Kingdom Within


Journey’s End

– And a New Beginning



Introductory comments, including an explanation of the cover design:


Within this seven-volume, progressive Kingdom series we have journeyed, ascended in our mind, one mystical step at a time, from the valley of the shadow of death to the summit of the Hill of the Lord. The real, living Jesus has been with us throughout, as our Loving Guide, counsellor, comforter, strength, elder brother and beloved Companion of the Way. The objective of our journey has always been Awakening from the dream of separation from God and from our true, Whole, limitless, all-empowered-by-Love, One, undivided Self.


Now, with book seven, we have completed our journey to accepting and becoming aware of our true, limitless, all-empowered-by-Love Christ-Self within. This is accomplished by our steadfast desire and choice for re-connecting our thinking mind with our feeling heart, so that they are joined in unity and holy (i.e., Whole) relationship and purpose. This means we can now freely, gladly, joyfully acknowledge that, in fulfilment of our heart’s shared desire, we are joining with Jesus in equality of Being as co-creators of a new, spiritually-elevated order of reality – right here, on Earth. Without our Wholehearted desire for this we deny ourself the opportunity to join with him – and all our brothers and sisters – in unity and relationship for this purpose.


This is a holy and sacred purpose – to bring an end, forever, to judgement, grievance, conflict, scarcity, pain and suffering, and ‘death’, and in their place – to usher in to the realm of physicality perfect, divine Love, peace, joy, freedom and abundance of Life: the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Perfect Love is the power of creation. Jesus demonstrated this power as the elevated, Son-of-God, Christ-Self in human form two thousand years ago, with countless miracles, telling all who are willing to believe him: “… the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do …” (John 14:12)


This New Order of being, the elevated Self of form, is now emerging, as a butterfly from its chrysalis, from within each of us as we choose to re-join our thinking, decision-making mind with our feeling heart – Universal, Unified Heart-Mind and Spirit – thereby ending the illusory separation consciousness. Joining of mind with heart, in unity, harmony and relationship is our true, eternal nature, and enables the opening to awareness and experience of – re-connects us with – our higher, limitless, timeless, eternal Self and the Oneness of all creation within the Creator.


This emerging state of our Being is becoming expressed, shared, extended, lived, manifested into the external world by all as we resurrect, arise to accomplishment of the all-empowerment that is the Truth, the Love and the Light that we all are.


The apostle John says it this way:


Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he [Jesus] shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he [Jesus] is pure. (1 John 3:2-3)


He has appeared, in the midst, with us all, and is with us now and forevermore. We can become aware of his presence by going within, where he has his dwelling with each and every one of us. He is fully aware of One with all of us already, waiting with infinite patience for us to join with him in unity and relationship, and for the purpose of creating the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Joining in unity, relationship and purpose arises from perfect, unconditional, all-encompassing Love.


The joining of heart and mind within ourself also means naturally, effortlessly and spontaneously joining in union and relationship with the Creator Spirit, and, thereby, all creation. Conscious discernment of this joining is not an intellectual exercise but a gradually-emerging, heart-centred process, in which the blocks to our awareness of the Love that is the joining mechanism fall away, leaving us in a state of universal, mystical (comm)union with every living thing. 


Jesus evinced this elevated Self of form as an example-life for us all to emulate. The New Order of Being now arising in – from – our own within and extending, expressing into the external world is the fulfilment of Jesus’ prayer:


“… Thy Kingdom come; Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”




The cover illustration for this book is based on a vision experienced by Theresa. Here is what she wrote about it:


 “On the top of the Hill of the Lord is a large, single-storey dwelling, with a flat roof, built from what appears to be pure, white alabaster. The East-facing side of the house has a large, open-fronted atrium. In the atrium is a simple, yet elegant, water feature, rising from a spring, forming a circular pool about two metres across, with a small fountain, rising about a metre, in the middle. This symbolises Jesus’ words to the woman of Samaria: “Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” (John 4:14)


The atrium leads out onto a spacious patio/terrace overlooking a beautiful garden, extending around and down the hillside in many natural terraces. There is an abundance of colourful flowers scattered on the terraces, along with olive, pomegranate and cypress trees distributed randomly, adding to the splendour of the scene.


A little stream flows from the pool in the atrium, down through the garden to the valley below, where a few goats are browsing. There is a pathway in the rock which meanders down through the garden.


We are standing on the patio/terrace with Jesus, looking down across the garden at the beautiful view. I am on his right-hand side and you [Brian] are on his left. The knowledge/awareness is fully with us that this is our true home.


It is, of course, a representation of the true Home of all the fragments, rejoined as One in heart and mind, functioning – creating through expressing, sharing and extending Love and Light – in unity and relationship, purpose and Being as the One Son of the Holy One: Papa. The ascending of the seven steps means we have completed the journey in our mind of ascending the Hill of the Lord, and arrived at our forever-Home.


It is not just for this vision but also, cumulatively, for all the inestimable support and input that Theresa has so lovingly and devotedly contributed to our holy relationship over the years, helping to facilitate the writing of this Kingdom series, that her name, appropriately, appears with mine in authorship of this title.




Readers’ Feedback:


Take a deep dive, dear reader, into the clear and transformative energy of this spiritual treasure! In BEING the Kingdom Within Brian shares the power, certainty, and enthusiasm of his personal connection with the Divine. Allow yourself to be with this for a while. Let yourself marinate in this holiness. Let yourself feel its stream of love. Its authenticity is palpable. Its clarity is unmistakable. Its practical guidance is invaluable. And you will feel the presence of Jesus, the Guides in the Heavenly Realms, and the Angels inviting you to be with them—and to be one with them.


Glenn Hovemann, Publisher of A Course of Love and Choose Only Love

Nevada County, California




BEING the Kingdom Within is a loving invitation to become aware of the reality of the being of pure love that we truly are. It does so by reflecting in its expressions a manifest love for Jesus, as the convergence point of the mind and the heart. The act of bringing every search for understanding before Jesus allows the light of a wisdom that is not of the world to be reflected in this work.


It leads us to move from the search for the Kingdom of Heaven as a reality external to ourselves, towards the knowledge that this Heavenly Kingdom is within us. It reminds us that our destiny is to be the Heavenly Kingdom that Jesus has told us about so many times. In other words, it invites us to be Heaven on Earth, here and now.


The author helps us to raise our thoughts beyond the small ideas we have of ourselves, towards a dimension in which it is revealed to us that we are human beings carrying the light of Christ within us. This knowledge, lovingly shared, constitutes the essence of the re-creating power of a New Heaven and a New Earth. Re-creation that, as stated in the author’s words:


“… is happening right now, in this time of the unfolding toward completion of the Great Rescue Programme, from the within into the without – the external world of form; the transformation of the world of separation, conflict, brokenness into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.”


By revealing that The Kingdom is now being extended, “Being the Kingdom Within” stands as a hymn to hope and an encouragement to those who trust in God’s love.

Undoubtedly a work that will make hearts thirsty for love and truth sing. A gift from Heaven.


Sebastián Blaksley, Author of Choose Only Love

Buenos Aires, Argentina




This concluding volume in the Kingdom series really takes us, spiritually, mystically, to the summit of the Hill of the Lord with Jesus as our beloved Companion of the Way every step. BEING the Kingdom Within truly is not only Journey’s End but brings us to the place where a New Beginning awaits us such as mankind has never known – the creating of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, in which peace, harmony, Love and abundant Life are universal.


Brian has an extraordinary gift for explaining deeply esoteric truths in a way that renders them straightforward, easy to comprehend and assimilate. An invisible bonus is that the reading lifts us up in a spiral of joy and delight. I totally and unequivocally recommend his seven-book Kingdom series.


John Barkovich, London, Canada




Whenever I read Brian’s books, I always feel so empowered, invincible, and loving all at the same time. BEING the Kingdom Within is the crescendo of all 7 books. I absorbed and enjoyed every sentence. Thank you Brian for sharing your deepest experiences with us.

Connie Lysko, Ocean, New Jersey




During these turbulent times of misinformation, disinformation and out-and-out lies, it is vital that we re-establish our personal, intimate connection to the divine, and rebirth ourselves into the frequency of Love. We can no longer outsource our morality, our spirituality to an outside organisation. Brian’s book, the final in his seven book Kingdom series, BEING the Kingdom Within, reawakens our direct connection with the living Jesus, minus religion – which has fallen short of what we require as spiritual beings.


Experiencing our own spark of Christ consciousness is the most profound, meaningful and life-changing miracle we could ever embrace, and reading this book with an open heart will pave the way, as you will literally feel Jesus saturating your heart and soul with the Love that He is. Only then can we come together as agents of change and co-create a heart-based humanity founded in unconditional Love, peace and freedom, with harm to none . . . a reality that every single person on this planet longs for. Thank you, Brian, for this beautiful book.


Carolyn Roads, Queensland, Australia




This is the final book in the series of seven, written and inspired with Christ, truths, and written with the same humility and immense Christ-like love as have all its predecessors. It shines through in every chapter. This book felt very concentrated and, in these times, important, so I read carefully and took time to ponder the content. 


There were times when I wasn’t sure if I was reading the book, or it was reading me! 


Since I have read all the books, this is the final ‘call to action’ and there was action within me. About a third of the way through, one chapter caught my attention and held it. Over the next few weeks came a sense of letting Christ in, attempting to let ego go and making that statement within myself that I was going to do what all the books had asked and finally, truly, express the very thing I have always been, but that had become hidden and lost, which is the true nature of all of us.  


All these books seem to arouse dormant knowledge and ‘remembering who you are’ as they go, and I certainly found this to be true, with results of peace, harmony and gratitude. Everything we need to know is presented to us. 


It’s up to us to accept the gift it is.


Renee Tilworth, Devon, England




In the seventh, concluding volume of the Kingdom series, Brian invites us to make the final step with him on the long journey that never was, from an imagined hell of separation to the realm of perfect Love. He shares with us his direct communication with Jesus, the ascended Christ, and like A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, upon both of which Brian draws pertinently in his narrative, it is written in the pure presence of Love and Light.


The binding energy of this whole Kingdom series is not just in the meaning of the words but the rhythm. The words ripple outwards in the mind like a stone skimming across the water. His prose style sings like poetry and lulls the mind into a profound state of receptivity. Healing begins as soon as you open the book and start to read the very first sentence.


Kirsty Randle, Dorset, England




TOTAL respect to Brian and Theresa Longhurst for completing The Kingdom Series! What an incredible accomplishment, which took single-minded devotion and a steadfast focus on spiritual truth – not to mention an inextinguishable work ethic! It is a gift to humanity that will benefit generations to come.


This final tome, BEING the Kingdom Within is a veritable CYCLONE of spiritual discernment put into friendly, understandable and encouraging form by Brian’s pen. It is a force unto itself; it is a deep well of wisdom that you can throw all your questions and doubts into! It’s the kind of book that can super-charge your understanding of the Great Rescue Programme. It has the power to reshape lives with its unquenchable BELIEF in, and understanding and exposition of spiritual REALITY!


Susan Oliver, Northumberland, England




I am certain I was “meant” to connect with Brian during this “ride on the carousel” of earthly life.


Surely, each volume in this Kingdom series has coaxed and prodded us readers to a deeper level of commitment to The Great Rescue Program.


This book is NOT meant to be just read; it is meant to be LIVED. In reading, savoring each page, I found myself challenged; old doctrinal beliefs, personal beliefs, personal behaviors. The biggest challenge of all, the answer to the question: Who am I? Through the work of Jesus, Holy Spirit, and Brian, the answer may come as a shock, when read with a humble heart that has endured lifetimes of confusion, abuse, wrong indoctrination.


This work (all seven volumes) is lovingly, persistently untying countless knots we have accumulated in innumerable incarnations as individuals and as One through wrong patterns of thinking. Make no mistake, this work IS HOLY SCRIPTURE for our times, right here, right NOW.


Any true, genuine transmission from Jesus/Papa/Holy Spirit should be considered as nothing less than that. I have not read any books, other than Brian’s, that have induced, compelled me to commit and desire a true friendship with the REAL Jesus. To feel such hope and gain courage to approach him as I am, as he is, is like unlocking an old rusty door and running to freedom. I sincerely hope other readers feel the same way.


ANY student of ACIM should be reading the Kingdom series as accompaniments to the main course! With all my heart, I believe Brian is a true, genuine messenger and caretaker of Jesus’ teachings, for having LIVED what I read, and ALLOWING myself to be helped by Jesus, I am changing and growing far more than any indoctrinated religion can offer. Thank you, Brian for being WILLING, and ALLOWING Jesus to share through you!


Francine Triebe, Wisconsin, USA




Brian Longhurst is committed to our spiritual awakening. He understands our longings to be free of suffering. This book is the final message of this Kingdom series: How to embody our true nature.  


He understands because he has walked this path his entire life and experienced the questions and doubts that are familiar to everyone. Savor each chapter and you will find what is already there, deep within us all.


Rev. Barbara Sharpe, Dallas, Tx.




Over the last few months – amidst turbulent times in the world – I have been slowly reading Brian’s final book in this series: ‘BEING The Kingdom Within’. I have found it an invaluable aid to staying anchored in a state of awareness that is ‘in the world, but not of it’ – that state of awareness of being ‘the Kingdom Within’. Again, I have found a deepening in Brian’s writing, and within this work there appears to be a beautiful underlying mnemonic, gently returning us repeatedly to what is True, what is Real. Each chapter provides useful reminders, reassurance and encouragement. The value of this is beyond measure. I am deeply grateful to Brian for all his books in the Kingdom series – each being a treasure on this, our journey Home.


Andrea Matthews, Cape Town, South Africa




To read Brian’s BEING the Kingdom Within is to be transported with him into an experience of the Love and Light of the Kingdom of God Itself. It is more of a meditative journey where for a little while one leaves the dimension of time and space and enters into communion with Brian, and “Papa” into God’s eternal Kingdom. This last instalment of our journey with Brian into The Kingdom of Heaven within brings together in a perfect package all the golden nuggets of his previous six books and culminates in an experience beyond the gates of Heaven, beyond the lawns of Heaven, and into the Heart of God Himself, which is our heart as well. For me, it was like walking through Heaven’s door and finding myself there waiting for me! We find the Kingdom within by BEING the Kingdom Within”. We breathe in its atmosphere and feel the Divine Love we share with our Creator. We joyfully discover that the Kingdom of God is US, all of us, within the ONENESS of our Loving Father.


Being a student of A Course in Miracles for over forty years, I appreciate the way Brian utilizes the English language in communicating the most abstract of spiritual concepts in a manner that is both recognizable and memorable. It is more than merely a sharing of information. It is written in the language of Love and comes from his heart to ours, circumventing the ego thought system entirely. We find that all the goodies of Heaven we have searched for and sought after are within our own holy mind we share with God and all our brothers. “BEING the Kingdom Within” is a party of ONEness, Love, and Truth. It will become one of those cherished, sacred writings you will want to visit again and again.


Lana Carolan, Keene, NH,  USA.




God is calling us – all of us – Home. His call is via many messengers, and BEING the Kingdom Within is a sharing of that call in a collaborative venture between Jesus and Brian. They are telling and showing us how we can Be and Live Love in this fearful world. This book speaks to us in such a straightforward, uncomplicated way it is easy to resonate with, and understand the message it conveys. Words, sentences and paragraphs are so strikingly powerful their impact resonated with my heart/mind and brought tears to my eyes; I had to write them in my personal ‘Christ talking book’. I loved the Truth that is written here for anyone and everyone to understand and unite with their Whole Being.


Brian is showing us, through his communion with Jesus, how we can connect and unite with the Calling everyone has – calling us to remember Who we truly are, The Christ, The Holy Son of God. This is available to everyone; no one is left out. Brian’s book is telling us and showing us what we have been searching for since our seeming separation from God – our search for Love, to be reunited in Oneness with our Creator and our inner, Higher Self, and how to live the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.


There’s no need to be intellectual or even intelligent to receive inwardly the Words of Truth, the Love and Being that Brian and Jesus are telling us about – we just need an open heart and mind; the door of Love is never shut.


Linda Down, Northamptonshire, England.




Upon reading this book, I found myself immediately enveloped in the love and peace that shines through from the heart of Brian. Although I had not yet read the previous books within the Kingdom series, I found it to be immediately clear, true and utterly profound in its message.


The words within this book seem to It speaks directly to the heart, and so, can be read from the heart and resonated-with deeply. While the book’s beautiful details can address and explain the many steps of walking the Path, its loving message is clear and simple behind all the words. It silently speaks with our own within, sweetly encouraging us to remember the beauty, the truth of what we really are.


What a divine gift this message is, encouraging us to open our hearts and minds and explore – discover, unveil – the depths of our magnificent SELF. BEING the Kingdom Within reminds us that within our very being, open, available and lovingly waiting, our brother Jesus is there, ready to commune with us directly and share the love of his heart.

Thank you Brian.


Jay Logan, Sydney, Australia




Whenever I feel the vulnerability of fear, panic, loneliness … I open BEING The Kingdom Within on the computer. I then ask Jesus to talk to me through the book, shut my eyes and spin the pages through with the page-down key. Then I take my finger off the key and open my eyes where the screen has stopped. Here is an example of where it had stopped, near the end of chapter 2:


“The sense of vulnerability is merely illusion about what is reality; a fantasised misperception of self. By giving it to Me, illusions are surrendered, and freedom restored to remembrance of the reality of Self.


“All the while the fragmented Sonship chooses not to Waken to the awareness of opportunity instead of adversity, and use it to transform motivation from fear to Love, then, unavoidably, further opportunities, self-jolts, will continue to present themselves. For transformation – Awakening – is inevitable and unstoppable. Have no fear; all is accommodated within the Great Rescue Programme.”


Obviously, loss of peace and the rising of fear is a self-jolt!


BEING the Kingdom Within is an invaluable aid to our Awakening, and I wholeheartedly commend it to all.


Dorothy Rumble, Hampshire, England




I felt a hint of nostalgia whilst finishing the seventh and last book of this series. Then again, I reminded myself that within these books are non-linear principles that sink in best through repetition, contemplation, and ultimately first-hand experience. Thank you, Brian, for setting such ideal grounds for this. 


Philip Chowney, Geneva, Switzerland




In this book author Brian Longhurst draws on a variety of spiritual teachings including A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love and his own experience of communion with Jesus and the Spirit Realms.


A Course in Miracles teaches that the phrase, “The kingdom of heaven is within you” could be more accurately stated as... “The kingdom of heaven is you.” (T-4.III.1:4).

This book beautifully expands on that teaching with statements such as this: “The nature of divine Being is to create – not by doing but by expressing, extending what already is: Love. That is already accomplished so no doing is require.”


BEING the Kingdom Within is the perfect culmination to the series of books that began with Seek Ye First the Kingdom.


Judy Kelley, Portland, Oregon




I have read most of Brian’s books and his writings and shared wisdom have been very important stepping stones toward my own personal journey of awakening; and no doubt so it has been for many others.


I will always remember his words, that all we need to have is the DESIRE & steadfast COMMITMENT!


The desire and commitment to awaken and to remember who we truly are.


As with others, no doubt, it may not have always seemed like a steadfast commitment, but looking back at my own journey and my life today in comparison with a few (or few more!) years ago, here I can gratefully say, that now deep down there is a solid knowing that I am in the perfect care of the spiritual realm.


BEING the Kingdom Within, Brian’s final book in this amazing Kingdom series, has especially been a great reminder to open the curtains to see more light. And each one has been an enormous help to the understanding of the greater reality, so that I can now be in mind-to-mind communion with Jesus and Spirit.

If someone would have told me this years ago, I would have never believed it’s possible but IT IS.

So I highly recommend Brian’s books and their guidance.


And how wonderful it is to know that we are not a body, we are not our random thoughts; that we cannot die (because when we lay aside our body we do not die, but commence a new beginning); and we don’t need to be fearful of anything.


And what exciting times we live in to be in the early decades of awakening of humanity to our Christ-Self within.

Just reading the words ‘Great Rescue Programme’ lightens up my heart every time ☺


Thanks to Brian for providing stepping stones towards the emerging awareness and that I came from uncertainty to being completely certain.


Once one has started to truly see and experience the truth, you can never really unsee it again (perhaps only occasionally forget).


Thank you, Brian, for another inspirational book & for helping guide anyone who has the desire and is willing to commit to AWAKENING.


NOW is always the right time.  


Angela Philippi, Cotswold Meditation & Mindfulness, Cheltenham, England



I hope and trust these comments will be helpful to any considering obtaining a copy of this book. Please click Here to take you to sources of supply. Joyful, inspiring and uplifting reading.  



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