Living FROM the

Kingdom Within


Remembering Our One Identity


Extract from the Introduction, explaining the cover design:


On Easter Sunday morning I awoke to the sense of being in a place of awareness, like a platform, providing an elevated view – about thirty feet (nine metres) above the surrounding area – of the events taking place in the world below me. This was not just a ‘bodily’ elevation but a perceptual elevation; a higher place of understanding of, perspective on, the events of which Easter is the anniversary of remembrance and celebration. I was in the Company of a group of others – perhaps a dozen, maybe more – from the Realms of Light, and also including Jesus himself, all of us in the Higher, Self, Son-of-God awareness. The vibration was entirely positive and peaceful; a peace that can come only from all-Knowing, of a certainty beyond doubt, that all was entirely well; of Knowing the end from the beginning; of Knowing that we are eternal, invulnerable, indestructible; that fear is an illusion, and therefore, along with illusory events that engender it, it does not exist in reality.

Jesus, with the rest of us, was observing the crucifixion of his body that was taking place down below us, and there was free-flowing discussion amongst us, including Jesus, as if we were watching the playing-out of a planned occurrence within the Great Rescue Programme. This, of course, is exactly what it was. There was no emotion, no distress, simply satisfaction that all was proceeding according to plan, though all present Knew that it certainly could not have been otherwise. The exchanges between those in the gathering were of a rejoiceful and thanksgiving nature, as of a job well done and a mission accomplished (‘It is finished’, John 19:30).

If there was any sense of wonder, astonishment, amazement, it came only from the earth-mind consciousness part of me, at the newness, for me, of such a perspective, and the recognition that this was/is actually the only true perspective: from the Kingdom of Heaven; the healed mind of Papa’s beloved Son; reality.

I said to him, “I now see, clearly, for the first time, that this, the whole Easter event, was not ‘special’ to you, as it has always been seen by your brothers from their earthly perception of the event. I have always marvelled that you could have gone through the Last Supper, sharing all that you shared, giving all that you gave, without a hint of distraction, of fear; always focused on what you had to tell your friends. Now, I see that the crucifixion and the process of resurrection is no more out of the ordinary than any other event, whether a miracle or a mundane happening.” He replied, smilingly, lovingly:

“You are right in your observation that there was nothing special or difficult about it for One who Knows the Truth of Eternity, who Knows Self, who is Self, and for whom time and place are no thing, do not exist.

“Now is the New Day dawning, and will never set. Now is the moment of Awakening. My brothers have – as they always have had – free choice to Awaken soon, or to remain stay-a-beds a little longer, holding onto the dream of littleness and fear. Or they can arise early, and venture forth into the glory of the beginning of the New Day, when the sun (Son) starts to rise and cast His newly-remembered Light on all His brothers, to help them stir from their slumbers.

“I rejoice, beloved, to greet you, to embrace you, to share with you our exultation together in the glory of the Dawn. Let us pause a moment in the unspeakable ecstasy of the Light of Truth arising once more in the mind of our brothers who begin to join with us. Then, let us, together, lovingly, gently, tenderly, caringly, softly, continue upon our task of calling to those who begin to rouse from sleep. Let us always be care-full, in this labour of Love, not to shake them too hard, for the place between sleep and wakefulness can be a confusing state of mind.

“Yet still, the Dawn Chorus of ministering Angels calls to them deep in their unconscious minds, ensuring that Awaken they shall, and rejoice at their remembering all once more. So arises the understanding that they, too, are not a body; that they, also, are eternal, invulnerable, indestructible; that they, too, can manipulate the stuff of dreams to their command – and then let them go completely, once they begin to remember who they ARE – from dreams of guilt and fear and death, to dreams of happiness, of Light, of waking to unlimitedness, from whence the transition to reality can be gently made.

“Resurrection can only be – or appear to be – after there has been ‘death’. Yet have I not stated from the beginning that there is no death, save to those espoused to illusions, to dreams of unreality? Whosoever lives and believes in the Son – that he IS the Son – shall never, can never, die. Thus, ultimately, can there be no resurrection, but only an Awakening from the dream. Let our gentle call therefore be, ‘Arise, shine; for thy Light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen within thee.’

“Peace and joy be with all my brothers.”


Readers’ Feedback:

With his excellent book, Living From the Kingdom Within ~ Remembering Our One Identity, Brian Longhurst gives us a tour de force on the principles of the modern spiritual masterpiece, A Course in Miracles. By taking 52 ideas based on and sometimes directly quoted from the Course, he gives us a practical tool that could easily be used one idea per week throughout the year. I like the way he stays on the message, never missing a beat. Im happy to highly recommend this important work.


~ Gary Renard, best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe trilogy, and The Lifetimes When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other.




Throughout all his books, Brian’s writing brings to my remembrance a recognition of the Life Force within me. He brings what is within him to awareness of it being within me – within us all, uniting our One True Self. This is never more true than in Living FROM the Kingdom Within

Whatever is going on in my ‘outward life’ I can open up at a chapter and there is confirmation that we are all, right along with Jesus, the unified, One Son of God, and that all we see with our body’s senses is illusion. It is helping me to see through the veil of darkness to having a few glimpses of True Vision. What peace and light that brings. Through this writing I see more clearly that every seeming adversity is an opportunity for a miracle of forgiving and seeing from the Holy Spirit’s perspective. I love Brian’s sense of humour and humility. 

The short chapters are brilliant and the beautiful simplicity of the writing makes it so easy to get into and resonate with the essence of the Living Word. For example, Brian says, “...words, when inspired from the Holy Spirit come alive and we become enlivened by them”. Another example: “It is entirely possible to engage with Being while we are engaged in doing”. There are so many gems in every chapter. His writing catalyses the awakening of all these Truths within us.


Brian’s writings bring everyday living to Life. 


~ Linda Down, Northampton, England




Jesus did not tell people to turn the other cheek just so that someone could take a whack at the other side! He was introducing people to the principle of how higher consciousness transforms a situation. In Living FROM the Kingdom Within, Brian Longhurst expertly expands upon this principle while treating us to more of his extensive communications with the Prince of Peace. With Him, we can ascend to a place of inner peace and safety above the battleground of this world and venture forth into the dawning glory of our New Day.  


~ Owen Waters, author of The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness




We are now living in remarkable times; whenever this happens remarkable men and women step forward. Brian Longhurst is one such man. Amongst all the angst and confusion within Christianity today, Brian offers his fourth book of a proposed seven-book series sharing his conversations with the living Christ on issues that deeply concern us all. When our beliefs cannot range beyond what we can see and hear, then, without even realising it, we are truly handicapped.

Remarkably, Brian steps beyond this into a higher frequency, both seeing and speaking with the energy we call Christ. For the discerning reader, Brian offers new clarity and insight in a world that is fumbling in the shadows of spiritual despair. From my heart, I highly recommend this, Brian’s latest offering.  


 ~ Michael J. Roads, Author, From Illusions to Enlightenment 




I was so surprised to reach the end that I immediately started from the beginning again. I have been filled with such peace and joy through reading Brian Longhurst’s inspired explanations and blessings throughout the book. Brian has lovingly helped the lost and broken me find my way to the Living Jesus and gave me the faith I needed to endure the recent tragic loss of my 28 year old son. I have read all of his books and must say this latest book has delved deeper than ever and has answered so many questions – some that I didn’t even know I had. Thanks to Brian, I no longer fear “death” and know without a single bit of doubt that I will see my beloved son again. Truth resonates when you hear it and heals the broken places. There is only truth here. 


~ Jolena Pourner, Montgomery, TX.




As the Kingdom Within series unfolds, one can sense a palpable ratcheting-up of spiritual Truth and clarity. In Living FROM the Kingdom Within, special consideration is given to the metaphysics of time, the unreality of death and the conviction in the progress of Jesus’ Great Rescue Programme. Brian takes esoteric material and makes it the stuff of common sense. Because, as Brian writes, “the ego is ever-hovering with thoughts, ideas, words, actions of deprecation, judgement, fear, doubt, and guilt”, I especially appreciate the four-step forgiveness process given in Chapter 10. An informative and inspiring volume. 


~ Susan Oliver, Northumberland, England.




The title Living FROM the Kingdom Within really does mean what it says. As I read, I found I began to change and the next chapter would explain that change. Then I would have a query in my mind and again, the next chapter happened to deal with exactly what I was going through. I found I was really living it. It gave me courage and more understanding about the love and care we are blessed to receive from Christ. I also liked the line: “There are two choices, love or fear” which helps simplify this spiritual journey, and “...choose Love, Light, Life”. Yes. It is not a book to hurry, but to gently assimilate. You cannot remain unchanged by reading this. 


~ Renee Tilworth, Devon, England.




The Great Rescue Programme that Brian writes extensively about is certainly not a random occurrence. It is a harbinger of things to come. Living FROM the Kingdom Within ~ Remembering our One Identity, recapitulates this Truth beautifully. One definitely will not wish to miss out on Brian’s illuminating insights, so get ready!

Papa speaks tenderly to us all in this masterful work (which took Brian well over half a lifetime to prepare).

This book is powerful, absorbing and instructive, and I am blessed to be part of this august awakening, and to learn about the remarkable revelations freely offered herein. (Way to go!!) 


~ Sandy Barnett, Japan.




Brian Longhurst’s extraordinary, decades-long intimate relationship with the living Christ, combined with his exceptional language and communication skills, dovetail together brilliantly to create this journey into Truth and Oneness. He offers a clarity, simplicity and deeper understanding to oftentimes abstract religious convictions, that will deeply touch the heart of every sincerely seeking reader. At a time when our world seems to be spinning out of control and much of organised religion finds itself standing on shaky ground, this book cuts through dogma and illusion and goes straight to the core Truth of Life, Love, God and Oneness, with Jesus as our tour guide.

Brian’s experiences and communications are so tangible that the Truth of his words can be felt into the depths of our Being. Jesus has been silently, gently knocking on the door of our hearts through the centuries, and Living FROM the Kingdom Within opens this door and lets Him enter, showing us that, in Truth, this door has always been wide open.

Highly recommended! 


~ Carolyn Roads: Qld., Australia




Living FROM the Kingdom Within reads like a book by Joel Goldsmith. It is every bit as inspirational and uplifting. Brian Longhurst has once again brought forth the heavenly realms onto the written page, bringing those pages to Life and Love, so that they truly enliven the reader.  


~  Julie Gillespie, Texas, USA




Brian Longhurst has delivered yet another powerful, empowering and liberating book.  

His eloquent writing style not only guides us to understanding but also acceptance of the Truth within us. I recommend using a journal as you read this dynamic book – you will receive many revelations. Savor, enjoy, embrace this book of wisdom.   


~ Rev. Barbara Sharpe, Dallas, TX




As I finished reading this book it was clear Living FROM the Kingdom Within accords with and complements entirely A Course in Miracles. I am especially grateful for Brian’s explanations of what happens where groups of people incarnate in this dream world with a joint, collaborative, unified purpose. This corresponds with what I read in the Edgar Cayce readings – nothing happens by chance. Synchronicity after synchronicity; epiphany after epiphany was my experience as I read this inspired and inspiring writing. 


~ John Barkovitch, London, Canada.




This book is a living, breathing reminder that the love of God is always here for, accessible to, every one of us, and all we have to do is turn our hearts toward it. It touched my heart and gently reminded me to relax into the eternal and ever-present arms of God. Brian’s words hold a powerful and loving clarity which can only come from someone who is attuned to love, and his loving and joyful relationship with the real Jesus shines through. If you are put off by a book about Jesus because of his image in conventional Christianity, do not be. The real Jesus that Brian brings to life in his writing is one of unconditional love and acceptance, and the absence of any judgement or guilt is deeply liberating. 

He reminds us that Jesus’ love and support is available to ALL wherever we are in our journey Home to God. It is an immensely practical book, and helps us to navigate the more challenging aspects of being in human form with joy, love and grace, and speaks very comfortingly and reassuringly about the loss of loved ones. This is very uplifting. I also found it indispensable in helping me develop a more compassionate outlook to my fellow travellers on the Path, reminding me to look past their behaviour to the call for love behind it. As a result, some of the more challenging relationships in my life have become more harmonious and loving. I shall read it again and again, allowing the words to nurture my soul and illuminate my journey back to the Love and Light of Eternity. 


~ Helen Bailey, Essex, England.




Brian Longhurst’s latest book, Living FROM the Kingdom Within, is practical mysticism. He sets the direction of the book in the Introduction when he references A Course in Miracles’ instruction to maintain a perspective “above the battleground”. A spiritual seeker can experience profound moments of peace while feeling a connection with our Source, even while seeming to find ourselves navigating life in a world full of apparent conflict and danger. This book offers practical advice on how to have our feet on the ground in this world, while our heart and soul remember that our Source is in Spirit.  

There is helpful guidance on the real benefits of offering love and forgiveness to anyone that we may be tempted to view as an “enemy”, both in our personal lives and in response to the turmoil we perceive in world events.   

The core message of this inspired work is that we are all connected at our Source. Extending forgiveness and Light is the key to happiness for ourselves and for our world.  


~ Judy Kelley, Portland, Oregon.




This book was more rewarding than I could ever put into words, but I will try. After my 20 year old son was murdered I didn’t know where to turn, or what to do. A friend of mine recommended this book to me. After starting the first page I was unable to put it down. I read the entire book in one day because I hung on each and every word. While I was reading the book I felt like I could breathe again. It is the best book to date that I’ve read, and I’m an avid reader. I would like to add that it has brought me so much comfort and a whole new way of understanding. As we all know, we live and one day we will no longer be in this earthly flesh, and this book has assured me it will all be okay and I will see my son again. I’m waiting in anticipation for your next book, Brian Longhurst. 


~ Jackie Rae, Houston TX.




Brian’s latest book, Living FROM the Kingdom Within ~ Remembering our One Identity, conveys on every page, and in a myriad of rich tapestries of description, what it is to fully live with steadfast focus on the Truth of our Being. Brian takes the reader through the principles of what that means and well past the play of ideas into the domain of truly living those principles. Each chapter, and the accompanying Diary of a Christ Communicant passage, is helpful in bringing the reader back within, enabling subtle yet profound realignment with the Kingdom and our One Identity. I have found great value in Brian’s previous books, and I will be using this one as a daily reference and source of inspiration.   


 ~ Andrea Matthews, White River, South Africa (




Once we remember there is no-one here to Awaken, and by the same token no path to follow, all that is left is to live our truth, “from the Kingdom within”. Brian’s capacity to consistently convey this message in such adequate and revealing terms allows us to realise this truth.


~ Philip Chowney, Geneva, Switzerland 




Dear Reader, I fully recommend this beautiful book and the three before; they are all so beautifully, inspiringly written by Brian and his Helpers, with such care, love and deep wisdom. I also highly recommend doing the forgiving exercise from book 3 (chapter 46) on a regular basis, I have been doing this exercise for over a year and it has enormously helped me to be in peace towards others in the craziest of situations.   I am very grateful. Thank you Brian.  


~ Amazon customer




This is a book, like the work of art that it is, that deserves to be read slowly, savored, contemplated, and read yet again. There is a depth of wisdom here that comes out of a lifetime of ever deepening spiritual commitment and communion with the Divine, the essence of Love. Just a couple passages of the wisdom AND the love expressed in these pages that were particularly timely and moving for me: 


If we claim to ‘know’ the Truth but are not living it, it cannot set us free because it is then understood only as an intellectual concept, not as a living, motivating aspect of our Being . . . When we truly Know, it is because the Holy Spirit has revealed the Truth to us within: not from any external source. Then we truly Know, and pondering, guessing, questioning, philosophising … are seen for the diversionary ploys they are devised to be. 


Consider my Love: dwell upon, contemplate and ponder it. Rejoice in it and let it envelop you until you are One with it and can give by being an open channel of its purity. So shall all be accomplished, all made whole. ~ Jesus 


I am grateful for your truly beneficial presence, Brian Longhurst, as a way-shower and inspiration to us all. 


~Dennis Gaither, M.D., O.M.C., Mount Vernon, WA, USA


I hope and trust these comments will be helpful to any considering obtaining a copy. Please click Here to take you to sources of supply. Joyful, inspiring and uplifting reading.  





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