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May you be uplifted, inspired and encouraged by what you find here,

Brian Longhurst


January 2nd 2013 

Dear Friends, 

So, Winter Solstice 2012 has come and gone, and the dream of bodies and a world of woes did not end in calamity or cataclysm.J  This was the slant of the media (ego’s servant) on this event.  It would be, wouldn’t it?, because the ego is of the without – illusions of separation and destruction – the seeming opposite of Oneness and Creation.  The without knows nothing of the within, because it is about Love, Peace, Joy, completion.   The within – Heaven, eternity, Papa – knows nothing of ending or destruction.  But in our dream of separation, our journey to ‘a far country’, we have faced ourselves with two choices. 

One choice appears as myriad choices, every moment, every day, but is actually only one: the choice for separation from the Light, resulting in darkness.  All the while we focus on darkness, that will be our experience, because that was our choice, and we get what we ask for.  When we choose the Light, Light becomes our experience.  When we choose the Light, darkness ceases to be our experience because Light is everything and darkness is nothing; simply the absence of Light.  Yet still we can choose to make separation from the Light seem real, even though it is nothing, just by believing it. 

Perceiving from the perspective of darkness, everything is confused, distorted, upside-down, back-to-front.  So beginnings seem like endings, darkness seems like light, Light seems like darkness, and therefore, fearful.  The winter solstice 2012 was/is a beginning, not an ending.  The beginning, one might say, of the New Earth, as indicated in Jesus’ message to Olga Park in January 1965: 

In the midst of the Earth ariseth my city

       after the fashion of the heavenly…” 

This arising, and the wondrous blessings of empowerment and completion that it brings does not appear, in linear-time terms, as an instantaneous event.  This is not because it isn’t such, but because it takes time for our upside-down perception to become adjusted to it.  The city of which Jesus speaks here is, of course, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, referred to in Revelation 21 as the new Jerusalem*.  It is not intended to be construed as ‘just’ a city, as understood in modern parlance, but the whole world, and specifically all the fragmented Sonship

The Kingdom of Heaven has always existed, spread out in the Earth, in the midst, but because it is real it is not discernible with senses devised to perceive illusions.  It is only by choosing the Light that our vision of reality begins to become restored to our awareness.  We can never see reality by looking for it in darkness, with eyes made to distract us from seeing by showing us nothing but unreality.  The Light is within us. Eyes cannot see the within because it is Life and it is Love, eternal and inextinguishable.  It is the Creator Spirit, our heavenly Father, Whose Life is our Life because He shared It with His Son forever at his creation. 

That means the inextinguishable Light within us is also our Light; the Light of the Son.  At the idea of wondering what it would be like to be what and where we are not, the appearance of separation and littleness arose. This did not mean extinguishing the Light because that is not possible, but a veiling of our sight, our awareness of the Light that we forever are.  The only way an attempt at veiling could seem to be effective was by devising a counterfeit form of sight that was able to perceive only unreality – bodily eyes – and believe such sight was real and that all it beheld was real.  So a counterfeit light was made to substitute for the Light of the Son: the light of the sun.  

And the city (the Kingdom of Heaven) had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb (Papa’s Son) is the light thereof. (Rev. 21:23) 

Once we accept that appearances are nothing but self-deception, and ask for Help to restore our true vision, that Help is there.  It was always there, freely available, but by believing it was not there, because we could not see it or be aware of it with our self-deceiving bodily senses, it seemed to not be there.  And because free will was part of the package that came with the creation of the Son – otherwise he could not have been like his Father, and the Father could not create anything unlike Himself – the freely-available Help could not be pressed upon us.  We have to ask for it, for that authorises it to be given.  It is only given by our act of receiving it. 

Further, asking for Help means we actively, consciously desire it and thus will be willing to avail ourself of it.  It is this switch of focus – from belief that no help is, or could be available, and we must save ourself by our own endeavour (which, of course, is impossible, for we don’t have the faintest idea how) to a little willingness to believe Help is and has always been freely available – that begins the transforming of our sight from blindness to true vision.  It is the conscious desire for Help that is important, for it is in our conscious mind that it is needed. 

This is because our conscious mind is focused on the without, or unreality, and believes it is real, so the conscious mind, functioning under ego-domination, ego belief systems, is highly resistant to the truth, the Light, Love, Peace and Joy that is Papa, because we have allowed ourself to be convinced we are unworthy, sinners, deserving of punishment.  So we shut ourself off from awareness of Papa, Who dwells within us, by focusing on where He cannot be: the without.  He cannot be there because there is no such thing as the without.  We made it up, and what is made up cannot be real. 

So, the dream of a finite world – universe, even – of unreality, of time and place, of fear and death, littleness and limitation has to end because it is not the nature of Papa’s Son to sleep.  Who amongst us can imagine Papa sleeping?  Why would He need to sleep?  The idea is absurd.  And as His Son is like Him in every respect, it is equally absurd that the Son, in his true, eternal reality, would sleep.  The sleep and the dream appear real but in fact are nothing since illusion is not real, and thus it is already over because it could never have actually happened.   

As soon as one of the seemingly-fragmented parts of the Sonship remembered the truth of his Being as the eternally awake, all-empowered, all-loving, innocent Son of the Creator, it became inevitable that the whole Sonship would awaken, the dream would be over and the entire Sonship restored to its true estate of Oneness with his Self and in his Father, Whom he never left and could never leave.  His Father is the Source of Life, so to leave Him – were it to be possible – could only mean one thing: death.  Happily, death is impossible; for it to be real it would have had to be created by the Creator.  

He Knows nothing of death.  How could He?  He Knows only of reality because He is the creator of reality, which can only be forever, otherwise it could not be reality. And Being Life, He can create only in His eternal likeness: eternal Life.  Our body cannot die because it was never alive.  What does not exist in reality does not exist at all, so could never be endowed with Life.  As Jesus says in ACIM, our body is but a little mound of clay, which we animate for a span; a moment of unreality which we call an incarnation.  And the spirit that we are can never die because it was never born. 

Within the context of linear time – the state of self-deception into which Papa’s Son imaginarily entered in a ‘mad moment’ of wondering what it would be like to not be what he is – the time has now arrived where, instead of the dream world ending in calamity or cataclysm, it is undergoing a transformation from a nightmare to a happy dream, as the prelude to the Great Awakening.  That is the only way the dream could end: by Awakening from death to Life.  What could be happier than that?  It is not possible to end a dream of death with death, for that would make it real. 

The Spirit of Truth is the transformer of sleeping to wakefulness; from dreaming of forgetfulness, misery and death to remembrance of happiness and Life.  He is the mechanism of miracles, of undoing errors; the link between our self-limiting, upside-down mind and our true Self; Christ, Who also dwells within us.  Jesus says of himself in ACIM that he remembered God and so became identified with Christ, the Thought (i.e., Creation, or Word, or Son) of God (C.5), and also that he is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit (C.6).   

We need not undertake contortions of the mind trying to reconcile these seemingly contradictory statements; for all creations of God are One with, or in, Him, so are effectively of One Mind; the Mind of the Creator – wherein all Creation has Its abode – Whose Living Word is One Truth.  So, as soon as he whom we know as Jesus remembered Who he was (thousands of linear years before he incarnated as Jesus/Yeshua at the start of the Piscean Age, or second measure of meal), all power in Heaven and Earth was restored to him (Mt. 28:18).  

This meant he Knew that it was possible to transform ego’s cycles of building up illusory civilisations only to have them end in disaster, so a new cycle, or epoch, would have to start again from scratch, thus perpetuating the cyclic nature of time and place.  And because he was restored to all empowerment, he, with the Spirit of Truth – of which he was the manifestation, or embodiment, for the furtherance and fulfilment of the GRP – was able to reinterpret ego’s perception of cycles of birth and death and undo them by transforming them into perpetual, unending, unchanging, eternal Life. 

It is within this context that viewing the Winter Solstice 2012 can most constructively be seen and understood.  And that, of course, is the opposite of the ego, fear-based perspective of death, disaster and destruction.   From such a perspective at worst there is no recovery, only oblivion, or at best there is a near-extinction-event, return to cave-dwelling for the few surviving bodily, only to travel the wearying, rock-strewn, misery-inducing path of indeterminate further aeons-long cycles of birth and death; cycles within cycles, endlessly going nowhere. 

But to One who Knows all things, is empowered in all things, those things of time and place – being nothing but illusions, challenges/adversity – are seen for what they are: the wrapping paper of opportunity.  Jesus Knew this, and is using this Knowledge to transform cataclysm into salvation, resurrection, upliftment, leavening, Awakening his brethren, with and in whom he is irreversibly one.  We all, each and every one of us, without exception, have an indispensable function, along with Jesus, in this transforming.  The entering of this new cycle, beginning at 20/12/2012, is greatly facilitating and empowering us for fulfilling our function. 

How priceless an opportunity we have called into our presence!  May we be ready to respond to it and gladly leave darkness behind as we move forward into the Light during this make-believe year of 2013, that it might be a year which bears much fruit for the Kingdom, 

Brian Longhurst 

* ‘Jerusalem’ means ‘City of Peace’. 


Rejoice and be glad; do not rebuke yourself for those things that you have not previously understood.  Do you think for one moment that the Kingdom is founded on self-rebuke and recrimination?  I tell you it is founded on love and forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance 

Jesus, April 26th 1992 


January 9th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

I recently received an email asking what is – to me, anyway J – a highly pertinent question about the leavening of the second measure of meal.  For those unfamiliar with Jesus’ parable of the leaven, or yeast, it states: The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened. (Mt. 13:33.)  This has a deep esoteric meaning, and is discussed extensively in chapter 10 of “Seek ye First the Kingdom…”  In brief, the three measures symbolises 3 x two-thousand years periods and their role in the restoration of the fragmented mind of Papa’s Son to oneness.  

The first measure is the two-thousand years between Abraham and Jesus (the ‘Abraham measure’), the second measure is between the time of Jesus and the latter part of the twentieth century (the ‘Jesus measure’) and the third measure is from the latter part of the twentieth century forward for the next two-thousand years (the ‘Kingdom measure’, or fulfilment measure).  I was initially intending to answer this question and post q and a on the Forum page.  But upon prompting from ‘above’ I am copying it below, in the event this provides wider access: 

Hi Brian, 

I am doing some catching up on your writings.  In your MoE dated December 5th (2012) you stated: 

...  The second measure, the leavening of which is now complete, has given place to, been superseded by the third, fulfilment measure of meal; the Aquarian, or Kingdom Age, in which the whole GRP is leavened.  This means the restoration of Papa’s Son to the reality of Perfect Love, characterised by Peace and Joy; the dispelling of conflict and misery. Now that we are actually in the fulfilment measure, it is much easier for us to avail ourself of its restoring energy, for the healing of our mind.  

I understand most of what you have been saying about the leavening of the three measures of meal, and can see that the third measure is now leavening at a mind-blowing pace, but I cannot see how the second measure, ‘the Jesus Measure’ as you call it, can have leavened.  The history of the last 2k years has been full of conflict of indescribable proportions, and has, in many ways, actually got worse in the last 100 years or so.  So much of the conflict has been caused by religion – supposedly in the name of God and Jesus. Please help me to understand how claiming the second measure has completely leavened can be justified. 

Blessings, Brian, I love your writing; it makes sense of this whole mess, and helps me understand ACIM more, 


Hi Jerry, 

This is a very significant question, and I am glad you have asked.  The answer is actually astonishingly simple, though by its nature, hidden from the sensory awareness of the self-limited, fragmented Sonship.  Jesus told me back in the 1970s why this has been so, and the reason for keeping the timing of the onset of the third measure hidden from the cognition of Earth-mind discernment.  He said that this was to keep it hidden from ‘the enemy’ – ego – so that it would not know what it was up against!  Sounds like a very good ploy to me. J.  

The leavening of all three measures is only able to take place within, because everything about the without – the material world of bodies and time and place; separation – is by its very (illusory) nature entropic, which means decaying, disintegrating, dying.  In other words, destructive, conflicted, separationist; nothing to do with the Creator, and therefore, cannot Awaken or heal itself.  Conversely, the within is the Kingdom of God, and its foundation is Love, which is creative, eternal, holy, whole, inseparable, indivisible.  Its essence is Life; inspiring, uplifting, embracing, inclusive. 

The leavening of the second measure has not been discernible to the without because it is an operation of hiddenness to blind eyes and closed, unbelieving hearts.  It has been taking place mostly in the non-material world, and certainly in the within, of the hearts and minds of those, during the last two thousand years, who had/have a heart-mind for Jesus.  This is why Jesus said:  I go to prepare a place for you.  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. (Jn. 14:2,3.)   

He had to seem to go away from the world of dreams of bodies to prepare that place because there would have been too much resistance in the without.  He didn’t actually leave us because he lives within us, as we live within him, but to those who are unaware of this mystical reality, he appeared to have gone away.  Later in that same chapter he says: I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye (who believe) see me: because I live, ye shall live also. At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you. (Jn. 14:18-20.)   

Most do not yet consciously know he is in us and we in him, but it has been so throughout the Jesus measure, leavening in secret, away from the world’s awareness.  Having a heart-mind for Jesus, and being willing to follow him is important – essential, actually – because he knows the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  In fact he IS the Truth, as well as the Way and the Life.  He is also entirely trustworthy.  I am aware of no other who ticks all those boxes. J.   

Even those with a heart-mind for Jesus were duped – as most of us have been, by the ego-connived false doctrines about him promulgated by institutionalised religion – through their successive experiences of being embodied, during that two-thousand year measure.  However, when they have laid aside their bodies between incarnations, they have had much greater access to the truth about him.  To this they were drawn because of the desire of their hearts. This is possible immeasurably more readily in the etheric realms, or Inner Plane, than in the dense conditions of the Earth physical, where misperceptions abound.    

The etheric counterpart of Earth is comprised of many levels of awareness, from complete spiritual darkness, which most of us would associate with hell, through numerous degrees of enlightenment, or spiritual awareness, to what one might describe as the heights of Heaven.  I tend to use the term ‘the Realms of Light’ to describe these most exalted levels.  There is a book entitled ‘Life in the World Unseen’ by Anthony Borgia, which tells of these levels, described by Jesus with the words, In my Father’s house are many mansions (Jn. 14:2). 

When we lay aside our body, we go to whichever of these ‘mansions’ most closely reflects our state of mind at the time of our transition.  If we have paid scant heed to the eternal nature of our reality, and become deeply distracted by the temporal concerns of embodiment, then we will find ourself in one of the lesser-enlightened realms.  If we believe the mythologies about being sinners, unworthy of the Love of Papa, deserving of condemnation by Him to the fires of hell, and have not ‘repented of our sins’ in accordance with the false doctrines of salvation by sacrifice, our misbeliefs will take us to such a place. 

This is because we are the Son of God; all empowered of mind to call into our presence what we choose to believe is the truth, and make it our reality, however mistaken those beliefs might be.  Even if they are not reality in the Mind of God; the only reality because It is eternal and unchangeable.  Further, It is entirely benign, Loving and non-judgemental.  So, whatever we believe that is not of God cannot be real, but we have free will to believe it is real, and make it so in our mind.  Believing unreality is real can have only one effect: it keeps us separate from God in our own perception and experience. 

So, those with a heart-mind for Jesus – in other words, the truth – go forward into the truth, the Light, one step at a time, as they are ready to receive it and accept it unto themselves.  This progress is much easier in the etheric realms, as stated above.  It means much more is able to be assimilated there about the truth of eternity and our place within it, and a lot more of the truth about Jesus and his GRP with each ‘successive’ between-incarnations phase.  This is the leavening, the raising up, healing, restoring of the mind of Papa’s Son to Oneness.  

Reincarnation requires our re-entry into forgetfulness at the conscious level of awareness.  However, nothing is lost, and all we have remembered during our between-embodiments sojourns in the etheric realms is retained in our unconscious mind.  Our innate Love for Papa draws us back to conscious awareness of Jesus and the Spirit of Truth being our Helpers in the process of remembrance, if our commitment is steadfast enough.  Otherwise, we are just spinning our wheels during each aimless, purposeless incarnation; needlessly delaying our return to peace and joy.  

The truth is within us regardless of outward appearances.  Within is the only place it will be found; just as Jesus told us two thousand years ago.  His coming to tell us the truth was the beginning of the leavening of the second (Jesus) measure, and his emphasis on it being within was vital because that is where the leavening takes place – in our heart-mind.  This is a mystical process and has nothing to do with the without, the device of an upside-down mind to distract us from remembering the truth.  As our friend Evelyn White-Bey says: 

Every increased possession loads us with a new weariness (Ruskin). 

Life is not about our physical or material possessions, it is about the Agenda of our Soul. When material possessions serve that agenda, they can be wonderful and are to be celebrated. But if they come between us and the soul, then we may very well be delayed on our holy journey. Our journey is the path back to peace, to harmony, to deep inner joy, to love, and to God.  

So, all through the Jesus measure of meal its leavening has been taking place, in secret, within, and the ego didn’t know or believe it.  And untold millions espoused their lives to Jesus and the GRP, all the while coming and going between embodiment and disembodiment and growing (leavening) in commitment, understanding, empowerment and rejoining, reconnecting with brothers of like mind and desire for the Kingdom; in preparation for the fulfilment of Jesus’ words, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven in the third, Kingdom measure.  

During the second – and on into the early years of the third – measure ego’s agenda for death and destruction has been continuing unabated in the without, completely unaware of the infallible, unstoppable, wondrous, glorious events inexorably growing, leavening in secret.  Happily, that which is in secret has now entered its fulfilment phase – the third, or Kingdom measure.  As Jesus says: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. What I tell you in darkness (secret), that speak ye in light (the open): and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops. (Mt. 10:26,27.) 

And now that the leavening of the second measure has been completed, that which has been proving (using the terminology of bread-making) in secret is coming out into the open; from the within into the without.  This is happening by the incarnating of millions of fragments who have espoused truth – become leavened – and are manifesting it, helped by Jesus and the Holy Spirit, in the third, completion measure.  Only that which has its foundation in the within can endure in the without, and only need endure there until its raising up has been completed.  That completion is the Great Awakening to the reality of eternity. 

The reality of eternity is Love, Peace, Joy unbounded: the return to Oneness of Papa’s beloved Son in his heavenly Father.  Then, the many mansions of the Father’s house will be re-united to one, and the illusion of time no longer occupies our mind. This is because Papa has created but one house: Heaven.  All the many mansions have been fabricated by the upside-down mind of His Son, who has dreamt of separation.  The Father and His Son need but one house in which to dwell.  That house is Perfect Oneness, where All are equal, with no differences, no separate levels of Being. 

Alleluia! J 

Brian Longhurst 


…each soul on the path of incarnation is guided and helped by loved ones in the Inner Plane, from whence each soul has incarnated.  It is all according to the Law and was so also with our Lord Jesus.

John of Patmos, the Teacher, May 3rd 1992 

January 16th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

We have all heard the expression, ‘The devil is in the detail’, and mostly, in this dream of time and place, this is the case.  Okay, we replace ‘devil’ with ‘ego’ and it changes the misperception that we are an effect (all the ‘bad stuff’ that keeps happening is being done to us) to: however much it may appear otherwise, there is no ‘devil’ save ourself, which Jesus calls the ego; thus are we actually the cause, not effect of our troubles.  This is the result of the mad moment of wondering what it would be like to experience being what we are not.   

Even within the confines of the time and place consciousness such an idea can readily be seen as absurd; a concept that cannot last, because it is a pretence, and however hard we try to adopt a false identity, we know it is not who we really are.  We can suppress that knowing, even to the point where, at a conscious level, we seem to have forgotten our correct identity.  But deep down, in our subliminal memory, we never forget the truth.  How much more, then, will this apply to our unlimited, eternal, all-Knowing Christ Self? 

We do appear to have forgotten Who we are.  Since we are Love, which is Life and Light, what we are pretending to be, to have as our experience, can only be fear, death and darkness.  Jesus reminds us in A Course in Miracles that having and being are the same, so there is no contradiction in this.  Since that was our choice, not a choice foisted upon us, it can only be that we are the cause of our own misery.  But as we have chosen this and we have God-given free will, we can choose again.  Nevertheless, the illusion seems so convoluted it appears there can be no way out of the maze. 

It can seem very difficult to escape from a maze, or wilderness, and this is because we get distracted by the morass of detail in which we find ourself.  And the more we become confused trying to sort out the detail and make sense of it, the more detail keeps appearing, to bemuse us even more.  Further, since the detail is specifically devised to bewilder and sidetrack us – all the while we believe we can escape from fear, darkness and death by focusing on the detail in the belief that it is all there is, and therefore must provide the solution to our predicament – so do we become more ensnared. 

This does seem to be a devilishly fiendish game we have made up.  Like the adage ‘when you are in a hole, stop digging’, when detail is the cause of the confusion, stop focusing on the detail; for by attempting to unscramble it we simply scramble it further.  When my brother was about four years old he managed to completely dismantle our grandparents’ travel-alarm clock.  When our mother found him, surrounded by a mass of parts, he sheepishly said, ‘I haven’t quite got it back together again yet.’  Of course he could never have reassembled it into working order because he was a child. 

We are, in our Earth-mind consciousness, children pretending to be grown up.  Not making much of a job of it, are we?  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  As has been observed here on previous occasions, the devil (ego) may be in the detail, but Papa is in the Principle.  The two – detail and principle – are opposites.  When a child gets itself in a muddle, it at least has the sense – sooner or later – to turn to a grown-up to help it straighten things out.  Jesus is a grown-up; i.e. fully Awake and empowered.  He is offering his help.  Most of the fragments of the illusorily-broken Sonship are ignoring his offer.  

This is because they don’t recognise him for what he actually is.  He has been misrepresented by those who claim to speak for him, claim to be bringing his message of help, and the offer has been distorted by completely valueless, conditional, fear-inducing detail.  Thus has a veil – the Laodicean* church – been interposed between us and the Principle, obscuring it from our sight.  But he came from the Source of Principle to demonstrate That from Which he had come, and that message is Love.  Love cannot be Love if conditions are attached to it.  It becomes counterfeit; a parody. 

But Jesus has never lost sight of the Principle and in truth neither have we, his seemingly fragmented brothers in the one Son that he and we all are.  We became momentarily distracted by detail.  Detail is ego’s domain.  It suggests there is something wrong, something to do; that we must ‘make things happen’ and we are running out of time to achieve our uncertain, ever-changing objectives, with elusive, finite resources. Papa and His creation function only according to perfect, eternal, unchanging Principle.  His Son is His creation, therefore it is the only way we can function creatively. 

Detail is darkness and we can never find the Light we are by looking in darkness.  Detail is deliberately complicated, ever changing; Principle is simple, straightforward, easy to follow and stay with because once we have seen it we have seen it forever since It never changes.  Yet all the while we seem to be in time and place, detail calls to us, demands our attention.  It is not possible to pay no heed to detail while we perceive ourself as what we are not; a body.  No doubt my brother was paying heed to the dismantled clock, but still he had no chance of reassembling it to functionality. 

Help is required.  I have a post-it note on my computer monitor that reads Today I will make no decisions by myself.  It is from ACIM, T-30.I.2:2.  How can a child decide for himself how to reassemble his life into a fluidly-functioning, flawless order of progressive purpose?  He cannot because he has forgotten the rules – the principles – for making decisions that will serve not just himself but all his brothers.  The ego leads us astray by deceiving us into believing we are separate from our brothers; that our choices do not affect them.  But we are not separate, thus decisions for self are decisions for all.  

Thus, the best decision we can make is to ask for Help in our decision-making.  From One Who Knows, and Whom we can trust as ourself, because He is our Self.  He is trustworthy because He Knows Who He Is, whereas we – in our ego-addled, Earth-mind consciousness, deceived by appearances, perceived by eyes devised to show us only illusions, never the truth because truth is eternal and unchanging – have been distracted by detail, causing us to forget our true Identity.  Therefore, we must ask for help in remembering the Principles of Life of the Father (PLFs).  

It is like Jesus says in ACIM, that we must bring our illusions to the truth, not the truth to our illusions.  It does not work if we try to ask for help getting details to cohere.  Many years ago I was getting entangled in some detail that was knotting my mind, so I tried to bring Jesus into this mess.  I asked him for his input; no doubt so I could be ‘right’ in my perception.  Nothing.  Not a word.  Some minutes went by and still there was no response.  Then, when enough time had elapsed for some semblance of equilibrium to return to my mind, he simply said, ‘I speak only in principle.’ 

He was not going to allow me to drag him down into my tortuous mental briar patch.  If he did it for one he would have to do it for all and he would then be of no Help to any of us.  That doesn’t mean millions don’t think they have dragged him into their misperceptions.  There are nearly forty thousand schismatic so-called Christian denominations, all, no doubt claiming theirs is right, thus implying all the others are wrong.  They each have their rules, to which their followers must adhere.  But rules are distractions.  ‘Love God and love your neighbour as yourself’ (Mk. 12:30,31) are PLFs. 

So, how do we deal with detail in a world full of seemingly endless, entangled detail, without getting swamped by it, causing us to lose sight of the PLFs?  The answer is, we don’t.  Not the detail that would divert us from the Way back Home to the eternity of Heaven.  Other detail – such as which shirt to wear, or which route to take on our communing walk in the hills – is hardly going to divert us from the direction of our journey back to Oneness in God.  For the details, or decisions, that will affect our spiritual Awakening, such as how to respond to a brother, we ask our Self to guide us.  

Many are fearful of asking because they either believe they are incapable (for which read, unworthy) of hearing the Spirit of Truth, or that He would not speak with them (because, wait for it… they believe they are unworthy).  Or maybe He is too busy to bother with our trivial issues (disguised unworthiness. J).  But this is not some exalted, separate, high and mighty (in the religionist sense) being, who might deign to smile upon us if we have been ‘good’.  This is our own, true Self; the Being that we are, Who dwells within us every moment, indivisibly; Who Loves us unconditionally and never judges us

Jesus has some very sound, practical advice for us in such matters, from chapter 30, section I of ACIM, headed ‘Rules for Decision’:  

Decisions are continuous. You do not always know when you are making them. But with a little practice with those you recognize, a set begins to form which sees you through the rest. It is not wise to let yourself become preoccupied with every step you take. The proper set, adopted consciously each time you wake, will put you well ahead. And if you (ego-led little self) find resistance strong and dedication weak, you are not ready. Do not fight yourself. But think about the kind of day you want, and tell yourself there is a way in which this very day can happen just like that. Then try again to have the day you want.  

1.      The outlook starts with this: 

Today I will make no decisions by myself. 

This means that you are choosing not to be the judge of what to do. But it must also mean you will not judge the situations where you will be called upon to make response. For if you judge them, you have set the rules for how you should react to them. And then another answer cannot but produce confusion and uncertainty and fear. 

(Some italic mine, for emphasis) 

There is much additional, helpful guidance in this section, which is too long for inclusion here, save for the final sentence: …Your judgment has been lifted from the world by your decision for a happy day. And as you have received, so must you give.  (Underlining and emboldening mine, for emphasis.)  I commend its complete consideration for greater Help on our journey Home.  By steadfastly following his counsel we are training our mind to unconsciously, intuitively, automatically attune with our Whole (and thus, Holy) Self within, until it becomes our normal, healed, happy, right mind. 

There are three further, enormously uplifting aspects to this approach to decision-making, or handling details in our daily lives jointly with our Higher, all-Loving, all-Knowing Self.  1) It will increasingly give us the peace of mind that our decisions are right, not just for ourself, but for all; 2) it increasingly dispels ego’s script from our thinking, and 3) it frees our mind to commune with Papa.  Communing with Papa is singing the Song of Prayer (which is the Song of Oneness, mutual Gratitude, Love, Adoration, Joy).  This is our true, natural, eternal state.  To practise this is to collapse time, restoring us to wholeness immeasurably quicker. 

The alternative is indeterminate further circuits of the carousel; continuing indefinitely in uncertainty, limitation, illness, fear and death.  In our communing we experience Love beyond imagining; inner peace of which this world knows nothing; joy unbounded; certainty beyond all doubt of our all-Knowing, all-empowerment, wholeness, completion, perfection.  Everything.  And the more we commune the more everything becomes ours uninterruptedly and uninterruptibly. 

Once we choose, remember, Know, live the Principles, the details take care of themselves. 

Love, Peace, Joy bless and comfort us all during our journey back to Oneness, 

Brian Longhurst 

* See Rev. 3:14 ff. 


As those who sojourn to take refreshment with you go forward upon their journey rejoicing, so send them with your blessing, for this shall continue to provide for them vitality for their progress upon the Way.

Jesus, May 10th 1992 

January 23rd 2013 

Dear Friends, 

Quantum improvements have been made in communications facilities and systems in the last generation or so, with email, internet, social networking, Skype, mobile/cell phones, smart phones…  No doubt there will emerge further mechanisms in the coming years.  All these help to make our dream existence in time and place ‘better’, more convenient.  But if we allow them to distract us from, or substitute for, the only true mechanism of communicating, then we will not be fulfilling our only true reason for taking a body (yet again). 

Such technological advances in electronic wizardry can serve us well in the rejoining of the Sonship by enabling reconnection of presently embodied kindred souls.  We all have close relationships with others with whom we have been in loving association for numerous incarnations.  And even though each of us enters a state of complete forgetfulness with each new body we make, that forgetfulness is only at the conscious level.  Consciousness is the level of our mind which engages in the illusory world of time and place, responding or reacting to the events that seem to be occurring around us. 

Our conscious mind is also capable of responding to the superconscious, or God-aware part of our mind – through which Revelation comes direct from Him – and to the subconscious part of our mind, through which, so says Jesus, miracles come.  But because we have free will, we can choose to not respond to impulses from our superconscious or subconscious mind.  Most of the embodied fragments of the Sonship remain in the choice for forgetfulness, and thus, in a state of unawareness of their superconscious and subconscious mind.  This perpetuates the illusion of separation.  

Some of those with whom we are in a multi-incarnation association will be embodied simultaneously with us and some disembodied.  Those who are disembodied can help us from spirit during our incarnate state of mind, but for them to do that to optimal effect we must consciously acknowledge their presence with us in order to engage their loving assistance.  They can still help us, even without our conscious awareness/acceptance of their loving presence; but our lack of acceptance –engendered by fear – severely limits this because they honour our free will choice for separation. 

An open heart-mind therefore serves us well. J 

Some of those embodied simultaneously with us might be geographically nearby and some on another continent.  Modern communications technology is massively assisting the reconnecting of the fragmented Sonship, albeit, initially only at the conscious level.  What happens thereafter is our free choice.  We can maintain that contact at only the superficial, mundane level of awareness, or we can extend, or develop this into the holy (Loving, heart-centred) relationship that all relationships between brothers is destined to become.  How can sooner not be preferable to later? 

If we commit all our endeavours into the care of the Spirit of Truth, our Holy Self, Who is the mind-to-mind, heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul, life-to-life connection between us all, He will effect the reconnecting of those who belong together but might be separated bodily by geography.  He is perfectly capable of enabling such reconnections using electronic technology, or simply by ‘chance’ encounters in the street, on a plane… anywhere, by any means.  He Knows all minds, so can restore loving, holy relationships between brothers, or bring relationships broken in one incarnation back into contact for healing in another. 

Either way, we have but one purpose for taking a body: to rejoin the fragmented Sonship from all levels of consciousness to Oneness.  Oneness is the reality of us all, but can only be experienced at the highest level of desire.  It matters not a scrap that we may appear to not be functioning at the highest level of being.  That is an illusion, so is neither real nor true; nor can it ever be.  It is our desire that connects us with reality, our true, perfect, unchanging, eternal, all-Loving Self.  This is true of us all, however much outward appearances may indicate otherwise.  In July 1997 Jesus told me: 

My son, your heart’s desire is not something that is becoming; a faltering, chance, haphazard development.  It is a strong, well-established creation, as I have already said, perfectly forged in the fire of Spirit, in pure harmony with eternal reality.  It is unfolding before you in your Earthly life as you go forward upon the path, led by me, your guide to Eternity, motivated from within by that strong desire...  (Awareness of those) with whom you are in close association (is inevitable) because of like desires. 

This is true for us all because it is a PLF.  There are, and can be, no exceptions.  Most of us are in denial of this, lost in the illusion of littleness, unworthiness…, unaware of our reality.  So it seems like we do not have such a desire – for Oneness in the Kingdom – but this word, above, from Jesus clarifies this point unequivocally. 

When we encounter one with whom there is antipathy we can allow that state to continue – ego’s preference – or we can choose, with our Holy Self, to heal that brokenness.  There are many such broken relationships that are beyond the reach of healing on a face-to-face basis, but none is beyond the reach of healing via the mechanism of our Holy Self.  There is but one Holy Self, which is who we are and also who our brother is; thus are we one, even with our ‘worst enemy’.  In such extreme (yet immensely widespread) situations, true forgiveness will ALWAYS effect the healing. 

It takes only one to heal a broken relationship, by forgiving his estranged brother for what he has, in truth, never done – because what he appeared to have done was only in time and place.  What appeared to be done in illusion never happened in reality.  Holding onto a grievance, maintaining an attitude of unforgiveness for what never actually happened, can only be by an insane mind that is intent on remaining forgetful of his true Being, committed to loneliness, misery, illness and death.  Any who believe all such is inevitable truly have forgotten who they really are. 

But Papa has not forgotten Who His beloved Son is, and neither has Jesus.  And because we are indivisibly one in truth, we can never be separate, lonely, miserable or die in truth, even if we believe we can.  Such beliefs are mistaken, and though we can make them appear real in the dream, the illusion of time and place, we cannot undermine the Will of God for Him and His one Son to BE one in eternity.  So, one forgiving his brother heals them both – even if the other remains unforgiving – because the forgiver breaks the karmic entanglement that had kept both locked together in hell. 

The other cannot maintain his now solitary stance of unforgiveness indefinitely, even if it continues one-sidedly for years.  As the old saying goes, It takes two to tango.  A tug o’ war also takes two opposing sides, and when one side has let go the rope, the war is over (however much the other wishes it to continue).  This is because it is only minds that can war, and that only within the confines of dreaming of war.  Bodies get used in warfare but they are not real, and are entirely neutral, merely blindly obeying what minds instruct them to do.  There is no war, only peace, in Heaven. 

When one mind chooses to rejoin with the other, the Law of God says they are rejoined.  The one who so chose, through forgiveness, will begin to experience that as his reality, which manifests as Peace, Joy, Love.  The former angst in him has been dispelled, and goodwill and blessing taken its place.  There does not need to be contact at the bodily level of awareness. We are not a body.  The contact can freely continue, uninterrupted, at the level of mind.  The now-righted mind can send Love and blessings to his brother via their unbreakable link: Holy Spirit Self, Which joins them irreversibly. 

This is mind-to-mind communing.  The conscious attitude of unforgiveness, or grievance – which appears to continue to be held by the forgiven brother – now has no power because the cycle of unforgiveness requires input of conflicting energy by both parties to give it power (and then, only at the illusory level; the battlefield of time and place).  Just as when one side has let go the rope, the tug o’ war is over, however much the other side may wish it to continue.  Mind-to-mind communing takes place above the battlefield, where the Spirit of Truth is the conveyor of Love and blessing.  

Here, ego is undone forever and a once unholy, broken, fear-, judgement- and hate-ridden relationship is restored to wholeness, holiness, oneness.  Here, the brother who forgave is also forgiven, by his own choice for forgiveness, which has released him from the yoke, the prison of unforgiveness.  Now both once-separated minds are free of the defences, the barricades that blocked the Revelation and miracle impulses in our superconscious and subconscious mind from emerging into our awareness.  Mind-to-mind communion connects us via the common union of our Holy Spirit Self. 

The ego has no awareness or understanding of this at all, and may continue waging its now one-sided, disempowered, purposeless war of judgement and grievance down on the battlefield of Earth-mind consciousness.  But this is of none-effect because mind-to-mind communing is above the battlefield, where no conflict exists, nor can exist.  All conflict is misperceived because it is fear-engendered, and fear is unreal.  When we forgive and bless our brother we cast out fear, which is destructive, and engage our God-given, all-empowering creative mind.  Here is what Jesus has to say about this: 

All aspects of fear are untrue because they do not exist at the creative level, and therefore do not exist at all.  To whatever extent you are willing to submit your beliefs to this test, to that extent are your perceptions corrected.  In sorting out the false from the true, the miracle proceeds along these lines: 

Perfect love casts out fear.

If fear exists,

Then there is not perfect love. 


 Only perfect love exists.

 If there is fear,

It produces a state that does not exist.  

Believe this and you will be free. Only God can establish this solution, and this faith is His gift. 

(ACIM, T-1.VI.5. My emboldening, for emphasis.) 

Then he continues in the next section:  

Your distorted perceptions produce a dense cover over miracle impulses (including healing through forgiveness), making it hard for them to reach your own awareness.  The confusion of miracle impulses with physical impulses is a major perceptual distortion. Physical impulses are misdirected miracle impulses. All real pleasure comes from doing God’s Will. This is because not doing it is a denial of Self. Denial of Self results in illusions, while correction of the error brings release from it. Do not deceive yourself into believing that you can relate in peace to God or to your brothers with anything external

Child of God, you were created to create the good, the beautiful and the holy. Do not forget this. The Love of God, for a little while, must still be expressed through one body to another, because vision is still so dim. You can use your body best to help you enlarge your perception so you can achieve real vision, of which the physical eye is incapable. Learning to do this is the body’s only true usefulness. 

(ACIM, T-1.VII.1,2.  My emboldening, underlining and some italic mine, for emphasis.) 

Advances in technology can serve us well in the rejoining of the Sonship, but if we allow them to substitute for the one, true communication mechanism that will restore us all to oneness in Peace, Joy and Love we allow ourself to continue being sidetracked by ego into continuing forgetfulness of our One, Whole, Holy Self.  Mind-to-mind communing with our brother means we are preparing, practising Mind-to-Mind communion with Papa (what other form of communion can we have with Him?) because we share the One Mind with Him and with our brothers until we are all restored to remembrance, awareness of our Oneness in His Mind.  

Love, Peace and Joy continue to bless us all on our journey Home, 

Brian Longhurst 


Have no concern for the imperfections of life.  They are as nothing in the sight of He Who makes all things new.  All moves forward by desire.  You know your desire is as ever and the pattern is unchanged by conditions of time and place, for it is such which is being transformed from above. 

John of Patmos, the Teacher, May 24th 1992 

January 30th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

In Matthew, chapter 9, a man afflicted with paralysis is brought to Jesus for healing.  Jesus is recorded as saying to him, ‘Your sins are forgiven you.’ The fundamentalist religionists who overheard this perceived it as being a blasphemy, on the basis that, according to their understanding, forgiveness is in the sole domain of God.  But Jesus did not say ‘I forgive you your sins.’ It is characteristic of most of us, whose mind labours under ego’s yoke, to hear what ego wants us to hear.  They were looking for ways to condemn him, and this was an opportunity, however slim. 

‘Forgiven’ is the past participle of the verb to forgive.  Past refers to history; what has already happened.  Therefore, he was simply using the opportunity to provide a reminder for all of us who are ready, willing and able to receive the message, that not only the paralytic, but all of us have been forgiven from day one (the instant of the separation).  This is entirely in accord with the central thrust of his message to us in A Course in Miracles.  There is a dichotomy between the doctrine that only God is able to forgive (‘sins’ or any other error or omission) and other Christian teachings. 

Christianity concurs with each of us (perceived as separate from God) being forgiven our ‘trespasses’ by God as we forgive those we perceive as ‘trespassing’ against us.  Thus, if we are unforgiving, we are unable to receive forgiveness.  Not because God is unwilling to forgive us – He has already forgiven us, and never changes His Mind – but because unwillingness to forgive blocks our channels of receptivity to awareness of the forgiveness that is already ours.  How many of us – ‘believers’ or no – are willing to forgive our brother his ‘trespasses against us’ seventy times seven, as famously stated by Jesus? 

We only need to practise forgiveness all the while we believe there is something to forgive.  When we have forgiven a perceived ‘trespass’, or ‘sin’, we are released from the burden of that sin that keeps us imprisoned in a body on the carousel of birth and death.  Whether perceived in ourself or a brother, it makes no difference, for we are one.  It is easier to see such in our brothers than in ourself, because we have projected our own imagined sins – and therefore, guilt – onto our brothers in an attempt to rid ourself of the unbearable burden.  Thus do we choose to not see them in ourself.   

No-one can say the ego is not devious.  One could go so far as to say doubly-devious, to cause maximum confusion in our upside-down mind.  For on the one hand, by persuading us to project the perceived sins and guilt onto our brother, we can be misled into believing that we are free of the burden.  That may convince our conscious mind.  But lurking beneath that is our unconscious mind, which still harbours the horrors of our imagined sin (tearing a part of God – us – away from Himself, thereby ‘attacking’ Him).  That means they are still with us yet we are mostly unaware of them. 

But because they are still with us, haunting us unconsciously, we call judgement, punishment into our presence unconsciously, because though we cannot admit it consciously – that would be far too painful – deep down we believe we deserve punishment.  Unconscious self-punishment comes in many forms… ‘accidents’, illness, addictions; the latter to numb our mind and provide us with a way of committing suicide (quickly or slowly; it makes no difference) yet remain in denial of this.  These unconsciously called-upon punishments seem unrelated to our guilt; thus we miss the connection. 

So, projection does not rid us of guilt, the progenitor of fear, which blocks our awareness of Love’s presence within us.  It simply hides the guilt from our awareness, causing us to believe we have got rid of it, yet remains within us, working its destructive works upon us.  We do this to ourself unconsciously, as it is too confusing, frightening, terrible to contemplate – because we believe that which we see as unforgiveable deserves punishment.  Meanwhile we have lulled our conscious mind into the half-hearted belief that we are not guilty, so we feel justified in accepting that we are not. 

How hellish is the conflict within us, between our conscious and unconscious mind.  Our conscious mind feverishly tries to persuade us we are not guilty, so we have no need to root it out and dispel it by forgiving ourself.  And if we are guilty, God is going to punish us anyway, so let us keep on with the pretence that we are innocent; after all, it’s everybody else that is guilty, so we have no need to forgive ourself.  And if we are guilty after all, who are we to forgive ourself, since forgiveness – or otherwise – is in the sole domain of God?  No wonder the religionists, yoked to ego’s script, didn’t want Jesus to spill the beans. J.  

And if we see no need to forgive ourself, then we cannot receive the forgiveness that is rightfully ours because Papa created His Son in His own likeness – perfect, pure and innocent.  This means that in our perception we do not have true forgiveness, so we cannot give it to our brother, since we cannot give what we do not believe we have.  Ego, ever being the doubly-devious, duplicitous devil, devised the deception of false forgiveness to confuse us into believing we have forgiven a ‘trespass’; but false forgiveness affirms the sin, thus giving reality in our confused perception to the unreal.  

Full marks for any who have managed to follow this endeavour to straighten-out these convolutions so far. To further assist is an extract from Vignette 5 in Part Two of SYFK:  

5. The Free Gift of Forgiveness 

This event took place during a Communion Service in 1998...

… I felt Papa above and around me. He held me in the stillness and said, “My son, draw closer to Me. Open yourself to receive My love more.”…

At the Kingdom prayer, as I spoke the words to Papa ‘… forgive us our debts (or ‘trespasses’), as we forgive our debtors…’ He jumped in and instantly, emphatically said, I forgive you!” He was holding in His right hand what looked like a bolt of lightning, about sixty centimetres (two feet) long. It was jagged, rather reminiscent of stylised illustrations of such. It was pure living gold, radiant and bright as the sun. He swooped His hand down with it and placed it in my spine. I felt the restorative power with which it filled me.

I realised that forgiveness – and the wholeness into which it releases us – is ours because He has given it to us, and He longs for us to receive it… Until we ‘come to ourselves’ and turn around 180 degrees from facing the darkness, and face toward the Light, which is Papa, how can the free gift of forgiveness (and with it the restoration to wholeness and Life) that He constantly proffers be ours until we are willing to gladly receive and accept it unto ourself?

I said to Him, “Beloved Papa, ...I thank You for Your revelation today, and joyfully open myself, the door of my life, to receive Your love more. Thank You for giving me Your forgiveness. It is, I now know, the real experience, and does transform our lives from within. I feel freed from the burdens of unforgiveness that have been ebbing and flowing around and within me.”

He replied:

“… this is My free gift to all who desire, earnestly, to receive it and hold fast in faith, trust, obedience+ and commitment to my Word. It is not possible for you to forgive* others, only to desire to forgive others. By so desiring, I give you the gift of forgiveness (i.e. we open ourself to receiving what He has always proffered, because in eternal reality the gift is only given when it is received) and then you truly have forgiveness. It flows out from you, through you. In Truth, it is not yours to give. All things come of Me and are My free gift to all who will receive freely. Thus can these good gifts not be abused or manipulated by distorted desires.” 

+ This means obedience to our own, inner Self, shining the Light of eternal truth into our mind. 

* This refers to ‘false forgiveness’. As stated on page 638 in the Text of A Course in Miracles: “It pardons ‘sinners’ sometimes, but remains aware that they have sinned. And so they do not merit the forgiveness that it gives. This is the false forgiveness which the world employs to keep the sense of sin alive.”

False forgiveness, then, is where the ‘sin’ is acknowledged and then ‘forgiven’. However, the flaw in this misperception is that by acknowledging the sin, we give it reality. This is a ploy of ego mind, which wants us to remain bogged-down in a false world of sin. 

He then went on to say: 

“Eternal life is My free gift also to all who desire to receive it. Let your desire be pure in all things, My son. I empowered My beloved Firstborn (i.e. Jesus, the first fragment to remember, and thus be restored to, his true Being) for forgiveness of ‘sins’ on Earth because it is My gift to give to whomsoever I choose (i.e. whosoever is ready to receive it). This was befitting of his status and his mission, so that as many as I gave to him should recognise him as My Anointed Messenger. To you I say, pray for your fellows as many and as often as you are able. So shall the incense rise up to Me as a pleasant aroma and enable the outpouring of My love and wholeness to be received, to enter in whereunto I send it.

“Peace be with you; all is well.” 

This communion was seven years before I came to A Course in Miracles and the above quote about false forgiveness. When Papa says that it is not possible for me (i.e., any of us) to forgive others, only to desire to forgive, but that He had empowered Jesus in this, I interpret this as meaning that all the while the fragmented Sonship perceives sin as real, we are unable, of our limited, persona self, to truly forgive, but when we desire to forgive, we begin on the path back to wakefulness, remembrance of our true Being as His one Son, Christ. Then, like Jesus, we come to realise that there is no actual sin, only a dream of sin, so true forgiveness becomes possible for us because, as Jesus states in A Course in Miracles, page 401 of the Workbook for Students: 

(True) Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred. It does not pardon sins and [thus] make them real [‘false’ forgiveness]. It sees there was no sin. And in that view are all your sins forgiven. What is sin, except a false idea about God’s Son? Forgiveness merely sees its falsity, and therefore lets it go. What then is free to take its place is now the Will of God. 

Forgiving ourself – for what, in truth we have never done – is, then, both the most important and the hardest thing any of us can accomplish.  ‘Most important’ because it releases us from the burden of unforgiveness we have placed upon ourself, freeing us to receive the forgiveness that has always actually been ours, but has been veiled from our sight by ego’s deception about our true Being.  Equally ‘most important’ because until we receive and accept unto ourself (or are willing so to do) the forgiveness that has always been our free gift from Papa, we are not able to truly forgive our brother. 

‘Hardest’ because whatever we believe in our conscious mind, in our unconscious mind we believe we are guilty and thus unworthy of forgiveness; only punishment.  Self-forgiveness is very, very hard because unforgiveness of self is obscured, hidden from our conscious mind.  It is impossible without the Help of Holy Spirit-Self and/or Jesus and our own unequivocal willingness and commitment to co-operate.  And in the absence of our committed willingness, indeterminate further circuits of the not-so-merry-go-round are inescapable, because They cannot help us without our agreement.   

Willingness to accept Papa’s forgiveness of our self (self-forgiveness) enables us to feel the release of anger, grievance, judgement, hurt, resentment… into the inner peace we feel, which tells us when we have truly forgiven our brother. That inner peace is far, far beyond the understanding of the world.  Only when we have forgiven ourself and our brother is the cycle of unforgiveness that has held us in its thrall since the beginning of time released.  When we accept forgiveness unto ourself, forgiving our brother becomes a doddle.  Then we really begin to experience miracles because we have become miracle-minded. 

So, how do we reconcile the seeming conflict between God being the Source of All – including our forgiveness – and the need to forgive ourself?  Simply by saying “ Beloved Papa, thank You for giving me Your forgiveness.  I gladly receive it and accept it unto myself so that I now Know, of a certainty beyond all doubt, that I have forgiveness, and am thus able to give it to my brother.” 

A toast to true forgiveness J

Brian Longhurst


Have I not said, “Be thou faithful”?  So shall thy faith make thee whole – one with the Father, even as I and my Father are One. 

Jesus, June 21st 1992

February 6th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

I am being prompted to share our experience of the last few days.  Theresa and I have had a brother and his wife staying for a few days.  He is bipolar and sadly, perceives the world against him, out to do him down, rip him off.  For many years he worked in the world of stock-broking and investment banking.  No doubt large sums passed his way over the years, and money can be very beguiling.  Throughout the millennia many have succumbed to its draw as an idol.  It can be like the carrot and stick, leading us down some rocky side roads, yet ever evading our grasp.   

It is a poor substitute for Papa, Who never evades us when we turn to Him.  Yet there is nothing wrong with money; it is our attitude toward it that is where the potential for distraction from the Highway Home, and thus, where the danger lies.  In recent years I have been asking for my Love for this brother to become unfettered from petty, worldly, ego misperceptions and judgements, and that I might become an instrument of assistance in his releasing from his self-imprisonment in misery.  So this visit was an opportunity I did not wish to let pass without some forward progress. 

But I also did not wish to let persona Brian and any ego monkey-wrenches get in the way of the Holy Spirit’s releasing-to-freedom intentions.  So I told Him I was giving all into His care and that I would simply respond to opportunities provided by Him for healing/releasing, rather than trying to devise them myself.  This made me feel completely comfortable and at peace, instead of anxiously examining every moment to see how it could be manipulated to my ‘contrived, saving agenda’. 

As it happened, no outstanding opportunities for sharing profound wisdom from ACIM arose (which I had secretly hoped might be the case. J)  Instead, there was carefree, loving, spontaneous, easy, relaxed intercourse between us the whole visit, with no awkward moments.  When it came time for them to depart we hugged warmly, easily and I could feel how the Love, compassion and blessing for him in my heart had grown, and equally how he felt the same toward me.  This was immeasurably more rewarding than engaging in intellectual debate about what is ‘right’. 

This precious time together palpably brought home to me that only Love – without condition – can restore us, Papa’s beloved Son, to oneness, wholeness.  Contorting our mind with intellectualising and debate about which belief or doctrine is the solution to mankind’s problems is much more likely to lead to more division and conflicted perception, rather than union.  Vision is an integral aspect of our Being.  It is the free gift of God, already ours, complete and perfect, so entails no thinking.  Allowing our vision to simply happen enables Papa to reveal Himself to His Son without effort. 

That revelation can only be Love, perfect and complete, because that is all Papa IS.  Nothing else.  Love encompasses ALL; It is everything.  This is all He has to give us, and is therefore all we have to give to our brothers.  He hides nothing from us when we open ourself to Him.  Then, we have placed ourself back where we belong: within His Love and Light.  Darkness, doubt, fear, despair, loneliness are instantly shone away by the Light that is His Love.  Then, all the details of our illusory embodiment in time and place simply fall into place, comfortably.  This is what – and only what – restores us to oneness. 

Time has nothing to do with this process, and is irrelevant to its accomplishment.  If we allow time into the equation it sets off anxiety, blocking and veiling our vision from the eternal, unchangeable reality of our Being in Him.  In our attunement with the timelessness of eternity our unencumbered vision shows us that we both have and are Love, so we cannot help but share, give, extend Love to all our brothers.  This is what Jesus does, without effort, and he is our example, our template for Being.  When this is our sole desire, as it is for him, then is our objective – oneness – accomplished.  

A Course in Miracles can help us immeasurably in the process of remembering this, but cannot be an intellectual substitute for it.  Talking the talk is a hollow, ineffectual diversion from walking the walk, hand-in-hand with Jesus.  Taking his hand reconnects us with him, opening us back to Love, because he is Love.  When we open to Love the cataracts fall from our eyes and we are restored to our true estate of all-Knowing; that we are One, In the Heart-Mind of God, with no striving, anxiety, judgement or conflict. 

This awareness was the beautiful gift that became mine (again) by my willingness to leave all to the Spirit of Truth during this God-given opportunity of a few days of togetherness with my brother, with no persona-Brian agenda getting in the way.  Thank you for allowing me to share with you. 

Love, always

Brian Longhurst 


…let rejoicing fill your innermost heart and soul.  For though the conditions of Earth are not yet one with the Kingdom, all moves forward and the manifestation from the Inner Plane into the outer plane of Earth-life awareness proceeds apace. 

Jesus, June 28th 1992 

February 13th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

I woke a few mornings ago to find myself spontaneously communing with Papa, so got notebook and pen and wrote the words that flowed into, or through, my mind.  It was ostensibly as if I was speaking the words to Him, but at the same time it was He Who was giving, placing the words for me to express, to provide further clarity and affirmation.  I share those words here in the hope they will help extend clarity further through the illusorily-fragmented mind of the Sonship: 

Papa, You are in me every moment, in a part of my mind of which I am not consciously aware; to which I am not yet fully awake.  Yet I can rejoice and give thanks for the certainty beyond all doubt that You are in me, with me, immovably, always, eternally; Loving me totally, unconditionally; Knowing that as Your beloved Son I am forever pure, innocent, everlasting Love – just as You created me.  

It seems absurd, ludicrous that I could choose uncertainty about everything, including my own identity, and try to hide from You in so many masquerade costumes; that I could/should go to such lengths – even fabricating idols, such as fear-based religion, to ‘prove’ to myself that the unreality of separation, guilt and fear are real, arising from my own ‘sinfulness’, for which You are set on punishing me, and that sacrifice is the path to salvation – to deceive myself into forgetting to laugh.   

Now, thanks to the Spirit of Truth You gave to me, and my beloved brother, Jesus, I can laugh again because I now accept and Know that none of this is real. 

For a moment I had placed a veil between us, causing me to believe You are ‘up there’ and I am ‘down here’, out of reach of You.  Now I am remembering that You are right here, with me, in me, even as I am in You, this very moment, sharing Your Joy and laughter; that this is the only moment, forever unchanging. Now there is no past to fear and can be no future to cause me doubt or uncertainty. 

Now I Know that the veil never was anything but a figment of my confused imagination, which I thought was hiding me from You, the Light of Life, because I believed I was guilty. Now I am choosing, learning, remembering to see right past that pesky veil.  It had been inveigling me to project onto it dark shadows of death, obscuring my vision so that I was no longer aware of Your Presence, Your Love, Your Grace.   

Now I am choosing my only awareness to be remembrance of being, with all my brothers and every living thing, one in You and You in me; simply Being… Being LOVE, Being LIGHT, Being PEACE, Being JOY.  In my dream of being a little, confused mind in a weak, limited, vulnerable body I cannot do this because I made up this persona-self, and that which is made-up is not real, cannot be real, cannot know reality

So I must awaken from the dream of unreality to the truth of my eternal Self: the Christ, Your one, beloved Son, just as Jesus has wakened.  For only reality can be aware of reality, so persona Brian needs the Help of reality in the form of Your Voice – the Spirit of Truth, Which You gave to me, to be with me and comfort me as I dream of sojourning in a far, famine-stricken country – and Jesus, to hold my hand, so that I may be strengthened and upheld when I feel the dream threatening to engulf me and blind me with erroneous thinking and misperception. 

By Their Help can I be certain that even when I momentarily appear to be choosing illusion I am – in the undivided part of my mind that never slumbers – really choosing oneness in You.  And by holding Jesus’ hand, which he always freely proffers, I can Know that I am not alone; that I am travelling in the right direction – toward the Light, even though I am not always, yet, aware of the Light – because I trust implicitly that he not only Knows the way but is the Way.   

And I know that You have forgiven me; therefore I have forgiveness, and can readily pardon myself.  For what I thought was real was only a dream, so I have not sinned, but merely strayed a moment, in my mind, from You.  I thought I could rid myself of perceived guilt by projecting it onto my imaginary brother – making him guilty in my place – but now I know I can easily forgive him, so we can be lovingly rejoined as one in You. 

For I now remember that all I perceive in a brother is but a reflection of my own self-perception.  Even if I do not perceive him as guilty in my conscious awareness, if I do not feel Your Love for him in my heart, I now know that I am projecting guilt and fear onto him from my unconscious mind.  This can only be released by forgiving him, for as I forgive him, so am I forgiven, that we both may have your Peace in our experience and freely enter the Kingdom of Your Love, together, as one. 

So, I now repudiate guilt, fear, scarcity, loss, loneliness, illness, death… all that is not of You. 

Beloved Papa, I welcome You into my abode, my heart, rejoicing that as host to You, I can no longer be hostage to ego. And I give joyous, heart-surging thanks for Your Grace in welcoming me Home, to celebrate the glory of our reunion. 

Thanks also to all for the priceless gift of allowing me to share this treasured moment of communion; for true communion is common union in which we all can freely, lovingly share, 

Brian Longhurst 


All who come to the Table shall be given, and none shall be refused.  Let this be your message, from your heart, that darkness which enshrouds souls in despair may be lifted, to reveal to each one the Light of his or her own within, where shines the Love and Light of the Father Creator. 

Jesus, July 5th 1992

February 20th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

During recent fellowship the subject of Jesus’ parable of the ten virgins (Mt. 25) arose. It is, in allegoric form, highly pertinent to these ‘end times’.  I remembered that I had written about this in an MoE in 2006.  As I reread that MoE much new understanding of its esoteric, mystical meaning flowed in.  An updated, amended version, accordingly, follows here. 

This parable tells of five wise and five foolish virgins attending a wedding.  The wise took vessels of extra oil with them to keep their lamps lit while they waited for the bridegroom; the foolish did not.  Jesus says the bridegroom ‘tarried’ (delayed his return from the wedding ceremony and banquet celebrations) and meanwhile the virgins ‘slumbered and slept’ (incarnated and reincarnated during the second measure of meal epoch).   

Then, at midnight (the end of the second measure of meal epoch, and thus the beginning of the New Day, the third measure of meal, the Aquarian, or Kingdom, Age) a cry was made, ‘The bridegroom cometh, go ye out to meet him.’ (Mt. 25:6.) 

This, being a parable, is full of symbol and metaphor, using a cultural event of the Middle East in those times, and most of us in the West today are unaware of the order of events of such an occasion.  Barnes’ Notes on the New Testament are helpful here.  Below are some extracts from those Notes, in green type, and as inspired so to do, I have added comments in navy type amongst them.   

The lamps used on such occasions (weddings) were rather torches or flambeaux. They were made by winding rags around pieces of iron or earthenware, sometimes hollowed so as to contain oil, and fastened to handles of wood. These torches were dipped in oil, and gave a large light. Marriage ceremonies in the East were conducted with great pomp and solemnity.  

The ceremony of marriage was performed commonly in the open air, on the banks of a stream (symbolising the waters of life). Both the bridegroom and bride were attended by friends; they were escorted in a palanquin, carried by four or more persons. After the ceremony of marriage there followed a feast of seven days if the bride was a virgin, or three days if she was a widow. This feast was celebrated in her father’s house.  

Here one could readily observe that this symbolises the Father’s House, or Heaven.  Heaven – although believed in by many – was not consciously known or experienced by almost all of humanity in the Earth-life consciousness during this 2000-year celebratory period: the second measure of meal.  But It was known about by those who espoused their lives to the ‘bridegroom’ – Jesus – in the Realms of Light.  Such souls have been coming and going between those Heavenly realms and the earthly life multiple times during that era.    

For most of us, even if we were awake to the realities of this parable during our intervals in spirit between incarnations, we have had little or no conscious awareness of that reality during our repeated returns to Earth-life embodiment, since incarnating entails amnesia.  And because the institutionalised church has not understood these esoteric truths, it has been singularly unable to provide any light of discernment about it here, on Earth.  Barnes goes on to say: At the end of that time (the 2000-year Piscean Age, or second measure of meal) the bridegroom conducted the bride, with great pomp and splendour, to his own home…  

Revelation 21:2 describes it thusly: And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven (the Father’s House), prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.  This indicates that the Plan, Jesus’ great desire for us all, is to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth – the consummation of the marriage of Heaven (Eternal awareness) with Earth (time-and-place consciousness). This was done in the evening, or at night...  This gives meaning to Jesus’ references to his coming as a thief in the night ‘and thou shalt not know what hour I will come’ (Rev. 3:3) – especially in the context of his statement that the bridegroom ‘tarried’. 

Orthodox interpretations of his emphasis on the great need to watch for his (the bridegroom’s) coming imply that the event holds a terrible, judgemental portent for those who are caught unawares by his return.  But this was not Jesus’ intent at all.  What he was saying was, his coming is an esoteric, mystical, metaphysical process, not a physical, bodily event, and to have cognisance of it, attunement of the mind at the spiritual level of awareness is essential to its experience.  

He was also emphasising that it is a JOYFUL event, as indicated by this quote from Lk. 12:37,38: Blessed are those servants, whom the lord when he cometh shall find watching: verily I say unto you, that he shall gird himself, and make them to sit down to meat, and will come forth and serve them. And if he shall come in the second watch (second measure of meal), or come in the third watch (third measure of meal), and find them so, blessed are those servants.  

…Many friends and relations attended them (bride and groom); and besides those who went with them from the house of the bride (the Father's House; Heaven), there was another company that came out from the house of the bridegroom (Earth) to meet them, and welcome them... This indicates a great joining of souls from the Realms of Light with those of like mind, desire and commitment who are incarnate during this event, or process. 

…These were probably female friends and relatives of the bridegroom, who went out to welcome him and his new companion (bride) to their home. These are the virgins mentioned in this parable. Not knowing precisely the time when the procession would come, they probably went out early, and waited by the way till they should see indications of its approach. 

So, this explains that a wedding and its attendant celebrations was a prolonged, joyous occasion.  First came the formalities of the actual wedding ceremony, then the banquet feast, in the Father’s House, to which all are invited, and the doors to the banquet are kept open throughout the seven-days’ – for which read 2000-years’ – festivities in the Father’s House, Heaven.  We all sojourn in spirit between incarnations, and have been freely invited to attend that banquet.  Many millions of us have attended, even though we forget the details at each reincarnation.  Now is the time of remembering.   

Then, at the end of the banquet, the bridegroom conveys the bride to his own home: the NEW Earth, or real world; raised up, transformed, awakened to remembrance of the Kingdom awareness. This symbolises what is happening now.  It is clear from Jesus’ story that the foolish virgins are those of us who have not kept/desired to keep the lamp of spiritual awareness lit during this 2000-year era, but rather, have remained focused only at the illusory, distracting, Earth-life level of consciousness.     

The parable then says, in verse 10, ‘and the door was shut’.  This means that souls outside the door would be prevented from entering in and being part of the consummation (rejoining, or completion of the Sonship as one) procedures.  It is hard for us to imagine how any, other than the bride and groom, could be present at the consummation procedures, an intensely private activity in any marital situation!  But in this parable/allegory, all who will are the bride.  There are billions of us, and neither the numbers nor the gender of the participants has any relevance in this because it is a spiritual, not a bodily event.   

Of Jesus’ manifesting to me in 1967, I wrote in SYFK (chapter 2):  

…His aura of golden, living sunlight had enveloped me and the feeling of love – of Agapé – to my being was so intense, so powerful, so uplifting to my spirit that I felt as if my heart had grown to the size of a football and was going to burst out of my chest cavity.  The feeling of love, not just throughout my body but through my entire aura was an orgasm of the soul but intensified immeasurably more than any such physical experience 

This was incomparably more rapturous than any sexual experience and was so because it was a spiritual event.  How greatly have we limited ourself by reducing our ecstasy to momentary, bodily intercourse/orgasm!  At such a self-diminished level of encounter, how easily it can – and so often does – become debased to merely wanton gratification; an ego-device to keep us imprisoned in a body. 

As for the door being shut, thus preventing ingress for any who had not kept the lamp of their spiritual awareness lit, this indicates that such awareness of, or entry into the place, the NEW Earth or Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, is a state of awareness, dependent upon desire, commitment, one-pointedness.  That desire is the oil that keeps the lamp of our mind illuminated.  And so the shutting of the door is by those outside, not by the bridegroom or the bride, who would/will always welcome those who truly seek and earnestly desire the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  

The parable states: They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them:  But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. (Mt. 25:3,4.)  The oil refers to awareness – or at least, desire for remembrance – of the marriage ceremony and celebration banquet in the Father’s House (Heaven) during the second measure of meal, to which all have been invited.  The lamps would have had some oil, to start the period of watching and waiting for the bridegroom, signifying soul awareness during the early stages of an incarnation.  But the distractions of time and place would soon use up that supply, and without reserve vessels of oil (desire) the spiritual illumination of our mind soon grows dim. 

Then, inevitably, those who did not bring a vessel of oil (desire for eternal, spiritual truth) with them into earthly embodiment shut the door to the Kingdom-of-Heaven-on-Earth soul awareness and experience, or consummation, keeping themselves ‘without’.  This was/is their own choice, their own decision and is not to be construed as a judgemental God or Jesus excluding any from the Kingdom.  

The marriage ceremony and celebratory banquet have now been completed (during the Piscean Age, or second measure of meal).  The bridegroom is now accompanying the bride (coming down – i.e., reincarnating, as Crystal, or Christ-all children – from Heaven) toward the marital home: the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth; the consummating/completing of the rejoining, or raising-up of the fragmented Earth-mind-conscious Sonship, with the all-Loving, all-Knowing, all-empowered Christ.  On July 6th 1997 Jesus said to me:  

…My Plan is all encompassing; every opportunity is catered for, according to the power of the Spirit of Truth.  No event in my earthly life was ‘chance’ fulfilment of prophecy.  So also is the fulfilment of your birth vision because you have committed your life into my care.  Let no one say to you there is no joy in such commitment of life, for I am the Lord of the Purple Ray – the perfect blend of Earth life (red) and fulfilment with eternal truth and reality (blue)The joy of Heaven is thus yours in the Earth life and by no other means is this possibleSo is it with all who come to me. 

The fulfilment, completion or consummating of our Earth-life purpose is the transforming of our lowly, crawling, misperception-of-self into the soaring, radiant One-Life that we all are, by the all-empowered-by-God Jesus. The rapturous, nuptial consummation is taking place now, in the bridegroom’s home, the NEW Earth, in our very midst,  for ‘all who will’ to participate, during the third measure of meal, the Kingdom Age; the next two millennia.  

This is what awaits us all, right now.  Doubt, that great dismantler of faith and hope, is all that holds any of us back.  Faith, trust, obedience (to our inner calling and desire for spiritual truth and reality) and commitment (FTOC) are the Keys to the Kingdom, which is at hand, even at the doors.  Only our own self-misperception stands between us and this, our glorious, eternal reality. 

Love, peace and joy be with us all, always, 

Brian Longhurst  


Now is the time of great fulfilment, great rejoicing, great wonder-working.  And this is possible only by willingness to work one’s desire in harmony with the perfect timing of the Father’s Way.  Herein is discipline.  Herein is faith.  Herein is Love.  Herein is all sufficiency for all, my son.

Jesus, July 12th 1992 

February 27th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

In the November 12th 2012 MoE I wrote about the esoteric meaning behind the symbols of the Most Holy Place, the Holy Place and the veil that divides them in the Jerusalem temple built by Solomon about three thousand years ago, and their significance to the events unfolding before us in these times.  In summary, the inmost part of the temple has two chambers; the Most Holy Place symbolises God and the Holy Place symbolises His Son, the Christ.  The chambers abut, separated from each other by a thick, woven veil, symbolising the perceived separation by the Son from his Father. 

I had had a mystical experience in which the Light that is God shone so brightly from the Holy of Holies that it penetrated through the veil, shining away the hellish images of separation that the illusorily-fragmented Son was projecting onto the veil – giving it a semblance of reality – from the Holy Place.  This experience has been very much to the fore of my mind during the ensuing weeks.  I have been recalling it last thing at night, going into the Holy Place and attuning to the experience of Papa’s Light shining away the false images I/we have been projecting onto the veil.   

This has engendered a great, palpable sense of Papa’s Presence, so close, so Loving, leaving me with the certainty of Knowing that He is ever with us.  Yet, for all that, was the sense that the veil was still there between us, even though the false images had been shone away.  This left me feeling somewhat disheartened; that I was, somehow, maintaining that degree of separateness from Him inspite of being aware of His Light shining through the veil. 

In September 1998 He had said to me, as He held me in the stillness:  “My son, draw closer to Me. Open yourself to receive My love more.”   A few days ago, as I recalled to mind this image of His Light shining through the veil of my conflicted mind, I said to Him, “Papa, I am drawing closer to You, opening myself to You, that I may receive Your Love more.”  He immediately responded: 

“Beloved, to receive My Love more you must give Love more; to receive blessing more you must give blessing more.  To receive My good gifts more freely you must give them more freely.  For as you now know, giving and receiving are one, and to give is but to receive.  You are now stronger, more grown, more restored in your remembrance of truth.  Therefore, you are better placed, better able to give more purposefully, more powerfully of that which has been freely given to you.  Bless, even as you are blessed; Love, even as you are Loved; forgive, even as you are forgiven. 


“All is well; all can only be well, Beloved.” 

As I took this in and straight away began focusing on blessing, Loving and forgiving, ego-projections within the Holy Place (my own within) ceased, and in their place the Light now shone also from where I was observing this experience, within the Holy Place, which now was full of Light instead of ego shadows.  Now I was aware of the Light that is the Son also, as perfectly bright as the Father, in Whose likeness he is equally created.  We, the One Son, have always been that Light.  But by pretending to be what we are not, our Light has been veiled from our sight; but never from Papa’s

This pretence has us projecting images of darkness – guilt, fear, conflict, judgement, grievance, unforgiveness, dis-ease, death… – onto our made-up screen: the world of time and place, including our imaginary brothers and our illusorily-belittled self.  Yet all the while, uninterruptedly, we are the Light – just as Jesus told us two thousand years ago (Mt. 5:14) – shining, extending Life, Love, Peace, Joy from our own within to all creation.  To become aware of this, our true Being, all we need is to focus on the Light, rather than the (spiritual) darkness – time and place – we have so long believed was reality. 

As we all now Know, there is no such thing as darkness; it is merely the imagined absence of reality: Light.  Darkness is nothing.  We have been focusing on nothing since time began.   To focus on the Light, which is one and the same as Love, Life, Truth – all of which are accompanied by Peace, Joy, abundance… everything, in fact – our true Being, we simply follow Papa’s counsel: to receive My Love more you must give Love more; to receive blessing more you must give blessing more.  To receive My good gifts more freely you must give them more freely.  We do this remembering, accepting that giving and receiving are one and the same. 

Now, as the leavening of the third measure of meal progresses, we are remembering who we really are, and shining our true Light, equal to Papa’s (because He can only create in equality), from within the Holy Place – our own within – onto the veil: time and place.  The Light of eternal truth can but shine away the illusory veil, because it only appears ‘real’ to our imagination within the upside-down game of make-believe.  In the Light it ceases to have any ‘reality’, any meaning, any presence, any existence.  Thus, with the veil gone, do Father and Son become rejoined as One again. 

Papa is singing the Song of Love to us, His beloved Son, every moment, unceasingly.  We are unable to hear Him unless we sing our Song of Love to Him, from our heart, in return.  This is because singing the Song of Love to Him opens the receptor channels in our heart, enabling His singing to reach us.  We can practise this Song by singing it to ourself and to our brothers.  Without effort such practise automatically extends it to Papa, Who hears and replies.  The words are living words and beget Life ever more abundantly for all.  They revolve around the theme, ‘I Love You; I bless You; All that I Am I freely give to You.’ 

Peace Joy, Love, 

Brian Longhurst 


Pray for the Kingdom for all mankind, and bless souls in darkness, for their healing, holiness, enlightenment, upliftment and going forward.   

Jesus, August 9th 1992 

March 6th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

Because we chose to make-up the veil of apparent separation from Papa, we can equally un-make it, simply by deciding it is no longer our choice.  We do this by choosing, instead, to remember and experience that we are the Light, just as Papa created His Son.  When we accept that we both are and have the Light we can shine the Light of eternal Love and Truth for our brothers.  This we can do by forgiving any and all conflict – however minor – we thought existed between us, and blessing them with the Love, Peace and Joy that we desire for ourself. 

For that Love, Peace and Joy cannot be ours alone.  Alone means separate from others.  That does not mean alone or separate bodily.  Aloneness or separation – from Papa, Jesus and all our brothers in the Sonship – exists only as an illusion in our mind, and it is there that we can choose to rejoin with ALL.  That may seem hard, even ‘impossible’, but it is actually very easy because that is our natural, eternal, unchanging and unchangeable estate.  Separation is unnatural and is difficult and painful to maintain.  Since neither Papa nor Jesus (now) are bodies, clearly union is not about bodies. 

We all have loved-ones who have laid aside their bodies, yet of whom we have fond and loving memories.  Memories are in the mind, but seem to be of the past, yet we can bring to mind those loved-ones also in the present, if we so desire, for they are with us in the present.  To say ‘they are dead and gone’ is meaningless; an ego idea to prolong loneliness and separation.  In 1968 Jesus told me, “I am attuned to all mankind all the time; there is never a moment when I am not with you all. All that is needed to complete the contact is for you to attune with me and we are together, at any time.” 

The underlined sentence applies to us all, with and for all, for there is no difference between us and Jesus, other than in our perception.  It is a misperception, which we can correct by choosing to perceive truly.  This is entirely possible and simple, for such is the power of the mind of Papa’s Son.  Most of us are not yet ready to be attuned to all mankind all the time – there is still some leavening to occur J.  But only we are stopping ourself from accepting that mind-to-mind communing – in the present – is entirely practicable.  Many experience this already.  We call them ‘sensitives’.   

Such are not special; they simply accept the gift that is freely available to us all.  There is no danger to this if we place ourself under Christ guidance, empowerment and protection, allowing Him to fulfil our heart’s desire for loving communion.  If we believe we can accomplish this without Him we are likely to be disappointed at best and exposing ourselves to unenlightened souls in the lower-astral planes at worst.  And since the reunion of the mind of the fragmented Sonship is the purpose of the GRP, there is no time like the present for us to practise; for eternity is now, not when we are ‘dead’. 

By choosing to forgive, Love and bless our self and our brothers we are co-operating with our Holy Spirit-Self in removing – shining away – the veil of littleness and limitation we have imagined we placed over our vision, our mind, restricting it to perception of illusions: bodies, that come and are gone in a fleeting moment.  By choosing anew we start the journey without distance back to where we belong – in the Heart of Papa; the Source of All Love, with Which we become, again, equally one and equally empowered.  Can delaying be other than a futile ploy of ego to delay the inevitable? 

When a brother is deep in the illusion of fear and attack/defence, trying to talk him out of it will not, cannot work if he is not ready to see/choose the Light in place of the illusion he perceives. When he is able to see past illusion, then is he close to remembering that inner Peace – the goal of us all – comes only through the door of defencelessness, not the barrier to Its Way that is defence/attack. When we fulfil our function of forgiving, Loving, blessing we are released from any karmic entanglement we may have perceived bound us in enmity to our brother. Then are we both free. 

If we are in a ‘karmic tug o’ war’ with our brother and we let go the rope – by forgiving him and ourself for what, in reality, neither of us has ever done – we have immediately released both ourself and our brother from the conflict.  This is so even if he appears not to immediately let go his end of the rope.  Our continuing to Love and bless that brother provides the power, releases the power – for such is the power of the mind of Papa’s Son – to enable the Holy Spirit to work His works for delivering release and freedom to the mind of that brother.  

Not only must we let go the rope; we must disentangle ourself from it.  The rope symbolises the dream of time, for only in time are we not at-one with our brother.  Our purpose is to join with the dreamer, never with the dream, and by Loving and blessing him in remembrance of Who he really is – outside time – help release him from the dream.  And by so doing are we, ourself, released.  If we concern ourself with time – ‘when will the healing/rejoining happen?’ – we leave the door open to anxiety. Removing time from the healing, at-onement process dispels such blocks to peace. 

Forgiveness, Loving and blessing are our only functions in healing broken relationships.  All the rest is the Holy Spirit’s job, performed outside time.  How could He include illusion (time, a symbol of separation) in reality (wholeness, oneness, eternity) and have it remain reality?  It matters not whether our brother remembers the oneness of our relationship this year, or next, or before he lays aside his illusory body.  For oneness is an aspect of eternity, not of time and place, though we can experience it in time and place.  But all the while we make time a feature in our desire for healing we are trying to bring truth to illusion, rather than bringing our illusions to the truth.   

Jesus brings this into a broader perspective thusly: 

God turns to you to ask the world be saved, for by your own salvation is it healed.  And no one walks upon the earth but must depend on your decision, that he learn death has no power over him, because he shares your freedom as he shares your will.  It is your will to heal him, and because you have decided with him, he is healed. And now is God forgiven, for you chose to look upon your brother as a friend. (ACIM, T-30.II.5, my underlining, for emphasis.) 

We may wonder what Papa has done to warrant forgiveness.  However, it suffices us to know (and rejoice!) that by forgiving, Loving and blessing our brother we are released from the blocks to seeing him as our friend.  Thus is our purpose fulfilled as the Light and the saviour of the world.  Anything less than this keeps us separate from our brother, our true Self and Papa, binding us to the carousel of birth and death. 

Love and blessings, 

Brian Longhurst


My son, it is the Light of God’s Love, given to me for the redemption of His little ones, that reveals the path before you.  It is a new path for Earth-mind man, never before trodden, for it is the New Way, by which the children of Earth return to their Heavenly Father.

Jesus, September 6th 1992

March 13th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

This week’s offering comprises a question raised from the February 27th 2013 MoE, with the reply I was prompted to give: 

Hi Brian, 

Your MoE about the parable of the 10 virgins (Mt. chapter 25) sure cast some light on what’s going on in the GRP.  Boy, Jesus really knew the big picture, even ‘back then’, 2,000 years ago.  However, I have some concerns still, and this leaves me hanging, uncertain of the final outcome. 

The parable says ‘and the door was shut’, and your explanation of what that actually means is a real eye-opener for me!  But I couldn’t tell what this means for those ‘foolish virgins’ who had shut themselves out from the consummation of the marriage of Heaven with earth.  The Church has Jesus speaking of judgement and those found wanting being condemned and cast into hell…  That suggests billions burning; not exactly in harmony with the Jesus who said he had not come to judge the world, but to save the world! 

So, what is your take on this?  Do we ALL get saved and restored to oneness, or is this to be only the wise virgins?  In other words, are billions of fragments to be left out of the Kingdom?  That doesn’t sound much like an unconditionally-Loving God. 

Thanks, Brian, in anticipation, and for your insights into these arcane matters.   




Hi Alex,  

Yes, Jesus surely did know the big picture back then.  In fact he knew it many thousands of years before that. How else could he have organised, and preside over, the GRP? 

I realised I had not covered this crucial question you have so observantly raised, but the MoE was already 2k words and I know many are busy and don’t have time to read long messages (though of course, we all ‘make time’ for what interests us).  The news is all good in regard to your question.  Would we expect anything less from our ALL-Loving Papa and His all-Loving anointed messenger? Let me explain:   

The consummation, or completion of the marriage of Heaven and Earth, is, in linear-time terms, a two-thousand year period: the third measure of meal, or Kingdom (Aquarian) Age.  Jesus is a pragmatist, and Knew that he had to function – could only function – within the inviolable Law, or PLF, of the free will given by Papa to His beloved Son (us) at his creation.  He therefore also Knew, within the context of the dream of being what we are not, it would take time for his brethren to accept the Truth, when they had believed a lie since the dawn of time.   

One might refer to this, the third measure of meal, as the Honeymoon; two thousand years could hardly be mistaken for a one-night stand! J.   

It is crucial to the meaningful interpretation of this parable, that we understand that the bride is the entire, seemingly fragmented Sonship.  This means that, even though the five foolish virgins were left without – and had in effect shut the door against their own entry – Jesus, the bridegroom, and the aspect, or portion of the bride that had entered with the groom have no desire or intent to leave the other aspect of the Sonship (symbolised by the foolish virgins) without, or ‘in outer darkness’. 

The fulfilment, or leavening, of the third measure of meal, being the 2000-year Aquarian Age, gives the fragmented Sonship plenty of ‘time’ to waken to remembrance of Oneness and join the nuptials.  These nuptials are ecstasy beyond all Earth-mind comprehension, or Earth-body experience.  As I wrote in chapter 2 of SYFK of Jesus manifesting to me in his Glory in 1967: 

…His aura of golden, living sunlight had enveloped me, and the feeling of Love – of agapé – to my being was so intense, so powerful, so uplifting to my spirit that I felt as if my heart had grown to the size of a football and was going to burst out of my chest cavity. This feeling of all-pervasive, all-inclusive Love was complete, permeating not just my body but my entire aura in an orgasm of the soul, immeasurably more intense than any such physical experience… 

During this two thousand years – of which we are now advancing well in the early stages – those ‘foolish virgins’ who shut themselves out, or chose not to join the honeymoon, will undergo numerous embodiment events (reincarnations), which of course entails the period of reflection in the etheric counterpart of Earth between embodiments.  During those cycles of birth and death they will be presented with multitudinous opportunities to hear the truth of who we all really are, and when the moment is right for each individual fragment, their Awakening will happen; it is inevitable because in reality it has already happened.  

If linear time were to appear to progress as it has been perceived to have progressed in the illusory past, many might observe that two thousand years will not be anywhere near long enough to awaken the fragments who have hardened their hearts and closed their minds to the mystical reality (Love) of eternity.  But as the leavening progresses, and signs, wonders and miracles accelerate and abound in number and frequency, even the hardest of hearts, most plugged of ears and veiled of sight will find it increasingly difficult to ignore events unfolding before them. 

Then will the door open for them by their own desire to enter in, just as it closed by their own choice not to enter.  Let none of us be mistaken: our only judgement and condemnation is of and by ourselves, never by Papa, Who knows nothing of our game of pretend; only of Reality. 

This, Jesus describes in A Course in Miracles as the collapsing of time, effected by miracles.  Miracles can be performed by all who, attuning their minds and lives to Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit, become miracle-minded, and thus, miracle-ready.  Miracles are already taking place every moment of every day, but the constructs of ego – mainstream electronic and printed media, fear- and judgement-based religions, the mammon of unrighteousness (see Lk. 16), halls of intellectual learning, etc. – try very hard to ignore all such, and will continue so to do for as long as possible. 

But this is like trying to hold back the tide.  That which is the Will of God – Truth – cannot be hidden indefinitely, and will out.  As I was told on August 25th 1991: 

Little ones: In these times the confusion is greatest as the old order crumbles and Earth-mind man reels to and fro.  The energies are concentrated at all levels and intensified as the programme focuses upon the "final assault" on antiChrist.  Fear not, it is not a "full frontal" assault as in warfare of Earth, but an infiltration of energy as cracks appear in the system – and believe me, there are plenty of those.  The energy shall thus gain entry and transform from within.  It is like cancer in reverse.  The system shall not be aware of its defences being "breached" and shall continue as traditionally.  But changes will begin to happen from within, and great surprise and wonderment shall come upon the inhabitants of the citadel*.  

New awareness shall be the order of the day.  This is real, tangible, transforming activity.  Be aware of the new energy – take no notice of the old; it shall be astonishing but let not your equilibrium be disturbed by it…   

*This refers to the ‘citadel’ of ego-minded thinking and its recalcitrant ways in the Earth. 

In the reality of eternity, the illusion of separation is not simply already over; it never even happened, so we can safely concur with the repeated reassurances from the Realms of Light, that ‘the GRP is both infallible and unstoppable’.  And it encompasses us all, without exception.  How could there be exceptions, when that would mean completion was not complete?  Can Papa and His Son be incomplete? 

Love and Light illumine and Awaken our minds, 

Brian Longhurst 


My son, we go forward by the outpouring of Love and compassion and healing upon all the Father’s little ones – all who will receive.  Freely have you received of this blessing; freely give to all who will receive it.

Jesus, September 27th, 1992 

March 20th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

For the second consecutive week, today’s sharing is prompted by a perceptive enquiry about where illusion ends and reality begins: 

Dear Brian, 

Please help my understanding.  In your book, and often in your MoEs, you speak of seeing Jesus and others from the Realms of Light.  In fact, in a couple of places in your book you even describe Papa as if He were in human form, a ‘fatherly figure’. It is clear from your descriptions that your discernment of them is as bodies, even though Jesus tells us in ACIM that we are not a body.  This must be particularly true at all levels of perception of those who have laid aside their earth body.  So, are not your encounters somehow mistaken?  Don’t get me wrong; I love hearing of your experiences and find them inspiring, wishing I could have awareness of my loved ones in spirit, but this ambiguity seems to be holding me back, with part of me wanting to believe but another part finding it contradictory, and blocking my acceptance. 

Bless you, Brian and thank you for your help, 


Dear Anita, 

This is, perhaps, a question many may ponder, so thank you for providing the opportunity to explain. 

Indeed, Jesus is right (it will come as no surprise to hear! J), we are not a body, and when we are fully Awake to the reality of our eternal Being, bodies will – if we are willing to take his word for it – definitely cease to be part of the awareness of Papa’s Son.  So, perceiving ourself, Jesus and any or all our brothers in the illusorily fragmented Sonship as bodies is, assuredly, a misperception.  However, this is an interim perception as we journey toward wakefulness, and will not last.  It will, inevitably, change – is changing – as our remembrance of the truth grows with the leavening of the third measure of meal.  

Papa’s Son has believed a lie for so long that to an upside-down, split-off mind it seems like the truth.  So, perceiving bodies is the only way we can have awareness of a brother – including Jesus – at this stage in the leavening process.  The separation into myriad fragments, perceived as bodies, symbolises our self-deception.  As the deception fades from our belief, so does – or will – the misperception become replaced with true vision.  True vision is of the soul and is nothing to do with our ocular faculty, which is capable of perception only between limited frequencies of vibration.  

Our brethren who have laid aside their body vibrate at a higher-than-physical frequency, so the limited, ocular faculty of embodied souls is unable to see them.  What, then, is one seeing when one experiences awareness of disembodied souls, and with what faculty does one have such awareness?  When we lay aside our earth-life body, and for an indeterminate period thereafter, depending on our degree of wakefulness, we retain that sense of persona-self, not yet having fully remembered who we really are.   

This appears as a less dense, etheric-substance equivalent of our physical body, and is discernible to our soul awareness.  Although we all have the potential for this soul-sight, it lies dormant in most embodied souls due to fear causing unbelief, and the unbelief veils our sight.  It is not just in appearance that a persona is discernible.  Each of us radiates a signature auric colour and an aroma, or personal perfume, though sight is the most common factor in recognising a disembodied soul. 

The difference between Jesus and most other disembodied but not yet spiritually Awake souls is that he is in control of how he presents himself to us, and that will always accord with the degree of readiness of him to whom he is presenting himself, and the circumstances of the appearing.  Most others, not yet having moved fully beyond perceiving themselves as a persona/body, retain an etheric counterpart of their earth-life body, and it is with our soul-sense that we have awareness of such.  This obviates any uncertainty regarding identity.   

Jesus knows this, so he simply takes advantage of that and shows himself in like manner, though he is equally able to show himself in a much more exalted state than that – as described in chapter two of my book – because he is beyond limitation.  He shows himself to us in bodily representation because we, as yet, are not. 

Desiring the Oneness of the Sonship will lead to the dispelling of the illusion of bodies by restoring the fragmented Son (us) from perception of the without – time and place, which passes away – as ‘temporal reality’, to remembrance and awareness of eternal reality within.  This is a state of mind, which has no physicality but is purely abstract, in which nothing ‘out there’ means anything because in the Oneness the without is Known not to exist. 

This may seem impossible, meaningless to a broken, fragmented mind that sees everything upside down, distorted.  But when we think and see as Jesus thinks and sees, and thus become like him, then will the brokenness be healed and restored to Oneness.  There will be, can only be, one true perspective, and that is the re-cognition of eternal reality, in which the Son is like His Father: One.  The fragmented mind perceives only ever-changing, ever-decaying differences; the healed, re-unified mind sees only the unchangeable, everlasting perfection of sameness. 

Differences are made up; destined to disappear in the Light of Truth because they are not true.  The Light that we are, which is Love (like Father, like Son) shines away the fleeting, shadowy perceptions – which are merely projections of what we are not – and unveils the eternal reality of Oneness, in which it will be seen, again, that there are not, and never were, bodies.  This can happen only within a mind willing to be healed, restored to wholeness – and thus, holiness – from its fragmented state.  This cannot happen without first desire and then a willingness to believe. 

That willingness enables it to be easily accomplished for us by our Holy Self because willingness sets aside the resistance that masquerades as our own mind, causing us to fear the truth.  It also, vitally, authorises Him to act on our behalf.  This will happen when we, individually are ready, for this is not an exercise of the intellect (an ego device to keep us confused), nor is it a physical, chemical or biological process; it is a mystical one.  The realm of the mystical can only be entered through the portal of faith and trust; a willingness to believe that only eternity can be real, and thus the temporal must be unreal. 

It is our unbelief that denies us entry into this realm, which belongs to eternity – our true and only home – not to time and place.  It is a free gift, available to us always, every moment, every instant; but attainable only when we can accept that instant as holy, unable to be misused by expediency motive.  Spiritual humility is the key to this portal; accessible to us by our willingness to surrender our earth-mind leasehold on life back to its rightful freeholder, which is Christ, our true Self, and accept His leading us in absolute trust.  This is entirely safe because He is entirely trustworthy

Jesus said he would remain with us until the end of the world (Mt. 28:20).  In our as yet unhealed state of mind we could not have awareness of him unless he represented himself in a way, a form that we can recognise as him.  He is not limited by our limitations of perception – thanks be to Papa – but we limit ourself, for the moment, by being able only to perceive him, all our other brothers (embodied or disembodied, it makes no difference) and ourself as individual personas.   

That does not mean that is what we are, and when our Awakening is complete we will Know the entire Sonship as One, whole, complete, perfect Being; Papa’s beloved Son, exactly like his Father. 


Brian Longhurst 


Turn within and hold fast, my son, to that which you have received, that which you know, that which is new, that which is alive, that which grows; the new order of enlightened being and living, for it is restoring, life-giving, uplifting and renewing to the souls of all who will receive of it. 

Jesus, October 18th 1992

March 27th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

Each week I ask the Spirit of Truth for inspiration on a subject for a Message of Encouragement.  This week I have been prompted to write on the matter of Grace.  Yet part of me rather shrinks from this, for I feel it is a word that describes a state or quality of Papa for which I intuitively have a feeling of understanding, and yet struggle for words to describe it.  Nevertheless, I have written before on subjects that I felt unable to cover without His inspiring Help, only to find ideas emerging through my keyboard of which I had no previous understanding.  So, I resolve to proceed, in trust, with this. 

Here are my starting thoughts, in no particular order, but how they come to me as I focus upon it: 

Grace means no sacrifice is asked or required by Papa because His Son has not sinned.  The question of sacrifice simply does not arise, because he, being created exactly like his Father, is no more capable of sin than is his Father Creator.  Rather, he is merely mistaken because he has interpreted a foolish dream as reality, and made up the idea that dreaming of errors that are entirely alien to his true Being are sins, known to God, Who will punish His Son because He hates sin.  How can He, Who is but Love, hate?  This is impossible.  How can He, Who is the Source of Grace, require sacrifice? 

Grace must be that from which forgiveness is born, for by forgiveness are we restored to awareness of the grace that is ours.  It must be ours because, being the Father’s, it would be meaningless if He withheld it from His Son.  Grace is a quality, or aspect of Papa that is ours also because He gave us everything at our creation.  Grace and forgiveness are adjuncts to each other. Grace encompasses acceptance and inclusion, knowing nothing of judgement or condemnation, of separation or guilt, of sin or death, for grace is the pathway by which we are awakened, from a dream of death, to Life.   

Grace appears to be absent from, unavailable to a mind that believes it is separate, lost, lonely, guilty, yet is forever with us regardless of our state of mind or apparent circumstance.  It is ours for the asking and by asking is instantly given – restored – to a heart-mind willing to receive and accept remembrance of it.  But we must express it, extend it in order to be aware of it and know it is ours.  We are free to engage grace when our brother seems to attack us, for grace restores us to true perception, enabling us to see he was merely mistaken, and had neither sinned nor attacked. For, being like his Father, he is capable of neither.  

Language, being of time and place, is devised for describing unreality.  Therefore it is, perhaps, easier to describe what grace is not rather than what it is, for in grace there is no cruelty, grievance, judgement, attack, condemnation, punishment, retribution…  Papa’s Love and Grace endure forever, for if Love did not endure forever, grace could not be grace, and Papa never changes His Mind, so He is NEVER going to judge or punish His Son, or require sacrifice of him – including, of course, Jesus.  Grace is an attribute that unforgiveness keeps from our experience, but is restored to our awareness by forgiveness.   

Since Jesus is so much more able to describe and convey meaning to the qualities that are of our Father than by one who still journeys toward true, perfect vision, let us include here some of his wisdom on the matter from ACIM, Workbook lessons 168 and 169:   

Your grace is given me. I claim it now. (168)

God speaks to us. Shall we not speak to Him? He is not distant.  He makes no attempt to hide from us.  We try to hide from Him, and suffer from deception.  He remains entirely accessible (even while we dream we are in hell)He loves His SonThere is no certainty but this, yet this suffices (is not that grace?)  

…His grace His answer is to all despair, for in it lies remembrance of His Love…  His grace is yours by your acknowledgment

Today we ask of God the gift He has most carefully preserved within our hearts, waiting to be acknowledged.  This the gift by which God leans to us and lifts us up, taking salvation’s final step Himself…  He comes Himself, and takes us in His Arms and sweeps away the cobwebs of our sleep.  His gift of grace is more than just an answer. It restores all memories the sleeping mind forgot; all certainty of what Love’s meaning is.

God loves His Son.  Request Him now to give the means by which this world will disappear, and vision first will come, with knowledge but an instant later.  For in grace you see a light that covers all the world in love, and watch fear disappear from every face as hearts rise up and claim the light as theirs.  What now remains that Heaven be delayed an instant longer?  What is still undone when your forgiveness rests on everything?

It is a new and holy day today, for we receive what has been given us... We acknowledge our mistakes (as distinct from sins), but He to Whom all error is unknown is yet the One Who answers our mistakes by giving us the means to lay them down, and rise to Him in gratitude and love.

… To Him we pray today, returning but the word He gave to us through His Own Voice, His Word, His Love:  

Your grace is given me.  I claim it now.  Father, I come to You. 

And You will come to me who ask.  I am the Son You love. 


By grace I live. By grace I am released. (169) 

Grace is an aspect of the Love of God… It is the world’s most lofty aspiration, for it leads beyond the world entirely... Grace becomes inevitable instantly in those who have prepared a table where it can be gently laid and willingly received; an altar clean and holy for the gift (cleansed by laying aside judgement in favour of forgiveness).

Grace is acceptance of the Love of God within a world of seeming hate and fear.  By grace alone the hate and fear are gone, for grace presents a state so opposite to everything the world contains, that those whose minds are lighted by the gift of grace can not believe the world of fear is real...

… And now we ask for grace, the final gift salvation can bestow

By grace I live. By grace I am released.

By grace I give. By grace I will release.  

(My emboldening, underlining and some italic, for emphasis) 

Do not these words of Jesus indicate the importance he attaches to grace?  If it is important to Jesus, how could it be unimportant to us?  

Love and endless blessings be with us all, for the remembrance, acceptance and extending of grace, 

Brian Longhurst 


Measure not the success of your progress in worldly goods or terms, my son, but rather in the treasure you are storing up in eternal value.  For it is here that you are called to serve.  Your needs for the Earth-life path shall be provided as you have requirement.   

Jesus, October 25th 1992 

April 3rd 2013 

Dear Friends, 

There are, on the internet, untold numbers of sites claiming ‘Conversations with Jesus’ (and, in some cases, Buddha). Some of these sites are spoofs, some malicious but I can attest to the authentic nature of others.  I recall reading some  a few years ago on a website entitled Blue Dog Bob (now untraceable by my Google search).   

In one particular reported conversation, Jesus told Bob that we, who perceive ourselves as embodied, are receiving devoted care, guidance and protection unceasingly from three billion helpers in the etheric envelope of Earth.  From my own experiences of contact with the etheric realms, there are, also, still unenlightened – or only dimly lit – populated mansions in Papa’s House.  How can it be otherwise when each year millions lay aside their body while still in a spiritually unenlightened state of mind? 

Either way, within the context of the dream of separation from Papa there are vast numbers of our brothers-in-the-Sonship in a disembodied state.  There are two valid reasons for us to acknowledge this: Firstly, gratitude to and closer co-operation with those devoted to caring for, guiding and protecting us, not ‘just’ in terms of our spiritual awakening; their very palpable, practical help keeping us safe from misfortune (e.g. ‘accident’, mugging, burglary – being in the wrong place at the wrong time); inspiring us with beneficial ideas about lifestyle, clues for improving our nutrition, and more.   

Who would not wish to take greater advantage of all this if they knew just how simple it is to access it: simply ASK, being willing to believe; open oneself to it, allow it, accept it; relinquish the ego perception that we are alone, without help; destined to suffer and die.  That perception can only keep us enslaved to, imprisoned on the carousel of birth and death; preventing us from being restored to the limitlessness of our Power and the eternalness of our true, radiant Being. 

The second, and equally important reason is that none of us can be restored to eternal Joy in Papa unless and until all the fragments of the illusorily-broken Sonship are restored to Oneness.  It is only by the healing, the rejoining of all the fragments that we are healed.  Papa has but one, eternal, perfect, all-Knowing Son, not myriad, disparate, warring, bewildered, mortal sons. 

When all those disparate, warring, mortal, fragmented sons are rejoined, the Sonship will be healed, whole, One again.  There are, and can be, no exceptions, none excluded.  The healing of the Sonship – embodied and disembodied – is happening right Now.  

It would serve us all and the GRP well to be more aware of our brothers in spirit – including, of course, Jesus.  This would enable us more readily to co-operate with them in the healing.  Jesus is said to preside over the GRP but he is not outworking it on his own!  In fact, we who perceive ourselves as embodied are all – right along with our disembodied brothers – integral aspects of and contributors to the GRP; even those of us who have never heard of it, do not understand it and know nothing of it. 

In a few, short years – the twinkling of an eye – we will find ourselves disembodied.  What will we do, what will be our desire then?  Will we not desire to help our still-embodied loved ones in the awakening, the leavening, the resurrection and rejoining of minds?  How unserviceable will we find it when they ignore us, thinking, believing we are ‘dead and gone’ and therefore, beyond their reach for loving commun(icat)ion?   

How much more, will we say to ourselves, could we help them, from our now less self-restricted, more illumined state in spirit, if only they were more conscious of our loving presence, the help we can give, and reassure them of how much more perfectly, fantastically well the GRP is progressing than the dream world of bodies is aware?  We will be all too clear that being embodied is a self-blinding-and-deafening state, entirely unnatural, unnecessary and unhelpful in the process of awakening to eternal reality. 

There are those who would say, ‘If we can’t see our loved ones in spirit how can we know we are in touch with them, and not some malign, lower-astral entity?’  This is a crucial question, and has a very simple, important and comforting answer: we unreservedly commit to placing ourself in the care, guidance and protection of Jesus and all those, appointed by him and functioning within Christ empowerment and authority to care for, guide and protect us while we are in the seemingly embodied state.  He knows all in spirit who are right for beneficial intercourse with us.   

‘And why do we need others if we have Jesus as our Guide to Eternity?’  This is not just about need but about Love and the reconnecting, the rejoining, the healing, of the fragmented Sonship; all of it.  We may not, yet, have much faith in ourself but we can readily have complete, absolute faith and trust in him. 

In my journey with Jesus since the 1960s I have been immeasurably blessed by the gift of opportunities to help many distressed souls in the etheric realms.  This was possible because I had (and still have) a loving and compassionate attitude toward souls in distress, and a willingness to accept communion with the spirit realms.  Jesus has a Loving and compassionate attitude toward all of us and he can and is helping, guiding and protecting us all, in ways of which most of us have no awareness or understanding. 

It is our inescapable destiny to become not only ‘like unto the Son of man’ (Rev. 1:13 & 14:14) (Jesus) but one with him because that is not just his but also our true, eternal Being.  We may see ourself as being unable to help our brothers very much here in the physical world, let alone in the etheric world.  This is where the news enables us to exult, for we do not have to do anything to help them.  Instead, all that is asked of us – and that is highly serviceable to our own spiritual awakening – is to desire to help our brothers in distress. 

If we have a conscious, sincere, committed desire to help, to be of service to Papa’s Son, in any or all of his illusory fragments, embodied or otherwise, then that desire is broadcast – consciously and/or unconsciously – out into the universe. This broadcast is received by those in the Realms of Light who, out of selfless (but Self-ful) Love are caring for, guiding and protecting us on our sojourn in time.  They will then organise, on our behalf, opportunities for us to help our distressed brothers.   

Those who have laid aside their earth body (but not, yet, their earth mind) can be helped by our PCB’ing them.  We do not need to know them or even be aware of their circumstances.  All that is taken care of by those in the Realms of Light who are empowered to help wherever help is needed.  Why then, one may enquire, do those in the Light need our input for the help of those in darkness? 

Because those in darkness have no awareness of the Light.  They cannot receive what they are unaware is proffered, and those in the Light cannot force help on those who have not asked for it.  Those in darkness have not asked for it because they do not know – or do not believe – help is available to them.  The Light Beings can use our freely-given PCB energies because they are engendered from our earth-life vibration and are thus more palpable to those in spiritual darkness – etheric or physical.  In short, we provide the help resource, the Light Beings direct and administer it where it is needed. 

All this is contributing purposefully to the coming together and healing in Loving brotherhood of the broken Sonship in its entirety.  For the Son of God is not a body but eternal spirit, activated by mind.  In its seemingly fragmented state, the mind of Papa’s Son believes itself to be ‘mortal’.  Therefore it takes a form that can ‘die’.  The part that believes it is ‘alive’ (in a body) and the part that believes it has ‘died’ need help to remember who, what and where they really are.   

Since they are all our beloved brothers in truth, will we deny them the help we can all so easily and freely give, when we Know it is but ourself we really help? 

To brotherly Love! 

Brian Longhurst you go forward from this place so shall your singleness of vision increase and draw the earthly sight into oneness with it so that the two gradually become one vision.  As this happens so shall your understanding and awareness of the realities of the Father’s creation increase...

Jesus, November 1st 1992 

April 10th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

To our Earth-mind perception much that we experience in time and place is seen as chance, random events.  And when things occur that are inescapably more than that, it is dismissed as ‘coincidence’. Yet, we can choose to observe these events not as chance but as design, synchronicity, the outworking of a plan that is inestimably bigger than our sensory perception and intellectual analysis allows.  Part of the reason for this lack of ability to discern the connectedness of events is the trick we have played on ourself called linear time.   

When connected events are ‘separated’ by a linear time interval that can be weeks, months, even years, the connection is often missed by our self-limiting perception.  In the separating of the Son into myriad fragments, each has but a part of the complete picture and sees it as the whole picture.  But if we are committed to the healing and restoration of the illusorily-fragmented mind of Papa’s Son, and place ourself for this healing in the absolute care, guidance and protection of Jesus or the Holy Spirit for our Awakening, connected events separated by years or even decades become rejoined in our mind. 

This then becomes experienced as part – an important, crucial part – of the healing process, because He works His works, usually beyond our conscious awareness, joining back together the parts of the picture until we are able to see and understand the whole.  It is then that time becomes seen as irrelevant, and thus do we move more into the awareness and experience that eternity is the only reality. 

I have, this last few days, had one of those inspirational shifts, or expansions of awareness, that has clarified what was becoming a block to vision of the greater picture.  Suddenly, events that were separated in linear time by nearly 18 years fell into place. 

In recent weeks and months I have experienced being in the Holy Place (as represented in the design of Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem). In this design the Holy Place, symbolising the Son, abuts the Most Holy Place (or Holy of Holies), symbolising Papa, but separated from it by a thick veil, or screen.   

There is no separation between Father and Son in reality (eternity) but the ‘prodigal’ Son went, in his mind, into ‘a far country’ (time and place) and the union between Them appeared to become divided, as represented by the veil.  Onto that veil (the world) the Son projected from his now-confused, upside-down, split-off-from-Truth mind, shadows of darkness – guilt, fear, conflict, attack/defence, judgement, grievance, unforgiveness, dis-ease, death…   

Then, as described in recent MoEs, I became aware of the Light that is Papa shining so brightly from the Most Holy Place that It permeated the veil, shining away the images of darkness from it.  Further, any shadows that might, momentarily, be projected onto it were now reinterpreted by Holy Spirit-Self within as the meaningless dream they are rather than the nightmarish hell that fear-filled little self made up. Thus were they immediately shone away to the nothingness from which they appeared, and awareness of the Light that also is the Son filled the Holy Place in their stead. 

But the veil was still there, even though the dark images were no longer being projected onto it.  On numerous occasions in recent weeks I returned to the Holy Place, trying to envision the veil being torn from top to bottom (Matt. 27:51), or simply disappearing from my awareness.  Yet, however I tried to dispel it, its presence remained; a seeming obstacle to my entry to the Most Holy Place.  Then I recalled an experience eighteen years ago in which a young man appeared to me from spirit and said I want you to enter the Holy of Holies (see chapter 10 of SYFK for details). 

This recollection triggered a completely altered perspective in my mind.  Suddenly it became clear to me that the veil is not actually there at all (why are we so s l o o o o o w? J), but only seems to be, in the upside-down mind of the fragmented Sonship.  It is, assuredly, not there in Papa’s Mind, so we can be certain it is nowhere at all.  The words of the young man, who was bringing me a message from ‘on High’, were indicating that this is what Papa wants for us.  From His perspective there is no veil, no barrier, no restriction to our entry. 

We, Papa’s beloved Son, are invited in.  Papa is hardly going to invite His Son to enter in and then place a barrier to our entry.  That would be illogical, perverse, unreasonable; such terms apply only to the thinking of the ego.  I then was reminded of the wondrous occasion – back in the 1990s – best described by this extract, also from chapter 10 of SYFK:  

I was walking with Jesus along a gently winding, gravelled pathway through what appeared to be at first open countryside, with woodland (all unordered, symbolising this world), and then gradually, as we progressed on our journey together, becoming landscaped areas with lawns and shrubs (all beautifully ordered, symbolising the real world; the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth)… He was walking on my right, no more than a hand’s breadth in front. This signified to me that he was at the same time leading and walking with me, beside me…

 …We were engaged in warm, companionable, easy conversation, just as do two close, loving, trusting friends of longstanding acquaintance, but I had a sense that there was a definite purpose about our journey, with a specific destination to be reached, somewhere ahead…

After a few minutes we rounded one of the gentle bends in the path and I could see before us, across a more expansive, undulating lawned area, a building. It was all white – pure, alabaster white – cube-shaped, about four or five metres high. It was constructed from stone blocks, perfectly cut and fitted and had neither windows nor doors. The stone blocks were alive and radiating living light.

We progressed toward this structure, and as we got about fifteen or twenty paces from it the Master began to rise from the ground, moving more rapidly ahead of me toward the building until up against the wall facing us. During this progress he had begun to morph from his human form until, by the time he reached the wall, he had transformed into an opening in the wall. He became the opening, the entrance, where previously there was none. The opening, which was Jesus, morphed, finished as a door frame; there was no door, just the frame. It was about two metres square and made from solid, living, radiant gold… His movement toward the building was not walking but gliding through the air above the ground, morphing as he progressed, so that the entire move from beside me to when he became the entranceway was a seamless process. At the same time the very movement was, without a word being spoken, an invitation for me to enter into the building though the Golden Portal that he had become. (“I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.” Rev. 3:8.)

With awe and curiosity I moved toward the Living Portal until I was standing within it, able to see inside… 

This structure, it hardly need be said, was a representation of the Most Holy Place, and the last sentence above clearly indicates that, in response to the invitation to enter, I moved to the point of standing within – not outside – the living entranceway.  There was no veil blocking access because Jesus had, on behalf of all of us – the entire Sonship – dispelled that veil and set in its place an open door that no man can shut. 

It appeared to be a single room; all the walls were white, as on the outside. However, it was not the structure that caught my attention but the occupant. It was Papa. His appearance was just as I had seen Him when He told me the Keys to the Kingdom lie not in answers but in faith, trust, obedience and commitment (May 5th 1996)… He stood about two or three paces into the room from the entranceway. His countenance was filled with indescribable, ineffable joy, and His smile radiated that joy and love toward me. His joy was so great that He could not speak. Instead, with body movements He welcomed me, bade me enter, by a slight bowing, a gesture of the arms and taking a small step backwards. I felt that His joy was as the joy of the father in Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son, who watched every day for his son and when he saw him returning ‘a great way off’, ran to meet him and ‘fell on his neck and kissed him…’.

I entered, as He had invited… 

The whole point – that will serve us immeasurably well to keep uppermost in our mind during our journey Home from this ‘far country’ – is that there is no veil, no screen onto which dark images are, or can be, projected; no obstacles, deterrents or hindrances to reaching our destination, other than those we have made up, and which seem to exist only in our misperceiving mind.  Being misperceptions, they have no reality.  I had, somehow, ludicrously, been confused by seeing that veil, thinking that surely, Papa would remove it and then I could enter the Most Holy Place. 

But how could He remove what was not there?  Not even we have to remove it.  All we need is to remember it is not there and it will cease to have any presence to our awareness.  And as we enter in we will remember that we are but One and that Papa’s Son never left his Home in his Father.  Then will there be much rejoicing.  We need not wait.  It is NOW. 

To the Holy, eternal Instant of Oneness, 

Brian Longhurst 


My son, this is a day for change – water into wine, war into peace, death into life.  Let this desire in your heart go out at any time with blessing in my name and my purpose for the transforming and uplifting of any and all who will receive.

Jesus, November 8th 1992 

April 17th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

In recent weeks words from chapter 27 of the ACIM text have loomed large in my mind.  Here, Jesus speaks of the tiny, mad idea of separation that crept into the mind of Papa’s Son, and at which he forgot to laugh.  The seeming effects that idea incurred do appear so serious that laughing at them can be perceived as inappropriate to a world that believes suffering and death to be real.   I have long accepted that to ignore such inner prompting is to miss a growth opportunity, so I decided that it could only be serviceable to consider laughter in more depth. 

At around that time Theresa and I began to experience the symptoms of a debilitating cold and cough.  By the evening of day two it didn’t feel like much fun, and as I lay in bed it looked as if it would be a sleep-disrupted night.  As I am addicted to quality sleep, this was not a happy prospect.  Then I remembered Jesus’ words about forgetting to laugh, so I said to him, ‘Okay, Beloved, I choose not to go down that path, so I am reaching for your hand, knowing you are here with me always, just as you promised, so let us laugh together at the utter absurdity of the human condition.’ 

Instantly, he was there beside me on the bed.  Actually, that does not convey the experience well.  It is more accurate to say that instantly I was aware of his presence beside me on the bed.  He had been there all the while – inspiring me to think again, change my mind, my perspective – and as I accepted that inspiration and began focusing upon him and his constant, uplifting, light-hearted presence, so did I become aware of it.  His very presence – or, more accurately, awareness of it, since he is with us all, every moment – is easily adequate to instantly lift one’s spirits to the heights. 

His mood was joy.  It is always joy.  He has remembered to laugh.  Nothing of the illusion of separation affects that.  If it did, he would not be who, what and where he is.  When we have remembered this also, we will be one with him, where he is: eternity.  His joy instantly filled the room.  It assuredly filled the whole house… the whole street.  In truth, it fills the whole world, though most of the slumbering, dreaming world has no awareness of it.  His joy immediately filled me, raised me to his vibration and I was aware that he knew what had been going through my mind. 

Since he has his abode (along with Papa; Jn. 14:23) in us if we Love him and keep his word, and rejoice in him, it is inevitable that he would know what is going through our mind.  This is so even if we don’t Love him, keep his word and rejoice in him.  He joins with the dreamer (i.e. each of us who perceives the dream of time and place as reality) – because we are his beloved brothers in the Sonship – but never with the dream, even though he knows the dream because he has dreamt it; he has seen through it and wakened from it. 

Immediately I was one with him and observing, with him, the sheer folly and unserviceableness of believing we are vulnerable to sickness (not to speak of limitation, littleness, frailty, mortality J) and thus, make sickness our ‘reality’.  We lay on the bed and laughed and laughed and laughed, as one, at the whole, tiny, mad idea.  This, it should be emphasised, was not mocking laughter, for that would have been to make the illusion real.  Rather, it was joyful laughter because from his perspective – the perspective of eternal truth and reality – it is seen, Known to be nothing but a foolish dream. 

To mock nothing would be foolish indeed.  But because it is nothing we can all wake from it at any and every moment of our choosing, simply by discerning that that is all it is, so it not only has no reality (however real it seems while we choose to continue believing it is real), but can have no reality.  As soon as we make that choice, the awakening process begins. 

The adage that laughter is the best medicine has value indeed, and great healing properties.  But while laughter has but one level of reality – Joy – the slumbering, fragmented Sonship has made up other levels of laughter that are not Joy-engendered.  As already mentioned, we have made up mocking laughter.  There is laughter at a coarse joke; hollow laughter at the misfortune of ourself or another; embarrassed laughter… Joy, true Joy – the Joy of Heaven – is in none of those.  They may produce momentary relief from guilt, fear, self-deception, but have no lasting healing properties. 

The Joy of Heaven, which can but induce laughter, is healing and medics know that uplifting, joy-filled laughter releases healing endorphins.  This doesn’t necessarily mean healing will become inevitable, or even speeded up, but Joyful laughter reduces or even eliminates our resistance to letting go of the illusion of dis-ease.  It also helps us focus on a state of mind where the ‘apparent’ illness is seen as of less, or no, consequence, thus enabling it to be diminished in our discernment.  All this changes our perception of reality from illness to wholeness, thus dispelling the illness perception. 

The level at which we choose laughter causes a resonance within us at that level.  If we choose mocking as the level that causes us to laugh there will be no upliftment of our mind and soul to a level of spiritual Joy, so there will be no health-inducing endorphins released to enhance our sense of wellbeing.  Indeed, the more we find mocking or derision to be a source of amusement, the lower our rate of spiritual at-onement.  And thus, our sense of inner peace and wellbeing can only be inclined to sink.  The same principle applies with coarseness, or embarrassment… 

Conversely, the Joy of Heaven – the true level of spiritual upliftment – spontaneously induces laughter at that level of vibration, engendering a level and sense of wellbeing that can only be… you got it: heavenly J.  This laughter does not have to manifest itself at an audible level.  Indeed, there may be circumstances in which such an outward expression could be inappropriate.  Joy, and its attendant laughter are of the mind and can be experienced at the highest, unencumbered, unhindered level with little or no outward signs discernible, save, perhaps for a smile and a twinkle of the eyes. 

But inwardly is the radiance that is Joy, and Joy is heavenly.  Since that occasion on the bed I have joined with Jesus on numerous occasions – including my communing walks in the hills – for Joy-filled laughter, transforming, in an instant, mundane, ego-led, distracting-from-reality thoughts into open-ended moments of upliftment to the inner awareness of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  Just as he desires for us all.  Joy and Peace are inseparable, integral aspects of eternal reality.  

Peace and Joy be with us all, 

Brian Longhurst 


Even as I have been restored to oneness with the Father, so all my little brothers and sisters who earnestly desire the Kingdom and follow me shall be one with me, and by this shall also become one with our Father.

Jesus, November 22nd 1992

April 24th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

Papa’s Son appears to be in time and place – the without – because he believes he has separated himself from his Father.  He cannot be a little bit separate.  He is separated – in his experience – or not.  And by the belief in separation he has also shut himself off from awareness of his Self.  This is inevitable because his Self is at one with his Father in the within, and it is not possible to believe oneself to be without and within; it has to be one or the other. The illusion of separation – including from the One Self – is not something that seemed to occur just in the illusory past.   

He still perceives himself as separate, so separation, or division, still seems to be happening, in every way.  This manifests itself in the appearance in the without of more bodies every minute of every hour of every day.  And each is produced by separation, or division at the cellular level from the moment of conception.  It manifests itself also in such constructs as institutionalised religion, which keeps dividing into ever more sects, or denominations, as the separation consciousness causes schisms, warring over their separate misperceptions of truth. 

The seemingly-fragmented Son – us – cannot be restored to Oneness all the while he believes, and thus perceives, himself separated, broken, fragmented. Since Oneness is our true, natural estate and means uninterruptible Peace, Joy and Love, and belief in separation means experiencing constant change, uncertainty, fear, guilt… there can be only one meaningful, serviceable purpose for being here: to heal the brokenness.  The brokenness is apparent only in the mind that believes it to be true, and thus gives it specious ‘reality’, so it is here that the healing must be effected. 

This means the minds of the fragments, who perceive themselves each as complete, different, unique bodies, with separate minds and identities.  Only the mind needs healing, restoring to wholeness/holiness, since it is only the part of the Son’s mind that believes itself separate, broken that has made bodies, which, being temporal, are not real. The Spirit of the Son is indivisibly, eternally, perfectly, unchangeably one, so needs no healing. 

The only way the split-off-from-Truth mind can be healed, restored to oneness is by communion (common union) – i.e. rejoining – between the seemingly separated parts.  The only true communion is between minds, or mind-to-mind.  The most serviceable prelude to communing is forgiving, loving and blessing ourself.  This opens our door, our channel of commun(icat)ion with our Self, which we have kept shut by believing we are guilty.  Forgiveness enables us to see past the (unconscious) presumed guilt within ourself, so that we can access our own, innocent, inner Being.   

All the while we believe we are guilty, we are keeping that door shut, out of fear.  If we cannot commune with that part of the Sonship that is ourself, how can we commune with our brothers, including Jesus?  He is the best brother with whom we might start our mind-to-mind communing because he is already in our mind and empowered to help us remember the truth of our eternal oneness within.  He is walking with each and every one of us, every moment, whether we are aware of his presence or not. 

We might ask ourself how we envision the relationship, the intercourse between dearest friends.  Would it not be with terms such as comfortableness, ease, relaxation, joy, peace, humour, light-heartedness; and, of course, abiding love?  This – and immeasurably more – is exactly how it is between Jesus and us; each and every one of us.  There are, and can be, no exceptions because he is brother to us all, and we, therefore, to him.  Not being aware of that does not make it not so.  He longs for us to become aware of it, and will help our awareness, if we are willing and so desire. 

He can, will and is restoring the mind of us all to awareness, remembrance of our oneness with his healed, whole Christ Mind.  Once we are willing to accept this: that he is the Way by which we remember the truth of our Being, and that we are all one in that brotherhood, founded in perfect Love, we can extend this mind-to-mind communing to any – and in principle, all – of our brothers, embodied or disembodied.  Since in reality we are all of one Mind, it can but be our forgetfulness, our fear, our unbelief that would block it from our awareness, prevent it from becoming our experience. 

This healing is possible even with those with whom we find ourself in a karmic entanglement.  Such conditions often extend back through ‘previous’ incarnations; all the more reason for desiring to heal them now, and save ourself and our brother(s) indeterminate further embodiments.  The apparent degree of brokenness – great or minor – is of no consequence, because brokenness is but an illusion; something we made up to establish so-called individual, separate persona identities.  Seeing ourself again as undivided, one whole (holy) Self – Christ – would immediately end the dream. 

All our perceptions of separateness are defence mechanisms against the truth of our eternal, indivisible oneness.  This is why attempting mind-to-mind communion at the ego-mind level cannot, will not work, for separation is devised to prevent commun(icat)ion.  But neither we nor the brother with whom we are in a tug of karmic war are actually separate; that is a game we are playing.  We are both, equally, One Self, and it is at the level of Self that we can commune Lovingly, peaceably.  All the while we believe we are, and feel, separate from that brother, communion cannot work. 

Thus is forgiveness prerequisite to the healing of brokenness.  And it only takes one – i.e., One – to forgive for the breach to be healed.  Forgiveness dispels the illusion of separateness, restoring us to remembrance of our oneness.  If this does not manifest outwardly it makes no difference to the healing, for such a perception is only at the temporal, illusory level, and inner, mind healing is at the Self-aware level.  We do not attempt to commune with the ego-mind of our brother, which will, temporarily, remain unaware of any such communing.  All that we commit to and leave with the Spirit of Truth.  

Only by leaving it to Him – and ignoring outward appearances (as with all ego matters if we want release from its thrall), focusing solely, steadfastly, resolutely on the whole, higher mind of our brother, sending Love, blessing, forgiveness (and asking forgiveness from his Self) – will communing work, and heal the breaches in the Sonship, brother to brother.  Then, when the Holy Spirit has performed His healing work in and through us, the healing will be complete and it will become meaningless to us whether or not it manifests at the outer, horizontal level of relationship. 

For only eternity is real, and having sincerely done the forgiveness and healing work, in conjunction with, and at the level of Self/Holy Spirit Mind, the healing is accomplished.  I Know this of a certainty beyond all doubt because I have been joyfully communing mind-to-Mind with the whole, holy mind of Jesus for 46 years and in recent years have experienced healing communion (i.e., rejoining) at the Self/Holy Spirit level with brothers with whom there is (still, at this time of writing) apparent, outward brokenness of relationship (see MoE dated April 25th 2012 for detailed example).

Only by focusing steadfastly on the healing of our mind, and invoking the willing, Loving help of Jesus/Holy Spirit – and thus, ignoring its seeming brokenness – can we become wholly, uninterruptedly, aware of its reality for us. 

Love and blessings be with us all for the healing of the mind of Papa’s beloved Son, 

Brian Longhurst  


My beloveds, this is a time for bringing close to the hearts and lives of all my little ones of Earth the great Love of Heaven, and of He Who is the Source of all that Love.  You glimpse that this Love and giving are unconditional and there is no spirit of judgement or condemnation in it. 

Jesus, December 20th 1992 

May 1st 2013


Dear Friends,


We are the Light of the world and the saviours of the world; so says Jesus.  He ought to know, and we ought to trust him on this if we want to get back to where we belong. But this can only be possible by believing it of ourself and of our brothers.  This cannot happen unless and until we stop thinking negative thoughts – about ourself and our brothers. Negative thoughts betray us and our brothers because they do not reflect the truth.  They perpetuate the lie; the insane game of pretending to be what we are not.  We are like Jesus; he is our brother and our template for our true Being.


Few would agree that betrayal is a laudable quality.  Most would see it as shameful, degrading, dishonourable; something we would hope never to do to anyone.  Yet most of us engage in it daily, even hourly, toward ourself and our fellows.  If we stop a moment and think about this, it is not hard to see how damaging it is to ourself – mentally, emotionally and inevitably, physically – regardless of whether those thoughts are directed to ourself or to another.  If to ourself, still we cannot help but broadcast them, undetected by bodily senses, out into the world and beyond.


There they are received, at an unconscious level, by all around us; human and all sentient life forms.  If detectable by olfactory senses they would be experienced as malign effluvia, causing others to shun us.  But since most of us are unwittingly, undiscerningly doing the same, perhaps we are inured to it; such as when we all eat garlic we do not notice it on another’s breath.


Is there one amongst us who believes Jesus has negative thoughts?  Indeed, why would he choose, or need, to have such, ever?  For he Knows the outcome of the GRP, the final phase of the At-onement; the restoration of the fragmented mind of Papa’s Son to sanity, wholeness, oneness.  He Knows it because he has eschewed the time-and-place perspective in favour only of the eternal view.  We are like Jesus; he is our brother and our template for Being.  In order for us to come to Know it, as he does, we have first to have faith that it is so, for faith shall be replaced by sight.


True, spiritual sight or vision requires, first, belief because it is our choice for unbelief that has blocked our vision, replacing unchangeable, perfect-Love-engendered reality that true vision shows us with temporal, changeable, decaying illusions.  Faith, or a little willingness to believe, enables the removal of that block.  By steadfast faith, unwavering belief, we keep our mind open to the Light that the Spirit of Truth constantly shines into it.  Thus faith enables the Light to penetrate, illuminating our mind with truth, transforming believing into Knowing, of a certainty beyond all doubt.


It is easier to dispel betraying, negative thoughts that sentence us to death than ego would have us believe.  In fact, it is as easy as pie, once we remember how.  We simply remind ourself that they are not our thoughts.  We have allowed an interloper, a ‘virus’ to invade our mind so that our vision has become double.  This has set us ill at ease.  But, like all dis-ease, it is not real.  In 1968 Jesus counselled me not to fight illness, not to resist it, but allow it to flow through me, over me, and it would be like water off a duck’s back, and thus, gone more swiftly because it meets no resistance.


To resist or fight dis-ease means we are resisting something that is not real, merely a figment in our sick, distorted, split-off-from-Truth mind.  Resistance gives it reality in that mind, for we would not resist what in truth we Know is not real.  Assuredly, Jesus was impervious to bodily ailments simply because he Knew neither bodies nor ailments are real.  When we hold onto negative thoughts, believing them to be ours – which they are not because in truth we are like Jesus – we block our own, Christ-minded thoughts from our awareness.  Those alien thoughts are interloper-virus thoughts.


Negative, ego-virus thoughts betray us into believing the unbelievable, so they become real to us and afflict us with an endless array of maladies of mind and body.  ‘Endless’ because we keep on making up more and more as guilt and fear, judgement and grievance – negative thoughts – reflect destructively back on us.


That calls for vigilance and steadfast commitment, not to resist or fight them but simply observe them, impassively.  We could say to ourself, ‘I observe these thoughts but I do not judge them and I do not own them because they are not real; they are therefore nothing and I choose not to judge or own what is nothing, when Papa has given me everything.  Instead I choose Christ-Mind thoughts of Love, forgiveness, wholeness, blessing as my thoughts and Know this is entirely possible because I – with Jesus and all my brethren in the Sonship – am Papa’s beloved Son; Christ.’


The function of saviour of the world is already ours, just as being the Light of the world is what we already are.  Accepting that function enacts it and brings meaning and fulfilment into our lives.  Being saviours of the world is not some grandiose, arrogant thing, and does not require special tools, qualities or any gifts of the spirit with which we are not already equipped.  It is merely forgiving our brother and ourself for what we ‘virus-thought’ – misperceived – he did to us and/or we to him. 


Our brother is that politician who fiddled his expenses, took a bribe, voted for some commercial deal that threatens the environment; he is that preacher advocating terrorism and martyrdom, or promulgating the myth that God is angry and demanded a once and for all blood sacrifice as a propitiation for our sins; he is that banker who paid himself millions while covering-up malfeasance that cost his customers and/or tax-payers billions; he is that medic who missed a diagnosis that cost us or a loved-one their life…


Being selective about forgiveness is not, cannot be, forgiveness at all, because forgiveness starts and ends with ourself, by re-cognising that in truth – in the Sight of Papa – there is only one of us; in truth there is no guilt; in truth there is no time and place.  Holding back on forgiveness is giving reality to what we have made up, denying us the experience of reality.  Holding unforgiveness toward just one brother ties us into a karmic entanglement with that brother, locking him and us together, keeping us imprisoned in a body, time and place, limitation, the illusion of mortality...


If that is our wish, so be it.  Neither God nor Jesus will deny it us.  If it is not our wish, they will Help us fulfil the true desire of our heart for eternal Life, limitlessness, Joy, Peace and Love beyond human imagining.  But we must desire it wholly, unequivocally.  That may sound unachievable to our ego-yoked mind.  It is unachievable without that Help, but happily, all that is required of us is that we simply desire it and ask for it.  All else is accomplished for us, in response to that desire.


Let us give thanks that true desire is rising to the surface of our minds, for rejoining us all in peace, as One,


Brian Longhurst 


The transforming and renewing power of the Creator Spirit can only manifest in and through souls whose commitment, dedication and one-pointed desire for the Kingdom and all it represents has gradually created a channel through which such can manifest. 

Jesus, January 17th 1993


May 8th 2013


Dear Friends,


Orthodox religious belief has it that animals don’t have a soul.  Such a doctrine (or dogma J) cannot have been fabricated by anyone who ever kept – and loved/was loved by – a dog.  The soul of every living thing – human, animal, vegetable… and many would also say mineral – is the life force that animates it, and that life force is the Universal Life Force; the Creator Spirit; Papa.  This had been my understanding for as long as I can remember, but eighteen years ago I had an experience that confirmed this beyond all doubt, as described in chapter 7 of SYFK


On an occasion in July 1995, when walking the dogs in the hills, with woodland and fields around me, I suddenly saw the Life Force coursing through every tree, leaf, blade of grass, wheat plant in the adjacent field, even the very soil in which all was growing. Everything that is, including the dogs and me, was this Force and It was all One, all connected to Itself as One, all connected to, receiving its livingness from, having its beingness in the Source of All; a Cosmic Umbilicus. Ever since then I have known of and from the certainty that the soul can have only when it has experienced such, that that is the reality: we are all One with, or in, the Creator, the Source of Life.


This reality is not dependent for its existence upon beliefs, or doctrines or dogmas or rituals. What, however, will be highly serviceable to experiencing that reality, for the purpose of spiritual growth and awakening, is to harmonise our mind and desire/get attuned with the ‘Good Husbandman’ (“I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.” Jn. 15:1). This aligns us with the Mind of God, by the agency of the Holy Spirit and/or Jesus, and illumination can and will be given, in response to our sincerity, desire and commitment.


That illumination becomes a living experience and then we truly know the truth, and cannot be diverted from our Path back to God by somebody else telling us their truth, because this has come from the Source, through our own within.


Seeing animals as soulless, and therefore, different – separate from ourselves – is characteristic of the separation consciousness, which is concocted to keep us believing we are separate… from Papa and from our Self.  Will we believe what our body’s eyes – contrived to show us what we have chosen to believe: unreality, in our game of make-believe – show us, or will we believe what our eternal soul-sight will reveal to us – actually, restore to our remembrance – when we are ready to believe and are willing to ask in faith?


Jesus reminds us in ACIM that the Creator Spirit, Papa, creates by extending Himself, and thus are His creations like Himself; that His Son is an extension of Himself, created to create as He creates, by extending his Self.  His Self is Love, because he is like his Creator, and cannot be unlike his Creator because his Creator can create only in His likeness. Yet in his fragmented, dream state, in which he is playing at not being his Self, he cannot create at all – because he has chosen to believe he has separated himself from his Creator, Who Is his very Source of creativeness.


Instead, he can only make, or fabricate – project from his split-off-from-Truth mind – false images of darkness (darkness because they are unenlightened) that simply reflect the false, unenlightened image he has made of his self.  Because the image he has made of himself is false, reflections of it will also be false, and therefore, not reflect like for like. These images are all in the without – where he has tried to make his home since the dawn of time – and are all separate forms, subject to the laws of entropy, destined to keep dividing, withering and ‘dying’.


But the substance, the content, the reality within every life-form that appears in time and place, from elephant to bacterium, from oak tree to daisy is the eternal, indestructible, unchangeable Life Force that is the Source of all Being, Whose very nature is Love.


Projecting images of ourself into the without – as multifarious, ever-changing forms – distracts us from remembrance, awareness of the Life, the Love, the Light, the unchanging, unchangeable, eternal Being that is Papa’s Son, within.  And then, believing, perceiving the form as the reality, the life – onto which we must hang, and devote so much of our attention to preserving – maintains the illusion, the dream, the lie.  These images are not, of course, just ‘humans’, which we believe we are, but all other myriad life-forms we see around us.  


It is not Papa Who has created them all, because they are of time and place and he Knows nothing of illusion.  Who else, then, has made all these life forms; taken little piles of clay and animated them with diverse shapes, sizes and colours?  In all eternity there is only the Creator and the created.  Both can create only in their Own likeness, so says Jesus.  But these forms are made, not created, because creation is forever.  Only one who is playing a game of pretend, of make-believe, could make what is unreal, temporal, and then forget he made them and that they are not real.


Then, one life form kills and eats other life forms, in the mistaken understanding that this is giving or perpetuating life, when it is merely perpetuating the illusion that we are a body.


Is this saying an elephant is not real?  Just as human form is not real, but the eternal Life Force, the Soul that animates it is, so is it with elephants and all other life forms.  There is but One Life, and all are integral, indivisible aspects of that Oneness.  If it were possible to kill a part of It, the whole would be killed, but death is an illusion which Papa’s Son dreamed up and now we mistakenly fear.  How can we fear what we have made up, other than by forgetting we have made it up?


We, Papa’s one Son, dreaming of being many and diverse, in our upside-down, split-off-from-Truth mind, made all the forms and gave them all their functions – including their poisonous, killing, competitive properties.  So insane is this whole set-up that it could only hold any semblance of credibility to a mind that has chosen to forget its true, all-Loving Being.


Now is the moment, the time of the Great Awakening, in which Papa’s Son is remembering who he really is; that he is one, not only in Papa, but with all living things.  This is materialising in the without from the within as the growing flood of loving human/animal interaction stories and videos on the internet readily portrays.


‘Papa, I am in need of nothing, for You have given me everything, that I may extend it to my brothers – irrespective of the form they may take – that we may all have it equally and return to oneness together in You.’




Brian Longhurst



Let the Father’s will and His love fill your life Centres and work His wonders in you, for the uplifting of the children of Earth. Be not afraid; shrink not from this joyous place, for your guidance and protection are in your at-one-ment with Him and with me.


Jesus, January 24th 1993


May 15th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

If we believe sacrifice is the path to salvation we believe God is angry with us and therefore requires something to get Him to Love us again: sacrifice.  That makes His Love conditional.  And if we are created in His likeness it justifies our anger at ourself and our brothers for the sinfulness and shortfalls of us all.  Happily, we are only dreaming all this; we have made it up, so it is not true.  We could only make up what is not true because what is true is forever, unchangeably true.  Nothing of time and place is unchangeable so nothing of it can be true. 

Truth, reality, is within.  Untruth, unreality, is without.  Seeking truth where it is not is but a fool’s errand.  Truth and Papa’s Son are indivisible because Papa and His Son are indivisible.  We cannot be separated from Him or from truth, but can pretend we are.  If we live the truth it will set us free, restore us to wholeness and to oneness in Him.  The freedom that living the truth brings us includes total, unwavering inner peace, stillness, tranquillity; limitlessness; invulnerability; joy beyond human imagining; boundless, unconditional Love for, and oneness with, all.  

All this and immeasurably more – everything, in fact – is already, inseparably, freely, ‘without money and without price’, ours, so we need not strive for it. Striving for what is already ours is denying – blinding ourself to – what we have and what we are; keeping us in the illusion.  This can only happen by our freewill choice to forget the truth; by pretending we are somewhere other than our true home, our true state of Being.  Denying everything is with us is our choice to be without everything.  Everything is to be found only in eternity because ‘everything’ can include only that which is real. 

If we perceive ourself in time and place, we are bringing into our own experience the illusion of being without because none of what we might believe is ours here is either real or ours. That does not mean everything is not available to us while we still appear to be embodied.  While we believe that is a state of limitation so will it be.  Jesus, on the other hand, during his seemingly embodied state, was not limited by it because he Knew limitation was a self-imposed state of mind, manifested by belief.  Instead, he saw past the illusion to the truth of his – and our – unlimited Being.   

What was possible for him is possible also for us because we are his brothers in the Sonship; ONE, illusorily appearing as many because we chose separation.  We are free to choose again and be restored to limitlessness and all-empowerment.  But to effect this transformation requires the retraining of our mind. 

Without means bereft; lonely and abandoned.  So rather than striving for our inheritance we will serve ourself well simply by choosing anew; choosing – just as Jesus did – to remember it is already with us and has always been, will always be. Choosing anew is all that is required of us, but we have to mean it. Unequivocally.  Such a choosing can only bring an end to the misperception that we are without (i.e. not within the Kingdom), bereft.  No-one will choose anything unless he sees it as desirable, so desire is the catalyst of change from dreaming of illusions to wakefulness to truth.  

We have been dreaming of unreality so long that our way of perceiving, describing and interpreting things is alien to reality.  There was recently an interesting documentary about Isaac Newton on BBC TV.  In it were described Newton’s experiments passing white light through a prism, separating white light into the colours of the spectrum.  This, so the narrative explained, caused Newton, and many since, to perceive white light as impure; a blend of all the colours of the light spectrum, each of which must be pure in its own, separate right.  

That is like saying that God – the Allness of everything – is impure because He comprises many facets (e.g., Love, Peace, Joy); that only the facets are pure, and the Allness, completion, is an adulteration of its parts, or facets, which must be separated out from the Allness for them to be pure.  Yet, it is only when all the fragmented parts are rejoined from separation to oneness that wholeness (i.e. holiness), completion, is restored.  To discern truth we need to begin to look with our true, whole, joined, single vision, not split, separated, distorted sight. 

We continue in the consciousness of separation by using the lexicon of separation.  We speak as we find.  We believe in death so we speak of death.  We speak of misery, of division, of loss, of sickness as if real because we believe in them.  Who would bother to speak of that in which he no longer believed?  Is there one amongst us who can imagine Jesus saying he experienced misery, loss or illness?  He understood that to speak of them gave them reality, when he Knew that nothing of time and place is real.  He was here to speak of reality, not of make believe.  He still is. 

If we desire to be like him, let us, then, co-operate with him and with the Spirit of Truth when They counsel us to abandon illusion in favour of truth.  How can we remember – and live – the truth that will set us free when our lexicon still contains the language of death, loss, misery, sickness, envy, judgement, limitation, guilt, fear, unworthiness; when we allow the spirit of reckoning (ego) to stand in the place of faith; judgement in place of forgiveness?  

The language of eternity, of our true Being, is like a foreign language to ears long inured in that of time and place.  Re-learning the language of truth is only possible if we are steadfast in choosing to stop littering it with that of illusion and allowing ourself – unawares – to believe the latter is true.  This requires commitment, focus, repetition, vigilance.  The language of illusion is of change, uncertainty, questioning, doubting, limitation, judgement…  The language of truth is of Love, Peace, Joy, certainty, accepting, allowing, honouring, forgiving, surrendering, humility, generosity of spirit, affirming…  

Shared here is an extract from an April 2010 communing: 

…Affirming is building, reassuring, strengthening.  Practise affirmations for your focusing, centring, uplifting.  Say: ‘I am... Just as Papa created me; I am... loved, unconditionally and eternally, every moment; I am... forgiving of myself and my brothers; I am... loving; I am... compassionate; I am... caring; I am... free’ ... You can add to the list as inspiration moves you; but always keep it positive and it will always be truthful and uplifting. Remember: doubt is ego’s dismantling device.  

All IS well.  I am… with you always. J. 

If the Spirit of Truth is with us always – which, assuredly, He is – truly, then, all IS well.  Let us, then, live, and think, and speak, and BE in wellness.  Wellness of spirit.  For wellness of spirit can but assure wellness to all facets of our Being. 

So shall we surrender old order thinking and speaking, and accept and allow the outpouring of Papa’s boundless Love and blessings to fill and overflow us with Peace and Joy unto perfect Life in Him everlasting, 

Brian Longhurst


Let your heart be heard in these matters, my son, for it is there to be your guide and balance; then shall the Living Word be given to reassure you of the rightness of your heart.  This is Truth and this is Principle; hearken unto it and so shall all be well with you in the Way.

Jesus, January 31st 1993 

May 22nd 2013 

Dear Friends, 

Darkness is not real. It is merely the seeming, or perceived absence of Light.  In like manner, fear is not real.  It is merely the seeming, or perceived absence of Love.  Darkness and fear do not exist because Love and Light do.  Love and Light are aspects of oneness.  There is nowhere They are not.  Therefore, time and place are nowhere; they do not exist in reality, which is everywhere, eternally.  In a mad moment Papa’s Son made them up.  That moment ended the same instant it entered his mind, but the causative power of the Mind of Papa’s Son seemed to have a separating effect. 

Yet because unreality cannot exist in reality it was over in an instant, with no actual effect on, or interruption of, reality taking place.  Still the idea of separation seems to continue to play itself out in a split-off part of the mind that manifests itself in the without as separated into fragments, each imprisoned in a body.  This can be likened to a film, made long ago but being endlessly re-viewed.  We can choose to stop watching, re-viewing unreality at any moment and it will begin to cease being experienced as reality in our mind.  Then will we begin to remember that in like manner, guilt does not exist either.   

It is merely the imagined absence of innocence.  God is reality.  Believing that or not believing it makes no difference to what is unchangeable, indestructible, everlasting.  Any creation of, or by the Creator can therefore only be real, unchangeable, indestructible, everlasting.  Therefore Papa’s beloved Son, His creation, His completion… cannot, could not exist in the unreality of darkness, fear and guilt, for this would only mean he could not be his Father’s Son, his Creator’s creation. 

Then, as we make that choice anew and steadfastly refuse to be drawn back into believing the unbelievable, we begin to focus our sight on our destination, our journey’s end: Home, in pure innocence, to Love and Light, Peace and Joy.  And as our journey progresses it becomes ever more clear – like the Light at the end of the tunnel looming larger and brighter as we near it – that in truth there was no journey.  We made up the idea of going away, being away and returning Home.  We have never been away, even for an instant. 


As our journey’s end looms into view and the Light at the end of the tunnel grows larger and brighter, we appear to be in an age of growing enlightenment.  This manifests itself in every aspect of our awareness.  Among these aspects is the exponential growth of scientific accomplishment.  During the Victorian era there was a perception that man had nearly arrived at the place of all scientific understanding and development.  This perception seems comical now, in light of the ever-accelerating rate of progress of new discoveries, inventions and achievements. 

One may well consider to what this accelerating rate of progress can be attributed.  To allow some light to shine on this we need to recognise that embodied existence in the illusion of time and place is like one side of a coin, yet being perceived as the whole.  The other side of that coin is the etheric counterpart of the so-called ‘physical’ world.  Most in the embodied state have the misperception that we are separated from that realm and those who have laid aside their body, thus – presumably; hopefully – ending up in that mysterious, unknown place: ‘the afterlife’; if it exists… 

For those who do not believe it, or perhaps are wavering, I am here to attest – from awareness of and blessed, loving contact with it through most of my embodied sojourn in time as ‘Brian’ – to its being equally as much a part of our experience in time and place as ‘this side’ of that illusory coin.  Further, there are endless accounts of others giving similar testimony.  Our brothers on ‘the other side’ are just as much our brothers as those appearing embodied ‘here’, and the healing, rejoining, restoring to oneness with them is of equal importance to that with those ‘here’. 

They love us and long for our acknowledgment of their presence with us.  But their desire for us extends to something far beyond that: they are being of practical help to us in myriad ways, even when we have no awareness of their presence, let alone that help.  This is not just for our apparent easement as we labour, imprisoned in a body, but combining that aspect with that of our progress toward spiritual enlightenment.   

An excellent example of that came to me in 1997 during encounters with our brother, Sir Oliver Lodge, the famous British physicist, (1851-1940), as described in Vignette 21, headed Laser: Amplifying the Light for the Kingdom in my book.  It is in the interests of those functioning from the place of the separation consciousness to promulgate the perception that all intercourse with those ‘invisible’ realms is to be avoided because it is, somehow, preposterously, evil; trafficking with Satan. 

A scientific mind does not cease being that when it releases itself from its attachment to – even self-imprisonment, -restriction, -limitation within – a dense, ‘physical’ body.  On the contrary, it now has access to immeasurably greater study, research, application and understanding of the so-called laws of time and place – physics, chemistry and biology – in its now substantially unencumbered state than the dense, physical, financial, dogmatic and other constraints of its still-embodied counterparts.  

So, any heart-centred, benign research endeavours for the common good can progress in the etheric realms at an exponentially more rapid pace, and those advances can be shared with their embodied fellows.  This is happening around the world, every day, even though their embodied fellows may have no awareness of the source of their inspirational discoveries, inventions, advances.  The researchers in spirit draw close to their embodied colleagues and overshadow them with a hint here, an idea there, a ‘eureka moment’ that suddenly comes to mind ‘out of the blue’. 

The acceleration of beneficial scientific progress has been occurring in recent decades because we are approaching the end of the ‘tunnel of separation’, and the ‘veil’ between the two sides of time and place consciousness is thinning – being shone away by the Light and the Love of Heaven.  This is unstoppable, and will continue to gather pace as the healing, the restoration of the Sonship to oneness continues to leaven.   

This does not mean we should throw caution to the wind, for all the while we believe/perceive ourself as being in time and place, the prince of time and place – the ego – still has the Way lined with pitfalls, including disguising malign artifices as ‘benign breaksthrough’. 

Only by vigilantly seeking guidance in truth within, from He Who Knows, can we remain receptive to the Light being shone into our minds, that we may discern the difference, and thus continue to eschew darkness masquerading as light. 

Love and Light, 

Brian Longhurst 


All is well; the Joy of Heaven infiltrate and overshadow your Earth-life conditions, that you may have life abundantly and give of it to those who hunger and thirst.

Holy Communion, February 14th 1993 



May 29th 2013


Dear Friends,


From time to time people ask me how I see Jesus; what he looks like.  In responding to this meaningfully, some care is needed, for we appear to dwell in a realm of illusions, and yet perceive them as real.  We are so inured in perceiving ourself as a body, and likewise our brothers – all the other fragments of God’s one Son pretending to be what he is not – that distinguishing between truth and illusion from this perspective can be confusing. 


To try, we must switch back and forth between terminology – words, symbols – with which we are familiar, yet is misleading, and other, that represents reality yet is still only symbolic because words can only ever be symbols, whether they are used to represent illusion or truth.  It can help, however, if we can first accept that we do not see with our eyes, but with our mind.  Eyes were devised by a confused, upside-down mind to show us illusions in our game of make believe and persuade us that that which passes away is real, when only that which is eternal can be real.


Reality requires no bodily eyes for its cognition.  Nevertheless, it takes retraining of our upside-down mind to enable it to discern reality without habitually engaging our eyes to do so, for when we do that, illusion gets in the way.  Our eyes show us what is ‘out there’; but there is, in truth, nothing out there.  So, we must retrain our mind to seek reality within.  This takes time, and Help from One Who sees both Truth and illusion, and can help us tell one from the other during our switchover. The amount of time can be years, decades, and most likely, for most of us, multiple embodiments.


That may seem daunting.  However, I have learnt that if we view any aspect of reality in relation to our life’s experience as an ‘equation’, when we include time – as ego perceives it – in the equation there is likely to be stress, because the distortion that time introduces clouds our vision, preventing us from seeing clearly.  Yet, by choosing to exclude time from the equation, instantly the stress is removed.  We could say to ourself: ‘I know time is an illusion, so including it in any attempt to discern reality is bound to confuse me and cause anxiety because it will never make sense.’


By deliberately, steadfastly choosing to leave time out, peace can replace it.  For example, we might say, ’I recognise that judgement and grievance are still part of who I experience myself as being, even though I have been struggling, striving to dispel those ego characteristics from my mind for a long time.  I don’t seem to be progressing and the clock keeps ticking, so what hope is there for me getting free and becoming enlightened during this lifetime?’  By rewording this consideration and removing any relevance of time, the whole consideration can become peaceful.  We could say:


‘I observe judgement appears to still be part of my identity, but I continue steadfastly to surrender this illusion into the care and power of the Holy Spirit, so I Know, of a certainty beyond all doubt, that He is dispelling it according to His perfect wisdom and power, and I am therefore content to leave it with Him.  Thank you, Holy Spirit, for healing my mind.’  Then, we stop stressing about it, and simply observe, as a passer-by, with no attachment to a result. 


With this turnabout of our approach to ego issues such as judgement it is inevitable that, by not making time our enemy or our master, in due course we will notice that the issue has diminished significantly, and is no longer the monster controlling our life that it previously seemed to be. This diminution will continue, mostly unnoticed by our conscious mind, until it ceases completely to be part of our awareness, and inner peace has taken its place.


Of course we need to use our eyes – and take reasonable care of them – while we appear to be with a body, but we can choose to accept that they are not showing us reality.  They merely serve us well while we proceed to remember that our body has one meaningful purpose only: to serve as a communication mechanism for sharing-by-living (not proselytising) the truth of our Being, with all our brothers, as Papa’s beloved Son.  That is the way Jesus operated during his time with a body, so we know it can work for us also, if we so choose, because we are his brothers.


All that is a circuitous way of leading back to how I ‘see’ Jesus.  The same way I – and all of us who appear to be with a body – see anything: with my mind.  As stated above, our eyes are devised to show us unreality in a self-deceiving attempt at proving illusions are real.  When we are sincere and steadfast in our commitment to choosing to see reality, and hand-over the reins to our Whole Self, the Spirit of Truth, He can begin to work His transforming works in us.  This has to be a one step at a time process because if it all took place in an instant it would disturb our equilibrium.


We are familiar with the concept of perceiving ourself and our brothers as bodies, and that is – at least to some degree – how I see him; but with my mind, bypassing my eyes in the process.  This is not something persona Brian (pB) took upon himself to effect, for he hadn’t the faintest idea about any of this line of thinking.  But, by the time I had reached early adulthood I had given my life into the care, guiding and protection of Jesus.  This means I had given him full power and authority over all the affairs of my life, so he was able to begin the transforming, Awakening process within me.


Be assured that there is nothing unique, different, special or in any other way, unusual about pB in this.  It is all entirely applicable to us all, without exception.  A little willingness is all that is required of us, inextricably blended with faith and desire for it to be so.  Those three words – willingness, faith and desire – are not something at which we can cherrypick on an occasional whim.  They are symbols of a state deep within the mind of us all which we are at free choice to accept, or allow ourself to be distracted, sidetracked from it by ego’s dismantling tool: doubt.


In the early days it did seem that I was seeing Jesus in bodily form, and assumed, incorrectly, it must have been with my eyes.  Once we accept we see with our mind, it liberates us to begin seeing the truth.  Seeing Jesus in bodily form, even without the mechanism of eyes being involved, is but a stepping-stone to the truth of his, and our, Being.  This is necessary because most of us are not yet ready for accepting the whole truth of Being.  That will be completed for all the fragments at the end of time, when all three measures of meal have leavened, at the end of the Aquarian age.


As my journey and relationship with him has progressed there has been less and less need to ‘see’ him in the sense of him being a body – even an etheric one.  More, I have an all-pervading sense, an awareness, an inner Knowing – in my soul, my mind, my heart – of his presence, his energy, his vibration, his joy, his Love, his humour, his peace, his fun, his ageless, timeless, all-Knowing wisdom; his caring, his absolute reliability and trustworthiness, all adding up to the complete package: his incomparable Self.


At the end of Matthew’s gospel Jesus says: I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. In order for us to have awareness of that he would have to show himself in bodily form.  He does this to comfort, reassure, encourage us that he really is with us.  His promise is to remain with us in accessible, discernible form until we are restored to awareness of our oneness with him, so that when Papa takes the final step of restoring us to Heaven, in Him, forever, it will be all of us, as the One Son that we are, at the same instant.


Jesus is already in that state of fully Awake Oneness in Papa, but because he loves his brethren totally, unconditionally, knowing that we are all one with him, he waits, with infinite patience, to help us all return to that state of remembrance.  That is Love and commitment but it is also because he Knows it is a PLF.


As he said to me in 1968: “I am attuned to all mankind all the time; there is never a moment when I am not with you all. All that is needed to complete the contact is for you to attune with me and we are together, at any time.” He has also said to me (and untold others) thousands of times over the decades, “All is well”.  This is entirely true, because all that appears otherwise is not true, not real.


Thank You, Holy Spirit, for helping us to choose Love and commitment to living the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,


Brian Longhurst



Today we all rejoice in Heaven and Earth, for all is prepared that has been aforetime determined, and great works for the Kingdom and for the glory of the Father, and of His little ones, may now begin in earnest. 

Jesus, February 21st 1993


June 12th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

The ego loves to place stumbling blocks in our path; obstacles to sidetrack us, cause us doubt, sabotage our faith and trust, harden our unbelief.  For example, many find it impossible to accept the religious doctrines of the immaculate conception and the virgin birth, or that Jesus ‘died’ on the cross, because they cannot accept that resurrection from the ‘dead’ could be possible.  These – and immeasurably more – are all delaying manoeuvres to distract us from the Truth of Eternity that Jesus came to restore to our remembrance. 

If we are committed to the Truth of Eternity we do not need to concern ourselves with stumbling blocks.  Jesus is not the slightest concerned with whether or not we believe in an immaculate conception, a virgin birth, or even the resurrection, though institutionalised religions have belief in these – and other doctrines – as prerequisite to our ‘salvation’.  His intent is solely to help us remember the Truth of our Being, and to do this he said there were but two ‘commandments’ that would effect this:  1) Love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, and 2) Love our neighbour as ourself. 

Another delaying manoeuvre that has come to the fore recently is the idea that Jesus was not only married, but fathered progeny.  To many, encumbered by orthodoxy, the very idea of Jesus being married is an apostasy, and having children …well, whatever next! J. But how would any of these ideas alter the truth he came to share?  Yet there are those who set off on the trail of his descendants, as if such would have to be imbued with spiritual enlightenment.  Spiritual enlightenment is nothing to do with genetic inheritance; that is, it hardly need be said, of the soul, not the body. 

Often, unenlightened souls incarnate through spiritual parents and enlightened souls through spiritually somnolent parents.  None of these events is an ‘accident’, a ‘mistake’.  All are opportunities for growth.  Chromosomes and genetic inheritance are affective only of bodily, not soul, characteristics.  Like everything to do with bodies, time and place and all in the world of illusion, they are flawed because they are not of God’s creation.  Jesus assuredly knew all that because he knew time and place is not of His creation; so why would perpetuating his line have been on his agenda? 

And if a line did arise from his supposed union with a woman – Mary Magdalene or any other – still his mission was solely to raise, resurrect, leaven the minds (not bodies) of the fragmented Sonship to remembrance of the truth of Being of us all as the One Son of our eternal, heavenly Father, created in His likeness, not some ‘super-race’ of bodies.  That was – and remains – his intention. God is pure, limitless Spirit, and thus must all created in His likeness also Be. 

Nevertheless, Jesus was, and remains a pragmatist, and so is the Spirit of Truth, since They are of One Mind and one purpose.  Jesus states in A Course in Miracles (ACIM): Jesus is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, Whom he called down upon the earth after he ascended into Heaven, or became completely identified with the Christ, the Son of God as He created Him.  (C-6.1:1).   

He goes on to say:  

The Holy Spirit is described as the remaining Communication Link between God and His separated Sons… He never forgets the Creator or His creation.  He never forgets the Son of God.  He never forgets you.  And He brings the Love of your Father to you in an eternal shining that will never be obliterated because God has put it there. 

The Holy Spirit abides in the part of your mind that is part of the Christ Mind.  He represents your Self and your Creator, Who are One…  He seems to be a Voice, for in that form He speaks God’s Word to you.  He seems to be a Guide through a far country, for you need that form of help.  He seems to be whatever meets the needs you think you have.  But He is not deceived when you perceive your self entrapped in needs you do not have.  It is from these He would deliver you. It is from these that He would make you safe. (Extracts from C-6.3 and 4). 

As pragmatists, They Know it is necessary to establish the KOHOE – ‘the real world’ as described by Jesus in ACIM – to bring us close enough to Eternity that God can take that final step of raising us back into Himself there.  This means transforming a fully dysfunctional, fear-filled illusion into a fully functional one: ‘a happy dream’, based in Love, forgiveness, co-operation (instead of competition, a device to maintain the illusion of separation).  One could infer from this that understanding the human genome can be serviceable to the establishing of the KOHOE.  

Replacing faulty genes – and all the myriad other technologies, extant and emerging – may contribute to transforming a fear-filled dream to a happy one but it still remains a dream; not an Awakening to the reality of Perfect Love and limitlessness in Eternity that is our heritage and destiny as Papa’s Son.   

So, while such medical and scientific advances may be beneficial to us while we appear to be in a dream of illusions, they will not fulfil our only true function within that dream as the saviours of our brothers, and thus of ourself, through forgiveness.  If we believe they will, we are distracted by illusions rather than simply using them to serve our one, true function. 

To steadfast focus on our one, true purpose, 

Brian Longhurst 


As the Word of Life goes out into the lives and conditions of the little ones, so shall they go forward, lifted up by the prayers, the blessings, the desire of those ahead on the Path to help those behind, that all may go forward and become One with the Father.

Jesus, February 28th 1993

June 19th 2013

 Dear Friends, 

The idea that there could be other than joy, peace and Love in eternity is, of course, meaningless.  Happily, they are able to be experienced while we appear to be here in the dream of time also.  At such moments those states of Being well up within us, often bubbling over in the form of laughter.  This is joyful, healing laughter, for it helps us to forget, if only briefly, our belief in the lie of disempowerment in which we are so inured.  For most of us such moments seldom endure for long, the world of perception distracting us with illusions of guilt, fear, misery, mortality.  

According to Jesus, the tiny, mad idea of time, or separation from eternity, caused God’s Son (us) to forget to laugh because he believed the idea was serious, being possible of happening, and thus, of having real effects (ACIM, T-27.VIII.6).  Yet, either there is an eternity of joy, peace and Love – oneness in our Source – or there is time and place, in which, even if we can momentarily blot out fear, guilt and misery, death seems to us to be inescapable. Eternity is real; we imagined time-and-place, made it up, so can unmake it by imagining reality in its place. 

Imagination is the creative aspect of our mind.  The creative process begins with imagining.  Nothing comes into Being without it first being imagined.  Imagination is the process of forming, developing, begetting, causing, giving rise to ideas in our mind.  From cause arises effect.  Within the creative process it is inevitable that cause gives rise to effect.  Jesus tells us that this is how the Creator created, caused, begot His Son; that His Son arose as an idea in His Mind, and that ideas never leave their source, though they can be extended from their source. 

This simple axiom is demonstrable in the example that a person who gives rise to an idea can extend that idea into a product that can be given (or sold, in this world!) to others, so the product then becomes theirs, yet the idea remains forever in the mind that gave rise to it. 

The truth of eternity is forever within, immovable from, the Mind of the Creator, Who created truth, reality.  That truth is extended to, and remains, also immovably, within the Mind of His Son (us, remember J).  Truth is unchangeable, indestructible – hence its eternal nature – as is all that is created.  The truth is we – one, appearing as many in a dream, a made-up idea of separation – are perfect Love; unchangeable, indestructible, eternal.  Exactly like our Creator.   

God, it hardly need be said, has free will.  He gave to, shared with, His creation, His Son, all that He Is, all that is His, at his creation; this includes, of course, free will.  That free will empowers us to imagine whatever we choose.  When we choose truth in our imagining, the creative process is engaged.  Like Papa we, His Son, can only create in our likeness – Love.  So when with our free will our imagining runs wild and we imagine the unimaginable, the unreal, the impossible, it cannot be created.   

This shows the perfect Love of Papa; for if the impossible – the absence of Love (Love with a capital L means perfect Love, not counterfeit, conditional ‘love’), of Light, of freedom, of eternal Life, of peace, of joy – could be created it would be a destructive conflict, not a creative process.  And there is no conflict, no destruction in Heaven/eternity; reality.  To conceive of, beget, give rise to the unreal is, thank God, impossible.  So, the tiny, mad idea of the impossible and unbelievable was over the moment it seemed to arise.  It only seemed to arise to a confused mind that had imagined it.   

It could not actually arise because giving rise to is part of the creative process, which is loving and eternal, not temporal, mortal, destructive.  In order to appear to experience unreality, we had to forget the truth of our Being, enter into a state of disempowerment, littleness, limitation… (all so absurdly complicated and unreal) all ‘qualities’ that deny our truth so we could ‘believe’ the unbelievable.  There can be few who would disagree that such a state is lonely, fearful, distressing.  Happily, none of it is real, nor could it be real, because the PLFs are Papa’s safeguard against unreality. 

Unreality cannot, therefore, be created (created = eternal), but such is the power of belief of even the split-off part of the mind of Papa’s Son that by believing – in its upside-down state – it is real, false images of unreality can be projected onto the screen, or veil, we placed over our true vision.  This veil, fabricated from our choice for unbelief-in-reality, shows the unreal, projected ‘diorama’ of time and place – the without – which, in our state of forgetfulness-of-reality we perceive as real.  

What is not created is entropic, or disintegrates; thus the inevitability of time and place coming to an end.  This would mean the apparently-physical universe, in linear time terms, would (according to astro-physicists’ calculations!) take trillionsx of years.  But time, and all appearing in it, is merely an insane, meaningless dream, and the Voice for God, the Spirit of Truth, embodied in Jesus, the anointed messenger of the Holy One, came – and remains with us despite appearances to the contrary, until time is done – to show us, by example, the truth of our Being. 

We have two choices: we can believe the illusion of disempowerment in time and place – ‘the human condition’ – or we can, quite simply, choose Love.  Choosing Love means we can experience the reality of peace and joy.  Joy means laughter – joyous laughter – which, like a virus, is infectious and spreads to those around us. It differs from viruses in that it is healing.  Because we are so conditioned, from countless illusory incarnations, in the consciousness of fear and disempowerment from Self we need help in reclaiming our all-empowerment.   

That help is always immediately, freely available to us in the guise of Jesus and will help us to reclaim, regain God-given empowerment in our life.  Because we have convinced ourself we are disempowered we need his strength and reassurance to restore our belief in the Self we, like him, are.  So, first, we attune with him, reminding ourself that he says, “I am attuned to all mankind all the time; there is never a moment when I am not with you all. All that is needed to complete the contact is for you to attune with me and we are together, at any time.” (See SYFK, chapter 3).   

Then, together with him, taking his hand – which he gladly, willingly, lovingly gives – for strength and support, and with the reassurance that joining with him brings to our otherwise enfeebled state of mind, we can say, with the certainty he imparts to us because we Know he is all-empowered, and he shares that empowerment with us by our joining with him, “Peace, be still”, to tempestuous conditions.  Those tempestuous conditions arise in our confused minds and spread from there to the weather, human relations at the interpersonal, political, religious, national and international levels…

Papa’s Son disempowered himself at the separation.  But what Papa gives – and He gave His Son everything – remains given.  Period.  Therefore, all-empowerment is still with His Son, even in his seemingly fragmented, forgetful state.  Now is the time for His beloved Son – us – to reclaim our empowerment.  Alone, this is impossible.  With Jesus this is entirely possible and easy.  If only we can believe.  This is requisite because it is only our unbelief that disempowers us. 

To restoration of belief that the blessed free gift of God-empowerment is ours, 

Brian Longhurst 


Your awareness of the Oneness, the wholeness of Life in the Father Creator grows apace, so that your experience of the reality and the livingness of being awake, alive, spiritually, opens up before you, giving you new vistas of the limitlessness of eternal Life.

Jesus, March 28th 1993 

June 26th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

In John’s Gospel Jesus states: I go to prepare a place for you.  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.  (Jn. 14:2,3).  The inference to be drawn from this is that he was going away, yet just before the event referred to as the Ascension, he said to his followers: I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.  (Mt. 28:20).  There seems to be a contradiction here, but this is not because his intent was actually contradictory.  The seeming difficulty lies in reconciling two perspectives.   

One is the true, real, unchangeable perspective; the other is an upside down, false, deceiving perspective.  Believing time and place are real means we are seeing everything upside down but believing all that our bodily senses are telling us is right-side up, real, true… So, when someone says the opposite to what we are perceiving is reality, he still has to use some of our terminology, or language, to get the message across.  An example of this is when we say the sun has gone down.  We all know that isn’t actually the case, but we us the term anyway. 

A small child sees it that way and believes it to be so because it appears that way and adults state it as so, even though they know it is otherwise.  From the child’s perspective, the sun revolves around the Earth.  That same child perceives itself as a body, with a name given it at birth, and spends the rest of its life believing that is its identity.  Yet throughout history there have been an enlightened few who have known within themselves that none of this is actually so.  However, when they expressed this discernment it made little impact on the consensus perception. 

Jesus spoke to his friends and followers about eternal reality, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t know it is a waste of time trying to explain to people what they are not yet ready to hear.  He also knew the time would come to each of us when we would be ready to hear with our inward discernment and accept esoteric truth as reality, recognising what had previously been accepted as real to the outer, or exoteric perception is a result only of what we have been led to believe.  To many that may sound too simplistic an explanation, insufficient to persuade them. 

Yet, in a confusing, ever-changing world, when so many different perceptions are being made and so many different, often conflicting explanations offered on a given matter, most choose to believe what they want to believe, so that is what they see.  This is almost always without a willingness to consider all the relevant data.  For example, we are told by institutions set up by governments to safeguard our wellbeing that pesticides, fire retardants, microwaves… are safe within certain tolerances.  Yet those tolerances do not take into account the cumulative effects on us over decades. 

About a hundred years ago cancer affected around 3% of people in what is now referred to as the developed world.  It is now between 30-40% and rising so rapidly that many are projecting it to reach 50% within a decade or so.  Here is an interesting statistic:  In 1935 only one case of cancer had been reported in the last 50 years by the Inuit people of Alaska and Canada. After they began eating processed foods, their cancer rate exploded until it equalled that of the US by the 1970's.  To see more follow this link: 

For centuries religions kept the people in the dark and under their control by withholding spiritual, esoteric, mystical truth and in its place preached judgement and punishment by a wrathful God.  Today, with that control all-but exhausted, governments and ‘big business’ are withholding from the people information about the damage caused by most of what we eat, drink, wear, sit on, walk on, sleep on, breathe, communicate with…  How many men walk around with their ‘smart’ phone in their trouser pocket all day?  Prostate and testicular cancers have sky-rocketed since their advent.   

How many women use a microwave oven in preparing meals each day?  Breast cancer has soared since the advent of microwave ovens, which sit on counter-tops, at or near chest level… It goes on and on.  In our choice to be separate from Papa our mind is in an upside-down, confused, misperceiving state.  In that state we have fabricated a false way of living that is killing us, and are so addicted to it that we do not want to hear the truth about it.  So we pay government scientists to give us false information (half-truths are false) because we are so addicted to killing ourselves. 

The vast mass of fragments of the Sonship of God are unready and unwilling to hear and believe the truth of our eternal, invulnerable, effulgent, all-empowered Being. They choose to believe, instead, lies that not only keep us in spiritual darkness (with ever-increasing media emphasis on the body as what we are), but are leading – actually, have already led – us into a lifestyle that is killing us.  A situation to which the populace has, so far, chosen to remain in blissful ignorance and denial.  

But all this is changing because Jesus did not go away – leave us to our own devices – to prepare a place for us.  He has kept his promise to be with us ‘alway’ because his mind and spirit live within our heart-mind; including those who are unaware of his presence.  His GRP – the leavening of three measures of meal – is now in the final phase of leavening; raising up, resurrecting, healing our split, sick, insane minds.  He had to be where the problem is in order to heal it, prepare a place for us – that where I am, there ye may be also – i.e., heal our mind, restore it to whole, holy, Christ Mind.  

A necessary step in the healing process is exposing the lies and half-truths, so that we are then in a position to choose either to continue with ego’s script for lies, doubt, fear, conflict, illness, death…  or choose freedom.  That exposure is happening now, largely thanks to the internet, and democracy is arriving on planet Earth.  But only when we choose our will to be at one with the perfect Will of God are we truly free.  The Will of God is that His Son be saved from his insane self and restored to oneness in Him.  This, therefore, is our true will also, and our only meaningful function here.


Father, Christs vision is Your gift to me, and it has power to translate all that the bodys eyes behold into the sight of a forgiven world...The world forgiven signifies Your Son acknowledges his Father, lets his dreams be brought to truth, and waits expectantly the one remaining instant more of time which ends forever, as Your memory returns to him. And now his will is one with Yours. His function now is but Your Own, and every thought except Your Own is gone.  (From ACIM, W270)   


Let us today behold each other in the sight of Christ. How beautiful we are! How holy and how loving! Brother, come and join with me today. We save the world when we have joined. For in our (joined, Christ) vision it (the world) becomes as holy as the Light in us.  (From ACIM, W313, my emboldening.)  


I have a special place to fill; a role for me alone.  Salvation waits until I take this part as what I choose to do.  Until I make this choice, I am the slave of time and human destiny (death).  But when I willingly and gladly go the way my Fathers plan appointed me to go, then will I recognize salvation is already here, already given all my brothers and already mine as well. 

Father, Your way is what I choose today... The memory of You awaits me there.  And all my sorrows end in Your embrace, which You have promised to Your Son, who thought mistakenly that he had wandered from the sure protection of Your loving Arms. (From ACIM, W317, my emboldening.) 

Let us, now, spend a moment together, silently joining our minds as one, in Christ, our true Being, and bless the world, every living thing, for our rejoining as one, in wholeness, holiness,  

Brian Longhurst 


The steep places are where you go forward, leaving behind unwanted burdens, no longer pertinent to the path ahead.  Be assured, my son, that leaving such items makes the journey ahead lighter, easier, more joyful. 

Jesus, Easter Sunday, April 11th 1993 

July 3rd 2013 

Dear Friends, 

There are those who say the Sun and the Earth are undergoing a reversal of polarity and that this is the cause of the turmoil we are witnessing in this world.  I am not privy to any inner revelation on this, but it seems evident that outer turmoil – including that in the Sun and on Earth – is but a reflection of inner turmoil, and the ‘inner’ is the fragmented, split-off-from-truth, upside-down mind of Papa’s Son.  In the Diary entry dated December 3rd (part two) 2010, the Spirit of Truth stated that this period of inner turmoil is dubbed ‘the Chaos Time’. 

He explained that this is happening at the switch-over time that occurs during the wind-down of one (linear-time) epoch and the commencement of the next.  In this instance, this is the end of the second, Jesus, measure of meal (Piscean Age) and the beginning of the third, or Kingdom, measure of meal (Aquarian Age).  The chaos is caused by the fragmented minds, which are what are actually undergoing the polarity shift, or reversal, and are being torn between harking back to the old (negative) order consciousness and Awakening to the New (positive) Order awareness of eternal reality.   

The old, negative polarity is the consciousness of fear.  Control and order were preserved outwardly using guilt, fear, judgement, condemnation and punishment.  Institutionalised religion operates thusly.  ‘Be good and you will be rewarded with Heaven; misbehave (‘sin’) and you will be condemned to eternal punishment by God.’ The positive polarity we are moving into is heart centred, re-cognising that unconditional, perfect Love, forgiveness, peace, oneness are eternally ours in the ever-present Now.  The only control required for this is Inner Self control, which is perfect freedom. 

The negative polarity self-disempowerment consciousness abdicated the perceived authority, guidance, protection and safety to other, outward authorities, which wavered between church – which falsely claimed (and still does) to be the Bride of Christ, representing God and Christ on Earth, and thus, to have power over the souls of the people – and state, which exercised self-serving power over the bodies of the people.  Church and state wrestled for control over their minds, usually with inveiglements that mostly were thinly disguised threats of temporal and/or eternal punishment. 

Many observed the flaws in this dualistic state of affairs, but most saw no way around it; uprisings against church or state were ruthlessly crushed, with brutal torture, slaughter, repression and retribution being freely meted.  But there was a modicum of safety felt by those who toed the line.  Yet that sense of safety frequently turned to uncertainty as fighting and jockeying for power broke out within – and between – church and state.  This is the legacy of disempowerment by untold millions of fragments, accruing in the unconscious during embodiment and re-embodiment over millennia. 

In recent generations the church has been losing its power over the people; perhaps because it can no longer threaten, torture, murder dissenters!? J.  And the now-emerging lies, moral turpitudes and attempted cover-ups have all-but sounded its death-knell.  Still, millions place their trust for leadership and protection in governments. Yet threats, torture, murder, even genocide have lingered longer with all too many state authorities, and corruption and lying are endemic.   

Now, in this time of changing polarities, the lies and corruption in state authorities are also coming into the open, and people around the world no longer believe or trust their leaders, even rising up against them, including in the so-called ‘first world’.  The demise of the negative order is leaving somnolent souls feeling lost, not knowing who or what to believe and losing faith and trust in anyone to provide honourable, transparent leadership.  Meanwhile, the New, positive polarity arises and ever more fragments are remembering that the only power for real leadership lies within each of us.  

“In the midst of the Earth ariseth my city (The KOHOE)

     after the fashion of the heavenly,

Wherein the multitude of them that love me and keep

          my words

Minister unceasingly to the sick and fainting spirits of men.

The call goeth out continually, Come, O come ye

     to the waters

Everyone that thirsteth.  Buy milk and wine without money

     and without price,

And nourish your souls, and rejoice in health and joy;

For it is my Father’s good pleasure to bestow upon you

     the freedom of the city.

Here is freedom from sickness: whosoever will,

     let him be free.

Here are riches of wisdom and power: whosoever will,

     let him be rich.

Here is knowledge: whosoever will, let him know

     the secrets of God

     and the power and perfection of His laws.

Here is fulfilment: whosoever will, let him enlarge

     his capacity and his influence.

Here is Peace: whosoever will,

     let him meditate therein.

Grace be with you.”                   (Jesus, January 1965) 

The positive power is our true Identity, the Christ Self within us all.  As this continues Its ascendancy more and more are remembering that Self control and this will progress to awareness that this is freedom, comfort and Self empowerment because our true, Christ Self is one in the Source of All Being: Love.  Now that is empowerment. J.  Those who cleave to the old, negative polarity will find no comfort because it is fading away, disintegrating in chaos and turmoil, without direction.  But when the moment is right, they, also, will be drawn to the positive, the Light, because we are One. 

The role of each of us as the Light and the saviour of the world is to be truly helpful to our floundering brothers, responding to their calls for Love only with Love, by blessing and forgiving.  This can but hasten their awakening and in so doing, hasten our own because we are, inextricably, One.  The ego that seems to be within our mind, masquerading as ourself, will resist this, telling us we are arrogant, blasphemous, heretical.  Can we hear Jesus telling us this?  He leads us to the Light, where we can be seen in our true Light as the Light.   

If we deny we are the Light we are denying ourself our own Truth, our own reality.  Most of us can acknowledge Jesus as the Light and he tells us we also are the Light (Mt. 5:14).  Now is the time of the reversal of our polarity from denying our truth to claiming it.  We have a template, an exemplar for this in Jesus.  If – when – we have had enough of the negative polarity we can join the switch-over; we simply accept his empowerment within us by desiring, choosing to join our mind to his.  This is easy because he’s already in our mind, waiting with infinite patience for us to acknowledge it.   

He will help us – he longs to help us – to become like him, but can only do so in response to our asking and our willingness to co-operate with him in this process.  If we truly desire to become like him we will be helping him – and thus, ourself – by training our mind to think like him.  Most of us are still using the ego’s lexicon of lies, when an immeasurably more serviceable and meaningful lexicon of truth is freely available to us.  We are free to start using that lexicon – without money and without price – right now, and abandoning the old, outworn one.  

The old order, negative-polarity lexicon speaks of separation, guilt, fear, judgement, punishment, unworthiness, limitation, frailty, death…  Death, along with all its other terms, is a lie.  Our body cannot die because it was never alive; it is merely a little pile of clay that we chose to animate for a span, a moment, and our soul was never born, is immortal, so can certainly never die.  The positive polarity, into which we are now ascending led by Jesus and the Holy Spirit Self within us all, has a lexicon that speaks of perfect Love, sinlessness, worth, eternal bliss, peace, joy, life, oneness… 

God’s memory is in our holy minds, which know their oneness and their unity with their Creator.  Let our function be only to let this memory return, only to let God’s Will be done on earth, only to be restored to sanity, and to be but as God created us. (ACIM, W-p11.4:5,6). 

Endless blessings for restoration to remembrance of our eternal oneness in Papa, 

Brian Longhurst



…keep on as ever, for your awareness of the Light and the Word continue to grow apace, and this must be your strength and your shield from the wickedness of the world.  Fear not, for I am with you, your guide in hostile territory.

Jesus, April 25th, 1993

July 10th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

About twenty-five years ago my brother had a falling-out with our parents, and all contact between them was severed for some while.  The dispute was, in the grand scheme of things, trivial; ego was doing what it does best – break relationships, thus delaying the inevitable restoration to oneness of the fragmented Sonship.  After about a couple of years I said to him,”It would be a shame if the old folks pass on without a healing of this rift.  The moment they are gone it will be too late for you to do anything about it, and then you will have the rest of your life to regret a missed opportunity.” 

He obviously thought about this for a while, and it was not long before he took the initiative and restored a loving familial relationship.  A few years later, when our dad was in a coma, hours before he breathed his last, my brother and I sat with him through the evening, reminiscing about our childhood, family life, what our parents meant to us… When it came time to take our leave, knowing this would be the last time we would see him, we made our fond farewells and my brother kissed him lovingly, tenderly, respectfully on the forehead.  It was a touching act of filial devotion. 

I have no doubt my brother was, and remains, grateful that he patched up a senseless spat while the opportunity still remained, and afterwards, realised the utter meaninglessness of it and how much more glad and peaceful his mind was able to be than if he had allowed a petty grievance to hold sway over reason.  Viewed from the Light of eternal reality, all grievances are petty, however ‘justified’ they may seem from the false, upside-down perspective of time and place. 

Most of us have made, and continue to make, mistakes, errors, misperceptions, judgements, and have unresolved issues with ourself and various brothers.  When we come to the end of our sojourn in time and lay aside our body we have the opportunity to enter into a period of reflection about the progress we have made toward the Light of our eternal Home in Papa during this moment of embodiment. Many of us, entering such a period of reflection, will likely have regrets over missed opportunities to fulfil our only real purpose for being here.  That purpose is to heal the broken Sonship. 

The Sonship cannot be healed without the committed involvement and participation of each and every one of us.  One fragment omitted from the healing means the Sonship is not complete, which means Papa is incomplete; for Father and Son are One.  Every missed opportunity for healing brokenness – transforming enmity into amity – means unnecessary delay for those involved, and additional circuits of the carousel of birth and death.  

We do not need to wait until we lay aside our body to enter into a period of reflection on our progress toward the Light during this illusory embodiment.  We can begin now; for there is only Now.  Delaying is of the ego; it is not of our true nature.  Delaying may seem like a soft option, but continuing one moment longer than necessary in the consciousness of fear – when uninterruptible, eternal peace and Love are already ours, awaiting our joyful acceptance – is far from a soft option.  And it is but fear – which we have made up, not Love, which is real – that causes us to delay.  

Such periods of reflection, as with all aspects of our Being, will not serve us well if they are used for self-recrimination and regret at the opportunities perceived as missed in the past.  The past is over; it was never real.  The only reality is Now.  Now is the opportunity to forgive, Love, bless and release all we have been hanging onto as a substitute for God.  The only alternative is to choose more of the same illusions of separation – valuing the valueless – from Self, our brothers and our Creator.  The modern idiom, of which I have no fondness, seems apposite here: This is a ‘no-brainer’.  

To ensure we are making the best of such periods – opportunities – we will do well to engage the counsel of one who is ahead of us on the Path, and therefore, has a larger perspective than we.  Indeed, there is no reason for not engaging the input of one who has completed the journey Home, and whose perspective, therefore, is complete.  Ego would have us believe ‘Jesus is too busy to have time to concern himself with my little issues’.  I can affirm absolutely that this is not true.  Jesus functions from eternity, so time is no limit for him, and he is at peace, so has no concerns either. 

By joining our life with his he can help us remember that what we perceived as concerns, when viewed with the eyes of Christ, are nothing.  As I have shared on previous occasions, in 1968 he told me, “I am attuned to all mankind all the time; there is never a moment when I am not with you all. All that is needed to complete the contact is for you to attune with me and we are together, at any time.”  Clearly, then, joining our life with his is entirely possible and indeed, easy.  All that is required is the desire. 

Now is the time for us all to reclaim our truth of Self; our brotherhood with Jesus in the Sonship of God, and thus, our equality with him, both in his sight and Papa’s.  Further, we all have loved ones in spirit working in harmony with him for our succour, our easement, our progress on our journey.  All are there for us, to be truly helpful, so that we, in turn, can be truly helpful to our brothers in need of our help. 

We have been told there is a veil between us, in our illusorily embodied state, and those who have laid aside their body.  This is a lie, but because we believe it, it appears to be true.  We made it up; God did not create it, so it is not real.  It is merely a feeble attempt at hiding from the Truth.  God created Oneness – which is Truth – not separation, nor any of its spurious appurtenances.   We are in the moment when the unreal – including the veil of separation – is disintegrating and Truth is returning to our remembrance.   

We can now dispense with our shabby paraphernalia, the dross of self-deception and venture into the Light that is already within us.  That Light, which we are, just as Jesus told us, is in our mind.  It is the Spirit of Truth and is, according to Jesus, the mechanism of miracles.  He recognizes both God’s creations and your illusions. He separates the true from the false by His ability to perceive totally rather than selectively. (ACIM, T-1.I.38).   

By This Mechanism we can commune with the mind of our brother with whom there are unhealed issues, for He Is the Connecting Link between all ‘separated’ minds, re-establishing them as the One Mind that is their reality.  This appears as temporary from the time and place perspective, but leads to permanence as we come to acceptance of it.  By this Link forgiveness can be established, even when our brother is not in conscious awareness of, or even agreement with, it.  Then, when the moment is right, that connection will be recognised and accepted as the true estate of us all. 

To our permanent reconnection, through true forgiveness, 

Brian Longhurst 


Whosoever shall drink of the wine of my Love, it shall be as a Fountain, springing up unto Life eternal.

Jesus, May 8th, 1993 

July 17th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

The term Soul Mates has come to the fore in recent years, and even for those who do not perceive themselves as having one, it is widely recognised as being something deeper, more meaningful than simply having a spouse, a partner, a friend, though soul mates might well be any of these.  But soul mates know that they require no label, certificate, licence; neither do they need acceptance or recognition by any worldly institutions or statutes.  And, since there is no such thing as gender in our eternal reality, sex is incidental – one could say optional – in soul mate relationships.   

Sex and money are two of the ego’s main armaments in effecting division, so even when genuine soul mates enjoy rapturous sex, eventually they move past that as the main attraction and the real purpose of their relationship in time and place moves into the ascendancy.  Nevertheless, the sexual attraction will very likely serve the key purpose of enabling other souls to come into embodiment, either to extend and strengthen – consolidate – the soul-family relationships here, or equally important, to provide opportunity for the healing of broken relationships.    

The latter is very common, though in most cases the opportunity fails to achieve its intention, because the parties involved remain too engaged with this world’s distractions of fear and judgement, so forgetfulness of the objective holds sway.  Karmic entanglements either get healed, saving time and incarnations, or they get even more broken and entangled than before, requiring yet more time and incarnations – opportunities – to be called forth for the healing to be effected.  So myriad intentions get waylaid by ego’s distractions, keeping us riding the carousel of birth and death.  

Soul mate relationships, like every other kind of relationship, do not come about by chance.  By way of example, two souls might decide to incarnate with a joint purpose.  A re-connecting plan is pre-agreed, at least in broad terms; the details will be fine-tuned nearer the moment, with the help of other members of the extended soul family who are also privy to the plan ‘pulling a few strings’ from spirit.   So the two incarnating souls are, in fact, part of a wider relationship, where scores or even hundreds – who have been in close and loving association for many incarnations – also participate.  

When the couple ‘meet again’ in their embodied state there will be an inner Love re-cognition, re-establishing the bond that was forged/agreed between them ‘aforetime’ (i.e., before they incarnated).  For souls of opposite (or perhaps more serviceably defined as ‘complementary’) gender this will be experienced as ‘falling in love’.  This is simply to cement the bond that will enable their pre-agreed purpose together to be outworked to its completion if there is sufficient commitment to prevent ego’s distractions from derailing them from their objectives.   

Outwardly it may seem only the two embodied souls are engaged in the soul mate relationship.  But they may have agreed aforetime on some mission for the healing of brokenness, the bringing of Light into the darkness of separation, the furthering of the establishing of the KOHOE.  This is the committed objective of untold millions of crystal (Christ-all) souls now incarnate or in the process of incarnating.  Any souls on such Kingdom-calling missions will be part of a large, extended, equally Kingdom-committed family in spirit, and all there to provide support for the soul-mates’ objectives. 

So, soul mates may seem just to be a couple, but actually they are only the tip of the iceberg.  From a greater perspective we are all soul mates because we are all brothers in the Sonship of our Father.  This will become more apparent as the GRP continues to unfold toward its inevitable completion.  Meanwhile, hasty decisions, or entering into another embodiment without detailed consideration for selection of a Companion of the Way is likely to lead to unserviceable choices for such a companion.  Errors, based on interpreting ego signals as Holy Spirit signals can lead to further brokenness. 

Partners, or soul mates, sensibly, purposefully joining for a kingdomly mission may elect to stay as partners for numerous embodiments, but because unconditional Love is universal – not exclusive – such partners will intuitively know that they are free to make alternative choices for missions where a different partner would be more serviceable to a fulfilling outcome.  That does not mean the end of one soul-mate relationship and switching to another in the way this world perceives it, for unconditional Love is far beyond that; and as already stated, we are ALL soul mates in the eternal context. 

Soul mates join to support each other and help the other grow, such as by providing opportunities for forgiveness, learning/remembering patience, tolerance, acceptance… all of which lead to the extension of Love by helping to remove blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence.  That support – always agreed by both parties aforetime – can seem deeply distressing, such as when one chooses an early exit strategy (‘death’), leaving the other bereft.  This can serve to help the discernment that attachment to another can detract from the importance of reliance upon Self. 

For only absolute reliance on Self – God-Self, Christ-Self within – will ultimately serve us perfectly on our journey Home to Oneness.  How easy it is to get distracted from this truth when seeming to be embodied in a world devised specifically to distract us from eternal truth.  Careful planning pre-incarnation, with wise counsel included from one who Knows all truth, will readily recognise this.  So a strategy for countering misperceptions during embodiment will likely be built in to the plan. 

Very often one party will be seen by the other as wiser, cleverer, more advanced… and this can, in the world of forgetfulness of Self, cause dependency by one on the other, perhaps inducing a sense of unworthiness.  Yet all are equal in the sight of God and of Christ, our true Being.  Both parties in a soul mate relationship bring qualities that complement and support the other, enabling the purpose of the relationship to be advanced and fulfilled, and without which that may not have been possible.  Thus, false pride and false humility can serve only ego’s script, never holy Self’s. 

Even if our senses suggest inequality in a soul mate relationship, it will serve us, the Spirit of Truth and the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth – the real world – well to remind ourself that in the sight of God and our own, Christ-Self, unless we are able to accept the equality of all as eternal, unchangeable truth, we can in no wise enter the Kingdom. 

Love and blessings for inner peace and joy, eternally, 

Brian Longhurst 


Wrestle not with the prince of time and place, but heed my counsel to be at peace, so that you may become one with the Father’s Life, opening up your channels of receptivity to the eternal reality

Jesus, June 27th 1993 

July 24th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

Whatever turns up in our life is always, without exception, the perfect thing.  But we – in our upside-down, back-to-front ego mind – tend, with stultifying persistence, to perceive such arrivals as adversity.  All the while that is our choice so will it be, to us, adversity.  Thus are we preventing ourself from seeing the truth.  We have wrapped the perfect present, the exactly-right-for-the-moment gift that we have – with immaculate, unerring precision – called into our own presence, with the wrapping paper we have dubbed adversity, and then see the wrapper as the gift.  

We, in our ego-conscious mind, fail to see past the wrapper, so do not discern the perfection beneath it: just what we needed to help us take our next step toward the Kingdom of Heaven within us.  As soon as we perceive the adversity wrapper, fear, doubt, uncertainty take hold of us in an icy grasp and this puts our mind into ‘tilt’ mode, freezing it and disengaging reason and clarity from our awareness.  The only way past this apparent impediment to our progress, this astigmatism, is to ask our true Self, the Spirit of Truth, to reveal the perfection of the gift within. 

In that frozen, fear-filled state of mind, remembering to do this is extremely difficult.  It takes the greatest commitment, focus and determination – especially in the early stages of our Awakening to the reality of our Being from the dream of disempowerment, limitation and death – to break free from that grasp.  In fact, by ourself this is not possible.  But we have Help.  That Help is not far off, unreachable; too lofty for our lowly, unworthy self to reach.  Neither is It so high as to consider us beneath Itself to deign to help.   

It is, indivisibly, Who we really are; one with us; all-empowered by God to restore us to remembrance of our God-empowered-by-Love Self.  Being like Papa – perfect Love – He always, unfailingly responds to every call for help.  Why would he not?  That is the unvarying nature of Love.  It is only our unbelief – our doubt, our unwillingness to believe – that blocks our awareness of His response, His Help.  And because we have God-given free will, if we choose not to believe, neither Jesus nor the Holy Spirit can, or will, force Their Help on us.  They respond only to our asking for Help. 

In order to receive that Help to release us from our self-made prison of fear we must choose to change our mind from unwillingness to willingness.  Yet for most of us the fierceness of resistance to giving up the ego-leasehold on our mind, our life, makes that seem very, very difficult.  Will it help if we remember that that resistance is not really our resistance but that of the ego-virus that we have allowed to infest our mind, taking it over and masquerading as our self, yet has only as much power over us as we ascribe to it?  It will if we allow it to help; for we have freedom of choice. 

So, we must choose to change our mind – surrender control of it to Holy Spirit/Self, and thus, away from ego (masquerading as our self) – from unwillingness to willingness, unbelief to belief, and then, with His Help, see past the wrapper and become aware, by His inspiring us, of HOW the gift is the perfect thing.  Despite outward appearances, everything that arrives in our presence is perfect because everything that turns up is an opportunity.  But when we are so inured in the consciousness of fear, any change is likely to be perceived – even before we know what it is – as fearful. 

How do we ask for that Help, when we are frozen with fear, panic, despair?  First, by NOT trying to run away and hide.  We have all noticed how often that is the reaction with people of our acquaintance.  It may be understandable from the Earth-mind perspective, but it definitely does not work. It simply reaffirms our belief in adversity.  In truth there is no such thing as adversity.  We made it up, just as we made up fear, guilt, littleness, disempowerment, death...  Instead, we could try taking a deep breath and counting to ten, which could help us regain a modicum of equilibrium. J

Olga Park used to say ‘Jesus works through a crisis’.  He doesn’t have to work through a crisis; he would much rather work with us through our joyful willingness to work with him.  But you have to admit that a crisis (even imagined!) has a way of getting our attention. And so, having got our attention, we might say something like: 

“This situation that has turned up seems to be adversity, causing me to feel fearful.  Of myself I can do nothing, so I am now choosing to ask for Help to see it clearly, objectively, truly, because I am reminding myself that fear is not, cannot be real, however much it seems so at this moment.  But that is ego’s perception and I am NOT ego. I am holy/wholly Self, and it is my unwavering choice to see this gift I have called into my presence – the perfect thing at the perfect moment – for the opportunity it brings me to remember my true Being by unburdening myself from illusions. 

“I cannot, at this moment, see the perfection, the opportunity, because my vision is not yet clear, but I believe my true, limitless Self knows; so I choose, right now, to ask Him to reveal the purpose of the gift.  And in faith and trust await His answer, His solution, to be given in His own way and His own timing.  Meanwhile, I remind myself not to be fearful, doubtful, panicky, for that is not the real me, but ego, masquerading as me.  In my true Self I Know that all is well, for with God all things are possible, if only I can believe; and, by my faith and trust, I AM within the safety, peace and joy of being Loved, guided and protected.”  

Whatever turns up is the right thing at the right moment.  To see it otherwise can only keep us in the slough of despond that is the illusory world of time and place; the world of seeming adversity.  Asking Help in choosing to accept each opportunity as such can only help us to remember that we only dream this miry place but in truth we are safe, at Home in the Celestial City. 

Love and blessings for Help in release from the mire, and in our Homeward journey, 

Brian Longhurst 


Now is the time for your eyes to be opened, and you shall see the glory and joy of our Father’s House.

Jesus, July 18th 1993 

July 31st 2013 

Dear Friends, 

In Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians he states, in his famous, beautiful treatise on Love, ‘…Love… believeth all things… (1 Cor. 13:7) 

We appear to be in a cynical, unbelieving state of consciousness, demanding ‘proof’ of what we do not see before being willing to believe it.  Yet it is the veil, or blind (a truly apposite term) of unbelief that prevents our vision from being restored.  Unbelief, or lack of faith, in eternal truth, therefore, rendered us sightless; caused our soul vision to be substituted by bodily eyes that show us what we have chosen to believe: unreality, a world of death.  Judgement arises from unbelief … unbelief that this person or that person – or our self – are the Light; perfect, just as God created us. 

In this world judgement is considered ‘wise’.  Yet judgement without command of all pertinent details cannot be wise, but rather, foolish.  Insane, in fact.  Here is what Jesus has to say about this: 

Judgment was made to be a weapon used against the truth.  It separates what it is being used against, and sets it off as if it were a thing apartAnd then it makes of it what you would have it be.  It judges what it cannot understand, because it cannot see totality and therefore judges falsely.  Let us not use it today, but make a gift of it to Him Who has a different use for it.  He will relieve us of the agony of all the judgments we have made against ourselves, and re-establish peace of mind by giving us God’s Judgment of His Son.  (From ACIM, W.311. My emboldening and italic, for emphasis.) 

For any unfamiliar with the totally benign, loving (not fearful) nature of Papa’s judgement of His beloved Son (us), here it is, as stated by His Anointed Messenger, Jesus of Nazareth:  

This is God’s Final Judgment: “You are still My holy Son, forever innocent, forever loving and forever loved, as limitless as your Creator, and completely changeless and forever pure. Therefore awaken and return to Me. I am your Father and you are My Son.” (ACIM, W-pII.10.5) 

Just about every day we are likely to encounter someone making statements with which we do not agree.  Ego is then in there like a shot, proclaiming in our head that he is wrong; doesn’t know what he is talking about; I am here to put him straight… And when he doesn’t agree with our pronouncements, how easy is it for us to dismiss him as an ignorant, misguided fool? Such are not, cannot be, the observations of Papa’s beloved, perfect, all-Loving, all-embracing, all-forgiving, all-blessing Son.   

Most of us would prefer to be thought of as that Son, yet still those judgemental thoughts crowd in, spontaneously, uninvited, so it seems, and even though we may not like them, or ourself for ‘owning’ them, there seems to be little or nothing we can do to prevent them.  They seem to be uninvited, but somewhere along the line we allowed them in.  This was due to forgetfulness of our truth.  That forgetfulness began at the moment we accepted the myth of separation from Papa as reality.  That was a long time ago.  And we reaffirm that forgetfulness every time we take another body. 

Forgetfulness is the engine that drives the carousel of birth and death.  For, by forgetting Who we really Are, we make up and act out all manner of erroneous ideas about who we are, and religionists call them ‘sins’.  This is a game of make believe, and to give greater plausibility to that game, we don costumes; we masquerade as ‘this’ character, or ‘that’ persona.  And when each act comes to its end without a satisfactory outcome we feel impelled to try another, and yet another costume.  We seek fame and fortune, power and glory because we believe they will bring us happiness.    

Little do we realise, in our state of amnesia, that we already have all those things, but we set them aside when we left Home for a far country to start a career on the stage of make believe, play-acting that we are what we are not. But in every act we keep fluffing our lines, causing confusion and misperception, and getting reactions that we didn’t anticipate, causing us to become even more confused about our identity.  And the more we play-act, the deeper we move into forgetfulness of our true Identity and the more convoluted, sinister and fearful becomes the plot. 

That other player (our brother), keeps altering the plot, making it harder and harder for us to remember our lines and which way the story is supposed to be heading, so that it ends up way off base from our intended direction.  And it’s all his fault.  So our role-playing would have us believe.  But a closer look shows us that it is we who have forgotten our lines and that is causing our brother to appear to us as not playing the role we thought we had assigned to him.  So, how can it possibly be right, or sane, to accept Paul’s counsel that says Love believeth all things…

By choosing, steadfastly (as distinct from intermittently) – even when deluded ramblings and judgements emanate from a brother – to see past what we inwardly Know is unreal, and therefore doesn’t exist, to his true Self, we can recognise the Christ Identity within him.  And in so doing, with practise and unwavering commitment, not to even notice – and especially not to be affected by – the nonsense that issues forth.  We can do this because we have chosen to accept truth in place of illusions.  Thus do we see only the face of Christ in him and remember it is a reflection of our self. 

The unreal does not exist; it is no-thing.  We can choose to continue believing in no-thing and remain feeling miserable, lost, lonely, fearful, or we can choose to believe all things.  Love believeth all things… That is our true, God-given, natural estate, in which we can only be happy and peaceful.  Not too hard, really – especially as, when that is our choice, the evidence, the witnesses to reality come immediately in to attest to us its truth.  Why?  Because we have lifted the veil of unbelief, allowing Truth to enter into our awareness; something our unbelief was previously denying us.

So, we can overlook the judgements, grievances, attack, misperceptions and thus be kept from the pitfall of believing such are our brother’s nature.  For what we believe of our brother is what we believe of ourself.  How easily, how quickly does a mind enthralled by ego’s yoke, ego’s lies, forget the truth.  Here is a reminder from Jesus in the long ago, from Luke’s Gospel, chapter 6:  

But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil. Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.  Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:  

These statements have been perceived as meaning God will judge us and condemn us if we judge and condemn; that He will forgive us only if we forgive.  But He knows nothing of judgement or condemnation, nor even of forgiveness.  In His sight there is nothing to judge or condemn, and therefore nothing to forgive.  For He is but Love; unconditional, perfect Love.  No-one judges, condemns or forgives us save ourself, by our own thoughts and acts of judgement or forgiveness – of our brother or of ourself, for in truth we are one.  When we see that we set ourself and our brother free. 

Love and blessings for clarity of vision, 

Brian Longhurst 


The Word by Jesus is as Mine, for it is the living, eternal Word.  We are One by the Word of Truth and Life, and the words that he spoke are My words of Life and Truth.  By these shall you and all My little ones be made free from the bondage to time and place.

Papa, August 1st 1993 

August 7th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

It is not possible to have awareness of reality with our bodily senses.  They are devised to show us only what we chose to see instead of reality – the temporal, which passes away and therefore is not real but a momentary illusion.  Reality is God, and God is Spirit.  Bodily senses cannot discern spirit.  Discerning reality is a mystical process, a soul awareness; nothing to do with bodily faculties, such discernment is of the within, and bodily faculties are attuned only to the without.  As long as we are unwilling – which is unreadiness in disguise – to go within, we will remain without.  

To suggest lack of awareness of the reality within is anything to do with unwillingness may seem harsh; judgemental even.  Yet unwillingness, always a product of fear, can present itself in various guises, masking the unconscious fear of reality, which is Love, because God is Love.  We can know unwillingness is fear driven because the only alternative to fear is Love, which is what we really are.  And Love is always willing, accepting of all things because Love Knows that… nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists and that herein lies the peace of God. (From ACIM, Introduction.) 

This ego-self-imposed block to our awareness of reality is totally understood by the Spirit of Truth and by Jesus, which is why he taught in parables.  Parables, or allegories, are symbols which represent a truth that cannot be directly discerned, and are devised to help bring clarity to those unaware of, or only nascent in their awakening to, spiritual reality.   

So, in the introduction to the Service of Mystical Communion with Christ (SMCC) – given from spirit by John of Patmos, ‘the disciple Jesus loved’ (to whom we refer as ‘the Teacher), to Olga Park – all  who truly seek after God (whether embodied or disembodied, it makes no difference) and earnestly desire the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth are invited to draw near, and commune together upon the bread and wine of eternal life and truth as revealed in Jesus. In order so to do, all are further exhorted to ascend unto the Hill of the Lord, and rise up unto his Holy Place… 

There is much symbolism here, of necessity, to describe an invitation to participate in a mystical experience of spiritual reality that is beyond the awareness or understanding of a mind engaged with, focused upon, matters solely of the without, or unreality.  So, a few quick explanations: bread is a symbol of spiritual truth, because bread nourishes us bodily and spiritual truth nourishes our soul, vitalising, raising it up to greater awareness of eternal reality.  Wine (and its imbibing) is a symbol of conviviality, lightness of heart and spirit, celebration, goodwill, relaxation, and ultimately, Love.   

When consecrated, the bread and wine are imbued with a higher, spiritual vibration so that, when ingested, they act as conveyances – or at least, contributors – to heightened awareness of reality.  And the Hill of the Lord symbolises a state or place to which we desire to ascend for communing with that higher awareness: the Mind of Christ.  The following extract from SYFK gives, by way of an example, an indication of how symbols can help in raising the awareness and experience of the Light: 

During a Communion Service in August 1992, we were, in the dual consciousness, on Mount Moriah, the ‘Hill of the Lord’ in Jerusalem – the City of Peace – where the temples, first of Solomon and later, Herod, stood.  We were looking down across the Jordan Valley, where millions of fragments of the Sonship, from all races, colours and creeds were streaming toward the Hill of the Lord, where we were in the presence of individuals, drawn by the Light engendered by the Service, who seemed to symbolise spiritual, or some other form of natural leadership of each respective group, or race.  Among them were Winston Churchill, along with Martin Luther King, and Jack and Bobby Kennedy. I heard Jack whisper to Bobby, This is what I have been praying for. 

Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi also was there.  He is a great light, effulgent as the sun, and his power and love filled me to overflowing. He stood facing me, smiling a smile of indescribable, ineffable, rapturous joy and with great happiness at what is taking place. He was inches away from me and he stretched out his arms and touched his fingertips to mine. The surge of spiritual power – which is love, joy, peace and wisdom of Eternity – that flowed from his fingertips into mine and through me, was immense, overwhelming, as if I had been plugged into the National Grid. I will never forget the radiant, uplifting power, beauty and glory of his smile. 

The Teacher said, “Brian, give freely to all who are drawn – there is no difference in the soul of man; all are one, brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord, and children of one Father Creator. All are here in the Earth conditions that they may come into oneness together in full and joyful brotherhood, and go forward to the House of the Eternal Father… It is necessary for each one … to come to the place of spiritual growth whereby the ... Father’s Will be done in the lives of all the children of Earth. 

“Peace and joy be yours, that you may give freely to all who will receive of this precious gift of the Father. This is the path to eternal Life.”    

Words, being symbols of symbols, do not convey the magnificence, the ineffable joy and clarity – the free gift to us all – that is communing with Christ Mind when ours is broken and fragmented.  But in 1978 Jesus said to me, “Give me the pieces of your life, and I will give you back the wholeness.”  Those words, it hardly need be said, were not just for persona Brian, but for every broken fragment of Papa’s beloved Son.  There are, and can be, no exceptions to this truth.  And he can, and lovingly, earnestly desires to do this for each of us, restoring us to oneness with him. 

The ego thinks it is in control of our life, and guards this misperception fiercely.  It is not.  It has control only over death.  Yet death, like its inventor, does not exist.  Our limited, made-up self, in its confusion, cannot distinguish between the ego’s script for death and the Holy Spirit’s script for Life.  So, first we give our life, totally, unreservedly, trustingly into the all-Loving, all-caring, all-empowered control of the Holy Spirit.  When He has freed our mind from the ego’s control it is automatically released back to Self – Christ – control, in which all things are possible.  Just like Jesus. 

Let us join as one, in the true brotherhood of the Sonship, for blessing the world, forgiving the world of dreams of death, and ourselves for our part in its arising, and the release of all from its thrall, back to the freedom of eternity that is our heritage, and is already ours. 

Brian Longhurst 


Concern yourself only with the Kingdom of Heaven upon the Earth …so that it may fill you …and spread beyond, purifying the contaminated waters* of Earth and changing them into many Fountains springing up, clear as crystal, a symbol of the Life Eternal which flows in them.

Jesus, August 8th 1993  

*This refers to peoples and their assorted cultural and religious conditions, which are ego-driven rather than Holy Spirit Minded.


August 14th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

In the autumn of 1970, not many days before Theresa and I left Canada to return to live in England, we made a final visit to our spiritual mentor, Olga Park.  To our joy and delight, Jesus overshadowed Olga and engaged with us, speaking through her, in precious, inspiring, loving, easy conversation for some twenty or thirty minutes.  During that fellowship I mentioned something about what people might think of this cherished moment with him.  In forty-six years of one-on-one journeying with Jesus I have only encountered him expressing his Christ Love lightheartedly.  Except once.  

His response to my comment was the one and only exception.  He said, emphatically, in a voice that exhibited a tinge of frustration, “People don’t THINK!”  In the time and place consciousness we have handed over our thinking to an alien interloper called the ego. The ego’s thought system is not ours, though most believe it is. It led, and is still leading most of us into outer darkness, forgetfulness of Self as the Light, the Love, the Life. It is anti-Life, anti-Love, anti-Christ, and has filled our minds with thoughts of guilt, fear, darkness and death.   

The still, small Voice within us will lead us back to the truth of our Being, to all Knowledge, when we are ready to listen to His Voice in place of the ego’s.  That seems an insuperable task to our self-limited mind.  Happily, He, the Holy Spirit knows this, and is able to help in an entirely practical way: all that is required of us is that we desire to hear only His Voice within us.  All the rest is accomplished for us by Him, enabled by our little willingness for it to happen.  That willingness motivates our co-operation.  He will then restore to our remembrance all Knowledge of eternal reality. 

Some words of encouragement and reassurance on all this from Jesus, to help assuage doubts and uncertainties:  

Your Friend (Holy Spirit) goes with you. You are not alone. No one who calls on Him can call in vain. Whatever troubles you, be certain that He has the answer, and will gladly give it to you, if you simply turn to Him and ask it of Him. He will not withhold all answers that you need for anything that seems to trouble you. He knows the way to solve all problems, and resolve all doubts.  His certainty is yours.  You need but ask it of Him, and it will be given you.  (ACIM, W-ep.1:2-9.  My italic and emboldening, for emphasis.) 

The ego, that knows nothing and doubts everything, will fill our head with doubts about this, seeking to dismantle our faith that this could be true, ‘because nothing like this has ever happened so far, so why is that suddenly, miraculously going to change?’  This is where a leap of faith is called for, giving Him a little willingness to enter our mind, past those ego barricades to Truth.  More illumination from Jesus (Diary entry dated May 4th 1997) for our strengthening in FTOC:  

My son, it is to the act of Asking, Seeking, Knocking (ASKing) that your Heavenly Father, Papa, (or Holy Spirit) responds freely, lovingly, immediately, with His giving.  It is not according to your faith but your desire that He responds.  It is according to your faith that you are able to receive His giving.  Your faith is something that Papa will grow in you as you ask.  The more you ask, believing – having faith – the more you will receive and you will grow in your expectation of receiving that which He is always giving.   

You expect the sun to rise every day because it always does.  That is faith.  Easy.  As you ask more and more of Papa (or Holy Spirit), believing He is giving it, so will your faith in receiving grow, until it is as your faith that the sun will rise. 

It is by/with this faith that I came into the Earth life, believing that Papa would give all that I asked.  These things which I did shall you do – and receive – also, and greater things than these.  Believe and you shall receive Ask, believing.  It is Papa’s good pleasure to give to His little ones – all of them, including you.  He will give you wholeness of body, mind and soul.  Only believe.  You know He is giving you the Kingdom… 

If you do not receive immediately it is more to do with your growth in faith than Papa’s giving (or, of course, our paucity of growth in faith, which is because we are shackled by fear, doubt, guilt, sense of unworthiness…).  Be at peace and let your certainty be that He is giving so that your faith in receiving may grow. All is well, my son.  Rejoice, for the Kingdom is at hand.

(My underlining, for emphasis.) 

When we are restored to all Knowledge, thinking is no longer necessary.  Then, there is only stillness, quiet, the eternal bliss that is our true, unchangeable Being, as One in Papa.  Then will be – as the Spirit of Truth said to me on December 5th 2010 Known again the true experience of Perfect Love, which is a never-ending orgasm of the soul; a thousand times a thousand more consummate than any such feeble, bodily substitute.  Then will all thoughts of guilt, fear, judgement, unforgiveness, grievance, shame, scarcity, separation, death be gone from your mind, awareness, experience.  Forever.  

Can there be more fitting words for inclusion in a ‘Message of Encouragement’ than those? J.  

Many might consider it impossible not to think; to have no thoughts at all… about the weather, bills, job security, health, that yummy bar of chocolate… But who can honestly recall any thoughts at all when engaged in passionate love-making; when in those moments of ‘…any such feeble, bodily substitute.’?  Assuredly, when we are experiencing ‘…a never-ending orgasm of the soul; a thousand times a thousand more consummate …’, who could – or would – be distracted by any thoughts at all?  Joy is not a thought; peace is not a thought; Love is not a thought; ecstasy is not a thought.

The only reality, in our true, eternal, unchangeable state, is Being.  Thinking, then, is not our true estate; Being is, and that Beingness is Love.  Love is uncontainable.  It simply has to express itself, extend itself, share itself.  Love knows no limits; it is boundless in its expression, its extending.  Forever.  Knowing the truth of our eternal Being is enough to make the intrusion of our petty thoughts, personal desires and unholy judgements seem, well… petty, doesn’t it?  It is enough to make us want to leave them all behind and return, without unwarranted delay, to our right mind. 

For it is in our right mind, our whole/holy mind – Christ Mind – that we Know the truth of our Being and it is There that we experience this ineffable, indescribable Love.  Under ego’s misdirection we made-up bodies; they are illusions, projected from a confused, upside-down, split-off-from-Truth mind.  We do not sense with our bodily faculties.  All sensation is within the mind.  The hell that is apparent separation from Papa – the temporal – is sensed within that confused part of our mind; and the Heaven that is our oneness in Him is experienced, Known, only in our holy, Christ Mind.   

Meanwhile, we believe, and therefore perceive, that thoughts of separation and death are our own.  How can they be when we are the Christ, the perfect, all-Knowing, innocent, all-empowered, all-Loving for all eternity holy Son of our Father Creator, created in His exact, nothing-left-out likeness?  Can there be one amongst us who believes, even for a moment, that Jesus had the kind of thoughts we have believed are ours?  He Knew, and lived, only the truth.  How many of us can truly say that of ourselves?  

However hard this may seem to us, it is doable.  He whom we know and love as Jesus did it, so we can Know it is doable.  The incentive greatly outweighs the disincentive.  The incentive is peace, freedom from the fear of death and all illusions of time and place.  The disincentive is more turns of the carousel.  Indefinitely.  The correct choice, the correct outcome is inevitable – eventually – because that is our true, inescapable nature and destiny.  How long it will take is our own decision.  Yet even that is already made, even though we have no conscious awareness of that being the case. 

This is because that destiny is already within us, and has always been; can never not be, regardless of outward appearances to the contrary.  They are simply that: outward appearances.  Neither ‘outward’ nor ‘appearances’ are real; they are temporal, and, changing every moment, pass away.  Yet still our ego-mind clings to unreality; to death.  When we have been restored to full remembrance, complete Knowledge of our oneness in Papa we will joyfully embrace Life.  And all memory of separation, fear and death will be erased immediately from our memory.  Alleluia! J

In Christ Love for our rejoyning in Oneness, 

Brian Longhurst 


There is yet much rescue work and many lost sheep waiting alone and lost, separated from the good Shepherd.  So shall we work together that all may be brought into the fold… All who will, let them join with me in gathering in the harvest, for now is the time.

Jesus, August 15th 1993 


August 21st 2013 

Dear Friends, 

Unless we decide – consciously – for eternity, we have decided – unconsciously – for time and place.  There can be no alternatives.  We already chose, unconsciously, for time and place, a very long time ago; so long ago that we have forgotten that choice.  It may not seem like that is our choice because the ego-controlled part of our mind, that is split-off from our whole, Christ Mind, distracts us with myriad sidetracking irrelevances and questions to keep us unsure, unaware, confused, doubtful, bewildered… about our true Identity.   

This is why, if we desire to escape the carousel of birth and death, fear, guilt and misery, it will serve that desire extremely well to choose consciously for our restoration to fullness of remembrance of our true, innocent, all-empowered-by-Love Self; Papa’s one beloved Son, the Christ. 

Some might say, “How can I choose for eternity when I am – or appear, so persuasively, to be – stuck in time and place?  There are so many challenges, hazards, uncertainties to my very existence that even if I wanted to, I haven’t time to focus on the ‘great unknown’ called eternity.  I will attend to eternity when (or if) I find myself there.  Meanwhile, I haven’t time to think about it because I have to devote all my attention to treading water, just to stop myself going under in this rat-race of a world.  Besides, it is not ALL bad down here, so I’ll simply have to take my chances.”   

Others might say, “I have no need to worry about eternity; I chose for it years ago, so I am okay.  Meanwhile, I just get on with the day by day things the universe brings to me.”  Let us consider the serviceability – or otherwise – of each of these perceptions. 

The first is just what the ego wants for us, a loop that will keep us on the carousel. Time and place is devised to keep us distracted from truth, and the only alternative to truth – i.e. eternity – is… you guessed it: time and place, aka the carousel of birth and death.  The perception of linear time is a self-entrapment that keeps us going round and round in the consciousness of fear because it has a way of getting us to believe it is running out. And there is so much to do before it – and we! – expire(s).   

So we must rush to get everything done that it seems is being thrown at us or we will be found wanting, and therefore, unworthy of any ‘greater reward’ there just might be awaiting us at the end of the line – or, hopefully, sooner.  The more we allow ourself to become sidetracked by the cares, the struggles, the fears, the judgements… the deeper we get into the wilderness, or expressed alternatively, outer darkness; away from the Light of home.  And the ego throws in just enough jollies to make it seem worth soldiering on, ever in hope. 

But that is not so for hundreds of millions – perhaps billions even – of our brothers who have no jollies and whose daily existence brings no hope; only despair.  And our next turn of the carousel, the next throw of the dice, may just as readily make despair our lot.  Assuredly, it has already done so in more than enough of our past (in linear-time terms) incarnations.   Even when our ‘present’ lot appears to be tolerable enough – at least for the time being – no-one knows what ‘adversity’ lies just round the corner.  And if we believe this is all there is, ‘death’ is the final curtain.  Then what!? 

A sobering perspective, in which all those distractions may seem no bad thing after all.  But they will not get us home to where we really belong, where all is ineffable, unceasing ecstasy; eternally.  Papa is Calling us home, right now, yet the most eloquent, evocative words – mere symbols – attempting to describe our true, eternal home are meaningless to those of us who choose to attune their minds only to the temporal.  However, these graphic words from page seven of Gary Renard’s book ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’ can give a hint: 

… imagine the very peak of a perfect sexual orgasm, except this orgasm never stops. It keeps going on forever with no decrease in its powerful and flawless intensity.  The physical act of sex doesn’t even come close to the incredible bliss of Heaven… 

I attest to the veracity of this statement because I experienced it when Jesus manifested to me in his glory in 1967, as described in chapter two of my book: 

This feeling of all-pervasive, all-inclusive Love was complete, permeating not just my body but my entire aura in an orgasm of the soul, immeasurably more intense than any such physical experience. I was blinded by a waterfall of joyful, rapturous tears and every part of me was alive, electrified, as never before. 

This event took place thirty-five years before Gary’s book was published, and the account recorded at the time, clearly obviating collusion or plagiarism. 

The second perception (above) is one that opens itself to self-defeat because, as our brother John (author of the fourth Gospel) said to me in November 1994:   

I know I do not need to caution you to be constantly vigilant against the wiles of the enemy (the ego), or to maintain your armour of defence against its ‘darts of destruction’.  The greatest threat of breach to such armour is complacency…  You know that the cloak of the Lord’s protection – living in him and always keeping your heart and life open to his presence – is the whole armour, and that no further contortions of mind or body are needful for such protection (though chapter 6 of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians expresses the various aspects of such armour poetically)  

He went on to say: 

Let this serve you well in reminding, renewing and restoring you in Christ humility, Love, desire to serve.  And thus shall the desire of your heart be fulfilled in joyous fellowship of Heaven.  And thus shall there continue to be much rejoicing in Heaven, echoing and reverberating in the Earth, as it becomes illuminated with the Light of the Kingdom, banishing away the darkness forever. 

This ‘joyous fellowship of Heaven’ of which he speaks is freely, lovingly available to us all, right here, right now, if only we are willing to believe.  Orthodox Christianity speaks of ‘the Communion of Saints’.  Here is what Wikipedia says about it:  

The communion of saints … is the spiritual union of the members of the Christian Church, living and the dead (sic), those on earth, (and) in heaven…

They are all part of a single “mystical body”, with Christ as the head, in which each member contributes to the good of all and shares in the welfare of all… 

This clearly indicates that we are free to commune, not just with Jesus but with all our loved ones in the Realms of Light, or more generically, any who have laid aside their body and are now in the etheric counterpart of the (‘physical’) Earth.  Yet many professing to be Christians are nevertheless of the view that communing with any in spirit other than Jesus is strictly verboten, based on Deuteronomy 18:10,11, which has God forbidding divination or necromancy.   

This seeming dichotomy authorising communion between embodied and disembodied souls on the one hand, yet forbidding it in the Torah, is cause for an interesting – some might say absurd – contradiction within church canon.  Yet, there is a very simple way past this unserviceable convolution:  If our desire for communion is sincere, transparent, only for the help and blessing of all, and particularly when committed into the care, guidance and protection of Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit, then assuredly it will be beneficial – and therefore desirable – for all.  

The whole mission and purpose of Jesus is the reunion, the rejoining of all the fragments of the Sonship of God as one with him and in Him.  All can only mean embodied (at any one moment) and disembodied.  If we are forbidden communion with our loved ones in spirit, how, pray, can we be rejoined with them?  And this cannot be got around by saying ‘Ah, that will be in the future, after the Rapture…’ because, as we all know, in reality there is only the eternal moment of Now, in which there is no past or future. 

Therefore, let us all choose to join, consciously, in loving, glorious, joyful, blessed reunion, to hasten our journey home together, as One, 

Brian Longhurst 


That which is within shall become that which is without for all who follow me and walk the path of Life, which unfolds at your feet with each step.  I am your guide, and the living Word shall lead you onwards and upwards, unswervingly.  All is well.

Jesus, August 22nd 1993 

August 28th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

In 1967 I visited a gifted clairvoyant in Brighton named William King.  He told me that the vast majority of people spend a whole incarnation without ever knowing – or even wondering – who they really are, or why they are here (or appear to be! J).  This is, of course, just the way the ego wants it, for thus does our escape from the illusions of misery, fear of ‘death, judgement and hell’ get prolonged.   

And the ego has ‘secured’ its position by persuading us that there is no point in asking God about these crucial matters because He doesn’t speak to us any more – except, perhaps, through the Church, and their answers don’t satisfy many people with enquiring, discerning minds.  They wouldn’t, would they?, since the institutionalised Church is an ego construct.  So, to what are most people turning for answers?  Science.  Yet, sadly, however adept ‘science’ may be at investigating the without, it is singularly lacking in the ability, or the will, or belief to investigate the within.   

This, in spite of Jesus telling us two-thousand years ago: The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. (Lk. 17:20).  Assuredly, any amount of investigating the without will leave us without answers to the truth of eternity – the Kingdom of God – and our relationship to it and Him. The without is nothing but a mirage, devised to distract us from reality.  Studying the without can only bring information; never Knowledge, for Knowledge is of reality, truth, eternity, changelessness, peace, joy, Love. 

Increasing numbers in recent generations have turned instead – in an endeavour to ‘find the within’ – to hallucinogens, to take them ‘on a trip to nirvana’.  But hallucinogens are another tool of the ego to drag us into an even deeper pit of despair.  This is because the majority of users have little thought for spiritual humility (self-depreciation is no substitute for it), or the will to place themselves within the care, guidance and protection of Jesus – who, assuredly, knows more about the within, the Kingdom of Heaven, than any other soul who has ever walked the Earth – or the Spirit of Truth.  

Few of such ‘seekers through hallucinogens’ have sought – or found – true enlightenment. Most have sought self-gratification.  Enlightenment is of eternity; self-gratification can only ever be a fleeting moment in time, always leading onto, and down, the slippery slope to oblivion.  And, to borrow the words of Jesus, a faithless and perverse generation (Mt. 17:17) is disinclined to believe other than in what its bodily senses were devised to tell it, eschewing the wit to seek more deeply within.  But I attest that ASK(ing) brings dividends immeasurably beyond any earthly reward. 

The very last thing the ego – lurking in part of our mind that is split-off from the part wherein dwell Papa, Jesus and the Spirit of Truth (showing just how ‘big’ our mind/the within really is, and that it can never get crowded in there because the within is without limit) – masquerading as our self, wants is for us to ask who we really are, or why we appear to be here. 

So, to any who wonder a) who they are or b) why they perceive themselves to be ‘here’ in time and place, ASK: Who am I; why am I here?  Of course, we are blessed beyond human cognition that Jesus has given us the most clear, complete, unequivocal answer to these questions in ACIM.  For any unfamiliar with this priceless document, a) we all are the eternal, innocent (i.e. guiltless), perfect, all-empowered-by-Love Son of our Father Creator, and b) we, like our brother Jesus, are here to save the world.  Of course, the ego will call this arrogance, blasphemy, heresy, apostasy.  

Here is what Papa has to say about this, as recorded in the small hours of this Tuesday morning:  

To Know Me, you must first know your Self.  To see Me, you must first see your Self.  For when you have seen your Self you have seen Me, because you are created in My exact likeness.  Until you have seen and Known your Self you can in no wise see and Know Me.  To see and Know your Self, you must Be your Self.  Jesus is your exemplar for this, demonstrating, showing, Being Love, gentleness, humility, forgiveness; limitless, empowered by Truth; free of ambition or concern for self.  

You are My beloved Son, the Christ, just as Jesus.  Accept this truth unto yourself and acknowledge it; honour it, Be it, live it. Love it, own it, allow it.  Let there be an end to denying it.  For by not acknowledging and living it you are denying it.  Instead, give a joyous welcome to it.  Let nothing in you deny your acceptance of the truth and you shall Know the truth; and it shall set you free because you can only Know it by living, and thus, experiencing it. 

You have no difficulty acknowledging you are My Son.  That, therefore, means you are the Christ, the One eternal Son of the One eternal Father.  Deny this and you are but denying Me.  How can this not be ‘blasphemy’?  If you are My Son – and you Know you are – how then can you not be whole, holy, complete; free of limit, guilt, fear?   

Your goal is to see only the face of Christ in your brother, and you Know that can only be a reflection of your Self.  Therefore, until you can acknowledge and attest that you are the Christ how can you expect to see His face in him?  If this is your objective you should be able to look at a reflection of yourself in the mirror and say to it, “I Am the Christ, the blessed, holy Son of my eternal, holy Father, exactly as He created me.  This is the truth.  So Be it.”  Let there be an end, once and for all, to Self denial.  How else can you return home to the truth of your Being: Heaven; eternity; Me? 

There is no other – save Papa – to whom we need declare ourself as Christ.  But if we are unable, as yet, to acknowledge it to ourself – and to Him – how can we be other than holding on to at least some illusions, some pretence, some make-believe, some confusion, some doubt as to our Identity.  Heaven is about truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Holding on to the least illusion is withholding ourself from our true home.  There is no chance we can dispel all illusion by ourself, but every chance – certainty, in fact – that we can with the Help of Jesus and/or the Spirit of Truth.   

Just a little willingness is all we need.  They accomplish all the rest. 

Love and endless blessings for inner peace and joy, 

Brian Longhurst  


Unless you can receive of me that which it is the Father’s joy to give to you, your freedom of citizenship in the City of Peace cannot become complete.  Let not anxiety to reach the journey’s end diminish the joy of the journey, nor distract or cloud your vision and cause you to stumble from the path.

Jesus, August 29th 1993 

September 4th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

The vast, somnolent mass of the fragments of the Sonship still confuses the brain and the mind.  This is so even for many within the circle of neuroscience and other august spheres of learning. Yet, the brain is merely a transfer mechanism for messages/instructions from the mind to the body.  It is not devised to be a source of thought processes, and is thus incapable of such.  The brain, like the rest of the body, is temporal and therefore not of God. The mind is eternal, abstract and limitless, and therefore is of God.  Yet the brain is lionised by confused, misperceiving, upside-down minds. 

The reason for this confusion is adherence – conscious or otherwise – to the thought system of the ego.  It wants us to believe we are a body; temporal, limited, mortal.  If we see past that perception to the idea of mind being, somehow, more than – beyond the finite construct of – the brain, it might get us thinking ‘outside the box’.  And if part of us is not to be dismissed as corruptible, that would be outside the box.  And that would be fearful to the ego.  But there is no box; no limit to Papa’s Son.  How can he who is created in the likeness of his infinite Father Creator be other than limitless? 

Of course, having unlimited free will, we are able to imagine being limited; restricted to the confines of the box.  And by such imagining it thus can appear to be the case.  But because such imagining is not with the whole, complete, undivided, holy Mind of our true Self, the Christ, it is not creative imagining.  Creative imagining can only be powered by whole, complete, Limitless Love because that is what Creation is.  But in our illusory, self-limited, divided, separated state of mind we have thrown away our creative power.  And as Arten says to Gary Renard in The Disappearance of the Universe:   

Being without the power of God, all your mind can do is seemingly divide and subdivide and then attempt to glorify the result.   

Further down the same page (126) he continues:  

In fact, you are able to awaken to the perfect oneness of Heaven exactly as you did (or were) before.  But your mind must be trained to be dominated by the thoughts of the Holy Spirit instead of your ego.    

Creation is eternal because it is real and it is real because it is of God.  Anything not of God is temporal, corruptible.  The ego thought system is corruptible because it is founded in guilt, and guilt is destructive.  It is the very source of fear.  Would we want guilt and fear to be eternal?   

Hiding them in our unconscious mind does not mean they have ceased to be with us; that we have dispelled them from our being.  We can know this of a certainty if we are not experiencing the peace of God (which passeth human understanding) uninterruptedly and uninterruptibly.  Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, guilt and fear are with us if mortality is our experience, for they are its cause.  Guilt and fear cease to exist or have any effect on us when we know, remember Who we really Are because Who we really Are is created in perfect Love and innocence.  Immortally. 

Meanwhile, even if we deny it consciously, at an unconscious level we believe we are guilty.  And until we choose to follow the Holy Spirit’s script for living we keep re-minding ourself we are guilty.  We even construct religions to preach our guilt at us.  But Papa is Calling us Home, and so we are moving inexorably toward the place of remembrance that we, His Son, are innocent.  And innocence has nothing to fear.  This is why we are consciously choosing to abandon the belief in guilt and its promulgators/witnesses.  But that is not enough to free us from the ego’s clutches. 

The ego is firmly ensconced in our unconscious mind, and to dislodge it from there we need Help because we are unaware of what lurks there, accrued during myriad other embodiments, in which there will inevitably have been murder, mayhem, hatred and all manner of other spiritual darkness, of thought and deed.  Because such may be perceived as ‘in the past’ does not mean they are ‘gone and forgotten’ and can have no impact upon our ‘present’ embodiment.  That is just what the ego would have us believe, thus lulling us into a false sense of having escaped their consequences. 

But those illusory events are stored in the illusory part of our mind that seems to be split off from our whole, holy, innocent Christ Mind, as ‘seed memories’.  And all the while we decide against repudiating, renouncing the ego and its script from pulling the strings, pushing the buttons in our conscious mind, the Spirit of Truth – the inner link to our true Being – is powerless to engage the Help that He is so ably equipped to give.  We must ASK Him to Help us, and mean it. He Knows our heart and mind, and if it is not our sincere desire to receive His Help, He cannot give it.  

This is because we are endowed with free will, and the Holy Spirit always honours that.  By asking His help we authorise His intercession.  This is not an outsider horning in on our act (the ego has done that, and persuaded us it is who we are).  This is our true Self, Who Knows us totally and can Help us totally.  He Knows the content of our unconscious mind.  All of it.  So, how do we activate this Help, to gain the benefit of it?  This Diary of a Christ Communicant entry dated November 17th 2008 says it all: 

Hello, Papa. 

Hello, My son. 

I Love You.  You know that, and I know You Love me.  That gives me peace of mind.  I Know You Love me.  I don’t just believe, or hope, I Know of a certainty beyond all doubt. 

Love is all there Is, so it is impossible that I could not Love you.  It is impossible that I could not Love My creation – ALL My creation. 

I feel ready to move up a level in communing, functioning from, awareness of, spiritual reality – my reality; to move beyond the bodily limitations. 

The way forward is by relinquishment of control from the lower to the higher; from ‘little me’ to Big Me.  

I am aware of this, but don’t know how to move up a gear in that process. 

That is because it is not a doing process but a being process.  ‘Doing’ is taking control.  ‘Being’ is letting go.  Big Me, higher, true Self is.  Is-ness is able to transform littleness from limitation to fulfilment; from crawling to soaring.  This is a function of Spirit and requires no thought processes; merely an allowing.  I assure you, you have surrendered – mostly! – to Big Me, and that transformational process is proceeding. 

You have left behind the crawling activity and are now in the chrysalis.  This requires no doing thoughts, only being thoughts.  These are not so much thoughts as remembrances.  Remembrances of Who you are, where you are.  There is nothing to do because it is already done.  All was completed at your creation, by Me.  Creation is the only ‘doing’ and that is accomplished. 

  All you can meaningfully ‘do’ is extend My creation – and you are My creation, My Son – and that is by Love.  Is loving ‘doing’?  How do you ‘do’ Love?  You cannot ‘do’ Love, you can only ‘be’ Love.  And Love can only Know Itself by extending Itself.  Love is all you need to remember and to be.  Freedom from all that shackles Love is achieved by forgiving what has never restricted Love but only appears that way.  Forgiveness re-empowers you to see past illusions and they then disappear, My beloved.

Thank you for reminding me, Papa.  Another step forward. 

Another step allowed; not taken, but given, and received. 

In this world of unreality, loneliness, separation, division, guilt and fear, our greatest blessing can only be communing with the Mind of Papa, or of His beloved Son, the Christ, or of His Voice, the Spirit of Truth.  How can it be otherwise; how else can we be restored to wholeness, since there is but One Mind and one Spirit, and This is our true Being, our one Self? 

Love and endless blessings for further steps forward, together, into oneness, 

Brian Longhurst 


…in your spiritual growth you are a little one.  All that is asked of a little one is co-operation so that those responsible for his development can lead him forward. 

Jesus, September 5th 1993 

September 11th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

As many of us are aware, in 1965 Dr Helen Schucman started receiving dictation from Jesus for the most important document ever to bless humanity, by a quantum amount.  Helen devoted seven years of her life to this work, with the encouragement and support of her colleague, Dr William Thetford.  It has been said that she underwent preparation for this remarkable feat during several prior incarnations.  The dictation was completed in 1972, but it took a further four years of dedicated collaboration with other people before it first became available to the world at large in 1976.  

In the ensuing years A Course in Miracles has transformed the understanding of millions of Light-seekers around the world – and continues to transform millions more – about the nature of reality, eternal truth, who we all are and our awakening and restoration to our place in eternity, in the Heart of God.  It is certain that that transformation will continue until ACIM has completed the objectives set in it by Jesus.  For his all-empowerment-by-Love makes his commitment to and endeavours for the spiritual Awakening of the fragmented Sonship of God inevitable. 

Helen’s faculty for hearing Jesus’ speaking started to develop before the dictation of ACIM began, and it continued after the work was completed in 1972.  She wrote much beautiful poetry, published in a work entitled The Gifts of God. She said she was the scribe of the Course but the inspired author of the poems.  In addition to dictating ACIM there were many other communications from Jesus to Helen.  Some, although given after the scribing of the Course was finished, were, and remain, of profound importance for the entire Sonship of God.  Happily, these survive in the ‘Urtext’. 

Urtext is a word deriving from the German, meaning original text.  One communication from Jesus to Helen after completion of ACIM has come to my attention from the Urtext in recent days.  For me it seems to have incalculable significance for us all as a statement of the core message of ACIM.  Here it is: 

Was There a Physical Resurrection? 

My body disappeared because I had no illusion about it. The last one had gone. It was laid in the tomb, but there was nothing left to bury. It did not disintegrate because the unreal cannot die. It merely became what it always was. And that is what “rolling the stone away” (Mt. 28:2) means. The body disappears, and no longer hides what lies beyond. It merely ceases to interfere with vision. To roll the stone away is to see beyond the tomb, beyond death, and to understand the body’s nothingness. What is understood as nothing must disappear. 

I did assume a human form with human attributes afterwards, to speak to those who were to prove the body’s worthlessness to the world. This has been much misunderstood. I came to tell them that death is illusion, and the mind that made the body can make another since form itself is an illusion. They did not understand. But now I talk to you and give you the same message. The death of an illusion means nothing. It disappears when you awaken and decide to dream no more. And you still do have the power to make this decision as I did. 

God holds out His hand to His Son to help him rise and return to Him. I can help because the world is illusion, and I have overcome the world. Look past the tomb, the body, the illusion. Have faith in nothing but the spirit and the guidance God gives you. He could not have created the body because it is a limit. He must have created the spirit because it is immortal. Can those who are created like Him be limited? The body is the symbol of the world. Leave it behind. It cannot enter Heaven. But I can take you there anytime you choose. Together we can watch the world disappear and its symbol vanish as it does so. And then, and then… I cannot speak of that. (Is not this because the ineffable glory of what awaits us all when we Awaken to our oneness in Papa beyond words, and thus, unspeakable?) 

A body cannot stay without illusions, and the last one to be overcome is death. This is the message of the crucifixion; there is no order of difficulty in miracles. This is the message of the resurrection: Illusions are illusions. Truth is true. Illusions vanish. Only truth remains

These lessons needed to be taught but once, for when the stone of death is rolled away, what can be seen except an empty tomb? And that is what you see who follow me into the sunlight and away from death, past all illusions, on to Heaven’s gate, where God will come Himself to take you home. 

(My emboldening and italic, for emphasis.) 

This message tells us two key things: 1) the empowerment (and thus, trustworthiness) of his fully Awake Mind, and 2) this empowerment is also our God-given heritage.  All that is required is for us to claim it, receive it and accept unto ourself (again) what Papa freely, lovingly, unceasingly holds out to us.  The guilt, fear, misery, pain, mortality (I could go on!) we chose – in place of eternal joy, peace and Love – can be gone without unwarranted delay, if only we can believe.  Only our unbelief – ‘the stone of death’ – stands in the way.  NOTHING else.  Because unbelief engenders judgement.  

Jesus did not suffer on the cross.  He was not really there.  His animated body certainly appeared to be ‘there’ to outward appearances, but in Mind and Spirit he was far, far beyond that place of awareness – with Papa, incapable of experiencing pain because innocence cannot experience pain.  It is only belief that we are guilty that causes our experience of pain because we believe guilt should be punished.  As Pursah says to Gary Renard in The Disappearance of the Universe (pp. 138, 139):  

Because of the power of the mind, you need to appreciate the power of your belief. It was your belief in the idea that you could be separate from God – your taking it seriously – that gave it so much seeming power and realism.  As the Course says:  

Freedom from illusions lies only in not believing them. (T-8.VII.16:5) 

And on page 140: 

As long as you believe in the reality of the physical universe, then everything you perceive will be a constant reminder to you that you’ve committed the act of separating yourself from God. 

As Jesus also reminds us in ACIM:  

The truth about you is so lofty that nothing unworthy of God is worthy of you. Choose, then, what you want in these terms, and accept nothing that you would not offer to God as wholly fitting for Him. (T-9.VII.8:4,5. My emboldening, for emphasis.) 


 If you want to be like me I will help you, knowing that we are alike. If you want to be different, I will wait until you change your mind. I can teach you, but only you can choose to listen to my teaching. How else can it be, if God’s Kingdom is freedom? (T- 8.IV.6:3-6. My italic, for emphasis.) 

There is but one problem besetting humanity, not the myriad that appear to be the case.  That problem is the seemingly fixed belief in the separation; that bodies, and all the temporal, are real.  That fixed belief is blocking, or supplanting, awareness – and thus, experience – of the true, eternal, unified, blissful estate of Papa’s Son.  Just a little willingness to set aside that fixed belief is all that is required in order to allow the Holy Spirit – our own, inner Self – to shine the Light of eternal truth into our mind, restoring it to awareness, remembrance of our eternal, luminescent Being. 

Blessings of Love and Light, for release of us all into eternal peace and joy, 

Brian Longhurst 


…this which you do in my name is reality in the eternal awareness, and your performing it in Earth-life ritual is an attuning with the living reality.  This brings the reality into focus at your Earth-conscious level of awareness and builds, manifests, the structure in the outer.

Jesus, September 12th 1993 

September 18th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

Although we appear to be embodied in a finite, fear-driven consciousness, there are things we can experience in time and place that are not of eternity but that connect us to it.  One is compassion.  Most of us feel it at one time or another.  It connects us very powerfully to distressed brothers in the fragmented Sonship.  But although compassion is an aspect of Love it has no place in eternity because there is no distress there.  The more connected to Love we become, while still seeming to be embodied, the more we experience compassion for our brothers in distress.  Jesus exemplified this: 

when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd. (Mt. 9:36) and he healed their sick. (Mt. 14:14)     

Another is forgiveness.  There is nothing to forgive in eternity, but without true forgiveness our remembrance of Heaven cannot be restored to us because unforgiveness blocks our awareness of What and Where we really are.  True forgiveness is impossible without a little willingness first to acknowledge that there is actually nothing to forgive.  This means recognising and accepting the truth as our truth; that what we have believed is happening in time and place cannot be actually happening because time and place does not exist.  It is a dream, and dreams are not real.  

We can only replace the belief in time and place with the re-cognition of eternal, uninterruptible Love, Peace and Joy by willingness to forgive what we have believed is real – guilt, fear, hate, attack, death...  That willingness authorises the Holy Spirit, our Higher Self, to shine the Light of eternity into our split-off-from-truth mind, replacing confusion – caused by our choice to go into outer darkness – with clarity.  The shadowy misperceptions about what we had thought were reality then simply disappear; cease to occupy any part of our mind.    

Love and fear cannot co-exist in our mind, which is the source of our awareness.  They are mutually exclusive.  If we allow one, awareness of the other is erased, or blocked from our memory, like magnetic signals on recording tape.  When we place the signals of separation – with all their crepuscular messages of fear, darkness and death (the ‘opposites’ of Love, Light and Life) – on record they cover over what is permanently embedded in our Mind, hiding our awareness of it.  As we re-view these over and over they seem to be our experience but cannot be reality because only Love is real.

This is like watching a horror film and getting caught up in the belief that its story is real.  This is not something God has done to punish us for our ‘sins’.  We have done it to ourself, and God allows it because He gave us free will.  That is the measure of His Love for and trust in His beloved Son – us.  How could an all-Knowing God have trust in a Son who has made such a mistake?  Because he Knows His Son has made only a momentary error of perception, and it is not real; He Knows His Son is, in truth, innocent; that an error of perception is not a ‘sin’, and thus is not deserving of punishment. 

The Son emerges from the cinema into the bright Light of Day, hears the birdsong, sees the flowers, smells their perfume, feels the warmth of the sunlight, and the illusion of the images of horror in the darkened cinema are immediately erased from his memory – gone and forgotten – as he experiences the joy of Life restoring him to peace once more.  And he gives thanks as he skips lightheartedly home.  In like manner we can release the phantasms of our confused, upside-down minds and reconnect with reality; commence our journey home to Papa. 

We are all connected; to each other and to our Creator, as one.  We all have moments of that connectedness even while separation – from each other and Him – is our imagined experience.  This is because that connectedness, that oneness is immovably embedded in the memory, the hard-drive, of our Mind, our very Being, and lapses – gaps – in the flawed, overlaid imagining of unreality enable that connectedness to come through.  We even have a word for this phenomenon: synchronicity.   

The dictionary defines synchronicity as: (1) The simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.  They appear not to have a discernible causal connection only to the mind that has closed itself off from the LSD.  The connection is, nevertheless, irreversibly there.  How can it be otherwise, when in truth we are all, eternally one?  Now is the time, the moment of the re-connection of the fragmented Sonship.  Or, to be more accurate, the moment of restoration to remembrance of the connectedness of the Sonship to Itself and Its Creator. 

So, synchronicity is another experience we can have in time and place that is not of eternity but that connects us to it, re-minds us of it.  When we are restored to remembrance of our true Oneness, or connectedness, that will be our uninterrupted awareness.  Meanwhile, the nearer our restoration gets to that place of remembrance, the more synchronicity occurs in our Earth-conscious experience.   

As the leavening of the third measure of meal gathers momentum, and time-collapsing events increasingly occur, people are being brought together, reconnected by what, to a forgetful, unbelieving mind, seem like ‘astonishing’ acts of synchronicity.  So astonishing that closed minds label them ‘coincidence’, ‘chance’, ‘fluke’, or some other ‘elaborate theory of men’.  Yet those whose minds begin to open, awaken to the truth of their Being, have an intuitive Knowing that they belong together; have been together through many incarnations, united in a common, kingdomly purpose.   

Re-united, their commonality of purpose strengthens their singleness of vision and commitment to the GRP as they find mutuality of encouragement and affirmation.  As forward progress into remembrance continues into the Light, and co-operation with the Spirit of Truth in the outworking of our birth vision grows, so do misfortune, confusion, fear, judgement diminish until synchronicity is seen for what it really is: emergent connectedness; oneness; unity. 

Love and endless blessings for our growing connectedness, oneness, unity, 

Brian Longhurst 


Now is the time for great rejoicing. Draw near unto me; let your communing continue, for it is the Open Door through which you, and all who will, shall enter in and partake in the marriage of Heaven with Earth and the great banquet celebration which accompanies it.

Jesus, October 3rd 1993 

September 25th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

Two weeks ago I quoted Jesus from ACIM: 

If you want to be like me I will help you, knowing that we are alike. If you want to be different, I will wait until you change your mind. I can teach you, but only you can choose to listen to my teaching. How else can it be, if God’s Kingdom is freedom? (T- 8.IV.6:3-6. My italic, for emphasis.) 

There is one way and one way only we can appear to be different from him and that is by pretending to be different.  In truth he is Christ, and as, in truth, we are like him, so we also are Christ.  We have been pretending to be different since the seeming separation from our Christ-Self and our Creator.  Not a pretty sight.  Happily, even in Pretendville the game is inevitably, inescapably drawing to a close.  Not because Papa is an autocrat but because we can only play make-believe for so long before it becomes impossible to not return home to our right mind. 

When we observe the world with our bodily senses it seems we are a very long way from home.  Those who are consciously aware, or starting to become aware of the unreality of time and place are still a tiny percentage, even though that percentage is increasing day by day.  The vast mass of humanity continues in surrender of its will to the ego script of littleness, disempowerment and vulnerability.  This manifests itself in the commitment to dependence on medicine, body-part replacement, technology… instead of the Holy Spirit’s script of God-empowerment, inner Knowing, wholeness. 

There is nothing inherently ‘wrong’ with technology, and when surrendered to the Spirit of Truth for use within the outworking of His script for the raising up, leavening, restoring to wholeness of our limited, misperceiving, upside-down mind, it can serve His purpose very well.  But it will also serve us well to remind ourself from time to time that the all-empowered-by-God Mind and Spirit of our true, eternal Being – Papa’s Son, the Christ – has no need of telephones, computers, surgery, drugs, aeroplanes, cars, TV… anything temporal, and that thus symbolise unreality, littleness, limitation. 

Slavish dependence on any or all such as a substitute for our God-given true, unending completion, happiness, wholeness, peace… is a self-deprival of our creation-right, heritage and thus, our certain destiny.  Such substitution is born of the choice for forgetfulness, which is born of guilt and fear.  Joy, Light, Life, Love, truth, freedom… all are born of our free choice for remembrance, not of our perceived differences, individuality, but of our likeness.  Here, the ego will do all it can to make little of, repudiate such a suggestion.  So be it. It wants us to argue against it and thus give it reality, for who would argue, contend with what he does not believe exists? 

The Holy Spirit does not contend with illusions, and truth needs no defending.  As Jesus says in ACIM, it simply is.  Hence he made no attempt to defend himself before the Sanhedrin or Pilate.  Most of humanity is not yet ready for truth, but all will come to readiness in due season because truth is our eternal reality.  Meanwhile, we have taken/made bodies and the physical universe as a hiding place from Papa, to escape from His wrath and punishment.  How absurd is that?  A God of unconditional Love being wrathful, vengeful, jealous, angry, judgemental…  

We have made a god of duality, in our own misperceived likeness, and then try to hide from him by pretending we cannot experience awareness of his presence or that of his anointed emissary.  This is hardly surprising since we have persuaded ourself his emissary is coming ‘to judge the quick and the dead’, who will then be cast into the fires of hell by that self-made god.  Ego-enthralled minds proclaim we can have no way of knowing whether God and His emissary – Jesus – are really ‘there’, or whether there is any such thing as ‘life after death’.   

All this pretence of not knowing is fear-driven. Everything is either Love- or fear-engendered; there are no other possibilities. Papa is not – cannot be – fearful because He is Love.  Jesus is Love. We are Love.  Only Love is real. All the rest is made up, and because it is not real it has to come to an end, and with it, darkness, confusion, limitation, illness and death – all the illusions we have imagined in our dream of separation.  

We try to separate ourself from the worst excesses of hate, murder, genocide, oppression, famine, slavery, civil war… but we are one, so the only way to return to Love is for us all to return to Love together.  Can the dream of separation end by remaining separate?  Assuredly we are dreaming if we are content to buy ‘cheap’ clothing – and whatever else - made in sweat-shops by people working 19-hour days, six days per week, for a pittance.  That is a symbol of separation as unserviceable to the healing, the re-unifying of Papa’s Son with his Self and his Father as any other symbol. 

Yet, we cannot save the world from, or in the without, as the ego wants us to do, because it knows that for every ‘wrong’ we ‘right’, every disease we cure ‘out there’, another will arise to take its place.  We can only save it from our own within, by Loving, blessing, forgiving our brothers and ourself.  That will be perceived as a cop-out by the ego and it is if we don’t follow Jesus’ counsel and Love our neighbour as ourself, just as he did in the long ago, and still does.  We can only truly Love our neighbour as ourself if, when we remember that he is our Self, because we are, truly, one. 

When we remember that we are one our behaviour will, automatically, fall into line with that remembrance, and we will start to feel that, experience the reality of it, in our heart.  And we will realise that we are becoming like Jesus, again. 

Let us join, just for a moment, as the one we really are, to BLASER the world – every living thing, including the untold millions of animals being brutally treated and brutally slaughtered every moment to provide a pathetic substitute for the nurture of our true Being by Papa – forgive the world and forgive ourself, thus hastening our return Home, together, as the One we are in truth, 

Brian Longhurst 


 It is possible for that which you experience, and of which you have awareness, to be transmitted from, or reflected by, your aura – which is more greatly refined and enlightened by understanding and commitment – into the realms of lesser understanding. 

Even as I lead and you follow, do you also lead by my example and others will be drawn and follow.

Jesus, October 17th 1993 

October 2nd 2013


Dear Friends,


We have all been riding the carousel of birth and death for countless aeons.  Most of the fragmented Sonship still seems to have an indeterminate number of further circuits to make before awakening to the remembrance that we can escape and return home to the perfect peace, joy, Love and freedom that is eternity. But there is something with which we can all, without exception, consciously choose to engage that will foreshorten the number of further circuits by a quantum amount.


Now is the moment in the GRP when time is being increasingly collapsed, by and for increasing numbers of us. We can actively, knowingly, consciously take part in its collapsing, for ourself and for our brothers, known and unknown, loved and unloved; hated even. This can happen without our brothers even being aware of our committed endeavour, because by participating for ourself we include them, since, in spite of contra appearances, we are one. The contra appearances are caused by fear. We all desire to escape from fear; fear is perpetuated by unwillingness to forgive.


As Pursah (visiting from Spirit) says to Gary Renard in his book The Disappearance of the Universe:


The law of forgiveness is this:


Fear binds the world. Forgiveness sets it free. (ACIM, W-332)


The world feels solid to you (i.e. all of us who believe illusions are real) because fear binds it (and binds us to it). It doesn’t feel solid to me because I have forgiven the world, so its touch is no more solid than your dreams are for you at night. Yes, I feel something – but only enough to be able to function while I appear to be here. It’s very gentle. That’s why the nails didn’t hurt J as he they were being driven into his flesh. Being guiltless, his mind could not suffer – and someday you will attain the condition where you cannot suffer. That is the destiny the Holy Spirit holds out to you when you forgive the episodic fantasies of your bodily addicted ego. (My emboldening, for emphasis.)


That was no idle promise by Pursah. It is a certainty for us all, guaranteed by Papa. All the while we believe we are here, we are making it our reality, and while crucifixion may not be widely practised in this era, we are all crucifying ourself in myriad forms, some slowly, over decades and multiple incarnations, some much quicker, overlapping the slower forms. The nails we are driving into our own flesh, and the crown of thorns we are placing on our own head are unforgiveness, grudges, grievances.  For all the grievances, judgements, unforgivenesses will reflect back to us, sooner or later.


This can manifest in mental and bodily illness, ‘accidents’, theft, assault… All are forms of self-judgement and self-punishment. Yet we can avoid all such without lifting a finger by choosing forgiveness. The Spirit of Truth, our whole, higher, real Self does all the rest, but cannot until we so choose and surrender the outcome into His able care.  This is because He honours our God-given free-will.  When we give Him the reins of our life things start to happen, things start to change. There is plenty to change in the mind, the affairs of any whose life has been under ego’s yoke.


At first it may seem scary because it is so different, and the ego, masquerading as ourself, does not like change. It wants more of the same: self-crucifying, albeit slowly, so we don’t realise its intent.  But under Holy Spirit-Self care, guiding and protection, all is always for our permanent good and that of all with whom our life interacts. When a change of direction – to the Light – is sought, it will always require a sorting out, and ridding ourself of ego ‘stuff’. This is where FTOC comes into its own J. Trust is difficult, impossible even, in this world of lies; but not of the Spirit of Truth.


From the perspective of linear time, waking up to reality, returning Home to Oneness in Papa is not a sprint, but a marathon. Some of us may be so nearly ready to Awaken in this ‘present’ act that it will happen; for most of us, more acts will be needful. But, as stated in the July 10th 2013 MoE:


…When we come to the end of our sojourn in time and lay aside our body we have the opportunity to enter into a period of reflection about the progress (or seeming lack thereof) we have made toward the Light of our eternal Home in Papa during this moment of embodiment…


…(Yet) we do not need to wait until we lay aside our body to enter into a period of reflection…  We can begin now; for there is only Now.  Delaying is of the ego; it is not of our true nature…


Such periods of reflection between embodiments provide the perfect opportunity to initiate the further collapsing of time by asking guidance in planning our next act more wisely, carefully, purposefully. The vast mass of fragments proceeds blindly from one act to the next, with no enlightened idea, plan or purpose, drawn by myriad uncontrolled, undisciplined feelings, desires, lusts, fears… Yet by choosing to plan, with the help of a wise counsellor from the Realms of Light, we can cut short the number of acts needed to arrive at the place of wakefulness from the dream of separation.


That reincarnation means re-entry into total forgetfulness will not countervail such purposeful planning, for two reasons:


1) We bring the memory of the plan (and everything else) with us, in seed, or dormant mode, and the circumstances into which we have chosen to incarnate will trigger flashes of remembrance, controlled by our higher, Holy Spirit Self, a bit at a time, as required.  That is possible because we have purposely chosen aforetime to co-operate with Self during embodiment. 2) We will have also included within the planning the intent to accept the help, care, counsel and protection of a guide, or guides, from the Realms of Light who have helped us with the planning.


All this falls within our free choice: to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit. Or not. The only alternative is for more of the same… the open-ended continuation of the dream of limitation, littleness, guilt, fear, death.


Thank You, Holy Spirit-Self, for clarity, that today and every day our decisions may increasingly involve Your input, until we are fully restored to remembrance of our oneness.


Brian Longhurst



Our heavenly Father is ever ready to respond to the spark of awakening desire in us to go forward, and the pattern of unfoldment in time and place is ever moving in such a fashion as to present opportunities for us, His little ones, to go forward.

A Christ-server from the Realms of Light, October 24th 1993


October 9th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

Life is Spirit and Spirit is Life. There is but one Life and that is Papa, the Creator Spirit. Our life is part of, one within, Him, indivisibly. If we were to be separate from Him – a total impossibility in truth – we would not have life and therefore would not, could not, exist at all. It is only in our mind that we have chosen to believe we are separate from Him. When we choose to stop believing the pretence of being separate from Him, and choose instead to remember our Oneness in Him, we will be restored to that awareness. Jesus will help us if we are willing to ask him.  

We cannot accomplish this restoration to remembrance of our true, innocent (i.e., guiltless), whole Self, Papa’s beloved Son, the Christ, alone. This is because most of our misperceptions are hidden in a part of our mind we cannot consciously access. Those misperceptions all stem from the one misperception that we are separated from Papa. That gives rise to the misperceptions that we are guilty (of breach of the PLF that is the eternal, indivisible oneness of all Life), and because we have broken God’s Law we deserve to be punished by Him, which in turn gives rise to fear…  

Because we believe we have separated ourself from Life – Papa – we believe, and thus perceive, our experience is of the opposite of Life: death. Life is wholeness, is Love and Peace and Joy. So our belief, being the opposite of Life, brings us what we have called into our own, illusorily-separated presence… fear, anxiety, brokenness, doubt, depression, misery, death. All this – or nearly all of it – is so terrible we cannot countenance it consciously; hence its submersion to the part of our supposedly split-off-from-truth mind that is unconscious.  

Unconscious does not mean non-existent. It means we have pushed it under the rug in a vain attempt at pretending it is not there while we endeavour to make something worthwhile out of nothing, and call it a life. J. But what lurks in the deep cannot remain there indefinitely, and from time to time something fetid rises to the surface of our conscious mind to cause us fear, ruin our moment, our day, our life. Much of the time we have no knowledge or understanding of the cause, projecting blame for it onto brothers or other outside circumstances. 

This is barely touching the surface of the black hole into which we seem to have sucked ourself, yet it suffices to indicate why we haven’t a hope of escaping from its pull without Help. According to the bewildered, ego part of our upside-down, back-to-front mind, help is for wimps, losers, no-hopers; we must never surrender to receiving help, for that shows our weakness, our inadequacy. And if we do, we can use that as a ‘valid’ reason to pile on the guilt. Yet only when we are prepared to surrender the reins of our life to One Who is all-empowered-by-Love can we escape from darkness. 

As stated last week, when we give Him – Jesus and/or the Spirit of Truth, it makes no difference; They are our connection, within our mind, and thus, accessible, to sanity, wholeness, oneness – the reins of our life things start to happen, things start to change. There is plenty to change in the mind, the affairs of any whose life has been under ego’s yoke.  Its yoke is judgement, which is more burdensome than most of us have any idea. Yet, as recorded of Jesus in the long ago:  

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. (Mt. 11:28-30) 

As we judge, so are we self-judged, and as we forgive so are we self-forgiven. Who else is there to judge – or forgive – us other than ourself? Only we believe we have done anything worthy of judgement or forgiveness, and that is only within an insane dream of separation from Papa and our true Self, Christ. The only thing Papa Knows of separation is that it is impossible, so He has neither desire nor cause to judge us.  And because He Knows His beloved Son is guiltless, He Knows there is nothing to forgive. Since His Son, the Christ, is exactly like his Father, he also Knows similarly. 

Yet we believe, mostly at an unconscious level in our upside-down, split-off-from-truth mind, that we are guilty, so deserve to be judged. And, believing it, that is what we are doing: judging, condemning and punishing ourself.  This is why the most important thing we can do if we wish to escape the carousel of birth and death – death by myriad forms of ‘self-crucifixion’ – is to forgive ourself. And because we have projected our self-perceived guilt onto our brothers ‘out there’ – but who are simply a reflection of our unconscious self-perception – we need to forgive them also. 

By forgiving ourself we are forgiving our brothers, and when we forgive our brothers we are forgiving ourself, because in reality there is but one of us, appearing, illusorily, as many. All the while we judge ourself and/or our brothers we will see ourself and them as separate – because that is our belief, and what we believe, we perceive. When we have forgiven ourself and our brothers for what, in truth, none of us has ever done, we will have seen past the illusion of separation to the truth of our Being. 

When we have forgiven ourself (and along with ourself, our brothers) ALL that we believe, in our unconscious mind, we have done, all the ‘sins’ we have (actually, not) committed over untold incarnations and that there is, therefore, nothing left to forgive, we will have become fully self-forgiven (remembering neither God, nor Jesus, nor the Holy Spirit judge us). Thus are we released to innocence, to freedom; restored to remembrance of our guiltlessness; our wholeness/holiness; our true, eternal, all-Knowing, all-empowered-by-Perfect-Love Being: Papa’s beloved Son, the Christ.

Now can we see how escape is impossible without that Help.  Help from One Who sees ALL our ‘secret sins and hidden fears’ – Knowing they are not real – and brings them to the surface of our awareness when He sees we are ready to forgive and release them, in a gentle way that does not overwhelm us. These are presented in the form of circumstances, encounters, events in our ‘present’ act. Those with whom we have had a karmic entanglement in ‘former acts’ are brought, by synchronicity, into our presence to provide a forgive-and-release-to-innocence opportunity. 

Truly, this indicates that there is no escape save by forgiveness. It may seem absurd to think we must forgive what in truth we have never done, but it is necessary because, deep in our unconscious mind we believe we have done it. It is that mistaken belief that must be corrected, and this can only happen with that wondrous Help. From there it must ALL be brought to the surface, faced, consciously forgiven and thereby are we released – from the mistaken belief in guilt – back to innocence. Then we are One again, and returned to awareness that we are at Home in Papa. Forever. 

I feel a loud, joyous chorus of Alleluias coming on! 

Let us open our heart-minds to the Love and blessings Papa ceaselessly outpours upon us, 

Brian Longhurst 


My son, it is the Father’s good pleasure to give the Kingdom to His little ones... It does, however, depend on the willingness of those little ones to receive these good gifts.

Jesus, October 31st 1993 

October 16th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

Perceiving ourself as a body, in time and place, indicates brokenness. Perceiving myriad others as bodies, in time and place, separate from our self, further affirms brokenness. That brokenness arose – and continues to proceed – within us all the while, and I am prompted to repeat ALL THE WHILE we choose to deny our true Identity as Papa’s one, perfect, innocent Son. Brokenness is separation, or fragmentation, from wholeness.  Wholeness is our true estate. Yet, neither God, nor Jesus, nor the Holy Spirit can restore us to wholeness without our willingness for it to happen.  

That shows the absoluteness of the gift of free will with which Papa endowed His Son at his creation. If it is our perceived will to be separated, broken-off from our Source and from our Self, we are denying ourself eternal wholeness, freedom, all-empowerment-by-Love. It hardly needs stating again here that this choice is not the will of our true Self but that of the ego, which continues, with our compliance, in that choice; a complete reversal of every quality of our true Being. There is one failsafe way to renounce the ego from our driving seat and keep it renounced: unite with Jesus.

When you unite with me you are uniting without the ego, because I have renounced the ego in myself and therefore cannot unite with yours. Our union is therefore the way to renounce the ego in you.   (Jesus in ACIM, T-8.V.4:1,2. My emboldening, for emphasis) 

Sounds like a doddle, but the ego has something to say about that, putting up terrific resistance to our uniting with Jesus. It will assure us we are lowly, guilty, sinners, ‘down here’ and Jesus is ‘up there’, far beyond our unworthy reach. It will tell us we must be prepared to go through all sorts of doctrinal hoops, including that we must believe that Jesus’ death on the cross was a once and for all time blood sacrifice, required of an angry God, as propitiation for our sins, and unless we believe this we will be judged by Him as guilty and sentenced to burn eternally in the fires of hell. 

Such doctrinal chicanery is confusing, misleading and not true.  As stated in SYFK

It is not the death of Jesus on the cross that ‘makes us at one’ with God but his life – and his demonstration of Life’s indestructibleness by/through his resurrection – and leading us back to God by reminding us who we really are: eternal, immortal Beings of Light, God’s perfect Son, all One within the Sonship. 

We are already halfway to uniting with Jesus without even trying; before we have any awareness of it! For, as he told me in 1968: “I am attuned to all mankind all the time; there is never a moment when I am not with you all. All that is needed to complete the contact is for you to attune with me and we are together, at any time.” How, then, do we attune with him? By simply desiring to so do; by making that our choice. We will serve ourself immeasurably well also by ignoring, not reacting to, the ego’s frenetic resistance; by refusing to believe we are unworthy, unlovable, sinners… 

Jesus, believe it or no, Loves us J; is our friend and wants us to accept that we are his friend. Friends do not judge. They look past ‘imperfections, faults, foibles’, recognising them as nothing, choosing instead to see the best in us, as do we with them, knowing those are their real qualities and thus make them truly lovable. How can we join, or unite, with Jesus, when we seem to be in a body and he does not? We do not unite bodily, with anyone, but with our mind. We unite with Jesus as we do with any we love or desire to be with, embodied or not: by mind-to-mind communing.

This does not have to be anything elaborate, any more than communing mind to mind with any other loving friends, who simply love us for being true to ourself, and thus, true to them.  How can we be true to ourself if we are lying to our brother? We certainly cannot commune with Jesus if we are lying to him about ourself. What would be the point? The whole objective of uniting, communing with Jesus is to help us renounce the ego in us. The ego is ‘the father of lies’, so trying to kid Jesus by carrying on the game of pretend with him will get us nowhere; he’s on the wavelength of reality. 

We are so inured in the game of pretend – which is lying by another name, because it is denying the truth – that when our endeavouring to commune with Jesus is nascent we will likely be stuck for words. This means nothing to him.  He is not interested in our words but in our heart – the seat of our desire, our sincerity, and thus, our truth. He wants us to enter into the sanctuary of our inner being, which is our heart, where he dwells within us. If we are sincere in our desire for communion with him – and thus, with Papa – we will encounter him there. If we are not, we will not. 

Not because he is not there; assuredly he is. But our sojourning in the world of make-believe is intended, by the ego, to cause us to lose our way back into that sanctuary, so long have we been out of it, lost and alone in a far country. The ego is our thinking, or intellect, or calculating ‘head-mind’.  Our true mind is our heart-mind, and most of us have lost the way to connect with the heart-mind, the truth of our Being, which is, of course, Love, which is, of course, Papa.  When we are safe in the heart of Love, no calculating is necessary, precisely because we are safe. 

We are lost in a world of unreality, having handed the direction of our life to the wrong guide, that has deliberately led us into ‘outer darkness’. We do not feel safe without the Light. Every step we take in the alien, hostile world of time and place, blind, without the Light of eternal truth, is potentially fraught with danger, so we feel the need to calculate the risk. But Jesus has repudiated the ego and is thus enlightened within; he is our true, illuminated guide on what is otherwise a perilous path out of the ‘wilderness of sin’. He will guide us unfailingly. If we are willing to follow his lead.   

Head-mind endeavours at communion with Truth (I am the Way, the TRUTH and the Life; no man cometh to the Father but by me ~ Jesus, Jn. 14:6) cannot succeed. We unite with him not with our head-mind – mistakenly used by what Jesus described to me as ‘the clever, the proud and the scornful’ (i.e. not the humble) – but with our heart-mind. So, we have no need for calculations; only true and sincere desire for joyous, loving fellowship and for his care, guiding and protection in our seemingly separated lives, for our restoration to oneness with him in Papa.  

Only therein is to be found freedom from loneliness, guilt, fear, confusion, doubt, darkness, illness, limitation, death, and in their place Joy, Peace, Love. Eternally. 

Brian Longhurst 


You shall become empowered in your Earth vehicle by the reality of the Living Word and the spring of Life which wells up in all who love me above all else.

Jesus, November 7th 1993 

October 23rd 2013 

Dear Friends, 

When the ego attacks – which it does all the time, even when we are unaware of it – if we do not engage with it by defending ourself with a counterattack, it runs out of steam. This is because it is our defence, or counterattack, which fuels its attack.  Stop fuelling it and it grinds to a halt. Even better, actively forgiving what comes up before us actively empties its tank. Ultimately, when all in our unconscious mind is forgiven that will be the complete undoing of the ego, which can but mean Awakening to remembrance of our oneness and our return to Heaven.  

The ego believes in war; the Holy Spirit Knows peace. It’s plain to see which the world is following. The ego is at war constantly but the Holy Spirit – the inner connection to our Higher, Whole, Christ Self – does not engage with it. By choosing with the Holy Spirit, i.e. not engaging with judgement, grievance, attack (thought, word or deed, it makes no difference) we are saving ourself from more of the same – further fear-filled, limited imprisonments in a mortal body; further circuits of the carousel of birth and death. In Gary Renard’s new book, Love Has Forgotten No One, Pursah says: 

If you’re thinking right-minded, or forgiveness thoughts, with the Holy Spirit, you have to be headed in the right direction. That direction is home to God. If you’re thinking judgemental and condemning thoughts with the ego, then you keep yourself away from God.   

She goes on to say:  

The freedom, or free will, that exists for (people) during those dream lifetimes is the ability to choose the Holy Spirit’s interpretation of everything instead of the ego’s. Whether or not they do that and achieve real healing will determine the nature of their in-between lifetime experience (i.e. after laying aside their body and before their ‘next’ incarnation), as well as which lifetime they will experience after that!  

And then she makes a statement that we will ALL serve ourself very well indeed to take on-board, to heart and commit earnestly to applying:  

That’s why it’s so important that you don’t wait to practice forgiveness. Don’t wait until next year. Don’t wait until your next lifetime. Your future is being determined by you right now, depending on the choices you make: on whether you choose the Holy Spirit’s interpretation of what you’re seeing or the ego’s.

(My emboldening and underlining, for emphasis.) 

And, finally: 

… it’s crucial to take advantage of the lessons that are presented to you on any given day. Those are the lessons the Holy Spirit wants you to learn… and you do so by practicing true forgiveness… then you won’t have to repeat the same kinds of patterns all over again in your next dream lifetime. 

Most of the fragmented Sonship is deceived by the ego into thinking that the reason adversity keeps on showing up in our experience is because we must deserve it; it is God punishing us for our wickedness – in this and/or other acts. We are a victim, and God has sent all those horrible people, accidents, misfortunes, health issues… to torment us. That is the ego’s interpretation, and it keeps us going round in ever-decreasing circles. Now let us consider the Holy Spirit’s interpretation:  

He brings these things up from our unconscious to our conscious mind so we can forgive them and release them. He will then dispose of them, permanently, so we don’t have to keep re-experiencing them, in one form or another. The ego perceives different forms of the same forgiveness opportunity as unrelated, and that we are so sinful we deserve myriad attacks from all these different people, events, illnesses… But we can choose, with the Holy Spirit, to see them not as punishment for innumerable sins, but the opportunity to correct the only mistake we seem to have made. 

Needless to say, that one and only error is believing we are separate from Papa. All else stems from that and can all be dispelled by correcting that false belief. The mechanism for correction is forgiving ourself, our brothers and the world for what in truth (i.e., eternity) has never happened. That retrains our misled mind into the remembrance that none of it happened, that we therefore cannot be guilty, so there is nothing to fear. But all those dream-lifetime experiences are stored in our unconscious mind, where we cannot access them with our limited, split-off-from-truth, conscious mind. 

They are there, inaccessible to us because they are so terrible to us that we have entered into a state of denial of their existence. Denying what seems to be real does not dispel from our mind what we have believed to be real, so it has to ‘go somewhere’ – away from our conscious awareness. Thus is it consigned to, buried in, our unconscious mind; seemingly out of sight but not actually out of mind; like twilight shadows that seem to appear from nowhere to scare us in our state of confusion. This would keep us indefinitely in the hell that is the belief we are separate from our Source. 

But the Holy Spirit sees into our unconscious mind, even though we cannot, and he Knows what is there is not real in truth, only in our belief. And when we are willing to trust Him to free us from our self-made hell – without scaring us to death in the process(!) – and restore us to the reality of Heaven, He will bring up from our unconscious storehouse-of-hell one illusion at a time, as much as He Knows we can forgive, and thus see it is not real. Our willingness to forgive what has seemed so real yet in truth is not empowers the Holy Spirit to restore us to remembrance of our innocence. 

There are vast, unfathomable amounts of guilt and fear dream-experiences stored in our unconscious mind, accrued from untold dream-life incarnations, so there is a lot to be brought to the surface for us to forgive, thus enabling our release to innocence, one step at a time. Happily, the Holy Spirit sees all, Knows all, is all-empowered for this task, and will not, cannot fail. All He asks of us is that we trust Him. He will perform ALL the rest for us.

Then we can get on with the only real reason we are here: saving the world. The ego would have us believe this is arrogance of the first magnitude, because ‘saving the world’ is a grandiose scheme, far beyond the ability of our littleness and limitation. But our steadfast, unwavering commitment to forgiveness (just like Jesus J) releases us from littleness and limitation (just like Jesus J) and we, inevitably, become like him. Thus, saving the world is a simple thing, which we all can do (just like Jesus J), starting right now (there is only now!), without lifting a finger or costing any money.

And, by consciously choosing to join together, as the One we all really are – which forgiveness not only enables but restores our vision so we will want to join, there no longer being any reason for not so doing – we can more powerfully collapse time together, sooner, obviating untold ego-moments of guilt, fear and death. Since joining is of the mind, in which bodies have no part to play, we can do this wherever our body appears to be or whatever it seems to be doing. Mind-to-mind communion is an anywhere, anytime process. Communion means common union. Common means shared by all

Simple. J

Brian Longhurst 


Eternity is where you belong, my son; keep your sight focused on that and let neither fear nor baubles distract you from the Way.  Now is the time of fulfilment of those whose eye is single.

Jesus, November 28th 1993

October 30th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

2,000 years ago Jesus, famously, calmed a storm that was about to swamp their boat. The record (Mk.4:39) states that he spoke the words ‘Peace, be still’. He also tells us in ACIM that speaking the words (about anything) means nothing, but believing them means everything. He further reminds us that the works that he did (in the long ago) we shall do also, and greater works than those, if only we can believe in him. This is so because he is at-one with Papa, and believing in him connects us with Papa via him, until we are fully restored to innocence, to wholeness, oneness with him, in Papa. 

Here we have the key word, believe, which occurs well over 1,300 times in ACIM, along with its derivatives such as believed, believing, etc. Nothing happens without believing. Believing is of the mind. This is where the miracle takes place, for only when we first are willing to believe – which is cause - will the effect, the manifestation of the miracle, occur. Miracles become easier when we remember that we are cause, not effect. Papa is First Cause and we are created in His exact likeness, so we must also be first cause. Jesus remembered this. Now is our time to remember it also.  

We are cause of the dream of time and place, including the weather. The turmoil in global weather is an outer reflection of the turmoil in our upside-down mind. Stilling the tempest on Lake Galilee was easy for Jesus because he Knew he was coming from the place of cause, not effect, and that cause was/is peace. He was at peace within because he was one with Papa. We are causing the turbulent weather because our mind is not at peace, having chosen to follow the ego’s script of chaos. Yet all we need is to choose the Holy Spirit’s script and we begin to become right minded; miracle minded. 

The ego-script – the cause of time and place, (i.e. the illusion of separation) – is fear driven; the effect of the belief in guilt. The Holy Spirit-script – cause – is Love driven; the effect is peace. Love is peaceful and cannot cause conflict, or turmoil; can only instil peace. And when we have peace, joy is inevitable. We have all these qualities of Love within us because we are the Son of Love. Love, peace and joy are the true estate of our Being, whether we believe it, experience it, understand it, or not. Being willing to believe will enable us to perceive it because what we believe, we perceive.   

We are making the conflicted global weather, which is a reflection of our conflicted beliefs about ourself, so we can unmake it by choosing, consciously, to follow the Holy Spirit’s script. Last weekend a big, powerful storm blew across southern Britain and on to mainland Europe. Gloucester was right in its trajectory. Theresa and I have been practising the ‘Peace, be still’ example of Jesus for several years now, and each time damaging storms have threatened, we have chosen, by faith, by believing, to remember who we really are – Cause – and this has produced the stilling effect, every time. 

We are ALL at free will to so choose. There is nothing unique or ‘special’ about Theresa or me; we are ALL the same as Jesus. There was some wind and rain overnight in this area, but it was negligible in its effects. Further afield the wind and rain was many times greater, causing widespread damage. The media reported the effects, with the usual ego terminology, describing ‘victims’ of such conditions ‘happening to us’, over which we have no control. It is unbelief that is causing us to victimise ourself, and that is something we can change, starting right now.  

As Theresa and I were told from the Realms of Light in 1969, “Prayer is an attunement (at-one-ment), not a pleading”. We do not, cannot reach our Source, or First Cause, by entreating, or demanding, what Papa has already freely given His beloved Son. It is by attuning our mind with His that we become one with Him, where all is Love, Peace and Joy; eternally, uninterruptibly. Imagine how such at-one-ment can transform the heart-minds – where miracles arise – of us all, and thus, miraculously, the meteorological, political, ideological, economic and all other climates.  

All that is required is a change of perception, a shift of focus from ego-driven wrong-minded perception that we are each a separate identity – what Sigmund Freud might have appositely described as an id-entity – to our Holy Spirit-Self right-minded perception. And that automatically takes us to miracle-mindedness. That shift is the start of our healing; the dispelling from our unconscious mind of guilt, caused by the false belief that we separated ourself from Papa.   

Whatever appears to be wrong with us – bodily ill-health, broken relationships, scarcity… – all are opportunities to allow healing of our unconscious mind by forgiving what we have hidden there over innumerable incarnations. Guilt, arising from feeling separated from Self and from our home in God, prevents miracle-mindedness, or, one might say, whole-mindedness. Jesus could perform miracles because there was no guilt in his unconscious mind. He had no unconscious mind, because it is a device made to hide guilt. He Knew, had remembered, he was innocent, so had nothing to hide. 

When we have allowed Holy Spirit-Self to bring all our unconscious guilt, our secret sins and hidden hates to the surface of our conscious mind – there to be forgiven so we can be released to innocence – we will be fully restored to oneness with First Cause, Papa. In Lesson 121 of the ACIM Workbook, Jesus offers us a very serviceable mantra, counselling that we tell ourself every hour for the day of that Lesson:  

Forgiveness is the key to happiness.  I will awaken from the dream

that I am mortal, fallible and full of sin, and know I am the perfect

Son of God. 

Ego would have us believe we must be, somehow, impossibly, ‘perfect’ before we can engage with holiness, and thus, with our divine whole, inner Self. Nice ploy to keep us trapped in unholiness. Except it is, of course, completely untrue.  Why? Because we are already perfectly innocent and always have been; can never not be, other than in fantasy. And fantasy is not real. So, time to get real. Let us then say, believing: 

Holy Spirit, I choose to be totally trusting in You and Your healing of my mind, and restoring me to completion of innocence, Knowing that in that there is no fear; only peace. Thank You.

Brian Longhurst 


Not by striving and toiling to extract more shall the harvest increase, but by opening to the munificence of the Father and by giving freely of this bounty shall it increase and be sufficient for all the little ones.

Jesus, December 5th 1993 

November 6th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

Last week’s Message of Encouragement stated:  

Jesus could perform miracles because there was no guilt in his unconscious mind. He had no unconscious mind, because it is a device made to hide guilt. He Knew, had remembered, he was innocent, so had nothing to hide. 

The essence of ACIM and its explanation about perceived sin, or guilt (for who could feel guilty if he did not believe he had ‘sinned’?*), and how to be released from it and restored to oneness in Papa is to be found in this paragraph:   

(True) Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred. It does not pardon sins and (therefore) make them real. It sees (instead that) there was no sin.  And in that view are all your sins forgiven.  What is sin, except a false idea about God's Son?  (True) Forgiveness merely sees its falsity, and therefore lets it goWhat then is free to take its place is now the Will of God.

 (W-pII.1.1. My italic, emboldening and underlining, for emphasis.) 

The false sense of guilt arising from the ‘original sin’ that we split from Papa was/is so terrible, so unbearable that it had to be hidden away from our conscious awareness. What better place to conceal it than in a partitioned section of the already split-off-from-truth, upside-down mind that we have believed is what we are? That partitioned-off section is the unconscious mind. But that section, or box, cannot be hermetically sealed, and its contents – guilt, fear, judgement, grievance, hatred, jealousy, attack… leak out, a bit here and a bit there, up into our conscious mind.

It is so utterly abhorrent to us that we try to rid ourselves of it by projecting it onto other people, circumstances, events. But that does not work because, as made clear in ACIM, ideas do not leave their source; they are reflected back to us, and perceived as an endless round of attack and retaliation. Like Pandora’s box, all the evils we have experienced – on the giving and receiving end – over untold acts in the world of time and place are hidden in our unconscious mind. It could be posited that this box has myriad compartments, one for each unkingdomly dream event.

These dream events will keep re-arising from that box and replaying into our conscious mind, one or another at a time. And because the time, place, events, people seem to be different each time it is replayed, we perceive them as unconnected to what it is actually replaying. Previous events, hidden from memory in the unconscious memory box are thus unable to be consciously perceived as replays of the dream of separation. If we are following the ego’s script of guilt, fear, hatred, scarcity, murder, dis-ease, mortality… each replay adds further to the seeming darkness inside the box.   

But when we have had enough of riding the carousel of misery, birth and death, which appears inescapable, we can call upon infallible, all-Knowing, all-wise, all-empowered Help. Yes, it’s our big brother, Jesus, who saw through the illusion, awakened from the dream and fashioned, and now presides over, the escape ladder – true forgiveness – from our self-made hell of seeming separation. Once we make that choice to ask for Help, Jesus – and/or the Spirit of Truth – takes control our life and turns it around; we are no longer heading into outer darkness but back toward the Light.  

The Holy Spirit, totally benign, trustworthy and Loving, then has charge of our unconscious mind – because we have asked, authorising Him thusly. This is the end of our unwitting, blind compliance with the ego’s pulling of our strings, causing us to feel that we are at the mercy of malign, ‘random’ events that keep ‘punishing us for our guilt’.  Holy Spirit shines the Light of eternal Truth into one compartment – one unconscious-mind stored ‘event’ – at a time, when He sees we are ready. The contents – guilt, fear, judgement, grievance… – are all aspects of darkness. 

But darkness – in all its aspects – is nothing. It does not exist. It is the apparent absence of something real: Light. When He shines the Light of truth into that dark shadow that we unconsciously – mistakenly – believed exists, this raises the memory to our conscious mind in a manner now controlled by Him. If we revert to ego script it will be adduced as evidence of our guilt, which – with ego’s fear-filled perception – causes us to go into denial or projection mode, ensuring it will have to be raised again in another time, another illusory circumstance, another circuit of the carousel.  

However, if we remain steadfastly with the Holy Spirit’s script, we can give thanks for the perfect opportunity He has provided for us to forgive ourself for imagining, dreaming the darkness of that event, and forgive our brother if we have perceived he has ‘trespassed against us’. This act of true forgiveness then frees us from the chains of guilt, fear, unforgiveness that have bound us to that dreamt situation. The dream is then dispelled from our mind and we are released by Him (our Higher Self) into innocence of any imagined karmic encumbrance to that fictitious event. 

Holy Spirit could, and would bring ALL the unconscious guilt – ‘dark stuff’ – to our conscious mind at once, for dispelling and our release to complete innocence and thus, restoration to full, immediate remembrance  of the unity of the Sonship and Oneness in Papa. However, in His wisdom, and with our best interests at heart, He does not do this because most of us have so much dark stuff, accrued over myriad acts, festering in our unconscious mind that it would produce an unbearable trauma. So, once we have placed Him in control of healing our mind, best to leave Him in charge. J

He will lead us fully back to the Light as rapidly as He Knows we are able to progress, in a balanced way, ensuring the minimum trauma. This is why it is so important, vital to our wellbeing, reassurance, peace of mind… that we co-operate with Him by placing ourself totally, unreservedly, unremittingly in His care, guidance and protection – without delay. Who, in his right mind, would chose to prolong unnecessary misery? Thus, when He has shone away ALL the imaginary dark stuff from our unconscious mind, there will be no more seeming darkness.  

In its illusory place there will be only the Light that IS eternal Truth in our mind. Then, and only then, will we be truly enLIGHTened. Here are some alternative terms that are synonymous with, indicative of, Light: Perfect Love, Life eternal, Truth, Peace uninterruptible, Joy unending, Wholeness, all-empowerment, all-Knowingness, complete freedom, Glory, Heaven, happiness, Oneness, immortality, limitlessness, plenitude… add your own discernments to the list J. In a word, it means everything

Endless blessings for courage and commitment to eschew darkness and embrace the Light, 

Brian Longhurst 

* Jesus told Helen Schucman: The word “sin” should be changed to “lack of love”, because “sin” is a man-made word with threat connotations which he made up himself. No REAL threat is involved anywhere. 


My son, your desire is well known to me.  Give it to me, offer it up and commit it to me. purpose is also as your heart’s desire – for the children of Earth to know Eternal Truth and to let me gather them unto the Father by my Love for them.

Jesus, December 12th 1993 

November 13th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

Jesus reminds us in the first paragraph of chapter 1 in ACIM:  

There is no order of difficulty in miracles.  One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another.  They are all the same.  All expressions of love are maximal. 

He further reminds us that we (all) are the Light of the world and the saviours of the world. Most of the fragments of the Sonship continue to perceive themselves as spiritually little and limited, due to the adopted, upside-down belief that we are sinners… So how can it be possible to be the Light of the world? And as for saviours… Blasphemy! Apostasy! Heresy! But, not so fast; not only is there no order of difficulty, or magnitude, in miracles, there is no order of magnitude of the Light or saving of the world, though it may appear so to a mind yoked to the ego’s script.  

Let us, then, consider how the Spirit of Truth might reinterpret the situation. Although our Light seems dim, because we have been hiding it under a bushel, that bushel is made up; it does not exist, and therefore cannot actually dim the Light that we all are, because Papa imbued His Son with that Light at his creation. It is in truth, therefore, inextinguishable and undimmable. Jesus demonstrated this, and all that he was/is, we also are. That is not a fable, a fantasy, but the simple, eternal truth of our Being as Papa’s beloved Son. If only we can believe, it becomes our reality, our experience

So, when we choose to shine our Light into the world, even though it may seem dim, even indiscernible to us – because we are looking with eyes that cannot see the truth of our Being – it is illuminating, irradiating the world nevertheless. How can that be possible, when it does not appear to be so to the rational mind? First, let us remember that the rational mind is the split-off-from-truth part of our mind, and can only ‘rationalise’ what seems to be real to the bodily senses. So, what it believes to be real – illusion – is all it can see; it cannot see what it does not believe.  

If we desire to see the truth, then first we must be willing to believe, for it is our unbelief that veils the truth from our vision. Papa hides nothing from His Son; why would He? He gave us everything, and what He gives He never takes away. But we can, in our game of make-believe, pretend that we cannot see, and to give some ‘rationale’ to that aspect of the game of make-believe called spiritual blindness, we pretend we have sinned, rebelled against God, so He, in a fit of anger banished His Son from Heaven, into outer darkness, thus rationalising our blindness. Some convoluted rationale! 

If we believe outer darkness is real, we would have to believe either that we made that outer darkness or God did. But Papa IS the Light, and can create only in His own likeness, not a dimmed-down version (so says Jesus, and he, assuredly ought to know), so He couldn’t have made outer darkness, even if He had wanted to (as if…). That therefore leaves us, His Son in fragmented form, as the only other possible fabricator of outer darkness. So, we made outer darkness so we could banish ourself there! J. The fable just gets more absurd, more impossible, more implausible, more laughable.   

The only other possibility is that Papa is limited, and His Light, the Light that He IS, only reaches so far until it dims and eventually fades into twilight and then into complete, ‘outer’ darkness. For that to be so we have to believe the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Creator has created somewhere He does not – cannot – go, cannot Be. But the Light that is Life, is Love, is Truth, is God – eternally – is within. Within, where the Kingdom is to be found, is everywhere and has no limits; forever. Everywhere real, but not anywhere unreal because unreality is nowhere; ever.  

In Matthew 5:16 Jesus says: Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.  

At some moments during any given day we all let our Light shine before men. It may seem, outwardly, like so minor a matter that it is inconsequential, and most would not consider it to be letting our Light – the Light that is the Creator Spirit within us all – shine before men.  Like, holding a door open for another to pass through; smiling – at a stranger or a loved one, it makes no difference – from the heart; singing for joy; feeling compassion for the world… the list is endless. We can grow that list within us by choosing to be more focused on kingdomly thoughts and feelings. 

And as we become more focused, so does our awareness of the Light within us grow, until we realise that that Light was always there; never dim other than to our own sight. But it was our sight that was dim, veiled, not the Light Itself. And, the more we become aware of Its brightness, and that It is within us – not something else somewhere outside ourself – the more It affirms that, just as Jesus taught us in the long ago, we truly are the Light of the world, and the Light that we are is limitless. Then we will be drawn to shine our Light, to glorify Its heavenly Source within us, and Know Its joy. 

Thus we could say, “I am the Light of the world (just as Jesus tells me) and so I choose to shine the Light into the world (not hide it under a bushel).” 

What, then, about being the saviours of the world? Surely, that is a very different story from being the Light? The Light may be bright within us, but the world can’t see it, except in the relatively few, such as Mother Theresa of Calcutta (Kolkata). Well, exactly the same principle applies to being the saviour of the world as to being the Light of the world. In fact, it is the Light within us that IS the saviour of the world, in just the same way as is the Light that is Jesus. Okay, but how does that work to save the world in practise? First, it is not the planet, but humanity, that is to be saved.  

Humanity is saved by the remembering of and restoration to its eternal oneness. Separation is a state of mind; a false belief that has fabricated an illusion called time and place that is then perceived as reality. However, reality is Love, and Love is of eternity, not of time.  And that Love is within, just as is the Light; for Love and Light are one and the same. As we let the Light within us shine by accepting, not resisting, Its reality, so, to save the world, do we allow the Love within us to irradiate ourself and the world of humanity – our brothers in the Sonship of God – around us. 

Forgiving ourself for misperceptions about ourself and our brothers is freeing ourself and our brothers from the shackles that bind us to the illusion of separation. Love is unifying, and thus, Love expressed through forgiveness and blessing ends separation, thereby saving the world. There is no order of difficulty or magnitude in saving. Every expression of Loving-, forgiving- and blessing-saving is maximal. Just as separation is a state of mind, so is Love, and its attendant unity, a state of mind; Christ Mind. It is within us all, calling to each of us to rise, shine and save the world. 

Let us respond to the exhortation in Isaiah 60:1  

Arise, shine; for thy Light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. 

Blessings of Love and Light, to restore us all to remembrance, and practise, of our Oneness in Papa, 

Brian Longhurst 


Have no doubt, my son, that the reality you experience is the Kingdom of Heaven… it is the Father’s good pleasure (and mine also) that you should receive the Kingdom.

Jesus, January 9th 1994 

November 20th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

It is not hard to observe that there is frequent use, in books, articles, social networking…, of the word universe as the source of abundance, blessing, fulfilment of our desires and aspirations. What, exactly, one might enquire, is intended by use of this term? That will depend on where the user is on the Path to remembrance of reality. If we believe time and place is reality, our journey back to spiritual wakefulness is barely begun. This means that our mind is still confused about our true Identity, and whether we are separate or all One in the Sonship of the ‘Father’, the Creator Spirit. 

It will serve us well to decide what we mean if we use the term ‘universe’ instead of ‘Creator Spirit’, or ‘God’, or ‘Papa’, or ‘Great Spirit’…  The reason is, there are, seemingly, two universes. One is real, entirely benign, and is our true Home: we can think of it as Heaven, Papa, eternal Life, and it is within. The other is without, made up by a mind that believes it is separate from its Source in Love; it is, illusory, unreal, conflicted, malign, deceiving and destructive, always – without fail – ending in death. So, if/when we speak of ‘the universe’  as being our providential source, it will serve us well to be sure of which universe we have in mind.  

It seems doubtful Papa would have a problem with His little ones thinking/speaking of Him as ‘the Universe’, but if we use that term because we are embarrassed to say Creator, Heavenly Father, God, Papa... then some more in-depth examination of our state of mind would not go amiss. It is time to re-embrace our true Source; honour, acknowledge, respect, acclaim, celebrate ‘Him’ and our unity in, and relationship to Him. Unwillingness for this, but desiring to acknowledge the universe as supplier of abundance could mean we are inadvertently following the ego’s script, a recipe for disappointment.   

Using the masculine pronoun – as in Papa, Father, etc. – to address our Creator is poetic, but somehow, ‘He’, ‘Him’, ‘His’ seems more consistent with respect and veneration than ‘It’! And if Jesus spoke of the Creator using masculine terms to identify the Giver of Life, abundance, blessing, fulfilment, peace, joy, completion … so be it. That, surely, is good enough for us, since we can readily acknowledge he knows more than the present state of remembrance of most of the rest of us, his brethren. And seeking to use controversy as a delaying manoeuvre to our return to oneness can serve no-one. 

In our seeming state of separation, we have been deceived for millennia into the perception that the Creator is a God of anger, wrath, judgement, retribution. The responses to that have been varied: to appease with countless blood – or other – sacrifices; entreating for mercy; ‘hiding’ from that wrathful god. But the God of Love Calls us Home to Oneness with Him in eternity, and the Great Awakening to remembrance is now gathering momentum. That calling is bringing back to our intuitive awareness an acknowledgement of the ‘something beyond’ our little, limited, mortal ‘id-entity’. 

Yet at the same time we are rejecting the lie that we are sinful, unworthy of God’s unconditional Love. So there is a dichotomy, in which part of us acknowledges ‘a higher power’ but is unwilling to attribute it as being the god of institutionalised religion: ‘Father’. Who wants a father that is a constant threat to our very existence, unless a blood sacrifice is made to him and we confess we are wretched, unworthy, there is no health in us, so need to constantly supplicate for clemency? For that matter, what father wants a son with such an attitude when he wants him to inherit his estate? 

Papa wants his Son to re-cognise (know again) and accept his Pedigree, rejoicing in it with profound gratitude. This is because the Source of our Being – of ALL Being – Loves His creation. Love is embracing, inclusive, tender, caring. Love, simply, IS; It has a name: I AM. Love, Papa, I AM calls His creation by His Name. We also are I AM. Yet the unserviceableness of substituting universe as the Source of All, our source, is that most people think of the universe as out there. But Papa is within. There is no ‘out there’. Out there is impersonal because it is not Love; it is separate. It engenders fear. 

We appear to be in a state of separation, symbolised by given names with which, in our state of forgetfulness, we identify. Those names are an ego ploy to reinforce forgetfulness of our true Identity, yet, when we are willing, the Spirit of Truth can reinterpret – give a new meaning to – those names for us. Names, therefore, can be perceived as powerful symbols for good or for evil, depending on the intention of our life. Here is an extract from the Diary of a Christ Communicant dated December 29th 1996 which can help bring clarity to this perception:  

…Beloved Jesus, my emerging awareness of your power to accomplish, the power in your very Name, is so staggering I feel almost overawed by it. 

Names are but symbols.  Some names in time and place are symbols of power for destruction, for fear, just as are some words.  This has no meaning in Heaven, where all is peace, joy and Love unending. Your name is rising in tempo and power as your desire for the Kingdom and the illumination it brings you refines your vibration and further increases your power.  My name, whether Jesus Christ of Nazareth or Yeshua Messiah, is power to fulfil according to my desire and commitment.  My desire and commitment for the Kingdom and to all my little ones – my flock – is absolute; and so, therefore, is the power of my name.   

In the hearts and minds and lives of those who love me it is power of strength, protection, enlightenment, upliftment and fulfilment.  In those who reject me it is power to bring disintegration of false structures.  This is why the enemy (ego) tries to stop the use of my name in the hearts, minds and mouths of my flock, save in scorn, contempt or derision. 

Your one-pointed commitment to my name – and therefore, to me – is your power and your protection because Papa has given me this power for all my brethren in response to my desire and commitment.  This power is freely available to all who will receive of it.   

All in Papa’s creation is perfectly ordered and structured according to the Principles of Life.  To enter into His Most Holy Place it is necessary to be aligned with this.  You cannot accomplish this of yourself, but by your desire He will accomplish it for you.  Peace and joy is yours in response and according to your desire for it.  All is well. 

In ACIM Jesus tells us that the truth needs no defence. The truth is its own defence because truth is unassailable. When we choose to live the truth it sets us free because our alignment with it makes us unassailable. Just as it did Jesus, even while he was being nailed to the cross. Crucifying is not practised at this phase of the GRP, yet most of us are still crucifying ourself, slowly, unwittingly, by our adherence to, and defence of the ego’s script. We can become unassailable by going within in an instant, regardless of what appears to be happening without. Because we are like our elder brother, Jesus. 

Love and blessings for remembrance of our unassailability, 

Brian Longhurst 


My son, in truth it is not I who set you free but you yourself, by your heart’s desire for the Spirit of Truth… by your commitment you can help me to attract the attention of those who are ready in their heart to open the door to Him.

Jesus, January 30th 1994

November 27th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

I have heard it said that we should not attempt to commune, or have conscious fellowship, with our loved ones who have laid aside their body and are now in the etheric counterpart of the Earth, because this keeps them tied to the Earth; holds them back and delays or prevents their onward progress toward the Light, the final destiny of us all. To use a technical term, this is poppycock! J. There are two reasons for refuting this perception. One is that the departed loved one may be a few paces behind where we are on our journey of spiritual Awakening to the eternity of Heaven. 

The other is that the departed loved one may be a few paces ahead of us. Let us, then, examine the first reason first. If a loved one is behind us and we are in a position to help them forward, would it be a Love-based decision to choose not to help them? We do not need two guesses at an answer to that question. That loved one may not have been approachable on matters of esoteric consideration during their embodiment. This is due to fear, though it will often be disguised simply as disbelief, or claiming superior ‘knowledge’, such as adherence to doctrines and dogmas of one sect or another. 

But when someone finds themself in a place, or state of mind, that clearly demonstrates things post-disembodiment are not what was anticipated, they are likely to be more amenable to some help – words of guidance, enlightenment, Love, blessing… – than was previously the case. Approaching such a soul, who will very likely be feeling lost, lonely, vulnerable, fearful, despondent… with an air of condescension or dismissal will serve no-one. Approaching with Love, compassion, understanding, desire to help will benefit them and us to move forward on the journey back to Oneness. 

How, then, does one commune, or fellowship, with a disembodied brother? Exactly the same way as if they were embodied is the answer. Whether embodied or disembodied, all commun(icat)ion between brothers is mind-to-mind, irrespective of the medium used – telephone, internet, pen and paper, face to face… We simply think of the brother and send them our thoughts; silently or vocally makes no difference. It is a case of attunement. Brothers in spirit receive our thoughts and feelings directed to them without difficulty, regardless of in which mansion in Papa’s House they seem to be. 

How do we receive their thoughts and feelings directed to us? Again, it is a matter of attunement. We literally imagine their response, or what we believe they would say to us. Sceptics will say that is fanciful, a fairy-tale, made-up, unreal… If we subscribe to the ego’s script there is, indeed, no reality to such imaginings because there is no reality to the ego. But when the Holy Spirit is our Commun(icat)ion Service Provider and our intent is to be truly helpful and Loving to all, then we are engaging the creative mind that is our God-given right, and such exchanges are all via the Holy Spirit. 

We may not necessarily be aware of such communications from our loved ones in spirit straight away. We have believed for so long that we are a body, and our bodily senses are the only mechanism for receiving communication, that most of the fragmented Sonship is still stuck in that misperception. It takes practise and commitment. Sitting quietly in an undisturbed place and sending heartfelt Love and blessings to the desired party is conducive to meaningful communion. Writing our thoughts is helpful, keeping notebook ready to write the response thoughts that come to mind. 

We will do well to bear in mind that keeping such communing endeavours focused lovingly, caringly, sincerely on matters of eternal, spiritual reality – rather than religious doctrines and dogmas or trivial social chit-chat – will serve us and our brother well.

The reason most of us are nervous, fearful, equivocal… about communing with disembodied souls – loved ones or otherwise – is belief in a ‘veil of separation’ that is, somehow, ‘sacrosanct’; that it has been placed there by God, and should not be crossed, opened or in any way tampered with. There IS no veil, least of all created by Papa. We made it up by believing it, so we can easily unmake it by ceasing to believe in it. What we believe is what becomes our reality, whether just in our mind or in form, manifested from our mind. When we stop believing, it ceases to be real, in mind or form. 

Jesus made the dispelling of the veil of separation immeasurably easier for us by his departure from his body on the cross, at which point, so the record states, the temple veil was rent in two (Mt. 27:51), symbolising the end of the illusory separation of man from God. 

So, if a deceased loved one is behind us on the Path to the Light at the time of their demise, sending our heartfelt Love and blessings to them will automatically bring us to their awareness, however dark and dismal the place in which they initially find themself. Repeatedly irradiating them with our Love and blessings – reassurances that asking for Help from Jesus and/or the Spirit of Truth – will almost always rapidly effect their rescue to a more congenial place. They will soon let us know of the change; their joy, peace and gratitude will come flooding through to our awareness. 

If they are so deeply entrenched in unbelief, or guilt, or fear, it may take longer. So what? If we truly have Love in our heart and desire for their release and forward progress, we will gladly persevere in our outpourings for them. For that matter, we can continue in like manner for any and all embodied souls, to the same effect in due season. It matters not how long it seems to take, for time is but an illusion. How else can ALL the fragments of the Sonship be restored to the Oneness that is our inescapable destiny? 

When our brother has been brought, by the help of our Love and blessings, to a happier place of being, their progress toward the Destination of us all can proceed exponentially quicker because the awareness of eternal reality is much more accessible in spirit than in the denseness of embodiment. That brother will then be in a place of greater understanding and empowerment and because we have helped them, they will have a potent desire to help us forward during our continuing incarnate state as well as when our sojourn with a body is at an end. 

Needless to say, if our departed brother is already a few paces ahead of us by the moment of their demise, and there is a cordial, even Loving feeling between us, they will naturally want to help us right from the outset, just as was the desire of their heart previously. How can we avail ourself of that lovingly, freely given help if we shut ourself off from it by denying access to it because they are ‘dead and gone’, and therefore, ‘beyond our reach’? 

Whether a brother is seemingly ahead of us or behind, limiting ourself by keeping the shutter of unbelief closed benefits no-one. According to Jesus in ACIM we are all here to be truly helpful. Can there be one amongst us who, regardless of their beliefs – or unbeliefs – would gainsay that? Also according to Jesus in ACIM, giving and receiving are one and the same thing. Thus, helping a brother, whether embodied or disembodied (it makes no difference) is helping ourself. For in truth we are all one. And the most releasing, empowering help we can give is forgiveness, Love and blessing. 

Love and blessings, 

Brian Longhurst 


It is necessary that my little ones be nurtured with unconditional Love and care and compassion and that they be taught the living Truth, by which Knowledge shall they be led forward; and wisdom shall give them stature; and Love shall make them whole.

Jesus, February 27th 1994 

December 4th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

Many years ago Jesus told me, “When all around is chaos and disarray, then rejoice, for the Kingdom is at hand, even at the doors.” The inference to be drawn from this statement is that the breakdown of the old order codes of conduct for a society to seem to function sustainably is a sign, an indicator, a herald that there is a New Order at hand, even now in the process of emerging into the awareness of the world at large. The New Order is, as stated, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, or ‘the real world’ as Jesus calls it in ACIM.  

This New Order is one in which Love, compassion, honesty, truth, sharing, the brotherhood of man, transparency, the remembrance that in reality all living things are one, that as we give so do we receive… is ubiquitous. And yet, to an upside-down mind his statement makes no sense. How, asks the unbelieving mind, can the Kingdom be at hand – even at the doors – when chaos and disarray in the form of lying, cheating, stealing, cruelty, war-mongering, corruption, murder… from the highest levels on down is manifestly on the increase, with ever-diminishing shame or remorse? 

An analogy can, perhaps, help to provide a comprehensible answer. The organism known as humanity has been suffering from a deep and pernicious malaise since the dawn of time. That malaise is spiritual darkness, caused by the belief in separation from the Light, aka the Creator Spirit, the Source of All. Yet there is an increasing awareness and acceptance that a great outpouring of Spirit is taking place, right now, on the Earth. Spirit is another word for Love, Light, Truth, God; They are all the same. Religion is not a cure for this malaise because religion is about control through fear.  

Religion, which is always conditional, has contributed to the malaise and is part of it, inciting and fomenting guilt, fear, sacrifice, punishment, torture, mendacity, cover-ups… much of which is still practised in the name of God today. Spirituality, as an expression of the Creator, on the other hand, is about freedom through unconditional Love, forgiveness, openness… The Light of eternal, Spiritual Truth is shining now, ever brighter, into the sick, confused mind of the fragmented Sonship of God and could be said to be acting like a poultice, drawing the malaise, the poison to the surface

There, it is gathering, as pus gathers – when drawn to the surface by a poultice – in an abscess. When the malaise is dispersed throughout the body of the organism, and its symptoms suppressed – not healed – by the ‘allopathic medicine’ of fear-based religion, it seems to be less threatening, less acute. But it is chronic, and only correction of its cause – the apparent absence of Light – can truly heal the organism of the condition. The correction of the absence of Light is, of course, the application of Light. That is being shone by Papa, under the perfect ministry of healer Jesus. 

The malaise, the pus, has to be drawn to the surface, fully revealed, exposed, so it can be released, purged, and the organism restored to wholeness.  This can be a painful process, because the malaise is being brought to the surface and seems to be concentrated into a localised time – now – just as an abscess is the poison in the organism concentrated into a localised place. But we all know that without the Light/poultice the chronic malaise would continue indefinitely, gradually weakening the organism until it was no longer viable, and would succumb. 

Of course that never would, never could be the outcome because the GRP is infallible and unstoppable. How could it be otherwise, with all-empowered healer Jesus in charge of the procedure? 

The malaise manifests in many forms, to which some have been referred above. Yet, amongst the most insidious is child abuse – not just by the Catholic Church, but so often by parents – in an array of forms, including sexual, physical, emotional, psychological. This nightmare symptom is coming to the surface, along with all the rest. Recently I have been contacted by a number of souls seeking help dealing with the trauma of parental abuse decades previously. I am prompted to share a deeply poignant example from a lady now in her 50s, who, for confidentiality, is referred to here as ‘TF’: 

While reading your book I came upon the section discussing paedophilia and a word I never heard of before ‘pederasty’, although I know only too well what it is.  

I read what Jesus had to say about it (Here are some extracts from what Jesus says about offences against children in Mt. ch. 18: …whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh! …Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.) 

It was not me who was so viciously and horrifically violated but my two younger brothers by the man who was supposed to protect them, our father. I was a helpless witness to these frequent and extremely vicious attacks on two small boys. I was only a few years older and unable to stop him, although I tried. I felt it was my job to protect them and I failed miserably. 

I have had a lot of therapy around this. But I cannot forgive him. He died many years ago and never had to pay for his sins against these two small boys and I cannot let it go. I want to let it go. I want to believe that he is being held accountable in the afterlife. He must be held accountable! When I read that section in your book I hoped that knowing that he is being judged by God for his sins will be the final step to letting this go. 

Please tell me what you think/know happens to people like him. I would like to live out the rest of my life free from the horrors of this psychopath I called my father. He was also physically extremely violent to all of us and the things that he spoke to us were pure hatred and evil. 

I believe my being led to your book was for this purpose. To be finally released from these horrific flashbacks. New things coming up even at this age. So weary of seeing those little boys suffer and a mother who didn’t care. 

I have emboldened a key sentence in TF’s message. She wants, she desires, to let it go. That is crucial, paramount; all, in fact, that is asked of us, so we can then hand all such to our Higher Self, the Holy Spirit, to effect the healing. Theresa and I connected with TF on Skype and were able to help her understand more deeply that Papa does not judge, for in the eternal reality there is nothing to judge. We are, in His sight, innocent, just like Jesus; that judgement perpetuates the illusory cycles of violence and abuse; that true forgiveness breaks those cycles. All of them. No exceptions.  

We are all responsible for our own thoughts and actions, and it cannot be any other way because we have inviolable free will. As we give, so do we receive. Thus, for souls who seem to be trapped in a cycle of violence and abuse, God will not judge them, but the consequences of their thoughts and deeds will deliver to them – that is to say, any of us – what they have given out. That cycle – all cycles of time and place – must keep repeating until the lesson, the opportunity it keeps delivering, is recognised for what it really is: an opportunity to see past the illusion and forgive it. 

Thus can those terrible – but, happily, illusory – cycles be broken, forever. TF broke the cycle by so choosing, and raised her offspring without abuse. My beloved Theresa did the same. For this, and all such, let us join with Heaven in a loud Alleluia!! Unforgiveness is a closed door in our heart that keeps us bound in servitude to darkness, guilt, fear, grievance and judgement. Heavy burdens indeed. True forgiveness releases us into Light, innocence, peace, Love and joy. Forever. Forgiveness is the poultice, the Light shining into our minds that heals the abscess and restores us to wholeness of Being. 

Love and Light, 

Brian Longhurst 


Unconditional Love is the stuff of which the Kingdom is made. Take freely of it and fill your heart, soul, life, that it occupy all parts of you, leaving space for no other contrary vibrations. Love and bless unreservedly, that the Kingdom may flow unrestricted through you into the Earth.

Jesus, March 20th 1994

December 11th 2013 

Dear Friends, 

The Great Rescue Programme (GRP), the final phase of what in ACIM Jesus calls the Atonement (i.e. the return from fear to Love), is now moving ever more powerfully and transformingly into its final phase. The destination is the restoration of the fragmented Sonship (one, appearing as many) to the remembrance of the Oneness – in unconditional, perfect Love – that we all really are. During this early stage of the final phase there is taking place, on a grand scale, a reconnecting of joyful, Kingdom-resonant, Loving, transparent relationships between souls who are ready for that rejoining.  

Geographical distance is meaningless, irrelevant in this local, national and intercontinental reuniting. With the aid of modern communications technology such as the internet, social networking and Skype, the Holy Spirit is drawing back together, by miracles and synchronicities, those who already belong back together because their relationships – being healed and released from all karmic entanglements – are restored to Love. Such healed relationships can be recognised as such by their shared, unequivocal devotion to the living Jesus and espousal of their lives to him and his GRP. 

There are also many relationships that outwardly seem to be idyllic; that have worked superficially for, perhaps, decades, yet are now breaking down and the parties going their separate ways, often with considerable rancour. This is because such relationships are not founded on a solid, spiritually-committed footing. We are all citizens of eternity, sojourning in time; spiritual beings appearing to have a bodily experience. If relationships are not functioning from that precept, or willing to become so, now is the time for parting of the ways. 

But that parting is not permanent. Papa created but one Son and it is inevitable he will be restored to oneness in due season. There are no accidents, ‘coincidences’ or chance happenings in reality, although to our outward, flawed perception it may seem that way. People are drawn into relationship for one reason only: opportunity. If they belong together because their long-established (often over numerous embodiments together) association is founded on the rock of unconditional, eternal Love, that reconnection will provide opportunity to shine an even brighter Light in the world. 

If the ‘foundation’ of the relationship is the sand of a karmic entanglement (that also may go back through several ‘previous’ embodiments), then clearly the opportunity they have re-called into their presence is to heal that brokenness, to rebuild it on the rock. Because of the largely free hand such entangled relationships afford the ego, the opportunity reconnecting provides is likely to be missed, or wasted, again and again, often deepening the degree of brokenness each time. Yet the law of karma, or opportunity, means they are drawn together repeatedly until true forgiveness prevails. 

It is inevitable that this will happen eventually because oneness is the true nature of Papa’s Son. I am intimately aware of this because my parents’ marriage was just such an example. Theirs was not the most blissful relationship and there were frequent occasions when they rubbed each other up the wrong way over what, instead, could have been discerned as chances to fulfil their purpose in the connection: to forgive and rebuild, collapsing time by saving them some turns on the carousel of birth and death. Instead their misperceptions eroded away untold opportunities for a true healing.  

But by the Grace of God, from their greater vantage point in the etheric realms since their passing, they have now become aware of this. From the blessed experience of communing with them it has been my joy to have learned that they both are now fully clear about how the opportunities were missed and how to ensure they will not be missed again during their next embodiment. There is sincere and genuine closeness between them in their re-cognition that in eternity all souls are connected as one, and their ongoing relationship remains an opportunity for healing and uniting. 

In this enlarged understanding my mother has planned her next incarnation, and by seeking wise counsel from the Realms of Light, has selected the mother through whom she will make her next embodiment. That mother-to-be is presently a teenager, and part of our extended family of Loved-ones. Everyone has such an extended family, some of whom are embodied with us now and some are in spirit, loving us and ever-mindful for our wellbeing and progress toward the Light of Home in Papa. My dad is still planning his next embodiment, in close deliberation also with wise counsel. 

The continuing, loving fellowship with our loved ones in spirit is not only possible but of immeasurable benefit to us and to them, in healing the Sonship. If a soul is not ready for healing with a brother before they lay aside their body, it is not ‘too late’ for the healing-through-true-forgiveness to occur. Again, Theresa and I are intimately aware of this because a magnificent healing between us and her dad took place after his passing, as described in SYFK. Prior to that there was seemingly irreversible brokenness. But true forgiveness is the primary mechanism for rendering the impossible possible. 

The false doctrine forbidding communion between embodied and disembodied souls still lingers, and plays right into the ego’s hands, fuelled by fear of the unknown. This may have served a temporary purpose in Old Testament times, but now we are able to place ourself in the care, guidance and protection of Jesus. By consciously so doing, we are kept safe from the devices of darkness, while empowered to shine the Light – of Which we are an inextricable part – into it, for the highest good of all, embodied as well as disembodied; it makes no difference because there is no difference.  

We are all one, and the rejoining back into that oneness is being delayed unnecessarily by allowing ourself to believe we are separated, not just from Papa, but from our brothers, untold numbers of whom are ‘beyond the veil’. Piffle! J. There is no veil. We made it up, and only believe it is real, so for us it seems real. It is not real for Papa, nor Jesus, nor the Holy Spirit, nor for untold loved ones, brothers, in the Realms of Light. So who is mistaken in their perceptions? One guess should do it.   

Some of those brothers that we have deemed to be ‘beyond the veil’ are in a position to help us and some are in need of our help. By denying ourself access to, communion with those brothers we deny ourself opportunity to avail ourself of their help – not to speak of their Love and fellowship! – and also to be truly helpful to those there who are in need of help. Jesus counsels us in ACIM: 

You can do much on behalf of your own healing and that of others if, in a situation calling for help, you think of it this way:  

I am here only to be truly helpful.

I am here to represent Him Who sent me…

(T-2.V.A.18.8:1-3. My emboldening, for emphasis.) 

He further states:  

God is praised whenever any mind learns (or, remembers) to be wholly helpful. This is impossible without being wholly harmless, because the two beliefs must coexist. The truly helpful are invulnerable, because they are not protecting their egos and so nothing can hurt them.  Their helpfulness is their praise of God, and He will return their praise of Him because they are like Him, and they can rejoice together.  God goes out to them and through them, and there is great joy throughout the Kingdom. 

Every mind that is changed adds to this joy with its individual willingness to share in it.  The truly helpful are Gods miracle workers, whom I direct until we are all united in the joy of the Kingdom.  I will direct you to wherever you can be truly helpful, and to whoever can follow my guidance through you.

(T-4.VII.8. My emboldening, for emphasis.)  

Let us choose to leave no-one out, wherever they may seem to be, so Jesus can direct us to wherever we can be truly, unreservedly helpful. 

Love, unreservedly, 

Brian Longhurst 


…fear not that the Creator Spirit is always in the midst, and those who love Him and aspire toward Him will receive of His guiding and illuminating.

Jesus, Easter Sunday, April 17th 1994 

December 18th 2013

Dear Friends, 

Revelation is the mechanism by which we are restored to Knowledge. The term knowledge is widely misunderstood and misused in time and place. It can only be applied correctly to that which is eternally true, unchanging, unchangeable; whose Source is Papa, the Creator Spirit. Yet it is used in referring to matters perceived about time and place, all of which is illusory, changes constantly according to the perspective of the perceiver, is entropic and passes away. All that can be acquired about such is information, since it is impossible to Know the unreal; the unreal doesn’t exist. 

Only the real can be Known. The real and the unreal are mutually exclusive. If we believe the unreal is real, we cannot Know the real. That which is real is of the Creator; there is no other source of reality, no other way reality can be Known except it is revealed by and from that Source. Revelation comes from within, the dwelling place of the Source of All, so it cannot be found in the without, though most of the fragmented Sonship of God still seeks unsuccessfully there for it, gathering information and mistakenly believing it to be knowledge.  

Knowledge comes only from Papa by our at-onement with Him within, so cannot be shared with, extended to, those who are willing to receive it by those who have received it from Papa. He gave everything to His Son at his creation, so we all have all Knowledge, but because we believe we are separate from Papa, we have forgotten that everything, including, of course, Knowledge, is already ours. But our brothers who are on their way to, or have arrived at, remembrance of Who they really are can help those still in forgetfulness who desire to remember. 

This help can be in the form of guidance as to where to seek (the Kingdom of God is within you. Jesus, Lk. 17:21) and how to attune with the Source. But anyone within the Sonship who has received Knowledge by revelation cannot impart the Knowledge to a brother because the brother must open himself to Papa to receive it direct. When that happens and Knowledge is given by revelation it is because he is ready to receive it. Then those brothers can share in the celebration, the Self-empowerment that Knowledge brings. It cannot be expressed in words, which are merely symbols.  

We can, of course, be given the ‘facts’ of reality by a brother to whom revelation has brought Knowledge. But they will be simply words that we can accept or reject; they do not become part of our Being until we are ready, willing, to receive the revelation, direct from Papa, that will bring them to Life, Knowingness, to certainty beyond all doubt, within us. No thought processes are involved and no linear time elapses with revelation. It is a free gift from Papa, which He gave to His Son at his creation, so it has always been with us. We cannot take it, assume it; it can only be given to us. 

When we allow to be removed from our vision the veil of unbelief that has kept us blind, forgetful, in darkness… there, instantly, is Knowledge, complete, intact, within us. One moment we do not seem to Know, and then suddenly, in the selfsame instant, we simply Know. This does not mean that ALL Knowledge is imparted, restored to us in a single revelatory instant; that would be too much for us, in our somnolent state, to take in. It would be deeply shocking. Papa Knows this and because He Loves us totally, revelation is commensurate with our receptivity. 

We can come (back) to readiness for receiving the free gift of revelation of Knowingness simply by truly, earnestly, steadfastly desiring it; by opening our mind to receive it and accept it unto ourself by adopting a willingness to believe – and thus dispelling the unbelief we hold about eternal reality and our indispensable part in it. That unbelief has kept us in the misperception that we are separate; somehow – absurdly – unworthy (how can Papa’s beloved Son be unworthy of the perfect, unconditional Love of his Father, Who can create only in His perfect likeness?), forgetful, unaware.  

There is no other source of Knowledge than Papa, and until we are willing to acKnowledge that truth we are wandering, lost, alone, fearful in the spiritual darkness that is the wilderness of forgetfulness. The ego would have us believe that to surrender our ‘independence’ from God back to Him in this way is to disempower ourself. Yet even with our earth-mind perception we can recognise that ‘Knowledge is power’. Information is ‘power’ also, but solely within the confines of illusion, time and place. But the temporal is in constant flux, so illusory power is ‘here today, gone tomorrow’. 

Such temporal ‘power’ is duplicitous because, not being eternal, its source can but be the ego. It is always power over rather than power with. In eternity there is always equality of Being, and power of one over another is, by definition, lacking equality, so has no part in Heaven, eternity, Papa. Such counterfeit power deceives and always comes to the end of its cycle. Because it is abuse of power, it creates a karmic indebtedness, or imbalance, which has to be restored to equilibrium, whether in the ‘present’ or a subsequent act. 

Knowledge can only be revealed (actually, restored) to us by Papa when He Knows we are ready for it. Knowledge is power, in eternity, but can be applied also in time (All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Jesus, Mt.28:18). That power is perfect, unconditional Love. Then, just as this quote from Jesus indicates, do we have ALL power. This empowerment is already ours, has always been and will always be ours because we are Papa’s Son. He has not taken it away from us; why would He? How could He? What He freely gives is forever given, and therefore forever ours. 

Unconditional, perfect Love is ours, right now and empowers and enlightens us; for miracles; for saving the world; for being the Light of the world. Steadfast willingness to accept the truth of our eternal Being opens our floodgates, that we may receive in abundance the revelation of all Knowing that Papa ceaselessly outpours upon His beloved Son, and be restored to full remembrance that we are His beloved Son, in whom He is well pleased. 

For any of us as yet to experience a revelatory moment, any attempt at explaining it may seem incomprehensible; gobbledegook. But the moment such an event takes place it all makes perfect sense. Meanwhile, if we truly seek and earnestly desire to remember Who we really are, we can say, “Thank You, Holy Spirit, for healing my mind; for shining the Light of understanding there, and bringing me, one step at a time, to greater awareness and readiness to receive revelatory experience of my true, eternal Being in Papa.” 

Love and blessings for openness to receive revelation of eternal truth, and for a truly joyous, Christ-filled Christ-mass, 

Brian Longhurst 


Let your hearts be set upon your highest desires and the Lord shall accomplish them.  Thus shall the Crown of your Glory become complete.

A Christ-server from the Realms of Light, April 24th 1994 

January 1st 2014 

Dear Friends, 

As many of us are aware, our beloved brother in Papa’s Sonship, Ken Wapnick (in whom He is well pleased), laid aside his body last Friday. Clearly, he had achieved all that was intended within his birth vision. His accomplishments for the furthering of the awakening of the slumbering Sonship are vast; truly he was a man on a mission for the Kingdom! And humility, great fun, wisdom, lightness of heart, the common touch, gentleness, time for everyone – just like Jesus… (the list is long) – were always in accompaniment.

On Monday evening as Theresa and I spoke lovingly of our friendship with him during the last 7 or 8 years, suddenly he was with us, full of Love, joy and puckish humour, come for his share of chocolate brownies. When I mentioned that he has earned a well-deserved rest, instantly I saw him smilingly roll up his sleeves as if to say, ‘Now the work really begins’. Was there ever a soul for whom the word indefatigable was more apposite? 

How characteristic of the ego to focus on judging the errors of a stalwart for Truth such as Ken, and rant about them in an attempt to cover over his mighty works of attainment for the help of his brethren and himself. We each make mistakes and have our misperceptions. To focus on them gives them reality, perpetuating our limitations and imprisonment in littleness. As Jesus reminds us in ACIM: Egos can clash in any situation, but souls cannot clash at all. If you perceive a teacher as merely “a larger ego” you will be afraid, because to enlarge an ego would be to increase anxiety about separation. 

Let us, rather, salute and honour Ken’s gifts to us all and give thanks for the multitude of opportunities he has brought for our remembrance of who we all really are. May his passing give us moment to pause, to enable a new era of healing, reconciliation, re-joining and forgiveness; for there never was a greater truth than As we judge, so we judge (and condemn) ourself, and as we forgive, so do we forgive (and release into innocence) ourself.  


Restoring the apparently separated Sonship to awareness of the reality of its Oneness is the only purpose of our embodiment. What better opportunity for this could we present to ourself than to incarnate into a family (or group situation, such as the global ACIM community) where opportunities abound. J. In some families there are expressions of Love and unity between the members. This serves as a beacon, a great Light for others in proximity to emulate. In the myriad embodiments the dream of separation entails, some will be in beacon families, resonating with the Light. 

In others we may embody into, or join, such a beacon family (or group), but our own Light may be shrouded, veiled by some darkness, some karmic entanglement we have come to believe, along the way – in another embodiment – was real. The ego-controlled part of our split mind then seems to distract our intentions away from the Light. This will engender conflict unless the others in the family (or group) are steadfast in their Love and commitment to forgiveness. That will then engender the opportunity for our healing and restoration to the Light by the family group’s Love dispelling the veil. 

Conversely, we may choose to embody our Love/Light into a family where there is much conflict, darkness, grievance. This can be a very hazardous course, and is an act of great charity toward such a group; it is likely to entail being on the receiving end of any combination of physical, sexual, emotional, mental abuse or violence. Those in darkness fear this intrusion of Light and will endeavour to dim it, resulting in extremes of unkingdomly treatment. For a soul incarnating from the Realms of Light into such darkness this can cause years, decades even, of pain and suffering. 

But such souls are strong and resilient, and though they may be unaware of it consciously, copious help and succour will be continually given by their loved ones in the Realms of Light ‘who minister unceasingly to the sick and fainting spirits of men’.  The importance of their commitment to help such souls, lost in the wilderness of separation from truth, overrides the dispiriting, oppressive, cruel family conditions, and eventually circumstances will prevail that will enable those in sore need to be willing to receive of the Light and Love of Heaven brought by the brother-of-the-Light in their midst. 

It may take years, decades or longer for this helping objective to be accomplished, but the soul incarnating on such a mission of mercy will be well aware of this before taking the path of descent into forgetfulness and apparent misery, distress and despair. From the place of greater awareness and understanding available to them prior to incarnating, and their commitment to being truly helpful – to their own progress on the journey Home as well as those they have come to help – this is seen, from the true perspective of eternity, as the nothing it actually is. 

In many cases the completion of the helping, saving mission may not occur until the parties involved have laid aside their bodies. This makes no difference whatsoever; time and bodies are but illusion and best left out of the equation. The key is that the soul who chose to help had established a connection and that is the crucial factor, for now is the season for the re-connecting of the fragmented, broken Sonship. This means the entire Sonship, and those who are hurting the most – or are in the deepest parts of the wilderness of forgetfulness – need the most help.  

Such rescues are cause for the greatest rejoicing and celebrating in Heaven and in Earth. Many souls who have been in deep darkness and are, perhaps, perceived as causing great misery for others, are ‘laid to rest’ with only gladness at their departure by those who thought they knew them. But, according to Jesus, we are ALL doing the best we can in the circumstances in which we find ourself. Hurting souls are prone to inflict hurt on their fellows. This is always caused by guilt and fear, of which they are trying to rid themselves by projecting, by inflicting, it on the ‘vulnerable’  around them. 

By those with eyes to see, such behaviour can be discerned as a call for Love. Only the Spirit of Truth – our Higher Self – Knows ALL the factors that our ego-mind cannot, choosing instead to judge and condemn. When we desire to be truly helpful we are not wearied by hurting souls because we see the call for Love that it actually is, and we remember that the only meaningful response to a call for Love is with Love. And Love is revivifying. Yet, how easy it is to be persuaded that we must first understand the cause for unkingdomly behaviour in order to then forgive it.  

The flaw in this perception is that the need to understand is giving reality to the illusion of separation – from Papa, our brother and our Self. First, we must be willing to forgive, to let perfect Love decide our approach. For, being created in the likeness of unconditional Love, this is Who we are. That willingness denies control to the split-off, ego-ruled part of our mind, instead, placing the Holy Spirit, our true Self, in charge of the process of healing through true forgiveness. This heals our brother and ourself, enabling one more re-joining within the illusorily-fragmented Sonship. 

Endless Love and blessings for happiness and fulfilment of all our highest desires for 2014, 

Brian Longhurst  


My son, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no man comes to the Father but by me.  This is cosmic Law, that the Spiritual Lord of the planet is in charge of the spiritual progress of the children of his world.

Jesus, May 8th 1994 

January 8th 2014 

Dear Friends, 

In the first chapter of ACIM Jesus says: Miracles are everyone’s right, but purification is necessary first. (T-1.I:7). Many in this world associate purification with fire consuming the dross of our sins. And because we are inured in the false belief that we are sinners, unworthy of God’s Love, any purging, or purifying, will mean loss of identity as the individual persona we seem to be. This leads to the assumption that when we ‘die’ that is the end of us, forever and ever. A fearful idea indeed. And chapter 3 of Matthew’s Gospel has John the Baptist saying of Jesus: 

He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire: Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.  

This, and other Bible sayings and doctrinal interpretations have caused the even more fearful alternative idea of us burning with unquenchable fire in hell after being judged by Jesus, as the emissary from God, found guilty and condemned to there for eternity. Thus, the split-off-from-truth, ego-dominated, upside-down part of our mind, functioning within the consciousness of fear, is fearful of the idea of purging or purifying of the soul.  

The ego is not who we are but an illusory thought system we made up that is in opposition to all that represents God, eternity, Heaven and our true Self. Because this thought system is in that split-off part of our mind, we mistakenly perceive its thoughts and its misinterpretations of scripture as our own. But we are not the ego and we are not in opposition to the Will of God; we are a totally Loved, indispensable part of that Will. In John Baptist’s analogy, above, we are the wheat gathered into the granary (Heaven) and the ego is the chaff ‘burned’  – dispelled – from our mind. 

Jesus is not coming ‘to judge the quick and the dead’ and he is recorded as stating as much in the scriptures revered by those who instituted that misperception: …if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world. (Jn. 12:44-47) 

Purification is not to be feared but to be joyously welcomed because it leads us to peace by removing from our mind the obstacles to peace. It is, therefore, prerequisite to peace – inner peace. After the resurrection Jesus appeared to his friends in a locked room and said to them, Peace be unto you.  Then he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Spirit (Jn. 20:19,22.) Forty days later, as he was about to ascend from their sight, he said to them: ...John truly baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days hence. (Acts 1:5.)  

About ten days after that came the ‘mass baptism’ and empowering of about 120 followers of Jesus by the Holy Spirit at the event known as Pentecost, after which many miracles were performed by or through them. (Acts 2:1ff.) Such empowerment is of the mind and is available to us all – right now – just as it was with Jesus, and made possible by faith, trust, obedience (to the Voice for God, our higher Self, within us) and steadfast commitment to Awakening to the truth of our Being as Papa’s beloved Son.  

We have associated baptism with water but Jesus’ statement clearly raises the word to a higher level of meaning. Another term for the Holy Spirit is the Holy Breath of God, or just the Holy Breath. The Breath of God, assuredly, is the breath of Life itself. In June 2010 I asked the Holy Spirit whether He, as the Holy Breath of God, breathes on us, as the wonderful, inspired hymn* requests, or breathes in us, as somehow seems more efficient. Here is His reply: 

I breathe on you always, unceasingly.  It is your choice to breathe Me in, inhale Me.  This is acceptance.  As with all Papa’s gifts, they are yours, freely.  It is your choice, as always, whether you accept them unto, or, in this instance, into yourself.  As you know, ‘hale’ means whole, well, strong and healthy.  So, to in-hale the Breath of Life is to take in, to receive unto yourself, wholeness, strength, health, well-being.  

Breathe Me in until you are completely filled and have become fully Identified with Me, just as Jesus/Yeshua did.  Then we are One.  Envision breathing-in the Light.  You are bathed in the Light; you ARE the Light.  You have denied your Self.  It is now time to accept, allow your Self again.  By excluding the Light from your awareness you seem to be in (spiritual) darkness.  This is not actually so.  By breathing in the Holy Breath you breathe in the true and only Life – Eternal Life – and Life and Light are one.  Life and Light are also Perfect Love. 

This you imagine you have also denied yourself, so in the Earth-life consciousness you are bereft of Perfect Love, Which always has inner Peace and Joy, stillness, all-Knowing as integral aspects of Its unbounded Being.  Hence the benefit of breathing and allowing; for once again you restore to yourself your Self, Who Is all of This. 

In a sense, breathing out is not of any great concern because breathing in the Light automatically dispels the darkness you have believed you were in.  But nevertheless you will serve yourself well not to dismiss it as unimportant or irrelevant.  The act of breathing out is, and can be acknowledged as, the departure, the relinquishing, the expelling of belief in the old order, time and place order; confused thinking, and allowing its replacement – as you breathe in – with remembrance of True, Whole, One Self.  

*Here are the words of the hymn: 

Breathe on me, Breath of God, / Fill me with life anew,

That I may love what thou dost love, / And do what thou wouldst do. 


Breathe on me, Breath of God, / Until my heart is pure;

Until my will is one with thine / To do and to endure.


Breathe on me, Breath of God, / Till I am wholly thine;

Until this earthly part of me / Glows with thy fire divine.


Breathe on me, Breath of God, / So shall I never die,

But live with thee the perfect life / Of thine eternity.


Rev. Edwin Hatch, 1878. 

 Later, He added: 

When you have breathed-in the Holy Breath until you are completely filled with Life anew; until you completely Love what Papa Loves once more; until your heart-mind is completely purified; until the earthly part of you glows with fire divine... then your breathing-out will no longer have any more of the old, ego-order to dispel.  Then will you have only the Holy Breath to breathe out upon the world, in perfect peace, harmony, balance, resonance with Papa.  Just like Jesus. J.  Then, also like Jesus, you will never die, but live in Papa the perfect Life, unto all eternity.  This, Beloved, is the inescapable destiny of all the fragments of the Sonship. 

Meanwhile, and to assist you in this, do remember that...  

...Engaging with fear keeps you trapped in the consciousness of fear because engaging with it makes it real for you.  Observe and allow.  Let it flow over you without responding.  Remain centred in allowing.  

Fire, or flame, is a symbol of Light; the Light that is Papa and also His beloved Son. Although fire – Light; the Light of spiritual truth, or eternal reality – is fearful to the ego because it is what will be purged from our mind (thus purifying it) it is not fearful to US because we ARE the Light of the world, just as Jesus told us 2,000 years ago. Time to start believing him and allowing ourself to be purged of ‘the lie of Satan’; that we are sinners. As he reminds us in ACIM, we are sinners in time, but not in eternity; and time does not exist. Only eternity is real. 

Love and blessings for release from fear into inner peace and joy, 

Brian Longhurst 


Now is the time of entering in, and the Angels of my Father’s harvest shall be the winged messengers of His Word that shall gather all who are ready unto Him.

Jesus, May 22nd 1994 

January 15th 2014 

Dear Friends, 

Jesus is not really our spiritual Lord, because he is so only in time. Thus, the title is but temporal, must run its course and be over. What then? He becomes, as has always been the case, our brother in the Sonship, and ultimately – along with us all, when we have awakened and left behind the dream of separation – Papa’s One beloved Son, in whom He is very well pleased. Meanwhile, he is, of course, happy to be our Lord, Guide, Teacher, protector, mentor, exemplar… in time, but has neither desire nor need to be so in eternity, where there is only equality.  

This is not to suggest that he will ‘step down’ from his exalted status. Rather it is to indicate that, thanks to his devoted, loving, brotherly leadership and example we will all have ‘stepped up’, been leavened, raised up, undergone a resurrection – a healing – of mind. That is the objective of the GRP: to restore us to remembrance of our equality with him as Papa’s perfect, innocent, all-Knowing, all-empowered-by-Love Son. The Holy Spirit is the mechanism of this process for us all, just as it was with Jesus. So why, then, do we need Jesus?  

Because the seemingly split-off-from-truth part of our mind – the domain of the ego – elected to enter into forgetfulness, or denial, of our true, Higher Self. That Self is aware of, in communion with – a state of joyous oneness – the Spirit of Truth every moment, but our Earth-mind, or persona self has no awareness of this, our true state of Mind. So the soul we know as Jesus, the ‘first-born’, or first whose mind was restored from discord to accord with his soul – hence his all-Knowing, all-empowered, all-Loving, innocent, invulnerable Being – came to help his beloved brethren. 

He remembered who he really was because he heard the Voice for God speaking into his mind and chose to listen to It instead of the clamorous, distracting voice of the ego. Needless to say, we are free at every moment to make the same choice. And there is NOTHING stopping us from hearing the Voice for God speaking into our mind except our own unwillingness. Jesus tells us in ACIM that we can only hear the Call to Awaken by willingness to share our Awakening with our brothers. This is because we are all ONE, and by not desiring to share that Oneness we can but remain separate.  

If we did not have the desire and the willingness to share our Awakening with our brothers it would mean that we still believed in separateness. Therefore we could not, ourself, Awaken, because Awakening is dependent on our choice for Oneness, meaning the complete repudiation of separation. The desire for the Awakening to the reality of eternity and the commitment to sharing it with our brothers are commensurate. Both must be absolute, unwavering, or neither can or will succeed. Anything less means a lingering unwillingness to renounce all commitment to matters temporal. 

Any attachments we choose to retain, to following the ego’s script of separation, scarcity, littleness, limitation, dis-ease, fear, guilt, anger, attack, mortality… block our Awakening because Papa gave His Son inviolable free will, which He will never revoke. So, the decision has to be ours and ours alone. That does not mean we are alone in terms of Help. Quite the contrary. Immediately we decide that our choice is to listen only to the Voice for God – the Spirit of Truth – His Help is with us.  

However, for most of us nascent in commitment to the Light, His vibration, Presence, Voice may be too refined for our cluttered, confused inner awareness to discern or detect. Jesus, having been embodied, and known about as an historical figure, can, for many – most, even – be easier to accept and attune to as a palpable presence. Indeed, when I asked him, in January 2008, why he ‘bothered’ to go through the incarnation process through a mother rather than simply manifesting a body, as Arten and Pursah did in Gary Renard’s book The Disappearance of the Universe, he replied:  

So I could overcome from within egoland, and could demonstrate to my brethren still under its yoke that it is possible. 

Overcoming appears to be hard, and most in the dream world perceive it as impossible for them; that it is possible only for ‘exalted’, ‘special’, ‘highly favoured’ beings, without wondering how such perceived beings attained to this ‘status’.  This is, of course, not so, for if one can overcome, all can overcome, since we who appear in the dream as many are, as you well now know, in truth, one. 

All appearances to the contrary are misperception, which I am empowered to correct for all my beloveds, so that we may be restored to oneness in Papa, as each becomes ready and willing to freely receive the At-onement. 

This empowerment is available to all because it is the birthright of all. And all who are willing to receive it shall receive it, even though they may have mistakenly believed they disinherited themselves.  It takes commitment; one-pointed commitment to the truth about themselves, to the exclusion of the lies of guilt and sin and fear.  Such commitment comes from perceiving at first what may be but a tiny fragment of truth, and holding fast to it with the certainty that comes only from one’s own within  

In ACIM he says of himself: Jesus is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, Whom he called down upon the Earth after he ascended into Heaven… (C-6.1) 

One of the most inspiring, encouraging assurances he gives us in ACIM is: Salvation does not ask that you behold the spirit and perceive the body not.  It merely asks that this should be your choice. (T-31.VI.3:1,2). All the rest will be accomplished for us, in response to that choice.

As we progress through the Awakening process, Jesus is with us every moment, leading us toward remembrance, awareness of all things. This includes remembrance that Jesus is our brother, acting, temporarily, as our spiritual Lord, Guide to eternity, protector, teacher, and that the Voice for God, the Spirit of Truth, is our Higher Self. Not a higher other Being but our own Higher, true Being. This means the discernment of our relationship with Jesus undergoes a shift from perception to Knowledge. Knowledge not just of who he really is but who we really are also. 

He will not disappear from our awareness, on the basis that he has completed his task in restoring us to wholeness/holiness. Why? Because he is our brother and he Loves us totally. He wants us to accept him as our friend; the dearest friend imaginable. He wants to be with us, remain with us, to fellowship with us, to share the limitless Love, joy, peace, fun, laughter, ecstasy, creative empowerment… that is the birthright of us all. We can accept all this right now, because there is nothing about him to be feared. We cannot accept any of it if we are in the consciousness of fear. 

As we become accustomed to, at ease with mind-to-mind communion with Jesus, it seamlessly expands to include our Higher Self, the Spirit of Truth, until it becomes not so much impossible, but unnecessary, to distinguish between ourself and our Self. As we recognise this and gladly, joyfully accept it, so does persona-self readily let go of attachments to ego thoughts and desires and cleave solely to Higher Self Will, thoughts and desires, until persona-self is wholly subsumed into Complete, Son-of-God Self – just like Jesus – the Christ. 

Love and blessings for inner peace and joy unbounded, 

Brian Longhurst   


The children of Earth-life consciousness must be raised up to the place where the Kingdom Awareness prevails.  It is a gradual process of metamorphosis of mind, and must be one step at a time.

Jesus, May 29th 1994 

January 22nd 2014 

Dear Friends, 

Focusing on UNreality – time and place; separation from the reality that is eternity – has ‘made it real’ for Papa’s one Son, who now seems, within that unreality, to be many disparate, individual identities or personas. This, of course, could not be possible for a sane, reasoning mind because only a mind that is not in touch with truth, with reality, could decide and choose to believe that UNreality is reality. And it is that decision to believe the unbelievable that has brought about the perception that the impossible is possible, because what we believe, we perceive. 

That is an indicator of the power of the Mind of Papa’s Son, created in His own likeness, meaning endowed with all the creative empowerment of his Father Creator. But for him to believe what in truth he Knew was impossible he had to be out of his Mind. One who is perceived to be insane is deemed to be out of his mind, or not in his right mind. Our right mind is the one and only Christ Mind – all-Knowing, all-Loving, all-giving.  In reality, it is not possible for Papa’s Son to be insane, or out of his Mind, any more than it could be possible for his Father to be out of His Mind.  

So, for such an insane idea to seem to be possible the Son – Christ – had to get, or at least seem to get, out of his Mind. Yet so all-empowered is he – and invested with God-given free will – that he could enter into a state of pretend; a fantasy; a phantasmagoria; a dream-like state, the seemingly complete opposite of reality. 

Pretending UNreality is real could not work in his right, all-Knowing Mind because he would recognise that the game of pretend wasn’t real, wasn’t true, and so the game would instantly be over. And that is what actually happened. The idea was over in the same instant it arose, and was forgotten in that same instant because it never happened. How can a sane mind remember what, in truth, never happened? But because of the unbounded free will empowerment of his Mind, it appeared possible for the game to continue, but only in a seemingly split-off-from-truth part of his mind

This does seem to be complicated, and that is because the split-off, upside-down mind that seems to be in opposition to God, or truth, is complicated.  Truth is not complicated; it is simple and easy to understand because truth is of God. Whatever is complicated, convoluted, therefore must be in opposition to God. Only an insane mind can, or ever could, think itself opposed to God. A mind – or, more accurately, the split-off-from-truth part of the Son’s mind – that believes, perceives itself opposed to God cannot be other than fearful, or stuck in the consciousness of fear. This is the ego. 

The split-off mind has to resort to great inventiveness, or ingenuity, to hide itself from the truth and maintain the illusion of separation. The ‘greatest’ invention is forgetfulness, and that is in opposition to God – and His Son when he is in his right mind – Who is all-Knowing, and therefore knows nothing of forgetfulness. To seem to have achieved the unachievable requires ingenuity. In this world inventiveness and ingenuity are deemed to be desirable attributes, but when they are used to obscure truth, it hardly makes them desirable, and as Jesus says in ACIM, can only lead to confusion:   

Knowing is not open to interpretation. You may try to “interpret” meaning, but this is always open to error because it refers to the perception of meaning. Such incongruities are the result of attempts to regard yourself as separated and unseparated at the same time (hardly the act of a sane mind J).  It is impossible to make so fundamental a confusion without increasing your overall confusion still further.  

Your (split-off) mind may have become very ingenious, but… ingenuity is totally divorced from knowledge, because knowledge does not require ingenuity. Ingenious thinking is not the truth that shall set you free, but you are free of the need to engage in it when you are willing to let it go. (From T-3.V.5:6. My emboldening, for emphasis.) 

All Knowledge is already ours, given to us at our creation. So striving for what is already our creation-right can only be an act of forgetfulness. All that is required is for us to choose to remember the truth of eternity that is already within us and the remembrance is restored to us. Choosing to remember requires no striving. Striving is perceived in this world as a valiant endeavour, but to strive for anything real is a wasted effort because it is an act of ego-driven self-determination. All that is truly worth having – eternity; Heaven – is already ours, requiring only our acceptance, not denial. 

Here are two short quotes from Jesus that affirm this:  

When you strive for anything in this world in the belief that it will bring you peace (or anything else real), you are belittling yourself and blinding yourself to (God’s and our own) glory. (T-15.III.1:6)

…the ego, whose goals are altogether unattainable, will strive for them with all its might, and will do so with the strength that you have given it. (T-15.IX.3:5. My italic, for emphasis.) 

But choosing to remember the truth of our Self does require us to SAA. Here is the definition of ‘SAA’ as shown in the Glossary of Terms on the HTG website:  

Surrender (our ego-leasehold on our life into the care of Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit), Accept (that, having Surrendered, whatever happens is within Their control) and Allow (whatever happens to happen without our resisting it, trusting that all is according to Their empowered, benign control over our life). 

Surrendering the ego-leasehold on our life into the care of Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit takes enormous courage and commitment, and the ego will resist this with all its might; and will do so with the strength that we have given it. Its greatest weapon of attack in this resistance is fear. Fear of the unknown. But Jesus and the Holy Spirit are NOT unknown to us, and we know Their benign nature: Love, Light, peace, joy, goodwill and best intent for ALL the fragments of the Sonship. So, what’s to fear? Clearly the fear we feel at the idea of surrender is not our fear, but the ego’s. 

Once we take that leap of faith by SAA’ing we are in Jesus’/Holy Spirit’s care, safe from the ego’s thrall.  Then it has no power over us. But a word of counsel: we are so inured in forgetfulness that we need to almost endlessly remind ourself that in reality there is nothing to fear but fear itself; that fear is not real – we, in our upside-down mind, made it up – and only what Papa creates is real. He assuredly did not create fear. He can create only in His own likeness: Love. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are Love also, and in Their care we are realigned with, restored to Love.  

We cannot do this alone because our forgetfulness of the truth of Self – Perfect Love – is too strong in our split-off mind. So, our Awakening to remembrance of all truth is a one-step-at-a-time process and has to be because if it all came in one instant it would be too big a shock to our slumbering, unbelieving mind. Jesus and the Spirit of Truth Know this, so gently, lovingly lead us one step at a time. And during that process some of the best co-operation we can offer is to repeatedly SAA. 

Endless Love and blessings for steadfast commitment to Awakening and restoring the Sonship to ‘Oneship’, 

Brian Longhurst 


Your desire to shine the Light of eternal reality in the lives of the lost sheep – wandering alone and afraid in the wilderness among ravening wolves – is in itself an anchor for you against the ebb and flow of the raging currents and maelstrom of time and place consciousness. 

Jesus, June 5th 1994  

January 29th 2014 

Dear Friends, 

What we perceive as the conscious mind is really the unconscious – or, more meaningfully, the unaware, or unawake, or slumbering – mind. This is inevitable to a mind that has shut itself off from reality. Reality is the Creator Spirit – Papa – and His One Son, created in His likeness: Love. That One Son is who we all are, though perceiving ourself through the body’s senses causes us to seriously doubt that. And this is precisely what our body’s senses are devised to do – shut us off from our true Self: Papa’s beloved Son, in whom He is well pleased. This is how Jesus says it: 

Shut off from your Self, which remains aware of Its likeness to Its Creator, your Self seems to sleep, while the part of your mind that weaves illusions in its sleep appears to be awake. (ACIM, W-68.2:1) 

If we are willing to accept this statement as true (I have yet to hear a statement from Jesus that was not true J) we can readily see how our mind is utterly confused, lost in the wilderness of forgetfulness. For our true Self is not asleep; never sleeps; is eternally Awake to reality because reality is eternal. And only a mind – or part thereof – that weaves illusions and believes them to be real must be dreaming, so cannot be awake. The appearance of wakefulness to time and place can only occur to the body’s senses but never to our true Self. This evinces the illusory nature of bodies. 

Jesus explains, in that same section of ACIM, that this effect is caused by holding grievances, or judgements, against our brothers. The effect is unavoidable because holding a grievance is denial of truth, of reality, so the only alternative is to experience unreality. We can only experience as real what we believe is real. To hold a grievance, or make a judgement, about a brother is to see him as he is not and yet believe it is as he is. That is possible only to a confused, upside-down mind.  

To see our brother as he is not is to see ourself as we are not because we have projected an image of what we have in our mind – our self-perception – onto him, which is then simply reflected back to us. Thus, by judging a brother we are actually judging ourself. Jesus told us this two thousand years ago:   

Judge not, that ye be not judged. Condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned.  For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven. (Mt.7:1,2 & Lk. 6:37) 

These statements have been widely construed as meaning we are judged by Papa, but this cannot be Jesus’ intention or he would have said as much. Further, he states we are judged/condemned by the same – namely, our own – judgement/condemnation. In like manner this applies also with forgiveness.  This is simply the functioning of PLFs and is not a wrathful, vengeful God, out to get us if we put a foot wrong. Only a mind with such a belief could attribute it to its perception of God. For in that same Workbook lesson, Jesus states:  

It is as sure that those who hold grievances will redefine God in their own image, as it is certain that (the) God (of Love) created them like Himself, and defined them as part of Him. (W-68.3:1) 

In the same manner that Papa created His Son in His own likeness, so can His Son create only in his likeness. And if the Son sees himself as he is not, his creations will be perceived as they are not, because the PLFs have to work regardless of the distortion of their application. When the Son sees truly, he creates truly; when he sees through a glass, darkly, he creates darkly, and projects that darkness onto the brother that his miscreation has made – in his own, perceived, likeness. 

We can say to ourself:   

‘I choose to see myself only as and in my wholeness because only wholeness can be one with Papa. By choosing to see myself as less than whole – broken; fragmented; imperfect – I am keeping myself separate from Wholeness/Holiness, which is Papa. This I can choose to cease doing NOW, because there is only NOW, and I Know Papa is not keeping me from Himself, so it can only be my misperceptions of myself that are causing my sense of separation from Him and my brother.  

‘When I choose to see a brother as less than whole, complete, perfect, that is my choice for myself, because there is only one of us, so I am seeing but a reflection of myself. By attempting to separate myself from my brother, by judging or holding a grievance against him, I am merely separating myself from Papa AND from my Self.  

‘This means I am choosing to see myself in a state of mind that is incomplete, unwholesome, insane. By continuing to choose to see my brother as unwholesome I am choosing to perpetuate my sense of separation from Wholeness, which is Papa and my true Self. But when I forgive my brother and bless him I am helping in his Awakening; thus am I forgiving, blessing and helping my own Awakening, in which I see us both as we really are.’ 

Jesus is our exemplar, and it is obvious that if we desire to be like him we must choose to think like him. This means abandoning the lexicon of the ego, which includes terms such as death, fear, guilt, sickness, scarcity, loneliness, abandonment, despair, conflict… none of which is real. We made them up. Instead, let us replace those terms with those of the Spirit of Truth, which, unsurprisingly, is the opposite of the ego’s, such as Life, Love, innocence, wholeness, abundance, oneness, acceptance, joy, peace… Just as Jesus did. 

Happily, there IS no ‘death’. The body cannot die because it was never alive; just a little mound of clay that we chose to animate for a span and then lay aside. And the soul cannot die because it was never born; it is eternal, unchangeable, perfect; just like its Creator. Jesus told us this two-thousand years ago and we still haven’t got it. But he is telling us again, NOW. This time we can choose not just to listen but to actually hear, and accept the truth of eternity unto ourself. And LIVE it. Only if we live the truth as shown to us by Jesus will it truly set us free. How could it be otherwise? 

Love and blessings for abundant inner peace and joy, 

Brian Longhurst   



It is only by commitment that the children of Earth – and all life – go forward.  For your commitment to me is your commitment to our Heavenly Father.

Jesus, June 12th 1994 

February 5th 2014 

Dear Friends, 

We each have to travel our own path, from the place where we find ourself, or believe ourself to be, toward the Light. We all, therefore, start from a place unique to each of us (illusorily speaking!) because we each perceive ourself in a different place. From there we begin – actually, continue, because few indeed are consciously aware of how far we have already travelled, in ‘former’ incarnations – the journey without distance. If we are willing to choose Jesus as our Companion of the Way we will reach our Destination immeasurably quicker, more joyfully and with fewer toe-stubbings.   

This is because he Knows the Way. Indeed, not only does he Know the Way, he IS the Way. Thus, opening our heart-mind to him and inviting – welcoming – him in is the KEY to our Awakening, i.e. remembering that we are already at our destination, and in truth, never left. Yet, how can he enter if we are unwilling to open to him? He can and will only enter if we consciously invite him in because we have free will in all things, including our choice of travelling companions. He knows it would be a breach of our free will to impose himself upon us, so he has to wait until we invite him in.  

That is us exercising our free will, which he will always honour, even though, in truth he is already within us. It is impossible for him to not be, because we are all one. Masquerading as many does not alter this. How can we alter Papa’s Will to have but one Son, to whom He has given everything? We cannot, other than in illusion; never in truth. This may appear to present a dichotomy, with Jesus not being our Companion of the Way without our inviting him to join us, yet him being with us always. However, the explanation is entirely simple. 

He is with us always in truth, but in illusion only in response to our invitation. This is because in truth we and he are, and were, never separate, nor will we ever be. There was never a desire, or will – in Papa or in His Son – for separateness; only oneness. Thus, in reality we are with him always, though within the illusion of separation only by our opening to him. This enables him to restore our mind to remembrance, to awareness of our true state of Being. Although we have forgotten the truth of eternity – thus perceiving ourself as separate – he has remembered.  

The unchangeable truth is we are one, and because he both Knows and IS the truth it is impossible for him to not be with us, yet he honours our choice not to discern this within our state of forgetfulness. He can, and will begin helping us to remember who we are the very same instant we choose for that to be our desire. The first words I ever heard him speak to me, in 1967, in response to my asking him to come into my awareness and experience were: 

 “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”  

I had never heard these words before, but discovered some time later that they are from his message for the church of Laodicea, as spoken by him from his ascended glory to John on the island of Patmos, and recorded in Revelation chapter 3 vs. 20. We shut our door against him, and all our brothers – as well as Papa – by choosing separation. Of course in reality there is no door, or veil of separation, but we chose to believe there is and because that was our choice Papa, Jesus and the Holy Spirit honour that choice. So Jesus stands at the illusory door and gently knocks.  

He is infinitely patient and will wait until we change our mind about wanting to be separate. Separation from our true Home in Papa causes us to feel lost, lonely, abandoned, anxious, doubtful, uncertain, vulnerable… it is a long and doleful list! J. It is ‘the lie of Satan’ that God cast us out from Heaven, and according to that lie, it is thereby His decision that we are separate, so impossible for us to return of our own free will. This causes the confused, split-off-from-truth mind of the illusorily fragmented Sonship to believe we have no choice but to be separate. 

But of course this is totally untrue. We are imbued with free will by our Creator, so we can choose to stop believing in the dream of separation. Since the ego-ploy of getting us to believe God has done this to us seems a tough nut to crack it appears to be fool-proof. Happily, it is not God-proof, because it is not true. He Knows only truth, reality, and because He created His Son in His own likeness – Love and Light – we also Know only truth, though we are free to believe anything else. But believing a lie doesn’t make it true even if believing it makes it seem true to confused minds. 

The key that enables that door to be unlocked and opened, to welcome Jesus to enter into our mind, our heart, our life, is desire. Since we, like Papa and Jesus, are LOVE, and Love has to be expressed, shared, given to be experienced, the desire for Love is inextinguishable within us. And when we have searched for Love in the without and found it not to be the home of Love, it is inevitable that we have to go within in our quest for It. The difference between Love and ‘love’ is that Love is unconditional, perfect, complete; the other is not, so is conditional, incomplete, imperfect; counterfeit

We can only perceive the without with bodily senses, devised for that purpose alone. But when we finally realise that Love, like the Kingdom of Heaven – which is Love – is within, we have to go within, where Jesus (and Papa and the Spirit of Truth) have Their abode with us. This the ego will resist very strenuously. But we are not the ego, and are at free will to so choose. And in that resolute choosing – the natural response to desire for Love – we align our mind with the Mind of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. From There we will hear only the truth of eternity and of our oneness with it.  

To an ego-enthralled mind this will seem all very well in theory, but akin to impossible in practise. In 1968 Jesus said to me:  

 “I am attuned to all mankind all the time; there is never a moment when I am not with you all. All that is needed to complete the contact is for you to attune with me and we are together, at any time.” 

This is not something we need to strive for; only to desire. Indeed, striving is an ego concept, based on belief in scarcity. Since Papa gave His Son everything, there is nothing – least of all the joy, peace and Love that is oneness – to strive for, since striving is an affirmation that we believe we lack what is already ours. He does ALL the rest, so we can relax and SAA. Then, in response to our desire for attunement (at-onement) with him he will come in and will ‘sup’ (Lovingly, tenderly, caringly fellowship) with us and lead us, restore our mind back to wholeness, one gentle step at a time. 

At-onement becomes spontaneous when we choose to stop fearing it and to start welcoming it. 

Love and blessings for our Awakening to the remembrance of our oneness in inner peace and joy, 

Brian Longhurst 


My son, it is by your desire, reaching out to the Light of our Father Creator, that I shall draw you higher, so that the constraints of the Earth physical shall be as nothing. 

Jesus, June 26th 1994 

February 12th 2014 

Dear Friends, 

The ego has many ways of trying to convince us that we are a body – and possibly, with a soul… maybe; thus insinuating doubt, that great dismantler of faith, into the idea. This keeps the fragmented Sonship holding onto a vague hope of something beyond when the ‘inevitable death’ catches up with us. But as Jesus reminds us in ACIM, it is not by ‘dying’ that we escape the ego’s thrall, but by waking up from the dream of bodies, ‘sin’ and mortality. So focusing on – and being distracted from reality by – bodies, causes them to malfunction because the mind is then misperceiving. 

It is not hard to effect an ever-expanding array of bodily malaises because mind is cause, and an upside-down mind can but manifest upside-down effects. The ego-dominated, split-off-from-truth, fragmented mind – functioning in spiritual darkness, and thus bereft of spiritual sight, Knowledge and understanding – is ever searching for answers, but is asking the wrong guide, which continues leading down blind alleys. And an upside-down mind, perceiving itself as separate from its Creator, seeks to fabricate its own answers that are, inevitably, devoid of the Light and Life that is God.  

Any answers arising from lack of Light shone from the One, trustworthy, all-Knowing, all-Loving, all-empowered-for-good Guide, can only lead deeper into the wilderness of forgetfulness of our true Being. So, when the illusory body malfunctions, as a result of a malfunctioning mind, the mind devises a ‘magic fix’, that may provide what appears as a cure. If it is not the mind that is healed – but merely redirected down yet another unLit alley – the symptoms will manifest in another malfunction of the body because the ‘fix’ causes side effects to compound the dis-ease of the mind and body. 

Only Love can heal because only Love is Whole. When the motivation for healing is not Love, healing – i.e. that which effects Wholeness – cannot result. Only Love can dispel the cause of dis-ease because only Love can shine the Light of eternal truth into a sick mind and dispel the darkness that prevents awareness of the Whole Self that we already are. Healing can only occur when dis-ease is overlooked.  Looking at, focusing on, dis-ease – a state caused by fear – can only engender more fear. Fear blocks the awareness of Love’s presence, which is the surety of our wholeness of Being. 

There is no difficulty in realising this true vision because it is already with us; ours, given irrevocably by Papa at our creation. Only when we believe instead that wholeness can be achieved by following the ego’s thought system does it seem difficult, nay, impossible. This is because the ego’s thought system is devised to confuse us by persuading us we are guilty, and thus deserve to suffer. Yet still we look for healing of the body because that is what we believe we are. And even if we only partly believe we are a body that is enough to keep us from the wholeness of Self-Realisation.  

We are not a persona, and until we are willing to give up identifying with that perception we will be unable to escape the carousel of birth and death, because it is the belief in/identification with that perception that keeps us here. The Kingdom of Heaven is spread out all around us in the Earth, but we cannot see and experience it if we remain espoused – even in part – to false beliefs and false doctrines about who and what we are. We are now in the Kingdom Age, in which old-order attachments to such doctrines – separation, scarcity, sacrifice, unworthiness… – are being laid by. 

In their place are arising New Order, Kingdom Order awarenesses. If that is our desire – to progress in our awareness of the Kingdom reality, we must be vigilant, steadfast, absolute in our commitment for this; for partial commitment is meaningless. The ego would have us believe absolute commitment means we must sacrifice ‘fun’ – all the pleasures of this world. But the so called pleasures of this world are tawdry indeed as indicated by their fleeting, cloying nature. Yet still they distract us from what is immeasurably more desirable and lasting. As Jesus said to me on January 30th 1994: 

My son, in truth it is not I who set you free but you, yourself, by your heart’s desire for the Spirit of Truth.  Can I set free he who willingly remains manacled to the tawdry conditions of time and place consciousness?  I can help by knocking at the door and by entering in to all who open unto me, for I am the Way to the Truth, but he who hears not my knocking or is unwilling to open unto me, him I cannot yet help. 

He also promises to fill our hearts with joy beyond the pleasures of Earth.

As he re-minds us in chapter 6, section V.C, of ACIM: Vigilance is not necessary for truth but it is necessary against false beliefs – illusions. Also in that same section he says: 

The wholeness of the Kingdom does not depend on your perception, but your awareness of its wholeness does. It is only your awareness that needs protection, since being cannot be assailed. Yet a real sense of being cannot be yours while you are doubtful of what you are. This is why vigilance is essential. 

What you made has imprisoned your will, and given you a sick mind that must be healed. Your vigilance against this sickness is the way to heal it. Once your mind is healed it radiates health, and thereby teaches healing. 

The Holy Spirit will enable you to take this step, if you follow Him. Your vigilance is the sign that you want Him to guide you. Vigilance does require effort, but only until you learn that effort itself is unnecessary.  

Unnecessary because wholeness is our true state of Being, and so comes entirely naturally to us once we have – by steadfastly committing to following His lead – re-cognised  the truth of Self. In order to co-operate with the Holy Spirit we can say, of our illusions of mind which manifest as malfunctions of body: 

‘I have no more need of this because I am Papa’s beloved Son; whole, complete, perfect, innocent.  

‘So, Papa, I gladly relinquish it by giving it to You for disposal, and to demonstrate and affirm that I would have no other gods before You. Thus am I restored to wholeness, oneness in You, that I may share this wholeness with, give it to, my brothers, whereby I shall Know it of myself, and thereby have it and Be it.’ 

 Love, peace, joy enfold us all, as we are restored, by Papa’s endless Grace, to oneness, 

Brian Longhurst 


In all relationships there is a purpose: to learn, to grow, to go forward, both on the part of the giver and of the receiver.  In truth, both are givers and both are receivers – of opportunity.

Jesus, July 3rd 1994 

February 19th 2014 

Dear Friends, 

The ego does not want us to give our illusions of pain and suffering to Papa because it wants us to keep experiencing them, right along with guilt and fear. It has tricked us into believing that we can rid ourself of the pain and suffering – engendered by guilt and fear – by projecting them onto our brothers. One may readily inquire how we can project what we experience as pain and suffering onto a brother; for who, even in a confused state of mind, could believe we can project our bodily ailments, dis-ease, malfunctions onto someone else? 

This is not directly possible but is perceived, unconsciously, to be indirectly possible by projecting the guilt and fear – the causes of pain and suffering – onto a brother, by judging him. Perceiving him as less than, other than, Papa’s beloved, perfect, whole, innocent Son, in whom He is well pleased; perceiving him with our unconsciously believed guilt and fear that we manifest in ourself – from a sick and broken mind – as maladies and imperfections of body. But this cannot successfully deliver us of such afflictions because what we see in a brother is but a reflection of how we see ourself.  

Such is the deviousness of the ego, that the guilt and fear deep in our unconscious mind, accrued through countless  former embodiments – ‘conveniently’ consciously forgotten – should be hidden from our awareness, yet by which we still punish ourself with pain and suffering. Let us not be confused longer on this, at least. Our hidden guilt – that we have attacked Papa by separating ourself from Him, thereby causing Him to be incomplete, imperfect – causes us to believe we deserve punishment. Punishment from a now wrathful God must be terrible beyond imagining; hence the fear. 

The fear is unbearable, utterly unendurable, so we hide it in our unconscious mind, in the vain hope it will be ‘out of sight, out of mind’. But as previously observed, out of sight is not out of mind, and, like seeds sown deep within the soil, in due season they germinate and grow, emerging from below, bringing forth corresponding fruit. As stated by Jesus in Matthew’s gospel:   

… every good tree (thought, idea, belief) bringeth forth good fruit (results, outcomes, effects); but a corrupt (defiled) tree (thought, idea, belief) bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire (i.e., we take a further circuit of the carousel of birth and death, to provide another opportunity for engendering good, healing thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and thus, bring forth Kingdomly fruit). Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. (Mt.7:17-20) 

We are reminded by Jesus in ACIM that it is our belief that we are guilty – and nothing else – that causes us to experience pain and suffering. Conscious and/or unconscious, it makes no difference because, hidden from or exposed to our awareness, it is still in our mind. Therefore, one (e.g. Jesus himself) who Knows, has remembered, that he is innocent cannot experience pain or suffering because the cause has been removed. The defiled thoughts, ideas, beliefs with which the split-off-from-truth part of our mind has been inured will bring forth the defiled fruits of pain and suffering. 

To be free of pain and suffering is the good will of Papa for His beloved Son – us; all of us; no exceptions – just like our template-for-remembrance, Jesus. He, ‘the compleat mystic’, spoke in mystical, esoteric, arcane ways to his followers, telling them also that there was much he was, then, unable to share with them because they were not yet ready to understand. But he told them that the Spirit of Truth, Whom he would send to us from the Father…  

...will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear (from the Father), that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. (Jn. 16:13).  

He told them things esoterically that have been ‘compleatly’ misunderstood and interpreted exoterically. For example, he said:  

Whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment. (Mt. 5:22) 

This has been construed to mean God will judge us for being angry without a cause. This is one tiny example of myriad such misconstructions. But happily, the Holy Spirit is now bringing to our remembrance – with immeasurable input from Jesus, of course, in ACIM (but which we would not be able to understand without the Holy Spirit having been gently healing our minds, one step at a time) – that Papa judges no-one. Neither does His Son. But when His Son dreams of separation, everything appears upside down to his fragmented mind and he thinks Papa will judge him/us. 

There are untold other misinterpretations of the scriptures that we have allowed to promulgate guilt and fear in us, accruing from one incarnation to the next, engendering pain and suffering. This will continue all the while we allow it, by continuing to believe these misinterpretations.  All because we have believed we are guilty, and therefore deserve to suffer. All this is hidden from our conscious perception, deep in our unconscious mind – or we would immediately realise the insanity of such beliefs and realign our will with Papa’s, thus correcting our thinking from wrong-mindedness. 

The false belief in guilt causes us to punish ourself (who else would punish us? Papa certainly wouldn’t) by believing we can – must – heal ourselves, with man-made medicines, and practices such as chemical-dependent food production and processing. All these that are compounding the pain and suffering, we inflict upon ourself. And then we call this the wonders of modern science and technology to heal us and nourish us, when in truth they are doing the opposite! Happily, the Holy Spirit’s work is beginning to turn things around. Truly, the GRP IS infallible and unstoppable.  

Now, as the leavening of the third measure of meal – the Kingdom Age – gathers impetus we begin to remember/understand how we can co-operate with Him. Only by giving our pain and suffering to Papa can we be released from the idols, gods, we have made of them. How else can we be free of them? We thus affirm to ourself that we would have no other gods before Him. He Knows that because he Knows His Son truly, so it is only for ourself that such affirmation to Him is required.  

This re-minds us that we are ready, truly desire, to relinquish all the illusions, the no-things we have made-up, to Him so He can restore us to… EVERYTHING, by our willingness to bring our illusions to the Truth. 

Love and blessings for our return to inner peace and joy, in perfect Oneness, 

Brian Longhurst 


It is vital to understand the eternal reality, and indeed to be one with it, in order to share its joy and bounty with those who hunger and thirst. 

Jesus, August 14th 1994 

February 26th 2014 

Dear Friends, 

Jesus has ‘all power in Heaven and Earth’ (Mt. 28:18). That power is perfect, unconditional Love; nothing else. He Loves us with all the Love of Papa – which is all there is – and wants to give us his Love. That’s what Love is; unconditionally giving, sharing, extending. He cannot give It to us without our willingness to receive It, because we are at free will to receive or not, and giving and receiving are one and the same. So our willingness enables his giving. By giving he is sharing; by sharing he is extending Love, and this is how Love – i.e., Papa and His one, whole, perfect Son – creates.  

Our mistaken belief in separation from our Source cuts us off from creativeness because only wholeness, oneness, completeness can create. This is because – it will come as no surprise – creativeness, or creating, is an essential aspect of creation, which is reality, or eternity. Mind is creative. Only whole, unified Mind can create in its own likeness, because creation is by extension of itself, which is whole, complete, perfect and eternal. Fragmented, divided, confused, doubtful, fearful minds cannot create.  

Because the Laws of creation allow the created only to be in the likeness of their creator, minds that believe the temporal is real can only replicate in their own perceived likeness. Jesus uses the term make rather than create in this context, because creation is eternal, so its creations also are – can only be – eternal. So fragmented minds cannot create, and that which they make – a shabby substitute for creating – can only be temporal, thus decay and fade away, so cannot be whole/holy. 

Willingness to believe opens our mind to receive the wholeness that Jesus (and/or the Holy Spirit) freely extends, shares; then we HAVE wholeness equally with him because equality is the true nature of ALL the Sonship. Like Papa, Jesus holds back nothing from us, and why would he? He Knows that only by giving, sharing, extending everything can he also have everything, because this is the Law of God. This is the difference between the illusion of time and the reality of eternity. In illusion, giving is losing; in eternity, giving is gaining because giving and receiving are one and the same. 

We are all Papa’s Son, and when we are restored to remembrance of our oneness from our illusory, fragmented state, and choose to Be and function as of one mind – Christ Mind – then will true creativeness be ours, again. It is this creativeness from which healing miracles emanate because creativeness is wholeness; wholeness of mind. Our willingness to choose to attune our mind with Holy Spirit Mind brings us into a state of preparedness for miracle-mindedness. Clearly, this cannot work if it is not our choice to see only wholeness in ourself and in our brothers – because we are One. 

Wholeness can but mean perfection. Perfection in all people, circumstances, events… If we allow ourself to perceive people, circumstances, events as less than perfect, we are not seeing truly, and this blocks us from healing, wholeness, completeness, perfect Love. What turns up appearing as adversity may not be complete or whole, but it is always, without exception – however great its appearance as adversity – opportunity to be transformed, by faith, into fulfilment, perfection, completion, wholeness. Or at least, a step in that direction. Then we can take another step, and another… 

If perceiving imperfection is our choice, that is what we experience as our reality; i.e. our perceived reality of our being. By choosing to perceive anew – wholeness, perfection, Love – that becomes our experience, and thus, our reality. By choosing to see only perfection in ourself and our brothers we see only oneness because we have re-cognised that we are of one likeness: whole, complete, perfect. This is the end of grievances, judgements, conflict… The ego will try to persuade us that we did not choose to perceive imperfection; that our senses simply showed us what was already there. 

But our bodily senses are devised to show us only what, in reality, is NOT there. We can be certain of this because reality is eternal and our bodily senses can show us only what is temporal. The temporal passes away, so cannot be real. This is a remembrance into which we must train our mind if we desire to awaken to the truth of our Being. That requires commitment, focus, steadfastness. We can Know this is possible because we have the example of our brother, Jesus. He assures us that if one can accomplish wholeness, ALL can accomplish it because we are all equal in the sight of God.  

In September 1998 Papa said to me, “My son, draw closer to Me. Open yourself to receive My Love more.” Love is wholeness, completion, creative by sharing, extending. Only by giving, sharing, extending Love – without limit, without exclusion – can we Know, experience, be aware of wholeness, completion, perfection in, and as, our whole, holy Self. For this to happen we must be willing to let go of judgements and grievances. With the ego clutching at our Achilles heel this seems insuperable, but when we accept that temporal is unreal, so nothing in time is real, it becomes very easy. 

It is fear of the truth that engenders our unwillingness to believe. To assist in the switch from the hold illusions of fear, guilt, littleness, scarcity, mortality… have over us to the freedom of oneness in eternity, we can bring them all to Papa for dispelling back to the nothingness from which they arose. This enables us to lay aside, renounce the ego and listen only to One Voice. Here are some extracts from chapter 8 of ACIM to encourage us, strengthen our resolve in this committed endeavour: 

When you lay the ego aside, it will be gone. The Holy Spirit’s Voice is as loud as your willingness to listen. It cannot be louder without violating your will, which the Holy Spirit seeks to free, but never to command. 

The Holy Spirit teaches you to use your body only to reach your brothers, so He can teach His message through you. This will heal them and therefore heal you. Everything used in accordance with its function as the Holy Spirit sees it cannot be sick. Everything used otherwise is. Health is seen as the natural state of everything when interpretation is left to the Holy Spirit, Who perceives no attack on anything. Health is the result of relinquishing all attempts to use the body lovelessly.  

Wholeness heals because it is of the mind. All forms of sickness, even unto death, are physical expressions of the fear of awakening. They are attempts to reinforce sleeping out of fear of waking. This is a pathetic way of trying not to see by rendering the faculties for seeing ineffectual.  

All healing involves replacing fear with love.  

I give you no limits because God lays none upon you. When you limit yourself we are not of one mind, and that is sickness. Yet sickness is not of the body, but of the mind.  

When we join our mind, our life, our purpose with Jesus, we join with wholeness; and wholeness, oneness becomes, again, our awareness, our limitless, eternal Being. 

Endless Love and blessings for our restoration to the endless inner peace and joy of oneness, 

Brian Longhurst 

PS: Here is a link to a 30 minute film that is inspired in the true sense of the word. Deep and uplifting, encouraging, strengthening... I hope you will take half an hour to allow it to enhance and affirm your understanding of reality. Enjoy. 

God’s Movie: 


Draw with you, by the Light of your desire and commitment, those who are ready to be drawn; souls weary of the wilderness and its paucity of sustenance, although my Father is able, even there, to provide for all, even though the sightless have no discernment of such provender.

Jesus, August 28th 1994 

March 5th 2014 

Dear Friends,  

There can be relatively few in this world who are able to realistically claim to comprehensively understand the essence of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). Many start studying it enthusiastically but fall by the wayside within a few score pages, defeated – at least, temporarily – by the deeply esoteric truths proclaimed therein. At the end of last week’s MoE I pasted a link to a 32-minute film on YouTube that is inspired in the true sense of the word. Deep and uplifting, illuminating, encouraging, re-minding, strengthening... It is called, simply, ‘God’s Movie’.   

It is a compilation of extracts from The Matrix and other interwoven filmed scenes, with overlaid captions based on Gary Renard’s book The Disappearance of the Universe and from ACIM. It sets out a sequence of statements that are profoundly helpful to nascent and seasoned students of ACIM alike. So much so that I have felt impelled to transcribe what, to me, anyway, is a step-by-step process of understanding that makes it easy to grasp the key message of Jesus for the salvation, the Awakening, the restoration of the fragmented Sonship back to Wholeness in the eternity of NOW. 

Here is my transcription of some dialogue and overlaid captions, with a couple of comments from me inserted. The link to the film is at the end, for those who feel drawn to watch it. I can only commend it to all and heartily thank those responsible for its compilation and production: 

God’s Movie. 

All I am offering is the truth. Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know how to tell the difference between the dream you and the real you? What is real? How do you define real?  If you are talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste, what you can see, then what is real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

“You’ve been living in a dream world, Neo. It is a world that has been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth.”

“What truth?”

“That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage. Born into a prison that you cannot see, or smell, or taste, or touch. A prison for your mind.”


“Do you know what fear does to the mind? It corrodes it, rusts it… This is a game. Who did this to you?  You need only look into a mirror.

“It’s like a dream that your mind has created to keep you from waking up to what you are not ready to accept.”


No scientist will ever be able to trace back what happened before the making of the universe, except in theory.

Do you want to know what it was that resulted in the making of the universe?

It is possible for you to remember the very beginning of the universe, and to change your mind about it.

In reality there is only God.

Unlike the concrete, specific world you appear to be in now, reality is completely abstract, eternal, unchanging and united. God created You by extending Himself. You are not in any way separate or different from God. You are exactly the same. You are not a part of God. You are an extension of the whole.

God created You because real Love is shared, and the perfect Love that is shared, in reality is beyond all human comprehension.

Humans appear to be only a part of the whole, but You are really all of it. The only possible distinction between You and God – if a distinction were possible – would be that God created You. He is the Author. You did not create God or Yourself. Because of Your perfect oneness, this doesn’t really matter in reality.

God has created You to be exactly like Him, and to share His eternal Love.

Then, something appears to happen…  As in a dream, it does not really happen. It just seems to… For just an instant, for just one, inconsequential fraction of a nanosecond… A very small aspect of Yourself appears to have an idea that is not shared by God. It’s kind of a “What if?” idea. It’s like an innocent wondering, in the form of a question… – Which unfortunately is followed by an apparent answer.

Like a naïve child playing with matches who burns down the house, you would have been much happier not to find out the answer to this question – for your reality is about to be seemingly replaced by a state of fear and the vicious defences that the condition of fear appears to require.

The question, if it could be put into words was… What would it be like to separate myself from God and go off on my own? Because You asked this question, for the first time You have a choice to make.

Before you asked this question, there was nothing to choose between. There was only God.

But now there are two different responses to this question of separating yourself from God.

One choice is to remain completely one with God. The other choice is the thought of separation from God, or individuality.

Because your question to separate yourself from Him did not come from God, He does not respond to it. To respond to it would be to give it reality.

If God Himself were to acknowledge anything but Your perfect Oneness, then there would no longer be a state of perfect oneness for You to return to.

As you will see, you could never separate yourself from God, even if you tried. You cannot be separate from your Source.

But if you believe you are separate from God, you have entered into a nightmare state of illusion.

Separation from God seemed to offer an individual identity. You want to see what it’s like to be special and apart.

In a cosmic instant, you chose individuality. No matter how attractive you may think individuality is, it is nothing but believing you are separate from God.

It was your belief in the idea you could be separate from God – your taking it seriously – that gave it so much seeming power and realism.

Your belief in the reality of the separation begins to cause very serious problems for you. God now seems to be outside of you.

You think: I have ruined my oneness with God. I have taken everything He gave me and thrown it in His face. I have sinned against Him big time. I’d better go somewhere and hide from what I have done.

You choose to make somewhere you can go to be your own boss. Somewhere you can never see Him and where you don’t have to face God at all.

You project, or hurl the thought of separation out of your mind. This causes what is popularly referred to as the Big Bang, or the creation of the universe. All energy is nothing but projected thought.

You project the thought of separation out of your mind, and you appear to be projected right along with it. Now you appear to be in the universe, while you do not realise that you are actually quite literally out of your mind.

Although your experience of this world appears to be very real, it has been produced by a deep, hidden need to project thought. Anything that can be perceived or observed in any way, even measured scientifically, is projected thought of separation.

You made the body to permit into your awareness, almost exclusively, only those things that testify to the reality of your cherished illusion.

The body only perceives, and therefore it is a limit on your awareness. You see through the body’s eyes and hear through the body’s ears, but to sense is not to Know.

Truth can only be Known, not sensed. You made the body to deceive yourself.

The universe, the world and your body give form to a dense structure in which you hide from your imagined guilt over separating from God, and the resulting fear of God’s vengeance.

You made a plan to deal with your guilt. You hold it firmly in place (in the unconscious mind).

Your good times in this world are good only in comparison to the bad times. The comparison isn’t a valid one, because both are not reality. You will eventually learn that it’s ALL a trick; that your perception is simply lying to you.

There’s nothing in your universe that doesn’t follow the pattern of decay and death, and there’s nothing here that can seemingly live without something else dying. Your world is quite impressive until you learn to REALLY look.

A simple question remains. Do you like the world you made? A world of attack, murder and constant dangers through which you tread your timid way, alone and frightened, hoping at most death will wait a little longer before it overtakes you.

You are at Home in God, dreaming of exile, but perfectly capable of awakening to reality.


“Wake up, Neo… Follow the white rabbit.”


Your life is all in your mind. Your body, your world, your entire universe, any parallel universes and anything else that can be perceived are projections of your mind. They are all symbolic of the thought that you have separated yourself from God.

God does not enter your dream world. But you can hear His Voice, the Holy Spirit, talking to You.

You may long to bring God into your dream with you, but He has a better idea. He wants you to wake up, so you can be with Him, outside of the dream completely.

God has never left you. His Voice, which you will learn how to be vigilant for, is your memory of your true Home. The Holy Spirit represents your long-forgotten reality.

Now you must learn how to choose something that you will have tremendous resistance to choosing. You must learn how to choose the Holy Spirit, Who represents the real you.

You feel secretly terrified and enormously guilty over the separation. In the world of bodies, where the thought of separation has been projected, the substitute causes of sin and fear of any kind can be found somewhere outside of you – and people see everything as being outside of them.

With salvation there is no one out there to blame for your one real problem, of which all the others are symbolic. The cause, which is your decision to believe in the separation from God, and the solution – the Holy Spirit – are both in your mind.

In order to really accept God’s Voice – the Holy Spirit – you must begin to trust God. You cannot trust Him until you recognize that He is not responsible for your experiences; you are.

Your plan doesn’t always appear to change when you want it to. But it is possible to end all the suffering that’s called for by your plan and have peace instead of fear. That’s the Holy Spirit’s plan.

One way the Holy Spirit will awaken you is to teach you that what you think is happening is not happening. Although your experience of this world appears to be very real, reality is your eternal and unalterable spirit and it cannot be the slightest bit threatened.

Do not make the miscreated world psychologically real for yourself. You make it psychologically real for yourself by failing to forgive.

Nobody knows how to forgive at first. It takes time to learn. People don’t know what they’re doing to their own minds when they judge and condemn others.

Renounce the world, not physically, but mentally. This world you seem to live in is not home to you. And somewhere in your mind you know that this is true. That attitude will make it ten times easier for you to forgive.

The next time it hits the fan, my friend, remember God and forgive – for if you forgive then you will remember God.

Extend forgiveness to your brothers and sisters. That’s how you make it yours. When you see your brothers and sisters as innocent like you are, then that is the miracle.

When everyone has completed their forgiveness lessons, God Himself will take the last step and welcome the collective Prodigal son home into the Oneness that you have never truly left.

The time will come when each seemingly separated mind will attain its enlightenment or resurrection. When every mind that has dreamed thousands of lifetimes has reached this state of awakening from the dream that is the Second Coming of Christ.

When you’re enlightened you will completely awaken from the dream. You will only “see” the real world when you have completely forgiven the world, because the real world has no projections of unconscious guilt upon it. You’ll see only innocence everywhere, because it’s your own innocence.


“How do we change the world? One act of random kindness at a time.”

“It’s time.”

“Time for what?”

“To do the dance.”

“Care to join me?”


The secret of true prayer is to forget the things you think you need. In prayer you overlook your specific needs as you see them, and let them go into God’s Hands.  There they become your gifts to Him (thereby we are releasing them from our ill-conceived grasp), for they tell Him that you would have no gods before Him; no Love but His.

When you go to God you are not trying to get anything – you simply Love Him. In doing so you find that you are Loved by Him, for now and for eternity.


Thou shalt do the dance! 

In December 1995 Jesus said to me:  

“…it is not possible for the Father’s purposes to fail, and the Light shall be shone in the dark places until all the shadows of death and fear shall have fled away. Rejoice greatly at this, my beloveds, and sing the New Song, that my little ones may hear, and dance the dance of freedom. That which I have purposed in you (us all) shall prosper according to the wisdom of the Father. Be not anxious for any detail; all is well.” 

In Jn. 14:2-3 he is quoted as saying: 

I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.  

When he said he will come again… he did not mean in any outward phenomenon sense; rather, that he will… come again into our awareness of him, within our mind, as it is restored to remembrance of our oneness with him. This is what he meant when he said Do this in remembrance of me at the Last Supper – the event we celebrate in a ritual we know as Holy Communion (i.e., communing with him, mind-to-Christ Mind). In that sense he truly is receiving us unto himself by restoring our separated mind back into its true state of wholeness, oneness, with him, in Papa. Forever. NOW is the time! 

Love and blessings for our restoration to wholeness, oneness of Mind, with him, 

Brian Longhurst 

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You say well when you counsel your fellows, ‘Espouse good, eschew evil’, for the enemy brings darkness in the guise of sunshine and would deceive all whose heart is not committed to righteousness.

Jesus, September 18th 1994

March 12th 2014 

Dear Friends,  

‘Oneness’ is a term often used, yet just what does it mean? Every living thing is connected to every other living thing and to its Source.  This is an eternal connection not a temporal one. Nothing we can say, think or do can alter this, other than in illusion. But illusion is not reality. Illusion is belief in, and thus, perception of separation, in which for anything to seem to live, something else must seem to die. Is this how Papa created things? We are mistaken if that is our belief. But we are free to change our belief at any and every moment. Here is an extract from chapter 7 of SYFK

On an occasion in July 1995, when walking the dogs in the hills, with woodland and fields around me, I suddenly saw the Life Force coursing through every tree, leaf, blade of grass, wheat plant in the adjacent field, even the very soil in which all was growing. Everything that is, including the dogs and me, was this Force and It was all One, all connected to Itself as One, all connected to, receiving its livingness from, having its beingness in the Source of All; a Cosmic Umbilicus. Ever since then I have known of and from the certainty that the soul can have only when it has experienced such, that that is the reality: we are all One with, or in, the Creator, the Source of Life. 

It hardly need be said that the Life Force is the Creator Spirit; Papa; God. It is not just humanity that is the Sonship, but every living thing. If we attack/kill another we attack and sentence to ‘death’ ourself, because oneness is all there is; no exceptions, because with Papa there are no exceptions. Does this mean, then, that to buy and eat a steak, or even an apple, we sentence ourself to death? And what if we inadvertently step on an ant? Clearly this requires a little closer consideration. It is the thought that counts, because we are Mind as well as Spirit. Just like our Creator. 

And just like Jesus, who is our exemplar, our template for Being, and like whom we are inescapably destined to become, or better, to remember that we are already like him, yet living in denial, forgetfulness. If we have an attacking thought, idea, feeling, action or intent against any living thing we are attacking ourself because of indivisible, unchangeable, irrevocable, eternal Oneness. If we have only Loving, caring, compassionate thought, idea, feeling, action and intent toward not just a brother in human form but in any other form, we have all that toward ourself. Not too hard a choice, is it? 

So, how do we deal with the ‘fact’ that we are with a body and to remain operational within that body it needs fuel, food. Even if we are vegan, other life forms – grains, pulses, fruit, vegetables; all one with and in the Life Force… – must, inevitably, ‘die’. Jesus, assuredly, ate, but can there be one amongst us who can imagine him having a single attacking thought, idea, feeling, action or intent against any living thing? How could he be saluted as The Prince of Peace, otherwise? 

It is the intent that makes the difference, because intention is purpose. When we realise that form is not Life, but merely a temporal, and thus, illusory expression of, or housing for, It we are able to see more clearly that it is not killing an animal and eating its carcase that is a crucial factor in our own salvation (i.e. remembrance of Who we really are) but our attitude, or intent, toward such animals. Intent can be active or passive. Most of us have no active intent of abuse toward animals, but conversely, most of humanity is lulled into a passive, somnolent intent of appalling abuse.

We may think this is not our abuse (for which, read cruelty, ill-treatment, torment, torture) but we are complicit by apathy when we choose to purchase animal products (meat, wool, leather, dairy, eggs…) without care or consideration for the conditions in which the animals are reared as well as slaughtered. There is a term coined in recent generations of which most of humanity is unaware, yet it affects almost all of us: Agribusiness. Agribusiness is warfare on a ubiquitous scale. Warfare against animals and the environment. And ultimately, warfare against consumers of its produce. 

Global corporations have hijacked most of agriculture – husbanding the land and livestock sustainably and in harmony with nature – and are poisoning the land with manmade molecules that nature cannot metabolise; rearing livestock with the least concern for their natural dignity or welfare they can get away with (and that’s a great deal, behind closed doors); contaminating crops and livestock with poisons in the name of prophylaxis and growth promotion; exporting live animals to places hundreds – even thousands – of miles away without food, water or general welfare...  

And then, every day around the world hundreds of millions of animals are slaughtered in horrific conditions of uncaring, uncompassionate tormenting and torture. Consider these two statements, recently posted on Facebook: 

“As far as eating is concerned, humans are the most stupid animals on the planet.  We kill billions of wild animals to protect the animals that we eat.  We are destroying our environment to feed to the animals that we eat. We spend more time, money and resources fattening up the animals that we eat, than we do feeding humans who are dying of hunger. The greatest irony is that after all the expenses of raising these animals, we eat them; and they kill us slowly ...  And rather than recognise this madness, we torture and murder millions of other animals trying find cures to diseases caused by eating animals in the first place.” ~ Mike Anderson 

Our treatment of animals will, one day, be considered barbarous. There cannot be a perfect civilization (i.e., the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth) until man realises that the rights of every living creature are as sacred as his own. ~ Dr. David Starr Jordan. 

So, in what way is our passive (or active) complicity A) sentencing ourself to ‘death’, and B) what can we meaningfully do about it. A) applies at two levels. Firstly, consuming poisoned food has a long, slow degrading effect on our bodily functioning, for which even more man-made molecules, with their side-effects further complicating matters, are then prescribed by medics in the pockets of big pharma. Secondly, as stated above, the Sonship is not just humanity but every living thing. Since all Life is One Life, united in and through the Source of All – Papa – how can it be otherwise? 

This means that turning a blind eye to unkingdomliness is complicity in unkingdomliness, whatever way we cut it. Pretending otherwise is self-deception. Any who believe the Kingdom can be entered in a state of self-deception are sadly mistaken. The Kingdom is truth, unconditional, total, perfect Love for ALL Life. The Kingdom, being of Papa, is also all-Knowing, so professed ignorance – i.e., absence of Knowledge – is a self-preclusion ticket from the Kingdom. The Kingdom is also, of course, eternal peace, Love and joy unbounded; forever; for all living things. 

The absence, in us, of any of these kingdomly qualities means we seem to be – believe we are – separate from eternity. That means we keep calling into our own presence another – and yet another – opportunity to remember who we really are: ALL-Loving, all-caring, all-compassionate to all living things, because we are indivisibly one with all. Such opportunities can only be presented in time and place because they are only potential, not accomplishment. So, we have to keep ‘dying’ so that we can reincarnate again, and again… to heal our split, misperceiving mind. 

Now B); what can we do about animal cruelty? The list is long. We can PCB the animals and the abusers; forgive the abusers – including ourself, because our passive complicity includes us as perpetrators of abuse; ask the Spirit of Truth for guidance and listen for that inner Voice guiding us, with a committed intent to engage in the highest good for ALL living things; choose anew; eat much less – or no – meat, and ensure it is at least free range, or organic, for meat, dairy, eggs… all animal products; vote with our feet; support charities like CIWF; stop living in denial and live our Truth. 

How else can we save ourselves, let alone the world? 

Love and blessings for our awakening, together, 

Brian Longhurst


Think you that I would leave one single soul, a child of my Father, out of the celebration?  I assure you that provision has been made that all shall receive an invitation and shall be proffered a garment fitting for the wedding banquet.

Jesus, October 2nd 1994 

March 19th 2014 

Dear Friends, 

Whatever reason we may think or believe we are here to be or do, there is only one reason, purpose, function we are here for and that is to save the world. That is because we are the Light of the world, and by shining our Light – which we can Know we both have and are because Papa gave It to His Son at his creation, and we ARE His Son – into the darkness of a world that believes it is separated from Him, we shine away the darkness, misperceptions of brokenness, loneliness, guilt, fear, doubt, unbelief, disease, death…; all arising from thinking we are in time instead of eternity. 

Life, it is said, is a struggle, and simply ‘surviving’ in this world is a task so great as to occupy most of our wits and energy. So who has time for such an inflated idea as saving the world? That is for idealists with grandiose plans, which will be thwarted at every turn by the twists of duality consciousness. Jesus speaks, in ACIM, about grandiosity as being the ego’s answer to the Grandeur that is of God and His Son. Grandiosity is deemed to be overblown plans that will be to the glory of man and his world of littleness and limitation, in an attempt to gloss-over the fallibility of ego-thinking. 

Grandeur, on the other hand, is in the ‘little’ things, such as a friendly, sincere, caring smile or gesture toward a brother, with no cost or thought for reward; a blessing and/or prayer for one – human or otherwise – in distress or despair. Grandeur costs not a penny because it is of the heart and soul, freely given, freely shared. Grandiosity is of the without; grandeur is of the within. A world looking for grandiosity will barely notice an event of grandeur, yet when it is observed it can be a life-changing, perspective-changing – and thus, world-saving – moment. 

I – and millions of others – saw this when Susan Boyle appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. Here was a nervous, middle-aged, slightly unkempt spinster, who outwardly, to a world all-too-ready to judge by outward appearances, was one of life’s no-hopers; losers. A look of disdain flitted across the countenance of Simon Cowell, and, no doubt, millions of TV viewers and many in the studio auditorium. Then she opened her mouth to sing and from it came the voice of an angel. In an instant the disdain vanished from Simon’s face. His life, one could see in that moment, was changed forever. 

In a nanosecond he realised he had been set to dismiss yet another time-waster, and perhaps, massage his ego by having a little ‘fun’ gently mocking her in front of the world before consigning her to oblivion. It was as clear as day, by the transformation of his countenance in that moment, that grandiosity was dispelled by the grandeur emerging in, from and through Susan, and he decided in that self-same moment that never again would he set out to demean a brother or sister, least of all before they had a chance to show their unassuming grandeur. He was not alone. 

Life keeps bringing us opportunities to relinquish grandiosity – something we made up in a vain attempt to replace the grandeur we threw away, and which is the free gift Papa gave to us when He created His beloved Son (us; one, appearing illusorily as many). Susan Boyle exemplifies just such a magnificent opportunity, not only for Simon but for us all; loving reminders of who we really Are. Grandiosity, sooner or later, disappoints; grandeur, being of Papa, transmutes, because grandeur is born of Perfect Love. And, as Paul so famously – and beautifully – writes to the Corinthians:  

Love suffers long and is kind; Love does not envy; Love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.  (1 Cor. 13:4-8, NKJV.) 

We don’t have to wait until, at some ‘future’ date, we will somehow be Awake to be able to shine our Light. It is already with us, within us, and has always been. We do not have to first understand ‘how’ to do it. Such a perception is an ego ploy to divert us from engaging the reality, the grandeur, of our true Self within. All that is requisite is the desire for this to be – once more – Who we really Are. That desire authorises Jesus to accomplish our desire for us. He is given, on our behalf – until we remember for ourself – all power in Heaven and Earth to restore us to awareness of our grandeur. 

Then, in an instant, will we renounce our self-made grandiosity, the tawdry substitute we have made, and barely even notice it is gone, shone away by the gentleness, the grandeur, the effulgence of the eternal Light that we are, always have been and can only ever Be. This happens when we choose to see the grandeur in our brother; in ALL our brothers, irrespective of outward appearances; when we let go of judgements, grievances, guilt and fear, belief that temporal is reality and that Papa’s beloved Son can die. 

Jesus counsels us in ACIM:  

Grandeur is of God, and only of Him. Therefore it is in you. Whenever you become aware of it, however dimly, you abandon the ego automatically, because in the presence of the grandeur of God the meaninglessness of the ego becomes perfectly apparent. (T-9.VIII.1:1-3)  

And further on, in these extracts from T-11.III:  

God hides nothing from His Son, even though His Son would hide himself.  Yet the Son of God cannot hide his glory (or grandeur), for God wills him to be glorious, and gave him the Light that shines in him…  For your heavenly Father is your Creator, and you are like Him. 

… be holy in the Presence of God, or you will not know that you are there. For what is unlike God cannot enter His Mind, because it was not His Thought and therefore does not belong to Him. And your mind must be as pure as His, if you would know what belongs to you.  

‘Holy’ does not mean religious piety but a kind, loving, caring, forgiving, compassionate heart. Being kind doesn’t have a cost. All that is needed is a heart, and we all have one of those. 

He also says we cannot enter into Papa’s Presence alone, because: 

All your brothers must enter with you, for until you have accepted them you cannot enter. For you cannot understand wholeness unless you are whole, and no part of the Son can be excluded if he would know the Wholeness of his Father. 

And lastly:  

… God blessed His Son forever. If you will bless him in time, you will be in eternity.  

Being the saviour of the world does not require grandiose schemes but it does call for us to recognise and accept the grandeur that is in us – all – because Papa placed it there. Paradoxically, littleness is in grandiosity, but limitlessness is in grandeur. As Gandalf says in The Lord of the Rings:  

“Some believe it is only great power (grandiosity) that can hold evil in check. But that is not what I have found. I found it is the small things, the everyday deeds (grandeur) by ordinary folk that keeps the darkness at bay.” 

Love and blessings for the arising of grandeur and the relinquishment of grandiosity in us all, 

Brian Longhurst 


Have no fear but be assured that all is well.  Although ‘the enemy’ is ever close, you are, by your commitment, within the aura of my protection.  The enemy has no part in me and you are protected absolutely by your oneness with me.

Jesus, October 16th 1994 

March 26th 2014 

Dear Friends, 

We will serve ourselves well to take time out from our distracted lives and ask, “Do I really want to go Home to Papa?” If our answer is an unequivocal “Yes!” we further need to recognise that the choice, the decision, is ours and ours alone. Neither Papa, nor Jesus, nor the Spirit of Truth nor anyone else can make that decision for us. That is what the gift of free will guarantees us. Many in this distracted, doubt-filled world might earnestly prefer that it not be their decision, because their state of mind is ‘Once I was indecisive, but now I am not so sure’. Fear makes us indecisive. 

That is what the ego is all about. Presenting us with endless choices, or decisions, each day, and persuading us that having choices is thoroughly desirable. Yet, surely, if they were truly desirable would not Papa have presented us with endless choices in our true home: Heaven? This, assuredly, is not the case, for Heaven/eternity/God is singularity and choices mean duality. Do I want peace or turmoil, Love or fear, abundance or scarcity…? And however much these choices may seem ‘no-brainers’, not one of us has, over myriad incarnations, avoided unwise decisions. 

This is because our initial choice was for sightlessness, so our decisions are made blindly, unKnowingly and the effects accrue from one act to the next. For the slate is not wiped clean of errors, judgements, grievances as each act ends with the illusion erroneously termed death (an effect of the initial choice!). ‘Death’ is not escape from misperception. It merely indicates we have not found fulfilment, completion in our role-playing with that masquerade costume we mistakenly thought was our identity, so cast it off in search of yet another role/identity to play out on the stage of time. 

If fear makes us indecisive in a world stuffed with choices, choosing only Love eradicates them; or better, eradicates our concern over choices. When we choose for or with God, eternity, truth, we are choosing for one package only: Love, peace and joy. With that package comes the bonus gift called freedom. Freedom from attachment to outcomes. We no longer concern ourself, regardless of the outcome. For, by choosing Love we are choosing Papa, and we can safely, comfortably place ourself in Him because He, our true and only Home, wills the BEST outcome for us. Always

Making that choice means there are no other choices to make. We have taken the choice to eliminate all other choices from meaningful consideration. That does not mean we will not still be faced with other choices every day; what to wear, what to eat, what to do. But it does mean that instead of them being important to us, they no longer matter; they are merely incidental to our primary purpose of Being the Light of the world, and by shining our Light into the darkness of the world, save the world from unwise decisions that can only lead to more illusions of death and destruction. 

For example, we foolishly decided to make Life our enemy, electing for the impossible – ‘death’ – instead!  To convince ourself of this, we dress Life up in endless variety of form – including ourself, in the form of human bodies. And in characteristically dualistic manner, some we label ‘good’ and others we label ‘bad’, so can choose special ‘love’ relationships – ‘friends’ – and special ‘hate’ relationships – ‘enemies’. And, still deciding sightlessly, we then turn our ‘friends’ into ‘enemies’ and kill them. Like orang-utans; and bison; and whales; and… it’s a very l-o-o-o-ng list. 

We divided ourselves into nations so that we could make special friends of some and special enemies of others. We did the same with religions. What a game we made with that! We even made friends and enemies of life forms we couldn’t yet see: micro-organisms. Some we now label beneficial and some we label pathogens. The latter are definitely ‘enemies’ and we have decided we must ‘fight’ them and kill them. How better to make something – anything real than to make it an enemy and wage war against it? For if we saw it as no-thing we assuredly wouldn’t waste effort on it. 

So, what to ‘do’ about pathogens, because the ‘evidence’ indicates they are harmful? Look anew, with the eyes of the Holy Spirit. Then we will see, clearly, that Papa is the LIFE-FORCE in and of every living thing, including what we choose to perceive as pathogens. But ego mind has made the forms of all living things and has distorted the function of all form to be de-structive instead of creative. We are free to choose anew, with the Holy Spirit, to perceive ONLY the benign LIFE within all form, and re-cognise that we have made up ‘de-structive’ in an attempt at persona autonomy. 

Better to choose to remember, instead, it is not only possible but inevitable that we become like Jesus, our exemplar. He, assuredly, never was struck down with ‘pathogen-induced’ illness because he Knew the falsity of duality, separation, and that only Papa is real; perfect, benign Love. It is only our belief in threats that causes us to feel – and thus, experience – threat. Jesus Knew, of a certainty beyond all doubt, that he was invulnerable to all ‘threats’ – including crucifixion – because Knew he was the innocent, eternal, unchangeable Son of his Father, created in His likeness. As we are.  

Jesus had chosen exclusively with the Holy Spirit, Who undoes, or reinterprets, distortion that perceives the Life Force – Papa – as various forms of threat. These misperceptions are in our split-off-from-truth mind, where, (and only where) they arose.  Form is temporal, and passes away, so could not have been created by Papa, Whose creations are eternal and unchangeable. Thus, the only source of form is the miscreating part of our illusorily-separated mind. By choosing exclusively with the Holy Spirit He will reinterpret our misperceptions, too. And set us free. Just like Jesus. 

Persona-autonomy – life apart from Papa – can only be destructive because it must be the opposite, or absence, of what He IS: creative. It is also fearful because it is bereft of Love, which is also what He IS, since only Love can create – in Its own likeness. Belief in separation gave rise to a world from which Papa is shut out, so everything outside ourself is seen, potentially, as an enemy, or at least, a threat, because it is, literally, unKnown. We have gathered information on form but information is only perception, which is always subject to misinterpretation. Knowledge, being of God, is certainty

Persona-, or self-autonomy steadfastly devotes itself to the study of form, in a vain endeavour to ‘prove’ life-forms are life itself, but equally steadfastly eschews acknowledgement of Spirit; the Life Force, of and with Which we are inseparably One. Once we choose to see past the variable, ever-changing illusion of form to the reality – the perfect, unchangeable LIFE, which, by definition is benign because it IS Papa – we will, inevitably, see beyond the de-structive form. Then will all form, ‘pathogen’ or otherwise, cease to be perceived as threat. Then, and only then, we will be at peace. 

Love and Light be with us ALL, for the shining away of imagined darkness, 

Brian Longhurst 


I am your guide, and lead you in every step.  Remain until I shine the lamp of eternal illumination at your feet to make sure and clear the Path before you.  Thus shall no distress be rendered unto you.  Rejoice; the banquet feast awaits. 

Jesus, October 16th 1994

April 9th 2014 

Dear Friends, 

There is a perception that God created us, and all life forms, to allow Himself an infinite array of perspectives on life. Why, the question arises, would He choose to split himself into myriad perspectives of Himself? He IS Life, and Life is whole, complete, one; eternal, unchangeable and indivisible. There is but one true perspective and that is – and can only be – wholeness, completion, encompassed in Love, peace and joy. This perspective is holographic. So even if the wholeness could be split into parts – which in reality is impossible – the wholeness remains complete within the parts. 

Even though that doesn’t seem to be the case according to the fragmented, self-limited human perception, it actually is so. Playing the game of make-believe in which we have pulled-down the illusory shutter to blind ourself to the reality of Oneness doesn’t make the reality cease to be so. And pretending we have forgotten how to remove the shutter is merely a self-deceiving ruse which has no meaning in truth. We may seem to have forgotten but that matters not a jot, because One Who is all-empowered for this purpose can and will remove it for us – because He Loves us unconditionally.  

He is able, willing – because He Knows we are mistaken – and eager to perform this on our behalf; but there is just one obstacle preventing Him: ourself. This is our free will to choose not to be free, which we so choose because we mistakenly believe we are guilty; sinners; unworthy of God’s Love. We even made up the idea that He requires all manner of hoops to be jumped through – including a blood sacrifice – to release us from our game, just to make it seem impossible. There is in truth but one requirement asked of us. That one thing is our willingness to be free; restored to wholeness.   

The release is from individual, limited, false – and thus, confusing and fearful – persona identity, which keeps us focused on, distracted by, the illusion of the without of time and place. And, having once decided, chosen, become willing, to surrender our false perspective, in its place He freely restores to us awareness of our true, whole, complete, eternal and unchangeable Identity as the one Son of God, with whom He shares all that He has and all that He Iseverything. And at that moment we remember that it was always with us because Papa gave it to us; forever, unconditionally. 

Our true, whole, complete perspective is, of course, identical to Papa’s. From whatever point within the wholeness it is viewed, the completeness is experienced and Known, because it is holographic. Therefore, myriad – or even infinite – different, separate perspectives are meaningless because such is possible only within the unreality of form. Form is an ego device to confuse Papa’s Son into perceiving Life as disparate fragments. Fragments, by definition, can only be partial, and thus, incomplete. Only In our Oneness with the Whole (Holy) One can we see ALL, Know ALL, and thus, be ALL. 

Form is of the without so has no place in the Kingdom of Heaven, which is within. It must be so because form is temporal, changes constantly and passes away, but the Kingdom is perfect and therefore changeless, eternally. We, Papa’s one Son, are the Kingdom but our temporal, embodied appearance disguises this, distracting us from seeing the truth of Self. But we are given free will, so can choose to see past the form, even while seeming still to be within the limitation of form. We can Know this of a certainty beyond all doubt because Jesus demonstrated it for us, and we are like him. 

Thus does Knowing the truth – and living it – set us free, even while seeming to be separated by an embodied state. Again, however unlikely this may seem from the ego-mind perception, we can Know it is so because of the example of Jesus – if only we are willing to believe it. Then will our belief enable the mechanism of miracles – our Holy Spirit Self – to commence accomplishing the miracle of transforming our life from crawling, limited-perspective ‘caterpillar’ into soaring, ALL-seeing, ALL-empowered ‘butterfly’; our true estate. 

The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, which in A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Jesus refers to as the real world, is the penultimate phase of the At-one-ment, or Awakening to our Oneness within the Sonship – which is not just ‘humans’ but all living things – and in the Father. All other-than-human living things – plant, animal, fungus – are only ‘other’ in form, which has no place in reality. But, as stated recently, the LIFE that is within all forms is Spirit, which is ONE, immortally and eternally.  

In order to play the game of separation, disguises are essential, but we are now at the end of this game, or masquerade. Jesus tells us in ACIM that the split-off-from-truth part of the mind of Papa’s Son – the ego – being the seeming opposite of Love, gentleness, compassion, grace… is hate, murder, destruction; lack of caring, compassion, empathy. These are the properties of ego mind that have given rise to the world we see. Animals are ‘here’ with us, not for us, yet they are treated as commodities on a monumental scale, without compassion or caring.  

The same applies with the plant kingdom. All abuse of ‘other’ living things is abuse of self because all Life is One. As we Awaken to the remembrance of the oneness, so the awareness of this abuse dawns upon us and Love, compassion and caring are rising. This manifests as rejection of factory farming, or ‘agribusiness’ – in which the genetic modification of plant species, the poisoning of the soil and groundwater, and cruelty to, and subjugation of, animals, all for pecuniary profit, is the motivating factor, with no consideration of the consequences – gathers momentum. 

Our ultimate destiny is the Kingdom of Heaven. Before we can awaken to remembrance of that Kingdom, we have to desire it to be fully manifest here on Earth. Turning a blind eye to unkingdomliness is the ego’s way of lulling us into acceptance of indeterminate further circuits of the carousel of birth and death. Desiring, choosing not to turn a blind eye – which we all are at free will to do – is the turning point to not just Knowing the truth of Being, but the living of that truth. We cannot accomplish this of ourselves, but it will be accomplished for us in response to our desire. 

Love and blessings for our awakening to the inner peace and joy that is always with us,  

Brian Longhurst 


Every need, every concern, every doubt is known to me, in you and in all the sojourners of Earth.  Our Father is able to make all things new and provide for all the needs of His little ones.  Let not the perspective of the prince of time and place confuse you.

Jesus, October 23rd 1994

April 16th 2014 

Dear Friends, 

There is a very arresting take on the Golden Rule from AD Williams (author of Inside the Divine Pattern) doing the rounds at present: 

“Do unto others should not be limited to other humans.”  

There are varying figures mooted as to the number of animals reared globally each year for slaughter and human consumption. The most recent figure I have seen is 70 billion. If that figure is even in the ballpark, it means approximately ten animals for every man, woman and child on the planet. And, considering there are easily hundreds of millions of people around the world who, for religious and/or ethical/compassionate reasons, do not eat animals, those who do must be consuming more than the average.  

Then there are incalculable – and rising – numbers who eat very little meat because they are not comfortable with the idea but aren’t (yet) sufficiently motivated to give up completely. Additionally there are those who might like to eat more meat but cannot afford it. So those who can afford it and have no compunction about it definitely are consuming significantly more than ten animals each in a year – especially since the 7 billion humans also include hundreds of millions of children and babies who are too young to eat much, or any, meat.  

There are so many reasons why this is unserviceable to Papa’s Son that it is not easy to know how or where to begin evincing them. We recently looked at the down, or negative, aspects of animal husbandry, where 190 million farm-reared animals are slaughtered every day. That’s about 800,000 every hour; an industrial scale in which time for caring, gentleness and compassion are all too frequently ‘the enemy’ to productivity – or should that be destructivity? Now let us consider how this might meaningfully be changed for the better for humans and all other living things. 

If the cost of meat to the consumer was to be increased ten-fold, but people reduced their consumption by nine tenths, their expenditure on meat would remain unchanged. This would mean there would be a massive fall in the occurrence of cancer (and other health issues), because eating meat lowers the pH of living tissue. Acidity is a condition that promotes the growth of cancer. This would mean a need for fewer hospitals, fewer drugs, reduced proportion of national budgets on healthcare (so more funds available for spending on education, communications, renewable energy…). 

With only one tenth the number of farm animals, less chemical fertiliser would be needed to force the growth of grass and other livestock feed-crops. Forced growth is unhealthy, unbalanced growth, so needs vast input of poisonous crop-protection chemicals. There would be a several-fold greater land-area available for growing human-food crops – also less intensively – thus further reducing artificial fertiliser and pesticide requirements. Artificial fertiliser and pesticides are costly and energy-intensive to produce, and poison the crops, soil and groundwater. 

Rearing livestock – for milk or meat – is a very time consuming endeavour. With farmers less stressed trying to rear ever-greater numbers of animals on finite land resources they would have more time for the loving care and attention of their stock, which, in turn would be less stressed and less disease-prone. This would mean reduced expenditure on vets and pharmaceuticals, so quality of milk and meat would be improved, further improving consumer wellbeing. Livestock farmers would have more land available for growing crops for human consumption. 

There are those who argue that humans need meat for quality protein and minerals. This is complete piffle. Pulses (beans, peas, lentils), nuts, fungi and an array of seeds are rich in protein. And any amino acids short or absent in some of these are easily made up in a varied, balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, grains and other non-meat foods. The equally unfounded idea that vegetarians are anaemic, undernourished and feeble is the stock rejoinder of big meat-consumers to the suggestion that they eat less/no meat. It is unbalanced – not meatless – diet that causes malnutrition. 

Although not all Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs (and practitioners of other faiths) are vegetarian, perhaps at least half a billion are, and they are as healthy as any meat eater. It could be equally surmised they are actually much healthier for not eating meat – especially in the longer term, because the negative impacts of meat in the diet accumulate over time. In the Western culture approximately 10% of the populace is vegetarian (including vegans) or “largely follow a vegetarian-inclined diet”. This has doubled since 1950, and continues to rise, mostly on ethical and compassionate grounds.  

There are those who say we have to have factory farming of livestock to feed the burgeoning human population. There are two flaws in that hypothesis. 1) Seven times as much quality protein, suitable for human consumption, can be produced per unit of land area from pulses as on the hoof. 2) Curb baby production! The case for a radical reduction in meat consumption on environmental, financial, health and compassion grounds becomes increasingly compelling. Below is an extract from an article about research conducted at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden: 

The animal agriculture industry’s toll on the environment is old news – the United Nations has been reporting for years that factory farms collectively produce more greenhouse gas emissions than the automotive industry. A recent study reveals that in order for humans to effectively combat climate change, we need to drastically alter our eating habits and decrease the amount of meat and dairy we consume.  

“We have shown that reducing meat and dairy consumption is key to bringing agricultural climate pollution down to safe levels”, says study author Fredrik Hedenus. “Broad dietary change can take a long time. We should already be thinking about how we can make our food more climate friendly.” The researchers also suggested that the government tax greenhouse emissions as a way to increase the price of meat and decrease animal consumption. (My emboldening, for emphasis). 

As we move deeper into the leavening of the Kingdom Age and the Great Awakening of Papa’s Son to his true nature, so do the flaws in the old-order, destructive ways of the ego become more apparent. His true nature is ONENESS of Life, Mind, Being with all Life. Either we believe separation is reality or we believe oneness is reality. We believe either eternity is reality or time is reality. Time and separation are intertwined and both are drawing to their end. The signs of this are manifesting at every level and in myriad ways – for those with eyes to see – at an ever-accelerating pace.

Oneness and eternity also are indivisibly intertwined. The dream of separation – and thus, linear time – is already over and we can awaken from it at a rate of progress commensurate with the degree of our inward desire for restoration to fullness of remembrance of our true Self as Papa’s beloved Son. And there is nothing – nothing – to fear except fear itself. We made that up, so can unmake it with a single, simple change of mind, in which we embrace the Light instead of hiding from it in our self-made darkness of Self-forgetfulness.   

A toast to our continuing re-cognition of the wholeness (holiness) of all Life, 

Brian Longhurst 

Anyone further interested in the impact of animal production for human consumption can see more at this website: though there are many more, including on the deleterious effects of meat-eating on health. 


The life of the vine is in the branch; and if it be, so shall the branch bring forth much fruit, and all shall be to the glory of the Good Husbandman.

Jesus, November 6th 1994

April 23rd 2014 

Dear Friends, 

It is not just in the (illusorily) embodied state that billions of fragments of Papa’s one Son are lost, lonely, feeling/experiencing abandonment, fear, darkness, doubt, despair… This made-up state of mind – it can hardly be termed Being because Being is who and what we truly are, but seems to be the case in a mind that slumbers, unaware of reality while dreaming of separation from reality – continues unabated for untold numbers of souls after they have laid aside their ‘physical’ body, thus being termed (by those left behind) dead, or disembodied. 

This is unavoidable when we have been complicit in, submissive to, the fabrication of a ‘consensus reality’ that is, one might say, literally hell-bent on ignoring, denying, refusing to consider, fearful of the seemingly unknown called eternity. So, even though most of the embodied fragments are persuaded that the time will, inevitably, arrive when they draw their last breath, they are destined to face what they believe is ‘eternity’ totally unready for it. Like a student who has done no course work or revision, he is unlikely to fare as well as if he had better prepared for the final event. 

None of that unpreparedness is compulsory, and we, who remain ‘embodied’ but have some understanding of eternal reality – however little that understanding may seem to be to our Earth-mind awareness – can be of inestimable help, if we so desire, to our newly (or not so newly) disembodied friends/loved ones (brothers all in the Sonship of the Father). For there are no barriers, no limits, no restrictions in Papa’s creation, save those we mistakenly apply to ourself. As Henry Ford famously said, Whether or not you believe you can achieve something, you are right.  

And, by a little willingness – which is all that is required – to help a brother, we are helping ourself, because we are one. In fact, all the while we believe those outward appearances to be reality we are maintaining, perpetuating, the ruse of self-deception. Jesus tells us in ACIM that the role of the Holy Spirit is to complete communication, but that of the ego is to disrupt communication. It seems to have achieved a substantial degree of success in breaking communication between embodied and disembodied souls, even persuading humanity that such communication is contra to the will of God. 

Since bodies and death are nothing to do with God, it is hardly likely to be against His will to not want His Sons to communicate with Him and their brothers just because they mistakenly perceive themselves to be separate from Him and each other by their concoction of a veil of separation they then erroneously label death! Happily, commun(icat)ing with our brother Jesus (who, it hardly needs stating, is disembodied!) is occurring for an ever-increasing number of embodied souls, so why not commune with our other disembodied brothers, anywhere, anytime, in any circumstances? 

Any perceived restrictions to communing with our disembodied brothers are self-imposed by our indoctrinated perceptions of littleness, limitation, guilt, unworthiness… In “Seek ye First the Kingdom…” I have described a number of instances in which Theresa and I, along with our friend Steve, were called upon from the Realms of Light – to which call we always responded gladly – for the rescue of disembodied souls in various states of experiencing being lost, fearful, confused, in the etheric counterpart of Earth, for their release and restoration to a state of Love, Light, peace and joy.   

A few days ago Steve told me that during a strenuous workout at the gymnasium he was suddenly called upon to assist in the rescue of hundreds drowned in the recent Korean ferry disaster. Needless to say, there was great terror, confusion, panic among the drowned souls. Steve felt almost overwhelmed by their plight and called upon Jesus for Christ-empowered help. Jesus was immediately there with him, in response to his plea. Steve told me that within moments there was a great calm as these terrified souls were released from their fear and confusion by the power of Love. 

No doubt there have been millions of caring souls around the world praying for those souls, and millions more wondering if, or how, prayers could possibly be of any help – not just in that, but in any and every situation. I am here to attest that all sincerely given Love, blessing, prayer always helps. It matters not a jot that we do not see the results, or effects of our heartfelt compassion. Our job is to freely give from the heart; the Spirit of Truth’s job is to use what we give to the best possible outcome for all. Let us therefore do our job to the best of our ability and leave Him to do His. 

In 1978 Jesus counselled me, at every opportunity, to ‘PCB’ my brothers: Pray (for), Commit (into the care of Jesus/Holy Spirit), and Bless (our brethren and/or ourself).  Throughout my journey Home with him since the 1960s he has repeatedly told me he would accomplish my heart’s desire for me. None of us who are not fully awake from the dream of separation can accomplish our restoration to wakefulness without that help. Our bodily senses are not devised to show us what is happening in spirit, so it is easy to become dispirited when we don’t see the results; then we lose faith. 

Faith, or belief, is a free choice for each of us, and so if we do not believe in reality how can we expect to see, or experience it? Equally, when we choose to no longer believe in unreality it will fade from our perception. It was only because we chose to believe unreality was real that it arose into view and became our experience. And thus, reality faded from our sight, because we cannot believe in – and thus see/experience – reality and unreality at the same time. Faith enables our Higher Self – the Holy Spirit – to remove the blocks to our awareness of reality. But only if our faith is steadfast

Wavering faith is not faith at all because it keeps changing, so cannot accomplish our heart’s only true desire for Peace, Joy, Love, any more than desire for conflicting objectives can accomplish other than conflict. Jesus cannot accomplish our heart’s desire for us unless/until our desire is the same as his, which is for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (‘Thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven’), which is the same as Papa’s. As he says in ACIM: If you want to be like me I will help you, knowing that we are alike. If you want to be different, I will wait until you change your mind. (T-8.IV.6:3,4.) 

That is unconditional Love. 

Our heart’s desire is like his if it encompasses, unequivocally, Love, blessing, kinship, peace, goodwill, sharing, forgiveness… for ALL, equally, because we are all his brothers, equally. For this is the very stuff of the Kingdom. There is no way we can become like him without his help, because only he Knows what he is like, since fragments cannot know what wholeness is. But wholeness Knows that it is in all the fragments, and is entirely able to reunite those fragments with wholeness, which is Oneness; our true and only estate. 

Love and blessings for our continuing restoration to Oneness, 

Brian Longhurst



Each child of God must learn that His way is not only better, but that it is the only way.  To cave-in to frustration and impatience is to submit to the prince of time and place, seducing all into believing that temporal solutions suffice. Yet temporal solutions fade away, as does all in time and place.

Jesus, November 13th 1994

April 30th 2014 

Dear Friends, 

As more and more of us are becoming aware, we are moving deeper and deeper into the final phase of what Jesus has termed ‘the Great Rescue Programme’, or GRP. This is a three-stage, 6,000-year long process of the Awakening and rejoining of the fragmented Sonship of God that is our true Being. In recent years I have come to understand that the GRP is the completion of what Jesus calls the Atonement (At-One-ment), or restoration to Oneness from the illusion of separation. Nothing within the dream can be omitted from this process, otherwise the healing would be incomplete. 

Jesus is quoted as saying: …There is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. (Lk. 12:2). This is bad news for the ego, which is able to maintain its illusory presence in the seemingly slumbering mind of Papa’s Son only by keeping itself and its agenda hidden. This agenda – being the opposite of all that is the Love and Light, peace and joy of creation – is hate, darkness, fear, cruelty, death and destruction. When a cover is lifted all the life-forms hiding under it in the darkness scatter in all directions, not wanting to be exposed, and chaos reigns for a span. 

In due process a new order is established, under new conditions of light, in which all is revealed, made known, and the old order of darkness, hiddenness, secrecy, unserviceableness-to-the-whole is gone. In the illusion of linear time this transformation takes a period of time for the old order to become fully dispelled and the New Order – the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth – to become fully manifested in its place. This period is the chaos time. Few can have failed to observe that we are in the midst of that period right now. But chaos is only apparent in the without; never in the within. 

The chaos time is evinced by the two – opposite – energies at work simultaneously. On the one hand is the mad scrambling and panic to hide what has been/is being exposed by removal of the cover. And when there is no prospect of recovering (re-covering) what has been exposed as unserviceable to the whole, those involved adopt the only tactic available: to brazen it out defiantly, shamelessly, as if there is nothing wrong with such endeavours. But this cannot prevail because Light creates conditions in which that which seemed to prosper in darkness cannot long continue.  

On the other hand, Light creates conditions in which that which is serviceable to the common good prevail and prosper, quickly filling the gaps left by the demise of dark and shady endeavours, taking over from them. Truly, the meek shall inherit the Earth. As the cover has been lifting in recent time, brazening has increased, and to many, still seeing only in part, or through a glass, darkly, with double vision, it seems insuperable. Such seeing is blurred, and does not yet discern the transforming conditions the Light has initiated and is already bringing, and will continue to bring, to pass. 

Jesus told me many years ago, ‘When all around is chaos and disarray, then rejoice, for the Kingdom is at hand, even at the doors.’ I have learned that when he says something, it is totally reliable, including when it seems contra to the evidence of our bodily senses. He tells us the Kingdom is within us, so when chaos is all around us it (the chaos) is in the without. Thus does it serve us well to commit to seeking reality only within. The ego will try to dissuade us from this because it cannot know reality, and tries to distract us from it. But WE can Know it because we, Papa’s Son, are real. 

In ACIM  he tells us:  

Christ’s Second Coming, which is sure as God, is merely the correction of mistakes (i.e. mistaken perceptions) and the return of sanity. It is a part of the condition which restores the never-lost, and re-establishes what is forever and forever true. It is the invitation to God’s Word to take illusion’s place; the willingness to let forgiveness rest upon all things without exception and without reserve.

It is the all-inclusive nature of Christ’s Second Coming that permits it to embrace the world, and hold you safe within its gentle advent which encompasses all living things with you. There is no end to the release the Second Coming brings, as God’s creation must be limitless. Forgiveness lights the Second Coming’s way because it shines on everything as one.

(WpII-9.1,2. My italic, underlining and emboldening, for emphasis.) 

So, the Second Coming is, then, indisputably (unless we choose to dispute with Jesus) the return of sanity. That will be nice!☺. Unwillingness/unreadiness to accept the process of the Second Coming as he describes it is our free choice. But if his description is correct – and it becomes abundantly clear to those who go within to seek the truth, it is correct – our unwillingness denies ourself entry into the eternal joy of the Kingdom, necessitating further circuits of the carousel of birth and death, to provide further opportunities to re-evaluate the situation and choose truth in place of illusions. 

Rising to the surface of public awareness, to attract the attention of those who are ready, is a great upsurge of publicity – particularly on the internet, which, unlike the corporately-owned print and electronic media, has no agenda to hide the truth from us – about the unspeakable horrors of factory farming and industrial-scale slaughter of animals, in which unconditional Love (the only Love there is) and compassion have little or no place. This is very much part of the Great Awakening that is, right now, in perfect timing, taking place in our midst. 

Cruelty and viciousness are very much part of the ego’s agenda but it knows it could not get away with it on this scale human-to-human. So, using its treacherous guile, it hides away such treatment of other sentient beings – all part of the Oneness with us in the heart-mind of Papa, as indicated in the above ACIM quote – persuading us with forgetfulness that we are separate from them, so it doesn’t matter. Yet, from the context of non-dualism, how can Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. (Mt. 25:40) not apply to every living thing?       

Jesus eating meat (lamb, at the last supper, for example) is cited as justifying continuing to eat meat. But it is not, of itself, the eating of the flesh of animals that is unserviceable to our Awakening, but the unkingdomly treatment of animals during their rearing and slaughter that denies the all-inclusive nature which encompasses all living things with you, thus blocking our awareness of the Light from shining on everything as one. We close our eyes either to sleep or to shut out the Light and hide from our sight what we are afraid of or unwilling to see.  

If we close our eyes to the Light that illumines the Oneness, and thus, the all-inclusive nature, with us, of all living things, we are affirming our belief in the separation, and thus, our willingness for the dream, the nightmare, to continue. It is, as always, our free choice. 

Love and blessings for our conscious choice for the Second Coming – to our remembrance – of Christ, 

Brian Longhurst  


The cloak of the Lord’s protection – living in Him and always keeping your heart and life open to His presence – is the whole armour (of God) and no further contortions of mind or body are needful for such protection. The greatest threat of breach to such armour is complacency.

Holy Communion, November 20th 1994 

May 7th 2014 

Dear Friends, 

In A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Jesus tells us Papa knows nothing of time and place, because He Knows only of reality, which is eternity; unchanging, perfect, perpetual Love, peace and joy. This is, far, far beyond the awareness or understanding of a Son who chose to enter into the insane illusion of forgetfulness, fragmentation, littleness, self-limitation, the consciousness of fear, death… It is, therefore, hardly surprising that in Gary Renard’s book The Disappearance of the Universe (DU), we are told very few functioning in time and place have ever experienced direct communion with Papa. 

Yet it is a misperception of grand proportions to believe Papa has forgotten (or expelled from Heaven) His beloved Son, who, in a mad moment, made the physical universe – the without – to hide from his ever-Loving Father Creator. Now, he seems to find himself languishing in the wilderness of this ‘far country’, apparently abandoned and ever-in-danger. Many in this state of mind lament that God does not hear or answer their cries for help. Yet dreaming of separation always has been the free choice of each and every one of us, however much we may think we are here against our will. 

Such is the deceitfulness of the ego, that would have us believe we are banished from Heaven by a wrathful God as punishment for sin. We are, as ever, free to believe this, or instead, believe what Jesus tells us in this extract from ACIM, T-21.II:

This is the only thing that you need do for vision, happiness, release from pain and the complete escape from sin, all to be given you. Say only this, but mean it with no reservations, for here the power of salvation lies: 

I am responsible for what I see.

I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve.

And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked. 

Deceive yourself no longer that you are helpless in the face of what is done to you. Acknowledge but that you have been mistaken, and all effects of your mistakes will disappear. 

It is impossible the Son of God be merely driven by events outside of him. It is impossible that happenings that come to him were not his choice. His power of decision is the determiner of every situation in which he seems to find himself by chance or accident. No accident nor chance is possible within the universe as God created it, outside of which is nothing. Suffer, and you decided sin was your goal. Be happy, and you gave the power of decision to Him Who must decide for God for you.  

Papa gave his Son inviolable free will, so He honours his choice for separation, even though He Knows it is a mistake. Yet He allows it because He gave him free will, and what He gives He never revokes. How could He be trustworthy if He changed His Mind? He could not change His Mind because His Mind is perfect; to change it would mean imperfection. He is dependable because of His constancy. He has no need to change His Mind (even if He could!) because he Knows His Son, created in His exact, unchangeable, perfect likeness, cannot make mistakes in reality; only in fantasy. 

So guileful and convoluted is the ego’s plan for entrapment in linear time of Papa’s confused, fragmented Son that, in his self-limited state of mind it seems foolproof; impossible to ever escape the illusion of separation from Eternity. But happily, it is not God-proof. He Knows only of truth, of reality – His eternal, unchanging, perfect creation – so cannot acknowledge, or have any awareness of unreality: time and place; a fantasy, dream, illusion of separation. That, to the ego’s thought system, means God is barred from His Son’s made-up hiding place, so He cannot rescue His Son.  

But Papa, in creating His Son, and giving him everything, including free will, will, assuredly, have Known that free will could lead to freedom to choose other than everything. However absurd it may seem there could be a choice for other than everything (i.e. unremitting, eternal Love, Life, Light, peace, joy, limitless creative Mind Power, which are all bundled as one in Papa’s free gift package) it could be possible – with free will and all the creative Mind Power that Papa shared with His Son – to choose… nothing! To choose nothing means relinquishing everything.  

It is, of course, impossible to have everything and nothing at the same time. In reality, it is actually impossible to choose, and have, nothing, at all, because Papa gave us (His one Son) everything, and what Papa gives, shares, remains given, shared… forever! That is simply the way it IS in reality, but creative Mind Power is capable of imagining; making, fantasising, dreaming. A ‘trick’ that Papa, in His all-Knowing wisdom, could not, would not, have missed. But wait! Dreams and fantasies are not real… unless we choose (free will, remember) to enter into the spirit of them and go with them. 

Then, within the game of make-believe, they seem to be real, even though in truth, ‘nothing’ – the absence of everything – is impossible. So, we had to dress-up nothing to make it appear to be something: fear, guilt, dis-ease, judgement, pain, suffering, death, endings… But even one out of his mind could not accept all that (and the rest) unremittingly. So, a few ribbons and bows were added to distract us from the intolerable – like sex! And in case we think that (just by way of an example) is worth playing make-believe for, here is what the Holy Spirit told me on Dec. 5th 2010: 

…By a little willingness to co-operate with Self and commitment to forgiving all apparent blocks to Love’s awareness, Self will effortlessly remove them and wakefulness to Love will be restored. Then will be Known again the true experience of Perfect Love, which is a never-ending orgasm of the soul; a thousand times a thousand more powerful than any such feeble, bodily substitute.  Then will all guilt, fear, judgement, unforgiveness, grievance, shame, scarcity, separation, death be gone from belief, awareness, experience.  Forever. 

But I digress. Papa could not enter into nothingness to save, retrieve – Awaken – His slumbering, fantasising Son because that would have given the fantasy reality. Yet this was no problem for Papa. He created the Holy Spirit, the Voice for Himself, to enter into the fantasy and abide with His Son, in his mind, to re-mind him of Who he really was, and forever IS. But distractions within the dream meant he wasn’t listening. Yet the nature of reality – truth – meant it was inevitable that one of the fragments would eventually hear the still, small Voice within and follow It home; back to Papa. 

That one we now know as Jesus, who tells us: (ACIM, C-6.1:1) 

Jesus is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, Whom he called down upon the earth after he ascended into Heaven, or became completely identified with the Christ, the Son of God as He created Him.  

Embodiment is a very dense state of limitation to awareness, so a manifestation – embodiment – of the Spirit of Truth was necessary, to provide a communication mechanism so the confused, slumbering Sonship would be better able to hear the truth from within the dream of separation. We are all manifestations of the Spirit of Truth, just like Jesus, and also like him, we are here with one purpose: to save the world. Now is the time, the moment for us – all who will – to awaken to that one purpose. And saving the world is easy, when we undertake it with his help, and one step at a time. 

Endless Love and blessings for inner peace and joy, eternally, 

Brian Longhurst  


There is no real let or hindrance in the Earth Life to the awareness and understanding of the eternal realities.  Indeed, it is the Father’s good pleasure to make known the eternal realities to the children of Earth, without money and without price.

Jesus, November 27th 1994

May 14th 2014 

Dear Friends, 

Miracles, like the Kingdom of Heaven, are all around us, spread out in the midst of the Earth, but most of us don’t see them. This is because we are looking with the wrong eyes; the eyes that are inured in expectation of something outwardly spectacular. And we expect it ‘now’, on demand, instantaneously… otherwise that is ‘proof’ that miracles are impossible. ‘See, I asked for, even demanded, a miracle, and nothing happened. So, either there is no such thing, or there is no God, or He is not listening, or has judged me unworthy of a miracle.’ Thus says the ego’s script.  

But miracles are a state of mind. Because of our unbelief we are not in a state of miracle mindedness, and because we are not in a state of miracle mindedness, we cannot be in a state of miracle readiness. So, how can we ever hope to experience, be aware of, miracles?  By letting go of expectations and accepting belief in the principle of certainty. This is a case of being receptive to that which is rightfully ours and always has been. If we are not receptive, how can Papa restore to us that which is already ours. Is there one amongst us who believes Jesus was not receptive?  

Accepting the principle of certainty means we retrain our mind – by practising – to the place where we can say to ourself:

‘I know, of a certainty beyond all doubt, that Papa, Jesus and the Holy Spirit Love me unconditionally; accept me as I am, Know me totally – including the innermost desires of  my heart and mind; always hear my prayers and always, without exception, answer, freely, lovingly and immediately (FLI), in a way that is not just for my highest good but also for the highest good of all concerned. 

‘But because my awareness of at-onement with Them is not yet perfected, my inability to receive Their answer immediately – because the illusion of linear time still holds me in its thrall – confuses me about the interpretation of ‘immediately’. So, I consciously commit to choosing to send out my prayer and then leave it with Them, letting go of all expectation about the how, when or where of Their response, holding fast to the absolute certainty beyond all doubt that They have heard and FLI responded. And that, when the moment is right, I will become aware of Their answer. 

‘By this willingness to surrender all to Them I am getting out of Their way and allowing Them to work Their works. And, I need ask but once, Knowing of a certainty that They are neither deaf nor forgetful. So, having asked once I can and will give thanks for Their answer, as an affirmation of my faith that They have answered. And as we become more comfortable, more adept – by unwavering faith – in the principle of certainty, so our awareness of Their response improves, and the apparent lapse between asking and our awareness of their response shortens until, as with Jesus, it is immediate.’ 

If Jesus had been unreceptive to all that Papa gave (and has never revoked) His beloved Son at his creation how could he have performed all those miracles? And, just in case we are in any doubt that we – every one of us – are equal parts, with Jesus, of the Sonship of God, here is what he tells us: He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do… (Jn. 14:12). This tells us plainly that in truth there is no difference between him and us, yet within the illusion we believe we are ‘unworthy’, so have closed our receptors to Papa’s free gifts.  

If the works Jesus did we shall do also, and greater works, we can still tempests, hurricanes, tornadoes, heal the sick, raise the ‘dead’ just as easily, as readily as he did, by choosing to believe. By believing, we open ourself into a receptive state, and that state is nowhere save in our mind. But our mind is split between listening to (or following the script of) the ego and listening to (or following the script of) the Holy Spirit. The ego tells us nothing but lies – we are little, sinners, unworthy, victims… (you know the story). The Holy Spirit – our true Self – tells us only the truth of our Being. 

The ego has persuaded us that if we wish to accomplish anything we have to ‘make it happen’ because no other blighter is going to do it for us. Quite the contrary, in fact; every other blighter is out to get what we have accomplished by the sweat of our brow, so we must defend ourself against him. And, as likely as not, attack is the better form of defence. Then, the spoils of war will be ours, giving us all the more reason to attack. The Holy Spirit assures us (and He is trustworthy because He is the Voice for God) that in truth there is nothing to do because all was accomplished at our creation. 

Therefore there is nothing to strive, struggle, sacrifice, fight for except in our perception. Jesus tells us we perceive what we believe. So, if we believe we are in a place – a world – of scarcity, fear, pain, suffering, death… that is what we will, inevitably, perceive. This demonstrates the creative power of the mind of Papa’s Son, even when split into myriad fragments, upside down, believing himself to be what he is not. The ego tells us we must strive, fight, sacrifice in this dangerous world, to survive. I now quote what my friend Myron Jones posted on Facebook a few days ago:

From ACIM Workbook Lesson 132, “There is no world!” (Jesus)

“Dr. Quantum” Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, physicist, says it like this: “The (so-called ‘physical’) Universe doesn’t exist without a perceiver of that universe.”

We are the perceiver and what is perception except our beliefs about something? We are learning that first, we are deciding what we want to see, and then it appears. What naturally follows is that we can see something different if we change our minds about what we want to see, and we do that for a while. Finally, we give up perception altogether as we accept knowledge instead. When we let go of perception entirely we are no longer perceivers and then with no one to perceive it, the world ceases to exist. The joke is that the world never did exist; only our thoughts about it existed.

Thank you, Myron, for your incisive elucidation.

The ego will scream at us, ‘All very well, but take a look out there. There is murder, genocide, famine, homelessness… you name it. Fat chance it will miraculously disappear just by ignoring it, turning away from it. We need to be out there, fighting for human rights, equality, peace, justice… If we don’t do something it will never end.’  The ego loves to inculcate this ‘wonderful’ word fight into our consciousness at just about every turn (‘Fight tooth decay; fight body odour; [animals don’t have body odour because they don’t believe they are guilty] fight for your rights; fight, fight, fight…’)

It is noteworthy that everything the ego wants to engage us in is about ‘doing’. Everything the Spirit of Truth wills for us is about ‘Being’. Doing is of bodies, and thus affirms the ego’s intent to convince us we are a temporal, mortal body. Doing, for most of us, is a distraction from Being; just what the ego wants. Being is a state of mind. When Jesus healed the sick, he was sharing with them his state of mind; shining the Light by which his mind was illuminated into the mind of his brethren in the Sonship. His mind was whole, and he shared that wholeness, that freedom from guilt, with them. 

And he told them ‘Your faith has made you whole’. Without their faith he could not have healed them because faith is receptiveness; willingness to allow, to surrender our ego self-will into the all-Loving, tender care of Papa or those empowered by Him through their at-onement with Him. When we surrender to Him we can be doing whatever is required of us at the moment and it will not distract us from our state of mind, our Being, our oneness – or our unwavering desire for and commitment to oneness in Him.  

It also means we will have less and less concern about – and more and more compassion, Love and blessing for – this dream world of misery and despair. That opens our channels of receptivity to allow the Holy Spirit to bring us to a place of right mindedness, which is miracle mindedness, or miracle readiness. That receptiveness will lead us away from (ego) perception and toward truth, reality, eternity; i.e., Knowledge. As Myron says, if we change our minds about what we want to see, and we do that for a while, finally, we give up perception altogether as we accept Knowledge instead. 

Thus is the ego world – a construct only of our upside-down, ego-enthralled mind – dispelled, and disappears back to the nothingness from whence it came. And the real world, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth – which has, as Jesus tells us, always been spread out around us in the world but we have not seen it – appear before our sight. We can choose this Now. There is only Now. 

Love and blessing empower us all for making the right choice, 

Brian Longhurst  


In your own heart and mind you have been one-pointed and committed, and this is necessary for the manifestation of the reality of the Kingdom to take tangible form, shape, structure within your awareness. 

Jesus, December 11th 1994

May 21st 2014 

Dear Friends, 

Outwardly, we perceive ourself as alone, abandoned, and thus, fearful. Even those of us in strong, spiritually-focused relationships experience these feelings from time to time; some, more often and to a greater degree than others. One of the things we find hardest to do is face our fears. And the way they are most often avoided is by distracting ourself. This manifests in myriad ways, such as ‘retail therapy’ (shopping), comfort eating, holidays, gambling, drugs, alcohol, making money… it’s a long list. However, you may have noticed that Jesus was not distracted by any such activities. 

There will be those who would say he did drink wine. Indeed, he is quoted as saying to the Pharisees: The Son of man is come eating and drinking; and ye say, Behold a gluttonous man, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners! (Lk. 7:34). Of course that did not mean, because he enjoyed time with his friends and followers, fellowshipping with them at mealtimes, breaking bread and drinking wine, that he was distracted by any such activities. He Knew who he was and why he was here. No such outward engaging with his brethren can distract one with commitment such as this. 

That indicates the temporal (but not eternal) difference between him and us. Most of us go through a whole incarnation – and indeed, multiple incarnations – too fearful to even wonder who we are, and even more so why we are here. This is because the ego does not want us to ask such questions. To ask is an integral part of the ‘Ask, Seek, Knock’ (ASK) state of mind to which Jesus exhorts us, because he knows this will engage our mind with the Spirit of Truth. And, assuredly, the Spirit of Truth will always answer – truthfully and contributing to the undoing of the ego! 

No-one ASKs who does not desire answers. If we ask, in sincerity and humility, of the Spirit of Truth we can be sure that the answers will not only be true – even if they do not seem to immediately make sense to our upside-down perception – but also helpful. This is where trust comes into play, calling for us to have a little willingness for Him to demonstrate to us that His word is reliable and for the highest good of ALL. This is because only true answers lead us toward the Light and away from darkness, fear and confusion, which are the habitat of the ego.   

No wonder, then, that the ego does not want us to ask. It considers asking to be its function, but never believing the answers, because it believes nothing. But, as Paul assures is in his first letter to the Corinthians: Love Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things… (1 Cor. 13:7), and also, never faileth (1 Cor. 13:8). We can be certain that the Spirit of Truth is Love, because He is the perfect gift from God to us, His errant, somnolent Son; the Voice for God – Who IS Love – so is empowered to speak only Truth, which IS Love, because only Love is true. 

I have emboldened ‘believeth all things’, above, because the fragmented, fearful Sonship is far from ready or willing to believe all things and it will serve us well to consider the validity of Paul’s statement in a new light. The Sonship is fearful because it is unbelieving. And that unbelief is what keeps us blind, deaf – insensitive – to reality: ‘all things’. We are unbelieving because nothing temporal is real – no-thing – and therefore, unbelievable. How can we believe in no-thing unless we are misperceiving? And, having closed ourself off from reality what can we expect to ‘see’ save unreality? 

By choosing a little willingness, against all that our ego-devised bodily senses tell us, to believe what they cannot show us, the Holy Spirit will immediately begin to reveal to us reality – ‘all things’ – and we will then begin to believe them. The ego will tell us this is unbelievable because we cannot see the Holy Spirit, so He can only be a myth. True, we cannot ‘see’ the Holy Spirit, but we can experience His effects in our life, and the effects cannot but demonstrate cause. Those effects will bear witness, testify to, convince us of, the Cause. 

In the early stages it will still be hard to face our fears, but we cannot see through them, for the illusion they are, unless and until we are willing to do so. Happily, in this we are not alone. Ever. Jesus is with us every moment, and when we attune with him we cannot experience fear because he is real and fear is unreal; and he will share with us his all-empowerment for overcoming this ego-world. He will also share with us the eyes of Christ, through which only reality is visible. Having begun to experience reality we can then begin to look objectively at what had previously caused us fear. 

Jesus tells us we can dispel fear, and all unreality, only by contrasting it with what is real, so can then freely choose between them. How can we choose between what brings us unconditional Love, and what causes us fear, unless we are willing to look at both? The ego keeps us in the consciousness of fear by persuading us the cause of our fear is too terrible to face. The cause, so it says, is our guilt and the threat of retribution by God. When we hold Jesus’ hand – which he lovingly proffers, always – we are without fear because he shares with us his innocence and thus, fearlessness.  

Then we will see that he, and Papa, and the Holy Spirit, truly are unconditional Love; that there is no condemnation; only acceptance of us as we are, because in Their sight we are innocent. If the ego sees us as guilty and Papa sees us as innocent, who will we believe? And when we have accepted that the world of judgement, and bodies, and guilt and fear are nothing but a dream, from which we are free to choose to awaken, accepting Their judgement of us – innocent – is a doddle. Then we are free to live and BE that innocence and share it with our brothers, to set them free also. 

Now is the time for us to open our hearts and minds to truth, freedom, Love and blessings abounding, 

Brian Longhurst 


There are many multitudes lost in the wilderness of their own making,  that they see not the loving arms of their Father, who prepares for them the banquet, to welcome them back to the inheritance which is rightfully theirs.

Jesus, January 1st 1995 

May 28th 2014 

Dear Friends, 

We cannot escape/leave behind this ‘mortal coil’ – time and place – until it no longer matters to us. When, and only when we have withdrawn all investment in the temporal will it no longer matter. Sooner or later – in this ‘present’ embodiment, or another, or yet another – we will all see its glister is not gold; that the real treasure is elsewhere, our true Home.  If all else is nothing – and assuredly, it is nothing – then to make nothing matter is beyond reason. Many still believe we escape illusion by ‘dying’ and, depending on our track record, are then transported either to Heaven or to hell.  

Heaven, like hell, is not some ‘future’ place, but a state of mind which we are free to choose in the only moment that exists: NOW. Hell is our present choice. If we need further evidence, the 6 o’clock News or a visit to an abattoir will amply supply it. Heaven is unchangeable peace, joy and Love that is attainable only by surrendering our attachment to, our investment in, the changeable. We get to neither state of mind by accepting as inevitable an illusory process that merely prolongs the illusion: ‘death’. As discussed before, there is no such thing as dying, dead or death.  

It is more meaningful to see it simply as laying aside our body. That implies that we are not a body; that we continue after the event of letting go of what we are not, so for us there is continuity. This dispels from our mind the ego perceptions of finality, of endings. There is no end – even as there is no beginning – in reality; only in illusion. We only escape illusion by choosing to see past it, through it, to reality – our true estate, in which, literally, no-thing (i.e. the temporal) matters. Believing illusion is real imprisons us in a state of mind where pain and suffering inevitably await us.  

This is our experience based in past perception, and we tend to believe in more of the same. More of the same is perfect when we accept the Holy Instant as our reality because that IS reality – peace, joy, Love; more of the same, eternally. But accepting the unreal – which can exist only in the past, because it was a fleeting moment of madness, now gone forever – as inevitable means we project it into the future, thus giving continuity to unreality. Instead, we can say to ourself: ‘I choose not to project the past into the future, but to extend the Holy Instant into the eternal NOW.’  

This takes great, steadfast commitment because the ego distracts us with images of littleness myriad times each day. But when we choose to walk – set out upon our journey – with Jesus as our Companion of the Way, we become so engaged in his presence, which IS joy, peace and Love unbounded (just like Papa, of Whom he is the anointed messenger) that we have no awareness at all of any images of littleness. When we choose to surrender our journey into his control, allowing him to lead us, it ceases to be a meandering, meaningless circuit of the carousel of birth and death. 

Untold pitfalls are avoided; the path becomes clearer, less and less rock and thorn strewn; no longer purposeless. We do not, as yet, Know its purpose or its destination because our experience is still based in the past, since that is all – in our somnolent state of mind – of which we have any awareness, any recollection. But now, with Jesus as our Companion and Guide to Eternity, we can cease projecting past into future, becoming completely carefree because we intuitively trust him, and have no doubt that he Knows our destination and is entirely competent and empowered to lead us There. 

With that certainty beyond all doubt that our destination is assured – because he Knows it, and he is trustworthy – all doubt, fear, uncertainty are expunged from our mind, so we can dwell completely in the moment. The ego, that seems to occupy part of our mind, will be fearful of our surrender to the leading of our journey to One of which it is not aware, and will strenuously resist our setting out on a path with which it is not familiar – i.e. more of the past – because it trusts no-one. And we trust no-one, including Jesus, all the while we allow the ego to rule our mind.  

We may think we are unwilling to allow that pesky ego to rule our mind and our life, but unless and until we choose for Jesus, and/or the Holy Spirit, to take the helm in its place, the ego remains in control because that is the default position we allowed since the moment of the separation. It will argue that we should not let Them wrest control of our mind, our life, our journey from it because They are interlopers and thus, not trustworthy. But that is a subterfuge, a lie, because we are one with Jesus in the Sonship, and the Holy Spirit is the connecting mechanism, already within us all. 

The moment we change our mind and choose Jesus/Holy Spirit to lead us back to the Light of eternal joy, peace and Love is the instant our life begins to change for the better. That instant is rightfully referred to by Jesus in A Course in Miracles (ACIM) as the Holy Instant. Here are some extracts from what he says about it in chapter 15:  

This course is not beyond immediate learning, unless you believe that what God wills takes time. And this means only that you would rather delay the recognition that His Will is so. The holy instant is this instant and every instant. The one you want it to be, it is. The one you would not have it be is lost to you. You must decide when it is. Delay it not. For beyond the past and future, where you will not find it, it stands in shimmering readiness for your acceptance…  

The (Holy) instant in which magnitude dawns upon you is but as far away as your desire for it.  

You can claim the holy instant any time and anywhere you want it… 

I stand within the holy instant, as clear as you would have me. And the extent to which you learn to accept me is the measure of the time in which the holy instant will be yours. I call to you to make the holy instant yours at once, for the release from littleness in the mind of the host of God depends on willingness, and not on time. 

The necessary condition for the holy instant does not require that you have no thoughts that are not pure. But it does require that you have none that you would keep. (Can ‘impure thoughts’ be other than those in which the highest good for all is not intended?) Innocence is not of your making. It is given you the instant you would have it.  

The holy instant is the Holy Spirits most useful learning device for teaching you loves meaning.  For its purpose is to suspend judgment entirely. Judgment always rests on the past, for past experience is the basis on which you judge. Judgment becomes impossible without the past… You believe that without the ego, all would be chaos. Yet I assure you that without the ego, all would be love. 

The Holy Instant, then, is the instant in which we are at-one with, accepting of, inner peace, joy and Love. Can there be one amongst us for whom that is not the desire and intent, above all else? 

Brian Longhurst 


You see me relaxed and at peace; this is because I Know that all is according to cosmic Law; eternal Principle.  All that is needful is to harmonise with the Life of the Father and cosmic Law will attend to the details.

Jesus, January 8th 1995

June 4th 2014 

Dear Friends, 

When Theresa and I visited our beloved brother, Ken Wapnick, in 2008 I asked him if he is Awake. He thought for a few moments and then said, “I don’t know”. I have pondered this question over the years, and asked the Holy Spirit to guide my understanding of this pivotal matter. In discussing this here, the terms ‘Awake’ and ‘Enlightened’ are interchangeable, as they essentially have the same meaning. 

As we move deeper into the leavening of the third measure of meal, many of the fragments of Papa’s Sonship are getting ever closer to the Great Universal Awakening, so it is inevitable the questions will arise: ‘Am I Awake? Are you, my brother, Awake? How will I Know when it happens?’ I have discussed this with close brothers in the Sonship on various occasions. I am also reminded of the statement about Awakening, or Enlightenment, ‘Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water; after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water’. 

This is, I believe, telling us that outwardly, nothing changes when we awaken, but inwardly everything changes because we now see reality instead of illusion, and nothing in the without means anything, or matters, anymore because we are fully Awake, so nothing in the illusion can shake or distract our equilibrium. Before enlightenment, chopping wood and carrying water may have seemed a chore, an indignity or even a curse, but afterwards it has no effect on our peace of mind, which has now become totally in at-one-ment with our whole/holy eternal, all-empowered-by-Love God-Self.  

This state of unending bliss enables us to be completely unaffected by whatever seems to be happening around us or even to us – or, more meaningfully, to the body by which our brothers identify us, but which we Know is not our Identity as Papa’s Son. This is why/how Jesus was unaffected by the event we refer to as the Crucifixion. He was totally at-one with/in Papa; totally guiltless/innocent and therefore totally without fear, Knowing of a certainty beyond all doubt that the innocent cannot experience pain or suffering, because only belief in guilt causes such experience. 

All our information, guidance, purpose, awareness, understanding, intent then comes from within, from our direct-connection with Papa. Or, during our transformational stage, via the Spirit of Truth, our very Breath of Life – the Holy Breath. In this state of remembrance miracles of any</