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On a regular basis entries from Diary of a Christ Communicant are sent by e-mail to friends on the HTG mailing list,  accompanied by a Message of Encouragement, or ‘MoE’.  Each successive MoE is then posted on this page, along with the Diary entry. MoEs from previous years are archived on their respective pages.


The intent of these MoEs is to examine and illuminate various aspects of the portentous events unfolding in the spiritual transformation that is taking place in us – each and all the living souls who appear as individual humans – the seemingly fragmented, conflicted Sonship of God.   


This transformation is the Awakening from a dream, an illusion, of separation from God – Papa – back to the truth of our Oneness as His beloved, innocent (guiltless) Son, the Christ, and our restoration to fullness of remembrance of our endless, perfect Love, peace and joy in our true and eternal Home in the Heart-Mind of God. 


All these events are integral aspects of the Great Rescue Programme, or GRP, that is taking place right now, with all humanity though most are, as yet, not consciously aware of these transforming events – under the leadership of he who incarnated and we all know as Jesus of Nazareth. He is empowered and authorised by our Heavenly Father, the  Creator Spirit, for leading this great spiritual awakening back to full enlightenment, or Self-realisation, because he is the first amongst the fragments to remember the true nature of his – and all – Being.


As Jesus reminds us in A Course in Miracles (ACIM), his handbook to assist, guide, lead us in this great metamorphosis, raising-up, or resurrection, of our seemingly separate minds, back to their re-unified state, or Christ Mind:


Enlightenment is but a recognition, not a change at all. . .

The Peace Of God Is Shining IN you/AS you Now

(A Course in Miracles, Workbook for Students, Lesson188)


Because these MoEs are written on an impromptu basis, as moved by inspiration from Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit, no particular order of subject matter is given, and instead, they are shown according to the date on which originally posted, starting at the top and  proceeding in chronological order thereafter.


You may notice that certain aspects are repeated at various places in one week or another and in one way or another. Because of the enormity of the subject involved, repetition can be most serviceable in the assimilation of such important matters back into our comprehension, or reCognition. Thus are removed the self-imposed blocks to our awareness of the Oneness in God that is, in Truth, already fully and rightfully our eternal state of Being.


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May you be uplifted, inspired and encouraged by what you find here,

Brian Longhurst



January 3, 2018  

Dear Friends,  

Would a sane mind, we might ask ourself, want to shut itself off from awareness of its Self? Assuredly it would not if it understood that self and Self are not one and the same. Far from it; the two are mutually exclusive, irreconcilable, and choosing awareness of one obscures our awareness of the other. This obfuscation is not done to us: it is self-applied. So, what is the difference between the ‘two’? One is real, eternal, limitless, all-Knowing, never doubting, and above all is all-Loving. The other has none of those qualities, and is in opposition to them all. It could be said, to simplify, or qualify the differences, that One is Light and the other is the absence of Light, i.e., darkness. 

And ‘we’, who believe we are, and thus perceive ourselves as ‘human beings’, hover, oscillate between turning to the Light and being oh-so-readily drawn, tempted back toward the dream, the illusion, the unreality of outer darkness. This is duality consciousness. The only way to escape from the Jekyll and Hyde of duality is to choose non-duality. That means eschewing darkness in favour of the Light. ‘Easier said than done’, prompts the ego – the symbol of the darkness that splits our mind, causing us to experience self instead of Self. But we could only experience self by first believing that we are self, because what we chose to believe is what became our experience.  

Our confused mind sees that the other way around, so that what we experience is what we believe is actually happening. That is how it seems because that is how we present it to ourself. That can only seem possible to a fantasising mind by projecting outward what arises within it, from where it is reflected back to senses we have devised to demonstrate that events beyond our control, or even our seeming will, desire, intent … are occurring externally. The ego will protest at the absurdity of such a suggestion, yet that is our exact experience when, during the night, in a darkened room, we dream of events and encounters with others, none of which is there when we wake in the morning. 

None was ever there in reality, though it seemed so in the dream. From where have these events and encounters arisen, that appeared so real – and so external, so objective to ourself – if not from within our mind? Within the dream that certainly does not appear to be the case. And some events and encounters will seem pleasant, some unpleasant. Assuredly, it is reasonable to fantasise about pleasant experiences, but who wants to fantasise nightmares? From where else but in our mind can such arise, since we are sleeping in bed with eyes shut, so they cannot be external? The only possible source is our own mind. This indicates the insanity of choosing duality in place of Oneness.  

‘How’, will argue the ego, in an attempt at glossing over the question it does not want us to ask, ‘can night-time dreams – even nightmares – have any relevance to our daytime, waking, bodily experiences, encounters, awarenesses? The one is, obviously, only a dream, but the other is real life experience.’ And yet – for example – when 20 people witness a single event, 20 differing accounts of the event will be given. Clearly, the event has not occurred externally, but within the split, separated, conflicted minds of the observers, and projected from there, appearing in form as external, reflected back to their bodily senses, and ‘witnessed’ as group-consciousness consensus reality.  

This appears as real, conscious and external to each of the witnesses, but is actually occurring in, arising from the group, ego-driven, confused, misperceiving, unconscious mind. Just as every occurrence that seems to have happened, be happening and ‘yet to happen’ throughout the illusion of linear time and its concomitant counterpart: place. It then seems to be witnessed as myriad – ‘billions’, though the numbers are meaningless because there is but One of us in reality – individual bodies, each having their own, separate, divided, and all too frequently conflicted, experiences.  

This mass phantasm is of the non-dual, One Mind of the created offspring of the Creator Spirit momentarily choosing to experience the idea of duality, division, separation from Its Source in the Mind of the Creator. But One is the nature of creation and the Creator. If the Creator is everything and everywhere – which assuredly He Is – it cannot be possible to separate from Him in reality because in reality there is nowhere and no thing He is not. And His Creation, His Son, being an extension of Himself, and thus being real – i.e., eternal, complete, perfect, unassailable – also is in indivisible, unchangeable Oneness, within the Mind of the Creator. 

Yet the idea of separation, though impossible in Truth, seems – to the now-divided, confused mind of the Son – to exist, though only in the unreality of a dream, a fantasy. This can only be perceived by re-viewing the infinitesimal fantasy-instant over and over, thereby giving it a spurious reality, just as re-viewing a movie can – if we are willing to allow it to – seem to still be happening, even though the making of the film was in the past, played out by actors pretending to be who they portrayed. This re-viewing – of the horror-fantasy movie called A Walk in the Valley of the Shadow of Death – will continue as long as we are willing to allow it.  

So long has this been appearing to happen that we have forgotten it has no reality, so have no idea that we can leave the valley of the shadow of death and return Home – rejoicing and free – to our true state as Papa’s One Son. But we must be willing to let go of the fantasy in order to be aware of eternal reality. Most of the fragments of the Sonship still seem to be deeply slumbering, but the Clarion Call to Wakefulness from the dream of mortality and restoration to eternal, abundant, peaceful, blissful Life continues uninterruptedly, and so it is inevitable that the Call will be heard and responded to. Now is that process proceeding to its joyous, inevitable conclusion.  

Jesus, our older brother, is leading us in this, and is ever-willing and eager to Help us. Here is what he tells us about how he can Help us – if only we are willing to ASK for and accept his Help – in A Course in Miracles

When you unite with me you are uniting without the ego, because I have renounced the ego in myself and therefore cannot unite with yours. Our union is therefore the way to renounce the ego in you. The truth in both of us is beyond the ego. Our success in transcending the ego is guaranteed by God, and I share this confidence for both of us and all of us. I bring God’s peace back to all His children because I received it of Him for us all. Nothing can prevail against our united wills because nothing can prevail against God’s. (T-8.V.4, my italic and emboldening, for emphasis.) 

We can accelerate our liberation, our Awakening, by co-operating with him in our daily life by steadfastly committing to follow him, the Messenger of Truth from Its Source. One crucial way to co-operate is to abandon our adherence to false mythologies, dogmas and doctrines about guilt, sin, sacrifice, fear, judgement, retribution … all of which are keeping us stuck in the dream of time – the consciousness of fear. Here is what Jesus said to Helen Schucman during the scribing of A Course in Miracles (as reported by Ken Wapnick in his book Absence from Felicity, page 215): 

It is just because you are not [yet] ready to do what you should that time exists at all. 

Is this not applicable to us all – or at least, the vast majority of ‘humanity’? Let us join – actually, rejoin – and become as of One Mind, with Jesus, and accept our function as the Light of the world. Then our sole purpose for appearing in time – to be the saviour of the world – can be effortlessly fulfilled. 

Brian Longhurst



I serve the command I have received of my Father, to lead my ‘flock’ forward unto the Kingdom of His Eternalness. This service is possible because I am authorised by the Father. Those I authorise are able to serve also because the authorisation gives power to accomplish.

~ Jesus, October 9, 1988 


Diary of a Christ Communicant

A.M. February 20, 2009 

Release to Me all fear, the great dismantler of peace, and give thanks that, having placed all the affairs of your life in My care, you can Know of a certainty that everything that appears before you is, and can only be, the perfect thing. 

Beloved Papa, I give thanks for our brother, Jesus, sent by You to remind us of and restore us to eternal Truth, so that we can, again, have true vision of Your Kingdom of Love, Peace and Joy. To this, the Great Rescue Programme, I have committed myself one-pointedly, for the glorification of Your Name in us, Your beloved Son. 

This is the end of dis-ease, fear, dissonance, the dispelling of time and all other illusions, and your return to Oneness in Me eternally, My Son. Release to Me all fear, the great dismantler of peace, and give thanks that, having placed all the affairs of your life in My care. Then will your eyes be opened, to see and Know of a certainty that everything that appears before you is, and can only be, the perfect thing. Therefore, by accepting it as such – a gift – it is an opportunity to transform adversity into fulfilment; temporal illusion into eternal reality.

January 10, 2018 

Dear Friends,  

I have written about this on previous occasions and in different ways, but the content remains unchanged: there is no such thing as death. I have been aware of this as incontrovertible Truth from childhood, and have been blessed throughout this embodiment with communion with the minds, the lives of innumerable souls who have laid aside their bodies and so ‘reside’ in what many refer to as the spirit world. In reality, there is only the spirit world, though to refer to it as a ‘world’ is a misnomer; rather, it is a state of Being that is eternal and without limits of any kind, other than what we, in error, self-apply. And these totally unnecessary limits are legion. 

The ‘physical world’ as we perceive and experience it does not exist, bodies do not exist, time and place do not exist: we have dreamt them all up as an insane self-limiting and fear-instilling fantasy of separation, division, conflict, sickness, scarcity and – impossibly – ‘death’. Anyone who has ever experienced communion with a no-longer-embodied soul or souls cannot meaningfully accept the concept of ‘death’. Acceptance of the continuity of being beyond departure from the little pile of clay we refer to as the body is greatly facilitated by abandoning the myth that we are a body. But there is an inestimably greater reason for accepting this than the ego wants us to know and understand. 

The domain of the ego is founded in separation, or division, widely termed duality. The Domain, or State of Being of God and His One Son is Oneness, or Singularity. Duality and singularity are, it hardly needs saying, incompatible, irreconcilable. We are playing a game of pretend at duality, or division; we are dreaming of being many individual, different entities. The only way that can seem possible is to believe we are a body, different from all other bodies. By so believing do we then appear, because what we believe becomes what we perceive. But separation means division, and division means conflict. This is inevitable. The only escape from this is by joining again, as One. 

This has a modicum of plausibility, of workability, except that the upside-down concept of separation has put in place seemingly endless obstacles to joining – actually, rejoining. For example: fear, forgetfulness, guilt, unforgiveness, religions, politics, cultures, languages, proclivities … These may seem more than enough to block our (re)joining in what we see as the physical world, let alone the great question mark of what lies beyond – the ultimate obstacle, the clincher in the game of separation – death: ‘the great divide’. And to counter the idea of communion with the departed we insert clauses into religion about eschewing the unseen realm of ‘the departed’.  

These prohibitions threaten us with dire consequences for any such endeavours. And with fear being among the prime effects of the idea of separation and its continuance, dispelling fear has to be a prime objective in expanding or extending our vision beyond the limits of the external world of form to the limitless Domain of the within. But we cannot dispel fear by vigilance against it, for that gives ‘reality’ to what has no reality in Truth. Rather, we need to be vigilant in our choice for focusing steadfastly on the Truth of our Being – Love, Light, peace, joy unassailable and unending – as the One Son of the Father Creator. That focus precludes the darkness of unreality from our awareness. 

Consulting with ‘familiar spirits’ (departed family members, or forebears) or ‘necromancers’ (spiritualist mediums, clairvoyants etc.) (Deut. 18:11) instead, or ahead of communing with/ASKING God, or the Spirit of Truth, or Jesus – and therefore precluding Them (the Source, the Light and the Way of all Being) as foremost in terms of our Care, Guidance and Protection – will not get us Home. Rather, it will continue to keep us riding the carousel of birth and death. Although numerous Old Testament characters were in communion with God and angels, there is no mention of the Holy Spirit before Jesus spoke – in the New Testament – of the Comforter, and called Him down into the world.  

This demonstrates Jesus having been given – or, restored to, by his commitment to God, Truth and his devotion to saving his brothers in the Sonship from their (our) dream of death – ‘all power in Heaven and in Earth’ (Matt. 28:18). His incarnation and his calling down the Spirit of Truth into the Earth (see John 20:19-22 and Acts, chs 1 and 2) has made inestimably more accessible to us the celestial Care, Guidance and Protection and (two-way) communion with reality. As already stated, fear of Life, Light, Love, Truth, eternity – which causes us to invoke the insane defence of doubt/unbelief – is all that keeps us from the reality that is ours, again, just for the asking. 

The guidelines set out in Deuteronomy were recorded about 33 centuries ago, a few centuries into the first measure of meal. We are now in the third measure of meal, in which the Great Rescue Programme is moving us along toward its completion in our Awakening to full Knowledge, in complete equality with Jesus. Here is what he tells us now, about communion, or shared spiritual union, as communicated to Paul Tuttle and disseminated by the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles:  

One of the most significant aspects of Awakening is letting down your defences enough to find out that you are not alone, that you are accompanied by those who are Awake. But of course as long as it is important to be a self-made man, or a self-responsible emancipated woman, you will block yourself from the deep experience of unity with your brother and sister, both seen and unseen [i.e., embodied and disembodied]. It is especially important for you to be able to have the experience of communion with those who are not seen [disembodied], because it helps confirm for you the actuality of God. 

It cannot be overemphasised how important it is to place ourself within the Care, Guidance and Protection of Jesus/Holy Spirit when engaging – or attempting to engage – in communion with the ‘unseen’. This is because in duality consciousness – embodied and disembodied – there are souls in spiritual darkness whose misplaced motives are far from benign and Selfless. If we do not place ourself in Their Protection – simply by ASKing Them for it – that is the same as saying we don’t want Their Protection, so They cannot give It. That leaves us open to incursion – which can readily lead to undesirable possession – by unfriendly visitors from the lower astral realms.  

But when we sincerely ask for Their Protection (as well as Their Care and Guidance, of course), it is always freely given, thus keeping us safe from unwanted intruders. Then, safe, unassailable within Their Care, Guidance and Protection we can Pray (for), Commit (into Their care), and Bless any and all such misguided souls. Why would we want to do that? Because they are all, without exception, our co-equal brethren in the Sonship of God, momentarily lost in the wilderness of forgetfulness of the Truth of the Oneness of Being – just as are we all, if to a slightly lesser degree. This is a quantum step toward the healing and rejoining of the fragmented, conflicted Sonship. 

Steps forward toward healing and rejoining the fragmented, conflicted Sonship are steps to confirming for us the actuality of God, our true and only Home. Just as Jesus reminds us, above. 

Brian Longhurst 


If you would serve, and desire to bring Light, be still, experience the Love and Peace and tranquillity and Joy within and all shall be fulfilled in you, my son. It shall not be of yourself, by your own power, but by your willingness to let the Power of the Father accomplish it in you and through you.

~ Jesus, October 30, 1988 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. February 23, 2009 

All the while the fragmented Sonship chooses not to Waken to the awareness of opportunity instead of adversity, and use it to transform motivation from fear to Love, then, unavoidably, further opportunities, self-jolts, will continue to present themselves. 

I realise that we are at a cross-road where we can choose to enlarge/accelerate our progress toward Self-Realisation, or continue to move along at our present, stop-start rate. This is regulated by whether, or how, we choose to engage with events that appear to be happening around/to us, or simply to be observers, passersby, knowing it is not our reality, and ‘bless and allow’.  

I have been aware for some years that the collapse of the old, ego-divisive order of money control over our lives – which is latterly taking such rapid and traumatic lurches forward – is a key ingredient of the Great Rescue Programme (GRP). The GRP is designed to bring about an awakening from an ego-contrived unreality, devised to control, confuse, imprison us in the time and place, scarcity consciousness. 

The collapse of what Jesus called ‘the mammon of unrighteousness’ has always been inevitable, for in a three-dimensional realm – from which the separated-from-eternal-Truth, fragmented Sonship seeks to exclude the Light – cause and effect still must prevail. Fear is the controlling energy of time and place – ‘egoland’. Fear begets selfishness, greed, conflict – about as far as we can remove ourself from the beneficence of Truth.  

Thirty or so years ago Jesus told me the world needs a jolt; that when people are ready, but unwilling, to Awaken, a jolt will do the job. His words slightly scared me at the time because fear still had such a hold on me, and I was concerned that some terrible physical cataclysm was going to happen – like a meteor causing a mass-extinction event. I did not realise at the time he said that to me that we are all the author of our own experience; that nothing outside ourself causes whatever effects we experience. Now I Know this is how the Principles of Life of the Father (PLFs) work. 

We have called into our presence a great, mighty gift; a great and mighty opportunity. The collapse of the ‘old order’ (fear) mammon (money) system is a global Opportunity to Transform Adversity into Fulfilment (OTAF). I have had an inner Knowing for many years that a redirection of humanity, from its self-formed ‘consensus reality’, was inescapable, unavoidable, though I had no idea how or when it would be, or the form it would take.  

The sense of vulnerability is merely illusion about what is reality; a fantasised misperception of self. By giving it to Me illusions are surrendered and freedom restored to remembrance of the reality of Self. 

All the while the fragmented Sonship chooses not to Waken to the awareness of opportunity instead of adversity, and use it to transform motivation from fear to Love, then, unavoidably, further opportunities, self-jolts, will continue to present themselves. For transformation – Awakening – is inevitable and unstoppable. Have no fear; all is accommodated within the Great Rescue Programme.

January 17, 2018 

Dear Friends, 

On Maundy Thursday 1976 Olga Park – who became my spiritual mentor in 1965 – received a message from the living Master Jesus. Of the experience she wrote: 

The method by which the Master gave the message was a new experience to me. It is a transliteration of his Eternal, Living Word (as recorded in John chapter 14). The speaking style and form is not of the exquisite beauty and simplicity of the KJV bible but the content is the same, and is expanded upon from that record. 

Olga preceded her sharing of his message with a hymn, given here as she wrote and formatted its presentation.

O Christ of Love Divine

Who hast a table spread

Furnished with Living Wine

And Everlasting Bread

Renew the Life




And feed and

Train us up for Heaven 

The Master gives his learners at the end of the [Piscean] age the same message that he gave to his learners at the beginning of the age. The Passover Supper was finished and Judas Iscariot had left. The disciples were still seated around the table with the Master as he spoke, saying:  

“I am going away and where I shall be you cannot come. In the Father’s House are many mansions and I am going to another mansion – the mansion where I was before I was born into this life. [This mansion is, of course, Heaven, eternity, the Home of us all when Jesus’ Great Rescue Programme is completed by the restoration to remembrance of the Oneness, with him, in Papa, of all the separated, split minds of the fragmented Sonship]. I shall not then be able to communicate with you, to teach or to answer your questions, except by special arrangement, because you will not be able to hear my speaking. 

“It is important for you that I go away because if I stay here you will never learn to communicate with that realm [Heaven, eternity], and at the end of your life here you will not [be ready, or able to] come to be with me.  

“Meanwhile, you will need a Teacher to be with you here, to give you what I am saying that you are not yet ready to hear. The Teacher is here with you now but he is not speaking with you – while you are still listening to me with your earthly hearing. 

“In the mansion to which I am going I shall be with my Father and I shall ask Him to arrange for the Teacher to be with you and speak with you from within you. 

“There is much that you need to know about the Great Purpose of God for men and of His Kingdom of Heaven, that I have not been able to tell you because you were not ready; neither are you ready now! 

“But the Teacher will be with you always. He will not be going away, and there will be time for him to bring you to more complete understanding. He will speak only that which he hears me saying to you. He is the Spirit of Truth, who speaks the Word of the Father to me while I am in this life. In that other mansion to which I am going I shall not need his speaking because I will be with the Father. 

“He will speak that which is new to you but which in reality is very old … from Eternity to Eternity, ever the same. 

“All things that I have said to you are of this Eternal Truth, and the Teacher will bring it into your mind as you have need of it. 

“This is my Living Word, the Word of Life: it is the Bread of Heaven; it is my life, my soul. Even as I break this bread to give you all a portion, yet each portion remains part of the one loaf, representing the One Life of me, and all, in our Father. Take and eat of this bread, symbolising receiving into yourselves my Living Word, to remain with you and nourish and enliven your souls.  

“This night you have drunk of wine from one cup – signifying your Oneness of brotherhood in Christ Life and Love. I am the vine and you are my branches. The branches of a vine draw their life from the vine. As long as you live in me, my life flows in you. Drink of this wine, signifying imbibing into yourselves the Love of Christ. 

“I am the vine, my Father is the husbandman. He will purge [purify] and prune the vine [specifically, the vine’s branches], as need arises, so that it will put forth more and more branches, and bear much fruit. 

“This, then, I give you as a memorial of me until I come again to receive you into the mansion that I go to prepare … 

“Eat of my Living Bread

and drink the wine of my Love

in token of eternal Life and Love.” 

Jesus says that where he will be the disciples could not come because they were not yet made ready; their understanding had not reached the place where they could have conscious awareness of such an exalted-vibration state of Being. Neither, of course, are most of us on Earth today – or we would not seem to be here. J.  

He further says because the disciples – and by extension into the present time, we: all of us, ‘now’ – had not developed their soul senses/awareness to the point where they were able to communicate with that Realm, they therefore would not be able to be with him later if they did not learn to do so. He goes on to say that there was not time for all this while he was with them but that he had to go back to the Father so that he could send the Spirit of Truth to convey the things we must come to understand in order to be made ready to be received into that place.  

The Spirit of Truth is the communication mediator or mechanism between the Realms of Light (Heaven, eternity, the mansion to which Jesus returned to be with the Father) and us in the Earth life consciousness. While Jesus was here, the Spirit of Truth gave him what the Father was saying for him, and now Jesus is with the Father, the Spirit of Truth is here, with us, giving us the words Jesus – and/or the Father – gives/speaks to us now. Only a tiny percentage of embodied souls still, today, are anywhere near that Place, but now we are in the third measure of meal all that is changing, and the pace of change is accelerating. “Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.” (Matt. 13:9). 

That Place awaits our decision, our free choice for this now, as does Jesus, as does the Holy Spirit, as does Papa. Are we ready to join Them? Assuredly we cannot go alone – i.e., in the separation consciousness – but only as All One. We cannot Know and Be the All One of our unified wholeness in Christ Life that is the Truth of our Being all the while we are unwilling to acknowledge, accept and reclaim that as our Truth. Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles that the Holy Spirit asks of us all:  

“Are you ready yet to help Me save the world?” (C-2.9:1) 

The ego wants us to answer, unequivocally, a loud ‘NO’. Will that answer get us Home? The ego is the consciousness of fear, and only fear will want to answer No, because answering Yes will be the end of the non-existent ego in our split mind, and thus, the end of fear. ‘Ready’ does not refer to preparedness as the world interprets the word, but to willingness. That is all He asks of us. He will prepare us, but only can He do that when we are willing. And He will accomplish the saving for us and through us. Until we are ready – in the sense of willingness to help Him – we are denying ourself our freedom and God-empowerment for limitless creation. Is that what we really want? 

Jesus/Holy Spirit are within our mind right now. All we need is to accept and open to Their Presence. We don’t need to lift a finger to save the world – we only need to lift our mind – and They will accomplish for us our helping Them save the world, right along with us. How long will we continue denying ourself the joy, the glory, the ecstasy of Oneness with Them? 

Brian Longhurst 


As your awareness increases by the illumination of your heart and mind, so does your Light shine ever-brighter. This is much needed for the gathering-in of the harvest, and the time is now.

~ Jesus, November 13, 1988 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. March 12, 2009 

Think as Self; imagine from Self perspective; be Self-aware. This is how Jesus functioned. His body was a vehicle for Self to function through, and he did that, he allowed it. This is the blueprint for all who will to work to, to Awaken from the dream of bodies. 

‘I’ am one who, like most, am often confused about who, or what, that ‘one’ is. Seeming to be a body, persona Brian (pB) is beguiled into basing ‘reality’ on ‘past’ experiences and consensus illusions, yet seeks to remember – and become again – the Truth of One. One Creator, one created. Father and Son; the Son like the Father Creator, created in the Mind of the One Creator. Forever in the Mind, just as created, yet, forever like Papa creating. pB is seeking and is, one step at a time, remembering his true reality as Self.  

All this remembering is Mind activity. ‘Body’ persona Brian is an illusion, a distraction from One-Mindedness, save when Self is allowed primacy in the process. Self already IS and always has been, so KNOWS. This is why pB can only be helped to remember by choosing, freely, to place himself within the leading, guiding, directing of benign, all-Knowing Self. The two are One, yet pB will be subsumed into Self and be truly One only by allowing, not resisting. This enables Self to illuminate the forgetful, confused, separated part of the mind that sees double and believes in littleness and limitation. 

The process is advancing well, and big progress has already been made. This is possible because of willingness to remember Self. Think as Self; imagine from Self perspective; be Self-aware. This is how Jesus functioned. His body was a vehicle for Self to function through, and he did that, he allowed it. This is the blueprint for all who will to work to, to Awaken from the dream of bodies. Forget the illusory separateness expressed in bodies; it is One Mind back toward which all must work, to escape the valley of the shadow of death. 

Mind is the operating mechanism, and is gathering the fragments together, drawn by the Spirit of Oneness – Papa – back into One Mind Reality. Trying to force it, out of a sense of urgency, has the opposite effect. Accept, allow and it happens effortlessly, unaided by self, who cannot actively help because self has forgotten, and therefore does not Know.

January 24, 2018 


The Kingdom of God is open to “all who will” to enter in. That is, to those who earnestly desire and are willing to be made new, made whole spiritually.

~ Holy communion, December 11, 1988

Dear Friends, 

In the eternity that is Heaven, there is no communication as we experience it ‘here’ in the dream of separation. There, there are no words, no language. Communication (here) is between one individual, or group, and another – separate entities who perceive themselves as apart from each other, either physically and/or mentally. The perceived gap may be small, physically or mentally, but there is sensed a need to share, teach or learn ideas, beliefs, understanding. The mechanism developed for such communication is, of course, language, spoken and/or written. This is a very inefficient device because a given word may mean one thing to one party and another to the other. 

Many words have more than one definition, and further, different nuances of meaning. Also, words are often inadequate to convey the depth and breadth of intent in the mind of the communicator. Words are symbols, devices to impart the intended meaning. This means they are separate from the actual idea. Then, the recipient must reinterpret the symbol in his separate, individual mind and give it the meaning the symbol represents to his interpretation of it. Words, it could be said, are a cumbersome, primitive, communication-limiting facility. But we have available to us an inestimably better, more efficient mode of connecting seemingly-separated minds: mind-to-mind communion.

communion’ means, as stated on numerous occasions, common, i.e., shared, union. Mind-to-mind communion means the joining of what, externally, appear to be two – or more – separate, or individual minds. Such union, or joining, can only occur when the two or more minds are in agreement, or accord, in the subject matter. There is, in Truth, only one subject that matters, or has any real, lasting value, and that is Oneness. Attempts at communion, or mind-to-mind communing, or joining of minds that seem to have been separate, can only be successful to any extent when there is a shared desire or intent. Without that there is no common point for joining.  

Because the whole idea of separation – i.e., time and place, appearing to be split-off from eternity – is about division, common union is by no means as common as reason would suggest it should be, and a reasoning, right-thinking mind would want it to be. This is because separation and division mean conflict. Without conflict, division, separation, time and place have no meaning and do not exist. Of course time and place, aka separation consciousness, does not exist at all in Truth, but only in a fantasy occupying – or seeming to occupy – a mind that momentarily dreamt the impossible was possible; the unbelievable believable; the valueless valuable, the meaningless meaningful. 

Nevertheless, reason cannot ever be completely abandoned, and moments of sound reason arise in the separated minds of the fragmented Sonship with great frequency. But the conflicted, divided separation consciousness, or ego, has set in place multiple mechanisms to counter reason, and disrupt the joining of minds within the dream of bodies. This is inevitable because separation also means duality. By way of just two examples therefore, amongst these mechanisms, one is gender. Here is a sure-fire battleground in the making. And such battles – ‘wars’ even – rage on every street and every court of law in every jurisdiction.  

The other example given here is the parliamentary system of government in so-called democracies. The British parliament is structured so that one political party is voted into office as the governing party, but other parties are actually paid, by the tax-payer, to OPPOSE the incumbent governing party, and does so at every turn, very often raucously, scornfully, childishly, unmindfully (is that not another word for mindlessly!?), and also often, irrelevantly. Parliamentary debate, and political debate generally, functions on the basis of clamour, or, who shouts loudest hopes to be heard; and, bizarrely, believed. This model is operational in just about every ‘democratic’ sovereign nation. 

Less scorn is displayed in communication between nations, but only publicly. This is called ‘diplomacy’. It is a sham, along with all the rest of split, separated minds that believe they are separate bodies and attempt communication through words. But there are two categories of words: words that portray illusion and those that portray Truth. Words that convey, promulgate illusion – including, and particularly, the false religious doctrine of sacrifice as the path to salvation – are devised by ego-engrossed split minds to be divisive, confusing, guilt- doubt- and fear-engendering in an ego-contrived attempt at gaining/maintaining power over, rather than power with, others. 

Will this get us Home? Jesus says, “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” (Matt. 5:5). And he goes on, in A Course in Miracles, to say of the meek: “It is hard to believe a defense that cannot attack is the best defense. This is what is meant by ‘the meek shall inherit the earth.’ They will literally take it over because of their strength.” (T-2.II.7:3-5). This is the real world, or Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, already in our midst, awaiting our discernment. He then says, “The meek shall inherit the earth because their egos are humble, and this gives them truer perception.” (T-4.I.12:4). The ego uses bluff, bluster and clamour to hide its doubt, confusion, lack of Knowledge, wisdom, understanding.

There is no Life in words devised to perpetuate the acceptance of unreality as real. Ultimately, all such attempts at Life in the dream of death, and constructs, such as treaties, inevitably fail, however ‘long’ it seems to take, because they are based on false, lifeless, ‘legal’ premises documented and signed on pieces of paper by people claiming to represent the rest of the fragmented Sonship. And even when that seems ‘true’, ‘today’, those signatories fall out of favour in due season and are consigned to history, along with the meaning and supposed value of the treaties. 

Words that represent Truth, in complete contrast, are aLive; they are the Living Word, the Word of Life and they enLiven us when we hear them or speak them mindfully. That is to say, with our heart-mind, not our head-mind. They are aLive because Truth is of the Spirit and Spirit IS Life; eternal Life because Spirit is eternal. God, so Jesus tells us in John 4:24, is a Spirit, and if we would engage in Holy Communion with Him we must commune with Him in Spirit and in Truth. Communing with Him is enLivening because He is the very Source of all Life. As Paul tells us: … in Him we live, and move, and have our being (Acts, 17:28). ‘Separate’ from Him, then, we are not alive. 

Of course, in reality we are not separate from Him, but we are dreaming, fantasising of being separate from Him. It is only possible for that to be our experience because we mistakenly believe it to be so. How can that be other than a dream of what is in opposition to Life: ‘death’? Awakening from the dream of death can only be possible by attuning/communing with Life. That cannot happen without repudiating our default belief in separation. Separation is a judgement we have made against ourself. God has not judged us and neither has Jesus because They Know we are innocent. They Know this because in Truth separation is impossible. 

For a judgement of guilt to be overturned, forgiveness, or pardon, for what never happened is called for. There is only one who can forgive, or pardon, us for what never happened in Truth. That one is ourself. But because we have projected our presumed, believed, perceived guilt outwards, away from ourself, into the without, onto imagined, separate brothers, forgiving, pardoning ourself must include forgiving, pardoning our brothers for what ‘they’ also, have never done. It is the presumed guilt that causes us fear of communing in Spirit and in Truth with Papa and His One Son. When we forgive/pardon ourself, the cause of guilt is gone, so we are free to commune with Papa and Self. 

Initially, words are necessary for communion because that is the only mechanism we are aware of for commun(icat)ing, so long have we been inured to words for our fumbling, stumbling, cumbersome, flawed attempts at commun(icat)ion. But when our heart is sincere and humble in its desire for communion with the Source of Life, Love, Light, Truth, we will instinctively, intuitively choose words that portray, convey, harmonise with Truth. That seems alien, difficult at first, but commitment will enable us to prevail because Truth, along with Love, Light and (eternal) Life is the nature of our Being. Therefore it is inevitable that communing will become natural, effortless to us. 

True communion is from the heart, and from there, with commitment and devotion we become aware that words – even the enLivening, Living Words of Love, Life and Truth – are formless. This becomes manifest in our communion with, our awareness of, our Oneness with/in Papa, and ‘even’ with brothers in the Sonship who are brought to us to engage in holy relationship. It is all about resonance. There can only be complete resonance where there is an inner desire for and re-cognition of Oneness. This is our one and only purpose for seeming to be ‘here’, and is the mechanism of our return Home. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

December 11, 1988 

Those who have placed themselves outside God’s Grace need a guide, a Light, to attract their attention in the fog of confused thinking, believing, perceiving. 

The Kingdom of God is open to all who will to enter in. That is, to those who earnestly desire and are willing to be made new, made whole spiritually. It is not available to those who do not want the Light of God’s Love, Truth, joy, peace, tranquillity; not because God is unwilling to give it, but because they are unwilling to receive it. They have placed themselves outside His Grace. We therefore concentrate on those who are willing. Many do not know how or where to find or enter the Kingdom. 

They need a guide, a Light, to attract their attention in the fog of confused thinking, believing, perceiving. They are not looking for piety or sack cloth; they rejected that with the various ages of the church. They are looking for sincerity, a believable message, to encourage, to explain, to illuminate the dark corridors of their minds; to open doors in their understanding, so they may say to themselves, “I see" – the Way forward, the next step on their journey Home. 

It is all part of the Great Plan – the Great Rescue Programme. It is not complex, it is not too high and exalted for man to believe, see, understand, follow. It is perfectly obvious to he who is willing for his eyes to be opened! This is why Jesus spoke in parables; because all life is analogous, ordered by Principles of Life of the Father, the rules of His Creation, the Laws by which Creation functions. And the key is Love. 

It is ‘mind blowing’ in its simplicity, is it not? J By your grasp you can explain it to others. Not all others – only those who are ready. You will be directed, given opportunity to practise. Practise away from the contrary vibrations of Earth activity. Practise with any true seeker who comes – in Earth or etheric clothing. And remember, you are never, ever alone. One step at a time is all you need to concern yourself with. Otherwise you will become unbalanced in the growth toward your Destination. Equilibrium is essential. Peace and Joy be with you.

January 31, 2018 

Continue to speak, communicate, open your heart to me; have no need of caution – all is well between us and I shall never betray your trust. I shall continue always to give you my Love, my strength, my peace, my Life; to share with you my Joy, tranquillity, dignity, and to reveal to you the innermost Truths of our Father’s Creation.

~ Jesus, January 8, 1989

Dear Friends, 

There is but One Reality, which is Love. Divine, perfect, unconditional Love, being real, Is, can only Be eternal, all-encompassing, unchangeable and inextinguishable. The Cause, the Source of Love, is, of course, the Creator Spirit: God; Papa; our heavenly Father. The experience of Love cannot but engender peace and joy entirely beyond anything unreal, i.e., in a dream, a fantasy. Any and all appearances that are not begotten of Love, are unreal so do not, cannot exist in Reality, or Truth. Therefore, anything that is not eternal, unchangeable, all-encompassing and inextinguishable can only be made up. What is made up is not true, not real, so does not exist at all; ever. 

These qualities that define Love meet the condition of Love. Anything that does not meet the condition of Love, it hardly needs saying, cannot be Love, so cannot be real, and therefore does not exist. Time, which we experience linearly, seeming to move through past, into present and on to future, does not meet the condition of Love, because time changes and all that appears in time also changes and disappears. How can what disappears be real? Perfect Love, in contrast, does not change, has no illusions of past or future, being forever present, forever Now. In A Course in Miracles, Jesus speaks of the forever present Now as the holy instant

Here is what he says about it:  

In the holy instant the condition of Love is met, for minds are joined without the body’s interference, and where there is [mind-to-mind] communication there is peace. The Prince of Peace was born to re-establish the condition of Love by teaching that communication remains unbroken even if the body is destroyed, provided that you see not the body as the necessary means of communication. (T-15.XI.7:1,2) 

Whether destroyed by crucifixion or simply by time – bodies, being unreal, are subject to the condition of time (unreality) – makes no difference. Unless we willingly choose to meet the condition of Love we cannot experience Love – in the forever present Now – because the condition of Love IS the holy instant. The ego will say it is impossible to experience the holy instant because – if it exists – it is outside, beyond time and only time can be experienced in time. This is actually a correct statement – but only to a mind that has limited its awareness to time, by the obfuscation of the eternity that is the Truth of our Being, experiencable only in the holy instant. 

Communication can only become restored to its true condition – unbroken – by choosing, being willing, to join with Jesus (and all our brothers in the illusorily-fragmented Sonship), truly and earnestly desiring healing, Awakening from, and thereby dispelling, the dream of brokenness. Choosing that willingness for Awakening, and committing it into the care of Jesus/Holy Spirit, is all that is required because that is our authorising Them to accomplish our rejoining – and thereby our restoration to mind-to-mind commun(icat)ion, or whole-mindedness, with our brothers in the Sonship, including, of course, Jesus, and with Papa. 

It will not work if we ‘make the choice’ but then revert to our old-order decision – by not living our new choice – for separation-mindedness. We must be committed to ongoing co-operation with Their endeavours on our behalf, otherwise, we are withdrawing our authorisation from Them. Such a withdrawal may seem an insane thing to do, but the separation consciousness is an insane state of mind. It is insane because it opposes, denies Truth. Since Truth is Love, that which opposes It can only be fear. The split, ego-enthralled mind remains in the consciousness of fear, i.e., belief in and thus, experience of time and place and all that appears in time and place.  

The conscious of fear is not just fear of some things – spiders, pain, scarcity, etc. – but fear of everything … fear of Papa, of Jesus, of self, of Self, of Light, of dark, of Life, of ‘death’, of time, of eternity, of forgetting, of remembering, of peace, of war, of sickness (of mind and of body) … In the same way as Love is not selective, but inclusive, fear, also is not selective. Even those who have accepted the ego’s counterfeit version of Jesus – who, according to church canon, was sent by God as a blood sacrifice for our sins, and will come again to judge the quick and the dead – are fearful of Jesus because of their mistaken, ego-inculcated belief of ‘living in the fear of the Lord’. 

One of the great fears is of disease. Disease is inevitable in the consciousness of fear (time and place); the word itself means being ill-at-ease. Disease is a state of mind, frequently projected onto the body, but remaining in the mind – its source – whilst assailing the body. How can this not cause dementia? And then we add to our demented state by applying aluminium to our armpits daily for decades, flooding our environment with microwaves, poisons – actually adding poisons to our food – I could go on! But none of this can alter the unassailable nature of our mind and soul. I had an enlightening confirmation of this recently, when I received an email from my friend, Elizabeth. 

She told me her 91-years-old mother was in late-stage Alzheimer’s, was near the end of her embodiment and not at peace. I told her I was feeling prompted to send Love and blessings to her Mum for inner peace and joy in her transition and her onward progress from there. It has been my experience for decades that knowing the given name of the person helps with getting attuned to them. She told me her Mum’s name is Claire. She also said, “I think she has one foot here and one foot on the other side. Not sure, but thought to tell you about this since you have mentioned your tuning in with her.” 

When I opened Elizabeth’s email I immediately decided, still at my desk, to attune with Claire. I was instantaneously taken completely by surprise, as, the very moment I started to direct my mind toward her, Claire was actually waiting for me!! Instead of me seeking to ‘open a door’ into her mind, she opened it for me. She clearly knew, from my exchanges with Elizabeth what was my intention. She was fully compos mentis, peaceful, at ease, knew who I was and my association with Elizabeth. She spoke softly but surely, was completely calm, serene and lucid. There was no distress at all. I was aware of her being in the Light, and that she is elegant, cultured, caring and Loving.

She told me she was waiting (with complete patience) for her vestiges of attachment to her body to be released. She asked me to tell her daughter not to be concerned/upset at her outer, bodily appearance; that that is not who or where she is. She was ‘above the battleground’, simply, calmly observing the transitioning process. As soon as I went to share this with Theresa that morning, before I could say anything about what had occurred, she instantly became aware of Claire also, and described to me exactly what I had experienced.  

I emailed Elizabeth a description of the events and had this reply: 

Thank you again for all your prayers and blessings. It was a tough journey for my mother, but she left peacefully in the end. She said the following (the day that I received your description of the encounter with her): First she said, clearly and distinctly, “I know”. Later she said just once, “Brian”, also clearly and distinctly. She was mostly out of it, but definitely looked right at me both times and was lucid in those moments. 

Claire was making a focused endeavour at letting her daughter know that she was aware of events, and managed to get this through inspite of her imminent withdrawal from her bodily communication mechanism. The split mind of the fragmented Sonship is fearful of dementia, perceiving it as ‘losing our mind’. But losing our mind is impossible, as this experience clearly demonstrates. We do not, ever, lose our mind, but we do lose our connection to the external world as we withdraw our focus from it. I share this, with Elizabeth’s permission, to help allay the fear, uncertainty, blinding of self to our higher mind, with which we can never lose connection because that is who and what we are. 

The world is deeply fearful of ‘death’, dementia and the ‘unknown’, having shut itself off from spiritual/eternal reality. It is my heart’s desire to help all who are ready and willing to hear, that there is no death and there really is nothing to fear – which Jesus has been telling the world for two millennia. As he tells us over and over, “Freely have you received, freely give”.  

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant

 A.M. April 20, 2009. 

If ego baulks at the concept of ‘I and my Father are One’, you can still enter the within and Know, commune with ‘Higher Mind’; experience illuminated, expanded awareness, spiritual upliftment, Awakening. 

Persona Brian is aware of the fear of going within to commune with Self, even though he Knows that therein is peace, joy, new awareness and understanding of eternal Truth. It is doubt – an ego construct – that tries to block the door that is the portal to our own within, wherein we find our true Self, our eternal Being. 

That is an accurate assessment. 

Decades of practising going within may not have fully dispelled that doubt; but you do see that it has helped far more than you had previously been aware. This is because it has enabled you to get past, or through, that doubt barrier by one-pointed commitment to entering into the within. By this you Know at a level and in a way that is certainty, that once past that illusory ego barrier, inspiration and enlightenment from Papa, Jesus and/or Self, the Spirit of Truth, is freely, lovingly, immediately available to you. Trust will take you past that non-existent barrier in unexpected moments, and you will find yourself joyfully, comfortably, effortlessly within, experiencing illumination and peace. 

Papa, Jesus and Self are all One – of One Mind – because Papa gave to, shared with His Son His Mind at his creation, and the Son therefore remains forever within the freedom of All that IS His Mind. So, if ego baulks at the concept of ‘I and my Father are One’, you can still enter the within and Know, commune with ‘Higher Mind’; experience illuminated, expanded awareness, spiritual upliftment, Awakening

Persona Brian (pB), like all the fragments of the Sonship, had allowed his ego to confuse him into being fearful of going within because in his seemingly split-off, upside-down mind he perceives darkness, causing him to believe anything can happen and – based on ‘past experience’ – probably will. Therefore, if he goes within, so says ego, how does he know he won’t inadvertently – because in the darkness, he cannot be sure – go through the door invisibly marked ‘fear, confusion, bewilderment’ instead of ‘Light, Joy, Peace, Love, Freedom’? 

This, little persona self cannot know of itself. But happily, there is One Who does Know, and is God-empowered to guide and protect him, if he is willing to place himself in His care, trusting like a child in His ability to direct him toward the Light of eternal Truth. ‘Aah’, says ego, ‘but how do you know He’s there? Better to stay without. You know that; and better the devil you know than one you don’t know.’ 

Fine, if that is fulfilling, satisfying, comfortable. But sooner or later, however many more embodiments it may take, all the fragments will inevitably become aware of their true, inner Self, gently, lovingly nudging them to the feeling that ego-self is no longer capable of meeting their hungering and thirsting for reality, Truth, inner peace, Home. Then will they be willing to abandon their false guide in favour of the True Guide to Eternity. 

“Let us ascend unto the hill of the Lord, and let us rise up unto His Holy Place.”


February 7, 2018 

There are vast legions in the Realms of Light whose combined, unified Power is such as Earth-minded power complexes have never imagined. And multitudes of these devoted souls are in the midst of the darkness of Earth also, sharing the Light for all who will to receive of It.

~ Jesus, January 29, 1989 

Dear Friends, 

Now, it will come as no surprise, is the season of the Great Awakening of the fragmented Sonship from its ego-controlled split-off-from-Truth dream of death and the hell of separation from the Source of all Being. As students of A Course in Miracles will be well aware, in our mind there seem to be two guides we are at free will to choose on our walk in the valley of the shadow of death: one is the ego, an imaginary, false guide, that has already led us into outer (spiritual) darkness, and will continue all the while we accept it as our guide. This means the accruing of pain, suffering, judgement, grievance and ‘death’ … until we choose to follow the other, God-sent Guide: the Holy Spirit. 

We cannot follow both. Choosing one guide veils our awareness of the other, so we will serve ourself very well to recognise that swapping back and to between them, according to the whim, the feeling of the moment, will fail to lead us anywhere save into deep(er) confusion as to our identity, what is reality and our place within it. Many may have a simplistic perception that choosing the Holy Spirit as our Guide will mean our so-called embodied life will immediately become a bed of roses, a cake-walk; no more pain and suffering. So, having a deeper understanding of what takes place, first by looking at the illusion and then at the Truth, will help clarify some misperceptions. 

Jesus tells us that we must look at illusion so that we can see it for what it is, and choose anew. The ego wants us to not look too closely at illusion because if we do, we will see through it to the Truth that illusion attempts – and so frequently succeeds – to conceal from us. When we ask Jesus/Holy Spirit to share with us the clarity of Their whole, Light-filled, Universal, Unified Mind as we make the committed choice to look at illusion, we are consciously joining with Them, and this has the inestimable benefit of blocking our awareness of ego-induced confusion and fear. Fear prevents us from seeing and thinking clearly. Joining our sight with Theirs facilitates inner peace and clarity of vision. 

That is Their objective for us, so co-operating with Them will Awaken us from the dream of separation, liberating us from imprisonment on the carousel of birth and death and restoring us to unified bliss in peace, joy, Love and limitless Power of Creation. Just like Jesus. J Let us now look at what actually happens when we remain with the ego as our guide. The ego’s intent is our ‘death’ – quickly or slowly, it makes no difference because time is an illusion. It uses our pliancy to cause us to choose judgement, grievance, conflict, division, misperception – all of which, and more, ensure continuing absence in our awareness and experience of perfect, uninterruptible Love, peace and joy. 

Before/until we choose anew – for the Holy Spirit to be our Guide to our Awakening – the continuing, surreptitious presence of the ego in our split mind continues causing us to have distorted, upside-down perceptions of ourself, our brothers, God and ‘truth’. These misperceptions trigger judgements based on incomplete, imperfect – false, in fact – evidence, so our judgements on all counts are likely to be mistaken, negative, accusational, leading to division, grievance, conflict and ‘pestilence and every form of ill’ (A Course in Miracles T-28.III.4:3). Truly we can label this False Evidence Appearing Real: F.E.A.R. Cosmologists are looking for dark matter. Here it is. 

And all this accumulates in our unconscious, split mind, accruing karmic consequences from one embodiment to the next. None is ever expunged without true forgiveness, so the burden continues inexorably to grow. It cannot simply be ignored, ‘stored’ inconsequentially in our unconscious mind because peace, harmony and balance are our true nature as God’s creation. So opportunities for (true) forgiveness – the restoration of balance – rise from our unconscious mind to our conscious awareness in the form of recurrence of the negative, illusory events from the ‘past’, so that we can, by the mechanism of true forgiveness, restore the balance.  

But our forgetfulness and confusion – being in self-selected spiritual darkness – cause us, over and over, to miss the opportunities to heal, furthering, instead, the burgeoning burden of brokenness, from one momentary incarnation through the next. The experience that this effects is more and more pain and suffering, conflict, fear, hate, fragmentation. This, one might say, by way of analogy, is like the Earth – volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, pyroclastic and giant magma flows: they can arise from a hidden depth, sometimes suddenly and unexpectedly, sometimes with symptoms building over time, heralding such an event, but when and to what extent being indeterminate. 

This means that choosing the wrong guide ensures a continuing, increasing, upwelling, outpouring of (metaphysically) dark matter, manifesting, inevitably, sooner or later, physically in our conscious experience. That happens individually, interpersonally, tribally, nationally, racially, internationally, globally … and it’s ALL nowhere save in our split, separated, conflicted minds. None of it is real, ‘out there’, happening; only in our minds. This unrelenting hell, interspersed with moments when things don’t outwardly appear too bad – for some, anyway, though not for most – will continue until we change our mind and choose as our Guide the Voice for God, to lead us out of our dream of death. 

When we do, finally, eventually, inescapably make that choice, a complete change of direction begins. The Holy Spirit – our Higher, all-Knowing, all-Loving, all-empowered Self – now authorised by us to be in charge of our life, metaphysically, mentally, spiritually, turns us around from heading into outer darkness back toward the Light, Love, peace, union that is the Truth of our Being as Papa’s One Son. He says to us what Jesus told me in 1977: I can be staff and compass to you, to assist you in the steep and treacherous places, but I cannot be your feet. It is your journey and you must take the steps. There is no substitute for taking the steps; it is the only way the journey upon which you have embarked can be completed. 

Here is the contrast: the ego, leading us since the dawn of time into outer darkness and increasing the burden of pain, suffering, conflict, confusion … and the Holy Spirit, now (we having chosen anew) being our staff and compass – Guide – turning our direction back toward the Light. But He has taken on the task of releasing us from our legacy of dark matter, which He can and gladly will Help us to undo – unburden us from – one karmic item at a time, until there is no ego-dark matter left in us. He cannot simply ‘magic’ them away. We made them; we must unmake them. Blessedly, there is a VERY easy way to unmake all karmic issues, all dark matter: forgive them.  

That opens the door of unforgiveness, judgement, grievance – that we have kept shut and barred – thereby allowing the Light that we truly ARE, to shine away the dark matter. However, as Jesus tells us in the Course, we must bring our illusions to the Truth. Here is where Holy Spirit Helps us. He brings the illusions, the dark matter, the karmic entanglements, the brokenness from the basement of our unconscious mind to our conscious awareness, so we can look at them clearly – with the aid of His true perception – see them for the illusions they are, and bring them to the Light by true forgiveness, and they are then shone away by our re-emergent Light. 

What is this telling us, that we might serve ourself well by keeping uppermost in our mind? That when we choose the true Guide to lead us Home, things do not instantly get ‘better’ to our outward discernment. Indeed, to the undiscerning mind they may seem to get worse. This is because a whole lot of karmic stuff is now arising in our life – perhaps, seemingly, more than before. But there is a difference of inestimable magnitude: With our true Guide, this is for clearing out, dispelling, shining away through the mechanism of true forgiveness. That means each issue truly forgiven will never again darken our mind. The basement (our unconscious mind) is being cleared out, emptied

The counterfeit guide we mistakenly chose was intent on the opposite: filling it with ever more burdens of guilt and fear, grievance, hate, attack, dis-ease … Now, with our True Guide – Holy Spirit-SELF – the burden becomes Lighter and Lighter, until there is no more ‘burden’ save Love, Light, peace and joy. This, we will gladly share with all who will to receive of it, thereby increasing the Light, Love, peace and joy. Forever. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. April 25, 2009.  

Walking a fine line between spiritual focus and the ties and trammels of the world is never easy, and is only achievable if the desire uppermost is spiritual clarity and Awakening. All the rest then simply falls into place and becomes automatic. 

I am ready, or feel ready – and willing – to identify solely with and as Self. Yet if I am here to work with my brothers in time and place I have to remain as, or at least with, persona Brian (pB), so that we have a point of focus, or contact with each other. Jesus was with a body for that same purpose, and remained one with Self, or Christ, at the same time, so we can Know it is achievable, though until now few indeed have succeeded. But now is the time of change, of transformation, of becoming like him, for we begin to see him as he is (Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. 1John 3:2). Joyously, he has appeared and will not be ‘going away’ again. Ever. 

You have said many times, “It is not enough to be ‘Christian’; we need to become Christlike.” This is a correct observation. Keep it at the forefront of your thinking; and also, that it is not pB who must accomplish this of himself, for he is but the vehicle for this intent. Precipitate action separates pB from Self. His job is to be a receptor for that which is brought to him, and to share it freely with all who are ready to receive of it. It is, and need be, of no concern to pB who is ready, or to what degree they are ready. 

Self/Christ, the All-seeing One, Knows the degree of readiness of each and every fragment. Keep on keeping on meanwhile, in like manner; one day, one step at a time, in the certainty of Knowing that pB is watched over, guided, inspired – enabled by his willingness for it to be so – and so-minded to co-operate. These are qualities of the true disciple – the student who earnestly desires to become as one with the Master. 

Let there be no concern for any matter at the material level of being; you have seen how your requirements and wellbeing are being provided for. Walking a fine line between spiritual focus and the ties and trammels of the world is never easy, and is only achievable if the desire uppermost is spiritual clarity and Awakening. All the rest then simply falls into place and becomes automatic. 

February 14, 2018 


By faith, trust and steadfast commitment your heart and mind, life and soul shall be uplifted to the greater awareness of God’s living Truth, and this shall make you free.

~ Holy Communion, February 19, 1989

Dear Friends,  

We are all familiar with the saying that we are not a body but a soul having a bodily experience. This implies that our soul has chosen this: that it is its preference. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Our soul is complete, eternal and perfect just like its Creator having no need whatsoever for the experience of being a finite, limited, fallible, fearful, guilty, mortal body … Separation from Source, from all-Knowing, all-Loving Self, with limitless power of creation – just like the Creator – is an error of mind, not of soul. Our soul cannot be separate from its Source, and knows nothing of separation or limit. The idea for separation arose in the Mind of the One created Son. 

Because separation is impossible in the Oneness, the union, of Creator and created, the Mind – not the soul – of the created seemed to undergo a split, in which the split-off mind engaged in a fantasy, or dream of separation. This had no effect on the whole, complete, Awake Mind, which remained – and will forever remain – unified with Universal Mind. This may seem a contradiction: how can Mind be complete if part is split off? This is only a conundrum to a self-limited, finite mind, which cannot conceive of the infinite. The split was an infinitesimal instant, over in the same moment it seemed to occur, so could only appear to continue by re-viewing the instant. 

It is the re-viewing that seems to keep it alive, ‘present’, though because the instant passed, it can only be perceived by ‘endlessly’ reviewing the past – i.e., that which has passed – and therefore, gone from the reality that is the present, the eternal moment, the Holy Instant that is forever NOW. So, how does this affect the soul – or, speaking universally, spirit – that is the very Life Force of all Being? Are not mind and soul irreversibly connected – Universal, Unified Mind and Soul; the Life Force, or Spirit, creatively activated by whole, undivided Mind, with which soul is ceaselessly engaged in creating. The Life Force, or soul/spirit, is Love, so its creative activity is solely Loving. 

The illusorily split-off part of mind has dissociated, or separated, itself from Love – which is the same as Life, and is eternal and unchanging – so has no power for creating. It has placed itself in a state of consciousness that is aware only of (the spiritual darkness of) time and place, that constantly changes, withers and disintegrates, having no Light of Life or Love to give it constancy, radiance, ecstasy. Love, Light and Life – soul, or spirit – are in eternal, joyous union, so Their absence from our awareness can only mean conflict, division, loneliness … To a finite, doubt-filled, confused, forgetful, split mind – that has no awareness of soul – the very word itself seems vague, uncertain.  

Soul, to an exoterically-focused mind, seems to somehow have a connotation of myth, judgement, the unknown – even ‘the unknowable’ – and perhaps also, of condemnation by a vengeful deity, for our ‘sins’ … ‘So let us not dwell on it because we have no way of ever finding the truth – and if the truth is judgement and eternal punishment, it is too horrific to contemplate.’ So says the ego. Let us, then consider some alternative terminology, to give it a more comprehensible, comfortable idea of what soul actually is, and how we can connect – actually, re-connect – with it to our inestimable benefit, and that of all: every living thing, irrespective of form. 

The Life, the soul, the spirit that we really are can be thought of as an Energy Force Field. Like electricity, an energy force field is not visible to bodily senses. This is because what we might call ‘primary energy’ – Life its very Self – is real, eternal, unchangeable, perfect, and bodies have none of those qualities. How can the unreal discern the real?  There is but One Energy Force Field in all creation, and this we refer to as God, Papa, the Creator Spirit Himself. This, or He, being Life/Love/Light itself, is the Source of all Being, so it is impossible to not be part – or an extension – of the whole. Except in an insane, momentary fantasy of separation. 

How can pretending to be little, limited, separate, lonely, fearful, guilty, conflicted, assailable, mortal … when we are none of those things, but in fact, the exact opposite of each of them, be other than insane? Of course, to support this insanity we have made up stories – more fantasies, with no foundation in, only the reversal of, Truth – about being sinners, guilty, cast from God’s presence for our wickedness, and only sacrifice will save us. The sooner we abandon such counter-productive, nonsensical baggage, binding us to the past, the quicker we will be able to focus on the present – the Holy Instant that is the portal to the eternal, Love-, peace- and joy-filled NOW. 

An energy force field (or soul, remember), unless misperceived as contained, confined, restricted – by a thought of a confused, upside-down mind – has no limits, no boundaries. In Truth, it is uncontainable, universal, eternal. Its power, being perfect Love – the only power there is, being eternally without limit – is united, is One, is ALL in all. But the tiny, mad idea of separation – impossible in reality – caused the appearance of containment, confinement, limitation. The effect of that cause is form: bodies, all separate, in accord with the insane wish. The split mind – ego – tells us the soul (if we believe there is such a thing) is confined within, or at least, chained, harnessed to, our body. 

This, again is, of course, completely wrong, without meaning or Love-centred purpose. What might we expect from an insane, malicious guide? The energy force field that is our true nature is entirely unencumbered, though free will means we can choose to be unaware, unbelieving, in denial of, blind ourself to, reality. So, as we are now in the season of the Great Awakening to remembrance of the Truth of ALL Being – including all who are as yet persuaded of their littleness, sinfulness, unworthiness – how do we escape from the fantasy that we walk in, are stuck in, the valley of the shadow of death, back to perfect Love, Life, wholeness, Oneness, limitlessness and all Power of creativeness?  

A good start is to recognise, accept that bodies – limitation, confinement, imprisonment – are made-up; a masquerade costume, donned to convince ourself of our little, separate, special, mortal identity. In reality they are not, of course, our true, One, undivided Identity. This can enable us to more meaningfully, believably, persuasively repudiate, absolutely, that we are flesh, blood and bones, ‘here’ – actually, nowhere – an instant and then gone, to oblivion. Here is where focusing on, attuning with, our all-Loving, all-Knowing elder brother, Jesus, is of inestimable Help because he exemplified the Truth of limitlessness while appearing to be with/in a body. 

Without his example all this would be, could only seem to be, mere supposition, when the overwhelming weight of evidence to our devised-to-deceive bodily senses affirms our limitation and mortality as form: a body. We can think in terms of shrugging-off the attachment to form, the conviction of body-identification, setting us free of its limits – which are nothing more than a mistaken belief system. This does not mean we must lay aside the body we have identified with in order to be free. It is not the body but the belief we are a body that imprisons us. That is the difference – the only difference – between Jesus and most of the rest of the illusorily-fragmented Sonship. 

When we retrain our mind to shed that false belief – imprisonment in a masquerade costume – we can then begin to accept that the energy force field, that in Truth we are, is all One; that there IS, truly, no division, no gap, no split between us and all our brothers. This is the Awakening from the dream of separation, of death, and the seeming impediment of the body will no longer obstruct us in any way. How can no-thing obstruct us when we choose to remember Who we really ARE: free of all limit, just like Jesus? Now that we are beginning to hear and respond to the Call to ‘Waken and be glad’, we begin to find there is no longer need for a care in the world – because there is no world. 

Only by re-joining our minds in complete accord, as One in Love, peace and joy can the creative fulness of the One, unified energy force field that we all really ARE be restored. This is possible, nay inevitable, through the process of true forgiveness.  

Brian Longhurst 

Some years ago Theresa and I were inwardly prompted to put together and practise a True Forgiveness exercise, using some input from A Course in Miracles, some from Gary Renards book, The Disappearance of the Universe, and some under inspiration from the Holy Spirit. It was instrumental in bringing completely life-transforming liberation from karmic entanglements, with limitless effects and benefits. We have since shared this exercise with many, who have expressed deep gratitude for the help it has been to them. I have now uploaded this onto the Honest2goodness website. For all who might feel a draw to involve themselves deeper into true forgiveness, here is a link to the page:


Diary of a Christ Communicant

 A.M. April 26, 2009.  

Choose to be, every moment, Loving, blessing, the Light, peaceful, joy-filled, radiant. Ask for, and be glad of, the Help of Self in dispelling, unburdening issues that block awareness, realisation, expression of true Being, that you may give, share, extend that reality to our brethren. 

Papa, I re-mind myself that I am as You created me. All that is Yours You have given me, Your beloved Son. I give thanks for all Your unspeakable Love, blessing, beneficence. Only upon You do I choose to be dependent, to be focused and attuned. Yet I do look continually also to Jesus, my beloved brother, as my example for living, being, Loving, becoming. All that you, Jesus, demonstrated and teach us reminds us that this is Who and What we really are. 

This, Beloved, is wholeness, Oneness; bringing an end to the dream of littleness, separateness, fear. Choose to be, every moment, Loving, blessing, the Light, peaceful, joy-filled, radiant. Ask for, and be glad of, open to receive, the Help of Self in dispelling, unburdening issues that block awareness, realisation, expression of true Being, that you may give, share, extend that reality to our brethren. 

Give thanks continually also, for the certainty of Knowing that the Truth is available, freely, lovingly, immediately. Give, and you shall receive in like manner, full measure, pressed down. 

I feel I am becoming more Loving and giving, less judgemental, more caring, more aware, more sensitive to the condition of others. 

With more openness, receptiveness to, acceptance of, Self you shall continue to grow in the unfoldment of what you Know is the Truth of your Inner Being. 


Truly, alleluia! J Peace, be still, Beloved. All really IS well.


February 21, 2018 

The Truth, the reality, is at hand, all around and within you, all around and within your fellow sojourners in time, freely available for all to see and experience and be part of.

~ Jesus, February 26, 1989 

Dear Friends,  

Contra to the ego/world perception, it is actually impossible to be alone. But we perceive ourself as being alone, separate from everything we see with our bodily faculties, because – and only because – we believe, and therefore perceive, and therefore experience ourself as a body. All the while we remain in the default choice for the guide that will never shine the Light of Spiritual Truth into our mind, that will remain the purpose of bodies: to deceive ourself into believing – ‘prove’ to ourself – that we are separate. Separate from the Source of all Life, Love, Truth and our whole, unified One Self as Papa’s One Son – ALL of which is Light. In Truth, therefore, we also are the Light.

Jesus told us this long ago (Matt. 5:14) but we still continue to veil ourself, and the world at large, from the Light that we are. Let us make no ego-style misinterpretation of what that Light is, first by defining what it is not. It is nothing to do with being gifted in science, engineering, sport, the arts … or anything in which the focus is on the body. The Light that we are arises, has its Source, its nature, in eternal, spiritual reality, and shines when we share the Truth of that reality with our brothers. It is that very sharing, which IS shining – not from the head-mind, or intellect, but from the heart-mind, the source of the Light that we are – that is discernible to all who are ready to see it. 

There is no worldly ‘test’ to discern that readiness because it is a heart-mind centred readiness, and any amount of intellectual examining will not reveal it because the intellect knows not of the heart-mind. If, when, we are ready to begin our Awakening to the Light, the Holy Spirit will send to us a brother, a teacher, whose Light is already shining – not fully, as with Jesus, but brightly enough that the nascent seeker will recognise it. He will inwardly recognise a kindred spirit. This has nothing to do with bodies, social or material standing, age, culture, nationality – nothing, in fact, of form. This will occur because the Holy Spirit within the mind of the learner and the teacher will connect them. 

Both will instantly recognise that inner connection, that resonance, though it will not be definable by any outward, worldly indicators. All worldly ‘barriers’ – age differences, marital status, class … are seen through as irrelevant. How could they have any relevance, when all worldly factors are made up, so have no reality? So far beyond illusion that there is no point of connection is our true joining as the unified One Son of the Father Creator. At the moment of contact between those brothers there stirs within both an awareness of that Light. It was always there, inextinguishable by the unrealities of time and place because it is an indivisible part of the One Light, forever connecting all. 

That spark will never be obliterated by temporal matters, however distracting they may seem to be to a confused, forgetful, bewildered, seemingly-split mind. But for the spark to be re-ignited, there has to be a connection with a brother at the level of Light. This is not just ‘two individuals’ connecting; it is, at a mystical level, the whole Sonship re-connecting. How can that not cause a spark to become a Light so bright that all darkness of illusion is shone away, forever? Of course, the magnitude, the luminosity, the grandeur of the Light is beyond the sensory discernment of nascent – even seasoned – travellers on the homeward journey. But inwardly, it begins to become apparent. 

This is the only purpose that has any meaning or value during our separated, lonely, fearful, dream-walk in the valley of the shadow of death, and it is the only way out: rejoining. The vast mass of the fragments like to join in some way, as an endeavour to escape the sense of loneliness. But joining at the horizontal axis level of engaging with others will not get us Home, because the horizontal axis is a distraction from the vertical – spiritual – axis. This is not to say any such joining is wrong, and we should abandon all such activities. But when we are seeking the reality that is spiritual Truth, and ASK for a brother to join with us in our seeking, the asking effects the connecting.

Once the connection is made, the sense of loneliness begins to diminish exponentially, and the need to find ‘company’ externally, horizontally, to assuage the loneliness, diminishes proportionally. Gender is irrelevant to spiritual joining in a holy relationship, and depends on the aforetime-agreed objectives of the joining – actually, re-joining. These objectives unfold to our conscious awareness later – perhaps years or even decades later – but the joy in the joining holds primacy over the unfolding objectives of the joining. I can explain this with the example of Theresa’s and my joining. In November 1967 I said to Jesus:


 “I am willing to remain celibate in my life on the path of spiritual progress with you if that is serviceable. However, you well know that there are as many red corpuscles flowing through my veins as the next man, so if celibacy is not serviceable, please bring me into contact with the right life-partner for this journey.”  

Less than four months later, an ocean and a continent away, Theresa and I met, in the unlikeliest of circumstances. We inwardly recognised each other immediately – though we had never seen each other before, during this embodiment – and Knew we belonged together. A few nights later, as I was getting into bed, Jesus came to me and said, “I have brought the Little One to you to be your Companion of the Way.” This was possible because I ASKed. The purpose of our (re)joining has become clear only during the last few years. That we were of complementary gender served the further purpose of bringing children into this world, to effect healing of some karmic issues. 

That is still ongoing, though time, being an illusion, is irrelevant to the certainty of the outcome. The primary objective in our joining is to allow the Light that we – along with the entire Sonship – are, to shine. Its shining is increased through joining, thereby attracting others who are ready for joining, so we can journey Home together in increasing numbers. This heightens, amplifies joyous spiritual fellowship, meaning yet more are drawn to It from their own within, each with the purpose of teaching and learning in holy relationship. This is the Principle of Life of the Father that drives – or draws – the reunifying of the fragmented Sonship. Here is how Jesus explains it in A Course in Miracles: 

You are not yet awake, but you can learn how to awaken. Very simply, the Holy Spirit teaches you to awaken others. As you see them waken you will learn what waking means and because you have chosen to wake them, their gratitude and their appreciation of what you have given them will teach you its value. They will become the witnesses to your reality, as you were created witness to God’s. Yet when the Sonship comes together and accepts its Oneness it will be known by its creations, who witness to its reality as the Son does to the Father. (T-9.VI.5). 

We cannot Awaken to Self alone because Self is not alone or lonely. Self is in the Heart-Mind of his Father, where loneliness – separation – is impossible. The choice for separation effected loneliness. Only by choosing to rejoin – ‘come together’ again – and accept Oneness as the Truth of our Being … of all Being, will we Know, again, our One Identity. Rejoining is impossible while guilt, fear, judgement, grievances … karmic brokenness, remain – however deeply embedded in our conscious or unconscious mind. Only our willingness for true, unconditional, quantum forgiveness will enable Holy Spirit-Self to bring them to our awareness so we can choose to relinquish them and be free. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. May 2, 2009 

Be comfortable, relaxed, inwardly peaceful. This is how Oneness is: joyful, heavenly peace and comfort is all there is, because that is what Love is, what Papa is, what Self is. 

Self; my true Being: I begin at last (!) to have a sense of more palpable awareness of ‘our’ connection, within. These words tend to signify duality, but I am one-pointedly focused upon the Oneness that ‘Self’/‘You’/‘Big Me’ – what I have been experiencing as ‘I’ – actually am

If it helps to express in words what persona Brian (pB) is feeling, becoming aware of, then use them. At this stage in the unfoldment, the rejoining, it can be serviceable, just as pB’s dialogues with Jesus over the decades have been. 

Okay; thanks for this. 

This is a growth process, and you are in the early stages of the remembrance, the awareness, of Oneness with Higher Self. It is ‘new’ for pB, so let him be comfortable, relaxed, inwardly peaceful. This is how Oneness is: joyful, heavenly peace and comfort is all there is, because that is what Love is, what Papa is, what Self is. 

Do you, or pB, begin to see what persona – separated from Self – has been missing all these æons? Well, now is the beginning of the end of the dream of separation – if pB chooses it to be so for him. PB can begin to think, write, express as Self, switching the point of view, the perspective, from littleness to true vision, to allness. That opens the floodgates to allow awareness of Allness to enter in, to come into focus, into the Presence. 

It is only ‘littleness’, the masquerade costume of persona – B, or any other – that withholds self from Allness. There is nothing to fear – unless pB is afraid of Love? 

No, pB is not afraid of Love; more of the unknown ... getting zapped by the overawing power of Love in his unpreparedness for It.  

But with Self, just as with Jesus, pB Knows he is safe, because the trust in Jesus – and thus, now, Self, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Breath, the Voice for Papa – has long been completely won.   

PB has no fear of Jesus or Papa, or ‘You’; he has only absolute Love, trust, gratitude, honouring. PB still has a fairly liberal sprinkling of awe for Jesus, but knows he – as Big Me – is like Jesus, and destined, inescapably, inevitably, to come to full remembrance of that Truth, that reality.   

So, being in awe of one’s own likeness is, pB now recognises, unserviceable; inappropriate. But honouring one’s true Self is not unserviceable. In fact, to not honour one’s Self is highly unserviceable, and is what keeps oneself trapped in the littleness of persona, over and over. Until one changes one’s mind.

February 28, 2018 

I am the good shepherd, but the shepherd is the keeper and protector of the sheep; he is not the Lord of the sheep. So it is my command to care for the Father’s flock and bring them, safe and well, restored to abundance of Life, back Home to Him.

~ Jesus, July 30, 1989 

Dear Friends,  

Unless and until we are willing to choose communion with Spirit, we will continue to languish in doubt, ignorance, fear, loneliness, variable states of mood, mind and fortune, perceiving around us only increasing turmoil, conflict, the blame game … Spirit is not just God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, or even disembodied others in the Realms of Light. Every brother we contact during our day however casual or brief the contact may be – is also Spirit, and that Spirit IS Holy, regardless of outward, contra appearances that our bodily senses show us. Each and every one is the Light and saviour of the world. To see any as other than that is to keep ourself blinded to our own Truth of Being. 

Each and every brother is, right along with us and Jesus Holy, and therefore, can truly be recognised, accepted and Known as Holy Spirit. Allowing our eyes and ears to convince us otherwise is to remain in self-deception, prolonging – entirely unnecessarily – our walk in the valley of the shadow of death, the dream of hell. Here is how Jesus says it in A Course in Miracles, from T-9.IV.1:  

Accept as true only what your brother [really] is, if you would know yourself [as you really are]. Perceive what he is not [i.e. the false image our body’s senses and judgemental intellect, or head-mind – ego-devised to deceive – tell us] and you cannot know what you are, because you see him falsely. Remember always that your [true, One, Holy] Identity is shared and that [only by accepting and allowing] Its sharing is Its reality [discernible to us]. 

Communicating can be positive or negative but communing can only be holy because it is a common, or shared, union. We cannot unite, or share, or enter into communion with a brother with whom we have nothing in common. The ego would say, ‘What do we have in common with the postman, or that suicide bomber, or that paedophile …?’ The answer, or, more meaningfully, the Answer, is everything. Everything real. We may perceive ourself as having – or wanting to have – nothing in common with them. That is why we continue to believe, perceive and experience ourself as separate, allowing a gap between us, which holds the seeds of pestilence and every form of ill. 

The ego, which wants us to focus only upon distracting, illusory details, would say, ‘We don’t have time to commune (holy or otherwise) with the postman, and we certainly want to distance ourself from the suicide bomber and the paedophile, lest we become embroiled in, or a victim of, their evil doings.’ However, the Holy Spirit would say, “By extending Love, Light, blessing, (all of which are healing energy) to them – all of which need entail no proximity – you are Helping a brother in need of Help, and by so doing, are also receiving the Help that you are freely giving.” This means that by denying our brother that healing Help we are denying it to ourself, keeping them and us in hell. 

To move beyond that ego-intended stalemate we need to LOOK beyond it. But without divine Help we cannot see beyond it. Hence our seeming continuance in the dream of death and hell. J But this need not be; we have the power, within, to break that cycle, and that Power is Known as the Holy Spirit. He abides – always, whether we know it or not, want it or not, like it or not – in our mind, and is therefore always freely accessible to Guide us. I say freely, but there is one price: willingness to repudiate the other lodger in our mind: the guide into outer darkness we dub the ego. We cannot dislodge the ego alone, but we can, easily, with Holy Spirit’s all-empowered-by-Love Help. 

Those of us who labour and are heavy-laden under the ego’s burden of guilt, fear, judgement, grievance, loneliness, scarcity … wondering how we – wandering lost in self-elected darkness, believing ourselves bereft of help – might avail ourselves of deliverance, could direct our mind to the benign Guide within. We can all do this by affirming to ourself that this Help IS freely available and is always freely given in response to our desiring It and ASKing for It. We cannot receive that Help without asking because NOT asking means we don’t want It. We affirm Its Presence by expressing gratitude that It has been given in response to our request. We could say to the Holy Spirit: 

Dear, Beloved and ever-Loving Holy Spirit-Self: Thank You for Guiding me in the darkness, the wilderness of separation, by Your Living, Illuminating Word. I gladly open myself to receive and accept It unto myself, so that, as I am freely given, I may freely share of It with as many of my brethren in the Sonship as You send to me for joining on our journey together Home to Papa. 

Many may feel they are not being Guided – or are guided by dark and fearful, even evil, thoughts – and are heading deeper into the outer darkness that depicts separation from the Love and Light that is our Source and also our true nature. This state of profoundly distressed mind, with its overwhelming sense of abandonment and desolation can seem impossible to escape, and that asking Holy Spirit for Help is a fruitless, hopeless, fool’s errand. That is just what the ego wants us to feel. Great determination is called for to escape this vice-like grip. But it is absolute Truth that we are never, even for a single second, alone, abandoned. Help is always, immediately given the instant it is sought. 

Believing this is the key to receiving, experiencing it. That key – belief/faith/trust – opens the door that we have shut and locked against the Light, the Love, the inner peace and joy that the Holy Spirit brings to us from Papa. He cannot open that door because it is we who have locked it against Him. But we can be safe in willingness to trust that we do have the Power to open it – inspite of any outer appearances, thoughts, beliefs to the contrary – because that Power is God-given, so cannot be lost to us, even though we may think it is lost. Jesus teaches us in the Course that our mind is as powerful as Papa’s, because He shared equally His Mind with His Son at his creation. 

These snippets from the Course, Workbook for Students, Lesson 16, spell this out incontrovertibly (if only we can believe!):  

Thoughts are not big or little; powerful or weak. They are merely true or false. Those that are true create their own likeness [Love and Light, peace and joy]. Those that are false make theirs [guilt and fear, judgement, scarcity, abandonment and ‘death’]. 

Every thought you have contributes to truth or to illusion; either it extends the truth or it multiplies illusions. 

Salvation [or Awakening from the dream of guilt, fear and ‘death’] requires that you also recognize that every thought you have brings either peace or war; either love or fear. 

There is such a temptation [the ego being the tempter] to dismiss fear thoughts as unimportant, trivial and not worth bothering about that it is essential you recognize them all as equally [self] destructive, but equally unreal. 

Fear thoughts seem excruciatingly real when we are caught up in them. Yet, just a moment’s seizing the faith and trust to reach out our hand to the Hand of God (Jesus and/or Holy Spirit) that is always proffered – by choosing a Thought of Truth: Love – will bring Help, succour, comfort, rescue. Doubt will dismantle the faith and trust that ensures – guarantees – the connection. It is always our free choice, with no limit on how many times we can choose Love when the ego distracts us. As Jesus reminds us in the Course (T-11.V.2:4): You are also learning [by the self-elected mechanism of choosing separation] that its [fear’s] effects can be dispelled merely by denying their [illusions’] reality. 

Fear has been dogging Papa’s slumbering Son since the dawn of time. Now is the moment, the season, when we can meaningfully, once and for all, surrender it into Helping Hands and rejoice and be glad that none of it was ever real. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. May 3, 2009 

Love does not, ever, abandon, but always accepts, embraces, gives, extends freely and unconditionally. This enables all to become and remain unconditionally trusting, responsive, eager for the uplifting, refining, transforming, Awakening process to proceed toward its completion. 

So, persona Brian (pB) appears, as far as I am consciously aware, ready and willing to embrace, become One with, Whole/Holy Self; become freed, cleared from the limitations of persona, of time and place – all that is synonymous with littleness and limitation. 

They are synonymous, but that does not mean abandoning pB, for he is an opportunity, a mechanism for transforming, uplifting. This is an embracing, accepting, inclusive process, just as it was with Jesus. It is not an eschewing process. PB has come from a place of unawareness, forgetfulness, to one of emerging awareness, remembrance. To abandon him now would be perceived as an act of betrayal, giving just cause for doubt and fear.  

Love does not, ever, abandon, but always accepts, embraces, gives, extends freely and unconditionally. This enables pB – and in like manner, all other personas, or fragments – to become and remain unconditionally trusting, responsive, eager for the uplifting, refining, transforming, Awakening process to proceed toward its completion. This process concludes in the joyous willingness for the Self within to gradually take over from the misperceiving ‘little self’, with no reticence or fear on the part of the latter.   

In Papa’s eternity of Heaven is no compulsion. This is why the Awakening is a gradual, gentle, one-step-at-a-time process, that all who desire it from a persona, or littleness, perspective can truly have nothing to fear, but actually come to the place of realisation that they have everything to gain and nothing to lose. 


Alleluia indeed. Here is an opportunity for sharing; and sharing is learning, and learning is growing, becoming, remembering. The becoming is a restoration to Who you are; who all the fragments are: One. For there is only One; but One is All. And Papa is All. Full circle; completion. Again. The end of the dream of separation.

March 7, 2018 

The old order, the Earth-mind consciousness, is blind obedience, blind following; unseeing, unknowing. The New Order New Heaven and New Earth, Unified is created by Love lifting the cataracts from the eyes and revealing the Truth of eternity, making all things Known, and giving abundant Life to all who will receive of it.

~ Jesus, August 13, 1989 

Dear Friends,  

Duality inevitably means conflict. Only complete non-duality – Oneness – can bring the peace of God, which is beyond the ken of minds that believe they are a body, for the incontrovertible reason that bodies symbolise, represent, the separation consciousness: the consciousness of fear. When we, inevitably, use our bodily senses as we go about our daily activities, we perceive other bodies, and engage with them. This, of course, was so, even with Jesus. There, the similarity ends, because the ‘physical’ is all, for most of us, we are aware of. But he tells us in A Course in Miracles that this world of time and place is not physical at all, and like him we can choose to see through it to reality. 

It all depends on our choice, and our choice will always depend on our desire – for no-one chooses what they do not desire. When we desire the Truth of eternity enough – enough being nothing less than totally – then will our choice be totally for Truth, and Truth will become our total experience, just as it was with Jesus during his embodied world-saving mission. This is possible only by seeming to be in this world but Knowing we are not actually of it, which was his exact position. Accepting that the dream world of bodies is unreal, it becomes easy to choose to not be of it. If, nevertheless, we still seem to be in it, it can only be because we have a world-saving purpose for being here.  

This occurs, naturally, effortlessly, spontaneously when the beguilements of this world – e.g., power over rather than with our brothers (in human and non-human form), money/stuff, adulation … – no longer have any meaning or value for us; no longer distract us. Truth is nothing to do with time and place because that is all made up – a momentary dream. Accepting it as such liberates us from restriction by time and place to recognition – the certainty of Knowing beyond all doubt – of its unreality. We all know dreams can seem very real, very solid while we are dreaming. But when we wake up, they are gone and we then realise that the dream was never real, never solid.  

We cannot choose Truth and illusion. That is an ego ploy that can never succeed because Truth and illusion, being opposites, are entirely incompatible. Truth is wholly holy; illusion, being Truth’s reversal, can only be wholly unholy. Attempting to choose holiness and unholiness can only mean confusion and loss of differentiation between the two. This is the state of mind of most of embodied humanity, in which unreality is believed – and thus, perceived – as reality. While that perception remains our choice, so will it be our experience. It is, by definition, an unholy experience because it is an unholy belief. This ego script of separation from our Source does not want us to choose holiness. 

To do so would be the ego’s undoing and our release from its thrall. It derides, shuns, persecutes, any it perceives as holy, though it has no idea what holy actually means. Holy simply means whole, complete, undivided, and thus, perfect. Jesus is our exemplar for this, demonstrating perfectly that holiness has nothing to do with displays of false, religious piety and sanctimoniousness. There are many today – and increasing in numbers daily – who are in direct, heart-mind to Heart-Mind communion with the real Jesus, and this is evinced by the straight-talking, gentle, reasoned, Loving, no-nonsense way he explains reality and how to understand it and demonstrate it by living it.  

We all want to be whole, complete, perfect, because those terms imply well-being, happiness, contentment, peacefulness … but who wants to be ‘holy’ in the world’s interpretation of the word? Holiness occurs when mind and soul are functioning in unison. It requires no proclamations. Humility is one of its qualities. Jesus said to me, “Where there is wisdom there is silence and humility.” He wants to teach us how to become – or, more accurately, remember that we are already, always have been and always will be – holy (whole, complete, One …) again. In the Course he reminds us that our mind is part of God’s, and we are, therefore, in Truth, very holy (W-35). 

He goes on to say although this is not the way we see ourself outwardly, it does describe what (true, inner) vision will show us. Outwardly, with our self-elected double vision (devised to deceive us into believing we are what we are not), this appears to us very far from the case, and that is why we have convinced ourself we are not holy – i.e., not whole, complete, One … Yet this is so vital an aspect of his devotion to us, his beloved brothers, and his unswerving commitment to Helping us Awaken from the dream of unholiness (i.e., brokenness – the reversal of wholeness), that he develops this theme further, saying we are holy (whole) because our mind is, in reality, part of God’s.  

He continues in the next Lesson by assuring us that because our (heart-)mind is part of God’s, our true (inner) vision is related to His holiness, so cannot be related to – or dictated by the ego (or head-mind) – our body’s sight. The body, with its double vision, is illusory, arising from ego-led belief in separation, so can have nothing to do with our God-connected, eternally, unchangeably true vision. True vision sees nothing of illusion, and thus nothing external, since all that appears externally is temporal so cannot be real. As the word holiness has some very mixed, and therefore some potentially misleading inferences, it will serve us well to think of it as meaning wholeness

This thread extends further in W-37, in which Jesus assures us that our holiness, completeness, perfect Being blesses the world, and that our purpose, therefore is to see the world through our own holiness. We cannot do this if we do not accept our own holiness. This means we can only continue in separation, division, conflict, brokenness. Is this what we really want? Now is the season, the moment of our readiness to Awaken to the Truth of our eternal, limitless, ineffable Being. Just like our brother, Jesus, who says to us:  

“Now is the New Day dawning, and will never set. Now is the moment of Awakening. My brothers have – as they always have had – free choice to Awaken soon, or to remain stay-a-beds a little longer, holding onto the dream of littleness and fear. Or they can arise early, and venture forth into the glory of the beginning of the New Day, when the sun (Son) starts to rise and cast His newly-remembered Light on all His brothers, to help them stir from their slumbers …” 

However unlikely – unreal, impossible, even, this may all seem to a mind oscillating between Truth and illusion, here are more of his powerful, empowering, sight-opening words on this theme from W-38. He starts by telling us there is NOTHING our holiness cannot do, and continues:  

Your holiness reverses all the laws of the world [as he demonstrated]. It is beyond every restriction of time, space, distance and limits of any kind. Your holiness is totally unlimited in its power because it establishes you as a Son of God, at one with the Mind of his Creator. Through your holiness the power of God is made manifest. Through your holiness the power of God is made available. And there is nothing the power of God cannot do. Your holiness, then, can remove all pain, can end all sorrow, and can solve all problems. It can do so in connection with yourself and with anyone else.

Carrying this to a practical, easy-to-apply level, we can bless ourself, any of our brothers in particular and the world in general. When we bless, it is helpful to accept, of a certainty, that the Holy Spirit will take the power we generate by our blessings, and direct it to, use it for the best outcome, according to all factors – of most of which we have no awareness. It is also helpful to remember that giving and receiving are one and the same. So as we bless another, therefore is it returned, amplified, to us. This is how the Law of One works. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. May 4, 2009 

Heart-mind lacks resistance, allows acceptance. Head-mind reckons, resists the myriad opportunities for Self-awareness that present themselves daily. Self-awareness is Love, and all know Love is of the heart. Head-mind rationalises, and Love cannot be rationalised. Love can only Be.  So, Be it. 

The language of a three-dimensional realm is devised to describe duality, or separation. Everyone is looking for meaning in their lives, but if they are looking for it in a three-dimensional world, they are looking in the wrong place, because we are not a 3-d creation. We are a One-dimensional creation, and that One dimension is omni-dimensional – or All That Is – because we are created in the likeness of the Creator, Who Is One, and His Son is One in Him. 

The symbols that have been constructed to communicate, to express, to describe, illusory experience have been contrived to keep the fragmented Sonship in a seemingly three-dimensional state of separation. ‘I/we here, you/they there.’ It is not easy to describe reality using symbols of unreality. But the Truth is, you have an ‘Otherness’ which is so close to you that you are not, cannot be, separate from It. It is your real Self, your higher, true Being; your real, eternal nature. 

If you are thinking, experiencing, sharing, expressing from your 3-d perspective, or persona, or ‘little self’, there are only word-symbols to describe the ‘Otherness’, which is actually first-person singular pronoun – ‘I’ – not a separate being; not a second or third person pronoun, ‘you’, ‘he’, ‘they’. As you begin to recognise Higher Self as your true Identity, so the remembrance grows in you of the awareness, the inward experience that this is true, all-encompassing Being. Higher Self is not ‘another’ because there is no other; there is but One, and all are One. But one cannot say all are One, because One is singular; so all IS One. J 

Here is exemplified how 3-d language is unserviceable for describing, expressing this emerging awareness of Oneness. So, do not settle for words; look to feeling, to resonance, which is heart-mind, not head-mind. Heart-mind lacks resistance, allows acceptance. Head-mind reckons, resists the unknown, diminishing, slowing, denying recognition of the myriad opportunities for Self-awareness that present themselves daily. Self-awareness is Love, blessing, forgiveness, peace, joy, compassion … and all know Love is of the heart. Head mind rationalises, and Love cannot be rationalised. Love can only Be. So, Be it.

March 14, 2018 

Beloveds, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, and has ever been for the Children of God. It is available freely to all who will receive it in Love and humility with heart filled with adoration for the Father and His great Love of His creation.

~ Jesus, August 20, 1989 

Dear Friends,  

The above quote by Jesus, from August 1989, could be considered as an impassioned plea by him to us all, his brothers in the Sonship of God, to Awaken and be aware of the real world, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth that is all around us, and has always been – freely available to ALL. There is but ONE cause for our unawareness and non-experience of It: our unwillingness to receive It and accept It unto ourself as our reality. It already is and has always been our reality, but we have blocked It from our awareness in preference for separation, darkness, misery, conflict, pain and suffering, and ‘death’. Why an impassioned plea? Because he is so eager for us to open our single eye and see It. 

Our single, or spiritual, eye has nothing to do with ocular sight, which arose as our double vision, to deceive ourself into believing that what the (mortal, and therefore, illusory) body’s eyes perceive is the ‘real’ world. What they show us is what we have made – the reverse of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth: the ego’s principality of hell – by the choice for listening to the false guide that has led us away from the Light that we are, exactly like our Father Creator, into outer darkness. Our single eye is awareness of, at-One-ment with, Love, peace and joy. Not momentarily, as when anything external – and therefore, unreal – pleases us. This is inward, eternal, unceasing Love, peace and joy. 

That is real, unchangeable, unassailable Love, peace and joy that cannot be affected by any external events – including crucifixion. When Jesus walked the Earth the external world was in utter turmoil and conflict. That has not changed, nor can it ever change because it is the wilful choice for separation from reality that has caused it, and separation from reality is the choice for self-denial of inner peace, Love and joy. None of that affected his inner peace, Love and joy, because he Knew none of what his body’s eyes showed him was real. He was not hallucinating; his single eye saw truly, and that is what he is so eager – hence ‘impassioned plea’ – for us to open our single eye and see truly. 

Until we take his Loving, caring, compassionate advice, it is we who are, and will remain, hallucinating. Hallucinating about what, in Love’s eternal, limitless creation can never be: the hell of mortal, limited, unKnowing, Mindless self-deprivation of the Love, Light, Life and Truth of Being that is our Creator and our One, undivided Self. Of course many will say, ‘It was/is not my free-will choice to separate from the Light; I want to be restored to It, but I don’t know how.’ Yet that Light is, always, unquenchably, within us all, and the very appearance of being with/in a body demonstrates our choice for allowing primacy in our mind for the attractions/distractions of time and place. 

This is not a judgement – least of all one indicating that punishment is warranted – it is merely taking a look at how we have, under the ego’s thrall, set-up the horizontal axis of darkness that seems to separate us from the vertical axis of Light. Jesus’ plea to us is out of his total Love for and devotion to us, his slumbering, fantasising brethren. Without our devotion to our Self – and thus, to him also, because we are One – we cannot escape from the guilt, fear, pain and suffering, divided self we have made. Most of us, in deeply-conflicted duality consciousness are devoted to the persona self we have made and believe we are, and simultaneously, insanely, at some level, hating ourself. 

That hate is then projected onto the body we are at once – pathetically – trying to glorify and despise. How can that lead to anything other than confusion, sickness and ‘death’ – the ‘fulfilment’ of our demented dream. Yet Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles that if we are willing to give to Papa ALL the miscreations, illusions, idols and misperceptions we have made, He will freely (no guilt, sacrifice, punishment, price or penalty) give us back what we threw away. Here is how he says it, in chapter 10, section V of the Course:  

Out of your gifts to Him the Kingdom will be restored to His Son. His Son removed himself from His gift by refusing to accept what had been created for him, and what he had created in the Name of his Father. Heaven waits for his return, for it was created as the dwelling place of God’s Son. You are not at home anywhere else, or in any other condition. Do not deny yourself the joy that was created for you for the misery you have made for yourself. God has given you the means for undoing what you have made. Listen, and you will learn how to remember what you are.  

‘Listen to what, or who?’, asks our quaking, little, doubting, blind and deaf self, hiding in the dark for fear of judgement by the god of wrath and retribution we have invented. The Answer, of course, is the Voice for the God of Love, Life, Truth, tenderness, gentleness, forgiveness; the Voice that dwells within our own heart-mind, waiting with infinite patience to provide the Answer to every problem, fear, doubt we have imagined in our little, boxed-off-from-the-Light mind. Jesus means really listen, and for that we must go within, in spiritual humility, devotion, unequivocal commitment to Awaken from the nightmare of separation and death. The ego will resist this with all its puny might. 

In reality it is less than puny: it is nothing. But in our choice for it as our guide – to outer darkness – it seems all-powerful, and will feel to us, momentarily in its vicious, murderous clutches, inescapable. So must we ASK for truly all-powerful Help, and be steadfast in commitment to openness to receiving that Help and accepting it unto ourself. There is no other way out the valley of the shadow of death. And the Answer we will always be given is to truly forgive all illusions of time and place, division, judgement, grievance, conflict. The ego would have us say, ‘How can I forgive all the wrong that has been done to me, and to others around the world? Justice must be done.’  

But ‘justice’ in this ego-world is retribution – a euphemism for punishment. How can punishment for what in Truth never happened be ‘justice’? Rather, it is the ego’s way of getting us to keep the carousel of birth and death turning – with us self-chained to it. Let us not be fooled by its temptations to judge and hold grievances. In Papa’s sight – and Jesus’ also, of course – we are innocent, so the only ‘justice’ is a full and unfettered pardon and release from our own, self-made prison. To continue seeking the world’s ‘justice’ is self-deprivation of our rightful heritage of Love, peace and joy. Such seeking is, can only be, self-punishment.  

Jesus continues:  

If God knows His children as wholly sinless, it is blasphemous [not against Papa, as the ego would have us believe, but against our Self, His One, beloved, perfect Son] to perceive them as guilty. If God knows His children as wholly without pain, it is blasphemous to perceive suffering anywhere. If God knows His children to be wholly joyous, it is blasphemous to feel depressed. All of these illusions, and the many other forms that blasphemy may take, are refusals to accept creation [i.e., Papa’s Son: us, reunified] as it is. If God created His Son perfect, that is how you must learn to see him to learn of his reality. And as part of the Sonship, that is how you must see yourself to learn of yours.

It is, therefore, our made-up, dreamt-up, illusory, ‘sinful, guilty’, fearful, conflicted, divided, mortal persona-self, with its individual, separate, little, confused identity that IS the blasphemy, the idolatrous caricature of whole, complete, holy, perfect, all-Knowing, all-Loving, all-empowered in limitless creativity that is the eternal Truth of our Being. Here are some further snippets from that same chapter, to assist palpably, powerfully in focusing our mind toward the Light within, and thus, away from outer darkness:  

As always, your choice is determined by what you value. Time and eternity cannot both be real, because they contradict each other. If you will accept only what is timeless as real, you will begin to understand eternity and make it yours.  

You cannot do this as long as you believe that anything happening to you is caused by factors outside yourself.  

Time and eternity are both in your mind and will conflict until you perceive time solely as a means to regain eternity.   

Your Father has not denied you. He does not retaliate, but He does call to you to return. When you think He has not answered your call, [the Truth is that] you have not answered His. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

This Diary entry was preceded by an event of which I wrote at the time (May 2009): 

I have just experienced a metaphysical event in which I was speaking, as Self, to a gathering of a few score listeners, who were aware that the Voice for God, the Spirit of Truth, was simply utilising persona Brian as the mechanism of communicating. This was not trance mediumship; ‘Brian’ was fully, consciously, participating in the process, but his speaking was empowered by inspiration from the One-Mindedness of the Holy Spirit, or whole, holy Self, within.   

In accord with the Principle of Life of the Father that by remaining steadfastly focused on the Truth of Oneness with Self in Papa and the rightful empowerment that this brings to all the fragments of the Sonship who so attune/commune, persona Brian spontaneously levitated about twenty feet (six metres) above the gathering, saying that this was to demonstrate that the body is not, nor does it have to be – just as Jesus tells us repeatedly in A Course in Miracles, and as it was not for him in his walking on water – a burdensome limitation.   

He tells us that the works that he did we also would do, and greater works than these, if only we could believe. Now is the time for these works – miracles, signs and wonders – to begin in earnest. We can know this is correct because he has now, in perfect co-ordination of timing, given us the handbook – the Course – for them, right at the beginning of the leavening of the third measure. 

Here is the mind-to-Mind communing that followed, which I gladly share for the encouragement of all who may be inspired, encouraged by it: 

A.M. May 17, 2009 

Leave all to Self. Surrender the ego leasehold, that vacant possession may be uptaken by, restored to, the Freeholder. Jesus is the example for all to follow. One step at a time shall this be fulfilled in all. 

Divine Papa, Divine Self: we are ONE. I Am not a body, but soaring, eternal, limitless spirit. All is ours – the fragments of the Sonship – now. Nothing can obscure this eternal reality, if only we can believe. I believe now, Self; Papa has given me ALL. I Am, when I join in heart-mind with my brothers, ALL, just as Jesus is ALL, because I, we all, along with Jesus, Am His Son, and soaring – levitating – is but a sign, a symbol of the Truth that nothing (i.e. the illusory ‘laws’ of time and place) can not limit limitless Self. Bodies are nothing; time and place are nothing. Papa, Eternity, Heaven, Oneness are ALL. ALL is mine, ours – all of the illusory fragments – freely forever, because Papa has given it, freely, to His beloved Son. 

Because of this, I (we) must use the opportunity I (we) have presented to Self by taking a body, a vehicle of communicating within the illusion, to share, extend, present this, the Truth of Eternity, to my (our) beloved brothers, by demonstrating this reality to them, that they might be exalted, re-minded, uplifted; remember their Oneness with Self, with Jesus, in the Sonship of Papa. Holy Self: this experience has exhorted me to greater eagerness for this to proceed apace. How is it to proceed from here? 

I thought you would never ask.J Of course, you, dear B, already Know this. It is by turning within, recognising, remembering that Self as Who you Are, even as this event has shown you being It, Living It. Doing is not the way forward, so you are moving into the right circumstances.1 This is no accident, coincidence or chance happenstance, of course, but the Path unfolding at your feet. 

Meanwhile, ALL is within My care; let B leave it there, where I will lead all matters into the outworking and fulfilment of all events. Let there be centredness, comfort, peace, certainty within. Let doubt be left no room to enter in. Do you think Jesus let doubt enter in? Would you be like him? 

Yes!!!  I feel – B feels – greatly inspired, encouraged, uplifted (in this case, literally!) by this morning’s experience. 

Flying, soaring, levitation, are, of themselves, nothing; not the objective, but merely a sign, a demonstration that Papa’s Son, even in all the seemingly fragmented forms as presented within the dream, is not/are not, heavy, limiting bodies. It is a symbol of Our unlimitedness. 

Self: I give thanks for our Oneness. I cleave unto You, this state of limitless Being. 

It is not something to become, but to remember, for B is, in Truth, already This. All the brethren are This, NOW. So, let them be re-minded, according to My leading. I will bring about – Am bringing about – the events, the circumstances whereby this will be enabled. Leave all to Self. Surrender the ego leasehold, that vacant possession may be uptaken by, restored to, the Freeholder. Jesus is the example for ‘B’, as he was and is for all. One step at a time shall this be fulfilled in all. No opportunity can be wasted and none shall be lost, by B’s willing obedience to Self’s leading. 

1 Theresa and I retired from the world of commerce at the end of May 2009. 

None of this is unique, or exceptional, but freely ours, all of us, without exception, for the asking; our Creation-right and inheritance. We have dreamed we threw it all away, but now we are Awakening and remembering reality. Home. That is the Gospel – ‘Good News’ – that Jesus came to bring us. Compared with what we have made here in time and place, that sounds like good news to me J

March 21, 2018 

Let there be a flame kindled in your heart, burning brightly and giving out Light and warmth, peace and joy, food and drink, Love and happiness to attract and welcome all who will, all who are ready for an Awakening of their within to this greater reality of the Kingdom of God.

~ Jesus, September 10, 1989 

 Dear Friends, 

In the Message of Encouragement of February 14, reference was made to energy force field as an alternative term to soul, or spirit. The Source of that force – the Life Force – is the Creator Spirit: Papa. Another term for force is power, and that power is the Power of Creation. Unified Mind provides the intent, or purpose, of that creative Power. The ‘tiny, mad idea’ for separation from God meant the choice for dissociating ourself from the Source of our Power of creation, aka the Life Force. What could this be, other than experiencing lifelessness and the overthrow of reason? This, of course is impossible in reality, but this is our experience in fantasy: a dream of death and insanity. 

The insanity manifests itself externally in myriad ways, all of which are divisive. The division starts in our own, split mind, where we wage war upon ourself, in the form of, on the one hand, hating our little, fearful, disempowered, mortal self, appearing as a body – because that symbolises separation, and gets us focused away from mindfulness – and on the other hand, trying to glorify, beautify, immortalise, gain pleasure, recognition, adulation, worldly fame and fortune through our body. However much we try to disguise our secret – or not-so-secret – self-loathing, it is always there, either suppressed into our unconscious mind, or spilling over into our conscious awareness. 

All the while we are – inspite of outward attempts at concealing this – unable to accept ourself, we are denying ourself the chance to accept our true, whole, complete, innocent, perfect, all-empowered-by-Love Christ-Self. This means we are denying ourself the chance to be restored to Self-awareness and Self-reliance. This hellish state of affairs continues from one circuit of the carousel to the next, where some may seem more tolerable than others, but as joined-up experiences (which the ego will hide from us by denial of reincarnation, the Love of God, eternity …) will always be in spiritual darkness because that was our choice – not Papa’s; we are electing for hell ourself.  

What we have done to ourself by the choice for separation is cut ourself off from the Source of our Power. This is like switching off the light … the inevitable result when the power supply has been breached is that the light goes out. The Power supply is Life, Light, Love and Truth: God. These words are capitalised to indicate they are eternal, not temporal; the same words, when used in the illusion, without initial capitals, can have varying meanings, according to the intent in the application, but never equate with the eternal. Yet the good news is that we are always free, every single moment, to switch the Light back on and it will reconnect us with the Source of Love, Life and Truth. 

This is not just an esoteric statement but a totally practical one, and can be applied by any and all of us, at any and every moment. Most of us are switching the Light on and off multiple times a day. We switch it on when we have a Loving, forgiving, blessing, caring, understanding, kind thought toward a brother or the world. It needn’t be expressed in word or deed – particularly if the opportunity so to do doesn’t present itself. But nothing can prevent the thought, regardless of outward circumstances, from reaching the object of our thought, because the Holy Spirit, Who Lives in our mind, delivers it, unfailingly, on our behalf. Only we can prevent it by choosing against such thoughts. 

That negative choice means we have switched off the Light and disempowered ourself. We switch it back on – i.e., are reconnected to the Source of our Power, the Light that we unfailingly, eternally are – by the process of those Loving intentions. It’s as simple as that. However, the ego has plenty of tricks up its sleeve to distract us, veil our sight and prevent us from being consciously aware of our radiant, glorious reality – as perfectly demonstrated by our brother Jesus, in whom our true Identity is reflected. Among those tricks is our choice for blindness to single vision, and dependence on double, bodily sight, confusing us into believing that our minds are separate from our brothers’. 

And when our double, misperceiving, dark (i.e., disconnected from the Light) vision shows us a brother/situation/event which we unnecessarily react to, mistakenly believing it is ‘causing’ us judgement, grievance, anger, doubt, anxiety, emotional outbursts, scarcity, abandonment, fear, rage, envy, jealousy … off goes that inner switch, ensuring we remain in that disconnected, disempowered, ego-enthralled, mindless state of misery that is the separation consciousness: the dream of death and hell. All this can be summed up by stating that we are giving away our God-given Power, that is sovereign to us because It is His free gift, our inheritance from Him as His Son. 

Power is available to us only by our direct connection to our Source because He is the Source of that Power. Denying Him shuts us off from the Light, Love, Life and Truth of our eternal, perfect, innocent Being. This, of course, is impossible in reality, but we are at free choice to pretend it is possible, in a dream, a fantasy. That doesn’t mean we are actually cut off from It, even though it seems so in our dream, our nightmare. The connection remains unbroken because the Power of Creation is, as indicated above, intact in our Soul – an extension of that Power. According to the mind’s intent, the creative power of our Soul is directed. The insane intent of a split mind is disempowerment.  

Our soul never loses its power – rather like a charged battery that is not put to its correct application by Christ-directed Mindfulness and intent – because it is permanently connected to its Source. But the split mind gives away its awareness of It, so is completely unable to provide the soul with any Creative intent, instead weaving dreams of conflict and destruction and believing them to be its reality. Just as the ego wants it. But when our commitment is to the rejoining of the fragmented Sonship back to wholeness, Oneness, we are reciprocally, commensurately Helped by Jesus/Holy Spirit and all in the Realms of Light, because we have chosen for restoration to One-Mindedness. 

Jesus tells us that all he did, we can do also because we are like him. Therefore, we can say of ourself all that he said of himself, and more. We can do this using positive affirmations, which are powerful dispellers of negative, disempowering, ego-driven affirmations, such as I am unworthy, I am lost, lonely, poor, sick …  Positive affirmations reconnect us with our Power Source – switching on the Light in our mind and thus, our connectedness to the mind of the rest of the Sonship. Not being consciously aware of that reconnection is irrelevant and meaningless, because it is our choice that effects the connection; awareness of it follows, if/when we are steadfast in commitment. 

Positive affirmations also, in like manner, restore our mind’s connectedness to our soul, and with positive intent helps progress our Awakening to our limitless creative Power. Now is the time, the season, the moment of Awakening from the disempowered walk in the valley of the shadow of death, and our resurrecting to Life. So, just like Jesus, we can say to and of ourself, by way of positive affirmation: I Am … the resurrection and the Life; I am … the Light, and therefore, the saviour, of the world; I am … not a body, I am free; I am … worthy – and countless more positive affirmations, helping restore us to Self-belief, Self-awareness and Self-reliance. 

Right, positive use/application of our God-given Power, including forgiving the world, blessing the world, Loving our perceived ‘enemies’ into innocent, Loving brothers further increases our Power by disencumbering us from the wrong-mindedness of judgement, grievance, unforgiveness … Holding onto illusions of time and place as our reality means holding onto disempowerment as our reality. Let us, then, reaffirm our commitment to being faithful to the Truth of our Being as Papa’s One (rejoined) beloved, all-empowered-by-Love, innocent, eternal Son.   

Brian Longhurst


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. July 24, 2009 

As you progress on this journey Home and the vista expands before you, your Guide gradually becomes One with you until he is no more discernible as with you, but is, rather, within you; indivisibly One with and as Who you are. 

B to Self ...   

Come in B. 

Beloved Self; my heart surges with joy and anticipation as I attune with You, setting aside a sacred time for communing in Oneness. 

That is the key: setting aside time. By setting aside time, you help Me to set aside [i.e., collapse] time, for you and for all the fragments of the Sonship. That is our job together; B, with his part and Me with Mine, until there is no more ‘you and Me’ but just the Oneness that is the true reality.  

This takes time, so let us, together, use it for its one true purpose, which is to undo it until it has been dispelled, and there is no more past or future; just the Eternal Moment of NOW, in Peace, Joy, Love. B, your awareness of this is, at present, limited, though you have experienced glimpses, so that you Know, of a certainty beyond all doubt, of its reality. This helps to focus your mind – with all your heart – upon its objective, its intent, which is to return to that state of Being, the true and only state of Being for all, permanently, uninterruptedly. 

You know that Oneness with You, Self, is the only objective, and so it is my objective. B desires, wills, that it be so, and that the most direct, rapid route to that is what I am seeking to follow, by and with Your leading. 

You, B, have been following that lead, apart from in multiple other acts, for most of this one as B. It matters not what is the form that presents itself to you, in response to your own request, to lead you, step by step toward the Light. Most recently that form has been Jesus, Yeshua, the embodiment of Light, Love and Truth. You have known for many acts that this was the wisest choice you could have made. He appeared to you more than forty years ago, so it seems; but that, too, is illusory, for time does not exist, and the Spirit of Truth is within you and has always been there, just as He has with all the fragments.   

Nevertheless, along with the other fragments, B had forgotten, and was seeking without. The Spirit Knew this about all the self-separated ones, so lovingly obliged by manifesting one [Jesus] into that illusory state of being, without, to help you [along with all the fragments, of course] redirect your thoughts, your mind, your understanding, your experience, your remembrance to the within, wherein is all Truth, Life and Being, unchangeable, eternally. This event, which as you have correctly observed, is, or appears to be, a thousands-of-years-long process, which has been meaningfully dubbed the Great Rescue Programme – for that is what it is – and, of course, encompasses not just one fleeting moment two thousand years ago, but three measures of meal, or phases, over six thousand years.  

Yet even that, helpful as it is [though it seems impossibly long] to the languishing fragments, is nothing out of Eternity, as you will realise, along with all the Sonship, when you have fully Awakened to the Reality. So, perceived from the perspective of time and place, your beloved brother came to you, as you so earnestly desired and sincerely requested, to lead, guide, protect and fellowship with you on your journey Home, in and from, time and place. And it has been his joy as well as yours to journey with him awhile.   

Rejoice and share with, extend the experience to, your brethren, as has been your desire far longer than a mere forty years. This has been your inward commitment for many embodiments, and now the facilities for extending that sharing have been placed at your disposal, just as you have so long desired. 

As you progress on this journey and the vista expands before you, your Guide gradually becomes One with you until he is no more discernible as with you, but is, rather, within you; indivisibly One with and as Who you are. 

Thank you, Self, for painting the broader picture, and helping me to assimilate the awareness and understanding, so that further sharing with all who will is enabled.

March 28, 2018 

It is the Father’s good will to give you the Kingdom – that all His children should receive it. This happens by Awakening to its reality. All that is required is to open their hearts and become aware of Its Presence therein, and freely join in Its joy, glory, peace, harmony, wholeness, Love.

~ Jesus, October 1, 1989 

Dear Friends, 

Chapter 23 in A Course in Miracles is entitled The War Against Yourself. In section IV Jesus tells us that the overlooking of the dream – the nightmare battleground of time and place, bodies, division, conflict … – is now our purpose. Since the battleground is solely in our mind and nowhere else, we can, when we have had enough of murder and mayhem, simply choose to look beyond it to a state of mind that is, instead, peaceful, Loving and joyful. This is actually easy once we accept that the key to achieving it is true forgiveness*. This will, with steadfast focus and commitment, lead to our Awakening from the dream of death. He goes on to say:  

Be lifted up [in our mind, from the battleground], and from a higher place look down upon it. From there will your perspective be quite different. Here in the midst of it, it does seem real. Here you have chosen to be part of it. Here murder is your choice. Yet from above, the choice is miracles instead of murder. And the perspective coming from this choice shows you the battle is not real, and easily escaped. (From T-23.IV.5.) 

The ego will want us to see his reference to murder as being over the top; that, yes, murder does take place on planet Earth, but is comparatively rare compared with, or as a percentage of, the sheer numbers of people. Yet, as always, the ego’s argument is spurious, since bodies are neither real nor alive, being merely a little pile of clay that we seem to animate for an instant and then set aside. It is not simply the killing of bodies to which Jesus refers. Murder, along with every other event that seems to occur in time and place, is in the mind of those who appear to commit it. It is, therefore, a thought, a state of mind, that remains ‘murder’ whether thought, spoken or acted out. 

He is inviting us to ‘Come up Higher’, and join with him, from where we will immediately see, realise, Know, of a certainty beyond all doubt, that this shadow world of conflict, ‘sin’ and ‘death’ is nothing at all; a mere, momentary hallucination; a mirage that we, in a mistaken endeavour to be separate, have projected from our mind onto the screen, the veil, that we call time and place. It can be likened to watching a film projected (from our split mind) onto the external, shadow world, from where it is then reflected back into our eyes. His invitation is freely, open-endedly issued to all, and no-one knows more about freedom than he.  

He has established a stairway from the battleground in which we have embroiled our split mind to his vantage point above it, which effortlessly facilitates our rising up to the place from where we can, with him, immediately see through the illusion. But the ego’s insane script has devised deterrents that make it seem as if it is not possible to rise up to his perspective – the only meaningful, reasoned perspective. These hindrances might be considered as steps having been removed from his stairway, leaving an insuperable gap that we cannot surmount, seeming to leave us stranded on the battleground. They appear to our confused, upside-down perception as adversities.  

They are actually our own devices, that we have, insanely, in subjection to the ego’s control over our split mind, erected as defences against the Truth, the Light, the reality of our eternal, unified Being as Papa’s One Son. The illusory defences are multi-layered, but exist only in our fragmented mind, and all are completely unreal. One such tier hampering our rising up to be with him, in joyful, perfect peace, is the mythology we have fabricated about being sinners, unworthy; that he is coming again to judge us; that we will be found wanting, so will be condemned to eternal, terrifying punishment. All this, by the God of perfect, unconditional Love, and His Anointed Messenger! 

The foundation of the ego’s defence system – that, in our utter forgetfulness, we have bought into – is guilt over what in Truth has never happened, but we mistakenly believe has. When what looks like adversity turns up, the reflex reaction is to try and run or hide from it, by refusing to look at it, and thus pretend it isn’t there, in the vain hope that it will somehow go away if we ignore it long enough. That is exactly what the ego wants, thereby keeping us in the consciousness of fear. But every seeming adversity that turns up – actually, that our Higher Self has brought to us to look at with Him, so we can see past it using the clarity of His true perception – is crucial to our Awakening. 

Each is an opportunity, or step, to rise above the adversity to the release from it, having, with Holy Spirit-Self’s Help, looked at and seen past it, enabling us to resume the God-given power for creating we have given away to the ego, for its abuse in miscreating. When we finally succeed – often after myriad decisions to run and hide – in seeing past the ‘adversity-wrapper’ to the perfect gift of liberation, to rise up in response to the endless Call to Come up Higher, we have passed a test, or initiation. We are now ready for progressing toward the next step in our ascension from the battleground of division, conflict and ‘death’ to joining as One in eternal, perfect peace, joy and Love. 

As shared previously, Jesus told me in 1977: I can be staff and compass to you, to assist you in the steep and treacherous places, but I cannot be your feet. It is your journey and you must take the steps. There is no substitute for taking the steps; it is the only way the journey upon which you have embarked can be completed. With Jesus’/Holy Spirit’s unfailing Help, the stumbling blocks the ego has strewn in our path can – and will – be transformed into stepping stones. Initiations, contra to what the ego would have us believe, are not blocks to our progress Homeward, though they may seem insurmountably so at first.  

They are opportunities to progress to another level of stewardship, or Christ service – to ourself and our brothers – for our rejoining in Oneness, thereby advancing toward our Destination of Awakening to remembrance of our true, all-empowered-by-Love, eternal Being as Papa’s One, perfect Son. Just like Jesus. J This is the freedom, deliverance from servitude to littleness, limitation, darkness, destruction and death to which Jesus so ardently exhorts us in the Course. Nothing that ‘turns up’ in our awareness – in our own mind or body, as well as in the external world around us, affecting us emotionally or physically with fear, anger, judgement … – is an accident or chance occurrence. 

All such are self-made idols, illusions, misperceptions, miscreations. We can dispel them all; not by attack or retreat into hiding from them. Who can imagine Jesus, in full Knowledge of his unassailability, attacking or retreating from illusions? Instead, we can rise above the battleground and join with him/Holy Spirit, Who will, in response to our asking, Guide us to looking beyond all such unreality by sharing Their vision with us; reinterpreting for us our upside-down perception so we can see with clarity. Then, Knowing all we had previously perceived was in error, we can let it go into the nothingness from which it arose. Another initiation passed, another step taken Home. 

Every time we forgive an apparent ‘trespass’ – in ourself and/or a brother – every adversity we transform into fulfilment is passing an initiation, a self-assessment opportunity, preparing us for, liberating and enabling us to ascend another … and another … step on the stairway from the battleground of separation back to Oneness, with Jesus, in the Heart-Mind of Papa. 

Brian Longhurst 

* For an exercise in true forgiveness, please click here. 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. September 19, 2009 

I am God’s Son, complete and healed and whole, shining in the reflection of His Love. In me is His creation sanctified and guaranteed eternal life. 

Thank you, beloved Jesus, for these beautiful, precious, blessed words of wisdom, illumination and eternal Truth, the perfect reminder of the true Self, the true Being of us all. We Love you, we give thanks to you and for you, we rejoice in you: 

What Am I?

I am God’s Son, complete and healed and whole, shining in the reflection of His Love. In me is His creation sanctified and guaranteed eternal life. In me is love perfected, fear impossible, and joy established without opposite. I am the holy home of God Himself. I am the Heaven where His Love resides. I am His holy Sinlessness Itself, for in my purity abides His Own.


Our use for words is almost over now. Yet in the final days of this one year we gave to God together, you and I, we found a single purpose that we shared. And thus you joined with me, so what I am are you as well. The truth of what we are is not for words to speak of nor describe. Yet we can realize our function here, and words can speak of this and teach it, too, if we exemplify the words in us.


We are the bringers of salvation. We accept our part as saviors of the world, which through our joint forgiveness is redeemed. And this, our gift, is therefore given us. We look on everyone as brother, and perceive all things as kindly and as good. We do not seek a function that is past the gate of Heaven. Knowledge will return when we have done our part. We are concerned only with giving welcome to the truth.


Ours are the eyes through which Christ’s vision sees a world redeemed from every thought of sin. Ours are the ears that hear the Voice for God proclaim the world as sinless. Ours the minds that join together as we bless the world. And from the oneness that we have attained we call to all our brothers, asking them to share our peace and consummate our joy.


We are the holy messengers of God who speak for Him, and carrying His Word to everyone whom He has sent to us, we learn that it is written on our hearts. And thus our minds are changed about the aim for which we came, and which we seek to serve. We bring glad tidings to the Son of God, who thought he suffered. Now is he redeemed. And as he sees the gate of Heaven stand open before him, he will enter in and disappear into the Heart of God. 

A Course in Miracles, W-pII.14.

April 4, 2018 

I am ever close at hand, and my Love encompasses you and all your fellows at all times. It is a pure and undefiled vibration, and by attuning your heart and soul with that wavelength you will be aware of this constant giving, constant Loving.

 ~ Jesus, April 23, 1989

Dear Friends, 

If one were to ask the first hundred people walking past if they could define – or meaningfully describe – eternity, I dare say most would be stumped, and some very mixed suggestions might be offered, with little understanding of the concept to support the responses. Perhaps a fair proportion might suggest something like, ‘a very long – infinite, endless – length of time.’ This gives rise to the question, ‘How does one define time?’, so that a meaningful comparison, or distinction, can be made between the two: time and eternity. I was led to my spiritual mentor, Olga Park, by my hand being placed on her book, in a bookshop, in 1965. That book was entitled Between Time and Eternity

That title – anything about eternity – really pushed my buttons; I simply had to have that book, particularly because it was mostly about Jesus and our relationship with him. This book spoke of the eternally living Jesus, present in our hearts, minds and lives in a personal, caring, unconditionally, perfectly Loving, guiding, ‘here and now’ way. This was nothing to do with what the doctrines and dogmas of institutionalised religion said about him dying on the cross as a blood-sacrifice demanded of God as a propitiation for our ‘sins’. Needless to say, eternity, and the fact that Jesus functions from there, and will interact with all who so desire, has occupied my mind continually ever since. 

It is inevitable that any who have a profound, heart-centred (not a head-centred, intellectual, analytical) approach, desire to deeply, meaningfully KNOW about eternity, will, sooner or later, receive answers, given to them inspirationally, spontaneously, effortlessly. One moment they have no understanding of the subject, and in the next instant they have an intuitive, comprehensive, certainty of Knowing, beyond all doubt, that which they had been seeking within their inner connectedness, which lies beyond this shadow, fleeting, ephemeral, ever-changing dream world. That moment of revelation will not arise, for the nascent seeker, immediately the mind begins to ponder eternity. 

It takes time, sincerity, humility, commitment and infinite patience to understand eternity and our place within it. You may have noticed that the ego has none of those qualities. The domain of the ego is time, but it has no understanding of it, being totally lacking in patience. This must be so because the ego understands nothing, questioning and doubting everything. Many may want a greater understanding of time, but since it is an illusion, made up with the purpose of distracting us from eternity, our focus will be more serviceably directed toward eternity. That may seem impossible, but we have a Guide to eternity, who will lead us perfectly, if we are willing to trust and follow him.  

It hardly needs saying that Jesus is that Guide. He is eminently qualified for that role because that is his domain, and he understands it completely. And because he is of the brethren of Earth also – who saw the road before him [back Home to Papa], and he followed it – he understands us, with all our guilt, fears, doubts … because he has been there, and so never judges us, Knowing that in Truth we are like him. We don’t need a PhD in maths, quantum physics, cosmology, Theology or any other qualification this world can offer us to follow him; only trust and a little willingness to let him join his all-seeing, all-Knowing Mind with ours, thereby sharing his perfect vision and wisdom with us. 

He also states, in these further extracts from A Course in Miracles, C-5: 

In his complete identification with the Christ, the perfect Son of God … Jesus became what all of you must be [of course, that is what we already are, and he will Help restore our mind to full remembrance of this, if, when we are willing to allow him] … And when you join your will with his, your sight will be his vision, for the eyes of Christ are shared. Walking with him is just as natural as walking with a brother whom you knew since you were born, for such indeed he is. 

When we make that restoration our premier desire, choice, commitment, intent – inspite of the ego’s endeavours to distract us from the Truth of eternity and our rightful, indispensable place in it – we find ourself musing on deep esoteric, mystical matters. Musing is not the same as the intellectual analysing of information based on past (and therefore, illusory, mistaken perceptions of time and place) considerations. Recently, as I was musing on just what it is that differentiates between time and eternity, suddenly, instantaneously, the Answer was there, complete in my mind, and without a thought about it I now Knew what makes them fundamentally opposite and irreconcilable. 

Time is about circular motion and eternity is about Stillness. I initially-capitalise that word because it is a mystical quality, and bears no resemblance to stasis; It is Alive, shimmering in Its Creative energy and expression, but eternity has no motional direction because it is everywhere – everywhere real – complete, perfect, constant and WITHIN. Time is without, appears motional because it opposes the Stillness of eternity. It has to oppose It in order to be ‘different’, and therefore, in every aspect, separate from, attempting to nullify, reality. If it had any properties that were the same as reality it could not be separate from reality and its whole house of cards would be gone from our mind.  

Time appears real, ‘there’, extant, because everything in time and place moves on. What was apparent in one moment – whether a second, hour, year or epoch – is no longer the same, no longer ‘there’ in the next, because ‘time’ has moved on, demonstrating decay, disintegration. We experience time with our bodily awareness because we are dreaming of being on a planet that spins on its axis once every ’24 man-made hours’; it travels round the sun once every ‘365 man-made days’; slants its man-made ‘North and South’ toward/away from the sun, effecting the appearance of climatic seasons; the sun revolves round the Milky Way spiral galaxy … all within the dream of time. 

The dream appearance of motion demonstrates, ‘proves’ the notion of linear time, moving from illusory past through an elusive, unstoppable present toward an unknowable future. Time, therefore is a fantasy of incompletion, fostering anxiety that what seems yet to do won’t get done. All of that is necessary in the dream of separation from eternity and our place within it, to give ‘reality’ to our phantasmagoria. Reality is eternity, the ever-Present Stillness of the holy instant that is forever, unchangeably, NOW. There is nothing yet to ‘do’ in the Stillness that is eternity; all is the complete, perfect Love, peace and joy that is the endless, ineffably-orgasmic bliss of Oneness in the Creator. 

Eternity is not a long, unfathomable period of time, to which – if we have been ‘good’ – we might gain access when we ‘die’. It cannot be understood with our head-mind, which is devised to get us focused on the unreality of time and place, but, with faith and trust, desire and commitment, it is forever accessible to us in our heart-mind …  

…when thou prayest [commune], enter into thy closet [within], and when thou hast shut thy door [against worldly distractions], pray to [commune with] thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret [the within of our heart-mind – His abode in us] shall reward thee openly. (Matt. 6:6) 

Eternity is the unchanging, forever-perfectly-Still, always at hand, holy instant, with no birth or death, no beginnings or endings, no limits. How can temporal bodies or flawed, conflicted personalities be involved in – or in any way pertinent to – that? How can a self-limiting, time-focused, upside-down, finite mind begin to grasp, analyse, intellectualise eternity? Understanding, Knowing, becoming restored to Oneness in eternity, can only be received, as a free gift – a present – to a mind committed to infinite patience, faith, trust, spiritual humility, obedience to the still, small voice of the Holy Self within. 

Brian Longhurst  

Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. September 21, 2009 

I have never forgotten, could never, will never forget you. You are always in My Heart and in My Mind. I rejoice at your remembrance of Me, so that I may lift you up and embrace you with My Love, with all My Being. 

I Love You, Papa; I rejoice in You. 

I Love you, too, My beloved son, and rejoice in you also. I have never forgotten, could never, will never forget you. You are always in My Heart and in My Mind. I rejoice at your remembrance of Me, so that I may lift you up and embrace you with My Love, with all My Being. 

Thank You, beloved Papa. There is nothing I desire more than that; the ecstasy of Oneness in You. 

I give it to you always, My beloved. There is never a moment when it is not with you, when it is not the true estate of your Being.

April 11, 2018 

Speak with me; I am your friend, not high and lifted up, beyond reach of those who would follow me. Is it not my teaching that he who humbles himself shall be exalted? More could enter the Kingdom if they were mindful of this.

~ Jesus, May 7, 1989 

Dear Friends, 

The intellect, or head-mind, focuses on the external world – the without – seeking to understand what appears to its sensory perception to be real. The more it seeks answers in the wrong place the more it becomes enmeshed in detail. This distracts attention away from the Principles of Life of the Father (PLFs)– the Laws of the Creator by which all that IS functions perfectly, effortlessly, peacefully, joyfully, lovingly, gently, caringly, inclusively ... Our connection to the PLFs is through our heart-mind. They are not accessible to, or through the ego-devised mechanism we call the intellect, the entire purpose of which is to distract us from the Truth of eternity by the illusions of time and place.   

Without faith and trust in the PLFs and their Source, our heart-mind is closed to our conscious awareness, experience and application of them and their perfect functionality. But in faith and trust, it is fully open and operational, with limitless, God-given Power, just like Jesus, our exemplar and template for living Life in full, eternal, limitless abundance (as distinct from dreaming of littleness, blindness, conflict, guilt, fear and ‘death’). This means that the capacity to accept the PLFs, and function in harmony, accord, at-One with them is always, every moment, available to us, by faith and trust, transforming every such moment into a Holy Instant, right NOW. If only we can believe

Meanwhile, all that our ego-devised head-mind/intellect perceives with its bodily senses, endlessly analysing and researching – always demanding ‘proof’ as the condition for willingness to accept – in ever more distracting-from-reality detail, is only, can only be, of the past. Focusing on it is what seems to keep it ‘alive’ and in the here and now. It was never alive because it was a dream of death, and it cannot, ever, be here and NOW because unreality never was, so cannot now Be. For this we can truly be glad, for if it had any reality at all, it would mean we are eternally separated from our Source in Life, Love, Light, Truth, peace and joy uninterrupted, forever: Papa. 

Doubt, unbelief, faithlessness, unwillingness to trust in the completely benign, Loving, blessing, giving nature of Papa and His Anointed Messenger are the defences of the ego against our release from its hateful, murderous enslavement. It will poo-poo as nonsense the suggestion that time and place is nothing more than a momentary dream of death, yet there is no form – from spiral galaxies to single-cell microbes – that is not in the process of decaying, coming to its end, ‘dying’. This is inevitable because time and place is about form, not content. It is form, having no reality, being temporal – and can therefore only be illusion – that has no substance and therefore must disintegrate.  

True perception looks beyond form to the changeless, endless, unified, formless Life Force – the Creator Spirit, the Prime Cause of all Being – of which we are all an extension of the whole, pretending, for nothing more than an infinitesimal instant, to not be whole, unified, One. The ego will say that without form there can be no substance, nothing to contain and express the content and thus, give it ‘reality’. Here it hoists itself with its own petard, because Reality, being Love, Light, Life, without limit, is uncontainable. Further, form, of itself, cannot express Love, Light and Life, intrinsically having none of those qualities. Only unified mind and spirit can express Love, Light and Life. 

Any such attempts at expressing Love, Light and Life while embodied in form are palpably limited – but only by the unwillingness, unbelief, unreadiness of a mind pretending to be a body. Only when such a mind undergoes a change – from head to heart; from reckoning to faith and trust – does the Love, Light and Life become discernible to self and to those in proximity. Meanwhile, Love is restricted, by belief that form is what we are, to special love, a shabby substitute for what makes you whole in truth, not in illusion. (A Course in Miracles, T-16.IV.8:4); light remains without – counterfeit – and ‘life’ a recurring dream of separation, abandonment in the valley of the shadow of death. 

All this can and will be transformed by the miracle: a mere change of mind from head to heart. Here is what Jesus says about this:   

To your tired eyes I bring a vision of a different world, so new and clean and fresh you will forget the pain and sorrow that you saw before. Yet this a vision is which you must share with everyone you see, [This sharing is not by words but by living, exemplifying it; then will be drawn to us those who discern our transformation and will want us to speak of it to them] for otherwise you will behold it not. To give this gift is how to make it yours. And God ordained, in loving kindness, that it be for you (A Course in Miracles, T-31.VIII.8:4-7). 

When he says it is he who will bring us vision – i.e., true vision – of a different world, this is literally true in all respects; he is all-empowered by Love to do this for us (for, assuredly, we are ill-equipped to accomplish it for ourself), and the vision will become not just ‘seen’ by us, but be our experience; it will become what we are: the Truth of our very Being, just as it was/is for him. And this vision, this experience, this Awakening awareness, this remembrance is NOW, forever and ever. What our tired eyes see is only the past; it’s all about the past, and that can only mean it is not real because what is real is real in the eternal, unchangeable NOW. 

How, then, do we see it? It is all about desire. Without desire we will never see it. Desire activates our choice to see it. Choice sets our focus, our intent, on our goal of seeing it. And we surrender our desire and intent to Jesus/Holy Spirit, Who are at that place, that state of vision, and also present in our own mind – our heart-mind; not, ever, in our dreaming, misperceiving, ego-engrossed head-mind – awaiting our surrender so They can accomplish our HEART’s desire. And we commit to co-operating with Them. How can They accomplish our heart’s desire without our co-operation? Co-operation is the way forward to our Awakening to the real world, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. 

This ego, shadow, world ‘functions’ – actually, malfunctions – on competition: the opposite, the reversal, of co-operation. We will never succeed in substituting competition with co-operation (insanity for sanity) without true forgiveness, liberating us from seeing our brothers as enemies to truly perceiving them as our harmless brothers and friends, thus effortlessly enabling us to willingly, lovingly, caringly, trustingly co-operate in all things. In this transformation from nightmare to happy dream does the Path toward the Gates of Heaven unfold at our feet as we confidently take each step forward, with Jesus as our Companion of the Way, along with all the brothers he brings to join with us. 

Needless to say, the dark interloper we have allowed into our mind will say ‘all this is a pipe-dream, unachievable’: its characteristic defence against our Awakening to the reality that is already here, right now, and always has been, in the midst, awaiting our recognition, our remembrance. This will not be accomplished for us by politicians and world leaders, who are merely hapless pawns in the ego’s game of weaving tangled webs of lies and duplicity; it will be done by us, surrendering our self-will to the One, perfect, unconditionally-Loving Will of our Father Creator, Who shares His Will with us. We simply re-adopt It and all falls effortlessly into place.  

His gift to us of free will – to remain connected as One with His … or not – means we can continue, in our blindness, denial and forgetfulness, choosing to dream of separation from eternity to the hell of the temporal.  But, as Jesus reminds us in the Course: 

…if you choose a thing that will not last forever, what you chose is valueless.  A temporary value is without value. [However] time can never take away a value that is real. What fades and dies was never there and makes no offering to him who chooses it. He is deceived by nothing in a form he [mistakenly] thinks he likes. (W-pI.133:6) 

Is this really a choice

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

P.M. October 4, 2009  

When one is enLightened he says, ‘I see!’ and he cannot help radiating that Light outwards from his own within. It just happens. That’s the Way of things in Papa’s Creation; it just goes on creating. Light. Light begets, extends, Light. 

Beloved Self; I choose, will, to see things from Your perspective, rather than persona Brian’s (‘pB’). So, what would ‘I’, as Self, be seeking from pB in using him as a communication mechanism, for furthering the Great Rescue Programme here in the shadowland of Earth? 

I would be seeking to have pB ‘be available’ as a receptor for ‘grounding’ spiritual vision, awareness, enlightenment, understanding; first, within himself, and then, as ripples on a pond, to share with, extend to, teach – the terminology is unimportant – the rest of ‘Christ-mind-in-forgetfulness’ what pB is newly re-cognising. 

That sounds rather like what is happening now. 

It does rather, doesn’t it!? 

Yet I feel – perhaps it is just the impatience in me – as if pB could be doing more. 

Who said anything about doing

Oh, right ... 

Yes, right! J I said ‘be available’. That is not about ‘doing’, it is about ...? 


Correct. See? You have it. By making oneself available, one is able to receive. Do you doubt My ability to give

Well, when You put it like that, the answer can only be a resounding No. 

What kind of a no? 


Correct again. Let Me ask you this: Do you believe there is a single moment when I Am not giving? 

Again, there can only be a resounding No. You have a way of getting across a point that had not properly lodged itself in my mind, even though it was, I realise, floating around in there. 

That’s My job. Your job is to be available to receiving what I Am giving; to be receptive, in other words. That is all that is required of you if you will to serve the Kingdom purpose. 

Well, you probably know by now that that is my only objective. 

Do I detect a smidgen of irony in that comment? J 

Well, I just wanted to clarify the point. J 

It’s clear; thank you. What I was coming to was, pB choosing to be available – receptive – can include writing it down as well, so that, in spite of having a good recall ability, the incoming inspiration can be kept for posterity, and also for sharing.

The sharing is activated by desire within pB. So, if he thus desires, he can share, or extend the Light – let it shine, just as Jesus did, and as he counsels you. Sharing brings enLightenment, which brings understanding, which is Knowing. When one is enLightened he says, ‘I see!’ and he cannot help radiating that Light outwards from his own within. It just happens. That’s the Way of things in Papa’s Creation; it just goes on creating. Light. Light begets, extends, Light. And by the way, Light equals Life, equals Love, equals Joy, equals Peace, equals Truth. 

I knew that! 

I know you did. So there is really nothing to ‘do’, or to worry about. Finally, if, when, you are at peace – true, inner peace: the peace of God, that passeth understanding and is completely still and unchanging; the unmoving mover – then you ARE all those things, or qualities, or states of Being at the same moment. And that moment is the eternal, unending moment of NOW. This is Who, or What, you are. That is What I Am, and pB is, along with all his brothers, ultimately: One. There is only One. 

The One can also be seen and experienced as the many, but the many are not separate bodies and separate minds. They are Love and Peace and Joy and Light and Life and Truth. All are qualities of Oneness, indivisibly, eternally. If you have One, when you have One such quality, then you have, Know and are all

Thank You, thank You, thank You. 

I Am with you and will remain with you always, to make Known to you all things. But you must play your part: you must ask. I can respond only to asking, seeking, knocking.

April 18, 2018 

Be at peace; therein lies At-One-ment with Spirit, and new awareness shall be yours. All is well. I am with you; my rod and staff shall protect you and keep you safe when adversity seems all around. Thus shall you be a lighted beacon, and shine in the presence of darkness.

~ Jesus, March 19, 1989 

Dear Friends, 

As stated elsewhere, God is the Source of our Life, the very Life Force of our Being, and all the while we remain connected – ‘plugged in and switched-on’ – to Him we both have and are limitless, abundant Life. And because Life and Love are the same, we – in full remembrance of our One, undivided Self as His perfect, limitless Son – are all-empowered for limitless creation … just like Papa.J But the idea of separation – which means division, which means conflict, which means attack (thought, spoken or enacted is all the same: attack) – cuts us off from Love and Life, so we appear to be experiencing the opposites of our eternal, unassailable reality: disempowerment, fear and death. 

That means we have given away our God-given Power – of Love, Life and creation – to the ego, aka ‘the destroyer’. The Six O’Clock News provides the details. Of course, this isn’t actually the case, for in reality this cannot be. But in dreams the impossible can be made to appear possible – especially as dreaming means separation from our Source, since neither He nor His One Son ever sleep. They are eternally Awake, ceaselessly, tirelessly creating, extending Love without limit, without end. Sleeping and dreaming of limitation, endings, conflict, scarcity, inequality, injustice, ‘death’ … over and over, means Papa’s Son is actually experiencing/dreaming-of giving away his Power. 

Here, the term ‘giving away’ means losing. Losing – or appearing to lose – is only possible in a split-off-from-Truth fantasy. How can that describe anything other than a mind dreaming of abandoning, or losing, its reason? How can that mean other than a dream of insanity? In Truth losing is impracticable, because giving and receiving are one and the same. How can it not be so in Oneness? But within the dream there is no awareness of Oneness; it is a dream of ‘twoness’ – of duality, division, brokenness. Indeed, to the dreamer, the idea of Oneness seems absurd: how can there be only here-and-now when our bodily senses and intellect tell us there is here and there, now and then? 

Giving away our Power can only mean losing it – inconceivable in Oneness – but in the illusion of separation it means another has gained it at our expense. In Truth there are no ‘others’, but the ego, furtively secreted away in a part of our mind that has dissociated from eternally-creating Oneness, seems to be using what it has usurped for miscreating. Since creating is Love-engendered, miscreating can only be by its opposite: fear. The dictionary defines integrity as 1: adherence to moral principles; honesty. 2: the quality of being unimpaired; soundness, and 3: unity; wholeness. Fear is a powerfully negative, destructive energy, meaning it dis-integrates our integrity.  

This is reflected in our experience of this shadow world, where malfeasance – loss of integrity – is widely practised openly, unashamedly, and also, perhaps more widely, clandestinely; and when uncovered, blame is projected away, amidst loud, hollow protestations of innocence. Happily, all this is now coming to an end. Many will say, ‘No! It’s getting worse.’ But a closer look will reveal that it is not actually getting worse, it is getting uncovered. That is what happens when Light is shone where there was the appearance of darkness. Darkness is nothing; it does not exist at all in reality, being merely the absence of something real, eternal, undimmable, inextinguishable: Light. 

We give away our power, sometimes inadvertently, sometimes deliberately, to the destructive intent of the ego – like a leach sucking the life-blood out of us – every time we allow guilt, fear, anxiety, impatience, nervousness, doubt, envy, judgement, hysteria, grievance, frustration, competitiveness, cursing, dishonouring, demeaning … any thought, word or deed that causes us to lose our inner peace, and therefore is clearly not of the Light (and therefore, can only be of the dark) to gain a foothold in our mind. Eschewing all these in this conflicted world, is a tall order indeed. The ego would say it is unachievable. But it is our desire that determines the outcome, not our concerns

Lapses into any of these misperceptions are just about inevitable while we appear to be in the battleground of time and place. We have two choices in this regard: 1) to allow lapses to distress us – further undermining our faith, commitment and intent, or 2) follow Jesus’ advice:  

The Holy Spirit is not delayed in His teaching [re-minding] by your mistakes [lapses]. He can be held back only by your unwillingness to let them go. Let us therefore … be willing to forgive ourselves for our lapses in diligence … This tolerance for weakness will enable us to overlook it, rather than give it power to delay our learning [progress toward Wakefulness]. If we give it power to do this, we are regarding it as strength, and are confusing strength with weakness. (From A Course in Miracles W-95.8). 

What can we do to reduce, prevent, reverse the giving away of our God-given-and-sustained Power of creating-by-extending-Love while we seem to be with/in a body? We can share It. Sharing affirms, demonstrates, re-minds us that we have It. That is a powerfully positive act of attunement – At-One-ment – with our Source and our Self, and an equally powerful repudiation of the ego’s ambition for keeping us in the valley of the shadow of death. Sharing is Heaven’s way of giving our Power without losing It. On the contrary, sharing our Power – remember, the Power is LOVE – increases It in ourself as well as in those brothers, events, circumstances with whom/which we share It.  

It hardly need be said that sharing our God-given, Love-engendered Power is by choosing to be more focused on, committed to … you got it: unconditionally Loving and forgiving – especially those we have perceived as enemies – blessing, caring, compassion, gentleness, healing, tolerance, understanding …

Within the shadow world of lies and all other forms of deception – such as sunlight confusing us into overlooking that it is spiritual darkness in which we have unwittingly immersed ourself – true forgiveness opens our escape hatch, back into the Light of the New Day now dawning in our minds. This is a time when there is – and will, for many, continue for some while yet – equivocation about committing to Awakening from the dream of death. Sitting on the fence is likely to be cause for guilt somewhere downstream – such as when we lay aside our body.  

But we can take heart from the fact that in reality there is no time, and there are no fences, nor anything about which to equivocate. There is no separation, no them and us; only the ineffable bliss of Oneness in Papa. In Oneness there is no loss – something the ego will try to persuade us there would be, should we be foolish enough to decide for It – only completion. There is nothing to do; only to choose to remember. Making that choice enables Jesus/Holy Spirit to restore to our memory what has never left our mind: our unified Self, Christ, Papa’s One, perfect Son.  

Brian Longhurst 

Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. November 28, 2009 

Accept that you will do the works Jesus did and greater works, because he returned to Papa, so that he might, from There, release you from the chains that once seemed to bind you in unbelief, prevented you from realising, performing, those works.

Good morning, beloved Self. 

Good morning, beloved. 

Jesus counsels that we ask You for Your evaluation of us; not to be afraid of it, because it comes from Papa; that it is exalted, because of its Source, and therefore true. I have a sense of my value in and to the Sonship, yet have been concerned that arrogance – ego-driven – might get in and distort it. But after reading A Course in Miracles, T- 9.VIII (Grandeur versus Grandiosity) I feel more comfortable about asking, because it is being more honest and open with myself. So, over to You, because I feel that this will help remove some blocks to hearing You that I may have unintentionally placed between us. 

Let us examine some Truths, some realities that you Know, because Jesus has told you; and you have already accepted them as so: 

You and he are brothers in the Sonship; co-equal, for the Sonship is equality, as created by Papa. You accept Jesus’ grandeur, without hesitation; in fact, you gladly, joyfully witness to it at every opportunity. You accept Jesus’ statements about co-equality, therefore acknowledging that you are everything he has shown himself to be, even though ‘it doth not yet appear’ outwardly (1 John 3:2). Nevertheless, you Know that it is already so inwardly. You accept that you will do the works he did and greater works, because he returned to Papa, so that he might, from There, release you from the chains that once seemed to bind you in unbelief, prevented you from realising, performing, those works – which can only come from a Mind that Knows Itself in Truth. All that is fine. 

Now comes the area of uncertainty for you: When will all this be manifest in you? Concern yourself not with When. Such uncertainty is, as you know, ego, clinging to your coat-tails, hanging on for dear life. Yet, here is a chink of Light: you Know, of a certainty far beyond all doubt, that I am performing this release for you; that of yourself, this is not possible, because your apparent self – persona Brian (pB) – is not the real you. But pB is, in accordance with his one true function – just as was Jesus – a communication device for the Spirit of Truth to communicate the Truth of Eternity to his brethren in the Sonship. By this mechanism they can hear, and without such mechanisms, how would the somnambulant brethren be able to hear, when they wear earplugs, that their slumbering may be undisturbed?  

You are being led by One Who cannot fail – because He is of God – one step at a time, to fulfilment of Jesus’ promise about greater works. This has to be one step at a time, for the remnants of ego still in you cause fear of change, especially about your movement toward the Light. So the change has to be subtle, almost imperceptible, to casual observation. It is one thing to have a Leader Who would lead you to Truth; it is another to follow that Leader. How well have you been doing, following that Leader? Be honest with yourself.  

I believe I have been steadfast, at least within my heart, my desire, even if there had been times when outward signs of that following were causing apparent lapses. 

I am glad you said, ‘apparent’. Steadfastness is in the heart, not in outward appearances. How many times have you heard – and used – the term ‘One step at a time.’? 

Hundreds, if not thousands. 

Do you believe this applies meaningfully in this context? 

Yes, absolutely. 

Then do not seek to acquire the grandeur; that is already yours, because Papa gave it to you, forever. What is yours needs no outer display; it simply is. Like all bodily parts, you do not need to boast of, or display the fact that you have a thumb, or an ear. It simply is so. To seek grandeur impatiently is an act of belief in littleness. That is not who you are, so do not seek to demonstrate – to yourself or any other – that you are what you are not. Rest in the surety that you already are Who you Are and cannot not be, and that One Who Knows is leading you, waking you to remembrance of that eternal, unchangeable reality. And you are, steadfastly, following. So, What – never mind the When do you believe can be the only outcome? 

Arrival at the only Destination, at the perfect moment, and then forever. 

That is the right answer. J 

Thank You for being so relentless in Your focus on Truth and Light. 

That is My only function. 


April 25, 2018 

Rejoice in your heart, and do not let the world – which blows this way and that, seeking the direction it thinks is right for it, but has lost the chart and so knows not whither is the route nor the destination – distract you from Knowing, from experiencing, from being glad in your Knowledge and certainty of the Kingdom.

~ Jesus, March 26, 1989

Dear Friends,

Most of us, to one extent or another, have compassion; want to be helpful to our brothers in distress, whether it be paucity of health or of wealth, or any of the traumatic circumstances of their journey, feeling lost and alone, with no seeming escape from sickness, misfortune and despair. Yet we often may experience the frustration of seeming powerlessness; that there seems little or nothing we can do to help because we don’t seem to have the resources they appear to be lacking; or when a brother – much loved or barely known – is diagnosed with one or another of the seemingly endless list of ‘pestilence and every form of ill’ (A Course in Miracles T-28.III.4:3).

First, it is inestimably, life-transformingly helpful – or can be if we allow it – to remind ourself that whatever turns up, in our own circumstances or those of a brother, is always, without any exceptions, ever, an opportunity; but only if that is how we choose to see it. The ego will want us to see it as adversity, and when we look at it from the perspective of an ego-led mind, seeing it with double, upside-down, distorted vision, adversity is how it will appear to us. That is inevitable simply because that was/is our choice. It was our choice when we opted for separation from our Source, and it is – remains – our choice until we change our mind about separation, and now opt for reunion.

For there to be any prospect of such a change of mind producing anything in the way of a palpable effect we must repudiate – and actually mean it – our submission to the ego that lurks in the part of our mind that is split-off from our true Self as Papa’s One, perfect, unassailable, all-emPOWERed-by-Love Son. The ego will resist this with all the tricks in its box. One of its first lines of defence is doubt. I remember an aphorism my mother taught my brothers and me, as small children, was, He started to sing as he tackled the thing that ‘couldn’t be done’, and he did it. Doubt is lack of faith in our own ability. There are seemingly endless things we aren’t able to do in time and place.

Yet that is of no concern because for most of them we have no interest or motivation. But of those things that do motivate us, deeply, powerfully, meaningfully, purposefully, we have the potential to accomplish. As Jesus told me in October 1966:

… You have come into this world bringing with you potential for accomplishing certain things. My purpose is to assist you and guide you in discovering what your potential is so that it might be developed and fulfilled in your earthly life. Consider this carefully, my son, so that you may become aware of this and grow in your understanding of it, that in the fullness of time you may bear much fruit according to that inward desire and potential.

That desire and potential – our inner motivator – is something we bring with us into our ‘present’ embodiment from ‘former’ embodiments. Some of the better-known examples of this are when a small child, of only two, three or four years learns – inwardly remembers, by recalling to mind, from ‘former’ embodiments how – to play the piano, violin, or other musical instrument. In next to no time they are playing like a maestro, and writing sonatas, concerti and even orchestral symphonies – equal in musicality, majesty and grandeur to those of Mozart, Beethoven, Handel ... And who is to say they are not re-embodiments of those, or other gifted souls?

The ease with which such prodigies take to the task – and accomplish it – is breathtaking. Doubt has no place in their mind. They have singleness of purpose. It is hard to imagine the parents of such Crystal children telling them they cannot do this. Every incarnating soul brings with them the dormant seed memory of former embodiments; some on an upward spiral toward the Light and some on a downward spiral into outer darkness. But we all are Papa’s One Son, perfect Love and Light, just like our Father. We are always at free choice as to the direction of our sojourn in time, and those who seem to be on a downward spiral can change their mind at any and every moment.

Of course, there is only one meaningful purpose for being embodied amongst billions of other bodies, and that is to save the world. Just like Jesus. He had singleness of purpose. He is our exemplar, and tells us in the Bible and A Course in Miracles that all he did we can do also, and more. If only we can believe. Not believing is doubting the ego’s primary defence against our Awakening to remembrance of the Truth of our limitless Being. ALL of us, without exception. Looking to him as our example is nothing to do with religion but it is everything to do with spirituality. We are spirit, exactly like him, and only doubt and unbelief – engendered by guilt and fear – are holding us back.

Who can imagine Jesus facing any situation and saying ‘That’s a toughie; I am not sure I can handle that.’? Why not? Because he had come into this world bringing with him potential for accomplishing the mission he had chosen. He remembered his mission and he Knew he had the potential for accomplishing it, because Papa’s Son has limitless potential. We are ALL Papa’s Son, pretending not to be. Only doubt, unbelief in our own potential – the potential of our true Self – stops us. Child prodigies – Crystal (Christ-all) children – have no self-doubt; they have the certainty of inwardly knowing the potential they brought with them into embodiment, and the intent to fulfil it.

The cause of the apparent differences between most of us and Jesus is the belief in separation. Not just separation from Papa but also from Self. We believe we are each an alone self – in place of Being All-One Self – and thus, aloneness, separateness is our experience. Jesus Knew he was not alone, but at One with Self. This is not just ‘his’ Self but the One Self of us all. We have the potential to experience At-One-ment with the One Self because that is Who/What we ALL are. That One Self is Christ, the One, limitless Son of the One, limitless Father. The idea for separation has disconnected us from awareness of the inseparableness of the One Christ-Self that is the Truth of our Being.

This disconnection has not been done to us; we did it to ourself, and we are entirely capable of undoing that disconnection – i.e., reconnecting with the One Self that we are. Then, and only then, are all things possible to us. As Jesus tells us, “I can of mine own self do nothing” (John 5:30). That reconnecting is not something we can do of our own self. Like Jesus, we can accomplish nothing of our illusory, little, separated self because we have utterly disEmpowered ourself by choosing separation from the Source of all Power. Hence our need – when we have had enough of littleness, separateness, aloneness – to ASK for Help; and the very act of asking instantly reconnects us with Self.

That Self is the One Self, Who we can experience as Holy Spirit-Self – the connecting Link between little, persona-self and the One Self that is Christ. When Holy Spirit Self has restored us to full remembrance of the Unified One Self that is the Truth of our Being, then will we, just like Jesus, be re-Identified, forever, with Christ. That can only be possible when we have abandoned, repudiated all identification with separated, individual, mortal body-selves. Only the ego will cause us to feel fearful at such an idea. But that fear is not ours; it is the ego’s fear, masquerading as ourself, keeping us imprisoned in the dream of death. Now we can choose to Awaken and be free.

Brian Longhurst

Diary of a Christ Communicant

A.M. December 15, 2009

That which has been made by a split-off mind cannot be real, because the Mind of the Son is like the Mind of the Father, in Whose likeness It is created. That Mind is eternal and unchangeable, for to change perfection would result in imperfection, would it not?

Dear, beloved Self: the more I read/study A Course in Miracles , the more I am in awe, and joy, and unspeakable gratitude toward my brother Jesus. And the more committed I become to remembering, understanding, becoming one with the eternal Truth and reality that it so beautifully conveys.

And the more you become One with him and his mind, which is your mind also. There is no such thing as ‘his mind and your mind’, as if they were separate entities, distinct from each other. There is but One mind – Christ Mind – which is One with the Mind of Papa, from whence came Its creation, and wherein is Its habitation.

How could it be otherwise? The choice for separation could never really separate, but it could allow the Son to place a blind between the reality of Being One and the illusion of separation. Yet to ‘be’ separate required an appearance of difference. Since reality is all the same, unchangeable, you had to make the appearance, the illusion, of difference. And this could only be ‘opposite’; the reverse of reality. This could only be upside-down, back to front, illogical, insane, unLoving; for to be other would mean to be Awake to the Oneness of the Son in the Father. Sense is awareness of reality, which is the Father, so to be separate from Him can only be nonsense; Jabberwocky, in every sense.

The logic of what You say is flawless, Self ...

That is because, when one has one’s eyes open to reality, one sees reality, and reality is flawless. How could it be real and eternal, if it were otherwise? Yet, by contrast, that which has been made by a split-off mind cannot be real, because the Mind of the Son is like the Mind of the Father, in Whose likeness It is created. That Mind is eternal and unchangeable, for to change perfection would result in imperfection, would it not?

Undeniably so.

For a split-off mind to make something, it can only be like that which made it, for that is Law, whether of extension, or of projection. Thus, when you project guilt, or fear, or hate, or attack onto your brother, you project what you believe you are. It cannot be otherwise. But such projections cannot be real, because they are not eternal and unchangeable. Like all in time and place, they are finite, and pass away when all things temporal have been seen for what they are; they pass out of awareness, and only that which is real, and therefore eternal, remains; for that is all there is, and it – reality – is eternal.

What is eternal, cannot change, for how else could it be eternal?

Thank You, beloved Self, for more of the same: flawless, logical presentation and demonstration of what is real from what is unreal.

So, beloved, how do you, in your as yet not fully Awake state of mind, distinguish between reality and unreality?

That has to be, can only be by asking oneself: Is this – whatever one is considering – eternal or is it temporal?

You see how simple it is, the Way to Remembrance!? So, when you see that which is temporal, you Know this is an error of perception. To react at all to errors of perception makes them real for the beholder, even though they have no reality, for reality is ...?

Eternal and unchangeable!

It is, then, just as Jesus says in the Course: when you react at all to errors you are not listening to the Holy Spirit. [T-9.III.4.1].

In a world of distraction, listening to the Holy Spirit all the time is far from easy, and I Know calls for steadfast commitment. Even then, it is not a five-minute job, but takes, it seems clear, multiple ‘lifetimes’.

Within the context of time and place this is a true statement. That is the only meaningful purpose of time. And remember, you are never alone; ever. Ask for the Help you need to listen to, and hear, the Voice for God and It is yours. But let the asking be sincere, for otherwise, who would be deceived?

Only our persona self.

You see – the answers come so easily, and so obviously. This demonstrates that you are listening.

This is because above all, I desire, I will, to remember and to Know, once more.

You do not doubt that this has been well Known to Me since aforetime. Otherwise, how could we be having this communion?

That could be disheartening to someone nascent on the Path to Wakefulness, because they might say, ‘This is a journey of countless incarnations; how can I bear to go through all this time and place stuff over and over again, making such slow – imperceptible – progress?’

Of course, you already know the answer to that. So, why don’t you give the answer, right here, so anyone reading this and having such fearful, or at least disheartening, thoughts, can be enheartened by it?

Okay; several answers come immediately to mind:

1) How does the enquirer know he has not already had numerous ‘acts’, or incarnations, seeking after eternal Truth? That will have given him a very encouraging head-start. The likelihood is that he will have done so.

2) If he doesn’t make a start now, in the ‘present’ act, where will he be when he arrives at the end of this sojourn in time, and how would that compare with where he would be if he did make a start now? So, even if further acts are required to arrive at full Awakening, making a renewed start now will put him well ahead of where he would be at the ‘next’ act if he didn’t make a start in this one.

3) Time is an illusion, and he, along with the rest of the Sonship, is already in Eternity.

4) Each and every step forward we take toward the Light of remembrance of Who we are results in a further collapsing of time as that step moves us closer to Eternity. And this is ensured because of Your unfailing Help, which is immeasurably more than anyone focused within the time and place consciousness can be aware – until they start to change that focus from ego’s ‘script’ to Your script.

Well! I think that covers it, Teach. J  Nothing really for me to add at this juncture. But that doesn’t mean I am going away and leaving you. I Am with you always, just as I Am with all always, even unto the end of time. As well you Know, beloved, I cannot leave you, because we are One; and I would never want to leave any part of the Sonship, for that would be separation; and separation is a myth.

May 2, 2018 

Where your hearts desire cannot be fulfilled of yourself, it can and will be if you give yourself to God. This is a private, personal act between you and Him and needs no outward sign or process, though I will be there rejoicing in and with you.

~ Jesus, May 14, 1989 

Dear Friends, 

This world of the dream of death is beset by what we perceive as adversities. But none of these is actually adversity at all, but opportunity. We see it from the upside-down, back-to-front perspective arising from our choice for separation from God. All seeming adversity is, in reality, opportunity. Each is a gift to ourself, brought to us by our Self, otherwise known as the Spirit of Truth, Who sees truly, and Knows when we are ready to accept the gift (even when we do not feel consciously ready ourself), the opportunity, for what it really is, and thus take a further step in our ascendancy of the Hill of the Lord; our re-arising, in our mind, unto His Holy Place.  

That Holy Place is not just His, but His Son’s also, with whom He has shared everything. Everything is Love, peace and joy. All that seems not to be Love, peace and joy is a misperception, caused by guilt and fear veiling and distorting our sight from the entirely benign nature of the gift, the present, the opportunity. That misperception causes us to want to run, hide, distract ourself from looking at the gift with His true, clear, undistorted vision, which he will gladly share with us if/when we are willing to ask Him. He cannot share with us unless we ask because we have free will, and not consciously asking means we don’t want His Help.  

But because He (and Jesus) Knows Who we really are, He continues to respond to our unconscious (veiled) calls for Help, by repeatedly sending us opportunities. He has infinite patience and Knows it is a certainty that however ‘long’ it may seem to take – however many circuits of the carousel of ‘birth, adversity and death’ it may require, eventually we will choose anew, and ask His Help in seeing past the ‘adversity-wrapping-paper’ that we have applied to His gift – we will decide to surrender the ego-leasehold on our life back into the care of our undivided, One Self/Holy Spirit. Meanwhile, what we see as adversity presenting itself is caused by our self-blinding. In 1999 Papa told me: 

“Do not fear adversity, for it is the very stuff of which opportunity is made, and without adversity there can be no opportunity. Rather, welcome it and give thanks for it. Each such encounter is an opportunity to transform adversity into fulfilment and create some magnificent new structure to the glory of God and man reunited in the Kingdom of Heaven …” 

That magnificent ‘new’ structure is our whole, awake, reunified Self: Christ. 

It is only in time, the reversal of eternity and thus the state of mind that is spiritual darkness, that opportunities – for remembrance of the Light of eternity – are needed, because in the eternity that is Heaven, all is complete and perfectly enLightened. And because time and place is the consciousness of fear, whatever turns up as an opportunity for us to remember the Truth of Self – Light and Love – our self-distorted double vision will show us as adversity; the reversal of its actuality. We are so inured to fear and adversity, and the need to run and hide, that it is an induced knee-jerk reaction. But the Bringer of opportunity is Love and Light, so there is no need to hide from Him. 

Instead, we will serve our escape from the consciousness of fear, the valley of the shadow of death, perfectly well by choosing not to accept the knee-jerk reaction, and instead, say to Holy Spirit/Self: 

I know (or, trust) that in Heaven, my true and only Home, and Your abode – in my heart-mind, rather than my ego-controlled head-mind – there is only Loving intent, so there is nothing to actually fear. And I know/trust also that by placing myself in Your Care, Guidance and Protection I am safe from ego’s illusory maleficence. So I now choose to accept Your gift as the opportunity that it really is, and joining with Your true perception, am enabled to see it clearly, and take another step in overcoming fear and returning to Love. 

As our ascendancy of the Holy Hill progresses, our viewpoint increases. The more we are willing to accept that the perception of adversity is nothing but an ego-mind attempt at getting us to NOT see beyond it to the liberating gift our whole, Holy Spirit-Self is bringing us – and made discernible to us by our steadfast willingness, commitment to ask for and accept the Help that will enable clarity of vision. And the more we stay with that commitment, so does the ‘adversity wrapper’ become easier and easier to remove. This is because it is we who applied it, from fear, and the clearer we see reality, the less fear blocks our sight, so the gift, the opportunity, will be more readily discernible to us.

The ego in our split mind will say, ‘All very well, but to follow the Light I must abandon everything of time and place (darkness), and that is a step too far. Without the medication I need for this bodily (or mind) ailment the condition will worsen. Further, I enjoy a glass of beer/wine/whisky; I don’t want to give that up. It looks like salvation is about sacrifice after all.’ But Jesus and Holy Spirit-Self do not want us to give up anything against our will.

Instead, They want us to invite Them to join with us in our worldly enjoyment – and even in taking our medication, which we can bless as we take it. This will diminish its (negative) side-effects because They will transform its action so as to be more beneficial by bringing peace of mind, joy, lightness of heart – and easement of fear and anxiety over becoming a ‘medication junkie’ – into our awareness, helping us to recognise that taking medication will NOT hold back our progress in Awakening when we take it with Them in our awareness as we do it, and that beyond that is our unswerving commitment to Awakening.

That may seem as if we are attempting to bring Truth to illusions rather than our illusions to the Truth. But what is really happening when we invite Them to join with us is that we have changed our mind and are asking for Their Help in our perceived situation. They, then, are enabled – by our willingness – to begin raising us to the Truth; raising us from darkness to the Light. Not all in one sudden, massive step, which They Know would be too fearful for us to take. In Their wisdom, They lift us from where we seem to be, gradually into awareness of Their Presence. That way we become gently, peacefully, joyfully accustomed to the Light, after seeming to be in the dark since the dawn of time. 

Only the ego will bring doubt, fear, anxiety, confusion, distortion of our perception – and all manner of other ill-at-ease states – into our experience. Now, as we become increasingly willing to accept more and more into our awareness the Bringers of Light and Love, we will begin to experience more and more that inner peace, joy, understanding and Knowledge is growing in our mind, one bit at a time. The ailments for which we thought we needed that medication gradually diminish in our experience, and that glass of what-we-enjoy will still be enjoyable, but no longer be an artifice to still our jangled mind. Increasing awareness of the wine of Christ Love within us brings us greater joy than anything from a bottle. J 

Jesus asked his friends to remember him by their partaking in fellowship with him (Luke 22:19). Today we can do anything and everything in glad remembrance of him. Taking medication, painting the fence, watching TV … The very act of calling him to mind NOW, in any and all of myriad events in our day, will instantly connect us mind-to-Mind with him, and his very presence there will gladden our hearts. We will be enLivened by the joy he brings, and realise we can embrace any opportunity to invite him, to remember him – not from the long ago, as a distant, past memory that may seem to have little relevance today – and his heart-Lightening presence in all our fears and joys. 

Awareness/acceptance of him in our life is, in a very real sense, our escape ladder from guilt, fear, misery and ‘death’. He came to show us the Way Home to Papa, and he, literally, in a very palpable sense, IS the Way. We set the pace, one we are comfortable with, one step at a time, and he leads us accordingly, making no demands, asking no sacrifices of us at all. His gentle leading means we will make fewer and fewer errors of judgement/misperception. This is because Jesus/Holy Spirit share Their Whole, One Mind with us when we ask, so we grow in true perception from Their sharing until our mind becomes unified in the One, all-Knowing, all-Loving Mind. 

The state of One-Mindedness, it hardly needs saying, is fully Awake, innocent, free, whole, healed. This is how we overcome, or rise above, the broken, unforgiven world of our judgements, grievances, misperceptions, idols, illusions – by consciously choosing to forgive and release them into Their care for correcting, reinterpreting, dispelling them, as needful. We don’t have to make any such decisions. Until They have brought us, restored us, to the place of remembering our integral part in the Universal, Unified Mind we are not competent to make such decisions, so it is serviceable to our own peace of mind to forgive, and leave all else to Them. They will never let us down. 

If we are not willing to join with Them in choosing the Light we remain in the (spiritual) dark. We may seem to be alone but we are never alone. Not choosing with The Bringers of Light, Who always have the best interests of all at heart, means our accompaniment is the ego, which always has the worst interests of all as its intent. Jesus/Holy Spirit are the Light because They are One in the Source of the Light: Papa. This places us back where we belong – in the Light – thereby protecting us, raising us, from the dark. This choice will bring us to the place of remembrance that we are all One, unified, with Jesus, in the Heart-Mind of Papa, in joy, peace and Love. Forever. 

None of this is imposed on us against our will. We choose, agree, aforetime – before incarnating – the issues we are ready to deal with for our progress toward our spiritual Awakening. But time and place – the realm of illusory embodiment – is the ego’s domain, in which it has charge over us, only by our compliance, through the process of amnesia (from the Truth of Self). This is the only way it is possible to perceive illusion as reality. Now is the season of Awakening and remembering the Truth of our Being. The Awakening is by the process of remembering. The Great Awakening could therefore be considered as the Great Remembering

Brian Longhurst 

Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. April 25, 2010 

Focus not on targets, or doing, or accomplishments, but simply on Being. There is nothing to do. All is complete in the Kingdom, so focus on Being in the Kingdom, which is Where and What you already are, have always been and can never not be. 

Linear time is about doing; Eternity is about Being. The two are opposites, as with everything in time being the reversal of Eternity. We are so inured to time that even when we come to the point of desiring restoration to the Eternity of Being, we don’t know how to ‘do’ it! 

Focus not on targets, or doing, or accomplishments, but simply on Being. There is nothing to do. All is complete in the Kingdom, so focus on Being in the Kingdom, which is Where and What you already are, have always been and can never not be. 

Being is stillness; it is peace. Peace extends itself without effort. Let no outer appearances or ‘events’ distract you from centredness in peace. From within your centredness in inner peace and stillness comes communion with the Source of all Being, awareness of Truth, ultimate reality, all Knowing. This state of centredness is not something you ‘do’; it is something you can only allow and accept. 

This is contra to all ego-mindedness, and ego will resist all your endeavours to let go of its script. This causes a sense of battle taking place in your mind. Do not resist this. Allow it, calmly. The alternative – resisting – means joining battle with ego, and ego has, by your joining, ‘won’ again. Join with Me – Self – not with ego; for only herein lies inner peace.

May 9, 2018 

By opening your heart to Love, in giving and receiving, you create new energy for good; for healing, for enlightenment, for uplifting the souls of those who would enter the Kingdom but have not yet found the key.

~ Jesus, May 21, 1989 

Dear Friends, 

The effortless way in which Jesus worked miracles in the long ago clearly indicates that he was fully aware that they were his right. He says in A Course in Miracles that miracles are everyone’s right, but that purification is necessary first. That tells us beyond doubt that he was purified, meaning there was no darkness, no ego in him; only Light: the Light of Love and Life, peace and joy, complete, perfectly flawless. There is, in reality, no darkness, no ego in any of us either. When we believe that, working miracles will become just as effortless – limitless, in fact – for all of us, too. He tells us there, also, that miracles are natural, and when they don’t occur something has gone wrong.

Nothing has actually gone wrong, but we mistakenly believe it has. Belief is more powerful than anything of which we can have sensory awareness – tides, nuclear fission, weapons of mass (or limited) destruction, money … We believe we are fallen from God’s Grace, sinners, guilty, unworthy of His Love, and instead, worthy of punishment. That could be seen as a negative, disempowering belief, in need of purification. There is no shortage of negative, disempowering beliefs in this dream, this shadow world. In fact, its entire unreality is founded on the false, negative, disempowering belief in separation from our Source and our One, true Self. Source and Self are One in Love, Light, Life. 

It all seems solid, unchangeable; that there is nothing we can do, separately, alone, to change it, make it better, restore its madness to sanity, enLightened reason. And this is entirely correct – there is nothing we can do separately, because separation (i.e., the belief in it) is the very cause of darkness, guilt, fear, conflict and ‘death’. As stated previously here – and throughout A Course in Miracles by Jesus – it is, and can only be, by the rejoining, the reunifying of the seemingly split, divided, separated, conflicted mind of Papa’s One Son that wholeness/holiness, purification, healing, restoration to remembrance of our Oneness in Peace, Joy and Love, forever, can occur. 

There is a modicum of logic in the suggestion that all we need do is change our mind from negative to positive and all will be well, we can all be friends, and Love each other – again. But – and there always seems to be a ‘but’ in dreamland – all but a microscopically small part of our mind is not accessible to our conscious awareness, to change. And the part we are aware of is upside down so what we perceive with our bodily senses is what our upside-down head-mind/intellect believes. That is what it is projected outwardly, and reflected back to our ocular faculty as upside-down. That image then is flipped back up by the brain so it seems right-side up.  

Our upside-down perception keeps us restricted from seeing, with the clarity of single vision, the larger picture of our mistaken choice for separation. We have so much karma, ‘secret sins and hidden hates’ from the bad dreams of separation, conflict, murder, mayhem in ‘former’ embodiments – all stored in the unconscious part of our slumbering mind – that shaking hands and all being friends again is impossible without Help. 

Complicated, is it not? So it seems. This is the ego’s mantra: Complicate, complicate – to keep us in confusion, facilitated by amnesia. This means what our sensory perception shows us, and, in cahoots with – or led by – the head-mind, or ego-devised intellect, interprets as right, normal, reality, the whole story … is none of those things at all. Happily, the Holy Spirit’s mantra is Simplify, simplify. Alone, we do not know how to simplify, but desiring, choosing to join with Him – just as Jesus chose, long ago – He can, and assuredly will, simplify all for us. The simple, uncomplicated mechanism by which He can restore us to Wakefulness, remembrance of Love, is true forgiveness.  

Our willingness to let go of unforgiveness authorises Holy Spirit-Self’s work with our blocked mind, bringing hidden issues to our awareness from those illusory, historical, past dream events for forgiveness and release into innocence. Our willingness to join with Him means we are totally safe, so there is nothing to fear. The healing process of forgiveness reconnects us, rejoins us with those we had thought were our enemies, because now, through forgiveness, our true perception is restored and we re-cognise they are our friends and brothers. 

These powerful words from Jesus, extracted from W-pII.3 in the Course, affirm the palpable reality and ineffable benefits of healing through forgiveness:  

The world is false perception. It is born of error, and it has not left its source. It will remain no longer than the thought that gave it birth is cherished. When the thought of separation has been changed to one of true forgiveness, will the world be seen in quite another light; and one which leads to truth, where all the world must disappear and all its errors vanish. Now its source [misperception, causing judgement and unforgiveness] has gone, and its effects are gone as well. 

As [bodily] sight was made to lead away from truth, it can be redirected. Sounds become the call for God, and all perception can be given a new purpose by the One Whom God appointed Savior to the world. Follow His light, and see the world as He beholds it. Hear His Voice alone in all that speaks to you. And let Him give you peace and certainty, which you have thrown away, but Heaven has preserved for you in Him. 

Let us not rest content until the world has joined our changed perception. Let us not be satisfied until forgiveness has been made complete. And let us not attempt to change our function. We must save the world. For we who made it must behold it through the eyes of Christ, that what was made to die can be restored to everlasting life. 

We come [to You, Papa] with wholly open minds … Give us what You would have received by us ... give us everything we need in helping us to find the way to You. 

Forgiveness paints a [Living] picture of a world where suffering is over, loss becomes impossible and anger makes no sense. Attack is gone, and madness has an end. What suffering is now conceivable? What loss can be sustained? The world becomes a place of joy, abundance, charity and endless giving. It is now so like to Heaven that it quickly is transformed into the light that it reflects. And so the journey which the Son of God began has ended in the light from which he came. 

The ego’s ‘survival’ as an impostor in our mind depends on us not believing Jesus. Yet here, in his words, above, lies hope that surely will speak gently and powerfully to all who begin to see beyond the charade of this game of pretend we have been playing, and of which his Living Word of Truth can – and assuredly will – liberate us. If only we can believe. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. May 2, 2010 

The time, the moment, has come to cease individual, separate perception, with ‘others, out there’ ... You Know this ability already lies within your mind. Engage it. Engage with it. It is Who you Are because it is Me – Self; your Self, One Self; the Self that you, that all, truly Are. 

Beloved Holy Spirit-Self, Your speaking, with persona Brian (pB) is far more than ‘speaking’; it is communing with, reaching the inmost parts of my correction-needing mind. 

I speak, or commune, with all as the One that all the fragments of the Sonship are. Do not think of being individual ‘pB’, but as Being One – or One Being – the fragments gathered together, unified, reunited in the embracing Arms of Papa, right into His Heart. 

The time, the moment, has come to cease individual perception, with ‘others, out there’, as if seen by pB ‘here’. You Know this ability already lies within your mind. Engage it. Engage with it. It is Who you Are because it is Me – Self; your Self, One Self; the Self that you, that all, truly Are. There is no Brian, or Theresa, or any of the other apparent personas scurrying around ‘out there’. There is but One Self. 

Realise this as the certainty of not just ‘your’ being, but simply of all Being, and Self-Realisation will have been restored; and persona-self will have ceased to be falsely valued, and will, in Truth, cease to exist, just as has, in reality, always has been and always will be the case. 

I see that pB is relaxing into this; allowing it, accepting it; actually experiencing peace by it, and not fear. 

This is because I realise this is more, gaining, increasing, growing, becoming, extending – and not losing – Identity. 

This is absolutely correct, and is a very positive indicator of the Awakening progress taking place from within. Truly, this is as great a cause for rejoicing as any could ever be on the journey Home. Allow pB to retain this greater awareness, and function from that. This is true freedom, release into true empowerment, realisation of the One-drousness of Papa’s One, beloved, eternal Son. 

Judgement prevents us from seeing only the face of Christ in our brothers. Only relinquishing judgement enables it. True forgiveness is the mechanism that enables it.   

Judgement is based in past misperception. Relinquishing judgement brings release from the endless recycling of the past – including ‘past’ incarnations – and replaces it with the Now, the eternal Present of eternity. 

And You will, with our co-operation, remove the blocks to our awareness of Love’s presence. 

This can only be possible in the present; never in the past, because there is no past. It was all made up and now is gone forever.

May 16, 2018 

The focus of awareness needs balancing between the vertical axis which is the attuning with the Source of Life and the horizontal axis, which is the dissemination of this Power. If insufficient focus of attention is given to the vertical attunement, then the receiving/transmitting antennae and the tuner and amplifier lose tone and focus.

~ Jesus, June 25, 1989

Dear Friends, 

Either the ‘Red King’ is pulling our strings or our true, Holy Spirit-SELF is pulling them. These are the only possibilities. The Red King is encountered by Alice in Through the Looking Glass. The Red King symbolises the ego and Alice symbolises the Son of God, having entered into a state of confusion, where nothing is as it seems, having gone through the looking glass – symbolising the dream of separation from his Source and from his Self. Whoever we elect to pull our strings sets the direction of our journey – either (back) toward the Light or deeper into outer (spiritual) darkness. To outward appearances, the latter is the direction toward which most of the fragments are headed. 

But that is only outward appearances. It is not reality. Outward appearances are of bodies – puppets on strings – being manipulated by the puppet master. The puppets themselves have no purpose or direction, being mindless. They are either maleficently directed, one uncertain step at a time by the Red King (ego) deeper and deeper into the wilderness of unreality – death and destruction – or they are being purposefully directed by the all-Knowing, whole, Loving, benign, Awake Mind of Holy Spirit-Self. But even that is not the full picture, because while the ego seems to be in control of most of the puppets, the other, real puppet-master is actually overseeing the journey of every puppet.  

He Knows the route out of the wilderness – which the Red King assuredly does not – and even though it may seem circuitous and convoluted when viewed solely along the horizontal axis of linear time, appearing increasingly hazardous, the destination is certain beyond all doubt. The reason it is certain is that, while at ground level it appears to be the wilderness of time and place – the most fearful nightmare wilderness that can be imagined – from atop the Hill of the Lord, which is beyond time and place, on the vertical axis, in the timeless realm of eternity, for every wrong turn the ego directs the puppets, the Grand Master of all puppets infallibly and unstoppably re-arranges the route Home. 

It’s like satellite navigation … we inadvertently take a wrong turning that seems to lead us away from our destination, and the sat-nav reroutes us in a trice, so that, irrespective of how off-track our wrong turn may seem to have led us, it is inevitable that we will still arrive at our destination, regardless of the diversionary route we have taken. It may seem to take longer, but that is of no account at all from the perspective of the sat-nav, or of our timeless Self, time being part of the illusion we are here to transcend. The Realms of Light are FULLY aware of all that seems to haphazardly occur in time, and have absolute control over the outcome for us ALL, because we are One. 

We have been totally watched over, Loved and cared for since the moment the dream of separation appeared to begin. There are many synchronicities to support the Truth of this statement – in the Bible and elsewhere – running on a connecting thread through multiple generations over aeons. Messengers come into embodiment from the Realms of Light, to bring us Help, support and encouragement, as well as those who remain There to provide ‘remote’ guidance and practical Help, even though we may have no conscious awareness of Them. By way of an example, there is one interesting thread in the Bible that runs through from the Old Testament into the New Testament.  

Isaiah, one of the major prophets of the Old Testament, prophesied: 

The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God. Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain: And the glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it. (Isaiah 40:3-5)

 And then, in Malachi, the last book of the Old Testament, it states: 

Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts.  (Mal. 3:1) 

These are poetic and symbolic ways of foretelling that a harbinger would be sent to announce what lay ahead as a result of the coming of the Anointed Messenger (Jesus) of the Holy One, for the Awakening of the slumbering Sonship; that a straight, effortless Way – freed from the ego’s circuitous and convoluted obfuscations, distractions and obstructions – would be provided; valleys and mountains would be levelled (inequalities and injustices removed); seeming adversities on the journey Home made easy to traverse. Seven centuries years later, John the Baptist was that harbinger, fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy. Was he a reincarnation of Elijah from nine centuries previously?  

There are references in the Gospels suggesting he was. Here is what Jesus is recorded as saying in response to the question: 

… if ye will receive it, this is Elias, which was for to come. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. (Matt. 11:14-15) 

It is irrelevant whether John was actually a reincarnation of Elijah or not, because in Truth we are all One, and those from the Realms of Light can readily co-ordinate joint, co-operative plans, provide support from spirit for brothers who have embodied to manifest the outworking of larger purposes, or aspects of the Great Rescue Programme. It is the overall intent of all who are committed to the Awakening of the Sonship from the dream of separation, to work tirelessly in unison toward the completion of Its objectives for wholeness, and the ego is unable to prevent such committed co-operation because it functions on the negative, unilluminated energy of division and brokenness. 

The Grand Master puppeteer is none other than our true Self, or the Spirit of Truth. We can Know the Spirit of Truth is our Self because Papa’s Son is like Him: pure, unassailable Spirit, and we are like Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life/Light. This is not as the ego world presents/would have us see the way, the truth and the life (or light). The route Home unfolds for the puppets as opportunities to be led in a new, true, safe, secure, gentle, peaceful direction – to step out, under the infallible, all-empowered-by-Love directing of the One Self – are accepted and thereby implemented without effort because they are no longer resisted by interference from the Red King. 

The Red King manipulates us – only by our own willingness to be manipulated – so that we judge our brothers, with False Evidence Appearing Real, and condemn them as our enemies, thereby sentencing ourself to death. Happily, conversely, the Truth of our Being is far beyond such time and place fantasies, nightmares. With our brother Jesus accompanying our every step, it assuredly is – can only be – impossible that we should actually be ‘lost’ in the illusory wilderness of time and place. Our ascent of the Hill of the Lord, and our rising up unto His Holy Place, is certain beyond all doubt.

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant

 A.M. May 18, 2010 

The qualities that make the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth what it is cannot be simply a veneer on the old order – the ego order, which is judgement – because it would continue to foment beneath the surface, and keep erupting around the world, like volcanoes. 

If we want to escape the limitations, the incarceration, of time and place, we must retrain our mind away from thinking/perceiving from the time and place perspective. There is a major campaign to remove the cataracts from our vision, and the front of this campaign – the Great Rescue Programme – is broadening.

Holy Spirit, with You, I have nothing to hide; for You Know me completely, so there is no need for pretence, for holding up masks. 

Interesting that you used the plural. For the fragmented Sonship perceives the need for many masks. The most frequently employed mask is judgement. How many say they want peace, freedom, justice, happiness ... for all – the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth [KOHOE] – but how many are ready and willing to commit to the one thing that will bring it: replacing judgement with true forgiveness? 

The qualities that make the KOHOE what it is cannot be simply a veneer on the old order – the ego order, which is judgement – because it would continue to foment beneath the surface, and keep erupting around the world, like volcanoes. This is the level of attachment to judgement that causes the unwillingness to surrender it, due to blindness to the fact that surrendering it in favour of its opposite – forgiveness – is prerequisite to remembrance of the Kingdom. 

War is waging on every street in every country because of judgement. This is the fundamental cause of war at every level. The insanity of it is demonstrated by the absurdity that people are ‘fighting for peace’. To find release from this battleground let your mantra be ‘The world I see holds nothing that I want.’ (A Course in Miracles W-128).

May 23, 2018 

Let your heart be filled with Love and giving. You go forward a step at a time by the guidance and Light of Heaven, and by your one-pointed commitment to the Way.

~ Jesus, July 2, 1989 

Dear Friends, 

We can consider darkness and death as meaning the same, in the sense also, that Light and Life, as opposites of darkness and death, mean the same. Light and Life seem to be on a vertical axis because They are reached – attuned-with – by a process of ascension, or rising up in our heart-mind; ascending the Hill of the Lord. Here is what King David has to say about the Hill of the Lord in Psalm 24: 

Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? Or who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully. He shall receive the blessing from the LORD …  

Darkness and death could, in contrast, be considered to be on a horizontal axis in the sense that they can bring nothing beneficial to our mind or soul even though we believe in them as having reality. A horizontal axis may intersect a vertical one but can never join with it because the former has no purpose and the latter assuredly has. The horizontal axis – one might define it as the valley of the shadow of death – along, or within, which Papa’s Son has been travelling aimlessly, lost, bewildered, alone, fearful since the idea for separation arose, has contributed considerably to unclean hands and a defiled heart, liberally sprinkled with vanity and deceitful oaths. 

Linear time readily falls within the category of a horizontal axis because it is established by a distorted, separated mind as being in opposition to eternity, and all the while we consider ourself as limited to being a traveller in time we are denying ourself from ascending the Hill of the Lord, a journey that will take us from the depths of darkness and death to the very height of Light and Life – a vertical axis indeed. In A Course in Miracles, T-1.II.4, Jesus explains our perceived, horizontal axis, purposeless, lifeless, wandering, unilluminated, ‘going nowhere’, and his role in our upliftment, our restoration to Oneness in Papa: 

“No man cometh unto the Father but by me” [John 14:6] does not mean that I am in any way separate or different from you except in time, and time does not really exist. The statement is more meaningful in terms of a vertical rather than a horizontal axis. [in the sense that] You stand below me and I stand below God. In the process of “rising up,” I am higher [on the vertical axis] because without me the distance between God and man [in its illusorily fallen state] would be too great for you to encompass. I bridge the distance as an elder brother to you on the one hand, and as a Son of God on the other. My devotion to my brothers has placed me in charge of the Sonship, which I render complete because I share it. 

We can inestimably assist him in his Helping us to get from a purposeless, horizontal axis onto the vertical axis homeward by sharing our God-given Power with all brothers who are brought to us by Jesus/Holy Spirit for the purpose of sharing – just as he so lovingly, devotedly, freely shares with us. This we can do not by proselytising but by living, Being Loving, blessing, forgiving, wholly helpful and totally harmless … just like our exemplar, Jesus. This is setting us on the Way to unified remembrance of the One Identity that we ALL are. Sharing our Power in this way is how we get to give It AND not just keep It but increase It. That is how it is with the Principles of Life of the Father

Giving away our Power – as distinct from keeping-It-by-sharing-It – is a certain way of staying horizontal, i.e., going nowhere. We give away our Power, thereby losing it, disempowering ourself, by trivialising it with – and actively perpetuating attempts at – valuing the valueless; keeping the never-was, the never-could-be recycling in our conscious mind. When we continue choosing to see opportunity as adversity we are giving away to the ego our Power to heal, create, extend, increase Love, Light, Life. The ego is interested in seizing our Power-to-heal and turning it into power-to-destroy. This turns our awareness of Light and Life into darkness and death; a self-victimising. 

These glorious words, below, from Isaiah (9:6,7), made famous by inclusion in the libretto of Handel’s oratorio, Messiah, apply not just to Jesus – as we move into the third, completion, fulfilment, Awakening measure of meal, the Kingdom Age, the Awakening-to-our-awareness of the real world – but to Papa’s One Son … all of us as we choose union in place of separation: 

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government [all Power in Heaven and Earth] shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, [One with] The mighty God, The everlasting Father, [and also,] The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government [Power] and peace there shall be no end …  

We – each and every one of us, exceptions being impossible with Papa – regardless of momentary, temporal, illusory, devised-to-deceive outward appearances of littleness, fragmentation, limitation, conflict … are that Son, now in the process of being reborn of the Spirit (John 3: 3-7). That Son – all of us – is, already, Wonderful, Counsellor, [One with] The mighty God, The everlasting Father, [and also,] The Prince of Peace, [and] Of the increase of his government [Power] and peace there shall be no end … 

And, to Help us with our Awakening to remembrance of this reality, our Higher Self, the Spirit of Truth, continually responds to our inner yearning for peace, joy, Love by delivering to us opportunities for remembering the Truth of Self, so that we might, one step at a time, overcome the world of separation, darkness, despair and death. Just like Jesus. And every time we choose to perceive these opportunities, through our double, distorted, upside-down vision, as adversity we are giving away – losing – our Power to the ego. It will misuse that Power to draw us deeper into, further along that horizontal axis of guilt, fear, judgement, grievance, conflict … the valley of the shadow of death. 

When we allow the valueless to predominate over the invaluable we are giving away our Power. Anything we would want to keep apart from our Self; anything in which we would not want to include (i.e., hide from) our Self in our conscious mind activity – bearing in mind that He NEVER judges us – means we are giving away our God-given Power of Creation. How can this not be – entirely unnecessarily – prolonging our guilt, fear, misery … and keeping us from the eternal, mega soul-orgasmic splendour of Love, peace joy … far, far, far beyond human imagining, that is our creation-right, our true, natural state, as Papa’s One Son? 

This is our reality, the Truth of our Being, available, always, every moment, to us – waiting in shimmering readiness for our immediate acceptance, unless we believe that what Papa wills for us takes time. This state of Being is ours, forever, uninterruptibly, in the Holy Instant of NOW. As Jesus reminds us, exhorts us, in A Course in Miracles, T-15.IV:   

The holy instant is this instant and every instant. The one you want it to be, it is. The one you would not have it be is lost to you. You must decide when it is. Delay it not … Yet you cannot bring it into glad awareness while you do not want it, for it holds the whole release from littleness. Your practice must therefore rest upon your willingness to let all littleness go. The instant in which magnitude dawns upon you is but as far away as your desire for it. As long as you desire it not and cherish littleness instead, by so much is it far from you. By so much as you want it will you bring it nearer. 

Our salvation, our Awakening, our return to the ineffable grandeur of our Being, and the ‘timing’ of our return rests solely with us. Without our desire, our willingness, our commitment to Wholeness, Oneness in Papa, neither He, nor Jesus, nor even our Self can effect it, because we – our little, amnesiac, guilt-and-fear-driven self – are preventing Them from Helping us. Is this what we really want?

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant

 A.M. June 5, 2010. 

“You and I” are, indeed, One. Allow that merging into One, true, eternal, whole, Loving Identity to take place; do not try to force, or even hasten it. That causes delay – unnecessary delay. Allowing is accepting; accepting that littleness is not wholeness, not the complete picture. 

Holy Spirit, beloved Self, Spirit of Truth: You are Who I really Am. 

There is no other. 

This realisation has been dawning upon me for some while now. 

Go with the thought, the idea; it is drawing you further into the Light of Remembrance. Be still within it, and allow it. More details will slip effortlessly, inspirationally into place as you entertain it peacefully in your mind. 

Remember, there is no rush. Can you hasten that butterfly to alight upon your finger by an act of self willing it so? Allow it, instead; for ego-willing is an endeavour at control rather than freedom. That will drive the butterfly away because it senses dissonance. Spirit, Truth, Reality Know only freedom. This is what freedom of will means. Not on your, ego, persona, limited, restricted, finite terms, but on equality-of-Oneness terms. 

“You and I” are, indeed, One. Allow that merging into One, true, eternal, whole, Loving Identity to take place; do not try to force, or even hasten it. That causes delay – unnecessary delay. Allowing is accepting; accepting that littleness is not wholeness, not the complete picture.   

It is like a child, eager to be at the seaside, trying to make dad drive faster; trying, in his innocence and lack of understanding, to force the journey into being foreshortened, even though dad knows the way, the distance, the need to account for all the obstacles to be dealt with as each one arises on the road. Dad will get the little one there, in perfect timing, but it must be within the conditions that present themselves in order for the journey to be completed safely, comfortably, peacefully. 

Then the anxieties and stresses will be of none effect, the delays and setbacks minimised, and happiness assured. So, sit back, leave the driving to the Driver, Knowing He knows the Way, and will get you there – to Oneness of Identity – perfectly safely, peacefully and joyfully. There is no pain, no loss, no sacrifice entailed. Persona self gradually remembers and accepts ‘Higher Self’ as reality and littleness falls away, loses appeal, no longer sees any advantage in being little, limited, restricted. 

Thank You for Being with me every moment.   

(Emphatically) I can never leave you. My purpose is to remind you to see and accept yourself as your True Self, as I see and Know you. This purpose will not fail, will move through the opportunity of time to completion in Eternity. I Love you with the Perfect Love I have for all Papa’s creation.

June 6, 2018 

Consider my Love; dwell upon, contemplate and ponder It. Rejoice in It and let It envelop you until you are One with It, and can give by being an open channel of Its purity. So shall all be accomplished, all made whole. All is possible by the transforming power of Love. Let this be uppermost in your heart.

~ Jesus, November 26, 1989 

Dear Friends, 

We are inured, mistakenly, to the concept of linear time, moving from the past, through the present and on into the future. None of that concept is actually true and has no place in the reality that is eternity. Linear time seems to ‘exist’ only in the part of our mind that is split off from the Truth of all Being. That Truth includes us, even though we have shut ourself off from It, pretending it cannot be so because all we perceive is separation. The illusion of separation encompasses all our awarenesses while we believe we are a body: separate from our Creator, our true, whole, limitless Self, our brothers in the Sonship of God, every living thing and every inanimate thing. 

Linear time, which our distorted, upside-down, back-to-front perception tells us is ‘past, present and future’ are nothing to the eternal moment, the Holy Instant of the ever-present NOW. It takes great, steadfast, faith, trust, belief, commitment and willingness to accept the ‘possibility’ of the Holy Instant, which, once experienced, will dispel the concept of linear time as a fixed, unchangeable ‘reality’, controlling us, limiting us on our illusory journey to nowhere. Allegiance to all temporal perception as inviolable means we have surrendered our God-given Power of limitless creation to littleness. Littleness is limitedness, which is (spiritual) darkness, but limitlessness is Luminous – the Light. 

Contra to consensus perception, bodies are not actually limiting within the dream of time and place, other than by our believing them to be so. How can the limitless Creator create a limited Son? Jesus demonstrated limitlessness in myriad ways, including as recorded in John 6:21. Bodies, along with all other perceptions of time and place, are merely ‘the stuff of dreams’, and as he told me on Easter Day 2009, regarding the slumbering, dreaming, fragmented Sonship – us:   

… the Dawn Chorus of ministering Angels calls to them deep in their unconscious minds, ensuring that awaken they shall, and rejoice at their remembering all once more. So arises the understanding that they, too, are not a body; that they, also, are eternal, invulnerable, indestructible; that they, too, can manipulate the stuff of dreams to their commandand then let them go completely, once they begin to remember who they ARE – from dreams of guilt and fear and death, to dreams of happiness, of Light, of waking to unlimitedness, from whence the transition to reality [eternity, Heaven] can be gently made.  

When we are willing to accept the God-given, limitless Power of Creation – which Power is perfect Love – as our own, because Papa gave it to His beloved Son at his creation, and what He gives is forever given, then will we, just like Jesus, remember that we, too, can manipulate the stuff of dreams to our command. That Power is not some ‘future hope’, maybe. That is how the ego wants us to perceive it – if at all. Jesus/Holy Spirit eagerly want us to recognise, remember, receive and accept unto ourself – each and every one of us, with no exceptions whatsoever – that this Power (along with everything else Papa gave to His Son) is limitlessly ours, NOW. There is only NOW. 

There is no future, just as there is no past, in reality. Hoping for the Power, the Great Awakening, the ‘rapture’ at some ‘future’ date, that will be placed on us, given to us by Jesus ‘when he returns to judge the quick and the dead’ – if we have been good – is a vain hope indeed. This is because It – everything – is already ours. How can we expect (or hope) to be given what is already ours but we are ignoring, hiding from our own awareness by the pall of guilt, fear, shame, doubt, littleness … with which we have shrouded ourself from the Truth of our Being; of all Being? Jesus is not giving us anything; he is merely reminding us that we already both have it and are it. Just exactly like him. 

I have recently been blessed by Jesus giving me an experience of how linear time is not as the world perceives it – demonstrating how manipulating the stuff of dreams is entirely possible. He will give us such demonstrations as we are willing to receive, to help us to discern that it is as possible for us as it is for him because he is our brother and we are like him, with the Power that he has received and accepted unto himself. Here’s what happened: On May 16th I was communing with him in Loving, gentle, easy, joyous fellowship, expressing my gratitude for all that he is to me, and the wonderful blessing he is in my life – and indeed, for all who are willing to allow him to be for them also. 

He replied, in the characteristically easy, relaxed manner that he communicates with me – and longs to do with all who will to set aside their fear and trepidation, and open to him: 

How you see me is how I see you. I am a reflection of you, just as you are a reflection of me. We are One, in perfect balance and equality; indivisibly, inseparably and forever. When you have seen me you have seen all your brothers truly. And none can truly see me until they are willing to see me reflected in all their brothers.

And as you also Know, none can see Papa until, unless, they are willing to see Him in me and in all. This is because He IS in me and in all – every living thing. No-one and no-thing is separate from Him; all are One in Him. There is nothing outside Him. To see otherwise is to see in error. Rejoice in this, for looking past the error will show my brothers Truth which previously was veiled from their sight by a mistaken choice. 

Then, last week, Theresa and I attended a Five Day Intensive hosted by our friend, Michael Roads. In these Intensives Michael takes attendees on a series of ‘Inner Exercises’ in which we leave our body in our chair in the meeting room and venture forth spiritually into elevated realms of Love and Light, peace, joy, healing, forgiveness, spiritual growth and Awakening ... This is very much along the lines of what Jesus, in A Course in Miracles, calls the real world, otherwise known as the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Michael guides attendees, verbally, into beautiful surroundings, and at one point, in this particular inner exercise, takes us to a grove of trees. 

There, between two of the trees, is suspended what may be described as having an appearance reminiscent of a giant cobweb, but which is actually a kind of metaphysical mirror. We are invited to look at a reflection of ourself to show us what we really are – rather than how most of us tend to see our self through the distorted sight of our body’s eyes, darkened and twisted by lack of Love. As I stood before this three-or-four-metres-high reflector, Jesus was immediately standing beside me. There, the conversation, exchange, communing that I recorded in writing (above) on May 16th – sixteen days ‘earlier’ – took place, demonstrating that linear time and place are movable – not fixed. 

What I saw was the appearance of two identical Beings. There was no difference between him and me. This is not about bodies but about the true nature, the One Identity of Papa’s beloved Son. As my sight grew clearer and merged from double to single vision, so did what I saw in the mirror merge into the One Identity that not only Jesus and I are but in Truth all the fragments of the Sonship are. This is not something that will happen; it is something we will remember. We are remembering, right NOW. There is nothing to stop us – save our unbelief. And we are, always, free, every single moment, to change our mind. If only we can believe. 

There is no limit, no illusion, no adversity that we cannot see past to the reality of our peaceful, joyous, Loving, One, perfect, unified Self. Do we have the desire; do we have the trust; do we have the faith? Let us re-mind ourself of Jesus’ words to his disciples:  

If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.  (Matt. 17.20) 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. June 18, 2010  

As you begin to Awaken to the Truth of Being, you begin to see and experience the Truth, the reality. The Life that you are is not the body that you have assumed yourself to be. This is a veil, a covering, to hide the Truth from yourself. The literal Truth is that you are the Light. 

“You are the Light of the world” (Matt. 5:14). Is Jesus telling the Truth when he tells you this? Do you believe him? What does it mean? What are you like when you lay aside your body? It was your choice to not be who or what you are that brought the effect of perceiving yourself as not the Light, but dense, ‘solid’, limited, fragile, divided, mortal bodies. If we take each of these descriptive terms and think of their opposite, that is what you really are. 

As you begin to Awaken to the Truth of Being, you begin to see and experience the Truth, the reality. The Life that you are is not the body that you have assumed yourself to be. This is a veil, a covering, to hide the Truth from yourself. The literal Truth is that you are the Light. Why should you be surprised, fearful, in denial of this reality when Jesus tells you this is what you are? Because you made a momentary, mad choice, to pretend to be what you are not. 

You – all the fragmented Sonship – have now seen a great Light. This Light took form as a body, which you know as Jesus, Yeshua, in order to bring you the message – the reminder – from your Home, Papa, that you are the Light. Without a body, a communication mechanism, you could not have perceived, had awareness of him. But that messenger was not a body and neither are you. It is your choice, always, as to what you perceive yourself to be. 

True vision will show you that you are not a body, but the Light. Just as he told you in the long ago. This Light is far brighter than the sun, and shines forever. How could it not be so when you are created in the likeness of the Father Creator? For it not to be so you would have to believe, and by believing, make ‘real’ to your perception, that Papa is not so. You Know this is impossible. Therefore, let your Light shine, that all who desire to see may be drawn, and recognise they, also, are that same, One Light.

June 13, 2018 

Your moments of power generation on the Christ wavelength of Love are most serviceable to the Great Rescue Programme, so dont feel this is a one-way street. Your contribution is invaluable. Every positive thought helps to create positive conditions.

~ Holy Communion December 10, 1989 

Dear Friends, 

We, the illusorily-fragmented Sonship of Papa, are all, right now (there is only NOW) without exception, on our journey back Home into His Heart-Mind. Some are a few steps ahead on that journey, and some – most, numerically, though numbers are irrelevant in the reality of Oneness – are a few steps behind. Indeed, most of the fragments have no conscious awareness of being on any such journey, instead, perceiving themselves as being on a walk in the valley of the shadow of death – a journey to nowhere if ever there was one. That valley exists only in minds that believe, and thus perceive, they are separate from Love, and therefore in the consciousness of fear. 

All who believe they are a mortal body, separate from everyone and everything else – regardless of where they are on this homeward journey – experience fear, doubt and anxiety (‘FDA’) to a greater or lesser degree and with greater or lesser frequency. At this stage in the Great Rescue Programme there are more embodied souls for whom this will be their last circuit on the carousel of birth and death than ever before. For many of them there are some final issues for which to forgive themselves, and these are usually ‘biggies’ that they may have been unable/unready to process fully on ‘previous’ circuits. In reality, they are not biggies at all, but are merely perceived as such. 

In the dream of time and place, perception seems very real. But what is real is eternity, and It cannot be perceived – only Known. Perception can only be of unreality – the temporal; that which passes away because it is not real. All that is perceived could be defined as mistaken belief in/choice for lack of Love. In reality there is no such thing as lack of Love because Love is everywhere real. Hence, perceived lack of Love can have no reality. In our insane game of pretending to be separate from Papa (Love) – causelack of Love is the perceived effect. This apparent lack manifests itself in myriad ways, according to where we seem to be in our sojourn in the valley of the shadow of death. 

For most of us – including those near the end of their journey without distance (A Course in Miracles, T-8.VI.9:7) – it will significantly feature FDA. Papa’s Son, being the Light, knows nothing of FDA – a state of spiritual darkness – but in his momentary dream of separation from his Source and his Self, darkness is his experience because that was his choice. Darkness is the realm, or state, of the ego. It has beguiled the amnesiac, fragmented Sonship into accepting darkness as normal, inescapable, even though this is entirely alien to his true state of Being. And when the ego has us in its clutches – even for a moment – it effects a state of paralysis of reason. 

In such moments fear, doubt and anxiety hold us frozen in absolute disempowerment. When we experience fear, doubt and anxiety it seems like hell, and since separation from the Light can certainly be defined as hell, hell it does seem to be. Jesus speaks in A Course in Miracles of the need for mind training to keep us centred in our focus on the Light of eternal Truth. The fragmented Sonship is in a state of almost complete dissociation from the Light; check the six o’clock news for details. And most have no idea what to do about it. Yet FDA is exactly what we repeatedly call to ourself, irrespective of how near we may actually be to our Awakening from the dream of death. 

This is because, until we are Awake, we are misperceiving the very issues from which we are in need of healing. Fear, doubt and anxiety do not, cannot exist in Truth, and therefore do not, cannot exist at all. They are ego artifices to stop us looking at what we really need to look at, namely the issues we are here to dispel, and thereby Awaken from the dream of death. The only way we can truly see what they are blocking us from seeing is by choosing to look at the issues with the Holy Spirit because He sees clearly. So He keeps bringing us the gift of those issues, over and over again, until we finally get it, and instead of letting fear, doubt and anxiety take control, ask Him to Help us. 

Until we ask Him, He cannot Help us because of our God-given freewill. Yet Love is our true nature and is unavoidable indefinitely. We are merely delaying our return to reality – Love, Light, Life, Truth: Papa. We are deceiving ourself by misperceiving the gift as adversity, and thus remaining blinded by fear, doubt and anxiety. Instead, we could say to the Holy Spirit: 

I may be unable to see You but I can accept that If I am willing to Trust You it will open my receptors to receiving Your Help, which will demonstrate Your presence and facilitate my Awakening from fear to Love. By this change in my attitude, the effects of Your Help will evince cause. Therefore, I am willing to place myself entirely in Your Care, Guidance and Protection because I acknowledge that You are given all Power in Heaven and Earth, and I inwardly Know that that Power is only for the good of all because It is Love, and Love is only good for all.  

I also agree to ask You to share Your True vision with me. Then, each time You bring the perfect opportunity for me to see past illusion to Truth, instead of perceiving it with fear-distorted sight as adversity I will see it as You see it – for the gift that it is because You have brought it to me. Having placed myself in Your Care, Guidance and Protection I can be certain that none but You could be the bearer of such perfectly timed gifts. 

When we choose to see with true sight – that of Holy Spirit-Self – we begin to remember that we have one, united, joined purpose for appearing to be in the dream world of time and place: to save the world from the ego’s script of division, loneliness, fear, conflict, death and destruction. The way to overcome division, or brokenness, is by healing it, restoring it to wholeness, or Oneness. This, obviously, can only occur by joining, but conflicted minds cannot join without a change of mind so that agreement can be achieved. The only thing on which separate minds could ever agree is Truth. Jesus came to bring us the Truth, so we can best unite for healing by joining our mind with his. 

Truth is eternal, so cannot be found in the temporal. Truth is Love, and Love is indivisible. Split, separate, individual, conflicted minds cannot Know Love. The only way to be restored to awareness of Love is to choose to rejoin our minds as the One that in Truth they are. The ego will resist that because a healed mind is an ego-free mind. Just like Jesus.J If we want to be healed of division, loneliness, fear, conflict, death and destruction we cannot do better than to choose to ask for Help from Jesus/Holy Spirit in rejoining our mind with Their One, whole, all-Knowing, all-Loving, Universal, Unified Mind. That Mind reflects the Will of God, and that Will can only be Love.  

We are the Light of the world. There is no fear, doubt and anxiety in the Light, so we can take great strides in remembering the Truth of Self by repudiating fear, doubt and anxiety and espousing, in their stead, Love, peace and joy because they are inextricable attributes of our Being. Instead of giving away our God-given Power to the ego, to use against us as fear, doubt and anxiety, we can renounce fear, doubt and anxiety. That way the ego, which only has whatever power we give away to it, will have none, so will disappear from our mind (as it has done from Jesus’ mind), while our God-Self Power – Love – increases.  

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. June 19, 2010 

Here is where the problem of faith and trust lies: in yourself. If you cannot have faith and trust in yourself, how can you have faith and trust in another? But the Holy Spirit is not another. He is your true Self. That is the difference. So, have trust in your Self. 

Papa reminds us that in order to return to Him we must first return to our Self. How do we do that? We allow ourself to be led by our One Self, Who Knows who we Are and how to return to our true Being.  

Indeed so. Here is My message to the fragmented Sonship: 

You are the undimmable, inextinguishable Light. Why then, do you tell yourself that you are an individual, dense, mortal body? You cannot be both. All the while you see yourself as a body you will be what you have chosen to be: a body. If you desire to be restored to your true, limitless, eternal Self, then you must so choose. That is all that is required of persona-self, because in your little, limited, forgetful state you do not know how to accomplish the transformation. So you must be willing to co-operate with One Who does; One Who is worthy of your trust; Who Loves you unconditionally; Who is empowered for the job. 

There is one other thing that is asked of you in addition to your co-operation: to believe; to have faith. Faith is the precursor, the prerequisite, to Sight, or Knowledge. You cannot be led, brought back to remembrance of Knowledge without first having faith, because it is lack of faith, or unbelief, that veils your sight from the Truth of your Being as the Light. Who would co-operate, give himself over, to one in whom he did not have faith, did not have trust? That would be considered foolhardy indeed. So you must decide for yourself, Am I willing to trust Jesus? And how about the Spirit of Truth, of Which Jesus was the embodiment in time and place? Or do I choose to continue to rely upon my limited, forgetful, lonely, fearful, ego-driven, misperceiving, mortal persona-self? 

This may seem conditional, but this is because you threw away Knowledge when you chose to forget Who you Are. By believing, having faith in One Who is God-empowered to restore you to full remembrance of your Truth, you are authorising Him to accomplish this metamorphosis for you. Jesus spoke truly when he said, after healing bodily infirmities, “Your faith has made you whole.” But now, in the completion, fulfilment measure of meal, the wholeness to which your faith will enable a restoration is of your mind; your memory of Who you Are; your Light Being; your likeness to your Creator – Papa. 

“He that hath seen me hath seen the Father.” (John 14:9). This statement by Jesus is a prophecy of the destiny, the true, eternal reality of you all. 

Here is where the problem of faith and trust lies: in yourself. If you cannot have faith and trust in yourself, how can you have faith and trust in another? But the Holy Spirit is not another. He is your true Self. That is the difference. So, have trust in your Self. Persona self is not Who you Are. You made it up in a game of make-believe. Now is the moment, the ‘time’, to Awaken from that game; for it became a fearful game. ‘Dying’ is no fun anymore. J. Time to return Home to Papa. Forever.

June 20, 2018 

The act of Communing is a living, dynamic process. Communing with full commitment of heart and soul attunes you with the eternal reality of the Spirit and the Mind of God. In that estate you become aware of, One with, Him, and your remembrance of Him is raised up accordingly.

~ Jesus December 31, 1989  

Dear Friends, 

King David, who was King of Israel about three thousand years ago, was – inspite of a life of great familial and international conflict, including murder and adultery – a soul of great, profound spiritual acuity. He was musically and literarily gifted and had a powerful connectedness with the Creator Spirit, God; Papa. The belief in and perception of being separate from Him is, as stated many times, the consciousness of fear. In Psalm 23 David describes separation from God, into the appearance of mortal bodies, as a walk through the valley of the shadow of death, and yet he says he will fear no evil because he knows God is with him and will protect and comfort him.  

He ends that Psalm by saying: Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever. To have this degree of awareness of what is real and what is not – inspite of his turbulent life – is far, far beyond the inward perspicacity of the vast mass of embodied souls walking the Earth three millennia later. There are numerous further indications, in other of his Psalms, of his spiritually enlightened state, including in Ps. 116:17, where he says: I will offer to thee [God] the sacrifice of thanksgiving. 

This is in stark contrast to the long-established, Mosaic Law tradition of sacrificing animals to appease the vengeful God, to prevent Him from destroying His ‘sinful offspring’. At the time of King David, Mosaic Law – including, needless to say, the supposedly God-instructed practice of animal sacrifices – had been established for something more than four centuries. According to the Torah, or Pentateuch – the first five books of the Old Testament – anyone disobeying the Mosaic Law was to be severely punished, including by death, depending on the gravity of the deemed breach. Yet, here is David – the very King of Israel – in flagrant breach of that Law. 

Of course, thanksgiving is not a ‘sacrifice’ at all, so we can readily imagine he used the word sacrifice to define thanksgiving as a tongue-in-cheek gesture – perhaps even to show its incongruity. Considering that David was not only the King, but had saved Israel from conquest by various of its neighbouring nations on multiple occasions, the religious authorities were hardly going to have him stoned to death for blasphemy, heresy or apostasy. And David’s Psalms are now very much part of the Jewish – and Christian – canon. Further to David’s direct, blatant negation of seemingly God-instituted animal sacrifice, Jeremiah, three or four centuries after David, quotes God as saying:  

For I spake not unto your fathers, nor commanded them in the day that I brought them out of the land of Egypt, concerning burnt offerings and sacrifices. (Jeremiah 7:22). 

One cannot get more unequivocal than that! There are numerous further records in Old and New Testaments clearly indicating that animal, and any other form of sacrifice – as the word is generally understood – was never on God’s agenda. Hosea (two or three centuries after David), for example, records God as saying:  

For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings. (Hosea 6:6) 

If God is the God of Love, He cannot be the God of sacrifice also, for the two are entirely contradictory, inconsistent, irreconcilable. The ego has devised fear-based religion to further bewilder Papa’s already-confused, fragmented Son, and for millennia it has succeeded. But now is the time, the moment, of the Great Awakening from the dream of forgetfulness to remembrance of the Truth of all Being. How can the Knowledge of the God of LIFE and mercy be furthered by killing animals and burning their flesh? And if the killing of animals as sacrificially assuaging God’s wrath against us is unreasoned, how can the sacrificial killing of perfect Love – Jesus – not be even further unreasoned? 

Fear is the cause of all unreasoned mindlessness and behaviour. This must be so because fear is the perceived absence of Love, and Love is mindful, considerate, comforting, gentle, kind, caring, compassionate, fearless, and functions by the Golden Rule of doing unto others as we would be done by. Here is some mindful, comforting counsel from Jesus in A Course in Miracles as to how to respond to fear – a condition of separation, which by definition is the consciousness of fear:  

When you are afraid [which, for most of us is just about every moment unconsciously and much of the time consciously, even though we expend a great deal of mental and emotional energy trying to blank it out], be still and know that God is real, and [that] you are His beloved Son in whom He is well pleased. Do not let your ego dispute this, because the ego cannot know what is as far beyond its reach as you are. (T-4.1.8:6,7).   

And indeed, we are as far beyond the ego’s reach as Jesus was during his embodiment – if only we can believe. We CAN believe; it is within our God-given power, as it was within his power, because we, with Jesus, are Papa’s beloved Son. So his counsel to not let the ego dispute this is very sound counsel indeed. Of course the ego will do all within its power to dispute this Truth because its continuance depends entirely upon our believing its lies. We must decide with which will we choose to align ourself: that of the ego or that of God. God’s will is our true will also because He shared it with His Son at his creation, and regardless of outward appearances, it forever remains our will. 

God’s will is unconditional Love. As Jesus counsels us, when fear knocks at our door, enter into the stillness – the dwelling-place of Papa – the sanctuary where ego can have no presence because the ego is about clamour, conflict, discord. In absolute contrast to the ego’s illusory condition, stillness is our true state of Being because we are Papa’s creation. Choosing to ignore that reality can only appear possible in an unreasoned, mindless, insane fantasy – the domain of the ego. And that domain, just like its inhabitant, is unreal. Being unreal, it is, as it can only be, disintegrating before our eyes, back to the nothingness from which it arose. 

Its disappearance from our belief and perception occurs by our willingness to forgive and look beyond what we previously believed and accepted was real. Then we can also forgive ourself, without guilt or self-recrimination for having mistakenly given it ‘reality’. As illusion disappears – which we can clearly see happening when we choose to join our self-limited, mistaken perception with Holy Spirit-Self’s true perception – so does our vision become restored, one step at a time, and the real world, the forgiven world comes into our focus, awareness, experience. This is possible – inevitable in fact – because it is true. 

Here is what Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles (T-6.IV:6) about the Truth of our Being and the misperceptions we have allowed the ego to persuade us were real, and that got us into the spiritual darkness that veils the Light of eternal Truth from our awareness: 

Hear, then, the one answer of the Holy Spirit to all the questions the ego raises: You are a child of God, a priceless part of His Kingdom, which He created as part of Him. Nothing else exists and only this is real. You have chosen a sleep in which you have had bad dreams, but the sleep is not real and God calls you to awake. There will be nothing left of your dream when you hear Him, because you will awaken.  

Your dreams contain many of the ego’s symbols [and mythologies] and they have confused you. Yet that was only because you were asleep and did not know. When you wake you will see the truth around you and in you, and you will no longer believe in dreams because they will have no reality for you. Yet the Kingdom and all that you have created there will have great reality for you, because they are beautiful and true.  

God is Love, so there is nothing to fear. How, therefore, can ‘living in the fear of God’ be other than an ego-contrived, meaningless distortion of reality? 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

P.M. July 8, 2010 

Never feel you should, or must, come to Me from a sense of duty, or guilt, or fear, but only from Love, joy and affinity. 

The second measure of meal saw Jesus as the Christ, the one and only Son of God. But he has presided over the leavening of that measure, and now, as we enter the third measure and its leavening, we begin to see the result of the leavening of the second measure: that we are all becoming like him, unified with him, as Christ, Papa’s One, beloved Son. This is so, regardless of outward indications to the contrary. The transformation occurs from the within into the without, so looking for signs of the Awakening should be inward, in order to avoid confusion.

So, never feel you should, or must, come to Me from a sense of duty, or guilt, or fear, but only from Love, joy and affinity.  

Beloved Papa, it is because I Love You – and I Love the sense of upliftment and wellbeing that communing with You instils in me – that I desire to be aware of, One with, You every moment.    

Alleluia! J  

Have we a bit of role-reversal going on here? 

Not really; perhaps more role-combining, immersing, unifying; for as you Know, in Truth We are One. 

Alleluia! J 

Precisely. So, rejoice, breathe, relax, allow, in the certain Knowledge that all is exactly according to plan. Always.

June 27, 2018 

The Light and Spirit of God, the Father Creator, Lives within all His creation. The debris of Earth mind consciousness clouds this reality from the awareness of the children of Earth, who lack the Light of Spiritual Discernment.

~ Jesus, January 7, 1990 

Dear Friends, 

The true nature of all, eternal Being, is Mind and Spirit, functioning – creating – in perfect unison, harmony and balance. Spirit is, for me, a term describing the One, unified Life Force, or ‘God’, and soul is a term that, for me, symbolises the created aspect of Being – the Son of God. Because the Son is exactly like his Father Creator, Spirit and Soul are identical in nature: “Of one kind”. That nature could be described, of the Creator, as the One, Holy Energy Force Field, bearing in mind that ‘holy’ means whole, complete, perfect, unchangeable. The created – the soul of the One, perfect Son – being like his Father, is also therefore, equally, an Energy Force Field. 

The energy is Love. This is what the Creator and His created ARE. That energy is ‘only’ potential without purpose, or intent. This is where Mind comes in. Whole Mind has purpose, or intent, so It activates the potential, enabling creating: creative energy. But in eternity, all is perfect, complete and unchanging; to change completion could only mean it was incomplete. Even an insane, slumbering, fantasising mind would find it hard to deny the logic of that. J So how can creating occur if all is already complete? That seems to be a non sequitur in the illusion of time and place. This demonstrates that creating in eternity is very different from what is perceived as creating in time.  

In time and place, ‘creating’ is taking something and changing it – adding to or taking away from what was the starting point. For example, with painting, paint is added to a canvas; with sculpture, stone is removed from a block, revealing, or exposing what the sculptor saw within that block in his mind’s eye. Neither canvas nor stone block is perceived as complete by the artist, so change must be implemented. And even then, the ‘completion’ is entirely subjective, suggesting that perfection is not an absolute state in an unreal world. This is entirely different in the unchanging reality of eternal Truth. This is why Jesus tells us creating is impossible by a split mind; instead, we can only ‘make’. 

And all that is made is temporal, so passes away, disintegrates, demonstrating that creating never occurred, because, from the perspective of eternity – the sole, true perspective – only that which is eternal can be real. Therefore, what appears to be here today and gone tomorrow never had any reality, so never was created, never existed in Truth. How, then, can creation occur in eternity if all is already complete and unchangeable? Here – in Heaven, eternity – the very word create has an altogether different meaning. In Truth, Love is all there is; it is all Papa is, all His Son is. There is nothing else. But to Know, to experience, Love it must be shared, expressed, extended. 

That is true even within the fantasy of separation from Love, demonstrating that Love truly is unchangeable, and therefore, eternal; for if it was not eternal it would be changeable. Our view, perception, understanding – even experience – of Love may change and fade within the illusion, but Love, Itself, did not, cannot change. How else can the perfection, the reality of Love, which is Divine, be constant? That is why Papa created His One Son, which He could only accomplish by the very process of extending, sharing, expressing His perfect, Loving, unchanging, holy Being – in His forever whole and perfect Son; His joy and His completion. 

Even though creating – in the true sense – is impossible as an external process in time and place, it is also impossible for us to be utterly dissociated from Love, which, remember, is the very ‘stuff’ of creation and of Being, and therefore, our essential nature also, inspite of dreaming otherwise. How can this be possible, in such a dream which seems so real, so solid in its foundation of fear, pain, suffering, conflict, decay, destruction and ‘death’? Every time we express, share, extend to – or receive from – a brother, a random (or deliberate) act of kindness, caring, compassion, giving, gentleness, nurturing … Love is present and can be, is, experienced, because they are all qualities of Love. 

That such moments seem to fade, pass, change, cease to exist in our conscious awareness, is purely a matter of our ego-led choice. Nothing real is ever actually lost because only Love is real, and Love is eternal, perfect, complete, unchangeable and indestructible. That choice is for remaining in the consciousness of time and place – the conscious of fear, of forgetfulness of Self. Clearly, this is a choice that will serve the ego, which has as its intent our worst interests, but does not serve our own best interests – Awakening from the dream of separation back to our One Self as Papa’s beloved Son – at all. The ego will relentlessly strive to distract us every moment from that Awakening.  

Its distractions can take the form of pain or pleasure, so we will do well to be vigilant against distraction in its many guises. This is not to say we should avoid pleasure in this world – as long as it does not cause loss, pain or suffering to a brother, and does not cause us to be beguiled into believing we are a body. Enjoying pleasure, having fun, will be greatly enhanced when we choose to see, recognise, remember that it does not make us who we are. Here, it is important to distinguish between pleasure and Joy. Pleasure is temporal, and always passes. It may take many outward forms – sex, sailing, sport, cooking, eating … and it often, sooner or later, turns to pain and suffering. 

All pleasures involve the body one way or another, and are thus of the without, devised to keep us forgetting why we are really ‘here’ in time and place. We are, exactly like our brother, Jesus, here to be the Light of the world, and let it shine, for ourself and all our brothers who have momentarily forgotten who they are, thereby helping them to remember their Truth of Self – and thus fulfil our one purpose of saving the world. This, of course, includes saving ourself by not allowing the pursuit of pleasure to divert us from our one purpose. Such pursuit, to the exclusion of remembrance of our one purpose, will guarantee us (a) further ride(s) on the not-so-merry-go-round of birth and death.   

Joy, on the other hand, is of the within, and although we may experience joy in/through our body – simply because we appear to be in a body – joy is a heart-mind, or unified soul/mind, experience. This means that Joy is of eternity, and does not diminish, though it can fade from conscious awareness as we allow temporal matters – including the pursuit of pleasures, which are always focused around/within the body – to divert our attention. As Joy becomes more centred in our mind – i.e. moving from our head-mind (from where it will soon be distracted) to our heart-mind – whatever pleasure or pain seems to be happening externally will have no diminishing effect on our Joy.  

The most extreme example, testimony, of this was demonstrated by Jesus, whose Joy was undimmed by the scourging and crucifixion of his body. This was possible – and is therefore possible for all because we are of One kind, though we don’t need crucifying to demonstrate it (yet most of us are ‘crucifying’ ourself, one way or another, daily). This tells us that pain and/or pleasure, both, equally, are illusions, but Joy is real, endless, forever, right alongside, intrinsic with, Love and Peace. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. April 28, 2013 

Practising mind-to-mind communing – between Loving or unloving minds – is a device that will contribute palpably to bringing the otherwise vain hope of a ‘future eternity’ into the ever-present reality of the eternal Now, where all is peace, joy, harmony, wholeness, Oneness. 

Mind-to-mind communing provides invaluable opportunity for healing broken relationships through true forgiveness and blessing, regardless of however outwardly beyond repair any such relationship may seem to be. They will remain beyond repair without our desire for repair. Then, with committed desire, all things are possible. 

Such communing can be practised with any brother, anywhere, any time, since time and place are made up and have no power or control over mind – unless the mind accords that power by abdication of its own, God-given, and thus limitless, power in all things. When brokenness is such that face-to-face endeavours at healing are not practicable, mind-to-mind communing can accomplish the unimaginable – if only one can believe

‘Face to face’ is meaningless in eternity, where there are no faces as perceived by bodily senses and beliefs. And all the apparently-fragmented Sonship is, and has always been One, in eternity, right now. Eternity is not, nor can it ever be ‘in the future’ because it is, and will forever be, always and only NOW. Eternity is a state of Mind that slumbering minds have merely chosen to shut off from their awareness, though It is always present and available with nothing other than a simple, free change of mind.  

So, practising mind-to-mind communing – between Loving or unloving minds – is a device that will contribute palpably to bringing the otherwise vain hope of a ‘future eternity’ into the ever-present reality of the eternal Now, where all is peace, joy, harmony, wholeness, Oneness. The seeming unawareness of a connection between minds means nothing and has no detrimental effect. Only unbelief has any such effect. Willingness to believe all things are possible enables Me to act, on your behalf, as the conveyor of Loving, blessing, forgiving, healing outreach between brothers – even where one of the brothers is consciously unwilling.  

Lack of conscious awareness, by one party, does not mean healing exchange has not taken place, because the process of healing relationships – as with all healing – takes place at the level of unconscious mind. When the moment is right – that is to say, when the aggrieved party(ies) is (are) ready to surrender and release their grievance(s) – I will raise it to the level of conscious awareness. Attachment to outcomes within an arbitrary timescale merely impedes the process, by causing doubt and uncertainty to set in. Time, being an illusion, cannot be serviceably included in processes that are intended to lead to restoration of remembrance of eternity.

July 4, 2018 

It is His good will to give the Kingdom to all, and only they that Love Him can receive it because it must be by willingness to receive it that each soul can become one with it.

~ Jesus, January 14, 1990 

Dear Friends, 

Events, experiences and awarenesses that come to us at the spiritual, mystical, metaphysical level do not change over time, but as our Awakening to the Truth of our Being progresses, so does our understanding of those experiences grow, and we see deeper and deeper into their meaning. These deeper insights may be multiple, one step at a time, and can extend over weeks, years, decades and even from one embodiment to the ‘next’. All this depends on our degree of desire for Awakening and how steadfast is our commitment and our patience. Desire, commitment and patience for the eternal reality of Self is dismally low to non-existent in the conscious Presence of most of us. 

That does not mean it is not present, period. It is within all, but our appearance as bodies, in time, means we are beset by distractions virtually every moment of our waking day, and by meaningless dreams as our body rests at night. The ultimate distraction is that we have believed we are a body, which seems to need our attention in myriad ways every day without let-up – and then we will ‘die’. None of that is true one whit, but we have bought into that story and swallowed it hook, line and sinker; until now. Now the story is coming to its linear end; for some very ‘soon’ and for others, who choose to dally in slumber, a little ‘longer’, though as time does not exist, ‘longer’ is meaningless. 

The escape from it all is so simple, so easy, it is a doddle … if only we can believe. Not only is it a doddle, it is more fun, joy, Love, peace, rewarding than anything – all, in fact – this world can pretend to offer; and it is all never-ending, mind-soul-orgasmic bliss. Here’s how it works: 

We place our life – everything, in our heart-mind – into the Care, Guidance and Protection of Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit. The ego would have us believe that doing this will cost us our freedom – or worse: judgement and consignment to the fires of hell. It has to lie to try to keep us from Awakening to the Truth. The reverse is the Truth. We have committed our lives, over and over, for aeons – nay, longer than that: since the dawn of time – into the ‘care, guidance and protection’ of the ego. Only with the ego, ‘care’ becomes ‘tribulation’, ‘guidance’ becomes ‘deception’ and ‘protection’ becomes ‘destruction’. This has been our default choice. Check the six o’clock news for details. 

Now is the season, the moment for us to change that choice. In John’s Gospel Jesus is recorded as saying: “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. (John 16:33). In A Course in Miracles he restates/updates this as: “In this world you need not have tribulation because I have overcome the world. That is why you should be of good cheer.” (T-4.I.13:10,11). Placing our life entirely in the Care, Guidance and Protection of Jesus/Holy Spirit will liberate us from servitude to guilt, fear, judgement, grievance, loss, unforgiveness, conflict, illness – of mind and body – loneliness, pain and suffering, ignorance, (spiritual) blindness … and mortality. J 

How much better news than that can anyone want, or hope for? The Holy Spirit is our true, kind, benign, all-Knowing, all-caring, all-Loving, SELF – not some alien, fearful interloper out to trick us into some terrifying oblivion. And Jesus is our true, kind, benign, all-Knowing, all-caring, all-Loving, all-empowered-to-lead-us-safely-Home-to-Papa friend and brother. J He lovingly assures us in the Course: 

I will substitute for your ego if you wish ... A father can safely leave a child with an elder brother who has shown himself responsible … I can be entrusted with your body and your ego only because this enables you not to be concerned with them, and lets me teach you their unimportance. I could not understand their importance to you if I had not once been tempted to believe in them myself. Let us undertake to learn this lesson together so we can be free of them together. (From T-4.I.13) 

Of course, Jesus does not need to learn that lesson because he learnt it many millennia ago. What he is saying is, he will be with us – if we so desire and ask – and help us to learn the lesson together with him, under his flawless guidance and tutelage. 

We can only wisely, sensibly, trustingly place ourself in the Care, Guidance and Protection of One Who is trustworthy. After more than fifty years of Loving, joyous, blessed, precious fellowship with, and wise, all-Knowing counsel from, Jesus, I unreservedly attest to his total trustworthiness, ease of brotherhood and sheer ‘cup-runneth-over’ delight in him as a travelling companion. So, having decided to throw our lot in with him (and Holy Spirit-Self) where, then, are we – all of us, at such time as we become willing – joining with him to go together? The key word here is joining. He uses that word, along with its associated terms join, joined, joins, joint and jointly 431 times in the Course. 

That is a powerful indicator of the importance of joining as an integral, essential, indispensable aspect of our escape from the valley of the shadow of death and the return to sanity from the hell of separation. Where we are, when we join with him, is safe, sure of our Destination, unassailable, free of fear, doubt and anxiety … if only we can believe. 

The name Christ is a title denoting an anointed agent of a God-purpose. The God-purpose for which Jesus was anointed was to establish the Will of God in the Earth, so that the hearts and minds of all would be unified – joined – in accordance with the perfect, benign, Loving Will of God. Jesus’ Purpose is to raise the level of consciousness of all mankind to the degree that life on Earth will be as Loving and harmonious as Life in Heaven. When we – the fragmented, conflicted Sonship of God – have freely chosen to join, not just with him but with all our brothers in the entire Sonship, we, as One with him, will be, again, the Christ. Papa’s One Son.  

He is fully aware of, joined with all of us already. That is what accords him the title of Christ, the anointed messenger of the Holy One. In 1968 he told me, “I am attuned to all mankind all the time; there is never a moment when I am not with you all. All that is needed to complete the contact is for you to attune with me and we are together, at any time.”  When we choose to join with him – in absolute union of purpose with the Holy Spirit – we become joined, unified, of One heart-mind and spirit, with him and also with our true Self: the Spirit of Truth, Who is our connectedness with the Oneness that is the true nature of all Being.  

That statement by Jesus, in 1968, was transparently clear at the time, and remains so. Yet a much larger, deeper, esoteric, mystical meaning can now be recognised in it, when we become willing to allow the Light of Spiritual Discernment to shine in our mind. That recognition tells us that joining – actually, rejoining – is essential, cardinal to our Waking to remembrance of Oneness. How can Oneness of all Being be restored to our awareness all the while we choose to continue believing that separation is reality? 

Having chosen joining, few will be consciously aware, at first, of this joining, or union, but that matters not at all, because They Know. All that is asked/required of us is that this should be our desire. They accomplish all the rest for us. As stated (above) Jesus can be entrusted with our body and our ego (if/when we are willing to so entrust them to him). That, too, means he – and Holy Spirit-Self – also take control of linear time as it applies in the accomplishing, the outworking, the process of our joining/attuning (i.e., at-One-ment) with him. That process gradually arises in our conscious awareness and experience, one step at a time, as our desire and commitment to Awakening holds fast. 

Our desire and commitment will hold fast – and increase – as our conscious awareness of the joy, peace and Love increasingly become our ever-growing, expanding experience. We recognise that judgement, grievance, unforgiveness … are misperceptions, no longer warranted, so others, who we had seen as untrustworthy, ‘enemies’, are no longer seen as a threat. We can thus gladly forgive them and ourself for what we had previously believed was true. Now, we see no boundaries, no gaps, no differences; only perfect sameness, Oneness. All this is joining. Joining means no more separation, division, conflict, sickness, loneliness, brokenness, tears, heartbreak, killing, death … 

Revelation chapter 21, verse 4 says it well: 

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.  

Alleluia! J Jesus knew all this – the entire plan – long before Abraham. It is his plan, given him by Papa, so its outworking to completion, to fulfilment, is infallible and unstoppable. When we have the chance to follow One who Knows the way out of the wilderness, it is a safe bet to follow him. How long will we choose to delay freedom? 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

P.M. March 15, 2013 

Papa does not create in part. His creation – His One, beloved Son – is whole, complete, unchangeable forever. How can a momentary illusion possibly alter eternal reality? Forgetfulness of reality does not render it unreal. And who will insist that fantasy is reality? 

There are many guilt-fear-and-sacrifice-based religions still today. Even though the Christian religion does not perform blood sacrifices, it still preaches guilt, unworthiness, fear of a wrathful, vengeful god, and that Jesus was a required blood sacrifice by that god to appease its demand for retribution against the rest of us. 

But Papa is Love only, not a cause for guilt, fear or sacrifice. My purpose is to clarify this by shining the Light of spiritual, eternal Truth – which is Love – to dispel all misperceptions, and help all who will to remembrance of reality and of their integral Being within that reality. All are not merely part of that reality; they are, each One, all of that reality, for the whole is, irreversibly, in the seeming part. 

When each ‘part’ is thus restored to remembrance of Truth, it will see – and be seen as – the whole Truth, because the whole of Papa is in every illusorily-perceived part. Just as was the case with Jesus, including when appearing in bodily form. How could a mere illusion – a body – limit reality? Reality is All in all. All cannot be fragmented, as perceived in the dream of fragmentation. Jesus spoke truly when he said, “He that hath seen me hath seen the Father”. [John 14:9]. 

Papa does not create in part. His creation – His One, beloved Son – is whole, complete, unchangeable, forever. How can a momentary illusion possibly alter eternal reality? Forgetfulness of reality does not render it unreal, save in the mind that split off from Truth for an immeasurably minute instant and was restored, unaffected, to It in the self-same instant. Choosing to re-view that instant in a vain attempt at keeping it ‘alive’ and making it real in place of reality is fantasy indeed. And who will insist that fantasy is reality?

July 18, 2018 

All is well; we go forward together in joy of Life. Have no fear. Take one step at a time and be content in this pace of progress. In this way your heart’s desire shall be fulfilled.

~ Jesus, January 21, 1990 

Dear Friends, 

In August 2013 Papa said to me: 

To Know Me, you must first Know your Self. To see Me, you must first see your Self. For when you have seen your Self you have seen Me, because you are created in My exact likeness. Until you have seen and Known your Self you can in no wise see and Know Me. To see and Know your Self, you must Be your Self. Jesus is your exemplar for this, demonstrating, showing, Being Love, gentleness, humility, forgiveness; limitless, empowered by Truth; free of ambition or concern for self … 

The Self to whom He refers is, of course, not individual, persona self – you, me, any of us – but ALL of us as our true whole, unified, undivided One Self. That Self is Who we all are in reality, but it does not appear to be the case all the while we believe we are separate – i.e., not unified. Whole Self is not what we will become – maybe – at some indeterminate ‘future’ date; it is what we already are and always, forever, have been. We are now in the process of remembering that Truth. Happily, Truth and Love are indivisible, along with Life and Light, peace and joy, freedom and limitlessness, because they are unchanging, unending aspects, attributes of the Source of All. 

Also happily, unawareness of this reality is coming to its end as the Great Awakening from the dream of separation, death and hell progresses. It only appears to be progressing within the illusion of linear time. In reality there never was, is or could be an instant in which our One, whole, complete, unified Identity was not the Truth of ‘our’ Being – of all Being. Unawareness of reality does not render it unreal, any more than a cloud between us and the sun means the sun has stopped shining. We are Waking – some a little ‘sooner’, others a little ‘later’, but that means nothing because time does not exist in reality – to the Truth of our One Identity as Papa’s One Son, the Christ. 

Papa went on to say, in His message for each and every one of us, with all exceptions being impossible: 

You are My beloved Son, the Christ, just as Jesus. Accept this Truth unto yourself and acknowledge it; honour it, Be it, live it. Love it, own it, allow it. Let there be an end to denying it. For by not acknowledging and living it you are denying it. Instead, give a joyous welcome to it. Let nothing in you deny your acceptance of the Truth and you shall Know the Truth; and it shall set you free because you can only Know it by living, and thus experiencing, it.  

The ego will say, ‘How can we possibly Be it, live it, own it, allow it … when we don’t know what being the Christ means?’ That is merely camouflage for continuing in denial of the Truth of all Being, as One in God. It is our denial of – our resistance to – reality that causes unreality to seem real. We are no different from Jesus save in one respect: he acknowledges the Truth in himself, thereby allowing – i.e., Knowing – it to be the Truth for him; most of the rest of the fragmented Sonship is in denial of it as their Truth, the choice instead being for littleness, unworthiness, mortality … Not only does Jesus Know it is the Truth for him; he Knows it is the Truth for all his brethren in the Sonship. 

Further, nullifying the ego’s specious argument, Papa explained what Being it, living it, owning it, allowing it means and how to accomplish it, in this sentence from the top paragraph: Jesus is your exemplar for this, demonstrating, showing, Being Love, gentleness, humility, forgiveness; limitless, empowered by Truth; free of ambition or concern for self. Needless to say, the ego, desperate to keep us in its thrall, will respond, nitpicking at detail (the devil is in the detail!) with multiple ‘reasons’ we are not up to this ‘high calling’, being lowly and unworthy. Whatever terms may be used to define the Truth of our Being, the ego’s survival depends on its trying to persuade us otherwise.  

But Jesus reassures us in A Course in Miracles: All terms are potentially controversial, and those who seek controversy will find it. Yet those who seek clarification will find it as well. They must, however, be willing to overlook controversy, recognizing that it is a defense against truth in the form of a delaying maneuver. (From C-in.2). Our current, perceived level of ability (or seeming inability) has nothing to do with how ill-equipped we may see ourself for being the Light of the world and the saviour of the world – just like Jesus; it has everything to do with desire. Jesus/Holy Spirit respond to our desire, and enable the fulfilment of that desire in accordance with the potential we bring to embodiment.  

Most of us have little or no idea what our potential is at the outset, but that matters not at all because They Know, and as we are – become – willing to be led, They will lead us, one step at a time, to its development. If we have the desire for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the real world, the healed, forgiven, peaceful, Loving world, our individual contribution toward its manifesting will be – already is – essential, crucial, invaluable, however modest, however valueless we, as yet, might, from our ego-deceived perception, consider it to be. Assuredly, that is not how They see it, so who is right – our self-limited, little, misperceiving self or Their all-seeing, all-Knowing Self? 

Such misperceptions of ourself – and the world at large – are based on the past, so can have no relevance to what lies, eternally present, beneath the shadowy surface of the dream-world of conflict, deception, pain and suffering, awaiting the perfect moment to emerge, as a seedling from the darkness beneath the surface of the soil, to grandeur in the Light. Grandeur is of God, meaning there can be no limit, no order of magnitude to grandeur. Even when it may not appear to one or another of us in one embodiment, that does not mean the seed has not been sown, ready to germinate, grow, emerge and bear much fruit for the Kingdom in another, and yet another embodiment. 

Some – many, perhaps – Kingdom-furthering desires, aspirations, plans incubate and unfold during multiple incarnations, any one or more of which may show only ‘modest’ outward signs of the grandeur developing within. We can be certain of this as a point of principle because Jesus’ emergence as the developer and leader of the Great Rescue Programme arose over many millennia and many embodiments, culminating as the Awakened to the perfect-Love Jesus we know. Such emergence liberated him from all ‘ambition or concern for self’, as it does, and will, as our Awakening, under his worthy leadership, progresses.  

This becomes the case for us all as we grow in desire for, commitment to, focus upon, remembering, becoming, Being what we really are: the healed, unified, restored-to-remembrance-of-Oneness Christ-Self. Thanks to him and his example and leading, we can surrender all ambition or concern for little, ‘mortal’, persona, ego-driven self into his and Holy Spirit’s Care, Guidance and Protection. They will comprehensively care for, guide and protect us, and thereby enable us to outwork and fulfil our mission for the Kingdom. Everyone has a mission for the Kingdom – no matter how ‘small’, and thus of no consequence, it may seem to them to be – because everyone IS the Kingdom. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

P.M. March 7, 2013 

There will arise a desire only for giving when forgiving has been chosen. Only forgiving brings remembrance, restoration to Knowing, and therefore experiencing that only by giving can receiving be possible because there is but One Heart and One Mind. 

To receive Love more we have to give Love more, because in Truth giving and receiving are One. How can it be otherwise when there is but One? 

This is a discernment that a mind which believes it is a body will be unable to comprehend. It sees what it believes: bodies abounding, each different, each separate, each a potential threat, a possible danger, thus calling for defences to further the illusion of separation. And who would want to voluntarily give to another when that other may be wanting, intending to take from him by force or subterfuge, thus weakening and impoverishing – even enslaving or killing – him? 

Yet giving is enabled – totally desired, irresistible, even – when that mind chooses to believe that only Oneness can be real, and that therefore, separate, different bodies cannot be. Then, when he looks at his brother he will, for a fleeting moment, continue to perceive him as a separate, different body-identity. But now, emerging into clarity, his true perception will reveal to him a reflection of his Self, and he will remember that in Truth there is none other to behold. 

Intercourse with his brother will continue in bodily form yet awhile within the dream, but there will quickly emerge a state of harmony, resonance, defencelessness, joy, as the dream is transformed from one of separation, fear, scarcity, mistrust, withholding, misappropriation … to one of happiness and freedom. There will arise a desire only for giving when forgiving has been chosen. Only forgiving brings remembrance, restoration to Knowing, and therefore experiencing that only by giving can receiving be possible because there is but One Heart and One Mind.

July 25, 2018


Be true to him who guides you from your own within. It is the Good Shepherd of the Holy One. He will not fail you. Draw nigh unto him, that you stray not from the Path of Light. Even though many around you stumble and falter, be single, one-pointed, in thy vision.

~ Holy Communion, February 1, 1990 

Dear Friends, 

If we are immortal we cannot be a body, so if we see ourself as a body we can only be misperceiving. Since the choice for belief in and experience of being a body is preventing our awareness of our divine, eternal, limitless Self, how can continuing in this mistaken choice lead us Home? The ego will assure us that this is not a choice; it is simply what we are, and there is nothing we can do about it except grin and bear it. How can going along with that serve our Awakening to remembrance of Life, when all the while we accept the dream of ‘death’ as our ‘truth’ it denies us access to our soul, which, being joined to, One in, the Source of Life – Papa, the Creator Spirit – is our Life? 

Our soul is at-One with all Life in perfect peace, joy and Love. When we choose to re-unify our mind with our soul – unified mind-and-soul, functioning in complete harmony as One Being – that re-unifying is with all Being, Mind-and-Soul. In that complete union, ‘Soul’ can be considered as ‘Spirit’: Universal, Unified Mind-and-Spirit, forever creating and extending Love. Here is what Jesus says about this: Spirit retains the potential for creating, but its Will, which is [identical to] God’s, seems to be imprisoned while the mind is not unified. (A Course in Miracles, C-1.4:2). Thus are we denying our One reality. But instead of spiritual darkness and ‘death’ we are free to choose Light, Love and Life. 

This may all seem hypothetical to a slumbering mind, dreaming of separation from Papa, in a ‘far, famine-stricken country’ (time and place); dreams seem very real – until we wake, and realise none of them was ever so. As we progress through the Awakening process we begin to become aware that we have the power to transform the nightmare of loneliness, pain and suffering, conflict, darkness, forgetfulness of Self … into a happy dream, in readiness for our full and complete Awakening to the eternity of Heaven. This happy dream is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the real world, the forgiven, healed world, in which conflict, judgement, hatred, killing … are no longer in the dream. 

The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth depends on us – you, me, each and every one of us. The part all must play is essential, indispensable – simply because we are all, indispensably, part of the Kingdom. But we cannot perform our function alone. This, we have been attempting since the momentary idea of separation arose in the mind of Papa’s Son, and the six o’clock news will attest to the dismal failure we have made of it. As stated repeatedly by Jesus in A Course in Miracles, and reiterated many times here, we must join with another, and then all things become perfectly, wonderfully, miraculously possible. Who is the other? It can be anyone, and in due season will be everyone.  

The problem with that ‘at present’, within the illusion of time, is there seem to be few with whom we can truly join, because true joining can only be within a holy relationship, in which, by at least one of the parties, there is no judgement, no grievance toward the other; only true forgiveness and acceptance. But rather than this being cause for despair – for such souls may outwardly seem sparse in this conflicted world – we can rejoice, because there is one with whom we all can join in a heartbeat. Such joining will, in Truth, be outside of time – in eternity – but we can and will be able to experience its ineffable reality while we are still appearing in time, in (or, seemingly, with) a body.  

This one, of course, is Jesus. The ego will say, ‘Impossible; he – if he ever existed – is unreachable because he is gone from this world, too high and we too lowly, unworthy, for any joining to be possible with him … least of all without having too many hoops to jump through.’ That old, second-measure-of-meal story is completely without meaning. The ego promulgates this lie because it has no understanding that it is at the level of mind – not bodies that we join. We can join with another whose body is half-way round the world, just by lovingly calling them to mind – into our present recollection of them. Many of us do this every day, with absent (including deceased) loved ones. 

They may not be consciously aware that we are joining – connecting in mind-to-mind communion – with them, though conscious awareness of such joining is increasing rapidly as the Great Awakening progresses exponentially. Who amongst us has not received a contact – by phone, email, whatever – very soon, immediately even, after holding them lovingly in our heart-mind? This is what Jesus meant at the last supper when he said to his friends, “Do this in remembrance of me” (Luke 21:19) – i.e., keep him alive in our mind in the NOW, not just as an historical figure, by calling him to heart-mind, for that, assuredly, is where he has his living abode with us, right now and always. 

No-one will want to join with Jesus – heart-mind to Heart-Mind – other than in Love. Such a joining is a holy relationship indeed. It is not holy because we are free of all karma, guilt, grievance, judgement, fear, doubt … but because that is our desire, and we are willing to accept that he can, and assuredly shall, help us to be free, by teaching us that in Truth we are like him, and all appearances to the contrary are merely shadows of darkness. These shadows of darkness – aspects of the idea of separation, such as guilt, fear, judgement, conflict, loneliness (all thoughts, words and deeds that are not Loving) – are, actually, nothing more than shadows of darkness.  

The Light of Love, Life and Truth shines away those shadows, and by joining with him – in our heart-mind, by so desiring – does this happen. If only we can believe. It cannot happen if we are unwilling to believe, because it is our unbelief that keeps the shadows of darkness in place in our split mind, causing us to perceive them as reality, and prevents us from joining with Jesus because unbelief erects our defences against him. The defences are nothing, save in our own, split, fearful-of-the-Light mind, but Jesus honours our choice and will not contravene it. The instant we change our mind and choose, desire to join with him, our defences, which were never real, evaporate. 

Of course it is not just with Jesus that we can join in a holy relationship. Within the illusorily fragmented Sonship we are, in Truth, all One, co-equal with Jesus in holiness, so holy relationships are possible – inevitable, eventually – with all. No exceptions can be possible, however ‘long’ we choose to delay joining, due to ego-induced blindness and its accoutrement, contrariness. Being merely a momentary illusion – and therefore, nothing at all – spiritual blindness, resulting from our choice for separation from the Light that we are, is shone away by the Light of our true Being the moment we choose willingness to join with a brother, because joining repudiates the illusion of separation. 

There is but one instant in which we can make that choice: the holy instant of the forever and always, present moment of NOW. For there is no other moment than NOW. Delaying consigns our mind, our awareness, our experience, to the unreality of the past, which never happened, or the future, which never will be present. Eventually, all will, inevitably, abandon the pain and suffering, the loneliness, the guilt and fear, the ‘mortality’ … of delay. Then does the rejoicing at rejoining truly begin. And never, ever end. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. September 6, 1987 

Through the ages since my Earth life multitudes have fallen by the wayside, weary, confused and seemingly lost. But though the words of the Shepherd have been distorted and echoed lifelessly, the word is still, forever, alive, and the Shepherd continues to lead from the front. 

Beloved Lord, new remembrances continue to emerge into my awareness as I continue to follow your leading. This brings increasing trust and commitment to continue my journey with you.

Your understanding does indeed progress, my son, and the transmitting of the Light from the sincerity of your heart’s desire and commitment goes out to many in fear and confusion, giving new meaning and hope to the lives of those who are lost in darkness and despair. Continue in this way, to share the meaning of the Living Word with these seekers-after-Truth, for the uplifting of many. 

Through the ages since my Earth life multitudes have fallen by the wayside, weary, confused and seemingly lost. But though the words of the Shepherd have been distorted and echoed lifelessly by those who claim to serve him, to the point where outwardly all is hollow and meaningless, the Word is still, forever, alive, and the Shepherd continues to lead from the front, beyond the vision of those who blind and deafen themselves by vain repetition of empty words. 

Therefore I call upon all who are willing to hear the Living Word to take up the cry, “The Bridegroom cometh; prepare the way of the Lord.” This is the Living Word because it is the Life of the Father, and restores the tired and weary to new hope and understanding, making all things new, as was ever the Great Plan for the children of the Father, to be fully One with Him in the Kingdom again, where all is joy and peace and harmony and Love. 

I rejoice at your going forward and your desire to share the Word with all who seek. Remember, the bread of my Word is nothing without the wine of my Love. Give freely, even as I give to you, my son. I am well pleased. Continue in this way and greater joy shall be yours. By this shall your household increase and your heart’s desire be fulfilled, as with all who choose to follow my leading from outer darkness back to the Light. 

August 1, 2018


We can now achieve together, by your co-operation, many works of enlightenment and assistance to those who will receive. Join us consciously and we shall combine our energies with yours.

~ Christ Servers from the Realms of Light, February 4, 1990 

Dear Friends, 

The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is as dependent upon us – you, me, each and every one of us – as it is upon Jesus. Contra to this shadow world, there are no hierarchies in Heaven, so for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth to be a meaningful reflection of the Kingdom of Heaven in eternity, hierarchies must be dispelled from our mind. Then they are dispelled from our experience – by no longer believing in them, wanting them, giving them our support (tacit or implicit). Hierarchies are a state of mind, causing perceptions of superiority/inferiority. This manifests in myriad ways: in corporations, sense of religious attainment, financial and class standing, academic qualifications ...  

All such are of the without. As soon as we go within, in spiritual sincerity and humility, all such outer appearances are seen as meaningless because they have no reality in eternity, where only equality of Being is recognised. Jesus does not judge us (and neither does Papa) according to any of those outer appearances because he Knows they have no reality. We are all equal to, One with, him from where he sees – and Knows – us; and Knowledge is certainty. Inequality can only appear to exist or have any meaning in time. A child in third grade is only in third grade in time. As time passes that same child will be seen in twelfth grade – and beyond – yet is still the same, whole Being within. 

To look down on a third grader as inferior because we are in a ‘higher’ grade is an unserviceable misperception; those we ‘look up to’ and admire the most were third graders once. Would we admire them if they looked down on us as inferior? Continuing in all such inequalities of perception will keep us from Heaven because they will keep us from experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth – the precursor of, preparatory to, Heaven in eternity. Feeling, believing ourself to be incapable of breaking the mould, the hard-wiring of Earth-minded perceptions, is just what the ego wants us to believe, to feel. And most of humanity is in a mindless, hypnotic, unconscious trance in this regard. 

Change never took place by accepting – or contributing to maintaining – the status quo. The status quo in time and place is merely role-playing. It is not Who we really are. How, then, can we help, contribute positively to the changes that are taking place in the unfolding process that is, one step at a time, relentlessly, infallibly and unstoppably, like cancer in reverse, establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the real, forgiven, healed world? Our positive, kingdomly contributions cannot help but speed-up the transformation from nightmare to happy dream. We can be in the vanguard of this change without doing anything, because the emergent Kingdom is a state of Being, not of doing. 

One could say it is a state of undoing, simply by changing our mind about our little-self misperceptions; seeing past the divided, duality consciousness of good-and-evil to the state of our true Being as exemplified by Jesus: perfect, unconditional Love. The ego will tell us this is a broken, corrupt world and that we, individually, can do nothing about it. The ego is right in that, individually – separately – we are powerless to change it. But we are not separate, alone, powerless. This is nothing to do with joining at the level of the external world – like joining this or that political party, religion, protest group … all of which want to engage us in doing

This is about joining of minds committed to returning to the Light. The Light is nothing to do with the external world of time and place, and doing. This is about Being Who we really are, not role playing. That requires a transitional process because role playing is not Who we really are. This entails consciously choosing, and practising to be: forgiving, truly helpful and wholly harmless, unconditionally Loving – including toward those the world loves to hate. They, just like you and I, are role playing. That role, when we see it with Holy Spirit’s sight, is as our saviour. They are our saviour because they give us the perfect gift of opportunity to remember Who we really are. 

This we do by choosing to see past the game they (and we) are playing and not judging them (or ourself). When we are able to make that switch – from ego to Holy Spirit – perception, we are on the road to joining with Jesus in fulfilling our one purpose in this world: to save it, meaning undergo the spiritual Awakening, from the dream of death, of ourself along with all the rest of the fragmented Sonship. When Jesus had been travelling from Judea to Galilee, through Samaria, he rested by a well, while his disciples went into the nearby town to buy food. When they returned they urged him to eat. He replied:  

I have meat to eat that ye know not of. My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work. (John 4:32,34) 

Our purpose – our meat/sustenance – is identical to that of Jesus because we are One, co-equal with him as Papa’s Son. Until we choose to join with him, and do the will of Him Who sent him, and, in union with him finish His work, we will be searching in vain in the without for happiness and fulfilment of our heart and soul’s desire. Because happiness and fulfilment cannot be found externally we will be haunted by a sense of unfulfilment, and nothing we choose in its stead will provide more than a temporary sense of accomplishment. Then we will move on, driven by that inner hungering and thirsting, seeking but never finding in the without what will complete our inner peace and joy.  

All the while, Self observes, waiting with infinite patience for persona-self to choose anew and ‘Come up higher’ and open our mind to the certainty of Knowing Who we really are and why we are ‘here’. And all the while we believe we are too busy, poor, ill, unworthy … to come up higher – i.e. choose to be unconditionally Loving, caring, sharing, compassionate, forgiving, joining – that belief will be our awareness, our experience, because that remains our choice. Of course it is virtually impossible to express all those lofty, kingdomly attributes – in thought, word and/or deed – every moment, but this is of no consequence. All that is asked of us is that this be our choice, our desire, our intent.  

This will serve us and the entire Sonship very well because that opens the door for Holy Spirit-Self to input His Help, and do ‘the heavy lifting’ for us, so that our Kingdomward endeavours in this shadow world become increasingly effortless. We become astonished at how quickly, easily, refreshingly what we thought would be a major task simply falls into place, over and over again – more and more so as we adjust, delightedly, to this new, load-lightening experience. Defending our beleaguered ego-driven persona-self against our Holy Spirit-Self denies us this load-lightening experience, thereby maintaining enervation and countermanding our return to our One, whole, holy Being.  

By simply choosing the direction of our journey to be back toward the Light of Home restores, rejoins our soul and our mind into cohesive, harmonised, creative unity because their joined, unified wills are now One with Papa’s will. How can any strain, toil or weariness be involved when we remember that in Oneness there is no conflict, no division, no opposition? 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

Holy Communion October 1, 1995  

My beloved son, it is necessary for you, and for each of my little ones – all who would enter in at the Open Door – to learn of me, that you may come into the presence of our Heavenly Father and become One with Him.  

Beloved Jesus, I feel this is such a major time for our going forward into the Holy of Holies. It is not in the without, and we must each come to know that it is only within us that the Spirit of Truth, Our Heavenly Father and you live. This must be in the quietness of our own aloneness, wherein we can never be lonely. 

My beloved son, it is necessary for you, and for each of my little ones – all who would enter in at the Open Door – to learn of me, that you may come into the presence of our Heavenly Father and become One with Him. This you have been doing by your desire, your hungering and thirsting for the Love and Light and Truth of the Holy One. You have entered in and have supped with me and I with you, in the Upper Room, where I await all my beloveds, that we may have glorious fellowship and rejoice with overflowing hearts at the bounty that our Father has prepared for all who Love Him. 

It is necessary for each who would embark upon further service to be examined for their readiness – not for God to know, for He already Knows; but for each aspirant to know of himself that he is ready. The examination hall may seem a forbidding place, for it must be entered alone and empty-handed. But I bring you good news, my son: the Father is with you at every moment. And in what may seem your darkest hour He enfolds you to strengthen you. For it is His great desire that all who Love Him should enter into the Holy of Holies, the Holy Presence, and become, once more, His children, crowned with the jewelled crown of their own accomplishment. 

And so I say to you, my son, keep on in this way; be thou ever faithful in that in which I have led you, counselled you, guided and protected you. In your hour of aloneness I am with you, and all the Angels and Hosts of Heaven are with you. Persevere, that you may continue in this path, and that your heart’s desire may be fulfilled. I cannot reveal the answers during the self-examination, but glory and joy unbounded await you, and all who will to enter therein. Peace be with you, my son and my friend.

August 8, 2018 


We are now at the time of the great banquet to celebrate the marriage, the unification, of Heaven with Earth. This means that all who respond to the Call can and will be joined, become as One, with the Life of God in His Heaven.

~ Christ Server from the Realms of Light, March 4, 1990

Dear Friends, 

If an apple tree is left to grow without pruning the branches, year after year the fruit it bears diminish in size and become of less and less worth. Meanwhile, the less-and-less productive (fruit-bearing) branches, untended by a husbandman (grower), become wild and untamed. The energy, or life-force, of the tree, being diverted into/dissipated by the growing of those unproductive branches, means it can produce fewer new branches – with fruit-bearing potential. This is an analogy of what is happening with mankind – Papa’s One Son, who has chosen to place himself outside the care, nurturing, creative (‘fruit-engendering’) Love/Life-force of the Good Husbandman.  

This manifests itself in increasingly (spiritually) undisciplined, wild and untamed behaviour by the ‘branches’ – humanity – self-dissociated from their Source. It can be observed at every level of the hierarchical structure of global society, from so-called leaders who abuse their temporal power with unkingdomly behaviour, down through all layers to the lower socio-economic levels of virtually every nation and culture. This, to the degree now where pundits are increasingly suggesting humanity is on the road to oblivion, and taking the orchard – planet Earth and the other life forms that share it – with us.  

But the Good Husbandman (Papa), Who (allegorically) planted the orchard in order that it may bear much fruit for the Kingdom, has sent His trusted steward to establish a New Order of life-expression, that accords, harmonises, with the eternal Laws of Creation. In the Gospel records Jesus speaks in parables to this effect, using the analogy of a vineyard rather than an orchard. But the Principles of Life of the Father apply equally, perfectly, in any endeavour. If, when, we live by those Principles – Love, true helpfulness, total harmlessness, doing to others as we would be done by … we cannot but bear much fruit for the Kingdom. And since we are the Kingdom, we can but all be the beneficiaries. 

That trusted steward, the Anointed Messenger of the Holy One, came to restore us, in this New Order – the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth now emerging into the awareness of more and more of us, although It has always been present, in the midst, but beyond our self-veiled discernment – to One-Mindedness, and reunite that One Mind with our soul, so they can function in peace, harmony and balance, in complete accord with our Source. Will he succeed in his mission? In Jesus’ parable of the vineyard, the record (Mark ch. 12) states that the tenant husbandmen (secular and sectarian rulers and leaders in this shadow world) ‘…took him, and killed him, and cast him out of the vineyard.’  

What those leaders – ‘tenant husbandmen’ – did not understand two millennia ago is that Papa’s Son is immortal, eternal, unassailable, and the Messenger’s purpose did not come to an untimely, derailed, uncompleted end at his crucifixion, resurrection and ascension. That was ‘merely’ preparation for the next, final stage – the third measure of meal (see Matt. 13:33) – of that purpose. That is being outworked to fulfilment and completion right now, in our very midst, from the invisible, undetectable-to-bodily-senses and ego-devised intellect, or head-mind. From the within it is now manifesting into the without; the external world of form, time and place, to all who have eyes to see. 

During this, the early decades of the ascendancy, leavening, of the Kingdom Age into manifestation, present-day ‘tenant husbandmen’ – religious and political ‘leaders’ – pay shallow lip-service to the Anointed Messenger and his message: the Truth of eternity. The Truth of eternity is that we are One, aLive forever in perfect Love, Peace and Joy, endlessly creating by extending, expressing the Love, Peace and Joy that is the nature, the reality of Papa’s Undivided Son. This is the message Jesus came to bring, both in words and by demonstrating, living, exemplifying it. He said, “...if you live as I tell you to, ... you will Know the truth, and the truth will set you free. (John 8:31,32, The Living Bible).  

But if the leaders are not living – by their words and example – the Truth that will set them (and all of us) free, then it is inevitable that they (and we, along with them, by remaining in a dissociated-from-our-Source state of mind) will remain in bondage to guilt, fear, judgement, conflict and the ongoing accrual of karmic entanglements. This is always our free choice; that is what free will means, but we cannot make a meaningful choice – and implement, i.e., live it – alone and without Help. Separation includes separation from that Help. Asking for and accepting that Help rejoins us with the Helper, enabling us to move in the direction of living according to the guidance of that Help.  

This is inevitable because the answer to separation is joining, uniting, and the Helper whose Help we elect to ask for, accept, and thereby join, unite with, IS the Way, the Truth and the Life. Here is what he says about this in A Course in Miracles:  

Your mind and mine can unite in shining your ego away, releasing the strength [and Love, Peace and joy] of God into everything you think and will and do [effortlessly]. Do not settle for anything less than this, and refuse to accept anything but this as your goal. Watch your mind carefully for any beliefs that hinder its accomplishment, and step away from them. Judge how well you have done this by your own feelings, for this is the one right use of judgment. (From T-4.IV.8)  

When we do this we begin to realise – i.e., experience – that in Truth, in reality, there are no adversities; that all appearances of such to our awareness are guilt,-doubt,-unbelief-and-fear-distorted misperceptions of opportunity. The ego would say that is pushing the boat out too far; that adversities surround us just about every day; that they are external threats to our wellbeing, life, fortune, and we can only resist them, fight them or run from them. How would the ego know otherwise, since joining, uniting, defencelessness are not on its radar? We can be certain that the ego is wrong (as it is in everything) because our exemplar and Helper has overcome the ego-world. 

This means there is no ego in him; only the Unified Mind and Spirit of Christ, and he saw no adversity because his vision was single – not double – so he saw truly. What the world around him saw as adversity – such as the crucifixion – he saw as the perfect thing, delivered at the perfect moment, and he demonstrated that what appeared to the world around him as adversity he was easily, effortlessly able to re-interpret for all the world to see as Opportunity to Transform Adversity into Fulfilment. He teaches us in the Course that there is no order of difficulty in miracles, and by uniting our mind with his we are enabled to shine-away the ego and its defences against miracles. 

Also, in the Course, he tells us: 

The power to work miracles belongs to you. I will provide the opportunities to do them, but you must be ready and willing. Doing them will bring conviction in the ability, because conviction comes through accomplishment. (From T-1.III) 

The ego will use every trick in its book to persuade us not to believe, trust or try this, because when we do believe, trust and try it, experience it, live it, exemplify it – just like our exemplar, Jesus – the ego is gone from our split mind, meaning it is healed, rejoined with our soul and the ‘rest’ of the Sonship because we will have seen past the lie, the illusion of separation to the Truth of our Oneness, with Jesus, in Papa. This brings us to Life, enLivens us, resurrects us from the ‘dead’, Awakens us from the dream of ‘death’ to remembrance that we are like him.  

He said to John of Patmos, I am the first and the last: and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore. (Rev. 1:17-18). This is our reality also, to which we are now Awakening. If only we can believe.  

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

Holy Communion, February 25, 1996  

Nothing shall be held back from you, Beloved, or from any who unreservedly give themselves to Him who is the Commencement, the Route and the Destiny of all. Meanwhile, take one step, one day, one moment at a time. 

At the contemplation of Jesus’ words, “If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him (John 14:23), I said to Jesus, “How did you know all this 2000 years ago?” He replied, “Because I am the Messiah, the anointed messenger of the Holy One.”

“So, you really are Lord; I have not doubted this but somehow your speaking like this brings it home in a very palpable way.” 

Beloved, more palpable demonstrations are to come, that will leave you – and your fellows – in no doubt. This is in response to your desire for the Kingdom, for Truth. As your entire being becomes ever more attuned to the Father’s purposes in you, and all the Sonship, so shall you become harmonised with the Spirit of Truth. This is eternal reality. It is creative; it is power for accomplishing, for transforming. Only by aligning your Being with Truth can Truth be in you.  

Yes, it seems at once both profound and at the same time, simple. This is the Law of Life, the reality of God’s Way. It is all around you, within, for all to see. But only commitment to Truth can enable recognition of Truth. From the unbelieving, the proud and the scornful, Truth is self-hidden, even when they are confronted by it. First they must become as little children and accept the Fatherhood of God. Then shall He give them all that is rightfully theirs because they have become ready and willing to receive It. 

Nothing shall be held back from you, Beloved, or from any who unreservedly give themselves to Him who is the Commencement, the Route and the Destiny of all. Meanwhile, take one step, one day, one moment at a time. All is being provided for your well-being because of your faithfulness. Accept, with joyous gratitude, the good gifts of the Father. Freely has He given, freely receive, freely enjoy, freely share. Doubt not that all shall be fulfilled according to His Purpose and Love.

August 15, 2018 


Have no anxiety – banish it from your life by the certain Knowledge that God Loves you and desires for you the good gifts of His storehouse. He shall give them to all who are willing to receive. Be thou willing.

~ Christ Server from the Realms of Light, March 18, 1990

Dear Friends, 

External disciplining does not work because it is alien to Who, What and Where we really are. There is, in reality, nothing external, and all that appears in time and place as external – including discipline – is a reviewing of a moment of wondering what being separate from Papa would be like. That moment of wondering was over in the same instant it arose because separation from everything real is impossible. What it would be like, were it possible, is hell. To an objective, reasoning mind, the six o’clock news will confirm that that is where we seem to be. External disciplining of the fragmented Sonship, with rules, laws, and punishment for transgressors is now in inevitable, increasing disarray. 

This is coming to light as the Light of the Kingdom order of reality now shines into the darkness of this shadow world, exposing the unworkable nature of what is the opposite of (or seems to oppose) eternal reality. As the slumbering fragments begin to inwardly discern – as yet without understanding – that the old order of ‘crime and punishment’ only has any semblance of meaning to those who value it as such, so is it crumbling into chaos. The Earth-mind consciousness sees this as adversity of the worst order, but Awakening minds begin to recognise that it is opportunity to transform the old order into the real world order that works perfectly, harmoniously, without external discipline. 

It hardly needs saying (but repetition is as good a mnemonic as any J) that the real world is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, as perfectly, extensively and meaningfully expatiated by Jesus in A Course in Miracles. That Light shines into the minds of the ‘separated ones’, until we consciously welcome it; meanwhile, it remains in our unconscious mind – where the Holy Spirit keeps it safe for us. All the while we allow the ego primacy in our conscious mind, there it will remain, barring our awareness of, and thus, At-One-ment with the Light, the reality, of the eternal Truth of the Kingdom. That Truth is OUR Truth because it is universal, belonging to all, as Papa’s free gift to all.

Truth is of the Kingdom because only Truth is forever true, and the Truth is that Love, Light, Life are the very nature, the essence, of all Being. This includes us because there are, can be, no exclusions from all Being. That eternal, unchangeable, perfect state IS the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the nature of God and His Son. His Son, being created in the likeness of his Father Creator, has inviolable free will to create. Creating is his immutable, uninterruptible state, and continues – uninterrupted J – in reality, or Heaven. But having free will meant that an apparent lapse could seem to turn the Love, Light and Life of creation into the belief in and thus perception of fear, darkness and ‘death’. 

Let us consider what Jesus says about this in A Course in Miracles, T-5.II.4: 

You are the Kingdom of Heaven, but you have let the belief in darkness enter your mind, and so you need a new Light. The Holy Spirit is the radiance that you must let banish the idea of darkness. His is the glory before which dissociation falls away, and the Kingdom of Heaven breaks through into its own. [i.e., us, as the Light stirs us to remembrance of our true estate of reunion to Oneness.] 

This is exactly what is happening before our eyes – if, as, when we have eyes to see – and as we desire it and accept it as our reality, our Truth, so does it arise in our hearts also, from where we are inspired, encouraged, Helped to share it with all who are brought to us to receive the free gift of our sharing. And as we grow in this inner conviction, commitment and experience, so does the Light within us grow brighter, attracting more and yet more to receive our sharing. And their conviction, commitment and experience shall grow in like manner, for them to share onward, until all are of One Mind and One Heart. For sharing is the mechanism of our re-joining unto Oneness 

This all sounds too good to be true when we look around and see, with our body’s eyes, the world increasing daily in chaos and disarray. But we can choose anew – and now is the most auspicious time to make that choice. This is a swap from the dream of time and place perception to Awakening to eternal, single vision, freely and willingly – eagerly – shared with us by Jesus and the Holy Spirit. From that true, perfect, unchanging perspective, we immediately become aware that we have been – until now – viewing what seems to be occurring down on the battleground of time and place. But we are free, right now, to join with Jesus above the battleground, and see differently.  

Here, in Jesus’ own words from the Course, is his explanation of the difference – the diametric opposite – between what our double, momentary, dream-induced (bodily) vision shows us, and what the single eye that he yearns for us to accept, if only we are willing to join with him, enables us to see, from his vantage point above the illusory, nightmare battleground: the Truth, so that we can live it and, like him, be set free of guilt, fear and ‘death’:  

The tiny instant you [under ego-persuasion] would keep and make eternal, passed away in Heaven too soon for anything to notice it had come. What disappeared too quickly to affect the simple Knowledge of the Son of God can hardly still be there, for you to choose to be your teacher. Only in the past – an ancient past, too short to make a world in answer to creation – did this world appear to rise. So very long ago, for such a tiny interval of time, that not one note in Heaven's song was missed. Yet in each unforgiving act or thought, in every judgment and in all belief in sin, is that one instant still called back, as if it could be made again in time. You keep an ancient memory before your eyes. And he who lives in memories alone is unaware of where he [NOW, eternally, forever] is. (T-26.V.5)  

We are free to continue down on the battleground for as long as we so choose, but it is well worth remembering that it exists only in our mind. Therefore, it is impossible to heal the world ‘out there’ because it is not out there at all, other than by projection from a sick, split, upside-down, misbelieving, and therefore misperceiving, mind. Heal the mind – the cause, the source of the dream battleground – and the effect is gone. Looking for healing of the sick mind where it cannot be found externally will never produce the desired effect, and will continue to appear to necessitate external discipline. That may seem like freedom to an unbelieving mind, but instead it is self-imprisonment. 

That imprisonment is a life-sentence, and will continue with further life sentences without a change of mind from choosing darkness to choosing Light. A mind that is at-One with the One Mind is at peace, eliminating need for external discipline. How do we heal the separated mind? Simply by joining with the One Mind. Without willingness to truly forgive all illusions – of judgement, grievance, conflict … – and ASKing for Help, by surrendering the ego-leasehold on our life into the Care, Guidance and Protection of you-know-Who, further tickets to ride the carousel of birth and death will continue to be issued by the mythical ego, and One-Mindedness will continue to appear beyond us. 

Only internal (Self) discipline, motivated by desire for and commitment to Love, Light, Life and Truth can restore us to inner peace and joy. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant

 P.M. November 3, 2012 

By giving, so do you receive, like for like, yet increased by the giving, for giving is your will, and is like your Father’s, the very nature of which is to increase. Have no thought for the how, the where or the when.

 Having been contemplating, amongst other things, brothers deep in the illusion of hell, death and destruction, due to misperceptions of reality, and wondering just how much our Praying (for), Committing (into the care of Jesus/Holy Spirit), and Blessing (our brethren and/or ourself) can help them, Holy Spirit cut across my consciousness ...  

… Bless your brother and I will deliver your blessing to him. It matters not who or where he appears to be, or what he appears to have thought, said or done, or believes is happening to him. Neither does it matter whether you see the effect of your blessing. Of one thing only need you concern yourself, and of which you can Know and be certain: your blessing, when it comes from your heart, will reach him and will benefit him. 

And, when you see him as your brother, you and he, who are, in Truth, of One Mind and One Life, your blessing benefits you equally, also. This is the Law of Papa and it is indeed wondrous to behold. Is that not adequate cause for your blessing to be sincere, frequent and universal? In Truth he is your brother even when you do not see him so. By such self-imposed blindness you needlessly deprive yourself of the joy of brotherhood. Hasten, therefore, to forgive illusions of brokenness, that you may be restored to joy without delay. 

By giving, so do you receive, like for like, yet increased by the giving, for giving is your will, and is like your Father’s, the very nature of which is to increase. Have no thought for the how, the where or the when. All is within My care and My power to accomplish your good will; for your good will is Papa’s good Will. 

And of evil? Yes, eschew it, for it is not of you. It is a shadow of darkness, so is not real, however much it may appear so to perception – a shabby, astigmatic substitute for true vision. How can it be real when only Truth, which is Love, is real? Let the Light of that Truth shine through the veil of evil, which is but misperception, and show you how transient it is, and is gone forever when the changeless reality of Light, Love and blessing illumines your mind. 

Do not let the dream of evil distress you, for that would give it reality in your mind. Merely Pray (for), Commit (into the care of Jesus/Me), and Bless (your brethren and/or yourself) and forgive all, including yourself, for momentarily allowing the dream to enter your mind. All really IS well.

August 22, 2018 

Let your heart and mind be ever open to God’s Kingdom of Love, Light and joy, for this is your true abode. From it shall arise within you inner strength, wisdom, inspiration, upliftment, peace and the fulfilment of your heart’s desire. It is there for you and for all who will receive of it.

~ Jesus, May 6, 1990

Dear Friends, 

When all is complete, whole, perfect, then there is nothing to do, so we can be still, and Know that we are One in God. This stillness is not of bodies, but of mind, and that stillness is within. It makes no difference with what the body is outwardly engaged. The extreme example of that – to show us that stillness within is entirely possible regardless of outer circumstances or events – was Jesus being nailed to the cross. This demonstrates the complete contrast between the certainty of Knowing who, or what, we really are and what we mistakenly believe we are. What we really are is the One, innocent Son of God. That means we are not guilty and therefore do not deserve punishment.  

Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles that the innocent do not experience pain or suffering, because innocence gives no cause for pain or suffering, and without cause there can be no effect. He Knew this, of a certainty beyond all doubt, so it was not possible for him to experience pain from that – or any – event. He was in a state of undisturbable inner peace, and that is the only state of mind in which stillness can be experienced. Hence, when he calmed – stilled – the tempest on the Sea of Galilee (Mark 4:39) the words he uttered to it were, “Peace, be still”. In these spoken words he was extending the inner peace and stillness of his own, whole Mind onto the external weather condition. 

If that had not been the state of his own Mind and inner Being he certainly would not have been able to extend it, since it is not possible to extend, share, give, project what we do not have. That explains why most of the rest of the fragmented Sonship is unable to bring calm to the global weather and the factors that affect it. On the contrary, it is the turmoil, the unLoving, disjointed, warring energy emanating from our split, separated, conflicted, minds that IS affecting – causing – the external chaos of the weather and general lack of stillness that manifests in other global calamities, because the external world is a projection of our own mental turmoil and fear.  

It is worth noting that activity is the reversal of stillness. Turmoil arises in our mind, or the mind of others directed at us. Jesus was not the cause of the turmoil that led to his arrest and crucifixion. It was the fear in the minds of those who saw his Love, peace, healing grace – all radiating from the stillness, the peace of his healed, whole, holy Mind – as a threat to their unkingdomly, egoic agendas. Fear itself engenders a conflicted state – paralysis and turmoil – simultaneously. Paralysis and turmoil are, one might think, mutually exclusive, in that they have opposite meanings. That indicates the degree – absolute – of disunity, tumult, strife in separated, dissociated minds. 

Stillness is the same as Oneness. How, then, can the opposite of Oneness – separation – not mean clamour, uproar, disturbance, in ego-yoked human consciousness, where it originates, from where it extends outward, affecting all within its sphere of projection. Is it any wonder that wild animals run away when most humans approach, their minds so chaotic and disarrayed – so alien to animal consciousness – are the energies emanating from them? Inner peace, it hardly needs saying, comes from within, so seeking it externally is a fruitless endeavour. Without inner peace we cannot Know our Self, and until we Know our Self we cannot Know – meaning Be at-One within – Papa. 

Stillness is the very state of the Creator, Heaven, eternity, reality. This can only mean that creating is not about doing but about Being; Being what, in Truth, the nature of Oneness is: still. Creating, then, can only be by allowing Love to extend, increase, Be-come (or, come-to-Be) more. Time and place, in complete contrast, is an egoic inveiglement to doing, almost without let-up. So it requires great desire, commitment, focus, intent to simply Be inwardly still. In A Course in Miracles Jesus quotes our beloved brother, King David, from Psalm 46, saying: 

If you speak from spirit you have chosen to “Be still and know that I Am God.” These words are inspired because they reflect knowledge. ( 

There are many who would say it is blasphemy to claim to Be God, and it is that perception that determined the religious authorities in Jerusalem to persuade Pilate to have Jesus killed. Subsequently, orthodox Christianity accepted that Jesus and God are One, but is adamant that the rest of us – his brothers in the Sonship – are not One in God, but instead, are fallen from His Grace: sinners, unworthy of His Love. Such a perception is based on mistaking a dream, a momentary fantasy, for reality. But reality is only of eternity, and the dream of separation is only of time and place. Outside the dream there is no time and place, and we all are aware that dreams are not real. 

‘Sin’ is, therefore, an illusion, a dream, having no reality in God’s Creation. This affirms the discernment that for God there is no sin, so sin cannot be real, since only that which is of God and His Creation can be real. The central, foundational thought/belief/doctrine of institutionalised Christianity states that Jesus was a required-by-God blood sacrifice, and that he died on the cross to save us from His wrath, punishment and damnation to the fires of hell … unless we confess our sins, thereby giving reality to our dream of sinfulness. Confusing, isn’t it! J Yet Jesus assures us in the Course that the Truth – that is and can only be from God – is simple, uncomplicated, easy to comprehend. 

Also in the Course, he tells us:  

If the center of the thought [or, belief] system is true, only truth extends from it. But if a lie is at its center, only deception proceeds from it.(T-6.V.B.1:10-11) 

The intent of the ego is to complicate, deceive, mislead … in a word: lie. Truth induces peace. Lies induce discomfort, confusion, unsettlement. How can being repeatedly told, from one embodiment to the next, that we are sinners, unworthy of God’s Love, cause other than fear, unsettlement, distrust of His anointed messenger – even when he is recorded as saying: …if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world. (John 12:47). Assuredly, saving cannot be by judging but by not judging. This, Jesus emphasises relentlessly in the Course, exhorting us to cease judgement in order to Awaken from the dream of ‘death’. 

For only we judge ourself – and our brothers – never God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit.   

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant

May 15, 1996 

In My garden of delight is joy and peace and fulfilment. Open your arms to receive of My bounty, and in this act shall fall away that which is not of the eternal. It shall become as nothing, and you shall rejoice in its absence. 

Papa speaks: 

I say to all who are willing: You have inclined your heart to Me; now incline your ear that I may speak and you may hear the Word of your Loving Father. I shall visit you wherever you may be; await your Lord, that when He comes, He shall find you ready. 

When you are ready I will bring upon you the Spirit of Truth and He shall enable your understanding of Truth, so that you may live it and be free. Because you have been faithful in a few things I shall make Known to you all things. Have no fear or anxiety over any details. It is My desire for all to walk in peace and joy with Me in My garden of plenty; that all shall desire that which is My desire.  

Entrust all matters into My care and make Me the focal point of your lives in every respect. Only then can all things be fulfilled that I have purposed in you. By this means, when adversity arises, it shall not find you, for it cannot enter the Most Holy Place.  

By your one-pointed faithfulness and complete commitment shall a vessel be forged worthy of the New Wine that I shall pour out in you for sharing with all I shall bring to you, hungering and thirsting. Let your sight, your desire be focused upon that. Leave all else to Me, and have no fear. Fear is for the ungodly; in My garden of delight is joy and peace and fulfilment.  

Open your arms to receive of My bounty, and in this act shall fall away that which is not of the eternal. It shall become as nothing, and you shall exult in its absence. Go forward rejoicing, dancing, singing joyfully of all that awaits those who Love Me and would come unto Me without fear.

August 29, 2018


Peace is Oneness with the Love of God. It is reached by letting go, by opening your heart to our Father, by accepting that it is He Who will accomplish for you, rather than you for Him; your going forward to the stature of perfection. It is His Great Plan for all mankind. It is infallible and unstoppable.

~ Holy Communion, May 13, 1990

Dear Friends, 

The real world – the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth – is here, in the very midst of us, right now, as it has always been, and is available to our awareness, our experience merely by choosing for it to be. The reason it does not appear to the awareness of the vast mass of humanity is that it is not their choice. Why is it not their choice? There are two reasons. One is that neither church nor state has told them. Instead the church promulgates the story that this world is a dark, dangerous, conflicted, fallen-from-grace, sinful place; that the Kingdom of Heaven is available to us only after we have ‘died’ – if we have complied with false doctrines about sacrifice, repentance, penance … 

Those doctrines are ego-devised to keep all who believe them and endeavour to follow them in the illusory, dream world of guilt and fear. Meanwhile, the state tells us that it is doing its best to ‘fight’ malfeasance and make this world a better place to live. Neither story is going to actually help the bewildered Sonship to understand the Truth that will enable it to consciously choose the real world as its experience. The second reason is an effect of the first: unbelief. Unbelief is the result of a closed-off mind. The Mind of Papa’s Son, in Its unified, whole, unchangeable state, is not closed off, but in its dream state is confused and doesn’t know what to believe, having forgotten the Truth. 

That confused mind, in its seemingly-fragmented state, has been duped so many times, with so many conflicting stories, promising Utopia, it has no idea what to believe, so closes itself, fearful of being led further astray. But it is not just words that can either lead us further astray – deeper into outer darkness – or back toward the Light. It is the energy radiating from a brother who indicates a willingness to be wholly harmless and truly helpful. Does something deep within us resonate with their sincerity? Words are merely symbols, representing the intent they outwardly portray. They can represent a situation or event in a way that can cause us doubt and fear, or induce peace and joy. 

For example, the ego wants us to perceive the crucifixion of Jesus as a sacrifice, to propitiate for our sins. That, to maintain our sense of guilt, fear, unworthiness … and will use words, symbols, to portray that intent – often using messengers to deliver that perception with great sincerity, belief and commitment. Nevertheless, it has a dark, negative energy, devised to engender feelings of guilt and fear – even though it may offer a promise of salvation and paradise … in the future. This is a characteristic ego-lure. On the other hand, Jesus tells us there is no future (or past) – only the eternal moment, the holy instant of NOW, and that Heaven, eternity, is Now, and nowhere else.

Of course, there is no-where else and there is no-thing else. A mind that chooses to remain closed off to this, unbelieving, denies itself the experience of it. But it does become our Truth, our experience if, when, we are willing to accept that Now is forever in the present moment. All that is required of us is to open our mind to willingness to believe, and thus receive, it … until it has become our complete experience, our reality. For that to occur does not mean the external, projected, dream world of conflict will disappear from our perception immediately, but its disappearance progresses another step, and another … by our acceptance of, our unequivocal desire for the real world.  

As we begin to inwardly resonate more and more with the idea of the real world so does our commitment to living in accord, harmony, resonance, at-One-ment with it grow ever stronger, more focused, more purposeful. Thus does it become, commensurately, our inner perception, inevitably leading to our experience. This can only mean that the holy instant – and the real world that emerges from our choice for it – is a state of mind, and nothing to do with the external world fantasy that is merely a projection from a guilty, fearful, conflicted, confused mind. Repudiate our belief in guilt, fear, pain and suffering, and we cease projecting it and perceiving it as reality. 

It is – or seems to be – a big step from confusion, unwillingness to believe what seems only a pipe-dream of peace, harmony and balance to actually beginning to experience it as our reality. This is where our elder brother, Jesus, comes to our rescue. He demonstrated its reality – and the all-empowerment-by-Love for healing miracles – in his earthly appearance, and he assures us that all that he did we can, and will, do also … if only we can believe. Yet there are conflicting stories about him, causing confusion, doubt, unbelief, guilt, fear – and, understandably, rejection of him. Here is an example of how any given event can be perceived as having one meaning … or another: 

As stated above, the ego wants us to perceive Jesus’ crucifixion as a sacrifice to avert God’s wrath for our sins … a powerfully negative cause for us to feel guilt, etc. What, then do Jesus and the Holy Spirit say about the event we have been taught to perceive as sacrifice? They say there is no such thing as sacrifice in the real world, and the real world is a reflection of eternal Truth. When we allow the Light of eternal Truth, as brought to us by Them, to shine in our mind we are enabled to discern that the crucifixion was not intended as a sacrifice for our sins, but as a gift, to show us that – in unison with the resurrection – we, like him, are not a mortal body but eternal, unassailable spirit. 

That it was a free gift of Love for and devotion to us all, and not a sacrifice, is incontrovertible – except to a dissociated mind that is closed off, unwilling to believe, and thus, experience it. Regardless of the state of our misperceiving mind, joy, peace and Love is the uninterruptible, unchangeable experience of our soul, or spirit. The Great Rescue Programme is about healing and re-uniting our split, disunited, self-darkened mind with our soul. That reuniting cannot take place while one aspect of the union is Light and the other dark. The soul cannot snuff out its Light but the self-darkened mind can be re-kindled to the Light that it actually is, simply by so choosing.

There is nothing to prevent that choosing save our own unbelief. A change of mind will effect the reunion of Mind and Spirit: Universal, Unified Mind-and-Spirit; Our Son-of-God-Self, or Christ.  

Brian Longhurst 

Diary of a Christ Communicant

June15, 1997 

That which you do in my name, freely, lovingly, willingly, caringly, devotedly is transforming the lives of my little ones not only by my blood* – my life – but by your blood, your lives, also. 

Preparatory to the consecration of the wine, I saw Jesus on the cross; just his feet – I don’t believe I could have borne the whole scene. As I poured the water into the chalice a single drop of his precious blood fell into the cup and transformed the water into the New Wine of the Kingdom.  

Beloved, I have shown you this image that you also may understand that all this which you have freely received cannot be separated from me and my mission; that it is all part of my mission. 

That which you do in my name, freely, lovingly, willingly, caringly, devotedly is transforming the lives of my little ones not only by my blood* – my life – but by your blood, your lives, also. For in the offering, you yourselves imbibe of me, my Living Word and my Love, which IS my Life, and this is mingled within you, and you then offer Love and blessings to all who will to receive of them, in my name. 

It is therefore of great importance that you do this wholly within me, within my protection, care and life-giving energy – flowing from the Good-Husbandman-tended vine – for without remaining connected to the vine your own life forces would very quickly dry up, be exhausted and wither, shrivelling into dry, dead wood. You have seen and heard of this many times with psychic operators who are not functioning from within my authority. This is so even of those with goodwill and benign intent, if they are not under holy protection and the upwelling of the Spring of the Waters of Life, which comes only from Papa, via me, the true vine. 

And so, I emphasise again, as you go forward in that which is purposed in you, all that you do, do in my name; be thou faithful unto this Sanctuary of my Living Word, whence flow the never-ending Waters of Life. Into this do I freely give my blood* – my life –  that it may become the New Wine of the Eternal Kingdom, for the joy, upliftment and fulfilment of all who will to drink of it. Peace be with you; all is well.  

* ‘Blood’ is the Greek word for life. 

Thank you for your precious Love and Living Word, beloved Lord Jesus. 

Also, during the Service, we saw a man moving about amongst the multitudes of people in the etheric realms who were coming to see what was going on, responding to our invitation for all who will to join our devotional Service of Mystical Communion with Christ. We had seen these crowds for months and they seemed to be outside a barrier of some kind, like a fence. 

There appeared to be a ‘turnstile’ or some other, similar way in, through which only one person at a time could pass. He seemed to be repeating to the crowd the words from the Service as they were spoken. I picked up the word ‘orderliness’, and felt it was this man explaining to the crowds that in order to pass through the ‘turnstile’ and enter the more refined atmosphere generated by the exalting vibrations of the devotional Service, they had to understand the need to abandon the unruly, disorderly energy of the crowd and become inwardly focused in their attitude and demeanour. He appeared to be acting as a kind of ‘gate-keeper’. 

I had seen, several weeks running, people who had entered in walking past in single file and looking toward our devotions, in a quiet and reverential/contemplative manner, as one might expect in a cathedral service or such-like, to take up their place in the proceedings. They were people of all ages and realms, including from what I felt were Biblical times.

September 5, 2018 

By countless centuries of mans ignorance, self-will, and the infancy of his soul awareness of Gods Love for him, many are trapped and languish on the karmic treadmill of Earth-mind sorrows. It is the Love of God that shall set such little ones free. But they must be willing to receive His Love.

~ Jesus, June 10, 1990

Dear Friends, 

There is no limit to the ways in which the undoing of our misperceptions will occur, under the control of Jesus/Holy Spirit, because the only limits are those we have applied to ourself. But whatever mechanism is employed by Them to restore our memory to Truth, it will always be sudden, gentle, joyful and perfectly Loving. This is because all mechanisms They utilise are applications of the Principles of Life of the Father. And, once we have recovered our equilibrium from the astonishment of the darkness being shone from our mind in an instant by the Light of Spiritual Discernment arising there, we will see, as we were unable to see in the darkness of our previously unilluminated mind. 

This will not be a complete Awakening in an instant of what we perceive as linear time. It is too great a step for an already bewildered mind, so in Their wisdom they shine the Light in the parts of our mind that They Know are ready to become enLightened; to have what we had previously hidden from ourself revealed. In that moment, suddenly, we see, Know what we never saw before. That will take us one more step on the journey Home, inducing a state of eagerness for further remembrances to be restored. Here is where the difference between eagerness and impatience is important to recognise. Eagerness is kingdomly. Jesus is eager for our Awakening, but he is not impatient for it. 

Eagerness is a positive vibration and is therefore an indicator of our true nature as Papa’s Son. Can we imagine Jesus not being eager for the Truth to arise in the stupefied minds of his slumbering, beloved brothers? He is eager to Help us – but only in response to our readiness, so that balance in, and equality of our relationship with him is maintained. Imbalance and inequality have no place in the Kingdom. One might use the term ‘supply and demand’ in this context. When demand is equal to supply then they are in balance. When demand is greater than supply, then they are out of balance. When there is unbalance there will be a stumble and that will require time to be corrected.  

Supply – of Light, wisdom, Love, understanding, patience, compassion … – will never be short; nor will it be overabundant for any moment, event, circumstance that may arise on our journey. That is because, when we have placed our life within his Care, Guidance and Protection, the pace of the journey is always measured by him, with his infinite patience and wisdom. We may be impatient to progress faster because the ego – which still has us within its reach until our journey is fully completed – is aware that impatience is a condition in which it can trip us. However, Jesus Knows this, and such trips fall within his care for us … it means a good lesson can be learnt from it. 

A lesson that will help us remember eagerness is good, but impatience, even though negative, egoic, can still be reinterpreted, corrected in the right Hands – if, when, we are willing to surrender our errors and misperceptions into those Hands. So we need have no guilt or fear of judgement over our impatience and the stumbles it may deliver to us, because Jesus (and/or the Holy Spirit) is always there to restore our balance, redirect our energy and the course of our journey toward fulfilment of our birth vision for the Kingdom, including our own integral place and part in It. How, then, is it possible for remembrances of spiritual, eternal reality to be restored to our awareness suddenly

This is because Truth, eternal reality has always been there with us. How could Truth – eternal, unchangeable reality – disappear? If we place an apple on the table in front of us and then put a sack over our head we will not be able to see it. Has the apple ceased to exist or still be right in front of us? When we decide it is time to remove the sack, because we have had enough of sitting in the dark, and the self-imposed unawareness of what is before us and around us, suddenly, the apple is in our awareness again. It did not take time to be there again; it was always there. So is eternal Truth – which is Love, Light, Life, peace, joy, empowerment without limit – forever with us.  

Absurdly, we have had the self-placed sack over our head for such a long ‘time’ that we have forgotten it is even there! We are so inured to the darkness, the lack of vision, that we have come to believe that is all there is. Amongst us, also apparently with sacks over their heads, and therefore equally self-blinded to Truth and all Its attendant qualities (Love, Light, Life, peace, joy without limit, let us remember) are those who have assumed leadership over us, claiming to have answers to all our needs, problems, guilt, fears … When Jesus’ disciples told him the religious authorities of the day were offended by his teaching – and that this was a potential danger to his safety – he said: 

Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. (Matt. 15:14) 

Happily, he and the Holy Spirit will not lead us into the ditch, since They are not blind. This is because They are functioning from beyond ‘Sackville’, in eternity, where all is Known, and they are with us – all of us, right here, right now, without exception – to help remove the sack from our head. The ego will interrupt this by suggesting to our confused mind: ‘How can They be in eternity and here in time and place? Impossible! No-one can be in time and eternity. That’s why the suggestion They can help us is ridiculous; God has placed a veil between time and eternity that none can cross, not even God Himself, because He is in eternity, so cannot help us, stuck here in time.’ 

This is an exact reversal of actuality. It was the momentary idea of Papa’s Son for separation that placed what is nothing more than an imaginary, illusory ‘veil’ (aka, a sack over our head) between us and eternity. And that, being an illusion, has no reality for Papa, or Jesus or the Holy Spirit. They see us, Know us exactly as we ARE in reality. Only we, in our confusion, perceive ourself as less. As we begin to stir from our slumbers – because the Light of Love shines so brightly for us – They simply draw back the veil/lift the sack of forgetfulness when They Know we are ready for the next gem of reality to be restored to our awareness. 

This process is beyond words as we interpret them in our somnolent state. The nearest we can come to understanding this is with the term ‘the Living Word’. But that falls short of the mark because the Living Word is, in essence, not actually words at all, since words are merely symbols, representing something beyond temporal discernment. Nearer to reality is that what we define as the Living Word is the Love, Life, Light and Truth of all Being, Whose Source is the Creator Spirit. In our dense, smothered state of mind we have no awareness of that essence, so it has to be brought down to the level at which we are conscious and at which we express from our dissociated-from-reality mind. 

Of necessity, this manifests as words – spoken or written. That is the level to which we have descended.  When we choose to raise the focus of our mind to a level beyond the mundane, such as by the mindful, sincerely-seeking study and understanding of words that express wisdom, Truth, Love – perfectly exemplified in A Course in Miracles – they come aLive in our heart-mind, and literally enLiven us. Thus do they become the Living Word, or the Word of Life. Until that transformative moment, in our own within, they are just ink on a page, or utterances from a mouth, that speak only to our head-mind, or intellect, not to our heart-mind. 

Shared here are two short quotes from the Course to help illustrate – in words J – that reality is actually far beyond words: 

Truth is God’s Will. Share His Will and you share what He knows. Deny His Will as yours, and you are denying His Kingdom and yours. (T-7.X.2:5-7). 

When you give up peace [inner peace; the peace of God, which is far beyond head-mind understanding], you are excluding yourself from it. This is a condition so alien to the Kingdom that you cannot understand the state that prevails within it. (T-8.I.3:7). 

No words are needed to express the Love, Life, Light and Truth of all Being in the Heaven that is eternity, and in actuality they are not needed in time, either. We simply allow what we really are to radiate from us, without speaking a word. Only when a brother recognises this radiance, and – lacking awareness of it in himself – asks us about it do we respond with words because his limited understanding requires words, symbols, parables, to help restore him to remembrance of his Self. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant

June 22, 1997 

I will put my Love and my spirit upon each one who truly desires, and will seat such at my banquet table and serve him with the New Wine of the Kingdom, which I long to drink with all, and my sweetmeats of the joy of eternal Life, which it is my good pleasure to place before them. 

 At the Holy Invitation, ‘...whosoever will, let him take of the waters of life, freely’, I became aware of the man seen last week walking among the crowds pressing to enter in through the turnstile. He had been telling them of the need for orderliness and to attune with the aura of peace and tranquillity of the Sanctuary, to enable entry. This time there was a steady flow of incomers, walking past, respectfully taking in the exalted conditions created by the devotions of the Communion Service ....  

Suddenly I ‘knew’ that this man, operating the turnstile, was/is John the Baptist and the turnstile/fence is symbolic of the river Jordan, whereby all who seek entry into the presence of the Lord, into ‘the Promised Land’ and to ascend the Hill of the Lord, need to cross over the Jordan from east to west, and as they cross, to be ‘baptised’ freely with the ‘waters of life’. Immediately the Teacher said, ‘We go forward.’  

The sudden ‘knowing’ who this was – John the Baptist, or ‘JB’ – was not a thought process; it was suddenly, instantaneously there and it wasn’t a case of, ‘I wonder if he might be JB?’ I knew it was him, in my heart, my soul and then (after I knew it was him) the rest all just fell immediately into place, about the turnstile/fence being symbolic of the Jordan and that passing through under his instruction/scrutiny betokened baptising. And the wonderful thing is that we have such easy, relaxed, natural fellowship with him. He is so friendly – as though we had known him ‘forever’. We seem to all be part of the ‘Team’ together and each with our part in the Great Rescue Programme, agreed between us ‘aforetime’. 

Beloved Lord, I Love you, rejoice in you and all the wonders of your leading. I feel as if we are truly beginning to become harmonised with this, your new phase of operations in the leavening of the third measure of meal. 

My beloved son, there is healing, there is wholeness, there is restoration in forgiveness and absolution, for these processes are the steps to redemption – being brought freely back to Papa; into his holy, perfect Presence, One with/in Him, released from the yoke and burdens of subjugation to the oppression of the enemy of Truth. This is Papa’s desire for you, my beloveds, as it is for all who will to enter in and take of the waters of life.   

I will then put my Love and my spirit upon each one who truly desires, and he shall become the re-creation that awaits all who will receive of me. And I will seat such at my banquet table and serve him with the New Wine of the Kingdom, which I long to drink with all, and my sweetmeats of the joy of eternal Life, which it is my good pleasure to place before them. 

And the rejoicing shall be from the very heights of Heaven extending into the darkest corners of Earth. So be it, my son; all is already accomplished. Go, spread my goodwill among all your fellows. I am with you always in every aspect of your every endeavour in my name.

September 26, 2018 

Focus your lives and awareness on my peace, and let it envelop you from your own within. Have no concern for the fluctuations of energies and conditions at the horizontal axis of activity in the affairs of Earth-mind man.

~ Jesus, July 15, 1990 

Dear Friends, 

In 1965 I was brought into contact with Olga Park, who, from day one, became my spiritual mentor. This was a re-connecting, planned and agreed before both of us incarnated, although only decades later did that become clear to me. This is not exceptional; the pre-embodiment planning of re-connecting between souls is commonplace, though few are consciously aware of it being so. Olga had experienced many manifestations of the living Jesus and others from the Realms of Light, all of whom were committed to Jesus and his Great Rescue Programme for the Awakening of the spiritually-slumbering Sonship, dreaming of separation. I had never heard anyone speak of him as she did.  

Her sharing reached deep, deep, deep into my heart and mind and I wanted to experience his livingness and personal, one-on-one contact and fellowship with him, just as she clearly did. She guided me with much wise counsel of the reality of Eternity and our ability to attune with It. This, she said, was possible by committing our life into his Care, Guidance and Protection; that he would respond to our act of devoted commitment to him reciprocally. Our absolute commitment to following him enabled his corresponding commitment to leading us, and that his God-empowerment to provide that Care, Guidance and Protection was, by that mutuality, reciprocal. He would never fail us.  

It has to be mutual because we have God-given free will. If we choose to engage with other seeming teachers/leaders, Jesus will not stop us, but he will always wait, with infinite patience, until we choose to return to following his lead. Olga told me there are untold other self-styled ‘gurus’ and spiritual teachers, but none is fully God-empowered if they are not leading and teaching as Jesus leads and teaches. For this reason, Olga counselled me repeatedly not to allow myself to become distracted from my focus upon, commitment to, him. This was the soundest advice I have ever received, and has served me inestimably well. It will serve any and all who so choose equally well. 

This commitment to following his lead is on a vertical axis of focus, meaning that we direct our thoughts and desires from our time-and-place-conscious mind vertically, or spiritually, upward to him. This is called communion and comes from our heart-mind, not our head-mind, because it is desire-centred, not intellect-centred. When our desire for communion with him is sincere, and conducted with spiritual humility, it can be referred to as Holy Communion. He will receive all such attempts at communing with him because of the sincerity of our heart’s desire, and he will always respond with Love, gentleness, wisdom, Truth, compassion, caring … beyond this world’s grasp.  

This world’s grasp is restricted to the horizontal axis of awareness, encompassing solely that which is of time and place. This puts all that is eternal and unchangeable beyond intellectual comprehension or resonance. But Jesus Knows our heart’s desire completely – far beyond our own conscious perception – and it is to our heart’s desire for Awakening to spiritual Truth, the Truth of eternity, that he responds. This is mind-to-Mind communing and it is a sacred, holy experience because it alters the focus of our mind from the horizontal to the vertical axis, by our heart-centred desire. In summary: our heart’s desire, willingness to believe, and spiritual humility will effect our Awakening.  

It was to the earnestness of my heart’s desire that he responded by appearing in his glory in January 1967, overwhelming me with the majesty, the Power, of his Love – for me and for all mankind. Looking into his eyes was looking into eternity. He spoke the words he had spoken to John of Patmos in the long ago: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in to him and with sup with him and he with me.” (Rev. 3:20). When I shared this experience with Olga she told me that this same John had, many decades earlier, taken her out of the body to the Realms of Light and instructed her in a devotional Service of Mystical Communion of (or with) Christ

There is no-one to whom this Holy Communion with the Christ Mind, via our elder brother, Jesus – who is fully Identified with Papa and His One Son, Christ – is denied by God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. Only we can deny ourself by the illusion of guilt and fear suppressing our heart’s desire, willingness to believe, and spiritual humility. That guilt and fear manifests itself in our head-mind as unbelief, and often, also, as a little-self-assured, ego-induced cover of arrogance. Yet it is the destiny of us all to be rescued from fear and restored to Love, and the remembrance of our eternal Oneness of Mind and Spirit, with Jesus, in Him.  

The central purpose and objective of the ritual in which the Teacher (i.e., John of Patmos, the author of the fourth Gospel and the book of Revelation) instructed Olga was that it was to be an exercise in unifying the focus of the heart and mind of the communicant in an act of attunement – i.e., communion – with the Christ Mind and Spirit, as manifested in the living Jesus. The devotional ritual was designed to enable the communicant to gradually ascend to a place of refined, uplifted resonance of heart, mind and soul, and then to enter into a period of silent, two-way commun(icat)ion with the heart and mind of Jesus, who would be present, in the midst, with the communicant. 

This is to develop the faculty – dormant in those who have become so engaged in the ‘sojourning in time’ part of their mind that their physical and spiritual awareness are not in balance with each other – of entering into the inwardly (i.e., vertical-axis) focused part of their mind, where they will have awareness of and fellowship with Jesus, the Anointed Messenger of the Holy One. This will bring alignment with, illumination by and empowerment from the eternal realities, of which Jesus is Master, for the uplifting of all who truly seek after God and earnestly desire the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth: a forgiven world of universal peace, joy and unconditional Love. 

The communicant can speak with Jesus silently in their mind and have pen and paper ready for writing his response, which comes into their mind as objectively spoken words; a form of communication described by Olga as the silent voice, and which I have latterly come to term mind-to-Mind communing. 

The original words and order of procedure of this devotional Christ Communion Service given by the Teacher to Olga during the early 20th century were received by her at the level she was then capable of receiving. As her understanding of mystical reality grew, Olga was inwardly prompted to adjust them, a bit here, a bit there. It was somewhat like an artist who completes a painting but subsequently feels a touch here and a dab there might further enhance its aesthetic value. Understanding of eternal reality continues to unfold in the conscious awareness of each of us as our spiritual journey back toward the Light progresses.  

This has been the case with Theresa and me, so I asked Jesus, the Teacher and Olga for their response to the idea that after many decades, the Communion devotions practise, and the instructions for its performance so faithfully and diligently set forth by Olga more than half a century ago, could, would, benefit from some adjustments. The expanding Light of Spiritual Discernment that continues emerging in our heart-minds over time – in response to steadfast commitment – was prompting me. I felt an inward desire to undertake this, but was only willing to do so with agreement, help, inspiration and support from them. As Olga herself said of this devotional Service in 1968: 

It is a revelation, not an invention and as such it cannot be changed but only accepted or rejected. This is not to say that improvements of detail cannot be made under advisement of those Christ Servers; but the original Inner Plane directives cannot be altered any more than the frame of a building can be changed after the superstructure is established upon it. 

Olga is now, of course, one of those Christ Servers in the Inner Plane, or Realms of Light.

A few days later, during a communing hill walk, Olga was suddenly, palpably with me, and enthusiastically urged me to make whatever adjustments to the Service, and her explanatory notes on it, that I am inwardly inspired – by her, Jesus, the Teacher and all in the Realms of Light with a heart for the furtherance of Communion with Christ by any during their earthly embodiment – to make. It is in this endeavour that Theresa and I are now engaged, wholeheartedly, in the spirit of honouring Olga Park for her devoted commitment to helping all who are willing to entrust their lives into the Care, Guidance and Protection of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. 

This endeavour will be uploaded onto the honest2goodness website as soon as it is ready. 

Brian Longhurst


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

Holy Communion September 21, 1997. Equinox. 

The Great Rescue Programme is now entering the fulfilment phase, and many souls from deep wilderness are hearing the Call because of the strength of desire in the signal. Control must be exercised to prevent chaos, and this takes place at the point of entering in. 

At the end of the Holy Invitation I heard someone speak from behind my right shoulder, “Say it as it is!” Later, I realised it was John the Baptist (JB). I am aware that JB is very much a central part of this operation even though he may be working in the ‘outfield’. 

JB, I feel such a sense of kinship with you. 

Brian, dear friend; you and I are out of the same mould! I wanted you to realise that I am ‘in the midst’, not remote, because my commitment – it will come as no surprise to you to hear – is absolute. You might say I have a long-term investment in the Kingdom programme. It is only natural that, having been there at the beginning of the Earth mission of the Master, I should wish to be as closely involved at the completion of his Great Rescue Programme. 

The selection of the ‘Holy Land’ as the stage for this drama is full of symbolism, with the geographical features representing so many of the underlying spiritual realities – the Jordan River, the Holy Hill of the City of Peace, the wilderness of Judea … The river is a natural barrier to entry into the Holy Place but has strategic crossing places, through which those who seek to enter in may safely pass. In fulfilment of my desire, this provides opportunity for the cleansing waters to purify all who will to enter and help to bring about a change of awareness, a change of focus, from the undisciplined clamour of the Outer Court to the Middle Court, in preparation for the ascent unto the Hill of the Lord.  

In this operation we are all working as a team. You are amplifiers of the Call, to all who will to enter in, in response to the Call. The Great Rescue Programme is now entering the fulfilment phase, and many souls from deep wilderness are hearing the Call because of the strength of desire in the signal. Control must be exercised to prevent chaos, and this takes place at the point of entering in. 

Watch this space for further bulletins. Grace, peace and joy of Heaven be with you all, beloved friends and fellow-servers. Your brother in Christ, JB.

October 3, 2018 

I counsel you, live in daily awareness that you are (all) children of the Kingdom, of the Light and of the Love of the Heavenly Father. Thus shall His Holy Angels keep you from the pitfalls of the prince of darkness.

~ Jesus, September 16, 1990 

Dear Friends, 

The Source of All Being, being eternal and unchanging, could not be eternal if Its state was not perfect, shimmering Stillness. Such a state could not be Still – or eternal and unchanging – if Its nature was not peaceful. Peace is possible only in the absence of conflict. But the Peace of God, which passeth human understanding, is inestimably more than just the absence of war – or conflict of any kind. The state of Peace is synonymous with, and indivisible from, Joy, both of which have their origin in Love. Peace, Joy and Love, all as One in perfect harmony, arise in the mind, as thought, or idea. The Mind in which they originate is the Mind of the Creator, the Source of All Being. 

Nothing that is not at One with/in that Mind can exist, because if it was not in a state of perfect peace it could only be in a state of conflict, and conflict is destructive. It hardly needs saying that the dream, the idea, of separation from that Mind can only be one of conflict. Separation – were it possible – can only arise from a mind that believes, and thus perceives, itself as separate, or fragmented. Separate minds all have different perspectives, so harmony, unity, is impossible in such. Clearly, what cannot exist in Truth does not exist at all in reality. Therefore, any apparently separated state of mind and experience can only be a dream; a fantasy; an illusion – the opposite of reality. 

Illusions are devised to deceive. That is the purpose of illusions – to persuade the observer that what is not actually as perceived is as perceived, even though it is impossible in reality. All in Papa’s Creation is ordered, in perfect peace, harmony and balance. Forever. Its opposite can therefore only be in chaos. This is the fabrication of the split mind, the upside-down, ego mind. As previously observed, while reality, eternity, is Stillness because all is in a state of peace, joy, Love, completion – meaning there is nothing to do save extend that state of Being endlessly – illusion is in ceaseless, turbulent motion. Turbulence means violent agitation, confusion, disorder, instability, turmoil …  

This tumultuous state is observable in the external, horizontal axis of perception at every level. Galaxies collide, continents collide, humans collide; in our own circulatory system, warfare is constantly occurring, with pathogens invading on a collision course with white blood corpuscles, in a conflict for supremacy. Conflict manifests in an array of ways and levels, individually, interpersonally and internationally, all arising in the mind. From there it may extend to words, and beyond that to actions. Conflict is inevitable in the separation consciousness because it is an aspect, a property of the mistaken choice for separation from the peace, joy, Love and Stillness of eternity to its opposite: time.  

It’s easy to see how conflict takes place interpersonally and internationally, but how can conflict occur individually? This happens because separation gives rise to choices. ‘Should I do this, or should I do that?’ – a mind in conflict. We are faced with choices just about every minute of every day. Only one choice means anything: ‘Should I choose Truth or should I continue in illusion?’ All the rest are merely distractions. That is the intent of choices, particularly to distract us from making that one choice – which, when made wisely, will get us Home. All other choices will, if we value them as important, keep us in time and place, riding the carousel of birth and death for further embodiments. 

Here is what Jesus says about this in A Course in Miracles:  

If you would remember eternity, you must [make it your choice to] look only on the eternal. If you allow yourself to become preoccupied with the temporal, you are living in time. As always, your choice is determined by what you value. Time and eternity cannot both be real, because they contradict each other. If you will accept only what is timeless as real, you will begin to understand eternity and make it yours. (From T-10.V.14, my underlining, for emphasis). 

If we believe eternity will be ours only when we lay aside our body, we are confusing illusion (time, bodies, ‘dying’) with Truth. Eternity is NOW, not at some ‘future’, indeterminate ‘date’. Whether we appear to ‘be with’ a body or whether we have laid it aside (‘died’) is neither here nor there in respect of reality, eternity, Truth, because reality, eternity, Truth is in our mind, beyond the limitations of time, place and bodies. In other words, our mind is already in, at-One with, eternity. Seeming to be unaware of this indicates that we have been making – and valuing – ‘wrong’ choices. This can only be because our mind is split – fractured – between illusion and Truth, time and eternity.

Of course time and place appearances, events, experiences will, unavoidably, distract us. When we choose to cease allowing ourself to be preoccupied with illusion, and thus distracted from reality, we can, instead, engage with the events of time and place occurring around us, and use them to practise remembering Who we really are, by expressing Love, blessing, being truly helpful, wholly harmless. Jesus allowed the events around him not to distract him but to engage his attention. Thus was he able to help his spiritually-slumbering brothers. All the while he engaged with the events around him he was focused on, at-One with, the Truth of eternity. For him this was easy, normal, natural. 

This is our destiny also, and is the way the real world, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, will unfold – is unfolding – from our own, heart-centred within into the external world around us, reconnecting, rejoining the fragmented Sonship as One in Mind and Spirit, with Jesus. Thus do we become Loving brothers again, with no judgements, grievances, perceived differences causing us to see each other as threatening, as enemies. This is happening right now, and the process – the infallible and unstoppable Great Rescue Programme – is proceeding, one step at a time to its inevitable completion. We are now in the early stages of that era of completion: the third, Kingdom, measure of meal. 

Ego-induced doubt, fear, scepticism will cause many to continue in unbelief, saying, ‘Even if this is true, it will take thousands of years, and meanwhile, chaos is still rising, and conflict, division, hatred leading us to the edge of the precipice of annihilation. How can this supposed Great Rescue Programme stop that, turn it around?’ Decades ago Jesus told me, “When chaos and disarray are all around, THEN rejoice, for the Kingdom is at hand, even at the doors.” We have two choices: believe the ego’s predictions of doom, disaster and destruction, devised to keep us in the consciousness of fear in an attempt at making it a self-fulfilling prophecy, or engage with him who Knows the Truth. 

It is not just Jesus who is the saviour of the world, but you and me – all of us. Our choices affect and effect the outcome and its appearance to our sight. First, we must believe, then shall we see. Meanwhile, the one step at a time process continues unabated, with or without our conscious awareness of it. Some – increasing in numbers daily – already see it, or are at least committed to seeing it. Others will follow, in uncertainty, until their uncertainty vanishes away as an aspect of the progress appears here and another there. How do we see it? By choosing to look beyond the external world, the horizontal axis, to the inner, vertical axis, and our spiritual eye will reveal it to us. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

Holy Communion November 2, 1997 

The Spirit of Truth is reality, and all who open to Him shall never be the same again. Denial of His presence is denial of Spiritual Knowing and empowerment by choosing against commitment, desire for Eternal Truth and willingness for obedience to their inner, higher awareness. 

Beloved Jesus, I feel as if my awareness of the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Breath of God is beginning to grow apace. 

My beloved son, make no mistake, the Spirit of Truth is reality, and all who open to Him shall never be the same again. Denial of His presence is denial of Spiritual Knowing and empowerment by choosing against commitment, desire for Eternal Truth and willingness for obedience to the inner, higher awareness. 

I counsel you, hold fast to your inner certainty of the peace, joy, Love and Light of the Kingdom reality. Let no-one distract or deter you from your innate sense of the Grace and Glory, the rarefied atmosphere of the Most Holy Place. Draw close, and ever closer to me.   

Let the Holy Breath be upon you and within you, for renewal, inspiration and guiding, for He and I are as One. This shall be the whole armour of God by which nothing debased or evil shall sully or harm you, nor all who don it. Keep yourself Holy unto the Lord and REJOICE, for the Kingdom is Holy and pure and joyful and uplifting. I come quickly; choose steadfastly to be ALWAYS ready.

October 10, 2018 

By the alignment of your life-force with the great God-purpose in man, it can manifest through you. This ritual provides the opportunity, the mechanism, for that alignment to take place.

~ Jesus, September 23, 1990 

Dear Friends, 

By accepting – albeit unwittingly – the ego (or, the reversal of Truth) into our mind, Truth becomes veiled from our awareness. What we then perceive is the unreality, the illusion, that is the reversal of Truth. All this occurs in our mind, from where it is projected outwards, onto the veil, or screen, that hides reality from our remembrance. These reversal-of-Truth, upside-down-mind projections are then reflected back from the veil into our confused, split mind via the mechanism devised for this purpose – bodily senses – causing us to believe that what first arose in our mind is external to us. This is what happens to a mind that has chosen to dissociate from its Source and from its Self. 

There is no Light in this process because we have dissociated from the Light that is our Source and our whole, undivided, One Self. This ego-reversal has a seeming answer to the lack of Light: a projected counterfeit light, causing us to perceive that what we mistakenly believe we have become – a body – is bathed in light, so it can see. But this is not true, soul-sight, which will show us (again) spiritual Truth, which is reality. We are, all of us without exception, indivisibly part – an extension – of that reality. Solar light does not show us that because that is not its purpose. Its purpose is to be part of the reversal of Truth, contributing to the ‘proof’ that sensory perception shows us reality. 

The split mind, experiencing everything upside-down and back-to-front, is unaware of this reversal, having occluded the Light – including all memory of the Light – from its awareness. Believing unreality to be real, that is what it projects, so that is what is reflected back to it, and therefore, what it perceives. So convoluted is this illusion, this reversal of Truth, that in order to maintain it as ‘reality’, the split mind has substituted reason with rationale. This enables, justifies, perceiving what cannot be so in reality (i.e., the eternal unchangeableness of Truth) as being so because that is how it is perceived, and therefore ‘must’ be reality, because that is what sensory perception shows us.  

In order to maintain this fantasy, the split mind devised a mechanism for perpetuating the idea that the unbelievable is believable. Being split, this mechanism is disconnected from right mind. Right mind is forever in union with soul, centred in the heart, which is the seat of the soul. Hence the term ‘heart-mind’. The union of (right) mind with soul is the true Self of all Being, and is thereby unified with the Source of all Being; this state of Being is the Light. Light and Love are One. We are the Light and therefore have our Being in, and as an extension of, the Light. The mechanism for justifying unreality as reality is the intellect, or head-mind. It does this by a process of rationalising.  

To rationalise is to reinterpret information received via bodily senses to align it, accord it, with preconceived misperceptions. This is distinct from – actually, the reversal of – reasoning, which looks objectively, impartially, at information and allows what it reveals to our open heart-mind, with no preconceptions or defences. These terms, reasoning and rationalising, are often confused, one with the other. This suits the ego script well, helping to blur the line between Truth and illusion. Jesus uses the term reason (and reasoning, etc.) more than 250 times in A Course in Miracles. The ego, with zero understanding of reason, does not want us to use it, as it will lead to our seeing the Truth. 

The function of Truth is to collect information that is true (A Course in Miracles T-8.VIII.6:7) 

The ego interprets the illusions (unreality) that our sensory perception shows us using its counterfeit counterpart of our heart-mind – the intellect, or head-mind – to rationalise its (mis)perception. In 1978 Jesus described this to me as ‘the elaborate theories of men’. The intellect glosses over the bits of these theories that do not add up, distracting us from noticing them – or giving them reasoned attention – by our willingness to accept what our sensory perception shows us as being ‘real’ because that is what our body’s eyes see, so it ‘must’ be real. What we see in a dream seems real within the dream, but when we awaken we realise that it was not real at all; it was all made up. 

False Evidence, Appearing Real is the entire nature of time and place – the separation consciousness – hence it being the consciousness of FEAR. It can only appear to be perpetuated in our split mind by convincing us that reality is unreality and unreality is reality. The ego is the master prestidigitator, using ‘sleight of hand’ to persuade us that Love is fear and fear is love; that death is life and Life is death. This, because Life is eternal, unified Mind and Spirit, and does not involve temporal, mortal bodies. It would have us believe that reason is rationalising and rationalising is reason. This is well exemplified by the conflicted views, or interpretations, of A Course in Miracles.  

Jesus, the first of the fragmented Sonship to Awaken from the dream of death and be restored to Whole Mindedness, and therefore seeing through the unreal to the real, uses reason throughout the Course. He also uses the term logic, which means the same as reason. In chapter 14 he tells us:  

The Holy Spirit uses logic as easily and as well as does the ego, except that His conclusions are not insane. They take a direction exactly opposite, pointing as clearly to Heaven as the ego points to darkness and to death. (T-15.i.1:4,5). 

There are Course students (and others!) who say it is too intellectual, and not Loving enough. This is a characteristically ego-induced interpretation/perception; a device to distract us away from logic/reason – which will lead us, one carefully/caringly, gently, lovingly explained step at a time to the Truth, which IS Love – to darkness and death. Because Love is the Truth, if we are unwilling to see the Truth we will be unable to experience Love. The Truth needs to be explained to those who have forgotten It and want – earnestly desire – to remember It. There is no-one better able to share the Truth with us than Jesus (or Holy Spirit), but for us to receive his sharing he has to explain it to us. 

His explanations in the Course are, to a discerning mind, Helped unfailingly by the Spirit of Truth – when we sincerely, steadfastly, unwaveringly commit to ASKing Him and trust Him. Upside-down, split-off-from-Truth minds find it hard to understand Truth because It is right-side-up – which seems upside-down to an upside-down mind! J This is WHY asking the Help of Jesus/Holy Spirit in understanding his explanations of Truth (which Is Love; how could It be True if It was not Love?) in the Course is essential to our Awakening to the Truth. This is anathema to the ego, which depends for its continuance on our not asking. It uses doubt and F.E.A.R to stop us asking Holy Spirit for Help.  

Here, by way of example, is some logic, sound reasoning and explaining from Jesus in the Course

God’s Son is as safe as his Father, for the Son knows his Father’s protection and cannot fear. His Father’s Love holds him in perfect peace, and needing nothing, he asks for nothing. Yet he is far from [upside-down] you whose Self he is, for you chose to attack him [by choosing to split, separate from him] and he disappeared from your sight into his Father. He did not change, but you did. For a split mind and all its works were not created by the Father, and could not live in the knowledge of Him. 

When you made visible what is not true, what is true became invisible to you. Yet it cannot be invisible in itself, for the Holy Spirit sees it with perfect clarity. It is invisible to you because you are looking at something else. Yet it is no more up to you to decide what is visible and what is invisible, than it is up to you to decide what reality is. What can be seen [truly] is what the Holy Spirit sees. (From T-12.VIII). 

If he is telling us the Truth he is being Loving because the Truth IS Love. Alone, we will be unable to see truly – and thus understand the Truth – so will remain alone. It is, as always, our free choice. It will be as hard a choice as we allow the ego to make it for us, but by choosing the Holy Spirit as our Guide, in place of the ego, He will be enabled by our choosing with Him, to make it easy for us, by our steadfast, unwavering choice for Him.  

Brian Longhurst  


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

Holy Communion November 9, 1997 

‘Satan’, the destroyer, shall not prevail. It has deceived my little ones into desolate places; but the Good Shepherd is on the move! No place shall be un-searched, no lost sheep overlooked. This is the Love of Eternity. It is the only Way to Eternity. 

Beloved Lord Jesus, we are going forward into a greater awareness of the eternal, Heaven reality.  

My son, I know you have long desired increased awareness, remembrance, of your ‘Home realm’. Now is this becoming more your reality, in fulfilment of your heart’s desire. It is not of your doing; it is possible in response to your earnest desiring. It is Papa who is performing it, for He is the Good Husbandman. It is a natural progression and growing. This is also becoming so with your faith.

As you trust, and your understanding of His reality becomes more tangible, so shall your experience of ‘miraculous’ healing and transformations become more an everyday event. This is your true Home – Eternity. It is the true Home of all Papa’s little ones. ‘Satan’, the destroyer, shall not prevail. It has deceived my little ones into desolate places; but the Good Shepherd is on the move! (Alleluia!!) No place shall be un-searched, no lost sheep overlooked. This is the Love of Eternity. It is the only Way to Eternity. No other means shall survive or be fruitful.

I counsel you, continue in the Light of heavenly discernment and be one-pointed in your repudiation of all theories that are not of the Way of Truth. Papa is the source of all and the only sufficiency for all. Be thou one-pointed in thy focus. Be not deceived for one moment. I am with you for strength of conviction in the everlasting righteousness. So be it. Amen.

October 17, 2018

 Attunement with, and awareness of, the Realms of Light becomes more as you go forward and your one-pointed commitment and dedication draw you into at-One-ment with the Kingdom conditions. And so it is and shall increasingly be, for you and for all who will.

~ Jesus, June 24, 1990 

Dear Friends, 

The conditions of Heaven, Eternity, Creation, Oneness are total, unchangeable unity, innocence, wholeness, abundant Life, peace, joy and Love. It is therefore inevitable that a dream of separation, dissociation from these qualities, or reversal of these conditions, will be, must also be, total, temporal division, conflict, brokenness, guilt, fear and death. For it to be otherwise could only mean it is not a dream of separation, for just as Oneness is, and can only be total, complete, so must its opposite be total and complete. We cannot be partly One, or partly divided. To remove one slice, or multiple slices, from a whole cake means it is no longer a whole cake, whichever way you cut it. 

This is the situation in which Papa’s One Son now appears to find himself. Division means conflict, and is built into the idea of separation at every level and aspect of its manifestation, devised to prevent connection to, and reunion with, One Self, One Source. There is an example which demonstrates this all-encompassingly conflicted state as operational today, unbeknown to the slumbering fragments (inspite of a massive amount of data on this available on the internet) save for a relative few who have elected for Awakening, and are therefore open to receiving Help in that endeavour: 

Although the ego’s plan is for breaking communication – between the fragmented Sonship and with Its Source – in reality this is impossible. It cannot actually happen, but the idea can be used to veil the connectedness of the Sonship as One in its Source. There is a built-in mechanism in every embodied soul that facilitates our connectedness to the Creator Spirit. It is known as the Pineal gland. It is located deep within the brain. Horizontal-axis consciousness has no idea of its function, and that is because its function is along the vertical axis, connecting us with Papa. This gland is largely unencumbered and undamaged by obstacles to its esoteric function in babies and young children. 

But because the ego’s intent is to break communication, this shadow, ego-world, conflicted at every level and every turn, has elements that work against each other and against our connectedness to our Source. Fluorine and chlorine are two such naturally occurring elements, and essential in very low doses for bodily function. When higher doses are ingested, including as salts such as sodium fluoride and sodium chloride, they are now known to have conflicting and deleterious effects on bodily health. The negative effects are (amongst others) that both these elements calcify the Pineal gland, reducing its potential as our communication link to our Self and the very Source of our Being: Papa. 

We are, as mentioned on other occasions, poisoning ourselves at just about every turn, with pesticides in our food, medication, microwave devices, antiperspirants … As new data about all this become available, the normal reaction is fear. This is understandable – but only while we perceive ourself as a separate, vulnerable, mortal body. That is the ego’s interpretation of our nature. It is not true. The Holy Spirit’s interpretation is that we are not separate; we are the One, unassailable, immortal, perfect, all-Knowing, all-empowered-by-Love Son of our eternal Father Creator, created in His exact likeness. In that reality fear – false evidence appearing real – is impossible, meaningless. 

Jesus, our template and exemplar for our Awakening to remembrance of the Truth of our Being, demonstrated this perfectly, while appearing in bodily form. He Knew, had remembered, Who he was of a certainty beyond all doubt, and was thus beyond all fear. Fear can only arise when we believe we are guilty. The belief that we are guilty is largely hidden in our unconscious mind, but for most, rises to the conscious mind, even though the cause of the guilt feelings remains a mystery, and may be mistakenly attributed to other factors. This merely exacerbates it. Without Help from Jesus/Holy Spirit we cannot escape from this self-made trap. 

The exoterically focused, fragmented, separated, divided Sonship seeks answers to horizontal-axis, exoteric problems, like dental caries. Knowing nothing – and wanting to know nothing – of the esoteric, it saw adding fluoride to domestic water supplies and toothpaste as the answer to caries. The key negative effect of these actions is as described above. This is inevitable while we continue to believe we are a body. But we are not a body. Bodies, like everything else that is not eternal and unchangeable, are an illusion, a dream, and dreams are not real; they are merely the stuff of dreams. As previously shared, Jesus tells us that as the Awakening of the fragments progresses   

So arises the understanding that they, too, are not a body; that they, also, are eternal, invulnerable, indestructible; that they, too, can manipulate the stuff of dreams to their command and then let them go completely, once they begin to remember who they ARE from dreams of guilt and fear and death, to dreams of happiness, of Light, of waking to unlimitedness, from whence the transition to reality [eternity, Heaven] can be gently made.  

The ego would have us believe that we are powerless in the face of the onslaught of its myriad broadsides of destructive, murderous attack, and that sickness, decay, pain, suffering and ‘death’ are unavoidable, inescapable, and our only vain hope is for more drugs, more chemicals, with their side effects and only temporary relief. Do we believe all these misperceptions applied to Jesus during his embodied mission? This was not possible because he Knew, had remembered, Who he really was (is) – the perfect, eternally-Living Son of the Holy One, to whom had been given ‘all power in Heaven and Earth’. (Matt. 28:18). He said to John of Patmos, from his ascended glory: 

Fear not; I am the first and the last: I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death. (Rev. 1:17,18) 

That description of him is identical to the description of us all, because not only are we like him, we are One with/in him. Forever, unalterably – inspite of appearances to the contrary, because those appearances have nothing to do with reality. Choosing to remember this, and choosing to live in accordance with that Truth, instead of the ego’s lies, raises us above all illusions, just as it raised him two thousand years ago. If only we can believe. Do we want to believe? Do we have one shred of willingness to believe? Surrendering, submitting that shred to Jesus/Holy Spirit is all that is asked of us. They are empowered, by that submission to Them, to deliver us from the ego’s clutches. 

That is because we are either under the ego’s control or within Their Care, Guidance and Protection. We are either one or the other. We cannot be both. Oscillating between the two, on a momentary whim, means we are still in the clutches of the ego, distracting us along the horizontal axis, perceiving it as reality, away from our focus on the vertical axis. It is not possible for the horizontal and the vertical axes to both be real. But it is possible to have them in balance, during embodiment, as long as our heart’s desire – the controlling factor – is sincerely, steadfastly, committed to the vertical axis. That is enough for our rescue, our healing, our restoration to Oneness by Them to be effected. 

The mind that elects for healing – i.e., ceasing to believe that we are a body, so that we can manipulate the stuff of dreams (such as fluoride and chlorine breaching our connectedness to, and our communion, our Oneness, with our Self and our Source) to our command – becomes aligned, effortlessly, spontaneously with the Truth of our Being. This nullifies the apparent effects of illusions. It does not have to be something of which we immediately become consciously aware. But it is something with which we must choose willingness to co-operate with Them. Without that willingness we keep ourself from Their Care, Guidance and Protection, rendering us beyond Their deliverance.  

None of this is by act of our conscious, persona-self will, because we are not yet Awake and fully God-Self empowered, so we have no idea how to do this. In fact, it is not about ‘doing’; it is but an act of conscious willingness to co-operate with Them and follow Their one-step-at-a-time leading of us from the madness of this dream world. In this world the blind are leading the blind; when we are willing to call upon the Help of the Sighted, that Help is always, Freely, Lovingly and Immediately given. Shall we not open our mind to avail ourself of that Help? 

Brian Longhurst  

Diary of a Christ Communicant 

Holy Communion November 23, 1997 

This is my desire; this is my command from Papa: that His children be brought back into the fold of His all sufficiency. So is this now available to all who will receive of it, my son. But you must leave all the details to me.  

I realised that we need to focus – in this Service of Christ Communion, in our daily lives and in all we do – on the Living Word, because it is the Word which is Truth, and Jesus teaches that living the Truth shall set us free. Free from the chains, the shackles, the ties that bind us to the enemy of Truth; the lies, the deceptions, the denial of our true nature as Gods Children, of our Spiritual, eternal birthright.    

My son, denial is the opposition’s tool for deceiving Papa’s little ones; denial of abuse, denial of Self, denial of Truth. Denial of Truth is hiding from Truth, hiding from Heritage, hiding from Destiny, hiding from Self. The elaborate theories of men say denial is for self-preservation, but this is so only in the realms of time and place – the ‘enemy’s’ domain. It is not true in the eternal Realm of Papa’s Kingdom.   

Denial of Truth prohibits return to Truth, Peace, Joy eternal. In the Kingdom is no denial, but adoption; acceptance of all Truth. Truth that has been obscured, occluded, hidden amongst all the illusions of time and place. Let it now be offered up to Papa, so that He can gladly take its broken fragments and restore to His beloved little ones the Wholeness that is freedom. Freedom to dance, to sing, to rejoice, to enter into Oneness. Thus shall Wholeness be reinstated in the minds of the children of the fallen Earth. This is my desire; this is my command from Papa: that His children be brought back into the fold of His all sufficiency.  

So is this now available to all who will receive of it, my son. It is my endeavour, my commitment, to demonstrate this in your lives, in accord with your hearts’ desire. But you must leave all the details to me.  I am able to accomplish the fulfilment of all by Papa Power.

October 24, 2018

Only by your faith, trust, obedience to the Voice within and commitment is it possible for the Holy Breath to breathe in you, to Live in you, to speak in you, to work the works of our Father in you, as He did in me.

~ Jesus, November 16, 1997

Dear Friends,

The idea for separation from God brought about a seeming break in communication between Him and His Son, and between His One Son and his One Self. This seeming breach in communication with our Source and our Self can readily be rectified by re-establishing communication. The apparent problem is that the forgetful, fragmented Sonship has no idea how to re-establish the connection. The soul never became disconnected and the body is part of the problem, being a distraction from our Oneness with Self, in God. It is only the mind that became disconnected, and can become re-connected by the process and practice of mind-to-Mind communion.

The Mind of God and of His One Son is Light, and that Light shines, is Life, Love, Truth, Knowledge, peace and joy, all of which are extended, shared with all Creation, of which every living thing is an extension, complete with, and sharing, all the attributes of the Light. Separation from the Light can only bring the experience of darkness – which can only mean blindness. Escape from darkness – which will bring restoration of sight – requires focusing upon, calling back to mind, the Light, which will re-enLighten our mind, restoring to our remembrance, awareness and experience all Light’s attributes. This is done by desiring, choosing to become at-One with the Light and its Qualities.

As we choose to focus more and more on, and thereby set the course of our journey back toward the Light of eternal reality, so, inevitably, does our awareness and experience of It increase, shining away the illusion of darkness in the process. How can we move more purposefully back toward the Light? The quote from Jesus at the head of this Message of Encouragement, dated November 16 1997, gives us a clue. But our lack of spiritual discipline means we are too readily distracted from our focus on the Light by the ‘enticements’ of darkness. Yet asking for Help, and willingness to receive It removes all limits to the ways Papa, Jesus and the Holy Spirit can then ceaselessly Help.

None of these Helps is by chance. Each is planned and perfected from beyond time, in the Realms of Light, and then brought ‘down’ into time and place by the aforetime-agreed co-operation of a volunteer, who incarnates with the birth vision for such co-operation. The greatest Help for healing the breach of Communication is a mechanism for practising It, with the objective of restoring It. One particular such Help was given in the form of a devotional, ritual Service of Mystical Communion of Christ. The volunteer for receiving this was Olga Park (1891–1985) and the deliverer of this to her, from the Realms of Light, introduced himself to her in 1914, saying, “I am thy Teacher”.

He had been King David about three thousand years ago, then, John, ‘the beloved disciple’, author of the fourth Gospel and Revelation, about two thousand years ago. Olga was given many proofs of the Christ-committed authenticity, Love-and-Truth-engendered power and trustworthiness of the Teacher and other visitors from the Realms of Light, and the mystical experiences they brought to her. One night he took her out of the body to a place in spirit that resembled a temple, or cathedral.

There, before a gathering of a good many witnesses from the Realms of Light, including the Lord Jesus himself, he instructed her in this devotional, mystical Service ritual.

He explained to her that this was to be, for her, at least for the time being, a solitary communion at the Earth-life-conscious level. He said the spirit Light-and-Love generated by the sincerity of her heart and mind, through the uplifting energies created during the Service, would attract many from the realms beyond Earth who were lost in dark and dismal places – the ‘Wilderness’ – who would find spiritual solace in this celebration event. This is an inestimable contribution to the re-joining of the fragmented Sonship. Also, of course, would be present many from the Realms of Light who were at-One with its message, and the desire for – and Help in manifesting – the Kingdom, conveyed by it.

Yet, the central purpose and objective of the ritual in which the Teacher instructed her was that it was to be an exercise in unifying the focus of the heart and mind of the communicant in an act of attunement – i.e., communion – with the Christ Mind and Spirit, as manifested in/by the Living Jesus. The devotional ritual was designed to enable the communicant to gradually ascend to a place of refined, uplifted resonance of heart, mind and soul, and then to enter into a period of silent, two-way communion, or at-One-ment, with the heart and mind of Jesus, who would be present, in the midst, with the communicant.

This is to develop the faculty – dormant in those who have become so engaged in the ‘sojourning in time’ part of their lives that their physical and spiritual worlds are not in balance with each other – of entering into the inwardly-focused part of their mind, where they will have awareness of, and fellowship with, Jesus, the Anointed Messenger of the Holy One. This will bring enLightenment and illumination of the eternal realities, of which Jesus is Master, for the uplifting of all who truly seek after God and earnestly desire the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth: a world of universal, complete, perfect peace, joy and unconditional Love.

The communicant can speak with Jesus silently within their mind and have pen and paper ready for writing his response, which comes into their mind as objectively spoken words; a form of communication described by Olga as the silent voice, and which I have latterly come to term mind-to-Mind communing. Jesus knocks at the door of our inner Being, and all who sincerely respond to his knocking gladly open to him. So will he enter into our lives and engage – join – with us in Loving, joyful, uplifting, revivifying spiritual fellowship, or ‘supping’ with us of the Bread, symbol of Eternal Life, and the Wine, symbol of perfect, unconditional, Christ Love.

Jesus said to me in September 1987, “Remember, the bread of my Word is nothing without the wine of my Love. Give freely, even as I give to you, my son.” He also says to us all, “Come unto me, all you Little Ones, and you that labour, and I will refresh you with the joy of Heaven which I had with the Father before the time in which I dwelt with men. Do not be discouraged that the revelation is imperfect in the beginning. Great things shall you do if your faith in me holds fast. These things have I spoken that you may know of a surety that I am the Messenger of the Holy One.”

This message is applicable to us all, and all who are ready to answer his calling and exhortation will feel an inner drawing impulsion in their heart and mind to respond, in Love, sincerity and humility. The diligent practise of mystical Christ Communion can facilitate the ability to discriminate between the inauthentic voices of this ephemeral world of time and place, and the authentic, Inner Voice that brings awareness, remembrance of the Love, Light and Truth of Eternity, unity and the Peace of God that surpasses human understanding.

I began practising the devotional Service of Mystical Communion of Christ in 1967 and have thousands of written records of Jesus’ wisdom and enlightening, liberating counsel. Thirty-eight years later I came to A Course in Miracles and instantly recognised that the same, real, living Jesus, of Love and Light, peace and joy, wisdom, gentleness, fun, caring, guidance and protection with whom I had been blessedly, consciously, communing since 1967 was the author of the Course. The Service of Mystical Communion of Christ accords, harmonises entirely with A Course in Miracles.

The purpose of both A Course in Miracles and the Service of Mystical Communion of Christ, it could be said, is to heal the brokenness that appears in the split mind of Papa’s Son, so that communion with his Self – Christ – and his Father can be restored, and the Awakening from the dream of separation and death completed. This devotional, ritual Service has benefited me so greatly that it is now my intent to install it, in the near future, on the Honest2Goodness website, so that all who may feel drawn to it will be able to practise it in their own home.

By way of further encouragement, for any who feel such a draw, a desire to place their lives in the Care, Guidance and Protection of Jesus, in a one-on-one, precious, personal relationship with him, is the record of a Service of devotional, Mystical Communion from 1989. Three sentences spoken by Jesus (below) are shown in blue type as having particular significance. My hope and trust is that it may speak to the hearts of all who are ready.

Brian Longhurst


Diary of a Christ Communicant

Holy Communion, December 31, 1989

This act of Communion is a living, dynamic process. Communing with full commitment of heart, mind and soul attunes you with the eternal reality of the Spirit and the Mind of God. In that estate you become aware of, One with, Him, and your remembrance of Him is raised up accordingly. 

I have become aware within me of a great sadness that the Earth-life is so full of wrong teaching, living, understanding, so that souls must take a long and tempestuous journey upon a stormy psychic sea to the other side of the water, where the shore is a safe haven of new awareness and awakening to spiritual reality – the Kingdom of Heaven. Happily, Jesus is walking with us upon that troubled, turbulent water, and if we call upon him to calm the storm, he will establish peace in the boat of our lives, and we will find ourselves instantly (as in John 6:21) in that place of harmony – at-One-ment – with God and His Creation.

What a wonderful revelation, that the historical event on the Sea of Galilee was/is a living parable in action!

As I offered the bread I felt the Master Jesus giving out his Love to all from/through the transmutated bread, that they may eat and be filled. I felt this also with the wine, and realised what Jesus meant at the Last Supper when he said, “Drink ye all of this; this is my life [for which the Greek word is blood] of the new testament which is given (shed, or shared) for many [all who will to receive it] for the remission of [upliftment from, release to, a new life of freedom beyond] sins.” (Matt. 26:28). And the outpouring from him is the Life/Love for all who will to be refreshed and restored to a new awareness of Life abundant, and a new, kingdomly way of living and Being.

Beloved Master Jesus, thank you for filling me with these new realisations.  

My beloved son, because this act of mystical Communion is a living, cosmic, dynamic process, partaking in it with full commitment of heart, mind and soul attunes you with the eternal reality of the Spirit and the Mind of God. In that estate you become aware of, One with, Him, and your remembrance of Him is raised up accordingly. The outward act, or symbol, of this Communion, in its form and words, is a base, a foundation upon which a living, unfolding structure is created, and all can attune with its livingness. Indeed, you are all part of the livingness, and becoming aware of that demonstrates the Truth of it to you.

Each and every part of this devotional Communion Service has a greater livingness, which is the true, eternal reality behind the earthly, outer symbol. The foundation anchors it in the Earth and enables those who will to attune from there with that greater livingness.

All is well, my son. New awareness shall ever continue to come to you by your faithful attunement.

October 31, 2018 

The Light and Spirit of God, the Father Creator, Lives within all His creation. The debris of Earth mind consciousness and self-will clouds this reality from the awareness of the children of Earth, who deny themselves the Light of Spiritual Discernment.

~ Jesus, January 7, 1990 

Dear Friends, 

Jesus reminds us in A Course in Miracles that this dream world of separation is upside down, back to front, the opposite of reality. The slumbering, fragmented, deep-in-forgetfulness Sonship is easily manipulated, lulled into overlooking, or making light of, just what this means, and its significance in terms of denying ourself the joy of our true Being. Let us cite a couple of examples of what opposite means and its implications for us all the while we, in apathy, torpor, stupor, somnolence … allow ourselves to be duped into accepting what is the slippery slope to oblivion. This is well exemplified in chapter 3 of Genesis, where the serpent (for which we can now read ‘ego’, or tempter) beguiles Eve.  

The record states that Adam and Eve were told by God not to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, or they would ‘die’. Eve tells the serpent, or tempter, this but it says: 

“Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” 

The record continues: 

And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. 

There is a saying that if a lie is told often enough it will eventually be received as truth. This is ubiquitous in today’s world. With many of us, being told a lie just once is enough to persuade us it is true. Prior to the event described in this biblical allegory, nothing was known of ‘evil’, simply because it did not exist. It still does not exist because only that created by the Creator can exist, and He Knows not of evil because He Knows that only what is True can exist, and Truth is Love, which is both ‘good’ – perfect, in fact – and eternally unchangeable. If evil is the opposite of good, and only good is True/real, evil cannot exist, save as a fantasy, and we all know fantasies are not real. 

That allegory, it could be said, was the beginning of the slippery slope to oblivion. Beguiling always begins gently, offering explanations that will seem plausible, desirable, enticing to the less discerning. That is the bait to draw the less heedful onto, and then down, the slippery slope. It all seems harmless, lighthearted, a bit of fun … to those whose sight is ‘double’, focused on the external world of form, self-blinded to the esoteric realities behind the outer, specious masquerade. An example of this that is spreading around the world, and is entirely upside-down in the alluring way it has inverted its foundation, is Halloween. This is an ego-devised perversion of the eve of All Saints’ Day

This originated centuries ago as a way of memorialising the saints – i.e., those whose names are hallowed (venerated as being holy). This very word is central to the second line of the Lord’s Prayer: 

Our Father in Heaven

Hallowed [i.e., Holy, revered] be Thy Name … 

The word Hallowe'en means hallowed (or holy) evening, which is to say, the day before All Saints Day, a day set aside to honour, pray to and engage in reverent communion with the hallowed Saints – departed souls who were a Light in the world’s darkness but have ‘now’ laid aside their earthly form, so are perceived as ‘dead’. Of course there is no such thing as death; it is an ego artifice to demonstrate, ‘prove’, its lie that separation is ‘real’. The saints are as much with us as our neighbour, Jesus and all our loved ones who have laid aside their body. This is simply because in Truth separation is impossible. We are One, in peace, joy and Love in the Heart-Mind of God, forever.  

One surreptitious step at a time the ego has turned the purpose of All Hallows Eve upside down. Its intent now – all, of course, in ‘light-hearted fun’ – is the focus on the ‘dark side’, summoning images of spectres, ghouls, ghosts, witches casting evil spells on those who don’t go along with these high jinks and jolly japes. The children are taught that if they are not given a treat – as if it’s their ‘right’ – they would be entitled to perform a ‘trick’ on the withholders of treats. ‘Trick’ seems a harmless term, suggesting amusement, to no-one’s detriment. That may outwardly appear so, but in a dark, broken, conflicted world the unwitting direction, under the ego’s thrall, is set toward outer darkness. 

This is well demonstrated by the series of horror films under the franchise title Halloween that has been running for 30 years, the latest edition of which is now on release. This is officially designated in the horror/slasher genre. It doesn’t need too many guesses as to what that implies. What, one might be prompted to ask, is hallowed – i.e., holy – about this? Yet still, the slumbering fragments, blind to the hidden, murder and mayhem, pain and suffering agenda of the ‘prince of this world’, will continue unmindfully, to engage in distractions from reality, dismissing those who shine some Light into the darkness, as being party-poopers; that it is all just innocent fun.  

Those a step or two ahead on the path to Wakefulness will be more discerning, and not be taken in by external appearances devised to keep Papa’s Son blinded from reality. We are all free to choose, ask for Help, to be more discerning. The Light needs no dressing up, no disguises, masquerade costumes; Light, it will come as no surprise, illuminates, so that we can see illusion as illusion, Truth as Truth, and choose mindfully which will set us free from the travesty that would keep us hostage to the ego. The ego’s intent is to subject us to pain, suffering and ‘death’. If we were consciously aware of this we would not continue to accede to its objective.  

Hence it disguises pain and suffering as pleasure, to lure us into its traps of conflict and pain. In complete contrast, here is what Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles

The Holy Spirit will direct you only so as to avoid pain. Surely no one would object to this goal if he recognized it. The problem is not whether what the Holy Spirit says is true, but whether you want to listen to what He says. You no more recognize what is painful than you know what is joyful, and are, in fact, very apt to confuse the two. The Holy Spirit’s main function is to teach you to tell them apart.  

What is joyful to you is painful to the ego, and as long as you are in doubt about what you are, you will be confused about joy and pain. This confusion is the cause of the whole idea of sacrifice. Obey the Holy Spirit, and you will be giving up the ego. But you will be sacrificing nothing. On the contrary, you will be gaining everything. If you believed this, there would be no conflict. (T-7.X.3) 

In Truth there is no such thing as sacrifice. Perceiving Jesus’ crucifixion as a sacrifice, demanded of God as a propitiation for our ‘sins’, is an ego reversal of Truth, a ploy to keep the myth of our guilt bubbling away. The more meaningful term for his choice for crucifixion (which could never have seemed to occur had it not been his choice) is that it was – and remains, until we need it no longer, when we have remembered the Truth and returned to all Knowledge – a gift. It was no sacrifice to him because he was guiltless, and the guiltless cannot suffer because they Know the Truth, and it has set them free. 

Brian Longhurst

I was recently interviewed by Gabriel Jimenez. For any interested to see it, here are the links to it on YouTube: 

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Diary of a Christ Communicant 

Holy Communion November 30, 1997 

Continue in the Way that I have shown you; hold fast to the Principles of Life that I have revealed to you. Let all that you do be first, last and always to the Glory of Papa. This shall bring fulfilment beyond all your aspirations. 

Beloved Lord, our Saviour, Redeemer and best possible friend: I Love you so, I rejoice in all the blessings of this wondrous Service of rejoicing, thanksgiving, rescuing, celebrating. It is so uplifting, and helps me look past, forget the frustrations and lack of awareness and understanding in my earthly life. 

My son, do you think for a single moment that I am unaware of your eagerness, your anxiousness, your frustration, your sense of lack of strength and power; your desire to be pressing on with your committed involvement in bringing the Kingdom to Earth? All these things and more are well known to me, Beloved, and I rejoice in them. I rejoice because it demonstrates to me the steadfastness of your desire for, and commitment to, the eternal Kingdom of God’s Love, joy, peace, Truth and all-inclusiveness. 

It is, I assure you, necessary that each soul called and chosen to serve be in no doubt within themselves of their readiness1 to serve the task for which they have volunteered. You know all this. Nevertheless, I say to you, well done, thou good and faithful servant; you have been unswerving in your commitment and have followed me one-pointedly where I have led. Now do you begin to see many changes and opportunities being brought near. Continue in the Way that I have shown you; hold fast to the Principles of Life that I have revealed to you. 

Let all that you do be first, last and always to the Glory of Papa. This shall bring fulfilment beyond all your aspirations, and there shall be reward in Earth2 as well as in Heaven for all who join, as you, their endeavours in my name. Have no concern for any matter that you do not understand. All shall be revealed as you have need. I am with you always, closer than hands and feet. My heart beats with yours; I breathe with you; I blink with you; I live with you – always and all ways. 

1This does not imply a testing by Papa to demonstrate to Him that we are ready (for whatever) but so that we may know of our own readiness, and thus proceed, in confidence, assurance, certainty, that we have been brought, grown, to the place of preparedness for the task/objective we have chosen aforetime.  

2This does not refer to reward of Earth’s treasures (money, status, whatever, though any or all of those things may also accrue, as long as they mean nothing to us, just as they meant nothing to Jesus) but the joy of Heaven, right here, during our sojourn in time.

November 7, 2018

Be patient; be true to that which guides you from your own within. It is the Good Shepherd of the Holy One. He will not fail you.

~ Holy Communion, February 1, 1990 

Dear Friends, 

One of Jesus’ most well-known sayings from the Bible is, … the Kingdom of God is within you. (Luke 17:20). This statement has, perhaps, become more widely quoted in recent times than in former generations. That suggests that the Great Awakening is progressing, and gathering momentum, which, assuredly, is all according to Plan. In A Course in Miracles he tells us that there is one word too many in that Bible quote; that it is more accurate to say, The Kingdom of God is you. Additionally, that Bible quote is preceded by his statement, The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation. This means we won’t find It by looking for It in the world that appears external to us. 

In Chapter 4 of the Course he says, Because you are the Kingdom of God I can lead you back to your own creations [but only by our willingness to follow his lead]. You do not recognize them now, but what has been dissociated is still there [within us]. (T-4.VI.6:7,8). Yet, to most of the fragmented Sonship, his speaking of the within will have little or no meaning. What, and where, is this within of which he spoke in the long ago, and still speaks? Of course he does not mean the body, because the body is form and the Kingdom is nothing to do with form – although we can be aware of, One with, the Kingdom while we appear in form as a body. Just as he was two millennia ago. 

The Kingdom that is us, within us is, of course, within our mind. It is actually there in every mind, however dissociated such may experience itself as being. The reason most minds are unaware of the Kingdom within is because they are focused externally. That is just how the ego wants it, ensuring escape from the valley of the shadow of death is ‘impossible’. Even most of those amongst us who are clear about the Kingdom being within us are distracted away from It multiple times in a day by judgements, grievances, desires for the treasures of Earth – the temporal – because we believe, and thus perceive, what is around us is separate from us. This is the perception of split-mindedness. 

Jesus calls this ‘double vision’, the result of which is (spiritual) darkness – meaning we are unable to see, experience, have awareness of and live from, the reality of eternal Oneness. That can only mean that at least the split-off part of our mind is living in, experiencing – by the choice for believing – the separation consciousness. In contrast, Jesus tells us that, if/when our sight is single – i.e., living from the Kingdom within – we are full of the Light of eternal Truth, Life, Love. Singleness of vision is a state of mind, a choice we are all free to make. This was the choice Jesus made. He was steadfast, unequivocal in this; it was not a sometimes on, sometimes off, state with him. 

A choice is not a choice unless it is absolute, because that means it is sometimes our choice and other times not. Which, then, would be our choice – the sometimes on or the sometimes off? Is this our belief, our perception, of God? On the one hand Loving, on the other hand jealous, angry, vengeful, punitive? That is how institutionalised religion sees Him, and would have us all believe, but it is not true. We can be certain of this because Jesus tells us so. Would we not prefer to believe his telling us God is Love only, having no jealousy, anger, vengefulness in Him – and nor, in Truth, does His Son? Only when dreaming of separation can His Son believe he and his Father are equivocal. 

Clearly, then, the Kingdom is not within the part of our mind that has chosen dissociation from its Creator, its Whole, One Self, from Truth, Life, Love, peace, joy unbounded and unending; the part that has chosen to believe time, form, conflict, pain, suffering and death are reality, and anything else can only be speculation, can never be known, ‘proved’. And, since it is looking in the without, where reality can never be found, just as Jesus said (The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation) it will appear to be so. This would be far harder to dismiss from our (split, externally-focused) mind if it were not for Jesus, appearing in bodily form yet teaching, exemplifying, living the Truth.  

Here is how he was able to live it, BE it, share it, extend it, right in the midst of the illusion, as explained in this extract from A Course in Miracles, chapter 14, section IX, where he tells us that we are easily able to emulate him because in Truth we are like him, in perfect equality: 

In this world you can become a spotless mirror, in which the Holiness of your Creator shines forth from you to all around you.  

This is nothing to do with religious piety or sanctimoniousness, of which Jesus was neither. He was, and is, Loving, plain-speaking, fun, joyful, gentle, totally caring and totally easy to be with; understands us, and is always willing – eager – to Help us.  

You can reflect Heaven here. Yet no reflections of the images of other gods [such as guilt, fear, judgement, grievance …] must dim the mirror that would hold God’s reflection in it. Earth can reflect Heaven or hell; God or the ego. You need but leave the mirror clean and clear of all the images of hidden darkness you have drawn upon it.

We don’t have to clean it ourself; only to desire that it be clean, and ask the Holy Spirit to accomplish it for us, which He can and will do only in response to our asking.  

God will shine upon it of Himself. Only the clear reflection of Himself can be perceived upon it. Reflections are seen in light. In darkness they are obscure, and their meaning seems to lie only in shifting interpretations, rather than in themselves. The reflection of God needs no interpretation. It is clear. Clean but the mirror, and the message that shines forth from what the mirror holds out for everyone to see, no one can fail to understand … 

Could you but realize for a single instant the power of healing that the reflection of God, shining in you, can bring to all the world, you could not wait to make the mirror of your mind clean to receive the image of the holiness that heals the world. The image of holiness that shines in your mind is not obscure, and will not change …  

Those who have learned to offer only healing, because of the reflection of holiness in them, are ready at last for Heaven. There, holiness is not a reflection, but rather the actual condition of what was but reflected to them here. God is no image, and His creations, [us, His One Son, dreaming, for an infinitesimal instant, of separation] as part of Him, hold Him in them in Truth. They do not merely reflect Truth, for they are Truth.  

His incarnation at the start of the second measure of meal – the Jesus measure – was to set in motion the bringing of reality – Truth – into the unreality of time, the illusion of form, until that reality shines again, in us from our healed, Whole, undivided Mind. This is the One Mind, which Papa shares with His Son and the Holy Spirit – the three-fold Holy, or Holy Trinity. It is in that Mind – unified with the One Spirit: Universal, Unified Mind-and-Spirit – that is the Kingdom of Heaven. It cannot be in the without because the without is divided. We are now in the third measure of meal – the Kingdom measure – and its leavening includes us all, and from which none shall be, can be, excluded. 

Brian Longhurst 


I was recently interviewed by Gabriel Jimenez. For any interested to see it, here are the links to it on YouTube

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Diary of a Christ Communicant 

Holy Communion June 2, 1996 

Being with you at all times is what I have promised; I am with you, in the midst. My Love, my peace, my essence, my giving, my Being is with you. Let your heart, your mind, your life be still, be at peace, be comfortable in my presence. 

Beloved Lord Jesus, your counsel that we focus on your presence, rather than on your speaking, is invaluable to me. I am more at peace and somehow, Knowing you are here in the midst with us takes away anxiety about whether you are with us. 

My son, being with you at all times is what I have promised; I am with you, in the midst. My Love, my peace, my essence, my giving, my Being is with you. Let your heart, your mind, your life be still, be at peace, be comfortable in my presence. Only in this estate can you have awareness of my Being, of my giving, of my renewing of your life, of the restoring, transforming, building of your wholeness that being open to me permits. 

My speaking is part only of this whole process. Let it be the last part rather than striving in anxiety for it to be the first part. Then shall you be at one with the peace, harmony and balance that is the wellspring of eternal life, and it shall arise in you as a well of water, springing up into everlasting life. This is my desire for you, my beloved friend, even as it is my desire for all my little ones. I know that this also is your heart’s desire.  

Permit me to accomplish this in you and for you. I walk with you each step of your journey, for this is my joy, and you have asked me to be with you. Your ways of gentleness and desire for righteousness, freedom and Truth are my ways and my desires. Envision our times of togetherness in the garden of my delight, where your focus on my accomplishment for you shall be complete, thus dispelling fears and anxieties of the time and place consciousness, which passes away before the glorious New Dawn of Eternity. This is reality, this is Truth, this is fulfilment. Glory and thanksgiving, now and forever, to Almighty God. 

Thank you, beloved Jesus.

November 14, 2018 

You now glimpse the magnitude of Jesus’ Great Rescue Programme, and also his Love. This Love is the power to transform and uplift all mankind. It shall be from the within of each one individually – that is the only way it can happen.

~ Holy Communion, February 18, 1990

Dear Friends 

There are numerous ways in which the differences between Heaven/eternity and the hell that is the belief in separation from Heaven to time and place can be expressed. One such way is to observe that in the Heaven of eternity Truth, reality, Knowledge … is clear, uncomplicated, straightforward; free of obfuscation. In time and place – separation from eternity, the consciousness of fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) – reality/Truth is obscure. The dictionary defines obscure as: unclear, indistinct, inconspicuous, hidden, covered ... That just about covers it. Jesus uses the word obscure and its etymological derivatives – obscures, obscuring, etc. – 115 times in A Course in Miracles

For separation to seem to have any prospect of believability there must be complete forgetfulness of Truth, and to prevent remembrance of it, there must be comprehensive obscuring of it. To bewildered, split, forgetful minds that obscuring has been highly successful, to the point where such minds are in denial of any possibility for, or awareness of, reality. Denial of reality requires a closed mind. A closed mind means closed vision. A closed mind is unwilling to accept what its bodily senses and head-mind do not discern. A closed mind is devoted to remaining in forgetfulness of reality. An open mind remains willing to consider what it does not, yet, discern.  

Without that willingness growth is impossible. Only a tiny amount of willingness is required for a tiny ray of Light to penetrate, enabling the germination, the commencement of the growth of remembrance. That is all that is needed to make the difference between stasis and progress. Time is not of the essence regarding our spiritual Awakening to the Truth of eternity; willingness is, even in the smallest amount. A single drop of water is sufficient to initiate the germination of a dormant seed. That moment is what Jesus calls the holy instant. It applies to the moment a closed, dormant mind responds to a ray of Light, and the journey Home to remembrance of Truth begins to take place.  

Truth is Knowledge – Knowing that Love is real, is Light, is Life Itself, and therefore is empowerment for creating in its own likeness. Jesus knocks unceasingly at the door of our closed mind, and eventually – however ‘long’ it may seem to take – that knocking will be heard and the door opened, even if only the smallest crack at first. That will be enough to allow a minuscule ray of the all-encompassing Light that he is (and that in Truth we all are also) to enter even the most intransigently-closed mind. And that Light, just like that single drop of water, is, to a deeply-slumbering mind, sufficient to commence the one step at a time journey Home. That is the holy instant at work. 

His knocking at the closed door of a spiritually slumbering mind – a mind that is, perhaps, resolute in its rejection of him and anything to do with eternity – is by no means limited to the literal perception of the image it might summon to our inner eye. He is without limit, and as he said to Olga Park in August 1956: “I am the guide of many. Let no man confuse you saying, ‘He is high and lifted up and cannot manifest to the children of men.’ For though I [may choose to] speak through the mouth of an angel, and though I [may choose to] write through the hand of a messenger, it is I … So, a mind closed to, in conscious rejection of, Jesus can still be reached by him by vicarious means. 

He counsels us – exhorts us – to practise attuning with/moving into the holy instant. The holy instant could be considered as the door to Wakefulness, remembering, BEING what we really are. But that door is shut to us – by ourself – never by Papa, or Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. He says it this way: As long as you desire it (the holy instant) not and cherish littleness instead, by so much is it far from you. This is telling us that following the ego’s script by choosing to continue believing time and place is reality, we are excluding ourself from awareness of, Awakening to the holy instant – our open door to Papa and to Self. Yet: By so much as you want it will you bring it nearer.   

He goes on to say (A Course in Miracles, T-15.IV):  

Value no plan of the ego before the plan of God. For you leave empty your place in His plan, which you must fill if you would join with me, by your decision to join in any plan but His. I call you to fulfill your holy part in the plan that He has given to the world for its [i.e., our] release  from littleness. God would have His host [that’s us; all of us, without a single exception, ever] abide in perfect freedom. Every allegiance to a plan of salvation apart from Him diminishes the value of His Will for you in your own mind. And yet it is your mind that is the host to Him. 

I stand within the holy instant, as clear as you would have me. And the extent to which you learn to accept me is the measure of the time in which the holy instant will be yours. I call to you to make the holy instant yours at once, for the release from littleness in the mind of the host of God depends on willingness, and not on time … The holy instant … is the recognition that all minds are in communication [or, communion].  It therefore seeks to change nothing, but merely to accept everything [everything real]. 

How can you do this when you would prefer to have private thoughts and keep them? The only way you could do that would be to deny the perfect [Universal, limitless] communication that makes the holy instant what it is.    

Every thought you would keep hidden shuts communication off, because you would have it so. It is impossible to recognize perfect commun[icat]ion while breaking communication [any limit is a breach] holds value to you. Ask yourself honestly, “Would I want to have perfect commun[icat]ion, and am I wholly willing to let everything that interferes with it go forever?” If the answer is no, then the Holy Spirit’s readiness to give it to you is not enough to make it yours, for you are not [yet] ready to share it with Him. And it cannot come into a mind that has decided to oppose it. For the holy instant is given and received with equal willingness, being the acceptance of the single Will that governs all [true] thought.      

The necessary condition for the holy instant does not require that you have no thoughts that are not pure. But it does require that you have none that you would keep [i.e., be unwilling to let go]. Innocence is not of your making. It is given you the instant you would have it. You will not be able to accept perfect commun[icat]ion as long as you would hide it from yourself. For what you would hide is hidden from you. In your practice, then, try only to be vigilant against deception, and seek not to protect the thoughts you would keep to yourself. Let the Holy Spirit’s purity shine them away, and bring all your awareness to the readiness for purity He offers you.  

The holy instant is the Holy Spirit’s most useful learning device for teaching you Love’s meaning. For its purpose is to suspend judgment entirely. Judgment always rests on the past, for past experience is the basis on which you judge. Judgment becomes impossible without the past, for without it you do not understand anything. You would make no attempt to judge, because it would be quite apparent to you that you do not understand what anything [in this dream world] means. You are afraid of this because you believe that without the ego, all would be chaos. Yet I assure you that without the ego, all would be Love. 

Brian Longhurst 


For any interested to see it, here are the links to my interview by Gabriel Jimenez on YouTube: 

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Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. March 10, 2009 

Don’t try to force anything. Oneness – our Oneness, all Oneness – IS. That cannot be changed. It was, is and will always be, irreversibly, so. The key to awareness of that is acceptance.  

Those amongst us who have a greater awareness of the Eternal Realities can help in the leavening of the third measure of meal – indeed, it is we, all, who are the leaven – by irradiating the world, human consciousness, with Peace, Joy, Love, and the transforming blessing of true forgiveness. In this way we join our minds, dispelling the illusion of separation back to the reality of our Oneness of Mind – Christ Mind – which is the all-empowered creative force for releasing us all from the ego-world of fear, doubt, conflict, destruction, to the Kingdom world of peace, harmony, balance.  

Dear Self: that greeting seems a rather formal – remote, even – way to commence a communing with ... er, Self. I still have a sense of ‘Self’ being other than who I am (or, appear to be), and much of the time think in terms of ‘You’, rather than ‘I’. 

Don’t try to force anything. Oneness – our Oneness, all Oneness – IS. That cannot be changed. It was, is and will always be, irreversibly, so. The key to awareness of that is acceptance. Persona Brian (pB) is accepting of that. That is good. It is all that is required. Awareness grows, one step at a time, until it is complete. Allow it to happen. Don’t dig up the seedlings. Like all things of Eternity, believing, having faith is the only way back to reality from the dream. 

It is because of your belief, your faith, your willingness to accept, that pB has made such progress in just a few months since the ‘Big Guy’ moment*. That moment happened because pB was ready for it to happen. PB is also strong in desire and willingness for remembrance. Maintaining steadfast focus on the Oneness of Self, in Papa – something about which pB knows and writes, often J – assuredly will bring the Oneness of Self that persona Brian sincerely, earnestly desires. 

* Please see MoE dated June 18, 2008 for explanation of this.

November 21, 2018 

It is the harmonising of life energies so that they are all working together in a complementary fashion that is the Peace of Heaven. So shall the Kingdom of God be brought into the Earth life and established there in all His children by aligning and harmonising the life energies of all who will.

~ Jesus, April 8, 1990 

Dear Friends, 

This world of time and place appears to our bodily senses as physically dense, solid, impermeable to Light the Light of Life, as distinct from photons. It has to be that way to fulfil the objective the split-off-from-Truth, fragmented mind of Papa’s Son assigned to it: to veil his (our) sight from reality during his momentary dream of separation. Without Light, which is spirit, spiritual darkness is inevitable. But Light has attributes that also are unavailable to us in the dream: Love, Life, Truth, Knowledge, peace, joy – all unbounded eternally. The choice for abandonment of these inextricably-unified qualities from our awareness places us in the consciousness of guilt and fear. 

Why guilt and fear? Guilt, because at some level, deep in our unconscious mind, we are aware that we have separated ourself from Papa and our Self, and that this amounts to an attack on Him by ‘tearing part of Him (His Son; us) away from Him, leaving Him incomplete’. And fear because a) He will, assuredly, punish us terribly for this sin, and b) because we now find ourself in darkness, isolated, ignorant, confused about our identity. Etcetera. This is all so terrifying that we try to project our guilt and fear away from ourself, and also, to distract ourself with ‘pleasure’. But the projection reflects right back to us, and the pleasure, being only temporary, often – frequently – turns to pain. 

We even project our own sense of guilt that we chose to leave Him onto Him, contriving mythologies about Him casting us out of the Garden of Eden! But Papa, the God of unconditional Love (Who knows not of our upside-down mythologies) is Calling us Home, restoring us to remembrance of Him and our undivided One Self – the return to sanity – and the Call of Love and Light is greater than the insane attraction of guilt and fear. The attraction of His Love is so powerful that not one fragment, however dark, lonely, fearful, angry, judgemental … he may seem to be, shall be left out. And inspite of what the six o’clock news may tell us, the rejoining of all as One in Him is inevitable.  

We may be tempted to judge and condemn our brother when he speaks or acts in error, but Jesus reminds us: 

Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven. (Matt.18:10).  

The context of his statement at the time may have been applied to children, but we are all, as we wander, lost, blind, fearful in the valley of the shadow of death, little ones. Further, if their (children’s) angels always behold Papa’s face, who can imagine Papa telling His angel guardians of children that when they reach ‘adulthood’ they are then on their (our) own? The ego infection of our mind does not let up on its determination to have us see Papa as exclusive, when all in His sight are included, regardless of whatever our broken, upside-down, misperceiving minds may concoct in the dream of ‘death’. In contrast, as stated on previous occasions, Jesus tells us: 

I have meat to eat that ye know not of. My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work. (John 4:32,34). 

With our bodily senses and intellectually analysing head-mind, his finishing Papa’s work may seem far-fetched, far-off, with the dream world increasingly in chaos and disarray. But that is an absolute sign that the Kingdom is at hand – even at the doors. And his statement applies not just to himself but to each and every one of us, with no exceptions. Most of us may feel singularly unready to apply it to ourself – yet – but it is inevitable that we all shall. And when we join our will, as One, with Jesus’ will, Papa’s work shall be finished. The ego would have us believe that His work will never be finished. Who will we choose, who do we desire, to believe: Jesus or the non-existent ego?  

The ego is in constant, unremitting turmoil, and when in its thrall, that is our experience in our mind, and in the events around us into which we find ourself getting – very often unwittingly – drawn. But consciously choosing to enter into the Stillness, which is always and forever freely ours, then Oneness – with Jesus and all our brothers in the Sonship that he and Holy Spirit bring to us to join with us – in the Heart-Mind of Papa, automatically, effortlessly, spontaneously excludes the ego from our mind, thoughts, feelings and experience. This is simply because, as a Principle of Life of the Father, Stillness and turmoil are entirely, irreconcilably incompatible, and mutually exclusive.  

We, exactly like our Father Creator and our brother, Jesus, are, inextinguishably, the Light. Illusions of darkness cannot, ever, alter that. As we choose to follow the pure desire of our heart-mind, so does the veil of illusory darkness thin, shone finally away by the increasing remembrance of, and at-One-ment with, our Luminosity. As we become Lighter, so do we ascend, spiritually and mentally because the assumed burdens of guilt, fear, judgement and unforgiveness become gradually jettisoned. This is impossible other than by willingly, trustingly, freely, gladly, unwaveringly placing ourself within the Loving, benign, safe, all-empowered-by-Papa care of Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit. 

This dream world of spiritual darkness is nothing more than a fearful state of mind that Papa’s Son, in a mad moment, mistakenly opted for. It appeared to reverse all reality, but happily – inevitably – it was corrected; over, in the same instant it seemed to arise. Assuredly, none can describe this more accurately, beautifully, poetically, meaningfully, comprehensively and comprehendibly than Jesus, in this extract from A Course in Miracles:  

The tiny instant you would keep and make eternal, passed away in Heaven too soon for anything to notice it had come. What disappeared too quickly to affect the simple knowledge of the Son of God can hardly still be there, for you to choose to be your teacher. Only in the past – an ancient past, too short to make a world in answer to creation – did this world appear to rise ... for such a tiny interval of time, that not one note in Heaven’s song was missed.  

Yet in each unforgiving act or thought, in every judgment and in all belief in sin, is that one instant still called back, as if it could be made again in time. You keep an ancient memory before your eyes. And he who lives in memories alone is unaware of where he [really] is. (T-26.V.5). 

As we gradually Awaken from the dream of an ancient, illusory past to the remembrance of the eternal, ever-present, holy instant of NOW, so does our enLightenment shine forth – not as photons but as the Light of Love, Life, Truth, peace and joy – ever brighter. Those who choose – albeit only momentarily – to remain in guilt-and-fear-driven darkness have no conscious awareness of the enLightening taking place in their brother. But unconsciously – darkness being fearful of the Light – they feel uncomfortable in Its presence, so their choice is to steer clear of It, as increasingly manifesting in their one step at a time ascending-the-Hill-of-the-Lord brother. 

Many such ascenders will not be consciously aware of what is actually – invisibly to their external perception – taking place in their own within, and may be puzzled as to why erstwhile friends are now, increasingly, steering clear of them. They will feel something is wrong with them, and be distressed at what they see as being shunned. Now is the time to hold fast, in faith and trust, for assuredly, they are not alone, and Jesus/Holy Spirit will bring to them ‘new’ friends. These are not new at all, but Loved ones being rejoined in holy relationship. Those whose paths have diverged, not yet ready to begin their ascending, will continue as before, establishing special and unholy relationships. 

As we continue to ascend, the Light renders us ‘invisible’ to those remaining in the valley below. They will perceive us as a body when we pass them in the street, but there will be no inner recognition. Let it be, blessing them on their way, for their Awakening in their allotted time. We and they are now – temporarily – in two different dimensions. We are now, by our free choice, coming under divine Care, Guidance and Protection, and any inimical connections or activities we may previously have been drawn into will cease to have any attraction to us, nor they for us. The battleground may seem to continue but we are now above it, invisible to and safe – free – from its attraction.  

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. March 16, 2009 

Of course there is chaos and confusion; it is an inevitable effect of the breakdown of old order conditioning and the emergence of the New. This effect shall pass rapidly, with minimal distress to those who focus steadfastly only on the New. 

There are heights and depths of Joy, Peace and Love within us that our focus in the horizontal plane, the external world without, prevents us from knowing, from experiencing. Truly it is said, “If you cannot go within, you will go without.” Most of us are going without, unaware from one illusory embodiment to the next … and the next … of our true Reality, our true, One Self. 

Now is the allotted time of the Awakening of Papa’s slumbering Son. The signs of its happening are appearing, filtering down from ‘above’ into the confused, discombobulated, upside-down perceptions of the fragments. There have been enormous changes in ‘consensus reality’ in recent years, and ever-new remembrances of Who they are continue to emerge into conscious awareness, and the pace continues to accelerate. 

Of course there is chaos and confusion; it is an inevitable effect of the breakdown of old order conditioning and the emergence of the New. This effect shall pass rapidly, with minimal distress to those who focus steadfastly only on the New. Many hold fast, and will continue to hold fast, to outmoded belief structures, some of which, in the name of a misperceived God, promulgate hatred and attack on those of belief systems at variance with their own. Ego wants this; it feeds the separation consciousness. Is this a serviceable response to fear, forgetfulness, cries for Love? For that is all ‘attack’ is. 

November 28, 2018 

I counsel you, focus your thoughts on the Peace of God. As you focus, let your heart, mind and soul speak the word Peace, reverently within yourself. This act of speaking is, in itself, an act of creation and will align your energies of heart, mind and soul with our Father Creator.

~ Jesus, April 22, 1990 

Dear Friends, 

Our readiness to help the Holy Spirit to save the world (A Course in Miracles C-2.9:1) doesn’t depend on any level of hierarchical spiritual or metaphysical ‘status’, or attainment but on our inmost, heart-centred desire. It depends also on spiritual humility; our willingness, readiness to become as little children; to be led by, and to follow in unwavering faith and trust, One Who Knows the Truth of our Being; One Who Knows our potential for kingdomly service and stewardship. Assuredly, most of us don’t know, or have much, if any, faith and trust in our own world-saving potential, because reincarnation entails forgetting the entire Truth of our Self, and adopting, instead, a counterfeit self. 

Every fragment of the Sonship, however deeply slumbering and dreaming of guilt, fear, unworthiness, unlovableness … or hate, attack, worldly power … is perfectly able to help save the world – just as able, in fact, as Jesus. If only we can believe. All these false selves, about which we masquerade in our array of personas, each establishing a contrived, meaningless trail to nowhere, are worthless distractions from Self. Yet, inspite of that, and of the blindness of most of us to the Truth of our Being, incalculable acts of kingdomly service and stewardship are performed by vast numbers of us each and every day, without the performer having any conscious recognition of it being so. 

This is actually perfect, because most of such performers, having forgotten the grandeur of Who they really Are (due to hiding from Papa in a body), are completely unaware of the Great Rescue Programme and their beneficial contribution to its outworking in time and place. The egoic veiling of their recognition of eternal Reality, and their contribution to It in establishing the real world – the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth – would be likely to cause confusion if they could suddenly see that this was what was de facto happening, and they would be put off their stride at the magnitude of their contribution by thoughts, words and deeds on progressing, hastening the Great Awakening

So, the input of all such performers is manifested in this world ‘simply’ as inward, Loving, blessing, forgiving thoughts and outward words and acts of kindness, generosity, selflessness, forgiveness, heroism … that cannot be overlooked by eyes attuned only to the external world, and unaware of what lies beyond it. Here is what Jesus tells us about this in this extract from A Course in Miracles, T-26.I.4 and 5:  

What witness to the Wholeness of God’s Son is seen within a world of [i.e., that sees only] separate bodies, however much he witnesses to truth? He is invisible in such a world. Nor can his song of union and of Love be heard at all. Yet is it given him to make the world recede before his song, and sight of him [i.e., his Self, as exemplified by Jesus] replace the body’s eyes [with true, inward perception. His ‘song’ is sung by outward acts of kindness, generosity of spirit, selflessness, forgiveness, healing, heroism, … and this will, one step at a time, make the broken world recede before bodies’ misperceiving eyes. This is happening right now and gathering pace and momentum].  

Those who would see the witnesses to truth instead of to illusion merely ask that they might see a purpose in the world that gives it sense and makes it meaningful. Without your special [Holy Spirit-assigned] function has this world no meaning for you. Yet it can become a Treasure House as rich and limitless as Heaven itself. No instant passes here in which your brother’s holiness cannot be seen, to add a limitless supply to every meagre scrap and tiny crumb of happiness that you allot yourself. 

There is a great Treasure House of limitless, eternal, spiritual riches available to us all, without exception, right here, right Now. This Treasure House is in our own within. In fact, it is What we Are. The Treasure with which It overflows is unbounded Love, peace, joy, all Knowledge, limitless power of creation, completion (which lies first in union and then in the extension of union [T-16.V.5:4]). It is our true, perfect, unalterable, unassailable, unified Self; Papa’s One Son: Christ. This can never become our awareness, our remembrance, reality, experience, Truth, eternal, effulgent, ineffable Being … while we continue to choose to believe we are separate, vulnerable, mortal bodies. 

It is the very belief in this that causes to arise in our perception that we are bodies. Choosing to cease in that belief will eventuate in the demise of that misperception. Choosing to believe, instead, that we are Universal, Unified Mind-and-Spirit will re-activate, from our own within, the awareness, remembrance that this is the Truth of our eternal, immortal Being. There is nothing that we must ‘do’ to bring about this change of perception, of experience. It is merely a change of mind that will effectuate it. The ego will assure us that this is baloney, impossible, fantasy … And it would be right, if we attempt this alone. We are not alone, ever. We have Help freely available to us every moment. 

A new-born baby cannot drive a car. But, given time and Help it will become able to drive a car – and much else beside. The Holy Spirit will use/interpret time to our advantage in undergoing the gradual change of belief/perception that will set us free from imprisonment in littleness – and thus, experience of being vulnerable, fragile, mortal bodies – starting the very instant we choose willingness to ASK for His Help. We will be too fearful to ask until and unless we have the desire, above all the illusions of time and place, to be free, unshackled, unchained from limitation; Awake, Alive, limitless. Just like Jesus. J 

Until that moment arises, always of our free choosing, we will remain touring the ‘treasure fantasy house of horrors’ with the prince of this world as our bogus, malevolent guide, vainly searching for – but never finding – fulfilment of our heart’s One, true desire. Instead, we will continue finding the duality ‘treasures’ of success/failure, pleasure/pain, love/hate, projection/reflection, ‘life’/’death’, hope/disappointment … with fringe ‘benefits’ which include darkness, ignorance, loneliness, violence, self-loathing, despair, judgement, grievance, guilt, fear … Of course the ego will say this is a gross exaggeration; that there are only occasional, ‘coincidental’, unfortunate, accidental downsides.  

But what about our ‘previous’ and ‘next’ embodiments – so ‘conveniently’ self-occluded (under ego direction, beguilement) from our awareness? And what of the billions of our brothers in hopelessness and despair right ‘now’? Meanwhile our true Treasure House is the Kingdom of Heaven, forever within us, freely, lovingly, immediately restored to our remembrance – just for the asking and willingness to accept. Jesus will lead us back to the entrance – the door to which is forever open, though in electing for dissociation from this Treasure House we have shut the door on It, by pretending It does not exist. A simple change of mind will instantly reveal that that door is open. 

The Holy Spirit will invite us in and give us His gentle, caring, one step at a time Guided Tour, reminding us that this is not just ‘our’ Treasure House but that of us all. It is what we all are, freely imbued by Papa in His One, beloved Son at his creation. The choice for union and completion is the key to the Treasure House of our One Self. Union means joining with our brothers as our heart’s Love-centred desire. Our brothers include all the lost, grieving, despairing, hopeless, fearful, starving … judging, condemning, oppressing … for that joining is the key we already hold in our hand, and joining as One, effortlessly, spontaneously opens the door.  

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. March 21, 2009 

Allow Love, the Love and Light that I Am, to well up in you, fill, overflow from you out into the world and irradiate all brothers, joining them in the Oneness that overrides, dispels all appearances of separateness, until they cease to have any meaning for all.   

Oneness with Beloved, all-Loving Self … Waking to that Reality is my desire. It seems as if there is so much to remember. But all the ‘tools’ are in place, and Self is in control of the process because persona Brian has placed Him there by a willingness to surrender his ego-leasehold. There is nothing more to ‘do’ except remain willing to co-operate in the Waking/remembering process.   

And give thanks! J Allow Love, the Love and Light that I Am, to well up in you, fill you, overflow from you out into the world and irradiate all brothers, joining them in the Oneness that overrides, dispels all appearances of separateness, until they cease to have any meaning for all. From the within into the without, let this transform all, like the spring sunshine melting the winter snow, causing it to disappear before your eyes. Seeing the Allness, the Oneness, the undividedness of the water in the snow – before its apparent frozen separateness melts – is a serviceable objective. 

Look upon the outer shell of all brothers and see that the form is not the reality. Let My irradiating Light and the warmth of My Love be the catalyst that initiates, performs the melting away, to release the innate essence to freely move and flow, one drop melting into another until all are One ocean of Being – the One Son within the One Father. The Whole, complete, indivisible Holy One. 

I give thanks that our Truth is Holy/Whole Self and that all are being restored to remembrance of eternal Truth of Being. 

 December 5, 2018 

Let your heart and your mind be ever open to the wavelength of Gods Kingdom of Love and rightful living, for this is your true abode. From it shall come strength, wisdom, inspiration, upliftment, peace, and the fulfilment in your life of the desire of your heart.

It is there for you and for all who will to receive it.

~ Jesus, May 6, 1990 

Dear Friends, 

Last week’s Message of Encouragement referred to a Treasure House as rich and limitless as Heaven itself (from A Course in Miracles, T-26.I.4). It is as rich and limitless as Heaven itself because it is the reality of our Being as the One, undivided Son of God – Christ – that we are, just as Papa created His Son. And the Kingdom of Heaven is the eternal nature, the unchangeable Truth of that undivided, indivisible Being. That reality is within us, the only ‘place’ – actually, state of Being – that exists. Dissociation from our Source and our Self means we have deprived ourself of our own reality – placing ourself without any reality. That is the fantastical state of unreality we seem to have chosen. 

Yet that was only in an infinitesimal instant, which was over and forgotten in that same instant. It is our continuing in the choice to accept unreality as our ‘reality’ that keeps it in our awareness. Yet this is a false awareness – just as a dream is a false awareness, which we immediately realise when we wake from our slumber. False awareness cannot exist in the holy instant of the eternally-present NOW. We have to keep attempting to revisit the ‘past’ in order to try and keep it in our awareness. Why would we want to do that, when the past is the reversal of our ineffable reality? That indicates the totality of insanity that has been our choice. The six o’clock news will confirm the error. 

But we can change our mind and elect to accept the Holy Spirit’s offer of a Guided Tour of our Treasure House, which will immediately begin our return to the sanity of perfect Love, peace, joy and completion. It is impossible to describe in linear terms how and where this Guided Tour will start, continue and end because it is not a linear process. Nothing in Truth is linear; it is all-at-once, complete, whole and perfect in every respect. It therefore has no beginning or end. Yet, because we are inured to linear experience with beginnings and endings, the only way we can begin to assimilate, comprehend, totality is by what seems to be a one step at a time order of progress.  

One of the first awarenesses we will notice is the peace, the Stillness, the safety. The dictionary defines safety as freedom from danger or risk of injury – such as ‘death’. J This is because within the Treasure House all IS safe – an absolute contrast, reversal of the linear experience of time and place, where we are pretending to have denied ourself access to Knowledge, preventing us from Knowing we are safe, complete, unassailable; One in the Heart-Mind of Papa. Not Knowing means we believe anything can happen, and because the linear experience is in the illusory past, where danger, scarcity, sickness, ‘pestilence and every form of ill’ is the norm, we have to be ready to defend ourself from the constant threat of attack. This is just some of the price of separation.  

Yet, how can there be danger in One? When we choose to rejoin as One, in Love, peace and joy, all forgetfulness, fear, doubt … is gone and we are restored to our One, whole, complete Self. There is nothing, save ourself, to delay us, each and every one, without exception – exceptions are impossible with Papa – in choosing to begin our one-on-One Guided Tour of our Treasure House with Holy Spirit. The language of separation is devised to serve separateness, so using it to define reality is not ideal. Nevertheless, its carefully chosen application can take us a highly serviceable distance toward reality – especially when mindful, reasoned, creative, heart-centred imagination is employed. 

We can think of the tour as being a journey into remembrance of Self; of all Knowledge. Let us remind ourself that this word actually applies solely to eternal Truth, and has no connection to ‘information’, which is all we can gather by seeking in the external world of time and place – even though the gathering of temporal, ever-changing information is mistakenly referred to as ‘knowledge’. Most, perhaps – as yet unwilling to surrender their hold on illusion – will only recall this when they lay aside their body and realise they were mistaken regarding just about everything they believed and accepted as ‘truth’ in the dream of bodies. Only then can their journey Home to Oneness begin. 

Only Love is real, and anything and everything in the dream of form that is not Love-centred cannot be real, and therefore, does not exist. That will be realised when what we believed was real – including our own body – withers and is gone in an instant. This can only begin to become palpably, inwardly real and meaningful when we are entirely willing to accept Help (how can we do this alone?) to adopt true, unconditional forgiveness of all illusions, and set aside all judgements, grievances, unloving thoughts, words and deeds. For, as Jesus exhorts us in this extract from A Course in Miracles, T-31.VIII.8/9:  

I ask for nothing but your own release [from the dream of separation]. There is no place for hell within a world whose loveliness can yet be so intense and so inclusive it is but a step from there to Heaven. To your tired eyes I bring a vision of a different world, so new and clean and fresh you will forget the pain and sorrow that you saw before. Yet this a vision is which you must share with everyone you see, for otherwise you will behold it not …  

We do not share this vision verbally with those who are not yet ready to perceive it, but by living it – just like Jesus J – and by silently blessing them, irradiating them with it from our heart-mind to theirs, via the Holy Spirit, Who will keep it safe within their unconscious minds for them until they are ready to consciously receive the vision unto themselves.  

To give [by sharing] this gift is how to make it yours. And God ordained, in loving kindness, that it be for you. 

Let us be glad that we can walk the world, and find so many chances to perceive another situation where God’s gift can once again be recognized as ours! And thus will all the vestiges of hell, the secret sins and hidden hates be gone. 

As stated above, our Holy Spirit Guided Tour of our universal Treasure House is, in effect, one of remembrance, by which it becomes available, accessible to our conscious mind. One might liken it to bringing data from our computer’s hard drive (unconscious mind) up to RAM (conscious mind) for application in any given opportunity and any serviceable moment. Each ‘item’ of restored memory can then be connected irreversibly, unforgettably, in our conscious awareness to create a larger – and in due process complete – illuminated picture of all Knowledge/reality/Truth. And because the picture is illuminated in our mind it brings enLightenment – spiritual Wakefulness – to our mind …  

… The picture of Light ... is transformed into what lies beyond the picture. As you look on this, you realize that it is not a picture, but a reality. This is no figured representation of a thought system, but the Thought itself. What it represents is there [in the eternal Present] ... and God rises to your remembrance, offering you the whole of creation [including, of course, all Knowledge and all power of creation] in exchange for your little picture … (From A Course in Miracles, T-17.IV.15.)  

All these – Knowledge, reality, Truth, power of creation – attributes of Love and Light, along with peace, joy … are brought to us, restored to us by Jesus/Holy Spirit when we ask Them to be, and place Them, in control of our Awakening.  

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant


A.M. March 26, 2009


For those who still slumber fitfully in the consciousness of fear, send a heart overflowing with Love, and thanks also, for the opportunity to grow by remembering that they, too, are the Light, and are calling for your Love. Do not hesitate a single moment to give it, freely, limitlessly.


With so much chaos going on in the outer, it is vital to our inner equilibrium – peace – that it be counterbalanced with renewed commitment to going within. Rather than allowing detail to swamp me, I give thanks for Self – the Voice for Papa – upholding me, providing the inner awareness and certainty of safety, that all is well, there is nothing to fear, that all details are taken care of and will outwork according to the Principles of Life of the Father.  Alleluia!!! J


Give thanks for the life, Love, blessing of all your brothers in the Sonship. Bless them with Joy and Peace and for their steadfastness of commitment to the Kingdom. For those who still slumber fitfully in the consciousness of fear, send a heart overflowing with Love, and thanks also, for the opportunity to grow by remembering that they, too, are the Light, and are calling for your Love. Do not hesitate a single moment to give it, freely, limitlessly.


I give it, unconditionally, joyfully, thankfully. Jesus, Beloved, I Love you, my Guide to Eternity; my dear, true friend and brother.

December 12, 2018 

Peace is Oneness with the Love of God. It is reached by letting go, by opening your heart to our Father, by accepting that it is He Who will accomplish for you, rather than you for Him; your going forward to the stature of perfection. It is His Great Plan for all mankind.

~ Holy Communion, May 13, 1990 

Dear Friends, 

When we are ready, the Holy Spirit will commence guiding us on a comprehensive tour of the Treasure House of Heaven: eternity, all Knowledge, all Truth, all Love, Light, peace and joy that we already are, but chose to forget. As soon as we are ready, and ASK Him, the Grand Tour begins. But how do we KNOW when we are ready? Do we receive a postcard, telegram, email, text, phone call … telling us? In a sense, yes, to all, but the communications are not from any external source. The One communication, which will have as many manifestations as he Knows we need, comes from our own within. This is, of course the only place from which heart-centred desire and motivation arise. 

It is nothing like any sensation this world can provide; it has an inner certainty about it that can hardly be put into words that any lacking such motivation can comprehend. Trying to share it with any who are not similarly motivated – but instead, still slumber and dream of that which passes away – is fruitless. As our emerging inner awareness gathers in intensity, its Light – invisible to body’s eyes – makes clear that fulfilment of such desire is not born of the without; the realisation dawns that the external world, the without, is just that: without. Without purpose, without meaning or fulfilment; a senseless journey to nowhere, goaded by a perceived need to ‘succeed’.   

But succeed at what, and at what cost? Of course there are untold numbers of people who succeed, brilliantly, in highly worthy and honourable endeavours, bringing hope, succour, healing, joy … to all they serve so diligently, caringly, devotedly. A classic example of this might be neuro-surgeons and their support teams of anaesthetists, nurses, porters … There are many other chosen occupations served by diligent, honest, caring, selfless people. From where does this sense of devotion to others come? From within, motivated by Love and recognition of the intrinsic value of service and stewardship. Such motivation can only bring the reward of fulfilment at the soul level of our Being.  

There is no reward this conflicted world can bring that comes within a country mile of such inner satisfaction. If not from within, the motivation may be material gain, status, worldly power, badgering – perhaps – by a parent or spouse … all external, temporal. If the eternal considerations do not feature, somewhere along the line the sense of lack of purpose, fulfilment, missed opportunity … will, must arise. This may not be until post-embodiment, when a period of reflection is afforded, to consider, ‘What was that (embodiment) all about; what was its purpose; is that who (or all) I really am?’ 

The ego might ask the same question of that neuro-surgeon. But the neuro-surgeon can – and no doubt many do – continue, with the same level of commitment, service and stewardship from their new abode in the etheric counterpart of the Earth-physical. The neuro-surgeon will quickly find that there are others in spirit who work closely with their embodied counterparts. From spirit they are able to see more clearly the factors causing the need for a surgical procedure, and by overshadowing/inspiring their embodied counterparts, can help them to perform with greater precision and achieve greater success. His motivation for service will, most likely, draw him to joining with them.  

This overshadowing from spirit is occurring in myriad ways, helping to improve awareness, understanding; ease the array of perceived adversities in this dream world battleground. It is not what we do for a ‘living’ that is crucial to fulfilment of the inner Self, but what we are. A train driver, or bricklayer … may not find much soul-satisfaction from that, but perhaps he might, for example, have a strong desire to help children whose home life is abysmal, and/or who have a potential for music, singing, gymnastics, painting … That train driver may have spent decades developing his innate potential in one of those areas and therefore be able – and willing – to help that child to develop his.  

This is not about doing but about sharing, joining, connecting, being truly helpful; motivated – led, directed effortlessly, naturally, spontaneously from within – by Love and caring. These are all gifts of the spirit. Miracles are occurring all around us, every day, and slumbering souls miss them because either they ‘don’t believe in miracles’, so they blind themselves to them, or are attuned to what moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: (Matt. 6:19) – or both. In this world, sharing, joining, being truly helpful … are miracles because from that helpfulness – inspired from within – ‘miraculous’ things, treasures unfold.  

As an aside, feeling unworthy because of what we do for a living serves the ego but it does not serve us, or the Great Awakening (in which we are all integral). Neither Jesus nor Holy Spirit judge us by our job, or anything else that we do, but by Who and what we Are. We are Papa’s One, perfect, guiltless Son. Nothing in this dream world can alter that by one whit. 

The Holy Spirit-led guided tour of our Treasure House can – and must, for our unfolding Awakening from forgetfulness to remembrance of Who we really Are – take place during our embodiment. True helpfulness and complete harmlessness are aspects of the treasures with which He will re-familiarise us. There are innumerable others, all of which are potential within us, but forgotten, self-occluded from our memory by the dream of separation from Oneness in Papa. These treasures are of Being, even when they manifest as doing. Healing is one such way in which they manifest because healing is about Loving, caring, forgiving, compassion, devotion, accepting, understanding.  

Jesus exemplified (and still does) all these treasures, these gifts of the spirit, and by choosing to be like him – which, contra to what the ego would have us believe, is effortless when we so desire, because he and Holy Spirit will lead us there in response to our desire – so will we also manifest, share, express, extend, BE those treasures to our brothers and to ourself, because in Truth we are One. So do we, one Guided step at a time, assimilate each of those treasures back into our conscious mind – remembering them because they remind us of what we already Are. Then we have access to them; we have them (again) and thus are able to share them because we have them. 

This is the Awakening process because by having all the treasures in our Treasure House restored to our remembrance we are able to share, extend, give them to our brothers – all who Jesus/Holy Spirit bring to us for joining and sharing. By acknowledging that all the treasures in the Treasure House are freely ours (just like Jesus! J) we thereby open ourself to receiving and accepting them unto ourself. Then, by sharing what is rightfully ours – because they are God-given, and thus non-retractable – we join and become as One by the very process of freely sharing our treasures. We are not sharing what moth and rust doth corrupt, but Ideas. Sharing Ideas increases our true wealth. 

Until we choose to accept Holy Spirit as our Guide through our Treasure House we will be unable to recall to our awareness, our remembrance, that we are the Treasure House, so we will be unaware of Its existence within us. Therefore we will remain bereft of all Knowledge, and have to rely on false, ever-changing (and thus, unreal, unreliable) information provided by the ego to guide us to ‘safety’. All information is false because time and place is false, having no existence in reality. What is without is temporal and passes away, but what is within is forever, unchangeable, and therefore reliable because it is true. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. March 28, 2009 

One step at a time we are led, in direct response to our willingness to follow. And one step at a time we are released from the ties and trammels to the ways of the world, according to our degree of enlightenment. 

In spite of all that appears to be going on in the without, I am feeling a remarkable, blessed degree of inner peace this morning. This, assuredly, is a dividend of the path we travel, led by our beloved brother Jesus, and the one-pointed commitment we made, and reaffirm, to the Kingdom. There is a calmness, a positiveness, a stillness upon me; a sense of certainty that, as Jesus has been telling me for more than half a lifetime, ‘All is well’. 

Here, now, with the benefit of hindsight, I can see that the words of comfort, reassurance, enlightenment, uplift, can take decades to become assimilated as part of our being, our reality. If most of us knew the ‘time’ it would take, how many would have the ‘stick-at-it-iveness’ to keep on keeping on? Yet, what is the alternative? The anathema of egoland; a slow, lingering, pulverising of our integrity. 

There is Light at the end of the tunnel. The only real choice we have is to keep moving toward it, taking strength and comfort from the certainty that we are Loved totally, unconditionally; watched over with endless, tender compassion and caring; helped in the steep places; protected from the devastation of ego’s worst destructive efforts; guided toward the Light of Eternity – even when we have no conscious awareness of that guidance – in direct proportion to our Faith, Trust, Obedience (to the Voice for Love within) and Commitment. This is a Principle of Life of the Father, an immutable certainty. 

It can only be in response to our willingness to be led, because we have free will. Jesus said to me many times over the decades, ‘I lead, do thou follow’. If I was unwilling to follow, he could not lead. He could not coerce me – or anyone. Nor would he try. It would be a breach of cosmic law – the Principles of Life of the Father – and would disempower him, just as it disempowers all who try to force their will upon another, eventually. Proselytising religious sects and cults would do well to remember that. 

So, one step at a time we are led, in direct response to our willingness to follow. And one step at a time we are released from the ties and trammels to the ways of the world, according to our degree of enlightenment. As Jesus so lovingly tells us in A Course in Miracles, W- 137. 9 

Healing, forgiveness, and the glad exchange of all the world of sorrow for a world where sadness cannot enter, are the means by which the Holy Spirit urges you to follow Him. His gentle lessons teach how easily salvation can be yours; how little practice you need undertake to let His laws replace those you made to hold yourself a prisoner to death. His life becomes your own, as you extend the little help He asks in freeing you from everything that ever caused you pain.

December 19, 2018


The profound joy and ecstasy which overwhelms with delight beyond all Earth’s imaginings is the true estate of all God’s children, and the destiny of all who will to enter in to Oneness. For this is the Kingdom of His Love.

~ Jesus, June 3, 1990 

Dear Friends, 

We appear to be ‘here’ – in limited, separate, mortal bodies, in time and place – because that is the experience that the choice for separation delivered to Papa’s One Son. This was nothing to do with Papa. There is only one purpose to be served by this dream experience, and that is to Awaken from what seem to be myriad illusions of division but in actuality is only one: separation from Oneness. It cannot be stated, offered, repeated too often that Awakening from this nightmare is impossible alone, because alone implies division, and the Truth of all Being is undivided. Joining with a brother who is in denial of Truth will not Awaken either one because denial of Truth is separation from It. 

Such spurious ‘joining’ can only be an unholy alliance, which will perpetuate the illusion because unholy alliances are to further disempowerment from Truth by maintaining enmity in the guise of amity. But it only takes one party in such a relationship to develop the committed desire for the joining to become holy – that is to say, healed and made whole, spiritually, eternally – and the other party will, sooner or later, recognise the Light shining through the veil of separateness and be inwardly inspired, drawn to join with the Light. Then he will realise that he, also, is the Light. Since the Light is One, the true joining – as One – is inevitable. How ‘long’ it may seem to take is unimportant. 

This is because time does not exist. All the while one or other is waiting for time to effect the true, holy (whole) joining is attempting to bring Truth to illusions. The objective of the Great Rescue Programme, then, is to end separation by the process of rejoining. While we continue to believe, and thus, perceive ourself – and our brother – as a body we will be unable to accept that we are (all, every living thing) One, simply because we are not a body, not form in any shape or size, but Universal, Unified Mind-and-Spirit. Such mistaken belief/perception blocks our awareness/remembrance of reality. Here is what Jesus says about this in this extract from A Course in Miracles, T-6.V.A: 

God did not make the body, because it is destructible, and therefore not of the Kingdom. The body is the symbol of what you think you are. It is clearly a separation device, and therefore does not exist. The Holy Spirit, as always, takes what you have made and translates it into a learning device. Again as always, He reinterprets what the ego uses as an argument for separation into a demonstration against it. 

He also says, for our reassurance:   

Salvation does not ask that you behold the spirit and perceive the body not. It merely asks that this should be your choice.(T-31.VI.3:1,2).  

Either we are willing to believe that Jesus is the authentic author of A Course in Miracles, and that what he says is reliable because he is trustworthy, so we can accept that what he says is true – and what can be more reliable than the Truth? J – or we are not. Yet. This is of no concern at all to Jesus and the Holy Spirit because They Know our Awakening to remembrance of Truth is inevitable, and how ‘long’ it may appear to take within the dream of death is entirely meaningless, and thus, irrelevant. Bodies – all form, animate and inanimate – arose to our perception to veil our discernment of the Truth, and since form, being unreal, passes away, the Great Awakening is unstoppable. 

The illusion of form seems very real, solid, but only from within the dream. Willingness to accept – even in part, just for an instant – that it is unreal will enable the Holy Spirit, (our true Self, let us not forget), to Help us see, even if only for a momentary glimpse, the Light behind it. Jesus tells us, Its thinness and transparency are not apparent until you see the Light behind it. And then you see it as a fragile veil before the Light. (A Course in Miracles, T-18.IX.5:3,4). That Light, once seen, will set in place the first glimmerings of doubt that what the ego has convinced us is real is counterfeit. Then, with just a little willingness for more, Holy Spirit will Help us dispel all illusions from our mind. 

A mind that perceives illusions as reality is a split, unholy (unwhole – i.e., fragmented) mind. But we, just like Jesus, are here to manipulate the stuff of dreams to our command – if only we can believe. That’s what Jesus did when healing people (and resurrecting his form from the ‘dead’), so that is equally what we can do also, because only equality of Being is real, since inequality is something we made up. How can we do this? We simply allow the Light to enter into our endarkened, split mind. We do this by faith, trust and belief. It is only faithlessness, unbelief and lack of trust that is our defence against the Light, the Truth, of our own, whole, complete, undivided, limitless Being. 

When we are willing to allow the Light into our mind we then can Know that we have the Light – ARE the Light – again. Then we can do as Jesus did – just as effortlessly: Let the Light that we have now remembered we are shine from our mind into our brother’s unilluminated mind, via the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the connectedness of our minds of which we have been in denial. Choosing to end the denial opens barriers we have placed against the Light, allowing It in and thereby enabling It to extend from our mind to others’ – just like Jesus. J In the dream of ‘death’ we are in denial of the Light of Life – hence the darkness, because we have, literally, shut out the Light, and thus, the Life. 

By surrendering our ego-leasehold – actually, more a squat than a leasehold – They will dismantle the barriers in our unconscious mind by bringing them to our conscious awareness so we can choose against them in favour of the Light of Life and Truth. This takes desire and Faith, Trust, Obedience (to the Voice for Love within) and Commitment. It will also take ‘time’ because the transformation from illusion to Truth is a complete reversal of all we have mistakenly believed for so ‘long’. We let our Light shine out into the world – our brothers (every living thing, regardless of form) – simply by remembering that we are It. This is effortless because no effort is involved in Being what we Are.  

We can do this consciously by Praying (for), Committing (into the care of Jesus/Holy Spirit), and Blessing (our brethren and/or ourself) – all from the heart-mind, which will never distract us from our desire/intent, whereas the head-mind will distract us, surreptitiously, down a blind alley and out into the wilderness of judgement, grievance, guilt and fear in next to no time. Simply Being the Light – which, let us remember, requires no effort – will attract those who are ready, and who Jesus/Holy Spirit will bring to us for them to be enLightened by their willingness to receive It (not block It). Then, They will put into our mouth the words for us to speak to their hearts.  

Of course the ego will use every trick in the book to keep us in the darkness of fear. But we are not, ever, even for a nanosecond, alone. And the sense of aloneness engenders fear. When we choose to join with our brother – Jesus, and/or any others called to us for joining – he is with us, close as hands and feet – nay, closer: 

You who hold your brother’s hand also hold mine [even though, at first, we may be unaware of it consciously; that does not mean it is not so, and by steadfast faith our awareness of it grows], for when you joined each other you were not alone. Do you believe that I would leave you in the darkness that you agreed to leave with me? In your [choice for your] relationship [with your brother to be holy] is this world’s Light. And fear must disappear before you now. (A Course in Miracles, T-18.III.4:1-4). 

As our Awakening, remembering, ascending progresses, so does the seeming line of demarcation between our persona-self and our Holy Spirit-Self fade, until the ‘two’ appear in our mind, our awareness, as One Mind. This is because our persona-self mind is leavening, joining, being voluntarily, joyfully subsumed into the Higher consciousness, in which the horizontal axis of time and place becomes incidental to, subordinated by, our focus on, desire for, commitment to the vertical axis of the holy intent for our return to the ever-present Now, leaving the illusion of past and future behind, to vanish forever. I leave you with this statement from Jesus in the Course

Heaven is not a place nor a condition. It is merely an awareness of perfect Oneness, and the knowledge that there is nothing else; nothing outside this Oneness, and nothing else within. (T-18.VI.1:5). 

As the anniversary approaches in which we commemorate and celebrate the incarnation of Jesus, let us join together, as One, in opening our hearts to his living presence within us. For as he celebrates our brotherhood with him by giving of himself to us freely, devotedly, lovingly, so can we join with him by giving of ourself to, joining of ourself with him, in Love and gratitude for his solidarity with us, until we are, with him, all One again, in Papa. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. March 29, 2009 

The focus of most of humanity is on bodies. Yet that is not our inheritance, our creation-right, or our destiny. We can Know this of a certainty because of you, beloved Jesus. Even while you appeared to be with a body to the Earth life awareness, you were in Heaven, because in your Mind you Knew who and where you were. 

Many decades ago, Jesus, you said to Olga Park*, Because of the steep places, I have veiled thy sight. This indicates the Love with which we are loved, tended, shielded from the horrors we have imagined in a realm outwith our true Home. You will do this for all who are willing to entrust themselves into your Care, Guidance and Protection. But, for untold millions billions even dreaming of being alone and bereft of hope in the valley of the shadow of death, there seems to be little shielding from famine, slavery, torture, warfare, drudgery, imprisonment, disease, despair ... Yet, it is not what appears to be happening to, or with, our body that is the crucial, deciding factor, but what we allow to occur in our mind. 

At the present level of forgetfulness the focus of most of humanity is on bodies. Yet that is not our inheritance, our creation-right, or our destiny. We can Know this of a certainty because of you, beloved Jesus. Even while you appeared to be with a body to the Earth life awareness, you were in Heaven, because in your Mind you Knew who and where you were. What was possible for you is possible for us all, also, because we, being your brothers in the Sonship, are like you. All apparent differences are merely misperceptions arising from mistaken belief in separation, differences, inequalities. 

Your words on the cross, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? (My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?) tend to belie this about you, yet in A Course in Miracles you make it clear that innocence cannot experience pain or suffering because in the Knowledge of innocence there can be no experience of illusion, into which category pain and suffering fall. By repeating those words, spoken a thousand years earlier by King David (Ps. 22:1) in a moment of profound desolation, were you not identifying with the state of your brothers in the Sonship at that moment? They the divided, scattered sheep without a shepherd were of that state of mind and you Knew it. 

This is why you simply had to come, to demonstrate the unreality of such a state of mind, of being, that would utter such a sentiment, such a state of misperception, to correct it. 

* My spiritual mentor from 1965.


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