, I am willing but the other party is so far from that place that it will never happen with them, so what’s the point of me trying?’  Just how ego wants us to perceive it and leaving out the most important ingredient: miracles; because without Papa so much seems impossible but in our re-connecting with Papa, ALL things definitely are possible .  What is the book called?  ‘A Course in MIRACLES.’ 


This is where FTOC comes in; a scarce commodity in a dream-world like we believe we are in.  But help is always at hand if we ask, and it is always freely, lovingly and immediately (FLI) given, even when we have no conscious awareness (at first) of it.  With FTOC it will become apparent, as long as we are not deeply attached to ‘quick fixes.’  We’ve all been at this, in linear time terms, so long, and our approach patently hasn’t worked, so it seems entirely reasonable to now say 'Why not try something different? when the ego-alternative is designed not to work and rather to keep us on the carousel of birth and death; karma.'


I have no way of knowing if the voice that spoke the words ‘Where the hell have you been?’ was your husband or perhaps even you (in truth there is no difference because there is only One of us and all else is an illusion) but it seems one has been ‘waiting’ for the other to join them.  The emphasis on hell is indicative of the state of mind of whoever spoke the words and that is another reason one can be certain it was not from ‘above.’


ACIM also seems contradictory when it says "Before the separation you did not need guidance."  then it says "God does not guide, because He can share only perfect knowledge.  Guidance is evaluative, because it implies there is a right way and also a wrong way."  So on one hand it says 'before the separation you did not need guidance' implying that we need guidance now after the separation.  then it says 'god does not guide.'  I don't get this.  FTOC, dear Sharon!!  Remember, God, the Un-Divided One (Papa), has no awareness of the momentary dream of the Son.  Where Papa is, there is only wholeness, perfection, total knowledge, so guidance is not needed there (the only ‘Place’ there is) and never has been.  As far as He is concerned, the Son is all that He endowed Him with and the dream doesn’t exist.  However, at the separation the HS, the Voice for God, came into being/operation as a mechanism whereby we could hear the truth of who we are and be guided back Home. 


So, the Voice for God (HS) guides us through our dream, as does Jesus, who is entirely one, or interchangeable, with the HS in terms of the guidance we can receive.  But we have to ask.  The Cosmic Wisdom Teacher responds only to the student’s asking.  This is vital for our remembrance.  Ego does not want us to ask, so it keeps sidetracking us and causing our dream self, which believes it is a body, to believe we are so clever we can work out all the answers without the Voice for God helping us.  Deep in our dream we believe that.  This is why Earth-mind institutions like governments put all these ‘programmes’ in place, to ‘solve’ ‘problems’ like drug addiction, crime, unemployment etc.  There is, in reality, one solution to all ‘problems’ - and only one 'problem,' namely that we have dreamed we have forgotten who we are - but dreaming humanity and its so-called leaders are not ready to acknowledge it.  Humility is not an attribute for which ego is renowned!


    ACIM says "the Voice for God is always quiet, because it speaks of peace'  but the voice I heard came in loud and clear. There, you have the answer for yourself;-)  This is clearly indicating that this was not the Voice for God (HS) I'm not talking about the two peoples' (voices) that I used to be because I recognize those two people and I remember telling myself that "someday I'm going with you" I knew that even without knowing what the heck I was doing, that someday I'd go with the heart and I did and now I'm one person. Sharon, this is telling me that you are on track and ready to be awakened. This is a very affirming indicator for you. I would like to point you at a website that is dedicated to ACIM and helping its students to grow in understanding of it.  ACIM is so advanced and so far from almost all in which we have been conditioned for many centuries that we all need lots of help in re-educating our minds to the Truth of Eternity. 


That help, all from HS, can come in many forms, of which dedicated souls operating numerous websites and help facilities in various guises are but some.  Theresa and I have been blessed to have received help from the Master during a 40-year period and clearly that was necessary to the path we had chosen ‘aforetime,’ so our grasp of ACIM has been much quicker – albeit that it has taken us 40 years to get to that place where it could be quicker and easier!  Because the GRP has moved along somewhat during 40 years, there are now many facilities available to newly seeking souls.  Here it is:  There are also many links on that site.  I hope and believe that this could be of help to you, as no doubt it has to others.  Do let me know what you think. I'm talking about that voice that wasn't audible with my ears but that I heard.  The voice that I heard was not quiet like it says in ACIM. If such a voice is full of anguish, fear, frustration, desire for control, hate, attack or any other of a multitude of ego qualities, you know this is not the Voice for God.  I hope all this helps.  If there is anything else you may wish to share, such as some more background about your relationship with your husband (still, or ex?) that may help to shed some light on your experience, please do so.


    ACIM says "if you listen to the wrong voice you have lost sight of your soul.  You cannot lose it, but you can not know it.  It is therefore 'lost' to you until you choose right."  But in a page before this it says "God does not guide .... guidance is evaluative, because it implies there is a right way and also a wrong way."  Again, this seems contradictory to me. In this relative, illusory realm there does appear to be a right and a wrong way.  It is only in eternity/Heaven that there is no wrong way; only One way: truth, so guidance is not required there.  So Papa does not guide us; but here, in the dream world, there appears to be choice, only one of which is right and because we have forgotten the right way, HS, as the “Voice for God,” (ACIM terminology) is here to guide us, help us to choose the right way.


I sense the frustration within you over what appear to you to be inconsistencies and contradictions, and perhaps most, at your own inability to grasp the true meaning. When I was in the very early stages of the Path back in the 1960s, I said to the Master, “Why don’t you just give me the answers to the ‘top 10’ questions (about the mysteries of life and the universe) and then we can really get this show on the road.”  He said, “It doesn’t work like that.  This is a growing process and you have to be able to assimilate the realities of eternity (back) into every level of your being.  To simply have them on a plate for your mind, which has not yet been made ready to receive them, would not be serviceable to that growing process and would cause confusion because the growth has to be balanced across the full spectrum of every aspect of your being.”


Reading ACIM in a prayerful, meditative and contemplative mode is of inestimable help.  I suggest you ask Jesus and the HS to be with you and guide and illumine your mind as you read, at commencement of each session.  Then, anything you are not clear about, as you come across it (and there will be plenty), ask again and then leave it with Them.  You may not get instant answers and that is where FTOC comes in again.  With time, patience and commitment, your link to the HS will become more perfectly established and the answers will come more quickly.  Be accepting when they don’t, and realise it is not the HS not answering; it is your link with Him not yet well-enough established for those answers to get through immediately.  It will improve if you are patient, accepting and trusting.  That is not a platitude; it is Cosmic Law.  It works because you are allowing it to work by patience, acceptance and trust creating the receptive state into which answers can be received by you.  Without that receptive attitude they have no access point.


Lastly and of great importance, Gary Renard’s two books, “Disappearance of the Universe” (DU) and “Your Immortal Reality, how to break the cycle of birth and death” are fantastic aids to the comprehension of ACIM.  I commend them to you utterly. 


Very lastly(!) please see how all that you are asking and having difficulty with are just what untold numbers of others are also having similar difficulty with.  That is the entire objective of the Forum; that people writing in can share (and by sharing, grow) their difficulties (as well as insights) and receive some help on their way forward, so that ALL can benefit and then we can all get Home that much quicker. 


I assure you, any suggestion about your communication not being inspirational is actually not the case.  It would be the case if you had all these thoughts, doubts, questions, uncertainties and did nothing about them, like, not writing to ask for help.  The fact you have done so IS inspirational.  I do assure you most sincerely, Dear Sharon, that you ARE progressing, ARE well on the way and that this will be of great help to many others if you are willing to let me post this.  We all feel foolish in the face of our apparent inability to grasp the truth of eternity.  I assure you, there are many who wish they were where you are and they can be helped by allowing this exchange to be posted for their benefit,  ‘Inasmuch as ye have done it to these, the least of my brethren, ye have done it unto me.’


Namaste, peace and blessings, always,








Is it okay to post this and not have the answers to it?  Sharon


Dear Sharon

Let me explain something of fundamental importance that is a PLF, for easement of your puzzlement: 


It is not crucial to the Process of our restoration to Oneness with Papa that we do not, as yet (that is to say, at any particular moment), with our conscious mind perceptions, understand what we are experiencing, what is going on, what is unfolding, what we are reading.  What is the crucial, paramount, centrally important factor is that we desire to understand, to know, to receive enlightenment, to be grown by the Good Husbandman (Papa) into the place of fully awakened remembrance of our true Self as His beloved ‘Son’ (please understand, as I am sure you do, that gender is not a feature of Eternity, Heaven. When Jesus uses the term ‘Father’ it could equally be translated as ‘Giver of Life’ or ‘That Which Begets’ and when he uses the word ‘Son’ or ‘Sonship’ it could equally be ‘Offspring’ or ‘That Which is Begotten.’  ‘Son’ works well for me because it has a personal attribute about it – not just to me but about the term, whereas ‘Offspring’ or ‘Begotten’ does not have that same identifiable-with quality or ring about it).


Without the desire, sincere desire, emanating from deep within our heart and soul, all that we ‘do’ has no eternal meaning and Papa cannot grow it within us.  If we have the desire and the faith, trust, obedience and commitment (FTOC) He will grow in us all things of the Kingdom – enlightenment, wisdom, knowledge of the things of the Kingdom – one step at a time.  It is about first believing and then seeing, not the other way around.


Here is what Jesus said to me in May 1997 about desire.  Please read the whole message, contemplatively and prayerfully, even though the first few lines may seem to say all you feel you need or can absorb.  Another PLF is that if we have the desire (but not yet the understanding) the rest is assimilated at/into a higher level of our awareness and will be brought back to our awareness and increased understanding somewhere further along the Path that is appropriate to our journey :


All is according to your desire.  Psychic conditions of the moment have no impact upon the desire of your heart for it is forged in the realms of *fire, unquenchable.

Let your heart and mind focus on your desire; let your desire be as my desire -- for love, blessing and the freedom of eternal life for all my little ones -- for in this is peace, strength, power, upliftment, wholeness, and renewal for you as well as all the beneficiaries of your blessings.  This is Papa's way, that all should benefit.  It is eternal reality.  It is livingness; dynamic, joyous, mystical, empowering.  It is of the life force and shall uprate the lives of all who partake of it.  It is not of the mind or the intellect or the rationale.  It is available to all who humbly seek the Truth of God.  It is unavailable to those who have not a shred of faith, of seeking after Spiritual Truth.  Let them first come to their knees in humility and repentance, seeking forgiveness for arrogance and haughtiness and pride.  Then shall my Father forgive and they must begin the journey again, this time as little children, in faith, trust and obedience.

And the meek and the humble shall be given all things of the Great Storehouse of eternity, so that all shall know the livingness of my Word.  And many shall come to me and drink of the fountain of living water springing up from me, that they might be refreshed eternally.

I say to you all, be of great good cheer, for all is accomplished and the fulfilment of prophecy is assured.  This is the power of desire.  Let your light so shine among your fellows, in the Earthly life and for those who have left their bodies behind but not the Earth.  All is well.  Peace and joy be with you always.


*Fire is the symbol of the realm of Eternal, Spiritual reality. 


 I am certain you are a soul with a heart full of desire for spiritual truth.  Papa knows, Jesus knows, the Holy Spirit knows.  Your conscious, ‘Earth’ mind is flailing about, full of doubt, uncertainty and fear.  This is not the real you at all.  It is ego, trying hard to prevent you from going forward along the Path you decided before you incarnated.  It is time to choose between ‘blind’ faith, first, so that Papa/Jesus/HS can fill you with the true Light of Heaven (in response to your desire, your hungering and thirsting, your asking, seeking, knocking) OR wanting to know first, so that you then can believe.  That is the beguiling lie of ‘Satan’ (ego) and all the while we remain within its thrall we are stuck in bewilderment, uncertainty, unbelief, doubt, sorrow, confusion.


I assure you absolutely, Dear Sharon, that all the uncertainties that are going on inside your head and heart are known to Jesus and the Holy Spirit and it is nothing to Them.  All They are focussed upon is your desire, because that is all that matters to Them and in due course you will realise that it is all that matters to you (it has taken me decades to come to that place, so don’t beat yourself up for being slow


Every single one of us is at a different, unique place on the Path back to Papa, so it makes no difference to any other readers what ‘Sharon’ - who sent in this message to which ‘Brian’ has responded with inspiration for help from the Holy Spirit – understands.  Other readers of this will have their own perceptions about the exchange(s) between us, and Papa, the Good Husbandman, will use it to grow them just as He is growing you and me.  We each are able to extract benefit from whatever is the message according to where we are on the Path and that is fine with Papa, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  One step at a time is how we are grown.


Hi Brian:


    I still don't know why I don't know for sure if it's the right thing to do to post this. I knew for sure about the other postings, I'm blocked on this and I don't know why. You are blocked on this because of your doubt and uncertainty.  It is a ‘vicious circle,’ a device of ego to keep us held, prevent us from being grown How can something I don't even understand help anyone else; I don't want to scare or confuse anyone.  Are you scared or confused by exchanges between others and me on the Forum page?  You have no need to be and if you are, you can say, ‘This is a device of ego to hold me back.  I am as You created me, Papa, and all else is an illusion.  I place myself in Your care, for inner Peace and tranquillity.’


The way to unblock this situation is to choose to place yourself in a state of inward acceptance, allowing all things to be free, knowing that you are utterly safe in His hands.  Until you do that it will seem disturbing, confusing, fearful.  Once you have done it – the instant you do it – you will say to yourself, ‘What was all that about? There was nothing to fear; it was an illusion, nothing at all.’


Peace, dear Kiddo; you are greatly loved and understood,







Dear Brian:


    You can post it.  A big thanks to you Sharon; not just from me but from all who will read this and benefit from it. Thank you for your encouragement, I am very grateful.  Sharing brings joy of Heaven into our Earthly lives. I want to share with you what is really cool about what you wrote here:  I have been training someone at a doctor's office how to do bookkeeping with a computer (software package); one of the things about this beautiful soul (just starting this new job) is her desire to learn this and to become confident with it; for her the process involved applying what she was learning (as we went) to the computer program (new to her) and all this on top of going back 6 months and 'undoing' what was improperly done, re-doing it, and continuing on. 


When I gave the progress reports to the owner I remember saying to him and knowing (and telling her) that 'her' desire to want to do this and to feel confident about it was the special thing that she had, that because of her wanting this, everything else was going to fit into place.  I told the owner it would now take her some time to 'assimilate' it  (that word is not a coincidence an affirming piece of synchronicity, for your encouragement  because I don't use that word - it just 'slipped' out during the conversation and I remember after it came out asking myself where that word came from but trusting it without question ('cause I made myself) Fantastic. Well done.  That is FTOC. because I had asked God to be with me during this assignment Wonderful; do you see how, when we align our mind with the PLFs they are able to actually work for us instead of appearing to our upside-down, ego-confused mind, to work against us and I knew after the word came out that that particular word resonated with the owner (and it fit) ) that she will be working along at the day-to-day bookkeeping and she'll go "Oh, that's why we did that," "Oh, that's how that got there", "Oh, that's how that works."   


So you know what? - I've been doing what you just said but didn't know I was doing it.  It's because of your letter to me that I now see that I've been doing what comes natural, just unsure, and now what you just wrote makes me see that.  Thank you. FTOC enables everything to fall into place and you are actually experiencing it working for you.  Now you KNOW and anybody trying to convince you otherwise will be whistling in the wind.  I'm grateful for you being on this part of the journey with me, This was no chance thing.  Be certain that you are contributing mightily to the Kingdom programme by these exchanges.  Without your commitment and your courage, this could not be possible.  Allow yourself this bit of glory; there is immeasurably more where this came from: Papa.


I'm trusting more and I've becoming more aware that 'trust' is not comfortable for me,   I can see that.  I feel it is from experiences in your past that have left you feeling hurt and resistant to trusting. Go with trust, knowing that you are being looked after.  Place yourself within that care. but the more aware of that that I become the more help I'm getting with it. This will continue until you are as sure of the help as you are that the sun will come up each morning.  Then you, and all who commit to being grown by the Good Husbandman into that place of being, will be the fulfilment of Jesus' words, 'The works that I do, you will also do, and greater things than these, if only you believe.'


 warmly,  Sharon

Sharon, I am overjoyed with and for you; there is so much growth taking place in you.  There is much rejoicing over you in all the Halls of Heaven.  Alleluia!




The following exchange was posted on May 13th 2007


Hi Brian,

 Thanks for last letter I found very interesting that some of the points that you stated and referred to, I would like to say have been coincidental or should I say God incidental in my own experiences in the last few weeks.

As you rightly state that forgiveness is something that we all have to seek, if we harbour unforgiveness then we are only locking ourselves up, as our saviour taught forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Only a few days ago I watched a programme on TV about inmates inside prison, and interestingly they nearly all agreed that they had to forgive, so that they were able to get on with there lives.

A further point you touched on was about our oneness and knowing that interrelationship, I was in conversation with a lady the other day and someone else joined in, and I explained that we were discussing how sometimes thoughts come to us as we are receivers and that GOD is the transmitter I have only spoken to this lady briefly and I apologised that I could not remember her name, but I kept thinking Angela, she then shocked me by telling me that was her middle name, coincidence or what?

Finally something I was reading and quote that this person was describing a nightmare that kept occurring, that she was being chased around her home by a big monster and was cornered, so she screamed at it, and asked what it was planning to do to her? It replied “I don’t know it’s your dream,” proving the point that our thoughts play an important part in our lives!

I am writing this as a word of encouragement, and that you continue to transmit the good news for a long time.

Many blessings to you both.




Hi Geoff,


Many thanks for your message of encouragement.  With all help from the Holy Spirit it will continue.  It is my observation that this work for the Kingdom is only in its early stages and since it has taken the better part of 40 years to prepare me (I like to think of myself as a slow starter but a strong finisher!) I am trusting that there is plenty more to follow.  Certainly I am up for it, as the present vernacular says.  The Master told me many times over the decades that all that he was leading me in was simply preparation for what lay ahead – which is now unfolding, day by day.


Also, for me, messages such as yours are affirmation that I am on the right track because you are finding it affirmative in your own life’s experiences.  If I was making all this up it would hardly relate to the experiences of other people because it could only be my own invention.


As for forgiveness, one of the key revelations of ACIM is that there is ‘true’ and ‘false’ forgiveness.  False forgiveness, ACIM tells us, is where the forgiver and forgivee acknowledge the ‘sin’ or trespass, or wrongdoing and then ‘forgive’ it.  ACIM says the acknowledging of it gives it ‘reality’ and therefore, if we have actually ‘sinned’ we can only be guilty and therefore deserve punishment.  The forgiver is therefore effectively saying, ‘I forgive you but I really know you did this and therefore I know that you are guilty and really deserve punishment.  I am letting you off the hook now but if I change my mind later (which ego mind is very good at), you will be back on the hook.’  This sets up a dynamic between forgiver and forgivee which keeps them from truly being able to let it go and move on to the place where each can begin to see the face of Christ (which is who and what we all really are) in each other.


The gulf between false and true forgiveness is that true forgiveness is a recognition that in fact all that with our Earthly, double vision we perceive as having happened or happening is an illusion because we are dreaming this whole physical dimension; it is not really here, neither are we – any of us – because the separation never actually happened and we are not separated into innumerable individual souls but are, in the eternal reality, the One Son of the Father or Giver of Life, Home with Papa, having never actually left; therefore we cannot be ‘guilty’ of ‘sinning.’ 


That makes forgiveness much more a definitive process in which ‘closure’ can be the outcome because we are effectively saying, ‘I forgive you for what in reality I know you have actually never done.  If you have never actually done it and I can recognise, remember and be certain of this truth of eternity, then there is really nothing to forgive.’  Knowing there is actually nothing to forgive (because it is all a dream and in our true, eternal-consciousness wakeful state, which is where we actually are and have always been, no such ‘sin’ ever happened) means letting go of it is immeasurably easier and the true forgiveness process then brings any dynamic between the parties to an end, meaning both (or all) are then free of ties and trammels to the (imaginary) past.


All this is so radical a departure from what we have all been led to believe by the institutionalised, so-called Christian religious denominations for so many centuries that even those who have long since abandoned the church are still chained to and by those misperceptions, thus keeping us tied to the cycle of birth and death.  This means that we have to keep (imagining we are) coming back over and over again trying to achieve release from these ego-constructed illusions and ‘never’ actually achieving that release because the misperceptions are passed down through the generations over and over again.


It is from this that Jesus is our saviour. It could therefore be justifiably stated that Jesus is saving us from religion set up falsely in his name. We now have the internet, so that effectively, we are all now free from the yoke of church and state, to grow spiritually and share our remembrances of who we really are with our fellows anywhere on Earth, without political or religious boundaries to hobble us and hold us back.  That is a sure outward sign of where we are on the cosmic clock.  And even any despotic government that may try to burn books (such as ACIM) can no longer succeed because geo-political borders are losing their grip on the movement of people, ideas and information.


I love the dream where the monster says, ‘It’s your dream.’  That is in absolute harmony with ACIM.


Thanks so much for sharing; it seems you are experiencing synchronicity and that is a sure sign you are getting hooked up with the eternal consciousness and beginning to see through the illusion.  Alleluia.


Please continue to keep me posted with progress.






The following exchange was posted on May 12th 2007


Dearest Brian:  Hi J; great to hear from you;


I have finally been able to catch up reading the diary entries you lovingly send out each week.   It is so exciting to really understand and feel the words echo true in my heart….I feel such a spiritual enrichment that has made me realize how much I also need physical spiritual nourishment, by way of soul companions.


This is so true.  We all have soul companions, extending over multiple incarnations and some are with us in the Earth life and some in the Realms of Light.  That way we get literally, the ‘best of both worlds’!  Those who are with us in the Earth life are what the Master Jesus calls ‘Companions of the Way.’ If there is one individual with whom one forms a life-partnership, like Theresa and me, then that one individual is close in terms of where one is on the path of spiritual awakening, and each becomes for the other their respective Companion of the Way. 


The Master told me shortly after Theresa and I met that he had brought her to me to be my Companion of the Way.  Of course this was not the first time we had been together and we know of at least 3 former ‘acts’ (incarnations) in which we were together as husband and wife.  Theresa is writing a book about this at the moment and in due course this will appear on the HTG website.


I love my husband dearly, but while he supports my spiritual growth, he is not one with whom I can share my insights comfortably without an ensuing debate or his need to challenge my beliefs. This is very interesting, your use of the word ‘challenge.’  This is ego at work.  Ego realises that a person on a path of spiritual growth is a threat to its existence because the more we awaken to eternal truth and become resonant with it, the weaker ego becomes because its realm is time and place only. Ego functioning through M will recognise that your growth is a threat its existence, so will try to ‘head you off at the pass’ by challenging your new awarenesses, trying to undermine your new, emerging understandings, while they are still nascent in your mind, before they become well established and thus more difficult to dislodge.


That used to bother me, that I couldn’t share everything with him but I think I really accept it now. J, that is a very, very major going forward for you.  There is no doubt in my mind that you and M are re-visiting some unresolved issues from previous acts and you are definitely making progress.  By being steadfast in your resolve this will keep you moving forward and, even if you don’t always see it, this will definitely be helping M, even if ego appears to be indicating to the contrary.  Deep inside, he is being helped by your progress and when the time is right, you and he will both see it.  I wish to encourage you in this as much as I can because it is so beneficial to you both and all in whose sphere of influence you move, not least your children.


One person can’t be all things to us, right? True enough, but each person is an opportunity for us to grow, because what (or who!) may show up (perhaps, heavily) disguised as adversity is always actually an opportunity for us to remember who we really are.  Are we loving, blessing, accepting, compassionate, caring, forgiving in the context of this person (or situation) or are we testy, snappy, judgemental, etc., etc.


Because of my work schedule, I haven’t been able to attend the Methodist church where I am a member. During the past couple of years away from the church, I realized how much the church was not filling my needs.  When a person starts to awaken to the eternal, spiritual realities, things that are of this temporal realm start to pall and become less and less attractive and satisfying to the inner being.  This includes orthodox religion, which is founded on ego-constructs of sin, guilt, fear, unworthiness, sacrifice, death, a-tone-ment (instead of at-one-ment), control, rules, dogmas, etc. Of course these denominational churches speak of love but because they are founded on a false foundation, the love they speak of, within their institutions, is conditional, not unconditional, and therefore cannot be of eternity.  


None of their constructs is true and they all get in the way of our re-unification with the Giver of Life, our  Heavenly Father, Papa.  Needless to say, the souls who attend these institutions are not consciously aware of these factors and most are sincere in their desire for something in their lives beyond the material dimension.  They do not yet have sufficient light of spiritual discernment to differentiate between religion (with all the above named constructs) and spirituality, which has none. The awakening soul instinctively senses this as remembrance of who they really are begins to emerge into their waking consciousness and they feel unsatisfied by religion, which starts to appear as empty, hollow, lacking in substance satisfying to their hungering and thirsting souls.


When my work schedule changed, finally freeing up my Sunday mornings, I sought different churches…even attended a Unity church across town that I thought I would like more.  It was nice but left me wanting. The drive to get there is also long. I have no personal experience of the Unity Church but what I have heard from others appears to set it far aside from most of the mainstream denominations by its openness to and acceptance of many truths of eternity. 


Of course there are and will be many individuals within orthodox religious institutions who will press for change within those structures, and changes of a meaningful nature will, slowly but surely, begin to take place.  This will be successful with some individual congregations but as with women clergy and homosexuality, the liberals and the conservatives will find these changes to be further fuel for the separation consciousness to cause ever more division.  Finding spiritual fellowship is of great importance as we sojourn here in the Earth life. 


Theresa and I were brought together in 1968 about 4 months after I asked Jesus to please bring me into contact with the right life-partner for this journey (see SYFK, chapter 4).  Such fellowship helps in the awakening process because sharing gets the focus on the object of one’s desires and generates psychic energies of a refined, exalted, spiritualised nature that act as conduits for our loved ones in the Realms of Light to come close and inspire us with new awareness and enlightenment. 


These loved ones include Jesus and the Holy Spirit if that is the level of our desire.  If it is not, they won’t, because it is cosmic law never to enter uninvited.  Sadly for many sincere seekers after spiritual truth who place themselves within the energy field of institutionalised religion, that acts as a barrier rather than a conduit to such lines of  communication and enlightenment because such institutions usually insist on obedience to their doctrines and dogmas, most of which are not resonant with eternal truth.  Such institutions will hold power over those who submit to such controls until such time as the individual remembers that such submission is no longer where they need or choose to be.  Then they will realise that they simply no longer need to place themselves under that outside control.


Untold numbers of relationships are formed for other than spiritual fellowship reasons, so when one partner begins to awaken it can be deeply frustrating to both parties, each from their own perspectives.  I have no answers to how this can be remedied but trying to force the other party to become what they are not ready for definitely will not work, as I feel sure you need no reminding;-)  Of one thing I am sure: if we ask for help with finding others with whom we can share deep fellowship on the Path, and leave that request to be answered, it will happen.  This may come from some place of group fellowship, where one or more others will be drawn by the vibes emanating from the seeker.  Then it is up to the individuals to move forward as the spirit draws them.


While driving home from work couple of days ago, I realized I missed my friends at the Methodist church. My women’s group that I was part of is a loving group of women who really rallied around me during my recuperation.   When I decided not to come back, it was mainly because of the group leader’s views, more fundamentalist I guess. That can be very off-putting to someone seeking the freedom of the spiritual pathway. I remember one Sunday morning when she was talking about a co-worker of hers going on and on about talking to her dead relatives in her dreams.  This of course, is a big no-no to orthodox religionists and is well covered in SYFK. 


Mary Jo, the leader, was aghast and begged her co-worker not to discuss such sinful things. This will seem very real a ‘sin’ to those who are not yet ready to awaken to the reality that we are all indestructible, eternal, radiant souls and not bodies; that bodies and all things temporal are an illusion.  This change of focus does not come easily but we receive help unlimited if, as and when we are ready to begin that journey.  Awakening from such a deeply ingrained dream can only happen one step at a time, from the within of the person according to their readiness.


Well, lately, I’ve felt the pull to return to this loving group, love is a great magnet even with Mary Jo there, for she is a very good person and I don’t have to agree with everything she says. Good for you.  That’s when I found out that she and some others have left the group for another church.  I emailed her to politely ask why she left, if she wouldn’t mind sharing, since I was planning on returning to the group.  Here’s the email she sent back to me: 

I will share why I left but I only do so if I'm asked.
FUMC seems to be going too liberal for us.  They were introducing a book that has 
a chapter in it stating that homosexuality is God's plan "B" for a person.  My 
brother-in-law asked Rev. Taylor if he agreed with this and Rev. Taylor said it's 
not God's best for a person but he would not call it a sin.  You know me, Jolena, 
I'm all for loving the sinner and hating the sin, but we've got to call sin, sin. 
This is a big sticking point for people wedded to institutionalised religion.  
The only way past it is to remember that we are not a body, that eternity is our 
true home, where we actually are (even though we appear to be on Earth), have never 
left and all this illusory world of dualism (gender - and confusion over attendant 
sexual proclivities - and all the other symbols of separation) can be seen for 
what it is if we are willing to allow the Holy Spirit to open our Single Eye 
vision of eternal Truth.  
Then we can say, “I forgive you for what in eternal reality you have not done, 
so that I may receive the forgiveness that is rightfully mine, because I now 
remember Jesus’ teaching that by the same measure with which we forgive, so are 
we forgiven.”  
According to ‘A Course in Miracles’ (ACIM) this is the only way to break the cycle 
of birth and death and escape from ego-land.  It is interesting how religion speaks 
of forgiveness and yet is so judgemental.  And all about what none of us has done 
because we are not really here, all this being a dream! When many letters from 
a lot of different people to the bishop did not make a difference, we decided 
to leave the Methodist Church altogether.  We have joined  West C***** Baptist. 
Here we see the separation consciousness at work, allowing what is perceived as 
‘out there’ causing us to react, when all that is out there is really a 
projection of unconscious fear and guilt from our own within.  This can be 
likened to being at the cinema where we are looking at images projected onto 
the screen.  We may wish to change what is appearing on the screen, yet the 
place to change it is not on the screen but in our projection room, where all 
that we appear to be seeing is actually coming from. That projection room is 
our unconscious mind. 
Only true forgiveness can enable those changes to be 
made.  True forgiveness is a recognition that the ‘sin’ does not exist and 
therefore is easy to forgive and thus receive forgiveness because it is not 
in us either.  False forgiveness is acknowledging the sin and then claiming 
to forgive it because our mind is then making it real by acknowledging it 
when it does not actually exist.  If we make it real, it happened, so we are 
guilty.  In truth it never happened so we are not guilty, so there can be no 
blame, judgement or condemnation and punishment.  That is how it is in Papa’s 
sight, so to get Home to Him permanently, we will do well to start seeing with 
His vision.  I think you will find that a lot of people have left.
Love you, Mary Jo

I’m certain that Mary Jo would be surprised that her email only makes me want to return even more. I’m sure it will. I have not responded to her, as I’m not sure how yet. You can respond in your heart, with love, blessing and forgiveness and send that out on the ether   I don’t want to be judgmental. I want to respect her right to feel what she feels…and I certainly wish her the best. You can send those words on the Ethernet; it doesn’t have to be the internet! The Baptist church may be a better fit for her.  If that is the place she feels she belongs, then so be it.  Bless her mightily.


I grew up going to both Baptist and Methodist churches.  For me, the Baptist religion is way too fundamental and contrary to what I now believe.  That is a going forward;-)


Another reason I want to go back to this group at the Methodist church is because I believe now that all religions are just different pathways to the same God…just as we have different languages and cultures across the world  All these are outward symbols of the separation consciousness.  There are no denominations, different languages, cultures, genders in eternity.  When we are able to see that truth in our brethren (a term I use to indicate an absence of gender differentiation and to be all-inclusive), that we will have remembered who we really are and be back in the Oneness with Papa


I could seek for eternity and never find the “right” church. My guess is you’d give up before then!! I had chosen the Methodist church because their views conflicted the LEAST…and I felt for a while that was hypocritical of me to go to a church but not agree with all the dogma.  Even while I now feel I don’t need a church to be spiritual, I still miss the nourishment of spiritual companionship This is the key J.  Maybe there are some folk within the Methodist church with whom you can find spiritual resonance without having to remain within the doctrinal structure of it? and I now know that whatever religious vehicle (church) I choose to be part of, I can be strengthened by being part of the larger whole. We are ALL his beloved.  If only we knew just how much this is true.


I’ve always admired Mary Jo’s faith and the eloquent way she led us in prayer. Another reason is because my mom’s name was Mary Jo.  When my legs were broken in 2002, I was surrounded by Mary Jo’s everywhere. J  I felt like my mom rounded up all the Mary Jo’s to give me comfort during my healing.  My first nurse in Oklahoma where I had the accident was named Mary Jo…and there were Mary Jo’s at the hospital in Houston  around me AND at the rehab hospital I spent 4 months at, the case worker assigned to me was named Mary Jo.


Part of me wants to share my beliefs with her but I don’t think it’s a good idea. I feel sure you know this intuitively and should follow your intuition, however much you would like to share.  Sharing with those who are ready is one thing, but with those who are not is casting pearls before swine. I’m not afraid of her reaction but I don’t know what I could say except to wish her well in her new church home.  Then you will do well simply to leave it at that, perhaps along with polite thanks for her reply.


I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. I’ve been doing much soul work. I’m happy to say that meditation is becoming daily for me since I got an iPod for Christmas.  I’ve downloaded many guided meditations…and meditation music that I can listen to easily by just plugging in my earplugs and closing my eyes, no matter where I’m at.   Brilliant. A truly exalted use for such technology.


I’ve also been doing lots of reading…and listening to audio books on my iPod.  Have you read any of the “conversations with God” series by Neale Donald Walsch?   The audio books are narrated by Edward Asner and Ellen Burstyn.  Ed Asner has such a wonderful voice, as the voice of God.  The voices switch gender between Ed and Ellen, to show that God has no gender.  I have read Conversations with God, parts 1-3, as well as “Communion with God”, “The New Revelations: A Conversation with God”, and “Tomorrows God:Our Greatest Spiritual Challenge”.


I have read all of them, some a number of times since 1999.  I resonate with most of the first 3 books but as discussed in the Message of Encouragement dated April 25th 2007, there are some key, fundamental differences between the CWG explanation of why we are ‘here’ and that presented in ACIM.  The ACIM explanation, rings true for me and I have as yet to reconcile the differences, if indeed a reconciliation is possible.  At present, my feeling is that they are so fundamentally different that it seems unlikely.  I wrote to Neale last September asking him about this (he has a page on his website inviting people to write with their questions and he will phone you back and discuss with you.  So far I have not received a response.  Meanwhile, as you may have noticed, my spontaneous resonance with ACIM is entirely comfortable for me and meshes with the last 40 years of my sojourn here.  


I ’m being careful not to substitute these books for the Bible, or any other holy book…nor look to Neale as a spiritual leader. Ultimately, if we do not follow where our own within leads us (because that is where we have our connection with Papa) we will get more and more bewildered about life trying to follow multitudes of other people’s stories. He is simply, yet wonderfully, another messenger, like you…chosen to help Jesus lead his flock back Home. I am so grateful you and he accepted this task. I had no option because I knew that if I arrived at the end of my time here, I would be so filled with regret at a missed opportunity to share that with which I have been so greatly blessed; and all this has happened for a reason, not by chance. Neale’s books are congruent with ALL you have shared. More so, they are congruent with my soul, telling me YES, these are all the things I have forgotten and I’m just so filled with joy to remember and know I am one with all that is...and one with everyone I meet. This is the Way Home and you are well on the Way.


Another book I am currently reading is by Caroline Myss called “Entering the Castle – An inner Path to God and your Soul”.  It jumped out at me during a recent visit to the local library. J  She also wrote “Anatomy of the Spirit” and “Sacred Contracts”. (I look forward to reading those)  She is another messenger, echoing your writings as well as Neale’s.  In the preface, she wrote the words “…The closer you get to your true self, the closer you get to God.” Amen to that. Those were the very words that popped into my head , out of the blue, over 10 years ago while driving home from work in west Texas.  Also during that time, I would have very odd daydreams once in a while, picturing my leg, cut off at the knee, sometimes just partially.   I think my soul knew what was to come, almost a decade later.


My home life is coming along.  I am very pleased to hear about this.  It takes resolve and commitment to achieve a balance in your circumstances and most would simply give up.  This is a big opportunity for spiritual growth for you and for M.  In the long run you will be very pleased that you found the strength to ‘keep on keeping on.’ My husband resigned from teaching in March and is currently trying to decide what to do.  He is seriously considering taking a job as a medic on an offshore oil rig…..on two weeks then off two weeks.   I think that would be grand...the time apart would be good for me and the reunions would be wonderful ;>. Sounds good to me.  I’m praying for the right job for him….and to keep his spirits up.  He’s managing fairly well so far…..when our teenagers don’t drive him nuts. J


I hope you and Theresa are happy, healthy and blessed.


Namaste with love,




Many thanks J; I am very pleased to hear from you. 


Blessings and love to you also,




The following exchange was posted on May 9th 2007


Dear Brian:


      Tonight my daughters were having a hard time falling asleep and when I went to see why they were making so much noise when they were supposed to be asleep my oldest starting asking questions about God.  I started asking God right away inside my head "I need help here; what do I do, what do I say."  I did this because in the past when they asked me questions about God I answered them in the way I understand it which I don't really feel they get so this time I'm asking what to say, what to do and nothing comes for an answer so I hesitate and then explain that the hesitation is because I find the questions to be very good questions and that I don't know the answers to them, but that I know someone who is close to Jesus and could probably answer those questions for them.  


    I told them out loud how I would ask you the questions they have, to see if I was getting it right - we needed some editing so I went to get a pad of paper.  My oldest’s (just turned 10) question was frustrating her, "If God didn't think of you or the Earth then you wouldn't be here and that would be scary because if you didn't exist that wouldn't be very good."  When I read it back to her she felt silly saying 'scary' and 'good' and told me to cross those words out and I told her I would but I wanted to ask you the way it came out of her the first time so I put them in here.  "How come God decided he'd make the Earth and every other planet."  "Why did he even want to make people and Earth and all the planets."  From my youngest (just turned 8), "Was God ever a person - because Jesus was."  "How did he create all the countries."


    I feel ill-equipped to answer these questions in a way they will understand.  My oldest gets frustrated with “what was before this, and before this and before this."  I told her that those were really great questions and I thought that she was very close to God because to me those questions were coming from God.  She mentioned about answers 'popping' into her head but they couldn't be from God because they were wrong.  I asked her how she knew they were wrong and she said she just knew; I'm not sure what that would be?  Why would she think that answers popping into her head were wrong?


    Any suggestions how I make my 'grown up' talk about God 'child friendly/understandable'?






Dear Sharon,


This is amazing, wonderful, delightful.  Thank you so much for taking the trouble to write; bless you mightily.  Your daughters are truly angels, here to help the world to awaken and remember the truth of eternity. 


As I first read it, my immediate thought was, how can I answer these amazing questions; these are hard enough for grown-ups to understand, with careful choice of wording, because the real truth is so far from our time and place conditioning over untold generations.  But by the time I had finished reading I asked the Holy Spirit to help me here and I had the intention of coming back to it later, when the Holy Spirit had had time to prepare!!!  Little did I know.  Before a minute had gone by I realised that inspiration was already happening and words, ideas, sentences were flowing in thick and fast.  I knew I couldn’t begin to type at this speed, so I grabbed a pad and pencil and began scribbling.  Before I knew it, 6 pages were filled. This is what was written:




Above all, God is Perfect Love.  Unconditional Love.  We are His offspring and created in His image and likeness, with all the perfect attributes, or qualities, of God.  This is very important for us to keep uppermost in our minds, above everything else.  When things appear to be otherwise, reminding ourselves of this can draw us back to that over-riding truth and reality.  Anything else that appears to contradict that is not true, and it is therefore not real; it is an illusion, even though it may appear to be ‘very real’ at the time. 


Only God and what is from God is real, is true, lasting and unchangeable.  Keep in mind what God is as you consider any event and ask if it is of or from God.  Let us remind ourself again what God is: Perfect, Unconditional Love.  Perfect, Unconditional Love does not judge or condemn.  If we do something ‘wrong’ God does not – nor ever will – judge us or condemn us.  If we want to be like God – which is who and what we really are anyway – we will not judge or condemn ourself or anyone else when we, or someone else, forget who we really are and do something ‘wrong.’ Instead, by remembering who we really are, we are able to forgive ourself or another.  We can do that by remembering we are truly like God because He created us like Himself.  Because there is no bad or wrong in God and only God is real, anything bad or wrong in us isn’t real either; we only believe it is because that is the way life on Earth has caused us to believe for thousands of years. 


But that is not actually true because it is not from God and is not the way He sees it, so it is not the way we have to see it either.  We can decide to stop seeing things the way the world sees them and start seeing them the way God sees them.  Then, gradually, the false way of seeing things – as bad, or wrong – will fade from the way we perceive things.  So when we see someone does something ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’, we can choose to look at ourself and the other person more deeply; look past the superficial thing that we first saw as wrong or bad and start to see as God sees, which is that we are really, deep down inside, good; Perfect Love, because that is how God created us and that is and can only be, the way we all really are. 


Now this takes practise, so why not begin to practise this together, as a family.  That way, we can help each other and remind each other when we temporarily forget (which may happen quite a lot at first!)  We can make a ‘game’ of this because games are fun and God is fun because love is fun; love is all things good and enjoyable and lasting and true.  Everything else is not lasting or enjoyable or true, so it must be an illusion.  We can make illusions ‘real’ if we choose to believe them, but it is much better for us and for our friends and everyone else if we choose to allow only that which is loving and kind and understanding and forgiving and caring and compassionate true because all those things contribute to what Perfect Love is, which is what God is.


He is lots more besides those things.  Can you think of any other things that God must be?  Things that truly reflect Perfect Love?  It helps if we think of opposites.  For example, we could ask ourself ‘Is God tolerant of intolerant?’  Which do we think Perfect Love would be?  Well it isn’t hard for us to decide that Perfect Love would be tolerant.


Is Perfect Love (God) to be feared or to be joyfully accepted?  Is Perfect Love forgiveness or judgement? 


Every time a new situation arises that presents us with an opportunity to ask, we can say to ourself, ‘Would Perfect Love do (or react) this way or that way in this situation?’  This or that might be caring or uncaring, afraid or unafraid, friendly or unfriendly, loving or unloving.


We are all, always, every moment, free to choose which we shall be in every situation.  The challenge – which is really an opportunity – is to remember.  It is easy to forget who we really are; in Whose image and likeness we have been created.


But we can help each other by making it a game.   Most games come to an end but this one doesn’t have to.  This game can go on indefinitely, right in amongst all the other things that make up our daily lives.  Remember, games are intended to be fun, so let’s decide that’s how we’re going to make this game, so we can both enjoy it and benefit from it at the same time. 


Part of the game – in fact a big part of it – will be reminding each other (and ourselves) when we forget who we really are (who we really are is eternal spirit, radiant, Perfect Love, created in the image and likeness of the Creator, with all His qualities of unconditional love, which means total acceptance, blessing, forgiveness of our own mistakes and misperceptions and those of our friends, family, loved ones and indeed, anyone else.  Any reason why that couldn’t or shouldn’t include that person who made a mistake in the traffic and then blamed it on Mum or Dad, just because they happened to be there?)  And of course, we can start the game right at the reminder!  Will our reminder be a friendly reminder or will it be an unfriendly reminder?  Remember, we are at free choice every time as to which it will be.


Another aspect of this game is that it will get better and better the longer we play and, by practising, we also will get better and better at it, day after day, week after week, year after year.


Other people will see how we are becoming happier and happier, more radiant with inner joy and peace, and they will ask how this is happening.  Then we can explain to them about this great game of Life called Perfect Love and they will want to join in.  And then we can ask ourself ‘Will my response be inviting or uninviting?’


Now Jesus did remember, completely, who He really was and He demonstrated Perfect Love when He was here.  In fact, He is still not just demonstrating but being Perfect Love, from where He now is, which is in Heaven.  Heaven lasts for ever, which is Eternity, where time doesn’t exist.  Heaven, Jesus tells us, is all around us and within us and we need to go into the quietness of our own inner being, shut out the outer world and be still in order to have awareness of it.  Then it will grow in our awareness until it becomes true reality for us.


Heaven, or Eternity, is where God is and it is also our true, real, everlasting Home.  It is where we have come from and where we are going back to when we have finished what we came to Earth to do.


What we came to Earth to do is help Jesus to transform the outer, physical realm of Earth, with all its misperceptions about life, judgement and condemnation, into Heaven again.  To do that we have to start thinking in ways that Jesus thought, which is Perfect Love, toward ourselves and toward everyone else.  This is a big task but every task has to begin with the first step; then the next and then the next. 


Fortunately, we have our big brother, Jesus, to help us.  He has already taken all the steps, so He knows the Way back Home to Heaven, or Eternity.  He wants to help us find the Way within ourselves and accompany us on our journey back Home.  He will do this if we ask him and truly want him to.  He will then come to us in our mind, in our thoughts, and in our hearts, which is where Perfect Love lives within us. 


With him so close within us we will feel safe and happy.  He will remind us of all the things that are, of and from God, one step at a time, if we ask him and keep listening to him as he speaks of the truth of God within us.  We can call this speaking ‘the Still, Small Voice within us’ or ‘the Voice for God’ within us. 


Because Heaven or Eternity is our true, eternal home and we are on our way back there, Earth and all the planets and the entire physical universe is just a stepping stone, or temporary place for us.  Something that is temporary is not and cannot be part of Eternity or Heaven.  This is true also of our bodies.  But our soul or spirit is eternal and that is who and what we really are.  Everything we see or experience with our Earthly senses is temporary and not, therefore, of Eternity. 


Jesus is asking us to look past all the things that are temporary and to focus our minds, our thoughts, our attention, on the Place we have come from and are returning to.  He is reminding us that everything that is temporary – even if it seems to be lasting for a very long time – is an illusion, and even that time itself is an illusion.  All this is difficult even for grown-ups to take on board so we can only do it one step at a time.


Jesus tells us now in ‘A Course in Miracles’ (ACIM), his spiritual guidance for this, the last two thousand year stage of three two-thousand year stages of man’s rescue from misperception, given to his chosen scribe, Helen Schucman, by the mechanism of the Still, Small Voice within her receptive mind, that as we become more and more attuned to the eternal reality of Heaven, that this will become our reality, even while we are here, with a physical body in the Earth life. 


He tells us also in ACIM that the way to achieve this state of exalted awareness - effectively, healing from all the troubles our misperceptions bring to us - is by forgiving ourselves and our fellows (that is, all the people around us – friends, family, strangers even) for anything that appears to us as a grievance.  In fact, he states, ‘Love holds no grievances.’  He reminds us that as we forgive our fellows, so are we able to receive the forgiveness that is equally ours, in the same measure as we are able to forgive.


He tells us that by this forgiveness process we are able to ‘awaken’ to the truth and reality of eternity, or Heaven, and that we will then be aware that the Earth and all the physical universe will no longer be part of our awareness because we will have left it behind, like all things that are temporary, and will instead be aware only of our True Home: Eternity; that then we will realise that the things we thought were reality will be seen as illusion.


"If God didn't think of you or the Earth then you wouldn't be here and that would be scary because if you didn't exist that wouldn't be very good." 

"How come God decided he'd make the Earth and every other planet?" 

"Why did he even want to make people and Earth and all the planets?" 

From my youngest (just turned 8), "Was God ever a person - because Jesus was?" 

"How did he create all the countries?"


In truth we do exist but it is not our Earthly body that is our real existence.  That is just a vehicle through which our true, eternal, indestructible, made-in-the-image-of-God Self expresses, functions, achieves what we have come here to do and help us to once again become: Perfect Love.  Where we belong is in and with Perfect Love, with Jesus and with the Giver of Life – who most of us know or refer to as God, or Heavenly Father.  I asked Him for a name or title by which I could call Him and He invited me to call him ‘Papa,’ and that is what I do.  For me that is a very personal, intimate, meaningful way to think of Him.  You could ask Him for a name by which to call Him if you like.  It will be something meaningful to you, just as ‘Papa’ has a deep, personal meaning for me.


Jesus tells us in ACIM that God didn’t make the Earth and all the other parts of the physical universe; that we have imagined it all.  That seems very hard to believe because it all seems so real.  One way that can help us to understand it is this:


Imagine a little girl at home, tucked up safe and sound in bed asleep.  She begins to dream.  That dream may have some good parts, like sunshine and birdsong and flowers, but sadly, it also has some frightening parts, like wars and illness and fear.  This is frightening for the little girl in her dream.  Her Daddy comes in to check she is alright and sees that she is dreaming and distressed.  The dream seems very real to the little girl but it isn’t real for her Daddy because it is only a dream.  So, he lovingly, gently, tenderly strokes, comforts, soothes her back into a state of wakefulness, where she can realise that all the time she was tucked up in bed at Home, safe, warm, with no danger, nothing to frighten her; that her experience was nothing more than a dream.


Sharon, your daughter’s words ‘scary’ and ‘good’ are perfect ways to express these concerns.  Please tell her that her questions are providing wonderful opportunities for her, and for many others also, to be comforted; that this is a really helpful part of this wonderful game of Perfect Love.


I decided (with help from the Holy Spirit) that the best way to tackle this area of questing is head-on and introduce the ACIM revelation that God did not create the physical universe.  This is such a shock for almost everyone that it is really hard to get our heads around it but ultimately we have to decide for ourself, ‘Either this is true or it is a load of nonsense.’  The support for it being true that is to be found in ACIM makes it entirely compelling for me, and that is greatly backed up by Gary Renard’s books, ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’ and ‘Your Immortal Reality.’  If it is true, and the physical universe of time and place is not our true home because we are not a body but eternal Spirit, whose true Home is eternity/Heaven (which is so obviously true to all who give it any serious consideration) then it must be time now for this truth to be disseminated amongst the children of Earth (adult and pre-adult!)


Jesus tells us that He and His Heavenly Father, God, are One.  In that sense, God was/is a person but He is more than a person in the sense we think or perceive ‘persons’ are in their physical bodies.  Jesus was and is much, much more than other people saw him as in a physical body and so are we all, also.  Jesus told us that all the things he did, we will do also and even greater things, if we can believe.  That is why we have come here, to Earth, to remember once more how to believe.  We are now in the moment of history when we are at last coming to believe once more who we all really are.  Then we will awaken from that scary dream and realise we never left Home but were always safely there with Papa.


Clearly Papa did not create all the countries, as that was mankind’s area of endeavour; another symptom of the separation consciousness!


Why would she think that answers popping into her head were wrong?

This is a delicate area and careful, gentle, loving handling will produce spectacular results; incorrect handling could cause a clamming up and shutting down of the inspirational channels for what could be many years.  It is my feeling that she is indeed receiving answers from the Holy Spirit (or Jesus; there is essentially no difference because they are both of One Mind).  Coaxing them out of her, reassuringly, lovingly, letting her understand that you will absolutely never mock, ridicule or make light of anything that she reveals to you about this, will help her to be, at first tentatively perhaps, able to share with you these answers that pop into her head.


 Any suggestions how I make my 'grown up' talk about God 'child friendly/understandable'?

The overriding answer to this is, sincerely (as I know you would always be) to ASK Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help you.  They NEVER ignore such a plea for help that is from the heart and soul.  Then, give thanks to them for that help in advance and reassure yourself that having asked, sincerely, it WILL be given.  Then forget about it; don’t worry it like a terrier with a slipper. 


Every time doubt starts to creep in, dismiss it and give thanks again for the help; this will reaffirm and strengthen your link to that help.  Then, when your girls ask more questions, don’t panic.  If you can succeed in not panicking, you are a long way forward on the Path;-)  You might start by saying to the girls at the outset, ‘Okay; this is an opportunity for us all to receive inspiration from Jesus and the Holy Spirit, so just to be sure we are getting on their wavelength, let’s take a moment to ask them to be with us.  What do you think?’  I feel sure they will like this idea and so you can say, ‘Okay, let’s close our eyes because this will help us to shut out the outer world and get attuned with Them.’ 


Then you could say, out loud, for the girls to hear and share with you in their hearts and minds, something like:


‘Dear Jesus, we know you love us with a Perfect Love and that it is your heart’s desire always to help us to understand the Truth about you, God and eternity.  We love you too and want to feel and experience that you are with us, right where it matters, in our hearts and minds; so, we are, right now, opening the door of our hearts and minds and inviting you to enter in and fellowship with us, in this moment and in every moment.  Thank you Jesus, for hearing us, which we know you do, and for accepting our invitation, which we also know you do.’ 


Then, you could all sit quietly for a few moments, eyes still closed, to allow the spirit of the moment to build within your awareness, and for any inspiration to come in.  You might wish to hold hands in a circle while you do all this; it helps to build the power and strengthen the link to the One Mind.  Then, once you have all opened your eyes and made eye contact again, you could gently ask the girls if they received any inspiration; if any answers ‘popped into their heads.’  This must be done in such a way as to not let them think you are applying any pressure on them to have answers – especially that they must be the right answers ‘or else’!  If they have nothing to say right away it may be shyness or reticence that is holding them back, so you could then share with them any ideas or thoughts that have come to you.  Your sharing may very well help them to overcome their reticence and start them sharing what came to them.  Spiritual inspiration is not the exclusive domain of adults! 


If you resonate with all this and try it and want to try it again and again, I assure you, it will get better and better as each time brings more comfort, reassurance and relaxation to you all.


I hope you are able to share these inspired thoughts with your darling daughters and that it will help them (and you!)  How much easier the introduction of eternal truth to children will become when it is more widely accepted by the adults, and they can start rearing the next generation with this as part of everyday awareness, instead of religious mythology and misperceptions about sin, guilt and judgement.  I know Theresa and I would have been better equipped for the nurturing of our offspring, even though we had already seen through the charade of the church.


Finally, just as with adults, so should it be with children:  Always let the lead come from them.  As the saying has it, ‘When the student is ready, the Teacher comes.’  This means that only when the student is ready (i.e. starts seeking, asking, knocking) does the Teacher respond.  To proceed otherwise is contrary to Cosmic Law and will always end in a cul de sac.


With love and many blessings, as ever,




PS: In ACIM Jesus says (page 28 of the Text):


You can do much on behalf of your own healing and that of others if, in a situation calling for help, you think of it this way:


I am here to be truly helpful.

I am here to represent Him Who sent me.

I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do because He Who sent me will direct me.

I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing He goes there with me.

I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.



Hi again Sharon,

I hope you have found yesterday's message of some help, even if only in part.  I realise it was very long; perhaps far too long for little ones like your daughters to assimilate, especially all at once.  Indeed, none of us can assimilate the truth of eternity all in one go, how ever simply the message is put, and that is fine; that is the way it is and Jesus has infinite patience and tells us the the Holy Spirit also has infinite patience.  One could observe that since time is an illusion, patience doesn't actually come into it from where Jesus and the Holy Spirit are functioning!  I venture to suggest that the message was something that your daughters can ponder, perhaps with you helping them, on an occasional basis, over as long a period as is serviceable.  

Hoping to hear from you soon and with love and many blessings, as ever,




Dear Brian:


    When I got your response I was totally overwhelmed, I thought "Brian, there's no way I can read this to the children, I can't even handle this."  That's because I was biting it all off at once and it's always my impulse to rush right away to someone so I can share it with them.  That was my first impulse here, even before I read it all myself!  I was so excited that you wrote back - and my intention was to show them how important they are that you wrote back to their questions. Indeed, they truly ARE, totally important, just as we all are, in Papa's sight.  This is absolute truth, no nonsense! I thought it would tickle them as much as it did me. I bet it did. I was guided to read it all the way through by myself first and to practice delivering it to them.  And then I went "Ahhhhhh, this is to be read like it is (because when I first read it I thought "oh man you mean I have to take this and put it in a way they'll understand it), just VERY SLOWLY, in some parts one word at a time - I knew that for sure. I knew, as I was writing it, that the Holy Spirit was giving me the thoughts as if I was speaking to your girls and that it was in language that was right for them and would not need re-translating but would be entirely serviceable for engendering questions, further discussion and that this would all add to their growing in understanding.  And before I knew it I was editing as I read - not the message, just some of the words, and directing it to them and not me. That is good.  The words are only symbols and whatever way they can be manipulated to help expand the comprehension of what the stand for, so much the better.  This, of course, falls down when the person doing the re-wording doesn't have the correct understanding of them to start with, so care is needed. We started tonight May 7th and did 2 paragraphs - and there were questions! I bet there were. They were taking your information, processing it, and asking it their own way so they could see if it was what you were saying, so cool! Positively chilled! My part was to see if what they said made sense with what you said.  Fantastic; what a team. This will be a mini-course for them, it will take awhile and I know for sure that that's okay. A-okay. We did the 2 paragraphs after their book tonight and they went right to sleep; they were satisfied.  I think we can call this a result.  Alleluia.


    Yes, you can share this on the forum; I had that thought several times, that it doesn't get more real than this.  It certainly does not.  I am buzzing with the joy of Heaven over this.


 Blessings,   Amen to that, 


Sharon       Brian


The following exchange was posted on May 1st 2007


Hi Brian. Here is an email from another friend of mine, not the one I had
 mentioned in an email. This lovely lady and I phone each other when we
 have a problem, or about a book we have been reading. Although she has not
 read Disappearance of the Universe. Best Regards. Pearl.

Dear Pearl,
Many thanks for forwarding this message from Connie.  I am greatly
impressed, inspired and encouraged by her insights; truly she has a mind
that is open to enlightenment of the eternal realities.  There seems to be a
real nucleus of spiritually aware people in Eastern Canada.  It is surely
more than something in the water;-)

I hope it is not invalidity that has kept her home alone for 20 months.
Whatever it is, it is clearly a blessing for her.



Subject: Re emails to Brian

I enjoyed the emails and wisdom.
I can understand very well what Brian is trying to convey. As guess the past
year and eight months, being home alone etc I was given the gift of
understanding. Not just the wisdom that was given to me from my truth, but
living experiences.  For example remember I once told you the experience I
had at Canadian Tire with this lady. As a result I realized I was her, I am
everyone.  This is the truth
I am capable of what every other human being is capable of. When we all
awaken to this, we will have peace on Earth
So I understand when one rejects
another we reject ourselves. This is true in all things.  If we judge
another, dishonour another, hate another, fear another, love another,
forgive another, we do it to our Self
As I mentioned in our phone call, when
you fully understand who and what you are, you seem to always come back to
that, no matter what is going on in one's life.  I seem to have more
understanding of others because I know what I am.  There are few amongst us
who can truthfully claim this, for this is spiritual truth, not illusory
I am the true essence of love, I am the gift, and everything else
is the wrapping. And this sentence demonstrates that. Connie is a Light for
the world; I hope she is set on a candlestick and not under a bushel;-)

Anyways, I enjoyed the emails, isn't it nice he answers you personally.
Connie, dear soul, I will gladly answer you personally if you are willing!
Take Care



The following exchange was posted on April 29th 2007


Hi Brian: Hi Sharon,


You said:  “…It is this:  We can say to our fellows, I forgive you, that I may be forgiven; forgive me, that you may be forgiven.’ ”


Can we also say, "I forgive me for thinking this is real"


Practising forgiveness as committedly as a concert musician practises is certainly strenuously encouraged in ACIM and in the associated books ‘Disappearance of the Universe’ and ‘Your Immortal Reality,’ because these writings remind us that true forgiveness is the only way off the carousel of repeated incarnating, which is, in reality, preventing us from returning home to our eternally conscious joy with ‘The Giver of Life,’ ‘The One,’ ‘Papa,’ ‘God.’


The words you have quoted from last Wednesday’s message could more comprehensively be stated as follows: “I forgive you for what in reality you have not done, that I may receive forgiveness for what in reality I have not done; Forgive me for what in reality I have not done, that you may receive forgiveness for what in reality you have not done.”


Whatever helps us to move solidly into the place where we can truly remember that the world and the universe and all that we see with our bodily eyes isn’t real, can only be beneficial to our going forward on the Path of remembrance of who we really are. That can lead to your conclusion of forgiving our self for thinking it is real.  Practising such forgiveness ‘mantras’ will help us to gradually remember that we are not a body and none of what we experience with a body is real.


You also said“...Then are we able to see in our brethren the face of Christ – and they will see the face of Christ in themselves and we in our Self – “


What I've noticed is really cool is when someone who has never experienced God helps you experience God and after you experience God you help them experience God. 


The Master Jesus reminds us that one of the best ways to learn is to teach.  What you are observing here is that this is so.  By helping our fellows we are teaching them and by this we also teach our self.  ACIM also reminds us that there is no difference between giving and receiving; this is because there is, of course, only one of us, so what we are giving to our ‘fellows’ we are actually giving to our Self.  Truly, it is a ‘win-win’ situation.  Conversely, what we take from our fellows we are taking away from our Self.


In the Holy Communion July 4, 1993, you say: "This is because the way of the Cross does not permit intervention or confrontation."  Is this because intervention would make the dream real?


This is deeply incisive perception on your part, Sharon.  It is clear you have been around the block a few times and are remembering the route!  That is indeed a deeply underlying principle you have recognised. The practicalities of following this principle are set out in the rest of the message from that date and it is copied below for ease of reference.  There is no doubt but that all is well understood in the Realms of Light and those who dwell there operate within the guidelines of what works.  This makes everything much more efficient.  We, in the Earthly realm, will do well and grow spiritually much quicker by following that lead.


This is because the Way of the Cross does not permit intervention or confrontation.  Love, which is the Way of the Cross, is unconditional, and they also serve who only stand and wait.  Then, when all has been spent by the enemy forces, so shall those who serve the Cross of Light enter into the desolation and begin the work of restoration.  Fear not that this is wasteful, for the enemy brings down upon itself the structure that it has builded up and this means there is no demolition work necessary for the workers of the Lord in preparation for establishing the foundation for the Kingdom City.  It is, as you see by this, the truly perfect perfect plan, in which nothing is left to chance because it is according to the principles of eternal life.  This is Wisdom.  It is unstoppable.  It proceeds and goes forth.  Let us give thanks to Almighty God for His love and caring.

However much you may feel frustrated by the enemy having free sway, and wish to intervene, let this understanding of the principles guide your steps and bring caution into your actions for the Lord.



Thank you Pearl; thank you Brian for the comfort of the response to Pearl's question.




It is always good to hear from you Sharon.  Thank you so much for sharing your spiritual wisdom with me, so that I may extend it to visitors to the HTG Forum page.


Many blessings,




The following exchange was posted on April 26th 2007


Hi Brian. I am wondering that if we were created in the image of God, why would a piece of the Christ Mind want to break off and be separate from God, as it says in The Disappearance of The Universe? And if we are all illusion what about  all of the animals and all the planets? I thought that God created everything and our egos decided to separate.




Hi Pearl, 


Your question is a very major one that calls for a detailed response.  There appear to be several explanations of how ‘we’ came to be ‘here’ (in a ‘physical’ universe).  As I understand it, one version has it that this was all created by God, so that He could experience (as distinct from simply ‘know’) reality and He is doing this through ‘us,’ in this realm of relativity.  This account acknowledges that there has to be a dynamic polarity between the opposing forces that enables this dimension to appear real.  This means there has to be dark for there to be awareness that we are the Light; left for there to be awareness of right; bad for there to be any experience of good; poor for there to be any experience of rich, etc., etc.; that this dynamic polarity has to exist for the ‘material realm’ to hold together and that without it, it would simply disintegrate.  According to this theory, this dynamic polarity of opposite forces operates at every level, including right down to the atomic and sub-atomic level.  To me, this polarity is an indicator of separation.  Not a good start for being in the eternal Oneness!


Also according to this theory, we cannot experience the glory of Oneness with the Father in eternity if that is all there is, because there is nothing with which to compare it.  This appears to be a flawed perception to me because rapturous, ecstatic, cosmic, unending spiritual orgasm of the soul IS an experience of which we can only truly hope and desire to have awareness, whilst apparently ‘stuck’ within the relative realms of time and place. 


The whole basis of this premise is that without experiencing life-in-action/manifestation, simply ‘knowing perfection’ for all eternity is not enough.  Herein lies another immediately recognisable flaw:  How can it be perfection if not experiencing it (by the contrast of its polar-opposite) makes it ‘not enough’?  This percept, it seems to me, is the ego clinging onto its desperate attempt at survival of its individual, separate identity.  It is acceptance of this misperception that keeps us locked onto the carousel of repeated incarnations, of ‘birth and death.’  Since we are not a body, but eternal, effulgent spirit, birth into a body can only be an illusion, and since eternal radiant spirit cannot die, death is also an illusion.  So why do we keep coming here, time and again?  We shall re-visit the answer to that a little further on.


Quantum physicists, starting with Einstein (himself a mystic as well as a physicist), now know that there is no such thing as ‘physical’ and that what appears to be matter is in fact energy.  This means that the entire physical universe and everything that appears to be in it, including us, is not actually here.  It is all an illusion, or a dream.  Without what we perceive as a body, we could not experience this dimension but the body isn’t real either and although it appears to be here, it is only here in ‘time and place’ which is only an illusion.  As suggested last week, one way we can visualise that is if we shrink time (in our imagination) so that 100 years is one second, then we are gone almost as soon as we arrive; nothing more than a shadow.


Now the version of how and why the physical universe and our apparent presence here fits the eternal (and thus, only) reality more meaningfully – although it is still hard for us, who believe we and the physical universe of time and place (including the planets, galaxies and animals) are here, to grasp because we are conditioned by the perceptions of our bodily senses – acknowledges that we are, of course, not here at all but are imagining, dreaming this.  It posits that in a moment of musing, the Son of God has projected the physical universe, along with all of us, the animals and plants, into being, like a hologram.  Of course there is more to it than that but that is a start.  Here goes with the rest!


This account is according to A Course in Miracles (ACIM) – which I have no hesitation accepting is channelled by Jesus because the Jesus who made himself known to me in and since the 1960s is very clearly the same as speaks through ACIM and is therefore, to me anyway, entirely trustworthy. It says the ‘Father Creator,’ or ‘Giver of Life’ has only one Son, created in His Own image and likeness; lacking in nothing, including, of course, all the creative power of the Father Creator.  The Father and the Son are of One Mind and One Spirit, forever, eternally. 


This state of being is, for Father and for Son, perfection, rapture, exquisite ecstasy for which there is no Earthly equivalent or words to describe it. This is a state of Being without form and without need of form because it is perfect Spirit with all-knowing, all-powerful Mind. How can you or I comprehend such a state of being with our Earth-mind limitations and misperceptions?  Of course we cannot but we will come to – are coming to – comprehend because we are an inextricable part of that Oneness and are even now in the process of being restored to an awakened state awareness of that Oneness.  The separation consciousness is simply a state of unawareness, or forgetfulness.


There is nothing, and can be nothing, that is not part of and within that Oneness, that state of perfection-beyond-description.  It is all there is and all there ever can be in the only reality there is: eternity, or Heaven.  Anything that appears to not be part of that Oneness, or separate from It, – which the physical universe in which we are conscious appears to be – must, therefore, be nothing, and therefore not exist, and therefore, be an illusion.  This seems so radical to our ego-conditioned (separated) mind that we cannot and do not readily want to accept such a ‘far-out’ idea because once we do, the ego-realm and identity will disappear; the very last thing ego wants to happen.


The burning question is, then, how did this entire apparition come about? The ACIM/Disappearance of the Universe explanation, which takes a lot of re-programming in the mind department to find meaningful, is that in a moment of consideration, the Son had the thought, ‘What would it be like to be off on my own?’  That was the ‘big bang,’ the moment of apparent separation; not because the Father, the Giver of Life, got upset with the Son for having such a thought and expelled him from this Heavenly state of eternal Oneness, as mythologised in the Genesis story of ‘Adam and Eve.’  Interestingly, early in ACIM Jesus reminds us that in the Genesis story ‘Adam’ fell into a deep sleep and that nowhere in the narrative does it state that he awoke from that sleep.  The inference to be drawn from this is that all that appears to have taken place subsequently is Adam’s dream. 


This ‘idle thought’ had the massive apparent effect that we perceive because the Son was endowed with all the creative qualities and power of the Father, so such a fabrication was well within the capability of his creative mind.  To be on One’s own, away from the Father, is impossible in reality but in One’s mind, a ‘dream,’ a figment of One’s imagination, it appears to be possible and the only way to seem to be away from the Source of All Light, Truth, Reality, Being, is by imagining what is the opposite of all that the Father is.  Hence the ‘separation.’  If we imagine all that the Father is – Life, Love, Light, Eternal, Peace, Joy, Perfection, Changeless to name but a few – then the opposite is what ‘separation’ can only be: death, fear, hate, darkness, time and place, guilt, imperfection, change.


Through all these exercises of the imagination upon which we are engaged in this discussion, it is helpful to keep uppermost in the mind that none of these things is or can be possible because the Source, the Giver of Life is everywhere and forever, so it is not possible to be separate from Him, other than in an imaginary, dream, unreal sense and by imagining being away from (or the opposite of) all that He is.


Because eternity is reality and time and place therefore unreality, time and place do not actually exist other than as a momentary, imaginary event in the Mind of the Son.  It is only apparently a multi-billion ‘year’ phenomenon. Rather like us musing upon some idyll that may seem like hours in our mind’s contemplations but in effect is nothing more than a momentary event. That means that there are not billions of us, but One of us, safely in our true Home in the reality of eternity, Heaven.  We are simply separated into billions by the illusory state of unawareness of who we really are; when we remember who we really are, we will return to the Oneness, where we truly, eternally belong.


Those of us who truly seek and earnestly desire to escape from the illusion and return to the truth of eternity – this does not mean ‘die’ and spend a while in the Realms of Light, only to return here to the illusion because we have unfinished business here - will be willing to make a commitment to whatever it takes for that to happen.  Falling off our bike a few times will not cause us to give up our commitment to mastering bike riding.  Those who are not ready to make a commitment, or who start out apparently full of commitment but soon fall by the wayside, will be content to stay within the illusion and ‘take the rough with the smooth.’  That will mean continuing to experience the illusory cycles of birth and death until they eventually come to themselves and realise that returning Home to Papa – permanently - is actually where they belong. 


Staying on the carousel of birth and death may seem more comfortable than beginning what from that perspective seems like the long trek Home.  Indeed, the ‘long trek’ does seem like it is long and will not always feel comfortable, but it will never be boring and we will always have all the help that the infinite resources of Heaven can provide.  The act of asking ensures it is with us even when we are unaware of it.  The desire, commitment and co-operation is our choice and responsibility; the rest is the job of the Holy Spirit and/or Jesus in leading, guiding and protecting us on the journey Home.


As stated in earlier messages, ACIM reminds us that we think we are ‘hiding,’ here in the ‘physical’ realm we have made, from the ‘wrath’ of God because we believe we have, as stated in the parable of the prodigal son, ‘…sinned against heaven, and in thy sight, and am no more worthy to be called thy son. (Lk.15:21).  The guilt we feel is unbearable so we project it onto our fellows.  Yet none of this has actually happened, so it serves no real purpose other than ego’s.  However, the belief is so ingrained in our unconscious that the only way to eradicate it is to move through the procedure called forgiveness.  Only by moving through this process can we arrive at the place – the remembrance of who we really are, the Christ, the innocent Son of God - where we can ultimately see that forgiveness isn’t part of the eternal consciousness, Heaven, but a gateway through which we must pass to get there.


Forgiveness has been made into a convoluted process by the institutionalised church and I have struggled over the years to arrive at a simple formula to help me understand it more clearly.  Jesus tells us that unless we forgive we cannot receive forgiveness because it is by our own forgiveness that we are forgiven (Mt. 6:14-15).  I have been asking the Holy Spirit for inspiration on this and this very day a simple formula has been given me. 


It is this:  We can say to our fellows, I forgive you, that I may be forgiven; forgive me, that you may be forgiven.’


In parallel with this are Jesus’ words, ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.’ (Matt. 7:1-2). 


It is by the measure with which we forgive that we also are forgiven.  This is both a 4-step process and a circular process. 1: We forgive our fellows 2: we are forgiven 3: they forgive us 4: they are forgiven.  This completes the circle and we are released from the guilt, fear, hate, shame, all the stuff we have been harbouring in our unconscious, of which we believed we were guilty but which, because we are not really here and all this is a dream, was never really the case.  Remembering that because none of is really here and therefore have actually done none of the things for which we harbour the guilt, makes forgiveness massively easier.  So, we can effectively say, ‘I forgive you for what you have not done and therefore I am much more easily able to receive forgiveness; and vice-versa.’ 


Having moved through the forgiveness process we are released from our own self-imprisonment and can see with our single eye, or soul vision, that it was all an ego-construct to entrap us in time and place, birth and death.  Then are we able to see in our brethren the face of Christ – and they will see the face of Christ in themselves and we in our Self - because all the misperceptions caused by guilt will have evaporated away to the nothingness that they always were.  And then we will be One again!


Not a bad incentive to commence the ‘journey without distance’!








Hello again, Pearl,


I hope you had a chance to look at the answer to your question (sent yesterday) and that it is of some help.


This morning Theresa and I read lesson 132 from the Workbook of ACIM and the synchronicity was outstanding, so I felt it might help to affirm and consolidate in your understanding this line of thinking. It is copied below for your reference. Theresa and I had never read lesson 132 before, so this indicates how the Master Jesus and the Holy Spirit are working synchronously with and through our lives for the help of ‘all who will.’


Truly, what the Master is bringing to ‘all who will’ receive it and allow it to become their truth, their reality (one step at a time, because it is a lot to take on board), is radical in its contrast to the world we think we are seeing with our Earthly eyes.  It calls for a willingness to suspend almost all we have understood with our Earth-mind perceptions, no doubt over multiple incarnations. 


Our parents were conditioned by their parents into believing that what we see is the unarguable truth and in turn this is passed down to us, the next generation, who then, in our spiritual blindness, condition our offspring similarly.  Imagine how different a realm we would be creating if what the Master is bringing to us was what the children today were taught.  But this is coming and we – you and I and all who are willing to open our inward eye to this eternal truth - are in the vanguard of it, right now, so that we may all return Home to Papa during this, the third measure of meal.


Many blessings,





I loose the world from all I thought it was.

What keeps the world in chains but your beliefs? And what can save the world except your Self? Belief is powerful indeed. The thoughts you hold are mighty, and illusions are as strong in their effects as is the truth. A madman thinks the world he sees is real, and does not doubt it. Nor can he be swayed by questioning his thoughts’ effects. It is but when their source is raised to question that the hope of freedom comes to him at last.

Yet is salvation easily achieved, for anyone is free to change his mind, and all his thoughts change with it. Now the source of thought has shifted, for to change your mind means you have changed the source of all ideas you think or ever thought or yet will think. You free the past from what you thought before. You free the future from all ancient thoughts of seeking what you do not want to find.

The present now remains the only time. Here in the present is the world set free. For as you let the past be lifted and release the future from your ancient fears, you find escape and give it to the world. You have enslaved the world with all your fears, your doubts and miseries, your pain and tears, and all your sorrows press on it, and keep the world a prisoner to your beliefs. Death strikes it everywhere because you hold the bitter thoughts of death within your mind.

The world is nothing in itself. Your mind must give it meaning. And what you behold upon it are your wishes, acted out so you can look on them and think them real. Perhaps you think you did not make the world, but came unwillingly to what was made already, hardly waiting for your thoughts to give it meaning. Yet in truth you found exactly what you looked for when you came.

There is no world apart from what you wish, and herein lies your ultimate release. Change but your mind on what you want to see, and all the world must change accordingly. Ideas leave not their source. This central theme is often stated in the text (the first section of ACIM), and must be borne in mind if you would understand the lesson for today. It is not pride which tells you that you made the world you see, and that it changes as you change your mind.

But it is pride that argues you have come into a world quite separate from yourself, impervious to what you think, and quite apart from what you chance to think it is. There is no world! This is the central thought the course attempts to teach. Not everyone is ready to accept it, and each one must go as far as he can let himself be led along the road to truth. He will return and go still farther, or perhaps step back a while and then return again.

But healing is the gift of those who are prepared to learn there is no world, and can accept the lesson now. Their readiness will bring the lesson to them in some form which they can understand and recognize. Some see it suddenly on point of death, and rise to teach it (that is, after having a near death experience). Others find it in experience that is not of this world, which shows them that the world does not exist because what they behold must be the truth, and yet it clearly contradicts the world.

And some will find it in this course, and in the exercises that we do today. Today’s idea is true because the world does not exist. And if it is indeed your own imagining, then you can loose it from all things you ever thought it was by merely changing all the thoughts that gave it these appearances. The sick are healed as you let go all thoughts of sickness, and the dead arise when you let thoughts of life replace all thoughts you ever held of death.

A lesson earlier repeated once must now be stressed again, for it contains the firm foundation for today’s idea. You are as God created you. There is no place where you can suffer, and no time that can bring change to your eternal state. How can a world of time and place exist, if you remain as God created you?

What is the lesson for today except another way of saying that to know your Self is the salvation of the world? To free the world from every kind of pain is but to change your mind about yourself. There is no world apart from your ideas because ideas leave not their source, and you maintain the world within your mind in thought.

Yet if you are as God created you, you cannot think apart from Him, nor make what does not share His timelessness and Love. Are these inherent in the world you see? Does it create like Him? Unless it does, it is not real, and cannot be at all. If you are real the world you see is false, for God’s creation is unlike the world in every way. And as it was His Thought by which you were created, so it is your thoughts which made it and must set it free, that you may know the Thoughts you share with God.

Release the world! Your real creations wait for this release to give you fatherhood, not of illusions, but as God in truth. God shares His Fatherhood with you who are His Son, for He makes no distinctions in what is Himself and what is still Himself. What He creates is not apart from Him, and nowhere does the Father end, the Son begin as something separate from Him.

There is no world because it is a thought apart from God, and made to separate the Father and the Son, and break away a part of God Himself and thus destroy His Wholeness. Can a world which comes from this idea be real? Can it be anywhere? Deny illusions, but accept the truth. Deny you are a shadow briefly laid upon a dying world. Release your mind, and you will look upon a world released.

Today our purpose is to free the world from all the idle thoughts we ever held about it, and about all living things we see upon it. They can not be there. No more can we. For we are in the home our Father set for us, along with them. And we who are as He created us would loose the world this day from every one of our illusions, that we may be free.

Begin the fifteen minute periods in which we practice twice today with this:

I who remain as God created me would loose the world from all I thought it was. For I am real because the world is not, and I would know my own reality.

Then merely rest, alert but with no strain, and let your mind in quietness be changed so that the world is freed, along with you.

You need not realize that healing comes to many brothers far across the world, as well as to the ones you see nearby, as you send out these thoughts to bless the world. But you will sense your own release, although you may not fully understand as yet that you could never be released alone.

Throughout the day, increase the freedom sent through your ideas to all the world, and say whenever you are tempted to deny the power of your simple change of mind:

I loose the world from all I thought it was, and choose my own reality instead.




Hi Brian. I have read both of your emails, thank you. I was surprised that you put my questions as your news letter, It seemed like a sensible idea so I went with it;-)  Rigidity of format did not seem to serve any purpose, so I dispensed with it. I hope you don't mind. a friend of mine also has the same sort of questions as when I last saw her she was asking about this subject, as she is reading The disappearance of the Universe. I have emailed the news letter to her. She is reading three books at once!!! She is welcome to ask me any questions if she wishes, but it may help if she reads SYFK first, because that does clarify many esoteric matters.


It is true that some people back off when they start this kind of thing, because as Gary Renard and some other people say the ego starts acting up and we think of all kinds of crazy thoughts.


Ego is so subtle, so much like a part of our self that it is very, very difficult for those with no prior awareness or understanding of these matters even to know that this entity called ego is inhabiting part of our mind and has turned it upside down.  This, of course, means that such people will deny it, even though its characteristics (anger, jealousy, fear, attack, hatred, doubt etc.) form part of what they and others observe as part of who they are – or, appear to be.  If we do not know it is there, how are we to work toward its elimination?  This is why ACIM is such a massive help in moving into freedom and remembrance of who we really are: all the opposites of ego.


Plus a lot of emotion comes out.  Not only does ego direct all the negative energy toward others, it directs it at its host, or more accurately, its hostage.  In ACIM Jesus asks us if we wish to play Host to God or to remain hostage to ego. Anger, tears etc. And worse.  Physical assault, stabbings, theft, rapes, murders – many of which are unprovoked – are part of today’s so-called civilised society.  And our so-called leaders have no understanding of the real cause, so have no meaningful answers.  Yet. All these matters are entirely known to Papa, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the answers, outworking and resolution – Salvation (not the church’s variety) – are available to us.  It is simpler than the ego-dominated world can, or wishes to, grasp because that means its undoing.  The answer is in one word: Forgiveness.  This is the true, not the false forgiveness as described in the April 11th Message of Encouragement.  It transforms attitudes and relationships, and sets us free from ego’s insane grasp.  And it works immediately


For example, a person may appear to have done something to cause us to hold a grievance against them.  That can eat away at our peace of mind, causing fear, tension, upset, anger toward them, and eventually affects our bodily and mental health.  By saying to that person (they don’t have to hear it with their Earthly ears, for the Holy Spirit will convey it to them and hold it for them until they are ready/able to receive it), ‘I forgive you for what in reality you have not even done, so that I may receive forgiveness; forgive me for what I in reality have not even done, so that you may receive forgiveness,’ all the negative dynamic energy that existed between you will disappear and you will find that you feel differently toward that person.


I am starting to realize that if someone does not treat me very well that they are doing it to themselves and they do not realize what they are doing. Precisely so.  It helps in a situation like this, if opportunity arises, to ask, without it appearing to be an attack, (or at least realise it for yourself) ‘Have you ever realised that by dishonouring another, we dishonour our self?’


And all that really matters is love. Precisement, mon ami! When people reject you they are rejecting themselves. Absolutely correct.  That’s ego-mind for you.  Insane.  Thank you again for the surprise newsletter. I will probably have questions sometime. Any time, Pearl; keep ‘em coming whenever they arise.  They provide a learning, growing opportunity for us all.  Namaste to you and Theresa.  Love, peace, joy and fulfilment be with you,



The following exchange was posted on April 18th 2007


Hello, Brian:  Hi Owen,  Good to hear from you 


That was most interesting, in your vignette 10 from Part 2 of SYFK, about Steve seeing "the street packed with souls from Edwardian, Victorian, Tudor and all ages, each going about his business, completely oblivious to the presence of the people from all the other times, walking right through each other.  He could see the present day events, with electric street lights, Tarmac road; cobble-stone paving and gas lamps; unpaved, unlit street, all superimposed upon each other." 


Yes, this was a very interesting demo of the reality of eternity, even working in its own, stepped-down way with Earthbound spirits.  We have seen stone-age settlers walking in the woods atop the Cotswold escarpment, where we walk Susie.  We have also seen vast numbers of wood nymphs, fairies, elves and whatever other forms of nature spirits there are dwelling 'in the midst' amongst us.  When we say hello to them and send our greetings, love and blessings, they respond with great outpouring of reciprocal greetings.  Then, of course, there is the tree-consciousness, with which we also have loving exchanges and conversations.  Humanity is so blinkered and enchained by its own narrow perspectives and of course, almost all of that comes from you know what: the fear-based, institutionalised religions.

That means that each of the earthbound spirits are creating astral scenery that suits them, from their own historical period. They probably don't even see the other earthbounds, assuredly not and certainly not the cars and bright streetlights. They just want to be on the street they knew and see it the way they knew it. Fascinating, isn't it? Owen, you realise that everything you have said in this paragraph actually applies exactly to us - the 'present-time' Earth-sojourners - also.  What is that telling us other than that we are 'Earthbound spirits' also?  There is no difference between all these 'historical' beings and us, and this further demonstrates the point that there is only one reality: eternity.  Everything else, including our presence here, in time and place, is an illusion.  Truly it is 'time' to awaken to the fact that we are actually, really, truly, eternally and unalterably at Home, with Papa - right NOW - and all this that we appear to be experiencing here is just as much a dream, an illusion, for we who believe we are alive, incarnate on Earth 'now' as all those who equally believe themselves to be here but in other 'times.'


I wondered what you thought about my health freedom rant.* I was interested, and a little surprised, that you had made this statement of protestation (not quite an outburst!).  But of course, what you have brought to the attention of your readers is a timely and important warning about the lies, greed and treachery of ego-minded big business and its insidious takeover of unprincipled, corrupt government(s)


The alternative-therapy example you cite is simply one area of  well-intentioned human endeavour that ego is determined to overthrow.  Of course, ego also wants to stir up those in favour of alternative therapies to go into battle with the move to outlaw such health-benefiting modalities, rather than using Kingdomly principles of love, blessing and irradiating parliament and the hidden-agenda would-be freedom-destroyers with positive spirit energies.  This is because ego is about separation, division, schism, destruction, degradation. 


This is where the likes of you and I, and all who earnestly desire the manifesting of the Kingdom of Heaven, here in this realm of consciousness, can be a force for its promulgation.  The way this can happen is not to allow ourselves to get sucked into the clamour and turmoil but to shine radiant beacons of light, exposing, bringing to the awareness of our fellows the truth about what is happening, so that people-power can prevail; not by joining the fray (and thus giving cause once more for ego to rejoice), but by people telling their political representatives in peaceful but unequivocal terms - in writing, by letter or e-mail - that they do not want this, yet another freedom of choice, to be taken away.  I think what you said did all of those positive-energy things and this does not surprise me at all because you are awake to spiritual, eternal reality.


It was quite a different style of writing for me, one which was designed to get some action out of people. There we have it.  May it be positive action, not negative, turmoil-increasing action. I had intended to filter it down to USA email addresses only, but I forgot and, when the emailout started, I just let it roll out to everyone. That is no bad thing.  I was slightly surprised to see the degree of negation of harmless/beneficial therapies that is afoot in the USA; yet, after the powers the US government has wrested from the people since 9/11 and placed upon itself, this is but one more step down the slippery slope to totalitarianism. 


In Europe they have been more subtle about alternative therapies.  They have not actually banned them (yet!) but have made it illegal to make any claims about them.  When one compares that with the ludicrous claims made by the cosmetic companies for their products, it shows how uneven is the playing field.


I suspect that I'm better at talking about love, hope and light than at putting a stop to political shenanigans. I see no reason why the two cannot be symbiotic and complementary, so long as one is conducted according to the principles of the other.  However, Dreama and I plan to be very active in providing alternative healing one day, Well, I sincerely hope you are not going to leave me dangling on this little bombshell!!  Any clues? so this issue landed on our personal doorstep.


Keep up the good work!  Thank you; I plan to! And the very same to you.


All the best,  Cheers!


Owen            Brian


*Owen is the administrator of the InfiniteBeing website and recently sent out a newsletter warning of USA government plans to make complementary therapy treatments, such as osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal and vitamin supplements etc, illegal, to 'protect' the citizenry from such beneficial options, thus further eroding freedom of choice from the people.


The following exchange was posted on April 12th 2007


Dear Brian, (and Theresa)  Dearest B,


            You are always so close in my thoughts. As are you in ours.  I find that communication, or rather, the lack of it, at the physical level, such as by phone or e-mail – all of which are great – does not actually detract one iota from what is happening within and between the minds and souls of those of us who are in a naturally, spontaneously loving and resonant  friendly relationship, founded in the heights of Heaven.  This, I conclude, is because such relationships are of eternity; outside and untouchable by time.  So if weeks, months or even years elapse between contacts at the ‘body’ or physical level, the relationship is still as vibrant and dynamic as it was before the time elapsed.  Nevertheless, it is always a joy and uplift to my heart when I see there is a message from you in my In-box because of the radiance that emanates from your writing. There is a depth, a sincerity, a fullness of meaning and purpose in your writing that, sadly, is sparse on the ground with today’s dumbed-down, shallow culture and the so-called education system that it has created. 


    However, I remind myself, every time I start allowing focus on the chaos time of which we are now in the midst, to rejoice, for this is a certain sign that the Kingdom is at hand, even at the doors.  Of course, the Kingdom is within but as its power builds up in the within of the vanguard few, the moment arrives when it can be contained no longer and bursts forth into the without with all the power of a laser; powerful enough to penetrate the darkest hell.  Alleluia!   


    Each week I marvel at the sparkle and clarity of your messages which introduce the diary entries and each week their profundity escalates exponentially!!  B, thank you so very much for these words of encouragement and appreciation.  I value them very greatly.  I assure you that what you find is thanks to the closeness, enlightenment and inspiration of the Holy Spirit (or the Spirit of Truth; see Message of Encouragement dated Dec. 13th 2006 for more on this).  The whole idea of these weekly ‘Messages of Encouragement’ was not really mine. They simply started happening without me planning any such thing.  It didn’t take many weeks to realise that it was the Holy Spirit behind it, so I said, ‘That’s just fine by me!’ and went with the flow (of inspiration).


    For weeks, I wondered what to call them and eventually it came in a flash that the Master – in fact everyone in and everything about the Realms of Light – brings uplift and encouragement; a commodity of which this world is in short supply and great need.  So that clinched it and I decided that whatever the weekly theme might end up being each time, I would be on the lookout to ensure that, one way or another, it would be a message of encouragement. The things that come through the keyboard amaze and astonish me, still.  That is the magnificence of the Kingdom of Heaven (or Eternity, or The Realms of Light), to us in this illusory realm; Its outpourings are always so refreshing, uplifting, inspiring and so very often, surprising.  Even when I have a thought, perhaps a few days ahead, of a theme, the way the message unfolds surprises me.  For example, this week I had not a single thought about Einstein, but as soon as I put my hands to the keyboard, that is what emerged and led from there into the theme.  Who would have thought that Albert Einstein and True Forgiveness would come up in the same context!?


       I have been growing by leaps and bounds For never a moment did I doubt that this would be so and feel that you are totally aware of that Yes, I have been and am aware of it, at the inner, soul level of knowing.  You are a soul full of one-pointed commitment, so it is inevitable that you will be going forward at various levels and in various ways at every moment even though I have not chosen to write for some time.  One of the diary entries explains my experience perfectly:


Forward progress is not of self-will but of letting go.  Have no concern when all is not perfect in the Earth conditions: this is because details are not yet brought into line with the Lord's programme. 


The past few years have been full of this “letting go” theme for me and learning great lessons about self-will.  'Letting go' is a place that ego definitely does not want any of us to go, because it spells the beginning of the end for it.  Being in the clutches of ego is like being possessed by an Earthbound spirit.  They hang in there to the bitter end and do not want to let go at any price. Letting go is the antithesis of ego’s script for us, and we have become so conditioned into the perception that we have to strive and struggle and ‘do what it takes’ to achieve our Earthly goals by dint of our own effort, the ‘sweat of our brow,’ that re-educating our mind to the Kingdom reality, which is that everything is already ours, because Papa gave it to us when He created us and He has never taken it away from us; we threw it away when we decided to leave Eternity and make Time and Place our ‘home.’  T&P is where the struggle and striving and sweat of our brow sets in as the misperception of who we are and what is our true Home and inheritance. 


    Since all our true, eternal inheritance is within us (already and always has been), we don’t have to wait until we ‘die’ (another misperception!) before it is ours.  All we have to do is desire it and be willing to receive it from Papa as the free gift that it always was.  However pie in the sky ego-mind may wish us to perceive such thinking, Jesus is our living proof that it is so.  The fact that he chose not to accoutre himself with ‘worldly wealth and possessions’ – because he had other, much more important issues to do with life eternal on his mind – does not mean that he did not know of a certainty beyond all doubt that whatever he asked from Papa was already his.  That is the difference between where he was/is and most of the rest of us. 


    But as we gradually awaken and begin to experience this reality, so does Papa, the Good Husbandman, grow our faith by such experiences.  And, if we are committed to growing, awakening back to remembrance of who we really are, namely, the Eternally Living Christ, along with Jesus and all our brethren in the Oneness of the Sonship of Papa, then He will continue to shine the Light of Eternal Truth upon us and grow us until all the shadows of this illusory, time and place world will have fled away.  How enticing, inspiring and encouraging is that!!??  


    Perhaps one of the most difficult messages for me to hear came from the place I call my “communion” heart, I love it when I knew it was time to let go of my relationship with K as part of a forward progress for both of us. Truly, this was a wrestling match between your Big Self and ego and thanks be, You won, were grown and have been strengthened by the experience.  Such experiences of success are great encouragement for the next opportunity that we call into our presence and each time our faith to continue whittles away at the hold ego has on us until eventually, with all the help we care to ask for, ego has no part in us and we are free, awake, whole at last. At the time, I had no idea of just how that would deliver him to Papa, because he made that choice after I followed my directives.  I honour you for this, a great leap of faith.  How affirming it is when that brings Kingdomly results.  And truly, it was a release and a focusing exercise for K that has paid off big-time – for you both.  What a transformation in him!


    Although I can’t match his daily communion schedule, I remain committed and blessed, not only in communion, but as I live each day. I have been in a situation since losing several jobs in November that I don’t have regular employment. Another opportunity for you to allow Papa to grow your FTOC! Each week, I simply am guided to trust and watch, and though I experience many life solutions in just the “nick of time,” I marvel at the grace and creativity present always. The Master told me years ago that he cannot open new doors for us until we are willing to allow him to close the door that has been open for us and has now become unserviceable to our forward progress; that this is cosmic law, a PLF.  That is where FTOC comes in and truly serves us and our ultimate objective of getting back Home to Papa in Eternity.   What you describe sounds like it must be Papa/Jesus/Holy Spirit at work!   


    I have also just passed the exam for a real estate license. In a very funny synchronistic event, within an hour of signing on with a brokerage, a request for a very good musical job came to my mentor, (another singing real estate agent), concerning a gig she didn’t have interest in. Long story short, I took the phone out of her hand, got the job, the client was thrilled and I am now in a position to be able to fill in for musical events at a very lovely high-end restaurant I had been endeavoring to court unsuccessfully for three years!!!!  Wonderful; I am so pleased for you; not just what happened but your FTOC enabling it. It sounds to me as if your deciding to move on and make a change of endeavour was you allowing the Master to close (some) door(s) for you; perhaps you had been striving for this job at the high-end restaurant too much (ego) and this was a way of getting you to let go and let it happen.  By leaving them to Him, He will bring them into line, when the "timing” is right.  Timing is, clearly, integral to the synchronising process.


    More than this, although there are many challenges, I have found a much deeper clarity to live from that is progressively more soul infused.  This is an absolute indicator that you are truly, well on the Way.  Though K and I are not still a “couple” in this earthly sense, we are absolutely fabulous soul companions, and it seems to me that this is the greatest blessing we could have found. It is only in hindsight that we have both been able to see how we were each neglecting our true path and hiding from a truer mission in clinging to each other.  Something inside – your higher Self – was speaking to you, saying the log-jam had to be broken, and even though you had no idea what would happen at the Earth-mind conscious level, it is evident that at the higher conscious level, you and K knew what was necessary and that it would get things moving along again, on a higher wavelength that was going to become soul-fulfilling for you both in ways that you could not have experienced or comprehended until you took that leap of faith.  Faith shall be replaced by sight. We are finding a new way now, which requires we each walk our own path to empowerment in the world in order to bring all that we can to assist in creating Heaven on Earth.  You don’t need me to tell you how wonderful that is but I cannot resist telling you anyway!


    My sweet parents, E, 82 and B, 78 are arriving on Sunday to spend two weeks with me and I am very aware of the preciousness of the gift of this Earth time with them.  You are obviously very close to them.  It is priceless to have such a close familial relationship.  Do they share your spiritual life awarenesses and commitment?  


    My parents are both in spirit now and I am aware of their loving closeness more or less daily.  Yesterday we had to have our 17-year old cat put to sleep.  I asked Ma to look after him and from first light yesterday she was very close.  As I drove away from the vet's afterwards, Ma spoke, ‘We have him, safe and sound.’  I saw him awakening in his soul body, free from aches and pains.  I got the impression of him saying, ‘Hey, this isn’t so bad; I could get used to this - again!’  Then, back at the house an hour or so later, suddenly he was rubbing round my legs, purring, tail up, looking like a youngster again and thanking us for our love and care over the years (he was a horrifically abused rescue cat and it took him years to know he could trust that we wouldn’t hurt him).  Then, late last night, Theresa saw Ma with Oscar (the cat) snuggled in her arms, happy as Larry.  My dad is never far away and we have a few signals that let me know when he is here, and we just chat away as we did when they were here in the flesh.  The only thing I miss is the hugs we had.  I haven’t yet learned how to do that with someone in spirit!  Of course it is all really at the soul level that we experience these things, even here in our body, so I guess it will come with continuing one-pointed commitment and focus.


    It feels so wonderful to write you and share just some of my growing, and yet I am so aware of how close you are.  It is wonderful for me too, dear B; I am so overjoyed at your progress and commitment and to hear your news.  Spiritual sharing is a joy beyond all the pleasures of Earth. Today I saw the image of Papa’s hands just threaded through your being reaching out to touch my life always.  What can I say? This is beyond words, B but it is a fulfillment of so much of my heart’s desire to share the reality, the joy, the blessing, the riches, the greater dimensionality and fulfillment that the Kingdom opens for us when we open to its unreserved and unlimited gifts. And in turn I have learned to let them run through my life to touch others.  I know of a certainty that what you say is true because it is simply, you, through and through.

Much love and blessings,  Thank you; reciprocated, fully, and with soul-hugs,


B                         Brian


The following exchange was posted on April 5th 2007


Again thank you for your one-pointed commitment. It is joy to me that you are benefiting from what it has brought to me.  We all have one-pointed commitment to something.  For some it might be their favourite sport; for some, making money; for some, the opposite sex; for some, global domination; for some, charitable works.  For me, as soon as I heard from Olga that direct contact with the real, living Jesus was available to all who truly desire it, and that his great, one-pointed commitment was for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, that became my one-pointed commitment.  It was, in the awful parlance of today, ‘a no-brainer’!  I believe everything you write has exponential transformational power, This is music, Rosa, not just that it is so, but that you believe it and, I understand that my "moving forward" is positively impacted by the attunement celebrations of the Holy Communion rituals....even if they were done years ago! The great thing about the attunement mechanism called the Mystical Communion with Christ, is that it is a tool for taking us into contact with the eternal consciousness, the Realms of Light and Peace and Joy and Love, so the date at the top of any of the Diary entries is of no significance to the content of the communication.  Jesus tells us in ACIM that ego-mind will resist this process strenuously and with great guile, cunning and any ploy available to it.  Ego-mind is exactly as institutionalised religion has mythologised satan. In present time, I look forward to your weekly commentaries that precede the Holy Communion journals.   As always, they speak directly to me to help me clarify or understand the precise issue or point that I am dealing with at the time.  This sounds like our old and trusted friend, ‘Synchronicity’ is at work!

Today I have a question about the actual journal writings.   Specifically, this section: 


...And all who will -- all who desire goodwill and peace and are ready to abandon the path of experience at the psychic group consciousness level and that which is pleasant and to be desired (Gen. 3:6) in the here and now, and in its stead favour that which is in harmony with the principles of the eternal consciousness -- will be also one with the Kingdom of God. 


As I wrote in the January 21st Message of encouragement (it might be helpful for you to review that message), the word ‘psyche’ is Greek for ‘soul.’  After that message was sent, my friend Susan, from Vancouver, wrote and reminded me that it also means ‘butterfly’ and within the context that a spiritually-undisciplined psyche flutters about ‘every which way,’ it is an interesting illustration of the nature of Earth-mind (ego), spiritually (self) undisciplined humanity. 


Psychic group consciousness is best described by use of analogies and examples.  In its extreme forms it allows whole nations to succumb to murderous insanity, in the form of Nazism;  the cultural revolution of Chairman Mao; the Kmer Rouge under Pol Pot in Cambodia.  Excessive nationalism and hubris can readily lead to disaster within the group psychic consciousness. 


Less extreme but still ugly examples are spectator/supporter hooliganism at sporting events, schoolboy (and girl) bullying. It is a phenomenon where people will resort to doing things when in a group that they would never do if on their own; a type of mass hysteria or hypnosis, where a group consciousness asserts itself over the mind of individuals within the group.


At the less glaringly obvious level it is the whole, gradual manoeuvring of cultures and religious sects into unKingdomly beliefs, attitudes, actions.  This is happening now in most countries and cultures and 9/11 triggered a sudden and rapid upsurge of this, particularly in the USA and the UK and in Muslim cultures.


Conspiracy theorists are susceptible to this condition of group psychic consciousness; when people readily abdicate their own, inner, God-Self-empowerment to radical governments who engender fear of terrorism (or any other ism), that is group psychic consciousness. It encompasses such banal things as succumbing to the blandishments of advertising products that have no real value, benefit or use; the latest craze, fashion or social trend and which are as often as not, actually bad for ones well-being, such as tobacco, liquor, junk food.  The promoters of all such, from Nazism to junk food persuade the spiritually undisciplined, gullible, easily-swayed souls that what they are offering is ‘pleasant and to be desired’ (Eve being tempted to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil), even though the long-term consequences are entirely the opposite (obesity, cancer, genocide, addiction, radicalism etc). 


We are all subject to this to one degree or another, because whichever country we have incarnated into we are conditioned by its cultural qualities (good, bad or indifferent).  Clamour is a sign of its presence.  Inward stillness, peace and Kingdom-centredness is a sign of its absence.  The latter favours ‘that which is in harmony with the principles of the eternal consciousness.’   For now are all the children of Earth sons of God but it does not yet appear what they shall be.  Therefore they are destined to inherit their birthright.  But such an endowment cannot be given to he who has not yet come of age, he who is not yet willing to receive it.

Fear not my son; you begin to experience the power and the place, the level, from which it comes.  Do not have wrath in your heart for he whose eyes are still shut, whose heart is not yet open to the joy and glory of his inheritance; rather, let compassion and love and tenderness be the place from which you view such little ones.  Thus shall you be above the maelstrom of their psychic energies that would draw into itself all who venture near.  Clamour and (psychic) maelstrom tend to draw into themselves the unspiritually disciplined, flitting and fluttering souls, and as we all know, clamour and maelstroms can be dangerous phenomena, mostly starting out as seemingly harmless (pleasant and to be desired). To be above such is to be spiritually centred, focussed on the truth and reality of eternity.  Can you envision Jesus joining in a riot, or joining a movement that had unKingdomly ambitions? All is well and shall continue to be.  We go forward unto the Marriage Banquet.


Brian, could you comment on this psychic stuff, especially psychic group level consciousness.   What exactly does this mean? I hope the above will have provided you with some deeper insights into the differences between Heaven (eternity) and Earth (time and place).  Please keep in mind that Heaven is a state of being, of spiritual awakening and awareness and is entirely possible in time and place surroundings; that is to say, during our time with a body, here on Earth; we do not have to wait until we are 'dead.' 


I am facing some difficulties...lack of money.    Would you say my desire to not have this issue facing me, means that I am caught up in psychic energies of the here and now? I feel prompted to say that this is not a case of absolutes but of degrees.  I believe desiring not to have a lack of money is an entirely reasonable state of mind.  It is when that is tempered either by focus on other, uplifting considerations (such as one’s place in eternity, relationship with our Creator, healthy concern for environmental well-being, peace and justice for our fellows etc) that it is in a reasonable state of mental and spiritual balance. 


I have found that the more focussed one becomes on the Kingdom of Heaven (not in some pie in the sky, fantasy-driven way), the less shortage of money causes concern, because as Jesus reminds us, Papa loves and cares for us and provides for our needs moment by moment.  This is why He told the Israelites to gather only enough manna for the day, and not to concern themselves for the morrow.  Jesus taught similarly.  Copied here are his words from Mt. 6: 25-34.  I have copied them all because they are so beautiful poetic, inspiring, helpful, faith- and trust-invoking, but the bits I have underlined are central in terms of comfort for people in your impecunious situation.


Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?

Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?

Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?

And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:

And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?

Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?

(For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.


The last bit of underlining is and has been for me, since the 1960s, the most powerful focusing teaching of the Master.


 Thank you for your response and your unflagging efforts to bring light into the world.     Rosa
Rosa, dear soul, the thanks are to you because, as ever, you are bringing an opportunity to share some more of the realities of eternity, of which the children of Earth are so profoundly unaware.  This is my calling and my heart’s desire, as the Master said to Olga: …‘to minister unceasingly to the sick and fainting spirits of men.’  The message from which these words are extracted is so beautiful, uplifting and inspiring that I am pasting it here, to close off.  Love and many blessings,




“In the midst of the Earth ariseth my city

       after the fashion of the Heavenly,

Wherein the multitude of them that love me and keep my words

Minister unceasingly to the sick and fainting spirits of men.

The call goeth out continually, Come, O come ye to the waters

Everyone that thirsteth.  Buy milk and wine without money and without price,

And nourish your souls, and rejoice in health and joy;

For it is my Father’s good pleasure to bestow upon you

       the freedom of the city.

Here is freedom from sickness: whosoever will, let him be free.

Here are riches of wisdom and power: whosoever will, let him be rich.

Here is knowledge: whosoever will, let him know the secrets of God

       and the power and perfection of His laws.

Here is fulfilment: whosoever will, let him enlarge his capacity

       and his influence.

Here is Peace: whosoever will, let him meditate therein.


Grace be with you.” 


The following exchanges were posted on April 4th 2007




I have been reading and enjoying your channeling of Jesus.  In writing my new book (The Original Teachings of Jesus), I was also channeling Jesus.  Would you take a look at my site?  I would appreciate it. 




Michael Buckner, M. Div., Ph. D.



Dear Mike,


I am deeply impressed by the words in the intro on your website:  God is called “The One.”  Heaven is called the “World of Light.”  Hell is never mentioned.


           The original teachings of Jesus are deeply spiritual, but they are not religious.  Salvation is offered, but it is accomplished by spiritual enlightenment and has nothing to do with sin. 


This resonates totally with my own awareness and understanding. 


I hope your book gives some background on your channelling of Jesus!  I must say, in 40 years I have never thought of my experiences as 'channelling' but times change and new terminology comes into usage.  I have been described as a teacher and definitely do not think of myself as that; a 'sharer' definitely (given half a chance!).


Many blessings,


Brian Longhurst





Thanks for your note.  I actually did not mention the channeling in the book.  It was, however, an interesting experience.  I literally was having words put in my mouth and having subtleties explained as I was writing.  Shortly after I finished the book, I attended a week long workshop with Dr. Brian Weiss, who is the foremost expert on past life regression.  During one of the exercises, I found myself as a teen who followed Jesus and listened to him on the fringe of the crowd.  It was dusk and Jesus came to me.  He said that his teachings would be changed and asked that one day, many life times in the future he wanted me to write down what he really had to say. 


I also have a friend who has been through many life times with me, who was my cousin in the time of Jesus.  My cousin often joined me to hear him, but was not present that day.  We both remember hearing of the crucifixion.





Hi Mike,


Many thanks for your message.  I am agog about what you say.  I believe you will find Gary Renard's writing interesting, as they strongly support and help readers to understand A Course in Miracles.  One crucially important point about Gary's writing is that it does not get sidetracked.  Ego-mind wants nothing more than to sidetrack people away from matters of eternity (and 'he' ain't half doing a job!) but Gary remains one-pointedly focussed on the objectives of the writing, which is forgiveness as the way to escape the ego's clutches and re-awaken to the reality of who we are (God's eternal, glorious, radiant Offspring) and that our true and only Home is Heaven.


Truly Jesus' teachings have been changed, and untold millions enslaved by false church doctrines for countless generations.  But now is the time of the fulfilment of Joel's prophecy.  One might have thought murderer's of prophets (Jesus, Martin Luther King and innumerable others) would realise that the truth is unstoppable and now is the time when it will come out.  As the Master Jesus said to Olga Park in the 1940s: 


Do not fear to tread the path I have marked out for you.  Do you think it was only to men of old that I have shown myself? Have I not said that if any man open to me I will come in and sup with him, and he with me? 


For I seek such and knock upon the doors of their hearts that they may open and receive me and know of a surety that I live.  Blessed is he that hears my knocking; thrice blessed is he that opens to me.


I am the guide of many.  Let no man confuse you saying, “He is high and lifted up and cannot manifest to the children of men.”  For though I speak through the mouth of an angel, and though I write through the hand of a messenger, it is I; for I also am of your brethren of Earth, and it is the will of the Father that all shall know me from the least unto the greatest.


Come unto me, all you Little Ones, and you that labour, and I will refresh you with the joy of Heaven which I had with the Father before the time in which I dwelt with men.


Do not be discouraged that the revelation is imperfect in the beginning.  Great things shall you do if your faith in me holds fast.  These things have I spoken that you may know of a surety that I am the Messenger of the Holy One of Israel.


Peace be with you!


(The emboldening is mine).


What you say about having words put into your mouth is much as my own experience.  I am greatly aware of the Master or the Holy Spirit inspiring and enlightening my thoughts - and indeed, putting completely new thoughts in my mind, often when at the keyboard, so I find myself having written things that I did not know until I check through what has been written. 


There are also others from the Heaven Realms, 'wordsmiths,' espoused to the Master and his great rescue programme, who bring words of inspiration from the Realms of Light:  Francis Bacon, William Tyndale (a native of Gloucester - 500 years ago - where we live) and C.S. Lewis, or 'Charles,' as we affectionately know him.  He was Theresa's favourite Uncle George in our 1600s incarnation together, and is closer to Theresa for inspirational writing than he is to me.  Nevertheless, we are one extended, happy family in eternity; some here with us and some there, helping, guiding and protecting us here.  How's that for a good, Heaven-sent system!? 


Of course, this is true for us all but the church has ruthlessly suppressed contact with or awareness of such for centuries and those who are still affected by the yoke of the church and feel themselves to be under the influence of its oppressive power and its narrow, exclusivist, literalist doctrines are fearful that any and all such contact with the Spirit world is opening us to ensnarement by the 'devil.'  


Well, Olga, in her wisdom (thank goodness), carefully and thoroughly counselled Theresa and me in the 1960s that we should always 'test the spirits,' that they come in the name and by the authority of the Master Jesus.  This is the soundest advice I can pass along to anyone else because spirit is not all the Realms of Light and getting entangled (possessed) by a lost soul from the lower astral realms is no picnic, especially for those who have no idea what is happening.  There are millions of hapless souls walking the Earth today oblivious that this is happening to them and if they could be released from this grip their wretched lives would have a chance to really turn around.  Those who follow Olga's advice, (also, of course from 1Jn. 4:1) will be protected to the degree that they are sincere in their commitment to following such advice.


Peace, joy and love bless you for fulfilment of your work for the Kingdom,




The following exchanges were posted on March 28th 2007


Hi Brian, what are the principle's of the life of the father?





Hi Sharon,
The Principles of Life of the Father are the Natural, Cosmic Laws by which Creation functions.  They are nothing to do with the laws of physics or chemistry but of Life and Truth.  One such example is what Jesus stated to the people of Palestine 2000 years ago, which is:  
If you forgive your fellows for their wrongdoing against you, then you will be forgiven for your wrongdoing against your fellows.  Conversely, if you are unable/unwilling to forgive wrongdoing against you, this will prevent forgiveness of your wrongdoing against your fellows. (See Matthew, chapter 6).
This is not because God is withholding forgiveness from us but because our unforgiveness is preventing us from receiving forgiveness.  If we are full up with unforgiveness, then there is no room within us to receive the forgiveness that awaits us.  We have to make room for it.
I am attaching today's Diary entries and accompanying message because it just happens to be on this very subject.
All the PLFs are founded in Love, truth, peace and are designed to be for the common good and benefit of all Creation.  I feel sure you can ponder this and as you progress along your life's path you will start to see those things you encounter that are PLFs and those which are not.  Please let me know how you get on and do not hesitate to ask if you need further help on any matter of eternal consideration.
Many blessings,


The following exchanges were posted on March 23rd 2007


HI BRIAN, THANK YOU FOR MAIL, AND WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT Jesus has been encouraging, exhorting, uplifting, inspiring me from day one; the opposite of this world of petty backbiting, criticism, judgement.  I know how that leads into a downward spiral to despondency and history repeating itself; ego Mecca maybe but not the Kingdom of Heaven, so I have made the deliberate choice to follow the example of the Master and encourage, exhort, uplift and inspire at every opportunity.  This only works if it is from the heart and with absolute, sincere commitment. AS I NORMALLY ATTEND CHURCH ON EVES. BUT I HAVE BEEN VERY SPASMODIC LATELY, I HAVE BEEN FEELING A LITTLE LOST FOR FELLOWSHIP, AND WELCOME THIS OPPORTUNITY OF SHARING.  Great!  Sharing is the Way of the Kingdom.  It fills the inner being (soul) with joy and uplift.

AS I EXPLAINED TO YOU IN THE PAST THAT I ATTEND QUAKERS, AND AT TIMES THERE SEEMS TO BE SOMETHING, HAPPENING AND AT OTHERS JUST SILENCE. I GUESS WE JUST HAVE TO LEARN TO BE PATIENT.  I realised shortly after meeting Olga that we do not need an intermediary body/structure/ institution/sect to come into fellowship/communion with Jesus (or Papa, or the Holy Spirit).  All we need is to enter into the ‘closet’ and shut the door (on the clamour and self-serving of the outer world) and there, open our heart and soul honestly and sincerely to Them (Papa, Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit).  Geoff, it is my heart’s desire that you and all who truly seek after God may understand fully and finally that this is not a glib platitude but the absolute truth and reality.  I am copying here some verses from John chapter 14, which emphasise the actuality that They are WITH us: 

3: And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.  This has now happened.  His ‘receiving us unto himself’ is not dependent upon a ‘geographical location’ such as ‘Heaven’ because the Kingdom of Heaven is right here, WITHIN US, whether we are still incarnate or excarnate. So, he receives unto himself if we DESIRE it, not if we have attended church – keeping the focus in the ‘without’ when it is in the ‘Within’ that we find him - and ‘been good.’

4: And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know.  These words are especially true NOW, if we listen to his speaking to our own within and I am able to give absolute affirmation that the best way to hear that speaking is to go alone into our closet and shut the door, just as he counsels (Mt. 6:6).

16: I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; (My underlining)

17: Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

18: I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.  He is already come, to all of us. Always.  If only we can believe, have FTOC, we will have personal, one-on-one, intimate, love-filled awareness.  Jesus told the people of Palestine in the long ago they were a faithless and perverse generation.  Nothing has changed in that regard, outwardly, yet; but we are now in the time of fulfilment and very big change is now incubating in the within and is in the process of emerging.

20: At that day (which is RIGHT NOW, not some indeterminate, future day) ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.

21: He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

23: Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him. Geoff, I know of a certainty that you love him; trust, therefore, that he has fulfilled his promise, to you. It is the time, now, for us all to shrug off the yoke of ‘unworthiness’ with which we have been so falsely burdened for so long and remember that we are Jesus’ brothers, One with him in the Sonship of the Father.

1Jn 3:2 says: Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.  Geoff, he has now appeared; not in the without but in the within (where he tells us the Kingdom of Heaven is) of those who love him and keep his words (see vs. 21, above).  Before we can truly 'keep' his words, it is necessary for us to understand them.  We cannot keep (cherish and desire to live in accordance with) what we do not understand. 

Jesus was/is a mystic and our experience of him is and can only be mystical.  Sadly, the institutionalised church has made mysticism a taboo, so it is not possible to have deep, full, complete understanding of him and his teaching from within the confines and strictures of the institutionalised church. When he says, in this verse, that he and Papa will come unto and make Their abode with those who love him and keep his words, he is speaking of a mystical act/process/event that has and can have absolutely nothing to do with institutionalised religion because a mystical experience is a one-on-one event. 

Anyone who has a mystical experience of Jesus, or the Holy Spirit and or Papa, and tries to share the experience with the authorities or the congregants of an institutionalised church will very quickly find that they do not want to hear about it and will sideline the person if he persists in his endeavours to share it.  This is inevitable because the church, as it is currently structured, is a construct of ego-mind, which is the antithesis of the Kingdom of Heaven.

ONE OF YOUR LETTERS I FOUND SOME DIFFICULTY WITH WAS THE EXPERIENCE OF MEETING WITH HARRY SECOMBE AND PETER SELLERS , WAS THIS IN A VISION,? The encounter with Harry and Peter was really no different from the encounters with all the others; Hal and Sitting Bull, Bobby Kennedy, John & Josephine Bowes, Jesus of Nazareth, my own parents and offspring, the Rector, the Teacher, the US cavalrymen, Rachel, the Dutch Jewess and countless more.  They are all in spirit. 

As Jesus reminds us, ‘In my Father’s house are many mansions.’ Some souls are in the higher realms, nearer to the Father’s light of Life and some (those who were/are in need of rescuing) are in the lower realms (mansions), far, in their perceptions, from the Light.  Peter was in the lower realms and in need of rescuing.  His trustworthy friend, Harry, although much more recently passed over, was in the higher realms (he was, in this life, as you know, a believer).  The lower has no awareness of the higher, so Peter was unaware of Harry but Harry was aware of Peter and his predicament, and also of us, in our light-lasering communion activity. 

Harry was able, no doubt by some loving, caring subterfuge, able to get Peter to within sight of what we were doing (those in lower realms of spirit are able to see those of us in the Earth life).  Now, as I have said, we are all ‘souls’ and the Greek word for soul is psyche.  Our true, eternal senses (as distinct from our bodily senses) are of the soul and souls in the spirit world, even of someone in the lower realms of spirit, are able to pick up the vibes without any difficulty.  So, once a lost soul, such as Peter, was able to be manoeuvred into contact with us (that is the job of  Jesus and all who are espoused to his Rescue mission of the Kingdom Programme) (see Lk. 14:21-23) the rescue was, from thereon, a cake walk, as they say. 

Once Peter’s ‘eyes were opened’ he would then become aware of Harry, just as Hal was immediately able to see Thomas More (see Vignette 2, SYFK).  With Bobby Kennedy and Rachel, they came so close to us that they actually overshadowed us. That is not fundamentally different from being near or far away.  They simply were not aware of what was happening – until they were helped into wakefulness by our love, blessing and words of explanation to them of what was happening. 

Geoff, I assure you, there is nothing fearful, ‘magical,’ evil, sinful, ungodly about such events or activities, especially if one’s motive is Kingdomly in one’s desire to help our fellows, whether in this life or the next.  As explained in SYFK, our loved ones in the Realms of Light are able to help those in the lower realms of the spirit world much more easily if they are able to engage the help of willing participants in the Earthly life for ‘bridge’ work.   

OR FOR WANT OF CLARITY, A DIFFERENT DIMENSION OR POSSIBLE PARALLEL UNIVERSE.  Geoff, this is another ‘dimension’ if you wish to consider it in that way but labels are irrelevant.  It is simply that Peter and Harry (and all those named above) were in the spirit world and I was (still am!) in the Earth life.  The common factor is that they are eternal, indestructible, radiant souls, Sons of the Father, brethren of Jesus, and so am I; and so are you. 

The mechanism by which I am, or anyone is, able to become aware of such events/experiences is the soul senses, our true senses, which are just as readily able to function while we are with an Earthly body, if we are open to such and do not let fear or doubt get in the way and create a cloud of fog before us, just as they are able to function once we have left our Earthly body behind. And as for ‘parallel’ universe, well, this is also just a term.  It could as readily be applied to this as ‘different dimension;’ there is no real, meaningful difference and are simply labels.   

At Jesus’ ‘death’ on the cross, the veil in the temple was torn in half, from top to bottom and as I am sure you know, that veil symbolises the illusory veil between us in the Earthly life and the realms of Heaven, our true, eternal home and inevitable destiny.  It is with us here, now, so we don’t have to wait any longer.  Any who say otherwise are missing something or have another agenda. I HAVE PROBLEM IN UNDERSTANDING THIS !  I trust this will help your understanding.

I WONT LOAD UP TOO MANY QUESTIONS AS I APPRECIATE YOU HAVE A PERSONAL LIFE TO GET ON WITH , JUST A THOUGHT CAME TO ME.  MAY I SUGGEST THAT IT MIGHT BE POSSIBLE TO INCLUDE ON YOUR SITE A REGISTER OF LIKE MINDED SEEKERS IN LOCALISED AREAS WHO WOULD LIKE TO MEET UP, WELCOME YOUR COMMENTS BRIAN.  I do not see this as my remit.  I am one-pointedly committed to Jesus’ teaching to enter, alone, into our closet and shut the door and then pray.  Unless and until we are able to FIRST achieve communion with Papa, Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit by this method, and become so inculcated in that awareness that no outward activity, presence or clamour can distract us, such meetings would simply be multiple perceptions causing distraction and confusion.  The KOH is within, not without.  If we cannot go within, we will go without.

IT COULD BE INTERESTING IF ANY THOUGHTS FROM ABOVE ON GLOBAL WARMING ?.  I commend to you the writings of Gary Renard, ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’ and ‘Your Immortal Reality.’  These writings are complementary reading to ‘A Course in Miracles’ and they (all 3) will transform your understanding of Creation and Eternity.  However, this is the chaos time between the second and third measures of meal and Jesus reminds us that when we see chaos and confusion all around us, then we can rejoice, for the KOH is at hand, even at the doors. 

Jesus calmed the tempest simply by infusing it with his peace; the peace of Heaven, which passes all ego-mind understanding.  This is available to us, all of us, also, if only we can believe, and even greater things than these, shall we (all) do.  There are believers incarnate even now who are becoming thusly empowered because they believe.  There will be many, many more awakening and emerging from the chrysalis in the time immediately ahead.  This is how the Earth and life here will really be transformed.  Of course we must awaken to the state of harmony with the ecosphere and sustainable ways of living but it is from the within that all the worlds problems will be resolved because all our ‘problems’ are only able to be ended by spiritual solutions.  The KOH is within.  Let this become your mantra, dear friend, and you will see with new, single vision.


GOD BLESS YOU BOTH (AS I KNOW HE HAS)  Thank you Geoff.  You too, as I know He does and is doing.




BRIAN THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT,  AND WHAT YOU SAY MAKES THINGS A LITTLE CLEARER, I SUPPOSE I AM STILL RUNNING ON OLD FUEL AND ON THE CHANGE, THE DANGER IS THROWING THE BABY AWAY WITH THE DISHWATER, IF ONE'S NOT CAREFUL.  Geoff, as our friend Jim, the Scottish Doctor, famously says, ‘One step at a time, Laddie.’  Jesus leads us forward at our pace, always cognisant of the importance of our comfort.


Then, in the autumn of 1970, not many weeks before Theresa and I were due to sail back to England, one Saturday afternoon when Theresa was out and I was busy making a bread pudding (old English recipe!), it was as if a bell had rung in my head, to switch the focus my consciousness from where it was lodged in the physical-world, concentrating on my culinary endeavours, to the spirit realms and the Master Jesus said, ‘My son, I would speak with you.’  I immediately washed my hands to remove the cooking ingredients, went to the sanctuary, lit the votive candle (fire or flame is a symbol of the Realms of Light in the spirit world and a candle flame helps to focus the consciousness on/attune to those realms), picked up my pen and opened my notebook.

He told me that when we returned to the land of our birth we would not find Kingdomly fellowship there to the degree we had enjoyed it with Olga; that fellowship there would be, sporadically but not at the level to which we aspired; not to be dis-spirited by this but rather to turn more purposefully to the Heaven world within for fellowship at this rarefied level and there we would always find food for the soul to satisfy our hungering and thirsting.


The last 3 lines are the key here; the rest is background, simply to establish how this came about.  These words are and have been the basis of our journey with Jesus and I have no doubt that without this understanding and commitment, this wondrous, blessed journey could not have taken place.  What he is saying here is a PLF (Principle of Life of the Father) and the esoteric order of Creation can only function according to PLFs.  Outside that, all, as we can all readily attest when we look at the world around us with out Earthly vision, is chaos and disarray. 


That cannot and will not change for any of us unless and until we attune/align the within of our lives to the PLFs.  Of course we do not know how to do that because most of us have little or no idea what the PLFs are.  That matters not one iota.  What is essential is that we desire so to do.  Papa does the rest for us.  It’s that simple, if we can break the mind-conditioning of this world that tells us we have to do it all ourselves.  That’s the tricky bit and it takes one-pointed commitment.  I have no doubt of your one-pointed commitment to the KOH, Geoff, and taking things one step at a time, following Jesus/the Holy Spirit’s lead, you will be in very loving, safe hands.

THERE SEEMS SO MUCH HURT AND DESPAIR ALL AROUND AND HEAVINESS ,  We can allow ourselves to be dragged down by all that or we can (because we are always at free choice) choose not to allow it so to do.  That does not mean we harden our hearts to the hurting of our fellows, for that is the end of compassion.  What will benefit us if we remind ourselves is the Master’s words about, when we see chaos and confusion and destruction all around us, to then rejoice, because it is a certain, absolute sign that the KOH is at hand, even at the doors.   Now that is some good news that we can really hold onto.  "THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE IM GONNA LET IT SHINE" WITH HELP FROM ABOVE. Alleluia

THANK GOD FOR JESUS.  Yes; and thank God for his brother, and mine also: Geoff.





The following exchanges were posted on March 16th 2007


I HAVE WITNESSED THESE ALL MISUSING THE BIBLE, TO DEFEND THEIR BELIEF SYSTEM AS AN EX JW , ANGLICAN, BORN AGAIN SPIRIT FILLED, FGBMFI , I HAVE OBSERVED THE SPIRIT OF PRIDE CAUSING DIVISION AND SEPARATION, AND HEARTACHE ACTIVE IN ALL THESE. We knew an ex-Salvation Army man and his wife and he told us that he had to leave because of all the division and self-serving, petty squabbling.  I was deeply astonished at this; I have had the greatest admiration for the Sally Ann for decades, for the wonderful, selfless work they do, so it was very saddening to hear this ego-stuff going on even there.  Bless them all for a deep and permanent awakening to the truth of the Kingdom on Earth.
WE ARE ALL ONE IN CHRIST, SAVED BY THE GRACE OF GOD, THAT WE MAY BE ONE BODY OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS A TRUE FAMILY REUNITED.  I totally resonate with what you say here about being all One in Christ.  Christ is not just Jesus but we are all Christ, Papa's beloved offspring.  That it does not yet appear to our flawed, Earthly vision, full of darkness, does not alter that eternal reality for a moment.  And, the moment we change our priorities and decide that that is our heart's desire, Papa will begin the process of transformation and people's lives will begin the Big Turnaround towards the Light.



Hi Geoff,
I am not sure I understand if you are referring to my message yesterday and if you feel what I have written is good or bad, positive or negative.  I would be most grateful for your clarification.
I hope and believe you are aware that my motivation is service of the Great God Mission of Jesus for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and that I hope and believe it is with humility that I am endeavouring to help those who have become bewildered by institutionalised religion to see past the rules and regulations, dogmas and doctrines and come into direct communion with the living Jesus, even as I have been so deeply and greatly blessed.
I have felt inspired to support any statements by scriptural references in the hope that this will provide comfort and reassurance to those who truly seek after spiritual truth by following Jesus but have difficulty sifting the wheat from the chaff.
If you now feel I have gone off track somehow, it would be a big help if you could be specific about what and where, whether in yesterday's message or anywhere else.
On the other hand, if I have got the wrong end of the stick and you are saying that where others are distorting things and that what you get from here is helpful for you, then I give thanks.
You suggest reading the parable of the prodigal son but have not indicated why.  This has long been for me one of the Master's key messages for us all, so if you feel I am missing something, please help me to understand what you have in mind.  Please speak freely, forthrightly and candidly.
In Christ love and with many blessings for the joy and peace of Heaven,
PS: What is FGBMFI?






THE PRODIGAL SON STORY WAS SHOWING THE LOVE OF THE FATHER, FOR HIS CHILDREN THAT HE EVEN RUNS TO WELCOME US HOME. This has more depth of meaning than most are aware.  Apparently, people of exalted status in Jewish culture NEVER ran; it was considered undignified and especially to run to someone who had behaved inappropriately was deeply frowned upon.  What Jesus was saying/implying by the narrative that the father ran to his returning son, which he knew what cause a stir amongst the religious authorities, was, Papa loves us so much and misses us so much and is so entirely unconcerned with all that man-made nonsense, that he simply allows what comes naturally to take precedence. I'm with Him, as I am sure you are too!

ONE DAY WE MIGHT MEET UP, AND IT WOULD BE GOOD TO FELLOWSHIP TOGETHER, SO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.  Thank you; with help from above I shall continue, as this is my heart's desire above all else.



You're a good man, Geoff, and I greatly appreciate your clarification.  Thank you so much.
Many blessings, as ever,



The following exchanges were posted on March 1st 2007


Dear Sharon,


I am assuming your two messages dated 10th Feb are about the same situation and that the second one is your own working through of what was clearly troubling you greatly in the earlier message.  That is very interesting because during the day yesterday (10th), as I pondered your first, troubled-spirit message, I sent out my love and thoughts to you for your peace and said to you, 'Dear Sharon, at a deep level within yourself, you know the answer to this and you don't really need my input to provide the answer.  Go within and earnestly ask, seek and knock and the answer, which is already with you, will be revealed, uncovered for you.'


I have changed to blue type some of your words that stand out, below, as so important and so true and have written additional comments in green type.


 Dear Brian,


    The storm is over, it was a storm this week, I recognized it this morning when I woke.  In 2003 when I was awakened I didn't know it was a storm, I was bewildered, confused, spinning, you name it, I didn't know what was going on and I was very traumatized by it all.  Now I know it was a storm and I think the storm's might keep coming, if what I'm feeling right now is the result of passing through a storm, let it storm!  I now know to hold on and that I'm being held onto.  The sync happening so fast, I think it was the 'warning' that a storm was coming!  I am so excited this morning and the joy is here; I have my hand over my mouth so I don't burst out 'cause the children will think I've lost it - and if you saw me and not knowing what you know you would think I've lost it!  My faith just took a gigantic leap!!!!!!!  Part of the storm yesterday was proselytisers dropping in for a surprise visit.


    I am not enthusiastic about engaging with people of other 'belief systems,' as it causes dissipation of energies and focus of thought and understanding.  The Truth - YOUR Truth - is within you and I am sure you are well aware that they, who have accepted someone else's 'truth' will not be able to accept your Truth, unless and until they abandon their acceptance of their version.  They are there to convert you and although the exchanges may outwardly appear cordial, that does not alter their commitment.  In an encounter such as you describe, there are psychic energies swirling around the room and between you and them. 


    If you could SEE those energies you would immediately realise that they are not beneficial to your own inward peace and wellbeing, because their own agenda is only apparently well-intentioned while they believe there is a chance of converting you.  There is nothing in it for them if they are unsuccessful and because that is their mission, when they discover they are unsuccessful their energy will radically alter.  That can only happen if that energy is actually already within them.  Do not be deceived by outward geniality; it is not always what it seems. 


    Jesus said to the disciples when he sent them out to preach the 'good news’ of the Kingdom of Heaven, "Salute no man by the way."  What he meant by that was, 'Do not engage with others in debate about their perceptions/beliefs/view on life, because it will distract you from the mission upon which I am sending you.’ It was cordial and just fine as it always is but we have some very 'alive' conversations/debate as we always do and something happened during the visit that you mentioned how to handle that same situation in your e-mail (and it was handled by me but not me) that same way that you said to do "It is important that we retain our own sovereign power over our own life… Being pleasantly assertive without stridency or aggression will achieve a good balance." (See Message of Encouragement, Feb. 7th 2007)


    It is indeed your sovereign power and free choice to engage with proselytisers who do not share your beliefs and Papa will never interfere with that free choice.  It is also your sovereign choice to be aware that you are not yet strong enough in your spiritual wisdom and understanding to engage with such on equal terms, because they ARE strong in their schooling and commitment and knowing what to say and do and psychically, can maintain control in the way the conversation/energy exchanges between you are directed.  Because you do not 'see' this does not mean it is not so.  Again if you go within and ponder this prayerfully, it will become clear to you. 


    I am, of course, delighted for you that 'something happened' during that discussion that was beneficial for you.  This was a sign from the Holy Spirit to forewarn you but it does not necessarily mean that forewarning has equipped you with the spiritual strength to retain your sovereign power over your own Path the next time you engage with proselytisers.  A warning of an approaching storm does not provide weatherproofs but it does give you time to take evasive action/find shelter. but I didn't get your e-mail until after the conversation, and only then because during the conversation a message came to me to 'ask Brian.'  It was not a 'hmmm, who can I ask about this, who would know about this', it was an immediate 'ask Brian.'  So I couldn't wait 'til they left to get to the computer to ask you and there was your e-mail!  My mouth hung open as it always does when this happens. 


    This is characteristic of 'The Lord of Surprises' who answers before you ask because He knows what is happening before it happens, because He functions from the Eternal Consciousness, in which time has no order or meaning.   How could that have happened?  So last night I printed your whole e-mail - "February 7, 2007," and read it - usually I just skim and if nothing catches my attention I don't go through the whole thing, this time I knew I should. 


    Today the doubt is over.  I thought it was the beginning when I 'awakened' (and in a way it was) but today is the day I move forward knowing for sure what I know.  I have never, until right now, been so sure of anything. This is wonderful news indeed, Sharon and I am profoundly glad at your going forward.  Still, take care and be cautious of the intent of others, such as your proselytiser 'friends.'  Until today, I did not feel the strength to stand up for what I believed (things would come out of my mouth that would make one (and me) think I knew exactly what I was saying) in because although I knew what happened to me I still couldn't understand why, why me I would cry to God as though he had burdened me with this gift, and now I go forward.  Today I know where the path is and you Brian are a vital link. 


    Please always keep in mind that the Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN and go within to get on its wavelength and the wavelength of He who is your Guide to Eternity; the Master Jesus.  Only within his guidance and protection are we truly safe from the bewilderment of mixed messages/signals leading us into a state of fear and confusion. Alleluia for knowing something for sure! Sharon, dear friend, truly I rejoice for and with you.  It may sound as if this message is dampening your joy and upliftment at what has happened and your going forward this last day or two.  That could not be further from my intent, but I do ask that you proceed forward from this point awake to and aware of the fact that there are still pitfalls abounding.


    Pasted below is the Diary entry for Oct. 6th 1991.  I have emboldened a part near the bottom that came to mind for you and that I send with love and blessing and in the spirit of desire to be truly helpful.  I hope you will find it beneficial. I now trust that this is where I am to go for guidance for this part of the journey;  there's no way this could have happened without God/Jesus being in the mix. Truly spoken. 


    Those who say you cannot commune with the Father except through Jesus are allowing too much literal-mindedness and doctrine to blur their vision.  They speak from the place known as the separation consciousness.  There is no separation, either between Jesus and God or you and God, or anyone else and God, except what any of us chooses for there to be.  Such perceptions – or more accurately, misperceptions – are ‘the lie of Satan,’ which is ego-mind, upside-down thinking and is the polar-opposite of Eternal Truth and Reality, for us all. These misperceptions, or doctrines and dogmas, abound within institutionalised religions.  Jesus said, ‘I and my Father are One,’ and Papa, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are all One Mind, for the Truth of Eternity. 


    In Truth, therefore, it makes no difference whether we are in communion with Papa, Jesus or the Holy Spirit.  Your Truth is your Truth; do not allow others who are well behind you (which proselytisers are, or they would not be proselytising) on the Path back Home to Papa to deceive you or mislead you when they are simply speaking someone else’s ‘truth.’  If it feels comfortable it is because your higher, Soul, Self knows it to be your Truth, one with Papa’s Truth.  Stay steadfast in that and you will progress far.


    Sharon, dear friend, I thank you for this opportunity to share.  This is joy and fulfilment of my lifelong heart’s desire.  The objective of the HTG website is to help those who are lost and bewildered in the Way to find the Path again.  One way in which such help can really be given is by sharing such exchanges with the many others who are equally lost and bewildered. 


Many blessings and much love, always,









Holy Communion October 6, 1991


Although the “power” or psychic awareness is low this morning I am aware of the IPS -- a vast horde of them -- gathered at this “gateway” between the Heaven and Earth realms of consciousness, eager to use this opportunity to serve the Kingdom purpose in some way.


My friend -- eager are we indeed, to be going about our/the Lord's business of search and rescue in the dark corners of the Earth consciousness.  Herein dwell countless souls lost in the "blackout" and yet in their hearts -- the very seat of their innermost soul -- crying out in the wilderness for succour. 

By this link of the attunement ritual and the desire and one-pointed commitment of your hearts in the Earth life we are able to use the energy created by your desire-thoughts to accomplish many acts of first aid, bring care packages, undertake stretcher rescues and lead the way "home" to the walking wounded, the shell-shocked and the bewildered.  We are able to unfurl the banner of Christ light to give direction in the darkness, that the souls of those lost and afraid in the darkness may have lit for them a pathway through the treacherous terrain of anti-Christ territory.

These souls have been deceived into the service of the prince of time and place by promises of great reward but the bounty is not of the eternal, it is not self-renewing; rather, it is a mirage, fading before their site and their grasp.

These mercenaries have now been left without a leader and without orders, without pay and without rations.  Many are realising the foolishness of their ways and are ready to repent of their folly and rejoice at the Light, the banquet, the safe path back to "base camp" wherein lies warmth and comfort and peace and restoration.

So do you see how the analogy of war-time conditions is able to create for you a picture of events.  This is entirely serviceable to the reality and you shall become increasingly aware of these rescue activities as the picture builds for you.  All is well, all is under full control; we go forward in Christ-Fellowship to the fulfilment.

The battle plan, so long drawn-up, is working perfectly, as you would expect from the Master strategist.  It works because it uses the Principles of Life of the Father and therefore cannot fail.


Thank you dear friend of Christ authority.


I am one who serves with His battalions, as a lieutenant.  It is a campaign such as has never been seen before.  The enemy is in full rout and confusion.  Nevertheless, be not complacent for there are many pitfalls dug to deceive the unwary and the unprepared and over-confident.  There are many booby-traps also to maim and disfigure.  To all who would serve I say again, put on the whole armour of God, for this shall be defence and protection; draw near to the banner of the Lord and be faithful, one-pointed in your commitment.  Thus shall your fulfilment and protection be assured.  Peace and joy be with you and all who serve.  In Christ's beloved name we are as one.  Amen.


The Teacher gave his blessing to the “troops” as they rested between search and rescue activities with a most earnest and sincere voice and at the end they all immediately sent up a spontaneous and enthusiastic cheer of exalting proportions.


Love to you, Sharon; I look forward to hearing back from you,






Dear Sharon,


 Many thanks for your message.  I am going to respond to each part as warranted.  Yes, I have said much in SYFK about ‘institutionalised religion’ and of course am in good company there; you are no doubt familiar with the things Jesus said to the religious authorities of his time.  My experience was 'deflating.'  Some time after my awakening when I was feeling able to face the world again I decided to go to church (the same building as I'd gone to as a child attending Sunday School and church, the Anglican church of my community).  I and my surroundings felt 'different' than I/it had before my awakening.  As I sat in the pew by myself at the back of the church I experienced a 'deflating,' just like I was a balloon and as I was listening to the minister talking to the people, 'the air went out of me' and my thoughts were "this is it?, a man talking to some people."  All the 'I'm in the house of the lord, a man speaking on behalf of the lord, a sacred place, a holy place, a be respectful place, a watch what you do because God is watching place' died right there as the air was coming out of me.  After the service I walked out as though I couldn't understand what I had seen all those years, there was no desire to go back.  Since that time I have walked into other churches (which I would never have done before and especially not by myself) to see what I had been afraid to try to find but I couldn't make myself fit anywhere and haven't to this day.  I am not familiar with the Bible, I have not been taught it and that was some of the lure with the proselytisers, here were people who would take their time to teach me the Bible when no one else was offering that.  


Further, the ‘institutionalised religions’ calling themselves Christian are, in so many ways, just about as far from Jesus’ life and teachings as it is possible to get. Owen Waters calls them ‘fear-based religions’ and they have caused more misery on Earth than any other body.  If you read Vignette no. 10, ‘An Open Letter,’ in Part 2 of SYFK, which includes Papa’s message to me and Jesus’ message to Olga Park, you will see how the church has misled countless millions of souls for many centuries and are still doing so today.





Dear Brian:


    A day or two after 'the storm' correspondence with you I was reading our local paper and happened on this story from John Whitcombe –who had a near death experience that has transformed his perception of life and death.  This story convinces me that I should share my story with others this can happen on the HTG Forum page!! because of the help and comfort that this article gave to me and because this guy isn't afraid to say it like it is. 


    I don't know if I've articulated to you or not or maybe assumed that you knew how much you are helping me along this path.  When I read the last two e-mails from you I sat there in stunned silence, haven't responded to you about them because all that would have come out at the time was babbling, mouth open, starting to say something and then about to go 'how can that be' but that phrase - which has been so prominent over the last month or so (how can that be) - won't come out any more, it's gone.  It's cool when something leaves, you know it's gone, that you've gone by that point. You have answered my very sought after questions about Jesus and when these answers come in the form of writing so personal that it's as if I'd confided in you everything that I've confided in God (and no one else) then the only response is stunned silence.


    You answered sooooo personally in the e-mails that there's no way this isn't the truth. Thanks, Kiddo, it is right from the heart, supported by 40 years of experiencing the real Jesus, in addition to all that happened in previous incarnations and ‘afore time’ (in Heaven, before this one) so I have been very comprehensively tutored and prepared. The interaction that has been going on between me and God, and me not being able to accept the answer from him, he knows I need the 'ground/earth' contact to help me out.  Talk about a God who is nothing but love, he gave me what I needed the way I needed to receive it, he knew I wasn't able to accept it from him at this time.  Talk about grace! I’ll drink to that! There really are no words to do any of this justice, just a quiet, peaceful realization that God is here and that I am connected. Bullseye.


   How do you think that sharing my thoughts with your forum can help? It is your perspective and question(s), with my responses (inspired by the Holy Spirit, of Whose Presence I am often deeply aware when at the keyboard, responding to other people’s questions, or writing the weekly ‘Messages of Encouragement’) that help those with whom the Forum exchanges resonate.  The number of people who visit the Forum page (from, now, over 75 countries) tell me this.  The church (along with many others who misrepresent Eternal Truth) has caused so much confusion and bewilderment that people don’t know what to believe and are fearful of believing anyone.  What you have said, above, about ‘stunned silence’ shows how my tutoring for this work by the real, living Jesus has prepared me well to help such souls to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.   


    After seeing John Whitcombe's story and knowing the help and comfort that his story gave me, it would be my hope that maybe I could provide help and comfort with this interaction with you? Assuredly, this is the case.  Do you believe seeing the John Whitcombe article was an accident or coincidence?  This is synchronicity, and synchronicity is the norm in the eternal consciousness, so when it starts happening here, in our Earthly lives, it means, for sure, that we are getting on the wavelength.  The more we get on the wavelength, the more synchronicity happens, right here. 


    It is not my intention to bash or downgrade anyone's belief, it may be all they have to hold onto, and something is better than nothing. This is absolutely right.  People are where they are because that is where they have arrived at.  All the while they are comfortable there, there they will remain, until it is time to move on.  Papa knows; we don’t.  But He is able to gently, lovingly nudge us along when He knows we are ready, and this often happens with one of those ‘chance’ encounters.  My intention is to uplift and bring joy and peace and maybe some comfort and to help people find their God so he can be a part of their life We share a common desire, Sharon; how can saying that a given sectarian belief system is wrong help do this?


    I have not said it is wrong, for them or for anyone.  What is wrong is proselytising – whether by Catholics or Mormons or Anglicans or Baptists or whoever.  It is against cosmic law, the Law of God, to try to persuade someone else to adopt a belief system.  It is by ‘walking the walk,’ not talking the talk that persuades others that what we have is for them and they will respond to that if they resonate with it.  Then, and only then, is it appropriate to share with that other person the Sweetmeats and New Wine of the Kingdom from our own table. This, from SYFK says it all, especially the bits I have underlined here:


In March 1968, a few days after I had moved into my own flat, there was a knock at the door.  I answered it, thinking, ‘This will be for the previous tenants, since nobody knows I am here yet.’  When I opened the door a man and a woman were standing there but said nothing.  I interpreted this as surprise on their part to find me there when expecting to be greeted by the previous occupants.  Still they said nothing.  Then the penny dropped.  They were proselytisers, most likely Jehovah’s witnesses.  My assumption proved correct and they began their routine.  However, I was bursting with the zeal of my own good news.  Needless to say, they were not listening to my news and I had no interest in theirs!  I had heard it before and it did not resonate with my own experience, which I was so eager to share with any and all comers. 

It was a salutary lesson for me and the Master spoke almost immediately the door was closed at their departure.  ‘Do not go out looking for people to speak with and share your message; rather, I will bring them to you.  For I know the hearts and minds of all and will bring only those who are ready to hear your speaking and will inspire you and give you the words to speak to their hearts.’  Strictly speaking, I had, of course, not gone out looking for them; they had indeed come (or been brought – I was not able to tell which at the first instance) to me but the message of the Master was not to be construed in that most literal of ways.  What he was saying is, observe and if a person whose path crosses yours gives some indication to you (it may be unwitting from them but perceivable by you as a sign if you are watchful) that they are ready to hear of the esoteric realities, then and only then, speak more openly of them to the person; further, if that person is ready, the Spirit of Truth will put the words into your mouth that will resonate strongly with the soul of that person.

Later, when I recounted this experience to Olga, she shared with me a message given to her by the Teacher in 1948: ‘…Guard thy tongue: especially to strangers to this way of life and the knowledge and wisdom of the spirit.  Give place to the views of others, even though you know them to be in error.  Send forth a prayer for such that they may come to the fuller knowledge and the clearer sight.’

On another occasion, the Teacher said to Olga, Your heart outruns your head.  You may stand at the cross-roads of life, and offer your good things to them that inquire but run not down every alley pressing them upon the halt, the maimed and the blind; for think you that your treasures will, as if by some magic, create in them a new set of values?  You know within yourself that it is not possible, for it is contrary to spiritual law.  As the Master taught, so we know -- to him that hath shall be added.’





What you have written in red (above) could be very helpful to many, many others.  I do assure you that you are not alone in this experience. Pasted here is an extract from SYFK (Vignette 10 in Part 2).  I have underlined a part near the end that applies to this context but the rest is background that I believe will be helpful for you because you say you are not familiar with the Bible:


In 1967 Olga wrote a treatise on the messages of the ascended Christ to the ‘seven churches of Asia’ (Revelation chapters 1, 2 & 3) in which she states that these messages are not just to be perceived as to seven congregations dotted around what is now Turkey at the time that John wrote of these manifestations but applicable also to 7 phases of the church during the period from that time through the entire Christian Era.  This treatise posits that two of these churches, Philadelphia and Laodicea are applicable simultaneously to these times and actually describe two very different churches:

The one, Laodicea, is ‘lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, believes itself to be rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing, whereas it is in fact wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked, so the Lord counsels it to buy of him gold tried in the fire, that they may be rich; and white raiment, that they may be clothed, and that the shame of their nakedness do not appear; and anoint their eyes with eyesalve, that they may see.’  Further, Jesus says that because they are lukewarm he would spew them out of his mouth.

To the other, Philadelphia, Jesus says he has set before them an open door, that no man can shut: for they have a little strength, and have kept his word, and have not denied his name; that he will bring others who are false believers to learn of them; will keep them from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world; counsels them to hold fast to that which they have, that no man take their crown; to those that ‘overcome’ he will make pillars in the temple of God, will write upon them the name of God, and the name of the city of God, and also his own, new name.

Clearly there is much symbolism here but the differences are that Jesus has a diatribe against Laodicea and praise and encouragement for Philadelphia.

It is obvious to the objective observer that the institutionalised church of today is perfectly described by Jesus as Laodicea and that Philadelphia is those congregations and individuals who have kept their love for Jesus and their earnest desire for the Kingdom alive in their hearts, regardless of whatever is going on within the institutionalised, denominational churches; have not allowed themselves to become blinded with rules and regulations and petty arguments; that where necessary, they have abandoned ‘Laodicea’ in favour of ‘free’ churches/congregations and home worship (entering into their closets); kept their loyalty to Jesus first and refused resolutely to let Laodicea stand between them and Jesus.

If a person is a ‘citizen of Laodicea’ and decides that that is no longer where he wishes to be, it is entirely possible to ‘emigrate to Philadelphia’ simply by the act of so choosing and making the  ‘consciousness shift.’  Jesus said to the Laodiceans:

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.  He that hath an ear, let him hear... (Rev. 3:20-22).

There is a groundswell of ‘emigration’ actually taking place now, in these climactic times in the events of world spiritual evolution, encouraged by the Creator Spirit, who says: Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.  (Rev. 18:4)

Would-be émigrés will be enheartened by the knowledge that Philadelphia is a substantially plague-free zone.

     It is, of course, spiritually that the (Laodicean) church of today is lukewarm and it is spiritually that the church is ‘wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.’  This has happened because the church has become institutionalised and the purpose of an institution is to perpetuate itself.  That is when the original objectives of its leaders, who have become lost in a mire of rules and regulations and administrators and petty politics and power struggles, are there to perpetuate the institution rather than to be motivated by the fire of spiritual zeal for the great desire of Jesus: the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (which is never mentioned in today’s institutionalised churches because issues such as the ordination of women and homosexuality have become the consuming issues, bogging the institution down in sidetracking detail rather than maintaining their focus on the Principles of Life of the Father, which will keep souls in the Earth life on the right path – the Path of Spiritual Progress - through the maze of detail and on course toward our destination – the Kingdom).


We are in the time on the cosmic clock when institutionalised religion has run its course (the second measure of meal) and has no spiritual role to play in the Kingdom Age because we are all being awakened to the remembrance that we are, as Jesus was and is, one with the Father (of course we are all doing this at our own individual pace and most will take many more incarnations during this next 2k years, but we are at the beginning of a mass awakening right now).  Intermediaries are unnecessary when we remember that we are Papa's offspring and that is what is on the agenda right now in the GRP (Great Rescue Plan). 


Of course the institutionalised church (this includes what we know as sects like RC, Anglican, Baptist, etc, Mormon, JW and many others) will continue for a long time to come but their influence is waning and will continue to wane as people awaken from their own within.  The institutionalised church does not welcome that awakening because it is a Gnostic, mystical, spiritual, esoteric process and they do not understand it, so they fear it. 


None of this is of any concern to Papa or Jesus and it need be of no concern to us because each of us who is awakening is/will be looking forward, with single vision, toward the reality of the Kingdom which is manifesting from within the life and consciousness of each soul who is awakening. 


Institutionalised religion functions in the psychic consciousness (through the body) and the nature of the psychic consciousness is retrograde, downwards and backwards, referring only to history (the Bible, etc) for its lead.  That has been serviceable up to a point because of Jesus and the things he said 2k years ago are still applicable today as they are of the eternal consciousness. 


Where this becomes unserviceable is: the church has been tampering with the original records and altered, added to and deleted what was not serving their own, hidden agendas, so it is very hard for unawakened souls to know what Jesus actually said and what has been added/altered and attributed to him; they have added ever-increasing new rules and regulations, dogmas and doctrines, burying the congregants in a mire of convoluted, complex 'do this, don't do that' instructions that have nothing to do with the Kingdom of Heaven, which is uncomplicated.


Of course, none of these institutions wishes to be told these home truths and most are resolute in their determination not to listen or align themselves with spiritual reality.  That's fine; I do not see it as my 'job' to tell them but I am committed to helping individuals who have become bogged-down, bewildered, lost, confused by involvement with them but are now ready to awaken and move forward.  That has been the case already with many visitors to the HTG website and readers of SYFK.  My earnest hope is that more will benefit and this is where the Forum page can be of service, by posting exchanges such as this.


Many blessings, always,





The following exchange was posted on February 16th 2007


As usual, Brian, good pep talk, where is the check book and the travel tickets? God Wanted to Know what it would be like to be Non-God and it got out of control. Exposing Him means joining him, not executing silly rites and uttering enchanting prayers...


God Wanted to Know what it would be like to be Non-God; hence he created all creatures who Know-Not Who or What they are, nevertheless they remain transparent to the Father;

Jesus and other Folk broke through the blindness, and in Earth's Reality, that is taken as a serious blasphemy, pretty well in every earthly faith; the utter Irony being that uttering the Truth of Ones Being is  a Provocative Act  to the Authorities Worldwide.   Very adequately documented!


God allows himself two safety harnesses  as security  while  He  functions as a creature rather than the Creator in order not to totally forget his True Being; which is what Hell really means ;;these safety nets would  ultimately remind him of the way home.

What are they?  these two features of life, (or as many as you deem wise are):  Then are:  holy men and sex.  It is not linear logic; it is something just slightly hidden from immediate sight but not totally hidden by establishment religions, who value family life, support of culture and religious ceremonials in their vast variety, holy family, the nuggets of civilization, all resting on sexual expressions and sublimations.


God juggles the enigmas throughout   eternity ; thousands of  created variants; it is  best to see it through as many eyes as one can and  thus share the view with our Father.

One is monitored from above for Ones Sincerity;  knowledge or truth  depends on the circumstances; decency  is the water that goes with every pill that life demands that we swallow..



Hi Bill,


I regret I have not had opportunity to read all that you have sent but I am most grateful for your words of thanks and encouragement.


There seem to be two somewhat opposing views on the separation:  One, that Papa wanted to experience being, as you say, non-God.  This is rather the view presented in Neale Walsch's writings.  It makes a lot of sense, and I resonate with most of the Conversations with God writings, although there are some apparent inconsistencies in it and the last three or 4 books lost my attention somewhat.  The last one of all made little or no sense to me and was not in harmony with my own experiences.


The other, which one could say is the opposite view, is the ACIM version, supported by Gary Renard's writings.  That is that the Father, the Creator Spirit, the Source of all, Papa, had nothing to do with the creation of the 'physical' universe; that it is is all an illusion that exploded into being as the result of a momentary thought by the Son (of God) to head out on his own (the parable of the prodigal son describes this) - i.e. the separation - and brought about the ego, upside-down, insane half of our mind, which is all the aspects of us that are the opposite of everything that characterises God.  This has become mythologised by institutionalised religion as Satan and this is a characteristic of the separation consciousness, - to project all the apparent guilt, fear and shame for our apparent separation from the Father onto anyone or anything but our self because it is too much of a burden to bear.  I have seen the effects of this at fairly close quarters so know how much people can get into denial of their own experiences as a result of guilt and fear.


With Papa there are things that seem irreconcilable to our earth minds but in fact are possible in the eternal consciousness and there are things we accept as 'truth'  in the relative world that are actually impossible in the eternal consciousness (like being separate from Him, for example; the sooner we forget that idea the better we will be).


Of the two apparently opposite views, I am more and more resonant with the latter.  There are three reasons for this.  The first is that it ultimately makes more sense to me, although it took a while for some of it to settle comfortably.  The second is that the channelling author of ACIM, which I have not a shred of doubt is Jesus of Nazareth, says so many things in ACIM that are in harmony with what the living Jesus has been saying to me since 1967 and in such a similar style of speaking and language use (although I had never read a word of ACIM until the last 14 months or so).  Third, and of perhaps the greatest importance, is the mystical experiences Theresa and I have when we are reading/studying ACIM.  Papa, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are with us, enlightening us and giving us revelationary illumination of so much from ACIM.  Assuredly, this could not be happening if we were not attuning with the wavelength of the Most High at such times.  One could hardly be reading antiChrist stuff and be attuned to the Realms of Light at the same time.


There are those - either fundamentalist, legalist, literalist, religionists or atheists - who would say this is not actually happening as we say it is, or we are attuned to antiChrist and are being deceived by the enemy.  Only those who have no mystical experience of the living Jesus, and whose religious (as distinct from spiritual) understanding is at the level of intellect only, can make statements about something of which they have no experience.  Anyone who has had a mystical encounter with he who has all power in Heaven and earth (Mt. 28:18) will know of a total certainty, beyond all doubt, who it is they have encountered.  For those who have not had such an encounter to then say that he who has had such an encounter has not, or that it was 'the deceiver,' is mistaken.  It is folk such as this who then accuse the experiencer of blasphemy and apostasy and want to cast them out of the 'body of the church.'


As stated in SYFK ...Such a seeker will experience there (in his own within) a peace and joy not of this Earth and will awaken to eternal realities that will place him in the perception that the congregational churches are no longer able to be the source or channel of his spiritual sustenance because he will have outgrown them. He will also find that they will have no desire to hear of his inward, mystical experiences.


Indeed, people who have, and wish to share, such wondrous, mystical experiences of Eternal Reality with church officials or even most of their fellow congregants, are perceived as anathema in such circles.  Theresa and I have experienced this and I have had letters from people who have also been made persona non-grata by their former church colleagues when they started having mystical experiences.


But, as Jesus reminds us, 'Nothing is hidden that shall not be revealed' and any attempts by institutionalised religion to suppress what is being outpoured on the consciousness of God's children by their Heavenly Father, will place them further and further in outer darkness, or what Olga described as being 'on the outside, looking in.'  Seriously dyed in the wool fundamentalists will become more and more set in their ways and antagonistic toward change or acceptance of the now dawning, Kingdom Age Reality.  In a sense they will be like Pharaoh, hardening his heart toward Moses' appeals to him to 'Let my people go,' when faced with increasing evidence that he (Pharaoh) was clearly out of synch. with reality. 


Of course their numbers will continue to diminish as their dogmas and doctrines are seen by more and more of the populace to be the meaningless sham that they are.  However, the good news is that souls who end an incarnation in that recalcitrant mode will have a chance to review their position once they awaken in the etheric realms and that will then present them with an opportunity to re-incarnate in circumstances that will enable them to awaken from their previously unbending posture.  That happened notably with a high church dignitary called Monsignor Hugh Benson, who was the son of a former Archbishop of Canterbury, and who vehemently campaigned to suppress mysticism in the early 20th century.  When he passed over and awoke to the truth, he was so mortified at his earth-life activities that he sought and received opportunity to channel a series of books called 'Life in the World Unseen,' by Anthony Borgia.


Since the third measure of meal is 2000 years in duration, that will avail them of adequate chances to awaken to the lack of necessity to approach God and Jesus through an institution that belongs to a former epoch and that claims to be Jesus' representative on Earth, even though almost nothing of their structure, creeds and behaviour are out of his mould, and that if they actually follow the counsel of Jesus to go alone into their closet, then they will have untrammelled, direct access to God and Jesus, in fulfilment of Jesus' words from Jn. 14:23 - 'If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him and make our abode with him.'


Truly, the Great Plan is infallible and unstoppable.  Assuredly, this is the most exciting time in the history of humanity.  What a joy and blessing to be here for it, right now.


Please explain your question: 'Where is the check book and travel tickets?' ;-)






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