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The following exchange was posted on December 9th 2009

This is the last posting for 2009.  To see current/recent postings please go to Forum 2012-2014


The following exchange is in respect of Linda, for whom a request for prayers for miraculous healing was sent out after a car crash left her with multiple injuries (please see case #13 on the Prayers for Healing page)


My prayers will be following Linda in this time, and my thoughts are surely with her.  It really brought tears to my eyes as I read the list of injuries the second time, seemed worse than the first reading. Thank you so much for bringing her to my attention, God Bless you.  Sharon


Bless you too, Sharon; this is so greatly appreciated by all.  It is early days but we had some very encouraging news late Monday.  We await news of further developments, but Linda had been in a coma since the accident, last Wednesday, and after the request for multi-person prayers, on Monday, her partner, Steve, said she opened one eye on Monday about 8pm (the other seems to be affected by the physical injuries) and was able to follow him as he moved around the room.  He also said she appeared to be trying to move her legs (there was grave concern that she could be paralysed).  I will, of course, post details of any progress on the PfH page in due course. 


She was due to have surgery yesterday but that had to be postponed because of some other major event and all theatre availability was taken by it.  Since all is known to the Holy Spirit, this delay is well within His arrangements.  The surgery is due today.  Last night there seemed to have been a little more progress, but I should hear further this evening.  I am now at the place in the growth of my faith/understanding/remembrance of Who I really am that I know beyond all doubt that the Holy Spirit is involved and will outwork the best result for all, whatever that is.  This causes me to be completely at peace about Linda.


Your cousin Corinne (see case #2 in the Prayers for Healing page) is a shining example of the Holy Spirit's all-empowered ability, working in conjunction with faith.  As 'blind faith' (which can be very quickly and easily dismantled by doubt, so 'results' of prayers for healing can seem so variable) is transformed into 'faith with understanding' which is what is happening right now, thanks to Jesus, A Course In Miracles, and the Holy Spirit guiding my studies of it as I focus on understanding how miraculous healing really works, so that, like Jesus (Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. 1Jn. 3:2)  miraculous healing can take place every time we give wholeness to a brother who perceives himself as broken.  This is the true, normal reality that is our heritage from Papa, and now is the time of fulfilment of our restoration to that estate, thanks to Jesus' GRP.


Limitless blessings, dear Sharon, as always,




The following exchange was posted on November 26th 2009


Dear Brian,


Jesus has clearly been the focal point of your spiritual journey all your adult life, and although Jesus features a lot still, particularly where you are referring to ACIM, in the last year or two you speak more about the Holy Spirit.  I understand that in ACIM Jesus says he is now fully Identified with the Holy Spirit, but to be sure I am not missing something, can you tell me more about the significance, or importance of this shift in emphasis?


Please provide some clarification, so I can get my thoughts and understanding back in balance, as I know you are under guidance and inspiration, or enlightenment from the highest level, but it is not always easy to keep up with where you are headed.


Love and blessings to you for your wonderful work,





Dear Geraldine,


Brilliant question, and I am so glad you ask for clarification on this important matter. 


You obviously have read SFGS and the journey on which Jesus has led me, and my unequivocal love for and devotion to him.  This remains unchanged, just as he remains unchanged because he has completed his journey back to oneness in Papa, where all is unchangeable.  Perfection cannot change or it could not have been perfect; or if it was perfect, it would become something else if it changed.  So he is complete, and is leading us back to remembrance of our completeness, with him, as one in the Sonship.


You will be aware (because I have mentioned it countless times!) of Jesus’ parable about the leaven, which a woman took and mixed into three measures of meal, until the whole (all three measures) was leavened, or raised up.  This is extensively discussed in SFGS, chapter 11, from paragraph 35 onward.  In that I have referred to the second measure of meal (from the time of Jesus until the switchover from the Piscean to the Aquarian ages, probably around 1965) as the ‘Jesus’ measure.  That seems logical since he and his message — although distorted and badly misunderstood — was or became, paramount in many of the cultures and religions of the world.  


But the third measure — now getting well under way — is the Kingdom, or fulfilment, measure, in, or by the end of which, the fragmented Sonship will have been restored to oneness; reunified.  During the Jesus measure the fragments have been perceiving Jesus alone as the one and only Son of God.  That, of course, was an essential part of the GRP, or At-onement process, as Jesus calls it in ACIM; a crucial, middle step in the three-step Plan, of winning the hearts and lives of millions to love and honour him; a preparatory stage for the third, final and completion stage of the resurrection, or awakening process. 


But of course it was, by its nature as but the second of three steps, incomplete.  Nevertheless, it served its purpose of giving us something — Jesus, the perfected man, who saw through the illusion, remembered who he really was and completed the journey back to Papa — to set our sights upon; to become aware that he is the spiritual template for us all.  Enough of his message survived the demolition attempt of ego to tell us of a certainty what is our destiny: Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. Jn. 14:12.    


Yet now the GRP moves into its final phase; the phase in which Jesus, working as one with the Holy Spirit — because he is one with the Holy Spirit — raises (leavens) our mind to full wakefulness of who we all are.  It was an essential step that we should commit our religious — or, more meaningfully, spiritual — life to, and communing with, Jesus, the first of the brethren to become leavened to Christ Mind oneness. 


It is of no consequence that such communing by the fragments during the second measure was not a complete success; the endeavour was there through the device known as institutionalised religion, and for many, perhaps most even, so was the sincerity.  That is all that matters for the Holy Spirit; He does the rest for us.  But Jesus does not, cannot stop there because he knew that was not the completion of the GRP; it was not yet our destiny fulfilled.


He had to teach us to remember that we are all one Self, in God, and that Self is the Holy Spirit.  We appear as separate bodies with separate minds but that is an ego-devised illusion, not the truth (ego is the opposite of truth); not the reality of our Being.  The second measure of meal remained within the separation, or duality consciousness, wherein ‘we’ were ‘down here’ and Jesus was ‘up there’ in our perception. 


Jesus knew he could not tell us the whole truth at that stage in the process, because we were not ready. Yet even then, he gave us hints for our true Being with statements such as The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. Lk. 17:20, 21.


Now we are ready to begin the stage of remembrance that we are not separate, mortal bodies with separate, upside-down, conflicted minds.  Of course, most of us are not consciously aware of all this; that does not matter because Jesus is fully aware, and he is in charge of the GRP, with all power in Heaven and Earth.  It also does not matter because it is only in our upside-down, little-self, ego dominated mind that we are unaware, have not yet remembered the truth of our Being. 


Our real Self knows; has always known, and it is with that Self that we are now at the beginning of the stage of communing, attuning, or becoming at-one, with.  If we stayed at the place of perception that Jesus alone was the one, true and only Son of God, up high with God in Heaven, and we were stuck ‘down here’ — which is how it would be indefinitely without the third measure of meal — we would never fulfil our destiny of reunification of the fragmented Sonship, for all eternity, in Papa.


All the while we see our brother Jesus as separate from our self, separation will be our reality.  Our unification with him in the glory that is our real Being, as the Christ, the Son of God, is through our own within, our own higher mind, Self, the Spirit of Truth.  This is the state of Christ-Mindedness which we all share, in which we are all, including Jesus, one.  That Christ Mind is all-knowing because it is one with the Mind of God.


We are now at the place in the unfolding GRP, or three measures of meal, where we are being brought back to the remembrance of Who we really are, and to enable this, we have to learn, or remember to get back in touch with our real, higher mind — Self — and realise through that communion that Christ is not someone else, but is our real Self, within, and that is the only place we will find Him because that is Who and where we are.  All things that appear to be ‘out there’ are nothing more than an ego-made distraction to divert us from the truth of our Being.


Three-dimensional consciousness has difficulty assimilating these Kingdom-dimension realities, and ego is always ready to get us to give up on them because they signal its end.  But we are being helped, not just by someone ‘else’ (Jesus) but by and from our own Self reality within.  No-one knows this better than Jesus and no-one is more eager for our waking to this awareness than he. 


So, in the third measure, Jesus is withdrawing from the focal position he allowed — because it served the Kingdom mission of the GRP — during the second measure as being an icon for reverence and worship.  Now, as the process proceeds, our perspective proceeds with it, and undergoes a shift.


He will be with us to help us throughout the third measure, but he will no longer be seen by us in the same way as we perceived him during the second measure because he wants us to awaken — as we are doing — to the realisation that we are equal with him in the oneness of the Sonship. 


Love and honour for and devotion to him him as our beloved brother is, and will remain, entirely appropriate, just as he loves, honours and is devoted to us, but revering and worshiping a brother is inappropriate, especially at this stage in proceedings.  Getting to know and become fully awake in and as our true Self is the order and focus of the third measure.


I hope this is helpful, Geraldine.


Love and many blessings,




The following exchange was posted on October 28th 2009


Hi Brian, Hi Dorothy,  As is so characteristic of you, your laser-sharp incisive understanding is 'working overtime'. Thank you for the Message of Encouragement dated 21st October. I found it very helpful, especially the piece entitled 'Should Healing be Repeated' and it gave me a lot of food for thought..


Yes, the wisdom, teaching and truth in ACIM is complete, absolute; it tells us everything we need to know to escape from time and place and return our mind to its Rightful Place. It is so fully comprehensive that starting from where we are (or appear to be!) upside down it takes a great deal of study.


Theresa and I are greatly blessed a) to have had 'a 40-year head-start', having been following its author closely during that period, so that by the time we came to ACIM 4 years ago, we instantly recognised its authorship as being one and the same source, and b) having placed ourselves under Jesus' tutelage back in the 1960s we were well familiar with doing the same with the Holy Spirit during the last few years.  As Jesus says in ACIM, he became fully identified with the Holy Spirit, or Self, so They are one and the same, just as it is the destiny of us all so to become.  What is there to say to that other than Alleluia!  


I have often wondered about the idea behind that recommended practice of sitting down to pray for many of the same people week after week, (I have been doing this), because to ask once and leave it up to Higher Self seems logical. 


Yes, it does, doesn't it.  Repeating the same request over and over to God does not make sense when one considers that if we 'believe in Him' we can only accept that He heard us the first time.  So, with our increased knowledge, courtesy of Jesus, in ACIM, and the Holy Spirit for shining His light of understanding in our minds, we can now give the wholeness that we have chosen to receive, because by receiving it, it has become (once more) ours to give, thus enabling us to hold it. And, having given it to the healee, we can then give thanks to He Who gave it to us, for His free gift, as often as our sense of deep gratitude moves us so to do. 


But... giving it some more thought, and taking on board what you wrote, logic must be tempered with caring, which would mean ideally, also thinking of the sick with compassion throughout the day or whenever they come into our mind, to give gratitude and thanks for their healing and to endeavour to "pray without ceasing" as Jesus tells us.


I wholeheartedly agree with this. For me, compassion is a kind of litmus test of our unconditional love.  If we feel compassion (which we cannot contrive), then we are feeling love, which is a giving, or a gift, unconditionally.  Bearing in mind that 'prayer is an attunement, not a pleading', 'pray without ceasing' means attuning, which includes gratitude for what has already been freely, lovingly and immediately given to us (because it is our inheritance, given freely and without condition by our Creator at our creation). 


We don't have to keep placating God, and neither does Jesus, to stop God from destroying us for our perceived 'wickedness' or 'sinfulness.'  All such doctrines are false doctrines.  Unconditional love is What God Is, and unconditional love is unconditional acceptance, caring and nurturing. It is not condemnation and punishment; that is exclusively ego's domain.   


However, setting aside a time to send healing, will be a way in a busy life, when the mind is full of the problems of every day, to make a definite commitment to spend time with our Higher Self. This will give a holy space when we can opt out of the dynamics of the dream of separation - and merge with the many, (this is very incisively put) and as you said in your message, to ask once,  then send thanks for the healing thereafter.


This makes so much more sense than pleading over and over, as if we have to 'persuade' God to do what we 'fear' He may have set His mind against; or, that it is He Who inflicted the dis-ease upon the hapless 'victim' for some 'sin', in the first place, and we have to try and persuade Him to change His mind and withdraw the punishment.


Do you think that in spite of whatever is grabbing our attention in our own lives, if we state our intention to our Higher Self  always to be with the healee in the now, this will be the case, and they will feel the comfort of  our companionship and support  to them on their journey and be strengthened by it?. 


Jesus said 'I am with you always', and since we are like him (in truth, even if we have momentarily forgotten it; but we are now beginning to remember it), we can 'practise' being like him until our memory is fully restored and perfected).  We can, in our heart and mind (it doesn't need to be bodily proximate, since we are not bodies) envision being with the healee, as in 'being one with'. This gives/brings the wholeness that we have accepted as ours to the healee. This means we keep the wholeness by giving our wholeness to our (illusorily) dis-eased sibling-in-the-Sonship, so that they may know it is theirs, freely, also. 


Another thought Brian: do we need to 'seal' ourselves as some healing organisations recommend, to prevent us absorbing or taking on others' sickness?


Over to you Brian.  Love from Dorothy


When we have 'surrendered the leasehold' of our life into the care, guidance and protection (cgp) of Self, the Spirit of Truth, we are truly placed within that care, because He takes His commitment to cgp us seriously, and he is able, because He brings to the task all the empowerment vested in Him by Papa .


We only need to make that committed 'surrender' once, because, of course, He is neither deaf nor forgetful, but we can affirm our commitment (into His cgp) and give thanks for it as often as we feel drawn, by our increasing, awakening, awareness of at-one-ment, so to do.  This never hurts, because, with all the ego sidetracking of time and place, we can be forgetful, so it is a reminder to ourself that we have placed ourself within that cgp.  That helps to keep us on the wavelength.  That is a more meaningful way of perceiving and applying the concept of 'sealing.'  As stated in last week's MoE, the 2nd measure perception was 'blind faith' but the 3rd, awakening, measure is 'faith with understanding.' 


Thank you, Dorothy; you are a true inspiration.


Love, as always, 




The following exchange was posted on October 2nd 2009


Hi Brian,


If the world – the ‘physical’ universe – is a dream, an illusion, made by our split-off, ego mind as a place to escape from the imagined wrath of God, and Jesus’ GRP is aimed at waking us from the dream, and this will have all happened within the next 2000 years, why do we need to worry about environmental issues, pollution, deforestation, animal species extinctions etc?




Dave and Ellie


Hi Dave and Ellie,


It is clear you have been thinking about these all-important matters, and have come up with a very important question.  Here is my answer:


The state of the world, the environment and our stewardship (or lack thereof) of it is a reflection of the state of mind of the fragmented, ego-dominated Sonship.  That’s us; all of us.  We have to be willing to have our thinking corrected, by Jesus/the Holy Spirit back into a state of Kingdom-of-Heaven-mindedness, by changing our minds from ego-thinking, in which nobody cares about anyone else, or honour, trust, love, peace, goodwill, compassion – and including our attitude toward and treatment of the environment etc., to right-minded thinking, in which all those things are central to our very being.


An example of how to illustrate this might be, if one took a person who mugged old ladies, took drugs, lived, by choice, in squalor, dropped litter in the street, etc., etc., and welcomed them into a magnificent home, gave them grand clothes, fine dining, jewellery, etc., most of us would immediately see that this would not work.  That person would need to be taught how to care for such things and how to behave in such a change of circumstances, in order to fit in and resonate with those changes.


Of course, behaviour starts in, or comes from, the mind, so it is a case of correcting the thinking of such a person.  That can only happen if and when that person is ready to recognise that their past behaviour has not been serviceable to the common good of all his brothers in the community (the Sonship), so is not sustainable, not just in the environment from which he is being removed, but also in the environment to which he is being introduced.  Of course the owner (or His Son) of the magnificent house would be well aware of that and would do all he could to help that person change his mind – and therefore, his behaviour – before bringing him in.


In truth, that person would be unable to enter Heaven, not because God locks us out, but because if we are not on the Kingdom wavelength (such as would be the case with the person in the above-mentioned example), we could have no awareness of, or even desire for, the Kingdom of Heaven.  Heaven is a state of awareness, not a place, so it is impossible to enter unless we have, first, a desire for and then an awareness of and a resonance with that state of mind, that state of Being.


The GRP, or Atonement, as ACIM calls it, is a programme of retraining our minds from ego/wrong/unKingdomly thinking (which is insanity) to Holy Spirit/right/Kingdomly thinking, so that by the end of the Aquarian Age in about two-thousand years we, the fragments of the Sonship, will have been restored to right-mindedness, resonance with the Kingdom, and Papa will then – and only then, because He cannot act before we are all ready to accept His action – reach down and ‘scoop us up’ into His ‘arms’ and we will ‘disappear into the Heart of God’ (see ACIM Workbook, page 479).


Jesus describes it this way, in Luke 16: 10-12: 


He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.  If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches?  And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another man’s, who shall (be able to) give you that which is your own?


Of course there is more to this than can be comprehensively stated here, but I hope this helps.  Study of ACIM provides a full understanding of these things, so I commend it to you J.


Love and light,




The following exchanges were posted on August 12th 2009


The following exchanges with Sharon from Newfoundland, Canada, took place during the last few weeks, as indicated by the date above each exchange.  They are posted here so that all who wish might receive more palpable encouragement about the power and benefit of prayer.  If you read on you will see that miraculous healing has been very much at work.


Sharon's comment, below:   'I would really like to be part of your prayer group and be called upon to pray for others when needed' and: ...should you ever need prayers know that I am one person who saw a good example of the power of prayer that I shall never forget... have touched on a matter I have been pondering for a while, about adding a page to the HTG website focussing on prayer for people in need, whether mental/emotional or physical. 


The idea would be, broadly speaking, as far as it is developed in my mind: anyone who has a matter for which they seek prayer help for themselves or another would write in, giving as much detail as is pertinent, to help others to get 'on the wavelength' (but keeping strictly to the point; ego LOVES sidetracking us, and how ready so many of us are to allow it). 


Their message would be posted on the 'Prayer request' page, inviting any who see it to offer heartfelt prayer.  If inspired by the Holy Spirit, I might add a prayer suggestion, to encourage as many as possible to participate.  Anyone who experiences anything worth passing on could write in and that could then be posted.  And of course, if the prayer recipient experiences profound/miraculous benefit/healing, they could write in about it, so that could also be posted.  I will be giving this my attention in the coming days and will advise further.  Meanwhile,  any who read this who might have any thoughts or inspiration for this matter, please email me.  All contributions gratefully received!  Brian


July 26th


Hello every one. I want to ask all you to pray for my cousin Corinne as she has been in a horrible accident.  She was taking the trip of a life time on her motorcycle from coast to coast. She made it all the way from the west coast to NFLD and there was in some sort of accident.   We are not really sure what happened as a motorist found her on the road unconscious. She has a  broken neck and fractured spine and many, many other injuries, today she is having her jaw wired shut and her facial injuries taken care of and is in need of much prayer. She is now in St Johns General. Her daughter Janice is also in need of prayer as she is now there and feels helpless to do anything other than sit waiting. Please keep them in your prayers over the next few weeks as they are in great need of such prayers. thank you so much.  Bye for now...Sharon



July 26th

Dear Sharon,


Many thanks for sharing this news about Corinne's tragic accident.  I have sent the message below to all on the HTG mailing list.  I hope this will uplift the spirits of you and your family and the loved ones of Corinne.


Please keep me posted on her progress.


Love and many blessings, always,





Dear Friends,


I have just received this message (below) from a friend in Canada, Sharon, about her cousin, Corinne, who has been very seriously injured in a road accident.


Your selfless, loving blessing-prayers for our brother, M.B. who earlier this year went through surgery to excise part of his oesophagus had wonderfully beneficial effect, because he was originally diagnosed as inoperable.  But this was miraculously changed to operable, and he came through the surgery, had some relatively minor setbacks and is now making very satisfactory progress convalescing at home.  The histology report indicates that there is no more sign of any cancerous tissue and he doesn't even need any post-operative chemotherapy treatment.  And, though they are not committed believers, they have told Theresa and me that there is no doubt in his or his wife's mind that the prayers of so many people around the world were the major contributory factor.  They have asked me to pass along, to all who participated so caringly in the prayer vigil and follow-up prayers, their deep, sincere and heartfelt thanks to all.


(here, Sharon’s message, above, was pasted)


Now, I ask once again for your blessing-prayer, this time on behalf of Sharon, for her cousin Corinne.  Here is a prayer I feel inspired to offer for Corinne, in the event that it might serve to help focus the directing of all our minds powerfully for her:


Heavenly Papa, we give thanks for the life of Your beloved daughter, our sister, Corinne.  We lift her up in our hearts and minds, and irradiate her with light and love.  May the medical carers be blessed vessels for channelling our prayers for healing through the Holy Spirit, for her safe restoration to health and return to her family.  And may we, the whole family of the Sonship grow in remembrance of Who we Are by this experience of coming together as one mind for her blessing, by which all are blessed.  


Many, many thanks on behalf of Sharon, Corinne and all their family.  If you have any experiences from this request that you feel able to share, please let me know, so I can pass them along to Sharon.


Love and light,


Brian Longhurst 

July 27th


Thank you so much for all your prayers.  It is with great relief that I tell you that Corinne has come though her last surgery and is now on the mend, it will be a long recovery but the things we feared the most did not happen and she will be walking and talking in the future. This seems impossible when we first heard of her injuries. The 8 hours while in surgery yesterday were the longest eight hours of my life and I can tell you I had it in my heart for good news, but not so good as the news I received.


They are waking her up today for a while and then slowly bringing her back to full consciousness. I can not thank everyone enough for your prayers as I know they are the reason that she is walking away from this situation. It is so hard when you have such an accident so far from home and are left in the care of strangers but in this case those strangers were a blessing as they took such good care of Corinne and Janice both.
I am so grateful to all of you who prayed for these women you do not know. I know in my heart your prayers were heard. Thank You.. Sharon 


July 29th


Wow! Sharon, how quickly the Holy Spirit works when we are attuned.  Herein is a lesson for the world-weary.  Thanks for this report of amazing progress.  I am passing it along.  Here is a message from Rosa, who lives in Montreal:

Dear Brian,
As I read your request for Corinne, I am reminded about the ACIM lesson that I am focusing on today:
"Salvation is my only function".   This lesson reminds me that if I am faced with "suffering" in any form, that I tell myself that "God still is love...and this is not God's Will. 
So irradiating Corinne in God's holy, loving light is so much more in tune with my function and...God's Will.   What a great way to start my ACIM lesson today!

Peace to you today.

 Give our loving blessings to Corinne and Janice, for continued healing and upholding, and also to you, for bringing us (all) this precious opportunity to join as one for the benefit of Corinne and Janice, and therefore, for ALL,



August 11th


Dear Brian and Everyone,


I can not thank you enough for your prayers for my cousin and her daughter Janice.  I would really like to be part of your prayer group and be called upon to pray for others when needed. I can tell you that there is no way my cousin could be standing where she is today without those prayers.


When one hears broken neck and fractured spine, and that was just the beginning of the injuries, well one thinks the worst and that is what I did. My heart was broken and I felt so helpless to do anything, I did not realize I had the power to do the most important thing, pray and ask others to do the same. I had forgotten how important that was.


My cousin has her jaw wired shut, a neck brace and yet she is standing on her feet, walking around. The Doctors said it would be a month to six weeks and she could be air lifted home after her last trip to the OR. But instead she is driving here next week  with her daughter to finish this trip. She will not be on her bike but she will be here. She has not been home in almost 30 years. 


And not to get into to personal a thing this disaster also mended some badly broken fences in the family department because calls were made when it seemed that she may not live with so much trauma. That is how serious the Doctors felt her situation was, and yet she is now laughing at our fears and is going to complete her journey.


So thank you all for your prayers and should you ever need prayers know that I am one person who saw a good example of the power of prayer that I shall never forget. I am in your debt. God Bless.


Bye for now...Sharon



August 11th


Dear Sharon,


This message from you is palpably from the heart.  I rejoice in it and its content, including the part about fence-mending.  Thank you for it all.  With your permission I will place the messages about Corinne - including this latest one from you - on the Forum page, because it is so inspiring and encouraging to know how palpable miracles are engendered from heartfelt prayer.


Love and blessings, as always,




The following exchange was posted on August 9th 2009


Hey Brian,


Your Messages of encouragement and Diary entries are great.  They inspire me and reading about your journey with Jesus in Synchronicity (for Goodness’ Sake) makes me really want to commune with him like you do you lucky dog.  I really really do but don’t seem capable of hearing him.  Can you give me some pointers.  I am sincere about being his follower, and like you in the book, don’t want to just hear about him from someone else, I want to experience his reality in my own life.  Thanks much buddy, Trevor


Hi Trevor,


I can feel your cry from the heart here, and know just how you feel, for as you know, that is where I was in the mid 1960s.


Throughout SFGS and the HTG website I have used the term ‘communing’ – or derivatives – to describe attuning with Jesus, as well as our many other loved ones in spirit.  There is an alternative word that can be serviceable to describe this, and is in some ways better because it avoids what for some can have unwanted religious connotations, and the communing I have been blessed in over the years is definitely nothing to do with religion, with its rules and dogmas, strictures and doctrines. This alternative term is ‘joining.’


There is, and always has been for me, a PLF involved in such communing, or joining.  That PLF is that The Spirit of Truth, the Holy Breath, the Holy Spirit (and, according to ACIM, Jesus is the manifestation of, and is completely identified with the Holy Spirit) engages with us in response to our seeking, our reaching out to Him, our desiring, earnestly, such joining.  He knows our sincerity and we do not have to ‘prove’ it to Him, but because we are entirely, or at least, mostly, under the yoke of ego mind thinking, we do need to demonstrate our sincerity to ourself.  Let me illustrate this:


If there was a Divine manifestation  - Jesus, or Mary of Sepphoris (the mother of Jesus) for example – at a public gathering, such as a football match, with thousands of spectators, and therefore, witnesses of the manifestation, all would likely be willing to attest to its happening at the time, even those who were incredulous about its origin.  But, like the parable of the sower, some seeds fell on the path, some among thorns and some on stony ground, so did not bear fruit.  In due course, only a few of the witnesses would remain, in their hearts, true to the experience and go forward from there on the path of seeking after spiritual truth and awakening to it.


Assuredly, Jesus would know, ahead of time, who would stay the course and who would not, so there is no need for demonstrating commitment to him, for his benefit.  We do need to demonstrate to ourself our own commitment, because we, in our time and place consciousness, do not know the end from the beginning.  The way to demonstrate our commitment most meaningfully is to set aside a time and place on a regular basis – such as first thing each morning and last thing each night, or however frequently we feel moved to it – for joining.


Now comes the key part of the process: Joining, or communing, is a two-way process, and Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit always respond to our reaching out to Them.  You may have noticed that in the Diary entries, they almost always begin with me writing some introductory observations and directing my mind/thoughts/words to Jesus, opening myself to receive his speaking.  It is always in response to that outreaching from me to him that he then speaks, imparting advice, wisdom, encouragement, exhortation, joy, peace, love, guidance.


Without that outreaching to him, or Papa, there is nothing for him to respond to.  Ego does not want us to reach out to God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit, and will put fear in our mind and distract us with fear and myriad irrelevant thoughts and ideas, many to do with feelings of guilt, and that They are too busy to listen to our trivial concerns.  That is not true, but it seems pretty plausible when we are under ego’s domination.  So this is where one-pointed commitment comes into its own.  And the best way I have found to keep my mind focussed on what I want to say to Jesus, thus enabling him to respond, is to write the thoughts and desires I have on which I earnestly desire to hear his words of guidance.


Some people refer to this as writing a letter to Jesus.  Fine, but let us be willing and believing to receive his reply.  He wants to join with us; he loves us beyond all our earth-mind imagining.  He knows our plight and is committed, absolutely, to helping us, rescuing us.  He is a pragmatist and he knows ALL the answers.  That sounds to me like someone to stay close to, to tap into that priceless resource. 


Of course, there is really only one problem and one solution.  The apparent problem is that we mistakenly believe we have separated ourself from Papa.  The answer is to choose, steadfastly, to listen only to the Voice for God - The Holy Spirit, or Jesus.  Of course it is not up to us, on our own, without help, as ego would have us believe, to completely succeed in that endeavour, especially at first, but that is of no concern to Jesus; all that he asks is that it be our choice.  He/Holy Spirit will accomplish all the rest on our behalf, because we are one with him in Eternity and he is able to restore us to that true estate if we are willing to let him.


Lastly, dear friend Trevor, this business of getting Home is not a part-time, 5-minute job.  It is a lifetime (and assuredly, for us all, a multiple lifetime) job.  That does not mean we have to spend every conscious, waking moment praying, attuning, joining.  It is a state of inner commitment, which we can reaffirm as many times as we choose, each day, each hour.  That does not require any outward form of display; it can take place while we are working, playing, relaxing  As we learn from ACIM, it is not about changing the world but about changing our mind about how we choose to see the world.


May you, along with us all, be blessed and upheld in one-pointed commitment to the Kingdom of love, light, truth, peace and joy – eternally,




The following exchange was posted on July 30th 2009


Hi Brian,


I was very impressed with what you had in your MoE a week or two ago about David Hoffmeister.  He is obviously a totally committed being.  It seems likely he is either already ‘enlightened’ or very close to it.  In that, I envy him, because this lunatic world of fear, greed, decay and death is just getting worse and going faster and faster toward destruction.  I want out of here pronto, but my problem is, part of me still wants the ‘idols’ of this physical realm, such as a nice home, a reasonably nice car, eating out, a game of tennis or squash, making love to my beautiful wife.  I feel as if still wanting such things is going to keep me coming back for more ‘acts’ as you call incarnations, and the thought makes me shudder.


I have read Gary Renard’s books – more than once in fact – and Melanie and I study ACIM.  We are both sincere in our seeking, and have been practicing the advanced form of forgiveness Jesus teaches.  We feel we are making progress but anything you can add that will encourage us will be much appreciated.


Then, this week, you have said the church is in error about sacrifices and that is undoubtedly in harmony with ACIM.  Can you give some definitive observations about the Christian Church and how you see it in the context of the GRP?


In peace,





Hi Eddie,


Theresa and I were blessed to meet David when he was in England recently.  I agree, that he is totally one-pointed in his commitment to Jesus, the Holy Spirit, ACIM and the Kingdom of Heaven (KOH).  My guess is that he has forgiven all, and is free of the burden of unforgiveness.  There is very little, if any, ego-self detectable in him.  He is a radiant, joyful, peaceful Being, in whose presence one feels uplifted and that the cares of the world, and indeed, the idols, are simply irrelevant.  This is how it is with Beings of the light. 


It is certain that we will see an exponential increase in such souls in the world during the coming decades.  This is because, during/throughout the Jesus, or 2,000-year long second measure of meal, just ended, Jesus won the attention and hearts, lives and commitment of untold numbers of fragments, most of whom have taken a body multiple times during that period, and then, like all of us, returned to the etheric counterpart of Earth after laying aside each body. 


During the sojourns in the etheric, we all have a huge opportunity to learn more about Jesus and his GRP.  Assuredly, most who committed their lives into the caring, loving guiding and protection of Jesus in one or more earthly sojourns during the Jesus measure will have done so; far more than the world has any idea about. 


Now that we are in the 3rd, or Kingdom, fulfilment measure, it is time for vast numbers of those who have advanced in their understanding of the 3-measures, or At-onement, process (even though they may not have brought that specific awareness through into their conscious mind during their various incarnations, because, like a seed germinating in the soil, it is an operation of hiddenness) and are strongly committed to the KOH, to reincarnate. 


The Holy Spirit, Who is the true Self of us all, is lovingly, gently, calling to those strongly committed souls, nudging them gently toward wakefulness, and they are becoming (and will become in future generations) consciously aware of who they – we - are and why we are here. We are (or will be) here to undertake our only function – to save the world by changing our minds about it, forgiving it and ourselves and releasing all to the Holy Spirit for dispelling.


This is the only true function any of us can have here, and we can fulfil it by using all the opportunities we call into our presence to forgive and release ourself and our fellow sojourners for all that none of us has ever done – because this is all a dream and therefore not real, so none of us can have done anything in the way of ‘sinning’ or incurring karmic debt. 


By forgiving and releasing, the Holy Spirit can take it away from us, dispel it (all the imagined guilt, sin, fear, karma etc.) and it then no longer has any existence for us.  In truth it never had any existence, but all the while we believe it has, we give it reality, so it appears to be real for us.  We have to not just forgive, but also release, otherwise the Holy Spirit cannot take the imaginary stuff away from us because we have not authorised Him to do so.  By releasing (letting go of) it He will dispose of it, like the refuse collectors when we put the bin out for them.


Now those of us who have made the commitment to the KOH at any stage during the Jesus measure (or, in due course, subsequently; i.e. during the Kingdom measure, as new generations arise) are not all at the same place on the path back home to Papa.  Some, such as David, are, undoubtedly, well advanced on the path, so their commitment is more comprehensive than that of others.  This is in no way to the detriment of any of us, wherever we happen to be on the path. 


This may sound like a platitude, but it is actually true, because, as ACIM reminds us, time (and therefore, the path) is already over and we are all home in Papa, indivisibly one in the Sonship, where ‘we’ have always been and could never not have been.  We could not have been away from Papa because He is the All That Is, and there is no part of Creation (Heaven, the only real creation) that He is not. 


How could there be, other than in insane fantasy?  Of course, ego will play on the time issue, and try to cause those of us who are a step or two behind (illusorily speaking) to feel inferior, inadequate, guilty, unworthy etc.  But we can choose not to listen to ego, choosing instead to be steadfastly, one-pointedly attuned to Self, the Spirit of Truth.


The fact is, you, Eddie – and no doubt, Melanie also, if she is with you in your commitment to the teachings of ACIM – are well on the way to enlightenment.  Every time you forgive and release, send love and blessings, give thanks, affirm your commitment to Self and/or Jesus leading/guiding you on the path Home, you are enabling Self (the Holy Spirit, your true Being) to collapse time for you, thus bringing the moment of your enlightenment another step nearer. 


You, like all of us, without exception, are where you are and that is where you belong, because there are no accidents with salvation.  For that, you and all of us can truly be glad and give thanks to Papa for the perfect love in which we are all held.


As for those ‘idols’ you mention, it is not whether they are with us, but our attitude toward them that counts.  If we would choose them ahead of the KOH, then they are idols, and are a block to our vision and progress on the path.  But if we can say, honestly, the KOH is top of our list of priorities, all the rest will serve our Kingdomly purpose while we are here, or gradually fall away if they do not.  The key is to not let them become burdens to us, but serviceable accompaniments to our journey.  We do not have to change the world; only our mind about it.


The Church.  Like everything that changes, or appears to be here in the without (time and place) it is not real; it is not here.  It is a symbol of the separation and believes in the separation.  Jesus would assuredly say, as he does of all in time and place, ‘Make it meaningless to you.’  There is a lot of negative karma attached to the mainstream churches (Catholic, Anglican) and no doubt others, and Theresa and I have had some fearful experiences of the church in former acts.  That can give ego some serious scope for getting us holding grievances. But Jesus says, in Workbook lesson 68, which is entitledLove Holds no Grievances’:


You who were created by Love like Itself can hold no grievances and know your Self. To hold a grievance is to forget who you are. To hold a grievance is to see yourself as a body. To hold a grievance is to let the ego rule your mind and to condemn the body to death...


If we are serious about getting home, we will serve ourself and the Sonship well by focussing carefully upon these words, and use the church as a JAFO – just another forgiveness opportunity.  I am happy to say that Theresa and I have now been able to release any grievances we have held against the church.  That releases some heavy baggage and makes our journey home much lighter. 


It is the institution known as the Church which is an ego construct, and it has great numbers of fragments held in its thrall, though happily, the numbers are a shadow of what they were, and the Church is rapidly continuing to lose its hold over them.  If/when we are able/ready, the best thing we can do is forgive and release the church, for it, along with the world, is an illusion. Then, Self will be able to release any karmic ties that may exist between us and the church.  Wishing ill upon it is wishing ill upon ourself.


I hope this helps, Eddie.  Thank you for writing, and with love and many blessings to you and Melanie,




The following exchange was posted on June 28th 2009


Hello Brian: My mother is not very well and I am asking that you remember her in your daily meditations. She is becoming more disoriented and needs comfort. I am doing my best but the job of caregiving is very onerous as you can well imagine. Please remember me as well in your prayers. Thanks again, blessings, light and service, Patricia

Hello, Dear Patti,

 Many blessings of love, light, inner peace and joy for your mum and for you.  Care-giving is a wearing undertaking, especially of those who are fearful.  This dream world is founded in fear, and inner peace is not to be found amongst its distractions.  I know you know all this; applying such knowledge is the testing part, but we must persevere, and remain, as Olga would say, one-pointed, knowing we are loved, nurtured, cared for beyond imagining and helped if we remember to reach out and accept the help, with thanksgiving.

 Your loving friend and brother in Christ service and fellowship,


Hello Brian and thank you very much for your words of wisdom. It is heartbreaking for me to see my mother so helpless after living a very independent life. She needs full time care and that is for certain. I am two houses from her so go over all the time to check in. She is not doing well Brian. Please direct your love and light to her please and thank you for your help, blessings, love. Light and service, Patricia


My Dear Patricia,
I can see how very distressing this is for you.  Bless you mightily in this very challenging situation.  I hope it may be helpful for you to be reminded that, as Jesus teaches (reminds) us in ACIM, we are not a body, but eternal, indestructible, innocent, pure, spirit, created in the likeness of our Papa Creator, and forever unchangeably so.  All that can change about that is our mind, if we choose instead to see ourself as a body, 'born to die.'  But such a perception is a misperception, a dream, over the instant it came to our Mind as the one, effulgent, perfect, all-empowered with all the power (love) of He Who created His Son in His own likeness.  Most of us are rehearsing the illusion over and over, giving it a reality that in truth has no reality.
If, instead of perceiving our mother (or whoever) with bodily (flawed) sight as a fleeting, enfeebled, littleness form, our whole body is filled with darkness (see Mt. 6:22-25); but rather, look steadfastly past that illusion to the glorious, radiant being that she really is (and you/we all really are), it will uplift your spirit also, and your whole body shall be full of light, enabling you to leave behind that moment of madness we all have been believing we are engaged in, and return to true, eternal, single vision that is our heritage from Papa.  This will carry you and your mum forward one more mighty step toward the eternal reality of the Kingdom, which is the only true reality, for we, who appear as many, but in truth, are one.
This takes what Olga used to call stick-at-it-iveness; steadfast, one-pointed, unwavering, unequivocal focus and commitment.  Oscillating back and forth between what we know to be reality and what our bodily senses are falsely telling us does not serve our Self or the Great Rescue Programme of Jesus, which even now moves into its fulfilment stage.  We are each called to serve that GRP within our own Mini Rescue Programme, which together comprise the GRP.
Patricia, I know you are aware of all this, and we all need encouragement on what at times can seem a long, lonely, arduous, but in truth, illusory, path.  But we are never alone, and need but to call for loving help and it is immediately ours, and has never not been.  However, that help is from and on the Christ (that's us; our true Being) wavelength, and to become aware of its palpable reality, we need to attune with that wavelength.  That, ego definitely does not want us to do, ever.  As Jesus reminds/asks us in ACIM, 'Do we choose to be Host to God, or hostage to ego?'
You, and your mum, are deeply, everlastingly, unfailingly loved.  Give thanks and rejoice ;-)


The following exchange was posted on June 25th 2009


Dear Brian,


I notice two characteristics in your weekly Messages of Encouragement.  First, that there is a lot of repetition.  For some that may be highly unsatisfactory, but I have noticed, by continuing to stick with where you (or is it the Holy Spirit?) are leading us, week after week, month after month, year after year, that first, the repetition is gradually settling into my mind and understanding.  I find myself saying, as you make a point for the umpteenth time, ‘Yes, I see what that means now, for the first time, even though I have read this many times before in Brian’s messages’. 


Second, something new gets slipped in, that is a real Eureka moment, and makes the reading of the whole message worthwhile.  Usually your messages are very long, and I often am in a rush to do something else, so here is ego, sitting on my shoulder, telling me not to bother reading it all, or even any of it, because I “don’t have time, and anyway, it’s just the same old stuff, rehashed, so what’s the point”.  Then, tucked right in there, almost as a throw away line, comes something groundbreaking, startling in its simplicity, its obviousness, once I have read it, but that I would never have thought about if you hadn’t come up with it.


Here is a classic example, from this week’s MoE.


In this dream the Son of God seems to be having, he appears to be the opposite of all that in reality he actually is, causing him to become so confused about his true Identity and Home that he believes he is shut out of Heaven, and the ‘gates’ closed tightly against him (us).  Why would there need to be gates to Heaven, where all are unconditionally welcomed?  Any gates there may seem to be can only be of our own illusory making, causing us to falsely believe we are barred, by a wrathful God, for our ‘sins’.  How could Heaven be Heaven if its entranceway had gates?


We have all heard about the Pearly Gates, and that the gates of Heaven are shut against us because we are ‘sinners’, and no doubt this is carried down from one generation to the next and accepted blindly, without thinking about it.  Yet what you say, which cuts right across that, makes absolute sense.


It seems to me that this kind of thing is revelatory, opening our eyes and our minds to the fact that ego has us accepting things as a matter of fact, without questioning, when they are actually upside down, the opposite of reality.  What you are doing is crucial to the waking process by this combined process of repetition plus new, right-side up information, or correction of our misperceptions, as ACIM would say.


Thank you Brian, for shining a light for spiritual truth in the darkness of this dream world, to help the waking of the Son of God to remembrance of his true Identity.  It is greatly valued.




Dear Otto,


It is, to say the least, refreshingly observant of you to notice this.  The fact is, I have only noticed it – the ‘combined process’ as you call it, of repetition plus new, correcting information, to get us up off our heads and back on our feet (right side up, in other words) – in recent months.  One could say that, in a different sense, we are off our heads listening to ego.


As I have said before, these MoEs were not my idea, but can only be the Holy Spirit’s.  They just came out of ‘nowhere’ a little over 3 years ago.  Each one seemed to be a completely random thing, where I would write what seemed to be the thoughts of the moment, as they came to me at the time, and the subject on each occasion being seemingly unconnected to  previous, or following topics.  I felt this must be the case, as I never refer to previous MoEs as I am writing the present one.  Every once in a while, when occasion calls for me to revisit an earlier MoE, I am astonished at what came through my keyboard.


Gradually, I started to realise that there has been emerging – I have no idea whether that has been the case from the start, because I have not re-read or studied the archive of messages – an unfolding, developing, progressive order, week after week, month after month.  But this is nothing to do with ‘persona Brian’ and this is certain, because it is so far beyond his Earth-mind ability – particularly the ‘new, correcting information,' such as the example you have cited. 


I assure you, Otto, and the world at large, that such thoughts are entirely new to me – all of them – until they emerge on the monitor in front of me.  Most often I find myself saying ‘Wow! I had no idea about that,’ and I sit there, somewhat stunned by the significance of such thought- correcting information   This is always an affirmation to me that it is the Holy Spirit revealing it to me at that moment, and that is very comforting.  Not surprising Jesus referred to Him as ‘another Comforter’. 


This process all suits me fine, enabling me to be completely relaxed about it, knowing it is in fully capable ‘hands.’  The fact that it is a progressively unfolding pattern, and I have no idea where it is leading, is intriguing, and has my attention; it is really good to know it has the attention of at least one other J


Many thanks for taking the time and effort to write and share your observations.


Love and light,




The following exchange was posted on June 22nd 2009


Dear Brian,


In your Diary entry dated December 7th 1993, which you posted last week on the Diary page of  your website, you say:


My beloved Jesus, I see how this Communion service is an instrument serviceable to your purpose in bringing the Kingdom of Heaven into the Earth.


In his reply Jesus speaks about communing with him:


... communing with me is still an operation of hiddenness, performed in the within to function from the within into the without.  The moment at which such communing shall manifest as an operation of openness is the time when you, and all who serve its purpose in the Earth-life — wholeheartedly and one-pointedly — shall become empowered in your Earth vehicle by the reality of the Living Word and the spring of life which wells up in all who love me above all else...


The whole message is inspiring and encouraging for us all, and thanks for sharing with the world.  But my question is this:


You have spoken a lot about mind-to-mind communing during the last year or so, and that seems to be something beyond, or not within the formal service of Mystical Communion with Christ that you and Theresa practice, or at least used to practice (I am not sure).  Can you offer some more detailed explanation?  I have often visited the Olga Park Communion website and the music is beautiful.  In my heart I truly desire to experience what you have written so clearly and helpfully about, but my mind gets so distracted and I am so full of self doubt that I am ‘worthy’ or that Jesus wants to speak, or commune with me.  You are an inspiration and what you write so often says the things I feel inside.  Please keep this website going.


Your friend,





Dear Heidi,


I am so glad you have written this message.  Assuredly, many feel as you have described, and it takes great courage and commitment in an ego-dominated dream-world to put it in writing; ego has us feeling the rest of the world will laugh at us, mock and ridicule us for expressing/acknowledging a sense of weakness or ‘unworthiness.’  That is just how ego wants it to remain, so we can’t break free from its chains that bind us to time and place and keep us from our true Home in Heaven. 


Take heart from the certainty that you are much more courageous than you may be able to acknowledge to yourself, and remember that Jesus tells us ‘Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.’  By that, he doesn’t mean the ego world of pain, fear, guilt, doubt and death, but the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, which is peace, joy, freedom, love, fulfilment of our true potential as Papa’s beloved Son, leading to the disappearance of the illusions of bodies, planets, galaxies and time and place.


I started the weekly practice of Mystical Communion with Christ in 1967, under Olga Park’s tutelage and mentoring, as you may have read in SFGS.  Theresa joined us in 1968 and we followed that ritual Communion through the turn of the new millennium, a period of over 33 years. 


The thing about that ritual form of communion, or communing with Jesus, is that it is a great structured form of spiritual discipline for people beginning the practise, and is serviceable for as long as the Holy Spirit (rather than our ego-dominated mind) deems it so.  The result may not necessarily be an ability to hear Jesus speaking, especially in the early days of its application, even though that is its ultimate objective.  But it can still be inspiring and uplifting, peace-inducing and a structure for shutting-out the world, which is ego’s domain. Hearing the still, small voice within requires stillness, focus, desire and commitment on our part.  Anxiety prevents it.


It is essential to keep in mind that the Spirit of Truth (Papa, Jesus, Self) respond to our desire, and our spiritual life and its fulfilment must be desire-led, or it is counterfeit.  We fool no-one but ourself.  If it is only an outward display (which I am certain is not the case for you) it will soon fall by the wayside.


You may also have noticed that reference is made on occasion in SFGS and the MoEs to FTOC; Faith, Trust, Obedience (to our own calling deep within our heart and soul) and Commitment.  These are qualities that ego does not want us to summon from deep within, and will use every trick in the book to distract us.  That is why the formal Service of Mystical Communion with Christ (SMCC) is practised solitarily (or with a close, trusted, similarly-desiring friend or loved-one), so we can shut out the distractions and clamour of the world outside. 


I realise that does not prevent the distractions of an undisciplined mind, but this is where one-pointed commitment to keep on keeping on, motivated by desire for fellowship with Jesus and the Realms of Light is essential.  Jesus’ parable of the sower says it all:


And he spake many things unto them in parables, saying, Behold, a sower went forth to sow;

And when he sowed, some seeds fell by the way side, and the fowls came and devoured them up:

Some fell upon stony places, where they had not much earth: and forthwith they sprung up, because they had no deepness of earth:

And when the sun was up, they were scorched; and because they had no root, they withered away.

And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprung up, and choked them:

But other fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold.

Who hath ears to hear, let him hear. (Mt. 13: 3-9)


The structured SMCC ritual is, of course, a form of mind-to-Mind communing – our seemingly separated mind with the Mind of Jesus, or the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, our true, higher, real Self.  The discipline that the SMCC provides can be, for most of us, an utterly invaluable tool to get us ‘hooked-up’ with Jesus, or the Mind of Christ.  It certainly was for me.  Without it, I would have lost direction, become as seed fallen amongst thorns, or whatever, however reluctantly, because without the discipline of the SMCC ritual I would have been as a ship without a rudder, without charts or compass.  This, let’s face it, is what, spiritually, most of seemingly-separated humanity is. 


Unless and until we, individually, since that is what we seem to be – individuals – can acknowledge this, and freely accept the guiding light that the real Jesus freely offers us, we will, unsuspectingly, be, and remain, under ego-mind domination.  However much that seems to be the endless prospect for ‘the prodigal son’, it is not who we really are, in spite of all the indications to the contrary.  And now, under the leadership of the all-empowered ‘firstfruits’-  But every man in his own order (of ‘resurrection’): Christ (he is specifically referring to Jesus, of course) the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ’s at his coming (1Cor 15:23)  we are being resurrected, or raised up by Papa’s infallible and unstoppable Great Rescue Programme, referred to in ACIM as the Atonement (pronounced at-onement).  


As mentioned in last week’s MoE, even if Paul did not understand this when he wrote those words, it is the Mind of the fragments of the Sonship (us all) that is being resurrected, or leavened or raised up, back to its true estate of Christ-Mindedness.


By the early noughties (the first decade of the 3rd millennium) a change in our attunement with Jesus and Papa was becoming detectable.  I have previously likened it to changing from dial-up to broadband internet connection.  The dial-up was the formal, weekly practise of SMCC.  I started to become aware that I was on the wavelength of Jesus/the Mind of Christ at any moment, in any location, during any activity, spontaneously. 


Clearly, our need for the discipline of the weekly formality of the SMCC ritual had served its magnificent purpose for us.  We were so committed to the Kingdom of Heaven and the GRP that we had become inwardly Self-disciplined over a span of several decades.  It is my profound and earnest hope that sharing this experience with all who will, they may also become encouraged, inspired, filled with desire to progress back into the oneness of the Sonship with Jesus and on the Path Home to Papa.


ACIM has now become the focal point of our Homeward journey.


Heidi, dear one; may this explanation encourage and inspire you Homeward also.


Love, peace and joy unending accompany you on your journey,




The following exchange was posted on June 4th 2009


Hi Brian,


I recently received this, and immediately thought of you:


On the surface of the world right now there is
 war and violence and things seem dark.

But calmly and quietly, at the same time,
something else is happening underground

An inner revolution is taking place
and certain individuals are being called to a higher light.
 It is a silent revolution.
From the inside out. From the ground up.
This is a Global operation.
A Spiritual Conspiracy.

There are sleeper cells in every nation on the planet.
You won't see us on the T.V.
You won't read about us in the newspaper
You won't hear about us on the radio
We don't seek any glory
We don't wear any uniform
We come in all shapes and sizes, colours and styles.
Most of us work anonymously
We are quietly working behind the scenes
in every country and culture of the world
Cities big and small, mountains and valleys,
in farms and villages, tribes and remote islands.
You could pass by one of us on the street
and not even notice
We go undercover
We remain behind the scenes.

It is of no concern to us who takes the final credit
But simply that the work gets done.

Occasionally we spot each other in the street
We give a quiet nod and continue on our way
During the day many of us pretend we have "normal jobs"
But behind the false storefront at night
is where the real work takes  place.

Some call us the Conscious Army
We are slowly creating a new world
with the power of our minds and hearts
We follow, with passion and joy.
Our orders come from the Central Spiritual Intelligence
We are dropping soft, secret love bombs when no one is looking
Poems ~ Hugs ~ Music ~ Photography ~ Movies ~ Kind words ~
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We each express ourselves in our own unique ways
with our own unique gifts and talents,
Be the change you want to see in the world
That is the motto that fills our hearts
We know it is the only way real transformation takes place.

We know that quietly and humbly we have the
power of all the oceans combined

Our work is slow and meticulous
Like the formation of mountains
It is not even visible at first glance
And yet with it entire tectonic plates
shall be moved in the centuries to come

Love is the new religion of the 21st century
You don't have to be a highly educated person
Or have any exceptional knowledge to understand it
It comes from the intelligence of the heart
Embedded in the timeless evolutionary pulse of all human beings.
Be the change you want to see in the world
Nobody else can do it for you.

We are now recruiting
Perhaps you will join us
Or already have.

All are welcome
The door is open. 

     Brian Piergrossi, 'The Big Glow'


It seems to encompass the 'within reality' of what you have dubbed the 'Great Rescue Program' and tells us what is happening.  I wonder if he has awareness of ACIM, Jesus and the Spirit of Truth.


Love and light,





Hi Eleanor,


Many thanks for forwarding this.  Sorry it has taken so long to reply; Theresa and I have just retired from our business and there has been a huge amount of detail to attend to in transferring the company to its new stewards.  However, most of the work is now completed, so I should be able to respond to incoming communications in a more timely manner henceforward.


I have not read 'The Big Glow' by Brian Piergrossi but he certainly seems to be tuned into the outpouring of Spirit that is taking place thanks be as prophesied by Joel 22 centuries ago:


And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.  Joel 2:28, 29.


Like you, I resonate strongly with this; assuredly, there will be much, much more of this kind of expression, and it will become more and more focussed on the core of the process that we are blessed to be increasingly aware of as the awakening continues to unfold from our own within. 


That core is, of course, that we are not a body but eternal, pure, innocent spirit, and being restored back into the oneness of the Sonship of our Father Creator, in Him; that separation, from each other and from Papa, is an illusion and cannot have any meaning in the only true reality of Eternity.


Now is the time when the old order, ego controlled, is crumbling as its 'deadness' begins to become manifest, and from within is emerging into the without the new, Kingdomly order of peace, reconciliation, light, truth, goodwill, unconditional love (the only kind of love there is) the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.


On August 25th 1991 I recorded the following Diary entry:

Be aware of the new energy take no notice of the old; it shall be astonishing but let not your equilibrium be disturbed by it.  Focus, we counsel you, upon this for your own benefit and upliftment.

 The closeness of the IPS is overwhelming and the Master looked at the little boy standing beside me1 with such love and gentleness.

At the words “Thy purposes fulfilled in the children of Earth,” someone said, "We're stepping-up the ‘bombing’2 campaign!"

At the blessing of the bread I sensed the Master was the bread.

I feel as if the energies are being transformed into a different frequency, as if changing from etheric wavelength to physical.

Master Jesus and all our beloved friends and fellow servers: We rejoice with joy-filled hearts at the wondrous events of the Kingdom programme. 


Little ones: In these times the confusion is greatest as the old order crumbles and Earth-mind man reels to and fro.  The energies are concentrated at all levels and intensified as the programme focuses upon the "final assault" on antiChrist.  Fear not, it is not a "full frontal" assault as in warfare of Earth, but an infiltration of energy as cracks appear in the system and believe me, there are plenty of those.  The energy shall thus gain entry and transform from within.  It is like cancer in reverse.  The system shall not be aware of its defences being "breached" and shall continue as traditionally.  But changes will begin to happen from within, and great surprise and wonderment shall come upon the inhabitants of the citadel3 .  

New awareness shall be the order of the day.  This is real, tangible, transforming activity.  Be aware of the new energy take no notice of the old; it shall be astonishing but let not your equilibrium be disturbed by it.  Focus, we counsel you, upon this for your own benefit and upliftment. 

All is well.  We are closer to you all than you know, and the banner of Christ Jesus is the cloak also by which we are all enfolded and protected.  We go forward to a certain victory.  Praise be to Almighty God and His blessed Son.  Amen.


1 The little boy’s name is Jason, who came with a host of other children and our daughter, Diana, all under her care.  Jason was totally absorbed by the Communion service and stood close beside me, watching everything I said and did, eagerly absorbing the vibes and the meaning of the words and symbolic actions, over a number of years.  It turned out he had a magnificent boy soprano voice and sang the hymns beautifully.  He is of Jewish ethnicity. 

2 I saw the “blitz” of the dockland area of the east end of London as from one of the planes, during World War II.  The Earth was in chaos, with buildings ruined, smoke, dust, rubble and confusion.  Yet the planes had not wrought it; it was self-inflicted!  The ‘planes’ were there to “bomb” the Earth with Light!  How well this characterises the actualities of Earth-life, where we are causing all the chaos and confusion ourselves and the Christ-servers in Spirit are bombarding us with the Light, to bring Kingdomly order out of the chaos.  This was a salutary lesson for me to not always assume that things are as they first appear

3This refers to the ‘citadel’ of ego-minded thinking and its recalcitrant ways in the Earth.


I feel sure you will observe the similarities, the synchronicity!


Many thanks for writing, Eleanor, and with love and light lasered back to you,




The following exchange was posted on May 17th 2009


Good morning, Brian. Good morning Rosa.

I am up early to prepare for a trip to Chicago...and just received your message
(MoE dated May 13th 2009) from across the “pond”.  I have read your thoughts on our True Home.  Just minutes before your email came up, Marianne Williamson's message for the day came up....also on “homelessness” and our true home.  (  Honest 2 goodness synchronicity!  

So I say Good Morning, and I thank you for the opportunity to have an early morning reflection on ACIM.   Doubt.  The great dismantler of faith. Not too long ago, I recall some thoughts of doubt about ACIM...I asked “maybe I am crazy to believe the world is an illusion when everything seems to be ‘so palpably real’.”   Such doubting thoughts are inevitable all the while any vestige of ego is still functioning within our mind.  This is why I think of Jesus’ words at the end of the Last Supper, moments before departing for Gethsemane and his arrest: ...the prince of this world (ego/Satan’) cometh, and hath nothing in me (Jn. 14:30) Here is one key goal for us all — not to get crucified, of course — but to commit to be willing for Self to help us to emulate Jesus, until...

Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. (1Jn 3:2).   Then we shall, like Jesus be completely clear of ego.  That means, we shall be HOME!!! 

Then I recall the many times during my life’s journey where I knew and SAW that what I thought was “palpably real”, really didn’t my beliefs created my experiences ..and when I dismissed the beliefs (all illusion)...those experiences (palpable) disappeared. 


Rosa, getting to that place takes one-pointed commitment, focus, faith, trust and obedience. Such one-pointedness is not for the faint-hearted or the equivocator who tries to serve two masters.  More acts will be necessary in order to bring such to the place of readiness to one-pointedly commit to getting Home.  But all those of us who see past the illusion and forgive the world and bless it (and including, of course, all our sibling fragments) bless ourself as we do it, thus helping all of us in the Sonship, as so lucidly set out in ACIM Workbook Lesson 187.


I realized that in  my journey, my blessed infinite “Papa”, my brother Jesus and the Voice for God have often guided me to the truth  They will, unfailingly, if we are willing to ask Them, as you clearly have experienced to happen.  But ego does not want us to ask Them, because its cover would be blown and its ‘script’ exposed for all its treachery and I have seen the “palpable, physical” proof that my humanness required at that moment in order to accept a “new truth”  of Eternity  that I am not who I think I am.


You would not have been able to write those words if you had not experienced, as reality for you, what they express. Only Self could have revealed that reality to you.  As Jesus says to Peter when he asks Peter who he believes he (Jesus) is and he replies that he is the Christ, the Son of the living God: Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father (in your instance, the Voice for God; Self) which is in heaven. (Mt. 16:17)  I remember that I am Source.   Alleluia!!!... my mind is part of God’s and I am truly holy. true home is not in this “palpable” world.  Thanks be. I remember the longing...the aching to be in my true “spiritual home”.   Like a child homesick. 

Thank you dear Jesus for bringing Brian unto my path. He is truly a blessing to me.   Amen


And I also thank you, Jesus for bringing Rosa unto my path.  His instant response: ‘It was always going to be inevitable.'


Heartfelt love, peace and joy from me to you,




The following exchange was posted on May 9th 2009


Dear Brian,


This week’s MoE has been a true inspiration to me.  I grew up in the church and it was my life (not excluding my husband and family of course).  But like you - although it took me many years, whereas I see from your book that it took you about ‘five minutes’ – I began to see the flaws, the cracks, in the integrity of the church.  They insist the 'flock' accept their creeds and dogmas or you are a heretic.  Yet behind closed doors is going on all manner of iniquity.  As Jesus tells us, Nothing is hidden that shall not be revealed.  He may have been referring to eternal truth, but it also applies to lies and hypocrisy being exposed.


Many people like you and I, who now see through the church as misrepresenting Jesus and his teachings, become so traumatised by what we see as betrayal, that they go through a process of not only fleeing the church, but turning their backs on Jesus.  I now realise that the church is not the representative of Jesus on earth, as they tout, and this is not Jesus’ fault.  Of course ego wants us to blame Jesus, or God, and thus play right into its hands. How deeply grateful I am to you, for not doing that, but rather, turning directly to him, so that you could have those many years of experiencing his true, loving reality and now, thanks be, share them and where it is leading you with us. 


However, I have to raise a couple of issues.  In your message this week you say 


During the second measure of meal — the Piscean age — we, the fragments, have had Jesus to help us, to speak to us about and demonstrate, exemplify, our true reality.  But now that we are in the third measure, the Aquarian age, it is time to move on to the next, final, fulfillment stage of the GRP.  This is when we begin to remember that we are like Jesus; one with him in fact, in the Sonship. 


Well, most of us haven’t had Jesus to help us, to speak to us, because the church got in the way and blinded us to his presence, duped us into following them instead of him.  As you may see, I am aggrieved about this Brian, though, thanks to you introducing me to the real Jesus and his manual for getting us Home, I am working hard at true forgiveness.  It is slow but I am determined and am now beginning to see some vestiges of progress.  It isn’t just for me that I feel aggrieved, but the untold millions like me, not just now, but throughout the last two thousand years who have been sidetracked, misled, tricked.


You say, above, that now we are in the Aquarian Age it is time to move on…  Well, I am only at the beginning of trying to find the confidence to actually commune direct with the real Jesus,  without the church getting in the way, even though I quit the church some years ago now.  Its legacy of ‘guilt, unworthiness, sinfulness’, sticks like glue.  I have no doubt I am not alone.  Now you tell us that it is time to move on.  I feel like I am so far behind, playing catch up is nowhere near describing the situation, and this is causing me to panic, that I am going to miss the boat.  You have such encouraging words about being at peace etc, and I appreciate them all, but it is not really assuaging the feeling of helplessness that keeps welling up inside me that I am too far behind.


Please help.




Hilary, Dear One,


My heart flows out to embrace you in your feeling of dismay and frustration.  Please be assured, I really do know how debilitating, life-sapping those feelings are.  Just what ego, ‘the destroyer,’ wants.  I am overjoyed to hear of your determination to dispel those grievances through forgiveness. I have some words that I believe will bring you encouragement and uplift, renewing your heart and filling it with hope and joy. 


Jesus has said to me many times that it does not matter where we feel we are at any moment, but the desire of our heart that that is all important; that our feelings may fluctuate from one moment to the next, but the desire of our heart for spiritual truth is constant.  For example, on July 6th 1997 he said to me:

My son, your heart's desire is not something that is becoming; a faltering, chance, haphazard development.  It is a strong, well-established creation, as I have already said, forged in the fire of the Holy Spirit, in pure harmony with eternal reality.  It is unfolding before you in your Earthly life as you go forward upon the path, led by me, your guide to Eternity, motivated from within by that strong desire. 

Such words apply not just to me, but to all who have a strong desire in their heart for the Kingdom.  It is plain that you have a strong desire in your heart for the Kingdom.  This is not something that began recently, but has been forged in the fire of the Holy Spirit, in pure harmony with eternal reality.  That is unchanging reality; it now begins to unfold before you, led by Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit/Self within, and happens even when we are not consciously aware of that leading. 


Many more have a strong desire in their heart for the Kingdom than are consciously aware of it, because the Kingdom is truth, love, peace, joy, openness, light, freedom, an end to strife, oppression, fear, guilt, lack of self-worth, false creeds, dogmas, doctrines, separation.  Permanently.  Eternally.  Jesus knows them all, loves them unconditionally, and will lead them Home.


The deceptions of ego through institutionalised religion have caused frustration to many, including you and me, and this can engender that sense of grievance. Just as ego intended.  But, with the help of Jesus, and now, increasingly at this time of the changeover to the fulfillment phase in the GRP, Self, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, the other Comforter, we can turn that negative perception into energy, commitment, determination to engender light rather than heat. 


The key thought to keep in focus is, it does not matter what appears to have happened to get or keep us off the Path, because Self knows what is in our hearts, what is our desire.  And if we have a strong desire for waking to the Truth of Eternity, He knows it long before Hilary, or Brian or any of us knows it, and will arrange for us to be brought to a source of help, redirecting, until we can get ‘hooked-up’ with our own Inner Being.


You are at the place where you are right now because that is where you belong right now, just as are we all.  Like all of us, once we get the bit between our teeth we just want to race ahead at full tilt toward the Light.  No-one knows this better than I, I do assure you, for impatience is (or, used to be) my middle name. 


At long last I am beginning to be able to leave the Journey, including its pace and direction, in the care of Self. I now am in the early stages of realising that, as stated above it is time to move on and become aware, and accept that we are like Jesus.  That has taken me over 60 years in this act.  How many acts before that I am not consciously aware.  Thank goodness there is no rush. Ego wants us to think there is, and it sure feels like there is while we believe we are in time and place; but that is not true in reality.


I am learning that we can choose to be patient, calm, peaceful, loving, and this places us in control (i.e. hand in glove with Self, rather than with ego, which causes us to feel like victims).  We may not instantly feel that control the first time we try it, but with one-pointed commitment to staying centred and focused, simply because we know it is the right way, the serviceable way, it comes, one bit at a time, until one day we realise that it actually is transforming, empowering us.  That, dear Hilary, is some good feeling, and worth the stick-at-it-iveness.  Infinite patience brings immediate effects, as ACIM reminds us.


I promise you, you will not be left behind because none of the fragments will, and it is your heart’s desire that will set the pace at which Jesus and Self will lead you into remembrance of Who you really are.  Forget the past.  The best way to do that is to forgive it.  Then, over time, as the burdens of guilt, fear, frustration, grievance are lifted from your shoulders you will find that you are starting to love everyone.  It is a joyous, rapturous estate.


Thank you for sharing.  Thank you for your kind words.  Bless you unrelentingly.




The following exchange was posted on April 23rd 2009


This exchange arose from Geoff asking for clarification on the MoE dated April 15th 2009.  I asked him to tell me specifically all that he could not understand, so more light might be cast upon it.


Hi Brian,
Not sure if I used correct terminology, but this was what at first I found so called, mystifying ...


On Easter Sunday morning I awoke to the sense of being in a place of awareness, like a platform, providing an elevated view — about 30 feet (9 metres) above the surrounding ground — of the events taking place in the world below me.  This was not just a ‘bodily’ elevation but a perceptual elevation; a higher place of understanding of, perspective on, the events of which Easter is the anniversary of remembrance and celebration.  I was in the Self awareness, and was in the Company of a group of others — perhaps a dozen, maybe more — from the Realms of Light, and also including Jesus himself, all of us in the Higher, Self, Sonship awareness. 


I found a little difficulty at first, but on reflection could this be the experience of that "we died in Christ at the crucifixion , and we now live in Christ in the resurrection," and you were privileged to experience this in the Spirit?


It can be immensely helpful to the expansion of our spiritual understanding if we can keep firmly in mind that almost all our perception of life, including the life and mission of Jesus, is viewed from our persona perspective.  Persona is the aspect of our being that is temporal, limited, restricted to time and place in a tiny ‘window’ of perception.  ‘Geoff’ and ‘Brian’ are persona characters, along with every other ‘individual’ walking the Earth, each bringing a limited perspective to All that Is.  


That is compounded by the understanding that persona, time and place perspective is actually the opposite of reality, which is Eternity, or Heaven.  This means that the things we have been taught to believe by our parents, the church, school are founded in misperception.  Our true perception is available to us only through the vision of eternal awareness, which comes via what the bible calls the Holy Spirit, or the Spirit of Truth. 


An alternative term for this, now coming widely into favour as the third measure of meal begins to unfold, increasing our spiritual, eternal, metaphysical, mystical perspective, is ‘Self.’  Self is the Spirit of Truth, or the Holy Breath.  This is What Jesus breathed on the disciples when he first appeared to them after the resurrection: ‘Peace be unto you. . . And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost’ (Jn. 20:21, 22) and then in Acts 2:2, at Pentecost ‘And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.’ 


Here is my own first experience of the Holy Breath, as recorded in the Diary of a Christ Communicant (not yet posted on the HTG website):


Late October 1997

Susie (our rescued Lhasa Apso dog) was suffering badly from back trouble and as I asked Papa’s guidance on whether to take her to the vet I became aware of what seemed to be ‘Spirit Wind.’ I had a sense of it swirling round like a cloud, with a human-type face, radiating peace and love.  There was no sign of physical disturbance only absolute stillness and inward tranquillity, serenity peace; a considerable contrast to the metaphysical, spiralling wind.  I asked what this was and the Voice spoke, from the face in the cloud; it was somehow not Papa or the Master but had Their same authority: "I AM the Spirit of Truth" and after a slight pause "the Holy Breath."  The rest of the communication was telepathic (or, Mind to mind communing), explaining that the visitation was to bring a message of positive assurance from Papa to leave Susie in His loving hands; not to expect an instant ‘fix’ but to leave it and be constant in faith; not to be concerned if she didn't eat for a few days. . .


This Holy Breath, or the Spirit of Truth, or Self is our real Being, just it was/is for Jesus.  He came to re-breathe the Breath of Life (Spiritual Life, Eternal Life), the true Self, back into us, to enable us to be transformed back into the reality of Self,  Who we really are — one in the Sonship with him, in Papa, in Eternity; released, freed from the false yoke of illusory time and place, littleness, persona. 


This is a process over which persona has no control, because persona is spiritually blind, being under the control of ego, which equates with the concept of Satan.  This is why faith and trust in Jesus (and/or Self, though for beginners on this transformational process, or journey, or metamorphosis, especially for those of us who are committed followers of Jesus, it may be more meaningful for that trust to be focussed on, or in, him, especially in the initial stages, because it keeps one more within one’s comfort zone) is so important.


What happened to the disciples at Pentecost is a forerunner, a precursor of that which is now coming, during the fulfilment measure of meal, to all, as each fragment of the Sonship is made ready (which can only happen by our willingness to surrender our ego/persona leasehold on Life and thus enable the true occupant – Self, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Breath – to resume that occupancy) to receive it.  


Now addressing your words: could this be the experience of we died in Christ at the crucifixion, and we now live in Christ in the resurrection. . .?  It is not words that are the key, because words are only symbols, endeavouring to convey a meaning, an understanding of the reality behind them; that they represent.  Trying to convey fullness of meaning in symbols that until now could only be understood within the limitations of three-dimensional, linear time and place understanding could only restrict the comprehension of the reality behind them, since they are trying to represent the truth of eternal reality – a dimension far beyond our persona dimension. 


The tendency of persona, limited understanding, is to take the words (symbols) at a very literal, 3-dimensional level of understanding.  First, As Jesus reminds us, there is no such thing as death.  Yet, within our limited understanding, we see death as reality, when it is not, cannot be reality, but a self-imposed illusion that Jesus came to dispel.  This is why he chose to demonstrate its unreality by surrendering the illusion of his body to fiendish authority, to do with it as they would, so that he could demonstrate the illusory nature of so-called death by resurrecting from that illusion. 


But within the context of Eternity, Jesus is not the ‘only’ Christ, the ‘only’ Son of God, though he was and is the ‘firstfruits.’  Within the institutionalised church, with all its schisms, doctrines and dogmas there is great emphasis on death and crucifixion.  Nailing Jesus to the cross 2k years ago is, in the larger context, but a symbol of a much greater ‘crucifixion,’ a crucifixion of Self: that of the One Son of God, who chose to dream of separation, littleness, sin, malady and death. 


The resurrection of Jesus, likewise, is a symbol of the much greater resurrection: the resurrection of the Mind of the apparently fragmented One Son to remembrance of Who he is/we are; Christ.  In that sense, yes, we do live in Christ in the resurrection, but finite, constricted ego-controlled mind has us seeing only a 3-dimensional comprehension of those words, those symbols, rather than the big picture as described here. 


We can continue to believe the words (symbols) from, or at, a lower, 3-dimensional perspective, as we have been doing, for as long as we choose.  But now, in the fulfilment measure, is the leavening, the raising up, the resurrecting of the Mind of Christ from littleness (caterpillar) to Glorious Remembrance of our Home, our Destiny, our True Nature (Butterfly), so we are free to choose the greater, complete, full meaning of the words, and freely accept them back as our reality.  


When I asked for your opinion of the verse from John 14:6 it was the well known words of Jesus stating that no one comes to the Father except by or through Him.  What do you think he meant by this?


Again, let us practise thinking with the help of Self, our higher, real, all-knowing Mind, the Mind in which we are one with the Mind of Jesus.  He was and is Christ, an embodiment, or symbol in time and place of the eternal Christ.  He knew he could demonstrate that with words and actions (miracles) to the (spiritually) slumbering fragments, his brethren in the Sonship, who were not then ready to see themselves as he saw, and knew, them to be within the only reality, the truth of Eternity. 


So he was presenting to us all the reality that was to become, once again, our reality (caterpillars to butterflies) at, or by the completion of the GRP.  He knew that we (all) were so in the thrall of ego’s illusions of linear time, sin and death that we would never escape back to reality without his help, which he had been authorised and empowered to give by Papa. 


Remember, he was speaking at the beginning of the 2nd measure of meal, so he had to use terminology pertinent to that phase of the 3 measures.  He was therefore seen, at that time, and mostly still now, as the only Son, the Christ — the Butterfly — and therefore, by implication, that the rest of us caterpillars were and are not and could never be because he, alone, was ‘It.’ 


This is where our old friend John comes to the rescue with: Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. 1Jn. 3:2.  And in seeing him as he really is (not as he has been misrepresented for so many centuries), we will then begin to be able to our true Self reflected in, illuminated by, the Light of his countenance.


Jesus’ words that you quoted from Jn. 14:6 are still true today because Jesus is still the Christ, and we have not yet remembered fully that we also are, so he is leading us, his beloved brethren, back to remembrance, Home to Papa.  They are still true because we are now at the beginning of the final measure of meal, not the end of it, when all shall be leavened.  But it will still be true even at the end, that without his help it would not have been possible — at least for untold aeons — for us to escape the prison of time and place and be restored to our true reality, with him, as Christ, the risen (resurrected) Son.


I am sure many would appreciate your opinion.
Many Blessings


Geoff, I trust this will help ‘de-mystify’ things for you.  Thank you so much for writing, asking, so that many more (including me) can be assisted in the de-mystification process. May the Light of spiritual discernment continue to shine ever brighter for you,




The following exchange was posted on April 18th 2009


Dear Brian,

Your message of encouragement last week (See MoE April 15th) has transformed my life.  The crucifixion, perceived by me, along with untold millions of others for centuries as Jesus, the prince of Peace and Love, being so brutally tortured and murdered – for us - has been a source of deep distress, anguish, guilt; so much so that the Resurrection was at least partially overshadowed by that, for most of my life.


Then, thanks to ACIM , and thanks to you also, for helping to clarify so many details that were otherwise so readily able to mislead, causing compounding misperceptions about who Jesus really is, our relationship to him and his/ours to God – Papa, as you so appositely call Him – that emotionally-clouded  view of Easter has been gradually diminishing. 


Nevertheless, I still saw the crucifixion as being a terrible, traumatising event that Jesus had to endure.  That must come with the territory, i.e. being under ego-mind perception.


Until now!  Your description of your grandstand view of the events, seen from ‘the Royal Box’ with Jesus himself (and others from Heaven) observing the scene below in an entirely objective manner, and his words to you that it was nothing out of the ordinary for one who knows the Truth of Eternity, who knows Self, who is Self, and for whom time and place are no thing, do not exist’ have now, finally, thankfully, mercifully, eradicated all the anguish about it that has tortured me for so long, in one single, blessed moment. 


So, heartfelt thanks for such inspired and inspiring sharing, Brian.


I now have a question about what is stated in that MoE  about the sun goes forward but the moon goes backwardAs I have always understood it, the sun is a symbol of male, giving, creating, active, positive, and the moon of female, receiving, responding, passive; in other words, complementary opposites such as is expressed by the concept of  yin/yang.  I believe most people see it that way, so perhaps others, as well as I, might be surprised, confused even, about the slant given to it in your message.  Any words of clarification?

Love and Light,




Dear Jeremy,

First, thanks so much for sharing that last week’s MoE was so beneficial.  I assure you, the experience has transformed my life also, so to hear from you (and others) that it has been an eye-opener for others is as good as it gets.  Truly, as Jesus said, But now is the Kingdom Measure with us. This is the time, the moment, for a higher, leavened, raised up awareness, an expanded understanding of the progressive, unfolding nature of the GRP.

As for the suggestion about the moon being a negative symbol, a symbol of ego-mind, I have received other responses expressing some dismay about this, so here is an extract from my reply on this to another enquirer:


...What I did not say in this week’s MoE about the Sun and the Moon is that they are also symbols of male and female, as in yin and yang.  I did not mention this because it was not pertinent within the context of the message.  As you undoubtedly know, yin and yang are complementary, neither one being ‘good’ and the other ‘bad,’ or right and wrong.   What is important – vital even – is balance


This is a crucial consideration within the 3-dimensional, illusory realm of complementary opposites, or dyads, or relativity, or ‘otherness.’  So, please forget any concept of the moon as a symbol of negativity in the sense of being ‘bad’ or ‘wrong,’ or unserviceable, or anything other than a balancing aspect of relativity, or the illusory separation – except within the context in which it was used in the MoE. 


In the male/female, yin-yang dyad, neither positive nor negative are ‘bad’, they are simply complementary opposites, or otherness.  But balance is crucial in an unbalanced world, and it is helpful to understand that one without the other, or emphasis on one and neglect of the other, is imbalance, which is not serviceable to equilibrium and wellbeing.  I am speaking in the broad, overall context.   


The dictionary says yang is the active, male principle of the universe, or ‘sun,’ ‘positive,’ and yin is the passive, female principle of the universe; ‘moon;’ ‘shade.’  The words positive and negative can more meaningfully be understood in the context of active and passive rather than good and bad.  The moon, like the sun, is a symbol of an array of aspects of relativity (dyads), and if it is a symbol of consciousness not under the light, positive, creative force of eternal spirit, but rather, the illusory opposite, that does not mean that percept has to be applied to all aspects of time and place experience that come within the moon principle as a complementary opposite of the sun principle.


This realm is beset by imbalance, particularly of dyads, the antithesis of the oneness of Heaven, Eternity, Papa, the Sonship.  Western culture – and many others -  has been male dominated for centuries.  That has been a serious imbalance.  In recent decades feminism has been active in swinging the pendulum back toward balance, but a situation like that will always have a tendency toward imbalance in the opposite direction. 


Whatever is going on ‘out there’ does not have to cause inward balance to get out of kilter.  That (within) is where balance is founded.  If it is there, outward balance will eventuate.  In the time and place consciousness we think it has to happen ‘now,’ but we have misperceived the true meaning of ‘now.’  Now is always; eternal, not just ‘this moment’ in linear time, regardless of the PLFs. 


Ego cannot understand that, and constantly tries to confuse, sidetrack, distract us from the Truth of Eternity.  With there being so many nuances to duality-consciousness it is hardly surprising that ego is so successful in that endeavour, and we, the fragments of the Sonship, are so bewildered.


But, regardless of the past, with ego being in apparent supremacy, the eternal reality has never ceased to be the only reality and we are now in the Kingdom Measure; the fulfilment, awakening, remembering measure, when ego is dispelled and Truth becomes once more our only reality.


It is celebration time, with no shadows to darken it, because the Kingdom Measure is the New Day, now dawning.


Peace and joy, always, undiminished,




The following exchange was posted on April 11th 2009


Hello Brian  Hello Fil  


I have just had a quick read of the commencement of your latest Diary ( November 22nd, 1992, and also MoE, both posted April 8th 2009), for which thank  you,  and am rather flabbergasted because I spent some time in bed early this morning contemplating the persistent  desire not to answer to the identity of "Fil" any more!! 


It has become clear to me that when we experience synchronicity at work, it is an indicator that we are ‘on track.’  This was a nice piece of synchronicity! I questioned who I really am and of course it was clear that as the spiritual expression of God's being, my identity was not in this world's construction, Very much not so; the opposite in fact, since Papa’s creation is eternal, whereas our form here is very much not so though appearing as such, especially in the image the mirror gave back to my expectations after a shower.  


I decided that I had given place to just too many of Fil's limitations and decided that I would really rather be I AM  I take comfort from reminding myself that that — I Am  — is my, our, only true identity, when our persona appearance is seeming to take centre stage  Mary Baker Eddy wrote  "Man is the expression of God's being"  so there is such good reason to take another long look at exactly how this little "i" really perceives this earthly journey and what  the passport really reveals.  If we can break through that tough ego shell that encases us and constricts us, we can discern that all those limitations are a mirage, and we can freely travel without restriction on the passport of Eternity.


During the course of the day one says "i am............"  so many times, and I felt very strongly that that statement holds an immense challenge to look very closely at what exactly i sees as the activities it is involved in, what the limitations are or better still what the great possibilities are  as you so rightly say, ‘better still, what the possibilities — realities even — are’  -  do they all relate to the wondrous promises of true identity  if only i  will categorise i's actual identity through spiritual vision, or are all efforts gauged  according to the limitations i has accepted as "my character" etc  etc  


If our persona, character, is engaged in its true purpose for being here, which is to get Home, bringing with us, leading, our brothers that our Holy Self brings to us and entrusts into our care, then Self arranges, empowers us to be without limitations.  It is only our self-imposed lack of discernment of our true reality that causes us to perceive such limitations.  That is what keeps us in limitation mode — misperception.  A willingness to accept unto ourself the real purpose we all have raises us up, leavens us, reveals the effulgent reality within.  But it requires vigilance, commitment, one-pointedness, earnest desire; qualities ego wishes to conceal from our sight, and distracts us so easily while we are in its thrall of frailty 


This is a wonderfully tall order but what a joy to contemplate the possibilities and hopeful progress.  Amen to that, Fil.   All for today as this world's activities beckon and i had better jazz up all these new perceptions, remembering Paul's enlightened "I live, yet not I, Christ liveth my Life" - phew! -  with gratitude   ***  


I note the clever,  asterisk signature; clearly, you are putting your awakening remembrance into practise immediately.  When others perceive us as persona self, we can radiate out  our real Self through that, just as Jesus reminds us in ACIM, Workbook lesson 155: ...when they find their own reality is even here (i.e. in our Earth-life persona), then they step back and let it lead the way.   Your gratitude is reciprocated, Fil; thanks for sharing your insightfulness.  Bless you for a peaceful, uplifting, inspiring, joyful Easter,




The following exchange was posted on April 5th 2009

Dear Brian,

I have read the Gospels many more times than I can recall, but have never noticed before what you pointed out in your April 1st MoE; namely, that the ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me’ quote accorded to Jesus on the cross – which I was aware was from King David – was only in the synoptic gospels, and that a very different imagery is created in John’s gospel.

I have always been of the understanding that the synoptic gospels were an attempt at an historical record of events, and that John’s gospel was more a mystical, or esoteric perspective on Jesus’ mission.  What you have brought to light tends very much to affirm that.  There are those who say the synoptic gospels were arrived at by copying, or at least borrowing from, one another, so it is not surprising that they tally in so many ways.  One cannot but wonder if, somewhere down the line, there was collusion in presenting a perception that fitted in with what you have often referred to as ‘the hidden-agenda merchants.’

If we are to believe ACIM, in which Jesus tells us that he did not suffer pain on the cross because he had no guilt - and therefore, had clearly seen through the illusory nature of this world, so how could an illusion cause him pain? – then John’s gospel account makes complete sense, and the synoptic gospels do not; unless there is some other explanation.  One way or another, I go with Jesus not experiencing pain, knowing his body was simply a mechanism for communicating with his brothers who were deep in the illusion.  That’s all that matters in this context.

Then, you have strongly highlighted what is for me, the key statement in Lesson 136; or at least, if it wasn’t a key statement for me before, it certainly is now:


If you let your mind (1) harbour attack thoughts, (2) yield to judgement or (3) make plans against uncertainties to come, (it is for those three things that we need to carefully watch, guard against, because they are certain signs of ego being at the helm of our mind) you have again misplaced yourself, and made a bodily identity which will attack the body, for the mind is sick...  


It is plain that these 3 points are the absolute essence of what is keeping us here in ‘ego-land’ as you so aptly call it.  How hard it is to get free – absolutely free – from such conditions of our split-off mind.  You have helped me to be aware that they are crucial to our waking to Self realisation; that we are one; we are, all of us, Papa’s beloved only Son.  I would confess that at first I felt a twinge of feminist angst that Jesus refers only to ‘brothers’ in the ‘Sonship’ but have managed to dislodge that ego pitfall as I remembered that Papa did not create genders; that in Eternity there is no male and female.  So what other term could Jesus use?

Thanks Brian, you are an inspiration.  Please keep the MoEs coming.

Love and light,



Dear Jessica,

Well, there isn’t really a lot more to say; you have just about said it all J

I feel sure you are aware that much of what I write is new to me until the moment it appears before me on the monitor.  I also have read the gospels countless times, and similarly, did not realise about the conflicting stories of the crucifixion between the first 3 and the 4th gospel.  Then, as I was writing last week’s MoE, that difference just jumped out at me, and I checked all 4 accounts.  So it was an eye-opener for me too. 

Truly, we see what we believe.  Then, when Self opens our eyes, a different vision greets us, when we are ready for it. This only becomes possible when we are ready to believe the truth, regardless of inculcated misperceptions.  The bible is full of such recorded incidents that have been misperceived, due, at least in part, to the literal-mindedness of the slumbering fragments.

And as for the three key pitfalls of ego to avoid, I am so, so overjoyed that you see the crucial, vital importance of them to our escape from the carousel.  It distils the whole illusion down to its essence.  Truly, we would be lost without Jesus.

It is obvious when viewed from this perspective of hindsight that Jesus would not abandon us after his incarnation, and that there had to be some massive further help forthcoming at this change-over time between the 2nd and 3rd measures of meal.  ACIM is that massive help, and it is so clearly he who is behind it.  I send MoEs to the Anglican Church HQ every week.  I pray someone there may have his eyes opened and may start a clarion call to wakefulness there (and all the other religious institutions).

You might be interested to hear my communing with Jesus this morning:

Jesus, my beloved, I choose to be like you; to remember Who I Am, to yield up all defences against the Truth, so that my mind can be fully restored to wellness and my body fit to serve its purpose as a vehicle for sharing, extending truth of Who we all are to my brothers.  I choose not to harbour attack thoughts, yield to judgement or make plans against uncertainties to come.  Yet are parts of me still uncertain of Who I Am, though I truly, unshakeably desire to continue following the Path.  I feel drawn beyond doubt that it is time for me to bring an end to misplacing myself with a bodily identity. 

My beloved, you must follow your heart, and leave your doubts at Papa’s altar.  This requires FTOC.  You have FTOC.  You also have me, and are awakening to awareness of Self.  Herein are all the defences needed by the children of Earth – against the enemy, ego; not against Truth, Life, Love, Peace, Joy, Wellbeing.

In the early stages faltering is bound to take place.  Will you allow this to deter you from what you know is right?  You have placed your trust in me over these long years; this has served you well, and you have remained true to following me, regardless of whatever faltering there may have been.  Faltering is of none effect if you do not remain in faltering mode, but gather yourself together and come back into focus on the Light that is shone for you on the Way.

Such opportunity as this presents itself that you may go forward, grown in certainty of knowing Who you are.  Not all are ready to make that forward progress.  Never mind; it is of no consequence to the final outcome.  Still is it opportunity for thanksgiving, that steps forward have been made, and now a little rest by the Wayside is chosen, before the pilgrims gather themselves together once more, for the journey, strengthened, reinforced in commitment and determination to go forward, reinvigorated by their stop along the Way. 

Each fragment will be restored to wholeness at the appointed moment. When is of no concern to Papa, of no concern to me; will you allow it to be of concern to you? Remember, as you judge, so are you judged.

All is well, and is always well.  This is good reason why you have never seen my peace and joy disturbed.  Go thou, therefore, and let it be likewise for you.  Love, peace, joy are all.

He is inspiration for us all.

Thanks for writing, for sharing, Jessica.  Peace and joy abound in you,



The following exchange was posted on April 1st 2009

Dear Brian,

Why is it that I have no difficulty accepting that Jesus, the most important person ever to walk the earth, has been walking with you for so long, yet I find the mentions you make of other famous people you encounter seems to stick, and something inside wants to say, ‘Oh, yes, so Brian is pals with Winston Churchill now, is he, after joining Lord This and Lady That in rescuing him from some dark pit of despair?   I suppose next he’ll be telling us he has Julius Caesar round for dinner, having rescued him from some similar fate.’

Don’t misinterpret me, Brian, I am very much in line with what you tell us about rescue work of souls in despair or terror in what you have referred to as the etheric counterpart of earth, or others call the astral plane, and think it is all truly admirable.  I suppose we have all heard of psychics and clairvoyants who claim to know the usual ‘A List’ of departed ‘celebrities’ and we all quietly yawn in silent disbelief.  I just don’t want to think of you in that manner because most of what you say comes across as totally sincere and plausible, and you have not yet revealed any procedures for extracting money from a gullible public; all points entirely in your favour.  Why, then, do I have this silly issue that I just can’t let go of?



 Dear Cedric,

This is what I really like to hear – honesty, in a world full of pretence.  Thank you for your candour; it is much appreciated, and you are a man after Jesus’ own heart, for he knows the importance of honesty and saying it as it is.

I completely understand this sticking point.  I agonised over it as being a hurdle many would stumble over when writing SFGS.  However, I realised that if I fudged over the writing, openly and candidly, of my experiences, it would be dishonest and I would have to live with that and always be on guard to ensure I did not mix up actual experiences with some fiction somewhere, in an attempt to cover the dishonesty. 

I also realised that If people could accept that I had been walking with Jesus for decades, what was the big deal with encountering others along the way, some of whom just happen to be well-known characters from history.  And if they couldn’t accept what I said about Jesus, and indeed, the things he said to me as recorded in the Diary entries, that was not my problem.  Jesus told me on a number of occasions that my job was to deliver the message, not to concern myself about how it was received; that that was his job.

Nevertheless, although various publicly known figures have been mentioned in SFGS and the Diary entries, I have been discretionary about not making reference to a number of others, on the basis that if the encounter provided a situation that could be helpful to other travellers on the path Home, they would be included.  But where that has not been the case to a sufficiently significant degree, the experience has not been included in the writings.

Ego-land, it may not have escaped your attention, is besotted with ‘celebrity culture.’  It is very much an ambivalent thing, which is characteristic of ego. It wants to fawn over so-called ‘celebrities’ and at the same time despise them and long to see them brought ‘down to size.’  The same attitude rather prevails toward those who know, or claim to know ‘celebrities’ or famous people.  This is envy, a well-known characteristic of ego.

The fact is, famous, or well-known historical characters are just as prone to all the same conditions of mental and physical dis-ease, fear, guilt, sense of littleness, as anyone else who is here to wake up from the dream and get Home.  In the case of Winston Churchill, he had been brought to us a few weeks previously, by his wife, Clementine, who was a radiant soul.  Winston, on the other hand, had deteriorated into what used to be called senile dementia, now known as Alzheimer’s, in the latter years he was with a body. 

He remained in that state of confused mind after he laid aside his body in 1965, and was still in that condition when brought to us during the Communion service in 1991.  He did not really know who, or where, he was.  We prayed for him, spoke with him and committed him into the care of Jesus, told him Clementine was here with him and he could call to her and she would become discernible to him, and could help him.  He was still in somewhat of a fog, but showing some indication of the beginning of alertness.  The next time we saw him was September 29th 1991, as indicated in the Diary entry for that date.

I feel sure you can accept that if this is affecting your equilibrium, as you indicate so openly and honestly that it is, then it is a sign that there is still some ego involved in your mind’s activity.  It is so for all but a very few in the Earth life at present, in one respect or another and to one degree or another, and that is why we are here – to dispel ego and its illusions so we can awaken to the reality of our oneness in Eternity.  Comfort can be taken from the fact that celebrity, fame (or infamy!) are only of time and place, and have no part in Heaven.

As for letting go of it, you are more than half way there already, having been so open in speaking about it.  That is a real releasing mechanism.  Ask Self to help you place this at Papa's altar, as your gift to Him, demonstrating that you would have no other gods (such as the god of envy) before Him.  Then leave it there.  You will find that having made that gesture, that commitment, it will be removed from your mind (so long as you commit it to Their care and leave it with Them (Papa and Self).  Don't go worrying it like a terrier, or looking for it to see if it is still there every 'five minutes.'  Then, one day, some indeterminate time hence, you will suddenly realise it has gone, and is no longer affecting you.

Here (below) is a Diary entry from 1997 on this matter.  I hope Jesus’ explanation is helpful for you.

Many blessings,


Holy Communion June 29, 1997

All goes forward my beloveds and these learning and blessing experiences are for your strengthening and preparation for what lies ahead.  Each and every one is important in itself as well as in its role as part of the New Structure that is being created.

Beloved Lord, when someone who has been so famous in the Earthly life (EAP) comes in, even though we have been able to bless him in your beloved name, for help and going forward in your peace and joy, I still find it distracting and upsetting to my equilibrium.

My son, this is because of the psychic conditions that have been created around such a soul.  These remain (after that person has laid aside his body and returned to the etheric counterpart of Earth), and when you come to awareness of them you pick up on those conditions.  They are of the mammon (or ego) consciousness and the children of Earth have been easily caught up in such a vortex.  Even if they are considered harmless adulation there are only apparent ‘victims’ of such energies, including the object of such adulation.  This happens also with anointed messengers! (He speaks from his own experience of adulation as Jesus of Nazareth!) This is why it is necessary for the focus to be on Papa at all times.  When such conditions arise, focus, or re-direct the focus, upon the only One that is good; that is, God.

All goes forward my beloveds, and these learning and blessing experiences are for your strengthening and preparation for what lies ahead.  Each and every one is important in itself as well as in its role as part of the New Structure that is being created.

All is well my son, have no fear or anxiety; I have overcome the world.  All is according to the Great God Purpose.  Be of good cheer.


The following exchange was posted on March 26th 2009


This exchange was engendered by yesterday's MoE:


Well done Brian, you have managed to put into words something that has been in my brain’s ‘pending tray’ for a long time, waiting to get moved on - the inner mystery of baptism. Your latest letter of encouragement is brilliant, meaning that the light shines from it as it illuminates the understanding.  Thanks for your kind and affirming words, Dorothy; such are always most welcome. Matthew 3: 11 says that the one who was coming after, meaning Jesus, would not baptize with water but with the Holy Spirit and Fire, so this says to us that, as you have pointed out, water is but a symbol of things much deeper.


For the purposes of this ‘H2O’ analogy I was using water, snowflake and the term H2O as easily graspable symbols, knowing that most people would be able to see that in whatever form water appears, its unchangeable essence is H2O.  It works well as an analogy, or PLF, and I am very pleased you agree. 


From the early days with Olga Park, back in the 1960s, she told me that water and the moon, are symbols of the psychic consciousness, and that Fire, Light and the Sun are symbols of the Spiritual reality, or spiritually dedicated Mind; Mind committed to service of the GRP, Eternity, the Kingdom.  Olga told me that many years previously she was visited by someone from the Realms of Light who said to her ‘The Sun goes forward, but the moon goes backward.’ 


This means that if we do not bring/place our mind under control of the Holy Spirit, it tends to go wild, and the fruit we bear for the Kingdom gets smaller and smaller, like an unpruned apple tree, left to grow wild, and which produces more and more wood growth and smaller and smaller apples. Like water, the psychic consciousness always seeks the lowest level, flowing downhill becoming sullied along the way.  We see this in society at large, where uncommitted, undisciplined mind and culture become more and more degenerate.  However, if we commit our mind, our life to the service of the Kingdom, in the care of the Holy Spirit/Self, or Jesus, we go forward under leadership of the Spirit, the light (symbolised by the Sun), which ultimately is within us.  John ch. 15 covers this very well (are we surprised, knowing John!?) where Jesus says:


1: I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.

2: Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, (i.e., prunes, cutting away wood growth that is not producing fruit bud, or fruit-bearing potential) that it may bring forth more fruit.

3: Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.

4: Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

5: I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

6: If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned (but not in hell; rather, this means ‘purified,’ a word spoken of several times recently.  It is not a condemnation, damnation or punishment but a correcting, cleansing, removing of dross, so that uplifting to wakefulness in the Kingdom awareness can be accomplished for us).

7: If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto (or for) you.

8: Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit...


(And now 'Fire' has to go into that pending tray for a while) Perhaps some of the above might help with this?  Fire and Light purify, and I believe the intent behind baptism is purification.  It is my understanding that when John the Baptist said: 


I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I (Jesus, of course)... he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire...


he was preparing the way for the switch over/transition from the psychic consciousness to the spiritual awareness, being introduced/established/’grounded’ in the Earth by Jesus.  Up to then, baptism – with water – had been somewhat ineffectual because the commitment to one-pointed, steadfast spiritual focus was not really understood by the children of Earth, so there was what the bible calls backsliding – a sure sign of the psychic consciousness being in control.  But the eternal reality – spiritual awareness, knowing, empowerment – was about to take its place and be established, rooted in the Earth.  Of course, the psychic consciousness, water, the moon, are all of ego.


 Everything has its counterpart, or different expression, or ways of being, throughout all the levels of consciousness or creation, all things being different ways of looking at/seeing  the Same Thing - - everything, from the microcosm to the macrocosm. Exactly so.  I am prompted to suggest that in the within, or Eternity, microcosm and macrocosm are one and the same thing, in the sense that space, like time, is an illusion.  Such a concept may be very difficult to comprehend/apprehend from within the illusion of time and place (or space).  No doubt we shall come to the greater understanding in due course.


So baptism with water at this level, is then, a symbol of baptism with the Holy Spirit if undertaken with understanding.  I rather feel that there is a little overlap at the edges, with some of this symbolism.  The way I perceive it is that baptism with water (John the Baptist fashion) is symbolising, in the without, the desire to make a commitment to religious dedication.  It is sincerely intended, but distinctly limited to time and place only.  Then, along comes Jesus, whom Jesus knows, has had revealed to him, will take this concept to the greater dimension, of Spirit, or fire, and thus transcend or supersede baptism with water.  The 'under' in those two words, would if thought about, get the strutting ego out of the way and allow 'what is' to manifest, and there would be some who open to the Holy Spirit consciously.  I believe this is on target.  Those who are ready always will respond to the invitation, the stimulus, even if they are not consciously aware that they are ready.


Would rituals with water at this level of consciousness then, in common with all rituals performed as symbols of greater realities, be invoking the Holy Spirit?  I hope this is answered, at least to some extent, above.  To that, I would add that symbols become redundant when the reality behind them become known, understood.  The fact is, though not yet widely understood by the mass of humanity, Jesus, Papa, the Spirit of Truth/Self know the heart and mind of us all, who among us is ready to go forward on the path of spiritual awakening, and all such are led forward, by what at first is seen as coincidence, synchronistic events, but later are recognised as guidance from Spirit, the Realms of Light, as confidence in the trustworthiness of Those Who are leading, guiding, protecting the ‘pilgrim.


Would you agree with that or am I intellectualising too much?  We all need to be aware that balance between asking/seeking/knocking and being receptive to the answers (from the Voice for God – Holy Spirit/Self and/or Jesus) is vital to the maintenance of our Mind/Spirit/Earth-life vehicle equilibrium. 


The fact is, we, the Son, have been in the nightmare illusion for so long, have become so inured to believing the unbelievable that we can only deal with the awakening process one step at a time, slowly, lovingly tended by and from the Realms of Light.  I have been knowingly on this path for over 4 decades, and am aware of other acts in which the awakening was getting under way, and I am still finding my way.  I would be as lost as anyone else without the help, guidance and protection to which I have steadfastly pledged myself, and which has been freely given in commensurate response to my willingness to be open to receiving it. 


If people understood more readily that help from Spirit can only be given in response to willingness to receive it (an unbreakable PLF as part of our free will) they might be more willing to ask and receive.  FTOC is essential because of these PLFs.  You cannot give a bicycle to a petulant boy who is determined to remain petulant and unreceptive.  That is about the way it is with what Jesus called a faithless and perverse generation.


Well Brian I will leave this in your hands and mind.  Love from Dorothy


Thanks, Dorothy, for your characteristic, searching, discerning input to the ongoing progress toward Home.  Love and many blessings, as always,  Brian


The following exchange was posted on March 22nd 2009


Dear Brian,


Last week’s MoE was truly encouraging, but still, in spite of your reassurance that there is nothing to fear but fear itself, I am fearful when Jesus talks about ‘purification’ being necessary, before we can inherit the Kingdom, miracles etc.


My time in the church has ingrained at so deep a level in my psyche that judgement, wrath, sin, etc are so fearful that when the word purification is mentioned, I cannot help but become fearful, and want to run and hide from him and from Papa. 


For centuries we have had inculcated into us that Jesus will come to judge the quick and the dead, and because we have also been repeatedly been told we are unworthy, sinners, it has become inevitable that those of us who have followed the path of the church are fearful that the purification of which he speaks will be some terrifying form of purging. 


I am beginning to earnestly want to leave all that negative stuff behind, but you can’t wipe out all this fear in a moment.  Please give some further words of encouragement on this particular matter.  I am deeply attracted to your ‘take’ on Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven.  It all makes such sense.  Please keep up the Kingdomly work, it is greatly appreciated.


Love and blessings,




Dear Gemma,


How I resonate and empathise with your words.  How many others will also resonate with them!?


It helps if we can see that everything that is of the without is an ego-construct.  Ego is what the church calls Satan, so let us not be in any doubt about where all this is coming from.  The church is an Earthly construct, designed to exercise control over people by the mechanism of fear.  It has been that from not long after the inception of the early church, because Jesus’ followers, and those who came after them, did not understand him, and sadly, nothing in that regard has changed within the church since. 


Those in the church (prelates or congregation) who do begin to understand him find they cannot remain within the church, for the two are incompatible.  The KOH is within us.  It is, therefore, by definition, not (yet) in the without. The church, being an outer construct, has no real understanding of the within, so is therefore, by definition an ego-mind construct.


By way of words of comfort for you about the ‘dreaded’ purification, I can do no better than paste here the following Diary entry:   

May 15, 1996 

My son, fear is for the ungodly; in My garden of delight is joy and peace and fulfilment.  Open your arms to receive My bounty and in this act shall fall away that which is not of the eternal. 

Papa speaks: 


I will bring upon you the Spirit of Truth and He shall make you understand My ways.  Because you have been faithful in a few things I shall make known to you many things.  Have no fear or anxiety over any details.  It is My desire that you walk in comfort with Me in My garden of plenty because your desire is My desire, not for yourselves.  Entrust all matters of your lives into My care and make Me the focal point of your lives in every respect.  Only then can all things be fulfilled that I have purposed in you.  By this means, when the enemy visits, you shall not be found, for he cannot enter the Most Holy Place.

By your one-pointed faithfulness and complete commitment shall a vessel be forged worthy of the New Wine that I shall pour out in you for my little ones.  Let your concentration be upon that; I shall rebuke the ungodly and the proud and the scornful. 

Papa, My beloved and Holy Father: Truly You are the Holy One of Israel, the Lord of Hosts, even the Hosts of the Heavenly; by Your power, Your Grace and Your love all things are possible and all shall be accomplished.  I know You are doing this in our lives.  Give us the time and the understanding to assimilate and become one with all that You purpose in our lives, Heavenly Father, and purify us unto Your perfect ways.  Help us not to be afraid in this purifying. 


My son, fear is for the ungodly; in My garden of delight is joy and peace and fulfilment.  Open your arms to receive My bounty and in this act shall fall away that which is not of the eternal.  It shall become as nothing and you shall hardly notice its absence.  I tell you, you shall rejoice in its absence.

All that you do and all that you desire is known to Me, My son.  All this and much more shall I accomplish in you for the Kingdom of Righteousness.  Go forward rejoicing, dancing, singing joyfully of all that awaits those who love Me and would come unto Me.


‘Rebuke’ is not intended to be construed as punish, but ‘purify.  That purification is, as I hope the above indicates, a joyful procedure that He performs for us, in response to our desire, our readiness to experience it, in order that we may enter into the Kingdom, the Holy of Holies, the garden of His delight. His words

Open your arms to receive My bounty and in this act shall fall away that which is not of the eternal.  It shall become as nothing and you shall hardly notice its absence.  I tell you, you shall rejoice in its absence.

tell it as it actually is.  If this website accomplishes nothing but help a few to lose their fear of Papa, Jesus and Eternity, then a mighty work for the Kingdom will have been accomplished.


Gemma, may you open to awareness of the Heavenly Peace, joy and love that embrace you every moment,




The following exchange was posted on March 17th 2009


Greetings dear Brian!
I was having a lovely evening with my 15 year old daughter Molly watching a t.v. program about paranormal events , which sparked a discussion between us.  She has given me an 'assignment"!  When I told her that there is a difference between religion and spirituality, she looked at me dubiously and wanted me to explain.  At first, I suggested she ask her dad, who is better organized in his thoughts and perhaps could explain better but she said No, I want YOU to tell me.  I then asked her if I could get back to her because it is such a good question, I wanted to give it my best thoughtful answer.
So, if you could please offer me a definition I could incorporate into my own words for her? I don't want to scare her off this subject. She is more like her dad than me in regards to spirituality but she is starting to question things. Its so awesome :):):)
Thank you so much,



Greetings to you also, dear Jolena; good to hear from you.  And how exciting for you that Molly is starting to ask such penetrating questions.  Alleluia;-)  What a good idea, also, to incorporate into your own answer, a serviceable definition.  So, here is how I would describe the difference between religion and spirituality:


Religion is a structured, institutionalised, controlled set of beliefs which any adherent to that religion is required to accept and believe; variance from those beliefs is not tolerated and anyone who does disagree is shunned or excommunicated.  In earlier times they were tortured and killed by burning at the stake as heretics or apostates.  It could therefore be described as being about fear and control over people's lives and minds.


Spirituality is actually the opposite.  It is about love and freedom.  Spirituality is spontaneous, does not have tightly controlled rules and regulations.  It has no Earthly organisational structures or institutions to restrict beliefs.  Spirituality is of the 'within' of our being, heart and mind; religion is of the 'without,' or outer.  Spirituality is about Eternity; religion is about time and place. 


If we cannot go within, we will go without (spiritually).  You could quote to Molly Jesus' words from Matthew 6:6:  But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.  That is spirituality, within our own inner being, between us and our Heavenly Father, the Creator Spirit, with no intermediaries to intervene and impose their perceptions or rules and regulations upon our understanding.


I hope this helps.  If you wish, why not let her read this and then you could discuss it with her?  It could stimulate an interesting opportunity for the Spirit of Truth to inspire you both with expanded understanding of such matters.


Love and blessings, as always,




The following exchange was posted on March 7th 2009


Hi Brian, thank you for your latest MoE.  How is M.B. doing; what is the latest news in his healing?
May I take this opportunity of thanking Edwin for his response in forum (See posting dated February 27th 2009, below) as once again someone has taken the words out of my mouth, as I am sure he is speaking for many.


I must admit I am undergoing a feeling of confusion or madness? At the moment part of me agrees and understands what you lovingly share, and part is searching.  For instance I was led - or misled - to a site I don't know if you are aware of it? It is called the BOOK OF URANTIA, which I am led to believe originated in the 30s and started to become into its own in the 50s. I had never heard of it before; rather than trying to explain you would be better looking at Youtube and see for yourself.  Maybe its sci-fi.
It seems to me that I am being pulled apart in different directions, when the word tells me " THAT YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE. "  
Well Brian I have taken enough of your precious time. I await you valued comments.
Many blessings to you

Dear Geoff,


Thanks for this.  M.B had his first chemo treatment on March 3rd. His body has been invaded by poison, and he is feeling somewhat below par, but that is well within the ability of Jesus/the Holy Spirit to work through, even if M.B. is unaware of the spiritual realities.  He is aware that many have been/are praying for him and though he does not understand quite what can be accomplished by prayer, he is deeply and profoundly grateful for it all, and humbled by it.  He may be slumbering spiritually but he is innately a man of great goodwill, espoused to honour and integrity.  He is deeply distressed by all the injustices of this world.


There will be three lots of chemo over 6 weeks, then they will do a scan to see what the chemo has done to the tumour.  If it has reduced it in size, they will operate to remove the lower part of the oesophagus.  Of course, we do not know what the vigil/global prayer activity (which is ongoing for many) has been accomplishing at the bodily level.  That is where absolute, ‘blind faith’ comes in, knowing of a certainty that Papa always hears and always responds (as do Jesus and all our loved ones in the Realms of Light) in whatever way is most serviceable to our overall path of spiritual growth and awakening.  If there is being/has already been a miraculous healing, this will be discovered when he has a scan in about 6 weeks.  Of course the medics will call it ‘spontaneous remission’ because miracles are beyond their ken.  Bless them all for an awakening to Who we all really are.  I will keep you posted on progress with M.B.


I had a feeling Edwin’s message would resonate with you, and as you say, very possibly many others also.   Geoff, it is important for those of us who recognise Jesus as the Spiritual Lord of mankind to keep focussed on him and the GRP, his plan for restoring us to remembrance of our oneness with him in the Sonship, which will culminate in the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. He tells us in chapter 1, section II of ACIM My devotion to my brothers has placed me in charge of the Sonship, which I render complete because I share it. That means he already is fully awake to the knowledge of Who he is (Papa’s beloved Son) and is thus empowered to share that knowledge with us, thus making whole, or complete the oneness of us all in the Sonship.  Good, eh? In fact, so much better than good it is worthy of a loud Whahooooo!


As mentioned on various occasions, there is, at this crucial and exciting stage of the GRP/3 measures of meal, a great outpouring of the Spirit of God upon all the Earth.  This is being received by us all but interpreted in myriad ways according to the path each of us has travelled bringing us to this point.  And I am not just speaking of the present act, but untold numbers of acts over the ages.  With the internet providing an enormous opportunity for the dissemination of ‘information,’ there are untold numbers of websites (or blogs; I am not quite sure the difference between the two!) offering ‘information’ about what is happening at this time, according to the differing perceptions/interpretations of what is being received from that outpouring. 


Some claim their offerings as ‘divine revelation’ or whatever.  I am always inclined to be wary of any claims not made in the name of Jesus, or acknowledging him as the spiritual Lord of mankind, or that do not accord with my own experience of him, or what he tells us in ACIM.  Daniel 12:4 tells us that at the time of the end knowledge shall be increased and many shall run to and fro.  ‘Knowledge’ without the light of spiritual discernment causes many to run to and fro, like chicken with their heads cut off!  The vast array of information, some similar to others, with perhaps only small variations, others 'off the wall' are cause of great confusion amongst the 'children of Earth,' lost sheep without a shepherd (so it appears to them).


Jesus has said to us, for our reassurance, ‘When all around is chaos and confusion, then rejoice, for the Kingdom is at hand, even at the doors.’  It will serve us all well to keep steadfastly focussed on the fact that the Kingdom is within us, not ‘out there.’  The staggering array of websites offering ‘spiritual enlightenment’ may all have something that resonates for some of us.  However, we all have an inner Guide Who helps to keep us on the path that is right for us, individually (or more accurately, all the while we appear to be individual, or until we are restored to right mindedness – Christ Mind, which is one Mind). 


That inner Guide, Self, or the Spirit of Truth, will answer us if we ask Him and listen in the stillness for the still, small Voice.  That Voice becomes louder and clearer to us as we gradually learn to tune out clamour and attune more perfectly within.  However, most of us are very diffident about this, and fearful that we don’t have the faculty for hearing adequately developed.  Self understands this and has many ways of getting the message across to us, so long as we ask and are prepared to be look for the signs, open to receiving His signals, and to follow them. Most of these signs or signals are in our own within, and take the form of resonance, or comfort with whatever comes up before us.


The way that is most serviceable to those who truly seek after God and earnestly desire the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, especially being one-pointedly committed to following he who is in charge of the Sonship, if he or she comes across a source of information such as you mention, is, check it out. It may take a few minutes or hours, but check how it resonates with our own within.  If it resonates, that is Self indicating that persona self (‘Geoff,’ ‘Brian,’ etc.) is on the path that is right for them at that time.  If the comfort zone feels disturbed, that is Self indicating there is no resonance, and it is not a serviceable source for the path the seeker is on.


Often, a new website may start off resonating well with us. Fine.  However, as time goes by, it may lose resonance.  If so, allow the parting of the ways to happen without regret.  Our inner guidance - Self - is working.  We will do well to follow it/Him.


I have indeed seen the Urantia book, and read a reasonable amount of it.  Some of it is quite interesting to me, but some of it does not accord with the guidance and illumination I have received from Jesus during the last 42 years, or from his revelation in ACIM.  So, I am happy to leave Urantia in the care of Jesus/Self, knowing that all is known to Them and They will continue to lead me if I am willing to continue one-pointedly following Them.


Ego wants to disturb our inner equilibrium by throwing lots of different perceptions at us.  It cannot stand our being inwardly peaceful.  We can be inwardly peaceful if we remain one-pointedly focussed on Jesus and the Kingdom, and stay with what resonates for us, because that is inner guidance leading us Home.  It will serve us well to distinguish between the real Jesus and the Voice for God, the Spirit of Truth, and institutionalised religion.  We can hear Jesus/Self best alone in our closet, with the door closed, and no clamour of the without interfering with our attunement.  This is not possible with group worship, though I must say the Quakers, or Society of Friends are nearer to this than any other sect I know of.


If Jesus is in charge of the Sonship and the GRP, why would anyone settle for a lesser source of spiritual illumination?  I have found it very inwardly strengthening and focussing over the years to affirm to him, voluntarily, from time to time, my absolute, unwavering commitment to him and his leading, guiding, protecting of my life.  I therefore feel able to commend the idea to you also.  You might say to Jesus from time to time something like this:


Jesus, beloved Lord and friend, thank you for standing at my door and knocking.  I gladly, joyfully open to you, that you may enter in and we may sup (commune) together.  I trust you implicitly and totally.  I ask that you be my only guide, protection and source of spiritual enlightenment, wisdom and discernment, redirecting me back onto the path Home to Papa whenever I inadvertently get off track.  I love you consummately, and reaffirm my commitment to following your lead unconditionally.


You may also find such as this helps to shore up some of those battered defences.

If there anything you are unsure about, or do not agree with in the HTG website, I gladly welcome your questions, if helping your understanding to grow increases your inner peace and comfort.


Love and blessings endlessly,




The following exchange was posted on February 27th 2009


Dear Brian


You speak so positively, encouragingly, persuasively about ‘Self’, our higher, true, real self, and that this Self is one and the same as the Holy Spirit.  That is a huge leap for me to take, because of my church background (long since abandoned as a spiritual desert).  Nevertheless, I resonate so strongly, naturally with most of what you have been writing over the last few years (including SFGS, which I have now read several times and get more out of it each time) that I really want to believe what you say about Self being who we really are. 


You say we can get into mind to Mind communion with Self and this will help us to awaken from the illusion of time and place.  Then instead of seeing the world around us with our bodily eyes, we will have our true ‘single’ vision restored.  Although I don’t have a problem with that as a concept, I haven’t the least idea what to expect to see with my ‘true vision’, and all I can see so far is with my bodily sight – people, buildings, trees, cars etc.  That is so persuasive that it is real, along with me as I appear in a body, that I can’t seem to get past that.  Am I doing something wrong, or missing something you have said to help in this area?


Your comments would be greatly valued.  Thanks in advance,




Dear Edwin,


Thanks for this; you are much, much more perspicacious than you give yourself credit for.  The fact that you have noticed this area of consideration tells me you have a great deal of the light of spiritual discernment.


Let us take a bit of a step backward, to see the bigger picture.  We, the fragments of the Sonship, have mistakenly believed we are separate from our Creator and each other, in time and place, for a very long ‘time.’ We are actually, under the persuasion of ego (mythologised as Satan to religionists) attempting to ‘hide’ from Papa amongst ‘the trees of the garden’, though an increasingly secular consensus reality, under ego-goading, would pooh-pooh that idea as absurd.  It is impossible to hide from Papa but we are like a small child who covers his eyes and then says ‘You can’t see me.’


All this, the whole revelation of ACIM, that God did not create the physical universe, is so revolutionary to the general perception of almost all of us that it is a huge amount to take on board all at once.  In fact it is impossible and that is why we can only progress Homewards one step at a time.  Nevertheless, the statement in ACIM that we are not a body is not really revolutionary, because anyone who has thought about who we are will have readily observed that our mind (which of course is not our brain) is not confined to an animated carcase.


But most of us are confused about what to believe because there seem to be so many conflicting perceptions, and we have come to associate people with bodies; after all, that is all we see with our biological eyes.


Jesus speaks of spiritual ‘vision’ and this word denotes something much more than, very different from ocular sight.  It is awareness, or discernment of spiritual, eternal reality by our right mind, or our mind in its true state of attunement (at-onement) with the Mind of God, of which we are a part. 


That may sound far above or beyond us at present, but this is where Self, Holy Spirit, ‘the Voice for God’ acts for us, as an intermediary for our little self, until we awaken, one step at a time, with help from Self at a level that we can understand and assimilate, to the place of full remembrance of Who we really are: ‘Big Self,’ the same Self Who has been helping us all along; the Self that we will then fully understand is Who we really are and have been all along.


For your reassurance, Edwin, it is not required of us that we have to be ocularly blind in order to gain spiritual vision, or discernment.  Vision is not dependent on whether or not we can see with our bodily sight (which, of course we need while we still appear to be in time and place) but how we interpret or discern, what we see (the same goes for what we hear, of course).  For example, we might see somebody making an error in traffic and then making unfriendly hand gestures at those who simply happen to be adjacent, as if it was their fault that a driving error occurred. 


It would be self-deluding to pretend we did not see it, and that does not serve our capacity/potential for true discernment, or vision.  Ego-mind interpretation would be that the person was rude, offensive, stupid, ignorant, a bad driver etc., etc.  We are always faced with 2 choices in situations such as this: Judge or Forgive.  One is a reflection of who we really are; the other is ego.  Assuredly, you do not need me to tell you which is which!


With our higher-aspiring mind, and engaging our escape mechanism – true forgiveness – we can choose to interpret what has hit the retina of our eyes as a brother who has forgotten who he is, is in a dark and frightening place, feeling very alone and vulnerable, and is crying out for help.  This is on the basis that we are all either expressing love or calling for love.  Clearly the gesturing person is not expressing love so the only possible alternative is calling for it.  This is how desperate he is, and in such a place of forgetfulness of who he is that this is the only way he knows how to do it.


The only response we can give that is serviceable to ourself and to him is to remind ourself that we are all one in the only truth – Eternity – bless him, give thanks to Papa for him and the opportunity he has brought us to remember who we really are, and commit him into the care of Love (Papa, Jesus, the Holy Spirit).  As stated in this week’s MoE: Who amongst us would judge if we knew it was our self we were judging?


All this - changing our interpretation of what appears to us - takes great, commitment, and will not happen overnight.  If we give up quickly and revert to ego-type after a short time, we are as the seed that fell on stony ground in Jesus' parable of the sower:  ...Some fell upon stony places, where they had not much earth: and forthwith they sprung up, because they had no deepness of earth:  And when the sun was up, they were scorched; and because they had no root, they withered away. (Mt. 13:5,6) .  If, however, we have deep, steadfast commitment to getting Home sooner rather than later, we will be as the seed that fell on good ground: But other fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold. (Mt. 13:8)


I hope this helps, Edwin.  Next week’s MoE will speak of vulnerability and how to free ourself from it, back to our true nature: invulnerable, and therefore able to find inner peace.


Love and blessings for your continuing unfolding of discernment,




The following exchanges were posted on February 20th 2009


There have been many messages responding to the 'global healing vigil' for our brother, 'M.B.' who was recently diagnosed with cancer of the œsophagus (please see the MoE dated February 11th 2009 for full details)   A few were posted earlier, but here are some more, many using only extracts, for brevity.  The dates of receiving (or sending my replies) is shown, underlined, to provide a meaningful context to the event, which took place on February 11th 2009.


February 11th


Dear M.B.,


Today, and during the coming days, we and hundreds of people around the world, are/will be holding you in our hearts and minds, offering you up to the light and love of God, for your restoration to the wholeness that is yours.  May I suggest that you sit quietly several times during each day and open yourself to receive the blessings that are being outpoured for you.  This evening we will be holding a vigil for you with friends who are very powerful healers.  It will be helpful if you close your eyes and envision yourself being bathed in light, love and peace, not just this evening, but during each occasion of sitting quietly.  An attitude of receptiveness and thanksgiving is highly beneficial.


Remember, you are dearly and greatly loved by many, including, of course, Theresa and me, and we send that love with this message.


Love and blessings, always,




Dear Brian & Theresa


Many thanks for your email and thank you so, so much for your deep concern.

I will certainly do as you suggest, and I can't tell you how much I value what you and your friends are doing for me.


Lots of love,






Thank you Brian and I will definitely join you in all in prayer. I appreciate you sharing this with me as I too believe in the far-reaching power of prayer. We must all attune ourselves to the higher vibration healing powers of the Christ. Love and blessings be yours, your sister in Christ service, Patricia




My word, Brian!  This just about blew me away as I never expected anything like it!  What stage is he?  Hopefully it's early onset. 


My heart is with all of you in the fullness of love.  It will be a blessing for me to join with you in prayer for the perfect outworking.  As you say we can't know what M.B.'s "plan" is - but we can rest in faith that Papa is in charge.  Please tell M.B.  that I'm sending my love.   Also, I am very glad you posted this on the MoE site.  I'm sure there will be lots of prayer sent his way!  None of that will be wasted no matter the outcome.


 Let me know how things progress, please, Brian.  My prayers are with all of you!!!








Dear Brian,


I read your account of M.B.’s struggle with great empathy and compassion.  Mark and I will join you in prayer at 12:30 noon today.


I’m reading a book right now by a guy named Ken Wilber, a transpersonal psychologist, who has written about his wife’s struggle with cancer in a book called Grace and Grit.   I would highly recommend it to M.B., as it shows that it’s not whether one is healed or not that matters so much, as how one moves beyond fear.  Cancer is only partly the illness, but also how society constructs it, creating a sense of blame.  One has to move beyond all the negative press and false assumptions about “cancer,” the big “C” word in our culture, and get to the realization that we are not the illness.  Easier said than done, of course, but one can find meaning and grace in every difficulty.  It’s glib, perhaps, to say this, not having been through such an ordeal, so all one can offer are prayers, compassion, love, hope, but those things amount to a lot.


Peace and blessings,

Susan (and Mark)




Hi Brian:


    Yes, your MoE was inspiring, and it has been passed on in hope of helpfulness to another.  I am grateful for each opportunity that comes my way that I may have a part in healing.  I have sent my heart love to our beautiful brother M.B. and I would also like to join with you tonight in the collective love sending. 








Hi Brian,


We were very sad to hear about M.B.'s dis-ease, however I enjoyed reading your diary entry of today and found it very uplifting and inspiring.  We will be praying for you and M.B., for wholeness and release from the illusion of separation, which afflicts us all. 


Love and blessings


Sara & Steve


February 12th


Dear M.B.,


Just a quick line to update you on last evening's events.  I had sent an email to hundreds of people around the world, many of whom are interested or involved in spiritual healing and wholeness, inviting their participation in this combined effort.  Even though most of them are in different time zones, I gave them the GMT time for our vigil, so they could co-ordinate with that in their own zone, if they so wished; although time is of no particular importance in matters of spirit, it can add usefully if there is co-ordinated endeavour.


I had a lot of replies before the event, all offering love and blessing for you, and gratitude that I had invited them, saying they were blessed by the offer to participate.  There are a lot of wonderful, loving, giving, caring people out there, and something like this is taken on and welcomed with heartfelt sincerity and commitment.


There was a lot of uplifting, peaceful energy, and the vibes were full of love, compassion and blessing, for your healing and for peace of mind.  There is not a shred of doubt that some good and wonderful things were happening.  I was very, very aware of a network of loving, blessing, thanksgiving for, and rejoicing over you.


Now, since the vigil, there have been a good many further emails, with more coming in even as I write this, telling me of their uplifting experiences of the universal love and light emanating for you, irradiating you, saying what a joy and blessing it has been for them to be able to participate in such a wondrous event.  The responses, all expressing such love and compassion for you.


Outpourings of love and blessing produce miraculous healings far more often than the medics are willing to admit.  Something mighty happened last evening.  I am in no position to state what, and that doesn't matter.  What I do feel prompted to say is that because prayer for healing does produce positive, palpable results, one or more of several things could well be the outcome:


A complete and even immediate healing of all symptoms, before any medical treatment, thus obviating need for such.  Our friends who were with us last evening for the vigil told us of a friend of theirs who had cancer of the throat.  The medics told him there was nothing more to be done for him and to settle his affairs, which he did.  He then met someone who offered healing blessing, something about which he knew nothing, and was very skeptical.  Then in order to determine when he should go into a hospice he went for a further assessment of the advance of the cancer. The hospital examined, even x-rayed his throat and the cancer was completely gone.  While I do not say this to give you a false sense of expectation that may not be the case in your instance, it is something that should not be completely ruled out.  As the old saying goes, 'No tax on hope.'


A speedy recovery from the effects of surgery.


Helping to ease /remove the fear that this situation is so prone to engender, and replace it with a deep inner peace.  This in itself can be immeasurably beneficial.  It is well documented that attitude of mind is all-important in matters of health, and I know you have a very positive attitude.  To have that deep inner peace and sense of well-being takes this to another level.

Do let me know of any feelings or experiences during your quiet moments of attuning.


We are with you every step.


Love and continuing blessings, every day,


Brian and Theresa




Dear Brian & Theresa


Many thanks for your email following the vigil last night, and thank you again for the tremendous and very welcome support you and your friends are giving me. I must say I had no idea of the magnitude of your network (for want of a better word!). Let's hope that it brings about the desired result, and I have to tell you that I shall do my utmost to be receptive to the prayers of all the wonderful people out there who are rooting for me. Please do thank them on my behalf.


All  love






Hi Brian,


Like many, we too held M.B. in our thoughts at the appointed time - and beyond - as he deals with his journey that lies ahead.  It was a moving experience to send him light and the healing strength of faith.  To hold him in the palm of our hearts and bathe him with love was an honour and I thank you for giving us that opportunity.


God bless, love and light to you and Theresa.





February 13th 

Hi Brian and Theresa, Regarding our prayer vigil that included M B and spread out across the world to others. - Love and caring for our fellow man is such a wonderful way for us to reveal and express God. And what more wonderful an opportunity is there to do this, than by the simple process of sharing some of our precious life-allocated time, - that of our busy little personal self - to respond to cries for help from fellow wayfarers and so open to that Higher Spirit which lies within us all. .


A quote from 'The Voice of the Silence' comes to mind:

"Let thy soul lend its ear to every cry of pain like the lotus bares its heart to drink the morning sun. Let not one tear of pain dry before thou has wiped it from the sufferers eye. But let each burning tear, drop on thy heart and there remain: nor ever brush it off until the pain that caused it is removed. These tears, O Thou of Heart most Merciful, these are the streams that irrigate the fields of Love immortal."  

And again:

"The self of matter and the Self of Spirit can never meet. One of the twain must disappear, there is no place for both. Ere thy Soul's Mind can understand, the bud of personality must be crushed out."

Lovely words which express the altruism and caring that most of us are edging towards and manage to touch sometimes if we can raise the consciousness out of the personal.  The sufferer, can in theory, help his or herself considerably, but the debilitating nature of personal trauma, coupled perhaps with previously held beliefs, can sometimes make this very difficult.


BUT, because in Truth we are all one in the Christ Light, the strength of other parts of this dream system can focus on the part that is in trauma, and if this is receptive consciously or unconsciously, so harmony may be restored. But we must not forget that our Higher Nature is under God's Will, not our little self.. Our love goes out to M B and all other sufferers.  Most of those involved in healing however, know cases where healing has occurred by what seems like a miracle, and realise that is a word which orthodox medicine usually skirts around by calling it spontaneous remission. The ex-sufferer though, usually veers to the former word. We shall surely hear of many more miracles.  Love from Dorothy




Hi, Brian
 my brother, thank you for sharing the news of your brothers response, i feel i must say a alleluia too as in what you say he seems to be very receptive and open, which is positive.
i would just like to share with you the cover of a card which i like to give on the ward during my visits, the words i am sure your familiar with, BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD , and as i decided to do this, into my mind came a chorus not sure if you know this one, BE STILL FOR FOR THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS MOVING IN THIS PLACE . i felt it right as answer to share this with you . 
many blessings.



February 14th 


Dear, beloved friends,


...This morning I received a phone call from him.  He was welled-up with deep emotion of gratitude to you all, (and Theresa and me, of course) at the sheer wonderment and blessedness, for him of what this means to him.  He kept repeating how he was overwhelmed by it all, and the love outpoured for him, and how deeply grateful he is for it all.  I must tell you that this kind of outpouring from him is a very real turning point. 


He knows nothing of Honest2Goodness, SFGS, my journey with Jesus.  How does one share one's banquet table with others whose tables are already laden with other fare, which they believe is sustaining them and their lives and needs?  I have committed all that to Jesus decades ago and left it in his wise,  pragmatic and loving care.  I now feel this is looking very close to an opportunity to share of the banquet feast of the marriage of the new Heaven with the new Earth (Rev. 21:1).  How eager I am for that; but the counsel 'one step at a time' is wise counsel indeed.


It is not just M.B. who is overwhelmed with gratitude for you all, but I also am humbled deeply by the loving responses and the selfless giving.  There are not words for this, and some of you may have noticed that I am not often lost for words


Thank you, mightily.  You are all greatly loved and deeply appreciated.


Love and joy be with you all, as we all know they are,






Thank you for sending on the message from M.B. Every heart will rejoice at what has happened.  The caring that has manifested to succour him in his need and then his inner level response to that caring is wonderful.


All the 'good' energy which those sons and daughters of God have freely given by their prayers and compassion is wonderful for M.B. and for the world. God bless them.  A miracle -  radiating  the working of the GRP as it manifests on a journey that begins in this transitory life and blends/ends in a blaze of Glory ...So surely do we know that with the painful breaking up of the old ways of living, there is rejoicing in Heaven as the Light shines out from our little man-made prisons.

Blessings to everyone and love from Dorothy




M.B.'s email makes my heart glow as I can almost see his face full of wonder at what you're showing him.  I can't, of course, know his future but I can say with all honesty that I 'feel' he will be with us in good health for a long while yet!  It almost feels as if he's found his course at last.  The times I've spent in prayer for him/them have been so beauty-full, Brian!  I can't quite describe what happens but the sense of gratitude is utterly magnificent - all consuming.  I am lifted to a place I don't quite remember being before so it's as much a gift for me as it is prayer for him!!!  Huge sigh!  It almost feels as if he's at a place right now that's purely childlike in it's wonder and reception.  (Could that be a purpose of fear?  To put us there?) 


I have 20 British pounds and I'm gonna send it to you to order (from Amazon?) as a gift from me to M.B.:  The Biology of Belief, by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. if you would.  ISBN 0 - 9759914 - 7 - 7.  Bruce is a former genetic biologist that now does NOT buy into the gene/DNA thing.  He provides proof that it is at the cellular level we become eased or dis-eased and shows the link between cell and thought. 


Further, he shows that thought (prayer/knowing) controls the signals that spur cellular activity either negatively or positively.  I've read it twice, saw him speak and still can't wrap my mind around the 'all' of it.  It resonates like Jesus standing in front of me with his hand in mine.  He says the same things we do but he never mentions God or church.  I think M.B. might relate and, if not - it is lively, interesting reading.


Love, always,




 February 15th


Hi Joan,


Wow!  What can I say?  So much love, so much caring, such generous hearts (and wallets, in your case).  Thanks for everything.  I wish there was a term other than 'thank you' that came somewhere near to expressing deep, sincere, right from the inmost heart and soul gratitude; a gratitude for that generosity of spirit that also spontaneously engenders spiritual humility.  Well, that is how I feel; toward you, and toward so many lights of the world.  This 'global prayer vigil' for M.B. is immeasurably more than I anticipated (alleluia!).  What do we know, in our Earth-mind littleness? 


Thanks be for you!




February 18th


Hi Brian,
Just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you and M.B. and wondering how he is doing.  I'm so glad for the support you are receiving from the HTG community.  It occurred to me that you have sewn the seeds and now you are reaping the support of those that you have given of yourself to. 
Love and blessings,
Sara & Steve




Thank you!  What wonderful words of love and support.  This truly has been the spirit of Heaven , manifesting in time and place and lifting so many of the participants up into the timeless world of unconditional love, giving, joy and blessing.  I feel as if the ramifications of this amazing event are, and will be, immeasurably more than we can have any conscious awareness of, at least for the time being.  But it has started a new level of the GRP, and will grow from here, like a grain of mustard seed, which “...when it is sown in the earth, is less than all the seeds that be in the earth:  But when it is sown, it groweth up, and becometh greater than all herbs, and shooteth out great branches; so that the fowls of the air may lodge under the shadow of it.” (Mk. 4:31,32)


Love and blessings to you all, in deepest gratitude.




The following exchange was posted on February 17th 2009


Hi Brian,
Just a quickie to share.  Yesterday I was a bit late arising and when this happens I usually know in a strange way that I have to miss the usual Friends meeting and attend the local hospital chapel where I help out. There is a patient, dear Richard who is suffering from kidney failure, gets pains in chest, is on dialysis, AND morphine and also sectioned, and only in his forties.  Makes you think how well off we are. 


Its strange these visits on Sunday because many a time when I attend the chaplain says ‘Glad to see you Geoff; you’re an answer to prayer. There's a 23 stone (322#, 146 kg) man to collect from one of the wards to bring down to chapel, and we are short staffed this morning.  Just the ladies.  This has happened twice. One morning I went up to collect someone for chapel who decided they wouldn't be coming down, but as I was leaving the ward somebody called.  I went to their bed and realised I knew him.  He told me that he had been hospitalised because of a suicide attempt - overdose with paracetamol (acetaminophen), so I spent the morning with him.
hy am I babbling on, I have to ask?  Am I supposed to be attending hospital chapel on Sunday morning instead of the Quakers?  I would value your opinion. Hoping that I have not taken too much of your precious time. Sorry to be a pain.
many blessings


Hi Geoff,


Wow!  Truly, this is the hand of the Lord, working with his beloved, devoted friend, brother and Christ server, Geoff.  Thank you for sharing.  And love and endless blessings for dear, dear Richard.  Thanks be that we know beyond all doubt that he is tenderly loved and upheld, and is one with us all in the glorious Sonship.


In my experience, trying to second-guess Jesus is a waste of time.  The second guessing takes place in our 'Earth mind,' our little-self, ego-dominated mind (yes, this is so, even though we may believe it shouldn't, couldn't, wouldn't be because it is with Christ-desire that we try to do it).  But the fact that 'guessing' is involved is proof that it is so, because with our true, real, Christ Mind, we do not guess because we know.  There is no doubt. 


In a situation like this, Geoff, it is helpful to remember that it is desire, not knowing, that determines our serviceableness to the Lord's GRP.  If you can see things from his perspective, it will show that it is your desire, your love, your utter devotion to him not your limited understanding/awareness of Eternity and his plan for restoring us to There that he can use, because it (desire, love, devotion) is so unwavering. You may feel it wavers, but that is not how Jesus or the Holy Spirit/Self see it.


The offering up to him of your devoted commitment to serve his Kingdom Purpose is all he needs.  He will use that to create opportunities for you.  Leave that creating to him.  He will bring the opportunities to you.  Going out searching for them is ego at work.  You have sent out the call, the willingness to serve.  To go out looking for them is an expression of doubt that the Lord is in charge of your life (because you have asked him to be).  You have asked, by your desiring, your love, your devotion.  That is enough; that is all Jesus/Self need, or ask of you. 


It does not matter where you are (hospital chapel or Quakers).  There will be something for you because the Lord is the provider of the opportunities, and he is able to provide, wherever you are.  But please also remember this:  The Lord not only has 'work' for you to do; he has blessings beyond measure that he is giving to you, every moment.  He yearns for us to be in receptive mode for receiving, accepting those wondrous blessings. 


So, if you go to Quakers' on any particular Sunday, do not sit there beating yourself up that you didn't go to hospital chapel to help someone there.  You are where you are because that is where you are supposed to be, at each moment.  Worrying if you made the right decision is the same as trying to second-guess the Lord, and it blanks your mind, your heart, from receiving the blessings, the inspiration, the peace, and all the other wondrous gifts Jesus has for you. 


Allow.  Do not strive.  Striving is unknown in Heaven.  It is here, in time and place because it is an ego device, a ploy, a snare, a trap, a pitfall.  Let us remember Who and Where we really are, and let that be our reality, rather than giving reality to ego's illusions.


Geoff, you are deeply loved, valued, appreciated by Jesus and also by me.  You are a pain neither to him nor to me, but a great light, a great blessing.  You have humility;  you are not part of the 'clever, the proud and the scornful' brigade.  I know which category is more serviceable to the GRP, and so does Jesus.  For this, we can all be thankful and rejoice.


I hope this helps set your mind at rest.


Love, peace, joy, bless your every moment,




The following exchange was posted on February 14th 2009


This exchange follows from the prayer-for-healing event described in the February 12th posting, below.

Hi Rosa,


Thank you for your loving, willing, heartfelt participation in this wondrous event. Here is a bit more update.


Some have had awareness of great activity between Heaven and Earth taking place, as you may have seen on the Forum. There are other participants whose awareness/experience may have been less, or none at all; but that is of no concern.  The only concern is the loving, giving, blessing, from a sincere, compassionate, caring heart.  That is always, highly serviceable to the Christ servers in the Realms of Light, who 'minister to the sick and fainting spirits of men, and I know your heart is sincere, caring and compassionate.


This, I feel, has not just been a singular event, but has begun a new level of endeavour for progressing Kingdomly activity and co-operation between us in the Earth life and untold numbers of our loved ones in the Realms of Light, for the awakening of the slumbering Sonship, in accord with the above quote, which I now give in full, because it is so apposite for this situation: 


“In the midst of the Earth ariseth my city

       after the fashion of the Heavenly,

Wherein the multitude of them that love me and keep my words

Minister unceasingly to the sick and fainting spirits of men.

The call goeth out continually, Come, O come ye to the waters

Everyone that thirsteth.  Buy milk and wine without money and without price,

And nourish your souls, and rejoice in health and joy;

For it is my Father’s good pleasure to bestow upon you

       the freedom of the city.

Here is freedom from sickness: whosoever will, let him be free.

Here are riches of wisdom and power: whosoever will, let him be rich.

Here is knowledge: whosoever will, let him know the secrets of God

       and the power and perfection of His laws.

Here is fulfilment: whosoever will, let him enlarge his capacity

       and his influence.

Here is Peace: whosoever will, let him meditate therein.


Grace be with you.” 


This message was given to Olga Park by Jesus in January 1965.  How much further has it arisen since then!


Pasted below is an email from M.B., received yesterday.


With love and deepest gratitude,




Dear Brian & Theresa


Many thanks for your email following the vigil last night, and thank you again for the tremendous and very welcome support you and your friends are giving me. I must say I had no idea of the magnitude of your network (for want of a better word!). Let's hope that it brings about the desired result, and I have to tell you that I shall do my utmost to be receptive to the prayers of all the wonderful people out there who are rooting for me. Please do thank them on my behalf.


All love,




This is Rosa's reply, with my comments in blue as response:


Dear Brian,  Dear Rosa,

Thank you for your message to me. 
And thanks to you for this magnificent reply I am touched by your response....It should be no surprise AGAIN that your message is right on target.... "The only concern is the loving, giving, blessing, from a sincere, compassionate, caring heart.  That is always, highly serviceable to the Christ servers in the Realms of Light, who 'minister to the sick and fainting spirits of men,"  These words have been a part of my last two days... I am overjoyed to hear this first for M.B....and as an extension of his blessing...for my colleague, Christine (oh, what a joy to sense that "oneness" of being).  When I spoke Christine's blessing, I saw her mouth (and heard her voice) along with mine say "My mind is part of God's.  I am very Holy". Wow! Rosa, this is Heaven-soaringly uplifting And I knew that we were one.  Not separate.  The same for our brother, M.B.  

I told you that I had joined a Catholic School.  Brian, you cannot believe how much of a blessing this has been to me
I can feel it in your words...bringing me ever so much closer to the reality of our Sonship and a training ground for working ACIM. I am in no doubt that Angel choirs are in the fullest voice over this; certainly, my heart is ringing with it.  What a I speak openly about Jesus Christ as our brother Not just Alleluia, but the whole Alleluia chorus!...that each of us are loved every moment every single day of our lives ...NO MATTER WHAT!


Indeed, no matter what.  When the church awakens to that truth, and abandons the mythology of sin, realising, as Jesus reminds us in ACIM that there is no sin; only mistakes, mistaken thinking, which the Holy Spirit can and will correct for us, then will the Son be well on His way back to Papa.  Brian, I have the privilege of saying this to children! I envy you this joyous experience, Rosa, but I rejoice for you more.  I send you my love and life energy for your ever-more empowered voice in this.  I will be thinking of you in this particularly, as it is so close to my heart.  Please tell me more detail, if possible.  I hunger for news of this.  They can know it at an early age.... YESSS!!!

This morning to all the school children, I read the morning gospel...Mark.  About Jesus healing the deaf and mute man.  In our short discussion about it, I had the opportunity to bring up Jesus' healing... and why he healed. 
I feel how this is bringing the REAL Jesus alive for them.  Can there be a more Kingdomly work than this? 

I tried to help the children see that they could feel the same compassion for others that Jesus felt...and that they could heal with the same love that Jesus gives. Ego will not like this!It is working hard to make a compassion-free society.  But, of course, we know that cannot succeed because Who we are is love, and compassion is such a big aspect of love.  That Jesus' gift to us was a healing power...and whenever we feel we need it for ourselves or others...all we need to do is to call our holy brother's name.  Jesus.  Jesus help me to heal...Jesus help me feel your love. Listen!  Can you hear the sounds of the New Song?  I hear it in these wonderful words of yours.

You see, Brian, the name of our school is ‘Holy Name of Jesus.’ 
How wonderful!  I love it. It was through reading your early journals that I came to desire wanting to know Jesus personally, as you do. Well, Rosa, dear One, that is the icing on the cake for me.  There has never been a greater desire in my heart, since January 1967 in that basement room, when he came to me and changed my life forever.  May your desire for this be fulfilled beyond all your imagining, as it has for me. 


Jesus said to me back in the 1960s, ‘You are my great joy, for in you shall be fulfilled...’ he paused, knowing that he was winning my rapt attention, then delivered the punch line... ‘your heart’s desire.’  Now, with your words, is my heart’s desire fulfilled.   It was Jesus' Holy Name that brought me here. Glory be 

With much love for you, my dear brother Brian.
  Truly, we are one, now, in the Sonship.  That is very close to Home!  My heartfelt love to you also, always,

Rosa  Brian


The following exchange was posted on February 12th 2009


The following 3-way exchange is a result of yesterday's MoE inviting all who will to participate in a prayer-for-healing event for a brother recently diagnosed with cancer.  There have been multiple responses to this and I will post more as opportunity to reply arises.

 For full details please see the  MoE dated February 11th 2009.

Dear Brian,  Dear Cindy (and Elisa)

As you may have seen from my earlier brief email, I only read this email at about 3:10 my time, so I quickly scrambled to find your MoE email and read it , and then I called my best buddy Elisa (in Iowa). I summarized everything in a few sentences, read the prayer to her, and asked if she would like to join in. She said yes. (She is a cancer survivor, by the way, and yesterday was her anniversary of her initial test that revealed it,  and she had been feeling quite emotional, grateful, etc. She is doing better than ever these days, in ALL kinds of ways. I do believe she got through due to her powerful ability to transform consciousness, in a way similar to your prayer -- opening herself to the Divine). 

Reading this fills me with joy, love, wonderment and deep, deep gratitude for you, Cindy, and now, for Elisa, too.  Truly, you are both angels of the Light. I rejoice in you both, and give thanks that we have this connection.  Thanks be that this is not chance but design; how uplifting, reassuring, affirming, transformative of faith into certainty, is that?   I knew I had to offer something for others to use, borrow, adapt, as a starting point.  I asked Self for the inspiration and that is what emerged, flowing so easily, in just a minute or so, even though persona Brian did not know how to put into words what was trying to get out, be expressed, from within his heart and soul. 

Last night, as I got into bed I said to Jesus, "Jesus, my Lord, my friend, my brother; I feel as if I am just about out of my depth with all this about M.B...." and he interrupted me with, "It doesn't matter; this is okay, it's fine, it's the way it has to be, because just at present you are still functioning mostly from persona mind, 'little mind.'   But the really good news is that you are beginning to grasp the importance, the value, of surrendering to Self, Holy Spirit.  Look how much of that this opportunity has enabled you to do.  You have made huge strides, huge progress.  Be glad, for all is according to plan.  Focus on the upside, never the downside.  Be aware of it, as a passerby, but do not give your energy to it.  That's what it wants.  You win by not trying to win, not trying to have control over.  That's its ploy; that's how ego ensnares you.  Inner peace is there for you.  Be still, and allow it."   

If only people knew how 'normal' he is; that the grace that is so all-encompassing with him is so unassuming, natural, free-flowing, easy-going, unpretentious bereft of airs and ... well, graces!  It is the actuality of the 'real' Jesus that committed me, the night he manifested to me in that basement room back in 1967, to devoting my life to helping my fellow travellers on the Path back to Eternity to get to know him, rather than the image made of him by institutionalised religion.  So, for this opportunity to fulfil that commitment, through the HTG website, I am eternally, indescribably grateful. 

Anyway, as I first  read the prayer to her,  a few minutes before 3:30, we both were surprised by the subtle-yet-palpable experience of soft grace that it elicited. For me, it was almost like time slowed down and there was this slightly intoxicating sweetness.. that sounds strange, but that gives a bit of a flavor of the experience. 

 There! you experienced it; the grace.  It is not possible to understand what it is, what it means, its intoxicating wonderfulness, its palpable reality, until one has experienced it.  It is totally different, alive, real, meaning-full from the way it is presented by institutionalised religion.  To be able to share the experience with another, knowing you know, because you have experienced it, is a gift beyond Earth-mind understanding.  Thank you for sharing this; you have described it as well as words, with all their limitations, permit. 

And then we closed our eyes to meditate a couple minutes, and then I read the prayer again at exactly 3:30.. again, a subtle, deep, sweet experience. Elisa and I had agreed that we would continue in silence for some time afterwards. During this time, I "irradiated" your brother with light and love and held the prayer in my attention. I also, by the way, found myself doing the same for my dear friend Michael who just had a bone marrow transplant for cancer, and I also found myself doing this for Elisa, and also for myself!  Fantastic!  Brilliant.  I hope you don't mind that I spontaneously included a few more folks!  Mind!?  I am delighted beyond words, that this whole situation has brought
is still bringing so many blessed dividends for so many people. 

I then cycled back several times to each person, very effortlessly.  I have to chuck in a few Alleluias here, because I am fresh out of any other way to express the joy you are bringing, with this report!     What I experienced was that I was perceiving each person in their state of wholeness, perfection..... allowing the discordant entropic patterns to fall away in the light of Divine Wholeness and Intelligence and Light.  This is just getting more and more wonderful.  I wish I could just copy my heart onto this message, then how I really feel could be seen, because words are not enough.  Mind you, your words are doing a great job, so maybe they are not such a bad substitute for the real communing, sharing, extending experience.  We have to do our best with the symbols, what is available to us, and that then is grown, one step at a time, into the real, omni-dimensional thing.  

After 10 or 15 minutes, I quietly told Elisa I was going to get off the phone and continue on and do my meditation. Elisa -- what did you say again? You said something like -- you really could feel the gift of grace amongst the people participating... or something like that...... I could feel the Light and Love and Grace in you, from the quality of your voice.  Wonderfuller and wonderfuller   

Anyway, Brian, M.B. has clearly been through some big challenges in this life. But that must mean he is strong enough to deal with them.  He is such a gentle, compassionate, loving, caring, giving soul himself.  It is clear he is here, like the rest of us, to awaken to the remembrance of eternal reality.  I suspect he may have taken a step in the wrong direction after the experience with his first wife's demise, but the opportunity is now re-presenting itself, and it is looking like many more blessings could come out of this than appear at first glance.  How gracious, how loving, how truly caring is that?  And yet, I cannot help but feel compassion for his difficulties.  It's hard not to.  I feel the same. 

Thank you for inviting our participation today in this prayer for healing/wholeness/restoration to Divinity.  May it be so for M.B., for all close to him, and for us all. Amen to that.  Thanks, beyond words, for all this precious sharing, dear Cindy. 

Blessings,  Received with loving gratitude, and lasered back to you,

Cindy        Brian   

Dearest Cindy, (Please feel free to send this on to Brian, if you feel to.) Thanks for allowing this magnificent sharing, Elisa. 

Thank you for including me in this follow up to Brian. It was an honor to participate. Truly this has been a big ripple on the pond, spreading out and blessing so many people.  What more rewarding way to make a new friend? for I feel that this is, already, who you are. 

As you reread the prayer, and especially as we began to meditate immediately thereafter, I felt and saw a spacious territory of grace that all the participants were sharing, even across great physical distance.  What a wonderful awareness, Elisa.  Truly, geographical distance is irrelevant in an event such as this. 

Here, I was aware of all those, around the world, joining with us in this blessing experience, like a living, metaphysical conference call, and at the same time, all our loved ones (beyond number) in the Realms of Light, joining with each of us in the Earth-life side of the 'call,' and there was some form of interchange.  I got the impression the spirit participants were bending over the Earth-life participants (ELPs), as if they were blessing them, linking up with them, establishing a link, even connecting a line, to collect all the blessing/giving energy the ELPs were outpouring, for the spirit controllers of this event to use, for M.B., yes, but for so many more also, because an event like this will have generated so much loving, healing, empowering light/energy.   

Then right in the room with us, I became aware of Jim, the ship's doctor (please see Vignette 18 from part 2 of SFGS for details on him): 

He was carrying a huge, woven basket, in fact many such baskets (a feat not possible to us with limiting bodies) and I had the impression he was gathering all the od/ectoplasm/healing power generated by the ELPs in this event.  The other spirit participants, interacting with ELPs, must have beamed all that they were gathering back to this central collecting point.

The space was suffused with a pink-golden light, very soft and gentle. As sometimes happens with me, a golden healing light began to radiate toward M.B., and spontaneously to someone else who is ill nearby.  Glory be! 

Sometimes this healing light gets directed toward myself, and there seems to be a tangible feeling of wellness that results from it, so I humbly hope that it was helpful.  Something mighty happened last evening, and I am in no doubt that many, many more life-transforming events are continuing to happen well beyond our ELP awareness. 

Again, it was a sweet honor to participate.  Thank you for so doing, Elisa, and thanks to Cindy for the idea to invite your involvement. 

   It all happened so quickly and naturally.  The spontaneous events, when we don't have time to stick our oar of Earth-mind limitation and misperception in and roil the waters, are so often the most productive. 

 With love and gratitude,  This event has engendered so much love and gratitude from so many, including mine for you both, and for everyone else who joined with us.  Peace and joy enfold you and keep you in abundant health and wholeness, Elisa,

Elisa                    Brian

The following exchange was posted on January 25th 2009


Dear Brian,


You are a bit of a puzzle to me.  It is clear that you have no time for the church, stating it is a mechanism of ego – a point with which I have no argument by the way – and you also frequently quote from the Bible, a document you (and many other serious scholars) say has been so grossly distorted by the church over many centuries, thus rendering its authenticity as of completely divine origin  in serious doubt.  How do you reconcile this contrast?  I also have no argument about the Bible having been tampered with, but surely, it cannot all be wrong, and you must agree with that or you would not quote from it so much?


I feel sure I am not the only person to make this observation about seeming conflict.  Please provide some reassurances here.


Thanks, and peace,




Dear Tony,


Assuredly, you are not the first to observe what may seem like a conflict.  A little background:


As you may have read in SFGS, I came to mystical awareness of Jesus via the church.  The Anglican Church, as it happens, though there is no particular importance attached to that.  It did not take me long to realise that the truth about God and Jesus are not to be found in institutionalised religion.  At the time I was waking to that realisation I was brought into contact with Olga Park (as also detailed in SFGS).  She answered myriad questions about the real Jesus and as she said, her job was to get me ‘hooked up’ with him.


Now I may not have a heart for the institutionalised churches (all schismatic variations thereof) but I most definitely do have a heart for its attendees.  I was one for a while, and so resonate with their situation.


The vast majority of orthodox Christians are spiritually asleep; still some way from readiness for the first stirrings of wakefulness to the esoteric realities of Eternity, of which Jesus – the real Jesus, untrammelled by the religion founded in his name is our guide.  He loves them all and wants their release from the chains by which they are shackled to false doctrines about him, Papa and Eternity, or Heaven, let alone us, the 'Children of Earth.'


However, some Christians are ready for those first stirrings, or nearly ready, or have already, like me, made some stirrings.  They, like me back in 1965, were/are not sure where to go to find deep, meaningful, spiritual truth.  Many abandon whatever faith they may have had.  That will not serve them well.  Many may join a different faith, or belief system, perhaps out of desperation.  Desperation is not a good footing from which to make a life-choice.  Some may join an arcane system that is counterfeit to true spiritual reality.


I was profoundly fortunate to have been synchronistically brought into contact with Olga, who was, herself, hooked up with the real Jesus. This was instinctively, intuitively recognised by me, so I was able to trust her from day one, as being a reliable source of information about him and his GRP.  She mentored me in this esoteric, metaphysical, spiritual mystical, commun(icat)ing with Jesus until I was adequately hooked up with him and able to go forward  under his direct guiding and leading.  In all this I have been blessed beyond description, but that has been no accident; in the GRP there are no accidents or co-incidences.


Jesus has told me many times, in an assortment of ways, that my work is helping others to open their eyes to spiritual truth.  As I said last week in the MoE, Jesus’ job is to lead us back to Papa, but he can only get us to follow if we trust him.  The same principle applies to anyone reading/listening to anything I have written about him, the GRP, the Kingdom.


Whatever place anyone in the Western tradition is at, relative to orthodox Christianity, suspicion of anything ‘new’ is part of our psyche, as a result of believing we are in a place bereft of Kingdomly reality.  People who have never had a connection to any church still want to know about Jesus.  The problem is, they don’t trust the church.  People who have church connections will be suspicious of anyone claiming to have knowledge of him unless they are able to demonstrate that in some plausible manner that resonates for them.  People who had church connections but quit because they outgrew it still want to know about Jesus, and were/are looking for something more deeply, spiritually (as distinct from religiously) meaningful. 


Anyone who can bring to life quotes from scriptures with which such seekers are familiar, giving those quotes a more deeply esoteric, mystical meaning within a context that will assuage their hungering and thirsting for spiritual truth, will be more likely to be seen as trustworthy than one who makes claims that they may not fully understand (because they are not yet grown by the Good Husbandman to the place of wakefulness to spiritual reality), with no substantiation to which they can relate.  This will be true also for those of lesser connection to religious activities or persuasion.


Anyone who has an instinctive understanding of Who we all including Jesus really are,  of course, will intuitively be aware of the quotes from scripture, and particularly words ascribed to Jesus, that resonate with the real Jesus. Similarly, it does not take much intuition to be able to separate out those words or actions ascribed to him that do not fit the gentle, caring, compassionate, unconditionally loving (and fun-loving) being that the real Jesus is.  


So when he tells us that we are the light of the world (Mt. 5:14), and that the works he did, we will do also, and greater works than those, if only we can believe (Jn. 14:12), it is something we all want to believe because it resonates with our own innate nature of being Papa’s beloved Son.  Conversely, anything ascribed to Jesus, or part of church doctrine that tells us we are sinners, there 'there is no health in us,' and we are going to be judged, clearly does not resonate with his words, And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world. (Jn 12:47.)


This can be classified as having the light of spiritual discernment.  Ego-bamboozlement since the dawn of time has clouded our inherent knowledge of reality and our ability to spiritually discern it, but if we ask Jesus and/or the Spirit of Truth, our temporarily mislaid discernment will be restored to us, because it is ours; Papa gave it to us at our creation, and no-one can take it from us.  However, because we have free will, we can choose to ignore it, misplace it, convince ourself we have thrown it away.  But we also have the free will to choose to have it restored to us.


This is what has been happening with me since the 1960s, and it is my heart’s passionate desire to help my brethren in the Sonship to remember the truth about themselves also.  Jesus has said to me many times, freely have you received, freely give.


Of course, some will still reject what anyone says about Jesus, the GRP, Papa, the Kingdom, with or without quotes from scripture.  The objectives of the HTG website to not encompass such, who I am content to leave in the able care of the Spirit of Truth until their time for waking arrives.  Then synchronicity will engage and conspire to trigger the stirring from their slumbers.


I do hope this casts a ray of light on this apparent conflict, showing it to have sound reasoning behind it.


Peace to you too, Tony,




The following exchange was posted on January 22nd 2009


Hi Brian:  Hi Sharon,


    When I was young I use to experience what I call Déjà Vu (it used to happen all the time, then the Déjà Vu got longer, and now I don't experience it at all) - what happens to me is that I'll be doing a task, or working, or it could be anything in a regular day and for a split second I will get a very strong feeling that I've done the exact same thing before - say for instance I was drinking a cup of tea, steam coming from it, me ready to take a sip, and then it happens - that exact same steam, that exact same cup, that exact same sip, everything about me taking a sip of tea has happened before, it's like what I am doing is happening somewhere else. 


I have been thinking about what it might be - and because I'm trying to honor myself I am very happy to hear you are honouring yourself! lately by not doubting what I believe about something I'd like to say what I think about it and ask for your opinion of what you think it is.  My feeling is that I have been here before, doing the exact same thing, the exact same way, and I 'caught up' to where I was before - I've made the comment when it happens 'I've done this before.'


From what you say, it appears that the déjà vu experiences are feelings of events that previously occurred only a fraction of a second before, or actually during what you are doing at that moment. Am I misunderstanding you? Whenever I have had déjà vu moments it is a feeling that the event, or feeling, or moment has occurred previously, but some time ago, or often, during another act.   and I know for sure at the moment when it happens that I've done it before - when the déjà vu's were getting longer (lasting longer than a split second) I feel like I was getting closer to the point where I 'came in' before.  This to me feels like the truth. Would you let me know what you think. 


I don't have any particular inspiration on this, Sharon, but am asking the Spirit of Truth to take over here, and let us see where He leads this.   You may need to bear with me on this because a comprehensive, meaningful answer can require a build up to the 'bottom line' with some lead-in background, in order to give it the context needed to better enable clarity of understanding.  So, hang in there; it should be worth the patience.  Here goes:


According to Jesus' explanations in ACIM, all material, or, 'form' experiences, are 'mind projections,' rather like a film projected onto a cinema screen.  The images on the screen appear to be there,  but the truth is, they are not there, not real, merely images, all created from the minds of various people, who within the illusory context of time and place, are elsewhere. 


It is not a perfect analogy because Jesus takes it further by saying there is no world, and none of us is here; that Papa has only one Son (gender is an illusion within the great illusion; a distraction.  The distraction works, doesn't it!) so 'Son' is not intended to indicate maleness as it is understood in time and place.  He says the projections are from the part of the mind of the one Son that became split off from the real, true, Christ Mind, when the momentary thought of 'going off and doing His own thing, separate from Papa' flashed across His Mind. 


That eventuated in the Big Bang, the illusory phantasm that we perceive as beginning of the 'physical' universe.  Quantum physicists now know that this is an illusion; that there is nothing physical.  What this is all leading to is that that split off, upside-down, insane part of the Son's mind is also not actually real either, within the only true context, which is Eternity, because time and place are illusions, so do not really exist, other than in that upside-down, momentary-dream part of the Christ Mind.   That momentary dream ended the instant the thought formed, and is over, never having affected any of the reality of Eternity, which is the real Home of the Son, which is Who and where we really are. 


Time (and place) are coming to an end, as the GRP wakes us up back to our true Being, which is outside time and place, littleness etc.  Jesus calls this split-off fragment of mind 'ego.'  The church calls it satan.  Its intent is to keep us hoodwinked into believing the separation, the ever-increasing dividing into more and more fragments, (when Jesus walked the Earth there are estimated to have been fewer than 100 million people here; now there are nearly 6.5 billion) by deceiving us, confusing us, playing conjuring tricks on us; keeping us wondering who we are, where we are, why we are, even if we are. 


Jesus tells us that everything about time and place is designed to distract us from the truth about our Self and thus keep providing an existence for ego, while keeping the fragments appearing to be trapped in time and place, in ever-increasing fragmentedness, littleness, decay and death, instead of oneness, unlimitedness and eternal life, peace, joy and love. 


The 'rules' or laws of time and place are the opposite of reality, so none of them is true, but we are mesmerised, fooled, into believing they are real.  So, 'Sharon,' believing she is in one place at one time, actually is not at all, and may be having momentary slips of awareness that call into question who, what and where is her reality.  Like a blip in the projection, when the projector slips, and either skips forward, or backward a frame or two, thus repeating what just happened, before carrying on 'normally.'


To many, these thoughts are so far out, after countless eons of believing time and place, and 'upside-downness' is 'right-side-upness,' that they are unable, even if only temporarily, to take them on board as having any meaningfulness.  Eventually - within the next 2k years in linear time - all will have awakened to the reality of Eternity.  Your blips of déjà vu may be Self nudging you, calling into question in Sharon's mind what she has believed as fixed time and place 'reality' as no longer being that at all, and helping her to remember that this is not real, but that there is reality elsewhere, when we are ready to take another look, adopt a different perspective.


One way or another, ego wants us to be upset, disorientated, fearful at or by every apparent occurrence.  We have a way of preventing that.  It is to ask, and allow, the Holy Spirit - Who is our true Self, and lives within the part of our Mind that is actually awake but seems to us to be asleep, while the split-off part of our mind that is asleep but appears to be awake - to take the reins of our life and lead, guide, enlighten, inspire, uplift us to spiritual wakefulness. 


He does this by taking every device of ego designed to keep us asleep and trapped in littleness and turning it around.  For example, we have believed for countless ages that we are little, mortal, unworthy etc.  Jesus, the embodiment of Self, tells us we are the light of the world, and that our only true, real function here is to be the Light of the world.  He tells us this not as a trite platitude, but because it is the truth.  So let us believe it!!

Now is the time, the moment.


Finally, let us not allow ourself to be distracted from the truth by galaxies, wars, financial meltdown, slips of the projector or anything else of time and place, but hold fast to eternal reality, one-pointedly, steadfastly; it is all there is, and is the source of our inner peace, joy and love, irrespective of whatever may appear to be going on around us.


To that I add more love, amplified,




The following exchange was posted on January 18th 2009


Dear Brian Something weird happens every once in a while with my computer, where I read something and it tells me a certain thing, which I am in no doubt about.  Then, the next time I look at that same item, it is different, telling me something that is definitely not what I saw the previous time. 


I am so absolutely certain that what I saw originally was as I saw it that I think some demonic or ego effect is happening, trying to make me think I am losing the plot.  It may be as small as a single word – added or missing – or that the complete meaning has undergone a radical shift.  Either this is happening in my head (or, I should say, my mind!) or it actually is happening on my computer.  It tends to make one feel somewhat foolish, especially when someone else sees it or hears about it.


I would be interested to hear your comments, including whether anything like this ever happens to you.






Dear Ken,


Jesus told me many years ago that when all around appears to be chaos, panic, disarray and confusion, then is the time to rejoice, for the Kingdom is at hand, even at the doors.  As the 3rd, fulfilment, measure of the GRP now begins to really get under way, and the outpouring of the Spirit of Truth upon the broken fragments of the Sonship gathers momentum and intensity, ego knows this and that it heralds its demise.  Imagine how that is stirring its hatred, mania, dark intentions to a frenzy in its attempt to stay the inevitable.  Since all is in our mind Holy Spirit Mind and the split-off, ego part confusion is an inevitable symptom as a result of the disparity between the two. 


As Holy Spirit/Big Self Mind increases control, so does ego engage ever more desperate measures as it loses ground.  The degree of desperation engaged manifests itself in what appear to be worse and worse insanity, such as suicide bombers, Darfur, 'Baby P'* and all the other similar cases that are causing the media a feeding frenzy (the media are also ego-controlled, so focus on fear and negativity), not to speak of the global financial meltdown. 


However, the Holy Spirit does not enjoin the battle; He merely continues to work the Father's works silently, knowingly, infallibly, unstoppably, in secret, until those works become known and recognised in the open (individually as well as collectively).  The time will come, at some stage during the 3rd measure, when ego will run out of steam and undergo a collapse, when those under its control awaken sufficiently to realise that they are feeding it, empowering it. 


If that does not happen as a result of common sense prevailing, ego may be enabled to shoot itself in the foot by causing the perpetration of something of sufficient magnitude to bring a jolt to sleeping humanity that will effect a crisis of conscience among the promulgators and lookers-on of ego's insane thinking. 


The one thing that will prevent that is the continuing expansion of promulgation of the truth of our spiritual being as Papa's Son.  This is happening, at an exponential rate of increase.  Yet, as Jesus said to me recently, the GRP may appear to be his operation, but it is co-operation, by all the Sonship.  So, let us, all who have received of the light of spiritual discernment, light our candle and place it on a candlestick to give light to all in the house (Mt. 5:15).


This may seem like a digression (which, when inspiration flows, I am always more than willing to allow), but it presents an overview of what is happening at every level, from personal to international.  Because we appear to be here, we are susceptible, to a greater or lesser degree (depending on our progress with the awakening), to ego's distractions, and because it is all mind activity (manifesting, where opportunity presents itself, in outward form, such as with apparent computer anomalies etc), experiences such as you describe will take place from time to time.  It has happened with me from time to time, as I feel sure it has with many others. 


This is one example of 'weird' or unsettling, or frightening things that can happen to upset our sense of reality in this dream world, and is why Jesus has always counselled, urged, exhorted me to hold fast one-pointedly, to focussing on the Kingdom, espouse good, eschew evil.  Such FTOC enables Big Me to screen out, fend off, all (or most, depending on our degree of FTOC!) the 'darts of the enemy.'  The closer we stick to Jesus, or the living Spirit of Truth within us (our true Self), to the exclusion of ego's distractions, the more we are able to be protected by Them.  The key is not to allow ourself to become upset by such events, and allow thoughts such as, 'Am I losing my grip?' to take hold, which is just what ego wants to drive us to distraction.


Ken, I have no doubt that the experiences you describe seem very real to you, as they do to me.  What, after all, is actually real about time and place!?  It matters not a jot to me (or to Jesus, or Big Me, or Papa) that you may have felt slightly foolish.  Believing we are here could be said to make us all seem somewhat foolish.  That does not mean we are seen as foolish to the Trinity, so there is no requirement for us to actually feel that way.  Let us all therefore take Their lead and see ourself for Who we really are, and rejoice, for the Kingdom is, truly, at hand.  I am in no doubt that letting such events pass by without affecting our equilibrium or inner peace, is the only way to prevent such from disturbing our focus or centredness.


It is one of those imponderables, and since it has no hallmarks of the Kingdom, can only be ego playing pathetic tricks to distract us with its sideshow of prestidigitation. Thank you for taking the trouble to write. Bless you,




*A deeply shocking case of a 16-month old boy who was horrifically tortured and killed by his parents that has been in the UK news recently. 


The following exchange was posted on January 11th 2009


Dear Brian,


 In the Foreword to “Synchronicity, for Goodness’ Sake” you have copied Jesus’ message to you from December 1995:


…Be not surprised that many souls are lost,* for the light of my spirit was deliberately snuffed out from the Church of Earth by those who sought riches of Earth before riches of eternity. But it is not possible for the Father's purposes to fail, and the light shall be shone in the dark places until all the shadows of death and fear shall have fled away. Rejoice greatly at this my beloveds and sing the New Song, that my little ones may hear, and dance the dance of freedom. That which I have purposed in you shall prosper according to the wisdom of the Father. Be not anxious for any detail; all is well.

*It should be noted here that this is not indicating that such souls are 'lost' for all eternity, but simply that they have lost their way on the Path back Home to Eternity, or Heaven.


I love this, and resonate very strongly with those words, having experienced some years of church indoctrination of littleness, and, at least in part with your help, have been largely able to dispel their hold on my mind.  The sense of freedom that has created in me is such that I feel I am now soaring.


Jesus’ words ‘Rejoice greatly at this my beloveds and sing the New Song, that my little ones may hear, and dance the dance of freedom’ are music to my soul.  Brian, you are singing the New Song and I, for one, am dancing to its melody.  This reminds me of Lara’s Theme, from the movie Dr Zhivago:


I have modified the words to more meaningfully reflect the GRP, and feel this is Jesus speaking the words to us. As that began to dawn on me I could feel his loving presence radiating his joy into my heart and soul, and I was overcome with love and gratitude for him and for you.  Modifying the words then just fell into place, without having to think about it.  I hope you like them.


Somewhere my love there will be songs to sing
Although the snow ego covers the hope of Spring
Somewhere a hill blossoms in green and gold
And there are dreams, is joy, all that your heart can hold
Someday we'll meet again, my love
Someday whenever the Spring Light breaks through

You'll turn to me out of the long-ago
Warm as the wind, soft as the kiss of snow
Lara Brothers, my own, think of me now and then
God's speed, my love, till you we are mine one again


Love and light, dear Brian, my brother in Christ,




Dear Cynthia,


This is truly inspired, beautiful; I love it and also feel the ‘hand’ of Jesus at work in this.


Thank you so much for sharing this.  I hope many will also feel inspired, uplifted and encouraged by it.


May you continue always to feel his joy filling and overflowing your heart.


Love and endless blessings,




The following exchange was posted on January 9th 2009


Hi Brian. A friend of mine is having marital problems and her husband is talking of leaving her. I am trying to help her but I do not want to feel sorry for her, as this will not help the situation. Can I ask Jesus to help her or does she have to, also her Angels???  Thank you. Sophie.


Hi Sophie,


It is a perfectly natural, caring, Kingdomly thing to want to help your friend.  However, the real question is how to help.  Pasted below is an extract from this week's MoE, which is from Lesson 47 of the ACIM workbook.  Basically what it is saying is, we, in our ‘little-self’, ego-conditioned mind are ill-equipped to give help in a way that is most beneficial to ALL parties, because we are not in possession of all the pertinent information that would help us make the right choice for the benefit of all parties. 


Ego wants us to judge somebody in every situation.  From what you say, the husband might be a target for this, but in the sight of God he is loved equally with his wife, Jesus, you, me, everyone, so who are we to judge?  Further, there is only one of us, so how can we benefit from judging?  We will grow, awaken, spiritually from relinquishing judgement.


Also pasted below is an extract from Lesson 46, which, too, was included in this week’s MoE.  However close one is to a friend, no-one knows all the factors that have led, over many years, to this present difficulty. I dare say that many things have been said, done, felt, that have built up to this, and ultimately, true forgiveness is the factor that will heal all brokenness.  That is true regardless of whether the relationship can be kept together or comes apart.  He may find that after a period apart, he misses the relationship and will want to return to it.  If so, will she be truly forgiving or will she be condemning/judgemental/resentful/bear a grievance?


In any event, there is little you can ‘do’ to help, other than continue being a friend, caring, loving, supporting, but avoiding getting drawn into taking sides — something ego wants us all to do all the time.  Ultimately, it is your Higher Self, Big Me, the Holy Spirit, Who can help the most, to the equal benefit of all parties.  But for that to happen you have to hand control of your input over to Him and keep little self (ego) out of it.  The best thing you can do is to PCB — Pray, Commit (the person, situation into the care of Jesus/Holy Spirit), Bless — all parties equally, and having done that, leave the PCB’ing in the very capable hands of Big Me. 


Ego would have us believe that is a) a cop-out, and b) a waste of time; that it will accomplish nothing real, practical or beneficial.  That depends on whether we are prepared to believe, have faith, trust, obedience, commitment.  If we do not believe, we are wasting our time PCB’ing, but if we do believe — even desire to believe — we are doing the best thing possible for our self and our friend(s). Papa grows us in our faith, but can only do that in response to our desire to be grown, and if that desire is sincere.


If you ask Jesus and/or Big Me, the help will always be given, regardless of whether or not your friend is a believer, or receptive to the realities of Eternity.  However, if you are able (i.e. if she is ready) to speak with her on these matters, and she also sincerely asks for help (most preferably keeping uppermost in her mind the pivotal effects of true forgiveness, as indicated below), then proportionally more help can be received by her.  


Full measure of help is always given, freely, lovingly, immediately; that is never in question — it is the willingness to receive that help that is the variable.  Be prepared to accept that even if nothing appears to be happening, something is happening because you have asked. Time is an illusion, so not being tied to linear time expectations of an ‘instant fix’ will help keep the channels open for the receiving of the given help, regardless of how long it takes, and in what way that help manifests itself.


I suggest you leave the decision as to the mechanism of delivering the help you ask on behalf of your friend to Jesus/Big Me.  They have all-knowledge of the best thing to do for all concerned. If They choose to engage the input of Angels for this, you can be assured it will be for a good and practical reason. You can PCB as often as you feel moved so to do.


I hope this helps, Sophie.  Love and blessings, as always,




God is the strength in which I trust.

If you are trusting in your own strength, you have every reason to be apprehensive, anxious and fearful. What can you predict or control? What is there in you that can be counted on? What would give you the ability to be aware of all the facets of any problem, and to resolve them in such a way that only good can come of it? What is there in you that gives you the recognition of the right solution, and the guarantee that it will be accomplished?

Of yourself you can do none of these things. To believe that you can is to put your trust where trust is unwarranted, and to justify fear, anxiety, depression, anger and sorrow (a sorry catalogue indeed, yet one with which pages most of us are all too familiar!). Who can put his faith in weakness and feel safe? Yet who can put his faith in strength and feel weak?

God is your safety in every circumstance. His Voice speaks for Him in all situations and in every aspect of all situations, telling you exactly what to do to call upon His strength and His protection. There are no exceptions because God has no exceptions. And the Voice which speaks for Him thinks as He does.

 (From Lesson 47. My emboldening and italics for emphasis.)



God is the Love in which I forgive.

God does not forgive because He has never condemned. And there must be condemnation before forgiveness is necessary. Forgiveness is the great need of this world, but that is because it is a world of illusions. Those who forgive are thus releasing themselves from illusions, while those who withhold forgiveness are binding themselves to them. As you condemn only yourself, so do you forgive only yourself.

Yet although God does not forgive, His Love is nevertheless the basis of forgiveness. Fear condemns and love forgives. Forgiveness thus undoes what fear has produced, returning the mind to the awareness of God. For this reason, forgiveness can truly be called salvation. It is the means by which illusions disappear.

(From Lesson 46. My emboldening and italics for emphasis)


The following exchange was posted on January 2nd 2009


I love you Brian Longhurst, my brother in Christ ~ I wish you and yours much merriment!  I am grateful for your existence, I know we are very much connected, it's in the writing, it keeps me focused, 'on track.' Thank you.


God's Love,




You are absolutely right there, Sharon, we are connected; I was thinking about you today and knew I would be hearing from you, even though it has been a while.  It is always a joy in my heart to hear from you, and with such a loving message as this... what can I say except - WOW and alleluia.  Oh yes, and a big, heartfelt thank you for taking the time and trouble to send it.  I love you too, and am profoundly overjoyed to hear my writing keeps you focused and on track.  That above all is my heart's desire in this entire undertaking; actually this entire act.  Peace and joy unfold and grow in your heart, mind and life during this coming illusory year, which is a symbol denoting another step nearer the Kingdom for us all,


The following exchange was posted on December 30th 2008


This message from Dorothy accompanied an attachment from a website called Nonduality Salon with an excerpted article by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj  entitled 'I AM THAT'.  The excerpt is headed 'The World exists only as a dream in my Consciousness: Part Two'.


Hi Brian, I wondered, with all the things you get through in your day, if, you just might be able to find the time (or inclination) to read through this attachment and give your assessment. It seems to be on the same wavelength as ACIM , and from the peep-hole in consciousness that this 'pygmy me' is looking through, - A.K.A a personal viewpoint,- other descriptions of 'reality as it is', serve to give a jolt as the light filters through and the dream lightens still further as the goal is lit up under different illumination lamps. This seems to be something that most of the orthodox church authority would be frightened to allow, because things that are not flexible, crack under the pressure of attempts to expand them. Anyway I would be interested to read your opinion from where you are. Love from Dorothy


Hi Dorothy,


I have read the attachment and find it very much complements ACIM.  The only thing that seems to be missing is how to wake from the dream, which ACIM tells us the only way to escape from it is through the mechanism of true forgiveness.  I can attest that this mechanism works, and breaks ego’s grip on our ‘ankle.’  Of course, the article you sent is only an excerpt from the author’s writing, so we do not know what else he has to say.


In the section at the back of ACIM entitled ‘Clarification of Terms,’ section 5, Jesus says as follows.  I have emboldened the key parts that are pertinent in this exchange, and underlined those parts that are especially so: 



There is no need for help to enter Heaven for you have never left. But there is need for help beyond yourself as you are circumscribed by false beliefs of your Identity, which God alone established in reality. Helpers are given you in many forms, although upon the altar they are one. Beyond each one there is a Thought of God, and this will never change. But they have names which differ for a time, for time needs symbols, being itself unreal. Their names are legion, but we will not go beyond the names the course itself employs (assuredly, for brevity and to maintain focus on the objectives of ACIM). God does not help because He knows no need. But He creates all Helpers of His Son while he believes his fantasies are true. Thank God for them for they will lead you home.

The name of Jesus is the name of one who was a man but saw the face of Christ in all his brothers and remembered God. So he became identified with Christ, a man no longer, but at one with God. The man was an illusion (as are we all who appear to be here), for he seemed to be a separate being, walking by himself, within a body that appeared to hold his self from Self, as all illusions do. Yet who can save unless he sees illusions and then identifies them as what they are? Jesus remains a Saviour because he saw the false without accepting it as true. And Christ needed his form that He might appear to men and save them from their own illusions.

In his complete identification with the Christ (I wonder if this is yet so with the author of the article you sent?) the perfect Son of God, His one creation and His happiness, forever like Himself and one with Him Jesus became what all of you must be. He led the way for you to follow him. He leads you back to God because he saw the road before him, and he followed it. He made a clear distinction, still obscure to you, between the false and true. He offered you a final demonstration that it is impossible to kill God’s Son; nor can his life in any way be changed by sin and evil, malice, fear or death.

And therefore all your sins have been forgiven because they carried no effects at all. And so they were but dreams. Arise with him who showed you this because you owe him this who shared your dreams that they might be dispelled. And shares them still, to be at one with you.

Is he the Christ? O yes, along with you. His little life on earth was not enough to teach the mighty lesson that he learned for all of you. He will remain with you to lead you from the hell you made to God. And when you join your will with his, your sight will be his vision, for the eyes of Christ are shared. Walking with him is just as natural as walking with a brother whom you knew since you were born, for such indeed he is (I can attest to this absolutely, as described in SFGS, ch. 11, from paragraph 25). Some bitter idols have been made of him who would be only brother to the world. Forgive him your illusions, and behold how dear a brother he would be to you. For he will set your mind at rest at last and carry it with you unto your God.

Is he God’s only Helper? No, indeed. For Christ takes many forms with different names until their oneness can be recognised. But Jesus is for you the bearer of Christ’s single message of the Love of God. You need no other. It is possible to read his words and benefit from them without accepting him into your life. Yet he would help you yet a little more if you will share your pains and joys with him (it is his natural modesty that bids him state ‘yet a little more.’  I vouch that he can help us immeasurably more if we are willing to place ourself within his loving, trustworthy care), and leave them both to find the peace of God. Yet still it is his lesson most of all that he would have you learn, and it is this: 

There is no death because the Son of God is like his Father. Nothing you can do can change Eternal Love. Forget your dreams of sin and guilt, and come with me instead to share the resurrection of God’s Son. And bring with you all those whom He has sent to you to care for as I care for you.


Then, in the next section, 6, entitled ‘The Holy Spirit’ he says: 


Jesus is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, Whom he called down upon the earth after he ascended into Heaven, or became completely identified with the Christ, the Son of God as He created him. The Holy Spirit, being a creation of the one Creator, creating with Him and in His likeness or spirit, is eternal and has never changed. He was “called down upon the earth” in the sense that it was now possible to accept Him and to hear His Voice. His is the Voice for God, and has therefore taken form. This form is not His reality, which God alone knows along with Christ, His real Son, Who is part of Him.


The fact that Jesus called down the Holy Spirit upon the Earth indicates the empowerment given him as leader of the GRP.  There is another major indicator of Jesus’ leadership empowerment here, and that is what he says about it now being possible to accept Him (the Holy Spirit) and hear His Voice.  This is saying that there had to be one (i.e. Jesus) to be the first to hear the Holy Spirit (the Voice for God) here in the ego dream world of time and place, and establish a foundation for such here. 


That Jesus was able to hear His Voice — and follow/obey It — whilst seeming to be here with a body, has opened the door for the rest of us, Jesus’ brethren, to also hear Him, and ultimately, identify with Him, also whilst still seeming to be with a body.  This is happening now, in the third, or fulfilment, measure of meal.  This is, in the early stages of the third measure the case with a few people a nucleus but as the decades, generations, centuries pass, this will increase exponentially, by the power of Spirit until it is so for all by the end of the third measure. 


The Holy Spirit is described throughout the course as giving us the answer to the separation and bringing the plan of the At-onement to us, establishing our particular part in it and showing us exactly what it is. He has established Jesus as the leader in carrying out His plan since he was the first to complete his own part perfectly. All power in Heaven and earth is therefore given him and he will share it with you when you have completed yours. The At-onement principle was given to the Holy Spirit long before Jesus set it in motion…


It seems evident to me that Jesus is, or at least has been, the guide to Eternity for those of us in the so-called Western world, and others (such as Buddha, Krishna etc) have been spiritual guides for the oriental world. During the fulfilment measure such artificial divisions will disappear as we move toward the oneness of our true, eternal Self.


As ever, I love the poetical way you write, a true gift; and also, unsurprisingly(!) agree with your observations about the church (of Laodicea*).


Love and blessings, as always,




*For more on the church of Laodicea, see SFGS, Part 2, Vignette 8, from paragraph 21.


The following exchange was posted on December 18th 2008


Hi Brian,


You speak a lot about FTOC, and while I obviously understand what you mean by it, and I hope I have it, I am really not sure.  


You say that unless we truly seek and earnestly desire, we are not ready for the spiritual waking. Your inspiration and experiences are out of this world, and encourage me beyond description, but I just feel this world is like divers’ boots – lead weights on my feet, slowing, dragging, wearying, when, like Jesus, I am eager – desperate even – to soar in the glorious light of the Newly Dawning Day. 


I do have occasional dreams of a mystical, uplifting nature, and I talk to Jesus at diverse times of the day and night.  Sometimes I feel as if he is speaking with me, responding, but I’m never really certain, so I feel a bit of a fraud when it comes to writing anything down, and leave it, hoping for something more concrete ‘next time’.  Then, later, when I wish I had written it down at the time, and try to recall what I felt he was saying, I can’t remember.  It seems to fade and I just can’t get hold of it.


Any suggestions, please?





Dear Kath,


Bless you.  I feel absolutely certain you speak for untold numbers of the fragmentation.  First, let me assure you that it is not in doubt that you have desire.  As I have written in SFGS, ‘Desire is the beginning of all things and without it, nothing happens.’


FTOC is a composite of aspects.  Let us look at each.  Faith.  I am sure you have faith, and that it is strong, (along with your desire) or you could not have written this message.  On July 6th 1997 Jesus said to me: 


My son, your heart's desire is not something that is becoming; a faltering, chance, haphazard development.  It is a strong, well-established creation, as I have already said, forged in the fire of the Holy Spirit, in pure harmony with eternal reality.  It is unfolding before you in your Earthly life as you go forward upon the path, led by me, your guide to Eternity, motivated from within by that strong desire.


Now he speaks here of desire, but strong desire engenders faith.  By the way, all these quotes apply to all who are willing to receive them unto themselves — including you — not just to me.


On May 24th 1997 he said:


My son, it is to the act of Asking, Seeking, Knocking that your Heavenly Father, Papa, responds freely, lovingly, immediately, with His giving.  It is not according to your faith but your desire that He responds.  It is according to your faith that you are able to receive His giving.  Your faith is something that Papa will grow in you as you ask.  The more you ask, believing — having faith — the more you will receive, and you will grow in your expectation of receiving that which He is always giving.  You expect the sun to rise every day because it always does.  That is faith.  Easy.  As you ask more and more of Papa, believing He is giving it, so will your faith in receiving grow until it is as your faith that the sun will rise.

It is by/with this faith that I came into the Earth life, believing that Papa would give all that I asked.  These things which I did shall you do — and receive — also, and greater things than these.  Believe and you shall receive.  Ask, believing.  It is Papa’s good pleasure to give to His little ones — all of them, including you.  He will give you wholeness of body, mind and spirit.  Only believe.  You know He is giving you the Kingdom.  Can you celebrate with dancing and with singing if you are a crock?  All is well.  Be thou whole.

If you do not receive immediately it is more to do with your growth in faith than Papa’s giving.  Be at peace and let your certainty be that He is giving, so that your faith in receiving may grow. All is well my son.  Rejoice for the Kingdom is at hand.


Of one thing I ask you to accept as absolute, unchangeable fact:  Jesus, Papa and Big Me know your heart, and receive every heartfelt prayer or thought you send to Them, and They respond, always.


On June 27th 1999 Jesus said: 


My son, you asked me to lead you in these things and to make known, reveal, open your eyes, to the reality behind the words; to bring to your awareness discernment of the order of the last days' events.  You also remember that I have said Papa always hears your prayers and always answers freely, lovingly, immediately.  I counsel you now, trust this TruthAll things entrusted to Him are brought to fulfilment.  Before you call He has already made provision for His answer.  Take one step at a time; let the compass of your heart's desire for my leading keep you journeying in my direction, following me.  I counsel you to have no concern for any individual step being not perfectly aligned with my leading, but to be assured that the overall direction of your journey would be by my drawing and that I would make all appropriate adjustments.  I assure you my son that I am helmsman, pilot* and navigator, in accord with all power and all authority vested in me by the Holy One.

I counsel you: continue in this way, with this Holy ritual of my ordaining; keep your heart and all your senses attuned to my calling.  Have no concern for details; they shall be made known to you by the Breath according to your need and your heart's desire.


*Pilot: a person with local knowledge qualified to take charge of a ship entering harbour.


In chapter 4 of SFGS I wrote: 


4Over a period of some months I experienced many ‘dreams’ of a nature that indicated my soul-centres of awareness of ‘non-physical’ realities were growing, or awakening, from a dormant state.  Also, subtle nuances of images, moving or still, and of sound — including music and speaking — as well as taste and smell, such as aromatic pipe smoke, perfume of flowers, the unique, personal scent of individuals that would enable such a person to be identified, were impressing themselves into my ‘extra-sensory’ perception.    The Rector frequently brought to my awareness hymns of a particularly significant meaning for any particular moment, event or occasion.

5Most of these were so subtle that one might be tempted to question whether they even ‘happened,’ but I learned that if one dismisses such as ‘not having actually happened,’ which most people in this life are prone to do, then there follows a sense of regret at having done so, and the impression fades away, whereas, if one accepts that it did happen, the awareness of the event grows, and details, meaning and understanding of the event grow with it.  I liken it to photography.  If a light-sensitive film is exposed to an image, the image is imprinted on the film, but if the film is not ‘fixed’ with a chemical solution, it fades away and is lost.  Fixing, however, causes the image to become permanently ingrained into the film for longer-term study and consideration.  Details not at first perceived in the image become apparent with extended study. 

6If a person continually dismisses faint impressions on their senses, the facility for receiving those impressions becomes, or remains, dormant, but with an attitude of willingness to accept such initially faint impressions as real, they not only become ‘fixed,’ the frequency and quality of such impressions increases.  It has been my experience over 40 years that by accepting, and therefore ‘fixing’ such impressions, they remain available for study, contemplation, recollection over an indefinite period, and immeasurably more can then be discerned from them than would ever be the case from only fleeting consideration and then dismissal.


It is doubt and fear that are the great blocks to receiving.  If I could shout (in a loving, gentle, caring, supporting, exhorting, encouraging way), WRITE IT DOWN, then I would J. Thoughts, words, feelings, the slightest impressions.  Remember, you are opening yourself to inspiration by Jesus/Holy Spirit; they HAVE received your desire and are responding to it, always, without exception, because you are LOVED, unconditionally. 


Remember also, no-one else is going to read what you have written, unless you want them too; so you have nothing to feel embarrassed about.  You can always shred it afterwards!  But my advice is to hang onto all that you write; date it and refer back to it from time to time.  After a while you will, I assure you, begin to detect an emerging pattern of progress, and that will really grow your confidence.


Now, Trust.  Trust yourself.  Papa, Jesus and Big Me trust you, absolutely, unwaveringly.  Only ego does not want you to trust yourself, and thus remain in littleness, giving ego continuing existence.  It does, of course, not need mentioning, that They are trustworthy, regardless of any amount of our self-doubt we fragments of the Sonship may have.


Obedience:  It is obedience to our own inner calling, desire, seeking, longing, for spiritual awakening.  In other words, be true to yourSelf.


Commitment:  Steadfast, unwavering, relentless, one-pointed ‘stick-at-it-iveness’ is what will get us Home.  In chapter 31 of ACIM Jesus says: 


Salvation does not ask that you behold the spirit and perceive the body not. It merely asks that this should be your choice.


Big Me will do the rest for us.


It is inevitable that there will be lapses in our focus on commitment.  After all, we appear to be in ego-land, where we are surrounded by endless attempts at sidetracking us from the Path. Actually, time and place is one big attempt at sidetracking us. Jesus and Big Me know that, and that does not matter one scrap to Them.  All they are concerned with when we stumble is, are we willing to allow Them to safeguard us, support us, uplift us?  And if we stumble and fall, like a toddler, are we willing to allow Them to pick us up again (every time, regardless of how many times, just as long as Their uplifting is one more time than our falling)?


Lastly, don’t fret; don’t get up tight.  That is just what ego wants.  Jesus is relaxed, all the time.  That is not a bad example to emulate.


Dear Kath, I hope all this will encourage you.  Keep on keeping on!


Oodles of love and endless blessings,




The following exchange was posted on December 12th 2008


Hey Brian:


I have been following the exchanges on the Forum with Estelle, Geoff and others, and also what you say in the Messages of Encouragement about communing.  First is the issue of whether solitary communion is ‘okay’ in the sight of God and Jesus.  That has to be a no-brainer, because Jesus tells us that is the thing to do, in the Bible.  So, no big deal for us to fret about there.


Then comes whether to do this in the formalised structure that was given to Olga Park, and that you followed for so many years, or the informal manner that you have indicated you have been practicing lately – and with startling, staggering results from what you have shared so far.  Clearly, for you, both methods have produced astonishing results. However, what about the rest of us?  Please give me something definitive that I can get my head around.





 Hi Robert,


I knew someone was going to ask this question, because this very morning, during my communing time with ‘Big Me’ I received inspiration on this matter.  Please bear in mind what Jesus said to me recently, taking particular note about the inspiration kicking in seamlessly (the full exchange is in the December 3rd 2008 MoE):


…Big Me is the Voice for God, as you know.  He will remind you of all you need to know and to remember, just as well as Papa and I can do.  Big Me is who you really are.  You can write to Big Me – it is a type of ‘Dear Diary’ process — but with no pressure on you to prove anything.  The inspiration can, and will, kick in at any and every opportune moment, seamlessly.


It may seem unclear whether ‘Brian’ (little me) is the ‘source’ of what is written below, or Big Me. I leave you to decide for yourself, and indeed, how much it matters to separate out who is whom (or Whom!)  I had no prior concept of what was coming, but simply began to write, as the words came into my mind:


In order to allow inspiration from Big Me to come through onto the ‘plate’ of our conscious mind, we have to open a conduit.  That conduit must be in resonance with the Mind of Big Me, for He will not lower the level of interaction to mundane trivia.  We can only resonate with the Mind of Big Me by truly seeking and earnestly desiring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (KOHOE).  By having that desire, we are in a fundamental state of resonance. 


All that is then necessary is to provide the circumstances for the inspiration to begin to flow.  It can come in occasional bursts, or blips, at any moment, if we are open to receive.  Sometimes this will be obviously recognisable as inspired, new thoughts or understanding from a Higher Source of Mind; other times it may be so seamlessly interposed that its origin may be missed, and it may become dispersed, or lost, amongst other mundane thoughts.  As Jesus says in ACIM, our minds need retraining, and we are far too lax in mind discipline, allowing all manner of meaningless and unserviceable mental activity to dominate our thoughts.


The SMCC Communion devotional service is an attunement or focussing mechanism that serves this objective very well, especially for newcomers to the discipline of at-onement with Big Me – which is, of course, the Spirit of Truth – and/or Jesus, who is fully one with this God-filled Mind.


For the more disciplined, one-pointed, highly committed seeker, setting aside a regular time and place for attuning (communing) – such as first and last thing in the day – and deliberately focussing on Kingdomly matters is a great help because that is providing opportunity for Big Me to share our thoughts and interpose His, in a seamless manner.


I strongly recommend having pen and paper, and starting to write, even if obviously from a ‘little me,’ but Kingdomly directed, honouring and sincere approach, as this is a highly serviceable way of opening the conduit for two-way communing.  By starting to write, it confines, or channels the mental activity to matters of Heavenly, or eternal concern and consideration, blocking out mundane issues.


Big Me can, and will, then, link up with a mind thus attuned.  And often, without even being aware that it is happening, Big Me ‘slips in’ new understanding, or clarification of matters on which the understanding may have been confused.  Ego will try to block this by interjecting doubt and fear.  Acknowledging this, but continuing one-pointedly with the committed endeavour, will gradually weaken and dispel ego’s attempts at sabotage.


I do feel prompted to emphasise that for those of us who are not fully confident or experienced in mind-to-Mind communing, the SMCC service of Communion devotions, with its more discipline-conducive format, which is also designed to raise the consciousness to be more aligned to the Mind of Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit, will be highly serviceable to most sincere seekers after spiritual uplift, strengthening, enlightenment, confidence-building.  Once a certain level of positive familiarity has been thusly developed, and only when truly, genuinely led by Spirit, should the less formal procedure become the alternative form of communing practised.


Be assured, Big Me is there with us all, always, seeking, desiring our up-reaching toward Him in true and earnest desire for enlightenment.


I hope this helps, Robert, to establish more surely for you, the Peace of Heaven within you.


Many blessings, always,




The following exchange was posted on December 5th 2008


Dear Brian,


I have been following your MoEs more or less from the beginning, about 2 or 3 years ago.  At first it seemed as if what you wrote was simply random, on various aspects of spirituality, albeit clearly focussing on Jesus, the Kingdom and how we can get tuned in to him and It. All very useful background, I thought, and greatly helpful in creating a proper understanding about who we are and our relationship to God, or Papa, as you so intimately call Him (and which is also helpful in dissipating the ‘white sound’ of fear of Him that seems to be the pervasive background in our minds).


Now, in recent weeks or months, I detect an interesting pattern emerging from the weekly messages.  This definitely is taking us in a particular direction which it seems to me is, one almost imperceptible step at a time, leading us out of what you have called the wilderness; off the carousel.

I have a point to raise that I hope you will find constructive


You talk a lot (obviously) about Jesus being the Lord and savior.  I agree with this, especially the way you speak about it, which is from your own experiences of him and what he says in ACIM.  The great thing about what you say also is that he is our friend and our brother.  That makes it so much more possible to think of him in a personal, intimate, one-on-one way.  However, I guess unavoidably, a fair amount of what you say about him, and the way you address him, especially in the Diary entries, also sounds rather like orthodox Christian speak, and you sure are a long way from being orthodox Christian! 


Herein lies a bit of a catch 22 situation.  On the one hand there is a potential for putting off people who have moved on from the Church’s take on Jesus as our savior and Lord, if what you write sounds a bit too like the Church.  Then, on the other hand there is a potential that the things you write about Jesus that definitely are not in accord with Church doctrine could upset those who are still Church oriented.  Don’t get me wrong, I am clear as to how and where you stand on this matter, and see it is a fine line you have to tread.


Thanks for your inspiring work Brian.


Love and light,





Hi Bernadette,


You are a wonderful affirmation of synchronicity, because during recent weeks I also have been coming to the awareness that there is a progressive, unfolding pattern, or direction emerging in these MoEs.  I can state categorically that


1)       I had no original intent, or thought, of writing a weekly message of encouragement.  It just started as a one-off and then happened again a few more times, and before I realised what was going on it had become more or less established as a regular thing.


2)       Although I sometimes have an idea of what the subject will be ahead of time, and even jot down a few key thoughts and ideas, I almost always find that any ideas I may have intended to set out just get left by the wayside, and different ideas emerge of which I had no previous awareness or understanding until the words appear before me on the monitor.  The message very frequently ends up almost entirely unlike how I had envisioned it at the start.  Clearly this could not be a product of my Earth-mind imagination.


3)       I hardly ever refer back to previous messages, either before, during or after writing a current one.  At first I thought this would make for a very muddled – random – pattern of development, but my organisational skills simply do not work in a way that would enable me to do anything about that of myself.  I am sure Big Me is quite happy (relieved, even!) at this.  The only time I actively look back to previous messages is if someone asks about a particular point that I know has been covered before.  Then I can refer them to the date and the points made.


4)       I have long ago relinquished all desire for control over everything to do with the HTG website into the all-knowing and loving care of the Holy Spirit (Big Me) and it is palpable on many occasions, especially at the writing of the MoEs.


As for sometimes sounding like an orthodox Christian – due to the limited availability of words to cover this subject – this is, as you are aware, unavoidable, and happens similarly in ACIM (A Course in Miracles), where, for example, Jesus talks a lot about the Atonement, which refers to the restoration to oneness of us, the Sonship, with Papa. Atonement, for me, has very churchy, orthodox doctrinal overtones, so I tend to use alternative ways of expressing the idea.  When its use is pertinent, I split the word with a hyphen, to alter the pronunciation, as in At-onement (which is the correct, Anglo-Saxon way of saying it, but which the Church has altered to being pronounced A-tonement).


The way I had of directing/expressing my thoughts to Jesus during the communion silence (as shown at the beginning of most of the Diary entries) is from a fair number of years ago, and shows that at that time I was less relaxed in my way of addressing him.  In recent time I have become much more at ease and informal in my way of addressing him and speaking with him – as has he with me – as shows in some of the latter communings with him shared in recent MoEs.


The ‘catch 22’ situation is something I have been acutely aware of from before I even started writing SFGS.  It seemed very important to write it in a way that would not be repellent or offensive to orthodox church-goers, to show those who are ready to move on from that position that there is a path open to them that could take them forward one step at a time, without too much distress, from the one with which they have been familiar (having had enough experience of it myself to know where their loyalties and thought processes lay).  It was, as you say, a case of walking a fine line that would keep religionists and non-religionists tolerably comfortable during the early stages of their journey through what I desired to share with them.


This would ease both camps gently into new areas of seeing and understanding who Jesus really is, as distinct from the orthodox position on him as the only Son of God, who was going to return to Earth to judge us and condemn us if we had not come up to the mark, even though he said: And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world. (Jn. 12:47). 


I am comfortable about this because the Holy Spirit knows who is ready to begin the awakening process and who is not – even though there may be some who appear, to our Earthly perception, to be ready, who are actually not, and vice-versa.  If a churchgoer gets offended too easily at non-orthodox (yet Christ/Kingdom-orientated) statements, or a non-churchgoer sees things as being too religionist for their ‘renegade’ perspective, then it is evidence this message I have been given to deliver is not for them; at least, not yet, anyway.  Big Me has told me that “Brian’s” job is to deliver that which is given him, and not to concern himself with its reception, because that is His job.  That suits me just fine, and I am very happy to go with that.

Love and blessings, Bernadette,


The following exchange was posted on November 28th 2008


Hi Brian, trusting all is well with you both.  After reading latest Message of Encouragement, all I can say is amen and wow; it gets better and better, and in the words of Alice 'curiouser and curiouser.'   This is awesome.


However moving on to the Forum, in reading the letter from Estelle, last week, it was as if my thoughts were being dictated in what she was saying; that she and I were as one, especially regarding the references to 'communing informally.'  I know I have a lot to learn , and a long way to go, stumbling along the path on this journey propelled by GODS GRACE .


 May I take this opportunity in wishing you all compliments of the season.


your brother in Christ

Geoff .


Hi Geoff,


Thanks for this.  I read into this that you, like Estelle, are hungering and thirsting for communing fellowship with Jesus, and don't get satisfaction for that from institutionalised religion. 


In seeking something more meaningful, you are drawn by, but are baulking at the SMCC (Olga Park) Communion service (or anything less formal yet still as sincere, respectful, honouring, devout in the way of communing).  This, it seems clear, is, for most of us, because ingrained indoctrination from the church says no-one who is not authorised (in other words, ordained as a minister) by them, is permitted to sanctify/bless the bread and wine of the 'holy sacrament.' 


Nor is one permitted, by church doctrine, to administer it to oneself, or offer it for others (incarnate or excarnate). This perception causes some deeply embedded fear, inculcated by the church (who have misrepresented Jesus so comprehensively) over centuries, about such an idea, which the church would perceive as a major apostasy and heresy.


I understand this fear, or deep-seated reticence.  However, it seems pertinent to ask ourselves if it is either necessary or serviceable to our awakening to the truth of Eternity, which is what Jesus' GRP is all about.  The GRP is an unfolding, growing process, moving through stages.


The old, church order is of the second measure of meal consciousness, which is, like the first measure before it, over.  We are now in the next measure the final measure, the fulfilment measure in which new levels of spiritual awareness, awakening, are being outpoured upon us, for our final awakening from the dream and back into the remembrance that we are Home in Heaven, with Papa.  


At the start of the second measure there was great fierce, even resistance from the old (first measure) order of consciousness, the 'Abraham measure,'  to the then new, and revolutionary, 'Jesus measure' thinking.  That old order remained, even as the Jesus measure understanding gathered momentum and acceptance, with those who were not yet ready to go forward.  The same applies and will continue to apply as we move from the second to the third, 'Kingdom measure,' stage of the GRP.  Those who are not ready to move forward and that means the vast majority during the early stages/centuries of the change over will continue with their old-order practises, even if they find little or no assuaging of their appetite for spiritual sustenance therein.


But that is fine with Jesus, because he knows the end from the beginning, still loves those of us who hold back just as much as those who press forward, knowing we will all eventually end up fully restored to oneness in the Sonship, by the end of the third measure.  It does not matter one iota to him because he knows that time is an illusion, and the fulfilment of the GRP is already completed, finished, even as it was upon the cross, from the Eternity perspective, which is the only perspective that has any reality.  He also knows that from a temporal, illusory perspective, the awakening moves forward, one step at a time, increasing inexorably from one generation, one act to the next, 'till the whole is leavened.' 


May I lovingly, caringly suggest that you re-read chapter 3 of SFGS, giving particular attention to paragraphs 30 and 31, which are pasted here for reference, and I have underlined some parts that are of particular pertinence in this exchange of messages between us: 

30But the central purpose and objective of the ritual in which the Teacher instructed her was that it was to be an exercise in unifying the focus of the soul, mind and body of the communicant in an act of attunement with the mind and spirit of the living Jesus.  The words of the ritual were assembled mostly from the words of King David (Psalms), Isaiah, Jesus, Paul and John of Patmos and linked into a cohesive, structured format by words given by the Teacher during this out-of-the-body instruction.  There were also inspirational hymns included to add to the conduciveness of getting on a spiritually attuned wavelength. 


31The ritual was designed to enable the communicant to gradually ascend to a place of refined, uplifted attunement and then to have a period of silent communion of hearts, minds and souls with the living Jesus.  This is to develop the faculty — dormant in most souls who have become so engaged in the ‘sojourning in time’ part of their lives that their physical and spiritual lives are not in a resonant state of peace, harmony and balance with each other — of entering into the ‘Within’ part of their mind, where they will have awareness of and fellowship with the living Jesus.  This will bring enlightenment and illumination of the eternal realities, of which Jesus is Master, for the uplifting of all who truly seek after God and earnestly desire the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. 

May I also recommend (if you are sincerely seeking such communion fellowship with Jesus, which I believe you are), that you read/study the instructions for setting up a home altar and practising communion, as set out here:


As indicated on various (well, numerous!) occasions in the MoEs, the Forum and elsewhere on the HTG website, fear is ego's set piece for keeping us from the truth, keeping us from finding/returning to inner peace; yet ego, the church, and any and every other non-Kingdomly being, device, structure only has as much power over us as we ascribe to them.  In other words, in truth, they have no actual power over us at all, and all we have to do is ask Big Me/Holy Spirit/ Jesus to help us to open our eyes to this.  From previous exchanges between us over the last couple of years, I believe you are fully aware of that.


One step at a time is the best way indeed, ultimately, the only way to go forward.  After more than 40 years, I am still impatient; with myself and with others, for us all to return Home, together.  Forgive me my impatience, my eagerness to be pressing forward, now that our Goal heaves into view!


Love and blessings, always,




The following exchange was posted on November 20th 2008

Wow! Brian  This week’s MoE is awesome (well, they are most weeks, anyway) but the communings you shared with Jesus and Papa have really blown me away.  I assure you, they are blowing me away, too, Estelle. Almost everything about them is just so reassuring, comfortable, natural, spontaneous, unrehearsed – what else can I say?  This, I am in no doubt, is how it really is in the Realms of Light (Heaven), is destined to be here in time and place, and such is busting out all over.  All the old formal, rote stuff is on the way out.  Of course it will take a few more generations before it is all gone, but the writing is on the wall.  


I want this, I crave it, I am hungry for it.  You are one lucky, fortunate, blessed guy.  You know what I am going to say here, don’t you!  It is fully available to ‘all who will.’  There is nothing different, unusual, exceptional about me.  This is not some phoney, false modesty; according to Jesus, we, the fragments of the Sonship, are all the same, even though we appear to be functioning in many forms or guises.  Those are diversions, to distract us from the truth, that in the eternal reality, we are but one: Papa’s Son (gender differentiation is not applicable and does not exist in Eternity, because there is no separation).  The differences will all fall away as we emerge into the light of truth and remember who we are.


I have a couple of points to ask you about.  I have often looked at Olga Park’s communion website, and resonate strongly with pretty much all of it, yet somehow I baulk at setting up the altar and running through the procedure of the communion.  Ego, pulling many strings all at once, here.  It’s hard to put a finger on the actual reasons for this reticence, but I guess it has something to do with ego putting on the brake, Affirmative but also a feeling that I am assuming the authority to do what only ordained preachers have been authorized to do previously. Just how ego has it arranged.  I bet a pound to a penny Jesus didn’t go to seminary, and wasn’t ordained by any earthly organisation.  Such only have the authority over us that any of us ascribe to them.  That so-called authority has no place in the Kingdom, so we all know where that will end up: nowhere.   


Maybe there is a tinge of guilt, a sense of unworthiness, of presumptuousness; you know… ‘Who are you, Tellie, to assume this role of self-authorizing priestly activity?’ I believe this is adequately covered above, though I fully understand how you feel; we are all encumbered with centuries of the hold over us exerted by religion.  Religion is about fear, control, guilt, judgement, temporal considerations.  Spirituality, on the other hand, is about love, freedom, innocence, relinquishment of judgement and seeing only the face of Christ in all our brothers in the Sonship, including our Self, regardless of outer (illusory) appearances to the contrary, and Eternity.  


That word, by the way, ‘Eternity’ is simply another word for Heaven.  Some, who may have seen through religion, may not resonate with the word ‘Heaven’ because of its religious connections, but ‘Eternity’ is less likely to get people wary.  Since, however, they mean the same thing, what the heck!?  


Okay, so there is nobody else involved, I am not taking a collection, so don’t have to ‘perform’ up to any standard that the world will judge, but still, something inside me is feeling less than comfortable. See my next comment, below.


Then you spring on us this ‘less formal, yet still sincere and meaningful’ format for communing and that really pushes my buttons.  And Jesus and Papa are so ‘every day’ in their replies, their mode of  bringing to you such loving, yet amazing, inspiring, revelatory stuff.  I just love, love, love it and want to know what you think about me communing this way.  Here, I copy Jesus’ words to me in response to that matter:


Go with your innermost, uppermost feelings; they will guide you well.  The important thing, as well you now know, is not to get sidetracked, distracted, from your birth vision.


        I mean, you are one cool dude, in spite of your age, and being a Brit and all (no offence!) absolutely none taken; besides, I find the idea of being one cool dude quite fun so I really value your input, based on most of what I have read in the Forum page.  What Jesus says here really says it all:  Go with your innermost, uppermost feelings; they will guide you well.  There are no cosmic laws or rules preventing any and all of us communing in this relaxed, informal manner.  Informal does not mean disrespectful or dishonouring.  The factor that will affect the success or otherwise of your – or anyone’s – communing is sincerity of desire, or FTOC.  Your sincerity seems self-evident, or you would not have sent this message. 


FTOC is another matter, and can be alternatively described as ‘stick-at-it-iveness’ as they say in Yorkshire.  If you have ‘stick-at-it-iveness’ the fruitfulness will follow.  But for me, this has not been a quick fix, a 5-minute job.  It has taken steadfast, one-pointed commitment, based on knowing beyond all doubt that this was what I wanted (Jesus as my guide to Eternity, in a nutshell).  Few there are who have that ‘stick-at-it-iveness.’  Papa knows them all.  If you are one, then I rejoice with and for you, along with all the Halls of Heaven. 


Of one thing you can be sure: Papa hears us always and answers our earnest, heartfelt prayers FLI.  Whether we hear His reply depends on how attuned we are to Him, and that takes focus. Serious focus.  Many acts of focus.  But then, time is but an illusion


Then there is all that stuff about you and Jesus hanging out together for eons.  What are you trying to do here, shock us all to death!  Cosmic, it is!  Jesus is not seeking adulation, and I hope I am not either.  It is a big weapon in ego’s armoury.  There are no shortages of such weapons, and like chocolate, some are hard to ignore; they get inside our head and can turn it away from our birth vision.  As he says: But that is of no import, other than its serviceability in preparing you for all that matters, which is NOW.


But the greatest of all is what Papa told you about blasphemy:  When you deny your Self, you deny Me.  This is your only blasphemy.  I had to take a walk when I read that bit, to try to get my pulse to ease off a bit.  This turns everything on its head, big time. I went all woozy, twitchy, excited as hell.  Well, that’s not a good description, but you know what I mean.  I have read and reread that quite a few times and it’s flying around in my head.  Wow! is the only response I can think of too, so you were right on there. 


It is one of those out-of-the-blue items that causes one to be thankful if there is a chair handy.  I shall be pondering it for a very long while.  There are several references to blasphemy in ACIM, chapter 10, section V.  I had read that section a few times but not really taken on board the depth of meaning.  This has changed all that forever, and taken my attitude toward my brothers (and me) on a rapid journey forward toward Home.  I hope it may do the same for you, and many others who may read this.


Thanks, Bri, for all this far out stuff.  I hope you are going to keep this up.  All the while Big Me keeps inspiring me.


Peace,     received with grateful thanks, and returned, lovingly, with interest,


Estelle     Brian


The following exchange was posted on November 14th 2008


Hi Brian,


I not long ago have come to your HTG website.  It is much enthralling to read SFGS. It is one terrific adventure with Jesus.  How fantastic that is?  Your boyhood farm experiences when you did go away into the woods and commune with the Universal Life Force, or Papa, as you say, described so good in chapter 1, even that you did not knew what it was meaning at the time, say that you did came here on a mission for the Kingdom.


I did very much loved  also the vignette From breaking rocks to breaking bread, and The Master in bedrock hell fastening the escape ladder to the floor.  And also have I love chapter 11 where you did walk with Jesus to the Holy of Holies and he has morphed into a golden portal.  But when I did get to your description of what was inside this really has made for me a big problem.  I mean, how it can be the Holy of Holies an Edwardian English parlour?  All the rest it was really good for me and I was captived from the experience and your lovely telling of the details.  But that has made me to baulk very much.  How can someone from Germany, China, or Peru, or almost anywhere belief it like that


Better for no description than to tell readers from many places to belief that description?  I mean, this is Holy of Holies, for goodness sake (as you say), the most holy place to mans mind, and it is a parlour for English afternoon tea; something only Britishers could know.


Sorry I am so critical, but is a valid point of view from foreigners like me.  Please give to me some word from you that will restore me fully in belief to what you are saying.


Best greetings to you,





Hi Siegfried,


I am so grateful that you have raised this interesting point, which has been on my mind since I first wrote the description of the interior of the Holy of Holies.  I agonised for quite a while about whether to include it, but finally decided that as this was what I saw/experienced, it would not seem right to either exclude it or alter it.  For a start, to what would I alter it?  I hadn’t the faintest idea how else it might appear; and also, to give no description would have been a blatantly inappropriate blank in the narrative. And I certainly did not wish to fabricate something I had not experienced.


So, I thought about why Papa had shown me what He showed me, when it could have been something immeasurably more… what, celestial?  As soon as I started to ask Why, the answer came in, and was so entirely obvious that I realised it was appropriate to include it just as I experienced it.


Papa loves us, unconditionally, just as we are (or believe ourself to be, in this illusory dream world), whoever and wherever we seem to be; whatever culture, background we appear to be from.  His only concern is our wellbeing, our comfort, our happiness.  In the time of the Exodus, 3,500 years ago, people were fearful of and superstitious about God, and perceived that if they entered the Holy of Holies of the wilderness tabernacle (a mobile temple, in the form of a tent, the design of which was given to Moses by God), or subsequently, its stone counterpart in Jerusalem, other than by divine dispensation, they would be killed by God. 


But the GRP moves on, and it is our destiny to be restored to oneness in Papa, in love and peace (which must include comfortableness, inner peace, being at rest in our minds, free from fear).  How can we be in that state of mind if we find ourself, at Papa’s invitation, in a place with which we are unfamiliar, uncertain, trepidatious?


Well, as you rightly observe, I am British.  My childhood memories of visits to my grandparents’ home were that this was very much an Edwardian setting, and those visits were always happy, filled with expectation of being loved, cherished, given sumptuous afternoon teas, with lots of sandwiches, cakes, jam and cream scones and all manner of other goodies.  Those create powerful memories in the mind of a young, impressionable boy, not just at the conscious level but perhaps also at the deeper, unconscious level.  I felt welcome, safe, a sense of timelessness there; that there was nothing threatening. 


Is that not exactly how Papa wanted me to feel from the moment of entry into the Holy of Holies; a sense of comfortableness, freedom from uncertainty, doubt, threat; a sense of familiarity, that I was now at Home, where I belonged?  After all, according to our littleness mind, entering into the presence of the Almighty is not something one does every day, and most of us have a great sense of foreboding at the prospect of it one day happening to us; a day when we will be judged and our fate for all eternity determined.  So for a Brit, with my background, such a setting was entirely fitting, and there was never a moment of unease or disquiet. 


That is Papa’s desire for us all.  For that reason alone, I have no doubt that for a person from an entirely different cultural background being welcomed into the Holy of Holies by Papa, He will create a setting with which they will feel equally at Home and at ease.  That is how it is in Heaven; that is how it is and will be for us all when we are restored to Oneness in Him there.


That was my objective in including the description of my experience of entering in.  I have often pondered why the experience (or at least, my recollection of it) ended within a few moments of entering (and before I had a chance to tuck in to the banquet feast so perfectly and lovingly prepared for me!)  It suddenly, now, occurs to me that if I had been able to bring back the rest of the memories of such an indescribable ecstasy, there is no way I would have wanted to return to ego dreamland.


I sincerely hope this has been a helpful explanation, and will restore you to fullness of comfortableness in the account of my adventures.  Thank you for your generosity of spirit in saying how much you have appreciated (and I trust, benefited from) it.


With warmest greetings to you also, Siegfried,




The following exchange was posted on November 13th 2008


Hi Brian, Watching the 60th birthday film about Prince Charles last night, I became aware of the valuable pearl dust that was scattered throughout as this camera tapestry unfolded.


Later in the film, in a piece in which Charles was walking in front of the camera, he threw down a complete pearl, to be picked up or trodden underfoot, (as is the way of the world) by the viewer/walkers who were following him through the film’s eye from the comfort of their armchairs. He said that the only things that really mattered in this world were Love, Compassion and Forgiveness. WOW!!  Alleluia!  


His life seems to have been a hard lesson to give and receive these. But as this pearl lay cupped for a nano-second in the hands of the Holy Instant, before the world closed over and it became again ‘intellectual knowledge’, I knew with a certainty, that there is no difference between a Prince and a pauper except in the content of their Dream. The re-cognition gave rise to the words “he knows” Amen to that and a feeling of belonging in the waking of people all over the world, as the GRP filters through into their sleeping consciousness. 


The last verse of a poem by Christmas Humphreys came into consciousness to express in some way the inexpressible feeling generated. “And a bird in the void of stillness / sang to the dying sun. / And a wild rose fell contented, / and Evensong was done.”  Peace... Love from Dorothy


My Dearest Dorothy,


I read your beautiful message and waves, surges of uplift sent me soaring to the heights of Heaven.  This was caused by both Charles's re-cognition/remembrance that Love, Compassion and Forgiveness are all that matter (surely he has been reading ACIM!!?) and also by the beautiful, majestic way you have described your experience of seeing the film.  I read your message again, this time out loud to Theresa, and again was exalted by the poetic expression in your words, as was Theresa also. 


How right you are about Princes and paupers.  These outward appearances are nothing in the only real context: Eternity.


It is without doubt that the emergence of the Kingdom awareness is breaking out in all directions, including the Royal Family.  Charles is clearly wakening, and I see signs in his older son, William, the heir to the throne after Charles, that the Kingdom reality will emerge further also through him as the GRP unfolds and progresses.


Thank you so much for your sharing this pearl of great price, which I deeply treasure, as I do all our exchanges, and our friendship in Christ fellowship.


Much love and many, many blessings,




The following exchange was posted on November 9th 2008


Hi Brian. Hi Pearl, You say the Teachers colour is a deep blue. Maybe it is Indigo the colour of the third eye Chakra. I cannot profess to be an expert on colours — or chakras.  I do believe that each of us has an auric colour specific to our resonance, or spiritual awareness/wakefulness.  It could be likened to our spiritual fingerprint, or DNA, identifying us as who we are. 


Of course, when all colours are united as one, white is the result, and this will be the case when the GRP is completed and our perceived individuality (or brokenness, or fragmentation) is restored to oneness of the Sonship, in God.  So, white is seen as symbolising wholeness, or purity.  I associate this deep, rich blue that I see, and have for many years associated with the Teacher's life vibration, as 'Heaven' blue.  Jesus told me on July 6th 1997 that he is the Lord of the purple ray (part of that message is copied below, for reference). 


Purple signifies a perfect blend of blue (indigo) and red.  The use of red, blue and purple features purposefully in the instructions given by God to Moses for the design of the wilderness tabernacle, or meeting place of man with God in the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, and also in the Jerusalem temple of Solomon (and subsequently, Herod the Great).  Red symbolises the Earth consciousness, blue the Heaven awareness and purple the facility to function in the Earth illusion from the Heavenly awareness/reality, which, of course, Jesus did. 


The purpose of that faculty is only needful while we, Jesus brethren who perceive ourselves as separated from Papa, believe ourselves to be stuck in stuck in time and place.  When the GRP is completed there will be no further requirement for Jesus or any of us to function on that wavelength.  Hence what I wrote in chapter 11 of SFGS:

...The Old Testament Holy of Holies, or Most Holy Place, was the innermost sanctum of the Jerusalem Temple, the design for which was given to King David by God through the mechanism of automatic writing (1 Chron. 28:19).  It was a cube, separated from the Holy Place, (also a cube, of similar dimensions to the Holy of Holies) by a thick curtain, or veil, woven in red, blue and purple cloth. 

At the moment of departure of Jesus’ soul from his body on the cross the record states that this veil was torn completely in half, thus ending forever, so the record indicates, the inaccessibility of God to man, because Jesus had bridged that gap. If that is not a cause for joyous celebration by humankind, assuredly, there cannot be one! 


This thing of forgiveness. I feel that it is the forgiving of ourselves for letting us think that someone "out there" is hurting us, when really they are only hurting themselves. But we insist on thinking (ego-conditioned thinking, of course) that if they say something or do something hurting that they are hurting us. Pearl, this is absolutely correct.  To this I would add that it helps us to keep this in mind, and understand how it can be possible, when we remember that there is only one of us, even though, in time and place, we appear to be many, divided, separated, like the splitting of white light into the colours of the spectrum when passed through a prism.


When we believe we are projecting hurt onto another, the old saying 'What goes around comes around' comes into effect.  If 'Red' sees 'Blue' as separate and tries to damage it, or cut it off, it prevents the restoration of Red (its illusory self) to wholeness, unless Blue refuses to see Red as separate, in which case the act of Blue negates the illusory act of Red, rendering it invalid, or not so.   That is where true forgiveness comes in.  I have finally come to realize this fact. Alleluia! Such a realisation is a massive going forward toward wakefulness.  I rejoice for and with you, for your going forward is a going forward of all the fragmented Sonship back into the oneness that is our true Self. 


Best regards. And to you also, dear Pearl,  Pearl.  Brian 


From July 6th 1997 Diary entry:

...No event in my Earthly life was ‘chance’ fulfilment of prophecy.  So also is the fulfilment of your birth vision because you have committed your life into my care.

Let no one say to you there is no joy in such commitment of life, for I am the Lord of the Purple Ray – the perfect blend of Earth-life and fulfilment with eternal truth and reality.  The joy of Heaven is thus yours in the Earth-life, and by no other means is this possible.  So is it with all who come to me.

Jesus, I can readily attest, is the Lord of Joy.


The following exchange was posted on November 6th 2008


Dear Brian,


It came across loud and clear in your MoE this week that sickness is a state of mind that perceives itself as separate from God and from what you call our ‘brethren’ in the Sonship of God; that by refusing to see our ‘brother’ as separate from ourself (in mind, not body, which, as Jesus tells us in ACIM, is an illusion)  because, in the reality of eternity he is not separate from us we are actually counteracting, or nullifying our brother’s perception that we are separate, because, according to what you shared from ACIM, both parties have to agree that they are separate for the separation to be operational, albeit only within the dream state.  This is telling us that it does not take both parties to refuse to acknowledge the illusory separation, but only one party.   


So, if I understand this correctly, if I have a broken relationship with a given person, and decide that this is keeping me from the awakening to who I really am, so wish to heal the relationship, restoring us to oneness, I practice what you call the ‘mind to mind true forgiveness communing’ with the other person.  Previously, I couldn’t get that because I thought the other person would never change her mind about me, so a one-sided desire to heal couldn’t work.  I am still not totally sure this can work.  I guess that is my ego-conditioning.


This is so staggering a revelation that it has totally transformed my approach to life and my ‘brethren’ – especially those with whom the relationship may be other than ideal – that I can see how this is a very real time-collapsing process for the restoration to oneness of the Sonship and the journey home to ‘Papa.’  Your message is helping me to see that I can love, bless and forgive everyone, regardless of their attitude toward me, and it really will make a difference; first for me – which is where we all have to start – and ultimately, for us all.


My only question now is, if I truly forgive a person who still holds a bad attitude toward me, how will they benefit?  Part of me still sees that as one-sided, leaving them where they were.  Can you help with this?


Thank you so much for what you are doing.  The world needs this.


Bless you,




 Dear Louise,


Brilliant!  This is indeed a staggering, world-changing revelation.  Imagine if governments and churches promulgated this awareness, how massively the collapse of time would accelerate.  This will, of course, come to pass, even though it may take longer than we might earnestly desire.  But let that not dampen the earnestness of our desire for it, because our sincere, steadfast, one-pointed desire is contributing very powerfully to the awakening process.


It is clear that time is an illusion, which its collapse demonstrates, and will be over by the end of the Aquarian age anyway.  Jesus tells us in ACIM that the end of time is pre-determined, and there is nothing any of us can do to alter the timing of the end of time (so to speak!)  Here are a couple of extracts from the Diary entries that cover this matter:


April 23 1989

…Those who desire the Kingdom of God’s righteous love and purity will be drawn, have no fear.  All is well.  All goes forward.  You cannot hasten the programme; it goes forward on all fronts.  Allow the power to catch you up and move you forward with it.  This is preferable to endeavouring to grab it by a loose corner and drag it forward!  Can you do this with a flower or a seed?

 January 29 1995:

…when Earth is in darkness and you wish to be one, again, with the light, and when you are passionate in your desire to shine the light of spiritual reality in the Earth-life affairs of man, to hasten an awakening… …you know, for I have assured you many times, this will not hasten the unfoldment of the programme for raising-up the children of Earth. 

Your prayers and love and attunement will help you and will help all for whom you pray, and will add to the transforming light.  But the season is pre-determined, even as are the seasons of the year.  All that you do in my name and with commitment to me and the Kingdom in your heart will contribute sunshine to the days, even though it will not change the seasons; therefore, keep on with goodwill.

  Have no fear.  Be of good cheer.  Relax and enjoy each and every day.  All is well.  Walk with me.  Talk with me.  Breathe with me.  Live with me.  Let the Kingdom envelop and surround and permeate your being.  I will expand your influence among the children of Earth.  This is possible by your commitment.  It is like a dynamo.  It is like a dynamo generating Light energy, which draws the little ones to the Light. Joy be with you all.


‘My only question now is, if I truly forgive a person who still holds a bad attitude toward me, how will they benefit?  Part of me still sees that as one-sided, leaving them where they were.  Can you help with this?’

 The answer to this question is, this is the Holy Spirit’s (Big Me’s) job, and within the example given for practising true forgiveness in the May 28th 2008 MoE it says (I give the whole exercise for ease of reference here, but note the emboldened part):

Dear Blank I choose gladly to forgive you for all the things you have never done,

that I may freely receive the forgiveness that is rightfully mine.  

And I ask your forgiveness of me for all the things I also have never done,

that you may freely receive the forgiveness that is rightfully yours.

I give you this gift of forgiveness, via the Holy Spirit, so that, by His wisdom and timing He may keep it safe in you, and reveal it to you when He sees that you are ready/able to receive it,

and that I, also, may receive it.

 And now we are released into innocence, and join with the Holy Spirit in the Peace and joyous Oneness of the Sonship, with our beloved brother Jesus, in Papa.

 I bless you, bless you, bless you for restoration to fullness of your remembrance of who you really are.  You are Christ, pure and innocent.   Papa’s Son is guiltless and sin does not exist.  

Now are we forgiven, and free to see in each other only the face of Christ. 

NB:  This exercise should not be spoken face to face with the forgivee, unless you are fully confident that they will respond (at the Earth-mind level) positively.  This is why it is called 'Mind-to-mind true forgiveness communing.'  It bypasses the ego-mind consciousness of the forgivee, which, if it knew about the endeavour, would resist it.


Our job is to forgive; Big Me’s job is to outwork the process, according to His wisdom, timing and empowerment.  Because time is an illusion, it does not matter when that happens in Earth-awareness terms.  Leaving it to Him, without interfering, is a challenge for most of us, but it is good, nay, essential discipline. 


I hope this helps Louise. Thanks for writing.  We go forward!! J 


Love and many blessings, 




The following exchange was posted on October 30th 2008


Dear Brian,


It is in no doubt that you are a strong advocate for A Course in Miracles and I have also seen numerous occasions when you have recommended Gary Renard’s books as aids to understanding ACIM.


I would therefore be grateful for your comments on the fact that there are those who are publicly condemning Gary (on the internet) as a fraud, saying they are convinced that Arten and Pursah are fictitious, along with the entire story he has written about them.  They also say that even if his books have contributed significantly to sales of ACIM, the fact that he has invented the whole thing casts a shadow over his credibility. 


I have also seen claims that Ken Wapnick has altered ACIM from its original manuscript, and that this puts a question mark over the veracity of the widely distributed ‘official’ or mainstream version.


Such controversies are very unsettling to those of us who are sincerely seeking after spiritual truth and struggling to increase our faith and trust in Jesus and the role of ACIM in his ‘Great Rescue Program’ as you call it.


Meanwhile, your sincerity and commitment are obvious, and since you do not appear to have a financial incentive behind your website, I have been unable to detect any ulterior motives in what you are doing.   For this I am deeply grateful


Yours respectfully,





Dear Jeff,


I, also, have seen these attempts at discrediting Gary and Ken.


When I asked Big Me (Holy Spirit) for guidance in responding to your message the instant response was ‘Seek neither to defend nor to attack.’  It is from that position that I reply.


Jesus tells (reminds) us in ACIM that as we see others, so do we see and experience ourself, and the best way to release ourself and our brother from such a circle of judgement (that always comes back to us because we are seeing a reflection of how we appear to ourself in our brothers) is to forgive, knowing that nothing has happened and the idle dream of separation was over the instant it happened.  When we observe a brother making a mistake, we can it could be strongly argued, should bless them, forgive them and ask forgiveness for ourself for having misperceived them. 


All this is the essence of ACIM.  We will do well to ask ourself when claiming to be intimately familiar with its content, whether seeing a mote in our brother’s eye is actually causing us to place a beam in our own eye.


Jesus taught in parables, which are made up stories to illustrate a point.  If Gary made up a story that has captured the imagination (and held it) of millions of fragments of the Sonship, and helped them to remember who they are, and enable their progress toward wakefulness, is this a Kingdomly act?  Whether or not the events described ‘took place’ in what ACIM unequivocally describes as a dream this world of time and place that never happened anyway (because the Son of God is one, at home in Papa in Eternity) seems irrelevant to me.  It captured my imagination and got me hooked up with ACIM.  For this, my gratitude to Gary is unbounded.


And as for Ken, and the accounts of subterfuges with the manuscript of ACIM, I can only recommend the reading of Ken’s book ‘Absence from Felicity,’ which tells the story of the scribing of ACIM and the events that led to its publication. 


This book describes in comprehensive, candid, transparent and unimpeachable terms what happened, including how (and why) some parts particularly in the first few chapters of the Text were left in and others edited out.  Those that were edited out were mostly concerning personal issues between Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford, and are detailed in Ken’s book in open-handed detail for all to see.  For those who take the time to read it, it can be seen that there is nothing untoward or suspicious about that.  For me, Absence from Felicity has been a most positive and insightful experience, completely eliminating any and all doubt about whether there were any inappropriate or covert activities involved.


It is very, very easy to get sidetracked (it has been happening since the illusory dawn of time), drawn into debate and controversy about the rights and wrongs of people, events, statements.  It is also damaging to our faith and trust to hear such conflicts.  In an ego-driven, upside-down, wrong-thinking world, in which hidden agendas and the antithesis of truth, Heaven, love, peace, goodwill prevail, finding anything or anyone who is totally, ultimately trustworthy can be cause for grave concern. 


Yet ACIM counsels us over and over that until we can trust our brother we cannot see the face of Christ reflected from us in him. Therefore, let us place our trust in Big Me, whom we can be certain is trustworthy; and then let us remember that we are all, in truth, Big Me.  By focusing on the Big Me reality of our fellows, littleness fades from our vision, foremost of ourself and inevitably, of them.


That may sound like we face a dreadful dilemma of trust but Jesus counsels us to be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove.  Being either one without the other is unserviceable, but being both serves us very well in time and place, until, at last, we waken from the dream, bringing our fellows with us.


In the Introduction to the last section of ACIM, ‘Clarification of Terms’ Jesus, states:


This is not a course in philosophical speculation, nor is it concerned with precise terminology. It is concerned only with Atonement, or the correction of perception. The means of the Atonement is forgiveness. The structure of “individual consciousness” is essentially irrelevant because it is a concept representing the “original error” or the “original sin.” To study the error itself does not lead to correction, if you are indeed to succeed in overlooking the error. And it is just this process of overlooking at which the course aims.

All terms are potentially controversial, and those who seek controversy will find it. Yet those who seek clarification will find it as well. They must, however, be willing to overlook controversy, recognizing that it is a defence against truth in the form of a delaying maneuver 

(My italics, emboldening and underlining, for emphasis)


Of one thing I can be unequivocally certain:  Jesus saw in the countenance of his fellows, including Pilate, Judas, Caiaphas, only the face of Christ.  Those three were, along with all with whom he had meaningful contact, simply playing their supporting role in his drama.  Without them his objectives could not have been accomplished.  He knew that.  It was possible for him to see the face of Christ in them because he chose for it to be so, because he knew, beyond all doubt, that it was true


Do we aspire to be like Jesus?  Let us, then, follow him, desire to emulate him.  That is all he asks; that we desireBig Me will perform it for usIf we are willing to allow him.  That is what surrendering our leasehold on our life is all about. Without Big Me this is impossible, because Big Me is Who We ARE.  We cannot become who we really are without engaging with who we really are.


Thank you for bringing up this most important point for consideration. I hope these words are helpful.  And thank you for your words of affirmation; they are deeply appreciated.


Peace be with you, Jeff,




The following exchange was posted on October 23rd 2008


Hey, Old Bean:


Chuck here again.  I think I get that the holy instant is Heaven, and our oneness with it, but I’m still unclear about how to get it, or receive it.  I hear what you have been saying about desire, commitment, surrendering and all that, but nothing seems to be happening.  Any chance of some more help on this?  I really appreciate your time and trouble.  I know you must be on the right track, because I resonate so strongly with your writing.  And as for those Diary entries.  They are far out.







Good to hear from you again.  I anticipated this kind of question, from someone, so glad you have obliged.  This is really what the Forum is all about; exchanges that can, hopefully (no tax on hope!), help not just the individuals engaged in the exchanges (that includes me, ‘cos I am learning, growing, awakening by them as well; as ACIM reminds us, we learn by teaching) but any visitors to the page who are ready to receive the benefit of such exchanges for themselves also.


So, here goes.  When we think of surrendering our ego-leasehold on our life back into the care of its rightful owner our Christ Self, or ‘Big Me’ it is not a five-minute exercise.  By that I mean it neither takes five minutes to achieve that surrender, nor should it be thought of as something one does for 5 minutes and then allows one's split-off ego-mind to reclaim it again and revert to our old ways of upside-down thinking.


Only when we are genuinely ready, in the ‘permanent’ sense of the term, to surrender our leasehold and seek the Holy Instant (henceforward I will use ‘the Holy Instant’ to mean Eternity and ‘a holy instant’ to mean a momentary, fleeting awareness of Eternity, from which we then return to our time and place consciousness) will we be in a state of receptiveness for Big Me to bring it to us. 


This will almost always be at a moment when we are not expecting it.  It will take us by surprise, catch us unawares.  This is the way it is with Jesus (of whom Olga Park rightly spoke as the Lord of Surprises) and Big Me.  This will demonstrate several things: a) that it is not ‘little self we,’ or ego, who are in control of the process, b) that it has nothing to do with that illusory unreality known as time (ego’s principality but not ours because our Home is Heaven), c) Big Me is not ego’s go-for, but has His own, perfect, Eternity-driven agenda that is always, without exception, ever, in our best and permanent interests.


Our ‘job’ is to be willing to co-operate with that agenda in absolute FTOC, relax, lean back into the loving, caring trustworthy embrace of Big Me, allowing Him to bring to us the appropriate holy instant for that moment, known by Him as being right for us. It is not a question of "calling for ‘Jeeves’ and demanding a holy instant, on the rocks, and be sharp about it."  Patience and time are not good bedfellows; ego has seen to that.  But patience and Eternity go beautifully together.  As Jesus says in ACIM, infinite patience brings immediate results


Ego will never be able to comprehend such a statement, but when we (anyone) have arrived at the place of recognition that the apparent rewards of time and place are tawdry, fleeting and deceptive, and that there are rewards, benefits that are truly priceless treasures that are our rightful inheritance, if only we are willing to receive them, then will we readily understand his words, and find them truly empowering.


Ego has us addicted to instant fixes, from which Big Me will wean us if we are willing to recognise that is not the way Home, and we are now ready to begin ‘the journey without distance.’  I have found it helps if we say to ourself something like ‘If I am not willing to be patient, steadfast in my one-pointed commitment to what, in the secret chambers of my heart, I know to be the path that will lead me to the truth of Eternity, and revert to ego’s agenda, when I get to the end of my sojourn in time and place there will be but one truth awaiting me: that I wasted, have lost an opportunity to go forward, to awaken, to grow, to be transformed from caterpillar into butterfly.'


The caterpillar knows about patience.  When it intuits it is ready, it does not simply turn into a butterfly. It knows it must first pupate, or move into its inactive stage, or pupa (chrysalis).  This is its own form of surrendering its leasehold, so that Big Me (butterfly) can take over His dwelling place once more, effect the transformation of the now acquiescent, lesser form (caterpillar/little self) into its true Self: soaring, radiant butterfly/Big Me.  Herein is a good parallel from which to learn acquiescence.  The dictionary defines acquiesce as: to accept or consent to something without protest.


The old Victorian adage that patience is a virtue is thus shown to have immeasurably more value than first glance may indicate.


If we are willing to allow Big Me’s leading to take us to that secret place in our own within (we can carry on with our outward activities, which we will start to see in a different light) wherein we may pupate, it is inevitable that we will emerge soaring and radiant.


I hope this helps. 


Peace, pardner,




The following exchange was posted on October 15th 2008




You say, of getting on the wavelength of Jesus, Big Me (our Higher Self), the Kingdom of Heaven or Eternity:   


All we do to be one with that is to desire it and desire to attune with it.


Well, that sounds so simple, which it may be for you, but please give me a nutshell formula for doing this as I am eager to awaken to the reality of eternity, as you so succinctly put it.


I really like what you are doing, and the repetition is very good for my concentration, because ego keeps on tagging along, sitting on my shoulder, tugging my coat tails, nipping my ankle, filling my mind with distractions.


Keep up the Kingdomly work, ‘old bean’.







Hi Chuck,


So there really are Yanks called Chuck!  Wonderful.  “ ‘I Christen this child ‘Chuck’.“ I love it.  Of course, I know Chuck is a ‘short’ form of Charles, so the prospect of a vicar actually saying those words is remote.  But I digress, momentarily.


The keys to the Kingdom, so Papa told me on May 5th 1996, lie not in answers but in FTOC.  Here is some more of that message, to help expand on the meaning: 


My son, the Keys to the Kingdom lie not in answers but in faith, trust, commitment, obedience to My word.  Because you are My children I love you and you are responding, making yourself available by faith and obedience, to be drawn by My love.

…All I require of you is commitment to Me and I will fulfil your heart's desire for righteousness, justice, goodwill; let not your desire, which I know is an unquenchable flame within you, ensnare you into the belief that you must accomplish it.  I will accomplish it for you because of your desire and your commitment.  And answers shall be the result, not the cause, of your fulfilment, of your desire.

…Meanwhile, occupy according to that which is needful and My revelation shall be placed upon you as you are able to receive it.  All is well.  Rejoice and have no anxiety.


Additionally, I can only repeat that desire is everything.  If you (or anyone) do not have, feel, experience desire at this juncture, it will come, however many more acts it takes, because, as Papa’s beloved Son, it is deep within you the desire to return Home to Him so desire will, inevitably arise; it is the essential nature of our being, and however much ego wants, tries to convince us otherwise, it is unchangeably so.


But I can tell that you, Papa’s beloved Chuck, do have desire for the Kingdom, right now.  And it is according to the degree of desire that you – as with all of us – are, will be, drawn homewards.  My own desire, from childhood, has been all consumingly strong, though at that time I did not understand what it was.  It became meaningful by the time I met Olga Park in 1965.


Some may see spiritual desire as a curse, a hindrance to the enjoyment of the things of the Earthly life.  But, as Olga told me some time after our first meeting, as soon as she had closed the door upon my departure on that occasion, the Master immediately said to her, ‘Speak of me freely and unreservedly to the young man; and so that he return again and again, I will fill his heart with joy beyond the pleasures of Earth.’  I can affirm that she did, he did and I did! 


I have never seen spiritual desire as other than a normal, natural state of mind; a blessing of the highest magnitude, because it has kept me on the Path (or, at least, at such times as I strayed from the Path, it always drew me back because it didn’t take long before I realised the things of the Earth were unfulfilling of my inner self; ‘glistered’ but were tawdry, not gold.


If the degree of your desire is great, you will be more than willing to be one-pointed, steadfast in your commitment.  If your desire is less, so commensurately will be your steadfastness.  Papa knows, Big Me knows and ultimately you, in your Earthly consciousness, know.


So, let us work on the assumption that your desire is great, otherwise, assuredly, you would not have asked for help.  Here are my suggestions:


Read (or re-read) Synchronicity, for Goodness’ Sake (SFGS), noting for yourself what parts arouse a strong, resonant desire in you for spiritual enlightenment.  I suspect that chapter 3, from paragraph 8, will resonate strongly for you.  If it does, then


Go to the Communion website: and study it, to see how it resonates for you.  Bear in mind that, as described in chapter 3 of SFGS, the Communion service is what I call an attunement mechanism for getting in touch with the Mind of the living Jesus.  It is, therefore, ‘Mind-to-Mind communing.’  See SFGS, chapter 4, from paragraph 20, and note particularly Jesus’ reply to my question, as recorded in paragraph 23.


From this you will clearly see that if Jesus is leading us back Home to Papa, it will be immeasurably helpful to get attuned to, or in communion with his Mind, so that you can hear what he has to say to you, one on one.  It is not a monologue; he will respond to your questions, doubts, fears, joys, and you do not have to hold back.  He loves you as the brother to him that you really are (even with the name Chuck!  Just kidding), and wants to help you as much as you are able/ready to be helped. 


This is why the Communion service is so indescribably helpful; it is as I have said: an attunement mechanism, and it works because performing the service once a week is a much-needed attunement discipline. Ego’s objective is to distract us, and it has done an extraordinarily effective job.  The Communion gets us focussed on Jesus, on the Kingdom, and shuts ego out (or at least down).  The service is following Jesus’ counsel to go alone into our closet and shut the door to pray (Mt. 6:6), and it works, just as he tells us it does.


Read A Course in Miracles (ACIM), which is Jesus’ up-to-date handbook for us, his brethren, on how to get Home.  It also works.  However, it is, in parts, highly esoteric, and there will be parts, particularly in the Text, that are obscure, abstruse, particularly to (relative) newcomers to the realities of spiritual truth.  Do not let that put you off; there will be many parts that are easy to understand, and will lift you up, increase your light of spiritual discernment.  Ego will try hard to dissuade you when you come to bits that you do not understand.  Ignore ego, steadfastly move on, and you will come to more parts that enlighten, inspire and uplift you.  Each time you read ACIM greater illumination will come to you.


You will, very likely, also benefit greatly in your understanding of ACIM by reading Gary Renard’s book The Disappearance of the Universe (DU) and also his second book, Your Immortal Reality.  Both of these books set out and clarify in layman’s terms many of the key issues of ACIM, and in particular the importance of what ACIM calls ‘true forgiveness.’


This may be slightly more than a nutshell, but I am more interested in providing as comprehensive a response as possible, since incomplete answers are just that and ego loves the lack of understanding they bring. I earnestly hope this will be helpful.


I would be most pleased to hear from you again if you have further questions.  Please keep me posted on progress.


Love and blessings from the Old Bean,




The following exchange was posted on October 12th 2008


Hello Dan,


I have received a number of emails from you in the last week or more and will now respond as I feel inspired so to do, below.


I would first comment that David Hawkins’ path and mine do not converge, as I stand by the observations made about kinesiology in the pages from Gary Renard’s writing copied to you recently.  If you feel drawn to him and his hypotheses, so be it, at least for the time being.


If you ever see the living Christ, Kill it. 


I believe you could do well to ask yourself if this comment is serviceable to your own spiritual peace and well-being, and also those of your fellows here in this illusory realm known as the Earth life.  If the answer at which you arrive is that it is not serviceable, you would then do well to eschew the origin of all such thoughts.  Jesus has said to me many times over the decades since 1967, ‘Espouse good, eschew evil.’  It is good, beneficial advice.


How come most people, including Christians, can't seem to have a rational conversation with me. 


The term ‘Christian’ is a misleading term.  Almost all people professing to be ‘Christian’ are not actually following the example and counsel of the real Jesus, but are following the doctrines and dogmas of one or another particular sect or cult calling itself Christian – of which there are over 20,000 at the last count – each of which has its own agenda, and which has very, very little to do with Jesus.  This view is supported quite well by the umbrella statement that Religion (i.e. the Church, in almost all its manifestations) is about control and fear, but Spirituality (which is what Jesus is all about) is to do with freedom and love.


People who place themselves within the ‘Christian’ category, as defined above (i.e. are attendees of various sectarian, or denominational churches) are therefore adherents to a doctrine or dogma and have been persuaded to believe that all who do not accept that teaching are either to be converted to their beliefs or denounced as apostates, heretics or blasphemers.  That is about as far from the real Jesus as it can get, since he is about inclusion, love, forgiveness and acceptance.


I haven't been exposed enough I guess. 


The most peace-promoting approach to 'Christians' is not to get engaged in debate/argument with them, but send a silent blessing to them.  As Jesus says in A Course in Miracles (ACIM), ‘Do you want to be right, or happy?’


I seriously feel like everything’s going to fall apart. It was never together to begin with, and not in the good way where you lovingly get back up and triumphed over self doubt.  No, the gay shitty way, like being stuck in a brick wall.  I don't know what you call it, mental claustrophobia, mental insomnia. 


Dan, I see you are sending out a cry, a desperate cry for love, for help, a cry for inner peace.  There may be little practical, embracing help I can offer from this ‘distance’ but I feel prompted to say that, although I have no personal experience of this, from what I hear from others whom I trust, there is one exception to my above descriptions of the Church.  That exception is the Unity Church.  I have just Googled Unity Church in your area and here is a link to the results (I have omitted this link for reasons of confidentiality) 


I feel you might find some understanding, accepting, caring, loving fellowship somewhere within these listings.  If I understand what Unity Church is all about, it allows people to express their fears, concerns and misunderstandings, and will try to help without being judgemental and insisting you have to follow or adhere to their creeds or doctrines.  You might find that refreshing and helpful.


I feel also strongly prompted to recommend that you ask Jesus (and/or the Spirit of Truth) to guide you, help you, lead you in your quest for spiritual truth, to protect you from invasive, intrusive, unwelcome negative/evil thoughts/ideas.  That help, guidance and protection is always there, available, freely, but we have to ask for it because we have free will and it is only ever given in response to the asking, otherwise it would be intrusive upon our free will.


Some society.  Where one was never allowed to live.  At least with non christians when they're pieces of sh*t they don't fall back on religion.  I take that back.  Non Christians in the USA for the most part are closet Christians.  They're much worse and venomous.  Sneaky bast**ds and b**ches.  I really do like anybody with genuine character that can stand up to anything in the face of doubt and be rational.  They don't have to be saviors or perform miracles.  Just miraculously be reasonable and such.  I have not seen much of that in my life.  I've just been exposed to the wrong elements and have become non-self.


The ‘society’ of which you speak is the product of the ego-mind, as described by Jesus in ACIM.  Therefore, it is inevitable that it is as you describe it.  Humanity is a ship without a rudder, chart or compass, being blown toward the rocks by that ego-dominated mind, which drags humanity downwards and backwards; into ‘outer darkness.’  Contrarily, Jesus’ job is to shine the light of spiritual truth and reality upon the Path for us, and lead us back to our true home in God, the Creator Spirit, our Heavenly Father, ‘Papa.’  We are at free choice as to which of these we follow, but first we have to be aware of the nature of those choices on offer.  That is what Jesus does in ACIM.  That is why (and how) he is enlightening.


Oh well, hopefully I will kill over at my young age and relax in Hell for a time. 


Hell is a state of mind, and it seems to me you are there at present.  The good news is that Jesus (the real Jesus, not the church’s construct) is the escape ladder; see



This vignette (the last one in part two of SFGS) indicates that I speak with the authority of actual experience, rather than from simply accepting someone else’s beliefs/doctrines.  If you resonate with it, then it will serve you well to allow it to become a message of encouragement and upliftment for you.


I wonder if I killed myself in the previous life.


I dare say many, perhaps even most of us, have done so at one time or another.  However, the key point here is that does not mean, as you suggest below, that that would have any limiting factor upon this ‘life cycle’ other than that bestowed upon it by your own misperceptions and ego-inculcated fear.


That would mean my life is limited in this life cycle.  It would be good to know. 


Knowing about the past is only serviceable to us if it helps us to change direction now, in order to prevent repetition of the same mistakes (which is just what ego wants of us, but the opposite of what Jesus wants for us).


I can't imagine having not previously killing myself if things have been so unfair in this lifetime. 


Just as described above, this is as ego wants it to be: keep going round on the carousel, making the same errors over and over again.  So ego causes us to – mistakenly – believe that life is unfair.  That is certainly the way it all too often seems to be, when we under ego’s thrall (which most of humanity, the broken fragments of the Sonship appears to be).  But Jesus (and the Spirit of Truth which is our true, higher, real Self) has a different, real, true perspective, which is our true, spiritual vision, as distinct from the misperceptions of our illusory, bodily senses.


 Even church, "a good experience" was some sorry experience.


That was also my experience of the church but that was actually a blessing, so that by age 22 I had seen through its misperceptions, dogmas and doctrines, false beliefs, and left it behind.  You are at free will to do the same at any time of your own choosing.


Maybe I'm the next savior. 


According to ACIM, you, along with each and every one of us, are indeed the next saviour.  However, I recommend that you seek the true meaning of that (which Unity Church will help you to do because they accept ACIM as being from the real Jesus) before you set out upon that mission!


This is the age of the Aquarius and I am Aquarius.  If that is so you guys are fu**ed. 


I believe you will do well not to cast that in stone before you have taken one more try at seeing reality, rather than the present view of things.  I promise you, there is light available to us all, to instantaneously shine away the darkness you feel stuck in at present.  But don’t forget to ask.


Doomsday, here we come.


Only if that is our preference.  And even if we choose it, that will be so only temporarily, because that perception belongs only in time, not in the Eternity that is what Jesus calls the Kingdom of Heaven (if that is the way he, from his position of knowledge, chooses to describe it, that is just fine for me).


My mind is weird.  I have the personality of an over emotional pregnant women.


What you describe is ego hurling you about in the mental/emotional mire of despond that is its playground, with the single intent of fear/confusion/destruction.


If I were you, I would take this exchange with you to the Unity Church and share it with them, and ask if they can provide you with comfort, some light of spiritual discernment, help out of the pit into which you have allowed yourself to be lowered. 


The Spirit of Truth is with you, even if you are unaware if that; I pray you may open your heart and mind, even if just a crack, for a moment, to allow Him to enter in and bring the Light that He is, to ease your burden and bring you, lead you, guide you to a place of fellowship that will help you escape from the hell in which you find yourself.  I know you are seeking this help, or you would not have made these exchanges with me.


My blessing is for Peace, inner peace, to be with you Dan,





The following exchange was posted on October 11th 2008


Hi Brian,

 re; "Broken Relationships"....., I have come to the conclusion, that some are better left alone, until some time in eternity, that the souls decide to forgive us, then they will help repair the friendship, until then I do not see myself trying to pick up anything, as, it would simply be a repeat of the past...Thanks..Peter


Hi Peter,


The key point is that one never attempts the true forgiveness exercise at the outward level, or face to face at the Earth physical, body level of contact.  Clearly that will almost never work, especially with those who are not yet ready for a spiritual awakening.  They would dismiss us as complete lunatics/fruit cakes if we tried, and it would almost certainly set back the prospects of healing the brokenness.


Keeping a natural, safe distance at the bodily level is a good thing in broken relationships, as a rule, because then the causes of the brokenness do not get brought up to the surface by such contact.  That would only be worthwhile if there was a real prospect for a healing being accomplished by such a contact.


The crucial factor is what I have labelled ‘Mind-to-mind true forgiveness communing.’  This operates only at the mind level, with bodily contact (including by phone, email, third-party intermediaries etc) playing no role at all.  That is essential.  There is but One ‘Third Party Intermediary’ Who should be engaged in this exercise, and that is, of course the Holy Spirit, Who is one and same as our Higher Self, or ‘Big Me.’


This requires absolute faith, trust, obedience and commitment (FTOC) to Him, and a complete surrendering of our leasehold on our life into the care of Big Me, leaving our ego-self completely out of it.  There are multiple references to surrendering the leasehold over our lives in the Diary entries, of which these might be helpful to you: July 31 1988, October 15 1989, January 21 1996, May 2 1999


Here are Jesus’ words from the Preface to ACIM:  Big Me will take our forgiveness (when sincerely given, from the heart) and place it in the forgivee, who will, at the Earth-conscious (ego) mind level, have no awareness of this event (at first!)


Forgiveness is unknown in Heaven, where the need for it would be inconceivable.  However, in this world, forgiveness is a necessary correction for all the mistakes that we have made.  To offer forgiveness is the only way for us to have it, for it reflects the law of Heaven that giving and receiving are the same. 


Big Me will take our forgiveness (when sincerely given, from the heart) and place it in the forgivee, who will, at the Earth-conscious (ego) mind level, have no awareness of this event (at first!)  But that’s fine, because the whole matter is in His care and according to His timing as to how and when the healing will occur at the outward level of awareness.  We can and should forget all about the hows and the whens.  They are not our concern and if we try to make them ours we will likely derail the process because we cannot see what Big Me is doing.


The forgiveness will incubate within the forgivee, under the unconditionally loving care, wisdom and empowerment of Big Me until the hatching is ready to commence, all with no outward involvement from our ego-self.  Willingness to co-operate as and when opportunities are presented to us, NOT when we (ego-self) decide that it is time to stick our oar in, is our only role in the process.  That really takes FTOC if we have a big ego investment in matters, so it is essential to surrender the leasehold, like the cowboys handing in their guns when they enter the saloon.  It goes a long way to preventing trouble somewhere down stream.


So, waiting for the other party to forgive us produces only stalemate.  Jesus does not wait for this, and if we desire, earnestly, to be like him and get home as soon as possible, we will do well to be proactive with our mind-to-mind true forgiveness communing.


I hope this helps to clarify some subtle, yet vitally important detail.


Love and blessings to you both,




PS: Here are some extracts from the Manual for Teachers in ACIM, section 6, ‘Is Healing Certain?’  Although the subject here is ‘Healing,’ forgiveness is an essential ingredient of healing and what we do with ‘forgiveness’ is give it and receive it.  So, I have added suitable words in parentheses to give the context of forgiveness.


Healing (true forgiveness) is always certain.

Healing (true forgiveness) will always stand aside (or be kept safe by the Holy Spirit) when it would be seen as threat. The instant it is welcome it is there. Where healing (true forgiveness) has been given it will be received. And what is time before the gifts of God? We have referred many times in the text to the storehouse of treasures laid up equally for the giver and the receiver of God’s gifts. Not one is lost, for they can but increase. No teacher of God (forgiver) should feel disappointed if he has offered healing (true forgiveness) and it does not appear to have been received. It is not up to him to judge when his gift should be accepted. Let him be certain it has been received, and trust that it will be accepted when it is recognised as a blessing and not a curse.

It is not the function of God’s teachers (forgivers) to evaluate the outcome of their gifts (forgiveness). It is merely their function to give them. Once they have done that they have also given the outcome, for that is part of the gift. No one can give if he is concerned with the result of giving. That is a limitation on the giving itself, and neither the giver nor the receiver would have the gift (forgiveness). Trust is an essential part of giving; in fact, it is the part that makes sharing possible, the part that guarantees the giver will not lose, but only gain. Who gives a gift and then remains with it, to be sure it is used as the giver deems appropriate? Such is not giving but imprisoning.

It is the relinquishing of all concern about the gift that makes it truly given. And it is trust that makes true giving possible. Healing (true forgiveness) is the change of mind that the Holy Spirit in the patient’s (forgivee’s) mind is seeking for him. And it is the Holy Spirit in the mind of the (for)giver Who gives the gift to him. How can it be lost? How can it be ineffectual? How can it be wasted? What concern, then, can a teacher of God (forgiver) have about what becomes of his gifts (forgiveness)? Given by God to God, who in this holy exchange can receive less than everything? 


The following exchange was posted on October 2nd 2008


 Hi Brian, I made contact with Gerardus and this is his reply which I  thought you would be interested to see. Unlike you, he doesn't seem to offer any solution to our predicament (the separation) other than "sooner or later it will  happen". I suppose to use the simile of our earthly sojourn and our  nightly sleep, the Dawn will surely come, and the Light of the Son/Sun will shine through our closed eyelids bidding us to awaken. Do we then have the choice of turning over to continue our dream, or opening our eyes in acknowledgement of Christ Jesus'  teaching and the Glorious Kingdom which is our true Home. Somehow I am inclined to think that all is not black and white and neatly packaged, but many shades of colour which will gradually be focussed back into the holding Crystal of White Light. All for now Love Dorothy


>> Best wishes to you Dorothy.
>> Life is a dream and slowly but surely we awaken from it.
>> In the mean time, we must make our dream as comfortable as possible.
>> There is but one accomplishment - it is full awakening!
>> Sooner or later it will happen.
>> I am glad that you recognize Truth in my writing.
>> But as you know - WE ARE THE TRUTH!
>> What more is there to know? - Gerardus

Hi Dorothy,


There is an interesting anomaly between two strands of thought that are circulating  amongst spiritual seekers in recent years.  One is that promulgated in the writings of Neale Walsch in the 'Conversations with God' (CWG) series (and either adopted by others or in parallel with others, including, at least in part, by allusion, by Gerardus).  In that it is stated that we (humanity, and all manifest life forms) are here, in the realms of time and place (referred to in those writings as 'relative') as aspects of God, to remember who we really are by experiencing everything from a relative perspective, such as hot/cold, up/down, good/bad, love/fear, male/female etc, and that this is a tension dynamic that holds the physical universe together; that without these opposites the whole physical universe would disappear; that we can live, find balance, peace, happiness, fulfilment etc. here in the physical forever and that that is the intent. 


The other is that presented by Jesus in ACIM.  It is the opposite of the Walsch (and others') writings in some key and crucial aspects.  These are, of course, that the Creator Spirit (Papa) did not create the physical universe and in fact has no knowledge of it, because it is not real but simply a momentary, idle thought by Papa's one and only Son (Christ) that ended the instant it began, but is being re-visited over and over by the upside-down, insane, split-off part of the mind of Christ (which, in its pure and intact form has all the loving, creative attributes of the Creator) which in ACIM Jesus calls ego. This insane thought was of separation from Papa (as illustrated in Jesus' parable of the prodigal son)  and everything about it is the opposite of all that He is. 


Of course in reality it is not possible to have anything that is the opposite of Allness, which puts the lie to the concept presented in CWG, and other such writing, by demonstrating, as stated by Jesus in ACIM, that the separation never actually, and could never have, happened, that it is but a momentary dream which has no more reality than a night-time dream from which we awaken to the realisation that it was but a dream, having no reality.


CWG has much of value but falls down in this key, crucial area of conflict with ACIM.  I know of a certainty within my own inner being that ACIM is of Christ-Mind authority because its author is he who has led me since the 1960s, and what is stated throughout its pages is what has been the pattern of Theresa's and my life's experience, even though we only came to ACIM less than 3 years ago.  That, I am now aware, was part of the 'afore time' plan: that we would first have the experiences and then receive affirmation of the authority behind that plan.  It is entirely evident to us that following the true forgiveness process, as set out in ACIM, dispels ego, heals minds and relationships, transforms lives, brings inner peace and is the way home to the Eternity of Heaven, right here, right now, not in some indeterminate 'future' time. 


With our Earthly (ego-manipulated) mind consciousness that is so inured in linear time thinking patterns, it is very difficult to see the big picture (i.e. the 6000-year long 3 measures of meal GRP) because it has such a broad scope and our Earth mind focus is very narrow like the recent past, what is happening now, next week, the next few years.  Also, Earth mind believes we are a body, does not allow for the fact that mind is not brain but is eternal and all-knowing (because we are our Father's Son).  But the big picture is the only true picture and the one that is being outworked right now, regardless of any inability any of the fragments of the Sonship may have to see it at this present moment (incarnation). 


Those different colours - the separation consciousness - are indeed being called back into the crystal (Christ-all) and re-unified into the oneness of the white and perfect light of purity and innocence. This will take the rest of the 3rd measure of meal to be completed (linearly speaking; in the reality of Eternity it never really happened) and all the fragments restored to oneness, and that is well beyond the comprehension of ego dominated, upside down, time-and-place-focussed mind, but it is the perfect plan, and well within the scope of Christ Mind and empowerment to see and to fulfil perfectly.


Love, always,




The following exchange was posted on September 30th 2008


Hi Brian,
How are you?  I read Dr. David R. Hawkins book Truth vs. Falsehood.  In it he talks a little bit about how the book of revelations is a falsehood.  The author of the book got his visions from a low level astral realm.  I believe he also got temperol lobe epilepsy.  In his own mind he was right buy truly he was wrong.  Your friend says she communicates with John who authored the book of john and revelations.  Is this maybe a misunderstanding of some sort?  Are you really communicating with Jesus, and not just a wolf in sheaps clothing. I found your information interesting.  I am looking for truth.  I don't feel human.  I have not found somebody to share in joy and experiences.  I am interested in talking to Jesus Christ and maybe doing what is meant for me in life.  I feel off course mentally.  My life perception is like an abstract painting or maybe I could say blurry, literally.  I have supressed emotions and would like to be free.  Whether that's good or bad I am not sure.  To you this would seem like normal everyday stuff, but to me "that" would be a revelation.  I am also interesting in talking to a particular deceased loved one.

Thank you,


Hi Dan,


Thanks for your interesting message.


I must first say that I am not familiar with David Hawkins’ work (though I see from Google that he is well-known in spiritual circles).  I am therefore not in a position to offer any specific comments on his writings.  However I offer the following observations:


There are many things that can be said about Revelation and its author; here are a few things, in no particular order. 


To make a generalised statement that 'it' - implying ALL of it - is a falsehood is a bold statement indeed.


It is obvious that much of it is allegorical, or, parables, like Jesus' stories, and can - and indeed, should - be interpreted at a number of levels, according to the place of the interpreter on the Path of Progress back to oneness with the Creator.  If David Hawkins is not yet at the place of full oneness with the Creator ('Papa'), then there is a high degree of likelihood that his understanding/interpretation of Revelation is incomplete.  This renders any opinion partial.


Most of us who are interested in spiritual truth are well aware that the Bible (including Revelation) has been tampered with many times by what I call 'hidden-agenda merchants' over the centuries.  If one were able to enquire of the original author how what we see today as Revelation is in accord with what he wrote at the time, I dare say he would tell us that there are many changes.


As with many parts of the Bible, it contains much that is according to the real Jesus (as distinct from the church's version of Jesus) and the Truth of Eternity, and much that is distorted - a fabrication of ego-dominated, upside-down minds that are lacking in the light of spiritual discernment of the realities of God and His Kingdom of love, peace, joy and truth.


You say Dr Hawkins states: The author of the book got his visions from a low level astral realm.  This statement is belied by the content of the author's narrative.  All of chapter 1- just by way of example - is, in my understanding of mystical reality, affirmation of John's experiencing a bona fide mystical encounter with the real Jesus, and therefore, from the very heights of Heaven, not the lower astral realms.  Only those who have had first-hand experience of/with mystical reality are actually qualified to interpret it (mystical experience), though there are, and have always been, many who are free with offering such conjecture when they have only an intellectual (ego, upside-down) perception of the subject.  This is much less valid and more spurious than a man claiming to 'know' - experientially - about childbirth.


It is true to say that the lower does not understand the higher.  Indeed, the lower (or un-enlightened) has no mechanism for understanding the higher (or enlightened) but because the lower (or un-enlightened) is of ego, it seeks continually to add confusion and controversy into the minds of those fragments of the Sonship who believe themselves - mistakenly - to be separated from Papa and from each other.


I believe he also got temporal lobe epilepsyI am not a neurologist, so am not qualified to comment on this term.  However, I do know that temporal means 'of time' and I also know that time is an illusion, having no meaningfulness in Eternity - the only true reality.  It is only possible to understand Eternity, while seeming to be in time, through mystical experience.  Intellectual mind (ego) does not understand mysticism or Eternity, so constructs elaborate (but meaningless) theories to explain away what it does not understand. 


That tells me that since John's experiences were mystical in nature, those who do not understand them will either be prepared/willing to believe them (i.e. have faith) or will devise elaborate theories in an attempt to nullify them.  ACIM counsels us to ask the Holy Spirit (otherwise known as the Spirit of Truth, or the Holy Breath, or 'Big Me') to guide us, or reveal to us the truth, or the right path, or greater understanding, in all matters, and that if we do, having trust, we will be given enlightenment.  I feel confident in the observation that this is not part of the teaching in schools of psychiatry or other areas of medical practise, though within a few decades it will have become so because we are now at a pivotal moment in the awakening process of the somnambulant Sonship.  I know of places of higher education where courses on intuitive decision-making are being offered.  That is a very significant step in that direction.


In his own mind he was right but truly he was wrong.  I believe the foregoing comments are adequate to indicate that a sweeping statement such as this is inappropriate.  There may very well be parts of Revelation that are 'wrong' (or have been altered subsequent to the original writing), but assuredly, at levels of spiritual reality to which most of us are still asleep, much of John's writing bears witness to spiritual reality, though presented in allegorical form.  This is as important to the help of those in places of lesser spiritual understanding as are Jesus' teachings in parable form.


Your friend (Olga Park) says she communicates with John, who authored the book of John and Revelation.  Is this maybe a misunderstanding of some sort?  I do not believe so, though I base this in faith and trust, and my own experiences of contact with John of Patmos who introduced himself to Olga as her Teacher (see also SFGS, chapter 10, paragraphs 28-30) not in incontrovertible proof.  Those who seek incontrovertible proof before being willing to believe are still firmly in the thrall of ego.  Faith brings spiritual enlightenment; ‘proof’ brings information but not necessarily spiritual enlightenment.


Are you really communicating with Jesus, and not just a wolf in sheep's clothing.  In this, I must let the record speak for itself.  If you have read Synchronicity, for Goodness' Sake (SFGS), especially chapter 3, paragraphs 15-21, and the Diary of a Christ Communicant entries so far posted on the HTG website, and Essential Diary, it may suffice to convince you.  There are those for whom any amount of evidence provided by another person will not convince them of what they are not yet ready to believe (note the word 'believe' - a quality dependent upon the presence of faith) because they are still too deeply (spiritually) asleep. 


This does not make one scrap of difference to Jesus and his Great Rescue Programme (GRP) for his brethren in the Sonship (all of humanity), as stated in his parable of the 3 measures of meal (see SFGS, chapter 11, from paragraph 35, for a detailed description of this).  The GRP goes forward to its inevitable completion regardless of ego-mind’s attempts to thwart it.  From an earth-minded perspective that statement may seem bold - arrogant even; but from the perspective of Eternity, it is entirely rational, sensible, obvious and true.  The sooner we in the illusion of time and place begin to change our thinking to Kingdomly thinking, the sooner will it be better for us all.


I found your information interesting. Good; thank you for taking the time to let me know this, it is greatly appreciated. 


I am looking for truth. As Jesus reminds us, truth is within us, and it is there, and only there, that we will ever find it.  That does not mean we should never seek for it in the writing/experience of another.  What it does mean is, if we resonate with the experience/words/teaching of another, then it is speaking to our own inner recognition of truth that has always been within us, even though we have temporarily forgotten it.  That can help us forward to the place where we can hear and discern the Spirit of Truth speaking to us in our own within and know that It is Truth and not an ego-contrived elaborate theory, designed to confuse, distract and mislead us from the Path Home to Papa. 


I don't feel human. My dear Dan, I read this as a cry for help.  Bless you mightily, for inner peace. 


I have not found somebody to share in joy and experiences. Have you asked Jesus/the Holy Spirit to find you the right person for this sharing?  I assure you that They care for your inner happiness and fulfilment, know the very person who is perfectly right for you and WILL bring you together if you ask, believing; or to put it another way, from a position of not being unbelieving.  This happened to me, as described in SFGS chapter 5, so I can speak with the authority of experience.


I am interested in talking to Jesus Christ and maybe doing what is meant for me in life. He is very interested in talking with you.  If you cultivate the art of speaking with him and listening for his response, it will become possible for this to happen.  Again, I speak from the authority of experience, so I know, of a certainty, that it is possible, for each and every one of us, because ultimately, we are all one with him in the Sonship.  Jesus is our loving, caring brother, whose job it is to restore us to oneness with him in the Sonship of Papa, our Father Creator.  If you are serious in this, then I commend to you a further, prayerful reading of SFGS and, of course, ACIM.  Reading SFGS, and then Gary Renard's book The Disappearance of the Universe (DU) will both assist you immeasurably in understanding ACIM. 


I feel off course mentally. That feeling is your higher Self, your true Self, the Spirit of Truth, or 'Big Me' calling you to begin the spiritual awakening process. This may feel uncomfortable, and that is because your ego-dominated mind does not want this awakening process to begin.  Thus, there is a conflict within you.  However, someone who feels that inner calling and responds to it will feel a profound sense of inner peace and fulfilment from following that inner calling.  The way to do that is to commit your life into the loving care of Jesus/Big Me and await Their lead.  Your contact with me by email is, I suggest, the beginning of Their leading you.  Be open to Their leading; it can come in many forms, including your coming across the HTG website and feeling drawn to communicate with me in this manner. 


My life perception is like an abstract painting or maybe I could say blurry, literally. That is a very discomfiting state of being, but is your inner being - Big Me - calling to your awareness the unfulfilling, dormant nature of your present way of life, and indicating that you are ready for an awakening. 


I have supressed emotions and would like to be freeFollowing Jesus will set you free from ego's thrall.  


Whether that's good or bad I am not sure. What feels like adversity is actually, always, opportunity to transform adversity into fulfilment (OTAF).  That is only possible under Christ guidance.  All this will become clear if you feel drawn to follow my suggestion, above, of reading SFGS, DU and ACIM.   


To you this would seem like normal everyday stuff, but to me "that" would be a revelation. If you are truly ready for this, it will become 'everyday stuff' for you also.  I hardly need say that this requires commitment; a life of one-pointed, steadfast commitment.  But it will, truly and eternally, set you free and bring you back to the place where we all belong, the place of fulfilment, inner peace, joy and love; Heaven, our one and only true Home.  


I am also interesting in talking to a particular deceased loved one. That particular deceased loved one knows this and is as close to you as you are willing to allow, at any and every moment; as close to you as your own heartbeat, your every next breath, your every thought of her.  Speak with her just as if she were here with a body; there is no difference.  Listen for her responses, in your heart, in your mind.  Believe and it is so.  Doubt and it blocks your faculties of receptivity.  Doubt is the great dismantler of faith.  Faith is the great portal for light to enter into your vision.  Here is a quote from ACIM: “Today, I let Christ vision look upon all things for me, and judge them not, but give each one a miracle of love instead.”


Peace and joy be with you, Dan,




The following exchange was posted on August 14th 2008


The following exchange is based on an article Dorothy emailed me entitled ‘The Universe as a Hologram’ by Michael Talbot (to read this article go )


Dear Brian, I thought you would find this interesting as you are already teaching it from a spiritual angle. The discovery of subatomic particles being in mysterious contact with one another over great distances was discovered by Nils Bohr in 1929 I think. This paper which I am emailing you however, puts forward the idea that the phenomenon is not due to communication between two separate particles. It suggests that there is no mysterious signal between the two particles, but instead, that separation is an illusion, and implies that at a deeper level of reality all things in the universe are infinitely interconnected, with individual entities really being extensions of the same fundamental 'something'.


So with science discovering that we are all one,  I wonder: would that information, fed to the general public, start to break down a few mental blocks, and would minds begin to work in harmony with the Great Rescue Plan, or would the general run of the public not be interested?  Methinks there might be opposition out there which fears to put that to the test because some power structures might come tumbling down and the imprisoned splendour escape...   Over to you Brian from Dorothy


Dear Dorothy,


Many thanks for this.  I would observe first that it is, of course, Jesus who is the original  teacher of this from the spiritual angle, through ACIM; my endeavour is to share his gifts to us in a way that might help to bring others to his teaching, to assist their awakening. This is a spontaneous, irresistible response by any and all who have been so lovingly helped by him, our brother who is the first amongst us to be fully restored to our true nature of Christ Mind knowing and empowerment. 


I have seen this article before, because I remember the analogy of 2 cameras on one fish from different angles.  That is a very helpful way of getting the concept across.  It certainly gives a very good way of understanding that there is no separation.  This whole concept/recognition that the universe is a hologram is now becoming well known and accepted by the scientific fraternity and also a substantial proportion of the public.  It does, as with any new concept, take longer for it to have a follow-through effect on attitudes, especially of our so-called leaders.  Look at climate change as an example, if we need evidence of the truth in this observation!


I believe you are right, obviously in part, on both counts; i.e. that that information fed to the general public, start to break down a few mental blocks and would minds begin to work in wonder and harmony with the Great Rescue Plan, or would the general run of the public not be interested? 


Some of us will start to awaken as a result of this type of quantum physics discovery - simply because they are ready and the timing is, of course, perfect.  Others still the vast majority will remain with head stuck in whatever it is they are using to keep their senses dulled to the reality all around them.  So it will take the latter category longer to arrive at the only Destination there is.  But it is inevitable they will arrive there; and they will be helped to awaken, in their own time, which is perfect, by those who awoke 'earlier.'


I am in no doubt at all that you are correct also, in your observation that: Methinks there might be opposition out there which fears to put that to the test because some power structures might come tumbling down and the imprisoned splendour escape...  


Anything, including the church and other power structures such as governments, only have as much power over any of us as we ascribe to them.  The best way both church and state knows how to keep that power over the masses is through ignorance, because ignorant people can be kept under control by fear.  Church and state both offer the illusory palliative that by placing our trust in them, we will be safe.


However... the power of the church is rapidly expiring, and is now almost exhausted.  That is because the GRP is moving inexorably forward towards its fulfilment.  There is nothing ego or anyone under its control can do to stop that.  Indeed, there is nothing anyone can do to hasten it either.  What any of us can do, if we desire, is co-operate with it, and then we will arrive at the destination of the GRP/At-onement/Salvation and our journey there will be immeasurably more comfortable.  Those who so choose will find that time, for them, ceases to have any meaning well ahead (in linear terms) of those who stubbornly cling to old-order — ego — thinking


It is like a train travelling from A to B.  We can wander about as long as we like in the wilderness (which most of us are doing) or we can climb aboard that train as it continues relentlessly upon its Way, and carries us There in comfort. The distance between the person on the train and the resolute wilderness-wanderer will be increasing all the time, so the equivalent of the Doppler Effect sets in between them in terms of their respective awareness of reality.


Also, like the Good Shepherd who goes looking for the one lost sheep, he will not give up until he has found us and carried us safely home on his shoulder, rejoicing.  It does not, ultimately, matter how long we remain lost in the wilderness because it is inevitable that the Good Shepherd will find us.  It's just that choosing wilfully (under ego-mind dominance) to remain wandering, lost in the wilderness, longer is a prolonging of the fear and guilt unnecessarily.


The media are, wittingly or unwittingly, going along with the power-structures of the state(s) but both the mogul-owned media and the state power structures (SPS) are losing their hold on the masses because the internet is re-enfranchising the people, who are realising that information (including, thankfully, Truth) is available without the control of media or the SPS.  It seems entirely obvious to any serious observer, that SPSs are deliberately (under ego-mind domination) withholding improvements in education, and in fact, enabling the inexorable decline in meaningful education standards.  It seems likely that this has been happening since about the mid 1960s — arguably the approximate commencement of the 3rd measure of meal.


It makes no difference if that re-enfranchising process will take more years, decades or even centuries to become predominant because a) time is an illusion and b) the 3rd measure of meal is 20 centuries long, in terms of linear time (the dimension in which most of us believe we are functioning).


Love and blessings,




The following exchange was posted on August 1st 2008


Dear Brian,


It is my understanding, from ACIM and also from reading your writings, that we – all of humanity – are God’s Son; that we comprise, along with Jesus, what is referred to as the Sonship, and that we are all one within that Sonship.  You have recently been referring to the individuals within humanity as ‘fragments’.  So far, so good; I resonate with all this.  But then, you speak of us as being one with the Holy Spirit, which (or is it Who?) you also refer to as the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Breath and, during the last few weeks, as Big Me.  I also strongly resonate with the Big Me idea that you have started using (no doubt under inspiration).


My difficulty is: which are we – the second person of the Holy Trinity or the third person?  This seems to be at variance and is causing me some confusion.  It would be a great help if you can clarify this for me.


Many thanks for all your illuminating writings, and in anticipation of your further help with this question.


Love and blessings,





Dear Jess,


How inspiring it is to know that there are real thinkers ‘out there’!  When people like you ask questions like this, everyone benefits because Jesus reminds us that as we teach, so do we learn.  You (and anyone else) ask a question such as this and it has the effect of joining our minds, so the learning and the teaching become as one.  You teach me by asking; I learn by your asking, because the joining process opens a channel through which the Teacher — Big Me — enters my mind; so I learn from Him as ‘I’ (Big Me) teach ‘you.’  This way we both become, one step at a time, more and more at one with who we both really are: you got it… Big Me!


The answer to your question is to be found in the section at the back of ACIM entitled ‘Clarification of Terms,’ section 5, headed ‘Jesus — Christ,’ and section 6, headed ‘The Holy Spirit.’  These two sections are, needless to say, very helpful in clearing up confusion on this matter.  I have extracted parts from each and added further comments, as inspired by Big Me, to clarify and extend both your and my understanding.  Hopefully it will do the same for other readers of the Forum. I have emboldened, italicised and underlined some parts, for emphasis,


5 Jesus – Christ

The name of Jesus is the name of one who was a man but saw the face of Christ in all his brothers and remembered God. So he became identified with Christ, a man no longer, but at one with God. The man was an illusion, for he seemed to be a separate being, walking by himself, within a body that appeared to hold his self from Self, as all illusions do… Jesus remains a Saviour because he saw the false without accepting it as true. And Christ needed his form that He might appear to men and save them from their own illusions.

In his complete identification with the Christ the perfect Son of God, His one creation and His happiness, forever like Himself and one with Him Jesus became what all of you must be. He led the way for you to follow him. He leads you back to God because he saw the road before him, and he followed it (and, assuredly, if we are willing to follow him, as I have done since the 1960s, so can attest, he can and will lead us back to God). He made a clear distinction, still obscure to you, between the false and true. He offered you a final demonstration that it is impossible to kill God’s Son; nor can his life in any way be changed by sin and evil, malice, fear or death.

There is no death because the Son of God is like his Father. Nothing you can do can change Eternal Love. Forget your dreams of sin and guilt, and come with me instead to share the resurrection of God’s Son. And bring with you all those whom He has sent to you to care for as I care for you.



Jesus is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, Whom he called down upon the earth after he ascended into Heaven, or became completely identified with the Christ, the Son of God as He created him. The Holy Spirit, being a creation of the one Creator, creating with Him and in His likeness or spirit, is eternal and has never changed. He was “called down upon the earth” in the sense that it was now possible (for us, the incarnate ‘fragments’ of the Sonship) to accept Him and to hear His Voice (if only we are willing to listen, which is the point I endeavour to make, over and over, in fervent hope it will stick, at least with those who are ready!). His is the Voice for God, and has therefore taken form (initially, as Jesus; but because there is no difference between Jesus and the rest of us — other than temporarily, in time, in the sense that he has remembered who he is, but we are still mostly in a state of forgetfulness — the Voice for God, or Big Me, is ready, waiting, to help us to also remember who we, Jesus’ brethren in the Sonship, really are, and then take form in us, until we are ready to be resurrected, or raised up to that full remembrance, and ascend to Heaven. 

We already have the ‘form’ — a body — but that form is, at present, mostly under domination of a part of our mind that we are allowing ego to control. That can, will be, is being, corrected commensurately with by our willingness, desire, readiness, for Big Me to become who we are, once more, by allowing Him to take over and correct our thinking processes, and restore them to right-mindedness. This will be the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and will have been completed at/by the end of the 3rd measure of meal, and is the final stage of the GRP, at the end of which we will be fully awake to our oneness in the Sonship — Christ — and ready for Papa to take that final step for us by lifting us up to our eternal Home with Him, as His one — ‘only begotten’ — Son). This form is not His reality, which God alone knows along with Christ, His real Son, Who is part of Him.

The Holy Spirit is described throughout the course as giving us the answer to the separation and bringing the plan of the Atonement to us, establishing our particular part in it and showing us exactly what it is (which He will do with and through us, but can only so do by and with our full and absolute co-operation; we are now at that place within the GRP where it is beginning to happen with more and more ‘individuals’ within the Sonship, as it dawns upon such fragments that we are really one, and can be that even here in time and place, because it is a ‘Mind thing,’ not a body thing) He has established Jesus as the leader in carrying out His plan since he was the first to complete his own part perfectly (Paul describes Jesus as the ‘firstfruits’; see I Cor.15:20). All power in Heaven and earth is therefore given him and he will share it with you when you have completed yours (this is available to us NOW; time is an illusion, so we do not have to wait.  All that is asked of us is willingness to receive it). The Atonement principle was given to the Holy Spirit long before Jesus set it in motion.

The Holy Spirit abides in the part of your mind that is part of the Christ Mind (this part is our real Mind; the bit that is split off and under ego domination can dispel ego-control from it and be restored to wholeness with our Christ Mind, by allowing Big Me to do it for us). He represents your Self and your Creator, Who are one. He speaks for God and also for you, being joined with both. And therefore it is He Who proves Them One. He seems to be a Voice, for in that form He speaks God’s Word to you (the Word of God is, of course, Truth). He seems to be a Guide through a far country, for you need that form of help. He seems to be whatever meets the needs you think you have. But He is not deceived when you perceive your self entrapped in needs you do not have. It is from these He would deliver you. It is from these that He would make you safe.

You are His (Big Me’s) manifestation in this world. Your brother (Jesus) calls to you to be His Voice along with him. Alone he cannot be the Helper of God’s Son for he alone is functionless. But joined with you he is the shining Saviour of the world, Whose part in its redemption you have made complete. (This tells us that it is not Jesus alone who is the Christ, the Saviour, but all of us, without exception, and that without each and every one of us, Jesus’ job cannot be completed because we are one with him in the Sonship in that job.  Is that alone not enough to shake us from our havering, our lethargy, our self-imposed self-perception as little, and truly, sincerely, earnestly invite Big Me to enter and take control, once more, of our mind and begin, without further equivocation or delay, the correction of our erroneous thinking?)


May this be as helpful and beneficial for you, Jess, as it has been helpful and beneficial for me.


Love and many blessings to you, too,




The following exchange was posted on July 27th 2008


Dear Brian,


Your MoEs are greatly helpful and valued.  To me, you are a pathfinder and I – to borrow a word from you – marvel at the fact for the past 2 or 3 years you write inspirationally, week after week, about the only thing that matters: the Kingdom of Heaven and our rescue by Jesus (not the religious claptrap that is meaningless doctrine, spouted by people week after week who have no real understanding of the words).


Now, this week, you have said something that has really caught my attention, big time.  I have pasted the paragraph that introduces it here: 

Then, suddenly, catching us almost unawares, there arises a holy instant, a serendipitous moment (though this is by no means a chance event, as that word suggests) in which we find that we have been thinking, experiencing ourself, as Big Me.  The realisation that it has happened, for the first time, hits us a moment after it has happened, and we say, out loud even, ‘Hey! That was me, and I was thinking as Big Me, for the very first time, and it happened spontaneously.  This means I am beginning to really, truly identify with and as being Big Me, rather than simply thinking that Big Me is a very close companion who occasionally slips a word or an idea or train of thought into my mind.  This can only mean the beginning of the end of littleness for me.’

It is obvious to me (hit me square in the face) that you could not have written that unless it was your own experience, though you never actually said so.  Jesus tells us in ACIM that as we teach, so do we learn.  Well, you are teaching and here is a solid example that not only are you learning, but you are experiencing as you progress, and helping those who read what you say and take it seriously, all at the same time.  That can only be synchronicity with a capital ‘S’.


Please confirm that you did experience this moment of being Big Me.  It will be a big help and encouragement for me.  I have found that term, ‘Big Me’, a very helpful way of describing this relationship with the Holy Spirit, and am trying to adopt it for me as well.  You sure have a way with words.  No flowery nonsense, but put in a way that says it as it is, so it cannot easily be misunderstood.


Way to go, brother,





Dear Howard,


That is a first for me; pathfinder, eh?  I never thought of myself as a pathfinder, but thanks for the compliment. Such words of affirmation and encouragement that this labour of love and commitment is being valued, beneficial and appreciated by another are always received with more gratitude and joy than I would attempt to put into words.


Seemingly, we share one common goal, one common desire: the Kingdom of Heaven.  Truly it is all that matters.  Ultimately, nothing here in time and place matters.  That is eternal truth.  When we have arrived at that place of remembrance we have remembered who we really are.


For me, it has been, of a certainty, my willingness, and earnestly desiring spiritual truth, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, that has enabled Jesus to lead me and guide me to this place.  How could he have done that without my willingness – deeply earnest desire above all things, actually — to be led and guided?  He tells us in ACIM that he became fully identified with the Spirit of Truth —  albeit, that had to be a long time before he incarnated as Jesus; a long time even before Abraham incarnated, otherwise how could he have planned and implemented, from Eternity, the 6000-year GRP, which started in linear time with Abraham?


By the time he came to incarnate as Jesus, and implement the second measure of meal epoch, he had already been fully identified with the Spirit of Truth (Big Me) for many thousands of years.  That was/is how he was able to do all that he did, including feel no pain on the cross.  It was, for him, a doddle, (as we Brits say) because he knew none of this time and place illusion has any reality.  He knew that an illusion, including his own body, can have no effect upon his real Self – Big Me.


He also reminds us in ACIM that the Sonship is all the same (we just appear different because of the separation, which is a fragmentation, causing us to appear to forget who we are.  But the Sonship is WHOLE and this means the wholeness is complete within all the apparent parts.  It is an illusion that we are separate and fragmented.  He has come to ‘save’ us from that illusory fragmentation by reminding us who we really are and guiding us back to wakefulness of that reality.


Big Me — the Holy Spirit (with whom Jesus is fully and indivisibly identified) — is, therefore, incontrovertibly, who we really are also, because we are all one in the Sonship and the same as Jesus.  The ‘fact’ that we have forgotten this does not alter that truth one iota.  And, as we truly seek and earnestly desire to be restored to that remembrance, so is Big Me in the process of effecting that for us.  It has to be one step at a time, so that we can assimilate the apparent magnitude of it and not be too greatly shocked by it after the billions of years long apparent separation (which is actually only a momentary dream of madness that cannot occur in reality because being separate from Papa is impossible).


The momentary awareness of actually being, thinking as, Big Me — Holy Spirit — was, is, a foretaste of that reality of which I was able to have a glimpse, just fleetingly, because of the one-pointed desire for the Kingdom that has been my absolute, unequivocal desire, awakened in me since the early days of my spiritual mentoring under Olga.


This was over 40 years ago, but it now seems as nothing, a flickering of an eye.  As Jesus says in ACIM, ’Infinite patience brings immediate results.’


So, yes, I can, as requested, affirm that this really did happen with me, as described.  I can also confirm that this is a foretaste, not just for me, but for all the fragments, regardless of how long each fragment chooses to put off that holy instant because of choosing instead to remain under the power and domination of ego, placed there by ascribing that power over self to ego, which is nothing but a momentary figment of the imagination of the Son, and has no reality at all.


Thanks again for writing to express your powers of observation; it is clear that the synapses are connecting well for you!


Love and blessings in Kingdomly brotherhood,




The following exchange was posted on July 18th 2008


Hi once again Brian,

 Have been thinking about the baptism with water ceremony that has been described in the bible and performed in various ways by churches through the centuries.  If 'sin' is meant as a description of the frailties and weakness' of the human condition, and the application of water is intended to represent the washing away of that 'sin', then one only has to look around at the world to see that it obviously doesn't do that.  


So what does it mean, and why do churches teach that only those who have been saved by its application will go to heaven - the rest of us not having to worry about fuel bills ever again. But it must have had an inner meaning in its origins and it would be interesting to learn of your understanding of it, although making a public (or semi-public) declaration of loyalty to Christ's teachings would appear to serve the same purpose, and would seem not to need any water. Looking forward to your reply. Dorothy


Hi Dorothy,


As ever, your observations are incisive!  Indeed, baptism does not wash away ‘sin.’  This is a case, once more, of the literal-mindedness of orthodox religion, which, sadly, repudiates mystical experience and reality, thus condemning its adherents to indeterminate numbers of further revolutions on the carousel.


I have observed over the decades that outward displays of piety and performance of religious rituals do not guarantee a Kingdomly attitude of mind or behaviour.  This is true of all institutionalised religions, not just those calling themselves ‘Christian.’  Everything in the ‘material’ world is not real (because it is not of Eternity, and only things that are eternal can be real), so they can only be symbolic of Eternity, if they truly represent anything that is of Eternity.  If they don’t, then such symbolic gestures are meaningless — nothing. 


Any outward act, such as baptism, can only have any meaningfulness if it reflects a sincere, Kingdomly attitude/desire within the heart and mind of the baptiser and baptisee.  If the person has a sincere, Kingdomly attitude/desire, then he will be ‘close to the Kingdom’ whether or not he is baptised.  It is at best a myth and at worst, an ego-engendered lie for institutionalised churches to promulgate the doctrine that baptism is necessary/essential for a person to be saved. 


If a person feels drawn to be baptised, and has a Kingdomly attitude/desire within his heart and mind, then it may help that person to feel closer to God and the Kingdom, but it will not, of itself actually bring that person closer to God and the Kingdom.  Neither will it bring a person lacking in such an attitude closer to God and the Kingdom.  How can it, when it, without such an attitude, will be an empty, hollow gesture, like seed falling on stony ground?


In the New Testament John the Baptist (JB) speaks of the ‘baptism of repentance,’ though this was not a term used by Jesus.  It is noteworthy that Jesus is not recorded as speaking of baptism within a context of it being of spiritual importance/necessity, and John’s gospel states that Jesus did not baptise (though his disciples did).  There is no reference to baptism in ACIM.  I feel sure that if baptism was important to Jesus and us, within the context of the GRP, he would have spoken definitively of it in ACIM.


In Mt. chapter 3, JB is quoted as saying I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire. This is not an outward baptism, but a mystical process, not perceivable with ocular sight.  It will result in a growth of spiritual awareness, not affected one way or the other by outward acts of religious display.


When Jesus came to be baptised by John, John said he was not worthy to baptise him and Jesus’ reply was Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness. This reply does not indicate (to me, anyway) that baptism with water was of any significance, but my guess is that Jesus went through the procedure to demonstrate an act of commitment for the benefit of onlookers, people who were, of course, much less aware of the eternal, Kingdomly realities. 


It would have been more like a parable in action, speaking to the onlookers at a level they were capable of understanding, not at the level of awareness from which Jesus was functioning.  There can be no doubt that he was fully aware of their state of unawareness of spiritual reality.  He spoke to the people at a level they were capable of receiving, and it is therefore logical that he would also have acted in like manner.


Mark 16:16 quotes Jesus as saying He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. Such a statement is in no way characteristic of the Jesus who first manifested to me in 1967 and who has led me, lovingly, tenderly, gently, compassionately, caringly on this journey of spiritual awakening over 4 decades since.  Neither is it characteristic of the Jesus who dictated ACIM to Helen Schucman.  We all know that the scriptures have been tampered with and this is as likely a result of tampering as any.  Jesus came to bring a message of Papa’s unconditional love and this quote is as far from that as any church-derived doctrine.


In Acts 1:4 Jesus, appearing to the disciples after the resurrection, is quoted as saying: For John truly baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence. This clearly indicates that at best, baptism with water is only an outward symbol and that Jesus had in mind something real.  We can only experience eternal reality in this world by mystical experience, or revelation.  Institutionalised religion is deeply fearful and suspicious of mysticism.  That is a good litmus test of whether such an institution is an ego-construct or an outward manifestation of a Kingdomly reality.


There is not a single reference to baptism in the Old Testament, so the first reference we have to it is John the Baptist.  It is clear that JB was a mystic (Jesus said he was greater than all the Old Testament prophets), and must have received his awareness of the concept of baptism from the Realms of Light.  This causes me to think that, just as the Jerusalem Temple was a symbol in stone of the spiritual nature of man (though most people had no awareness of that), so baptism, washing away ‘sins’ with water, was a precursor to ‘baptism with the Spirit of Truth.’ 


Of course, the GRP does not stand still, and the 2nd measure of meal was only just starting when JB came to do his work for the Kingdom, at a level of awareness commensurate with the 2nd measure.  We are now, 2,000 years on, in the early decades of the 3rd measure, so our spiritual awareness is emerging into that final, fully awake level, where symbol fades away and reality takes over. 


The last comment that comes to mind, in response to your message, is that we have the story of Jesus’ first miracle; turning water into wine.   Water is a symbol of the psychic life.  Without attunement, focus on spiritual reality (the symbol for which is fire, because spiritual reality is living light), water always seeks to find the lowest level, and so does the psychic nature of mankind (look at the degeneration of society during our life-time, to see how true this is, when neither church nor state offers spiritual leadership) unless it comes under the authority and leadership of spirit (fire/light). 


But spirit never commands; it draws life toward itself by love, the symbol of which is wine.  Jesus’ miracle of turning water into wine (although there are those who say that was not a historical event), symbolises his transforming of the psychic-life tendency (downwards and backwards) of man through the key input of love, into forwards and upwards, spiritualised man: Christ.  In the SMCC communion service, water is mixed with unfermented grape juice and then consecrated.  Then the communicant(s) partake of it (and the bread, of course) and offer it, and then give thanks for it as a symbol of the power of Christ’s love to transform water into wine, tears into joy, death into (true, eternal, spiritual, not earthly, bodily) life.


These are my observations on the whole area of religious activity known as baptism.  I hope you find them interesting and helpful.  Many thanks for raising this area of consideration; it is of great import to many, many people lacking the light of spiritual discernment.  Ultimately, one can always ask the question, ‘Will it get me Home?’


Love and light,




The following exchange was posted on July 10th 2008


Hi Brian:


    Is it possible to 'tap into' other people’s conversations?  I was having a sea salt bath (not that you need to know that, but that's when it happened) tonight and I was listening to 'bits and pieces' of other people's conversations.   I experienced a little bit of it before but the words weren't clear and it wasn't much so I didn't think much of it, but tonight, wow, it was coming in nice and clear and I can say for sure they were conversations other people were having - none of it made any sense because the experience kept going from one conversation to another and there wasn't enough to go on so I couldn't piece anything together - but seeing as this happened before and it wasn't clear and now this time I know for sure they were clearly conversations of others and much clearer than before.  Any insight why this would be happening? 




Hi Sharon,


Very interesting.


We are all psychic.  There are no exceptions.  The vast majority of the fragmented Sonship, living under ego’s yoke, in the consciousness of fear of anything to do with awareness of the reality of Eternity, are in denial of this, staying focussed on time and place, desperate to keep the still, small voice within (Big Me, or Holy Spirit) from making Its presence known.


This seems bizarre and is in fact insane, but that’s the way it is in upside-down egoland, where the truth is seen as at best an improbability and at worst as a lie, and the lie that is time and place is seen as true.  Fear and guilt do turn everything on its head.  Ask any one who has been abused in childhood; they believe, wrongly, of course, that they are to blame.  That is the insanity of ego-dominated mind, which manifests itself in myriad ways.  Turn on the TV or pick up the newspaper and one can see some of them.


Those who are fearful of psychic/spiritual/etheric experience, and thus in denial about their psychic nature, try hard to suppress that faculty.  For most, it works, at least much of the time.  Sometimes, fearful people have such an open psychic faculty that they are unable to suppress it, in spite of all their fear-motivated endeavours so to do.  Many of their psychic experiences may well be negative, inducing further fear.  Fear is an absence of faith.  ‘Fear knocked at the door; Faith answered, and there was no-one there’, is a good reminder that fear has no reality, and where there is faith, reality prevails.   


From this and our previous exchanges, it is clear that your psychic faculty is well developed.  Psychic faculties are neutral and can be used for negative purposes/experiences or for positive purposes/experiences.  It is a tool for use by ego-mind or by Christ Mind.  Here is a powerful mantra for focussing on daily for keeping attuned to Christ Mind:


‘Today, I let Christ vision look upon all things for me, and judge them not, but give each one a miracle of love instead.’ (ACIM Workbook lesson 349.)  

 The prayer of Jesus that follows those words is:   

So would I liberate all things I see, and give to them the freedom that I seek. For thus do I obey the law of love, and give what I would (i.e. desire, choose to) find and make my own. It will be given me, because I have chosen it as the gift I want to give (keeping in mind that giving and receiving are identical and simultaneous in eternal reality, and gradually become so for us as we practise that here in the illusory dimension of time and place). Father, Your gifts are mine. Each one that I accept gives me a miracle to give. And giving as I would receive, I learn Your healing miracles belong to me.

We are in the final measure of meal, or the fulfilment phase of the GRP.  This is the time of signs and wonders.  It is also the time when the ego-fragmented mind (never mind about bodies) of Papa’s Son is being restored to oneness.  This is as good news as it gets.  This will, undoubtedly, manifest itself in many different ways, according to the birth-vision of individuals involved in vanguard activity for the restoration to At-onement.


From what you have told me here, it seems clear that you are experiencing the early stages of a breakthrough from the illusion that we are many individual minds in many individual bodies.  In other words, you are being brought forward into a place of awareness of thoughts being expressed by ‘other’ people.  I have been referring to such activity as ‘mind-to-mind communing,’ with the emphasis that this is intended for Kingdomly purposes only.


Bearing in mind what has been stated above, about psychic faculties being a neutral tool, for positive or negative use, according to the motivation of the individual, this could be a negative experience or, depending on your desire and commitment, a Kingdomly gift, for massive benefit of you and untold numbers of others.


If I were you I would proceed as follows:


Commit this phenomenon into the loving, caring, all-knowing power of the Holy Spirit (Whom I have been inspired in recent communings to think of as ‘Big Me’), with words such as ‘If this is under your all-empowered control and in accordance with Your purposes for my life’s path, I willingly and gladly place myself within that control, for the benefit of all, including me.  If this is not according to your wisdom and guidance, I commit it into your care for its elimination from my awareness, in harmony with my committed desire to espouse good and eschew evil.


Be positive, loving and blessing; do not allow doubt and fear to enter and predominate.


Then, continue as normal, invoking at the start of each day the above mantra about letting Christ vision look upon all things for me and judging not.  At such time as further hearing of conversations may commence, send positive, Kingdomly, heartfelt love and blessings out to whoever they may be.  Imagine you are actually speaking those thoughts to them but do not be disappointed if you hear no response.  Your job is to radiate love, peace, goodwill, light and blessing; it is Big Me’s job to deliver them to the right place.  You do your job and let Him do His is sound, practical, liberating advice and it works very well in practice.


Make a written note/record, with dates, feelings, experiences, of what you say, what you hear.


If you would like further insight from me, it would be helpful if you feel able to share appropriate parts of the notes.


Peace, always,




The following exchange was posted on July 4th 2008


Dear Brian,


In your message dated July 2nd you say That is how it was for Jesus, so for him crucifixion was not a hard choice because his reality was Elsewhere.


Please explain this in more detail.  His passion in Gethsemane, in which he asked the Father if this cup could be taken from him, and in which it says he sweated blood, clearly indicates it was a terrible, fearful thing for him.  How can what you say be reconciled with this?


Love and light,





Dear Janet,


Thank goodness for you and for questions like this; it shows not only are you (and hopefully, many others!) reading these writings, but that it is causing you to think about what is being said, and to question it, genuinely seeking clarification, rather than just dismissing such matters that are so important to our growth in understanding mystical reality, as ego would have us all do.


As with all crucial, apparently contradictory matters to do with Jesus and the GRP, it can be, and indeed should be, taken within the overall context of eternal truth, the Kingdom of Heaven, who we all really are, who Jesus was (at that time as well as now), our perceptions of littleness.


First, he who incarnated as Jesus is, like all of us, Papa’s beloved, eternal, pure, innocent Son.  He reminds us in ACIM that innocence cannot experience pain because pain is born of fear and guilt.  If we are innocent, there can be no guilt, so there is nothing to fear.  He also reminds us, over and over, that we are not a body, though most of us are still glossing over that and losing sight of that truth, simply because bodies are so ‘in our face,’ so to speak – especially our own body.  But that is only ‘true’ if we allow our focus to be primarily on time and place. 


As we attune more and more one-pointedly to our eternal reality in the Sonship, so do the illusions of time and place become more and more seen for what they really are; a trick of ego mind, a deception, a prestidigitation, a mirage, a projection like actors in a film on a cinema screen.  They appear to be on the screen, doing things according to the script, but we all know they are not really there.  An entirely more dimensional (omni-dimensional, in fact) reality begins to come ever more into focus for us, and the projections that we thought were real begin to fade as we see them for what they are; meaningless. 


Of course they still appear to be real for those around us who ascribe reality and meaningfulness to them, but to he who is attuned to the eternal reality, those projected images have little, and ultimately no, reality or meaningfulness. This is what I meant by saying his reality was Elsewhere.  I capitalised Elsewhere because the elsewhere he was – in his mind, which is reality, not time and place illusory objects (including our bodies) – was Eternity, with/in Papa, fully aware of his innocence and that therefore, nothing could harm him; he, just like all of us fragments of the Sonship, was indestructible, as the resurrection demonstrated.


He knew all this throughout his incarnation and unlike most of us, he was in the illusion knowing why he was here; to help us, rescue us, awaken us to the reality that is in truth all around us but we do not, yet, see it.  But the good news is that this is now changing for more and more of us as the fulfilment phase of the GRP begins to take hold.


As for the passion, there seems no doubt that this event occurred, and that fear – terror – gripped him momentarily.  But his awareness of Eternity, his mastery of Life, and the inner peace that comes only from Papa, were restored to supremacy in his mind because of his faith, trust, obedience and steadfast, one-pointed commitment of his being into Papa’s all loving, all encompassing, all embracing care.  We can know this to be so because he told the disciples just before he left the upper room with them to go to Gethsemane, ‘…the prince of this world (i.e. ego) cometh, and hath nothing in me.’ Jn. 14:30.  If ego had nothing in him, he was innocent.


This means that after he committed himself into Papa’s care, his fear was over and therefore his innocence fully in place, so that no pain would be experienced, because although to others he appeared to be there, in a body, just like most of us believe ourselves to be, he knew it is not true because none of us is here; we are all at Home in the joy, peace and love of Heaven, one in the Sonship.  How, therefore, could he experience anything that is not real to him?  It is only because most of us – even those of us who are well advanced in the awakening process – still have part of our mind that believes we are here that we experience being here, with all its duality of joy and suffering, peace and fear, guilt and innocence, love and hate.


But the GRP goes forward, the awakening continues and we are all destined to become like Jesus; fully aware of who we are, and that all this is unreality.  The projecting of our fear and guilt is being dis-empowered through the practice of true forgiveness, so there will be no more bodies appearing to be out there, including our own. 


What happens when the power to the projector in a cinema is gradually reduced?  The images projected onto the screen gradually fade, until there is no longer any image projection at all.  Then the illusion is over and we remember who and where we are.  Only from this illusion we come to our Self not in an auditorium but in the Eternity of Heaven.


Love and blessings for your continuing awakening to the inner peace and joy of Eternity,




The following exchange was posted on July 1st 2008


Hi Brian,


I am an avid reader of your MoEs and Diary entries.  Please keep up the Kingdomly work; the world is sorely in need of this kind of awakening clarion, especially since it is founded within ACIM and firmly committed to following Jesus, our wonderful big brother.


I have a question to raise, and seek your help:


John, chapter 8 quotes Jesus as saying, ‘He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.’  This is clearly signifying Jesus’ acknowledgement of sin as a reality, yet ACIM tells us we are all sinless because this world is a dream.


I feel sure there is a rational explanation of this dichotomy but cannot see it for the life of me. 


Thanks in advance and peace, dear friend,




Dear Sophie,


Very good point, well flagged.  I note you didn’t question whether Jesus actually said what the Bible attributes to him in this quote.  To me, it doesn’t really matter whether he actually said it or not; it still makes a totally valid point about judgemental attitudes, like getting the beam out of our own eye so we can see to help remove a mote from our brother’s eye.


What we have here is a classic case of Jesus speaking to the people in terms that were meaningful for them, with their limited understanding and misperceptions.  They were out to trip him up so they could accuse him of blasphemy and contradicting the Mosaic Law.  He obviously knew that, and that they were in no mood, nor state of readiness, to hear the actual truth about time and place being an illusion, a dream, fabricated not by their God but by a momentarily deranged mind, and that it is already all over and done with.  He had to leave that for another 2k years (and even now that is meeting with stiff opposition by religionists!).


He speaks to us, his brethren, in parables, or in terms that we can understand, leading us one step at a time, within our comfort zones (because he is that kind of guy).  In the instance of the stoning, he knew perfectly well that no-one would dare set himself up as sinless before the crowd, so no-one would dare throw a stone, once he had spoken those words.  So, even though he knew it was all a dream, he knew they would likely have wanted to stone him for blasphemy if he had told them that, and then stoned the woman as well.  That would have served no-one’s best interests.


Rather, in characteristic mode, he used their own mythologies to turn the tables on them, get her off the hook and avoid a row with them at the same time.  One could say it was killing two birds with one stone!  The fact that it scuppered their plans to make a monkey out of him and instead, made monkeys out of them, showing their hypocrisy and teaching a very valuable lesson against judgemental attitudes, was all grist for the Kingdomly mill, wouldn’t you say?


Love and blessings to you Sophie, and many thanks for your kind words, also,




The following exchange was posted on June 19th 2008


Hi Brian,


In this week’s MoE you said: 


…and all the while we are fearful of Him and keep plugging that i-pod into our ears to block out His speaking, we will not be able to hear Him now, either.


Well, I run several times a week, for exercise, health and because I enjoy the exhilaration, the uplift of spirit that I can feel running.  But I also, often – not always – take my i-pod and listen to music while I run.  Sometimes I listen to classical music (Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Bruch, Mozart, Tchaikovsky etc) and sometimes to modern, easy-listening vocal and orchestral.


Are you saying this is because I am afraid of God or the Holy Spirit, and am blocking out Their speaking to me?  That seems pretty heavy to me.


Peace, brother,





Hi Elliott,


Of course, ultimately, only you can answer that question for yourself.  The statement was not made to invoke judgement, accusation or criticism upon anyone, but rather, to get anyone for whom such a matter may have any relevance to think about such, and thus enable another, broader view, for their going forward.


Ego does not want us to think, but to accept things as they are, fraught, frenetic, frantic and fearful, which will, all the while, keep us looking for something ‘out there’ that might just bring us a few moments of peace.  This ensures ego’s continuance because it keeps us here in time and place.


But what we, under ego’s yoke are actually fearful of, is God (see ACIM ch. 19, section IV, ‘The Obstacles to Peace,’ and particularly, subsection D ‘The Fourth Obstacle: The Fear of God’ for more on this).  All fear and guilt experienced by humanity is ultimately traceable back to the false belief in separation from Papa, although the great prestidigitator disguises this by presenting guilt and fear in myriad forms, to distract us from the truth.


It is only IF we plug-in an i-pod to shut out the Voice for God, because we have some fear and guilt to heal by true forgiveness, and the blocking is to distract us from that fear and guilt, that asking ourself why will be the start of correction of the blocking.  I have often said that in this world, there is really only one question, and that is ‘Why?’  So, in the context you raise, it can be a very good thing for anyone who plugs in an i-pod (or whatever distracts them) to ask themselves ‘Why?’  But do not be placated by the easy answer; ego’s answer: ‘Because I enjoy listening to music.’ 


By asking, ‘Am I doing this because I am afraid of my own thoughts?’ which, taking it to the issue of this week’s MoE, is that we are either Big Me (Holy Spirit and me, unified as one), or we are little me, (I used the term pygmy ‘a very small person or thing’ not a racial slur on a diminutive-stature tribe in southern Africa to rhyme with Big Me and as a mnemonic).  ‘Little me’ is actually me (anyone) unconsciously identifying with ego, which is not who we are but have come to believe we are, when in truth we are ‘Real Me,’ ‘Big Me,’ Holy Spirit Right-Minded Me.’


Whether or not you use an i-pod while you run (or any other time) does not automatically brand you (or anyone) as under ego’s yoke, permanently and irreversibly, or even at all.  It may indicate that you (anyone) are afraid of God or not, and as I said at the beginning, only you can answer that. 


That is why I said what you have quoted above; to cause all who are ready to pause and ask themselves ‘Why?’  If it is (honestly) because one is afraid of God and we have never realised that before, then that is a major going forward.  Then, one can do something about it that will help one (anyone) to understand more about who they really are.  The process of awakening from the dream will then have undergone another beneficial step.


I hope this will be helpful, to you and any i-pod enthusiasts who enjoy music and who also truly desire to hear the Voice for God communing with them (that is sweet, harmonious music indeed).


Peace and blessings to you also, Elliott,




The following exchange was posted on June 14th 2008


Hey Brian,


I so want to believe, understand the things you say about ‘Mind-to-Mind communing’ and its application to true forgiveness, but I have a broken relationship with a very dear person – a ridiculous falling-out over guess what: religion!  I know how petty, ludicrous, sad it all is because this friend is far more intelligent than is indicated by their sudden switch from rational, logical, spiritually-oriented thinking and understanding to narrow, conservative, fundamentalist religion.


I see fear in this person, who has renounced his friendship with me because he says my spiritual beliefs (including ACIM, of course) are an apostasy, and he is sticking to the bible and the church as his path to salvation.


My difficulty is that, much as I want (sincerely, earnestly) to heal this broken relationship, when I try what you have suggested about mind-to-mind true forgiveness communing, and wanting/choosing to see in him only the face of Christ, I don’t seem to be able to see that, and I keep having thoughts/reminders of some of the bizarre and even hurtful – completely untrue – things he has said to me; he is reversing the actualities and blaming me for what he has done, or at least, appears to have done.  It feels to me like he has betrayed me, even though I know that is not actually so, but I just can’t help those feelings.


I would be obliged for your comments,





Dear Roger,


The shock of something like this can make it feel very unfair and very, very hurtful.  It is a classic ego-contrived reversal of reality, designed to keep us here for ever more turns on the carousel. Ego has brainwashed us into believing in/expecting instant fixes to all our problems.  Jesus says ‘only infinite patience produces immediate results.’  That sounds like a contradiction, but it only appears to be so in the upside down realm of time and place.  When/once you have experienced ‘immediate results’ — regardless of how much ‘time’ it may appear to take — then you will really understand what he means by that statement.


We have to have faith. I know the church says that too, but I am talking about faith bringing answers; meaningful answers; spiritual illumination — increasingly, cumulatively; here, during this act, not just when we ‘die’ and get to ‘Heaven.’  Heaven is in quotes here because institutionalised religion cannot get us to Heaven; only to the etheric counterpart of Earth, from where we will be impelled to re-incarnate because we have not healed our broken relationships through the church’s form of false forgiveness, which makes the ‘sin’ real.  Only true forgiveness recognises that there is no sin, so we cannot be guilty, so there is, ultimately and actually, nothing to forgive.


Complete faith produces complete healing.  Luke warm faith produces doubt, uncertainty, wobbliness, equivocation.  Trust and one-pointed commitment to asking Jesus (and/or the Holy Spirit) to be our guide, every single step of the Way and in every single moment/event are then cemented by obedience to ourself in sticking to those commitments, and are pre-requisite to getting Home — all the way Home, permanently.


It is ego’s prestidigitation of persuading us that ‘the other guy is wrong and we are right’ that trips us up.


There is no other guy; there is just ‘me,’ and this applies to every apparent ‘fragment of the oneness of the Sonship’ that seems to be with an individual body and an individual mind.  It is faithlessness (the spirit of reckoning standing in the place of faith — see Vignette 8 of SFGS, starting at paragraph 59 for more on this — that causes us to perceive this illusion.  Faith will, definitely, restore our true, spiritual vision, and we will then, truly, see that there is only one of us, and that that one is Christ, the holy, pure, innocent Son of the Father Creator.


We are either expressing love or we are calling for love.  Those are the only two alternatives.  If your friend is not expressing love, whatever else he appears to be expressing (rejection of your friendship, accusations, irrational beliefs/behaviour, etc) is, of a certainty, a call for love. 


If we fail to respond with love to that call for love, we are failing to love ourself.  We cannot send love — and true forgiveness — at the body-to-body level in a situation such as you describe because those calling for love are in a state of bewilderment, meaning they are unable to receive it in the manner in which it is sent.  So, this is why we do it mind-to-mind, via the intercessory agency of the Holy Spirit, Who sees past the illusions and knows how and when to heal the relationship(s) for us.


We are not a body. Keep on, one-pointedly reminding yourself of this until it becomes reality for you, never giving up.  Either you are ready to believe this, at some level, or you aren’t. The fact that you desire to heal this relationship tells us that you are ready, even if part of you is concerned that you may not be. Do not worry about that.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you with it, and then just leave it with Him; He will be doing things of which you may have no awareness.  Keep reminding yourself that just because you aren’t aware of anything happening does not mean He is not working toward a resolution that will be beneficial to all involved.  He knows how easy it is for us to doubt this when all we see is bodies in all directions, including our own.  Just observe that you are having doubts, but don’t react to them.


I have been practising mind-to-mind true forgiveness communing with some broken relationships for some months.  There have been some highly significant breaksthrough at various mind levels, all indicating incontrovertibly that the Holy Spirit is moving the process forward in a very real and positive manner.  There have been no bodily, sensory breaksthrough, but that does not matter because we are not bodies. 


Then, one morning last week, I awoke about 6 o’clock and immediately became aware that I was experiencing being not a body.  This was not a sleeping dream but a waking realisation.  It had never happened before and I realised, in that exalted state of awareness, that nothing at the Earth-life level of consciousness means anything; it is all totally meaningless and irrelevant.  I immediately saw the subject of my primary true-forgiveness exercise, and that person also appeared to me as not a body, but radiant, joy, peace, light and love, not just toward me, but everyone and everything. 


All that was of the judgement and unforgiveness that has been projected at the bodily level instantly fell away, as grey, lifeless, insignificant dust, down to the ground some distance below us.  The healing of the broken relationship was complete and absolute in a far more rapturous way than I could have imagined, or hoped for.  I was aware both that the absence of any Earth-life experience of this healing is of utterly no consequence because it has happened in the eternal reality (and time and place is but a dream from which we are awakening) and also that by continuing to leave the entire process with the Holy Spirit, it will manifest at the Earth-life level of experience at the appropriate moment, according to His wisdom, rather than my Earth-mind, impatient timing.


That experience of being who I and the other party really are lasted for some minutes.  That is the reality toward which we are all moving and I now can say of an absolute certainty because I have now experienced it, that that is the only reality; the reality of Eternity.  All other appearances to the contrary are illusory.


Now, Holy Spirit is really us; Big Self.  So it is Big Self performing it for little self, because Big Self knows all this and is empowered to be able to do it.  Little self has forgotten, but Big Self will never intrude uninvited in these, and all, matters.  We have to ask Him, in FTOC.  Then, He will.  This is where faith comes in.  We have to trust Him; completely.


In Gary Renard’s book Your Immortal Reality, it says,


Even if a relationship appears to be a bad one and things are terrible on the level of form, it doesn’t matter. A successful relationship is one where you are forgiving, or have forgiven, the other person.  That’s what it takes to transform it into a holy relationship, and that’s all it takes.


I hope you can take some encouragement from this Roger.  As they say in Yorkshire, keep on keeping on.  The dream is already over; let us keep reminding ourselves of this truth.


Blessings, for inner peace,




The following exchange was posted on May 28th 2008


Dear Brian,


I have just finished reading Synchronicity, for Goodness’ Sake. Like you, I have come through the church, but after many years found no satisfaction for my inner being, so have, not without some reluctance, now left it all behind me.  For years I felt something higher, somewhere deep inside calling me, causing a deep hungering and thirsting which the church could not satisfy.  I tried to explain this to others in the church, but no-one else seemed to have any idea what I was talking about.  Some, including the pastor, actually became rather defensive, and evidentially did not wish to hear of my inner stirrings. It was very disheartening. 


 I was forced to the conclusion that there is nothing spiritual about what you call the institutionalized church; only religion. They want to control our thoughts and beliefs but there is no progress, no awareness of what is going on with the outpouring of God’s spirit, bringing the awakening of our true, eternal spiritual reality.  You have expressed all this so perfectly in SFGS and it really touched my heart, resonated with my own realizations.  Thank you so much.  I feel we are kindred spirits.  If you are ever in California, it would be my pleasure to welcome you to our home for Kingdomly fellowship.


I was impressed by your knowledge of the Bible and the way you have used quotes from it throughout, not just to affirm the points you make, but to show a deeper interpretation of so many of those scriptural quotations which orthodox religion seems blind to.  Your presentation is, I feel, going to be helpful to others who have only the narrow slant of the church as background but are now coming out of the church and seeking elsewhere for something deeper to satisfy the hungering of their souls for spiritual reality and truth.


I have not yet read A Course in Miracles but after reading your book, this is next on my agenda! Your introduction to it makes me feel already acquainted with it.  Some of your Forum answers and also the messages of encouragement are equally helpful and certainly inspirational.  Please keep up the good work.


Warmest wishes,





Dear Robert,


Wow! What a splendid reference for SFGS and the HTG website; I think I should add this to my c.v (résumé).


I have tried to be careful in all references to the church/institutionalised religion not to be inferred as attacking anyone.  But I do feel drawn to bring to the attention of my fellow-travellers on the journey Home that while it is not the people in these structures, most of whom are entirely sincere seekers after truth at some level of ability to receive it the structures themselves are a construct, a device, of ego to sidetrack people who do not have sufficient light of spiritual awareness to discern the difference between the principles of spiritual reality and a deeply flawed misrepresentation of it.  Many have said to me how they have been confused by the church into completely misunderstanding who Jesus really is and what he is saying to us.  This is inevitable, since the church itself does not know.


The message of Rev. 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues says it all, and for me is a clear, 'magnetic' call to the inner being of ‘the children of Earth’ for these end times, which is not just a request, but a Heavenly ‘instruction’ signalling the end of the ‘church consciousness.’ 


That doesn’t mean it will cease to exist any time soon (but with time being an illusion, that is irrelevant), but its power over the people is now very rapidly expiring.  This is very noticeable in the once-strongly religious Catholic countries of Europe, such as France, Ireland, Italy and Spain, where the Catholic church has lost almost all respect and authority, seems much reduced in its capacity either to recruit priests or afford to support them, and where congregations are almost non-existent and the church is virtually an irrelevance, viewed by the mass of people as a rather sad, almost comic caricature.  Truly the ‘church of Laodicea’ is poor and blind and wretched and miserable and naked (Rev. 3:17).


It has served a purpose, of at least keeping the name of Jesus in the forefront of humanity’s awareness, and at least some of the things he said, during the second measure of meal.  Now that we have the printing press, the internet and no more burning at the stake, the real, complete message of the real, living Jesus ACIM can be promulgated globally, unrestrictedly, and the church has no more power to stop it by calling it apostasy, blasphemy, and torturing/executing its exponents.  Alleluia.


It is clear, from Jesus’ messages to the 7 churches of Asia (Rev. chs 1-3) that he was well aware of what was going to happen (of course he would know, having been given all power in Heaven and Earth, wouldn’t he!)  that it was inevitable with ego in charge of dreamland, but it was a case of taking ego’s lies and using them to bring about a transformation as the leavening of the 3 measures of meal continued to the truth of Eternity.  How exciting is it that we are now in that transformational moment!!?


Many blessings for Holy Spirit enlightenment as you begin the journey with ACIM.  I hope you will share any revelatory experiences, or indeed, ask any questions that you feel drawn to direct to me, during that journey.


Thank you so much for your kind invitation.  As it happens, we will be there in September, just for a few days.  Let us see if this works out.


Peace and Light, always,




The following exchange was posted on May 16th 2008


Hi Brian:  Hi Kiddo,


    I know Jesus answered me through your e-mail. Fantastic! A couple years back when I met god I felt this very strong need to have someone to commune with that I could see - I knew god was there but it wasn't enough for me, I needed the keyboard, words, getting together, a 'socializing god' if you will.  He brought you.  Wow!  What can I say?  But I can attest that he does that, because he brought Theresa, back in 1968, in answer to my asking; so all we have to do is ask - believing.


Then that wasn't enough for me, I needed to be with someone of like-mind, like you, but close enough that I could drive and be with them every now and then, I asked for 2 different locations that would be suitable, distance-wise, and now I am meeting in one of those locations, - with like-mind. This is a real testimony to the reality of help, palpable, meaningful, practical help.  And why not?  We are loved.  Totally.  He really wants to help, and he is able – easily, because he is fully empowered.  The only thing he cannot and will not do is breach the PLFs by pushing help on us unless and until we are ready, willing and able to receive his help, and adopt a receptive attitude.  The precursor to receptiveness is asking.


I'm beyond gratitude now, so grateful and happy inside that sometimes I forget myself and - perhaps I would be considered a 'babbling idiot' if anyone witnessed me in my space with god - today it was tilling the soil, I was so comfortable expressing my gratitude and happiness to god that I'm sure I must have been conversing with him for quite a while when I realized that I was doing it all out loud - by myself - ha!  Great; I can feel the bubbling, joy-filled vibes.  I take it you have met someone – or is it more than one, since your spec to Jesus was 2 locations. There wasn't anyone around, but if anyone had seen me I'm sure they might not have approached me. I would have approached you, ‘cause I know you are entirely harmless and benign. 


I asked Jesus about a week ago to help me with 'letting go' of some circumstances in my life - "Please show me how, I don't know how."  And here's the help.  Thank you.  I have checked the MoE but am not sure what part of it you might be referring to here. Nevertheless, glad to have helped.  I can see Jesus has some work lined up for you.  Well, it’s not really ‘work’ in the worldly sense of the word, because it is so uplifting, inspiring, enlightening, invigorating; words that seldom apply to ‘work.’


Sharon              Please keep me posted on this exciting new development in your life.          

Peace and joy,  Brian.

The following exchange was posted on May 9th 2008


Brian, your creative writings, your journal, to me is like a beautiful painting that an artist has painted, or a piece of music that a musician has composed.


 Your art is firstly for yourself, and then like other artists it goes out to friends; if they enjoy it, that is more success, then it goes further to other people and as they start to tap their foot to your music (the 'New Song'), that is another level of success.


 Writing like music, painting, creative dance, when it is a "NEW" and "DIFFERENT" approach, at first the audience doesn't know what to do with it!  Next they start to ENJOY it and a new "TWIST" has begun!


 So I say to you my friend..."CONGRATULATIONS" for a "MASTERPIECE"!...Peter.


Peter, I am deeply moved by this.  Thank you so much, from my heart.  I know your words are inspired, and they exactly fit the picture, because that is exactly what is happening.


First, the Master's words were for me (over decades), then they were shared with a few, who enjoyed them, and now, just as the Master told me so many times over the decades, 'That which you do is an operation of hiddenness; when the time is right, it will become an operation of openness.  This will be by circumstances outside your control.' 


That is exactly how it happened, and now, thousands of visits to the HTG website are made each month, from well over 100 countries, and that is growing and growing.  It is the Lord's work and is wondrous to behold.


In December 1995 he said:

Be not surprised that many souls are lost,* for the light of my spirit was deliberately snuffed out from the Church of Earth by those who sought riches of Earth before riches of eternity. But it is not possible for the Father's purposes to fail and the light shall be shone in the dark places until all the shadows of death and fear shall have fled away. Rejoice greatly at this my beloveds and sing the New Song, that my little ones may hear and dance the dance of freedom. That which I have purposed in you shall prosper according to the wisdom of the Father. Be not anxious for any detail; all is well.

*It should be noted here that this is not indicating that such souls are 'lost' for all eternity, but simply that they have lost their way on the Path back Home to Eternity, or Heaven.

Many, many blessings,




The following exchange was posted on May 8th 2008


This follows on from the exchange posted on May 4th (see below).


Hi Brian. thank you for your answer about hiding ones thoughts. I got the impression that your answer meant that we should not hide our thoughts from ourselves. This is indeed the right impression; this was made plain in the quote from ACIM (Jesus): ...For what you would hide is hidden from you.


Also on relationships. We can forgive the person but do not feel we need to hang out with them anymore, as it is aiding and abetting them. It says in the DU book that we don't have to hang out with them any more. It also said in one of the Heaven letters to walk away. Forgiving a person, and thus releasing them — and ourself — from the illusory issue that has bound us to that person by ego’s yoke (karma) really does mean that we are no longer bound to their illusory, lost-in-forgetfulness form. 


That means we can stop seeing only that form and begin seeing only the face of Christ in them, and in ourself, instead.  So, the key word here is ‘releasing’ — letting them go.  We do indeed, not have to hang out with them unless and until we feel a genuine, heartfelt, Kingdomly desire so to do.  That may well become the case sooner than we expect with the miracle-working of the Holy Spirit.  I have witnessed more or less instantaneous character/relationship-transformations many times as a result of PCB’ing, forgiving and releasing to the Holy Spirit. 


That doesn’t mean it will always be so, because time is an illusion.  The main thing is to genuinely release, and stop counting the hours or days, or weeks or months, looking for that transformation.  If we are to release the forgivee to the Holy Spirit, then we must be sure we do it and forget about re-assuming ego-control over the situation. Permanently.


As fighting and getting upset with the person is not good for both parties. I feel that it easier to forgive when you do not have to see the persons any more. If it leaves a ‘de-militarised zone’ then that can only be beneficial, just as long as in so doing we have also genuinely forgiven and released ourself and the forgivee from the karma that was the cause of the dysfunctional relationship. Otherwise nothing has actually changed in the dysfunctional relationship Thank you again. I appreciate your replys.  Namaste. Pearl. Thanks for your enquiries Pearl; they are a great common-learning device.  Bless you,




The following exchange was posted on May 4th 2008

Hi Brian. Thank you for your recent Diary entry email. I am a little puzzled about "keeping your thoughts to yourself".

Best Regards. Pearl.

 Hi Pearl, 

For what you would hide is hidden from you. In your practice, then, try only to be vigilant against deception, and seek not to protect the thoughts  you would keep to yourself. Let the Holy Spirit’s purity shine them away, and bring all your awareness to the readiness for purity He offers you.

(Extract from ACIM, ch. 15. IV)

This really says it all.  We, in our Earth-mind understanding, completely distorted by ego, are perceiving everything upside-down and back to front.  What Jesus is saying here is in accord with what he says about judgement and forgiveness.  By the judgement with which we judge others, so are we judged; not by God, but by ourself. In line with the same PLF, as we forgive, so are we forgiven.  This is all because in truth, we are all one.  So, if we judge 'another' we are judging ourself; if we forgive another, we are forgiving ourself; if we have thoughts that we are ashamed to share with others, we are hiding truth from ourself. 


I have written a lot about 'Mind-to-Mind communing' in recent months and this is to do with opening our true, higher, non-ego-dominated Christ Mind to the Christ Mind of others, including, and especially those with whom we have a damaged or broken relationship. 


Unless and until we are ready and willing (we don't have to be able because the Holy Spirit will do it for us; all we need is to be ready and willing, i.e. have the desire) for wholeness, restoration to oneness in the Sonship, we cannot enter the Kingdom.  Not because God has shut the door on us but because we are keeping ourself locked out.


We are doing it by hiding from the truth of who we are, and trying to keep separate (in our thoughts, the only part of us that really matters, since we are not a body and our spirit is unchangeably perfect, just as it was created), from Papa and from our Self.  It is a vain and insane concept that has no part in Eternity/Heaven because Heaven is about inclusion, oneness, unconditional love.  Unconditional love is inclusive; keeping our thoughts hidden is about exclusion, which is ego’s domain.


Now this all may seem fearful — that our private thoughts must be made public — but there is nothing to fear because Papa forces nothing upon us.  Only when we are ready (and willing) will we realise that the things of this illusory world that we valued are actually, within the context of our true and only Home, Eternity, meaningless, so we will gladly, voluntarily give them up.  Then, and only then, will our thoughts be shared, lovingly and willingly with our brethren, because we will have remembered that we are all one.  One cannot hide one’s thoughts from one’s Self, even if one wanted to; not that one would want to, because they will all be loving, forgiving, caring, compassionate thoughts. 


A state of mind worthy of our earnest consideration, do you not think!?


Love and blessings, as always,




The following exchange was posted on May 3rd 2008


Hi Brian, Hi Sara,
I enjoyed your message today
(Message of Encouragement dated April 30th) Delighted to hear it, I have had some other messages saying similarly. I have lots to share with you and Theresa when we next get together. Please set a date when you can come over here for a bread-breaking session. I have been wondering about this:

This actually makes ego very easy to recognise when it is influencing our thoughts. If we are functioning from our true, right-thinking, Christ mind we will be in a state of inner peace, and will be extending — radiating — love, joy and wholeness.  If we are functioning from the split-off, upside-down ego-indoctrinated part of our mind we will be experiencing and projecting fear, doubt, guilt, uncertainty, judgemental and attacking thoughts, comparison, lack of self-worth; in fact, anything other than inner peace means ego is in charge.

(Extract from Message of Encouragement dated April 30th).


I have been doing a lot of inner work over the past few weeks to reach a point of acceptance about my relationship with my dad.  This sounds very characteristic of you; not to leave any unresolved issues dangling indefinitely, or trying to hide them under the rug. This has inevitably resulted in the surfacing of a lot of angry feelings which it has been important for me to work through and express.  I am so very glad to hear you are dealing with this, even though you knew it would be painful.  I feel sure you will have realised it will be painful for him also. 


Being willing to face it and deal with it will be very cathartic and healing for you both.  I am sure I do not need to remind you that just because he has laid aside his body does not mean he is unreachable.  Quite the opposite, and I am in no doubt he is very eager to commune with you.  If you have any questions on how to do that, just ask. 


Contrary to being a negative experience I feel it has actually been very positive (uncomfortable, but positive).  That makes absolute sense.  There will be much healing to accomplish and I am certain your dad will be very eager for this.  It will entail a good deal of commitment to true forgiveness and that is a foolproof mechanism for restoration of broken relationships, regardless of how much illusory time it may appear to take.


However I couldn't truthfully describe the outpouring of anger and frustration as being at peace, but it seems to me that the acceptance and expression of these negative, painful emotions are often part of the process of reaching a point of integration and harmony and therefore peace.  Your incisive thought processes are razor sharp, Sara.  


Another example that springs to mind is of Jesus in the temple. When he became angry.  According to Arten and Pursah in Disappearance of the Universe (DU), that event did not happen.  If that is correct, it is easy to see that such an event would not be in character with the peaceable Jesus.  If it did happen, it is also easy to see that he did it to force the hand of the Sanhedrin into plotting to get him crucified, which was always his plan.  So, either way, it would have always been his Christ Mind at work. Was that his ego mind at work?  I wrote in a Forum message to Patricia on April 24th:


You may recall Jesus’ words to the disciples just before his arrest after the Last Supper ‘the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.’ (Jn 14.30). This, of course, refers to what the church calls Satan or the devil, but we now know is ego.


This tells us that Jesus was fully enlightened, and that means there was no ego in his Mind.  Somehow I have this feeling that it wasn't.  Bull’s-eye. 


Wholeness is, I believe, just that, wholeness, and if we are to return to a state of oneness we have to accept it all, the peace, the chaos, the anger etc.  It isn’t what happens that matters; it’s how we respond/react to what happens that is the key.  Nothing affected Jesus, even being nailed to a cross, because he was not really ‘here’ in the way the rest of us are here.  He was with his Father, fully awake in Eternity, innocent and unaffected by anything in egoland.


The ego, I think needs to be brought back into the fold.  To be accepted and embraced with all it's duplicity and upside down thinking.  Not according to ACIM.  Ego does not exist in the only true reality of Eternity/Heaven, which is where we actually are, so rather than acknowledging/befriending/converting ego, we dispel it by remembering who, what and where we really are, and where ego has no existence. 


Time and place is unreal, an illusion, and ego is the prince of time and place, so is also an illusion.  By acknowledging/accepting it, we give it reality, which is the only reality it can have in the split-off part of our mind, that the Holy Spirit will restore to the true, one-mind state if we truly seek and earnestly desire this to happen (which we all will have done by the end of the 3rd measure of meal because that is our true nature as Christ, God’s Son).
Another area that I have been thinking about in relation to this, is to do with people who kill. Most people would regard the killing of another as abhorrent.  It is impossible to kill anything or anyone, because Life is of the Creator and is created like Its Creator indestructible.  Only illusions (such as bodies) are destructible.  This way of thinking is the only true way of thinking because it is the truth. 


Of course, ego mind definitely does not want us to start thinking that way (again) because it will be the end of ego (which is inevitable anyway), and will engender incredulity, anger, scorn, derision, murderous thoughts and all the rest toward any who think/speak/live that way (just as ego did 2000 years ago with One Who did think/live/speak that way.  But that was the whole objective of the crucifixion: to prove the indestructibleness of Life


It is unacceptable.  But if this is part of 'the whole' then what is that part all about?  It occurs to me that to be able to end  life is a necessary part of life. All this is within an illusory, unreal context, which is how and where ego wants to entrap us, to ensure its own illusory existence.  If we are to be like Jesus (again) and become one with him and the rest of the Sonship once more, which is the end result of the GRP, we have to recognise this time and place realm for what it is and see past it, beyond it, to the reality of Eternity. 


That seems very hard while we are with a body, with a mortgage, a spouse, a job, offspring etc, but it definitely is doable.  Only ego wants it to be hard undoably hard but ego does not exist in the only real context: Eternity/Heaven.


After all, every year the leaves die, fall off the tree, decompose and then recompose to become new life in the spring.  The death part, the ability of God (the Universe or Nature) to allow this death to occur, is an essential part of its growth and maybe that's what people who commit murders represent (in this great illusion).  They are that part of the wholeness that has split off and become dysfunctional.  However to deny that person and therefore that part of the whole does not serve us.  What we must do is to embrace that part and reintegrate it. 


The only way to be able to comprehend the truth and sift it out from the misperceptions in this paragraph is to accept the statements from ACIM and DU that God had nothing to do with the making of the physical universe, or of anything that fades and ‘dies’ from bacteria to people to stars and galaxies.  All the while we believe ego’s script about God being in the cycles of the (illusory) physical realm, we will be confused about life and death.  In reality Eternity there is only life; eternal life.


This all sounds radical, off the wall, barmy to almost all humanity; but almost all humanity is labouring under the yoke of ego-mind.  Vignette 16 from SFGS —  shows the meaninglessness of time and place and all its endeavours, in allegorical form.  Yet Eternity is the ultimate destiny of us all, regardless of how many more acts we each may choose in order to finally arrive at the place of willingness to relinquish all judgement/reckoning/(important) decision-making and commit all into the care of the Spirit of Truth, which, remember, is really us; our true, eternal Christ-Minded Self.  The only reason we are here in time and place is to heal ourselves and our brethren from our broken relationships, and the fast-track to that is through true forgiveness.  This collapses time and hastens our return to where we belong. 


Very, very few of us are ready for this complete transformation of our upside-down thinking to right-minded, topside-up thinking but now is the time when a shift in that is starting to take hold.  Jesus, the most misunderstood being ever to walk the Earth, and who has been mis-created by religion (an ego construct) into a puppet of its own purposes, has resumed his rightful position as CEO of the GRP and has done this to our time-and-place understanding through ACIM.  The timing is perfect at this, the beginning of the 3rd and final measure of meal.
This ended up being a bit longer than I intended. No worries; if expressing your thoughts/feelings helps, which it almost always does, then I am glad you have been able to do so here.
Hope to see you soon.
Love from Sara  And back to you and Steve also,  Brian

The following exchanges were posted on May 2nd 2008


Hi Brian,  Hi Dorothy,


Just something I would like to share. I had been reading and following the lessons in ACIM until the 30th January this year, and thought I was coping with the usual ego attempts at sabotaging those efforts, just when the road Home started to get very rocky indeed. Situations occurred like great boulders in the road and seemed to arise around me in the form of multiple, distressing, emotional distractions.  Sorry to hear this; it is the way ego likes to do things.  I struggled to use them as opportunities but I am afraid they gained the upper hand on occasions and I plunged back into the dark several times.


Nevertheless, you had/have the right attitude: choosing, steadfastly, to see such adversities as the opportunities that they are.  So many people ‘beat themselves up’ when they succumb, albeit only temporarily, under such adversity.  The truth is, it matters not a jot to Papa, or Jesus or the Holy Spirit how many times we ‘fall down;’ Their only concern is helping us to pick ourself up one more time than we ‘fall down.’  In truth, we never fall down because we are safe, at Home, with Papa, so there is no falling down to do, other than in our illusory ‘little self.’


ACIM was abandoned for a while and although the road became smoother, other things seemed to eat up the time, and that ‘for a while’ gradually stretched away into months. As it does in time and place; just the job for us to feel guilty about, so ego can chalk up another point – until we realise what’s going on, see through ego’s ploy, and dispel the illusion The initial impetus had worn thin, and I felt a failure because I had not dissolved those rocks back into the illusion from which they were born.  I see we are reading from the same page!  Fantastic!  


I kept telling myself I would start again but never got around to it.  Then after reading your response to Hayley posted on the Forum 27th April decided to do the ‘thank You, thank You Thank You’  prayer. I didn't fear I would fail with that, as it wasn't very long, so I printed it out as you suggested. There have been some minor, but, hopefully, significant amendments to it; you might want to check that out (see posting dated April 27th)


This inspired me to pick up ACIM again. I opened it at the book-marked page where I had left off in January, and the next lesson was entitled “I thank my Father for his gifts to me” (Workbook, lesson 123). The opening words were “Today let us be thankful. We have come to gentler pathways and smoother roads. There is no thought of turning back and no implacable resistance to the truth. A bit of wavering remains, some small objections and a little hesitance, but you can well be grateful for your gains, which are far greater than you realise.” Everything I read was very relevant to the situation and very positive.


Then, further down the page: “Be glad today that your Father has not left you to yourself, nor let you wander in the dark alone” and I knew without doubt, by the synchronicity, that time is an illusion.  I am sharing this because what I have written here is so true for all of us pilgrims who struggle to awaken. Every effort we have made remains. Even what our little selves might think of as wasted smoke, remains not traceless in the Great Sky of Eternity.


Dorothy, as usual, your words are beautifully put together and so perfectly, so entirely adequately describe the situation.  There really is nothing for me to add, except a heartfelt congratulations, and how brilliant it is that the aide memoire was helpful in providing some synchronicity to encourage you onwards and upwards.  Alleluia!  I am sure this will encourage many others who may read this on the Forum.


Love and blessings, as always,




This follows on from an exchange with Patricia posted on April 24th

Hi Brian- I did not realize that Jesus ate lamb. This is news to me as I can recall Olga telling us all that Jesus ate fish but not flesh.


Of course we do not know for sure but from my own personal awareness of and relationship with Jesus since 1967 it is clear to me that Jesus will readily have known that since all this world is a dream, an illusion, an unreality, it really would not make any difference whether he ate lamb, pig (a cultural/religious no-no for Jews and Arabs), fowl, fish or nothing at all. 


The fact that the Gospel record does not indicate that he did not eat the Passover lamb (but on the contrary, told them how much he had been looking forward to the occasion) suggests that nothing out of the ordinary took place (and not eating the Passover lamb would have been out of the ordinary to the witnesses and recorders of the event), so it is a fair bet that he did eat some of it with the disciples. 


You have to be aware that they were very much of the Jewish tradition, so it was the biggest celebration festival of the year for them, and not eating the lamb would have been unthinkable for them.  Jesus would have been fully aware of that and it would not have been necessary or appropriate for him to have gone against that tradition, which was so important to them.


Can you tell me why you remain a strict vegetarian?


The only thing that is ‘strict’ about it is that I have consistently preferred not to eat meat since 1967 and actually began to put that into practise in 1968, when I moved into my own flat, so could choose what I ate. Theresa and I eat free-range (or organic) poultry occasionally and fish about once a fortnight; sometimes more, sometimes less.  I am not ‘strict’ about this because one can get carried away by such issues, which ultimately do not matter, since motive is what matters, rather than actions. 


Of course actions are dictated by motives and I am motivated to feel love, goodwill, compassion toward all life forms, so have a definite desire not to contribute to unKingdomly treatment of animals, which unthinkingly doing does.  Anyone who has ever visited a battery henhouse, a beef feed-lot, intensive pig-farm or a slaughterhouse will have experienced unKingdomly treatment of animals.


I rarely partake in any red meat but do eat fish. I hate the way I feel after a roast beef dinner. Dan and I were invited to a couple’s place recently and they served roast beef. To be polite I had a small slice but ate mainly vegetables. Mother Olga used to say that the vibration of the suffering animal gearing up to be slaughtered emits the fear energy waves as well as negative chemicals (uric acid, adrenaline – which is a deadly poison and permeates the flesh of the animal when it senses slaughter and becomes fear-filled etc.)


I read your explanation (see April 24th posting) and accept much of what you say. I am puzzled about the illusion stuff though. Does that mean this is really all a dream or a holographic experience? Is any of this real? As explained in my last message, none of this is real at all, from the only valid perspective: the perspective of Eternity.  Eternity is Heaven, our true and only Home and there is no such thing as time (or place/space) in Eternity. 


Time and place are an ego-mind fabrication; an illusion, a dream.  Just as some night-time dreams seem very real, our daytime dream of bodies and galaxies and karma and fear, and broken relationships and ‘special’ relationships (how can anyone be ‘special’ when there is only one of us and He – Papa’s Son – is loved totally and unconditionally by Papa?).  Time and place only appear to exist when we are perceiving – mis-perceiving, actually – from the ego-dominated, split-off part of our mind.  When we re-awaken from the dream which is already over, we will not see or have any awareness of time or place because we will be back where we have always been in reality: Eternity/Heaven, and time and place will have disappeared because there will be no ego-mind to project the illusory image of time and place.  


In line with this, are there parallel universes and how do extraterrestrials fit into this illusory existence.


We have to re-train our mind (that is, authorise Holy Spirit to re-train it, with our full and steadfast co-operation) to view all this from the only true perspective, as stated above.  From that true perspective there are no parallel universes simply because there is no universe for them to be parallel to.  However, I know what you mean, and from the ego-dominated part of our mind that we have believed since the beginning of time is our real self (which in truth it is not, because we are Christ) ego keeps complicating and dividing (separating) its constructs into ever more parts (200 million people on Earth in Jesus’ time here; 6+ billion now.  That’s a good example of the illusion of division).  So, that indicates the likelihood of ‘parallel universes,’ but only as long as we use our ego-dominated mind to view things and allow ourself to believe such are real, when in truth, they are nothing but illusions, and therefore do not actually exist.


To illusory beings who believe themselves to be separated from God on other planets throughout this illusory universe (and whom we dub ‘extra-terrestrials,’ which they would similarly dub us), the dispelling of ego, which is the purpose of the GRP (because once ego is dispelled – in other words, ego’s spell no longer works on our mind because we will have stopped believing its illusions), will result in the awakening of their minds to the remembrance that there is only one Son of God, and all mind (even when it is apparently separated into individual minds with individual bodies) is in reality, one Mind.  It does not make any difference on which illusory planet separated beings believe themselves to be; when none believes in the illusion anymore, there will be no more separation and no more illusory universe.


Thank you for your time and attention. Blessings Patricia


I hope this helps, Patricia.


Love and light, to bless and increasingly illumine your vision, 




The following exchange was posted on May 1st 2008

This follows on from an exchange with Patricia posted on April 24th

Many thanks Brian for your insights. Dearest Patricia, these exchanges are for us all to benefit from, including me, because as Jesus reminds us in ACIM, as we teach, so do we learn.  I assure you, I am learning just as much as anyone else, as a result of Holy Spirit inspiration helping me in responding to enquiries/questions such as yours.  So, thanks to you, and all who write; it is a common learning exercise. This is very inspiring indeed. I have a lot to ponder - the dream aspect to living. It is very profound - so the people we commune with, our friends and family are of our own making or creation?


Have you read/studied ACIM?   I urge you so to do.  It is Jesus’ message for his brethren in the Sonship (that’s us, all of us) for this time, the commencement of the third and final measure of meal, by the end of which we will all have been re-unified in the oneness of the Sonship in Papa, in Eternity (Heaven) and the dream of the ‘physical’ universe, including Earth, and our illusory, separated bodies will disappear back into the nothingness from which it all came, just as all dreams do when we awaken. 


This is because the Son of God (all of us as we appear to be in our continually separating little self) is eternal; time and place is a dream, a fabrication of ego-mind, which is the antithesis of God, Heaven and our real, true, eternal Christ-Self.  Time comes to an end at the completion of the re-unification, or At-onement, at the completion of the leavening of the 3 measures of meal, which is the end of the 2,000-year long Aquarian age.  It comes to an end because we are being restored to Eternity, our only, true, rightful Home, in which time does not exist. 


I have written many thousands of words about all this in the weekly Messages of Encouragement, especially in the last year or so.  It might help you to go back and re-read them – they are on the HTG website.  Also, it might be equally helpful for you to read SFGS especially the recently updated version.  Perhaps you have already read it, but the intent is for it to help true and earnest seekers (which I know you are) to have some grounding that will help them assimilate what ACIM is teaching us.  This is important because we (humanity) have believed what ego (the prince of time and place, as Jesus calls it) has been telling us since the separation, and all of it is the exact opposite of the reality of Heaven. 


So, we have to unlearn all that we have believed with our bodily perceptions and get our minds re-trained by the Holy Spirit to thinking from the perspective of our true Home – Eternity, or Heaven.  Needless to say, this is not a 5-minute exercise, but a lifelong commitment. In fact, it is a multiple lifetimes commitment.  Olga got us started by getting us ‘hooked up with Jesus,’ and Jesus is leading us, one step at a time, back to Papa. 


Jesus and the Holy Spirit are of one mind, so there is, in that sense, no difference between attuning with Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit.  Reading ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’ will also be massively helpful.  I commend it to you, along with Gary Renard’s second book, ‘Your Immortal Reality: how to break the cycle of birth and death.’


 How does this fit in with the Akashic record or Karma? The Akashic Records are a record (rather like a holographic video tape) of everything that appears to have happened in the illusory, dream world of time and place.  None of it has actually happened because we are all one, God’s beloved Son, at Home with Him, and have never left, other than in a tiny, mad, momentary thought that ended as soon as it began.  The Akashic Records can be helpful to us in understanding the apparent circumstances of our lives and relationships, but I recommend strongly that we do not attempt to access those records of our own ego-self-will, because we do not know what it might reveal that could be to our detriment, or of wrong timing.


If the Holy Spirit wishes to reveal to us some details from the Akashic Records, He will do so and it will be to our benefit, and the timing will be perfect - if we have placed ourself within His guidance, care and protection; if we have not, He cannot, because that would be an infringement of the PLF of free will. 


The whole point is, as Olga inculcated into us in the 1960s, to commit every aspect of our lives into the all-sufficient care of Jesus.  Ego does not want that and will do everything to stop its followers from following Jesus instead because that spells the end for ego.  Following Jesus some of the time and ego others does not work.  I feel sure you know that.  This is where being ‘one-pointed’ in one’s commitment to the KOH is the only way forward.  Anything less is a non-starter. 


Karma is cause and effect, or opportunity, or ‘as you sow, so shall you reap.’ Again, people who get caught up in the detail of trying to outwork their karma are taking their eye off the ball, the ball being one-pointed commitment to Jesus/Holy Spirit, the KOH.  The only advice for such people is, forget trying to resolve karma yourself; leave it to the all-worthy-of-trust Holy Spirit, who knows everything and loves us unconditionally, so will ensure we are guided correctly, and protected, if we commit/place ourself into His care and protection and stay there. 


Thank you for mentoring me. Blessings, Patricia


Love and blessings to you also,




The following exchange was posted on April 27th 2008


Hi Brian,


I  have read Disappearance of the Universe and am studying ACIM.  I agree with it all; leastways, all that I can understand :-)


My problem is, I forget to apply what it is telling us when the problems and challenges of the day get in my face.  You know, the kids, the boss, road rage, whatever.  I even try to get tuned in first thing but pressures of the day crowd in and distract me.




Yours in gratitude,





Dear Hayley,


You are a long way from being alone in all that you say here.


As you will know from DU and ACIM, it is all about re-training our minds to get away from the negativity and misperceptions of ego that dominate our thoughts, and getting attuned to our Heavenly Father and His Voice, the Holy Spirit, for right-minded thinking.  Don't forget, the Holy Spirit is really us, our Big Self, lodged in our memory, to call us Home, so it is possible for us to achieve this if we have the desire and FTOC.


The best time to practise doing this is first thing in the morning, after we wake from a night’s sleep.  That doesn’t mean we will immediately be set-up for the whole day with right-mindedness, but it is a very helpful start to the re-training, and gradually becomes a spontaneous part of our mind’s activities. 


Practising this diligently, with discipline, day after day, week after week, it does pay dividends in that we begin to see how our thoughts undergo a change and we become more positive.  This is very beneficial to our health and well-being, putting a spring back in our step.   However, do not expect a quick fix; that's ego's mind-set.  What we are looking for is permanent, positive, beneficial change, and that does take time.


I have asked the Holy Spirit for inspiration on wording for such a first-thing attunement mechanism, and what came in is pasted below.  You may find it helpful (re-worded into your own words if you feel so moved) to print it out and have it at your bedside, because if you’re like me, focussing on the most ideal wording for a high level of attunement when trying to gather your thoughts first thing is an uphill struggle!


Beloved Heavenly Papa: thank You, thank You, thank You for Your constant, unfailing love and blessing, and for the remembrance that I am Your beloved Son, whole, pure, innocent and empowered in all things by Your Spirit.


I choose to greet every encounter today with the love and joy of Heaven that You freely give to me every moment; to remember that those who are not expressing love are calling for it, thus providing me with a glorious opportunity to extend to them the Heavenly love, joy and peace that is rightfully theirs, and to forgive myself and them in our momentary forgetfulness for all that in reality we have never done, that all may be forgiven, and all my brethren and I may be restored to the oneness of the Sonship in You.


Thank You for giving Your Voice, the Holy Spirit, to be with me every moment, to help and inspire me to stay alert to all opportunities, to remain focussed on and be vigilant and disciplined for the Kingdom of Heaven that You have placed in me.


We benefit from saying 'Thank You' to Papa 3 times because once can slip off the tongue before we really get tuned in to the sincerity of our thanks, and it becomes — or remains a rote activity. Saying it 3 times helps get us really focussed on the meaningfulness of what we are doing.  Do let me know how you get on.


Love and blessings for focussed right-mindedness,




The following exchange was posted on April 25th 2008


Dear Brian:  Hi Jolena,
I was on my way to work this evening and had the radio on a christian radio station that I like to listen to once in a while. They have some good speakers but the format is often too fundamentalist for me.
I can see how that could be so!  Still, I'll listen for a while just to see what they have to say.  I’m with you there.  Tonight, a man named Warren Smith was being interviewed. He apparently wrote a 192 page book in  the early 90's called From Light into Dark Its about his journey into New age and then back to Christianity. 


He was upset about the New Age movement gaining ground. - Oprah promoting Tolle's book, and how its so wrong for anyone to actually believe they could be God, that we are not all one...that the Jesus in ACIM is not the real Jesus.........whew  The host was affirming everything he said. This is most interesting. All you say fits the pattern perfectly, and none of it is a surprise (perhaps you might agree?) 


People who are ready for awakening to the truth of Who we really are will embrace it gladly when they are brought to it by the Holy Spirit.  Those who are not will, of course, deny it and remain stuck in their misperceptions, just as ego wants, so that they will remain captive.  Orthodox, or fundamentalist religionists use the words of scripture but misconstrue them to fit the preconceived interpretations that their sect or cult – to which they have abdicated their freedom of thought and understanding – tells them they must believe.  Then they perceive as freedom.


Institutionalised religion, and all its dogma and doctrines and controls, and telling its adherents what they are allowed to believe and what they are not, has all the hallmarks of ego-indoctrinated mind.  Ego pretends to be spirituality yet has all the opposite properties of spirituality. 


Once we come to see ego for what it is, it can no longer succeed in its attempts to hide within us; its falsehoods, its sheer opposites of eternal reality give it away every time, and once we have asked the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to the truth, He does that by the example of opposites.  This He does by showing us what ego’s script is and then translating it into His Own language of truth.  That way, we get to see the falsity of ego as it has been dominating our lives by causing us to misperceive everything, and when we then come to see past the upside-down-ness of it, can see reality for what it is, and this undoes ego at the same time.  Once we have seen through the illusion, we are never deceived by it again. 
I listen not to be swayed but to further understand my own beliefs and perhaps  how to  stand my ground when  someone attacks my journey.
I am very pleased that you were able to listen to ego’s script playing itself out on that radio programme and were 1) able to see through its charade, its masquerade, and 2) that you did not get dragged backwards into its trap, but were able to stay anchored in the truth of Eternity.  Full marks to you, Jolena! I've learned not to get into debates with my husband about this (though Bless him, he still tries sometimes ;)) and just smile.   I'm just wondering if we are going to see more attacks from the fundamental groups as it seems like they are scared. 
The great thing about Holy Spirit is that He never attacks, or defends.  He simply allows ego to do its attacking, and by not defending, ego always simply runs out of steam.  Then the Holy Spirit moves forward again with truth, for all who will to receive it. 


The old (ego) order will still be around for centuries to come, and its adherents will remain resolute in sticking with it, but they will be fewer and fewer, and those who are ready to awaken will become more and more.  That is all encompassed within the GRP, which, remember, will be completed by the end of the third measure of meal.


There is no tolerance in the attitudes I'm hearing....just how evil it is to believe any false Jesus not
adhering to scripture....scripture they way they interpret it, IMO.
Either we choose to believe the interpretations of ego’s version of ‘reality’ or we choose to believe the version with which our heart, mind and soul joyfully resonate.  After 40+ years journey with the real Jesus during which he won my absolute trust and love by his straight talking, fun, opening my eyes to a very different perspective of life my soul resonates absolutely with the truth he tells us in ACIM.
Just my thoughts...I don't feel threatened by Mr. Smith because I feel the Truth will win out, regardless of his actions, for there is only one God, one place to go when we "die" and we ALL can be there if we choose to see it.
The better than good news is that we don’t have to wait until we lay aside our body, because Eternity, the Kingdom of Heaven, is here, now, within us.  It is by attuning with it, within, that we find ourself there. 

If we don't thats okay but we'll all get nudged toward HIS LOVE one way or another because God Loves Us so much.
Truly He does; immeasurably more than we know. 
Do I get it?
 You are well along the Way, Jolena.  Keep on keeping on . 
happy contented sigh
Jolena (almost at the end of my work shift and work week) 
Thank you for your wonderful fellowship and sharing. 

Love, as always, 



The following exchange was posted on April 24th 2008


Hello Brian: Thank you for your inspiring diaries first and foremostly.


What I feel moved by Spirit to ask you is to please elaborate on, from a spiritual perspective, the man/animal relationship. Is it not time that we of the higher consciousness stop eating the flesh of animals? I am not referring to you because for as long as I have known you and Therese you both have been vegetarians. But beyond that man is still out of synch with the animal kingdom.


Recently I read a very compelling article from the perspective of an animal communicator and she related a most insightful interview with a snake that had been mistreated and finally abandoned in a US apartment where it was dying of dehydration. It saddened me no end to come to the awareness that we (collective) continue to imprison exotic animals, abuse dogs and cats and support circus acts that treat animals like a commodity.


I would be most interested in what you have to say.  Anxiously awaiting your reply and by the way perhaps the topic would be fodder for the next diary entry. Thank you Brian, sincerely in Christ’s service, Patricia



 Dear Patricia,


This whole question of eating the flesh of animals is a very multi-layered issue, but it does provide an opportunity to look at it from the perspective of Eternity and Who we really are, so I am glad you have raised it.


From the ultimate perspective, according to ACIM – which I believe implicitly because it is incontrovertible to me that Jesus is the Author – the physical universe is a dream, a projection from the upside-down, split-off, insane part of our (‘our’ being the one Son of God, Christ) mind, (which Jesus calls ego) and it has no reality other than as a fantasy endeavour to hide from Papa.  That, of course, means that we, and animals, and Earth, are not here.  That means, ultimately, that eating animal flesh, or cruelly treating animals or any other apparent activity ‘here’ is nothing but a dream from which we (Christ) awoke instantaneously, so the dream is actually over already, but ego-mind is still playing it out because ‘time and place’ is the only dimension in which ego can appear to have any existence.


You may recall Jesus’ words to the disciples just before his arrest after the Last Supper ‘the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.’ (Jn 14.30). This, of course, refers to what the church calls Satan or the devil, but we now know is ego.  Well, this is the way it will be (in the only true reality of Eternity – Heaven – it already is and will always be) for us all when we awaken to fullness of remembrance of who we really are.  Now, I know he had just eaten a meal which included lamb (more on that later) but we have to look to the larger picture, in which his response to the disciples when they said they were going to buy some food, was ‘I have meat (food) to eat that you know not of.’  In other words, his food, sustenance, life, was direct from Papa.  Whatever is true for Jesus is also true for us.


So Jesus ate meat and fish while he was with a body.  What is that telling us?


What it is telling me is that it is not what we do that is most important, but our belief, our understanding, that the life is more than the meat; that the carcase is not the life of the animal (or the human), and that ultimately, the flesh, or body, is meaningless.  Only ego wants to make it meaningful, to distract us from Eternity, where bodies are meaningless.


Of course we have to behave in a rational manner while we appear to be with a body, and that includes looking after it, so we can accomplish what we have come here to accomplish.  Whether we choose to include the consumption of animal flesh within that context will depend entirely on our beliefs, understanding of who we are, and our relationship to animals.  That will all depend on how much light of spiritual discernment we have, as individuals. 


If an individual is still engaged in the separation consciousness, and believes that he is not just separate from his fellows but from everything else, including animals, and that they are there for him to have dominion over, and use and do with as he pleases, then he will feel no qualms about eating them.  Depending on how deeply asleep he is, he may also see nothing wrong with depriving such animals (furred, feathered or scaled) of their natural dignity, freedom to express their species’ characteristics (as with free-range poultry), prophylactic use of antibiotics, growth hormones, feeding them on the offal and excrement of other animals, (all of which are current agribusiness practise) etc., choosing not to think about the fact that he is poisoning himself and his family by the consumption of animals thusly treated.


A person who has more light of spiritual discernment will realise that although the world is only a dream that has already ended, and therefore neither he nor the animals are really here, will also realise that there is only one Source of Life – Papa – and that Life Essence, which animates him and the animals (and the vegetation they eat) is the life of the animals, and that therefore, he is, in eternal truth one with those animals, and they with him (as any animal communicator will readily attest).  This is, of course, also true with all forms of life, including vegetation.  Linda and Paul McCartney had the view that they should not eat anything with a face or a heart.  Many would resonate with that perspective.  This does not mean those who do not should be judged, condemned and cast out from our hearts and lives as inferior, or wrongdoers.


Most of the ethnic groups that Western culture has perceived for centuries as ‘primitive,’ such as Native Americans, or First Nation tribes, or Aborigines in Australia, and the indigenous tribes of South America, would ask forgiveness of the animal they were about to kill, and give thanks for the sustenance it was about to provide.  Whether we choose (or need, for survival) to eat animals or not, that seems to be an approach that recognises the oneness of all life, honours and values the manifestation they are about to consume and thus benefit in a more holistic way than those who have no thought or concern for the creatures whose flesh they eat.


You say ‘we of the higher consciousness;’ an interesting use of words.  Indeed, we ARE of the higher consciousness, but only in our true, Christ Mind awareness.  It is not our true Self that believes itself to be here in time and place, but a fabrication of ego-mind, which has all the attributes that are (or would be if it were possible in reality), the opposite of our Heavenly Creator.  So, if we choose to turn a blind eye to that we will continue to abuse ourself by forgetting that our brother is our self (because we are all one), and treating him as if he were another, separate from us. 


This does not end with our ‘brother’ being a fellow ‘human’ – indeed, from a spiritual, eternal perspective, how could it? — but encompasses all life forms, because in spite of bodily-sense indications to the contrary, in the only context that matters, namely the context of Eternity, there is no line of demarcation between one life-form and another.


Ego wants us to see things in all black or all white terms but in order to arrive at our preferred choice in matters such as this, we can only arrive at that place when we ask the Holy Spirit (or Jesus, who is fully identified with the Holy Spirit) to illumine our vision with the light of Eternity.  Until we do that, we are defaulting in our perceptions to ego perceptions and this will keep on clouding the issue – and all other issues we face here in time and place, because there are only two choices: Ego’s ‘script’ or Holy Spirit’s script.


In a broad perspective, we, Papa’s Son, are awakening from the dream, thanks to Jesus and his GRP.  But, in linear-time terms, this is a 6,000-year programme, in 3 more or less equal, 2,000-year phases, or measures of meal that are being leavened.  We are in the final measure now, so issues such as this are rising to the surface, so that choices can be made for the Kingdom or for the carousel.  As we progress through the process of remembering who we are, by the mechanism of true forgiveness (which includes the relinquishing of judgement, because we hand over judgement to the Holy Spirit, who has only one judgement: the Son of God is innocent) choices for the Kingdom become more and more our priority, until all other choices are left behind.  As stated in this week’s MoE, quoted from The Disappearance of the Universe (DU): …Once your mind has learned all its forgiveness lessons, then it awakens to spirit, or soul, and everything else is gone except Heaven.


With all the above in consideration, it is my view that the more we awaken, the less we, as individuals, will incline toward eating the flesh of animals, until the only thing left for us is Heaven, where our only sustenance is Papa’s love.  This can only be in stages, where awakening souls begin to ask about the welfare of the animals whose flesh they eat (which is very much the case now, whereas it was much less so in the 1960s). 


Then they will campaign for improvements in that and at the same time reduce the amount of flesh they eat, and select free-range and/or organic (where the animals are much better cared for).  In the UK there are many more vegetarians now than in 1970 and a huge increase in the numbers of people who eat meat only occasionally, instead of every day, out of conscious choice.  These are indicators of the gradual awakening that is the objective of the GRP.


DU explains that Jesus could not take his followers all the way to where he was because they were not ready for it.  So, he went along with the cultural traditions of the time, including the eating of a lamb at Passover (the Last Supper), knowing full well that the lamb was, just like him and all of us, indestructible, other than in the illusory form of a body.  We are always led by the Shining Ones at a pace we can handle, because They know that will work, whereas rushing is not of the Kingdom, because we are, in truth, already there.  No point rushing to get to where we already are!


It is quite likely that there are vegetarians who are still stuck in the separation consciousness and conversely, meat eaters who are making great strides in the awakening process, but this is only temporary.  The Call to awaken has gone out and will not — indeed, cannot — return to the Source unanswered, so the process is proceeding.  Ego wants us to look only at the short term, so that we can be persuaded that nothing in the way of the awakening is happening, because Heaven is an unattainable myth; that way, we remain stuck in the actual myth.


Love, always,




The following exchange was posted on April 18th 2008


Hi Brian,


Your writing has been of such benefit, I am deeply grateful.  You have cleared away so much confusion about the eternal realities, who the real Jesus is and what he is doing for us and made graspable a meaningful understanding of the Great Rescue Plan.  There is so much false and confusing stuff mixed in with religion’s take on God, Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven, but you have seen through all the smokescreens and shone a bright light for truth of eternity.  This has been of invaluable help.  Thank you so much.


I have a question that I have been wrestling with for a long time.  You speak a lot about ‘our loved ones in spirit’ and contact with them.  It is obvious you have a good awareness of your loved ones there and I would love to have the same experience of mine, but I (and no doubt, many others) am troubled by the church’s doctrine that we must not do this.  This is causing me much indecision.  I sometimes feel the presence of my Mom very close and really want to respond but doubt inhibits me.  Please help if you can.





Dear Donna,


Many thanks for your words of encouragement that you are benefiting from my endeavours. It certainly makes this joyous activity for the Kingdom all so very worthwhile!


I am so glad you have raised this most important question.  I am in no doubt it is one of the biggest issues affecting incarnate souls.  There is so much to say about this I hardly know where to begin!


However, having now asked the Holy Spirit to inspire me for help with this, I am prompted first say, by way of reminders, and to get the focus on the issues directly affecting the area of the question, that according to Jesus in ACIM:  

there is no world;


we are not a body but an eternal perfect, guiltless spirit, all one in the Sonship of Papa, for all eternity;


there is no past or future, only the eternal always, which is now;


time and place is an illusion and not our true home.  Our true home is Eternity, otherwise known as Heaven, and every indication to the contrary is an ego-device to trap us in this upside-down antithesis of Heaven. 

If we do not adopt this perspective first, foremost and uppermost, we will be confused about who, what and where we are and where we belong.  Our eye (vision) will be double, or confused, or distorted and we will oscillate between the light and darkness, causing doubt and uncertainty.


Because we are not a body, but only appear to be to the split-off part of our mind that is dominated by ego, it does not make any difference at all whether we have loving, Kingdomly fellowship/communion with our loved ones who appear to be with a body, or with our loved ones who have laid aside their illusory body and have returned to whichever ‘mansion in the Father’s House’ in which they belong for that particular stage of their journey back Home to the eternal reality of Heaven.  The mansion, or level of spiritual awareness of the person concerned, is a staging post on our way to the ‘penthouse suite,’ or fully enlightened remembrance of our oneness with Papa in the Sonship. 


Such fellowship, or communion, is of the mind, not of the body (a good thing, since bodies are illusions, whereas mind is real!)


Some of our loved ones in spirit will be at one level, or mansion, and others will be at other levels, and perhaps others will be fully enlightened and therefore in the penthouse, so to speak.  We know of a certainty, of course, that that is where Jesus is.  Many of those who have laid aside their bodies and have espoused their lives to Jesus and his GRP may not be fully enlightened, and therefore will not be in the penthouse, but will be in Mind-to-Mind communion with him, just as we, still with a body, can also be, if we so desire; it is always our free choice. 


The difference between those who are in Mind-to-Mind communion, or fellowship, with Jesus, but are in one or another of the ‘staging post mansions,’ and Jesus, or others in the penthouse, is that they will have to reincarnate because they are not yet fully enlightened. 


In other words, they still have some unresolved issues of forgiveness, or unconscious guilt, and therefore, like most of us in this world, have not been restored to perfect, unassailable inner peace.  These issues can only be resolved (by true forgiveness) here in the illusory realm in which they originate.  This is so because those issues do not exist in Eternity, but only in time and place.  We cannot resolve issues in or from a place where they have no existence (Heaven), but only in a place where they appear to exist.  We have made these issues by our mistaken belief in separation, so we have to ‘unmake’ or dispel these illusory issues. 


However, we cannot do this of ourselves, because we have forgotten who we really are, so have disempowered ourself, made ourself appear little; but this is where Jesus and the Holy Spirit come to our help by accomplishing this release for us.  They can only do this with our full and unreserved willingness for Them to do it for us, with our full co-operation.  This is because we have inviolable free will and They cannot release us until we are fully ready to relinquish time and place.  When we are ready, we will be motivated to ask Their help, which They will then always freely give


This may seem somewhat of a digression from answering your question, but I have done this because it is vital that we have a comprehensive understanding of how the whole ‘jigsaw’ fits together into a holographic oneness.  Unless we can understand the whole, we cannot understand the part.  Yet, at the same time, each part contains the complete whole, so if we can fully understand the part, then we can understand the whole. It is one of those things about Eternity that seems like a contradiction to our time-and-place mind, yet when we do come to understand it, by enlightenment from the Holy Spirit, it is all very simple, sensible and logical.


The reality that there is only one of us is something that we can only come to understand with the help of the Holy Spirit.  As we grow in that understanding, and that time and place are not real, that there is no separation at all, we can begin to see how a person whom we loved and who loved us, still — obviously — loves us, and we them, after they have laid aside their body.  Therefore, to deny ourself fellowship with such a person, who will not have become a different person — and especially not an evil person, to be avoided at all cost — just because they have laid aside an illusory body, is something that only ego would want us to do. 


It is not something Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, or our loved one would want, so why would we want it?  If only ego would want it, and the church insists (out of fear, ignorance and the ego-driven desire for a hold over us) we must eschew all contact with the spirit realms (except with Jesus), what can the church be other than an instrument of ego’s making?  If Jesus would not want to deny us such loving, Kingdomly fellowship, and such fellowship can be to the benefit of all concerned, then to deny it is an unKingdomly thing and an unKingdomly (or antiChrist) thing is ego.


Olga, blessedly, inculcated into Theresa and me that we should have nothing to do with any in the etheric realms who did not come to us in the name and by the authority of Jesus.  This is as sound advice as any I know. I wholeheartedly commend it to you. The exception to that is when someone from the etheric realms is brought to us by someone from the Realms of Light whom we know to be acting under Christ authority, so that we can help the person brought for help.  That, of course, is very different from unwanted visitors impinging themselves on us in breach of the Laws of the Kingdom (i.e. that we never force ourself on another).


So, in summary:


1.  With any loved one, whom you know well (as you obviously do your Mum) and know to be benign and loving, with no desire to bring you anything but love, peace, goodwill (all the qualities of the Kingdom), it is perfectly logical, reasonable and sensible to respond positively to such approaches, and indeed, if you feel moved, to reach out to such loved ones with your love and blessing toward them.  They will always hear/receive such outreaching and that will bring them onto your wavelength, so that you will have loving mind-to-mind awareness of them.  That awareness may be faint at first.  That does not matter at all. 


Be confident and be sincere in the emanations of love, blessing and goodwill you send, and they will receive them.  Your emanations can help them as much as they may be able to help you.  You are Christ, Papa’s blessed creation, so think big, empowered, able, because you are big, empowered, able; thinking little, unempowered, unable is just how ego wants us all to think, so that we will continue to perceive ourselves that way.  That time is over, so we can kick it into touch. As you continue in this practise of mind-to-mind communing you will become more accustomed to it, more adept at it and the contact will become clearer as your confidence grows.


2.  Do not, under any circumstances, acknowledge or respond to any visitations from disembodied spirits/entities/forces that you might become aware of that do not bring a vibration of love, peace and goodwill, unless they are brought to you by a Christ-authorised being from the Realms of Light for your help with rescuing them.  Vignettes 10 and 19 in part 2 of SFGS will be helpful to you in understanding the importance of this.  Here are the links to those vignettes:“There_is_no_light_of_discernment


If you have any doubt at all, always ask for the protection of Jesus from any uninvited/unwanted visitors from the etheric realms. He is empowered to protect you by the very act of your asking him.  Your asking is authorising his protection and he will always give it in response to a sincere request.


Finally, fear is the byword of ego, the prince of time and place.  Time is coming to an end and will have ended completely at the end of the third measure of meal (2,000 years hence) but none of us, including you, has to wait until then for the properties of time and place – fear and guilt – to end, and our true, fully awakened, empowered Self to soar to the heights of Heaven instead of being occluded by our own fear and doubt.  This is the real meaning of the Resurrection of the Christ.


Love and blessings for your encouragement and above all, for your Inner Peace,




The following exchange was posted on April 16th 2008


Dear Brian,  Hello Dorothy,

In your latest ‘Letter of Encouragement’ in the 3rd paragraph you write about how mankind reels to and fro, oscillating between our true natural inclination to seek/return to the Light, and our ego indoctrinated mind.  I found this so helpful and reassuring, and I am inclined to think that perhaps everybody who is on this road to awakening must resonate with this.  I have seen this oscillation so many times, with people who are at least aware that spiritual reality exists and is something of which they have some contact/experience, that I know of a certainty that it is so. It seems fairly obvious that we all will find ourselves oscillating to a greater or lesser degree of frequency, depending on how far we have travelled on the journey Home, until we reach a place of such certainty about our desire for and commitment to, the Kingdom, that oscillation, or indecision, is no longer with us. 


On one occasion I saw my mother-in-law, Thelma, who was a spiritualist medium (and a good one) for many years; she was standing sideways in a doorway, with one foot just across the threshold, inside the entrance and the other foot just outside (she had laid aside her body some years previously but was stuck in indecision about whether to go forward into the light or stay hiding away in the dark).  The room was very brightly illuminated, but outside the doorway it was pitch dark.  She could not decide whether to enter into the Light or stay outside in the dark.  She started to oscillate between facing the Light and entering, or turning back toward the dark, at ever-increasing speed, until she became a blur.  It was a very graphic lesson in the indecisiveness of humans under the dominion of ego.  She was part in the light and part in the dark and was fearful of both.  How sad, and indeed, unnecessary is that? 


This is why I keep on and on repeating/emphasising the vital importance of one-pointed commitment, or FTOC. It can and will save us countless turns on the carousel.   Olga, bless her mightily, used to stress this to Theresa and me over and over.  We are profoundly grateful for her persistence.  If just one other person (but I earnestly hope, many more) is similarly grateful to me for my persistence in this matter, I shall know I have performed a truly Kingdomly service for my brethren in the Sonship.


It seems that just when we believe we have taken a great stride forward, troubles occur which we get caught up in, and this leads us to believe that we have taken two steps back.  Ego working its works again, in characteristic manner. It appears to us that just when we think things are going well and that which is sought is glimpsed in the distance, - while we are not looking, the crafty ego throws its cloak again to catch us and trip us up, and once more we are struggling in the darkness within its folds trying to negotiate the way and stay on the road.  Your description  perfectly sets out just why one-pointed commitment to the Kingdom is so vital for those of us who earnestly desire to reduce the number of further turns on the not-so-merry-go-round by as many as possible.  Eventually, all will come to that place of earnestness of desiring, when they begin to realise how undesirable a place it is to be.  The Sonship has something less than 2,000 years to go to the fully restored oneness.  That is about 70 or 80 generations. Thanks be to the CEO of the GRP that he — with assistance from the ever-increasing numbers of those of us who espouse ourselves to his cause — is collapsing time at an ever-accelerating rate.


Thanks for writing what you did Brian it was just what was needed.  Dorothy, words such as these are more reward than can be described.  Thank you for them.  ACIM reminds us that as we teach, so do we learn.  I can attest to that.  I am learning at an ever-accelerating rate by this writing.  I know of a certainty that the Holy Spirit is inspiring and enlightening me in and through this HTG writing, because much of the time I did not know the things I have written until they appear on the monitor.  It has taken 40 years of preparation to bring me to the place of readiness for this, and without one-pointed FTOC this would not have been possible.  How characteristic of ego to be nudging (or is it stampeding?) the mass of humanity toward the abyss of apathy, dissolution, equivocation, indifference, torpor.  


We must remind ourselves and each other of the Light, when in the darkness, and remember that the only thing to do when we are under the ego’s cloak is to call on someone or something in the Light outside of the cloak to help. We know who that is and He always hears. Dorothy, what can I say, except AMEN!!  Indeed, He does always hear and He does always answer.  Jesus said, ‘He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.’  Ego is busily handing out cloth ears.  I wish to emphasise the importance of what you say about reminding ourselves and each other of the Light.  Helping each other is, according to ACIM, the only way we can help ourself, and that is because there is only one of us.  Ego has kept that a deep, dark secret for all too long, but now the Word is out and spreading at exponential speed.  The internet is, and will be, instrumental in ensuring its continuing spread.


The other thing you touched on in the 5th paragraph is ego persuading us that God is vengeful, jealous, and angry etc. This speaks to me of the Old Testament God. I have never been able to reconcile this God with Jesus' God of Love.  This is because the two are indeed irreconcilable.  Most of us have the impression of the OT God as you describe and that is because those words are ascribed to Him in the OT.  Yet, as I have written in SFGS, chapter 10, starting from paragraph 31, it is also possible to infer (if we can ignore the ‘vengeful, jealous, angry’ etc) as I have written there:


33Contrary to that perception of the Old Testament God, the overriding impression left with me from my reading was that the God of the Old Testament wished to be perceived by the people He had delivered from centuries of enslavement in Egypt as a loving, caring, solicitous, protecting, patient, forgiving, concerned Father (Deut 32, esp. vs. 6, Jer 7:23, Prov 3:11-12) and that if the people lived a dissolute life, turning away from the guidance He had given, there would be inevitable consequences, which are entirely different from punishment or retribution.  Sounds like the average, concerned parent in today’s society, doesn’t it?  He warned the people countless times and kept on sending His messengers to admonish them and by and large they paid no heed.  Sounds like today’s generation, doesn’t it?


These contrasting impressions are clear evidence of ego tampering with the intent to spread confusion, doubt, fear etc., etc.  Yet, with the help of light of spiritual discernment shone by the Spirit of Truth, we are enabled to sift the wheat from the chaff (if you will allow the mixed metaphors).


Could you perhaps write a bit about this?  The above does cover this to some extent and I hope it will be helpful.  If I am inspired to write further, I will certainly do so. Thanks once again. Love from Dorothy


Thanks to you also, dear friend, it is always a joy to hear from you with your incisive insights into matters eternal.  Many blessings, always,




The following exchange was posted on April 13th 2008


Dear Brian,


I wrote recently about my cousin and the astrology chart for Zoe, and your answer was helpful to some degree, but my cousin has become very spiteful, accusing me of things I have never done.  I am trying to be forgiving but in the face of her onslaught it is very difficult. 

I keep being reminded of the things she has accused me of that are completely untrue and that really causes me to think of the injustice of it all.  We are supposed to not look on past events as sin because according to ACIM they are not real and never happened, yet all I can see is that they did happen and I can’t get them out of my mind. 

Please help me; I do not want the burden of unforgiveness, it is so depressing and I want to experience the joy and peace that I know in my heart of hearts can only come when we see the face of Christ in everyone.


Your friend,





Dear Luke,


Arten and Pursah tell Gary that no-one ever said the Road Home via true forgiveness wouldn’t be hard, even though the PLFs of it are actually very simple, uncomplicated.  The differences between Holy Spirit — and the PLFs by which He works for our restoration to At-onement in Papa — and ego, are that ego wants everything to be complicated, entangled, smoke and mirrors, confusion, distraction (this is why I call ego the prestidigitator), whereas the Holy Spirit and the PLFs with which He works for our benefit are simple, straightforward, transparent, uncomplicated, disentangling.


So, although the Road Home is — or appears to be, to the æons-long, ego-indoctrinated, split-off part of our mind that we falsely believe is who we are — hard, with Holy Spirit’s help it is simple, uncomplicated, s