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Brian Longhurst

January 6th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

According to medical science and understanding, genetic inheritance determines our bodily characteristics, including susceptibility to wellness or illness. Many families experience generation after generation of some inherited disorder, such as heart disease or breast cancer. Some women, fearful of inheriting breast cancer from their forebears, elect for radical mastectomies before any cancer is detected, in a desperate bid to avoid the fate they believe could readily await them. This is called preventive surgery. It is a tragic effect, caused by forgetfulness of Who we all really are. 

Our choice for forgetfulness was/is a free will choice. Happily, Papa’s Son is free to choose anew. On our collective journey from darkness to Light, humanity, the illusorily fragmented Sonship of God, is at a cross-road. We must decide which route to take. One is the road to more of the same – continuing darkness, forgetfulness and its effects – while the other choice is toward the Light. The Light will illuminate our mind, restoring us to remembrance of who we have always really been: whole, perfect, invulnerable, limitless. None of those – everything, in fact – is available to us as a body.  

But we are not, nor have we ever been, a body, save in a fantasy of littleness, limitation, sickness and mortality. Moments – even seemingly prolonged moments – of pleasure within the fantasy cannot eradicate those inevitable effects of continuing to believe we are what we are not: a body. Believing DNA is the ultimate, or even likely determinant of our bodily state of being will cause us to perceive, or experience such. Since what we believe, we perceive, it becomes our experience; even when it is not the Truth of our Being. Believing illusion can bring fearful outcomes to our experience.

The real issue here is believing we have no power over our transient destiny. This means that even though many claim a temporal – and thus, specious – power… to make money, build empires, innovate... they still believe, accept and thus, experience the same fate as the rest of humanity. That is part of the effect of forgetting Who we are. So deep is our forgetfulness that when One comes along to remind us of the Truth – by living and demonstrating it – we do not believe it and want to disprove the Truth, or shoot (or crucify) the messenger. We believe we are a victim of this world. 

The reality is that a divided mind made – and continues to make – this illusory world. That mind is our own. This means that despite contra-indications, we actually are in control of our eternal Destiny, though we don’t believe it, so don’t exercise it serviceably. That self-disempowers us, consigning and confining us to littleness, limitation and outer darkness. That outer darkness is here, now; it is, of course, spiritual darkness. Unbelief blocks the Truth from our awareness and experience. There are no exceptions to the Truth of our Being because it is Truth, and Truth has no exceptions. We are free to not believe the Truth but that does not make it untrue.  

It will serve us well to ask, ‘Which do I believe is true, and therefore, the greater: the result of genetic codes that control my illusory body-self, or that I AM the Christ, the blessed, ALL-empowered-by-Love, eternal, holy Son of my eternal, holy Father, exactly as He created me?’ Many might wish to believe the latter is actually so, but wishing and willing are not the same. Wishing is wishy-washy, feebly hoping, but disabled by doubt. Willing is a statement of absolute intent, commitment; of certainty; unshakeable, focused conviction that it be so, regardless of illusory outward appearances.  

DNA only appears to control our physical state because we are told it is so and we believe it. It seems to be hard-wired into our cellular-consciousness. That will be the case all the while we believe we are a body, because DNA can only affect bodies. When we choose to no longer believe we are a body, but eternal, unified Mind and Soul, and that we have but one purpose for making a body – to use it as a communication mechanism for sharing the Truth with our brothers – so will we all remember Who we really are and return together as One to our true Being – Papa’s limitless Son. 

The ego’s defence, when presented with the Truth of our eternal Being, is: ‘Pie in the sky. We are a body; deal with it and accept its imperfections and limitations.’ That is true if we make it our truth. Otherwise, it is not. Jesus was certainly not limited by his appearance in bodily form because he Knew he was not his body, that he took it solely to serve his unified Mind-Soul agenda. His agenda is exactly the same as our agenda: saving the world by embodying, manifesting, Being the Light of the world. How else can the darkness in our split mind – and thus, of this world – be shone away? 

For many, our erroneous belief system – to which DNA makes a significant contribution – may seem too ‘hard-wired’ to guilt, fear, mortality… to change during their ‘present’ embodiment. Is that adequate reason to not make a start, an attempt, however uncertain, at a change of mind? Placing ourself in the CGP of Jesus/Holy Spirit means we are opening ourself to Their Help. Not so doing means we are keeping ourself closed to It. That means the ego, masquerading as ourself, retains charge over our embodied life, condition, experiences and outcome. But just a little willingness to change our mind will place Them in charge. 

Then, instead of ‘pie in the sky’, all things truly become possible. But that need not scare us because They will always lead us at a pace with which we are comfortable. Time is NOT of the essence; eternity is, and They can and will manipulate so-called linear time to the benefit of our re-empowerment and Awakening because linear time isn’t real; it’s something we made up to limit ourself. In Their CGP there are no limits other than those we choose to retain, like fear of Awakening to the Truth of our Being. Yet such fear is not ours but the ego’s. For our Awakening means the end of the ego.  

It may appear to be ‘too late’ to change the outcome caused by our DNA during our ‘present’ embodiment, but whereas many things appear impossible to a seemingly embodied mind, there are no limits with Papa, and therefore, of course, none with His Son – us – either. Even though many of us will remain too fearful of our Truth to take that tiny step toward willingness before laying aside their body, there is still good news, for us all. This is because, if they have read words of encouragement and liberation – such as these, and/or others similar – they will be recalled to mind subsequently. 

Thus, during the post-embodiment period of reflection we can undertake regarding our progress toward Awakening during our recent bodily appearance, we can recall to mind our inviolable freedom to choose anew. This will prompt those who are ready and willing to be prompted, from within, to seek wise counsel for the circumstances and decisions to make during the ‘next’ incarnation. This is becoming more and more the case as the leavening of the third measure of meal continues its infallible and unstoppable advance toward completion.

Thank You, Papa, for giving us the Holy Spirit, Who ceaselessly brings us opportunities to remember Who we really are, so we may freely choose to return Home to You without undue delay or distress. 

Brian Longhurst 


…according to your desire I will draw you, raise you up into My presence, where you will be My son and I will be your Father, fulfilling all that I have purposed in you, even as it shall be, and is, with all My children. You need do nothing, for it is already accomplished according to your desire.

Papa, August 11th, 1996 

January 13th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

The Bible quotes Jesus as referring to the healings, exorcisms and restoring souls to the bodies from which they had earlier departed… as ‘works’ (see Jn. 14:12) that he did. It may seem an interesting choice of term to describe them as such – to those who witnessed them as ‘supernatural, miraculous…’ – but he was always care-full about his choice/use of words. He knew how easily ego-controlled minds can misinterpret almost anything and then use their misinterpretation as cause for judgement against the speaker. In that regard, nothing has outwardly changed in this world. 

There are multiple modern translations of the Bible and that same word is used in almost all of them to define his statement, so we can be reasonably sure that it is accurate enough to describe whatever word he used in the language he spoke at the time. He uses the same term in what is usually referred to as The Sermon on the Mount – Mt. chapter 5 – in which he tells us that we are the Light of the world. He goes on to say that we should cease hiding our Light, and instead, Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. (Mt. 5:16) 

We, Papa’s Son, are His glory. How can we BE that glory, and thus glorify Him, of Whom we are indivisibly part, by pretending we are not? 

Most of us today think of ‘works’ as what brings in the money. For some, such activity does also include what Jesus meant by the word. It does not just mean miraculous healings, exorcisms, revivifying corpses, because all those ‘works’ were, in Truth, works of LOVE. And as he tells us in ACIM, All expressions of Love are maximal. A kind word, a smile, a blessing, a hug, making a brother a cup of tea… – whatever is sincere, from the heart – all are good works, and glorify our Father in Heaven. If we allow ourself to perceive less than maximal of such, we are listening to the wrong guide, and thus, heading in the wrong direction. 

A kind, heart-centred thought, word or deed means we are moving in the right direction: toward the Light. This makes it inevitable that, sooner or later, we will arrive at our Destination. Unless we change our mind, our intention. The ego is, every moment of every day, out to distract us from that good intention, and most of us fall for its beguilements some of the time. A judgement, grievance, any unkindness of thought, word or deed tells us – if we are willing to notice – that we are moving away from the Light, in the direction of outer darkness. Is this really our choice? 

We are already in the Kingdom. In fact, we are the Kingdom, so it is impossible to not be There. But we can pretend to not be There. How is that serving us? Happily, we can also choose to stop pretending. The Light of the Kingdom that we already are and always have been is with us now. As Jesus reminds us in T7 of the Course, To be in the Kingdom is merely to focus your full attention on it. That, assuredly, takes commitment. Is there anything wrong with commitment? The problem arises when we believe we can have commitment to conflicting belief systems, such as Truth and illusion.  

He continues in that the same paragraph, As long as you believe you can attend to what is not true, you are accepting conflict as your choice. Is it really a choice? If we want an end to conflict ‘out there’ we must commit to ending conflict ‘in here’ – namely, in our own mind. We cannot save the world by changing the world – i.e., the illusory, outer world – but only by changing our mind about the world. We can do this very simply, effortlessly by following Jesus’ counsel and letting our Light shine before men, that they may see our good works and (thus) glorify our Father in Heaven. 

It is important to keep in mind here that our ‘works’ – good, bad or indifferent – have their origin in our mind, from where they are empowered. If they are not empowered for good in our mind how can we expect to save the world? Is there one amongst us who would hold his hand up to wanting to worsen the state of the world? Yet most of us are doing that much of the time every day by projecting guilt, fear, judgement, grievance… out into the world – aimed at an individual, group, country, belief system… it makes no difference; all expressions of such are, just as with Love, maximal

This is why commitment and vigilance are so vital to the fulfilment of our desire to save the world – for do we not all desire to accomplish its saving? Yet how to go about it is where conflict arises because we each have our own ideas, few of which are in complete agreement. This is because we have thrown away all Knowledge, which Papa gave to His Son at his creation. Without It we are stumbling around in the dark. But we are not alone. There is One with us who shines The Light for us, who has remembered all Knowledge and earnestly, freely, lovingly desires to share it with us. 

It is the absence of complete agreement that perpetuates conflict, and assuredly, the blind leading the blind cannot arrive at complete agreement over anything, let alone saving the world. Saving the world is not about the planet but about the fragmented, divided Sonship. The division is in the mind and nowhere else. The soul of the Sonship is not divided or conflicted and bodies cannot be united, because bodies are illusions, so their union is meaningless. Only minds appear to be divided, separated and conflicted. That cannot change without following One who sees, Knows eternal Truth. 

After a terrorist bombing event that left many dead and wounded, my friend Deborah told me her entire being leapt forth in the prayer… Oh God, how can I be helpful?” Then for one brief instant came the potentially distracting thought… “but how can I pray in the midst of all this confusion?” Deborah went on to say: 

Before the thought was even allowed to complete itself though, suddenly, a deep, all embracing awareness of Peace enveloped me. Never have I felt anything like this before. It was as if a blanket made out of the fabric of Living Peace descended upon me and over me, and yet It was also in me, through me, around me, as me. Nothing else existed in Its all-embracing Presence. And from the Withinness of this Peace, a Voice said to me…… 

“Your function is to be a transparency through which My divine Love and wisdom enters human consciousness to dispel the sense of separation. You are not functioning as a transparency as long as the belief in two [i.e., separation, division; anything other than Oneness] is operating in your mind.”  

The entire dream, illusion of separation is the belief in two… you and me; Heaven and Earth; good and evil… There is no chance of dispelling this mistaken belief in – and therefore, perception of – two without the Help of One. That Help is always, FLI, given in response to our request. If we don’t experience that Help it is our fear of It that blocks our awareness of It. But if we have asked sincerely, It is given, and ways provided to deliver It to us in a manner and a form that circumvents our fear, transforming it into peace. It may not be immediately apparent, so FTOC is called for.  

That Help will, one step at a time, reinterpret our misperceptions of what our bodily senses – devised to show us, convince us of the reality of illusions – tell us. That reinterpretation is just as stated above – that the Truth of our Being, of all Being – that we are a transparency through which Papa’s divine Love and wisdom can enter the consciousness of all, to dispel the sense of separation. We may not be aware of that transparency yet, but we can, right now, choose to open ourself to receive and accept it unto ourself, thus beginning the transformation, the Great Awakening to One.  

By what other means can it happen, and all – including ourself – be restored to freedom of limitless, all-empowered-by-perfect-Love Being? 

Brian Longhurst 


My son, each day of your life it is My desire that you may receive My blessing in the form of Love and new understanding of the Principles of Life.

Papa, August 18th, 1996 

January 20th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

This has been a busy week and so I have taken a rain check on writing a ‘regular’ style Message of Encouragement. However I feel impelled to share here some brief exchanges with our dear, much-Loved friend, to whom I refer here as ‘ST’ – to spare her blushes. We met – or, more accurately, were re-connected with – ST last year and the re-cognition was immediate. She shared with us that her childhood had been horrific, which had left her emotionally deeply scarred, feeling bereft of self-esteem, unloved and unlovable. 

Theresa and I intuitively ‘knew’ she felt able to trust us, and not only did we want to take her under our wing, she was entirely ready and willing to shelter there. ST is a radiant, beautiful soul who has had no idea of this about herself. She is caring, generous to a fault, humble and self-effacing, but it became immediately abundantly clear that she was hungering and thirsting after spiritual Truth, and particularly, to connect with the real, living Jesus. She has a very sharp and discerning mind with an astonishing grasp of esoteric, mystical reality and the PLFs. 

During the last six or seven months there have been many exchanges of emails, phone and Skype contacts with her; she also spent some days with us last autumn. The connection has grown and strengthened exponentially in that time. In a recent email to her I said, “…I am SOOOO proud of you, and I Know someone else (his name begins with J) who is. :-)” 

In her reply she said, as a PS,  

Is really “J” proud of me? 

As I read those words, Jesus was not just with me, but in me, filling me with the ineffably sublime feeling of just how he felt for her. I knew he had placed that feeling right in me so I could share – even if only in words – with her his total, tender, absolute, complete Love for her. This is what I wrote to her: 

If only you knew, just HOW proud he is of you. I am feeling it; he is sharing with me his utter JOY in you, so I can KNOW, by experiencing it, and thus share with you the certainty of it, beyond all doubt. Would that these words could convey to you the exquisite, total, perfect Love he has for, and delight in, beautiful you. I was totally overwhelmed, tears filling my eyes, my heart swelling and surging with what he was wanting me to know, by way of his answer to your question, Is really “J” proud of me?  

I feel I could melt all over the floor! You are a BEAUTIFUL, radiant soul; full of Love and giving, gentleness and caring. Theresa and I have known that about you from day 1. Now Jesus has shown me in an intensely powerful, personal way his feeling for you.  Please re-read page 26-28 of my book (“Seek ye First the Kingdom…”), describing his appearing to and Love for me. This is his Love for, and pride in, you also. This is what Love really is. We have deadened ourself to it by pretending we are what we are not. You, connected with Theresa and me, along with untold others, are, right now, Awakening to that Love again. It is Papa’s Love for us all, which Jesus came to share, and restore to our remembrance, and thus experience of it.

Does that go some way to answering your question?

I would like to reiterate that what I experienced, throughout the whole of my being, of Jesus’ personal, tender, intimate, total, one-on-one Love is completely true for each and every one of us – including all whose sense of value, of self-worth, of loveableness is low, or feels non-existent. He sees the REAL us, and Knows the unencumbered Truth of our Being as Papa’s perfect, beloved creation. He wants to share his Knowing of us with us, so we might experience it also. 

The only thing preventing our self-awareness being identical to his awareness of us is ourself. It is not true. It is a false image – the exact opposite of the Truth of our Self, and we are completely free to change our mind about ourself, and accept that we are entirely as Jesus sees us. 

Love and blessings to all, for transformation of the false to the True, 

Brian Longhurst 

PS: For those unfamiliar with “Seek ye First the Kingdom…” here is the extract from pages 26-28: 

…As I stood in the middle of the room, suddenly he was there, in the corner, manifested, superimposed in the place where stood a beechwood chest of drawers with a mirror on top. He was in the midst of an aura of golden, living sunlight, which radiated out from him more than an arm’s length in all directions. He was about three or four paces from me.


As I became aware of his presence he began to move toward me. It was not a walking movement. He seemed to be above the floor a few inches, and he glided. The movement was relatively slow, certainly unhurried, but as he drew nearer he began to speak. I heard him with my ears, I experienced his speaking with my soul, with my heart; every cell in my body and every fibre of my being experienced his speaking. There was no part of my being that did not hear him. And every part of my being understood with a total certainty the meaning, at a soul-knowing level rather than an intellectual-knowing level of understanding, what was the true, mystical meaning of those words. The words that he spoke were, I discovered later, from Revelation chapter 3 vs. 20: “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”


To the best of my knowledge I had not read or heard those words before – so I discovered later – but at that moment they were a timeless part of my being and I knew exactly what they meant because his imparting to me of the words also imbued my mind with the meaning and understanding of them – his meaning of them. By the time he had finished speaking he had reached less than an arm’s length from where I was standing. His aura of golden, living sunlight had enveloped me, and the feeling of Love – of agapé – to my being was so intense, so powerful, so uplifting to my spirit that I felt as if my heart had grown to the size of a football and was going to burst out of my chest cavity. This feeling of all-pervasive, all-inclusive Love was complete, permeating not just my body but my entire aura in an orgasm of the soul, immeasurably more intense than any such physical experience. I was blinded by a waterfall of joyful, rapturous tears and every part of me was alive, electrified, as never before.


His presence was visible in the midst of the light of his aura, which was at least as bright as the sun but did not hurt my eyes at all. With me now fully enveloped by his aura, he stopped. His eyes were radiating the all-knowing wisdom of the ages, and love; personal love as well as universal, unconditional Love. I knew he loved me personally, in a way and with a Love that is utterly beyond any love I had ever known, heard about or experienced in this world. He embraced me; not with his ‘physical’ arms but with every part of his being – with his total, unconditional, intimate, penetrating, all-encompassing, all-pervasive Love. I was a quivering jelly. Not from fear (how could fear exist in such an exquisitely beautiful, magnificent encounter?) but from being overwhelmed by the power of his Love. The moment of this embrace seemed to be timeless but was probably a few seconds of Earth-time. I remember reading at some later date, in the book of Revelation, chapter 1 vs. 16, …and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength, and saying to myself, ‘That is an exact and perfect description of his appearance.’


Then the manifestation gradually withdrew and disappeared from my sight. But the power and sense of his presence that was left with me, in me, lasted for at least an hour, probably two. I have never taken any form of hallucinogenic or consciousness-expanding drug, but I have no shred of doubt that this feeling was a ‘high’ beyond that capable of being induced by any such substance. I had to physically restrain myself from rushing – more like flying – upstairs, outside, onto the rooftops and calling to all the world, “He’s REAL!  He’s really REAL!” even though by this time it was well after midnight.

Eventually I slept. 

For any interested in “Seek ye First the Kingdom…”, please click here.

January 27th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

People sometimes tell me, “I would love to be able to speak with Jesus and hear his response”; or, alternatively, “I look forward to the time when I can hear him speaking with me.” There are a number of factors to consider in this regard, and I feel it might be helpful if we address them here. Until we are fully Awake – i.e., our mind is fully God-conscious, like Jesus’ – there is a lot of inaccessible stuff in our unconscious mind, accrued over untold incarnations. Time and place, being the consciousness of fear, means fear rules the roost all the while we believe in littleness and limitation.  

Fully God-conscious Mind is Light, and sees, Knows, understands everything; is in constant, uninterrupted communion with Universal, Unified Mind (UUM). UUM is God and us, His Son, along with every living thing in the reality that is the Light of eternity. Time and place is darkness, the reversal of the Light of eternity. Darkness is fear, as Light is Love. Fear and darkness play fearful, confusing tricks – cause – in our mind, and misperceiving, misinterpreting, misunderstanding everything is the effect. Yet this only appears so while we believe we are separate from our One Self and Papa. 

We are not, in Truth, separate at all; we just believe we are. When we forgive that lie, all the dark stuff in our unconscious mind will be shone away and our mind will be full of Light, the illusory split healed – restored to wholeness – and we will, just like Jesus, see, Know understand everything again. To do this we must accept that – in the Truth of eternity, which is and can be the only real Truth – there is not, and never has been, a split in our mind, which is unchangeably, eternally part of UUM. Change – our Awakening – cannot begin to take effect without willingness to forgive. 

Willingness does not mean we will immediately be fully Awake, but it does mean that the process can begin. The belief in separation is so deeply lodged in our minds that its undoing, its dislodging, its unlearning has to progress one step at a time. We cannot know how, when or where to start, but Help is at hand, and our willingness means our choice for accepting that Help, Which then is certain to succeed. The only thing that has prevented success is our unwillingness – fuelled by our fear of Awakening to the Truth of our Being. But that fear is NOT ours; it is the ego masquerading as us. 

It would have us believe that stepping blindly into the ‘unknown’ – which is, of course, the Light of our true, God-Self Being – is far too risky; better to stay with more of the same. I am here to attest that this is baloney, and that is because Jesus and Holy Spirit are totally trustworthy and will NEVER fail us, NEVER let us down. I have consciously Known this, from personal experience in this embodiment, for around half a century. On the contrary, the ego will seek always to let us down, and this will always happen, sooner or later – more likely sooner and later – if we place our trust in it. 

If we want to hear Jesus speaking with us we must take that leap of faith by unequivocally placing our trust in his – and/or Holy Spirit’s – ability to accomplish our Awakening for us. He leads; our job is to follow, trusting. And to have faith, believe, accept, that he wants to speak with us. He is speaking with us. Do we really want to speak with him? Some may be sure they want to speak with him, but are, at some level, afraid so to do – and indeed, afraid to hear his speaking to them. Why might this be? Because we are afraid of what he might say to us? Or what to say to him?  

It is not hard to be tongue-tied as to what to say when we first begin seeking a conscious connection with him. I certainly was. As I wrote in SYFK: My prayers were rehearsed, stilted, stumbling. My heart was sincere but my mouth didn’t know how to adequately express the desire of my heart. Could this be because we feel we are so far below him, in an array of ways? Or could it be that, at some level, we are fearful that he will judge us? This is what we have been told by religionists, incarnation after incarnation. Were that true it would be no wonder we want to hide from him.  

Happily, none of that is true. That means it is false; a lie, so we are free to stop believing it. 

Let us take a closer look at our objective. Do we want to speak with him and hear him speak with us, or do we want to have communion – common (i.e., shared) union – with him? What is the difference? Speaking limits us because words are symbols, devised to represent the thoughts, the ideas, the intent of our mind. Remember that the mind we speak of is our heart-mind, not our head-mind. Heart-mind is our feelings, our spiritual desires. Head-mind is intellect – the device we use to analyse, rationalise what our bodily senses show us. Intellect will not connect us with Jesus or Self. 

In contrast, communing is all-encompassing of our feelings and our desires, all of which are deep in our heart-mind. This is where Jesus dwells – right along with the Spirit of Truth – within us. This means he Knows the feelings and desires of our heart without our needing to express them with words. If our feelings and desires for communion with him are sincere then we are in communion with him without a word needing to be said. This is true mind-to-mind communion – heart-mind to Heart-Mind. This will appear in our mind as thoughts, feelings, ideas, awarenesses – far beyond words. 

Those thoughts, feelings, ideas, awarenesses will be our heart-mind outreaching, extending to his, and in return, his to ours. We then can write them down, express them, interpret them into written words – ours to him and his to us. The transforming of the thoughts, feelings, ideas, awarenesses into words by the process of writing them down ‘gels’, solidifies them into palpable form. This provides a record of our communing, which we can joyfully review and share subsequently. And of inestimable importance: it will grow our confidence in our ability go deeper and deeper into communion with him, Self and Papa, over time. 

We can share with him our fears as well as our heart’s desire for peace, joy, Love. He already knows our fears, so trying to hide them from him fools no-one save ourself. He, as the true friend he is, wants to share his Love for us with us, so we will experience, and thus, Know it. Love is comforting. We cannot feel comforted if we are keeping our fears to ourself by trying to hide them from him. He will provide meaningful, helpful answers – soothing, treasured salve to our troubled mind. Then is our communing liberated, free of shadows, so we can soar, with him, to the very heights of Heaven. 

This will not happen all at the first communion attempt. There is too much conditioned fear in us for that. What is important – if we want to escape the consciousness of fear – is that we make a start. He cannot make that start for us. As he told me in 1977: I can be staff and compass to you, to assist you in the steep and treacherous places, but I cannot be your feet.  It is your journey and you must take the steps.  There is no substitute for taking the steps; it is the only way the journey upon which you have embarked can be completed. Some may well experience spectacular results from the start, but that is rare. For those who don’t, do not be downcast; this is a mystical, within process, not always, yet, available to our conscious awareness. 

Be reassured that if we have the desire and the commitment, transformation will be taking place and that does not depend on our immediate awareness of it. But it does depend on our trust. Our faith will grow from there until it is as great as – greater than – our  faith that the sun will rise each day. 

Any who truly seek and earnestly desire this mind-to-mind communion with Jesus, and would like to ask for more detail, to gain further clarification (I am constrained here, to limit the wordiness!), please do feel free to contact me. I will, by the Grace of God, help in any and every way in which I feel prompted from within. 

Love and eternal blessings for inner peace and joy, unto our common union in eternal reality,

Brian Longhurst   


…by your prayers, by your heart’s bright desire, many souls are already released from bondage, and every day that your Light and your desire shine into the darkness, many more shall come to me, freed from the chains of fear. 

Jesus, September 1st, 1996  

February 3rd 2016 

Dear Friends, 

Over the years I have written extensively about Jesus’ parable of the three measures of meal (Mt. 13:33). The parable and its mystical meaning is comprehensively expatiated on in chapter 10 of “Seek ye First the Kingdom…” so the details don’t need rehearsing here. But as I am prompted, from time to time, with expanded understanding of its meaning and significance for us all now – and how its greater understanding can be highly serviceable to any and all who seek to Awaken from the dream of death – so am I prompted from within to share that expanded understanding. 

The second, or Jesus, measure of meal underwent its leavening from the time of Jesus’ embodiment two thousand years ago, and was completed in the latter part of the twentieth century. During that epoch countless fragments of the Sonship of God espoused their lives to Jesus and his GRP for our Awakening to the eternity of perfect Love and Oneness in Papa. This espousal took place for many, one step, or phase, at a time, through repeated cycles of embodiment and disembodiment, so that by the end of the second measure they were ready to help slumbering brothers to wakefulness. 

The vast mass of illusorily-embodied fragments, or souls, are still slumbering, deep in the dream of separation. There is also an indeterminate number of disembodied souls in the etheric counterpart of the ‘physical’ Earth who are equally deeply slumbering and dreaming of separation. For millennia we have been told there is a ‘veil’ between this world and ‘the next’. Embodied slumberers still believe this, and that communion between the two realms is impossible – or that to attempt communion is satanic, and will result in our being consigned by God to outer darkness forever. 

This is fear-based mythology, and therefore completely untrue. But to a split mind, that believes it to be true, Truth makes no difference to its misbelief. Such a misbelief, with the further misbelief that the end of seeming embodiment is the end of the very life that animated it, provide an impenetrable defence against the Truth of eternity, because they are free will – and thus inviolable – choices. There is no power – including Papa, Jesus and Holy Spirit – that can change such misbeliefs. Only that split mind can change itself – when it is ready. The timing of this change is a movable feast.  

That is how it appears from the linear-time perspective. But there is no linear time; only eternity – the forever-always NOW. There, change never takes place. The seeming initial change of mind from whole to split never occurred in reality – only in fantasy. So, in our whole, Universal, Unified Mind (UUM) there has never been and never will be, never could be a change from the Oneness that is eternally true. But to a mind that believes – and thus, perceives – unreality, reality is invisible because the illusion of unreality veils its vision of reality. Free will is free to believe the unbelievable

But only Truth, established by Papa, is eternally, unchangeably true. Believing the untrue to be true can only be depressing since it does not exist in reality, so cannot be fulfilled because the misperceiving mind is not free to create as Papa created His Son to create. So, how does a mind espoused to belief in unreality change back to remembrance, awareness, experience of oneness within reality? This may seem impossible because of the immutable Law of free will. But the mind that believes the unbelievable is not whole, being – seemingly – split; yet the whole, awake mind is still present. 

It does not interfere with the part of it that seems to be split because it Knows there is no need. To interfere would be to make real the unreal. The whole mind is One in the UUM, irreversibly connected to the Spirit of Truth, Whose job it is to Awaken the slumberers without breaching their freedom of will to continue to sleep and dream of separation. And, now that we are progressing within the early stages of the leavening of the third, completion measure of meal – the Kingdom measure – the Great Awakening of all the fragments is gathering momentum. So, how does this actually work?  

This is all about Being the Light of the world. Light shines. This is not a doing thing; it is a Being thing. The voluntary espousal of innumerable souls to Jesus – and thus also to his GRP – over multiple embodiments during the second measure of meal, invited, authorised him to shine the Light of his fully Awakened Mind into theirs. This gradual enlightening of their minds to spiritual, eternal reality brought them to a place of sufficient wakefulness to be able to accept their also being the Light. Some of those souls are now embodied, some in spirit, working as One to fulfil their unified purpose. 

This is possible because a little willingness to co-operate with the Holy Spirit – the Connecting Mechanism of all minds, waking or still seemingly sleeping – invites, authorises Him to be in charge of the shining of our Light wherever and whenever it is most serviceable to progress toward completion of the GRP. Conscious awareness of all this is neither necessary nor important, and lack of awareness in no way hinders its progress. Desire is the crucial factor. If we have the desire, Holy Spirit accomplishes all the rest for us. Lack of desire delays only our progress because that is our choice. 

This does not delay the completion, the fulfilment of the GRP for the entire Sonship, but the conscious choice to not participate does delay our individual return to peace. This means we have made the choice for continuing in guilt, fear, misery and ‘death’, all by the voluntary surrender of control of our life to the ego. Such a default choice is for spiritual darkness – a continuation, indefinitely, of our illusorily-present condition. This may seem a harsh judgement, but this is not a judgement by Papa, Jesus or Holy Spirit-Self. It is our own judgement by our self to remain separate. 

They want us to choose for Awakening, and Their will for us is, in reality, our will also, even though we may choose to remain – if only temporally, consciously – unaware of and in opposition to our true will, which is One with Papa’s. Meanwhile, all who have espoused their life to Jesus and the GRP are, right along with him, letting their Light shine into the illusory, self-made darkness, to literally draw those choosing to remain there, out of that darkness. The choice for espousal to Jesus during the second measure is now spreading that choice ever further throughout the Sonship. 

This is possible because the Light is shining away the made-up veil that seems to exist between the physical and the etheric realms and also between the seemingly separate, individual minds of the fragmented Sonship, embodied and/or disembodied – it makes no difference. Thus does what was leavening in the second, Jesus, measure of meal continue seamlessly, to extend the leavening, Awakening process in the third, Kingdom measure, to more and more somnolent brothers, until the whole Sonship is leavened, raised up, restored to remembrance of our likeness to Jesus, in Papa. 

Because in Truth we are all One – in the Heart of Love – those who are Awake, or choosing Awakening, can let their Light shine into the darkness of sleeping brothers to draw those choosing to remain there, out of that darkness. This will manifest as opportunities for sharing at a level that triggers new thoughts, ideas, feelings – not previously discerned – in the spiritually-torpid brother. This may seem all very precarious, but such moments arise spontaneously, managed by Holy Spirit-Self, so we need have no concern – or need – for fabricating them according to our limited, conscious mind. 

Since we are ALL, already, the Light we are all able to let our Light shine if we so desire. The more we desire/are willing to accept that we are the Light, the more willing we become to let our Light shine for our brothers who still slumber, dreaming a dream of darkness, disempowerment and death. Who, knowing they are the Light, would not gladly, joyfully, let their Light shine for their brothers who still languish in illusory darkness? This is done by mind-to-mind shining, just as Jesus shines the Light of his fully Awake, illuminated Mind into ours when we ask/authorise him to. 

We do not need to know how to let our Light shine. We need only to desire, be willing for It to shine. All the rest is accomplished for us and we find, naturally, spontaneously, effortlessly, that forgiveness arises within us for all against whom we previously held grievances – including ourself – so that Love and blessing emanate from within us to all. That is the Light that we are, shining freely, limitlessly. 

Love and Light be with us all, for our Awakening to Oneness, 

Brian Longhurst 


All is well; go in My Name and with My angels, which I have given you for your protection and peace. I give you My Love, as a close-fitting garment, to encompass you and shield you from the darts of the enemies of Truth.

Papa, October 20th 1996 

February 10th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

Everyone wants good health. The problem for most of us – the fragmented Sonship of Papa – is that we believe we are each a separate body, so it is the health, the wellbeing of the body upon which we focus our desire, attention, efforts. But we are not a body, so embodiment is not our natural state of Being. It is a self-imprisonment in littleness, limitation, fear, frailty and mortality. Can there be one amongst us who would deny that this is insanity? It is very difficult for our true Being – whole, complete, limitless, all-empowered, unified Mind and Soul – to seem to be thusly incarcerated. 

If we are not a body – which, according to Jesus, we are not, because bodies, so says he, are made-up and therefore not real; and who would know the Truth of our Being better than he? – then to focus attention for our health on what we are not can only be an error of perception. Worse, most of us focus not just on the body but upon its ailments, its malfunctions, thus giving bogus, negative ‘reality’ focus to the unreal. Where can that lead us except deeper into illusion and further from our health and wellbeing. Bodies are the fabrication of a split mind, masquerading as what it is not. 

To see them as such is a self-deception, which is precisely what the ego wants to perpetuate, for its very ‘existence’ depends on our continuing self-deception. But the time for self-deception is rapidly drawing to its end. The degree of rapidity for each of us is our choice alone. Outwardly, that does not seem to bode well, since the focus of attention is on having ‘the perfect body’ on the one hand, and on the other, trying to prop it up with what Jesus calls ‘magic’ – anything of the without (rather than the within), such as medication, surgery (plastic or otherwise), potions, tonics, far out diets... 

When we choose, as our purpose for being with a body, being the Light of the world and letting our Light shine into the darkness of an illusorily-separated mind – from which arose all the illusory without, including, of course, the world and bodies – to rouse it to wakefulness, wholeness, unlimitedness, we begin to become aware, remember the Truth of our Being. The Truth of our Being is perfect Love, Light, peace and joy far, far beyond human imagining. How, then, can we be restored to our true state of Being by focusing on its opposite? 

Jesus speaks of healing a great deal throughout ACIM, and in all of it he plainly states that the source of all our bodily ailments – regardless of whether they appear to have their origins in a virus, a fungus, a bacterium, a parasite or any other ‘external’ source – is the sick, or split mind. In chapters 8 and 9 of the Text he has much to share with us about how we can serve ourself inestimably well in this regard. I have been drawn to select some extracts from T-8.VIII through T-9-II that speak powerfully of healing, and factors affecting it, and which I feel prompted to share here:  

The body, then, is not the source of its own health. It hardly need be repeated here that the mind is. The body’s condition lies solely in your interpretation of its function. We can use our body to communicate the Truth – sharing it by living it – or to perpetuate the illusion of separation.


Sickness is a way of demonstrating that you can be hurt. It is a witness to your frailty, your vulnerability, and your extreme need to depend on external guidance [or help]. This is how the ego keeps us in its thrall. Jesus was not in its thrall, as he had long ago repudiated its power over him, so nothing – including crucifixion – could hurt him because pain and suffering are impossible to those who Know they are innocent. That is the destiny of us all because it is the Truth of us all. It is our free choice to be restored to it without unnecessary delay, or to delay that restoration needlessly. Only fear of Awakening causes us delay.


…if only Knowledge has being and the ego has no knowledge, then the ego has no being. Accepting this and keeping it to the forefront of our mind means we can eschew, repudiate the ego sooner, easier, foreshortening our labouring and suffering under its yoke, and Awakening sooner.


When you lay the ego aside, it will be gone. The Holy Spirit's Voice is as loud as your willingness to listen. It cannot be louder without violating your freedom of choice, which the Holy Spirit seeks to restore, never to undermine. Choosing to listen to Him gets us on His wavelength, and thus, off the ego’s. Without so choosing we will never hear Him because that is our choice. We will serve ourself well to ask, ‘How motivated am I?’


Do not allow the body to be a mirror of a split mind. Do not let it be an image of your own perception of littleness. A split mind is a sick mind. A sick mind will, inevitably, manifest a sick body. So we can ask Holy Spirit to heal our mind, so that the body’s condition will follow. Ask but once; thereafter we can say multiple times each day, ‘Thank You, Holy Spirit, for healing my mind.’


Health is seen as the natural state of everything when interpretation is left to the Holy Spirit… Health is the result of relinquishing all attempts to use the body lovelessly… Health is the beginning of the proper perspective on life under the guidance of the one Teacher Who knows what life is, being the Voice for Life Itself.


When the ego tempts you to sickness do not ask the Holy Spirit to heal the body, for this would merely be to accept the ego’s belief that the body is the proper aim of healing. Ask, rather, that the Holy Spirit teach you the right perception of the body, for perception alone can be distorted. Only perception can be sick, because only perception can be wrong. Wrong perception is the wish that things be as they are not.


The decision to wake is the reflection of the will to Love, since all healing involves replacing fear with Love.


The Bible enjoins you to be perfect, to heal all errors, to take no thought of the body as separate and to accomplish all things in my name. This is not my name alone, for ours is a shared identification. The Name of God’s Son is One, and you are enjoined to do the works of Love because we share this Oneness. Our minds are whole because they are one. If you are sick you are withdrawing from me. Yet you cannot withdraw from me alone. You can only withdraw from yourself and me.


All forms of sickness are signs that the mind is split, and does not accept a unified purpose. The unification of purpose, then, is the Holy Spirit’s only way of healing. This is because it is the only level at which healing means anything. The re-establishing of meaning in a chaotic thought system is the way to heal it. Your task is only to meet the conditions for meaning, since meaning itself is of God. It hardly need be said that only reality has any meaning, and this world is founded in unreality.


Ultimately everyone must remember the Will of God, because ultimately everyone must recognize himself. This recognition is the recognition that his will and God’s are one. We, Papa’s beloved Son, are His will.


You cannot hear the Voice for God in yourself alone, because you are not alone… It must be for your brother [also] because it is for you. Would God have created a Voice for you alone? Could you hear His answer except as He answers all of God’s Sons? …Do not ask for blessings without blessing them [also], for only in this way can you learn how blessed you are. To seek to hear His Voice – or ask for blessings – for ourself alone is to see ourself as separate and alone. That means we are tuned to the ego, not the Spirit of Truth.  


You can ask of the Holy Spirit, then, only by giving to Him, and you can give to Him only where you recognize Him. If you recognize Him in everyone, consider how much you will be asking of Him, and how much [more, therefore] you will receive. He will deny you nothing because you have denied Him nothing, and so you can share everything... Say, then, to everyone: 

Because I will to know myself, I see you as God’s Son and my brother. 

We cannot accomplish this healing of our split mind to whole mind alone, but only by committing it into the able care of the Spirit of Truth, Who will accomplish it for us, with our willing co-operation

Seeing ourself as imprisoned in a body we are blind and deaf to the vital value and importance of placing ourself in the care, guidance and protection (CGP) of Jesus/Holy Spirit. We don’t consciously know how much we are protected by so placing ourself, but giving thanks often helps remind us of that CGP, thus keeping us in tune with it. That enables a collaborative process to operate whereby we function in a state of committed co-operation with Them. Jesus was never ill or in danger (even at his crucifixion) because he was at-one with Papa, and via him we, also, can be at-one with Him. 

May we be at-one with, aware of the Love and blessings that ceaselessly enfold us all, until Oneness is all there is in our awareness, and all we are

Brian Longhurst 


Once you have decided your heart’s desire and committed it to Me, even as did my beloved firstborn, all is then outworked by My wisdom and My perfect Laws. You observe well, that with Me there are no accidents, for all fulfilment is by pre-ordination.

Papa, November 3rd 1996 

February 17th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

Peace is our natural state of Being. That peace is not what this world perceives, so often associated with a temporary cessation of war; for in this ego-world that is all it means. And war is a state of conflicted, divided, separated minds. So ‘temporary cessation’ is all that is ever perceived, and is merely an outward cessation, not a permanent one. True peace is the Peace of God, which is – as with all reality – within, and is to be found, accessed in the heart-mind of all who are in a state of at-One-ment with Him. At-One-ment with Papa is a mystical awareness, not an intellectual exercise. 

Mystical awareness is an experience of a mind that is in unison with soul, and peace – inner peace – is an inherent part of the package, because a mind at-One with soul is at-One with Papa, aka Love. Love is all there is, in Truth, and Love is Light, Life, peace and joy – forever expressing, extending, shining, increasing in eternal, uninterruptible, sublime, ineffable, orgasmic ecstasy that is a thousand times a thousand that of any such feeble bodily substitute. Is there one amongst us who would not desire such a state of Being? Yet it is impossible for a mind dissociated from soul. 

That is the penalty we have imposed upon ourself for choosing separation. Yet that perfect state of Being is, remains, unchangeably, What we ARE. It is not a state to aspire to; how can we aspire to what we are? But that penalty required total amnesia of our reality as One in Papa, so to return to that state of Being requires choosing remembrance. Sounds simple, easy, doesn’t it? And so it IS; except that a split, divided part of our mind is unwilling to believe the simple Truth, and resists It with great vigour. Surely, then, the way round this obstacle is to choose willingness to remember? 

That is indeed, all that is required, so in truth, it remains as stated: simple, easy. Phewww. Thank goodness! And, being Papa’s all-empowered-by-Love Son, the ability to remember Who and What we really are is so far within our capability that it is actually a doddle. So, why does it not seem a doddle? Because we have bamboozled ourself with bodily senses, to confuse us about what is real and what is not. This is as upside-down as it can get. We ‘see’ what we have made up (so is not real), and we have blinded ourself to what is real, thus do not believe It is real, so do not see It. 

What is this telling us? How can it help us? There are a few words/terms here that – if, when, we decide we have had enough of the hell we have made up – we will serve ourself well to adopt as mantras: desire; faith; trust; belief; leap of faith… These, and others, can help us to reconnect  mind with soul. Ego-mind cannot connect with soul because it does not believe in soul; it believes in bodies – its ‘proof’ we are separate. How can we get back to Oneness by steadfastly, blindly, devotedly believing in separation? We cannot. But we can by changing the focus of our devotion. 

Jesus is devoted to us – each and every one of us – unconditionally. This means every aspect of our wellbeing, guidance, and protection during our dream-embodiments – and between-embodiments – in a ‘far country’. Until, in fact, we are restored, by his help and Papa’s Grace, to complete wakefulness, wholeness.  Is it our wish that this be a one-sided devotion? We can, reciprocally, extend our devotion to him, our brothers and ourself, establishing equality of devotion and of our very Being. This will bring us inner peace, joy and happiness with which this world is singularly unacquainted.

Equality is a PLF, an unalterable, eternal, God-established attribute intrinsic to Him, our Self as His Son, and to the Kingdom of Heaven – because we, His Son, are the Kingdom of Heaven. All the while we choose to allow inequality to be part of our belief – and therefore, of our attitude or behaviour toward ourself and our brothers – we deny ourself access to eternity, the Kingdom of Heaven, our true Self as Papa’s beloved, liberated, all-empowered-by-Love Son. Devotion is a choice, a commitment of self to Self. That Self is the Holy One that is Papa, Jesus, Holy Spirit and us, unified. 

Guilt and fear have such a stranglehold on the vast mass of the fragments of the separated-by-unbelief, lack-of-faith, untrusting Sonship that devotion to the Divine is, itself, fearful and undesirable because the ego-inculcated misperceptions of the Divine simply add to the guilt and fear. So let us define what we mean by Divine. Papa, of course, is divine, as are Jesus and Holy Spirit. But Jesus tells us we are exactly like him and Papa, and that we, like him, are manifestations of the divine Holy Spirit. That means we, also, are divine, but unaware of that fact because we chose denial of Self. 

For those who choose to remain in denial, they are still divine, and therefore inextricably connected to the Universal Divinity. For those who desire, earnestly, to choose restoration to remembrance, awareness, experience of their own, inner divinity, some words of reassurance, comfort, encouragement are offered, to help establish a sense of their connectedness to the wholeness and holiness of their True Self and all Life, regardless of form and misperceptions of self:

Beloved Jesus: By calling upon your name, I evoke the sense of your presence with me, here and now, which I Know is real. This enables me to acknowledge that universal, unconditional Love and blessing are enfolding me, cleansing my mind of guilt, fear, doubt... I am choosing to attune with – and place myself within – your positive, safe, trustworthy, gentle care, guidance and protection; to appreciate your continual, unequivocal commitment to my wellbeing.  

Today and every day, no matter where I appear to be, who I appear to be with and what I appear to be doing, I choose to be in conscious awareness and acceptance that you Love me, value me, honour me, rejoice in me, guide me, inspire me, support me, assist me, share joy and peace with me, help me, uplift me, uphold me, speak with me. And I choose to speak with you in blessed, holy communion.   

Thank you, beloved Jesus, for your unswerving devotion to me; I Love you totally, honour and rejoice in you, your precious name and our unbreachable togetherness, until I am fully Awakened to remembrance of our Oneness, along with all my brothers, in Papa. 

Love and blessings unbounded, for inner peace and joy, here, now, forever, 

Brian Longhurst 


Concern yourself not with the outworking – which I will perform for you – but only with the desire-thought... that many... might come to the place of fellowship of Heaven by which they may go forward.

Jesus, November 10th 1996 

February 24th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

We cannot have awareness or experience of our true Self, our true, eternal Being as wholly, holy One with our head-mind, or intellect, because intellect is a self-made device to focus on and analyse the without. Even quantum physicists, geneticists and neuro scientists continue to delve deeper into their respective lines of enquiry, looking only in the without for answers to who we are, where we came from and how this will ‘solve all our problems’. All those lines of investigation are based on the limited, mistaken perception that the physical universe and bodies are real, and that brain is mind. 

All intellectual enquiries are focused on the past – how old is the universe; how did homo sapiens evolve and when? Such questions – and their perceived (or elusive) answers – are ego-engendered diversions from reality; distractions from facing the Truth: that only the unchanging eternity that is forever and always NOW is real and is to be found within, where our true, One Self has its ineffable, limitless Being. Only going within enables us to attune to (i.e. become at-One with) Self. Where, then, is within and how do we access it? Within is heart-mind, the dwelling place of all-Knowing. 

Knowing simply Knows. It does not question, doubt, debate, philosophise, search, compete, conflict, fear, grieve… These terms – and many more – define humanness. They do not define Who we really are. Of course the ego, in its attempt at defending our game of pretend, will say, “But human qualities include aspiration, dignity, endeavour, caring, compassion, love, honour, integrity, generosity…”  Yet, in our true state of Being, where all is Known, unconditional Love encompasses all of these – as ‘white’ Light encompasses all the colours of the spectrum – and transforms them into creation.  

In contrast, white Light does not encompass the unknown – which gives rise to questioning, doubting, debating… Such properties can only seem to exist in the absence of the Light of Knowing. While we perceive ourself as human we can never truly Know. There is nothing human about our true Self. The only thing that can classify us as ‘human’ is a body, a masquerade costume. We identify with this and adopt a persona and a name that belies our true, unified Identity. But the masquerade draws to its end and our true Identity is being revealed as we choose remembrance of Knowing.  

We are, all of us, without exception, One; unified Mind and Spirit, in the exact likeness of our Creator, in Whom, and only in Whom, we are One. This is not conjecture; it is real, it is forever, unchangeably true. However deeply we submerge ourself in individual role playing in spiritual darkness, it is true. And we can be restored to conscious awareness of the Truth of our Being, simply by so choosing. Awakening to Truth is inevitable and unavoidable because it is our natural state of Being. We can only seem to delay this in the illusion of time, but in eternity it is already accomplished. 

A few nights ago I dreamt I was in a large room with perhaps twenty or thirty others. They were milling around, earnestly engaged in meaningless discussion. The mood was sombre and there was an undertow of anger, which I interpreted as resentment at the general sense of disempowerment and limitation shared by all. The atmosphere in the room was palpably full of psychic fug. One man approached me, intent on engaging in discussion about how the dice were loaded against individual freedom caused by the injustices and flaws in human society. His expression was dismal. 

It was clear that he and all the others were considering how this had to be changed, but the only way they perceived this could happen was to rise up and overthrow it. They had neither idea nor plan as to how this might be done or how it would work out. Hence the anger, resentment, sense of powerlessness. I have no recollection of what I said to him, but I knew the words were given me by the Spirit of Truth. This was discernible by feeling the authoritative, transfixing power they conveyed. He listened raptly and in three or four minutes his whole mien became utterly transformed. 

He then moved, in a trancelike muse, back to where a few others were seated, deeply reflecting on how his entire perception of life and reality had been transmuted in just a few moments. It was clear the desire was now awakened in him to share this new way of seeing the world. I knew it would not be long before he would begin to act on his new sense of mission. But in reality, it had already begun, albeit not consciously known to him or any of the others present. As I looked at him I experienced a mystical event in which my perception of all present underwent a shift. 

The fug of psychic discontent and confusion that I had seen filling the room – rather like fumes from hours of far too many cigarettes being smoked – now became, to my awareness, transformed into the Living connectedness of everyone in the room. I could still see the individual form of them all, but the form – the very symbol of separation – became, to my discernment, faint, ghostlike, almost subliminal. Instead, to the forefront of my attention was the ubiquitous, pulsating, shimmering Presence of the wholeness of Life that is One; that we, and every living thing, simply Are.  

This Presence filled the entire room, connecting the now-faded forms that we mistakenly think we are, and replacing them, to my vision, with the wholeness, the inseparable Oneness of all Life. This One Life, it hardly need be said, has its Source in the Source of All: Papa. There is no gap, no distance – except in our split, distorted perception – between any and all of us and our Source, in Whom we all Live, and move and have our Being. There is no separation, no division, no conflict, no them and us; only Love, singularity, harmony. 

As I marvelled at this demonstration of reality another soul approached me. The vibration emanating from her was of uncertainty, of equivocation; should she be trusting or should she wary? She wanted to protect herself from possible threat to her beliefs by seeking to find the flaw in who she felt, somewhere deep inside, I might be: a danger to the citadel of her mind. All this I saw in her eyes, without her speaking a word. I simply said to her, gently, kindly, unthreateningly, “A miracle has just taken place in this room.” 

This instantly dissolved all her doubt. We sat on a sofa and without hesitation she leaned against me, nestling closely and looked lovingly, caringly into my eyes, completely accepting, believing, trusting, instinctively, intuitively knowing that those words conveyed to her the answer to her unspoken question that she so earnestly sought. In that moment we had become reconnected, rejoined in the Oneness of Love and devotion that is the hallmark of all life, all being. 

I realised later that the room – a closed space – symbolised the limitation in which we have placed ourself by choosing our substitution of eternity with time and place. There was a sense of deprivation and squalor; no windows letting light in, being illuminated only by a single, low-wattage artificial light; a small, closed door in the corner, the same bland colour as the walls, making it easy to not notice a point of exit; bare floorboards; shabby, sparse, uncomfortable furniture… 

As the Call to Awakening begins to be heard, so does the realisation that we have been pretending to be what we are not arise from deep within us, and we are free to abandon the disguises – the separate identities that have caused us so much guilt, fear, confusion, conflict, dis-ease and misery. We don’t have to remove them ourself; they simply fall away as we become willing to accept the Truth, so that we no longer need a disguise, no longer need to protect ourself from enemies. We see that we have no enemies, only brothers. And those brothers are merely reflections of our true Self. 

Thus do we see that we are not all different, but that we are all the same: Papa’s perfect, flawless, innocent, limitless One Son.  

To our rejoining in remembrance of our eternal Oneness, in Him, 

Brian Longhurst 


Love is the power which draws all the children together into the oneness of Sonship in Me. Continue to send out your Love and blessings – the Love and blessings that I have freely given to you – from your heart and soul to all My little ones everywhere, for their peace and restoration.

Papa, November 17th 1996 

March 9th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

This ego world arose in our mind from the consciousness of fear, so its very foundation – in the without, the unreality where unconditional, perfect (and thus the only real) Love is barred – is fear. But we can transform that false foundation, fear, from our own within, which IS Love, simply by allowing Love (our true Self, remember) to arise and extend outwardly, manifesting as Light into the darkness until all that is left is Love. The ego would have us believe this kind of talk is merely poetic hyperbole and cannot have any prospect of coming into effect in ‘the real world’ of fear and death. 

How else can the unreality of spiritual darkness, conflict and death be maintained as ‘real’ in our fantasising, split mind but by resolutely continuing to believe it? Who can gainsay that it is as easy – easier, in fact – to believe the Truth as to believe a lie? As a point of Principle this must be so, yet the vast mass of the fragmented Sonship continues to accept that ‘This is the way it is and there is nothing we can do about it; the politicians and diplomats keep saying they are trying to find solutions to the world’s conflicts, problems, crises, but for every one that is resolved, more keep arising.’ 

From where, then, do the fragments imagine they keep arising? There is but one problem – belief in separation – and it has but one source: the split mind of Papa’s somnolent Son. Politicians and diplomats will never, repeat, never resolve the world’s problems because they are seeking solutions in the without. This is akin to rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. You and I – all of us – are the source of the problem because our illusorily separated, split minds are conflicted; that includes the politicians and diplomats. There is just one way to heal split minds: rejoin them. 

Only Love, unconditional Love, can heal split, conflicted minds and reconnect them to their true estate: Oneness. As Jesus asks us in ACIM, “Do we want to be ‘right’ or happy?” If two minds are in dispute and each thinks it is ‘right’, and thus, unwilling to retract its obdurate view (‘I’ve made up my mind, don’t confuse me with facts!’), the solution cannot arise because reason is not engaged, since opposing views cannot both be right. How can unconditional Love resolve such an intractable situation? Love neither attacks nor defends because in Truth there is nothing to attack or defend.

To neither attack nor defend means to allow. Allowing means surrendering and accepting the other party’s view, not as our own if it is not Truth, but accepting and allowing the other party to maintain their view; not striving to change a mind that is not yet ready to change. As John of Patmos – ‘the Teacher’ – said to Olga Park in 1948: “Guard thy tongue: especially to strangers to the knowledge and wisdom of the spirit. Give place to the views of others, even though you know them to be in error. Send forth a prayer for such, that they may come to the fuller knowledge and the clearer sight.” 

On another occasion, the Teacher said to Olga, “Your heart outruns your head. You may stand at the cross-roads of life and offer your good things to them that inquire, but run not down every alley pressing them upon the [spiritually] halt, the maimed and the blind; for think you that your treasures will, as if by some magic, create in them a new set of values? You know within yourself that it is not possible, for it is contrary to spiritual law. As the Master [Jesus] taught, so we know – to him that hath shall be added.” 

All that we experience with our bodily senses and our ego-controlled intellect – our head-mind beliefs (and hence, perceptions) – is made up; illusory. The ego would have us accept that we believe it because we perceive it. But perceiving what is not unchangeably there is not, cannot be true perception, and it certainly is not true vision. True perception is inward acceptance that what appears to be going on out there, as seen with the body’s eyes, is not real because it is not eternal, Loving and changeless. True vision is soul sight, discerned by unified, healed, whole, reasoning, balanced mind.   

True vision induces inner peace because it inwardly, in its heart-mind, Knows what it sees is right. Such vision has no attachment to outcomes because it Knows that, being One, there can be no conflict in reality; thus, to adopt attachments to outcomes that are not real is meaningless. Therefore it is serviceable to simply allow what seems to be happening to seem to happen, to play itself out, because the only lasting outcome is Truth, which is real, eternal, Loving, peace-engendering and thus cannot but bring lasting happiness. How, then, can happiness be other than right? Lastingly.   

Allowing illusion to play itself out means letting go of what was never real. How hard can that be? As hard as we choose to make it in illusion, but not at all hard in reality, when we choose to let go of illusions and allow others to retain theirs until they are ready to let them go. That is what Papa, Jesus and the Spirit of Truth do with us. Their patience with us in our misperceptions is infinite because They Know that nothing real (i.e., eternal, unchangeable) can be threatened, nothing unreal exists and that in that view – true vision – lies the peace of God. (From the Introduction to ACIM.) 

How can we become like Them – restored to Oneness, our true, whole Self – all the while we cling to mistaken perceptions in a futile endeavour to make them true? Anything other than Oneness can only be a mistaken perception, and thus not true. This means we are not being true to ourself – our true, One Self. What can we expect but disappointment, unfulfilment, failure, sense of lack… when we are trying to be other than Who we really ARE?  

Choosing anew, to Be Who we really are will not, within the context of linear time, suddenly, magically dispel our long-held perception of what we are not, because our choice was for linear time. Linear time can only be experienced in a dream, a fantasy of unreality. Awakening from a deep sleep and dream of separation is a one-step-at-a-time, gentle process. It cannot, will not begin until we choose anew. But the very same instant we choose anew – for restoration to remembrance of our true, whole, limitless, immortal, all-empowered-by-Love One Self – so does the process begin

This process is not of our doing, but of our willing. The willingness is only true willingness if, when, it is sincere, heartfelt, steadfast, unwavering and at-One with Papa’s Will. We can be sure our will is at-One with Papa’s when our will is Loving toward ourself and all our brothers in the Sonship, which includes every living thing because the life of every living thing is the Life of God. How can it be other when there is but One Source of Life? If we believe otherwise we believe in separation. When our will is for Oneness, then heart-mind and head-mind are in perfect accord. Then we will be at peace. 

That accord is disrupted when we allow ego to hold sway in our thoughts, desires and decisions. The signs of that allowing are: not being completely open, honest and Truthful in our commun(icat)ing with ourself and our brothers; holding grievances; envy; unforgiveness; untrusting… you get the drift. We can add more as they arise in our awareness, placed there by our Holy Self. Dispelling all that completely from our mind is, most of us will be aware, not a five-minute exercise. Hence the need for SAA-ing. Jesus and Holy Spirit Love us exactly as Papa Loves us: totally, gently, caringly.  

They Know we can only be Awakened and restored to Oneness in a way and at a pace that is in our best interest, ensuring the least amount of trauma. Being rapidly jolted, shaken to wakefulness from a deep sleep in which we are dreaming a horrific nightmare would be distressing, but more importantly, we have inviolable free will, and They cannot wrest from us what we are not ready to surrender, so that is the governing factor in the process. Therefore, we will serve ourself greatly by adopting a resolute willingness to accept Their Help by remaining open to it. 

Love and Light, peace and joy beyond human imagining are ours, awaiting our acceptance. Who will delay a single moment? 

Brian Longhurst 


My son, as I have said before, this is my purpose: the rescue of all who will, that they may enter into the great banquet chamber and partake of the Joy of my Father’s House. From the least unto the greatest – all are invited.

Jesus, November 24th 1996 

March 16th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

We bypass the body’s eyes when we choose Oneness with the Light within, and our vision then becomes direct within our mind. This does not even require the employment of the brain because such attuning means we are connecting directly with reality, and brain, like eyes, ears and all other body parts are not of reality, which is solely within the domain of the eternal. The Light within is what we are, right now and forever, unchangeably, just as Papa created His perfect Son, and regardless of what doctrinal calumnies we have fed ourselves via institutionalised religion for millennia. 

What we call to, or into, our mind appears – manifests – from our mind because mind is cause. The Mind of Papa is First Cause and His Son – including, of course, his mind – being created in His exact likeness, is equally causative. Even in its illusorily-split state, his mind is powerfully causative because he is Papa’s Son, with all the attributes given him by his Father. The illusion of separation from Papa and Self means most are self-veiled from that awareness, but that doesn’t mean they are not there, in our mind. Because we believe we are in (spiritual) darkness we call darkness to mind. 

And because we have called it, it manifests in, or to, our awareness, in all the guises we believe: guilt, fear, scarcity, dis-ease, conflict, death… That is nothing more, nor less, than our free choice. We may ask why anyone in his right mind would make such calls; and indeed, no-one in his right mind would. What does that tell us about the state of our mind? Jesus tells us in ACIM that this world (time and place) is the opposite of Heaven, or eternity – our true and only Home. Few want, or are willing, to accept that the chaotic state of this world is an effect of our collective, split mind. 

That lack of willingness is precisely what keeps chaos there – hidden from our awareness by our own choice. We literally allow it because we believe that is the way it is and there is precious little we can do to change it. That does appear to be the case outwardly, but change comes from within; that within is our mind. The perceptual error lies in thinking it is our head-mind, or intellect, that we must change. But the head-mind is confused, thinking this world is real, and everything it tries to make things better does not work. Only replacing unreality with reality can work. 

The head-mind is functioning from (spiritual) darkness, so cannot see clearly. It requires Light to see clearly and the head-mind is resolutely in denial of the Light because the Source of Light is the Heart-Mind of Papa, in Which we, His beloved Son, Live and have our Being. Thus are we also the Light because He shared It with His Son at his creation, so he has It, eternally. Having It eternally is of little value when we doggedly deny Its existence, Its very Presence within us. Only by ceasing to deny reality – the Light – can we begin to become aware of It and experience It as our Self again. 

The engine of time and place consciousness, sometimes called consensus reality, as manifested in politics, commerce, mainstream media, education, healthcare… are vehemently resistant to acknowledging reality, for to do so would be the end of time and the end of its engineer: the ego-virus that we have hosted in our mind, causing it to be split between darkness on the one hand and Light on the other. Light is Love; not as this world perceives it – conditionally, which is not Love – but as defined by Papa and manifested by Jesus, who came to restore us to It: unconditional Love. 

Jesus told us in the long ago that we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven – our true estate – unless we Love him more than any others (parents, siblings, offspring, pop-stars, film-stars, sports-stars…). This seems, to Earth-mind thinking, like egotism and arrogance. However, we need to look more closely at such a statement, to discern its true meaning. He was speaking as the Christ rather than as persona Jesus. The Christ was/is his true nature, or Being, and this is our true nature/Being also. Our parents, siblings, offspring… are what we perceive when looking with our bodily senses. 

These are not real, any more than our bodily senses are real; merely projections of form from the split mind (cause) that believes time, place and form are real. The Christ, Papa’s One Son – our true unified Identity – is the real, eternal Self of us all. All those temporal projections are flawed and not even visible to Papa because He sees only reality. Choosing to see unreality means we are not at-One with Papa’s Mind and our own, true Being. How, then, can we hope to be restored to the Truth of all Being when our choice is for unreality, and our free choices are always honoured by Papa? 

Jesus also tells us – this time in ACIM – that he and the Holy Spirit always honour our choices because they are our free choices and They honour us; but They do not Love our choices when they are not at-One with Papa’s Will. To Love wrong choices would be to Love unreality and thus make it real. This is our error, from which he came to redirect us, and for which he called-down the Holy Spirit into the world, to correct our errors, our illusions, by bringing them to the Truth, so we could contrast errors with reality and choose reality, which automatically dispels errors from our mind. 

Jesus counsels us to be vigilant for the Kingdom. That is telling us to be vigilant for our true Self. If we are pretending – vigilantly – to be other than our Self, then God, Jesus and Holy Spirit cannot force us to be vigilant for Self: the Kingdom of Heaven; Christ; Universal, Unified, eternal, ineffable, effulgent, all-Loving, all-powerful, joyful, peaceful, creative Mind and Spirit. It has been said before what needs constant repetition if we are to Awaken from the dream of death: if we want to be like Jesus, we must commit to steadfastly thinking like him, for it is our mind that causes effects.  

Allowing ourself to be so easily distracted by ego-thinking can have but one outcome: remaining in the dream of death. Conversely, setting our mind to thinking like the Christ cannot but cause us to become, again, that from which false thinking distracted our mind: Papa’s One Son. Let us not allow the ego to persuade us that thinking like our true Self is hard, or worse: impossible. Every Loving thought we have ever had is thinking like the Christ. To that we can add blessing. I have observed over decades how seldom most of humanity consciously blesses a brother or situation. 

Yet blessing is an inestimable powerhouse of Love and Light that, if we could see with the soul sight that is already freely ours, but we have veiled from our awareness, we would see that blessing is real, potent, transforming, creative, uplifting, life-changing energy for both the giver and receiver of blessing. Not believing it means we don’t see it and thus do not experience it. All things are possible, if only we can believe. Believing is not a sometime thing; that is unbelieving. Who amongst us thinks Jesus believed he could perform miracles some of the time? The idea is preposterous. 

Yet to believe we are incapable of performing miracles at all is commensurately more preposterous. The day will inevitably dawn for each of us when we recognise the truth of that statement. That day can be today. If only we can believe.  

Let us be steadfast, unfailing in our faith, trust, obedience to the Voice for Papa within, and commitment to following the lead of that Voice; the Voice of our True Self, 

Brian Longhurst


The glory shall be yours, and the crown of attainment placed upon you. This is possible only by commitment, obedience to the Living Word, trust and faith. This allows fulfilment of all that is purposed in you, and without you no such works could be accomplished.

Jesus, December 1st 1996 

March 23rd 2016 

Dear Friends, 

If there is one thing I would Love to help as many of my brothers (this term is all-inclusive, irrespective of bodily gender) in the Sonship of God as are ready to understand, accept as true, and enable them to experience as reality for them, it is that Jesus is palpably accessible to us all, right now, and with no exceptions at all. This is not fanciful; it is reality because his mind and ours – all of us – are irreversibly connected as One. Ignore the apparent separation of bodies; they are nothing but a communication mechanism to share the Truth until all have been re-minded and remember It.  

All that stands between any of us and our experience of this reality are blocks to our awareness placed there by ourselves. Those blocks are fear-engendered unbelief; misperceptions of self – i.e., Self. Since we placed them there, only we are authorised to remove them, yet we cannot do that alone because we have disempowered ourself in littleness and limitedness. But we can authorise Help from Jesus/Holy Spirit to remove those blocks for us whenever we so choose; whenever we have had enough of playing the game of littleness, limitedness, loneliness, guilt, fear and ‘death’. 

How powerful is the mind’s ability to believe – and thus, make real to it – what it chooses to believe? 

The answer is, all powerful, and it makes no difference whether what it chooses is Truth or illusion; belief gives it reality to the believing mind. It does not seem hard to have believed, and thus experienced, the self-diminishing lie of separation – though its consequences in our awareness have been shattering. How much easier, more utterly serviceable to us is it, then, to believe the Truth of eternity instead of the lie of ‘death’? The dream world is fearful of Jesus because of the false doctrines that we are sinners and he is coming again to judge us. What terrible fate, therefore, must await us? 

But Jesus is not to be feared. He is our friend and brother and we are his friends and brothers, One in eternal equality. He does not judge any of us; ever: Ye judge after the flesh; I judge no man. (Jn. 8:15); And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world. (Jn.12:47). He is Light of heart; fun such as the world has no concept; all-wise; truly helpful; caring; compassionate; understanding; unconditionally Loving; easy – and joy-, peace- and safety-engendering – to be with. I now would like to share an experience that illustrates this well: 

My friend Michael Roads is renowned for his ‘Five-Day Intensives’, during which he leads attendees on ‘inner exercises’. These are intended to help free the mind from self-imposed limitations and allow an unrestricted view of Self, Life, relationships, opening up a greater sense of spiritual purpose and direction. Theresa and I have attended these events when Michael, accompanied by his darling wife, Carolyn, comes to England, and I have experienced a number of mystical events during them. 

On one inner exercise Michael invited the group to imagine a ride on a butterfly, to see where it would take each of us. A butterfly soon appeared to me and I immediately realised this was Jesus. He invited me to climb on his back, which I was, needless to say, overjoyed to do. He soared into the air and we quickly reached a considerable elevation.  

Although our direction was forward, he weaved from side to side, tilting, or banking, thus enabling my view first of one side and then the other as we progressed, giving me a broad vista of the journey. It was altogether a very gentle motion and I felt no concern at all for my safety, high above the ground. To my slight surprise no noteworthy panoramas appeared to particularly attract my attention. This in no way detracted from the event; I was having the time – the ride – of my life as butterfly-Jesus’ passenger.  

Linear time has very little to do with mystical experiences such as this, but it seemed as if this journey took the equivalent of several minutes. In due course he alighted and I descended from his back, with a sense of elation filling and overflowing my heart and soul. He resumed his Jesus-bodily form and we sat side by side on an outcrop of rock on a high hill, overlooking the world below. He looked at me as if to say, “Well, did you enjoy the journey?” The smile on my face, the joy upwelling and spilling over from within me told him all he needed by way of a reply.  

We sat there for a few more moments, simply absorbing the togetherness, exulting in the shared companionship, then he looked at me again with such Love, joy, gentleness, and yet with a sense of purpose in his countenance, and said, “NOW, we can go anywhere together!” He placed what seemed to me an inordinate emphasis on the word ‘now’, the purpose and meaning of which escaped me. Immediately he finished saying this we shot vertically up at breath-taking speed – ‘warp speed’, one might say – right into the Heart of Papa, in the very heights of Heaven.  

One might be prompted to enquire what His Heart ‘looks’ like. I have no specific answer to that – especially one that could begin to be comprehended by a finite, limited mind, for how can the finite comprehend the infinite? But how our exalted Destination was represented to me visually was somewhat like photographs I have seen of the Orion Nebula taken through the Hubble Space Telescope, though much brighter, and alive.  

I experienced moving right into the midst of this… what words can describe this, other than an ineffable state of Infinite Being; of Life Itself; of Holy Stillness; Quietness and yet absolute Communion; Transcendence; Divine Presence, celestial peace; joy far beyond finite capacity to experience – and yet, all-embracing comfortableness, gentleness, acceptance  

I was aware of becoming part of It, One with It, and It was – IS – Eternal, perfect Love. Limitedness, littleness – all the apparent traits of embodied, mortal humanness – cannot exist in this Presence, this state of Ultimate Being. To ascend to It permanently, eternally can be possible only by surrendering all the attributes, quirks, idiosyncrasies of the human persona; a total abandonment, renouncing of the ego.  

However incomprehensible that may seem to our Earth-mind consciousness, we have the perfect model for that in Jesus. He may have appeared in human form two thousand years ago, but his mind was – and is – in entire Oneness with this state of Being. And this state of Being is the final, eternal Destiny of us all, to which Jesus came to restore us. 

This awareness was, in linear time terms, fleeting, yet completely, totally vivid, etched into my mind, my memory forever. Then I was back in my bodily awareness, feeling the indescribable vastness of the contrast between the two states of awareness.

I have pondered this majestic, magnificent event innumerable times since, and one aspect has puzzled me on every occasion; that I had no awareness of any landscape details as I soared high above the ground on butterfly-Jesus’ back.  

Then, while sharing this experience with our kindred-spirit friend, Deborah, in the autumn of 2015, the answer was suddenly, instantaneously with me. The soaring along, banking from side to side was Jesus showing me, symbolically – how else could it be portrayed? – that this represented the fifty years of my one-on-one journey with him since the 1960s, in which he has so lovingly, patiently, light-heartedly, caringly, perfectly led me from spiritual infancy to active, purposeful progress toward the Light of our eternal Home in our Father Creator.  

This explained his heavy emphasis on the word now – after five decades of his preparing me, leading me forward, one step at a time, toward Awakening. This event, this experience, symbolises the journey and destination of us all, each in our own way. We may each begin from a different, separate starting point – consciously, anyway – but our common destination is One because Oneness is the eternal Truth of our Being. There is nothing different, special, favoured, unique about persona Brian in having experiences like this. 

Such, and more, are freely available to all, prevented ONLY by lack of belief. I was willing to believe. All who are willing to believe can equally, freely receive the precious blessing and joy of his illuminating, abundance-restoring presence: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. (Jn 10:10). Willingness to believe is dependent on desire, motivation. The opposite of motivation is inertia. The ego counts on our spiritual inertia for its continuance in our mind, our life – or, more accurately, our dream of death. 

The image above is of the front cover of my new book, Finding the Kingdom Within ~ Awakening to Eternity. This is Easter Week and this book will be available from Amazon (and elsewhere) on, and from, Easter Sunday – Resurrection Day. This week I am sending two Messages of Encouragement – this one, and tomorrow, another. Tomorrow’s will be a chapter from this book, giving a true vision perspective on the crucifixion (and thus, of the Resurrection) that repudiates the idea that Jesus was sent by God (or volunteered) to be a once-and-for-all-time blood sacrifice for the sins of mankind. 

The timing of the launch of this book – a follow-on from “Seek ye First the Kingdom…” – is symbolic and synchronistic, and was arranged by/from a Consciousness far higher than that of persona Brian. It takes us deeper into the ever-present joy, peace and Love of the Kingdom of Heaven, our true and only Home, sharing and showing the ease with which we can be returned to awareness – remembrance – of the Truth of our limitless, radiant Being: the God-Self within. 

Love and Light, peace and joy to all as we celebrate the resurrection to eternal life of Papa’s beloved Son, 

Brian Longhurst not go seeking souls upon whom to press your sweetmeats, your delicacies, and the wine of my Love from the banquet table; rather, wait, and I shall bring to you those who are ready.  Await my word in all matters and your desire to give shall be fulfilled.

Jesus, December 8th 1996

March 24th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

As mentioned yesterday, here is a chapter from my new book, Finding the Kingdom Within ~ Awakening to Eternity. As also stated, the timing of the launch of this book – Easter Week– is symbolic and synchronistic, and was arranged by/from a Consciousness far higher than that of persona Brian.  

Finding the Kingdom Within will be available from Amazon (and elsewhere) on, and from, Easter Sunday – Resurrection Day. This chapter provides a true vision, and thus, an awakened perspective on the crucifixion (and also, of the Resurrection) that replaces the idea that Jesus was sent by God (or volunteered) to be a once-and-for-all-time blood sacrifice for the sins of mankind. One could consider my previous book, “Seek ye First the Kingdom…” as helping to open the door to acceptance of the reality and accessibility of the eternity that is Heaven, and the Loving, benign care, guidance and protection that is freely available to us all, here and now, from There.  

Now, Finding the Kingdom Within takes us deeper into Its ever-present joy, peace and Love, sharing and showing the ease with which we can be returned to awareness – remembrance – of the Truth of our limitless, radiant Being: the God-Self within. This restoration, also known as The Great Rescue Programme, or Great Awakening, or final phase of the Atonement, is unfolding, moving toward its liberating, limitless conclusion, and so our Oneness with It moves along too, because we are all integral, intrinsic parts of It. Hence this follow-on book, to help us keep in step and up with the progress. 

Peace, joy and Love envelop us all as we commemorate and celebrate the resurrection, the Great Awakening, of Papa’s beloved Son – all of us – from darkness to Light, from the dream of death to wakefulness to Life, complete, abundant, eternal, 

Brian Longhurst 

PS: Should you be interested in obtaining Finding the Kingdom Within, please go to the Amazon website and key in my name and the book title. Thank you.



Seeing the Reality within the Crucifixion 

You ask and I draw back the veil on your awareness. You ask when you are ready to remember. Do this – commune – in remembrance of me and I will gently, lovingly, restore the Living Word of Truth back into your mind...

Jesus, May 23rd 2010 

On Easter Sunday morning I awoke to the sense of being in a place of awareness, like a platform, providing an elevated view – about thirty feet (nine metres) above the surrounding ground – of the events taking place in the world below me. This was not just a ‘bodily’ elevation but a perceptual elevation; a higher place of understanding of, perspective on, the events of which Easter is the anniversary of remembrance and celebration. I was in the Company of a group of others – perhaps a dozen, maybe more – from the Realms of Light, and also including Jesus himself, all of us in the Higher, Self, Son-of-God awareness. The vibration was entirely positive and peaceful; a peace that can come only from all-Knowing, of certainty beyond doubt that all was entirely well; of Knowing the end from the beginning; of Knowing that we are eternal, invulnerable, indestructible; that fear is an illusion, and therefore, along with illusory events that engender it, it does not exist in reality.

Jesus, with the rest of us, was observing the crucifixion of his body – and the subsequent events, including, of course, the resurrection – down below us, and there was free-flowing discussion amongst us, including Jesus, as if we were watching the playing-out of a planned occurrence within the Great Rescue Programme; this, of course, is exactly what it was. There was no emotion, no distress, simply satisfaction that all was proceeding according to plan, though all present knew that it certainly could not have been otherwise. The exchanges between those in the gathering – few as they were, since all present Knew exactly what was happening and the reality behind it – were as much telepathic (Mind-to-Mind communing) as spoken, though it made no difference, and were of a rejoiceful and thanksgiving nature, as of a job well done and a mission accomplished (‘It is finished’, Jn. 19:30).

If there was any sense of wonder, astonishment, amazement, it came only from the earth-mind consciousness part of me, at the newness, for me, of such a perspective, and the recognition that this was/is actually the only true perspective: from the Kingdom of Heaven; the healed mind of Papa’s beloved Son; reality.

From that awe-struck state of mind I said to him, “Jesus, my beloved brother; this morning I celebrate, in wonderment, honouring you in this, your magnificent feat, the blessed event of your resurrection, with all my inner being. And I observe the difference in my perspective on it now, after this experience, from previous years; how it has transformed my understanding of it from an earth-mind viewpoint to an Eternal, heavenly perspective. 

“I now see, clearly, for the first time, that this, the whole Easter event, was not ‘special’ to you, as it has always been seen by your brothers from their earthly perception of the event. I have always marvelled that you could have gone through the Last Supper, sharing all that you shared, giving all that you gave, without a hint of distraction, of fear; always focused on what you had to tell your friends. Now, this morning, I am experiencing it all from a fully awakened state of awareness, where the crucifixion and the process of resurrection is seen to be no more out of the ordinary than any other event, whether a miracle or a mundane happening.” He replied:

“My beloved, faithful, steadfast friend and brother; you remember I said ‘I did it to get your attention.’ [See “Seek ye First the Kingdom…”, vignette 11, for details.] It worked, did it not?

“You are right in your observation that there was nothing special or difficult about it for One who knows the Truth of Eternity, who knows Self, who is Self, and for whom time and place are no thing, do not exist.

“I knew my brothers would see these events as the great miracle that, to their perception, it was. That worked for the larger intent of holding their attention, their focus on me, throughout the second measure, the Jesus Measure as you have been inspired to call it. But now is the Kingdom Measure with us. This is the time, the moment, for a higher, leavened, raised up awareness, an expanded understanding of the progressive, unfolding nature of the Great Rescue Programme.

“You observe rightly that the sun goes forward but the moon goes backward; * that if one is not going forward, one is going backward. What purpose could be served by the continuance, indefinitely, of an incomplete, limited understanding of the Great Rescue Programme, and of the significant events that form its structure?  One perspective, if incomplete, may be serviceable for a span – even the span of a whole measure and its leavening – but the sun (Son) goes forward to the leavening of the whole; until all are leavened, raised up to wakefulness, equality of Knowing, of Being, of remembrance.

“Now is the point of changeover between limitedness of understanding and unlimitedness; where nothing is hidden that shall not be revealed. Of course, as you Know, nothing has ever been hidden; all is out in the open for all to see, to Know, to understand, just as has always, uninterruptedly been so... until the Son fell asleep a moment and dreamed a dream of forgetfulness. Forgetfulness of Who He Is: One. One, eternally, limitlessly, in Papa, our Father Creator.

“But it was always inevitable that the Son would awaken, and that the dream of illusions, of forgetfulness, would be over. How could it not be, since in reality it never began, never was, never could be real? The Son simply IS; Knows; is All, like His Father, with all the attributes of His Father, Who gave Him everything, never withheld anything.

“Now is the New Day dawning, and will never set. Now is the moment of awakening. To the forgetful, another two thousand years seems endless. I would remind such: time is an illusion; all is NOW. My brothers have – as they always have had – free choice to awaken soon, or to remain stay-a-beds a little longer, holding onto the dream of littleness and fear. Or they can arise early, and venture forth into the glory of the beginning of the New Day, when the sun (Son) starts to rise and cast His newly-remembered Light on all His brothers, to help them stir from their slumbers.

“I rejoice, beloved, to greet you, to embrace you, to share with you our exultation together in the glory of the Dawn. Let us pause a moment in the unspeakable ecstasy of the Light of Truth arising once more in the mind of our brothers who begin to join with us. Then, let us, together, lovingly, gently, tenderly, caringly, softly, continue upon our task of calling to those who begin to rouse from sleep. Let us always be care-full, in this labour of Love, not to shake them too hard, for the place between sleep and wakefulness can be a confusing state of mind.

“Yet still, the Dawn Chorus of ministering Angels calls to them deep in their unconscious minds, ensuring that awaken they shall, and rejoice at their remembering all once more. So arises the understanding that they, too, are not a body; that they, also, are eternal, invulnerable, indestructible; that they, too, can manipulate the stuff of dreams to their command – and then let them go completely, once they begin to remember who they ARE – from dreams of guilt and fear and death, to dreams of happiness, of Light, of waking to unlimitedness, from whence the transition to reality can be gently made.

“Resurrection can only be – or appear to be – after there has been death. Yet have I not stated from the beginning that there is no death, unless you are espoused to illusions, to dreams of unreality? Whosoever lives and believes in the Son – that he IS the Son – shall never, can never, die. Thus, ultimately, can there be no resurrection, but only an Awakening from the dream. Let our gentle call therefore be, ‘Arise, shine; for thy Light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen within thee.’

“Peace and joy be with all my brothers.”


Having seen Jesus, in early 1997, as he appeared shortly after the crucifixion, entirely unaffected by that event (see “Seek ye First the Kingdom…”, vignette 27 for details), it is now clear, from the true, leavened perspective, how that was possible.

As always, we are at free choice to continue to think and believe in littleness, thus limiting ourself to, imprisoning ourself within, such thoughts and beliefs, or to raise our vision and accept the Assistance, freely offered, to escape forever from littleness, by him of whom it is written: 

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel [‘Good News’] to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord. (Lk. 4:18, 19) 

*The sun is a symbol of Spirit-operated Mind and creativity; the moon is a symbol of psychic consciousness, not under Christ-Mind or God-Mind control, but rather, under ego-mind control.

March 30th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

As previously mentioned, Jesus does not judge, ever. All the while we believe that he is to be feared because (we have been told) he is coming again to judge the quick and the dead (i.e. those who appear still to be embodied and those who seem to have become disembodied prior to the moment of his coming) we will, of course, be unable to accept the Truth about him, and therefore, unable to accept the Truth about ourself. I attest to the real, Loving, fun, blessing, cheerful, healing Jesus. Yet how can he heal us if we fear him, for fear is a defence against Love and, thus, against healing? 

Meanwhile, we judge ourself – as guilty, unworthy of Papa’s Love – and try to hide from Him, from our true Self, from Papa’s anointed messenger of Truth and from the Spirit of Truth. Quite some – impossible – task we have undertaken! But this is only within a dream, a fantasy, an illusion, and thus, not in reality. Yet while we are in a dream, it seems entirely real. Only when we awaken from our slumbers and our dreams of unreality – a momentary attempt at hiding from reality – can we see them for what they always were: only a dream, with no reality whatsoever.   

That Awakening – for us ALL – is occurring right now. It may not appear so for most, who still deeply slumber. This matters not at all, since time does not exist; everything that seems to have occurred, be occurring or is yet to occur has already occurred – in a moment of vain imagining – and is over. The Awakening of all is thus inevitable because it has already happened. However doubtful that may appear to be to our rational, conscious mind, and however much we may fail to grasp, in our self-limited perception, how that could be, we can be encouraged by this word from Jesus:  

A little while and you will see me, for I am not hidden because you are hiding. I will awaken you as surely as I myself awakened, for I awoke for you. In my resurrection is your release. Our mission is to escape crucifixion, not redemption. Trust in my help, for I did not walk alone, and I will walk with you as our Father walked with me. Do you not know that I walked with Him in peace? And does not that mean that peace goes with us on the [our] journey [together]? (ACIM, T-12.II.7)   

Awakening is a joyful, liberating process, for what awaits us – so eagerly – is our eternal heritage as Papa’s beloved Son. There absolutely IS no judgement, no retribution, no punishment. Who amongst us would punish – rather than comfort and gently awaken – our child for having a bad dream? The very idea is preposterous, yet is not punishment what we have mistakenly believed our heavenly Father is busting to inflict upon us – fended off only by the sacrificial blood of Jesus? Could not only a disturbed – insane – mind ever fall for such an insane idea?  

An insane mind believes what is not true is true. Such as littleness, limitedness, unworthiness, sickness, guilt, fear, loneliness, scarcity, ‘death’… It also believes in disempowerment; that we have no control over the things that turn up in our lives, nor in the outcome of any situation. None of those things is true. All are misperceptions because we have drawn a veil of unbelief over our sight, and onto that veil we have projected images of unreality, all founded in what is actually the one and only misperception: that we are separated from the Light that is Love, and are thus in darkness. 

Jesus Knows the Truth, the reality of our Being, and his purpose is to restore us to remembrance of that Truth. Remembering the Truth re-empowers us in myriad ways – every way, in fact – of which our veiled, shackled mind has no understanding or belief; and thus, no conscious awareness. Yet that Truth is within our mind, awaiting our acceptance of it being so, and thus allow it back to our active application. This will restore us to miracle mindedness and thus, miracle readiness. Just like Jesus. The ego would have us believe this is impossible, because that would free us from its grasp. 

Within its grasp all we believe, and thus perceive, is upside down and back to front. Just unlike Jesus. He tells us in ACIM: Miracles are everyone’s right, but purification is necessary first. (T-1.I:7). Purification, distilled to its essence, is, simply, true forgiveness, because true forgiveness automatically clears away all the illusory dross of guilt, fear and all belief in the dream of death, of time and place, thus freeing – purifying – us to enable acceptance of the eternal, innocent, miracle-ready Truth of our Being as Papa’s One, beloved, all-empowered-by-Love Son. 

From our back-to-front beliefs and mistaken understanding we perceive things as happening to us, over which we have little or no control, and that we must, to counter this, ‘make things happen’ according to our little-self, imperfect will, which, being limited, is not in accord with Papa’s perfect Will. But the situations that arise in our experience we have actually called into our presence to provide opportunities to remember Who we really are, and will continue so to do until we accept them as opportunities to remember, instead of adversities to be feared, avoided and run away from. 

All such are gifts to ourself from our Self. If we can accept and allow that, without letting our ego-distorted mind get in the way, the outcome will always be for our own highest good and also that of all others involved. Then, we are allowing the obstacles we have placed in the way of our miracle-mindedness to be removed, so that nothing stands in the way of our miracle readiness. This may all seem obscure, theoretical; too arcane for any practical application in what our body’s eyes tell us is the ‘real’ world of conflict, stumbling blocks, adversity… So, let us consider a practical application: 

A bodily malady turns up in our experience, causing us distress, doubt, fear… What to do about it? There are two fundamental choices. One is to follow our conditioned path and visit the doctor; the other is to place ourself unequivocally in the care, guidance and protection (CGP) of Jesus/Holy Spirit. This means we are authorising Them to be in all-empowered charge of every aspect of our life, our journey Home and our well-being on that journey – the journey to Wakefulness to our true Self as Papa’s Son, the Christ. The ego will go ballistic at this because we could ‘die’ of this malady. 

But we are immortal Beings of Love and Light; just like Jesus, we cannot die. This requires trust. Absolute trust. We do not need medical intervention for what our Holy Spirit-Self has brought to us as the perfect gift at the perfect time. Ego will say, ‘But how do we know? How can we sure of the outcome? We need an expert (medical) opinion and treatment.’ But when we have placed ourself in the CGP of the Experts, Who have all power in Heaven and Earth (Mt. 28:18), we do not need to understand, or be sure of the outcome, or seek another opinion, because They understand and They Know the outcome. If only we can believe.

Jesus Knew he could not succumb to any sort of bodily malady because his mind was healed – whole – and all bodily maladies arise from within an unhealed mind. Choose first, last and always a healed mind, with the Help of Those empowered to provide that Help, and all the rest will, inevitably, fall into place, at the perfect moment. So, having made the right choice, we can leave it with Them and focus on, choose, the outcome – right at the beginning of the situation, that, remember, we have called to ourself as an opportunity to remember, and thus Become, again, our whole, holy Self. 

The world, unknowing, believes it can only await the outcome at the end, but that is self-disempowerment; surrender to the illusion of linear time. There is no time; only the perfect gift: the present. Thus are we at liberty to choose the outcome we believe – we Know – is the perfect thing, at commencement of the situation. Then we – by placing ourself in at-One-ment with Jesus, Holy Spirit, our all-empowered Christ-Self – are assured of the outcome we want, right from the start, because we have placed our will at-One with Theirs, and They Know we are unassailable. 

The situations we call into our presence are opportunities for our purification because only through purification can we receive our right for miracles. Just like Jesus. Remember, purification, in its essence, is true forgiveness, which frees us, releases us, from all karmic, negative, harmful, conflicted, destructive conditions/situations. Without purification we are blocking our right. So, calling to ourself some malady, and choosing the perfect outcome at the start, in faith and trust, will assure its realisation: miracle-readiness, thus further assuring us that maladies can no longer assail us.  

Choosing medical, bodily-ailment ‘solutions’ for an unhealed mind will never provide such an outcome, but instead, more of the same. When we decide we are ready to choose the path Home to Papa it will no longer matter whether we make occasional medical choices because our over-riding choice is for whole-mindedness, aka miracle-readiness. The choice, at the outset, for miracle-readiness can but lead us away from time and place, temporal solutions until they are no longer in our mind because wholeness has left them no more place to lodge in our mind. 

To miracle-readiness, 

Brian Longhurst 


My son, because you have been faithful, and have kept the very name of My beloved first-born alive and sacred above all in your heart, and have desired the Kingdom of My Love and Joy, you begin to experience the re-establishing of the Power and Authority of My eternal Living Word of Truth in your life.

Papa, December 22nd 1996 

April 6th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

Seeing ourself as a body means we see ourself as vulnerable; open to attack, and liable to succumb to attack – and thus, to ‘die’ – whether from a bacterium, a virus, another body, an ‘accident’… There are no accidents; we are not a body; we are immortal, unassailable Beings; Unified, Unlimited Mind and Spirit, exactly like our Father Creator. We are merely, mistakenly, pretending – choosing – to be limited, assailable, mortal. Yet we are free to choose, right now, and at any and every moment, to stop thinking of/seeing ourself as any of those made-up things. And as we choose, so is it. 

But we must be motivated to retraining our mind from littleness to believing and thus, seeing, experiencing, remembering, Knowing our true Self as the Light – just as Jesus told us two thousand years ago, and is still telling us today in ACIM. Without such a desire – total, absolute commitment  to Awakening to our true, limitless Being, with no oscillating – endeavours at changing our mind will be so distracted by external, time and place matters that yet another circuit of the carousel of birth and death will have gone by, with untold missed opportunities to remember and Be our perfect Self. 

Without such a change of mind – of desire – nothing else will change. All this, to the ego-distorted, limited, upside-down mind, is impossible; meaningless; gibberish. But if there is a single spark of desire, however small, deep within us, all such ego-speak can never quell it, and it will persist until we allow it to rise to predominance. Such a spark is in us all, without exception, and however much we attempt to veil it, because it is the spark of our true nature as Papa’s Son, it is eternal and inextinguishable. Give it one opportunity and it will ignite into a Light far brighter than the sun. 

This is because it is the brightness, the radiance, the effulgence of the Son, Who is equally as bright as his Father. There are no degrees of brightness in eternity. All is complete and absolute. This is Oneness, and dreaming of separation can have no effect, no impact on that brightness in reality. All appearances of separation, from galaxies to solar systems, from bodies to pathogens, arose – and will continue to arise – solely in the mind of the dreamer all the while the fantasy of brokenness continues there. From there they are projected outward onto the illusory screen of time and space. 

How can fantasies, shadows of darkness, whose cause is the collective split mind of us all, seem to bring about our own demise unless we choose for it to appear so? Such choice is cause; darkness, disillusionment, dis-ease, despair and ‘death’ (the five ‘Ds) are the inevitable effects. Assuredly, Papa, the Source of Love and Light, peace and joy, Who created His Son – us – to be His own completion and happiness, has not done this to us, and equally, neither could or would His emissary of the Truth, the Light, the Love, impose it upon us. That leaves none but ourself as the source of 5 Ds.  

Until we end – simply by unequivocally so desiring and choosing – projection of guilt and fear, grievance and judgement, and exclusively choose instead, as our focus, the extending of Love and blessing, peace and joy to our brothers in the Sonship, our experience will continue to be as a mortal body, subject to perceiving whatever turns up as threat to our safety and well-being. We may think, believe, we are not projecting guilt and fear, but what is judgement, blame and grievance if not the projection of hate, guilt and fear? How, then, can we, do we, stop projecting such? 

Without the desire we cannot. But it is worth keeping in mind that what we project onto the screen of time and place is reflected straight back to us, just as when we visit the cinema. This can mean but one thing: we are the recipients of our own projections. How serviceable, then, is it to project judgement, blame and grievance onto ourself when, instead, we could extend Love, blessing, peace and joy to all our brothers – known or unknown, loved or feared, hated or respected, it makes no difference – knowing that such will be reflected right back to us, transforming our own life.  

The ego will argue that all such is meaningless, that it doesn’t work; how can one sincerely send Love, blessing, peace and joy to despots, terrorists, self-serving politicians… (it’s a long list!) when they deserve their comeuppance? So, is our choice ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’? How about Jesus’ alternative counsel: Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you. (Mt. 5:44). All very well in an ‘ideal world’, but this is not an ideal world, says the ego. And to an ego-distorted, split mind, such holds sway. 

That can never change while the separation consciousness is believed and thus, perceived as our reality and we continue to view the world from that perspective. But Jesus, our exemplar, our Guide to eternity, tells us that true forgiveness reverses all this. It is not possible for us to Know this, by experiencing it, until we have accepted this as possible because one who Knows – Jesus – tells us it is so. I attest from trying and experiencing it that true forgiveness works. It transforms our mind, our life and our perception of, our attitude toward everyone and everything – including ourself. 

By truly forgiving just one brother, on the basis that what we thought he did to us never happened in reality but only in a dream, so never actually happened at all, has a breathtakingly, miraculously larger, unexpected effect than that. When we have practised that perception steadfastly, for as long as it takes, asking the Spirit of Truth to be with us, trusting that He is with us, Helping in this crucial process, empowering it to accomplish its desired outcome, it emerges into our awareness that not only have we truly forgiven that one brother, but we have actually, truly forgiven the entire Sonship. 

This realisation dawns upon us from our own within. It is nothing to do with what appears still to be going on ‘out there’. We no longer hold any grievances or judgements that steal away our inner peace. We are no longer projecting guilt and fear, no longer judge or hate anyone or anything. Instead, we are filled with Love and goodwill for the entire Sonship; every soul who believes he must fight – even to the ‘death’ – for what he believes is his right; every soul filled with fear and self-loathing; every soul who believes he must take from another to fulfil his own perceived needs… 

How do we know when this miraculous transformation has taken place? We find we are at peace within about everything, knowing that regardless of what appears to be happening externally, anywhere in the world – including ourself and our own relationships – ALL really is well. This feeling, this new state of Being is entirely alien in this ego world. The ego world is shut off from it, but it is, nevertheless available to us all, right NOW – while we still appear to be a body, walking amongst other bodies and engaging with them as usual. Except now we have no negative, judgemental feelings or grievances. 

Do not let the ego persuade you this is impossible, or that it will take a very long time. It is our true nature and is already with us – as it has always been and will always be – simply awaiting our acceptance. All we need is to desire it above all else and to stop denying ourself our true, God-given attributes. It is essential that we understand that we need DO nothing; only desire it, ask for it, believing, trusting and being patient with ourself. Our true, higher Self – the Holy Spirit – accomplishes everything FOR us, but can only do so in response to our desiring and our asking.  

We need ask only once; thereafter, we say, ‘Thank You, Holy Spirit, for healing my mind’, as frequently as our desire, faith, trust, belief prompts us. The more often the better, because this re-minds us that He has already accomplished it – freely, lovingly and immediately – the instant we ask. The ego will work on our mind relentlessly to persuade us it isn’t true, will never happen. Are we willing to allow this, or are we ready to say, ‘Enough is enough; I am ready for release from guilt, fear and judgement – of others, and thus, of myself’?  

Many of us may want to engage with true forgiveness, but perhaps don’t quite know what it means or how to practise it, so instead of the usual Diary of a Christ Communicant entry, below is copied a True Forgiveness Exercise. Theresa and I cobbled this together about ten years ago, from ACIM, Gary Renard’s book, The Disappearance of the Universe, and from Inner Guidance and inspiration from the Spirit of Truth. It is shown twice; the first is with explanatory notes, to help with understanding the process. Please feel free to share this with any and all who might benefit by it. 

Love and blessings for release into inner peace and joy, 

Brian Longhurst 


Your one-pointed commitment to my name – and therefore, to me – is your power and your protection, because Papa has given me this power for all my brethren in response to my desire and commitment. This power is freely available to all who will receive of it.

Jesus, December 29th 1996 


An exercise example for practising true forgiveness (with explanatory notes): 

NB: This exercise is for undertaking silently, with/via the Holy Spirit as the intermediary between us and the forgivee(s), not face to face with them. 

Dear Blank I choose gladly to forgive you for all the things that in Truth you have never really done,

that I may freely receive the forgiveness that is rightfully mine. (Jesus counsels us that as we judge, so are we judged, and as we forgive, so are we forgiven, because it is our very own judgement and forgiveness by/with which we are judged or forgiven. How could it be otherwise, since a. there is only one of us and b. God, our Creator, is unconditional – and therefore non-judgemental – Love, and we are created in His likeness? So, the very act of forgiving – with true forgiveness – of our named Party brings, activates, cannot but effect, our own forgiveness. By extending the same forgiveness to our fellows that Papa extends to us – how self-deceiving, false and unserviceable would any other kind of [false] ‘forgiveness’ be? – so does it automatically become ours because in eternity, giving and receiving are one and the same thing and happen simultaneously. Remember, eternity is not in the future, after we lay aside our body; it is NOW, the forever always.) 

And I ask your forgiveness of me for all the things that in Truth I also have never done, that you may freely receive the forgiveness that is rightfully yours. (The forgiveness is rightfully the forgiver’s and the forgivee’s because we are all, already, in the true estate of our eternal being: innocent; this is why we can – and should – say ‘all the things we have never done.’ Remember, this is an illusory, dream world, in which nothing real has ever happened.)  

I give you this gift of forgiveness, via the Holy Spirit, so that, by His wisdom and timing,

He may place it in your mind, keep it safe there, and bring it to your awareness when He sees that you are ready and able to receive it,

and that I, also, may receive it (because in eternity, giving and receiving are one and the same thing, and happen simultaneously).  

And now we are released into innocence, and join with the Holy Spirit in Peace and joyous Oneness with our beloved brother Jesus, in Papa. 

I bless you, bless you, bless you (‘thrice blessed’ is an empowered, supercharged blessing – rather along the lines of light being amplified by stimulated emission of radiation, or laser; one might call thrice blessed ‘blaser’ – not just 3 blessings together, so the sum of it is exponentially greater than its parts. Further, saying it three times also focuses us on the blessing, ensuring we are saying it with sincerity, without which none of this works because the sincerity of our heart is what generates the empowerment of the process) for restoration to fullness of your remembrance of who you really are. You are Christ, pure and innocent. Papa’s Son is guiltless and sin does not exist.  

Now are we forgiven, and free to see only the face of Christ in each other.


An exercise example for practising true forgiveness (without the explanatory notes): 

Dear Blank I choose gladly to forgive you for all the things that in Truth you have never really done,

that I may freely receive the forgiveness that is rightfully mine.  

And I ask your forgiveness of me for all the things that in Truth I also have never done,

that you may freely receive the forgiveness that is rightfully yours. 

I give you this gift of forgiveness, via the Holy Spirit, so that, by His wisdom and timing

He may place it in your mind, keep it safe there, and bring it to your awareness when He sees that you are ready and able to receive it,

and that I, also, may receive it.  

And now we are released into innocence, and join with the Holy Spirit in Peace and joyous Oneness with our beloved brother Jesus, in Papa. 

I bless you, bless you, bless you for restoration to fullness of your remembrance of who you really are. You are Christ, pure and innocent. Papa’s Son is guiltless and sin does not exist.  

Now are we forgiven, and free to see only the face of Christ in each other.

April 13th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

Jesus tells us in ACIM: Miracles arise from a miraculous state of mind, or a state of miracle-readiness. (T1.I.43). When we choose miracle mindedness and miracle-readiness as the outcome at the outset of any and every situation that we have called into our presence as an opportunity to remember and become who we really Are, the outset and the outcome appear closer together in time. This is because we are claiming (back) our God-given empowerment as His Son. This becomes more and more the case the more frequently we choose with the Holy Will of Papa, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. 

This is because we are choosing with Truth, reality, the Light of eternal Being, our whole, natural state. This makes it inevitable that the time lapse between outset and outcome will diminish until they are simultaneous, just as was the case with Jesus and the miracles he performed in the long-ago. Aligning our will with Papa’s (just as Jesus did, and, of course, still does) collapses the illusion of linear time until we are One in Him in eternity, where time has no meaning and no reality. Such alignment can only mean that we, also, are no longer subject to, self-imprisoned in, linear time.   

Jesus was at that place during his embodied mission on Earth. He appeared (to be) in time but was functioning from eternity. Eternity is a state of mind and understanding, not a place separate from this world and from which we are barred, shut out due to perceived sinfulness, so it is equally available to/for us – all, not just an elect few – during our illusory embodiment, just as it was for him… When that is our desire. As he told me in January 2008:  

Overcoming [the illusion of limitation] appears to be hard, and most in the dream world perceive it as impossible for them; that it is possible only for ‘exalted’, ‘special’, ‘highly favoured’ beings, without wondering how such perceived beings attained to this ‘status’. This is, of course, not so, for if one [i.e., Jesus, himself, it hardly need be said] can overcome, all can overcome, since we who appear in the dream as many are, as you well now Know, in Truth, one.  

That desire – to overcome the illusion of separation, limitation, ‘death’… – can only be fulfilled when our steadfast choice, above all else, is for our will to be in absolute alignment with Papa’s. That is impossible to an ego-yoked mind, but not to the mind of Papa’s Son – us. We cannot accomplish this of ourself, but by surrendering this desire, this choice into the care of the Spirit of Truth, He accomplishes it for us. This requires no sacrifice, nor relinquishing anything we are not yet ready to let go; He leads us gently, tenderly, lovingly, one step at a time, at our pace, to the fulfilment of our desire. 

This is possible for all of us, right now, but that has to be our choice; not wish, not whim, not occasional, passing fad or fancy… choice. The ego would have us believe that is an elitist, exclusivist attitude of Papa’s. This is a misperception characteristic of the distorted, conflicted thought system of the ego. Truth, reality, eternity, Love, Light, inner peace, wholeness/holiness, Oneness… are aspects of Being that we call God, in and of Whom we are all, equally, part and equally endowed. Excluding ourself from that all-empowered, all-encompassing state of Being is self-disempowerment. 

Self-disempowerment is the state we are dreaming, pretending, we are in. Papa honours the choices of His Son, so He is allowing us to dream thusly. How else could free will, with which He endued His Son forever, be free? But free will also, of course, means we are free to choose anew: for reclaiming our God-given all-empowerment-by-Love. Just like Jesus. The ego depends, for its continuance, on us believing the so-called physical, the external world is real, and that such a change of mind cannot affect that ‘reality’, other than by ‘physical action’ involving bodies. But we are not a body. 

We are inestimably more than that. We are Universal, Unified Mind and Spirit, and bodies are merely a self-imposed impediment to the realisation of that state. But such an impediment is nothing more than a gnat that happens in our way as we journey Home. And, with Holy Spirit’s Help, that gnat, that body, can be transformed into a communication mechanism to share the Truth of our Being – of all Being – with our brothers, as each is brought to us by Him, ready to hear, receive and accept unto himself that Truth equally as his own, that in due season he also can share it with others. 

Jesus is with us on this journey. It makes no difference whether we are consciously aware of his presence, or even choose to be aware of him, though it will be of incalculable value and benefit to us when we do so choose. This is because it will increase our awareness of our oneness with him, and our desire to co-operate in saving us unnecessary further dream-embodiments. In fact, he is leading us, and as many as desire it, he walks with them, beside them, in joyous, glorious, Loving, easy fellowship, making Light of what otherwise can seem an arduous, rock- and thorn-strewn path. 

Not only is he with us, he speaks with us, sharing Truth with, and shining Light for, us, reminding us that we, also, are that Truth and that Light. Most of us are too fearful – of our Self and of him – to feel able or willing to listen to and hear him. But there are many – increasing in number daily – who gladly open themselves to hearing, communing, fellowshipping with him. All such are eager to share with others – any and all who are willing to hear – his wisdom. Wisdom is NOT complicated, abstruse or ambiguous; it is straightforward, uncomplicated, enlightening, uplifting, reassuring… 

Shared here is an extract from such words that he spoke to the Northwest Foundation for “A Course in Miracles” (nwffacim):  


It sounds great to hear that you should Love your Father with all your heart, soul and mind. What makes it great is that you can do that in the privacy of your home. You can do it when you’re alone in the car. You can even do it in the middle of a crowd of people, without anybody knowing it. But that, in itself, won’t cause you to awaken. Because you can’t go unto the Father without bringing your fellow man with you.

Why? Because even if you Love the Lord your God with all your soul and mind, if you’re not able [i.e., unwilling, which true forgiveness will remedy] to see God in your Brother, you haven’t seen God yet.

This is the simplicity of it. It’s so simple that most of you think it’s hard because you have to give up everything that has meant something to you, for so little.

I’m going to tell you something: Every time you look at a Brother, no matter what you think about him, you are bringing that to Me. When you bring the truth about your Brother to Me, I can pass it on to My Father and everyone is blessed.

But when you bring the untruth to Me, there is nothing I can do. There is nothing for Me to do. I cannot pass that on to the Father as though it were true of your Brother; I can’t pass it on to our Father because it would misrepresent you as well.

(My emboldening, for emphasis.) 

As we progress toward this state of miracle-mindedness and miracle readiness, so does the clutter, the dross, all the stuff of this world of dreams, diminish in importance to us until, just like Jesus, it ends up having no meaning for us at all. That doesn’t mean we can no longer ‘be here’, function here, engage with our brothers here within the dream. It does mean that all that will be left in our dream will be only Loving, blessing, forgiving, peace-engendering and joyful. What is missing from that? Only the ego. 

Finally, on this note of miracle mindedness and miracle-readiness, is shared here one sentence by Jesus from nwffacim:  

Miracles occur only when they are invited and room is made for them. (My emboldening, for emphasis). 

Love and blessings to all, always, 

Brian Longhurst


Your hearts desire is not impacted upon by the imperfections and inadequacies of your Earth-life circumstances. They are as nothing. It is your heart that is serviceable; the rest I am making new, as you well know.

Jesus, January 5th 1997 

April 20th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

The Great Awakening takes place – for each of us individually and en masse – one step at a time. This is perceived in different ways and from different perspectives according to how far we have each travelled along the homeward Path. For example, consensus perception has it that genetic inheritance governs our bodily state. So, if there are faulty genes in the family line that provide channels of susceptibility for some bodily malfunction, then there is a tendency for that malfunction to be passed down to successive generations, and there has been precious little to be done about it. 

Then came the human genome project, and geneticists are now in the early stages of being able to correct the flaws, so following generations can be free from inheriting various bodily malfunctions from their forebears. From the time and place perspective this is exciting stuff, and shows the promise of helping to make this a better world for untold millions, ridding it of one genetic flaw after another. Let us now look at this from the larger perspective of reality; our true nature as Papa’s perfect, flawless, innocent, limitless, eternal Son; Universal, Unified Mind and Spirit. Exactly like Him

From that – the only true – perspective we can discern that genetic flaws are intended by this ego-system of fabricating a hidey-hole from Papa and our Self: the without; the illusory realm of time, place, bodies, conflict, dis-ease, mortality… How could it be otherwise? For if the system were flawless it would be perfect, because flawless means perfect, and only that created by Papa can be perfect, and that means eternal, unchanging, complete and unchangeable. Neither male nor female are complete or perfect/flawless, so the effect of union between them cannot be complete/perfect. 

It is not just that created by Papa which is perfect, for He created His Son perfect, that he could create in like manner to his Father: also perfect. What is made in time and place, by the union of gametes, human or otherwise – themselves incomplete and thus, by definition, flawed – cannot be perfect. This is illustrated by most of the embodied fragments being of conflicting opinions about what is ‘perfect’ in human – or any other – form. And when we speak of Papa’s ‘Son’ this means genderless because the eternally perfect creates in its own likeness: eternally complete and perfect. 

As our Awakening progresses we re-cognise that we are not a body, and realise there is no gender in reality because gender is an aspect of a flawed thought system. All that is created in the eternity of Heaven is the effect of perfect Cause: the Mind of Papa and His perfect, flawless offspring, His One beloved Son, the Christ. But meanwhile, until our Awakening to that Reality is complete, we appear to be functioning within a dream that is fatally flawed because it is a product of a split mind that believes it is separate from its Creator, i.e., perfection. All that believes it is separate from perfection can only be imperfect, and thus, subject to interminable imperfections. 

These are not inflicted upon us by a wrathful God. He longs for us to return to Him, that we might be restored to remembrance of our perfect Wholeness/Oneness, so that we, as His perfect Son, may revert to perfect creativity in Him; creativity by extension of perfect Being. If they had been inflicted upon us by Him, assuredly we would be stuck with them, because what arises from Papa is eternal and unchangeable. Instead, flawed genes, the effect of a flawed, split mind, can be corrected by desiring, choosing whole-mindedness. Whole-mindedness is miracle-mindedness.  

There is no order of difficulty or magnitude in miracles because a Whole Mind can restore imperfection to perfection simply by so choosing, so desiring. Whole Mind simply would not, could not allow brokenness to remain broken because Whole Mind is motivated by perfect, unconditional Love. Whole Mind is so powerful that its pull is irresistible because its pull is unconditional Love. The broken, slumbering, fragmented Sonship is, literally, being drawn back to Wholeness, to wakefulness, as iron filings to a magnet. Being unaware of this in our conscious mind does not mean it is not so. 

Miracles require no intervention by bodies wearing white coats, with laboratory and nano-surgical equipment, nor even computers. Miracles require the attributes of faith, trust, belief, commitment to eternal reality; to accepting our true nature, our true Identity as Papa’s beloved, eternal, limitless Son. This is how Jesus was able to be the agent of miracles, and it is the only way we – any of his brothers in the Sonship – can become like him again. The ego would have us believe such is impossible. What else would we expect from the prince of darkness, guilt, fear, limitation and ‘death’? 

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with genetic manipulation to ease our plight during the dream. What would be an error of perception would be to assume it is the answer to our plight, because our plight is that we are dreaming we are what we are not: a body. Waking from that dream is the answer to our perceived plight. Genetic coding – a flawed concept because it has nothing to do with reality – arose from a split mind. A mind restored to wholeness can, and automatically will – ‘miraculously’ – override, see past flawed concepts, making them of none-effect because flawed concepts are nothing in reality. 

The ego knows nothing of the qualities that would restore us to our true Identity, our all-empowered by Love Self. The ego is intent on keeping us in the misperception that we are a body; flawed, incomplete, little, limited, self-disempowered, mortal. All the while we remain in the choice for believing this, so will it remain our experience. Let us not be mistaken about this being our free choice. Consciously, we have no recollection of having made such an insane choice. But let us also accept that embodiment – an entirely unnatural, illusory state – requires complete forgetfulness

But remembrance of our true Self, the all-empowered-by-Love Christ – just like Jesus – is, and remains, in a part of our mind to which we have elected to have no seeming access: our unconscious mind. If we had access to it we would never accept the mad idea of separation and all that that entails. The ego depends for its continuance on our unwillingness to accept the Truth of our Being; that such an idea was not ours and that there is nothing we can do about it. But Jesus tells us that just a little willingness to change our mind enables Holy Spirit-Self to accomplish our Awakening for us. 

That little willingness must be a conscious choice to co-operate with our Higher, true Self – the Spirit of Truth – in allowing Him to correct our errors of perception. This then begins the process or transforming our self-awareness from limitation to unlimitedness. Just like Jesus. This is a change of mind, from wrong-mindedness to right-mindedness, in which we begin to remember – and continue to grow in remembrance of – our true, limitless Being as Unified Mind and Spirit. In linear-time terms, this, for mankind as a whole, the fragmented Sonship, is a one-step-at-a-time process. 

But that process is already completed because in eternal reality it – the illusory separation – never happened at all. If we want to get back to awareness of our eternal reality it is our free choice to take that first, faltering step. This is why Jesus holds out his ever-Loving hand for us, because he Knows it seems fearful to us. Alone, it is too fearful, but mercifully, we are not, ever, alone. With our Earth-focused mind we have no idea how all-encompassingly we are Loved, cared for, looked after by our heavenly Father. One momentary glimpse of that Love will transform our life forever. 

The wondrousness of His Plan for our salvation, our rescue, our Awakening from our tiny, mad idea of separating ourself from Him is so utterly clear, straightforward, easy to understand – once we begin to engage with right-minded thinking – it is breath-taking in its simplicity. Yet, until we choose to begin that engagement it is far beyond our grasp because we have pulled-down the shutter on our vision, opting instead for sight only of shadows of darkness. Darkness because they are unenlightened. The Light of eternal Truth shines away those shadows once we authorise It by our choice.  

Happily, we do not need to understand all this before changing our mind because faith and trust replace the need for understanding up front, enabling our flawed sight to be transformed into true vision. Without that faith we remain in darkness. Jesus, our faithful, trustworthy Guide to Eternity, is not a window, showing us who we can become; he is a mirror, showing us who we already are

All this illustrates how time and place are opposite to – i.e., oppose – eternal reality. Our reality. Is it really worth clinging fearfully to what serves us so ill; a momentary dream of darkness, when we can, without effort, simply let our choice be to wake to our rightful state of ineffable Being? Forever.

Taking that leap of faith does seem fearful, and the idea that Jesus is always there for us, offering his hand to comfort and reassure us is of inestimable value. His message for us all, dated September 8th 1991 speaks to us of this, so lovingly, gently, tenderly. Rather than repeat it here, to read it, follow this link, scrolling down to that date.  

Boundless blessings of Love and Light, for inner peace, joy and release to freedom, 

Brian Longhurst 


Have no fear, have no concern; all events of Heaven and Earth are known to me. I have dispatched my jewels to all appropriate places to fulfil those things that are needful for the Kingdom purpose to go forward.

Jesus, January 19th 1997 

April 27th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

The adjustment from illusion to Truth, from our perspective as a body – appearing to function in a dream world of time, place, conflict, fear, scarcity, loneliness… – can seem alien, fearful, very hard to imagine. For Truth is the never-ending, never-changing joy and ecstasy of the ever-present, eternal NOW, with no bodies, no separate, individual, quirky, different personas… only Oneness. The ego would say, “How can you not be lonely if there is only one of you; how can you be joyful, or ecstatic alone; when there is no ‘you and me’ to share all this supposed bliss?” 

Not only is there no ‘you and me’, there is no ‘them’, nor even ‘us’, because ‘us’ implies more than One, thus nullifying Oneness. But Oneness obviates all such. It sounds impossible to grasp for minds so long inured to the duality of separation, and that is because separation cannot be experienced without the self-limitation of forgetfulness of Self. It means pretending inequality is real. Inequality – of one sort or another, though in practise, all sorts – being the reverse of equality, is a block to understanding, experiencing, Knowing, Being One, because One(ness) is all-inclusive. 

Separation, in contrast, is exclusive. In our quest for independence from our Source, we have turned everything upside down, making ‘exclusive’, somehow, superior, desirable – though those who are excluded would see it as elitist, supercilious, arrogant. Inclusive can have no such connotations, and Oneness includes ALL, equally, seeing no differences at all, simply because in Papa – our true and only Home – there are no differences. All is perfect, so there can be no distinction in or between any aspects, or attributes, of Oneness. How could it be other with Papa the fountainhead of Oneness?  

Oneness means there is no separation, so there are no bodies – the very symbol of separation – and thus, no individual personas. This means there is also no Jesus in the eternity of Oneness. Here, the key word is eternity, because Oneness IS eternal. The idea of there being ‘no Jesus’ may cause many to feel bereft because of how much he means to us. But he, along with all the fragments of the Sonship, will not cease to be; instead, he and we simply become One, and thus, experience his glory as ‘our’, all-inclusive glory – all totally shared; the glory of Oneness.  

Meanwhile, he promised to be with us until the end of time. Assuredly, time would continue a lot longer but for him being, as he is, our Guide to Eternity. But time, along with bodies/personas, is a symbol of separation, and he Knew we would need that Guide all the while time seems real to us – and thus, keeps us self-excluded from Reality.

Although Jesus has completed his journey Home to the eternity of Heaven, he remains with us – accessible to us in time – all the while we believe, and thus appear to be, in time, seeming to be separated from eternity. So, being in, of and from the Kingdom of Heaven, he could perfectly represent – manifest, portray, betoken, declare, express, embody, epitomise, personify, exemplify – the Kingdom of Heaven during his embodiment on Earth, because he was the Kingdom of Heaven. And therefore, so are we, because we are his brothers, sharing his Pedigree as Papa’s One, beloved Son. 

He came to demonstrate innocence – i.e., guiltlessness – and thus, invulnerability; to re-mind us that there is, truly, NOTHING to fear because we, also, just like him, are guiltless. There are no hoops to jump through for this; only the choice, the desire, the willingness for it to be restored to our remembrance and our experience. All the rest is accomplished for us. Jesus began telling me this in the 1960s, and continued to tell me very frequently for decades. And it took me decades to understand that what he was saying was true, not just in principle, but for me, personally. 

It is also true for every single one of us, without a single exception. It is my earnest hope, desire and prayer that any who may be in doubt about their inclusion in this, will be helped, encouraged, exhorted to believe and accept this irreversible Truth much more readily, more rapidly than it took me! I believed everything he told me; it was all so obviously reasoned and true. Why, then, did it take me so staggeringly long for this to sink in? Because I still saw this illusory world as real, and in spite of what he kept saying, my ego-indoctrination had me hard-wired to the false belief that we have to accomplish everything – our heart’s desire – ourself

If Jesus has completed his journey back to Papa – as he assuredly has – and is thus restored to ALL power in Heaven and Earth, how, why is he, can he still be, accessible to us in the dream of separation? There are two very important reasons why. The first is that he Loves us totally, as he Loves Papa and himself. Thus, he cannot, could not countenance not being here for us, to help us to remember our Love for Papa, all our brothers in the Sonship and ourself. In other words, to become like him, in full, whole, complete restoration to our true God-Self, along with him, equally

The second, vital reason is that Papa has but ONE beloved Son – all of us – who seems to be dreaming of separation. One single fragment left out of the restoration means the Sonship is not whole, complete, and thus cannot be restored to the whole, eternal Oneness of Heaven. It is only when ALL the fragments are restored to Oneness that Papa’s One beloved Son can be lifted up by Papa into Heaven, forever. So, Jesus waits, with infinite patience, with us, freely offering his hand, his heart, his Mind, his Light – to share all that is already his – so we can all be one with him, in Papa. 

Time and separation go hand in glove, as do Eternity and Oneness. The two pairs are mutually exclusive. Assuredly, we need that Guide to lead us from time to Eternity. How else could we find the Way, being utterly lost in the wilderness of self-imposed forgetfulness? He IS the Way; he became it when he completed his journey Home – overcame the ego world – and came back to show us, his brethren, that Way. How better to show us than by Being It? It is one thing for someone to tell us the way – for how would we know he is trustworthy; that he actually does know the way? – but another altogether for him to Be the Way.  

Jesus, then, could perfectly represent the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth because he was/is the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, so are we, because we are like him (1 Jn. 3:2). Thus can we, also, represent the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, when we so desire and choose – because it is already within us, since that is who and what we really Are. We are already doing so part of the time – with every Loving thought, sincere blessing, caring act. Repudiating the judgements, the grievances, the unforgiveness that arise within us can only lead to the dispelling of unkingdomliness – the ego. 

Committing to such repudiation will instantly bring Jesus and the Holy Spirit rushing to our assistance, because renouncing the ego within us authorises Them to assist us. Without our authorisation they cannot assist because we remain in the default choice (having made such a choice at the beginning of the illusory separation) of division. Choosing anew means we are on the road to leaving behind guilt and fear, conflict and mortality, forgetting them as night-time dreams are forgotten upon waking. All this is easily possible by committing ourself steadfastly to unconditional forgiveness. 

Infinite Love and blessing, 

Brian Longhurst


…for your guidance I counsel you that when you pray or sincerely ask my help in any matter I will always reveal to you that which you ask, believing. Therefore, follow the inclination of your heart, for therein is my sanctuary.

Jesus, January 26th 1997

May 4th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

The ravages inflicted by ego-driven man upon this world and the vast array of living forms sharing it with us (not to speak of ourselves!) is causing many caring souls grave concern at the mass extinction of so many species of life forms. This is a laudable concern, showing heart-centred motivation, rather than scarcity-consciousness, ‘spirit of reckoning’, self-centred rationalisation; one from which those placing personal, temporal ‘gain’ before the well-being of the whole could learn and benefit. There are two quotes by Jesus recorded in the Bible from which we can learn a lot in this regard: 

Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. (Mt. 25:40). 

How characteristic of separation-consciousness man to interpret this as referring only to our ‘human brethren’. Any who have awakened from the dream of death sufficiently will remember that there is but One Life, and that is the Father Creator, and because there is only One, every living thing is indivisibly part of that Oneness. Further, in that Oneness there is only equality of all, inequality being a misperception caused by the belief in separation. Who can honestly believe Papa could create inequality? Such could only counter the entire idea of creation, since creation is of and for eternity. 

The second quote by Jesus, below, is equally pertinent today. It may be seen as regrettable that fear-based religion with its focus so relentlessly hitched to the false doctrines of sin and sacrifice has driven the bewildered, wilderness-of-forgetfulness-wandering, fragmented Sonship away from the real Jesus and the inestimable wealth of spiritual Truth and wisdom he came to share two millennia ago. But, just as he promised, he has not given up on us, and remains with us. This means the Great Awakening progresses now toward its inevitable and unavoidable completion. He said:

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much. If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon*, who will commit to your trust the true riches? And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another man’s, who shall give you that which is your own? (Lk. 16:10-12) 

The language may seem dated and obscure in this ego-driven dumbing-down-of-communication world, but in plain speaking can be stated as: If we are not honourable in our dealings with what is not our own (i.e. the things of time and place) – though we may perceive them as our own – how can we expect to be given (and we are only truly given when we have received, and accepted unto ourself what is forever freely offered) that which is rightfully ours, i.e. the Kingdom of Heaven. This does not mean God withholds It from us. We withhold It from ourself by choosing against It.  

The Kingdom of Heaven is rightfully ours; our true Home, creation-right, destiny and inheritance, awaiting our free choice for remembrance of this truth in place of forgetfulness of it. In order to receive what is our own we have to desire it, commit steadfastly to, and attune with it and accept it unto ourself. Behaving dishonourably toward that which is not ours is hardly the way to at-Onement with Perfect Love, which is ours, forever given by Papa. We do not have to earn it because it is His free gift to His beloved Son, but, having thrown it away, we must reclaim it. Penalty and sacrifice are not involved or required. Willingness, gratitude and co-operation are

It is by humans perceiving non-human life forms as separate from us – inferior, senseless, unintelligent, unfeeling, mere commodities to serve our needs, or so much nuisance value, getting in the way of our raping, pillaging and plundering this dream world, so merely to be arrogantly brushed aside  – that humanity is causing the collapse and extinction of incalculable numbers of life-forms. The temptation is always to perceive matters such as this from the time and place perspective. But time and place is the ego’s perspective. We can remain aligned with that, or ‘come up higher’.  

That higher place of seeing, the only true, real perspective, is the eternal one because that is the vision of the Holy Spirit, and from this view, there is no extinction because there is no world of form; only of Spirit, which is Life, and Life is inextinguishable. What never existed – form, in time and place – can never be obliterated; it will simply disappear and the Life that animated it will return to the Oneness of eternity, with us, in Papa. This is perfectly described by Jesus in this extract from what he said in answer to the question, ‘Was there a physical resurrection?’:  

My body disappeared because I had no illusion about it. The last one had gone. It was laid in the tomb, but there was nothing left to bury. It did not disintegrate because the unreal cannot die. It merely became what it always was [nothing; no-thing]. And that is what “rolling the stone away” [Mt. 28:2] means. The body disappears, and no longer hides what lies beyond. It merely ceases to interfere with [true] vision. To roll the stone away is to see beyond the tomb, beyond death, and to understand the body’s nothingness. What is understood as nothing must disappear. 

On the macro scale this is what is taking place with myriad life-forms in the illusory world of time and place. Time is drawing to its close and place is disappearing with it as the Great Awakening progresses through the leavening – the raising-up – of the third measure of meal: the Kingdom measure, or Aquarian age. From the perspective of the Great Rescue Programme – which encompasses everything that seems to occur in the dream of death – it is, ultimately, of no consequence by what mechanism the disappearance is effected. The result is that what lies beyond is no longer hidden. 

What lies beyond is the glorious, effulgent, indivisible Oneness of all Life, as It is reunified with Its Creator Spirit – Papa – in the eternal reality that is already in the midst, all around and within us, right here and right NOW. That reunification includes us, Papa’s one beloved Son, dreaming for an infinitesimal instant of separation from Life, appearing inevitably as what cannot be real, but merely a dream, an illusion, a phantasm of the impossible: ‘death’. To our bodily senses and split mind this is meaningless, but if it is correct – and according to Jesus it is correct – we need to look closer. 

We do not need electron microscopes to look closer because that is still looking without. To look closer, to find reality, we must look within. It is not possible to look within while we allow ourself to be distracted by the illusory without. Within is eternity, which is forever with us, here and now, but the without is never with us for a single instant because it is not real. We made it up and are projecting the image of it away from ourself onto the veil, the screen that itself is part of the illusion, and from which it is reflected back to us, causing us to believe, and thus perceive, that it really IS out there.  

When we truly choose to steadfastly look within, the without ceases to be in our awareness. As our focus becomes attuned to the within and we find it is eternally, ineffably glorious, and realise that the dream of death was only ever that – a dream – our choice will be to remain at-One with reality, and the illusion will be gone forever from our mind. That choice, it hardly need be said, is available to us in the only moment there forever is: NOW. 

A toast to remembrance of, and Oneness with, the forever NOW! 

Brian Longhurst 

* The dictionary defines mammon as: riches or wealth regarded as derived from a source of evil and corruption. 


It is the desire of your heart which it is My good pleasure to fulfil in you, and that is possible only by and according to the strength of your commitment to Me. Solid foundations and sure structures are established in the rock of such unequivocal commitment

Papa, February 9th 1997 

May 11th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

As mentioned on previous occasions, Jesus told me in 1977, ‘People need a jolt.’ A jolt is intended to stir us from our slumbers; our dream of ‘death’. It may seem to come from outside us, but it is we who engineer it, by the law of cause and effect. What form jolts take depends on to what we have attuned the focus of our mind. When we are choosing Light, the jolt will be light, and will be perceived as a joyful jolt. If we are attuned to confusion, the jolt will be confusing. If we are attuned to darkness (absence of spiritual Light) the effect/jolt will seem fearful because darkness seems fearful.  

Time and place – the reversal, or opposite, of our true, eternal home and state of Being as the Light of the Kingdom of Heaven – is spiritual darkness, so our experience here is the consciousness of fear. Everything about the consciousness of fear – i.e., time and place – being the opposite of eternity, makes it unsustainable, since only Eternity, and our wholeness of Mind and Being with/in It is – can be – sustainable. And because we are now in the Awakening phase of the GRP we are calling some jolts into our presence. A jolt is an opportunity, though the ego will tell us it portends disaster. 

We can choose to see it that way – as most still do – or we can choose to look at it with Holy Spirit, our whole, all-Knowing Self, Who will then show us how the jolt provides correction of perception, to get us back on the path to wakefulness for reclaiming our Christ-empowerment; overcoming the dream world of death and destruction – just like Jesus. He wants us to look at the unsustainability of what our split mind is projecting onto the veil, the screen, of time and place. This is the only way we can see it for the nothing it is and choose anew: the real world; the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. 

There is a significant jolt unfolding before us at this stage in the leavening of the third measure of meal – the awakening from the dream of death and hell to remembrance of the Truth of unconditional, all-inclusive Love that is our true nature and Identity. If we choose the ego as our guide we will try to ignore this unfolding, emerging jolt for as long as possible and hope in vain that it will go away. Or instead, we can choose to look upon it in absolute clarity with the Help of our Holy Spirit-Self; the Guide Who shows us the Way to freedom from guilt, fear sickness, death and destruction.  

The answer to this jolt – that has been building up like the pressure that builds in the fault line of tectonic plates until it becomes so great that an earthquake occurs – is already with us, and is there for all to see. If only we are willing to look. So, for all who are ready, let us, together with that wondrous Help, take an open-eyed look so that one more – illuminated – step can be taken in the transition from darkness, guilt, fear, hate, death and destruction to Light, Love, Life, freedom, peace and joy. What I am prompted to share here is a jolt – a forward step – unfolding in our midst.  

Every year, so we are told, seventy thousand million animals – cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, rabbits and others – are reared and slaughtered for human consumption. That is ten for every man, woman and child, even though a significant percentage of humans eat little or no meat, for ethical and/or religious reasons. The vast mass of those animals – sentient beings all – are reared in factory, intensive-‘farming’ conditions. The rationale for this is that it is necessary in order to feed the burgeoning human population, which has trebled since WWII. Before then this system was unknown. 

Factory farming means rearing large numbers of animals in very confined spaces. We all know that when this happens epidemics of disease can arise and kill the livestock, and/or necessitate their destruction to control the disease. The way in which this is prevented is by prophylactic – routine – use of antibiotics. 70% of all antibiotic production is administered to factory-farmed animals. That is over-use on a biblical scale, yet ‘necessary’ to maintain an unsustainable situation. Everyone involved knows this, but no-one says anything about it for fear of being outcast as a pariah. 

But we all also know that over-use of antibiotics produces resistance by pathogenic organisms, meaning antibiotics become less and less effective, until they cease functioning completely, while the pathogens become more and more potent. The term ‘superbugs’ has been coined in recent years to define this phenomenon. We are now, in 2016, right on the cusp of the collapse of this unsustainable situation. I have no idea of the timescale of this collapse, other than that it is ‘imminent’ – because it has already begun. This means that ‘cheap meat for the masses’ is about to become a thing of the past. Thank goodness. 

I say thank goodness for several reasons, the main one being that spiritually, such dark activity is preventing Papa’s beloved Son from remembering Who he really Is, because, as quoted last week: Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. (Mt. 25:40). This can no longer be misperceived as excluding non-human life forms, though many will continue in that misperception for a span, all the while the money-trail beguiles. But unsustainable is unavoidably unsustainable and must end. That moment is Now with us. Happily, so is the answer.  

Are we willing to embrace the Answer? It is always already with us, regardless of the question, because the Answer is the Holy Spirit, Who abides in our mind and will always give us the practical, workable answer to every question, however unresolvable it may seem to the ego-distorted, confused, unilluminated, conflicted mind. When we are willing to embrace it. Since more than half the world’s people now live in urban environments, and in the so-called ‘developed world’ only 2% make their living from the land, most of us know next to nothing about what goes on in the food chain.

So, here are a few ‘facts’:  

Seventy percent of crops grown as suitable for human consumption are fed to livestock, who convert them to protein very inefficiently. That means the wastage factor is in the 70, 80 or 90 percent region – depending on the crop and the animals eating it. If those crops – grains, pulses, root and leafy vegetables – were diverted direct to human consumption there would be an immediate eradication of food shortage, malnutrition, starvation around the world. Seven times more plant-derived protein – suitable for human nutrition – can be produced from a unit of land area than on the hoof. 

This would mean meat-eaters could reduce their consumption of meat by 90 percent and reap huge health benefits as a result. Meat has long been recognised as unhealthy for human consumption, contributing to cancer, arterio- and athero-sclerosis, heart disease, digestive disorders… It has recently been recognised as contributory to the aging process. Reducing meat consumption by 90% would contribute to a proportional reduction in these deleterious effects and the food bill would be reduced by a hefty chunk.  

Financial resources currently spent on healthcare, surgery and other medical treatments could be diverted to improving an array of beneficial – in place of remedial – aspects of embodied life, such as education, communications systems, harvesting zero-emissions renewable energy resources. At present, factory-farmed animals produce more carbon-emissions that all the internal-combustion engines on the planet. This well-known statistic continues to be ignored by the world at large.

With a 90% reduction in eating animals, an equal reduction in farmed-animal numbers would mean all could be reared free range and organically, because pressure to grow enough animal feed would be proportionally reduced, so need for chemical fertiliser and pesticides would be virtually eliminated. The soil would be healthier, producing healthier, more nutritious crops – for humans and our animal brethren. Farmers would be under inestimably less stress, and thus more ready, willing and able to rear their charges with greater love, caring and compassion. 

The scourge of factory farming of sentient, living beings – all equal aspects of the One Life of which we are part – would be eradicated. The horrors of industrial-scale transport and slaughter would be reduced to a level in which consideration for welfare could become integral in the process. It is this mass deprivation of welfare and the resultant cruelty, in which Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me (Mt. 25:40) comes home to roost, because, all life, being One means we are doing this to ourselves, being One – with every living thing – in the Source of All.  

How, then, can we expect to receive the unconditional Love, peace, joy of Heaven that Papa is unceasingly pouring out for us, when we are denying it to ourself? There is immeasurably more to this issue, this jolt, this opportunity than space here permits. However, the objective is to set out some crucial, fundamental points for consideration, and to show that the Answer is already with us, in the midst, and need not, as the ego would have us believe, be perceived as disastrous. Rather, when viewed with Holy Spirit-SELF, it can be seen as simple, safe, straightforward and beneficial for ALL. 

We are – or have been – dreaming of unreality, of spiritual darkness, of ‘death, a self-destructive, self-deceiving lie, blocking our awareness of the eternal, effulgent grandeur of our true Being as Papa’s one Son. The only way to escape from living a lie is to recommence living the Truth. To reiterate in summary: the Truth is, there is but One Life and all within that One Life is equal in the sight of Its Creator and Sustainer. To choose not to see and treat all as equal is to choose to continue in the lie, the pretence. Only living the Truth can and will make us free. 

Love and blessings for the release of all to freedom, 

Brian Longhurst   

I had to establish contact through all the ‘mansions’ so that, having prepared a place in my Father’s house, I could return to receive my little ones, my lost sheep, from the darkest wilderness and restore them to their rightful home.

Jesus, February 16th 1997 

May 18th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

Jesus and the Holy Spirit exhort us – ceaselessly – to ‘Come up higher’. Within the illusion of linear time, most of humanity is ceaselessly ignoring this exhortation, seemingly content to wallow in the mire of spiritual darkness: guilt, fear, conflict and ‘death’. Many would, perhaps, deny that there is any ‘higher’ to ascend to, and others might say, ‘I would be glad to come up higher, but I have no idea how to do it, since I no longer accept the false doctrine of sacrifice as the path to salvation, and have not yet found a believable handbook on ascension. Those I have tried had little visible effect.’ 

Yet, would They ceaselessly exhort us if Their earnest, Loving, gentle, compelling bidding was not achievable? Assuredly They Know something we have blocked from our awareness. Happily, this is of no consequence because it is not by dint of our own, little, self-enfeebled state of mind or endeavour that the arising is effected. As Jesus tells us repeatedly in ACIM, all that is asked of us for our Awakening to remembrance of our true, all-empowered Being (just like him) is the desire and a little willingness to co-operate, and all the rest is accomplished by Them, for us.  

That does not seem a lot to ask, when so much is promised in return. Such a one-sided bargain is unheard of in our past experience in separation-land. But that is the whole point of the exercise. We have cut ourself off from this greater, magnificent reality where all is freely given out of perfect, unconditional LOVE. Now – always, forever, in fact, which is what ‘now’ means – we are being offered a leg up, with no conditions, no sacrifice, no quid pro quo. Save that little willingness to receive… everything. Yes, we are asked to give up, relinquish, surrender nothing in exchange for everything.  

Such an exchange, such an offer is completely without meaning to the ego mind under which we have laboured and been heavy-laden since the dawn of time, simply because we are unable, with the senses we have chosen – to hide reality from ourself – to discern what everything could possibly be. And without our exemplar, Jesus, it would be very difficult to imagine what it is, since, to our upside-down senses, what we cannot discern must be nothing. But he came into this world, seemingly with nothing, yet bringing with him everything. Yet everything has nothing to do with unreality.  

Everything includes joy, peace and Love far, far beyond human imagining or experience. Oh, yes… and immortality and invulnerability. And not omitting anything we ask of Papa with a sincere mind and a humble spirit. Who would exchange these attributes for anything this world can offer? Jesus says it all in these two verses from Matthew’s Gospel: Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: (Mt. 19,20). 

The ego would have us believe such attributes require of us two things: that we must earn them; and we must ‘earn’ them through a life of sacrifice. Neither of these specious requirements is true; they are false ideas based on the upside-down, self-adopted, mistaken perspective of littleness, sinfulness and unworthiness. All the attributes manifested in/by/through Jesus – and inestimably more – are free gifts from Papa to His beloved Son, shared by Him at his creation. Therefore they are equally our attributes because we are all, also, Papa’s beloved One Son, right along with Jesus

He was the first amongst the illusorily-fragmented, -separated Sonship to remember the Truth of his limitless Being, and because that Being is perfect Love, he came to re-mind us, his beloved brethren, of our Oneness with him, in absolute equality of attributes and Being in, and our exact likeness to, our Father Creator. Are we willing to be re-minded? Are we willing to trust him? Are we willing to believe him? Are we willing to follow his lead? From what and to where will he lead us if only we are willing to follow? And how can we Know he will; for in this world, who can we trust? 

All those valid questions are answered by one single word: Love. Although in our split state of mind we have no inkling of the boundlessness of this word in its true, unfettered majesty, we nevertheless have just enough awareness of it (we cannot be completely without Love because Love is Life itself) to know that when we love a brother deeply we will desire only the absolute best for him, even when he doesn’t see the worthiness of our steadfast, devoted love for him. Imagine that, magnified by a quantum factor beyond all limitation and we have a tiny grasp of how and why this is so.  

Here is Jesus’ message to each and every one of us, as given to me a few days ago as I pondered this matter: “I want you to Know/remember/Love me, fearlessly, even as I Know you, totally, lovingly, rejoicefully.” The ego would say, “How can this be possible, since he is, unreachably, ‘up there’ and we are, miserably, ‘down here’?” This is a misperception. It is not so in his sight, so we will serve ourself well to ask ourself, ‘Are we right or is he?’, since both cannot be. However, our restoration to remembrance and experience of our Oneness with him does have one condition: 

We must be willing to relinquish our belief that time and place – the without – is reality. All the while that is our belief it will remain our perception because what we believe is what we choose and is therefore what we get. Our new choice doesn’t mean time and place will instantly disappear from our awareness. All that is asked is that it simply be our choice. The outworking of that choice will immediately be put in motion, and in reality it will have immediately taken place because that was our choice. But we are not conscious of reality, as our focus is still on the unreality of the without. 

Our Higher Self, nevertheless, receives our choice authorising Him to immediately commence the transformation, one step at a time, of our awareness from illusion to reality. Jesus Knows that this will be our choice, sooner or later, because he Knows that this is our Truth, just as it is his. He Loves us completely and trusts us implicitly because he Knows who and what we really are, even though we don’t seem to love or trust ourselves. Either he is right or we are. Which, given the choice, would be our preference? Just as he chose, enabling his Awakening, so are we free, always, to choose. 

It is not a hard choice. The seemingly hard part is the leap of faith in making it ours. That is why he is with us every moment, to Help us every step of the way, 

Brian Longhurst 


The Earth-mind consciousness, which is entrapped in fear, feels more secure in restricting itself to the belief that all that is is all it can understand. The truth is that creation and creativity of the Mind of Papa have no bounds.

Jesus, February 23rd 1997 

May 25th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

In 1965 Olga Park told me, “My job is to get you hooked up with Jesus.” Now, more than fifty years on, I can still hear her exact words, just as she spoke them. She was eminently qualified for this job because she had been ‘hooked up’ with him for decades prior to then, receiving from him much Loving counsel, wisdom, tutelage, and some beautiful poetry – as well as from others in the Realms of Light. Words cannot express the gratitude, the joy, the peace, Love, blessing, empowerment, release – from the ties and trammels of this insane world of dreams – that this hook-up brings.  

Jesus counsels us that while we seem to be in this world, not to be of it. How can we not be of it if this world is all we are willing to allow into our conscious mind? By choosing not to be of it, we are released from its yoke, but this is only possible by choosing the alternative. It is vital to be aware that our default position is being of it – i.e., a state of spiritual darkness, guilt, fear, littleness, vulnerability, conflict, ‘death’… – because that was our choice that effected the apparent separation. So we must make a conscious choice for something else if we truly desire to escape its yoke. 

That something else, it hardly need be said, is eternity and its limitlessness. It is impossible to be separated from it in reality, but because we are Papa’s beloved Son, with complete free will, we can pretend to be afflicted by the above-mentioned limits of time and place, even though, deep within, we ALL Know it is not Who, What or Where we really Are. Even those who – outwardly – most vehemently deny their true Identity Know the Truth of their Being at a deep, unassailable yet occluded level of inner awareness. It cannot be otherwise, for Truth is forever True regardless of pretence. 

The ego would have us believe we cannot choose against our default position because, ‘realistically’ there is no way of ‘knowing’, for certain, that there is any alternative. And to keep us in that perception we fabricated fear-based religious mythologies about God (wrathful), Jesus (sacrificed to assuage God’s wrath, and coming again to judge us) and ourselves (unworthy sinners). The only approach to accepting and adopting such fearful mythologies is from fear. And fear keeps us frozen, so considering the idea of an eternal, all-Loving alternative as the Truth of our Being seems impossible. 

This is because, until we decide for Truth, Truth cannot come to our assistance. The ego will immediately say, “What is this so-called, elusory ‘Truth’? How can we ever know it when we have no awareness or proof of it?” The good news is, we don’t need to know it before we accept it. Instead, we can elect to have faith and trust in a benign, Loving Creator, and accepting that by having that faith, Truth will then begin to reveal Itself to us from within, and will bring with It, as Its witness, an inner peace that is not of this world, and that this world cannot replicate because it knows it not.  

Without first making that choice for faith, trust, belief, Help cannot be given because it is unbelief that blocks our awareness of Help. All the while unbelief remains our choice, that choice is honoured by Jesus and the Holy Spirit because it is our choice; and because They Love us They honour all our choices, including those made in error. They do not Love erroneous choices because they are not true, but because they are ours, they honour them, Knowing that when the moment is right we will change our mind and choose anew. That is a measure of Their unconditional Love for us. 

Those erroneous choices will include judgements – made without command of ALL pertinent details of what we are judging – holding grievances; sickness; ‘death’. Love never judges, holds grievances, is sick, or dies. Only fear engenders such errors of perception, and only true forgiveness can release us from them because true forgiveness clears the way for clarity of perception to be restored to us, which is the portal to true vision, in which we see everything – just like Jesus – without the limitation we have imposed on ourself by believing in separation from Papa and eternity.  

We may believe we have free will while we appear to be embodied. Indeed, we do have free will – God-given and thus, irrevocable – and only with free will could we choose to believe that what is not real is real. Believing in unreality is believing in limitation, littleness, guilt, fear and ‘death’. Such limitation means we have placed ourself inside a ‘box of darkness’. Although this may not appear to be so to our bodily senses, it is very much the case spiritually, because the true nature of our Being is spiritual, and the box of darkness has shut us off from our Self-awareness.  

This is all self-imposition, brought about by judgements. As Jesus said to Olga in 1948, this is the spirit of reckoning, standing in the place of faith. Reckoning is judging, calculating, making choices in the absence of Knowledge. In our true estate – Heaven – there is only Love, so there is nothing to choose between. That eliminates judgement – reckoning – completely, and since there is nothing to feel aggrieved about in the Oneness of Heaven, there is nothing to forgive. Love is complete; in Truth there is nothing missing from Love.  

Love has an array of attributes: peace, joy, Light, Life Itself, Truth, Knowledge, limitlessness… The word Knowledge means all Knowing; spiritual Knowing. It cannot apply to anything of time and place because Knowledge is all-encompassing of eternal reality, and time and place does not exist in Truth. Therefore, it does not exist at all. We made it up, and that which is made up is not real; it is a fantasy, a fiction, which cannot have reality because only reality is true. We have placed ourself in a box of darkness, shut ourself off from the limitlessness of Light, Love, Life, Truth, Knowledge. 

This box – arising from denial of our limitless Identity – is in our split mind and nowhere else at all. God did not fabricate it; neither did He place us inside it. If He had, we would be there forever because that which Papa Wills is forever. He Wills that we, His beloved Son, be as He created him: free. Shut off from Papa and from Self, the fragments of the Sonship are enclosed, imprisoned, each in their own, individual box of darkness, separated from meaningful communion with God-Self. Communion is sharing, extending, like with like; forever becoming more, yet forever remaining One. 

This nightmare of separation, of self-isolation is undone in an instant, simply by our forgiveness of what has never happened. How can that be possible? Because forgiveness means we are no longer judging, or holding a grievance – against our brother, ourself, Papa, Jesus, the Spirit of Truth – and only UNforgiveness keeps us imprisoned in the dark box of separation. Only when we have forgiven the dream can we Awaken from it because forgiveness means it no longer matters, so we can let it go. When we have let go of unreality all that can be left is only reality.  

All this is actually happening, right now. There is only now. Yet because we have inviolable free will, we can choose to ignore it and carry on pretending to be separate, embodied, mortal, guilty, fearful. Or we can choose anew; choose with Papa, choose with Jesus, choose with Holy Spirit; choose with Self. If only we can believe. That is all it takes: just a little willingness to believe. Awakening, remembering Who we really Are, is much easier than maintaining the illusion of not so Being. And it is totally, uninterruptibly joyful beyond Earth-mind conscious imagining. 

Love and blessings for inner peace and joy, 

Brian Longhurst 


Now is the banquet feast celebrating the marriage of Earth with Heaven, and my Father would not have one of His little ones uninvited to the celebrations. Let your heart’s desire be to send Life and blessings to all, with profound sincerity, for this shall be undeniable to even the most reluctant participant.

Jesus, March 2nd 1997

June 22nd 2016 

Dear Friends, 

Time and place is about ‘doing’; eternity is about Being. Believing time and place is reality causes us to feel we must do something to earn our place in eternity. But our place in eternity is a free gift from Papa, irreversibly given at our creation as His one beloved Son. Gifts do not have to be earnt. If – when – we Love someone we want to give freely of ourself to them. And if they say, “I must earn the right for your gift,” we can reply, “I give you this gift because of what you eternally, unchangeably are, not what you do. Whatever you appear to do cannot affect that in any way at all.” 

Many of us ask ourself – or another – “What should I do; what is my life’s purpose, or function, while I appear to be embodied?” The fact is, it does not matter with whatever we occupy our body – or our mind – while we are perceiving ourself as ‘here in this world’, because as Jesus reminds us in Workbook Lesson 62 in ACIM, “Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world. I would fulfill my function that I may be happy.” Forgiveness does not involve activity; it is a state of Being, an attitude that arises in our heart-mind resulting from the desire for peace, wholeness, completion. 

Peace, wholeness, completion can only be Known when our steadfast, committed intent is for restoration to remembrance and experience of the entire Sonship as One in Papa, forever. Seeing our brothers and ourself as separate, mortal bodies is only possible when we believe and then project that belief outward, enabling the perception with bodily senses, specifically devised to bear witness to that which ever changes, withers and passes away. How can that be ‘reality’ if what was ‘real’ a moment, a year, or a century … ago is no longer the same ‘now’? Only the eternally, perfectly complete and unchanging can be real. 

Eternal reality is not discernible to our bodily senses because they show us only what is always changing, withering, ‘dying’. Such can distract us from experiencing reality for as long as we are willing to allow it. That does not mean we should not bother to care for those things – animate or inanimate – where opportunity allows, with kindness and diligence. How can kindness and diligence not be kingdomly in intent? But to engage in such activities with only self-serving intent, regardless of any potentially deleterious effect on others, cannot have a beneficial outcome for us or them. 

How can it be otherwise since we are all One? Only benign desire and intent can lead us all to Oneness. That is a progressive purpose, which unfolds to the perfection of completion by our conscious choice for rejoining the fragmented Sonship as the One Self that we all are. Such is the purpose of the GRP, or Great Awakening. Its completion is already extant, and has always been – because separation never occurred in reality – but we have blocked our awareness of that by choosing an illusory state of forgetfulness, littleness, limitation. Yet all that is, right now, in the process of changing. 

The GRP is – within the context of linear time (a contrivance self-devised as a puny attempt to hinder our remembrance of eternity) – progressing infallibly and unstoppably toward its completion. By this programme, planned by and under the leadership of Jesus, we are all, one step at a time, awakening to awareness that we are not, and never have been, a body, but pure, eternal, limitless, all-Knowing, all-empowered-by-Love, Unified Mind-Spirit. Some may say, “How can that be the case for all, when billions have never even heard of Jesus, and millions of others have rejected him?” 

That only seems the case at the Earth-mind conscious level of awareness, and Jesus Knows – as do more and more of us – that perception at that level is irrelevant because it has no impact on what is happening at the sub-conscious and super-conscious levels of Mind. It is serviceable to remember that there is but ONE Mind – Universal, Unified Mind (UUM) – of Which we, every living thing, are all an indivisible, inseparable part. Denying this at the Earth-mind conscious level makes not one scrap of difference – other than slowing down our individual rate of progress toward Wakefulness. 

How can denying the inevitable – because in Truth it has already happened – serve us beneficially? Denial of Truth denies us inner peace, joy, and Perfect Love – ‘a never-ending orgasm of the soul; a thousand times a thousand more consummate than any such feeble, bodily substitute.’ Intellectual rationalising of the illusion of time and place is disengaging from UUM. Instead, it is placing blocks to awareness of It because the intellect is counter to UUM, being a distraction from reality, keeping us diverted from communion with our heart-mind, which is our connection to UUM. 

Jesus tells us in ACIM that he, in his persona-embodiment, is the manifestation of the Spirit of Truth (C-6.1:1). He had to appear in manifested (embodied) form to be able to communicate with his brethren – all of us, irrespective of the era in which we perceive ourselves as embodied, since all time is simultaneous – and establish a foundation in the Earth-life consciousness for us to begin to accept what is beyond the illusion of separation: namely the Truth of our eternal, indivisible Being as One in Papa. How else could we have (had) any awareness of his whole (and thus, holy) Presence? 

In Truth we are not, and never have been, bodies, and therefore, of course, neither, in Truth, was he. It has served his GRP agenda, as the final phase of the Atonement, to allow his brethren to perceive him as a body during the past two millennia – the ‘Jesus’ measure of meal. But that epoch is over and we are now in the third, final, completion measure, the Kingdom measure, in which all that has been hidden – not by him, or Papa, or the Spirit of truth – is being restored to our remembrance. So, it is now time to gradually cease perceiving him as a body. 

Some of the fragmented Sonship are already in that state of awareness; others are beginning to move into it; others, still more somnolent, will move into this awareness during the Kingdom, or Aquarian, Age now with us. This shift of awareness that is an essential step in our Awakening, is exemplified by what he told me in September 2014:  

… I have moved just a little to the side, to allow, to help you to make a slight shift of focus. I am still with you, for you – always – and welcome, rejoice in, contact, fellowship of Love and Joy with you and with all my brothers. Always and forever.

“Nevertheless, bear in mind that the purpose of this shift is to help you grow in Self-awareness, for your inner strengthening in Self-reliance.” 

He, like all of us, has/had no reality as a body; all such perceptions are mistaken beliefs in the split-off-from-Truth part of our mind, projected outwardly onto the ‘screen’ of time and place. His body, and all bodies, including ‘our own’, exist solely in that split mind. As our split mind moves through the healing process and is restored to wholeness, false images, caused by false beliefs of separation, fade from our mind. Thus does true perception replace false perception, ultimately leading to true vision. Just like Jesus. By this process are we restored to experience of Oneness as Papa’s Son. 

All else that we undertake – to do – in this world has no meaning within the context of our eternal reality, and therefore will not contribute to our Awakening, except as we allow the Holy Spirit to work ceaselessly to reinterpret – on our behalf – all such illusory endeavours, to our benefit. Attuning with Him, therefore will contribute powerfully to it. As Jesus tells us in ACIM:  

Forget not that the healing of God’s Son is all the world is for. That is the only purpose the Holy Spirit sees in it, and thus the only one it has. Until you see the healing of the Son as all you wish to be accomplished by the world, by time and all appearances, you will not know the Father nor yourself.  

For you will use the world for what is not its purpose, and will not escape its laws of violence and death. Yet it is given you to be beyond its laws in all respects, in every way and every circumstance, in all temptation to perceive what is not there, and all belief [that] God’s Son can suffer pain because he sees himself as he is not. (T-24.6.4) 

Forgiveness is the mechanism of that healing, and forgiveness is not a doing thing; it is a being thing, because forgiveness is a state of mind that will transform individual, separated minds into the One, Universal, Unified Mind. When our steadfast commitment to forgiveness has become unconditional, thus dispelling all judgements, grievances, attachments to self-serving outcomes, then are we Awake to remembrance of Self. Unconditional forgiveness means forgiving all that we perceived as having happened, seems to be happening and whatever may yet seem to happen. 

Love and blessings for inner peace and steadfast commitment to the Great Awakening of Papa’s One beloved Son, 

Brian Longhurst 


Broadcast your invitation to come up higher in my name. It matters not that many who hear the call are not aware of my name. Truth, sincerity, peace, Love are universal, and this is common ground for all, by which they may enter in feeling secure.

Jesus, March 16th 1997 

June 29th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

As the third measure of meal – the Kingdom, or Aquarian, Age – continues to progress and unfold, and our Awakening with it, the body-persona we have perceived as Jesus gradually fades from our awareness, and in its place we can begin to recognise that he – just like the rest of us – is not a body, or even a persona but pure, perfect, changeless spirit. This recognition is, of course, a mind process, and it is there, and only there, that we can experience ‘his’ true, formless Identity; just like Papa. Thus can he, does he, continue to guide and lead us, until we ascend to that state with him.  

The ego resists change, and as, one step at a time, we rouse from our slumbers, it resists our rousing. But as waking increasingly becomes our choice – who would not choose to waken from ‘death’ to glorious, rapturous, everlasting Life (especially without the need for sacrifice or confessing our imaginary sins, thus making them real in our mind and keeping us imprisoned in guilt and fear!)? – so can we, with unremitting Help, reclaim our Christ-empowerment, to outsmart the ego. It wants separation, division, conflict, and conflict is inevitable, by definition, in a split, conflicted mind. 

The ego wants us to continue believing, and thus, perceiving, that Jesus is separate; a body, which, by some ‘miraculous’ but undefined process, ‘will return, to judge the quick and the dead’. So, how can we out-manoeuvre that lure to stick with past beliefs and perceptions? No doubt there are many ways, some serving progress for some people and others for others, depending on the individual. Mostly, because we are inured to the symbols of words and language to help us discern reality, we may find words, which evoke images in our mind, continue, for the time being, to be beneficial. 

Some years ago Theresa asked Jesus for a term of endearment by which she could address him, as an alternative simply to ‘Jesus’, ‘Yeshua’, ‘Lord’, ‘Master’ … Instantly he responded: ‘Beloved’, and revealed to her a vision of beautiful, living, heavenly colours, turning, swirling, unfolding, merging… A few years later we visited the Foundation for a Course in Miracles in Temecula, California. As Ken Wapnick showed us around, there, on a wall, was a framed watercolour depicting exactly what Jesus had shown her when he told her ‘Beloved’ was how he was happy to be known. 

What a wonderful synchronicity and affirmation. It didn’t take me long to also adopt this term of endearment for him. To me it engenders a more abstract – yet palpably real – sense of awareness of his peaceful, joyful, Loving presence, in which bodily images are moved beyond, transcended; more to a state of timeless, mind-to-mind communing, in which bodies simply no longer have any role to play. That is a significant step away from form and toward content. It can also be a bridge to help us gain a sense of connectedness to our Higher Self: the Spirit of Truth, or Holy Spirit. 

Even though he had to manifest as form in order to be able to communicate the eternal, unchangeable Truth of all Being (including us) to his slumbering brethren, Jesus is no longer form, and in reality never was. Holy Spirit is not form, Papa is not form and in Truth we are not form either, and never have been. Only in a split, illusorily-separate, upside-down state of mind could Papa’s beloved Son perceive himself – and his abode – as form, as who and where he is. Now we are in the time of the Great Awakening, we can take a giant step forward by choosing to identify more with reality. 

So, what, if not form – the without – is reality and where is it to be found? The answer, to both, is within. Not within our body but within our heart-mind. Heart-mind is the ‘place’ of connectedness with Papa, with Jesus – ‘Beloved’ – and with our Holy Spirit-Self. Here, we can speak, or, more meaningfully, comprehensively, commune with Universal, Unified Mind, of Which we are all, inseparably, part. Communing is, or can be, beyond the limitation of words, because we can commune, connect with the Infinite. This is, in Truth, easy and natural because we ARE, all of us, Infinite. 

That is our true nature, our true Being, even though, all the while we choose to continue believing that the game of make-believe is real, it does not seem ‘normal’ to our split mind. Most of us would struggle to find words to address, commune with, Papa. Why? Because we believe, albeit, perhaps, unconsciously, that we are guilty, and have allowed ourself to believe, therefore, that He will mete out unspeakable punishment upon us. So, we are, or may seem, somewhat – or considerably! – behind the 8-ball, making our willingness to begin such an exercise seriously lacking. 

However, this does not actually matter at all, because, regardless of what our head-mind – the intellect, an ego-device to keep us questioning, doubting, debating, judging, conflicting … – may think, or any blocks it may try to put in the way, as defences against commun(icat)ion, our heart-mind is already, has always been, irrevocably in constant communion with Papa. This is because our Holy Spirit-Self is our heart-mind, and the ego is powerless to prevent it. But it will put out a barrage of gibberish; attacking, distracting thoughts to block our conscious awareness of heart-mind. 

Of them we can remind ourself, “I observe these, but I do not own them. They aren’t mine because I am Your beloved, perfect, holy Son, Papa; pure, innocent, invulnerable. I am unspeakably grateful that regardless of clamour in the head-mind that the illusory ego wants me to believe is mine, I am eternally, irreversibly, uninterruptibly connected to, in communion with, You. I do not need to be consciously aware of this communion because communion is common – meaning shared – union, and union is Oneness. This means You share with me Oneness, making it equally, eternally mine.” 

Eternity is forever, unalterably Now, so our connectedness, our communion, with, our Oneness in Papa must be happening Now. Unawareness of that does not, cannot, alter it. Papa, of course, Knows our Heart-Mind but knows not of our head-mind, simply because it doesn’t exist in reality, being an ego construct. And because in Papa’s sight we are innocent and He has no condemnation or punishment agenda, there is nothing to be fearful about. We do not need words to express Love. Love is a state of Being, not of thinking. Love, simply, is, because Papa simply Is, and He is Love.   

Nevertheless, our complete Awakening must be to a fully conscious state of Mind, and we have blocked Wakefulness from our slumbering, split mind. Understanding at this self-limiting state of mind is dependent on symbols – words, language – to help us move from limitedness to unlimitedness, one step at a time. What I have found helpful in advancing the process is to choose awareness of Jesus as ‘Beloved’, because this term is abstract, yet enables me to still connect to him with whom I have been journeying Home since the 1960s. He wants us to now become more Self aware. 

‘Holy Spirit-Self’ seems, for a split mind still nascent to reality, to be a little too abstract for us to grasp, to Identify with. But ‘Beloved’ is enabling me to bridge, in my mind, the ‘gap’ between persona-Jesus – who, remember, is gradually fading, stepping aside, from our mind as the Great Awakening progresses – and abstract, Universal ‘Beloved’. To help me take the next step – from connectedness to ‘Beloved’ to connectedness to Holy Spirit-Self – I have been prompted to combine the two terms. This may seem contrived, but he tells us in ACIM that he is the manifestation of Holy Spirit. 

The connection between Jesus – now, ‘Beloved’ – and Holy Spirit-Self is therefore valid, so combining ‘Beloved’ and Holy Spirit-Self can cease to seem a bridge too far. How, then, to merge them in a way that serves a mind yet emerging from, and thus befuddled by, the old perceptions of illusion and the new discernment of reality? For me, ‘Beloved Holy Self’ combines the two perceptions sufficiently to work, for this stage of progress toward the Light of reality in which there is only One. Progress within the context of linear time is, and can only be, for most of us, a series of stepping-stones.

‘Beloved Holy Self’ is helping me to connect the aspect of Universal, Unified Mind that we know as Jesus – who is our Guide to eternity, and will gladly lead us all there if/when we are willing to follow him – and our true, holy Self, thus bringing us the opportunity to take a positive step toward remembrance and experience of our true, inner, eternal Being. Love and Light are forever with us, so let us now join, as One, and open to receive and accept Them unto ourselves, thereby becoming One Self, again. 

Brian Longhurst 


Have no anxiety for any detail that does not seem comfortable and in accord with my peace and wisdom, but commit and commit again all such matters and all such detail to me, so that I, who am able, may dispose in apposite manner.

Jesus, Easter Day, March 30th 1997  

July 6th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

We all – every single one of us – have faith, trust, belief (FTB), in something. But in what? The FTB of the vast mass of the fragmented Sonship is in death, vulnerability, scarcity, limitation, loneliness, darkness … To believe in something – anything – we must have a sense – even one of certainty – that it is true. That requires faith and trust that it is true. Assuredly, that in which we have invested FTB is what will be delivered to us, ‘sooner or later’, simply because that is our choice. ‘Sooner or later’ is in quotes because that is something else in which we have invested FTB: linear time. 

Like all the other illusions in which we have invested our FTB, linear time is not real. We have made it up, and like all the rest, time is subject to change. By way of example, we subconsciously choose to extend linear time to kid ourself ‘death’ is some (indeterminate) way off, and we shrink time when we are having fun. We may have fabricated atomic clocks to tell us time is constant and unvariable, but it is our perception of events that seem to be occurring in time that is variable, and our perception is what is affected. This seems to have more meaning to us than what the clock tells us. 

Further, atomic clocks – and any other type of mechanism for measuring time – are also part of our dream of separation from eternity, so they, also, are not dependable other than within the dream. And we all know that dreams are not real. In a changing world, change engenders fear in most of us, even if ‘only’ subliminally. Yet change is inevitable in time and place. How we handle it is far more important than change itself. The script of the dream has it that we are not in control of most of the change that takes place ‘out there’. A good way to perceive ourself as disempowered. 

The only way we can reclaim our God-given all-empowerment is to forgive what seems to be happening out there, and this enables us to change our own way of perceiving it. That means we can choose to stop seeing what is ‘out there’ as real, and therefore matters, to inwardly seeing that it is not real within the context of changeless, all-Loving, benign eternity, and therefore cannot affect our invulnerable, immortal Being. “But what about all those ‘out there’ who are being blown to smithereens by terrorists’ bombs; losing their livelihoods in factory closures; homeless …” so says the ego. 

The ego loves to appeal to our compassionate, caring nature, to cause us more guilt, anger, frustration at our ‘powerlessness to effect change out there’. Its agenda is to foment conflict, uprising against ‘authority’, which can only lead to more violence, pain and suffering. How can this be the Way of Love? Love is gentle, kind, forbearing, forgiving, tolerant … “All very well,” says the ego, “but it gets few results when results are so desperately needed.” What the ego does not understand, and does not want us to understand, is that our thoughts trigger emotions. Emotions are powerful. 

Positive emotions generate powerful positive energy for change. This energy cannot be discerned with bodily senses, and cannot be harvested at the ‘physical’ level of our embodiment in the way tidal, wind, solar … energy can. But it is seen by our Higher Self – the Spirit of Truth – as we generate it, and harvested by Him for effecting beneficial change at the metaphysical level of Life. Metaphysical precedes the physical, and will manifest in the physical in the right way and at the right time, under His all-Loving, all-empowered, benign care and control, for the benefit of all.  

All this accords with our true, inner desire and intent. The idea of separate bodies and separate, limited, private minds, with their private thoughts, has caused Papa’s Son to believe those private thoughts have no power for change other than through physical action, initiated by the originator of those thoughts. This is a misperception that will keep us in a state of mortal self-limitation all the while we believe it to be true. We are not a body and we do not have a limited, private mind with private thoughts. All our thoughts are radiated out into the cosmos and affect it for good or bad. 

Choosing not to see this is the ego’s way of keeping us imprisoned in forgetfulness, confusion, littleness, limitation, guilt, fear and conflict on the carousel of birth and death. But that choice is our choice, not the ego’s. We are free to choose anew every moment, and that freedom is sacrosanct, meaning the ego cannot stop us unless we allow it so to do. Choosing the Way of unconditional Love and unconditional forgiveness is the Way of Freedom and leads us back to all-empowerment for saving the world – and ourself. There is but one way to save the world, and that is Holy Spirit’s Way. 

In 1978 Jesus counselled me to “Pray (for anyone or anything we are moved to pray for), Commit them into his/Holy Spirit’s care, and Bless them (‘PCB’).” When we PCB – with commitment, devotion and sincere intent of heart and soul – we are very powerfully emitting positive, healing, transforming, Light energy. This can then be harvested by Holy Spirit for working His works by shining the Light where, and in the way, it is most needed, which truly can, miraculously transform seeming outer situations for the better without our spending a single penny, or doing anything with our body. 

Of course, if our motivation, out of Love, compassion, good will … is also to give money, or blood, or volunteer for some good work, why would Holy Spirit want to prevent that? But ‘good’ works motivated by guilt, fear or any other negative motivation, cannot accomplish optimum effects because the thought-emotion-energy input is negative, so Holy Spirit (and all our Loved ones in the Realms of Light) cannot use it, since we – albeit unwittingly – are withholding it from Them. Negative thoughts – grievance, judgement, conflict, hatred, envy … are destructive, engendering no Light.

No Light is, of course, darkness, which is nothing; merely the absence of Light. It contributes nothing beneficial, but rather, adds to an already dark situation. How can that benefit the Holy Spirit’s purpose, all the Christ-servers in the Realms of Light, or ourself? Light, it hardly need be said, is of God, and is therefore imbued with all the attributes of God: Love, Life, Truth, peace, joy, creative power … These are all entirely beneficial to us and all our brothers in ways of which our self-limited, Earth-mind consciousness has no awareness. That does not mean they are not real. 

In Truth They are more real than anything our bodily senses can perceive. This is because They are of the God of Love, the Source of all Being. All else can contribute only to our tribulation, the cause of which is our mistaken belief in the separation of Papa’s beloved Son – us – from that Source. A simple change from belief in no-thing to faith, trust, belief in Everything. Everything, of course, means all that is real, true, eternal, unchanging. Such FTB invokes the Help that will restore us to remembrance that Everything is already ours and always has been, always will be. Forever. 

Eternal Love and blessings, 

Brian Longhurst 


I know My own and those who Love Me, and they shall be blessed with riches of eternity: honour and glory, for they have honoured and glorified My Name.

Papa, April 6th 1997 

July 20th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

In chapter 17 of Matthew’s Gospel, tax collectors ask Peter if Jesus pays tax. It seems doubtful that Jesus had any money; nor did he have a paying job. Nevertheless, to avoid controversy (or worse) Jesus asked Peter to go to the nearby Sea of Galilee and catch a fish, telling him that in its mouth he would find a piece of money. This, he was to give to the tax collectors, to satisfy their requirement. To a split mind, that is assuredly an amazing miracle. How could Jesus have possibly known that Peter would even catch a fish, let alone find a coin in its mouth!?

This was a masterstroke by Jesus because no-one could then claim that coin as theirs, which would have been possible had it been found – perhaps nearby – on dry land. Further, the dramatic way of producing money to pay tax would have astonished all who witnessed the event, causing them to be more heedful of Jesus.

This effectively demonstrates the difference – albeit purely temporary – between Jesus and most of the rest of us. But to a mind that is ready to understand more of the nature of reality, that understanding can, and will be – is – given. It was Jesus’ absolute, total, unwavering belief that everything he asked of Papa would be given to him, that placed the coin in the fish’s mouth, and that this would be the fish Peter would catch. Let me say this more plainly: Belief put the coin there. We can know this of a certainty because he tells us that ALL things are possible … if only we can believe.  

The ego, masquerading as us, resists this, and would, instead, have us believe that so-called ‘physical reality’ cannot be changed by an attitude of mind, i.e., mind-over-matter. Such is our unbelief. Jesus, having remembered the Truth of his Being – along with that of us all – bore no such burden of unbelief. Let us not be mistaken in our understanding of what ‘all things being possible, if only we can believe’, actually means. First and foremost, it does not mean that we can gain at the expense of another’s loss, because that is contra to Papa’s Will, since there is, in reality, only equality.  

Inequality, being contra to His Will, is merely temporal and will always correct itself by natural Law – His Law – because inequality cannot exist in Truth; only in illusion. When our belief is unequivocally for the good, the benefit, of all involved, and is unwavering – as was Jesus’ during his embodiment – all things truly are possible because our mind is then at-One with Papa’s Mind; Universal Unified Mind. At the present stage of Awakening for most of us, our belief is not yet unwavering, as was his. Nevertheless, if our intent is at-One with Papa’s Will, miracles will still, inevitably, occur. 

Then, the difference between Jesus and the rest of us can be seen as hugely diminished, to simply one of time. His belief, faith, trust was complete, so all that he asked of Papa was instantly received because there were no blocks of unbelief in his mind. Papa’s response is always immediate, instantaneous to all His creation (that’s us) because for Him there is only the Holy Instant, which is forever and always NOW. In our game of pretend we have made up time, as a delaying mechanism and a diverting manoeuvre, to keep us focused on the past, and hoping to make it better in the future

This keeps us unaware of the Holy Instant of NOW, preventing us from experiencing the immediacy of miracles. Nevertheless, belief still enables miracles, though incomplete belief can effect a seeming time delay in our awareness of them. Our acceptance of Truth, in absolute faith, trust, belief, makes us free absolutely, just as it did Jesus. That freedom places us in the state of permanent, unshakeable at-One-ment with Papa, and this was Jesus’ embodied experience. It will also release us into a state of miracle-mindedness, in which, literally, all things are possible, just as they were with Jesus. 

It certainly is not possible to arrive at a state of miracle-mindedness – i.e., healed, whole-mindedness – all the while we believe we are a body, or that time and place are real, or that we can gain at the expense of a brother. It should be borne in mind that not just ‘humans’, but every other living thing is also our brother. How can it be other, when in reality there is only equality, which means total harmlessness and total helpfulness. How can harmlessness and helpfulness be total if we make exceptions, choosing to be harmful and unhelpful to some brothers and not others?  

In this dream world of guilt, fear, scarcity, loneliness and ‘death’, the prospect of being totally harmless and helpful may seem forlorn. But this is in no way hopeless, because, using another, parallel quote from Jesus in ACIM

Salvation [i.e., Awakening] does not ask that you behold the spirit and perceive the body not. It merely asks that this should be your choice (T-31.VI.3:1,2),

– we can simply decide for, choose, harmlessness and helpfulness to be our committed intent. If our committed intent is entirely sincere, and made in all spiritual humility, the Spirit of Truth – our own Higher Self – will use that intent and grow it, bring it to fruition, because we have given Him the seed

Our mindfulness, caring and compassion will grow, and our inner peace with it. Totally harmless and truly helpful are our true nature, reflecting our eternal, Loving, creative Self. This is all true, real, because Love is true, and therefore, unchangeably real. If we do not believe being totally harmless and helpful are aspects, essential ingredients, of our journey back to the Light, no-one save we, ourself, will judge us. For those who share our unbelief will be glad of the solidarity, and those who have chosen in favour of total harmlessness and helpfulness will know that judgement is neither. 

Unbelief is not in our heart mind because that is the dwelling-place of our true Self and of our Creator, Who Know the Truth of our eternal Being as One with all Being; every living thing. When we call Them to mind it is there that we connect with Them, and there that the Truth is recognised by us. Truth is not in our head mind because that is the intellect, which questions, doubts, debates, judges, fears, accuses … These are not qualities of the unchangeable perfection of eternity, our true and only Home. Truth cannot be found in our head mind, and neither can we; it is the ego’s dwelling place. 

It is not the habitat of faith, trust or belief, but if we are willing to venture into our heart mind, away from the head mind, all questions, fears, doubts, judgements … simply disappear and are replaced with Love, compassion, acceptance and the desire to be truly harmless and truly helpful. It matters not how ‘long’ this transformation of our perception may seem to take, because time is an illusion, never to be found in the dwelling-place of reality. But of one thing we can be certain: the transformation has already happened the instant we ask, believing

Love and blessings for inner peace and joy, 

Brian Longhurst 


All the little ones of Earth life consciousness are Papa’s children. Their seduction away from the truth of their real Home in Him causes me to Love them more, not less, and to reach out to them in compassion.

 Jesus, April 13th 1997

July 27th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

Truth is simple, uncomplicated, easy to understand. If It seems complicated, difficult to comprehend, it is because the ego is in control of part of our mind – the split-off from Truth part, which is upside-down, making reality (Truth) seem convoluted, hard to follow – so trying to make sense of It from there is not possible. But asking the Spirit of Truth for His Help disengages the split-off part of our mind and engages, connects us with, the whole/holy part – His abode, where we are One with Him, Jesus and Papa; the All-Knowing, all-empowered-by-Love eternal Being we all are. 

Because we have been so inured to ‘upside-downness’ for so long, making a clear, uncluttered, consistent, right-side-up connection with the Source of our true Being can seem difficult, impossible, fearful … When we have finally decided that we have had enough of upside-downness and the stress it places in our mind – and thence, to our body – we can choose to ask for that Help. The ego would want this to be our absolutely last resort, once we have tried just about everything this world has to offer. And for most of us, that is the route – the long, circuitous, arduous, painful route – we take.  

There is one main reason for this: Resistance to the Love, Light, peace, joy, easement, release that asking brings us. This is not our resistance, but the ego’s, masquerading as us. We can Know it is the ego because there is a lack of peace – fear, even – at the prospect of asking. Yet that Help is entirely, totally benign, trustworthy, able and free. This is something about which the ego knows nothing, because in this dream world everything comes at a price, of which, sacrifice is high on the list. Yet, when we finally make that choice – to ask – we find relief from all those anxious feelings. 

That relief can often be immediate, and catch us off guard. It is a very pleasant, encouraging and reassuring way to be caught. It is a definite sign that we are within the care, guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit. Therein are we SAFE, when this ego world offers us very little assurance of safety. And even when it may seem safe, time and place has a nasty way of surprising us with sudden adversity. Yet the Holy Spirit sees such events not as adversity but opportunity, and is adept at transforming adversity into fulfilment, on our behalf, further winning and strengthening our trust. 

Resistance to asking for Help is effectively indicating that the balance of our mind is disturbed. A mind that is not at peace can only be a mind that is disturbed. It is inevitable that it will be, and remain, disturbed, except when focused upon, committed to, not just our own Awakening but the Awakening of all our brothers in the Sonship. We cannot Awaken alone, because we are not alone – we are all One. This is a Truth that the ego will do all in its power to prevent us from realising, because conflict, destruction, separation is its game, and Holy Spirit’s purpose is Love, healing, unity.  

Who, then will we choose, from these two options, to be our guide? Let us not be mistaken: not choosing IS choosing, because we already chose the ego at the moment of the illusory separation, and until we choose anew, and differently, that remains our default choice because we have inviolable free will. The pull of the ego will seem to be, all too often, irresistible, overpowering. 

But the ego has no power of its own at all. It is a parasite, taking all its illusory power from our mind. It can do so only when we abdicate our power to it. This manifests in our mind as judgement, grievance, guilt, fear, hate, envy, seeking power over our brother rather than power with him … It is a long list, and not one item on it but bushwhacks our inner peace. How, then can we reclaim our true, God-given Power? First, let us consider what His Power IS: Love, joy, inner peace, gentleness, forgiveness, patience, trust, faith, belief, acceptance … it, also, is a long list; all on it are powerful.  

All these attributes of God-given power are freely, readily, easily available to us right here, right Now. All that is required of us for them to be ours is to simply choose them. But we cannot choose these and the ego’s attributes without our mind being confused – split – between the two disparate categories of attributes, one of which leads us to disempowerment and imprisonment on the carousel of birth and death; the other, to empowerment and Awakening to our eternal Being in Papa. It is this confused, split state of mind in which most of us presently find ourselves. 

To choose aright, we must repudiate the other. The right choice is not to be found in the illusory, external world, since Its Source is our God-Self within. Our brothers may be completely unaware of our experiencing It, unless they, too, are ready for It. The ego does not recognise this Power at all, but Jesus and Holy Spirit do, and They will bring Its presence in us to the awareness of those who are ready for It. It matters not at all whether they are nearby or far away, geographically, because such readiness is of vibration, or resonance with unfettered, healed, whole, limitless Mind. 

Now is the time in the Great Awakening when souls who belong together spiritually are being re-connected, irrespective of where their bodies may be located on the planet. Social media and other electronic communications devices are enabling this at a rapidly-increasing pace. This is not by chance. There is no such thing as chance in Papa’s Plan for Calling us all Home to Him, together, as One, simply because our Oneness in Him is our reality, and bodies – symbols of separation – like separation itself, are illusory, and therefore, in reality, in Truth, nothing at all. 

Everything about time and place, and bodies, is meaningless, because none of it is real, and therefore, untrue. That does not mean we needn’t bother to be Loving, caring, compassionate, forgiving, blessing in our demeanour toward our brothers – every living thing – because ONLY Love, in all Its qualities, is real, and that is the only way we can bring our dream world of death to reality. This is how we are able to co-operate with Holy Spirit-Self in transforming it into a happy dream of Love and blessing, from which we can then Awaken and be lifted up by Papa into eternal, joyful Life. 

Love and Light, peace and joy be with us all, Now, forever, 

Brian Longhurst 


Take heart and encouragement from my leading, my power, my authority in all the affairs of mankind. Let nothing distress you or disturb your inner peace and equanimity.

Jesus, April 27th 1997 

August 3rd 2016 

Dear Friends, 

When we experience a happy event, encounter, occasion ... this is stored, filed, in our memory, and we can call such moments back into our conscious awareness at will; a reliving of them in our mind. Such mental activity is often described as ‘calling to mind’ the moment. We can call to mind whatever we choose, whenever we so choose. We can also call to mind such moments in which we were not actually, personally, present. This can happen when we see images or read a description of such moments. It can even happen when we catch a scent that triggers the memory and calls it to mind. 

In Jn. 14:23 Jesus is recorded as saying: If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him. In that same chapter he is also recorded as saying that, when the moment of our readiness arises in us: ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you. (Jn. 14:20) These are momentous statements, and because they are accredited to him, we will serve ourself well, indeed, to give them careful, reasoned consideration and credence.  

So, if he and Papa will make Their abode with us if we Love him and keep his words, and, when the moment for us is right we shall Know (not just hope, believe, trust, but KNOW) that not only is he in Papa but we are in him (and therefore, if he is in Papa, we must be in Papa also). In A Course in Miracles Jesus assures us that in reality – which is, of course, eternity – there is no past or future, but only the forever, always present moment of NOW. That is not a state that comes easily to the understanding of finite, self-limited mind, but it tells us that his statements, above, are true now

The ego-virus in our mind will try to persuade us that, if they are true, they can only apply in the ‘future’ since, for most of us, they are not being experienced in the present moment of now. But there is much that is so now of which we are not consciously aware. Does that mean such matters are not occurring ‘now’? Of course not. So, if we wish, desire, hope, want his statements to be so for us, not just in the future but Now, how can we avail ourself of this conscious experience? The first step is to get out of our head-mind (the ego’s abode, with its questioning, doubting, unbelieving). 

That is impossible without the desire to believe in something greater, something higher, something beyond what our bodily senses – the ego’s false witnesses to persuade us that the temporal is reality – tell us is true. If, when our desire is strong enough, then we will be willing to accept that belief, trust, faith – that there is something beyond, which our bodily senses cannot bring to our awareness – is required in order for it to become part of our experience and understanding. This is essential because the PLFs tell us that we must first be willing to believe in order that we can then see. 

This is because it is unbelief that is blocking our sight. This is not something that is being done to us, but that we agreed – and then forgot that we had agreed – to do to ourself, because neither Papa, nor Holy Spirit-Self, nor Jesus, nor anyone else would, or could, do it to us. Having done it to ourself, we can undo it ourself. But we cannot undo it alone, because we have disempowered ourself by the belief that we are separate. How can we undo it ourself if we are disempowered to undo it? By asking the Help of Holy Spirit-Self. Holy Spirit is our connection to Self; hence Holy Spirit-Self

This ‘Self’ is our true, higher, all-Knowing Being; our true Identity as Papa’s eternal, immortal, effulgent Son. Our little, self-limiting, endarkened, individual persona-identity self has chosen to be separate from our real Self. However ridiculous this may seem to a reasoning mind, the separated, split-off from Truth, fragmented, ego-enthralled part of our mind has abandoned reason in favour of rationale. Reason is a natural, spontaneous recognition and acceptance of Truth, reality. It brings – allows – inward Knowing into our awareness, of a certainty, without questioning or doubting.  

This is only available to heart-mind. Rationale, or rationalising – theorising, debating, doubting, lack of certainty – in contrast, is the intellect; the ego’s substitution for inwardly Knowing. This, obviously, is not knowing, but attempting to explain away what it cannot understand, because the split-mind is separated off from understanding, and therefore has denied itself access to Knowing. In 1978 Jesus described such rationalising to me as ‘the elaborate theories of men’. Such theories are immediately seen by Holy Spirit-Self-connected mind – i.e. reasoning mind – as misperceptions. 

When we are ready to accept the unchanging, unchangeable Truth of eternity as our truth we will serve ourself well by adopting a willingness to put on hold – at least, temporarily – our head-mind, and allow our heart-mind to have our attention. So, how do we tune-out rationalising, intellectualising, theorising head-mind and tune-in to reasoning heart-mind? As easily as switching a radio from one station to another. Tuning in to a new frequency automatically tunes out the old. But how do we tune in to the new frequency? Simply by calling it to mind

This will not happen without first allowing the inward desire for Truth, which is innate within us all, to rise above our wishing for the distractions of time and place that crowd our bodily senses through our head-mind. None of those distractions is real. We made them all up, to convince our little, limited, separate, self-disempowered persona identity that the unbelievable is believable. The ego will assure us that calling to mind that with which we are totally – or almost completely – unfamiliar is difficult; impossible even. It will be if we believe that, and allow fear to take control. 

But this is not something we have to DO. It is only something we have to DESIRE. It is the desire that connects us with our Higher Self – the Spirit of Truth, Whose abode is in our heart-mind – which He already Knows. He also Knows our head-mind, though none of what is in it is true, because it is not eternal, unchangeably founded in Love. So He ignores it; His focus is on our heart-mind. That is where our calling to mind our heart’s desire – the Truth of eternity that is Love, Light, peace, joy, freedom … – will take us when we allow tuning to that frequency to predominate.  

Fear blocks our desire for the Truth of eternity that is Love, Light, peace, joy, freedom … Ultimately, neither fear, nor guilt, nor self-doubt … has any control over us other than what we accord them. This is what free will allows us. It is a gift of creative freedom beyond measure, yet a great responsibility, a great commitment which can only serve us ill when we misuse it. But when we use it for good, the happy events, encounters, occasions, that we are free to call to mind at any and every moment – until all those moments become One eternal moment that is NOW – are boundless. 

We are free to call to mind Papa, Jesus, Holy Spirit-Self at any, and indeed, every moment. This is not a blasphemy; it is not – as the ego might have us believe – like calling a dog to heel. It is a joyous, inspiring, uplifting process, exercise of mind-to-Mind communing. They are not servants, there but to do our bidding in a joyless, commanding manner. No more are we to Them. It is a blessed, priceless, joyful rejoining of the One, Universal Unified Mind, of Which we are all equal parts. For there is only equality in the Heaven of eternity.  

Papa, with Jesus and Holy Spirit-Self, is Calling us lovingly, longingly back into His Mind, where we, His beloved Son, belong in the Oneness of unceasing creative ecstasy – an orgasm of the soul a thousand times a thousand more consummate than any such momentary, feeble bodily experience. It is an act of Loving devotion – us to Them and reciprocally, Them to us. Here, now, are seemingly separated minds being Called, and responding by mutual willingness back into harmonious, peace-full Union. Just as Papa intended when He called His Son into Being in His exact Likeness. 

May Peace, joy, Love be our choice for all; now and in the holy instant of forever-always, 

Brian Longhurst 


It is to the act of Asking, Seeking, Knocking that our Heavenly Father, Papa, responds freely, lovingly, immediately, with His giving. It is not according to faith but desire that He responds. It is according to faith that His giving can be received. Faith is something that Papa will grow in you as you ask.

Jesus, May 4th 1997 

August 10th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

Almost all of us who perceive ourself as a body have ‘issues’ that we are ‘here’, on the carousel of birth and death, to face, forgive, heal and dispel, thus leaving us with nothing but inner peace, joy, Love and freedom from fear of sickness, scarcity, loneliness and ‘death’. The ego’s intent is to keep us – Papa’s One beloved Son – imprisoned in this separated-from-our-Source-and-our-Self state of mind, and keep us stuck in the misbelief that escape is impossible. And it would be right, save for one thing: unfailing, all-empowered, infallible Help that is always freely available to us. 

That Help is not outside us; It is not alien to us – It is our Self – though It is alien to the ego, which masquerades as us; and all the while we believe that is who we are, that Help will seem alien to us. Indeed, so alien as to be unreachable, thus rendering us beyond help, and meaning we must help ourselves because, assuredly, there is none other to help us. So we have – in a vain attempt at fabricating an external source of ‘help’ – made up religions, with distant deities, who are angry with us for our sinfulness, and are bent on our destruction, unless we conform to false doctrines of sacrifice.

The main sacrifice required by the made-up deity of orthodox Christianity is the blood sacrifice of Jesus, by his crucifixion. What can this mean, other than the killing of perfect Love as required by perfect Love? Yet this is in stark contrast to the words accredited to that Deity in the Old Testament book of Hosea, chapter 6 vs. 6: For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice … Jesus quotes this verse to the religious authorities of the day (Mt. 9:13), suggesting to them that they go away and learn what it means! Clearly, religionists to this day still have not learnt it.    

False religious doctrines extend further, to our salvation from the fires of hell being conditional upon confessing our guilt, sins, unworthiness, and punishing ourself with various forms of penance. All such are devised to cause us to believe them and thus give such beliefs ‘reality’ in our minds, thereby keeping us imprisoned in the illusion of time and place – the very opposite of the eternity that is Heaven. Happily, we have free will to choose whether this insanity has its origins in the Source of All Life and Love – the Creator Spirit – or the split-off-from-Truth part of the mind of His Son: the ego. 

Such calumnies have continued throughout the last two millennia, and in one form or another for untold millennia before that. Thus has the mind of the fragmented Sonship been deeply indoctrinated in the reversal of reality – perfect, unconditional Love – without let-up for untold illusory embodiments. How deeply, one might therefore enquire, is ‘the lie of Satan’ embedded in the split, unconscious mind of the Sonship? As stated on previous occasions, the body, along with the organ known as the brain, disintegrates upon departure of its occupant, but the mind, not the brain, is eternal. 

The brain is merely a mechanism for transferring information between the eternal mind and the temporal body; it is not the source of such information. The temporal brain, new with each embodiment, has no conscious awareness of what is stored in the eternal mind until its synapses are programmed to receive it. The brain – the head-mind, or intellect, an ego device to keep Papa’s Son in spiritual darkness – has no preferences as to what to believe, and is dependent on what it is told. Being in darkness, split-off from Truth, it is confused, unable to discern Truth from illusion.  

So, if it is told that unreality, illusions – false doctrines – are true often enough, over and over from one embodiment to the next, it will believe them as being true. That is precisely where the slumbering, confused Sonship has been for millennia, and most of the fragments still are, in the 21st century. But the Great Awakening is progressing toward Its completion, and the Light of spiritual Truth is shining into the darkness of the slumbering, confused, split mind until reason finds a chink in its defences. Reason, a powerful healing tool of Holy Spirit-Self, helps enable an open mind to see clearly. 

Reason, for example, will quickly help a mind willing to open to clarity to see through, and thus dispel, the false idea that perfect Love would, could sacrifice – ‘kill’ – eternal, indestructible perfect Love, because that would mean ‘killing’ Itself. Only a confused, split, closed, ego-yoked mind, misled over incalculable numbers of embodiments with such nonsense could be blocked, blinded from seeing past this kind of absurdity. And when the Light of eternal Truth – Love – is shone again into that mind, healing the split, the unreality of ego-engendered false doctrines will rapidly be dispelled. 

And then, Papa’s Son will remember to laugh again! J 

Until all such ideas and beliefs – all engendering their own experiences because they are believed to be real – are seen past, to the Truth of our Oneness in Papa that is the Heaven of eternity, the little mind continues to believe it is a mortal persona in a body, with an individual identity. And that self-limiting mind continues, unconsciously, from one embodied persona/identity to the next, each time entering into forgetfulness of its ‘previous’ personas and their dream experiences in time. But time is not linear, and all the illusions of time occurred in a single, infinitesimal, simultaneous instant. 

This means that each one of us who believes what was a ‘past’ life actually occurred in the self-same instant that we believe we are experiencing as an unfolding, progressive experience ‘now’ in the illusion we call ‘2016’. Persona Brian is aware of several ‘former’ persona embodiments, and they are each as ‘alive and present’ as persona Brian perceives, experiences himself as being. For example, ‘Paul’, a 17th century persona, sits at his desk in a candle-lit study writing with a quill pen, and by calling him to mind ‘Brian’ is able, effortlessly, to commune with him, to their/our mutual benefit. 

This is accelerating the progress of us ‘both’ toward ‘our’ Awakening. It helps because it shines a Light on the awareness, the remembrance that however many ‘individual’ fragments Papa’s One Son imagines, dreams up, with their myriad relationships, dramas, karmic entanglements … the Truth is that linear time is an illusion, and we are all One in the reality that is the everlasting, never-ending, eternal, hyper-orgasm-of-the-soul which is the joy-filled Holy Instant of NOW. By being open to acceptance that this is real, all things, all awareness, all remembrance of Self become possible. 

This is how it was with our exemplar, Jesus, during his embodiment, and therefore is possible for us because we are like him. If only we can believe. Such willingness to be open allows Holy Spirit-Self to dispel our closed attitude, gently dismantling our defences against reality without scaring us to ‘death’. Thus can He reconnect, or rejoin us with our myriad persona-selves and all the relationships we have experienced but hidden from our recollection, keeping us confused about who we are or why we seem to be little, limited, mortal, ‘here’ in time and place. 

However fearful this might seem – not to say impossible! – to a self-limiting mind, as our Loved Ones in the Realms of Light would, and frequently do, say, “Fear not”, for our Holy Spirit-Self will always be in Loving, gentle, tender, patient control of such unfolding awareness/remembrance all the while we entrust our Awakening into His care, guidance and protection. And as He opens the door on our own, ‘multi-individual’ experiences, so will this enable our reconnection with all those, our brothers, with whom we have engaged in assorted relationships throughout time.  

Some relationships will have been unholy, and thus in need of healing; some holy, and can grow in Love and power for saving the world by their reconnecting, rejoining in remembrance of such splendour. And why is any of this important/beneficial/necessary for us to contemplate ‘now’? So we can let go, release the presently-unconscious, hidden, illusory memories into the eternal remembrance of our whole, forever-connected Oneness. The vastness of this whole area of consideration may seem impossible for us to even think about, but it is not impossible for Holy Spirit or Jesus. 

When I raised the issue of healing the brokenness of the Sonship with him in July 1997, suggesting the enormity of such a horrendous mess – like a mass of tangled cables or spaghetti – is surely beyond achievement, he replied: 

This is not a problem because I am operating from the within of all my little ones; like fibre-optic cable, it can transmit the Light even round corners and entanglements. 

As with Jesus, so is it with us: all things are possible, if only we can believe. Therefore, let us choose openness to believing the limitlessness of our God-given power of creation – Love – when we choose for our will to be One with Papa’s. 

Brian Longhurst 


The meek and the humble shall be given all things of the Great Storehouse of eternity, that they might know the livingness of my Word. And they shall drink of the fountain of living water springing up from me, that they might be refreshed eternally.

Jesus, May 11th 1997

August 17th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

All the while we allow fear – the ego, or reversal of our reality: Love – to remain in control, it will. But we are Papa’s Son – the Son of Love, exactly like our Father – and as such all power of Love is ours in Heaven and in Earth. That power waits patiently for us to reclaim it. Reclaiming it enables us to repudiate, dispel fear. This we can do simply, effortlessly by choosing to no longer believe in it, and thus deny its power over us; but not on our own. Jesus, who has overcome the world – i.e., the consciousness of fear – is with us, to share his strength with us. If only we can believe.  

Let us consider exactly what that actually means: 

His strength is all-powerful because it is Love – the great force of the Creator Spirit and His Creation. Love is all there is, so has no need of defence because Love, being also Light and Truth, is unassailable. This is easy because in Truth there is – and can be – nothing to assail it. There is nothing else. Perceiving weakness, fear, need to defend against attack … is not real other than to a distorted mind that is fantasising about unreality. How can unreality be real? To a mind that has fully Awakened and has complete power of reason, Truth – reality – is entirely simple, logical, uncomplicated. 

The potential for such power of reason – which will lead us to true vision if we choose to follow our heart-mind (the domain of the Spirit of Truth) instead of our head-mind (the domain of the ego) – is in us all, but we chose to experience darkness over Light, illusion over Truth, fear over Love … How can such a choice cause other than confusion, doubt, uncertainty? Jesus’ mind – let us be clear that this refers to heart-mind – is fully Awake; his mind is fully illuminated by the Light that is Love and Truth. If we are willing, he will share his Illuminated Mind with us. But only if we are willing. 

He can only share the Light with us if we are willing because we have inviolable, God-given free will. All the while we remain unwilling, so will he honour our choice. He will not Love it but he will honour it because it is our choice. 

Why would he be willing – earnestly desirous, in fact – to share his Whole Mind with us? Because we are his brothers in the Sonship of the Father he Loves us totally, unconditionally, and he Knows we are One with him in the Heart-Mind of Papa. We are merely having a bad dream, from which he has Awakened, and he wants to help us to Awaken also. That is the simple, reasonable, open-to-us-all Truth. But this does not seem as straightforward to us as the words indicate because in a dream of conflict and hidden agendas – where we have been hurt by lies – we have learnt to be distrustful. 

The yoke of distrust is a heavy one indeed, and hard to shrug off. So, how can a mind full of doubt and distrust be rid of such a burden? These words of Jesus from chapter 11 of Matthew’s gospel shed some worthy Light on how: 

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.  

Do we not all earnestly desire rest for our souls? Winning the lottery will not do this, though it may seem as if it will; but only in time, not in the eternal moment that is forever NOW. And time soon passes. Winning the lottery cannot alter that, and with the passage of time, things change. Without the certainty of the Light illuminating our mind, and thus our remaining stumbling about in darkness, there is no way of knowing whether such change will be for the better or for the worse. Only Knowing opens the door to inner peace, and Knowledge is of eternity, not of time. 

Knowledge is, however – along with inner peace – available, accessible to us within the illusion of embodiment in time, but only by choosing eternity as our sole desire and intent. How can we do that, when the external world around us, including our body, with its constant demands for our attention … is set on distracting us from our focus on eternity practically every moment? We simply observe the distractions, attend to them as required, such as taking food, but choose them to be of no consequence to our state of mind, because we choose, instead, for eternity to occupy our mind. 

Let us remind ourself about what eternity is: Perfect Love, Light, Truth; peace far, far beyond the understanding of this world; joy, freedom; all-Knowing; unity (i.e., Oneness). Forever. Is this enough for us to choose for It? Oh, and as the Spirit of Truth explained to me: “When you commit to forgiving all blocks (e.g. judgements, grievances) to Love’s awareness, then will you Know again the true experience of Perfect Love, which is a never-ending orgasm of the soul; a thousand times a thousand more consummate than any such feeble, bodily substitute.” That ought to do it.  

The external, illusory world of conflict and fear is also in our mind – and only there – and projected outward so that it appears to be outside ourself. But that is in the part of our mind which is split-off from Truth, reality, eternity. The real world – of Love, peace and joy – is also in our mind; the part that is actually whole, complete, Awake because it is at-One with the Wholeness that is the Universal, Unified Mind of Papa and His One Son. His Son is our true, perfect, unchangeable-by-illusion, eternal Identity, and is accessible to our conscious mind by the process of true forgiveness. 

True forgiveness is a mechanism by which we bring, restore our conscious mind to the place of remembering, re-cognising, that all that we have believed – and thus perceived and even seem to have experienced – about time and place, including judgements, hurts, abuses, grievances, murder, famines, wars, genocides … never happened. Nothing other than eternal, perfect Love, peace and joy is real. That is ever-present in our whole, Unified Mind, and all else is unreal; a mere dream of separation from reality that was over in the same instant it arose in the mind of Papa’s Son. 

Separation from reality could only be – were it possible – unreality. How can unreality be real? To be unforgiving of unreality could be possible only to a mind that believes unreality to be real. How could such a belief – and consequently, perception – be other than an error, a mistaken belief? How can we sustain, indefinitely, unforgiveness of what never happened in reality, Truth, eternity – our One and only Home – when the very state of mind that is unforgiving is what keeps us in perdition? The ego resists forgiveness because it releases us from its grip. Jesus’ strength enables us to prevail. 

All that he asks is that we are willing to open to receive his sharing. He accomplishes all the rest for us. How else can we find the Way Home when we have veiled the Light of our own Being and wandered, and are lost, deep in the dark wilderness of self-disempowerment? But his Light is entirely powerful, bright enough to shine away our perceived darkness and restore our memory to the Truth of our Oneness with him in the Heart-Mind of Papa. Now is the moment of our restoration.  

All of Heaven awaits our decision, our choice for freedom – for ourself and for the entire Sonship; for when we choose freedom it is for all because we are One.  

Shall we not now join as One in so choosing? 

Brian Longhurst 


Let the seed of faith be sown in your heart and I shall tend it and nurture it. There shall it grow. It is growing. It is your desire which is the fructifying soil in which it shall grow.

Papa, May 18th 1997 

August 24th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

The choice for separation is from Papa, Self, Love, Life itself, peace, Truth, Light, reality, joy, Knowledge  … The absence of these qualities of Being can only result in insanity. This choice, which with our conscious mind most would deny as a reasoned choice is, nevertheless, the default choice of the Sonship of God; hence our experience of separateness, which will remain our choice until we change our mind. This we must do on an individual basis because we appear to be individual, each with separate minds, experiences, preferences within the myriad choices we seem to face. 

This may all sound very hypothetical to a mind that is engaged – as most of us are, or seem to be – in the day-by-day activities of time and place that occupy our time, energy, concerns, commitments, and keep us focused on a level of thought that allows little or no participation in the reality of eternity. That in itself is a strong indicator of an upside-down thought system that is the reverse of our true nature as the eternal, omniscient Being of Love and Light that we, forever and ever are. So how to turn this around? Simply by recognising and acceptingnot fighting – it as it appears to be. 

This means a change of mind, whereby we choose no longer to allow our daily concerns to be uppermost, recognising instead that a sound mind sees and accepts that all is according to our highest desire, not according to our concerns. Concerns are of the head-mind – the habitat of doubt, uncertainty, guilt, fear, neediness … whereas desire – spiritual desire, not desire for our neighbour’s spouse, or that latest model Lamborghini! – is of the heart-mind. The spiritually-centred heart-mind does not engage in thought processes like the head-mind does, with its what-ifs? and its if-onlys

The head-mind is centred on I will/won’t, I must/mustn’t, I should/shouldn’t … Its I am is qualified by temporal, rather than eternal, considerations: I am John; I am weak; I am poor; I am a sinner; I am little, disempowered, fearful, unhappy … because of circumstances outside its control. It has a closed-off attitude toward the infinite, believing only in outward appearances, which it judges according to its own preconceptions of right and wrong, desirable, acceptable … All these considerations are based on what it has been told, or perceived, and to which it has enslaved itself. 

It may not have been ‘told’ verbally by a brother, or read, or open-mindedly, scrupulously garnered, but its attitudes, prejudices (i.e. pre-judgements without bothering to acquire all available, pertinent information) are shaped by external – and thus, illusory, fleeting, ever-changing – perceptions rather than by seeking Truth within. Truth is of eternity and has nothing to do with temporal matters, which have no existence in the reality of the forever NOW. Relying on the ever-changing for guideposts can only cause doubt and confusion, for what was ‘true’ one moment is no longer so the next. 

The heart-mind, in contrast, is centred in surrendering, accepting and allowing in all matters temporal. Here’s how this idea, this guideline works: 

Surrender (our ego-leasehold on our life into the care of Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit), Accept (that, having Surrendered, whatever happens is within Their control) and Allow (whatever happens to happen without our resisting it, trusting that all is according to Their benign, all-Loving, all-caring, all-empowered-for-good control over our life). 

This facilitates, enables a peaceful state of mind because it accepts what outwardly seems to be, while remaining committed to its deepest, highest, innermost desires for peace, freedom, equality, justice, Truth, Oneness in Papa and Self. So, how to switch our focus from head-mind to heart-mind, and find the Truth within that will bring us release from turmoil to the joy of inner peace? First, this requires a level of commitment of which the ego world knows nothing, and which the ego will resist with every kind of distraction it can throw at us – especially mind-wandering. 

Mind-wandering sneaks surreptitiously in when we decide to attune to eternity. But we must not let that put us off from starting a conversation, an attunement, a mind-to-mind communing with Jesus, who is with us, attuned to us every single moment, waiting with infinite, Loving patience for us to attune with him so that the conscious connection can be established between us. Our attuning, speaking with him may be genuinely focused, and we progress accordingly, but before we realise it, our thought has been sidetracked down some side-street that leads us into a maze of irrelevances. 

This will happen again and again … and again. How often it happens is of no consequence to Jesus or to the Holy Spirit. They Know this is going to happen, because They Know we are wandering, without chart or compass in the dark wilderness that is forgetfulness of Who we really are. This is where that level of commitment comes into play. Their only desire is that we do not give up – ever; that we choose never to abandon our desire for communion with Them, on another and yet another occasion, ad infinitum, until our communion with Them is an uninterruptible, eternal continuum.  

The tool used by the ego to divert our focus on considerations of eternity with mind wandering is detail. This is ego territory. It knows nothing of principles, which are way-markers to our Awakening, and it fills our head-mind with detail to endlessly distract us from the Way. In 1978 Jesus told me that I had brought with me into this embodiment a good level of discernment of how principles govern the operation of Life; he then went on to say that he was going to coach me further, so that my understanding of this key factor would become more comprehensive. 

He introduced to me then a term that he was to use often over succeeding decades; he called these the Principles of Life of the Father, which, being a slow typist, I have abbreviated to PLFs. Here is how I have been prompted to define this: 

Principle(s) of Life of the Father. The term used by Jesus to describe the cosmic, esoteric, immutable laws by which God’s Creation operates. God is in the Principles, but ‘The devil (ego) is in the detail’, always seeking to distract us from the Way. 

Separation – from reality into a state of unreality – means we have veiled, blocked, excluded from our awareness PLFs, and our ability to distinguish between them and sidetracking, distracting details. This plays right into the ego’s hands. We begin examining, trying to analyse, understand details that seem – to our confused minds – to be governing a particular matter, and this gets us on the slippery slope of deeper and deeper entanglement in details. And thereby, inevitably, further and further removed from the PLFs. What better way to consign ourselves to the hell of separation? 

So far are most of us from being able to discern PLFs from details – or even see there is a difference – that the prospect of moving back toward the Light seems dismal; especially since even distinguishing the Light from the dark is as much guesswork as anything. This is exacerbated by our ego-engendered unwillingness – through fear – to go within and seek Guidance from One Who Knows the difference and can direct us accordingly. And when we steadfastly choose to function from the perspective of PLFs the details fall into line with them spontaneously and of their own accord. 

The ego’s device that we call religion – with its false doctrine of sacrifice being the path to salvation – is intended to persuade its followers they are on the right path. But anything to do with sacrifice, judgement, condemnation, guilt, fear is a device of ego to entrap us in the valley of the shadow of death, endlessly agonising over detail – all to keep our focus away from the PLFs. Here are a few examples of PLFs. Many of us already know them, but perhaps had not recognised their crucial value in keeping us heading in the right direction – toward the Light of Home - instead of away from it. 

Love is Life. If we are not expressing, extending, sharing Love we are sentencing ourself to death. Literally. Expressing love is not the same as expressing Love. This is because Love is creative, and only the consciously living can be creative. The ‘walking dead’ cannot create and this is demonstrated by our dependence on ‘magic’ – man-made ‘cures’ for bodily maladies – rather than spontaneous, miraculous healing. Miracles are merely a change of mind from believing we are what we are not, to believing, remembering what we Are. Just like Jesus. 

Giving is the portal to receiving. We cannot receive everything unless we are willing to give everything. ‘Everything’ has nothing to do with worldly stuff; it is what Papa gave, and unceasingly gives, to His One Son, and which was demonstrated by Jesus as being possible in time and place. We need not wait until we ‘die’ for this; giving is about Life, not about ‘death’. 

Forgiveness is the portal to inner peace, joy, Love, and thus, to our Awakening to immortality in Oneness. None of these qualities is available in this world without forgiveness, because peace, joy and Love are qualities of eternity which unforgiveness causes us to deny ourself. Clearly, then, unforgiveness – e.g., judging, holding grievances … – can only be the opposite, i.e., sentencing ourself to ‘death’.  

There are myriad other PLFs, which come to our discernment, our re-cognition, when we commit ourself to the ultimate PLF, which is ‘Thy Will be done’. To say these words is, of course, meaningless, but to mean them, unremittingly, is everything. 

There are very, very few of us who are not sentencing ourself to ‘death’ every day. Happily, this is not actually true, because we are all immortal. But within the context of the dream of separation, unforgiveness means we remain on the carousel of birth and death, until we change our mind. This we are free to do at every moment, and as soon as we make that free choice, infallible, all-empowered-by Love (remember, Love is Life, eternally, uninterruptibly, forever) Help immediately comes rushing to our assistance. Then our journey Home really takes off, infallibly and unstoppably. 

What are we waiting for? 

Brian Longhurst 


The deception, the lie, of the enemy of Truth has done nothing more than place a mask and a costume of deceit and tragedy over the true, shining Light that is in all God’s children. The play must come to an end, however, and the masquerade be finished; then shall all truth and eternal reality be made known – restored to your remembrance.

Jesus, May 25th 1997 

August 31st 2016 

Dear Friends, 

I recently shared on Facebook an extract from my book, Finding the Kingdom Within. Here is the first paragraph of that posting: 

All who believe in separation are fearful of judgement because, at some level, conscious and/or unconscious, they believe they are guilty. If we perceive Jesus as wrathful, judgemental, we are mistaken. He is the Lord of perfect, unconditional Love. Love does not accuse, judge, condemn, seek retribution or punish. Ever. 

A Facebook friend, Judy Kelley, answered with a deep and poignant, open-hearted sharing; territory into which the vast mass of humanity is often reluctant to venture. Here is Judy’s response: 

The first paragraph [above] really resonated with me. Years ago, I was blessed with an experience of remembering, for a moment, the Source of my being. During a meditation on forgiveness and sending light to “others”, I became aware that the Light was turning towards me. I resisted. Then I heard a Voice say “Why do you believe you don’t deserve this?” I was about to argue and say that I don’t think that when the Light washed over me.  

I realized that I did believe myself unworthy, but it wasn’t the truth. This Light was the Source of my being, the stuff I’m made of, the essence of my Self. It is wholly nurturing and Loving beyond words or ideas. I had a thought that I would be judged and the Voice just said, “Silly child”, and I knew that judgement was impossible. This Source is immutable, invulnerable. It is my birthright, but it is not my power to damage what God created perfect. I rarely speak of this as it is so deeply personal and words can’t adequately express it, but occasionally I feel moved to do so. Something in your message opened up the idea of sharing. So, thank you!  

That territory is the within, our own inner Being, where we meet with our true, eternal Self: the God-Self. Judy found the courage to venture there and was rewarded with an experience, an awareness, a remembering of that immutable, invulnerable Being that is Who we all, wholly, eternally, irreversibly are. I have not a single doubt that the ‘chiding’ with “Silly child” was not a serious scolding, but rather, a Loving, gentle, light-hearted reminder that such thoughts of guilt and unworthiness, to which most of the fragmented Sonship is so inured, are merely foolish misperceptions. 

Foolish misperceptions seem so ingrained, hard-wired into our mind that objective reasoning is largely ruled out. ‘Why?’ is a reasoned question, for so often we are able to see the good in our brother – even if only in some aspect or another – but cannot acknowledge it in ourself. That is just how the ego wants it: give us a little taster of seeing some good, but always – well, almost always! – projected away from ourself onto another, so that we continue misperceiving ourself. And since there is, in reality, no-one else, that keeps us from believing, seeing, accepting the Truth of Self

Ultimately, the reason why we steer so clear of self-acceptance, of re-cognising the effulgence of our true nature, is fear. For accepting the Truth of our innocent, immortal Being will immediately undo all we have mistakenly believed – and thus, perceived – about ourself. That will inevitably engender fear, because if what we have for so long – since the dawn of time – believed ourself to be is simply not so, all the ground is knocked from beneath us; we have lost our perceived, but false, foundation, to build on and embellish with yet more pain and suffering. 

But that fear is not, and never was, ours. We are Papa’s One Son; forever safe, perfect, innocent, invulnerable, immortal. Fear, therefore, can arise only from false beliefs because when One is safe – totally, irrevocably and irreversibly safe – there is no cause for fear, and without cause there can be no effect. The false belief from which fear arose – or seemed to arise – in the mind of Papa’s Son is that he separated himself from his Source. Being entirely contra to reality this begot a sense of guilt, a causal implication giving rise to the inference that punishment is called for. Hence, the fear. 

Since Papa’s Son is safe, and we, all of us, are His Son – even though we appear to be other – the reality is that we are safe, but pretending not to be. So the effect of fear is also merely a pretence. But that is nothing more than a choice, and we can change our mind about that because it is nothing more than a choice, and has no reality at all. Reality is just as the term implies: real. What is real is all there is, and what is real is Love, Light, Life, Truth, happiness, Oneness … everything, in fact, eternally unchanging. There is nothing else, but foolishly, nothing is what Papa’s Son chose. 

‘Nothing’ cannot exist in the presence of everything, and having chosen nothing – cause – separation from everything became the inevitable effect. So, ‘nothing’ had to undergo a makeover, to dress it up, to make it appear as ‘something’. But however much one attempts to dress up nothing, it remains nothing, and so is not just nothing, but also, inevitably, nowhere. All that appears, in ‘nothing-land’ is also ‘nowhere-land’. How’s that for an exercise in the unreality of duality!? Does that not demonstrate its entire impossibility? 

Mind that is Awake is Whole, complete, and Its experience, Its awareness is of reality, which can only be Oneness, Love, Light, Life, Truth, happiness … the qualities of reality. And the Source of reality is, needless to say, Papa. Only in Him can reality be experienced, and thus, Known. Nothing, nowhere, must, therefore be where Papa isn’t. It just gets more absurd, more implausible, entirely impossible, does it not? So, what is this experience that we call time and place? Each aspect is a shabby attempt at replicating reality. But reality cannot have replicas because replicas are counterfeit. 

Awake Mind could not, would not attempt to fabricate a counterfeit copy of reality. Why would it, when Awake Mind – being Universal, Unified Mind – is reality? Only a mind that is asleep, dreaming of being awake could engage in such convoluted jiggery-pokery. Here is how Jesus describes this in ACIM: 

Shut off from your Self, which remains aware of Its likeness to Its Creator, your Self seems to sleep, while the part of your mind that weaves illusions in its sleep appears to be awake. (W-68.2:1) 

However nothing is dressed up, made up, it is still counterfeit, because it is nothing, appearing, illusorily, as something. Let us briefly take an overview comparison of the properties of reality, everything, with its counterfeit – which is actually nothing because it is not eternal and unchanging – unreality.  

Love is inclusive, unconditional, limitless and unchangeable; counterfeit love is exclusive, conditional, limited and changeable.  

Light is universal, endless, entirely benign, nurturing, safe, harmless – an intrinsic aspect of our inner Being and of all Being; counterfeit light is photons, limited, outside our Being, exhibits dual properties, and while appearing to be life-supporting, also has life-threatening properties (e.g., skin cancer).  

Life is spirit, ubiquitous, formless, eternal; counterfeit life is of time and form, and thus, mortal. 

Truth is Knowledge, which is only of the unchanging reality of eternity; counterfeit ‘knowledge’ of the temporal is only information, which varies, changes, according to time and place, or perception. 

Happiness is a permanent, ineffable state of bliss, joy beyond finite description or comprehension; counterfeit happiness, being temporal, is passing, fleeting, variable, and fades with changing circumstances into unhappiness. 

These are just a few examples of how the belief in, and thus the experience of separation is, in every sense and from every angle of consideration, delusory; the opposite of reality but attempting to deceive us into believing it is reality. Happily, all the qualities of reality are available to us all to simply choose, now, in our seemingly-embodied state, because reality is the state of mind that is Awake from unreality to awareness of our true Being as Papa’s One Son, united in Him, in perfect Love and happiness, in which the illusion of bodies is gone and forgotten. Forever and ever. Amen. 

Brian Longhurst 


You are going forward, and the Living Word is illuminating your awareness, and hence, the path before you. I counsel you, focus on being emissaries of the Living Word, even as were my emissaries in the long ago.

Jesus, June 1st 1997

September 7th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

This dream world of separation from our Source arose from our desire, our wish, to be separate. But it is not possible to actually be separate because our Source, in Which we are One, is everything and everywhere. Everything and everywhere real, that is. So, to appear to be separate, not only from Papa but also from our Self is just that: appearance, not reality. To seem separate from everything, everywhere can mean one thing only: we believe an individual, persona-body is our identity, appearing to be on a planet, amidst billions of other separate persona bodies. 

When not one of such appearances is – or ever was – true, real, they can only be untrue, unreal. Dreams, fantasies, illusions are not real, never were and never can be, so that is a hint as to what is – or appears to be – going on. The dream, fantasy, illusory world of time and place – separation from eternity – seems to be ‘out there’ but this is because the slumbering, dreaming mind in which it arose projected it outward, beyond itself, and that is ‘where’ it made its illusory appearance: in the without. Yet mind is everywhere real, i.e., eternal and unchangeable, Universal and Unified. 

How, then, could such mind separate itself and appear to be where it is not? According to Jesus – is there one amongst us who could Know better than he? – part of the Mind of Papa’s creation, His Son, endowed with inviolable free will, seemed to split off from Itself, and become separate from Itself and Its Creator, in which, in Its true state, eternity, it is indivisibly One. This split off part, now seemingly separate from Itself, appears in all respects to be unlike Itself. Instead of Being in eternity, One in its Creator, it seems to be separate, in time, the illusory opposite, or reverse, of eternity. 

Further, the seemingly split off part of the Mind – which Is Love, which is Light, Life, Truth, wholeness/holiness – now finds itself appearing separated from Love (which is perfect and unconditional, unchanging and unchangeable, forever); from Light (which is Spirit, within, not form, so undetectable by sensory faculties in form, without); from Life, which, it hardly needs repeating, is eternal, invulnerable, indestructible, so now, the experience is ‘death’; from wholeness which is the same as holiness, because wholeness is holy and holiness is impossible without wholeness, or completeness. 

All this has arisen, and seems to continue in the split-off mind because separation from the One was its wish. Until we change our mind and choose anew, for wholeness – which IS perfect Love and Light, peace and joy – the mistaken wish, for belief in separation into darkness, fear, disease and ‘death’ remains our illusory experience in the split-off part of our mind. Happily, it is all over, since it never actually happened and could never happen in Truth because it is untrue. Yet, the wish became the belief and the belief became the experience – but only within the impossibility of unreality.   

This is because Papa’s Son, all empowered at his creation with all creativity, exactly and equally like his Father Creator, creates by extending, or expressing, or projecting his thought, his idea, his creative intent. In the reality of eternity, where the only thought, the only idea, is Love – because that is all there IS in all its aspects – only Love, in its completeness, is extended, expressed. This creates more Love Light, Life, peace, joy, blessing … But in the illusory absence of, or separation from Love, there is – can be – no awareness of Love and all its aspects, because that was the free will choice. 

This is why it is vital, if we desire to escape the carousel of birth and death and all its aspects – guilt, fear, judgement, grievance, anger, blame, anxiety, doubt, darkness, sickness, loneliness, misery … – to cease projecting that, or it remains our experience. Is that our desire, our wish, our intent? If so, so be it. If not, we must choose anew, the only way unreality can be dispelled from our experience and reality re-instated. This we cannot accomplish of ourself, but it MUST be our true, unwavering desire, or it cannot be accomplished for us by Him Who is able.  

This, because our free will – including to choose hell in place of Heaven – is inviolable, and He honours it, whatever our choice. It makes no difference to Him because He Knows hell – anything other than Heaven – isn’t real, so is nothing. He, the Spirit of Truth, sent by Papa to accompany us on our mad journey into perceived separation, constantly communicates the Truth – LOVE – to us, but that Love is blocked when we have closed our channels of receptivity to It, when our minds are not open to commun(icat)e with Him, or with Papa, Who sent Him. How can this be other than insanity? 

But we are never, ever, for a single instant, more than a mere whisker – less than that – away from the Truth. The reality of our eternal, immortal, whole, holy Self (not some alien, untrustworthy interloper; the alien, untrustworthy interloper is already ensconced in our mind, distorting our perception away from the Truth of our immortal Being) is as close to us as we are willing to allow Him. All that is preventing our awareness of His presence, right within us every moment, is our absurd unwillingness to believe; our mad determination to believe we are a limited, vulnerable body. 

We may believe we cannot step away from our body but we can do this – in our mind, which is the only arena in which it is needful, possible and effortless. We can turn our thought in a micro-second from one awareness to another – a storm-cloud to a rainbow – without effort; with ease, in fact. It is with the self-same ease that we can turn our mind from thoughts of littleness, doubt, mortality, walking alone and afraid in the valley of the shadow of death, to Joy, peace and Love, walking in easy fellowship, companionship, communion, with the best friend we could ever have, in sunlit bliss.

If only we can believe.  

The ego, fearful for its own survival, will scoff at this, saying, “It’s pie-in-the-sky, fantasy; get back to the ‘real’ world of linear time, uncertainty, scarcity, inequality … ”. If that is our choice, to succumb, yet again, Papa Himself cannot stop us. But if, when we have had enough of all that, and choose anew, He, and all the hosts of Heaven – including, of course, our True Self – will instantly rush to our assistance. The ego will say it requires more effort than we are able to muster, that we will never manage it. It would be right, if we had to do it alone.  

Happily, we are never alone. Who we choose as our companion, our guide – to Heaven or to hell – is our choice and ours alone. No-one can make that choice for us, but Love can Help us make the correct choice. As Jesus told me in 1977: I can be staff and compass to you, to assist you in the steep and treacherous places, but I cannot be your feet.  It is your journey and you must take the steps.  There is no substitute for taking the steps; it is the only way the journey upon which you have embarked can be completed. Shall we not join with him, together, as the One we all really are, in taking those steps, Knowing beyond doubt that we are perfectly Guided? 

Love and blessings, 

Brian Longhurst 


I will put my Love and my spirit upon each one who truly desires, and will seat such at my banquet table and serve him with the New Wine of the Kingdom, which I long to drink with them all, and my sweetmeats of the joy of eternal Life, which it is my good pleasure to place before them.

Jesus, June 22nd 1997 

September 14th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

Over the years of journeying back toward the Light, with Jesus as my guide to eternity, I have frequently been asked about the many, precious, blessed experiences this journey has bestowed. There can be two reasons why anyone asks a question. One reason is that the questioner believes one knows the answer, which will then bring greater awareness and understanding to the questioner. The other reason is that the questioner does not believe one knows the answer, and he is out to ‘prove’ the answer is spurious since no ‘proof’ can be provided, and his ‘elaborate theory’ is better. 

Of course there is no ‘proof’ of God, eternal Life, unconditional Love – all that is unchangeably real and True – to a mind that is inured to the ‘reality’ of time and place and the only ‘certainty’: mortality. Such a generic conversation might be along the following lines: 

Q: “How is it that you keep having – or claim to keep having – all these ‘experiences’ when I don’t?” 

A: “It is all to do with belief. Unbelief, or unwillingness to believe, prevents us from being able to experience what is real but not discernible to bodily senses because reality – eternity – is of another, higher dimension: the opposite of what our bodily senses tell us. We must be willing to accept that different levels of awareness and experience require first, a degree of willingness to accept what is not presently discernible with the bodily faculties and intellectual analysis we trust to tell us what is ‘real’. If those faculties are limited, we can ask ourself, ‘Who, or what is limiting them?’ 

“Is this limitation being done to us or by us? If it is being done to us, then by whom? My neighbour? God? The devil? We can be sure it is not our neighbour, and if we profess not to believe in God – or the devil – it cannot be them either. This leaves none save ourself.” 

Q: “But I only have your word that you have had/are having the experiences you claim. If they are not real – merely your fanciful imagining; a trick of the light; imbalance in your brain chemistry; something in your diet … – then my not having them means I am normal and you, then, must be abnormal; deluded.”  

A: “We all have free will to believe – or not believe – whatever we choose. This, we can at least agree on. If we examine, in a reasoned manner, why we believe or don’t believe something – anything – this can show us a lot. For example, if you examine, in complete self-honesty, why you don’t believe in God, eternity, a higher state of awareness than your sensory perception shows you, does it bring you a sense of inner peace, comfortableness, an end to questioning, doubting, uncertainty, changes of mind over time? If it does, then you are where you belong – at least for the time being. 

“Conversely, if this still leaves you in doubt and uncertainty, anxiety … consider, again with complete self-honesty, whether there is some fear lurking in the background – or even the foreground. For example, any who don’t believe in the eternal can only believe in its opposite: the temporal. That means, ultimately, ‘death’; the end of life, of everything. Or possibly, the nagging doubt that there is something beyond ‘death’ and, since this world revolves around judgement, perhaps judgement awaits us on demise of the body. Is any of that a happy place to be?” 

Q: “No, but I keep on searching. I read a lot of spiritual books, follow various spiritual teachers. Some of them seem to make some sense to me, some don’t. I am sure – I think! – that in due course I shall be able to separate the wheat from the chaff and arrive at a workable formula.” 

A: “This characterises the ego’s ‘plan for salvation’: keep on searching, always believing the answer is just around the corner. But it never actually arises because the Answer is not to be found ‘out there’. Not ever, though we are all, always, at free will to keep on looking out there. Seeking out there signifies lack of trust, faith, belief in your own inner Being, which has its abode in your heart-mind, not, ever, in your head-mind. The heart-mind is where inwardly Knowing arises. This has nothing to do with thought processes arising from sources in the without, which are then judged. 

“Inwardly Knowing is a remembering of the Truth, reality, that has always been within us, but veiled by the choice for separation from Papa, from Self, causing forgetfulness, a shutting-off from awareness of the inner connection to Papa, the Source of all Being. Knowing and Being are integral. When we are connected to – in communion with – our Source, in which our higher, or Son of God Self is indivisibly One, then we are in at-One-ment with our true Being, which is all-Being and intrinsically all-Knowing. Choosing disconnection means unawareness of that Inner Being and Knowing.” 

Q: “But I want that. I just don’t seem to be able to make that connection. I have tried but nothing seems to happen.” 

A: “That is when judgement arises. You hear a voice in your head saying, ‘There, you tried but nothing happened, so it either isn’t real or it’s impossible to connect with it. So just forget it and keep on searching out there. One day you will find the answers you’re looking for.’ That is a judgement for unbelief. Unbelief in what, though? Unbelief in your inner Self; your true Being; your connectedness to your Source – the Source of All that is the connectedness, the Oneness of our true Being.” 

Q: “But that isn’t giving me graspable, tangible, concrete answers. It sounds like so much philosophical claptrap, and I can’t get my head around it. Give me some answers that mean something to me. Then I’ll be able to believe ... like you seem to believe. Maybe. Or maybe you’re making all this up.” 

A: “You will never be able to ‘get your head around’ Truth because Truth is heart-centred, Love-centred, peace-centred, SAA-centred. The head-mind is the ego, intellectualising, analysing, rationalising, doubting, questioning, judging, unbelieving-without-‘proof’ centre of separation consciousness. Wanting answers before – as a precondition for – believing is what is blocking the belief, and thus preventing the awareness, the experience, the remembrance of Truth, reality, eternity, perfect Love, peace, joy, innocence (i.e., absence of feelings of guilt and its attendant fear). 

“In 1996 Papa told me, ‘My son, the Keys to the Kingdom lie not in answers but in faith, trust, commitment, obedience to My Word.’ That term, ‘obedience’, is feared by an ego-indoctrinated mind because it implies obedience to another, and how, in this world, can we trust another – especially a god who, we are told, is angry, jealous, vengeful … ? But our true Self, our true Being IS the Word of God; the Living Word. The Living Word is Love, trustworthiness, caring, compassion, simple; as exemplified by Jesus. He was/is the Living Word. That means you and I – all of us – are also the Living Word. 

“Jesus is trustworthy because he has overcome the illusory, fear-filled, little, limited, doubting, questioning self – the ‘ego’ – and has thus been restored to his full, complete, eternally-Living Self: the Christ; Papa’s beloved Son. That Son is Love, just like his Father. In that capacity Jesus has come to us, his brothers, whom he Loves unconditionally, to restore to us – possible only by our willingness to co-operate, to believe – our remembrance that, along with him, we also are the eternally-Living Word, or Self.” 

Q: “I want, I would like to believe all this; it somehow makes sense – or some of it does – yet still this voice in my head is resisting, doubting, questioning, demanding proof. I feel split in two; part wanting to believe, part telling me believing something without proof is a mug’s game. What can I do to end this conflict within me? It is so unsettling; preventing me from finding lasting inner peace.” 

A: “You have to shift your focus from head-mind to heart-mind. Trying to focus on both is impossible and causes inner conflict, doubt, oscillation, lack of peace, repetitive mind-changing. True focus is a ‘one-pointed’ thing, where all that is contra is debarred, shut out. You cannot do this alone. It is possible only by directing, speaking, communing, turning your inner attention toward Jesus, Holy Spirit, God – any or all, they are of One, Unified Mind. This is the last thing the ego wants, and has persuaded most of us They are to be feared. This is poppycock; the complete reversal of Truth. 

“This requires surrender, trust, faith, belief; all qualities alien to the ego-indoctrinated mind. A little willingness will bring Loving, tender, caring, gentle Help rushing to your aid. Only complete self-honesty works with/enables spiritual communion. How can you expect lying/self-deception to produce meaningful benefits/progress? If you’re fearful, anxious, doubtful, acknowledge it, and ASK for Help in understanding, releasing, surrendering the cause(s). And express gratitude as affirmation that you are willing to receive and accept the Help. Even if you’re not consciously aware of that Help, if you are willing to accept, in principle, that, having asked, it IS given, it will become known. 

Leave time out of the equation. Our spiritual Awakening has nothing to do with time, because time is made up. In Truth we are already Awake. The Help that comes in response to all who seek it will enable, accomplish our restoration to remembrance of that Truth. To encourage you further, this week’s Diary of a Christ Communicant entry, below, is a powerful aid to getting attuned to our inner Self, the Spirit of Truth, the Living Word.” 

Love and blessings for restoration to remembrance of the Truth of all Being, 

Brian Longhurst 


All goes forward, my beloveds, and these learning and blessing experiences are for your strengthening and preparation for what lies ahead. Each and every one is important in itself as well as in its role as part of the New Structure that is being created.

Jesus, June 29th 1997 

September 21st 2016 

Dear Friends, 

The idea of separation is comprehensive. It is not possible to be – or to believe we are – partially separate. We either believe we are – or, that there is only – One, or we believe we are other, more than One; indeterminately more than One. If there is only One, or Oneness, the appearance of more than One can therefore only be an illusion. The misperception arises when we consider this from the perspective of seeming to be a body. Unarguably, from that perspective, there is more than one body, one life form, one planet, solar system, galaxy … But if we are not a body, what are we? 

René Descartes (1596-1650) is famously quoted as saying "I think, therefore I am". At least, that is the English translation of what he said. Clearly, it is not bodies that think. Not any part of the body, including the brain. It is the mind that thinks, and as posited on other occasions, the brain is not the mind – though the ego wants us to believe it is – but merely the mechanism for transferring information between mind and body. Here, we have an important clue about what is real and what is not. If we can see it or have awareness of it – anything – with our bodily senses, it is not real. 

The factor that determines the difference between what is reality and what is unreality is whether or not it is eternal. Everything we discern with our bodily senses – including, of course, our own and all other bodies, human, solar, galactic, etc. – is not eternal. Everything that changes is unreal, and therefore, does not actually exist at all. What is entropic cannot be eternal, and therefore, must be unreal. How ‘long’ anything seems to be discernible with bodily senses – a nano-second or trillions of ‘years’ is irrelevant because time itself is irrelevant from the only true perspective: eternity. 

There is One Mind, shared between Creator and created: Papa and His One Son. There is no separation in what is shared. That One Mind can be considered as Universal, Unified Mind. One Mind means accord, regardless of appearances – illusions – of more than One. The seemingly individual mind of Jesus was/is in complete accord with the Creator’s Mind, and thus They were/are of One Mind. When we, the illusorily fragmented, separated ‘parts’ of the Sonship are restored to accord with that One, Universal, Unified Mind, we will be One again, just as has always been, and will be the case in Truth.  

That Mind is Love and Light. Any thought that does not express Love and Light can only be from a mind that has chosen to believe it is other than, separate from, Love and Light. Such a mind is a sick, broken, divided, fragmented, fearful, hurting mind indeed. But it is a mind that has free will to choose anew, at any and every moment, and thus, is able to seek, and find, inner peace and joy.   

It is only possible for there to seem to be separate, different, individual minds, with differing perceptions and perspectives within an illusion, a dream, a fantasy – unreality. And since unreality cannot exist, separate beliefs, identities, experiences cannot be real. It is from this dream of unreality that the seemingly separated Sonship is being restored to wakefulness. Even this is not actually so, because in Truth sleep never occurred, so there is nothing from which to Awaken. Equally, we do not need rescuing from a dream, because when we Awaken we realise the dream was never real.  

It was merely a fantasy that took place only in a part of our mind that had the momentary idea of experiencing separation from our Source, in Which we are One; and when we waken we Know – remember – the unchangeable Truth of Oneness, which seemed to have been forgotten in the dream of nothingness. That Oneness is of whole, complete, perfect Mind and Spirit. To be One with that state of Being – the only Being there is – can only be wholly in that state of Mind. We cannot be whole if we perceive Self as merely a part, because being but a part can only mean incomplete

To say we are merely a part of that Mind is tantamount to separation, or that we are not wholly, intrinsically One with/in It. This can be explained by the analogy of a jigsaw puzzle. A single piece – or even any number of pieces not rejoined – of the jigsaw is not the whole jigsaw. Seeing oneself as part of the jigsaw means we are not seeing wholly, and thus, not truly. Only when the pieces have been rejoined as One can the whole be truly seen, understood and empowered by and with the wholeness. Happily, we have Jesus as the exemplar of this. How else could we comprehend it? 

Jesus was/is – or, one might say, represents, in embodied form – the wholeness. But it is not, of course, his body that represents the wholeness, but his healed, whole, undivided, fully-restored-to-Love-and-Light Mind, which was/remains whole, undivided both when he appeared in bodily form or as he is ‘now’: unembodied. This evinces the Truth of/for us all when we choose, and thus inescapably become restored to Wakefulness, all as One, with Jesus, in the Heart-Mind of Papa. 

Meanwhile, back in ‘never-never-land’ in which we simply believe, and thus experience ourself as a separate entity, wholeness cannot be our experience because this is a dream, a fantasy of division. How can we Know wholeness when we have chosen to believe we are apart, divided, broken? Our choice is, always, sacrosanct, regardless of how mistaken it is. A choice for separation, division, fragmentation, brokenness clearly denies wholeness, which means holiness. There cannot be holiness in brokenness; only a shabby counterfeit, dubbed religion, founded in guilt, fear and sacrifice. 

With such a foundation, religion, therefore, can only be the opposite of – or more specifically, in opposition to – Truth. In summary, religion is about control through fear; spirituality is about freedom through Love. Guilt, fear and sacrifice, or innocence, Love and limitlessness are our choices. We cannot have both guilt and innocence, death and Life, though in this insane dream we oscillate, confused, between the two thoughts. Now is the time we can choose Life, and thus, be restored to Oneness. It is our choice and ours alone. But when we choose aright, Help is immediately, freely given. 


My friend, Julie Gillespie, is a mystical poet. This week, rather than a Diary of a Christ Communicant offering, I am prompted to share, below, a poem Julie wrote in 2010, which accords with the message of A Course in Miracles and with the thread of my own sharing.  

Poetry, whether rhyming or free verse, is most expressive when written under inspiration. Then, it is the soul expressing itself. ‘Inspiration’ means ‘in the spirit’. In this state the soul of the poet is able to bring through depths, heights and breadths of meaning from the most profound and sublime. Is this not a gift, a prompting from the Divine Spirit that abides within the innermost part of us all?  Julie’s poetry is, indeed, truly inspirational. I hope and trust it will speak deeply to you. 

Love and blessings for inner peace and joy, 

Brian Longhurst  


 My Plan is all encompassing; every opportunity is catered for, according to the power of the Spirit of Truth. No event in my earthly life was ‘chance’ fulfilment of prophecy. So also is the fulfilment of your birth vision because you have committed your life into my care.

Jesus, July 6th 1997 



Wholly awake I Am.

In the arms of my Father,

I reside.

Yet in dreams I wander –

Lost, alone, and afraid.

Searching for what was never lost.

Yearning for a Home I never left.


In Heaven there is but one I –

The Creation,

Emanating from its Source.

In the dream there are many Is –

All perceiving insanely,

All staggering, drunk with fear.

A mind made crazy by guilt.


In this “world” I seem to stumble.

I seem to fall again and again.

I walk through the garden,

Serpents at every turn.

The temptation to remain apart

Barking at my heels.

Chasing me, those hungry dogs of fear.


For every temptation,

Every twisted road I travel,

There is an Answer.

There is a Voice which speaks to me.

It gently tells me of a story,

The ending of which is sure.

There can be no other Way but Home.


It tells me of the Truth.

That I have never left those arms

Embracing me even Now.

It tells me of my innocence,

Of the unreality of pain.

It tells me my Father would never

Let this happen to His Beloved.


Awaken or remain asleep.

Remember or continue forgetting.

But know this, It calls to me – 

There will come a time in dreams

When time is no more, and never was.

And you will find yourself 

Awake as always in the arms of Love.


I awaken from slumber.

From dreams of need and want,

From an hallucination of despair – 

Seeing clearly with “eyes” that have never

Known tears or seen deprivation

In any form – no form indeed!

I awaken, I Am awake …


God is …


Julie Gillespie

© 2010

September 28th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

We all feel fearful, vulnerable, insecure, ill-at-ease … Any who believe otherwise – regardless of their apparent pecuniary, social or any other temporal standing – are merely deceiving themselves. Some feel fearful practically every moment of every day; some intermittently; some occasionally. None of this is our true, natural state of mind. Inner peace is our natural state of mind. Further, inner peace is always, unfailingly, accompanied by joy. This state of mind is only possible when we feel, believe, experience, remember – hence Know – we are innocent, safe, secure, unalterably, permanently.  

Safety and security – and thus, ability to experience permanent, uninterruptible inner peace and joy – are not dependent on any outward situation or circumstance. They are entirely dependent on our remembrance, our Knowing that we are not an individual, separate, temporal, mortal body but One eternal, whole/holy, complete, unchangeable, unified Mind and Spirit. So, what does unified Mind and Spirit mean? Let us review what Jesus tells us about this, for assuredly, he Knows – i.e., has remembered – everything; inestimably more than we who still appear to be (with) a body:  


The term mind is used to represent the activating agent of spirit, supplying its creative energy. When the term is capitalized it refers to God or Christ (i.e., the Mind of God or the Mind of Christ). Spirit is the Thought of God which He created like Himself. The unified spirit is God’s one Son, or Christ. [This is, of course, who we all – every living thing, regardless of form – are, but can have no remembrance, and thus, awareness/Knowledge of this eternal, unchangeable reality all the while we repudiate our true, unified state of being, by our default choice for separation.]  

In this world, because the mind is split, the Sons of God appear to be separate. Nor do their minds seem to be joined. In this illusory state, the concept of an ‘individual mind’ seems to be meaningful …  

The split part of the mind is entirely illusory and makes only illusions. Spirit retains the potential for creating, but its Will, which is God’s, seems to be imprisoned [all the] while the mind is not unified. [Awakening to Oneness requires our acceptance that the free choice to retain the belief in – and thus continue experiencing – separation is ours. It has not been done to us by God, so we are always free to choose again: for union.] Creation continues unabated [in reality, eternity] because that is the Will of God. This Will is always unified and therefore has no meaning in this world ...  

The mind can be right or wrong, depending on the voice to which it listens [Holy Spirit or ego]. Right-mindedness listens to the Holy Spirit [and follows Him and/or Jesus, it makes no difference because They are of One Mind.]   

Wrong-mindedness listens to the ego and makes illusions … seeing guilt, disease and death as real …  

In this world the only remaining freedom is the freedom of choice; always between two choices or two voices. [Truth or illusion; Holy Spirit, in our heart-mind, within, or ego in our intellect, or head-mind, which perceives only the without, the temporal, the unreal.] 

(Extracts from A Course in Miracles, C-1) 

As our willingness to surrender our illusions – false beliefs projected from a split mind about who, what and where we really are – increases, so does the Holy Spirit restore to our remembrance more and more, commensurately, of the Truth of our Being, which is ALL being, until, just like Jesus, we have remembered everything. Everything real all Truth – that is. We cannot remember what is real – the Truth of eternity – all the while our choice is for illusions. All this is in accordance with the PLFs, which will always be a beacon of Light, guiding us on our journey Home to Oneness in Papa.   

Only Love – and Its attendant peace and joy – is real, so fear and its attendant sense of vulnerability, cannot be real. Fear is caused by belief – however subliminal – in guilt, so our belief must be mistaken. Willingness to change our belief to innocence from guilt opens us to the Help that is always freely available, though It does have one condition: our co-operation. Co-operation is essential because our unconscious mind is hard-wired to guilt, and the ego vigilantly hides this from our conscious awareness. This causes uncertainty in our mind about our standing in the sight of Papa.  

There is no unconscious mind in Wakefulness because unconsciousness is (spiritual) darkness, meaning unenlightened. Awake Mind is enlightened, sees, and therefore Knows, the Truth – that all is innocent, safe and secure – and therefore has no cause for guilt, fear, vulnerability. We, remaining in our free choice for separation – which requires a seemingly-split mind to maintain the illusion of separation – cannot see in darkness, so we do not Know who, what or where we really are. Only a split mind can seem to be unconscious. Unconsciousness, not knowing, is a state of uncertainty. 

Uncertainty means equivocation, and equivocation has no place in eternity. But our higher Self, the Holy Spirit, is entirely certain of our innocence, and that therefore we are, in unalterable Truth, free from fear, vulnerability, pain, suffering, ‘death’... Our unequivocal, steadfast, trusting co-operation with Him gives Him control of our unconscious mind. He, then, acting on our behalf, corrects the error – thus dispelling it from our unconscious mind. Willingness to believe and accept this in our conscious mind means we can forgive ourself for the error – not sinreleasing us into innocence. 

Innocence is pure, has nothing to hide, so has no need for a place to hide guilt and fear. Innocence, therefore, has no unconscious, split mind; only whole, Universal, Unified Mind. We are pure, innocent, unified Mind; Christ Mind, in absolute union with the Mind of our beloved Father Creator. Innocence is wholeness, holiness, completion, freedom – all-empowered-by-Love to eternally create more Love. We are merely pretending to be many, separate, disparate, guilty, fearful, mortal ... Yet that game is already over because in Truth – the eternal, unalterable Truth of One – it never began.  

To be released back into awareness, remembrance, Knowing, living, Being that freedom, we are simply asked to call for Help, believing. Holy Spirit-Self then immediately releases us from self-imposed brokenness, fragmentation, separation to glorious, exquisite, eternally-orgasmic, ineffable, Creative Oneness. Our awareness, remembrance of this is, thereafter, gradually restored, at a pace with which we are comfortable, to rehabilitate us from prison to freedom. The unending orgasm of the Soul – restored to union with the healed, whole Mind – in its Creating more Love is a thousand times a thousand more consummate than any such feeble, bodily substitute.  

The bodily substitute is a momentary, counterfeit attempt at duplicating the unending reality, and merely makes more division; more illusory bodies instead of extending Love eternally. Yet, happily, even our counterfeit endeavours Holy Spirit-Self will transform into opportunities for forgiveness, blessing, Loving, healing, restoring to the completion that is Oneness. This Plan, this process of shining-away darkness with Light, of bringing illusions to Truth for their dispelling, and restoring Papa’s Son to remembrance of his perfect Oneness in Him, is both infallible and unstoppable. 

Love and blessings for our reunification, 

Brian Longhurst 


Now is the time of great outpouring of His Spirit upon all the world, and many shall be the signs and wonders given to those who Love Him and hold fast to that which has been freely given to them.

Jesus, July 13th 1997 

October 5th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

The split, individuated mind of time and place consciousness is in self-imposed spiritual darkness, and is seeking enlightenment in the darkness of the without – outer darkness. This illusory research arena, to which it dreams it has confined itself, takes the form of numerous sub-arenas, such as physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, the origin of the universe and of life … Most of these sub-arenas, functioning from within the separation consciousness, seldom communicate with the other sub-arenas, or share their findings. Secrecy is a key aspect of the ego’s divided little kingdom. 

None of this matters at all because none of it is real, and Creation – which, of course, IS real – continues unabated in the eternity of unified reality: Heaven, our true and only Home, where all is One, and Knowing is unchangeably complete. When all is Known, seeking, researching, experimenting are entirely unnecessary. Indeed, such activities affirm the illusion of darkness, giving it counterfeit reality – and thus denying the Truth of all Being – a fruitless endeavour to ‘prove’ darkness is light, by endlessly investigating darkness, ignorance, illusion and thus, somehow, arriving at all ‘knowledge’.    

Yet, how can investigating further and deeper into darkness lead us to the Light? Nothing that can be seen with the body’s eyes – with or without the aid of a telescope, microscope, particle accelerator or any other mechanism of intellectual devising – is real, and thus, does not exist in reality. Only in the Light can Truth be seen, closely followed by remembrance of all Knowledge. Truth and Knowledge are intrinsically, unalterably, eternally joined; aspects of Love, Light, and Life. Seeking answers in the wrong place – the without – will never reveal the One Answer, within.  

Jesus had all Knowledge without (re)searching in the without, because he had remembered, Awakened to the Truth of all Being, within. That Awakening is our destiny also, because it is the eternal Truth of our eternal Being, and will be restored to our remembrance and awareness inestimably sooner by following his lead and counsel. If – when – we seek after Truth (just as Jesus counsels us), there is but one place it can be found: within. 

He told us all this two thousand years ago, but engaging the intellect – ‘head-mind’ – will never enable us to assimilate what he was telling us, which was/is that Truth, the Kingdom of Heaven, is within, not ‘out there’ (Lk. 17:20-21). Gathering information about unreality ‘out there’ can never lead us to reality. Instead, it tells us that the without is a state of mind, of perception, that is nothing to do with the Creator or His Son. Creation is a constant state of Love, peace, joy, safety, innocence, ecstasy. 

That sounds like Heaven, doesn’t it? In complete contrast the so-called physical universe is in a state of incessant, violent change; a place of decay, destruction, ‘death’. When we look at the information gathered by seeking for answers in the without we find that beneath our feet on planet Earth is a raging inferno of molten rock, thousands of degrees of heat, which erupts to the surface in volcanoes and pyroclastic flows travelling at two-thirds the speed of sound, destroying all in its path. The surface, or crust, is a series of fragmented tectonic plates in constant upheaval.  

These plates float around in random directions on the molten subsurface, crashing into each other, causing earthquakes, pushing mountains up, and forcing other areas down into the furnace below. This only appears slightly destructive from the perspective of ‘constant’ linear time, with perhaps just a few thousand people being killed annually by these activities, and only occasionally, tens, and even hundreds of thousands. But time is an illusion, so is not actually constant at all. Our perception of it suits our agenda, but, like events recorded on film, it can be speeded up or slowed down.

And who is to say that ‘geological’ time is less – or more – ‘real’ than our bodily perception of time, when both, and indeed any and all perceptions of time, are illusory, since time itself is an illusion? All that is not real is a movable feast, to be perceived as we choose to believe it. And we believe what we have been taught to believe. Yet, belief in what is unreal does not make it real, other than to our mistaken, somnolent perception. Continuing to believe what is unreal keeps us experiencing unreality for as ‘long’ as we choose, using our arbitrary version of linear time to effect our choice. 

Within the fantastical game of make-believe that we – Papa’s Son – are not His Son, but separate, independent, individual, fragile, mortal bodies, we have made up the rules of the game, to make it appear less dark, fearful and murderously destructive than is its intent. This, to kid ourselves that this temporal existence is God’s creation and must, therefore, be perfect, beautiful, and (relatively, at least) safe. But if the film of time is speeded up, the planet is seen to be attacking itself with earthquake, fire, flood, drought, tornado, tectonic plates smashing into each other cataclysmically ... 

Yet all this – plus the pathogens, wars, famines, genocides, growing our food with poisons and then eating it – is nothing but a reflection of, a projection from, the insane mind that wants, chose, and still chooses, to be separate from perfect Love, peace, joy, safety; forever. If we want to be separate from perfect Love, peace, joy, safety … the horrors delineated, above, are the only alternative. There is either the eternal reality of Love and Life or there is the illusion of fear and ‘death’. We have chosen fear and death, so that is our experience. But we are free to choose Love and Life again. 

When we have had enough of the carousel of birth and death – one might say descent into the valley of the shadow of death – and choose Life instead, we have to engage, sincerely, with that choice, desire it unequivocally, or it is not our choice at all. How can we, do we do that? We simply commit to avoiding negative thoughts and actions. We focus on thinking like Jesus. We choose to Love all, forgive all, bless all, seek only to be truly helpful wherever opportunity arises … Who can imagine him having negative, unforgiving thoughts, holding grievances, condemning any brother?  

This may sound too easy, too simplistic. It is easy and it is simple. That’s how it is with Papa and His perfect creation. But be prepared for great resistance from the ego. The ego is not real but it seems real in a dualistically yoked, split mind. Overcoming, or moving past, beyond that resistance is easier – much easier – when we choose to see, discern, think of our self and our brothers in the Sonship not as temporal bodies (which we are not) but eternal mind. We can connect lovingly, caringly, understandingly, forgivingly with some, and perhaps not so much with others. Herein lies opportunity

Everyone has their own story, journey, fears, challenges, and this causes us all to respond, behave, present ourself to the world around us according to that experience. Most of us are hurting deep inside, and as the saying goes, ‘Hurt people hurt people’. When we are hurting we tend to lash out, attack any who come too close, perceiving such approach as threat. When we engage with another we can choose to be harmless in our approach. This sends out a signal which will be received at some level. If that brother is hurting too deeply to accept our approach, we can simply PCB them. 

PCB-ing, in concert with forgiveness, is the most powerful, healing endeavour we can undertake, and bodily proximity is unnecessary. We can PCB a brother on another continent, silently, just as easily as in the same room – perhaps easier if the hurt-energy from that brother is too distracting at close quarters. PCB-ing is giving, and as Jesus teaches us in ACIM, giving and receiving are one and the same, and simultaneous, in reality, because we are all One. When we give – Love, blessing, forgiveness … – to a brother we are giving the same to ourself in the same instant.  

Conversely, when we give, hold or direct, a judgement, a grievance, a condemnation – any negative thought, word or deed – toward a brother, we are directing the same to ourself. How can it be otherwise when we are all One, merely pretending to be separate, different? Transformation from duality to singularity thinking takes commitment beyond worldly perceptions. Our true Self is whole, holy, without judgement, grievance or condemnation of anyone or anything. To regain our reliance upon and awareness of Self, the Truth of our Being, is our inescapable goal. Let us commit to it NOW. 

There is an old saying, ‘There is no time like the present’. It is more accurate to say there is only the Present, because there is no time. 

Love and blessings, 

Brian Longhurst 


Do you think I am not aware of the great temptation it is for you to debate, fence and spar with those of other persuasion? But ask yourself, to whose glory are such encounters offered? I tell you most assuredly, ‘arm-wrestling’ contests have no place in the Kingdom. Goodwill, joyful good fellowship, Love, compassion and caring are the hallmarks.

Jesus, July 20th 1997 

October 12th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

As with many words in the English language, 'ego' can be interpreted in (at least) two ways: 1) benign self-confidence, in which no-one else loses, or 2) the term used by Jesus in A Course in Miracles to describe what religion would define as the devil, or Satan. He uses the term ego meaningfully, because it describes – within the context of separation from Oneness – the duplicitous, lying, murderous intent that manifests itself in some of us some of the time, yet is actually present in the unconscious mind of us all – except those who have fully awakened from the dream of being a body.  

In other words, all the worst qualities capable of being exercised by mankind, with which this world abounds because that is its foundation. For how can there seem to be separation from Light without the appearance of darkness? This is spiritual darkness, which can only be the opposite of, or, more meaningfully, opposed to the Light, which is Love, peace, joy, blessing, kindness, caring, compassion, true forgiveness … As Jesus counsels us in ACIM: My mind holds only what I think with God. ( This is our true, Christ Mind, of course; all else is illusion, darkness, unreal – nothing. 

How can thoughts that are not shared, or thought, with Papa, have any meaning, when He is the very Fount of reality – which is, can be nothing other than, Truth – and thus, of all meaning? And how, therefore, can a mind that thinks – or holds thoughts – other than Truth, be real. How can fantasising about an unreal mind, holding unreal thoughts, serve us in any beneficial, purposeful way? Earlier this year I shared an extract from a communication from Jesus through the nwffacim. It is so pertinent to the focus and direction of this MoE that it is shared – in part – again here:  

Every time you look at a brother, no matter what you think about him, you are bringing that to me. When you bring the Truth about your brother to me, I can pass it on to my Father and everyone is blessed.

But when you bring the untruth to me, there is nothing I can do. There is nothing for me to do. I cannot pass that on to the Father as though it were true of your brother; I can’t pass it on to our Father because it would misrepresent you as well.

I cannot join you in the misuse that you are putting your mind to. So remember, no matter what you’re thinking about your brother, you’re lifting that up to me to pass on to the Father. And if it is a poor use of your mind, you are presenting for Us – the Father and me – a misperception of your brother as well as a characterization of yourself that doesn’t represent you truly.

So, as I’ve said before, you’re always going to be thinking something about everyone. You’re never in neutral. So remember, before you lift anything up to me, step back and ask [yourself], “What is the Truth here, that I might lift up to you [i.e., Jesus], that you may lift on to the Father?”

~excerpt from Gathering with Jesus

Conducted by the Northwest Foundation for ACIM

Can the importance of this statement to our progress on the path of spiritual Awakening be overemphasised? The veneer of illusory ‘civilisation’ is very thin, and what lies beneath it breaks through into the open – as seen in Syria and elsewhere – and behind closed doors on every street on the planet. The idea is well set out in Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous story The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It will serve us well to be sure which of these two definitions we mean when using the term ‘ego’.  

It could be argued that the first definition is a ruse by the second to confuse us into accepting the idea that ‘ego’ is harmless, when it actually is full of malign agendas hidden, lurking just beneath the surface awaiting any and every opportunity to go on the rampage. Ego, even in its ‘benign’ sense, becomes of less importance as our Awakening to eternal reality progresses, and disappears altogether when we have fully remembered that we are actually ALL exactly like Jesus, our exemplar for the Truth that will, when we live it, set us free from all illusions (including, of course, the ego!)  

Then the game of pretending to be what we are not will be truly over and we will have returned to perfect Love, complete Oneness. To describe the ego as merely an expression of self-confidence is to gloss over the darkness that lies beneath, as depicted by Stevenson’s Mr. Hyde; self-confidence is no substitute for Self-confidence. When we are Self-confident it is because we have remembered Who we really are, and abandoned our self-limiting, little, fearful, forgetful self, which tries to project an air of self-confidence to the world, when inside it is cringing with self-doubt – or worse.  

In stark contrast, Self-confidence can only be fully experienced – and radiated outwardly to the world around us – when we have remembered, and thus, Know the Truth of all Being, irrevocably, intrinsically One in the Heart-Mind of Papa. This is a state of mind, of conscious awareness in which no ego of any description is present. Such Self-confidence is humble – i.e., exhibits humility. Humble means modest, unassuming, courteous, polite, respectful of others’ views – even when not in accord with them. It does not mean self-effacing, servile, subservient, self-demeaning, timid ... 

Jesus is recorded as saying of himself: … learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. (Mt. 11:29). Here, meek means forbearing, patient, peaceful, gentle, unpretentious. It does not mean docile, spineless, spiritless, weak … this is brought more meaningfully into context of what he was explaining when, in Mt. 23:11-12, he is recorded as saying: he that would be greatest among you let him be as one who serves. And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted. 

In John’s Gospel he is recorded as saying, during the last supper – mere hours before his arrest and crucifixion – the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me. (Jn. 14:30). The prince of this world, it hardly needs saying, is the ego. This statement clearly indicates that he had indeed overcome the world and its prince. If there was nothing of ego left in Jesus, which assuredly there wasn’t, that is the destiny – the eternal reality – of us all. We are free to remember, adopt that reality right now.  

In Matthew’s Gospel he is recorded as saying: Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me… For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. (Mt. 11:29-30.) Then, in chapter 18, he is recorded as saying: Except ye be converted [i.e., undergo a change of mind], and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. (Mt. 18:3-4) 

Lastly, in ACIM, T-5.II. 11,12 he exhorts us:  

When you are tempted by the wrong voice [i.e., the ego], call on me to remind you how to heal by sharing my decision [to listen to, and follow, the Voice for God, the Holy Spirit, Who abides within the mind of us ALL] and making it [our sharing his decision] stronger [within ourself].  

As we share this goal, we increase its power to attract the whole Sonship, and to bring it back into the oneness in which it was created [the ego has no place, no role to play in this]. Remember that “yoke” means “join together”, and “burden” means “message”. Let us restate “My yoke is easy and my burden light” in this way: “Let us join together, for my message is Light.”  

I have enjoined you to behave as I behaved, but we must respond to the same Mind to do this. This Mind is the Holy Spirit, Whose Will is for God always. He teaches you how to keep me as the model for your thought, and to behave like me as a result [This has nothing to do with religion; it simply means choosing to be Loving, forgiving, blessing, joyful, caring, compassionate – all the time, not just when it serves some ulterior, ego-driven objective].  

The power of our joint motivation is beyond belief, but not beyond accomplishment.  What we can accomplish together has no limits, because the Call for God is the Call to the unlimited.  Child of God, my message is for you, to hear and give away as you answer the Holy Spirit within you. 

The ego will pretend to be our friend all the while that serves its objective of hiding its murderous (bearing in mind that negative judgements deny us release from the dream of death into Life) agenda of conflict, judgement, grievance, hatred, destruction (i.e., keeping us on the carousel of birth and death) … It does this by glossing-over its objectives with seemingly innocent, harmless disposition, deliberately intended to lull us into misperceptions of ourself and our brother. But anything motivated by other, or less than, unconditional Love/Light is dark in its purpose. 

Yet when we awaken to the place where we rumble its agenda, the gloves are off and all pretense at being our ‘friend’ is well and truly over. We will serve ourself well, indeed, by choosing only Love and by being vigilant against unintended slips into twilight – the low road to darkness. 

Love and blessings for uninterruptible Light, 

Brian Longhurst 


Even as you break bread with me, so do you break bread with Papa also; indeed, it is He who freely gives you of the bread, which is Life eternal, raising you up from the time and place awareness to the everlasting reality.

Jesus, August 3rd 1997 


October 19th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

In A Course in Miracles Jesus makes a number of references to this illusory world being a battleground. Here are 3 quotes:  

There is no safety in a battleground. [But] You can look down on it in safety from above and not be touched. (T-23.III.6:5-6) 

The overlooking of the battleground is now your purpose. (T-23.IV.4:7) 

[Choose to] See no one from the [perspective of the] battleground, for there you look on him from nowhere. (T-23.IV.7:1) 

Most would agree with him that this world is a battleground, particularly when making judgements, holding grievances, taking offence, being spiteful, resentful, unforgiving, unloving … are all states of mind in which enmity prevails, thus excluding amity. The absence of full-scale bloodshed and slaughter may not summon to mind the scene usually associated with the term battleground, yet all conflict, irrespective of its apparent level of manifestation, begins in the mind. How it progresses from there is irrelevant – except when the thought is forgiven and replaced with Love and blessing. 

Omitting forgiveness from the ‘battleground menu’ means Love, peace, joy and freedom are also omitted. This may not seem too serious if we are ‘merely’ selecting making judgements, holding grievances, taking offence, being spiteful, resentful, unforgiving, unloving from the list of ingredients, but we will serve ourself well to ask, “Where have these negative energies come from, and where will they take me if I allow them to remain as ingredients of my ‘diet’?” There is negative karma and positive karma, if our interpretation of the term karma is ‘opportunity’. 

And karma always presents us with opportunities: to further the breach in the relationship with our brother – or ourself, it makes no difference – or heal it. Negative energies – thoughts, whether acted out in words and/or deeds – do not simply arise from nowhere; they arise from our ego-yoked past, and, left in place, set the course for an ego-yoked future, all of which are aspects of the illusion of separation. Thus revolves the carousel of birth and death. But negative thoughts – energies – can be transformed to positive, Loving, peaceful, blessing energies by a simple change of mind. 

Our ‘enemy’ is not our enemy at all, and never was, ever; he is our brother, indivisibly, inescapably, unavoidably One with us in the Sonship, right along with Jesus and all our friends and loved ones. We are merely playing a game of ‘good guys/bad guys’, arbitrarily selecting who will be which – for the moment. None of it means anything, unless we mistakenly choose for it to mean something. And however real the cause for enmity seems to be, it is ALWAYS a misperception. There are no bad guys, other than in our confused, upside-down, split-off-from-the-Truth-of-Oneness mind. 

We have made up the illusory battleground, and all the while we believe it is real we will find, just as Jesus tells us in the first quote, above, there is no safety there. It may seem safe for many of us, some of the time, and to one degree or another. But let us not be lulled into a false sense of security by believing ‘others’ are getting the brunt of the battle and ‘I am safe in my little roost’. Karma, accrued from ‘former’ embodiments, does not magically cease to exist because it is ‘in the past’. Karma is cause, and cause always has an effect. And that effect can arise anywhere, anytime. 

Only forgiveness dispels cause and its ‘inevitable’ effect because forgiveness recognises there never was a cause in reality. Without a cause there can be no effects. Forgiveness takes us to the place of safety above the battleground, from where we can look down on it in safety from above and not be touched. I do not simply believe this statement to be true; I Know it is true, first because it is a PLF and secondly because I have experienced it. Here is an extract from chapter 51 of Finding the Kingdom Within

On Easter Sunday morning I awoke to the sense of being in a place of awareness, like a platform, providing an elevated view – about thirty feet (nine metres) above the surrounding ground – of the events taking place in the world below me. This was not just a ‘bodily’ elevation but a perceptual elevation; a higher place of understanding of, perspective on, the events of which Easter is the anniversary of remembrance and celebration.  

I was in the Company of a group of others – perhaps a dozen, maybe more – from the Realms of Light, and also including Jesus himself, all of us in the Higher, Self, Son-of-God awareness. The vibration was entirely positive and peaceful; a peace that can come only from all-Knowing, of certainty beyond doubt that all was entirely well; of Knowing the end from the beginning; of Knowing that we are eternal, invulnerable, indestructible, unassailable; that fear is an illusion, and therefore, along with illusory events that engender it, it does not exist in reality. 

Jesus, with the rest of us, was observing the crucifixion of his body – and the subsequent events, including, of course, the resurrection – down below us, and there was free-flowing discussion amongst us, including Jesus, as if we were watching the playing-out of a planned occurrence within the Great Rescue Programme; this, of course, is exactly what it was.  

There was no emotion, no distress, simply satisfaction that all was proceeding according to plan, though all present knew that it certainly could not have been otherwise. The exchanges between those in the gathering – few as they were, since all present Knew exactly what was happening and the reality behind it – were as much telepathic (Mind-to-Mind communing) as spoken, though it made no difference, and were of a rejoiceful and thanksgiving nature, as of a job well done and a mission accomplished (‘It is finished’, Jn. 19:30). 

This experience demonstrated, proved to me beyond all doubt that although, to onlookers surveying the scene from ground level – the battleground – the event was traumatic to their sight, it was not to Jesus, because he was not even there. He was above the battleground, from where he could look down on it in safety from above and not be touched. Of course his animated body appeared to be there, and that is how all present – executioners and loved ones alike – perceived it. But from his elevated perspective there was no drama, no pain or suffering; only satisfaction that all was well. 

And all is equally well for all the rest of us; appearing as illusorily guilty, fearful, fragmented, fragile, mortal bodies, stuck – by our own choice – in an illusion, a mirage of separation. We are none of those things. We are not a body, we are free, just like Jesus. Yet we are daily, repeatedly, over untold imaginary embodiments, slowly applying crowns of thorns to our brow and nailing ourself to a cross, experiencing the agonies of the damned as we do it, and choosing to believe others are doing this to us: the boss, spouse, neighbour, bank manager, offspring, parents, government … from hell. 

And all this arises from our choice for judgement in place of forgiveness. So, how do we get from the battleground of judgement to the platform of freedom, where we can look down on it in safety from above and not be touched.? The same way Jesus did it: forgiveness. By judgement we imprison ourself and condemn ourself to ‘death’ by slow, tortuous, torturous ‘crucifixion’, and by forgiveness we release ourself as we release our brother, so that together are we released to freedom from the game of self-inflicted pain and suffering and restored to Oneness in eternal, ineffable Life. 

This is how karma works: as we sow, so shall we reap. Sow judgement, reap pain, suffering, ‘death’; sow forgiveness, reap freedom, Love, peace and joy – forever. Jesus told us all this 2,000 years ago: 

Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. (Mt. 7:1-2.) 

Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven. (Lk. 6:37.)  

Interpreting these as punishment/reward from God is an error, and is not what Jesus meant, nor intended should be our understanding. What does the God of unconditional Love know of judgement, and even of forgiveness when in Truth there is nothing to forgive? Only on the battleground that we have made up does it seem that way – the entire opposite of reality. By forgiveness we can rise and join Jesus, who ceaselessly calls us to “Come up higher” to the place of safety, and not be touched. Without forgiveness we cannot hear him calling, for our judgements deafen our ears. 

Jesus gave me a lengthy message after joining him above the battleground. A shortened version of it is shown, below, as this week’s Diary of a Christ Communicant entry. May it serve in uplifting all who are willing, from the fantasy battleground to the place of safety, from where we can look down on it in safety from above and not be touched. 

Brian Longhurst 


Let true humility and thanksgiving be in your heart, for Papa Loves you so, and it is His great desire and good pleasure to bestow upon you more wondrous and awesome gifts than you can receive or comprehend at this time.

Jesus, August 10th 1997 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. April 12th, 2009, Easter Day. 

“I knew my brothers would see these events as the great miracle that, to their perception, it was. That worked for the larger intent of holding their attention, their focus on me, throughout the second measure of meal, the Jesus Measure as you have been inspired to call it. But now is the Kingdom Measure with us. This is the time, the moment, for a higher, leavened, raised up awareness, an expanded understanding of the progressive, unfolding nature of the Great Rescue Programme.  

 “Now is the point of changeover between limitedness of understanding and unlimitedness; where nothing is hidden that shall not be revealed. Of course, as you Know, nothing has ever been hidden; all is out in the open for all to see, to Know, to understand, just as has always, uninterruptedly been so ... until the Son fell asleep a moment and dreamed a dream of forgetfulness. Forgetfulness of Who He Is: One. One, eternally, limitlessly, in Papa, our Father Creator. 

“But it was always inevitable that the Son would awaken, and that the dream of illusions, of forgetfulness, would be over. How could it not be, since in reality it never began, never was, never could be real? The Son simply IS; Knows; is All, like His Father, with all the attributes of His Father, Who gave Him everything, never withheld anything. 

“Now is the New Day dawning, and will never set. Now is the moment of awakening … My brothers have – as they always have had – free choice to awaken soon, or to remain stay-a-beds a little longer, holding onto the dream of littleness and fear. Or they can arise early, and venture forth into the glory of the beginning of the New Day, when the sun (Son) starts to rise and cast His newly-remembered Light on all His brothers, to help them stir from their slumbers. 

“I rejoice, beloved, to greet you, to embrace you, to share with you our exultation together in the glory of the Dawn. Let us pause a moment in the unspeakable ecstasy of the Light of Truth arising once more in the mind of our brothers who begin to join with us. Then, let us, together, lovingly, gently, tenderly, caringly, softly, continue upon our task of calling to those who begin to rouse from sleep. Let us always be care-full, in this labour of Love, not to shake them too hard, for the place between sleep and wakefulness can be a confusing state of mind. 

“Yet still, the Dawn Chorus of ministering Angels calls to them deep in their unconscious minds, ensuring that awaken they shall, and rejoice at their remembering all once more. So arises the understanding that they, too, are not a body; that they, also, are eternal, invulnerable, indestructible; that they, too, can manipulate the stuff of dreams to their command – and then let them go completely, once they begin to remember who they ARE – from dreams of guilt and fear and death, to dreams of happiness, of Light, of waking to unlimitedness, from whence the transition to reality can be gently made. 

“Resurrection can only be – or appear to be – after there has been death. Yet have I not stated from the beginning that there is no death, unless you are espoused to illusions, to dreams of unreality? Whosoever lives and believes in the Son – that he IS the Son – shall never, can never, die. Thus, ultimately, can there be no resurrection, but only an Awakening from the dream. Let our gentle call therefore be, ‘Arise, shine; for thy Light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen within thee.’ 

“Peace and joy be with all my brothers.”

October 26th 2016 

Dear Friends,  

Just as with learning a foreign language, we cannot retrain our minds away from the illusions of time and place to the Truth of eternity, and our intrinsic place therein, without repetition. It takes commitment, focus, practise, learning, re-minding ourself, remembering that this will take us to a place with which our present language – the lexicon of the ego – is unfamiliar. Though most of the words appear the same, the ego lexicon is not recognised as meaningful to the language of eternity. And new, deeper, more meaningful understanding of the terms symbolising eternity arises in our mind. 

Terms like guilt, fear, judgement, grievance, scarcity, disease, anxiety, conflict, loneliness, death … fade from our usage as we recognise their unreality in our new mode of expressing. Now we find ourself discerning symbols that before seemed to have little place in our thoughts and experiences, and words previously used now assume different nuances and have a far greater depth of meaning, such as Love, peace, joy, gratitude, acceptance, defencelessness, empowerment, stillness, tranquillity … Such terms, used mindfully, take on a new dimension of meaning than when used mindlessly. 

And as we progress, so do new terms arise and old fade, raising us in awareness of an enlightening reality that was previously far beyond our comprehension. And the more we arise, the more do we become committed to not just learning this new way of expressing, but actually desiring to live it, BE it, share it. This increases our resolve to continue with repeating the new and abandoning the old until the new becomes our primary form of expressing. Others will come to notice the change and see that its central theme is Oneness, and that separation is now seen by us as meaningless. 

One of the learning tools is contrasting old with new, so that the differences can be recognised, and a choice for clarifying terms of expression can be used in favour of terms that continue to promulgate confused interpretation. Here, then, is a brief recapitulation – repetition – of the direction we choose that will help us to focus upon, take us toward the Light of clarity, and no longer away from it into the confusion of split-mindedness: 

Papa has One Son. That one Son is the true Identity not just of human beings but of all life; every living thing that our body’s eyes show us as manifesting in an array of forms of different shapes, sizes, colours and characteristics. But Papa’s Son is not form; he is pure, perfect, eternal spirit, created in the exact likeness of his Father. None of these appearances and experiences of form (human and otherwise) in time and place is real because only eternity is real and only spirit is eternal. Spirit combines with Universal, Unified Mind – the activating agent of spirit, supplying its creative energy. 

Time, place and form have no reality in eternity because all that is eternal is indivisibly One, and that Oneness is perfect Love. There is no conflict, no beginning, no ending; only ineffable bliss beyond the scope of any idea or belief that does not completely accord with Oneness – i.e., all appearing as temporal. All that is not eternal has no reality, so does not exist and cannot exist. The momentary idea of self-limitation in time, place and form – separation from perfect Oneness – was over in the same instant it seemed to arise because it has, and can have, no foundation in reality. 

All that appears separate is, in reality, not separate but One Life, One Mind, One Being and that Being is God. That Oneness, being Love, expresses Itself, extends Itself, yet remains Its Oneself. Papa’s Son, our true Identity, is the expression, the extension of that Oneself. Our conscious mind is unaware of this because the idea of separation veiled eternal Truth from its discernment. We cannot be aware of Oneness and separation. Separation was chosen so Oneness was self-blocked from awareness, the consequence being littleness and death – nothing, projected lifelessly onto a screen – in place of everything. 

The screen is time, place and form, and all that seems to occur therein – all of which are temporal, disempowered and pass away. Within the concept of linear time – itself part of the dream – events seem to extend over periods of time, but having no reality such events are actually gone in the same instant they seemed to arise. They only seem to extend within an imaginary, split-off-from-Truth part of Universal, Unified Mind. This can be likened to the spark of a lighter bereft of fuel. Without fuel to ignite and give Light, the spark appears and is instantly gone. So is it with the idea of separation. 

Trying to keep ‘alive’ what was never Alive – and could not have Life if separated from the very Source of Life – is a vain endeavour indeed; just like a spark trying to ignite a lighter without fuel. So Awakening from, or abandoning, vain endeavours that cannot be brought to Life – because they are an attempt at separation from Life – is inevitable. And along the imaginary line of time we are now at that place. In practical terms this means the reconnecting of all the fragments of Oneness back together. This reconnecting is not of spirit because spirit is not fragmented, Being forever One. 

Nor is it of bodies because they are the very symbol of separation, or brokenness, being temporal, limited, mortal – signifying all that Papa’s Son is not and never could be. It is the reconnecting of the seemingly fragmented, split mind, restoring to Oneness what only appears to be separated. This process of reconnecting is outworking from many points of Light shining in the darkness. One such is shining through a man named Dr. Michael Abrams, who commun(icat)es with the spirit world and shares what he has learnt in a book entitled The Evolution Angel

This is of inestimable help in the reconnecting of the Sonship from its imagined fragmentation back to Oneness because we have adopted the false doctrine forbidding contact with Spirit, except Jesus. With this restriction – devised to maintain the separation consciousness – the rejoining of minds would seem to be severely hampered. But the Light shines away such darkness, bringing joy unbounded to those fearful of ‘death’ and who grieve without hope at the ‘loss’ of loved ones. We all have loved ones in spirit, who long to help us move beyond such unserviceable misperceptions. 

In due season we will also lay aside our burdensome body and then be able to help our loved ones remaining embodied. And in due season some of our loved ones in spirit will reincarnate, so we will then be able to help them from our perspective in spirit during their sojourn with a body. Connection is never actually lost, though the vast mass of embodied souls labours unnecessarily under the belief in such loss, thus causing it to be their experience. A short extract from Michael’s writing is shared below, to assist in bringing clarity of Light to shadows of darkness.  

Though not included here, it is noteworthy that he uses the term angels in his writing. Angels are often considered as being of the non-human order, differentiated by their functioning directly within the Will of the Creator, whereas ‘humans’ – actually Papa’s One, beloved Son, appearing as many – have God-given free will. Whether some of those Michael refers to as angels are of the human or angelic order is of no consequence, since all such helpers he describes are functioning in complete accord with Papa’s Holy Will for the Loving help and benefit of all:  

“The primary way that we can begin to receive Divine messages,” says Dr. Abrams, “is by learning to trust our imagination.” He explains that imagination is a part of the mind that forms images: 


It is arguably the highest faculty that people possess. One can pose a question to God [or Jesus, or another trusted loved one in spirit], for example, but then have to imagine the answer. What people have to understand is that the answer they then hear is not imaginary, but is actually real. Yet this is very difficult for people; they have trouble trusting what they're hearing. They may hear the voice of God [or Jesus, or another trusted loved one in spirit] all the time, but simply not recognize it. They may think it is a figment of their own mind. It is a figment of their own mind, since their deepest self is, in fact, one with God.


“It is our destiny as human beings,” explains Dr. Abrams, “to reach a point of evolution [of our Awakening] where we will speak directly to God.” [Then we will cease to appear to be human beings and return to our true Self: Papa’s limitless, eternal Son.]  

Just like Jesus.

It is our inescapable destiny to become like Jesus because in Truth we already are like him, playing an absurd game of pretending not to be. In fact, we are not just like him, we are One, with him and all that has life, in the Heart-Mind of Papa. Forever. That may seem like a destination a long, long way off. But it is we, and we alone, who decide how near or far it is. When we are ready to abandon our commitment to linear time we will see that our Oneness is just as it always, uninterruptedly has been: Now.  

Love and Light are with us now and forever because we are Love and Light, just as Papa created us, 

Brian Longhurst  

Here is a link to more writing of Dr. Michael Abrams: 


Enter in to His presence and be lifted up, purified by the eternal, living flame, and thus become a beacon of that Light. Only in this way can the beacon be seen from near and afar off, and draw many who seek to know the message that I have put into your heart, and will speak from your mouth.

Jesus, August 17th 1997 

November 2nd 2016 

Dear Friends,  

This dream world is sometimes referred to as a ‘vale of tears’, and not without apparent cause. It could equally be described as a ‘veil of tears’, because the seeming injustice, cruelty, suffering our bodily senses show us is merely a self-imposed veil to block our awareness of the real world – the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The real world, Jesus tells us, is right here, right now; it is Love, peace and joy – our eternal reality – but our choice has been for separation from reality. Hence the experience of unreality, because what we choose to believe is what we get, having called it into our mind. 

Our mind is the only place Oneness or separation can exist, but since they are opposites, both cannot exist together there because they are mutually exclusive; entirely, forever incompatible. The only way the choice for separation could appear to exist (having chosen it) in our awareness is for part of our mind to seem to split-off from our whole, holy, Universal, Unified One-in-Papa Mind. Of course this split is impossible in reality, but our free will affords us freedom of mind to miscreate, misbelieve, misperceive, fantasise about what can never happen in Truth, because separation is not true.  

So, we must choose our preference. Having mistakenly chosen for separation, we remain free, always, every moment, to choose anew. But our choice must be unequivocal if it is for Oneness because Oneness is, or includes, everything. Everything real, that is, and real can only mean eternal, unchanging, all-Loving. Anything other than all of everything cannot, therefore, be everything, so can only be nothing, since ‘part of everything’ is an oxymoron. All of everything or nothing; that is our only choice. Nothing was a poor choice but Papa’s Grace always allows us to choose again.  

Everything is all that is of Papa, which He shares freely with His One Son. If we choose (imagine) not to be His One Son, but instead, to be fragmented, separated, cut-off from everything, it is inevitable that that will be, and remain, our experience, until we choose anew. But it is worth remembering that choosing anew on a whim, without realising what is entailed, is not choosing anew at all. How can we meaningfully choose what we do not understand, are unwilling to trust; what we have chosen to forget? Choosing anew meaningfully, mindfully, means willingness for purification

Purification is by true forgiveness. True forgiveness clears away all the illusory dross of guilt, fear, judgement, grievance – impurities arising from belief in the dream of death, of time and place. Thus are we freed – purified – enabling recognition, remembrance, acceptance, awareness, experience of the eternal Truth of our innocent Being as Papa’s One, reunified, beloved, all-empowered-by-Love Son. Miracles are our right, so says Jesus, but without purification – true forgiveness – we are blocking our right to miracles. Purification is restoration to wholeness/holiness and At-One-Ment in Papa.  

All this is actually – from the perspective of rising above the battleground – very simple, because all that is asked of us is the willingness to let go of the nothing we chose in place of everything. All the rest is accomplished for us, but is only possible by our co-operation with the process. Reverting to judgement, grievance (etc. J) nullifies co-operation, and true forgiveness (including of ourself) is the best form of co-operation. The purification arising from true forgiveness frees us to more powerfully, effectively PCB our brothers. Since in Truth we are all One, we simultaneously PCB ourself

The reason we must allow Holy Spirit-Self to purify us, heal us, restore us to freedom of Oneness in Papa is that we have unfathomable karma hidden from our awareness/remembrance in our unconscious (and thus, split) mind. He Knows it all and can release us from it by our willingness to commit to unconditionally forgive ALL illusions – ‘past’ (including ‘former’ embodiments), present and yet to come. Unwillingness to accept we can affect – heal – ‘past’ events, including former incarnations, and their impact on our ‘present’ situation, impedes our release to innocence and freedom.  

Most in the fragmented Sonship are unwilling to accept a Higher, Divine Power and Its involvement with the affairs of time and place, and their reasons are typified by questions such as, “If there is a God, why does He allow all the suffering in this world – such as children, even babies, dying of cancer, or some other horrific disease?” Here is where our brother, Dr Michael Adams, gives a broader perspective, as expressed in this further extract from his writing. I have touched on this a few times over the years, but sharing from another’s experience can be a serviceable additional testament:  

Dr. Abrams … asks Spirit why people must suffer from diseases like AIDS and cancer, and from car accidents, bullet wounds, and suicide. 

He is told that these diseases and accidents are like a course that people design so that they can gain particular kinds of knowledge. “Typically,” the angel said, “a person who decides to set up his [about-to-be-embodied] life so that he has cancer has a very good reason for doing so – this is not something that is done lightly. Generally speaking, such a person feels that the lessons that will be mastered are extremely important – so important that he is willing, even eager, to commit to the pain involved.” 

The angel explains that many people pray to God for relief from their suffering, because they have forgotten that they have set up this situation in advance. Although the Beings of Light tell them [pre-embodiment] that the pain will be terrible and the terror intense and prolonged, people wait in line to be born so that they can live out this experience in order to learn. “He insists, insists mind you, that he be locked into this situation. He leaves explicit instructions that we are not to alter the situation in the slightest, no matter how much he pleads and begs.” 

In some cases, the situation may resolve itself because of prayer, since there are useful lessons that can be learned both from having prayers answered and from having them unanswered. The reason that so much suffering exists is that most people who ask to be born on Earth are very intense souls. “Most of you want to progress very, very quickly. I'm telling you, you set these things up and you lock yourselves in.”

(My underlining, for emphasis.) 

This line of explanation may be very hard for many to accept because they are not yet ready to venture beyond their ‘comfort’ zone in the valley of the shadow of death. It will remain so until there is a willingness to accept that the ‘present’ embodiment is not a one-off event, any more than one page from a book is the whole story. Who can read one page and know the whole story? From the perspective of linear time, which most of us have still adopted as ‘real’, we have incurred untold karma in former acts that must be healed – released into the care of Holy Spirit-Self for dispelling.  

True forgiveness enables this. Happily, we do not need to be made consciously aware of the horrors of broken relationships and the guilt we have assumed from ‘past misdeeds’ because the Holy Spirit takes care of all the details – so long as we leave them to Him. Not so doing means we still believe we have to apply some perverse form of punishment to ourself, e.g., choosing cancer, in a ‘subsequent’ act – such as ‘this’ one. Another reason for a short embodiment, as with babies and young children, is simply to make a brief contact with parents and/or other family members. 

This may be all that is needful, so that the soul departing early can help those left behind from their return to spirit in ways that would not have been possible from an embodied-relationship state. Then there is the multi-act accrual of karma of large numbers – millions even – who are resolute in their commitment to retribution against their ‘enemies’. Such are oblivious to the Presence of the Divine Self within, and are set in their determination to continue waging war – personal, group, national and even international. In some cases this rolls on over thousands of years. 

This is the separation consciousness in full flood. It is readily observable in the Middle East, but nowhere is free from this, and it will continue to rage on – escalating – until reason comes to the rescue. This requires willingness to surrender all into the care of Holy Spirit and with absolute commitment to true forgiveness, recognising that nothing in time and place is other than a momentary dream, over and gone to the nothingness from which it arose. This may raise the question, ‘How can that help the situation in the Middle East, which seems insuperable, so convoluted has it become?’ 

There are two levels of answer to that: One is that there is an Agenda – invisible to bodily senses – in place far above the battleground that is, right now, outworking to its fulfilment. It is the GRP, which I have been assured many times, from Spirit, is infallible and unstoppable. The second is very much part of the GRP and that is PCB-ing. There is no-one on Earth who is incapable of PCB-ing, and each and every time any – and all – of us PCBs a brother, situation, event, the GRP is hastened toward its completion. We are MUCH nearer to its outworking than the ego-mind has any awareness. 

Love and blessings for the manifesting of inner peace and joy between all fragments of the Sonship, 

Brian Longhurst 


Now is the time for the outpouring of Holy Spirit, Which is salve for the eyes, opening of the ears, awakening of the hearts, restoration of the lives of those enslaved in Sheol. Chains are cast off, heels re-sprung, all conditions made new.

Jesus, August 24th 1997 

November 9th 2016 

Dear Friends,  

Jesus tells us in ACIM that the Holy Spirit is the mechanism of miracles. He also says he is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Hence his limitless ability to perform miracles. Further, he tells us that miracles are natural (to us all), and when they do not occur something has gone wrong, and that, as mentioned last week, miracles are everyone’s right but purification is necessary first. I added: ‘Purification is by true forgiveness, which clears away all the illusory dross of guilt, fear, judgement, grievance … but without purification – true forgiveness – we are blocking our right to miracles.’  

Our right to miracles is as natural as Jesus’ because we are his brothers in the Sonship, sharing the same, Royal Pedigree, the same father Creator, and there is only equality of Being in reality. Therefore, we also are the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. But, temporarily unlike Jesus, we have chosen to remain – so far – in forgetfulness of this; not claiming, and therefore, not fulfilling our function as the Light of the world, and thus, the saviour of the world. 

But all this is now changing as the Great Awakening progresses toward its completion, and within It we also progress toward accepting our purpose in embodiment: being the Light of the world and letting it shine away the spiritual darkness, thereby saving the world by healing the split mind of the fragmented Sonship, restoring it to remembrance of its true state of Oneness in Papa. 

In ACIM Workbook lesson 137 he gives us these words: 

When I am healed I am not healed alone. And I would share my healing with the world, that sickness may be banished from the mind of God's one Son, Who is my only Self … And I would bless my brothers, for I would be healed with them, as they are healed with me. 

These words are not just his; he is giving them to us, to speak to ourself, as a reminder; to retrain our mind into remembrance of who we are and why we appear here. This is the function of us all, and when we adopt it as ours all the trials and tribulations, the pain and suffering we seem to be experiencing and witnessing are seen from a new, enlightened perspective, and diminish, a bit at a time – according to our readiness/willingness to let them go – until they become as the nothing they always were, but to which our misbelief gave them an entirely specious ‘reality’ in our experience. 

Workbook lesson 187 is headed:  

I bless the world because I bless myself. 

In this lesson he speaks of giving, not of finite things but of Loving, blessing, healing, joining thoughts, for by so giving do we receive in like manner. Then, when we have so given, he says:  

Now are we blessed, and now we bless the world. What we have looked upon [with Loving, blessing eyes] we would extend, for we would [choose, earnestly desire to] see it everywhere. We would behold it shining with the grace of God in everyone. We would not have it be withheld from anything we look upon. And to ensure this holy sight is ours, we offer it to everything we see.  

(My underlining, for emphasis) 

Then, in Lesson 188 he says that, having blessed ourself and the world:  

The peace of God is shining in you now, and from your heart extends around the world. It pauses to caress each living thing, and leaves a blessing with it that remains forever and forever …

From you salvation radiates with gifts beyond all measure, given and returned. To you, the giver of the gift, does God Himself give thanks. And in His blessing does the light in you shine brighter, adding to the gifts you have to offer to the world.

… it is we who make the world as we would have it. Now [having blessed ourself and the world] we choose that it be innocent, devoid of sin and open to salvation. And [thus] we lay our saving blessing on it, as we say:  

The peace of God is shining in me now.

Let all things shine upon me in that peace, And let me bless them with the light in me. 

(My underlining, for emphasis) 

The inference we can draw from these and many other references to blessing – 285 throughout the Course – is that blessing is a state of mind, a way of Being that is our true nature as Papa’s beloved Son. How could it not be when His Son is exactly like his Father? Who amongst us would not want Papa’s blessing? And, being created in His exact likeness, why would we not bless? Yet this world of seeming separation and spiritual darkness is bereft of blessing. The vast majority of the fragments of the Sonship hardly ever think or speak – sincerely, deeply, from heart and soul – of blessing. 

Blessing is not just a throw-away word – unless that is all we choose for it to be, which is so often the case. Spoken to a brother – or simply just thought-directed if he is not present, it makes no difference – sincerely, lovingly, blessing is more real than anything our body’s eyes can see. Indeed, all our body’s eyes behold is unreality, whereas blessing is real, palpable, and can and will transform – or contribute inestimably toward transforming – lives, events, circumstances. Whether or not we have conscious awareness of blessing’s reality makes no difference. It is faith, belief that counts. 

Nevertheless, faith and belief in this shadow world can always use a boost, so shared here is an extract from chapter 8 of “Seek ye First the Kingdom…”:  

On one occasion during the early 1990s when John [Theresa’s brother, in spirit since 1979] was in my thoughts, suddenly there he was, a few paces in front of me, radiating his joy out toward me and into the universe at large. As soon as I saw him I spontaneously said, “God bless you”. As the words were formed I saw a globule of what looked like golden syrup leave me and fly toward him.  

It was about the size of a gymnasium medicine ball, and moved through the air at about the same speed as if I had thrown such to him. It caught him amidships and he staggered back under the weight and force of it, almost as if winded by its impact. 

I was taken completely by surprise at this, but it was a graphic demonstration to me of the actuality, the substantial, palpable nature of the blessing. I feel confident that its size and impact upon John did not hurt him; rather, my impression was that he responded as he did to demonstrate to me the very solid reality of blessing. 

In February 2013 Papa said to me:  

“Beloved, to receive My Love more you must give Love more; to receive blessing more you must give blessing more. To receive My good gifts more freely you must give them more freely. For as you now Know, giving and receiving are one, and to give is but to receive …” 

We all have this gift of blessing, innately, freely available within us, every moment of every day and night. As we bless, so are we blessed. As we withhold blessing – be it from fear, guilt, lack of self-worth, grievance, judgement … – so are we withholding blessing from ourself. Is that our choice, our preference? In a world bereft – by our own choosing – of Love, where we believe, perceive, experience ourself as being separate, isolated bodies, we have impoverished ourself of limitless, unconditional Love, so Its free-flow between us all is almost non-existent. This is self-applied anathema.   

Blessing is a conduit, a carrier, a rapid-deployment mechanism for extending, expressing Love in a realm where Love is lacking. Love simply IS, but where we have chosen to shut It out from our awareness in exchange for fear It seems not to BE. Blessing is a joining, and joining is healing. As Jesus counsels us to say: And I would bless my brothers, for I would be healed with them, as they are healed with me. 

Love and blessings, for the healing of the broken Sonship, 

Brian Longhurst 


The power of spiritual Truth is the great leveller and will bring all things and all people to the place where they belong. This is inevitable and inexorable. It is Almighty God, so nothing can resist it indefinitely, though many try.

Jesus, August 31st 1997 

November 16th 2016

Dear Friends,  

When Jesus came to me in his glory, in 1967, the words he spoke were: “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” I subsequently learned that he had spoken those words to John – author of the 4th Gospel and Revelation – also from his ascended glory, two thousand years ago (Rev.3:20). Although given to John, they were part of his message for the church of Laodicea. They are not just for the church of Laodicea, or for me, but for every fragment of the Sonship – embodied and disembodied, it makes no difference.  

Why, how, could it make any difference, since the words – any words – are not for bodies, illusions all, but for the seemingly separate minds of those fragments? Bodies are temporal, but mind is eternal. Although Universal Unified Mind, in which Father and Son are forever One, is eternally Awake and uninterruptedly creating, the Son seemed to fall asleep and dream, for an infinitesimal instant, the idea of being separate from his Father Creator and from his Self. Absurd and impossible as that idea is in Truth, within that momentary dream it seemed possible and real. 

Such is the power of the Mind of Papa’s Son, that the tiny, mad idea could appear real. However, the idea was gone in the same instant it arose because unreality cannot, of course, exist in reality and, it hardly needs saying, only reality is real. Reality is, and can only be, in the eternal moment that is forever NOW. All reality is in the Mind of God, and this idea of separation, it also hardly needs saying, was not, is not, could never be in His Mind – simply because only reality can be in His Mind. So the idea, unable to exist in the ever-present reality, could only be consigned to the past. 

But the past is gone, having no part in the reality that is the present, which is truly a Gift from Papa to His Son, with whom He shares everything. Everything real, that is, of course. And since the eternal present is … well, eternally present, the ‘past’ can never have occurred. Thus, whichever way one cuts it, the idea of separation not only never happened, it could never have happened because only reality – NOW – is real. Miracles are impossible to a mind inured to the separation consciousness because – at the risk of seeming repetitive – separation is in the past, which never existed.  

There are those who don’t believe in miracles because they don’t see them happening. But they don’t see them happening because they don’t believe J. A loop closed to eternity, stuck in time. They don’t believe, thus don’t perceive because their receptors are closed – not by Papa but by their own unbelief. A little willingness to believe, on the understanding that that will open their receptors a little – just enough for a miracle to be allowed in; a tiny crack in the door will permit a little shaft of Light in, bearing a miracle, sufficient to begin to open the floodgates … 

In contrast, a mind receptive to Truth is fully open to miracles, to attunement with the eternal, holy instant of NOW – the abode of the Source of all Being: Papa. A mind thusly attuned can join with all minds – regardless of whether those minds perceive separation as reality – because all minds are, in reality, One Mind. Jesus Knew this, seeing beyond the illusion of separation. This was how he was able to perform miracles without limit, and how it is possible for us; if only we can believe. A miracle-ready mind is pure, unsullied Light and Love, ignoring all conditions, guilt, judgement; perceiving nothing that is of the unreal past.  

What, then, of his above-quoted words to John, to me and in Truth, to all of us, his beloved brothers in the Sonship of God? He stands at the door of our ‘life’ – our illusory, little, limited, individual, fearful, barricaded-against-Light-Love-and-Truth persona self – and gently, quietly knocks. There he waits, with infinite patience, for us to hear his ever-Loving voice and invite him in to our awareness. He will never enter uninvited, in contrast to the ‘prince of this world’ – the ego – which, by our unwittingly allowing it, takes over our mind, our thoughts, our existence, bringing guilt, fear, conflict, pain, suffering and ‘death’. 

The famous Holman Hunt painting, The Light of the World, represents the figure of Jesus preparing to knock on an overgrown and long-unopened door, illustrating his words from Rev. 3:20. The door in the painting has no outer handle, and can therefore be opened only from the inside, representing ‘the obstinately shut mind’. When we eventually choose to hear Jesus’ voice – which is ultimately inevitable; merely a matter of illusory time – and open our door to invite him to enter, he will indeed, gladly so do.  

There, within the one-on-one privacy of our heart-mind, he will sup with us, meaning fellowship, share with us the repast of the bread, that symbolises the Living Word, and the New Wine of Christ Love, that he brings with him into our life, enlivening us – restoring us to Life. And we, in turn, will sup with him, gladly and rejoicefully. For such fellowship – communion – establishes a common (shared, equally) unity with him. And our communing with him is a communing with the entire, illusorily-fragmented, separated Sonship, though that will not become immediately apparent to us. 

Yet that is the inevitable outcome that will, one step at a time, emerge into our awareness as our Awakening to remembrance of the Oneness-of-all gathers momentum. And we are now at the place, in the moment, on our journey Home to Papa, when that is emerging, arising in this world; when conflict, enmity, anger, judgement, grievance, hatred and killing are, from our own within, forgiven and thereby transformed from unholy into holy relationship. When we have invited Jesus in to sup with us, here, in his words from ACIM T-17.III.10 is amongst what he will share with us: 

My holy brother, I would enter into all your relationships, and step between you and your fantasies. Let my relationship to you be real to you, and let me bring reality to your perception of your brothers. They were not created to enable you to hurt yourself through them. They were created to create with you. This is the truth that I would interpose between you and your goal of madness. Be not separate from me, and let not the holy purpose of Atonement be lost to you in dreams of vengeance. Relationships in which such dreams are cherished have excluded me. Let me enter in the Name of God and bring you peace, that you may offer peace to me. 

Is not this as worthy a starter, an appetiser as any; a foretaste of the endless banquet of Love, peace and joy that awaits our participation? Such may cause the ego severe – terminal actually – indigestion, but which will nourish and restore us unto Life everlasting. In the words of King David from Psalm 23:5,6: 

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies [and by sharing with them of that table, as Jesus freely shares with us, our perceived ‘enemies’ are now seen, with true perception – the same true perception with which Jesus sees us – as our friends, our beloved brothers, One with him and us in the Fatherhood of Papa; hence]: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever. 

Any words that convey Truth and Love, regardless of who utters them, when and to whom, are for us all, without exception; forever and always. 

Eternal Love and blessings, 

Brian Longhurst 


It is not possible for any soul incarnate to assimilate all details at once. I do assure you, Beloved, that your faith and steadfast commitment shall be the means by which all things shall be restored to your awareness in due season.

Jesus, September 7th 1997 

November 23rd 2016 

Dear Friends,  

The reason we each seem to be ‘here’, in a body, in the without, separate from everything – God, eternity, our Self – is guilt. Many will vehemently, vociferously deny they are guilty of anything – especially in courts of law!. But even those amongst us who genuinely believe they are without guilt, having led blameless lives, have no awareness of archived thoughts, words and deeds stored in their unconscious mind. The mind is eternal, even when seeming to be unconscious, but is inaccessible to us in time when we choose to play the game of make-believe that we are not Who, What and Where we really are. 

When we believe we are not guilty in our ‘present’ embodiment, that, assuredly, has no bearing on a) how others perceive us, and b) whatever events in which we have been participant in ‘former’ incarnations, awareness of which the conscious mind has barred itself in order to masquerade in ‘this’ persona. The conscious mind – with rare exceptions – has awareness only of events touching us during the so-called present act. How else could we believe the persona masquerade we play is ‘real’? Those with awareness of greater reality, chose this attribute aforetime, to help more deeply slumbering brothers. 

Even those of us who have glimpses of something beyond the immediate time and place events are limited in those awarenesses – until we, like Jesus, have fully Awakened from the dream. Self-imposed limitations are unavoidable all the while we choose to believe we are a body and that time and place are real. Of course it is not possible to completely ignore the body and its apparent surroundings. Such would be a particularly unserviceable form of denial, simply taking one deeper into illusion. A better balance is acknowledging the body, not as real in the eternal sense (the only real sense), but as a learning, teaching and communicating mechanism. 

By choosing to see the body from a more meaningful perspective – rather than believing, and thus perceiving, that the body is who and what we are – we can be much more open to learning about reality. Then, we are better equipped to teach – by example, rather than proselytising or pontificating – and communicate, or share what is worthy of being shared with brothers brought to us to hear what we have learnt, or remembered, about reality. If we believe the temporal body is who we are, how can we learn the Truth of our – and all – eternal Being, and share that Truth with our brothers when they are brought to us to hear the Truth? 

We are the Light of the world – just like Jesus, who tells us that is what we are; and who would know better than he? – but denying this, with ego-inculcated false humility, prevents us from learning and sharing the Truth of our, and all, Being. Such counterfeit postures serve the ego’s agenda of keeping us in the consciousness of fear but they do not serve Papa’s agenda of Awakening us from the dream of ‘death’ to Life eternal and abundant. Such Awakening is not partial, because there are no part measures with Papa, nor with His anointed messenger, Jesus, nor His Voice, the Spirit of Truth. Their agenda will deliver only full measure, pressed down. 

Receiving, assimilating that full measure will, most likely, take time, simply because we believe in time. But Their saving, Awakening agenda reinterprets time from the ego’s definition of ‘seek but do not find, and keep going round and round on the carousel of birth and death’, to one where, if we are willing to be infinitely patient and follow Their lead, we will inevitably arrive at full enlightenment – just like you-know-who. Although in principle our Awakening can be instantaneous, in practice we need to be prepared, made ready, for the transition from sleep to wakefulness one step at a time. 

An instantaneous transition – which does not entail moving from embodiment to disembodiment, because this is about transition of split, separated minds to Awakened One Mindedness, not of bodies to worm food – would be too great a shock. The Awakening agenda is Loving, gentle, tender because Its Architect is Loving, gentle, tender. And though time will seem to elapse as our preparation is so lovingly, gently outworked, one seeming step at a time, as we near the end of the journey we begin to be aware that decades have flashed by, and that every step of the Way was immaculately planned and outworked for us. Then are we awestruck by the perfection of the Plan. 

The Great Awakening seems to take place individually, uniquely for each of us, because we seem to be coming from a place uniquely different from all our brothers. Yet as we draw closer to our common Destination, so does the awareness dawn that we are actually approaching it together. How else could the return to Oneness occur? It is a process that unfolds over indeterminate illusory embodiments. There is so much correcting needed of wrong-mindedness and karma – errors accrued since the dawn of time – that one illusory embodiment could not accomplish the objective.   

There are more souls nearing our common Destination ‘now’ than ever before, as we move deeper – within the context of linear time – into the leavening of the third measure of meal (Mt. 13:33). This is gathering momentum but we can actively, positively contribute to its accelerating, to hasten it even more. There are many ways of effecting this enhancement but the overriding intent is the dispelling of all unconscious guilt in our ego-controlled split mind through the process of true forgiveness. Guilt causes us to believe we are unworthy of Truth, Love, Light, Life, so forgiving unconscious guilt can be greatly helped by conscious commitment to accepting the Truth about ourself.  

We have been in denial of Truth from day one, and most of us are still resisting it to one degree or another. Making the conscious choice for accepting It now is a giant leap forward, benefiting our subsequent progress. So, what can we think, say or do to be more co-operative with the Plan, being outworked right now – undiscerned by our bodily senses – by the Holy Spirit, our higher Self? We can re-mind ourself, daily – hourly if so moved – with the words, “I Am the Light of the world, and I choose, right now, to let the Light, placed irreversibly within me at my creation by Papa, shine for me and for all my brothers.”  

The Light then shines brighter and more effectively, and thus, more affectively in our mind and the world around us as we allow our denial of It to be undone by such a positive affirmation. Further embodiments will still be necessary for most of us, to provide the opportunities to fully Awaken from the dream through forgiveness of unconscious guilt. One of the ego’s trump cards is that each embodiment reduces us back into total forgetfulness. But we can use the above affirmation to actively counteract that by also determining to ourself: “In my next incarnation I will bring with me the Light that I Am.”  

This is a powerful, empowering statement of committed intent that we will remember (especially when meant sincerely) when we lay aside our ‘present’ body and return to the etheric counterpart of the ‘physical’ Earth. That will strengthen our commitment to planning that ‘next’ embodiment with the assistance of wise counsel from (a) brother(s) in the Realms of Light. Such a counsellor could as readily be Jesus as any, for he is our brother and we, therefore are his, and he Loves each and every one of us devotedly and completely – far, far beyond Earth-mind conscious understanding.  

He will gladly counsel us – starting right now, if we are willing to allow him into our life, and that will continue, freely, indefinitely for as long as we have need of it. And he – along with any others qualified by Love and commitment to being truly helpful – will continue to counsel us, in spirit, pre-embodiment, and once re-embodied. When, with all the Help we need freely given, all imagined guilt – in ourself and/or our brothers – is forgiven and dispelled from our unconscious mind, thus enabling our complete release into innocence, then are we Awake. Then are we free forever from the dream of form, death, time and place – unconsciousness.  

Without our full, conscious desire and commitment to Awakening to Love, peace, joy and freedom we remain in the default choice for the hell of guilt, fear, misery and ‘death’. Will we allow that to remain our choice, knowing that we are free to choose anew? 

Love and blessings for strength of commitment to choose anew and wisely, 

Brian Longhurst 


Your desire for the Kingdom is as a seed, sown into fructifying soil. It grows within you and inevitably becomes the overriding reality of your life, more meaningful and tangible to your awareness than the outer, mundane masquerade of the earthly life around you.

Jesus, September 14th 1997 

November 30th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

Life is spirit and spirit is Life. Life is pure energy, full of potential. Without direction it remains potential. We are here – wherever ‘here’ is from perceived to be from our vantage point – to give direction to that energy. The direction we give can be – is intended to be – creative. That is to say, eternally perfect, Loving, unchanging yet forever becoming more; increasing, extending creation. We, Papa’s One Son – pretending to be divided, fragmented, separate from eternal reality, or Truth – still have all that creative potential, simply because it is indestructible, though we have obscured it from our awareness.  

Separation is the state we believe we are in. It has not been done to us; it has been done by us. This is an error, a mistake; it is not a sin. The error can be corrected – but only if, when, we are willing to allow correction. It is rather like digging a deep pit and then falling – or throwing ourself – into it. We cannot extricate ourself from it without Help from ‘above’; someone lowering a rope – or better, a ladder – making our escape easy, when before, it seemed impossible. And meanwhile, we have chosen to believe that here, in the pit, is all there is, and have striven to make it a home for ourselves.   

All this is misuse of our creative potential because we have placed absurd limits upon it; reduced it to an infinitesimally, microscopically small fraction of our creativity – and then pointed what we have left to ourself of it in the wrong direction: away from the Light instead of toward it. Jesus tells us that we need to turn around and head toward the Light instead of out into outer darkness. That Light is Life, and it is Love and it is Who we are: eternal, living Spirit, with all the creative potential – which is unconditional, perfect Love – of our Father Creator. Yes, equal with His because He shared everything with His One Son equally at his creation, because there is, and can only be equality in Heaven, eternity, creation. 

When we try to use creative potential upside-down – without unconditional Love – we end up with miscreation. In reality – eternity – there is, and can be, no miscreation, simply because eternity IS creation. Therefore, what we miscreate cannot be eternal – because our endeavours are lacking the essential ingredient: perfect, unconditional Love – and what is not eternal does not exist. It seems to exist to our bodily senses because that has been our choice. So we fabricated bodily senses to show us not what is real but what is unreal, in a futile endeavour to bear witness that what is wrong, unreal is, somehow, impossibly, right, real. But neither bodies nor their senses are real, and this IS demonstrated by their passing away in the twinkling of an illusory eye. 

We have chosen to believe ‘three-score years plus ten’ – even a few more – is a goodly, worthy span. But in the reality of eternity, so inestimably miniscule is that illusory span that it is never even noticed. And when we Awaken, back to eternal reality, as we inevitably shall, how grateful will we be, just for an instant, before immediately forgetting we ever even believed time and place could have been considered possible. Then is restored to our awareness, our remembrance that our full, unimpeded creative potential continues, unabated, just as it always, uninterruptedly, has and always will.  

Many believe meditating is a way to move our awareness back into unconditional, perfect Love. The word meditate seems to have an assortment of meanings, depending on the teacher, the student and the intended goal. My understanding, right or wrong, is that the intent is to achieve a state of mind empty of thoughts. However, the more we focus on our objective – the ‘problem’, one might say, of emptying a mind full of random, distracting thoughts – the more into focus the problem has a way of coming. The solution to a problem does not lie in the same arena as the problem.  

It requires entry into another realm, thus leaving behind the ‘problem’ and allowing the solution to enter freely, unencumbered by the attentions of the problem. I have experienced this many times, when something blocks my awareness or understanding of a given matter. I go for one of my communing hill walks, changing the focus away from the perceived problem. Then, upon return to my desk, the answer is, effortlessly, ‘there’. So, rather than meditating – which can mean so many different things to so many different people – I commune

As stated on previous occasions, ‘communion’ means common (i.e., shared) union. So, the big question is, with whom, or what, shall we choose to share our union, or, with whom, or what, shall we unite? This has nothing, of course, to do with bodies, but solely with minds. Most of us, most of the time, are in unconscious communion with the ego. This fills our conscious mind with random, unconnected thoughts and ideas, leading us into a wilderness in which there is no Light of Spiritual Discernment. So, it is helpful if we can be aware of what is occurring. Then we have a little clarity on the cause of the problem. We are communing with the wrong teacher, or guide. 

Its sole objective is confusion, spiritual blindness, doubt, uncertainty, misperceptions, judgements based on limited data ... And those are just the surface intentions. Behind those are guilt, fear, imprisonment in littleness, scarcity, sickness, conflict, hatred, murder, mayhem, destruction – all on a never-ending ride on the carousel of birth, misery and death. To whatever extent some of these conditions might be avoided – temporarily – the respite is intended, via the yoke of this false guide under which we have placed ourself, to be only that: respite. That is the ‘problem’. 

To find our way out from this apparently insuperable problem – manifesting as myriad different, seemingly separate and unrelated problems, but all actually one because they all have the same, single cause – we have been focusing on the effects, seeking solutions there, without recognising that cause and effect are inseparable. Like, hitting our thumb with a hammer, the effect – pain – would not exist if we didn’t hit our thumb with the hammer. Stop misusing the hammer – cause –and the effect, painful thumb, never happened.  

Theresa and I have recently proofed the manuscript of our friend Michael Roads’ latest book, entitled From Illusion To Enlightenment! – due for publication in 2017. It is a profoundly insightful book, and well worth looking out for. In it, Michael frequently uses the aphorism ‘Where you focus, energy flows’, and on occasions adds, ‘ … and creates’, or, ‘… and connects’. Michael has, for decades, travelled countless times out of his body through time, place, dimensions and, unencumbered by the density of the so-called ‘physical’ body, sees and experiences energy as dynamic, spirit force fields. 

Thus he speaks from the certainty of Knowing, with the authority of experience, that Life is a force, an energy and has creative potential. But it needs to be focused for the potential to be realised. We focus our energy with our mind. Where we focus our mind, energy – Life Force – flows … and creates and/or connects. In A Course in Miracles Jesus tells us: The term mind is used to represent the activating agent of spirit [one might say, Life Force], supplying [one might say, directing] its creative energy. (C-1.1). The potential is always there, awaiting the purposeful directing of our focus. 

The word focus means attuning our mind to something specific. Attunement is another spelling-pronunciation of at-One-ment. If we use our mind to focus, attune, direct our creative Life Force – our Spirit – toward that which is not of the true nature and Being of our Father Creator and of our Self, which is Love, Light, Life (not the ‘life’ we believe we are living in our perceived embodied state, for that is merely a dream of littleness, limitation and ‘death’ – a walk in the valley of the shadow of death, to quote from Psalm 23) then we are miscreating. Check the 6 o’clock news for details. For Life IS Light, Love, Truth, peace and joy – forever and ever, uninterruptibly. Not outer darkness, misery, ‘death’.  

Such miscreating is what Papa’s Son has been doing since the imagined separation arose in his (our) mind, resulting in the illusion of the without; a ‘place’ – actually, a state of mind – that neither Papa nor His Son can ever Be. Papa is not without; He is within. Our own within. Closer to us than our masquerade persona identity. For within us, all of us, without exception, is our true Self – Papa’s One, perfect, beloved Son. Just like his Father. To regain awareness, remembrance of that Oneness, that At-One-ment with Papa and our One-Self – Love-Life-Light-Truth, remember – we simply, consciously, purposefully choose to focus, commune, attune to the Love-Life-Light-Truth that awaits us with infinite patience. 

We do not have to empty our mind of unwanted thoughts. We merely, purposefully, change our focus. Then, without effort, our creative – not miscreative – energy flows, automatically dispelling, replacing the dark, negative, miscreating energy. That creative energy creates, extends more of the same, eternal, unchangeable Love-Life-Light-Truth. It has enlivening attributes: peace, joy, harmony, balance. There is nothing to fear in this communing, attuning, focusing. Contrary to mythology, Papa is not to be feared. How can unconditional, perfect Love be fearful, except to a misperceiving mind? Communing with the Source of Light within dispels darkness, misperception, from our mind. 

Spiritual darkness is the state we have chosen to appear to be in. This means lack of God-Self awareness because God-Self is Love and Light. Demonstrably, we have chosen to not Love ourself. If Papa Loves us, as we can be certain He does, how mistaken can we be; how unserviceable can it be for us to not Love ourself? When we focus on, commune with Him, we are connecting with Love, thus becoming, again, One with Love – our true, eternal Self. 

Love, peace and joy be forever with us all, 

Brian Longhurst 


The Great Rescue Programme is now entering the fulfilment phase, and many souls from deep wilderness are hearing the Call because of the strength of desire in the signal. Control must be exercised to prevent chaos, and this takes place at the point of entering in.

John Baptist, September 21st 1997 

December 7th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

As touched upon last week, if we are looking for the answer to a problem, we must look beyond the problem, to arrive at the solution. Problem and solution are not to be found together or there would not appear to be problems. When we apply this principle on a mystical, metaphysical level, we can then discern that what seem to be incalculable – and ever-increasing – numbers of problems arising in our conscious awareness, are, in fact, simply one problem, manifesting in varying guises but still having the same origin: the belief in separation. One cause can have only one effect, even when that effect seems to be innumerable.  

Clearly, endlessly searching amidst the problem will not bring us any meaningful answers but instead, reveal further, apparent problems, endlessly arising from nowhere – which is what separation is: nowhere and nothing. That is what most of the fragmented Sonship spends so much time and effort doing, led by governments, scientists, think-tanks, economists, religionists … Let us address that last category first: religion tells us we are guilty, sinners, unworthy of Papa’s Love, and that He demands sacrifice – blood sacrifice; murder of the Innocent – to assuage His wrath for our waywardness. 

The focus is on guilt. How can we be restored to innocence when we are repeatedly told of our guilt, that renders us worthy of the fires of hell, and the only way out is for the sacrificial killing – i.e., murder – of His perfectly innocent Son, whom He Loves unconditionally? Further, that we must state with our mouth and believe in our heart that Jesus died for our sins in order for us to be saved from the fires of hell. How can unconditional Love have any conditions? This is not a message from Papa, Who assures us that we are His beloved Son, forever innocent and worthy of His Love; that all else is merely a momentary, mistaken idea that vanished back to the nothingness from which it arose.  

It could only vanish instantly because it was not true, not real, therefore could have no existence in reality. How can unreality exist if only reality can be real? What is not real cannot be true and only Truth is real. The Truth is that God is Love. Love is not Love if it sets even a single condition. Love is only Love if it is unchangeably unconditional. Introduce a condition and it is immediately exposed as counterfeit, and therefore, not Love at all. If it were true that Papa’s Son is guilty it could only be forever true, for if Papa changed His Mind about Truth by providing a conditional get-out-of-gaol card, that would mean eternal Truth was not always, unconditionally, unchangeably, eternally true! 

The search for answers in this world is fruitless because the answer to the world’s problems does not lie in this world. It cannot, because this world is founded in misperception, and thus, unreality, and the answer to any problem must be real, true, if it is to solve a problem – any and all problems. The answer to every problem that ever arose or ever could arise in this world is not of this world but it is available to us all while we appear to be in this world. This is because it will raise us out of this dream by Awakening us to reality – even while we still seem, just for a moment, to be in the world.  

It raises us – our mind, that is – out of this world to a place, the real world, above the battleground of spiritual darkness. From here we can look down upon the world our bodily senses show us, and see, KNOW, of a certainty beyond all doubt, that none of it is real, irrespective of however ‘real’ it may seem. 

This Answer is God-given, from the eternity of Heaven, to lift us from the illusory world, back to Heaven-awareness. The Answer is, of course, the Holy Spirit, Who heals our mind when we, believing, ask Him. Asking without willingness to believe is not asking at all; it is remaining in a state of unbelief, which is the cause of our continuance in imaginary separation from Papa and from our true, whole, perfect Self, Who is with us unceasingly, awaiting our acceptance of Him into our heart-mind awareness. The apparent difference between made-up linear time and the Holy Instant of the forever-eternal Now seem an insuperable contradiction to a mind that perceives itself as a limited, mortal body.  

The two are indeed irreconcilable, and we must choose time or eternity. Choosing eternity can only happen by our willingness to believe it is possible, and by our co-operation with the Holy Spirit in the mind-leavening, Awakening process. We will not believe it possible, nor will we be willing or able to co-operate if we are unwilling to forgive what we believe seems to be occurring in the dream of time is real. Forgiveness only seems hard – impossible even – while we believe time is real. Lesson 193 in the Workbook of A Course in Miracles tells us that if we are willing to forgive, the Holy Spirit will help us to see everything differently.  

Many of us will continue deceiving ourself into thinking, believing we can, or must truly forgive – ourself and/or the rest of the world – by dint of our own persona-self will and effort. But eventually, however long it seems to take – and it took me decades, and that is just in ‘this’ embodiment! – we will realise it is impossible alone because we are mistakenly perceiving with bodily senses, devised to show us unreality: lies, treachery, duplicity, murder … all manner of darkness and evil. The Holy Spirit sees truly. Our bodily senses show us shadows of darkness because there is no Light in them. Holy Spirit – the Light of Spiritual Truth – will help us to see with complete clarity, enabling us to forgive all illusions. 

And when we have practised forgiveness steadfastly, engaging His all-empowered-by-Love-and-Light Help, without which it will not be achievable, then we can say to, or about whatever adversity tries to ensnare us, I will forgive, and this will disappear. This is inevitable because forgiveness brings a change of perception, and we begin to see the real world instead of a dream world of brokenness. The only alternative is to remain in unforgiveness, imprisoning our mind in the belief in separation; the consciousness of fear, which causes us to continue believing the illusory world of guilt, judgement, conflict is real.  

In summary, then, there is one problem only, appearing as an ever-increasing array of problems. That problem is the erroneous belief in separation from our Source. When we stop believing in separation we immediately realise it can only be a fantasy, not the real world, aka the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Those we previously saw as our enemies are now seen truly, as our beloved friends, our brothers, and all conflict ceases, restoring us in amity to inner peace. Unlikely as the ego would have us believe it, this is actually a certainty because we are One.  

Therefore, it takes only One fully Awakened Mind to accomplish this change of mind for all to eventually change their mind also. That One is already One-Minded, and assures the certainty for all because we all are that One. It is entirely irrelevant that that is not our conscious belief, perception or experience because that belief/perception is mistaken; it was only ever a momentary fantasy, already past and gone. Temporal, dream appearances can have no effect whatsoever on eternal reality.  

Time does seem long within the dream of time, but it is only a dream, and when we Awaken to eternity we will see that it was nothing more than an instant in which all apparent events occurred in that same instant. When the mythologies of religion – separation, guilt, fear, sacrifice and punishment by an angry god – have been dispelled from our mind, the rest of fragmented thinking, by governments, scientists, think-tanks, economists … will also be dispelled, leaving Papa’s Son as the One, perfect, immortal creation, begotten-by-Love, that he forever and always was, is and will Be. 

Love and Light be with us all, to shine away the darkness, without unnecessary delay, 

Brian Longhurst 


The Spirit of Truth is reality, and all who experience His reality shall never be the same again. Those who speak glibly of His presence in their lives cannot receive Spiritual Knowing or empowerment unless or until their hearts are full of desire for Eternal Truth.

Jesus, November 2nd 1997 

December 14th 2016 

Dear Friends, 

The answer to the seeming problem of darkness is Light. A long ‘time’ ago Papa’s Son, in a nano-moment of confusion, thought that to leave his Home in Papa – Who is Love, Light, Life, Truth – might be an interesting prospect. To leave Love must entail entering into a perceived state of fear – the absence of Love. To leave Light must entail entering into a perceived state of darkness. To leave Life must entail entering into a perceived state of ‘death’ – the absence of Life. To leave Truth must entail entering into a state where Truth is absent: lies. This appears to present an array of separate problems, all of which seem insurmountable while unaware of Love, Light, Life and Truth: Papa. 

But those four qualities are not separate from each other. They are unified as One all-encompassing state of Being. This state of Being is the Creator; the Source of all Being. They are Attributes of that all-encompassing state of Being. To leave Them means we do not seem to have Them. Actually, we do have Them; we have never left Them and They have never left us. They represent our true, unchangeable nature, so it is, in reality, impossible to not have/Be the Attributes of our created state. We are like the Creator in every respect save one: He created His Son but His Son did not create his Father. The created cannot create his Creator; the Son cannot create his Father. 

But he can create in identical manner to his Creator because his Creator is Love, Light, Life and Truth, and his Creator shared with, extended to His creation – His Son – all those qualities of His Being; the Source of his creative power. Yet his creative ability is possible only while he is aware of his likeness to his Father Creator; while he is aware of his limitless creative empowerment. While he believes, just for that nano-moment, that he has left that shared state of Being he will appear to be unable to create at all because he seems, in his own perception, to have separated himself from his Source of creative empowerment, without Which creating is, of course, impossible.  

Believing himself to have left Love he can only experience himself as being in the consciousness of fear. This is inevitable because fear is what arises in the absence of Love. Fear is actually nothing, non-existent; it is merely the apparent, the believed, and thus perceived, absence of Love. In reality, the absence of Love is impossible because Love is eternal, universal and unassailable. So his experience can only arise as an illusion, a fantasy, a false, non-existent state, meaninglessly dubbed time and place, where all is temporal, limited/localised and continually disintegrating. It is the nothing it can only ‘be’. But ‘nothing’ has no being; it is, quite simply, no-thing. Period.  

In the perceived absence of Love there has to seem also to be, inevitably, the absence of Light, because Love and Light are indivisibly One. Without Love there is – there can be – no Light. Without Light it is not possible to see. We have placed ourself in total spiritual darkness. In the Light our vision is perfect; everything is clear and meaningful. In darkness nothing is clear and nothing makes any sense or has any meaning. We stumble around in the dark, trying to imagine what any and every seemingly separate thing is. But because we have no Light of Spiritual Discernment, no seemingly separate thing means anything because only Oneness – everything unified as One – has meaning. 

Similarly, the seeming, believed absence of Life – Papa – from our awareness causes our belief, and thus, our perception, to be Life-less, because Life is eternal, uninterruptible ecstasy but our perception is temporal. Temporal, not being eternal, can only be incessantly crumbling, disintegrating, experiencing doubt, scarcity, pain, suffering, decay – dying. We think we are alive in our separated, embodied-in-time – actually, ‘self-imprisoned-in-time’ – belief, and thus, perception. We are not. We are having a dream of death. Over and over, embodiment after embodiment, until we CHOOSE, freely, to Awaken from that purposeless, meaningless dream, to the eternal Truth of our Being. 

This brings us to Truth – or Its absence in our dream of separation from It. As with Love, Light and Life, choosing to leave Truth can only leave us bereft of It. When we make a statement, or act in a way we believe is representative of Truth, if it is from the perspective of perceived separation from Papa into time and place, it cannot be true. What was perceived as ‘true’ yesterday cannot be true today or tomorrow, because perception is in state of continual change. Only when we choose – with Help from the Spirit of Truth – to see truly can we actually recommence seeing truly. Then we will want to live the Truth and that truly will make us free from our self-imposed dream of death. 

Counterfeit substitutes for Love, Light, Life, Truth – the creative Source of All Being – are exactly that: counterfeit, imitation and thus completely devoid of ALL the qualities, the attributes of creative power. What can that leave us except powerless? 

The answer to fear is Love. The answer to darkness is Light. The answer to death is Life. The answer to lies is Truth. To seek the answer to, the remedy for, fear in the consciousness of fear – time and place – is, can only be, fruitless, leaving us in fear. Fear can never restore us to Love. Love is not in our experience when we have chosen to abandon It because Papa always honours His Son’s choices, even when He Knows His Son is mistaken. He does not Love his mistaken choices because He Knows they do not honour him or his Father, but He honours them because He Loves him unconditionally. 

Light is not in our experience when we have chosen to abandon It. Seeking Light in darkness can only mean we believe darkness is real. Choosing to remain in darkness means we are choosing to remain in illusion – thus excluding Truth from our awareness. How can this be other than bereft of reason? The absence of reason is insanity. Choosing to remain in darkness and seeking Light there can only be insane. Seeking Life in a dream of death, Truth in the midst of lies, also cannot bear fruit. We can only be restored to Love, Light, Life, Truth – Papa – by opening to Him where He IS; not where He cannot Be. He cannot be in the illusion of the without because the without does not exist; it is without reality.  

He is everywhere real, right along with His beloved Son: within. There, we will find Him and our true Self – Love, Light, Life, Truth – and thus be restored to wholeness, abundance, peace, joy and fullness of our creative purpose in extending Love, Light, Life, Truth. Forever. Meanwhile, the equivalent of creating while we perceive ourself in time is adopting the qualities of doing unto others as we would be done by, Loving Papa with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and Loving our neighbour as ourself. Jesus counselled us two thousand years ago to Love our neighbour as ourself because he Knew our neighbour IS our Self. How can there be any living thing, anywhere, in any form, that is not our neighbour? 

How can adopting and espousing such counsel not restore us to our true nature in Love, Light, Life, Truth – Papa, Heaven? 

Blessings of Love, Light, Life, Truth to hasten our Awakening from our dream of death, 

Brian Longhurst.  


The destroyer [ego] shall not prevail. It has deceived my little ones into desolate places; but the Good Shepherd is on the move! No place shall be un-searched, no lost sheep overlooked. This is the Love of Eternity. It is the only way to Eternity.

Jesus, November 9th 1997 


Grateful thanks to all who have responded with such positive feedback on my ‘Sharing Your Passion’ interview with Glenn Moore on YouTube.  For any who may not have seen it and would like to, here are the links for Part 1 and for Part 2.  Please feel free to share them with any you believe might find it worthwhile.   



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